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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 117

327 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 117

Commander vs. The Platinum Priestess! FIGHT!

Y’ALL DID IT! In just ten weeks, y’all got us to $7,000/month over at the Patreon Page! That means I can now officially say I’m making my living telling stories that feature gay heroes. AND THAT’S AMAZING! Thank you so, so much!

At $7,000/month, I can pay for all the regular comic page art and web hosting that goes into The Young Protectors, and also cover groceries, rent, health insurance and the other basics of being a grown-up living in the Bay Area. I still have a big hole in my savings and a whole lotta debt to pay off from all the time I’ve taken off from the day job to work on the comic over the last 12 months, so I’m still going to keep putting in a lot of work to make being a Patron something awesome for both current and new members. There will be more Milestone Goals, more sexy art, and more cool short stories. But for today, I’m just going to feel totally awesome that this is how I make my living now. Something I thought might never be possible. And you all made it happen in record time.

You are all SUPER-HEROES!

And I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 🙂

I’ll have more cool rewards to announce soon, but I did want to let you know there was still time to pledge to get the high-res JPEGs of the Full Monty Annihilator art.

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Patreon charges cards/PayPal at the end of the month. These high-res, NSFW downloads of Full Monty Annihilator will just be available for Patrons who successfully supported this Patreon at the $10 level or above for the month of March—they won’t be offered next month, no matter what—so please make sure your pledge and payment method are all squared away right now if this sounds like something you’d want. I really don’t want any of you to miss out! (For more information, please check out this post here.)

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So! The dampener is a-humming. Tsunami is raising the biggest wave ever. Commander’s got a knife and her charge on. And The Platinum Priestess looks ready for anything. How is this all going to shake out?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 🙂

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  • Ooooooh shii-it. She’s about to speed up the fan o_o

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Nice work, Danish!

  • DC

    Yes you can still do it!

  • davefragments

    The Young Protectors are all in the wrong positions.

  • Arg! Hurry hurry hurry!

  • davefragments

    That water is going to make one big splash.

  • DC

    I really don’t like the look of PP pointing her trident at Fluke and the Commander.

    • davefragments

      How about a bit of good luck with the Platinum Priestess doing a trip and face-plant?

      • DC

        That sounds good.

      • Samurai Jack

        Missing our heroes and hitting Duncan instead will do…

        • Klaus

          Or better yet, the dampener.

    • SofiaT

      Lets hope Fluke’s luck hasn’t run out yet..

      • DC

        I’m hoping.

      • justkeepondriving

        fingers crossed!

    • Keneu

      It was the next logical step to take down TYP, though.

      • DC

        Yes true, but I’m not sure what type of defense they can use against her and it’s worrisome to think of more of the team being blasted with such power.

        • Keneu

          I can definitely emphatize with being worried about them, and it doesn’t help that this page is such a cliffhanger -Alex definitely knows how to keep people on the edge of their seats! Fluke’s stupor and Spooky’s and Mitch’s falls also makes me feel worried about any long lasting injuries or conditions such as PSTD or mental illnesses. I was once told that after the Spanish Civil War the psychiatric hospital of my city was full of veteran soldiers. I don’t want to be negative since we’re still reading the battle and everything could happen, but I can’t help but feel anxious.

    • DC

      But of course she can’t point it in two directions at once. So maybe Kyle can burn her a little bit more, just a little bit 🙂

  • Okay this is a real “on-the-edge-of-the-seat” type of page. How am I supposed to sleep now? Clearly I blame Alex. LOL.

    Okay, I’ll have to sleep on this before going all TL:DR on it. Thank you all for this wonderful work and an exciting day at TYP. It’s pretty thrilling. Thank you Adam and Veronica!

    G’nite all. Be well and a huge congrats Alex… Too exciting!

  • *Looks at that tsunami wave*
    If the dampener isn’t about to turn Kyle’s impressive flame off that wave might do it. They could be about to get very, very wet. More so if Tsu’s powers are shut off in the middle of this coming towards them.

    Uh, and for once I’m not so sure sexy wet guy is a good thing >.>

  • Terrell Penha

    strange I feel like i’ve already seen this page? still a good one but god I have to wait till the 1st now D: your killing me with this awesome comic

  • Is Sircea on fire again? That cape just keeps getting shorter and shorter.

    • Edna will be proved correct, come hell, fashion, or 6,000 year-old sorceresses.

  • davefragments

    Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Wait a minute!

    Why isn’t the Platinum Priestess glowing like Duncan? He’s the only one protected against the dampener, isn’t he? I don’t remember any hint about her being immune from its effects.

    • SofiaT

      The dampener had no effect on the magic powder, it only dampened super powers. Maybe it doesn’t affect magic users?

      • Becky

        Or the magic powder worked because Sircea enchanted it ahead of time, so there was technically no power use to block? Either way, Spooky should still be of some use (provided he is not currently unconscious), whether he can use his actual magic or just his pre-enchanted objects. I’m curious whether Sircea doesn’t know Duncan has the dampener, and maybe we are seeing him about to betray his platinum ladyfriend…

  • Fabulous Alien

    This page froze my computer. Literally, I came, I saw and it crashed.

    Does anyone know if the dampener affects computers?

    • Klaus

      Only supercomputers.

    • HA… I was going to reply with something silly like, “You have to download the patch from That will fix it.”

      Then, (curiosity, cat, etc…) I looked up ‘’ and it said, “That domain name has expired.” Like maybe its owner diiiiiied???

      Creepy music: Dum da Dummmmmmmm!

      • Fabulous Alien

        I’m afraid I’m going to sound fabulously computer-un-savvy, but what was that Kontari thingie supposed to do?

  • As much as I want to try an make a good comment, I was just halfway snoozing in front of the screen, so I’ll save any comments for later and go sleep on what to say.
    Later y’all.

    • Sleep well!

    • Keneu

      Good night, hope you have a good rest!

  • Keneu

    What I can think of right now is that TYP’s powers will falter but Tsunami’s wave will crash against the ground. If Amanda isn’t hit by PP’s magic she’s definitely going to try to stab her, but I don’t think she’ll succeed. It’ll be awesome if Amanda manages somehow to oppose PP even without her powers, I was hoping for a fight between the two since Amanda first appeared. However, I think the PP has the upper hand here, unless someone snatches the keyball.

    Maybe Kyle will get his powers back when the gate to hell opens, or there’s another side to them we have not seen yet – or Alex foretold it and the readers didn’t get it at the time. About Fluke’s powers, I’m not sure if they’ll work when the power blocker is activated. If they work, he’s going to recharge on good luck at some point – let’s hope it’s in time. However, if Fluke powers don’t work, it could ironically level the odds a little since his bad luck is most likely affecting TYP.

  • *Gryph picks her way among the burning embers of the empty campground*

    Been a tough week for me. Had to take a break. Glad to stop by for a few minutes to view this page.

    Hmm. I’ve been wondering where Llampros is supposed to come out. Near where Duncan is standing? Is he going to get stomped on? This is a real cliffhanger of a page, have no idea what’s going to happen next.

    Dearest Alex, I’m so happy you have reached the $7K mark. That is truly amazing. When you started the campaign, it seemed so far out of reach to me but this just proves that real dreams involving real artists and real readers and a real community can do anything! Congratulations to everyone!

    • Thank you, Gryphongirl! And your reaction is exactly what I’m hoping for—that other creators can see that this is doable. Yes, with their own visions, yes with gay heroes. That thought is something that’s a big motivator for me to try to succeed: to show others that it’s possible and maybe help usher more awesome LGBT stories into this world.

