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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 113

479 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 113

Oh. Wow.

You all continue to be super-heroes over at the Patreon Page. Since the last update, y’all have blasted through yet another Milestone Goal (!), raising your support over $290/month to $5602/month! I’m just so blown away by how amazing y’all are! Thank you so, so much!

So, thanks to the generous support of the Patrons, I’ll now be including Thumbnail Pages along with the Penciled Pages for Patrons with each update—for an even better behind-the-scenes look at how these pages come together!

But that’s not all!

The $5000/month Milestone Goal was the chance for Patrons to vote for their favorite character for a Patreon-only wallpaper. But because it’ll take a month to get that wallpaper created after the vote is complete, I sweetened the pot by also adding in a fully-nude, full-color Full-Monty The Annihilator Pin-Up as a Special Digital Reward. It’s a very special painting by a new addition to our team, Rum-Locker! You get to see everything. How big our man Duncan is. Whether he is cut or uncut. And why Kyle had the reaction he did when he first saw The Annihilator naked.

Here’s a Safe For Work sneak peek:

The Annihilator Full Monty Pin-Up by Rum-Locker
The Annihilator Full Monty Pin-Up by Rum-Locker

The full-body, fully nude painted version of The Annihilator is posted right now as a Special Digital Reward under the Creations tab over at my Patreon Page. Whether you want to use it for a wallpaper for your phone, or would prefer instead to print it out and throw darts at it, I’ll tell you one thing: you won’t be disappointed with the art. This one is truly something special. 🙂

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So! Things are happening quickly on this page! Tsunami takes a hit. Spooky’s practicing his involuntary tumbling skills. And it looks like The Annihilator is the first person to get himself one of those Apple Watch thingies. (Of course, he is.) What could this all mean?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

  • From bad to worse…

  • No! NO! NO! NO! NO!

    • Damnit!.. That was me telling Dave to wait a few minutes. I was too nice, and took away secs, only to see your comment show up the split second I clicked Post xD
      Congratz 🙂

      • Chris beat me by two seconds. :

        • Oh, didn’t even see his comment before now *kicks Disqus*

  • Ooh, effing god, no.. what now? That .. thing?

  • DC

    oh shit, now Tsu’s blasted as well

  • Duncan had a hidden techy arm guard thing?

    • I was about to say, since when does he have tech stuff like that? Or is he like Luke Skywalker?

    • I may be screaming internally (or on Disqus) at this page but it is lovely to see you, Doki. I have missed you.

      • …..yeah, I kind of slept through the last camping….conked out early. I probably would have remained conked out tonight if grandmother hadn’t have used the ice dispenser on the fridge….almost gave my sleeping body a heart attack…

        • Clearly you need it. I hope you get back to sleeping well tonight.

  • Can we really start to panic now .. or I mean again.. I mean.. UGH!.. because I’m freaking f*cking PANICKING!!

    • Yes! *runs around like Henny Penny*

      • Isn’t it strange how you expect something, kinda see it coming, but actually seeing it still freaks you out?
        We knew they’d basically get beat here, but seeing it happen …It huuurts. Every new blow is evil.

    • Klaus

      There is no course for control. We have everything under panic.

      • That we do!

      • Tyler Griffin

        I’m going to use that the next time they put SN*W in the forcast for Alabama. lol

    • AUGGHHHH!!!

  • Okay all I can officially say tonight before sleeps slam me is that the…


    This is NOT good. Dang. More lamentations tomorrow. Good night friends!

  • Markond

    I’m thinking its going to be the missing other half of the power nullifier set from the date he had. Just switch everyone’s powers off so they’re stuck at a stalemate until the timer runs out.

    • Everyone’s but his? I couldn’t see Duncan willingly giving up his abilities.

    • Klaus

      I thought it would fry the sacrifices.

      • But he’s being covered in some sort of red bubbly stuff.

        • Klaus

          Ah yes. Not you everyday remote control.

          • At least none that I know of. I guess Duncan isn’t above a bit of cheating. Probably protects him from magic.

  • jreed3842

    Uh-oh… Things are not going very well at all, are they?

  • Choreocrat

    Is it just me, or is that tech-y thing sitting right over Laampros’s brands? Why do I get the feeling that they’re connected?

    • Sunseahl Silverfall

      Wrong arm…. Annie’s non-gauntlet arm had the brand on it…

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Ahh, you’re right!

    • DC

      I hope it’s not a remote for the timer on the sacrifices glass box.

      • Klaus

        Just what I thought.

      • My thought too. What ever it is for, it’s not good news for the team.

  • december

    That preview is absolutely gorgeous!!! Even as someone not really into bad boys, can’t help but swoon :))))) So well done

    • I agree. I think rum-locker did an amazing job with him. 🙂

  • Sunseahl Silverfall

    More magic? This time on Annie? …. Well no wonder the barrier is falling apart!

    The symbols on the gauntlet are reminiscent of some pagan runes i’ve seen before and the whole thing looks like a contraption conjured by miss Grey Mare over there…. Could this be the thing that activates the kill-switch on those innocents? You realize we’ve not seen them in a while….

    the way “bad guys” work, I wouldn’t be surprised if the clock was a ruse the whole time to give a sense of hope to the situation…. Then again… the last time we saw the clock was pages and pages ago…. with only 32 minutes on it.

  • ALEX! If I didn’t have my ultimate faith in you making everything oki for our team in the end, I’d be ready to hunt YOU down with a pitchfork right about now >.>

    Seeing the team get their ass whooped bad one by one is bad enough, buut now that weird device on Anni’s arm that was just revealed and turned on. I am very weary of what comes up next, and trust nothing Team Silver is doing.

    My stomach is in knots and this waiting and watching is awful. A whole stable worth of shit is hitting the fan right now D:

    • This for me is like watching Duncan cast that spell all over again. I just want to go find a corner and consume cookies and rock back and forth until it’s all better.

      • exactly how i feel right now *whimpers*

        • The corner is big enough for more than me.

          • I’m so glad, AJ. *sits down next to you, wraps arms around my knees*

          • stickfigurefairytales

            *huddles in next to you guys*

          • DC

            Ha, it better be a big corner, we will all be in there shortly.

          • It’s a Time Lord corner. So it should be.

          • Well said, Admiral.

          • 😀

          • Tyler Griffin

            Isn’t that the one you hung that picture of the Angel in though?

          • Nope! That’s a different corner.

          • Klaus

            Lord of corner time?

          • Ha!

          • Do you have wi-fi? I still have work to do. (I, for one, will not be making noises about stalking Alex. Been on the receiving end a few times, not even going to joke about it).

          • Of course.

      • I’m actually happy I don’t have access to scones or cookies until monday. I’d be munching all weekend.
        I definitely will be buying scones for next camp.

  • Not good, not good, NOT FRIGGIN’ GOOODDD!!!

