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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 114

417 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 114

Lady, I think you might have pushed Kyle one step too far…

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Here again is a Safe For Work sneak peek:

The Annihilator Full Monty Pin-Up by Rum-Locker
The Annihilator Full Monty Pin-Up by Rum-Locker

The full-body, fully nude painted version of The Annihilator is posted right now as a Special Digital Reward under the Creations tab over at my Patreon Page. Whether you want to use it for a wallpaper for your phone, or would prefer instead to print it out and throw darts at it, I’ll tell you one thing: you won’t be disappointed with the art. This one is truly something special. 🙂

But wait, there’s still more!

Right now, sexy Annihilator is doing his sexy walk over sexy, pure black. And yes, that’s pretty cool. But I thought, wouldn’t it be neat if that portrait of him had a background? If we put him in an actual location? Something that would help spark the imagination of where he’s walking and why? Well, I’ve commissioned Rum-Locker to create a background for The Full Monty Annihilator. He had a great idea for what the background could be, he had time to do it while he’s working on a little something else for me, and I think it’ll be just enough to spark your imagination and add to the fun. And if we hit the $6500/month Milestone Goal, I’ll post that beautiful scene up as another Special Digital Reward that you’d be able to download as a new wallpaper!

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So! Spooky’s evening goes from bad to worse. The Platinum Priestess misses her mark. And Kyle responds with an attack that’s sure to leave a mark! (Using some rather evocative language for the son of a demon…) The Annihilator already discovered that it’s dangerous to make Kyle angry. Could Sircea be about to be taught a lesson of her own?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

  • Oh dear, oh dear… I can’t watch this.

    Fire in the hole! … SPOOKY!!

    • davefragments


    • Congrats, Danish!

    • Way too much euphemistic complexity in that statement… so I’ll just wish my Spooky a soft landing. Heh.

      • Yup, hihi 😉
        And I agree about my Spooky. Hope that blow broke another bottle which creates a soft landing spot. Some foam-like thing.

    • D. Garrett

      congrats danish. 🙂

  • davefragments

    Kyle is angry. Kyle is very angry. She’s on fire. She’s really on fire!

    • davefragments

      I’ll deal with Patreon tomorrow.


      • davefragments

        I suspect that Duncan will save her.
        Then we get to see a really freaky lover’s spat.

        • Oooh that will be a barn burner.

          • Tyler Griffin

            Sparks will fly *waggles eyebrows*

    • Keneu

      *singing* *this girl is on fireeeee* ♪

  • syllibub

    Dear god NOT THE HAIR

  • OMG… everybody is going up in flames. Dave was so right! Yikes.

  • *Closes one eye and peeks through fingers*.. Someone tell me when this is over.

    • (closes one eye and peeks through fingers) NO, I was counting on YOU to tell me when it was safe to look. LOL.

      • ME!? I’m the one who just ate an orange and a bowl of carrot salad while camping to keep my nerves down – and being out of chocolate. Just finished eating minutes before the page was up.

        And I’m not kidding about the ‘bowl’. Almost half a pound of carrot salad needs more than a small plate xD

        • Tyler Griffin

          C-ca-carrot SALAD!?! O_o
          bleagh. Just give me the fried cheese bites, please

  • I think we have the nuclear option

    • Me likes the nuclear option!

      • Saxon_Brenton

        Just got home. Am pleased to have been proven wrong on the ‘Red Hot going nuclear’ option (It looks pretty effective to me).

        Y’know, considering that fans have been discussing things like Red getting all cranky and laying out some pyrokinetic whupass, and Spooky’s bottles bottles breaking and causing some unwanted havok, I have the sudden vision of Alex reading the comments, cackling to himself, and saying ‘Wait till they see what’s coming up soon…”

        • HA! Saxon… that’s a sucker bet. I think he does that most every page night. LOL.

        • I never do that. Not ever. 🙂

          • Tyler Griffin

            Only on days that end in “y”? 😛

  • DC

    oh no Spooky oh yes she’s on fire!

  • Poor Spooky’s coat. The coat, the coat.

  • Cydney Sabin

    And now I have Burn, Baby, Burn stuck in my head…

    • Caffienated

      lol I’m not the only one. Disco Inferno!

      • Tyler Griffin

        Disco Inferno. Ring of Fire. Smoke on the Water. Firelight. Walk in Fire. Firefly. And last but MOST certainly NOT least: Burn the Witch.

        • Archidel

          You somehow managed to forget “Firestarter”, despite it’s exceptional appropriateness for Kyle. Also, “Fire” by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, though that one may be more appropriate for Laampros.

          It would actually be kind of awesomely cheesetastic if Laampy stepped into the world booming “I AM THE GOD OF HELLFIRE!”

  • AseretZone

    Looks like he’s unleashing the fires of Hell in his rage. Spooky, what was in that bottle that just sent you flying?

  • syllibub

    *swigs wine from the bottle then passes it to Chris* I think we’re partners in distress now.

    • Yep, Spooky and Kyle in the thick of it… and the wife might be having a bad cape and hair day… don’t worry, I have a case of the good stuff stashed. Hopefully we can manage until Friday night. HOPEFULLY. 🙂

  • Caffienated

    Burn baby! BURN!

  • mogoskier

    That the idea Kyle, kill it with fire.

  • Sircea is about to be bald. Human hair burns very fast.

    Let’s see her fix that.

    • Toli Bera


      • bibbity-bobbity-blaze!

      • I don’t think a wig that disappears at midnight will be all that helpful.

        I just realized that we are fast approaching April 1. There’s a long tradition of putting some canon-changing event, so that it can be waved off the day after.

        Don’t do it Alex. Take the high road.

        • Tyler Griffin

          Oh come now, what would be the fun of THAT!

          • I hear avoiding the ravening mobs is all the rage these days.

          • Tyler Griffin

            April 1st comic, mitch, spooky, and Kyle all die. PP ages 6000 years in the span of 20 minutes, and Duncan turns into pre-treatment Steve Rogers.

          • Tyler Griffin

            The Discus comments alone would be worth it.

  • Toli Bera

    You silly glass jar! you weren’t supposed to pop on Spooky! now say you’re sorry.

    • I know… Deus ex jarina. (shakes head sadly)
      (what? unfair… messing my spooks… heh)

      • Toli Bera

        well don’t worry, he’s still here.

        His hat is still on.

  • I think Sircea is going to need @syllibub:disqus to rub some aloe on her wife. I think she’s suffering some toasty buns.

    And don’t worry, she’ll probably rock the bobb.

    • HA!

    • syllibub

      You know, I nearly singed my hair with my curling iron this morning in a moment of distraction, but fate must have intervened. One of us has to keep the hair game strong in this marriage!

      • Plus she might want to use yours to fashion herself a hair piece. O.O

        • syllibub

          I don’t think she’d stoop to using my inferior locks, besides which I don’t have much to spare — it’s just chin-length!

          • I suppose only the hair of another goddess would do.

  • *Looks at the shape of the fire*

    … So this is Kyle’s version of sharpening the pitchfork, I guess 😉

    • Mr. Stabbity has taught young Kyle well…. ahhhhh sooooo….

    • Klaus

      And note that it is one of the side branches that gets her. She is facing the middle one, blocking it I would guess, but the flanking attack gets her.

    • Hikaru Takemori

      You see a pitchfork, I see what one day might become a dragon.

  • jreed3842

    Yes! Get it, Kyle!
    Great page as always.

    … But I was worried about Spooky’s bottles. I hope that green magic doesn’t mess him up too badly!

  • D. Garrett

    hey everyone. i am feeling better now. this is an awesome page! i hope spooky will be okay and omg is kyle pissed. that is one huge gust of fire. wow.

  • I’m honestly seriously concerned about Spooky right now. First a knock-out blow from the front by Anni, and then a really rough landing that ends in a literal magic blow of an explosions from behind/below that is knocking him off-ground again.

    He’s gonna need some good medical help after this one and/or something bad is about to happen, and by that I mean something else besides the double (is rather triple) hit he just took.
    And we don’t know what that staff of PP’s have done to Mitch and Tsu. They don’t look good either 🙁

    Now Anni is on his way towards Kyle or Paul, after having turned on some alien device.. oh, and Kyle had a near miss from that damn staff, and might be on the verge of a nuclear burn.. and Amanda.. what about her? We still don’t know for sure where Paul is right now.

    MEDIC! We need a medic. Both for the team and for my poor stomach.
    Friday can’t come fast enough *goes back to peeking at the page behind fingers*

    Edit: Did we ever get more than a WoG that Alex doesn’t like the cliche of the gay character getting hurt badly? (I refuse to say die, because that is so not going to happen. I refuse that option unless Alex wants me to bawl my eyes out)

  • Sapfo

    Very very tired brain. Perhaps the still sleeping. Sircea magic is blue, Duncans powers are red, and the magic/power that gives Spooky powerful back massage is green. Did I get this wrong? Who? What? Is it? (-.-)zzzz*

  • Need to sleep. Good night All!

  • Why, oh why did Spooky have to be the one to land on one of his bottles? This page is painful to look at but glorious to see. Does that make sense? Probably not but, eh.

    If my theory about the bracer is correct and it is a variant on the power dampener then the one to nail with it would be Paul. His luck power is most unpredictable of the entire team. It can turn the tide of the battle in an instant. I’m sure, given their experience Duncanator and Platinum Palpatine have run afoul of telepaths before so Amanda is a known quantity.