      I am so grateful to y’all for your support. And I’m also grateful to y’all for showing the world that this is possible. 🙂

      (And I’m sorry to hear you had a tough week, GG. I hope that next week is a much better one for you.)

      • Alex, you’re showing me what’s possible and that is very exciting.

        Thanks for your encouragement. Things should stabilize next week.

    • Gryph… like Fluke’s powers… you have paid for an upcoming week of awesomeness with your ‘sucky week’ that is now past. Stand strong! 🙂

      • Thank you, Mr. Chris! Your words are much appreciated.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I’m sorry you’ve been having such a tough week, Gryphon! *hugs*

  • Hours Left

    Congratulations Alex! I’m so happy that you were able to reach your goal of working on TYP full time, that’s incredible! Many people don’t get to live out their dream, so seeing someone really follow their passion and fulfill their goals is very inspirations. I think this is really awesome!! 😀

    • Thank you, Hours! I’m on cloud nine here. And it would make me very happy if our success here were to inspire folks. 🙂

  • Becky

    Alex, congrats on reaching your Full Time Comics Master goal, that’s awesome!! I feel your debt pain–I’ve got a pile hanging around from a year of poorly-paid work, as well. Hopefully we can help you a bit with yours over the NEXT 12 months! <3

  • Precious

    O_O I have a bad feeling about this…. ;~; -Hugs my pillow-

  • ikeamonkey89

    I hope I’m not wrong, but, I believe TYP will recover and stop Duncan and SS. I hope Kyle goes supernova on SS! Great page, Alex! & congrats on your success!

    • Thank you very much, ikeamonkey89! Glad you liked the page! 🙂

  • Kate G

    Congratulations, Alex! Whoever knew someone could be excited over full-time work, right? Normally we all groan over having to go full time (or even being a full time student, right? Ugh.) Time to treat yourself to a massage. I just had a deep tissue massage on Thursday to help with my lupus and work out the stiffness from riding and I’ve become addicted. It felt sooooooo good.

    Let’s hope Duncan hasn’t noticed the tornado-sized wave behind him, eh? OR PP. That would be bad for the YP team. Plan dismantled. HA HA HA.

    • Klaus

      Oh no. Lupus! That is seriously nasty. Sorry to hear about it.

      • Kate G

        You know, I don’t see it that way. My grams had it, so I was more prepared for the diagnosis than others. The bad days stink, but I don’t see it as a nasty disorder. Call it the “stubborn goat” syndrome (my aunt called my grams the “stubborn old goat” and I soon started being called the “stubborn young goat” as we both were very alike. We literally truck through everything and are eternally optimistic), but I don’t let Lupus, Autism, migraines, Epilepsy or even Asthma get in my way. If it’s a big important day and I have a migraine, I’m going there unless I’m throwing up or I just can’t move. I’m just built that way.

    • Thanks, Kate! 🙂

  • Klaus

    Now the dampener will activate. The wave collapses, and does not surround Duncan, but crashes to the ground, smashing the dampener. The dampener then explodes, destroyng the other gadgets and all of Spooky’s little bottles. We get one or more other explosions, plus a various wierd effects similar to the demon snakes.

    • Me likes… that could be a one-very-big-panel page. Nice.

      • Klaus

        But I just noticed: the box will also get hit. Even if is super durable, the victims may still drown.

        • I know, I was re-reading Hong Kong. The Dampener was protected in a little pyramidal force field. When invisible Kyle uses Killer’s (I think) rocket launcher to blow it up. Then the little red ball on top bounces off and it starts to wind itself up… Duncan grabs them all and high tails it out of there just in time as the blast sounds like it took out the building or the block. Duncan says, “he even felt it.” So, it seems if this one is similar then if they do destroy it. A major blast will hit that box full-o-peeps.

          Not many good options it seems.

          • Tyler Griffin

            Ooo. Conspiracy theory time!

            The dampener kicks in, cutting off everyone’s powers except PP and Kyle, because Kyle got upgraded by his trip to hell. We aren’t seeing it because he isn’t emotional, but he’ using hellfire now instead of fire-fire.

            Tsunami’s collapsing wall of water fails to impact the battle directly, BUT it smashes the dampener, disrupting it. The dampener gets washed up beside the mostly full of water box-o-sacrifices just in time for the self destruct mechanism to execute those sacrifices. This completes the ritual and opens the gate, bringing Laampros through. This convinces Tsunami that Kyle has betrayed them and been working with Team Silver all along (referencing the argument on the plane when he called Kyle’s trustwirthiness into question).

            Not saying this is what I think will happen. But it’s a fun conspiracy theory.

    • Tyler Griffin

      Or all those potions mix together as they go off, and we get a gigantic mutant exploding demon snake abomination. *squeeeee*

  • SleepingDragon

    She can still hear you, you know.

    Also, this looks like a really bad time for Tsunami to loose control of that several stories high wall of water, contrary to popular opinion water is not a soft cushy substance when encountered at high speeds. It will probably turn out for the best as it will either destroy the gate or the nullifier but still, looks like a really bad thing…

    • Klaus

      Amanda is giving nothing away with her telepatic messages on this page.

      • SleepingDragon

        Eh, I know, I meant over the last few pages. To be fair I guess at this point she just figured it’s more important to have the group coordinated and trying to salvage the situation. Even letting Kyle know that she and Fluke are going for PP was probably based on the assumption that he can just keep Sircea busy enough so she can’t react. Still I can’t help but notice PP is in the process of reaiming that staff of hers…

        • Klaus

          Distracting Sircea so that she does not get Kyle before help arrives may also have been a consideration.

  • Klaus

    Congratulations withe the 7 000 Alex. And try not to be too disappointed when those who wants this month’s special reduces our patronage again.

    However, with 3 000 needed for costs of the comic, there is not much left for you to live on. I hope you will get much higher than 7 000.

  • bronakopdin

    I think the same you can still do it!!!!
    while PP looks quite pissed and we don’t know what Anni will be doing next now that the Dampener nearly activated…

    my nerves lie bare for a few pages already… since the first blood to be precise >_<

  • Ilona Fenton

    Congratulations on being able to quit the day job Alex.
    I hope that the guys can stop the PP before the dampener kicks in or the fight is going to get even bloodier than it already is.

  • TwilightDreamer

    oh no, come on guys! Hurry!! D:

  • Alt+F7

    That power dampener certainly has an innate sense of dramatic timing!

  • Congratulations on the milestone. It’s so amazing that you get to do something you love!

    • Thank you so much, Rhiannon! I feel very grateful! 🙂

  • fujoshifanatic

    Last page I was holding my breath from the suspense; now I’m just screaming “AAAAAHHHH” as I’m furiously mashing the “Last” button! While for practical reasons I hope Tsu can short out the dampener in time, it would be cool to see it engage. I think without her big magic stick, PP would be no match for Commander, and it would be lovely to see C and Fluke beat the immortal snot out of her charred ass!

    But then we would have unaffected Anni to deal with, and the only two who could take him on would be Kyle and Tsu…and that could get very messy indeed. Crap, I’m so conflicted! Is it Wednesday yet?

    • Klaus

      I don’t think PP needs any help with a handful of powerless youths.

  • Congrats on reaching such a monumental milestone as having your art supported to such a level you can now focus on it! It’s what we all aim for (I’m in the writing business). As soon as I’ve sorted out financing my year in Scotland I’ll be joining that bandwagon myself. In the mean time – congrats and keep your eye on the next corner cause it may not be long before you turn that one too! 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Chia! I appreciate the kind words and enthusiasm and wish you great luck with your own work! 🙂

  • Eve

    Congratulations! I’m so glad you get to make a living with your dream job, because you deserve it. The Young Protectors has better story and art than any mainstream comic and it keeps getting better.