  • Fabulous Alien

    OK, now I’m seriously scared for these guys. Mitch seems to be out of commission, Spooky took a major hit, Tsu got magic-punched and Kyle seems to be getting distracted, which can’t be good at all. Commander (not coincidentally, I suppose) seems to be the only one holding things together. Unless Fluke is as focused as she is, which we don’t know because… Where is Fluke? What is going to happen now? What does this all mean? We. need. answers.
    Also, on that preview, If I ever had doubts about why Kyle was attracted to Anni, consider them gone.

    • Oh surrrrrre… when you say it like that, it sounds baddddd. WAIT! SORRY, you ARE right. It is BAD.

      (chris runs about yelling hysterically.)

      • Fabulous Alien

        I’m more of a pulling-my-hair-out kind of girl, but running about yelling hysterically seems to be an appropriate reaction too.

  • Xithyl

    So… That’s a panic button Anni’s got there? 😛

    • Klaus

      It sure causes panic, at least among readers.

    • Maybe he left his garage door open at the Wells Mansion… 🙂

  • Klaus

    Why is Kyle not blasting PP?

    • IKR? It kinda just looked like he simply stopped in shock and if he didn’t do that for Mitch’s fall, then why now.

      I’m trying to figure out what I’m missing. Does he NEED(?) any more reasons to be furious at Duncan? I’m sure, either I’m missing something, or it will become clear in the next page… no?

  • fujoshifanatic

    I am totally on board now with this roller coaster ride, and the fact that I am going to be thrown around for quite a while before it’s over! I am just letting go and enjoying the momentum. The highs, the lows and the loop-de-loops that are being thrown right now are scary but thrilling, and this page captures that feeling brilliantly. So many things to freak out about at once!

    Alex, you slay me! The laugh I got from the Apple watch comment (I so want one of those!) was just the right pause I needed to allow me to enjoy the freefall part of this ride. It’s the scariest part of this experience (I really don’t know what’s going to happen next!), but I can’t deny it’s the most thrilling part too. You are a cruel but brilliant storyteller, for getting us to willingly strap ourselves into this little thrill ride of yours, and now all we can do is scream with delight as you thrash us around for a bit before you take us to the end. Wednesday can’t come soon enough!

  • Mary Klemzak

    Oh huh there’s gonna be some sore and bruised heroes tomorrow.

    You sure know how to get our nails bitten from worry and anticipation!!

    *prays to the manga gods the heroes will be ok*

  • You just had to do this, didn’t you? I’m in the middle of page 27 of a project and you do this to me.

    Not one of the bottles broke? Seriously?

    I really hope Kyle and Fluke get a chance to needle Tsu about getting distracted – so much for being the adult. I have a feeling that this is going to come down to Kyle going into full-on demon-spawn vengeance. I really hope Fluke is building a charge, because that is three out of six.

    • Oh, by the way. Nice fonts. That gauntlet does not look harmless, but I can’t see what he would need something like that for in a ritual of this magnitude (Sircea should have told him to leave stuff like that at home). He wouldn’t be so stupid as to kick off the bomb right now, the proper pieces are not in place.

      • It does have a nice occult-Predator feel to it. I almost expected the alien characters to start counting down…

  • SALK98

    Hello Alex, nice to see the evolution… Sorry to bother: the entry page at does not have updated links. Keep it up

    • Klaus

      That is a caching problem. It works for me now n that page, but often when I enter a more or less random page, I have to click “Last” two or even three times to get to the latest page. Now we that have a latest page link, I don’t do that anymore.

    • Not quite sure, but that link above seems to take us to a Title Page of the prologue and the “LAST” button on that page seems to take us to a version of page 109 (Fa-Thoom). So not quite sure what all that means.

      If you missed it. Alex’s magic ‘last page’ button/bookmark is:

      It’s pretty great to instantly pop to the latest page. I didn’t know how addicted to it I would become. Very cool.

      • Klaus

        The links works for me. But I have often had to click “Last” or use the equivalent shortcut two or even three times to get to the latest page. I think it is a caching problem.

      • SALK98

        Hi Alex and gang. That´s exactly what I meant Chris, no worries I got the right pages, and I just see that it’s fixed. Not a big deal, just thought some people may be used to get in through that page as myslf. I think I’m still breathless with ani’s “photo” 😉

    • Howdy Salk98!

      And forgive me, but I’m not sure I understand. What do you mean by “updated links”? What exactly are you looking for there?

  • Rhiannon D’Averc

    I don’t like thiiiiiis. Next page please haha. Wednesday is going to be a long time coming.

    • Yes. The Friday/Saturday to Tuesday/Wednesday wait is much longer than the Tuesday/Wednesday to Friday/Saturday wait.

      • Isn’t that the truth?

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Plus, somehow it being the weekend makes it feel even longer.

  • Tyler Griffin

    Is Spooky wearing green boxers? Cause it kinda looks to me like there is th tiniest possible sliver of a green band visible in that roll panel that is neither shirt nor denim…

    • Pikinanou

      hah you made me double check XD

      • Heeeeee… me too.

        • …like you need an excuse to look at Spooky? He does have a nice little bit of back/side exposed in his assisted tumble.

          Though in my opinion it is hard to tell whether that is Spooky’s undergarment or the shadow of his jeans.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            It looks more like shadow to me, but I can’t be sure. I’d better look again. Closely.

          • Zooming… in, in, in, in. OH YEAHHHHHHH….

            EDIT: ummmm that sounded way more saturday smutty than I intended… lol.

          • I know. I wanted to make a joke about him going “commando”, but then I thought that it would morph into a tasty tasteless joke about The Commander. LOL. So I agree about it being a shadow. HA!

  • rgleon9986

    Can Tsunami manipulate the water inside a person’s body? (aka Bloodbending, for all those who follow Avatar)

    • It’s been asked before and, unfortunately, I don’t think we’ve ever been definitively told. I also don’t think he’s ever done it in this book. Maybe one day we’ll get some canon on that.

      • rgleon9986

        The more I think about it, the more I suspect he either can’t, or just doesn’t. He said he’s bad with fine control, more a bludgeon than a scalpel. Also, if he was able to even control someone’s body to such an extent that he could slow them down or restrain them, he would at least have mentioned it as an alternative to Spooky doing so to Anni. In my opinion, he lacks the ability, the knowledge he can do so, or believes it’s immoral.

        • Klaus

          How much provocation will it take for him to ignore his scruples? Is it enough that he gets really angry? Or that he sees no other way to end what he considers a much greater evil? And how will he feel about it afterwards?

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Since, as you mentioned, he’s bad with fine control, I’m guessing that any attempt (if it is possible) would probably completely dessicate the person he was targeting, pulling all of the water out of their body entirely.

  • WOW… when you guys deliver up the can of kick-ass you DO NOT feck around! Worrisomely exciting page!

    Just a note to repeat what I think was said below. You’re killing me @alexwoolfson:disqus with that reference to Duncan’s new ‘Apple Watch.’ Now, let’s be serious, since Duncan is wearing one, do you get a kick-back against budget from Apple… only fair… product endorsement and all. HA!