    I know Syllibub might smack me for this but I take perverse delight in PP’s toasty buns. I hope she needs very expensive plastic surgery in short order. It might teach her a very valuable lesson.

    Play with fire….

    Anyway, this event is proving to be a crucible for them all. Kyle is on the brink. That moment when he can go light or dark. Which way will he choose? I can’t wait to find out!

    I also suspect the battle isn’t the main event at all. My Donling sense is telling me that the aftermath is the real story. A fateful decision awaits.

    • SleepingDragon

      This might have been answered before in the comments or page description somewhere but I can’t find it and I wonder how exactly does Fluke’s power work? I mean, I know the basis of it is that he “charges up” with good luck while having bad that he then dispenses it to people around him but how controlled is that? And how unlucky does he have to be to charge? I remember he crashed his car before the fire incident where he was doing some seriously probability bending stuff.

      Also, I’m probably putting way too much thought into this but there are all sorts of troubles with the meta aspect of this power. For example, while he’s being unlucky he’s technically lucky because he’s charging for later when he might really need it. And if he has control over it (can trigger between lucky/unlucky at will, at least until he “spends” the accumulated luck) that sounds like a really messed up life where he risks life and limb (again, car crash) in a random accident on a daily basis in order to do his hero stuff. He does say he loves helping people on the page his power is introduced on but, at the risk of sounding jaded, he is seventeen, idealistic and feels immortal, I full expect him to come up completely messed up later on in life.

      Again, I’m probably putting waaaay too much into it, and pushing it to a really dark place at the same time, but I’m an old time nerd and so I tend to overthink this kind of stuff and I’ve also seen a lot of supers go down that path.

      • Alex is WoG and I am by no means knowledgeable about Paul’s power. I can speculate based on what I’ve observed. Paul’s power seems to be probability manipulation, similar to the hero “Longshot” from Marvel Comics. In the case of Longshot, he could flip probability to his advantage but err long, it backfired on his spectacularly.

        I liken the effect of Paul’s power to his dropping stones in a pool of calm water. He drops a pebble and makes a small ripple. It stretches to a point and rebounds back to the center. The larger the stone he drops, the stronger the ripple and the stronger the rebound. His strength is measured in the size of the stone he can drop into the water. Drop a boulder and he is going to get washed under by the rebound.

        I hope this helps. I appreciate the opportunity to work by nerd brain!

  • Terri Sutton

    Not PP cape! Not the cape! Have you no mercy!

    BTW she is going to smell like burnt hair for a couple of days, I speak from experience.

    • Paul Neuwirth

      PP should have listened to Edna Mode…”NO CAPES!!”

      • Terri Sutton

        Capes are such a classic fashion statement. How could she not wear one?

  • Cman65

    When the door from HELL starts to open a young man with red hair (and a great butt) should have more power and hell-fire can bure Annie and PP

  • Megan Staples

    w00t! Kentucky Fried Sircea, served up Red Hot style! Get her, Kyle! She hurt Flyboy, make her pay!

  • davefragments

    Sircea had a plan – – First she went after Mitch who she knew was their eyes through Commander’s Telepathy.
    Duncan had to deal with Spooky because of his magic. TYP’s guard went down just enough to give him an edge.
    Second, Sircea went after Tsunami because flowing water is one of the most awesome of all forces on Earth. Think of the Tsunami in Japan and you’ll understand. I grew up near Three Rivers in Pittsburgh and even the tiny creeks are dangerous in rainy periods.
    Third, she went after Kyle because that fire threatened her but she missed. Flames are coming for her and she’s not going to outrun or gymnastically jump over those flames. Kyle is pissed off. Sircea dismissed the YP powers as insignificant. I think that’s an entry in the Evil Overlord’s List of Things Not To Do. Sircea was busy dismissing Spooky’s power to think about Kyle. Instead of paying attention to Duncan’s burned arm, she dismissed it.
    The question now is, which of the YP’s are messing around with the sacrifice booth? OR, are the sacrifices dying as we watch?

    • Klaus

      Why not go for Amanda first? She is the brains and the communication system.

      • Samurai Jack

        Because it’s the brain that truly suffers…

      • davefragments

        I’m not sure why they wouldn’t. This morning, I’m drawing a blank on that.

      • Dakejev

        But as far as we know, she’s probably unable to do much to either Sircea or Duncan, and her powers probably don’t directly threaten the physical aspects of their plan.

  • Oh! Yikes! Kyle ain’t playin this time! Hope Spooky’s okay.

  • As I head to bed to let this chaos quiet in my head…

    I ask once again… WHERE, OH WERE, IS THE DAMN MILITARY BACK UP? TYP’s job was to hold Team Silver in place until the military arrived. Has that plan unknowingly been abandoned, as our YPs seem to be? I’d like to see TYP (hopefully awake at least) when Team Silver is long gone to the REAL place that the portal was intended to open.

    And, for me personally, Duncan has gone so far past any redemptive point that the best I can hope for is that he goes home with Laampros, as his boy toy, and learns some new things on the journey.


    • Klaus

      The military would take more than an hour to get there. The countdown stood at about half an hour at that time.

      • I hate it when your common sense goes against my highly reasonable expectation that things should magically go as I wish them to. (snort).

    • Saxon_Brenton

      In all seriousness, it depends on how long the fight proper has taken. Consider:
      On page 88 when the team are examining the villains’ setup through the combo of Flyboy’s eagel sight and Commander’s tlepathy, the timer is at 55 mins 1 secs (panel 1) and Commander says the military is at least an hour away (panel 3). Then comes Commander’s description of her plan, the plane landing, and Flyboy’s talk with Red Hot, and then the Young Protectors attack. But just before they do that, on page 88, the timer is at 34 mins 12 secs.
      (and on page 89 the Priestess announced to the assembled minions that “in a few short minutes” the barrier between worlds would be sundered, leading a number of us to worry that the timer as simply a fake out – but let’s assume that she was simply rounding for a number less than an hour)
      So how long does the fight take? I dunno. I would take a guess at five to ten minutes (there’s a lot happening, and some lengthy explosion by the Priestess that looks pretty unhurried), but as the comment page has hashed on before, it’s possible that there is both decompression of the depiction of the fight plus some events possibly happening simultaneously.
      So my best guess – and it is just a guess – would be that they’re at least a quarter hour away. Which is long enough for things to go badly wrong.

      • Darn your logical brain-cells. Couldn’t some of the military have left early to stop and get bread and milk on the way and arrive early? It could happen to anyone. I mean 15 mintues is way way to long unless Kyle it just going to crisp everything in site and I suspect that is not in the cards yet.

        It’s enough to make a superhero fan grumpy… darn Team Silver with there underhanded 6,000 year old trix!

    • Klaus

      From a dramatic point of view, that is not how it works. The cavalry does not do the heroes’ work for them. First the heroes do their heroic deed. Then, when the town has been saved or whatever, but the heroes themselves are in a hopeless situation (surrounded by hostile indians, way out in the desert with no suplies or some such), the cavalry arives and saves the heroes.

      • STOP reading trope rules you all. (I fear you are right) All this tropism run amuck can only be harmful to our young heroes and stressful to those of us who support them. Syllibub and I are going to need at least a week at a luxury resort, each, to “dry out” and recover at the rate things are going. 🙂

        • Saxon_Brenton

          [whiny voice] But Chriiiiis, being overanalytical and playing tropes is *all I’ve got*. If I don’t do that, then I’m just gonna make inarticulate squeeing noises.

          • Ahahahahahahah… see? That’s how much I don’t know. I thought you were making up your own tropes as you went… LOL. But just as a point, I’d pay to hear one good Saxon “Squeeeeeee”… it’s just really hard to imagine. LOL.

            Actually Saxon, truth be told, my brain runs all to character and emotion. I’m so right-brained that I’d tip over if not careful. I’m so grateful that you and Kraus and others can offer up some cogent analysis and prediction. It’s always fun and so interesting. So thanks. There are plenty enough of us “squeeers,” such that I think you may be allowed to be a trope-heavy, squee-free zone with our gratitude.


          • Dakejev

            I thought squeeing was prequisite to reading/writing about tropes…

          • Sure, but that’s Advance Incurable Tropism … when the individual is so far gone that they can only live and speak in tropes. So so sad. @saxon_brenton:disqus is far far from that point, so the squeeeing wouldn’t be obligatory. Thanks goodness! 🙂

          • Dakejev

            Well, I’ve only been reading TV tropes (I still think it should be named Story Clichés instead =P) a week or two, but I’ve been squeeing at webcomics for well over a decade now. 😉

        • Dakejev

          Pfft, TV tropes is what I read for laughs. You’ll never take my laughs away from me. Neverrrrrr.

    • I so hope that when Laampy finally enters on scene, as he must, Alex gives him a pitchfork to brandish…

    • Dakejev

      Did they ever call for it? They might’ve, before jumping out of the plane, but it wasn’t shown in the comic. And also, when the backup comes, wouldn’t they just opt to drop a nuke on Duncan and Sircea, and call TYP collateral damage?

      (This being the Big Bad American Government and all… ;-P)

      • Try as I may and try as I might… WORD OF READER… I just can’t picture Alex Woolfson going for the nuclear option. You know?

        • Dakejev

          I can. And I can also see the trio of Duncan, Sircea and Laampros walking out of the firestorm unscathed, before all the demons of Hell are loosed on the Earth.