    • Wow, thank you for such kind words, Eve! They mean a lot to me. Hugs!

  • Mersharr

    Anni is glowing… looks like he reversed the polarity and uses the dampener to power up!

    • Cydney Sabin

      Maybe he just put the batteries in backwards?

      • HA. (oh damn, well there’s a 24 store open, but it’s on Kontari)

    • Dakejev

      I think Duncan’s glow is just the “not getting affected by the power dampener” glow from earlier. Hmm, if it forms a kind of a forcefield around him, does that mean that if a hero (say, Kyle) literally got his hand on Duncan, they could use their powers?

  • Pikinanou

    the art and colors of this page are amazing, like always 🙂 and gratz Alex for being able to live for your passion! A big thank you to all who have supported!

  • rgleon9986

    This is going to be very bad. Ugh.

  • I agree with fujoshifanatic who said below that, “… the last page I was holding my breath from the suspense; now I’m just screaming ‘AAAAAHHHH’ as I’m furiously mashing the ‘Last’ button!” No kidding. Alex, you’re gonna get me to pull a suspense-muscle (okay that’s what I’m telling my dude and he’ll have to massage cream into it… it’s right below the… WHAT? Oh, TMI) and pulled muscles are bad…

    There’s been exciting discussion regarding exactly what kinds of power the dampener affects. So of course, I was pondering it on and off all night to no great revelation. The only logic I could bring seemed to be either BOTH Kyle and Sircea or neither. We know it affects Kyle from Hong Kong… so it would seem that it would affect Sircea equally, unless she too has a personal nullification gem (like Duncan’s) cunningly tucked into her metal brassiere. I do agree with whomever said that Spooky’s bottles should still be working. Thus, if he wasn’t conveniently napping, ARG, that might help. So I know nothing and I’m dying here.

    Panel#1: Dig the little ominous inset that lets us know that the Power Dampener is ‘just’ engaging with it’s creepy little ‘HUMMMMMMMMM’. It starts the clock ticking in the very first shot and really sets the tension bar launching the page. Nice start with a tiny panel

    Panel#2: Nice big shot, again letting us see (most) everything. I love the circular shape of Sircea’s power, seeming like a sphere of protection since now she has trouble coming at her from all sides. You can see it barely (!) holding off Kyle’s fire as it tries to find a way in.

    Nice pose on Kyle. He always looks good, but that’s a super-hero pose for sure. I mean the man can rock a fireproof unitard. Damn that’s talent. He’ll be doing fashion shoots for extra $ soon. I don’t know if it’s Tsunami’s little hop or his looking off balance, but it feels like either he’s working at maximum power just now and showing the strain, or he’s the first to feel the Dampener starting to affect them. Just not as commanding a pose as the last page (just slightly). Nice seeing a glowy damn Duncan to note his location and also seeing Amanda and Paul running in. That Amanda is fricking fearless. So great. I’m so confused about Paul’s power just now that I have no idea what, if anything, he can contribute other than his ‘kung fu’. It will be interesting to see.

    Panel#3: Love the reverse angle. Tough to pull off that kind of camera switch and still have it make sense. I like the dichotomy of Amanda’s telepathic head speaking to the group so calmly and firmly, while at the same time her body is sprinting toward the white witch with that knife. Total opposites, but it does show how driven and under control she is as she runs toward a possible death.

    Her tenacity shines out so much in these pages,that you can clearly understand why she can manage, train and motivate a bunch of young dudes as well as she does. She simply has her sh*t together… erm… AND she’s sexy (yeah, I said it, so what?). Can I just mention that final pose of Paul’s… damn he has one FINE body. And, once again, notice the death grip PP has on the orb-key. Ms. Sircea is NOT letting that sucker drop

    Okay, I’m just full of wonderings: What happens to that wall of water when Tsu’s power cuts out? Does it continue to roll forward or just collapse back to earth with ‘strings cut’? What happens to Sircea and Kyle when(if) they both lose their power. Does it happen at the same instant? Are their residual flames? Do they all rush her? Does Duncan get involved? Does Kyle? Clearly no one conscious can deal with Duncan. What does he do? Does Sircea toss Duncan the orb (it’s his arm rune after all)? Does Kyle hopelessly try to stop him?

    Holy Monologue Batman, will Kyle and Duncan speak? Is this the end of Red Hot? (Okay too silly)

    Clearly, I need the next page as soon as possible. Who knew comic suspense would make me want to eat this way. That CAN’T be healthy (Admiral emergency stress-muffin please. LOL.

    Thank you so much Alex, Adam and Veronica. Now please, I need either the military or Laampros, because someone needs to get munched here pronto… and it should NOT be the cute good guys. Ciao til next time.

    • Dakejev

      I always love your analyses, Chris. =)

      As per Tsunami’s wave and loss of power: I hope it’ll work like real water would, given the situation, and succumb to gravity. It doesn’t look like it has a lot of (or any) forward momentum, so most likely the only wave you’d have was the one from ground-level when the water pillar collapsed.

    • Heh. Thank you again for such a great play-by-play, Chris! And you’re asking good questions. 🙂

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Dagnabit, I forgot about camping last night! Noooooo!

    • You were sorely missed. Why should we be the only ones suffering this suspense!! 🙂

  • stickfigurefairytales

    At least stabbing isn’t dependent on super powers. Go Commander!

    • I’ll bet that Power Dampener couldn’t stop a thousand paper cuts! Take that Platinum Priestess!

      • Dakejev

        Paper cuts are the krypton for every computer geek (just try typing with ouchy fingers!). Duncan has his super-fast healing, and I’m sure PP can do a spell with the same effect.

  • Terytha

    I’m so happy for you. You deserve all the support you get, and more. <3
    I had been intending to be a patron, but between replacing my furnace and my car and taking a slightly lower paying job in order to escape the miserable hell that was my old one… yeah. I have nothing to spare for anything. But i'm sending positive vibes your way like CRAZY.

  • warwriter

    Hey, Alex, congratulations on joining the ranks of “artists that make a living doing art they love.” I’m giving myself five years to join the same rank. It’s good to know that I could probably do it without having to “go mainstream”. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

    And will you PLEASE get this fight over with??????

    • bandanajack

      profoundly agree. end the fighting and commence the macking.

    • Thank you for the congrats, warwriter! And yes, it’s a great time to be an independent content creator right now. Probably the best time in human history.

  • justkeepondriving

    Yaaayyy Alex is a free man/comic-writer wooo!!! 🙂

    • Dakejev

      Well, I wouldn’t jump up and down in joy yet – it’s very likely that quite a few will have gotten on Patreon only temporarily, to get the NSFW art bits, and will be dropping out once the payment’s been taken. Give it a month or two to see what level it settles on. And I think Alex is smart enough to do that. =)

  • justkeepondriving

    I, too, am worried for the next page(s)… Where are Spooky and Flyboy at now? I hope they’re ok…
    Side note: I just had a 21 hour day. RELAX WITH COMICS TIME! PHEW! /normal brain functions

  • Klaus

    $6 955 🙁 It must be temporary. It just must.

    • I suspect it will fluctuate and slowly grow over time. Before bed last night it was above $7k and then at 5am it was below. There are a lot of fans who want to join, but the moment is just not right for them financially. I know it’s $3-10, but that will seem very different for folks as jobs, life, expenses change… as they do.

      So, I trust that Alex has factored that in and will transition gradually and carefully and his Patreon will keep growing as more people discover its cooletude, and find ways to work it into their monthly budget. I’m a believer.