    I also just love how clearly we readers know where we are in each very different panel. I know that is partly to do with how well the previous pages set us up, but still this is so well and clearly done.

    P#1 Duncan as freight train again. Love his sense of motion, speed and determination. The intensity of his gaze as he heads for the platform. Fricking stud. My only complaint is on behalf of @admiraljane:disqus … still not a hair out of place. She’s going to have to wait. She’s not a patient our Admiral (just sayin’). So don’t make her ask twice. Heh.

    P#2 WAIT, WHAT? Why am I not paying attention to what Duncan is wearing? It’s not like I don’t stare at his muscle-ish self enough. Dang, red gems and a green ‘click’ (okay perfect SFX for me, loved it, felt it more than ‘noticed it’). Really like the small detail of the alien characters on the green gem.

    P#3 Spooks still rolling… damn. However, Adam and Vero, loathe as I am to admit it when it’s Spooky, this is great physical body motion. So believably done. That can’t be easy to make look so easy. Nice.

    P#4 Whoa, I can ‘feel’ Sircea’s whip-around. What is Kyle doing? I’m sure we’ll get it soon, but I do FEEL Tsu’s vulnerable state. He’s caught out as he was trying to enact The Commander’s plan re the glass box.

    I know I get a little nuts about Kyle, but I did have one of those random gaspy thoughts… that if everyone else gets incapacitated, then he’s left alone with Team Silver (the potential for evil monologuing is enormously frightening, LOL) and then Laampros(?) too. Not saying that’s happening, but I do worry. Surprise? (snort).

    Wow… just when I think all the minions are down for the count… there is one bothering Amanda in the BG. Lovely detail. Sircea still has that orb-key… she DOES NOT seem willing to part with it. Hmmmmmm.

    P#5 Bravo guys. Not unlike with Mitch, I really feel this hit. Sircea packs a wallop. Tsu’s physical knock back and his expression are so great. It really drives home how affected Tsunami is by this blast.

    @syllibub:disqus , I think you should ask the wife to leave her staff in the umbrella holder by the front door when she comes home. That thing seems a bit hair lethal and hair-trigger-ish if you know what I mean.

    I agree with someone who said basically, “Where is Paul?” However, I’m chalking that up to stacked pages being fed to us serially. I’m assuming, with the book in hand, that time dilation will compress fast and he’ll be right there and fighting. I’ll be interested to see how he comes into play.

    There is an enormous amount of detail and action information being imparted in this page and you three manage it all so well that I’m never confused. I don’t think people will be complaining much anymore about the battle being too easy, unless perhaps they’re referring to Team Silver, OUCH. LOL. Thanks so much for this great page guys. Now where’s my Tardis? I need to get to Tuesday.

    • Thank you for another great play-by-play, Chris! Very cool. 🙂

  • Oh and just to add to the general noise… OMG “Patreon NSFW Duncan” is smokin’ hot. It’s crazy. The head shot is easily as seriously sexy as the full body one.

    Trust me, you want to see them both… No, you really do. 🙂

    • Cydney Sabin

      The detail is amazing! And that’s not all… *wink wink nudge nudge* But seriously, that artwork is beautiful!

      • You seem to have some dust in your eye. You might want to get that out before you go and stare for an hour at Duncan’s ridiculously hot self… 🙂

        • Cydney Sabin

          I could only manage a peek. I do have to work today. In public. With people.

          • Klaus

            There is a reason it is flagged as NSFW.

          • Cydney Sabin

            Fair enough.

          • That is so unfair… may your work-day be over soon so you can weep quietly in private… (oh spooky my spooky)… Be strong Cydney! We’ve got your back! I promise Alex can’t get up to any trouble until Tuesday… so you have time to get your armor on! God speed.

          • Cydney Sabin

            Work week literally just finished. Let the drooling commence!

          • Yay! Go drool! 🙂

          • Congrats on survival. (chris hands cydney a droll towel) Enjoy!

          • 🙂

      • Klaus

        It is amazing. He has painted every hair on the body and limbs!

  • davefragments

    Being the giant nerd that I am, I’m going to post this at the PI party time —
    3/14/15 9:26:53

    Rum Locker’s portrait of Duncan the Annihilator is excellent. That is a fantastic realization of Duncan and explains why he is vain and conceited. Most people think that Shakespeare said: “Vanity of Vanities, all is Vanities” but that’s because they mis-remember Hamlet. But Hamlet was speaking of his mother.
    Regardless, Duncan has been led into world domination by the dreams of eternal youth. Rum Locker catches Duncan at his most wonderful.
    Page 113 continues with the youngsters getting more and more distracted and vulnerable. A giant wall of water wrecked the bone circle but smaller “fists” didn’t stop Sircea or Duncan. Interesting choice on his part.
    The Commander has her back to the action. That is unfortunate.
    As for looking ahead:
    Can or will Red Hot Kyle and the Commander stand back to back and hold off the coming apocalypse. That, as they say, is the question. It isn’t the existential question but it is where the action is going.
    And what did Duncan trigger with that click?
    Long with until the next page.

    • Klaus

      So you admit to being irrational?

      • davefragments

        That is a very dangerous question. I might actually answer that and really scare you.
        To be kind to everyone’s psyche, I will say that every living thing is born to die and why “Man” fears death is the supreme irrationality. It is the way of the world.

        • Klaus

          “Pi’s face was masked, and it was understood that none could behold it and live.”

          • davefragments

            I like that art at the link.

            Historically, the concept of infinite was considered heresy and too “god-like” and thus punishable by death. PI is in a class of numbers that have the property of “infinite” and thus, in the oldest of religious traditions, to see the face of god was to die.
            That’s philosophically heavy lifting.

          • So, basically, “Pi” is spiritually delicious?

          • davefragments


    • Thank you for sharing your reactions here, Dave. Fun for me to read. 🙂

  • Alt+F7

    I cannot believe you got Rum-Locker doing art for you now, his stuff is *amazing*!

  • Adam Mohr

    really sucks that those of us who cant give any money dont get to see duncan in all his glory 🙁

    • Klaus

      If all you want is that one image, it is only $3. Once your monthly contribution has been collected once, you can download the picture. Then you can cancel your support.

      • I agree @adammohr:disquis about the suck-age, but try and think about it as putting three one dollar bills in a jar each month. It helps because that is so little compared with what we get. TYP is the best entertainment value in town.

        Good luck Adam. I swear you’ll find the Patreon worth the $3 a month and thus the $36 a year. It’s way cool.

  • Ooh! I wonder if that gauntlet is going to kickstart the whole thing, with or without that sphere (or maybe it’s a failsafe in case they can’t activate the sphere properly?), or perhaps it deals with the hostages. So much has happened at once in these last few pages that I can’t remember if anyone managed to free or at least secure the safety of the hostages (although, I know it was part of the plan to do so).