          I know it likely won’t come to that, but the army might try dropping a nuke on them. (And now I can totally visualize Duncan catching it in mid-air and throwing it back to sender… XD)

  • Okay as of right now! This awesome fandom is $116 TOWARD the NEXT MILESTONE (moarrrrrr NSFW Duncan embellishment… not that he deserves it, but…)

    Edit: It is now $126 $128 $135 $142 $161 and moving!

    I can feel the WOOT… srsly!

    • Klaus


  • Klaus

    Invoking God. Is he religious?

    • Saxon_Brenton

      He’s used the word a number of times before. I can’t recall any evidence that would let us figure out whether he’s actually invoking God in the prayer sense, or whether blasphemy is his favourite form of swearing.

      • I think that it’s also the easiest form of cussing. Sort of like cussing lite.

    • Dakejev

      I’m not god-driven religious and if I need to be cussing in English, “god damn [your choice of pronoun]” is a pretty easy one.

  • Alt+F7

    Oh no, not my two favourite magic users 🙁

  • Hours Left

    Kyle’s fire blast reminds me of a phoenix. Rising from the ashes motif?

  • Gah! I am just so happy for you! 😀 Seeing a comic creator I love make it like this just thrills me 😀

    • Thank you so much, Heather! I feel so grateful to all of you! 😀

  • Rhiannon D’Averc

    Looks like things are…. heating up! *shot*

  • bronakopdin

    SO Kyle was watching Spooky, not Gordon, either way he’s watching a good friend receiving PP’s evil hits and the consequences… and he snaps!
    of COURSE he does!
    She realy desrves this, it’s great how he hit her! From behind to boot, even though she faces him 😀
    I bet this wasn’t all!
    Still wondering where Duncan ran though and what his smart watch was all about… my suggestion is still that it has sth to do with the cage or it’s timer!

  • TwilightDreamer

    NO!! I knew it wasn’t a good sign when those bottles started falling from his jacket! D:
    Get her Kyle! You go boy!! D:<

  • somebody

    Burn the witch!
    like in good old times
    poor spooky >.< oh my gosh good that saturday is only three days away……

  • Columbine

    We haven’t seen Fluke, Flyboy or the Commander for a while….I wonder how they’re doing. Not 100% sure about Spooky’s pose with the force blast in panel two, it looks like either the blast is hitting him in the wrong place or the pose is wrong-

    I’m sort of waiting for Fluke or the Commander or both to do something awesome.

  • Dennis Grace

    I guess carrying the Potion of Thermonuclear Upheavals in a glass phial was a wee bit near-sighted.

  • Sterling Ericsson

    Yes, burn all her hair off! Make her bald! Mwahahaha!

  • karmakat

    she is going to give a new meaning to the “ass on fire” expression hehe

  • timemonkey

    Your turn to burn, bitch!

  • fujoshifanatic

    Oooo, I don’t think PP’s gonna like that hair cut, or the possible facial that’ll go with it. Can’t say that I’m broken up about that though. What I am broken up about is Spooky! That poor, dear boy! First a ninja star to the thigh, then being punched the hell out by Duncan, and now being literally blown up in the air by his own potion? Right now I am praying he has an adamantium skeleton enhanced by demon power, because that blast looked nasty!

    Speaking of blasts, yaaay Kyle for throwing some raging hellfire at PP (nice choice of words too; I’m sure Dad would be proud)!! Now he needs to throw some at Duncan before he gets to where he’s running to, and then get his emotions back in check before all Hell breaks loose for real,

    Yay Adam on your Patreon success so far! You have worked so hard (I can’t imagine all the hours and effort you have put into all the awesome perks you have given your patrons), and you deserve every bit of it. Can’t wait until I can get myself situated so I can up my patronage. I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed for the both of us! 🙂

    • Klaus

      Was that a petard?

      • As in, “hoisted upon his own…?

        • fujoshifanatic

          Ha! You and Klaus are clever! And while technically accurate, I would never use that phrase for sweet little badass Spooky. I associate that phrase with people who mean harm or malice to the defenseless and innocent, and that is not the case here. Now were this happening to Team Silver, I would be cackling at the brilliance of Klaus’ jaunty little word pirouette. Under the circumstances, the best I can do is chuckle in acknowledgement of its aptness. 🙂

    • Thank you for your fun reaction to this page, fujoshifanatic! And thank you very much for your kind words about the Patreon! Yep, it’s lots and lots of work, but I’m getting the chance to work on new things (like the prose short stories) and with awesome new artists (like Rum-Locker)—I’m not getting much sleep, but I’m having a total blast! And I feel grateful for the very generous and amazing support y’all are giving me to do even more. 😀

  • Once again what a stunningly beautiful page. Congratulations on the special work! As much as I grumble and moan about who’s getting bounced upon, the page itself is really one-of-a-kind work.

    That Alex Humor™: Lady, I think you might have pushed Kyle one step too far… HA! YA THINK.

    I know some readers did a better job than I did handling the hell-date. Yup, I marinated in what I personally called Kyle’s occult emotional violation, complete with PTSD ramifications (just my internet diagnosis) but, regardless of what anyone wants to call it, I don’t think Kyle has forgotten LAST NIGHT one little bit.

    So, it’s hard for me to imagine him doing less than his most to stop Sircea and Duncan. We’ll see if that matters to Sircea or not. She’s been pretty flame retardant so far, and Duncan seems to be approaching at high speeds (Yes I’m nervous ?). I’m a bit glum (massive understatement) about Kyle’s chances just now.

    *** Although, I am also worried about random stuff, such as Sircea tossing that orb-key into Kyle’s fire and saying, “There! That should be hot enough.” KA-BOOM! Instant Laampros and GFE! YES… I’m getting myself worked up. What can I say? Humph. ***

    Panel #1: This is a beautifully, if painfully, drawn and colored physical panel. Spooky’s position is perfectly out of control. The horrible “crunch” couldn’t be more emo-evocative. His facial expression is simple and pure: OUCH. I even think the white lines of his landing are right on, connecting us to his motion in the past pages. Love the impact visual. Thank god his hat stays on. I’m sorry, can’t remember who reminded me of that below. Very important. Great art in this panel. Thank you.

    Panel #2: Okay, I made a stinky joke below about Deus ex jarina… but I WAS a bit put out. What? Spooky wanders around with all these unbreakable jars full of demons and snakes and things, (Klaus and Saxon only know how many little jars have been tumbling about as he bounces — is this blast the fault of Paul’s powers(?) — and then the Nuclear Blast jar is smash-able? Really? No fair! (Okay grump over… sorry)

    I love the look of this. The blast is awesome. Adam and Vero, I love the intensity at the impact point on the ground flaring out and up. It’s Spooky’s color after all, so nice. Even his poor body (like Mitch’s was) shows the force thrusting him upward so well with his backward arch.

    It’s quite a show. I hope there’s some protection in that coat and I’m going to suggest he upgrade to those little metal flasks that they put booze in for the future. Spooky may not drink, but Raymond Chandler did, so he can pull them off as props… LOL. Like Mitch, this does look painful. Thank goodness hell-Spooky is tough. I’m with @fujoshifanatic:disqus below… we need ‘admantium skeletons’. I NEED to read “Spooky’s Second Kiss” and “Third” and… well you get it. LOL.

    As usual applause for the inset panels against the larger background of the two most intense ones #2 & #4. Really nice touch.

    Panels #3&4: In both of these I love Kyle’s expressions and his feeling of physical reaction. That first horrified look. He quick motions makes the panels ‘seem’ quick. Spooky is the man who helped him through that damn warehouse trauma, now this blast is a second horror and that after Mitch’s injury (“Don’t die okay?) also. I’m sure he’s in battle shock of ‘some’ sort, hero or no hero. I’m afraid as of this chapter it’s only Amanda I see as the one with ovaries of steel.

    I can’t tell you how bad I want the Commander to quietly walk up behind Sircea with a half-brick in a sweat sock — right now — and just clock one in the back of the head. HEY! Okay, so not happening, but a guy can dream can’t he?

    Boy this whole section does remind you that these aren’t hardened soldiers, just really young men and their compatriots are their family in many ways. So, how could they NOT be emotionally involved in ways military men are taught to try not to be.

    It’s really why I try to make light of “Where’s the military? … I know they can’t come in time, but it’s just that, that WAS the point. TYP didn’t go into this truly expecting to best the world’s two greatest super villains… however much they may have secretly wished to.

    I love the comic stars (?) coming from Kyle’s head, denoting shock. Seems so right and his jump as Sircea’s blast just misses him. Adam and Vero. All through these images the design and color of his fire just gets better and more impressive. As does Sircea’s distinctive magic. With all that’s going on you’ve managed to keep things very consistent and clear. It’s truly a thing of incandescent beauty.

    Panels #5: Oh, now Kyle’s voice bubble is outlined in red and we know that means only one thing… KYLE IS CRANKY! And, we’ll see how hot he is. However, the spread of his fire, the way it mimes a pitchfork (Mr. Stabbity must be so proud) and its size as it swoops toward and around flanking Sircea is pretty awesome.

    Again it’s on that background panel that just gives us a sense that it’s been embiggened. LOL. Nice. I also love the little detail of the pools of Tsu’s water, tying pages together. So nice.