      Who’s got the kool aid? LOL.

      • Saxon_Brenton

        I agree with you Chris. However, I’m now wondering about people having rushes of blood to the head, pledging more than they could afford, and then sheepishly having to retract.
        [Edit] Hmm. Although Dakejev’s point about people signing on temporarily to get the art is well made too.

        • Klaus

          I have done this numerous times on Kickstarter. Well, not actually more than I could afford, but more than I wished to pay, once I came to my senses.

        • My theory is this… Sure it happens as you suggest. Just as when any of us shop with a credit card and regret it when the bill comes due. HOWEVER, this is a system that let’s you flex until you find what you can afford comfortably. No strong arming. It’s up to you.

          Here’s my story. I gave money to a number of gay charities in Los Angeles (and Nationally) and then discovered that some of those monies had scandal involved. Non-profit boards skimming $ etc. Serious improprieties. I WAS SERIOUSLY UPSET. This was money to support AIDS victims and gays with serious problems.

          At about that time, I discovered TYP (well a finished ARTIFICE really). Then, what I consider to be a very worthy modest gay goal. Or rather an LGTBQ goal, one that takes the most ubiquitous form of teen entertainment, super hero comics, and makes them seamlessly gender-normal.

          For example, Kyle is gay. Sure it’s a story point, but it’s not THE story’s point. His SEX life is intriguing, but it’s not THE story. Just as “sexual” is no more important in “homosexual” than it is in “heterosexual” … although many would have the world believe it defines everything about us.

          I would have given anything to have had TYP at 15 years-old. ANYTHING.

          Even today (post the Jurassic period of my gay youth), I think many geek/nerd teens would love graphic novels and comic books of quality that they can see themselves in, but aren’t about SEX only. Or at least no more than LIFE is about sex. Because sure SEX is a HUGE thing, but not the ONLY thing.

          So, yes, those who feel a certain way will sign up for a short moment to get a perk. I’d want Duncan NSFW too. I’ve surely done that with porn sites. Sign up, download some hot vids and then disconnect. However, for me, and maybe others there will become a time when it’s the longer picture we seek to support. Because HERE (unlike in porn) there is STORY.

          I have a 13 year old nephew … I don’t have ANY idea if he’s gay, but he sure COULD be. I’d love to be able to give him these books if that turns out to be true. If it’s not true… well I still could. I also have a host of fantastic marvel comics with super women with giant breasts and flexible spines that i’m sure he’ll love.

          It’s all about the options. Now at least there is one more. I trust that people will do what’s right for them in the long haul regarding supporting this special option. If you come back like a lemming (like me) 2x a week… then I’d guess that TYP means something to any of us?

          $3/month is $48 per year… what can any of us support for that amount of money that does this much good and is pure entertainment.

          As I said… it’s all in the Kool aid. 🙂

        • I think it’s the natural stages of pleging for what you want + can afford from month to month, or pledging when you can/there’s something you want. The number also went up and down a lot within a few hours last week. Not meaning by a big amount in dollars, but by how often it went up and down as people signed on/off and the level they pledged/changed their pledge to.

          I know I first gave $5, but this month I give 10 and I hope to do the same for next month (due to tax refund).. but after that.. I’ll probably have to adjust it down to $5 again, and perhaps $3 here and there.
          That’s the good thing about Patreon, it can be adjusted as you want to, but with that there’s always going to be a swing in amount from time to time. Probably won’t be off to say that the amount can/will swing up and down by 1-5% all the time. Perhaps even a little more.

    • $6,975 — AND LET THE FLUCTUATIONS BEGIN … until we get to $10k. Because I have some really lubricious story ideas that are just gonna curl Alex’s hair. Heeeeeeeeeeee…

      Awwww… it was the end of the AGE OF INNOCENCE …

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Well, taking inspiration from others, I’ve temporarily upped my pledge to over fifty. I’ll drop it down again in a few months. I figure that at the rate of growth the patreon campaign has shown so far, that should be more than enough time for it to ratchet up to a comfortable level about 7,000.

  • I have a sinking feeling that this is about to go sideways for our heroes. Nail biting here…

  • Klaus

    I have quite sure that the dampener will not work on Sircea. Otherwise she would not have allowed its use in this crucial fight. It only just occured to me that the diabolic duo did not know if Kyle’s powers were magical until after the Hong Kong date was under way. What if they had been? Would the dampener have worked on him?

    If not, it need be a problem for team silver. First, a powered Kyle saving a powerless Duncan would have created a bond just as strong as what actrually happened. And second, if Kyle had been merely another magic wielder, he may have been unusable for their nefarious pupose.

    So I am still convinced that Sircea will keep her powers.

  • Dakejev

    That’s quite an ommmmminous hummmmmm. 😉

    • Klaus

      It looks like a big metal bug. And it hums. The conclusion is inescapable.

      • Tyler Griffin

        It’s a giant robot Hum-bug? Beware! the Scrooge is coming!

        • Klaus


  • Epistasthai

    well, I think the real super-hero here is YOU, Alex! I’m so glad you can now do this as your full-time gig! yay! Really, it couldn’t happen to a better guy. Thanks for all the wonderful hours of reading you’ve given us! (and more to look forward to!)

    • That’s really sweet of you to say, Epistasthai. 🙂 Thank you for such kind words. I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying our comics. Hugs!

  • Matt

    I’m wondering about the reasons the Platinum Priestess and the Annihilator decided they needed the dampener. Was it just because they expected for someone to try to stop them, or was it serving a different purpose. You’ll notice that they had it hidden under the platform initially, and Duncan, at least, was prepared with something to counter it.

    What if they were planning on using it on Laampros when he comes through, and this is all part of their plan to grab power for themselves AND prevent demons from hell from taking over the world?

    On the topic of whether or not the Platinum Priestess’s powers will be affected, I can go both ways. We know that Sircea and Spooky are pretty much the only two people who use magic without going crazy, so I could see the power dampening technology not working on them. We have also seen Sircea’s invisibility powder work on Kyle when the dampener was used in Hong Kong, meaning that at the very least Spooky’s potions will still work.

    On the other hand, if they want it to work on Laampros would they need to acquire a version of the dampener that also works on magic? Or does Laampros of a different source of power (similar to Kyle – it would make sense) and part of why they are using it is because they hope it will work on Laampros because they KNOW it worked on Kyle.

    My guess is Spooky and Sircea will be unaffected by the dampener, as will the Annihilator because of his fancy bracelet, but the rest of the gang, including Kyle, might be in trouble.

    • I am personally in favor of Spooky saving the day.

      • Matt

        See, even if Spooky is unaffected by the dampener, he’s already taken quite the pounding, and might not be in shape to do any saving :(. I would still be personally in favor of this as well.

  • SAMK

    Dang, the art in this comic is so pretty. I mean, look at Tsunami’s tattoos. Yeah, look close….drool for a moment over Tsunami’s body.. I don’t care what you identify as, that is gorgeous art… You can actually see how the tattoos glow. And they glow brighter because he is working hard.

    ‘Scuse me while I go look at those tats some more.

  • And while everyone one else is playing/distracted, Mitch sneaks in and disables the dampener. Tsunami and Kyle accidentally call too much of their power once it is off and create a sauna. Everyone has to be treated for steam burns. Except for Mitch because he managed to cover all his exposed skin in time.

    • DC

      Mitch may very well be reviving now. He landed somewhere near or with water in the background, most likely the river where Tsunami is collecting his wave. Mitch may have had a splash or two from that wave help revive him. Fun to think of ways to stay hopeful and get Mitch back on screen.