    I’m going to be really interested to see what that gauntlet DOES, regardless. I almost want Colossor (I’m so sorry for my ridiculous 80’s cartoon reference…but not sorry enough to delete it) to get free just to see what will happen with Kyle if that happens. I’m also sort of hopping for a confrontation between Kyle and Annihilator before whatever he’s doing with that gauntlet is completed (even if Kyle fails to stop him) just because I want to see their first real confrontation since everything went down the last time they saw each other.

    Also, still concerned about Spooky losing all of those vials and bottles. o.O What will happen if any of them are unpredictably mixed or shatter next to the wrong person? I hope he’s alright, though. As well as the others who got clobbered.

    • Dakejev

      I also wonder about Spooky’s vials and how breakable they are.

      Additionally, Duncan’s arm thing looks half alien and half mystical – the font used for the “click” effect would hint (to me anyway) more on the scifi side, so I’m wondering if it isn’t some sort of alien tech.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear…!

    • Klaus

      O dear!

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Just a random question for fun: if you were present in this scene and could only grab one of the four bottles falling out of Spooky’s coat in panel 3, which one would you take? (And no, you’re not allowed to find out what they do before you grab them.)

    • Ellen Harman

      The red or the green. Fire and life respectively. Al least that is what they represent everywhere else.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        I think I’d go for the green one, because it’s the most glowy.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        I like your reasoning!

      • You wrote your thesis on this didn’t you? You know way too much about THE COLOR OF MAGIC… (damn I said I wouldn’t cry about Terry Pratchett any more…) S’cuse me.

    • Hmmm, maybe the yellow/slightly orange one? That one feels a bit mad scientist-y.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Especially given how it’s in a vial!

        • Exactly ^_^

          • Vials are often used for proctological magic… I think Spooky should go for it and give Duncan a surprise.

            hey, it’s only a small demon… heeeeeee…

    • Tyler Griffin

      Green, it’s the prettiest and not having any idea what they are or do, that’s as good a method of deciding as any.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        I agree!

    • Kat Hedgecoth

      I’d go for the green one because it has what looks like a binding on it. Maybe Spook put that on there so he would know which one would “hold” someone and I could throw it at Duncan and possibly stop him, thought I think he might be too quick for that.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Ooh, nice idea!

      • Okay in this scenario, Spooks throws it where he knows Duncan WILL BE… not where he is now. IKR?

        Duncan is rather predictable… (well that, and he’s conflicted about his new fetish for magic tentacles). LOL.

    • Dakejev

      Blue, my favourite colour. =)

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Mine too! 🙂

    • The ones nearest me? Spooks is travelling and NOT in the good way… 🙂

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Haha, good point! You wouldn’t want to get bowled over!

  • Ellen Harman

    That click, did it just open the lock? Remember that Laampros engraved something onto Duncan’s arm. Maybe everything else was simply staging for when the YPs showed up? After all if the bad guy is planning something big, we all know the good guy/s will show up to ruin the moment.
    So here we are Plan A in ruins. Now don’t you think that the Commander should have taken the time to make a Plan B and C. She worked with the military, she should know it’s always Plan C that works. (See Stargate any episode, always Plan C or up)

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Sunseahl Silverfall pointed out below that it was Duncan’s other arm that Laampros carved the symbols into, but I’m with you on the suspiciousness of that click.

      I’m really hoping that Commander does have a Plan B and C (all the way through Z, and possibly the Greek alphabet as well). [For any Leverage fans out there, I want to give a “Hardison dies in Plan M” shoutout.]

      • Klaus

        Plan B: if you can’t beat them, join them.

        • I love the way that most of our readers WAN’T to imagine that Duncan throwing a “click” is about releasing the prisoners rather than blowing them into blood bags and turning that box into a blood pool.

          Other than hope… what ever would leave us to think that Duncan would do something that isn’t completely self-serving.

          I sort of feel like I’m waiting for it. But Kyle, Mitch, Spooky (both shuriken and power hit) … he’s serving Sircea well.

          And, inspite of his rather selfish monologuing with Sircea prior to the fight, he doesn’t seem conflicted one little bit.

          I’m still waiting for Mr. Stabbity to arrive on scene with an amazing display of pitchforks… We’ll just have to see. LOL.

    • HA! That is so true.

  • Klaus

    Duncan has realised that the fight will soon be over. He activates his coffee machine by remote control, so that he can relax with a cup of fresh coffee once he is done fighting.

  • Dakejev

    Just came from the Patreon site, so having slight trouble thinking clearly (damn, but the NSFW Duncan pic is HOT!), but I like the detail shot of the ominous click of the alien/mystical arm thing; Spooky’s landing looks as ouchy as it should – and I’m still worried about all those bottles he’s shedding, breaking upon hitting the ground, and releasing a host of minor demons – and Sircea once again lives up to her ruthless reputation. I like her being “undeniably evil” as much as Duncan doubting the rightenousness of their actions and deciding they’re the lesser of two evils in the long run.

    An ominous and ouchy-looking fast action page, great work!

    • Klaus

      Could it be Kontari?

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    What about the “captives” in the glass box? Where are they now? Could Duncan be opening the box so that the transfer can be completed and was this all a set up to distract us away from that?

    • davefragments

      I have this strange thought that the wrist thing Duncan clicked activated the sacrifice and now nothing can stop the portal to Laampros’ dimension from being opened.

      • If so, it’s just another reason to vote Duncan most popular mass-murderer in this AU. Wow… out of High School and still so popular. 🙂

        • davefragments

          Well, the operating manual said that the Acme Death Chamber was idiot proof. However, knowing Duncan and his moods and knowing Sircea and her moods, the maintenance of the Acme Death Chamber was left to Duncan. He’s a great believer in “if it breaks, I’ll fix it” and not the Manufacturers Recommended or the Manufacturers Best maintenance routines. And the minions, well they are lucky that their six active brain cells fired together to locate the robes on Amazon. I would be that they even needed Sircea to point out the page on Amazon and only one minion has a credit card. So now when Duncan pushes the remote control, he not only opens garage doors within ten miles of the portal, the thing goes a little haywire and stutter-starts and stops.
          That’s if the Young Protectors are lucky tonight, if not, wave hello to Laampros.

          • Yes… but somewhere it’s always written that if you open the glass box and attempt to alter its mechanism in any way then the extended warrantee is null and void. I’m not sure Sircea and Duncan are ‘read the fine print’ type of VILLAINS. More like incinerate the fine print. So this could be a sticky wicket… LOL.

          • Klaus

            There is no such thing as idiot proof. Idiots are much too ingenious.

  • FLF2

    OK. I’m sure it’s User Error, but I just became a Patron so I could see The Annihilator pin-up and when I go to the Patreon Creations tab I don’t see it. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

    • Did you just sign up to Patreon, or also pledged to Alex?
      Go to Alex’ site (Alex Woolfson) and find his creations.
      If you pledged to Alex then you have access to open the post that tells about the reward (click it) and in there you can find the links to the SFW and the NSFW download images 🙂

    • There is a link to the pinup in the post. Alex doesn’t directly upload the nsfw pictures to the patreon site.