    Panels #6: Dang, our girl has a basketball player’s grip on that orb. Wow. She’s definitely going to have to argue with Edna about a new cape. Admiral, please explain to Adam that he’s actually given her a real physique… and I thought the whole point was to manage an MC Escher twist that highlighted both the boobs and the butt. Clearly straight 14 year-old boys went to bed frustrated by this panel last night. (HA!)

    I, however, as a snarky cantankerous gay man loved that Kyle got a “pain-noise” out of the unstoppable Sircea. That was worth a lot in making this disaster of an emo-page end with at least a tiny bit of satisfaction. I don’t think even my massive skills at self-denial lead me to believe that Duncan or someone won’t stop Kyle in the next page, but I do love this crispy moment (brought to you by our sponsor… HELL!)..

    And Vero, I love that you made the flames nearer to Sircea seem even hotter. It just gives the whole thing, which is very impressive, even more impact.

    Hard pages in some emo-senses (oh Spooks), but fantastic pages in terms of execution. This is great great work. And thanks Alex, I have to keep pinching myself and reminding myself that when I have the book in my hand this will read so differently and that NOW I’m marinating in each painful panel. Oh the pains and the pleasures. Take care guys… Thank you again. See you all Friday!!

    • Klaus

      I think that bottle was meant to break on impact.

      • Oh, you mean it’s purpose was to, such as with the snake bottle. Okay, I get that, but let’s think of it like this……….

        “Hey Spooky, we’re sending you out to a potentially high impact battle, but first we’re lining your coat with lots of really dangerous bottles and vials that could, like, eat or kill you if broken by accident. Okay? So make sure no one accidentally hugs you or, you know, blasts you or hits you. Have fun storming the castle!”

        Listen, I know @alexwoolfson:disqus has Flying Robot Ninja Pigs, so this shouldn’t be that hard, I’m just suggesting a re-think on that battle strategy. LOL.

        • Klaus

          And think of the chain reaction this could start.

          • Clearly Spooky is still learning. Future bottle will have a spell on them that makes them unbreakable until a Spooks tosses them off with a dignified activation word like… oh say … “Alakazam” … orrrrr something. Battle skillz are always evolving. Just sayin’ 🙂

          • D. Garrett

            i could see him doing that.

          • Dakejev

            …if he survives. ;-P

          • Well gather around kids and let me tell a story about really popular characters (such as Spooky), and healing magic called… (wait for it)…A SEQUEL! Yayyyyyyy….

    • “…I have to keep pinching myself and reminding myself that when I have the book in my hand this will read so differently and that, NOW, I’m marinating in each painful panel.”

      And this we won’t even get to read in book form until the NEXT book. All this emotinal turmoil won’t be until Vol. 2. That book will be a knock-out on emotions.

    • And thank you for a wondefully detailed and thoughtful reaction to this page, Chris. Made my day. 🙂

  • Pikinanou

    That cap must be magical as well, it’s not looking about to fall off, anytime soon 😛

  • Klaus

    The question is now: will she drop the ball?

    • HA… wellllll, she has been ‘orb’ handling for 6,000 years. That does imply some mad skillz! LOL.

  • Jeffrey Jacobson

    Our young heroes fight valiantly, but show their inexperience by being distracted from their targets. With good reason certainly, but turning your back on the PP is not a good idea. So glad she missed Kyle.

    Are Fluke and Amanda out of cultists yet? I’d sure like to see them help with the big baddies.

  • Kit the Coyote

    Does that not harming underage heroes have a self defense clause? Cause I think PP could invoke it at this point. *evil grin*

    • Tyler Griffin

      Yes, it does. Kyle is no longer a minor, and technically the moment the team decided to engage the villains directly, the no hard rule would have gone out the window, assuming that it is even real.

      • Klaus

        Aditionally, PP would not feel bound by such a rule anyway.

        • Tyler Griffin


  • Tyler Griffin

    Oooh. Kyle just went full Simi on her. Where’s the BBQ sauce?

    • Tyler Griffin

      I suddenly question Sircea’s choice of metal panties…

      • Klaus

        Does she or doesn’t she wear asbestos underwear?

        • Guest

          I can’t imagine that she wants the cancer risk…. Then again, grilled tuna has it’s own list of unpleasantness.

        • Tyler Griffin

          That IS the question.

  • Dinosaurs=Rawr

    I would love to take the most fleeting of moments to say that “THIS GIRL IS ON FIRRRRRRRRRRREEEE!!!!!!” and this is an incredibly well-done page!

    • Thank you, Dinosaurs=Rawr!

      • Dinosaurs=Rawr

        You’re quite welcome, Alex! Have a great day!

  • lajvio

    Awww, I can’t find naked Anni anywhere on your patreon *sob sob*

  • purplefoxglove

    *sits huddled in her chair, rocking back and forth and singing like a mantra*: “Green equals healing powers…green equals healing powers…green equals healing powers…”

    Plus, it’s the colour of his magic. Please, please, please, Paul, luck on and let Spooks have been fallen on his reserve magic boost + healing vial! And those beams of light are NOT ripping through his cloak! O.o

    • Dakejev

      Green most usually equals poison in RPGs. ;-P

      • purplefoxglove

        Well, red/orange usually equals fire, and look what Spooky had in THAT one ;-P

    • Mickey Phoenix

      Oh, you’re a genius! Of course that’s his healing/reserve magic boost bottle!

      I believe in fairies! I believe in fairies! I believe in fairies! /claps hands vigorously

      • purplefoxglove

        -.- my denial and me don’t like your attitude. 😛

        • Mickey Phoenix

          Sometimes, I curse the lack of a sartalics font more than others. I wasn’t making fun of your denial — I was joining you in it!

          • purplefoxglove

            In that case, put on these rose-coloured glasses and join me in the denial-corner 😉

  • Okay as of right now! This awesome fandom is $245 TOWARD the NEXT MILESTONE… moarrrrrr NSFW Duncan embellishment.

    me happy

    • Sunseahl Silverfall

      I kinda hope there’s a milestone somewhere where the paywalls gets broken and us boke folks can see all the donator perks too… eventually 😛

      • It WILL happen. I look at it this way… if we can just get Alex working full time on TYP, that’s the MAIN thing. Then, folk who are on harder times at THIS moment will have the time they need to scrape $5 out of their month. And they will… and if it takes a bit, that’s okay, because Alex will still be here and our comic will still be posting…

        See what I did there? Calling it OUR comic all possessive-like… Mwaaaaahahahaha…

      • bandanajack

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        i am very proud of this community for stepping up the way it has, far beyond my. our, wildest expectations. and the bulk of this comes from the smaller donations.

        carry on my fellow fans!

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  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    I think Spooky will be OK…..someone just ticked Kyle off though……DANG! I have no marshmallows for the fire today!!

    • Mickey Phoenix

      You know, as I think about it, that’s a solid argument for Spooky carrying “less-lethal” spells in his bottles. Not only does it make them safer to use around his teammates — it makes him less likely to kill himself with an ill-timed stumble.

      That being said, I’d still have kept those bottles in somewhat tightly padded pockets, so they took a solid yank to pull out, and wouldn’t break if I fell on them. If I were a magic-wielding, hell-transcending bad-ass superhero, that is.

      Or, as XKCD would have it, a bad ass-superhero? /wink

  • Shinashi

    Her hair and her cape! Oh no he did-ent!

  • Sunseahl Silverfall

    The orb is glowing brighter now, the key beaming from inside. What exactly was that thing on Annie’s arm if not the catalyst for the big ceremony?

    Remember… bad guys play to opulence nine times out of ten… with the walls between magic “hell” and reality weakening why go to all the trouble of building a big round portal? Opulence of a demon lord…. Just because it’s broken doesn’t mean he won’t come…. He’ll just be annoyed that he has nothing to make an overly grandiose entrance with.

    • So, basically, Laampros is a big damned (literally) DIVA!

      • Sunseahl Silverfall

        Well yea… Didn’t Annie literally have to go through and entire dramatic sex-scene and incantation just to make it to hell in the first place?

        • OMG… you are so right. Like rose petals and Montrachet and “I will love you forever…” GACK.

          Then Laampros tattoos Duncan’s arm with a “Lampy & Duncan Forever” tat! OMG this is so a Disney musical…

          EDIT: How did I not know this? (Nobody answer that… it was rhetorical.)

        • davefragments

          Kyle’s powers opened the gateway when Duncan cast the spell.

  • Okay gang we are officially counting DOWN to the next milestone and more of Duncan’s NSFW deliciousness…

    $245 to go until Rum-Locker gets back to work on Evil-Sexy (aka Duncan… well you know…)

    me happier(er-er)

  • rgleon9986

    If Kyle was holding back before, and is only now using the full extent of his power against Sircea, then he made a mistake that has endangered not only e lives of his team, but of the victims about to be sacrificed and the half the world that are possibly going to be unde the rule of the forces of Hell.

    If he’s somehow gained access to greater power because of his emotional state… then… Okay, I guess… but it sucks that it took this kind of bad luck (eyes shift to Fluke) to bring out more of his power.

    • Alan Michael Williams

      I think it’s more like he was using targeted blasts to keep her attention and keep track of her with Tsunami. An inferno, as powerful as it might be, could actually backfire, because it blinds the field momentarily and if she happened to get around it, could give her the upper hand.