  • Tyler Griffin

    Hey ALex, just a heads up. I cleared the cache on my web browser, as mentioned yesterday, and that seemed to fix it at the time, but today I’m right back to replays of Mitch plummeting to earth, and Spooky doing a cross country roll when I hit the “last” button on the title page.

    • I do think it’s a caching issue, but for some reason the site upgrade seems to have made it worse for folks. I’ve reached out to the developer to try to figure out a workaround. Stand by. 🙂

      • Tyler Griffin

        I agree it’s probably cache related, because clearing the cache DID fix it temporarily, I’m just head scratching on the fact that it came back immediately and came back with the exact same layover points.

        • I’ve spoken with the developer and he’s come up with a solutions that I’m going to try to implement in the next couple days. Stay tuned…

  • YangYueLan

    Hi Alex!
    When I start from the beginning the ‘last page’ button stops at 109 and then again at 115. I think one of those pages does not have a ‘last page’ button, but I cant be sure.

    • I just did a little checking around. If I go from the title page/beginning and click last, it works just fine for me. I reach page 117. Cache has caught up there now.

      However, if I try to use my (non-working) Special Link bookmark it doesn’t work. I last tried to make the link work on page 112 (but it keeps saving the page not the link) so that’s where it opens. If I go via this so I’m starting on page 112 and click Last, I also end up at page 115.
      The first time I tried saving the special link it was page 109, where it also stayed after new page upload, so maybe my problem with the Special link is something connected to the same glitch that you and Tyler have.
      Then again, maybe not since the Last button works for me when I go from the beginning.
      I know D. Garret also had problems with the special direct link not changing pages too unless it later got solved there.

      • Tyler Griffin

        I haven’t tried using the patreon reward special link. I usually just load the title page and hit last, that brings me to the page where mitch is being hurled towards the ground by PP’s blast. If I hit last again, I get sent to the page where Duncan is running to the storage room under the alter, and hitting last again sends me to the actual most recent page. Clearing the cache and then doing a restart helped until the next time I cut the computer off, now it’s back up to the shenanigans.

      • YangYueLan

        I dont have a special link (Tyler says is from the patreon thingy). I have the archive bookmarked and then I go to comics –> TYP –> Last. It worked this time, smooth as silk. I guess something got fixed?

        • Tyler Griffin

          It was a patreon milestone, but you don’t have to be a patreon to use it. There should be a link in one of the author notes containing it. It allows you to save a link which just automatically takes you to the most recent comic.

          • Klaus

            The link is

            When you use it, the server will return a redirect. Your browser will then go to the latest page. You can see the address change in the address bar at the top of your browser. This means that if you bookmark this page, it will be thisl page thatis bookmarked. T bookmark the link, you need to paste the link address into the edit bookmark or new bookmark window.

      • Klaus

        Which browser are you using?

      • Howdy Danish,

        If you are using the Special Link, it should always work.

        Now, in order to get this special link into your bookmarks, you have to copy-paste the link in your Bookmark Manager. While other browsers might offer other options, this is likely to be the ONLY way in IE to do this. If you’re adding a bookmark from your browser’s location bar, it’s too late.

        In IE, I believe the bookmark manager is called Favorites. You will need to edit the bookmark in your Favorites and make sure that the URL field in its Properties exactly matches the special link (the one with the “?” symbol in it).

        It should not be

        or any other specific page URL.

        Instead it must be

        I don’t know what version of IE you have, but here is a tutorial for IE7 that shows step by step how to edit and change a URL for a Favorite. Please take a look at this and let me know if it works for your version of IE and if it’s been different than what you’ve been doing.

        If you use this method, then when you click that bookmark, it should insert the special link into your URL field at the top of your browser, there should be a pause, and then you should see the URL change to an actual page URL. That’s how you know you’re using the special link — it takes a moment to work so you should be able to see it change.

        Thanks, Danish. Please me know if this helps. We’ll get this sorted out! 🙂

        • I’ll let you know. I’m testing one other way first, because I now know where I might have gotten that wrong. If that doesn’t look like it works after next page, I’ll do it like this. I have a newer version of IE, but the method shown in the video should still be the same.
          One little different kind of bookmark, and I find out how much of a noob I really am with computers when it’s outside of what I usually do 😉
          First time ever I’ve had trouble getting a bookmark to work.

          • Thanks, Danish. 🙂

            In the meantime, could you do me a favor? Using the method in the video, could you let me know what the URL currently is in the Properties of the bookmark you plan to test?

          • It’s the special link’s address. I might have accidently deleted a letter in the pasted address, leaving it incomplete, the last time I tried.
            Only thing I can think of, but it should be correct not. I’ve checked and double checked. Now I just need the page to change and I know if it finally worked, or if my computer is trolling me the hard way 😉

          • Heh. 🙂

            If it really is


            then you can test it right now. If it works now, then it should always work. (You should see it inserted, then a pause, and then it converted to a new URL.)

            The only way it wouldn’t work now is if there is a typo. The only reason it would work now but not in the future is if it’s a specific page URL like


            and not the special link.

            So if you’re seeing


            in the URL field of the Properties of your Favorite and clicking that Favorite brings you to this page, then you should be good to go. 🙂

          • Awesome. Then it should work now (finally). Nothing like computers to make me feel a bit stupid when something that ought to be ‘simple’ for me to do isn’t xD

      • Klaus

        Open your favorites menu (the bookmarks). Right click on your YP bookmark. Choose “egenskaber”, (I am guessing here, since I only have an English IE.) Paste or type the URL into the “URL” field.

    • I’m just feeling annoyingly ‘helpful’ today so here’s another stab at explaining Alex’s magic ‘last page’ program line.

      1) It is permanently listed in FAQs at the top of this (and every page) so it’s easy to find, just scroll down a bit and you’ll see it.. last_webcomic=webcomic2
      (I had to insert a space after the “?” to make Disqus show the whole line. You have to take the space out for it to work. It’s all one line)

      2) Here’s the critical thing it’s not exactly a ‘bookmark’ It’s a little web program that tells your browser to go to the web address of the actual ‘last page’. If you look above there is the current page number. Next week the page number will be “page-118/” However, AW’s magic program remains the same.

      So just inserting it in the address bar (as if it was a normal URL) means it instantly morphs into the actual address (as above) of THE CURRENT LAST PAGE (right now this comment is on page-117, which is the last page until we wait 100 years for Tuesday night, ARG). Thus, if you try to save it… you aren’t saving the magic code, just the page address.

      So you can’t save the magic line of code that way.

      The only way (and I think this is true for any browser, please correct me if I’m wrong), is to open that browsers BOOKMARK MANAGER (it may be called something else in your browser, but that’s basically what it is). This is a page that lists ALL your saved bookmarks, usually a ‘name’ followed by the URL or web-address of the page, such as the one you see directly above with “…page-117/” at the end.

      For me, in either Chrome or Safari, there is a whole MENU simply titled BOOKMARKS at the very top. In Chrome, I have to open the BOOKMARK MANAGER (a tabbed page) and then at the top of this giant list of saved pages and folders (mostly comics I found via Doki, Danish and Sapfo, lol) is the word “Organize” — if I click that it will allow me to “Add Page”. Clicking that gives me a new slot and I can insert a title (it’s just ‘TYP’ for me) and then there is another slot to the right that I could insert Alex’s magic code line (the one I listed above) and is always found in the FAQ list at the top of this and every TYP page.

      Then I saved that line of code and closed the BOOKMARK MANAGER, and so it will remain wherever you placed it (mine is always above in my browser’s bar for ease of access), but you can put it in a folder if you organize your bookmarks differently.