      • AW is a doll and knows we are all gentle, delicate, proper souls of great decorum and normally would never want to look upon the naked unclad male form.

        Sooooooo, he gives us many opportunities to avert our eyes.


    • Thank you so much for becoming a Patron. You rock!

      And hmm. I’m not sure exactly, but let me ask you something.

      This pin-up is a “Special Digital Reward” which is a reward that folks can choose when they pledge $5 or more. (Folks at that level or above also get to see Sneak Previews of future art on Sundays and Kickstarter Digital Rewards on Wednesdays.)

      Did you choose that pledge level reward?

  • Tahir Raines

    I don’t know why. but the first thing that came to my mind in the 1st 2 panels is: “Will Anni begin a dark magical girl (well, man) transformation now?”
    He could even shout “Laampros Prism Makeup!”

    • Okay… (sorry) I read “Laampros Prison Makeup!”

      And thought that Laampros in prison would be a weird thing. I don’t see Bubba really wanting (or daring) to make him his “bitch” and I suspect that whoever is running things will be sorry.

      Annnnd that’s our weird non sequitur for the day>

      • anonywolf

        Let’s face it… if Laampros is in prison- Bubba is HIS “bitch”.

  • Damn, this went fast. I guess a lot of people wanted to see the nude Duncan image, along with the other great stuff on Patreon, because we’re now only $160 away from the next Patreon milestone already 🙂
    Nudes and hotness. That’s the way to go *lol*

  • So I’ve been, uh, staring at that picture of Duncan (don’t judge me!!) and, uh, I think I know who could maybe play him in a live action film. Maybe.

    • Ooh, good suggestion. A little too young, but if his hair was colored grey, I think it could be a pretty good hit. And since he’s already too young for the role, it wouldn’t take much work to make him look a little younger either.

    • fujoshifanatic

      Great choice! Love him on the Showtime series Ray Donovan. Give him grey hair and he would be perfect. 🙂

    • A little grey hair gel and you, my Admiral, are a GENIUS!

    • Interesting. (And I love fan-casting. 🙂 )

  • Tahir Raines

    I must say that I like the type of text used for the “click” in the 2nd panel.

  • I have to say that except for the first days after Alex made his Patreon, this has to be the quickest we’ve gone between two milestones..or?

    It hit the $5500 on the 12th, and right now it’s $95 away from reaching the 6K milestone. Just over two full days later. At this speed it will reach the next milestone tomorrow if it continues.
    Over $250 alone since the page was posted. I give the curiosity about Duncan’s big willy much of the credit for that 😉

    • anonywolf

      And the fact that he has incredible eyes in that up close part…. >_>; personally I saved the file the instant I got the email through…

      • Yeaaah, those eyes. I have a thing for eyes, and already mentioned to Alex on twitter that they were what I noticed most in the close-up.

        The eyes and that TINY little hair that is out of place just above his one ear xD

  • Looking at the punch Spooky took, I hope he’s somehow much harder to hurt than usual. Maybe some kind of spell on himself or something like that, because that was a breathtaking and bonebreaking knockdown he got there >..< *feelings are confused*

    • anonywolf

      If he’s running up behind Kyle – Then Kyle’s ass better be distracting him – because I will NOT sit happily through Kyle getting hurt by Anni again.

      • He’s running left around that wood platform, and that is placed next to/a little behind Kyle’s left side, so that will be where Anni is about to show up next with that speed run he has.
        Not good. Reaally not good.

        • anonywolf

          Anni comes anywhere near me and he’s toast.

      • Ditto… that would be a hard read for me.

    • Klaus

      Don’t forget Paul.

      • I was actually wondering about him, after I logged off. He should be over somewhere around Amanda, so I hope he got more focus on Anni, as Kyle and Tsu was focused on Spooky’s flight.

        • I know! If anyone thought I melted down about Spooky getting hit by Duncan in the previous page… It is NOT going to be pretty if Duncan hurts Kyle again.

          I may have to send my comments via The Admiral to save all of your delicate sensibilities.

          Me: Duncan is a scum-sucking evil pig from hell and I want him to burn forever in….

          The Admiral’s Translation: Chris is a little upset with Duncan at this moment.

          Me: Duncan DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE…

          The Admiral’s Translation: Chris is not wishing Duncan well at this moment.

          So you get the idea… LOL.

          • Then what am I supposed to do? I don’t have someone to filter my comments.. ooor, ehh, I might need to make sure Sapfo can be around for next update ^_^

  • I think the clicky bracelet has to be something else besides a detonator or gate opener (although that would be an awesome garage door opener) considering the red glowy stuff that seems to be surrounding his arms. Maybe a force field? Maybe a deflector? I don’t know, maybe he’s dry cleaning himself?

    • I took a look back through the history. Duncan has always had the bracer on that side, just a glove on the other. But he can’t have had that thing with him for the so-called date, because he’s shown just pulling the bracer on, with no fuss.

      No telling what’s going on… hell, it’s possible the thing is a special talisman to keep Laampros from burning him up from the inside-out.

      • Klaus

        It looks more high tech than magical to me.

        • You say that as if they are mutually exclusive. I don’t know of much pure high-tech that uses red gemstones (or other clear red substance in a wide flat cabochon shape) like that, and the portion that looks like it lays along the radius is transparent, with nothing technical visible in it.

          But I have noticed that we have all speculated on the thing according to our own perspectives and biases (I’m not suing that in a negative way, btw).

      • It’s most likely a new addition to the wardrobe after the experience with Laampros. It could be a modified power blocker. It’s just I wouldn’t think tech would glow in that way.

        • I’m trying to think of how one would build a power inhibitor that is inside-out. I’m not sure you could justify that with known physics. It would be easier to build a light saber.

          • Well they do have contact with Aliens etc. so who knows what (un)known physics there are in this world.

          • Klaus

            You could not justify any of the YP with known physics.

        • Klaus

          The experience with Laampros was less than 24 hours ago.

          • Maybe it’s something he’s been having worked on since the incident in Hong Kong?

  • Okay, I’m doomed due to my contagious geekery. I thought it was pretty wild when my dude saw my print of the cover-art of ARTIFICE and loved it. I mean it’s two hot men-in-love being pulled apart by faceless goons. Good stuff right?

    Okay today he saw DUNCAN. Arg, the special Rum-Locker head shot (thank god it wasn’t the NSFW version, I’d never get that back).

    My Dude “Who is THAT?”
    Me “The villain in my fave web-comic.”
    My Dude“Oh the one you like with the gay hero?”
    Me “Yes”
    My Dude” The villain is hot.”
    Me “Yes”
    My Dude “I mean really really really hot.”
    Me “Yes, I know.”
    My Dude “I mean I’d end the world for him.”

    Ermmmmmm… I’m just saying if my man leaves me for Duncan? There will be hell-to-pay. (Alex and Rum-Locker) I’m looking at you. >:-|

    Ha! The life of a gay geek is never simple. Heh.