      Source: last time I fought off supervillians, this happened to me. =p

    • Maus Merryjest

      I think that Kyle doesn’t have that fine control of his power yet. We’ve seen him do impossible things (like burn ANNI) when he’s absolutely pissed. Seeing what happened to Spooky made Kyle absolutely and completely pissed, so suddenly OVERDRIVE!

    • Klaus

      The diabolic duo is obviously going to murder the people in the glass box. The YP are overmatched and must rely on surprise. They should have used lethal force from the start. But that is not done in superhero comics.

  • Alan Michael Williams

    [vial]: *crunch* *Bwoom!*
    [PP’s blast]: *Skfff!*
    [Kyle]: “God damn you!” [fire]: *Booosh!*
    [PP]: “Ahh!” [cape and hair]: *fff*

    • Yep… efficiently expressed. Applause.

    • Tyler Griffin

      Very nice recap/summery of events

  • Maus Merryjest

    What matters immortality and the lonely frost
    of goddesses and priestesses, the vain
    and vacuous flight from all our earthly pain
    that covets life gained for others lost?

    What worth the glory, the effigy embossed
    of the sacred bull that revels in the slain
    if the world cuts short her infernal reign
    when the worth of platinum is by fire lost?

    • davefragments

      That’s very nice. Good work.

  • bandanajack

    hey alex, that rendering of PP is spot on. excellent work. i like the idea, too, of offering different artists a chance to strut their stuff for an appreciative audience.

    • Thank you, bandanajack! Very glad you like that! (And I really enjoy getting the chance to see different takes on our characters. 🙂 )

  • jreed3842

    Guys! GUYS! Something incredible could possibly be happening to me right now. If this event comes to fruition I will be able to make my goal of being a $10 a month patreon a reality!! I’ll go into details if this event actually happens (I don’t wanna talk it up too much and then be disappointed in the end.) If you never hear bring he up again then know it didn’t work out…. BUT hopefully I’ll get to share exciting news with you all sooner or later!!!!

    • Klaus

      Best of luck.

      • jreed3842

        Thanks, Klaus!

    • Fingers crossed, jreed!

    • D. Garrett

      whatever it is i hope it works out!

    • Mickey Phoenix

      Oh, good luck! Best of luck!

  • Adam and Vero, you guys did an amazing job on this page. I especially like how in panel 4, you can still see Kyle’s amazing rear end despite all that is going on. ^_^ You people are the best. ^_^

    PS. Can we get some Mitch in the next page or two?

    • Doki – YOU are a reviewer after my own heart. You never let a little lack-of-sleep keep you from what’s important. KYLE’S AMAZING REAR and MITCH! Nice.

      • ….I was actually surprised you didn’t mention it in your panel by panel analysis, but I guess you were too distracted by Spooky’s forced accident?

        • HA! So true. As @syllibub:disqus so accurately expressed last page… I was in a state of distress. So, I may have ‘noticed’ the nice Kyle butt, but was too distraught to make my post even longer. LOL.

          However, I am deeply grateful that Alex, Adam and Vero NEVER let down their standards when it comes to an excellent super-posterior. Heh.

        • Saxon_Brenton

          Oh my goodness, and now I’m embaraassed that I didn’t notice that panel four is a “butt and (man) boobs” pose.

          • HA!

          • Mickey Phoenix

            Quite frankly, I see so much of that being done to female characters in mainstream comics — and so much more badly done! — that it’s a positive delight to see it done with a male character, and done so well.

            Why, not only is it anatomically possible, it’s even suitable by the situation!

    • Thanks, Doki! 🙂

  • Yukiness

    Oh how I wish I could donate through patreon right now.

    • You can sign up, and then donate the months you can afford it.
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      And if any of your five friends say, “Oh, I’m so sorry — I totally love TYP, but I can’t afford even $1/month!”…you just show them this message, and tell them to pass it on to five of their friends. It’s the magic of exponential growth! 🙂

  • Dakejev

    I guess that answers all the speculation about all of those bottles Spooky had. Looks very painful too. =(

    Kyle getting angry enough to attack Sircea with a no-way-to-dodge attack can spell both good and bad: so far I’ve gotten the idea that Sircea was just playing for time, before she started dishing out real damage. I wonder, though, if Kyle’s fire isn’t a requirement for the Laampros gate, now that their neat portal thing is down?

  • Getting nearer to Defcon Milestone
    Currently: $132 until more Rum-Locker!
    The WOOT-AGE increases…

  • D. Garrett

    everybody remember that spooky is a super tough hell survivor, and he is gonna be okay.

    • Tyler Griffin

      Unless that was a potion of repressed memories.

      • Tyler Griffin

        Hi. I’m Satan, I’ll be performing all week…end.

      • D. Garrett

        that would not be good at all. good point.

  • Kate G

    DID I CALL IT?! DID I CALL IT?! I TOLD YOU THOSE THINGS WERE DANGEROUS! *whispers* I did say one would blow up, right? Right?! *points to a few pages back to my prediction*

    Ooooooooooooh, Kyle is giving PP the Glare from Hell in that second to last panel. Beware the Glare from Hell. Nothing good comes from that look. Only incinerated capes, burnt boobs and burnt butts come from that look. And to quote every super villain ever on TV AND movie, she’ll probably scream “Stupid kid!”

    Oh, and I got a bonus horseriding lesson (I usually go in once every other week) to see if my boots were okay because they are a little tall even though I have two lifts in them (yes, two.) So, today, I worked more on trotting (and, therefore, posting) and I did two point today. I finally got that posting thing at the end. Now I have to repeat it. Let’s see if THAT happens. XD

    • Tyler Griffin

      You did, and I also made a passing comment about how much I loved the quality and consistency of the art in that we’ve been seeing bottles flying for a couple pages now before (at the time phrased as “In case”) it became relevant, which helps us all with the suspension of disbelief and lets plot devices fit into a story without feeling forced.

      I am constantly in awe of just how good a writer Alex can be with these kinds of minor details that so many comic authors don’t think about, and then the drawings them selves are so wonderful at bringing the scenes to life, so much rich detail, and the colors all feel so right and it’s all just SO consistent and consistently satisfying.

      • Kate G

        Oh, I love the artwork too! It’s not as consistent as you think. If you look from the beginning, you’ll see the characters have gotten more depth and defined lines over time. Those working on it have gotten, as I call it, “into the characters.” There’s that time where you see an artist dig into the characters finally and you see that flip; everything suddenly comes alive. It’s like, “TAAAAAAAAAAAA DAAAAAAA! HERE I AM!” I love those little changes.

  • Toomorrrowwwww! Toomorrowwww! It’s page day tomorrowww!

    (okay, technically since it’s after midnight here in California, it’s today, but bear with me. It’s still a good 20 hours away and there is a sleep between now and then yeah?? Soooo, I’m sticking with my song.)

    • Either way… “It’s only a day away!”
      If you doubted, I was a friend. Get over it. I just wrote a line from the musical ANNIE for you. That is as GAY as I get outside of the bedroom. LOL

      • Dakejev

        That is as GAY as I get outside of the bedroom.

        Except on this comment space, I’ve noticed. ;-P

        …unless, of course, your computer is in your bedroom. In that case, point for you.

        • Ahahahahaha… Touché for both of us then. You are correct and I’m sitting in bed with my laptop drinking coffee.

          I’ve noticed I do get more openly gay online, because I’ve noticed that not even many gay men (or women) actually just TALK about it, like it’s just their life. So, I enjoy that I can. I know others do here, but people still it seems subtle, and I’m not much for being a shy delicate flower.

          Yes, occasionally I’m sure it sounds ‘camp’, and I’m not at all as a person, but occasionally it makes me laugh. So, what’s a boy to do? It also reminds me of one of the points Alex states he has for this comic. (super total paraphrase) A place where gender fluidity just IS… (or comes to be, as it does for us all in some way) and it’s not REALLY the main point of a superhero graphic novel. I like that in this book and in this fandom.

          So, like talking about my partner, I like that it’s just okay to ‘say it’ out loud, in some ways… just like straight people do. LOL.

          But that’s it! No more Broadway or Disney musicals! Well, at least for 2-3 pages. Ha!

          • Dakejev

            So howabout non-Broadway musicals then? 😉

            And I definitely get the “acting out” online. My real-life self is… topic I try to avoid (because it depresses me), and instead get to be me online. It’s a big deal for me. In real life only my closest friends and family know (and thankfully accept, approve and support, I know I’m lucky in that).

          • Trust me, I totally understand and have been right there when “real-life” sucked. It just took time and effort and one day I looked up and realized that either everyone knew I was gay… or their brain couldn’t comprehend it, and it would never matter. Things got better.

            May they do so for you in this also. Take care!

          • Dakejev

            Oh, if only my issue was as simple as being gay… *sigh*

            By this I do not mean that coming out as gay wasn’t a big thing or sometimes near-insurmountable an obstacle. I just mean I wish it was the only one I have.

            Meh, let’s talk about something else. Like how we should soon have a new page. =D

          • Tyler Griffin

            No. Now we all start singing “Part of Your World” From The Little Mermaid.

      • bandanajack

        i can get much gayer than that outside the bedroom, but then i have had a good half century longer than you tp practice it… and that is WITHOUT drag paraphernalia of high pitched voices…

      • Yay! I was hoping folks would know what I was singing. And of course buddy ol’ pal o’ mine, you were right in sync with me. 😛

        • Tyler Griffin

          Wait. Does anyone in the US NOT recognize that song?