      Thus when I click “TYP” the magic program appears for one quick instant and then immediately turns into the proper ‘last page’ URL, such as today’s ‘-117/’… above.

      I’m sorry, I can’t speak to IE… evil Microsoft doesn’t even make it for Apple anymore. No pretend friendliness for them these days. HA!

      Okay… more TL:DR thoughts, but it’s just that sort of Sunday. Good luck.

      • Klaus

        This link is an URL (a “bookmark”) like any other, not a program. The browser does not see it as anything special. It sends a request to this address, like it would for any other link. But the server returns not a page, but an instruction to the browser to go to another address. This is different from how most webcomics do it. Most have a page that just shows the latest comic.

  • Klaus

    The time is now 9:07 even though it was only 8:07 at this time last morning. Very upsetting for my diurnal rythm. It will take some weeks getting over it.

    • The universe has a sense of humor. I read this post and looked up to see my clock said 7:09.

    • I’m just happy that TYP camp is back to being normal early morning again, since our timezones again fit the normal difference with US’s.

  • Librarican

    Is there a way to join Patreon without giving a credit card number? Like, If I bought a Visa gift card, would that work? I’m absolutely Victorian when it comes to purchasing online and giving out credit card information (identity theft in the family has made me very skittish), and am looking for alternative options.

    • I actually would love an alternative to Patreon as well, like a PayPal tip jar or something to that effect.

    • fujoshifanatic

      As long as the card is a “refillable” one, I don’t see why it shouldn’t work. 🙂

    • I haven’t tried a refillable card… you’ll have to tell us if that works for you.

      I used to be panicked about online finances for exactly that reason, until on reading up, it turns out that all of your data necessary for ID theft is ALREADY online — at your bank, at any credit card company, with the people who own your mortgage loan… etc… forever. So if someone is going to cheat you because they sell private info, or use tech to steal your ATM # or go through any of your un-shredded trash… badness can still happen.

      Credit card companies now take fraud very seriously and the main ones are pretty vigilante. Let me go out of town and I get a call from my CC company immediately to verify it is a legitimate charge. Now, I actually call them ahead of time to alert them if I’m traveling. So I think online charging as safe or safer than any other finance activity one can engage in, in the physical world.

      I do a couple of things that have worked well for me so far (obviously this is all United States centric):

      1) I have a credit card that is ONLY for online use. I check the bill (online via the bank’s website) carefully (weekly) and look for any unknown purchases (they are often very small – fraud currently is making many tiny purchases in hopes we miss them in our monthly bills). If you get in the habit of checking your accout’s activity (online) weekly, it’s easy to make sure things don’t slip true (this is true for cards you use in the physical world also) a minimum wage employ can misuse you information just as much as it might happen online.

      2) I use the new(ish) 2-step verification for all things that involve money. So in order to buy a book, or shop online. I input my password at the online store, and then that site sends a code to my cell phone which I must input to complete the transaction. Thus if someone gets just my password, it does them no good without my cell phone. (Not all sites offer this yet… but more and more do). It’s comforting.

      2) Real ID theft requires all the other information too… birthdates, SS#’s, etc… those are the sites I often won’t have any part of. And yet… that info is already online in a multitude of places. So, I still think vigilance is the only course.

      3) I observe all the fraud-prevention and phishing rules about not responding to email ‘alerts’ and always going directly to the actual site to verify whatever the issue might be. So no revealing of critical information by phone or email.

      3) I subscribe to a service that alerts me to any account activity that involves the three (U.S.) credit bureaus. No one can open any account or take out any sort of loan or credit card under my name without going through those — Equifax, Transunion or Experion. So, I get an email alert immediately anytime some business entity requests any information about anything financial regarding me… or if some entity reports me for any supposed payment delinquency that might hurt my credit rating, I can fix the mix up quickly. It’s amazing how much easier it is to fix things if you catch them quickly.

      In the end, you have to be comfortable. My mother feels as you do and just can’t get comfortable with online purchasing, so no big deal. For me… I can do 95% of all my finance work online at my convenience, so it’s more than worth it and just requires some careful habits.

      I feel quite sassy as I just did the new hi-tech bank deposit where you use your smart phone and your Bank’s Ap to take a picture of the front and back of a check and the bank processes it over night and deposits it to your account. It was awesome. I hate going to the bank.

      Just some TL:DR thoughts… good luck.

      • rgleon9986

        I’m taking all of this down…

      • Daphne

        I do something very similar. The one big difference I do is I actually openned up a second checking account, made sure it had no overdraft and fraud protection. Set up a card that only has access to that account. Set it up so I get instant emails on any use of the card. And then keep just enough balance to cover a week or so worth of transactions on it and transfer money in on an as needed bases. It’s worked very well for me.

        The semi-ironic thing is that shortly after I had set this up, one of my credit cards got cloned; but it wasn’t the online card, it was a card I use for eating out at restaurants. Fortunately the bank caught and fixed it quickly. As much as there is concern about online card use as you point out, handing a card to a casher as part of an offline transaction is actually riskier. I’ve since set up similar transaction alerts to all my offiine cards as well so I know as soon as any have been used.

    • It seems like you’ve already gotten good responses to your question from other readers. 🙂 I’d just add that Patreon also accepts PayPal, so if you’re already comfortable using that, you can use that with Patreon and avoid entering in your credit card info altogether.

      If you do decide to enter your credit card info, I believe they use Stripe to process their payments and Stripe is known for their extra efforts with security:

      Hope this helps! 🙂

  • $7,026The journey continues!

  • rgleon9986

    Life is completely overwhelming right now, nearly panic attack inducing. I’m having to keep myself engaged only with things that give me absolutely zero stress, or I’m going to completely lose it right now. Doctoral school and my personal life and my finances are turning into the perfect storm of stress and anxiety, and I have no idea what to do about any of it. I feel like I’m barely keeping above water most of the time; today is a day where I’m struggling to get my head back above the surface.

    Sorry for the melodrama; I needed to share somewhere, with people who knew me a little, but not too well, you know? I just had to say something. Odds are I’ll delete this comment shortly after I post it, but…

    • *hugs* I hope things work out for you

    • I can’t say I know how you feel, because I don’t fully know your situation, but I can tell you that I feel with you as I’ve been in a situation similar to yours. Maybe I kinda still am, as I got through one part of it but still work/struggle on getting out of the financial half (a sudden larger debt because of a technical error with school funding is NO fun).

      IMO you’re doing it right at the moment. Share it, don’t keep it all to yourself, and try to focus on what isn’t stressing you out. Work against the goals that you can reach first. Breathe and focus on the small things you can (try to) change one at the time before you go past to something larger. By getting smaller things solved, the rest might grow less along the way. Not to mention it will lessen the burden you feel on your shoulder, and any ‘victory’ is a booster against strees. Try not to have the full situation overwelm you. That’s what will stress you out.

      I know it’s not easy, and it can take time and may not end up how you wanted it initially, but personally this is how I try to get past times where I feel like things are about to crumble around me.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I know we’re just on the internet, but we’re here for you, love. I wish there was more we could do to help. *hugs you*

    • bandanajack

      i learned many things in AA over the years, but high on the list was “this too shall pass”, and that applies equally to the smooth spots and the rough. you can say that over and over, or you are free to borrow our serenity prayer. god(or whatever)
      grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change, the courage to change the things i can, and the wisdom to know the difference. those are wise and true words regardless of your belief system.


    • You say it well. And that you CAN say it, share it, acknowledge it is what let’s us know you’ll take things one at a time… and solve them or set them aside as maybe not as important as you once thought(?) maybe(?)