    • Klaus

      You did show him the full picture, I hope?

      • Oh God no. We’ll take that slowly. HA!

        • Keep us posted.

        • Sapfo

          Chris, are you trying to seduce your dude with hot comicbook guys?
          You are a so up to no good. Keep it up 😀

    • Hahahahahahaha! I think we’re going to have to start giving out numbers for the line to be Duncan’s minion.

    • LOL! That’s AWESOME!

      He’ll have to be careful with how loudly he says that. Duncan might just take him up on it. 😉 (And I was wondering if you were going to show him this…)

      You’ve made my night with that, Chris. Thank you for sharing.

    • jreed3842

      I love that my dude is into The Young Protectors! When we met, actually, I was gonna introduce him to it! (At that Time Duncan and Kyle were just about to get it on. Lol) But he was already following it! And now we’re both curious about the naked Duncan. But we’re both too poor to become Patreons. Lol.

    • I sense trouble on the homefront if he keeps up that opinion, based on what Anni is about to do next.

      Oh dear.

  • Maus Merryjest

    This? This is why I drink. *gulp gulp gulp*

  • Columbine

    The sneak peek of Anni? Really frickin awesome, and (as has been mentioned) hot.

    Also *how many* little glowy bottles is Spooky regularly carrying?

    • Klaus

      At least 14.

    • Glad you liked the sneak peek, Columbine! 🙂

  • TwilightDreamer

    yay! finally able to log back in! XD
    Uh oh…what is Anni doing now D:

  • Happy Birthday @syllibub:disqus !!!

    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear syllibub
    Happy Birthday to you

    • Sapfo

      Hugs to Sylibub!
      Hope she gets what she wants for her birthday ^_^

      • jreed3842

        *joins in on the hug* HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SYLLIBUB! *throws confetti*

    • Indeed! Happy-B. @syllibub

      I hope the wife brings you something you’ll actually enjoy. Something that won’t eat you, detonate suddenly or transform you into anything squishy. Enjoy the day. Think “Deserved Decadence!”

    • Happy birthday to Sylli 🙂

    • Happy Birthday Syllibub!

    • syllibub

      Thanks so much, you guys! It’s been a really nice day and this made it nicer. ♥

      • purplefoxglove

        Happy belated ^_^

  • Sapfo

    This is not good. Not good at all.
    Duncans hotness is a threat to us all. That man might even be to sexy for his own good. Just look at what happned to Chris´s dude. Duncan is not only seducing comic book heros, he is going for the real man also.

    And what of this battle?

    Amanda might still be knocking down minions, but it seems that Spooky is bitting the grass and Gordon is getting the wind kocked out of him. Not to mention…. Mitch….

    I do hope that Kyle got something in his back pocket. Does he have a back pocket in those tights? (I think that pocket should ge a standared equipment on all hero costumes)

    Well it seems like the heros have a handsome…. I mean they have their hands full.

    Thank you Alex, Adam and Veronica.
    I trust you guys to get these kids back to safety.

    • I think I have a solution! He’s only allowed to read the Graphic Novel or view Duncan’s pix WITH me. I may have to hide things when I’m not around, but hey it will be like movie night – in. LOL.

      (I’m full of great plans that seldom work… as planned.

      • Sapfo

        I am sure you are. I wish you good luck, Maybe you and dude can figure out this pocket…. Oh dear ^///^
        Have a fun movie night

      • I like that plan. 🙂

  • Ellen Harman

    Now we now why Kyle fell for him so quickly. I mean Duncan is like old Sean Connery hot. Sean is one guy who got hotter as he aged (not as good looking when he played Bond.) So if Duncan gets younger will he still be as hot as he is now?

  • BEEP… BEEP… BEEP… BEEP… Warning… Warning… Awsome Alert!
    Only $35 dollars until the next MILESTONE and we get to see the entire progression from script to color…

    HA! Then we’ll get to see how much ‘fixing’ Alex’s pages require before they make us squeak! I can’t wait. This fandom rocks.

    • Klaus

      The sum is rising fast these days. That is not so strangte. Alex deserves every cent.

      • And more! I like that one of the primary issues of that Patreon addresses is ‘sustainability’ … the idea that there’s a way to allow Alex to continually add to the TYP universe as long as he’s inspired is a pretty great thing to me. I think for many artists who have to write, draw, pay for a hosting site, travel to cons, etc, etc… it’s okay as long as they are young and single. However many of us know that as we get older and more settled… those hours of work take more out of us and we have more distractions (University, family, etc…).

        So, I hope that Patreon can help Alex focus his time and creativity on TYP (or whatever) long into his future without him resenting how much effort it takes, because it IS a job and, just like all of us, he has to pay the rent, eat once in a while and buy sexy clothes to keep his partner happy (okay, snort, I made that up).

        I mean I can start the list of future stories I want…
        – Kyle falling in real love.
        – Spooky’s cute demon.
        – Adult Mitch’s first solo adventure (and snogging, lol).
        – Amanda’s love story because you know it’s going to have to be someone special to keep up with THAT!
        – and so on and so forth… INFINITY.

        So, yayyyyy for sustainability at Yaoi911

        • Klaus

          If Engaging the Enemy starts at the time the first page was posted, and if Alex starts a new story directly after this one finishes, and that story is also starts at the time of the first page, Mitch will be an adult in that story.

    • $18!

      • Super WOOT!

        • Down to $7 now.
          Some of the last money is coming from people who go from giving $3 a month to $5 a month, to get the full access and NSFW stuff.
          Those two extra dollars a month is well given for full access, if you can afford it, and just since yesterday around a dozen has done that 🙂

          I like that Alex is doing monthly amounts – no matter how much he post – and not per thing as some does. Means I can afford it, even if I might have to lower my pledge to the $3 some times.

      • Klaus

        $11. This is happening so fast.

  • Klaus

    A discussion on Patreon regarding Duncan has made me wonder about this: Duncan is a Brit. In British comedy, “Oh. I didn’t know you were Jewish” is a classical line. How many Americans get it?

    • Phyre Storm

      I don’t.

      …Oh. Now I do. 😛

    • As someone living in Northern Europe, I bow my head in shame OTL

      I had to think about it for a moment before I got it. Oki, I didn’t see the initial convo on patreon, but I should have gotten that one right away. Even more considering the topic xD

    • davefragments

      Pssst, Duncan is un-cut.
      I took a really good look while licking my computer screen.
      {wink, wink}

      • Now let’s not spoil anything for people who haven’t seen it, Dave. The surprise is half the fun. 😉

        (Or at least 1/16th of it…)

        • davefragments

          OOPS, sorry. I promise to keep my pervy thoughts in check.

      • Klaus

        Indeded he is. And my point was that that should not surprise us.

        Sorry if I spoiled the non-surpise for anyone.