          • It’s possible. I was watching American Idol and the contestant was singing a song from Grease, but had never actually seen the movie. It made me feel very very old. And of course then I went on a rant about how Grease should be required viewing, and The Beatles (along with The Monkees and Cheap Trick) be required listening.

          • Tyler Griffin

            Well, that’s true, one of the Drag Race contestants this season had never heard of Macbeth…

          • Sigh… old old old old old.

  • Klaus

    This page of discussion gives some great examples of how subtle spoilers in the script can be. Someone speculated that the trident shape of the fire may be significant. And someone pointed out that the key seems to be glowing more than it was. Are either of these significant? It seems to me that whether they are in the script or not would be a good indicator,

    • In general, yes. But not necessarily. I originally sent this script to Adam on June 7, 2014. We’ve since gone through two rounds of thumbs and two rounds of pencils on this page (and all the previous ones). It’s very unlikely a major plot point would be different from what’s in the script—if that were the case, I’d likely write a different scene altogether.

      But making the foreshadowing of certain things clearer in the visuals? Tweaking a visual to bring out some aspect of the character that I think is important? That’s definitely something that might be added in my collaboration with Adam and Vero.

      If it were contradicted in the script, then that’s one thing. But one thing I look forward to when I collaborate with Adam and Vero is making the truth of the story I’m trying to tell that much more clear and compelling. It’s one of the great pleasures of collaborating—the chance to make your best ideas that much better by working with very smart and talented people. 🙂

      • Klaus

        So any change from the “thumbnail” to the finished page … Yes, I know. I am overthinking this.

        • Maybe, but you do it so well. 😉

          I was the one who pondered the possible trident shape of the fire. There isn’t really any story connection I can think of for why THAT would be. I don’t associate “tridents” (except with Mr. Stabbity, lol) with Kyle. However, I do think there are fun “accidents” that we readers bring to our read.

          I think your question and Alex’s answer are very interesting. It makes me think of the script page as essential anchor points that keep the story on track… that then get embellished as much as possible to turn them into visual prose and give them life.

          Not really different from Rawling’s ‘description’ of Hogwarts and the visual detail we got in the first Potter film. Thanks guys.

          • bandanajack

            don’t forget the visual element itself. some shapes or symmetries will naturally occur in the artists’ renderings, simply because they make certain synapes in the viewers’ cerebral cortex happy .

          • OMG… Adam and Vero are trying to drug us into visual happiness… Excellent bring it on!

            That’s interesting, there are definitely shapes and iconography that make us feel things, either overtly or subliminally. Neat idea.

          • Think about the orb with the key PP has been carrying around. Visually it is a big target drawing the eye to the key. “This is important! Don’t forget this is important!” Perspective factors in as well.

        • Actually in all seriousness, that’s a good question. I can imagine that Adam can make loose changes to thumbnails very fast and w/out too much work… However, seeing his pencils and the detail involved, I’d imagine adjustments there would be more time consuming. @alexwoolfson:disqus?

          Also, curious how hard it is for Vero to make a color adjustment upon request. I know computers are “easi-er” in some senses, but I’d still imagine it’s relative. The color in these pages is so damn subtle and stays very consistent from page to page…(?)

          • We do our best (and I, as editor/director, especially try my best) to have any big changes that are needed happen only at the thumbnail stage, when they are much less time-consuming to make, then later in the pencils.

            In the thumbnails, I might ask to have a full redraw of a panel (or even, as I said above, remove or change a panel.) For the pencils, I try to keep my notes to polishes and subtle changes to the “acting” (facial expressions, pose tweaks, etc.)

            Once in a blue moon, I need to ask for a bigger change in the pencils, but I’m loathe to do it. And usually I will try to look for a solution that’s the least painful for Adam to make. (Sometimes by changing a visual on a future page to solve the problem.)

            Color adjustments do seem to be easier to make, but in that case, I try to keep my big changes to “version 1” requests. Once Vero’s sent me a couple versions, I again try to limit myself to subtle tweaks, if that.

            I’m always looking to say “yes” when I’m reviewing the art—part of the joy and advantage of working with collaborators is being open to different interpretations of how to achieve the effect I’m trying to achieve. I try to only intervene if I think it’s essential to the story or to the effect I’m hoping to achieve. 🙂

      • bandanajack

        and that is a rare privilege indeed, working with intelligent and talented people that is…

  • Kiwi L Apple

    Noooooooo I’m still too poor to support D: Stupid out of state move making me save money. I’ll be promoting your work as much as I can, though! Just keep making great work like you’ve been doing!

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  • OKAY… it’s officially Friday. IS THE PAGE UP YET?
    Hello? Anyone? Hello? Anybody here? Hello? HEY, A REALLY EARLY PAGE WOULD BE OKAY! ………. Dang campfire isn’t even lit yet. Go figure.

    (I guess Alex hasn’t had his coffee yet… maybe in a hour or so…)

    • Klaus

      all things come to those who wait

      • Agreed, STAR WARS taught us that… although it may not be as we expect.

        Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design. Your friends, up there on the sanctuary moon, are walking into a trap, as is your Rebel fleet. It was I who allowed the Alliance to know the location of the shield generator. It is quite safe from your pitiful little band. An entire legion of my best troops awaits them. Oh, I’m afraid the deflector shield will be quite operational when your friends arrive.

        — Emperor Palpatine

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      …. Stupid night shift…

    • Tyler Griffin

      I think, at this point, folks are still out getting wood.

      For the FIRE, geesh… Really guys.

  • Amaya Redfern

    You know, to any other person, right now it would look like Kyle is the bad guy.
    Fire is often used by villains, and its all over this page. Even though we know he’s just angry, he LOOKS way overpowered right now, as a lot of villains tend to be. Sircea is in all white, like a lot of heroes are, and it looks as though she’s in that classic no-way-out position a lot of heroes are in right before something amazing happens. I mean we all know what’s really going on, that’s just how it looks. 🙂
    On another note, we know that little ball with the key has something to do with Lampy, and Kyle is just BLASTING fire at it right now…oh dear.
    And, for my last pointless point that has probably already been pointed out very pointedly, (hehe) this was probably done purposely, but am I the only one who sees that fifth panel as Kyle standing on top of his fire? I mean, who knows, maybe he is, but it seems to me like he should either be enveloped by it or it should be completely circumventing him. *shrug* Page is still beautiful!

    • Tyler Griffin

      I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s a “Plan: per say, but it would be really interesting if Kyle’s demon heritage means that his flames are some variety of Hellfire instead just mundane chemical reactions, and if that Hellfire had the power to interact with the key in some unforseen method.

  • $59 more and next Milestone, here we go 😀

  • John

    Have we covered why Kyle’s clothes are as fireproof as he is? I mean, even fire-retardant stuff burns if there’s enough heat around (heck, the air itself does).

    Just curious as to how dangerous Kyle is to everyone else when he gets worked up.

    • davefragments

      I think someone said it’s an Edna Mode special.
      {wink, wink}

      • One of the funniest scenes I’ve ever seen in animation…

        • davefragments

          I’ve met a few ladies just like Edna. They were a real trip to talk to. Life for them was an adventure and/or a reason to fix you up with a nice girl.

          • Ha! I’ll bet. I take it you don’t do blind dates, as set up by the Edna’s in your life? 🙂

          • davefragments

            Think of “Yenta” from Fiddler On The Roof.
            And run away .

          • Well I promised @dakejev:disqus no more musicals for a few pages, but I can’t help this one… dedicated to our D-Frag… which really encapsulates his troubles…

            If I were a rich man,
            Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum.
            All day long I’d biddy biddy bum.
            If I were a wealthy man.

            I wouldn’t have to work hard.
            Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum.
            If I were a biddy biddy rich,
            Yidle-diddle-didle-didle man.

      • John

        That WOULD explain the lack of capes… I don’t think E would approve of Spooky’s trenchcoat.

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    Has anyone thought, maybe Mitch was dead before spooky even softened his fall,

    • O.O ::covers Doki’s eyes and ears:: LA-LA-LA-LA!!!

      • Ohhhhhhhhh NO!


        For all our sakes we better hope that the deluxe Spooky-Pillow™ (available soon from Yaoi911 Home & Bath products) cushioned young Mitch’s fall. Or the world may end as we know it.

        I fear something bad is going to happen to our Kyle on tonight’s page and I’m girding my loins so as not to completely melt down.

        Cleary, a harrowing journey for us all.

        • You’re doing what with your loins? 😉

        • syllibub

          I had the opposite impression — I think Kyle’s going to be okay, since Sircea will no doubt be preoccupied by her unexpected injury (ughhh my poor baby!), although I’m curious what Duncan’s up to with his alien-tech wristband. Hopefully we see what’s happening there, but my hopes for Kyle’s safety on the next page are high!

    • *hisses vehemently at James as only an angry she-cat can*

    • Heh. I’m comfortable Word-of-Godding this. Mitch isn’t dead. He would have been but Spooky saved him.

      • ^_^

        • ::hugs the Doki and offers cookie::

        • Oh thank goodness. Your WOD on this issue is much appreciated, Alex.

          • Hihi.. I know it’s a little misspeling, but seeing you write WOD made my mind go Word-of-Devil … now that would give a whole other meaning to the truth of it 😉

          • Tyler Griffin

            All hail Alex, our demonic god!

          • Some kind of Freudian slip there…I guess. Maybe it’s an indication of something coming? I hope not. *snicker*

          • Tyler Griffin

            You suggesting that Lampy is a case of the Author writing himself into the story?