      So again, do your best, but put your own well-being FIRST. Take care of yourself. Everyone commenting is correct. THIS WILL PASS. I have had exactly these moments over the years. Perfect storms and I think, there is no way I can succeed. But then I do. Sometimes with better style and sometimes just by the skin of my teeth, but I make it to the other side.

      So, keep talking, keep sharing and NEVER imagine that you are the only one feeling this way. The truth is that I don’t know anyone worth my time that hasn’t passed through the storms. Truth!

      All good thoughts to you!

    • Klaus

      I don’t have anything constructive to add to the words of wisdom below, but you have my best wishes.

  • bandanajack

    has it crossed your mind to wonder why you didn’t do this SOONER?

  • Jason Moon

    Adam Warren is the Awesomest Human Being EVAR!!
    I went to the Emerald City Comic-Con on Sunday and, among other things, got Adam Warren (of Empowered, Dirty Pair, Bubblegum Crisis, and Gen 13 fame, among others) to sign my two deluxe hardcover volumes of Empowered this weekend. I also bought some stuff from him (an Empowered sketchbook promising “Extra Sketchiness” and an oversize sample collection with unbelievably awesome title of “Giant-Size Kung-Fu Bible Stories”(tongue-so-firmly-planted-cheek-that-it’s-inconceivable). Anyway, either while I was pulling my hardcovers out of my backpack or putting them back in alongside my new purchases, he went ahead and signed THE STUFF I HAD JUST BOUGHT WITHOUT ME EVEN ASKING!! I didn’t even notice this extra signage until I got and felt like an asshole for not thanking him for it(he probably didn’t take any offense, but I still felt like a jerk). So, to help assuage my probably unnecessary guilt I decided to sent this to a number of my frequent sites!

    Fave Comic-Con T-Shirts:

    1. One with Buffy the Vampire Slayer on it next to the words: “…and then Buffy staked Edward. THE END”
    2. One with Edward being attacked by The Count from Sesame Street, and The Count saying, “REAL VAMPIRES don’t sparkle. Ah, ah, ah, ahh.”
    3. Bowling jersey-style shirt for “The Wesley Crushers” that inspired some good-natured groans.
    4. Faux beer label one advertising “Admiral Ackbeer” with the aforementioned Mon Calamari exclaiming, “It’s a Trappist!”

  • Alan Michael Williams

    Could someone fill in/expand/correct this list for me? I know there’s this page: but it’s intentionally vague, lol.

    Commander: Telepathy, martial arts
    Kyle: Fire-bender (sorry, I love Avatar)
    Tsunami: Water-bender
    Spooky: Green Lantern-esque magic
    Flyboy: Flying
    Fluke: ??? (page says something about “luck”?)
    Annihilator: Superhuman strength, speed and healing
    Platinum Priestess: ??? (Is she channeling the power through her staff? Without it, is she powerless? Is she telepathic?)

    • Madock345

      Both Spooky and PP are magic users, like most comic book universes, their powers seem to be quite broad. We’ve already seen them use scrying, teleportation, energy blasts, and potion making, and there’s probably a lot more. The staff is almost certainly just a focus/power enhancer.

      Flyboy appears to have tactile telekinesis, he doesn’t just fly, he can move anything he’s touching with him, no matter how much it weighs.

      Fluke is like a luck battery. He can go into negative mode, absorbing luck, which causes him and the people around him to have bad luck, but then he can expend that stored luck to make good things happen for him and his friends.

      Tsunami and Redhot are kind of benders, but their powers seem to be much more about large scale manipulation than the kind of finesse benders use. Tsunami explicitly doesn’t seem to need to move to use his powers, while it’s unclear if Kyle does.

      • Alan Michael Williams

        Great elaboration! I posted my comment thinking Flyboy and Fluke were the “weakest” on the team, but actually, they’re potentially the strongest. Flyboy potentially is “stronger” than Annihilator, and Fluke can pretty much manipulate the entire universe. I forgot… have we seen Fluke’s power in action?

        • Two fine example of Fluke’s powers. The latest was during this very fight when Sircea’s blast hit her minions instead of any of the team.

          There was also the time in Ch1 when the team were at the burning building and that chunk of building hit the light post instead of the firemen all because Fluke wrecked his car earlier that day.

          • Alan Michael Williams

            Ah, I see! His power is quite subtle. Thanks for the great examples. I wonder if he could just concentrate really hard and reverse any dire situation.

          • That’s a good question! I’ve always assumed it was more of a, well a fluke how the powers manifested in any given situation. If the lucky was on his side things just went right and when they (start to) go bad they go pretty bad as we’ve seen with Spooky and Flyboy in the last few pages.

          • Alan Michael Williams

            Hmm… Well, Flyboy was hit cuz of PP’s cunning, and Spooky was hit due to underestimating Ani’s speed. I wouldn’t consider those situations “bad luck,” per se. As per Klaus’ comment above, it seems Fluke can absorb general bad stuff that happens to whomever he’s concerned about, whether the bad stuff was caused by physics or living beings’ agency, and then counterbalance it. It’s a strange power indeed.

            Seems kind of like the opposite of Scarlet Witch’s “hex” power:

          • That’s all true, but if Fluke’s luck hadn’t (started to) run out, it’s always possible that something would have gotten in the way of those very strikes against the team, as it did when Sircea’s strike was sent careening off and hit the minions. That’s how I was figuring it.

            Things were going right for the team and now they’re going wrong. Which might be why Fluke was rejected by the “official” teams. His power’s quirky that way, affecting the balance of the fight either for the good or the bad.

          • Madock345

            Oh god, I just gave myself a headache thinking that because of the way his powers work, fluke having bad luck is actually fluke having good luck, which means he would expend power to make bad things happen to him, thereby giving him more power. This cycle repeats forever.

          • That’s what I’ve been wondering about. If Fluke’s abilities are like a vicious circle of bad good bad good bad good…. Yeah I get the headache.

            I mean right now, is Fluke wracking up the bad that’s going on to eventually switch it to good??

          • Alan Michael Williams

            Lol, yeah, the temporal / spatial boundaries of his powers are fuzzy.

    • Klaus

      Flyboy has the eyes of an eagle and the ears of an owl (said on the way to the love nest.) He can fly extremely fast (ditto, and further specified as mach 2 on their way to the battle).

      Spooky’s magic includes, among many other things, healing (mentioned during the house fire.)

      Fluke is the physically most fit of the YP (WoG). It is unclear how his luck powers work. When he has bad luck, he gets charged, and good luck happens later. Does his power cause him to have more bad luck than others? Probably. He was rejected for internship because the teams thought that his power woul be more of a liability than an asset. (Said by Kyle over atthe love nest). Can he choose to have bad luck in a given situation? We don’t know. Duncan’s betrayal of Kyle charged him up as never before, so he does not get charged only when he chooses to have bad luck. And the betrayal was not really luck related, so it seems that bad things happening will charge him even if no luck is involved. Does he have any control at all over when and how the good luck happens? We don’t know.

      Kyle can not only produce and project fire, he can also absorb it, even from a distance (chapter 1).

      Commander has so far shown a mental attack, which can hurt people badly (she says in the bonus comic), mind reading (bonus comic), and telepathic communication.

    • Eland

      So glad you asked this because I was totally unaware of Fluke’s interesting “luck debt” aspect. I assumed when he said he was locked/loaded in the past that he was simply stating that he was emotionally charged and wanted to get rid of the energy in a productive manner!