        • Heh. I think you’d be surprised the number of times in a month I’ve been asked for an answer about the “non-surprise.” 🙂

  • davefragments

    Alex, your investment in Rum Locker’s art has paid off in just praise alone. Not to mention anything else that lit up my email.
    Good work.

    • It really was a great pleasure to work with him. 🙂

      • davefragments

        I’d like to see him do Michael Cudlitz (Abraham on THE WALKING DEAD).
        My mind is on zombies now.


    The next Milestone has just bee blasted through… Seriously Excellent!!!!

    • Wohoo.. it’s been going up and down with a few dollars until this last one.
      I stopped checking regularly for an hour after it was $11.. then 7, 6, 4, 9, 6, 11, 6 .. and then I couldn’t handle it anymore LOL
      The last one who breached the 6K must just have added 10 🙂

  • Look at the emitter crystal on the power dampener and look at the red crystals in Duncan’s arm brace. Not precise but I suspect there is a connection–a contingency, perhaps.

    power dampender:

    • Woooooo interesting… but the person most effected by that tech was Duncan???

      • Tyler Griffin

        But we see Duncan running with whoosh streaks after he activates it. if that’s what it is then he must have some means of protecting himself from its effect.

        • WELL… if it’s “whoosh streaks” then that makes sense. (I think it’s clear that I have NO IDEA!) LOL.

      • Clearly the tech is similar but modified. What if the dampening field emitter was inverted? Projecting away from Duncan? This might leave him as the only one present with powers.

        That would fit the mold of villains never trusting each other. It could also serve as a contingency against Laampros and Duncan is getting ready for the arrival. Who knows, but it is fascinating to think about!

  • AseretZone

    I guess Fluke’s good luck ran out, because things just took a REALLY bad turn. A smart move, attacking Mitch, because now it’s set off a chain of events. Spooky was distracted, failed to recapture Duncan after Mitch was safe, and now he’s being beat for it. Spooky flying across the battlefield and Gordon and Kyle are distracted. And then Gordon is hit! That’s two of the adults taken out already.

    My guess is that Sircea never intended to actually kill Mitch, she expected Spooky to use his magic to save him and now they’ve got everything falling apart and time is ticking down and Sircea is still holding her Key while Duncan gets a few good shots in on Spooky, not even letting him get up to try to fight back.

    I am very eager to see how this battle ends.

    • purplefoxglove

      On the other hand, three of Paul’s friends got hurt – that has to give him a boost.

      Is it actually possible to defeat Paul if this holds true?

      • I’ve been wondering about that, if Fluke’s powers work in a circle. Bad luck happens, then good luck happens. Then good luck runs out and so bad luck happens, does that then translate into more good luck?

        • purplefoxglove

          It would make sense…and didn’t Alex say that Paul used a LOT of luck here:

          So…some re-balancing might have been in order…

          • And with four minions taken out in such a manner I would think it would take a lot of re-balancing before the good came back around. Eeeeek!

          • I whanged my big tow against the leg of the sofa today and it hurt a LOT. I swore like a pirate. I’m happy to donate that bad luck to Paul so he can save the day! Okay?

          • We’ll need a WOG on that. 😛

          • I have a WOC (word of chris) Gold Card? Will that do?

          • HA! Try swiping it and see what happens.

          • WOG is sorry to hear you stubbed your toe, Chris. I hate that. (And after actually breaking a toe, now wear slippers at all times.)

          • That is wise. I don’t think there is anything worse than the time delay when you bang a foot or shin and you stand there and (wait for it, wait for it) ……… OUCH! Then of course the swearing begins. LOL.

  • davefragments

    Duncan is running to the stairs where the cauldron of blood face into the bone circle.

  • Shinashi

    Apple Watch is trying to convince me to buy a watch. Why would I do that with a phone. Why?

    Daaaaaang, Spooky is rollin’.


    Ok I’m done.

  • Alt+F7

    I don’t have anything to add, I just wanted to show off my new be-badged avatar

  • Kate G

    Uh oh, shit just real. We have two YP’ers KO’d. *Gru voice* SEND IN THE MINIONS!!!!

    Please tell me they have minions that we don’t know about?

    Congratulations on blasting through milestones, Alex! You deserve it! I keep forgetting to ask my parents; they love and support the arts so it’s probably an easy yes once we have more money! I’m gearing up for the Special Olympics in my area, so I plunked down a small fortune on gear for myself. Blech, the cost of horse riding gear!

    • Klaus

      Or is it three?

      • Kate G

        You’re right, it is three. Tsunami, Mitch and Spooky. Dun dun DUUUUUUN. Seriously, where are those minions?

        • Klaus

          Good luck with your sports, BTW.

          • Kate G

            Thank you! I’m working hard on it. Nervous but excited!

    • Thank you so much for the congratulations, Kate! I feel so grateful to everyone here. 🙂

      And good luck with the Special Olympics! That’s exciting! 🙂

      • Kate G

        I’m nervous and excited; crowds make me downright nervous. I’ve had two lessons so far and I’ll have one to three more before the first qualifying round in April, but my coach thinks I’ll do well. Thankfully the horse I’m learning to trot with is named Scooby Dooby Doo and you can’t be too terribly nervous with a name like that!

  • Jason Moon

    Vindicator, SYNCHRONIZE SWATCHES! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. And I am old.

    Spooky’s tumbling reminded me of dealing with the Christmas lights for our house.

  • bronakopdin

    I just now realized I probabbly forgot to push the send button for my comment from Saturday or something xD

    anyway again what I wrote:

    I’m soooo torn:
    1. I don’t want any of our heroes to get seriously injured!
    2. It’s true that sth MUST happen or it would be too easy… so maybe these hits are fine as lng as there’s no major damage!
    3. At least until now PP and Anni seem to have kept their word about not dealing real damage to the underage members… sure Mitch was hit but he didn’t seem hurt, just passed out, though I might try to mention sth good about our favourite villains ^^ … still I hate them for dealing any kind of damage ROOOAR

    hope Gorden and Spooky are fine T__T

    and wondering what Kyle will do!

    I love how this page shows how each character is focusing on another characters actions 😀
    Gorden watching Spooky, PP using this to attack Gorden and Kyle seeing that (or does he watch Spooky, too?) and reacting how on the next page?
    I’m so thrilled to know… Wednesday, come faster…

  • Alan Michael Williams

    Just how fast does Annihilator run? For him to do all that, and Spooky still be tumbling…. either Annihilator is like the Flash, or Spooky was hit so hard that unless he had a power-barrier up, he’d be broken. Then again, this is a superhero comic, so I should stretch my imagination.

    • S’cool. Don’t stretch it, just make it go ridiculously fast. Right?

      • Klaus

        Ludicrous speed?

        • davefragments


    • The Annihilator is very fast. And Spooky was hit very hard.

      • Is this an evil way of preparing us for the fact that Spooky is going to slathered in ben-gay, smelling a mentholatum-like, or something? (Oh wailey, wailey, wailey… Do NOT make us call in Mr. Stabbity… just sayin’)

  • Every time I stop by this page and scroll down to the comments, I have to stop at the pict of the Annihilator and stare for a few seconds before I continue scrolling. I mean he really really does have reason for his arrogance.