          • I’m not suggesting anything BUT now that you mention it…

    • Saxon_Brenton

      No, but in hindsight that might be a mix of complacency and carelessness on my part.
      After Alex’s word-of-god statement (chap.2, p.32) that Red Hot would suffer adversity but survive (in defiance of conventional story trends for gays to be destroyed or die) I kinda-sorta assumed that Flyboy would be similarly protected. As in, I didn’t even think about it. But now, thinking about it, I see that I have no rational reason for that assumption.
      It’s perfectly plausible that one or another of the Protectors might be badly injured or die. The Commander has even explained that this is likely given the reputation of the opposition they face. And if Alex wants to subvert expectations, any such injuries should be based on the tactical situation on the ground and the way the fight unfolds, rather than any character considerations of ‘worthiness’ or even ‘reader popularity’.
      (My goodness, this comment has turned out to be harsher than I expected…)

    • Fabulous Alien

      This is the most horrible thing I’ve never considered. I’m just happy Alex Word-of-Godded a NO to this.

  • @alexwoolfson:disqus — Question? I noticed on your posted script page (on Patreon), at the top of the page it says “Page 114 — 6 panels.”

    Is that just your experienced best guess, made as you write the script? Does the number of panels change in process… Often? Or not much? Just curious having never thought in “panels”. Thanks.

    • The number of panels has to do with how the story is paced overall, so it’s as important as any other part of my script. I say how many panels I see on each page and then what I see in each panel.

      That said, if while we’re working on a page, I think combining two panels will make a moment more powerful or if I think adding an extra panel will make things more clear (or help with pacing), then I’m certainly comfortable doing that. That’s part of what the thumbnail stage is for—to double-check that my pacing feels as good on paper as it did in my head.

      It’s not something that changes very often—maybe once every 40-50 pages?—but it’s one of the benefits of the time we spend working on each stage. Really fine-tuning the pacing so that when it’s all read at once in a book, things flow the way they should. 🙂

      • davefragments

        I do the same sort of thing when I edit a story but it involves moving sentences and paragraphs to keep the narrative flowing.

      • Thanks that makes a great deal of sense. For a non-comic guy, like myself, it speaks to your experience in parsing out a pace to each page. I’ve often been impressed by the “page-turner” energy in TYP. Sometimes with six panels, sometimes with two?

        I just realized, that while I appreciate the way you three have divided panels and managed them visually, I never thought about the number of panels as it relates to pacing various pages.

        Thank you. That’s an interesting thing. So very much the kind of contribution a film editor makes and just as essential.

    • I’ve noticed that 5-6 panels is often the common number of panels in a ‘normal’ page for comics. Then if necessary the number is changed to fit the action on a page.
      Something about a handfull of panels seems to show most action and the pace ‘best’ in generel.

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    • syllibub

      I’m sorry you’ve been having such a rough time at school, but I hope you feel a little better now that you know the situation and everything isn’t up in the air. I’m glad you have a positive take on it, too — best of luck getting a job and settling in at home!

      • Amaya Redfern

        Thanks syllibub 🙂 I think this will work out for the best.

    • Tyler Griffin

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    • syllibub

      Which movie?

      I’m finishing IQ84 — about 100 pages to go.

      • davefragments

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        It’s a movie that only makes paying attention to two things worse.

      • davefragments

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        A jackson Pollock painting.

        • syllibub

          Hm? If that’s a reference it flew right over my head, sorry.

          • davefragments

            Lines from the movie – Guardians of the Galaxy.
            It is one of the funniest movies of the past year.

          • syllibub

            Ah, ok! I still haven’t seen it.

          • davefragments

            It’s a bit of a trip but lots of fun.
            I was careful not to give any spoilers.

      • What do you think of IQ84? I’m a huge Murakami fan and have read most of his books but not this one.

        • syllibub

          I’ve only read a few of Murakami’s novels, and although I like this one, it isn’t resonating with me as strongly as his other works. Part of it is the length of this book, I think; granted, his other books are long, too, but here it feels kind of gratuitous, just extra material for its own sake. Still, I think if you’re a fan of his work in general then you’d definitely appreciate this one!

          • What other books of his do you like? I think my favorites are: A Wild Sheep Chase, Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World, and Kafka on the Shore. Kafka is probably my favorite so far. I also loved Honeypie, a short story from After the Quake.

          • syllibub

            I really enjoyed Kafka on the Shore, and The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle is excellent, too. I have A Wild Sheep Chase, and I’m planning to start it once I’m done with IQ84, so I’m really glad to hear it’s one of your favorites by him!

          • It was the first one and so far out there it took me a few days to wrap my head around. I loved it. You’ll see our esteemed author’s ear fixation in this book. Dance, Dance, Dance is a kind of sequel to Sheep but it’s even waaayyy further out there.

    • Amaya Redfern

      I’m watching animal documentaries, myself.

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        • Tyler Griffin

          That one is actually not as interesting as one would assume. Or at least, I found it so.

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          • Tyler Griffin

            Weird fish dancing are always fun to watch. As long as they don’t break out into “Under the Sea”

          • Amaya Redfern

            If you’re about to tell me you don’t like The Little Mermaid, we can’t be friends.

          • Tyler Griffin

            I love The Little Mermaid, especially Ursula. But that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t find the knowledge that fish really sing and dance that song underwater a bit disturbing, lol.

          • Amaya Redfern

            Lol, that’s fair.

          • davefragments

            I was just looking up that youtube.
            added: I’ll spare the world another rendition.

    • Tyler Griffin

      I never watch director’s cuts with commentary or director dialogue. They can be really neat, but then you get one where the entire movie/episode getting the commentary is spent telling a barely related story about some shenanigan with the japanese animating company, or a argument they had with a fan over this, and I’ve just been burned too many times.

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      • Hmpf.. we’d probably barely notice it for clouds here anyway (in case you can’t tell, right now I’m pretty annoyed with clouds and them ruining stuff).

        Two nights of possible notherns lights and there’s sunny/light clouds during the day, but thick clouds at night so no sights at all. THEN we get an almost full eclipse (86%) and darn, if almost a week of mostly sunny days isn’t exchanged with thick grey clouds and rain .. so no possible view of the eclipse >.<
        And oh, did I tell you that a good part of last night the skye was clear and starry? Just when nothern light were over.

        • davefragments

          I once bought a telescope for my Niece and the skies were cloudy almost for a year.

        • DARN CLOUDS!!! I’m sorry they’re ruining all the stuff today. And this week. Hoping for clearer skies soon.

          • I’m so annoyed with clouds ruining it most of the time. Two rare weather things (especially the eclipse), spreading over three days, and all I can do is watch the pics on tv/internet.
            Almost every time I’ve heard we have one of the good meteor showers (and stay up to look), it’s also too cloudy to see anything good. Been lucky to see a few through holes in clouds n the last 5 years, but otherwise it’s been amost 8 years since I’ve gotten to see a real good meteor shower without a cloud at all.

          • So frustrating!


  • So tired and was going to make an early night of it but then I went on a hunt for some Bucky fan art and perked up again.

    Uh yeah, so I’m here camping…now. *smiles*

  • syllibub

    This is an extraordinary situation with personal stakes, but I wonder if Kyle would ordinarily have a hard time using his powers to harm someone, even an enemy. So far his work on the team has been to help people with his abilities, not fight villains, and given his pretty awful introduction to his powers it seems like that would be his preference.

    • I think this is a good observation and I’m inclined to agree with you. As you said this is an extraordinary situation where his friends, no family and the world, are being harmed. Do you think he might feel bad about it afterwards?

      • syllibub

        Good question…I guess it depends on how much he dislikes Sircea after this conflict (I figure it’ll be a considerable amount), and whether he ultimately thinks injuring her was helpful or not. If it’s the best way he can help his team regain some ground in the fight, then I think he’ll be at peace with it. He doesn’t seem upset about burning Duncan while they were in hell, for instance, since he did it to try stopping his world-wrecking plan.

        • Tyler Griffin

          I still like the idea that his power will give him a rush and become quasi addictive, driving him to become his father’s head “Interrogator” in the new world order 😛

          • syllibub

            It really would be interesting if tapping into his demonic heritage had that sort of addictive aspect, although Kyle seems so innately good that it’s hard to imagine him getting that kind of thrill from using his power destructively. It would be awesome AU material though!

          • I agree with you about Kyle’s goodness. I can’t see him getting addicted like that.

          • Tyler Griffin

            Well, me either really. I just think it would make for a very…. fun story line >:D

        • Soirbleu

          I guess I disagree with you about the motives for being at peace with burning Duncan. That seemed altogether reactionary rather than planned. Also he had just been taken advantage of, emotionally for sure and arguably sexually (yes, he consented. But he was also tricked.), and found himself in a demi-plane of Hell unexpectedly. I don’t think he was feeling so much “at peace” with burning Duncan as, (as I see it) being more emotional and not necessarily thinking it through?

          • syllibub

            You’re right, that was a weird way for me to put it, because it definitely wasn’t something he planned. I guess it would be better to say that Kyle doesn’t seem to feel guilty about it, probably because the situation was so extreme and he couldn’t really control the intensity of his power at that moment. It’s something he could definitely rationalize and accept after the fact, rather than beating himself up over it.