    • The good thing is that with/after the TYP vol.1 is released, there will also be some some cards up for sale. That will include power cards for the whole cast. They’ll tell us which powers the induvidual character has as primary and secondary powers, and some of how strong they are.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        I can’t wait!

  • Klaus

    It looks like this chapter is going to end just a bleakly as chapter 2.

    • Not unless someone is violated and left naked and heartbroken in an abandoned warehouse in the mountains. Certain, he’s lost everything, destroyed the world, and is a worthless excuse for a hero and human. I think someone would have to die here for this chapter to trump that one, at least for me.

      • Mitch, Spooky, and Kyle are not allowed to die.

        Maybe the hostages/sacrifices?

        • stickfigurefairytales

          I also vote that Amanda and Paul are not allowed to die either. And fine, Gordon, you can join the no-dying club too. Just quit being a jerk to Kyle.

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          Welcome DaveF… you are among friends here. 🙂

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    • There are a lot of things I like about Patreon, but they currently have no way to tag or organize the rewards you post up. Once you are signed in to Patreon, you can find them under the Creations tab of my Patreon page

      But for the moment, you’ll have to scroll down to find the ones you’re looking for. (On the bright side, at least you’ll get to see all the other rewards that have been posted, including a whole bunch of Digital Kickstarter Rewards and Sneak Peeks.)

      One heads up: if you’re looking for NSFW Rewards (or those Kickstarter Rewards), those are “Special Digital Rewards” so you need to make sure your pledge is $5 or greater to see them.

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      Let me know if this helps! And thank you very much for your support! 🙂

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    Raging speculation about tonight’s page:
    Possibility 1) – – the machine blocks the YP’s powers but not until that column of water goes sploosh over the entire site and watery chaos ensues like male ennui.
    Possibility 2) – – the machine blocks the power and a gaping hole to hell opens in the skies above the site. Demons come marching through.
    Possibility 3) – – Spooky awakes and betrays the machine.
    Possibility 4) – – Flyboy awakes and drops a rock on Sircea’s head. Maybe a pickup truck with chrome headlights for deer spotting and a gun rack in the back seat.
    Possibility 5) – – my sexy wet dream of Sircea doing a face-plant in a mud puddle and ruining that slightly scorched perfect hair she so covets.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      I’m still holding out for the long-odds that the US military turns up just in time to be red-shirted as demon chow.

      • davefragments

        I forgot about them.

      • Xithyl

        I wonder how much time has actually passed since the battle started.

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          • davefragments

            I have thought about seeing her fall on a banana peel like Ethel Merman at the end of “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” but the great part of that is that Merman wore a panty girdle. Sircea does not wear that type of undergarment. I don’t even know if they make those things anymore.

  • I have a confession to make. I have now been completely taken in by Harry Potter – Avengers crossovers. I need help.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      What’s the consensus on houses for the characters?

      • All of the ones I have read so far are post DH, and involve Harry teaming up with the Avengers in some way. The first one was also an omegaverse where Harry left soon after the Battle of Hogwarts and hid himself away in America and when he decided to get a job he started out as an intern for SHIELD.

        The next one is being told in parts. Red Skull somehow manages to use some type of ritual to pull Harry into the past. This isn’t so good for Harry. Rape, torture, forced to do things he doesn’t want to because Hydra made a collar that shocks him and trying to use his magic to fight it makes it worse. Harry meets Steve briefly at the end of part one. Part two Harry is living in America away from everyone and SHIELD pulls him in to help them with the Tesseract. Part three is ongoing, they are posting this one in chapters….. ;-;

        The one I just finished catching up on, Nick Fury and Kingsley are half-brothers. Kingsley as Minister sends Harry to Fury to get Harry out of the UK so he won’t have to deal with the trouble that is stirring. Kingsley thinking that Harry has done enough and is a bit worried about Harry’s “it doesn’t matter if I survive” mentality.

        I only have one complaint. I know everything always happens to Harry…..BUT WHY IN MPREG DOES IT ALWAYS HAVE TO BE MULTIPLES?????? CAN’T THE WRITERS BE KIND???? HASN’T HARRY BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH??? CAN HE NOT HAVE JUST ONE KID AT A TIME????

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Ah, true crossovers – I was thinking more of a fusion, with Avengers characters in the Harry Potter world. (You’re right – there does seem to be a ton of mpreg fics where it’s multiples.)

          • Why does everyone like to torture Harry so?

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I don’t know. I just don’t know.

          • davefragments

            I was going to say that I hoped this wasn’t like the Star Trek Wesley Crusher fiction where Wesley always seems to fall into the less than amorous and much, much less than gentle clutches of Klingons and ends his days sans male-parts and dressed as a french maid.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            No, that’s more likely a result of people just honestly hating Wesley as a character so much as opposed to torturing them for the sake of angst.

          • davefragments

            OK. I’ll accept that.
            I will say this about writing a story — writing the actual sex act into a story is a sure way for me to kill a story. I have to do it in as few words and out of scene as possible. What happens if I do is that the drama gets lost and the meaning of the story gets lost.
            The second point is that I find writing torture scenes even worse than that. IT’s one thing to have bloody fights or murder but an altogether self-destructive idea to have a character tortured. That destroys a story.
            Horror is in the mind and best left there.
            Anticipation, however, is a great thrill ride.

          • lol no. More along the lines of “this has never (or nearly impossible) happened before so OF COURSE it happens to HARRY”

    • Never a bit thing! ^___^ You already know from Twitter what my new obsession is…

  • Waiting for something is a weird thing. Like, if I know which day something is updating it’s easier to handle the wait than if I don’t know for sure.

    Waiting is always hard but if I know theres a specific weekly update (or twice a week, twice a month etc.) it’s easier handled, even when an update is cancelled or something. I KNOW the dates/weekdays.
    But I also read stories (comics too, but here I mean written stories) where it updates when the author is done with a chapter, and waiting can drive me nearly bonkers xD

    I even follow a story that regularly updates every 3-8 days, so the wait most often is shorter than between comic pages, and after day two of waiting it feels like it’s taken FOREVER because I don’t know when the next will arrive.
    Strangely enough I don’t find it completely as hard with comic pages when i don’t know the dates. I check in regularly, eagerly waiting the next page, but I’m not having that restless ‘come-ooon’ feeling.

    Maybe because I know that sense of wait there is between pages, and accept that without (almost) any problems, but when it comes to the written word – usually as books – I get the whole story at once and can read it as I please.
    Getting it in pieces, waiting in between, and having that tiny insecurity that the author could go on long term hiatus/cancel/just leave the story .. why isn’t the story updating already?! *whimpers*

    • I think they have a pill for this condition…….. 🙂

      • Send me the big package/bottle.

      • Btw.. the story I was talking about is about nephelims fighting the demons who’s about to try and take over the world, and it has loads of angst. SO much angst.

        The main character is gay, one of the nephelims/half angels and he’s sort of caught in a triangle drama, uhm maybe more a square, in between the issues of saving the world.

        Heh!.. the more I thought of what to tell without saying too much, the more I find similarities with TYP (though the story is still quite different).
        The main character has trouble controlling his powers. There’s two smexy black guys. There’s one guy who for a while shows huge issues about gay guys. One can fly. There’s two female main characters where one of them is really strong and a pompous *bleep* with a self centered ego that goes through the roof. One of the guys is older than the rest, and he’s a plotter.
        And Leviathan.. biiiig scary dude.

        Reading this story for the last days (I’m now caught up and waiting for next chapter) along with TYP has really given me weird dreams a couple nights LOL

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          • Yep. I have to admit that I really like the Harry/Steve pairing, and Harry/Clint isn’t too bad, but most seem content to leave Clint/Natasha.

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