    • I think he’s really careful with his powers, once he got them under control.
      The hell trip suggested that he has even more powers than anyone knew (and that flame thing during the building fire was impressive), and him now being angry has them flaring up too.
      That uncertainty and (very possible) unstability of his powers, is probably another part of why he was rejected from the other teams.

      • syllibub

        I agree that he’s careful, which is why I don’t think he’d ordinarily like to use his powers in actual combat — especially given how much more intense/unpredictable his power gets when his emotions run high, and his heritage. If not for this immediate need to save the world, I think his instinct would be to keep his abilities more reined in than ever, given their demonic aspect.

    • davefragments

      I think Kyle has been afraid of unleashing his power. He doesn’t know the limits because he burnt down the only home he had (be it good or bad).

      Plus, he’s never been this angry and this near to the possible death of friends. He also never killed and that is either a decision of pure passion or of pure logic. I’m not sure which one is worse.

    • SofiaT

      I think we all have a little darkness in us -we are capable of killing if we’re provoked enough. A man like Kyle would take it especially hard if he allowed his anger or his worry about his friends to lead him into using his powers in such a way… Especially considering who his father is. He would take it as further evidence he is “stained”.

      I’m pretty sure he’s been very careful about holding back on his powers so far, wonder for how much longer he’ll be able to do so. This little demonstration on this page is probably only a fraction of what he could do if he really wanted to.

      • syllibub

        Definitely. I think he’d probably be afraid of wanting to use his powers to their full extent — as in, he might see even the desire to tap into his full power as a sign that he’s going demonic-power-hungry.

        My hope is that he comes up with more and varied ways to use his abilities to help rather than hurt, which would be a good way of moving past the “I’m tainted and inherently awful” mindset.

  • $22… And counting until moar unclad Duncan.
    I’m indifferent (LIE), but I know how some of you care… So I TRY to help

    • $22? I’m seeing $7 🙂

      • $12… (Shrugs)

        • Nope. $7

          • Yep… $7 just showed up! Super Awesomeness! THX.

          • I had to go check again myself. Looking at a sexy wet demon might have fried my brain a little, so wasn’t sure I counted right LOL

          • Sexy, wet, demon? ::peeks::

          • A voting for Wish &Will (webcomic). I see Candy has liked my comment. It’s her new-ish comic.

            Reeshan standing in a bathtub… and we all know (or should know) by now how I have a thing with wet men 😉

          • Now $2

  • Cman65

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    • Tyler Griffin

      Actually, I’d settle for some fresh, still warm cinnibon right now

      • Cman65

        mmmmmmmmmm warm bunns 😉 but its mid-march and still getting over 35 here in Brisbane (I think thats about 90 odd)

        • Tyler Griffin

          Actually I prefer their little dough balls rolled in sugar/cinnamon

        • davefragments

          The entire world is getting warmer.

          • Tyler Griffin

            Is this the part where I get to sing “It’s the End of the World (as we know it)” while dancing through a battlefield wielding god bolts?

          • davefragments

            Only if you are Peter Quill (starlord)

          • Tyler Griffin

            I was thinking more of along the lines of Apostolos, Atlantean God of the Final Fate, and Harbinger of Apollymi the Great Destroyer.

          • davefragments

            Never saw them but I get the idea.

          • Tyler Griffin

            Sherilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunters book series. It has all the Greek, Egyptian, Sumerian, Celtic, and Native American Pantheons plus Atlanteans. Set in modern times. Most all of those deities are officially retired (most against their will)

            And thus scheming, making pacts, and (of course) double crossing each other in bids to be restored to their former ranks. It’s really great because she writes them the way the Greeks intended them to be read, as real people with all of our virtues and foils.

          • SofiaT

            Sounds interesting. Is the series completed or ongoing?

          • And going and going and going… I stopped about 2 books after Acheron. Until Acheron I thought it was all pretty good.

          • SofiaT

            Acheron as in The Boatman? It does sound interesting.
            Why did you stop?

          • Tyler Griffin

            Acheron was a very, VERY hard book to read, because of *spoilers* and while it was awesome, it (for me) was very emotionally taxing and really felt like a finally. Not as in for the entire series, but for a major arch, and although there is an ongoing transition into a new arch, it’s a little hiccupy as it means bringing in some new characters and focusing away from some really long loved ones as well. Plus I was mildly offended by Styxx

          • SofiaT

            It’s very weird for me to hear the Styx being referred to as a sentient being rather than a river. :0/

            Not sure how I’d feel about reading these books after all.

          • It does sound a bit odd, Sofia.

          • Tyler Griffin

            Twins born to a Greek King and Queen named after the rivers of the underworld because Acheron was named a detroyer of all those around him by the Oracle at there birth.

          • SofiaT

            Ah. The River of Woe. Ok, thought it was the Boatman.

          • Tyler Griffin

            Actually. I think the ancient Greeks really DID have a Goddess of the Styx? She was a goddess of vengeance who punished oath-breakers and traitors wasn’t she?

          • SofiaT

            The gods used to swear to the waters of the river Styx, and if they lied or broke their oath then they fell into coma for one year and were banished from Olympus and forced to live amongst mortals for 9 years after that. But I don’t remember Styx being referred to as a goddess -although it could be possible in later years, by the Romans maybe?

          • Tyler Griffin

            She was a Titan, it turns out. Did a quick google on here. SHe sided with Zeus in his bid for power and was rewarded by being the goddess that all others swore by.

          • SofiaT

            Looks like it’s time to brush up on my mythology.

          • I wouldn’t know how to explain. Up until Acheron (who is a 11,000 year old Atlantean named for I thought the other river since his twin was called Styx) Acheron was the biggest baddest around. The final Fate. The first 2/3 of his story was all back story and OMGTHEPOORBOYHOWMUCHMORECANYOUDOTOHIM. Then his story was just blah. After Acheron’s story she kept adding bigger bads and more bad supposedly than the final Fate. I guess I lost interest.

          • Tyler Griffin

            I agree. I mean, the last half of Acheron’s book was satisfying in that it was conclusion to that major arch of the general series, but it did feel a little anticlimactic, and while I’m not opposed to the idea of the new villains she’s bring in, I am not anywhere near as attached to them as the others.

          • I don’t know. I guess she built him up over all the books and then some 26 year old archaeologist (ish) girl with badly done OCD is the one she paired him with? It just seems a little too cutesy in some areas and groan worthy in others for the Final Fate.

          • SofiaT

            Hm. Styx is a river, Acherusia is a lake, Acheron is a man (sort of).

            Nah, not reading them, I hate seeing mythology changed so much.

          • They’re more romance than urban fantasy. Oh, the history wasn’t changed, they were just named after those things.

          • Tyler Griffin

            Wait. YOU’RE a Menyon! (former maybe?) SWEEET!

          • Former really. I liked most everything and then it just… She gave the bad guy a romance story. It would’ve been fine just being a story without him having a romance.

          • Tyler Griffin

            By bad guy, you mean? Stryker or Acheron?

          • Stryker. Right! That was his name.

          • Tyler Griffin

            Gotcha. Yeah, that was one of the hiccups I refered to. I kind of see where it fits with other stuff, but it still felt…..awkward.

          • Very awkward. The story itself was fine (all the stuff with the dark-hunters etc), but the romance was very head scratching.

          • Tyler Griffin

            Ongoing.She manages to get a new book on the shelf about every 9 months, despite being so dyslexic that she has been caught on film at signing actually pronouncing words backward whens he’s exceptionally tired.

            The series doesn’t start out with the gods. It starts with the Dark-Hunters, Artemis’s army of the betrayed and damned created to hunt Vampires and Weres and other nasties that go bump in the night. But as it goes on you get this whole world built up where every one is a cog in some other deities schemes and you realize that there IS no apex predator on the food chain.

          • davefragments

            I’ll look it up tomorrow.

      • HA!

        • Tyler Griffin


  • Oh noes.. dilemma. Just found out that KnB-Extra Game just updated, like JUST updated (it called me *lol).. but to read now, or wait till page is up?
    *Gnnngh!*…. I’ll be right back.. or when ever I check back in between reading a few pages at a time. I think I’m out from the V-hunt today xD

    • ohhhhhh please… The oldest trick in the V-hunt book. LOL.

      • Sapfo

        that and the old, “I am not here…. I am not here… YES I AM!” ^_^

      • Well, I’m back now. Just finished reading, and that has me all fired up 🙂
        Oh, and $2 now.

    • Tyler Griffin

      I heard that tonight’s V card can be used to add your choice of either Daniel Radcliffe or Chris Evens to your harem.

  • davefragments

    Pretzels anyone?

  • Sapfo

    Good morning ~(-‸ლ)

    • Tyler Griffin

      good evening

    • Good morning, sweetie!

      • Sapfo

        Evening greatness!
        Things are kind of slow.
        Been walking a lot the last few days. I wonder why? XD

        • I’ve been walking too! And working out. Climbing the stairs isn’t so difficult anymore 🙂

          • Sapfo

            Got to keep thouse legs moving. Time is ticking. But I think I need a bit of new clothes. Seems things are not so tight any more 🙂

          • I’m hoping to wear some of my warm weather clothes as they are lighter to pack. We’ll see how the weather report looks.

          • Sapfo

            If Lover is right, you should be able to have warm weather clothes. So let´s hope for this.

    • Morning <3 *yawns*

      • Sapfo

        I agree *yawns*

    • Morning!

  • davefragments