  • Me at 4pm: Must stop staring at NSFW Duncan.
    Me at 7pm: Must stop staring at NSFW Duncan.
    Me wondering if I stare long enough, will the new page will be up?

    • But when will the hubby get to see it? That’s the question. 🙂

      • Ahhhhhhahahaha… all in good time… Mr. Woolfson… all in good time. He seems to be fascinated with Deacon at the moment.

        (I want to ease him into this who whole ‘imaginary characters who are way hotter than me thing’ nice and slowly…)

        • Fucking LOL!!!!!! You are ON FIRE, Mr. Dangerfield.

          • Ahahahahahaha… I’m trying my best and using all of Alex Woolfson’s fine work to get myself on-fire. FYI, my man did note that ALL of AW’s characters do seem to have really nice butts… (d’aaaawwwwww he’s so observant, yet another reason I love him so). LOL.

          • Your man knows what’s important: Great art with really nice butts! Yay!

          • Great Art Nice Butts … chocolate and peanut butter. Yep, it’s all about priorities.

  • Me at 11:12pm: Wondering what would be the best ointment for me to gently (butt firmly) rub on to Spooky’s bruises… Mmmmmmmmmm…


    • Klaus

      Bed? Or bunk?

  • Okay as of right now! On top of all my perv-obsessions (disclosed below) this awesome fandom is $116 TOWARD the NEXT MILESTONE.

    Annnnd, not that I care, but…

    IT’S MOAR RUM-LOCKER, making that NSFW Duncan picture even better.

    Trust me if you don’t have it yet, you will want it. I can’t be the only transfixed Duncan starer out here? Can I? Hello… ello… llo… lo… o… (snort)

    • Klaus

      It also means another 60 period where the image is available for those who did not make it the first time.

    • purplefoxglove

      Hm, we’re over 800 patreons right now…do you think something special will happen once we have 911 patreons? 😀

      • (ring… ring… click…)

        Operator: Hello, 911, what is the nature of your emergency?


        Operator: Sweetie stop screaming, I can’t understand you did you say The Annihilator?


        Operator: Sweetie, I just think that Annihilator is dreamy. Do you think you could get him to sign one of those sexy pictures for me?


        (click… buzzzzzzzz…)

        Operator: Hello? Hello? Mmmmm, how odd. Oh well.


        Operator: Hello, 911, what is the nature of your emergency?

        • LMAO.. I don’t know it it’s a good thing, but I actually read that without no problems?
          (Except I had to remember when to breathe)

          I read the panic-language very well apparently 😉

          Oh, and second after that I had fun out of how well ‘but then’ fit into it – both times. Reading it differently made it say ‘Hell Spincter Butt’ and ‘Mitch Butt’. Somehow that made it sound much better… heee.

          • As Yoda Hemingway always said, “All about making connections writing is… Heeeeeeeee…”

        • Amaya Redfern

          Can Hell Spincter be the new go-to insult for everyone?
          “You damn Hell Spincter!

          • HA! I hereby transfer it into the public domain for free world-wide usage. Enjoy!! LOL.

        • Work of art this is. Uh huh. Kudos to you, Chris.

          • Thank you. That’s kind. I’m curious, is dialing #911 for emergencies is something that our international friends know about in relation to the USA. I’m not arrogant enough to believe it’s not different in every country. Just curious if it is one of those “known” things??

  • Happy camping day everyone! I will be working tonight, so cannot join you ;____; but have fun & read Chris’ inspirations below! *drags feet to work…*

    • Good luck Starr… think positive maybe there will be a plague of zombies and they’ll send you all home early!! Our thoughts are with you!

    • davefragments

      tote that bale, lift that barge, sing a song, and cash that paycheck . . .
      We’ll miss you.

  • Amaya Redfern

    I am failing my classes, on probation, might find out I’m suspended tomorrow, and I just don’t caaaaaare~
    *does the don’t care dance*
    Anyways. Hello campers.

    • OMG… the ethical dilemma. Do we encourage you or frown at you disapprovingly to encourage you to study????

      Okay, I’m going the Sircea route and handing you some camping-champagne and joining in your happy dance… sorry… I’ll get all ethical tomorrow. I’m entirely too worried about who is getting squished tonight to be sensible. LOL.

      • Amaya Redfern

        I’m just past caring. This school has sucked out all my creativity and mental health. :’D
        *downs champagne*

        • Now this I can understand. That sucks.

        • School is a great thing and yet so evil… Hogwarts taught us that. (downs sympathy champagne)

    • With Chris, feeling a bit of a dilemma about this. 😛 Either way, glad you’re here!

      • Amaya Redfern

        *salutes* Evenin’ Admiral, and it’s a pleasure to be here.

      • Yes… Amaya, listen to the Admiral she is not wracked with Spooky concern like I am and is often very sensible.

        (unless, of course, it’s about tiny adorbs steampunk mice on sailing ships with vibranium umbrellas… then all her common sense simply flies out the nearest window.)

        *** Warning @syllibub:disqus, I might be in distress again tonight depending on who’s smushed and how badly. I may have to make it up to you with offers of good champagne again tomorrow. ***

        (chris can feel alex’s brow furrow with concern at this comment)

        • syllibub

          So it’s a win-win for me, either calm Chris or champagne — I’m okay with this!

    • syllibub

      I understand you probably want to hang out here and take a break from thinking about your school situation, so I don’t wanna pepper you with questions — but I hope you can find some support from the faculty at your school, and keep the lines of communication open with them even though it can feel humiliating and shitty. Good professors will understand, and try to work with you, like to negotiate incompletes or a leave of absence rather than giving you a failing grade. Anyway.

      In any case, I hope you can relax for a while here!

      • Amaya Redfern

        Thanks doll. ^_^

        • @syllibub:disqus IS WISE…

          • syllibub

            It’s because I’m all old and decrepit now, haha

          • Oh you young sweet pea… you have no idea… LOL.

  • Does anyone here ever write something positive to someone else and later think oh, I like that, and start to up-vote it and then suddenly realize it was your post to begin with and that up-voting it is sort of dé-classé and ‘not done’ and then un-up-vote it and… well you know? Confusion?

    • Amaya Redfern

      I’ve done that a couple times lol.
      On a somewhat similar note, whenever I see that little “one other person is typing” thing next to one of my comments, I basically feel like one of those cats with their butt wiggling as I wait to see what they say…just me?

      • Nope. Same with me for both you and Mr. Chris.

      • Erm……. no. Not just you. I have dogs that are too cute and they look at me with THAT look when I’m cooking… just waiting for food to fall… just as I wait for that comment to post. LOL!

      • Indeed not! I’m waiting and waiting for that blue line to show up and then pounce!

      • Not just you. It’s totally distracting, and you just sit there and wait for it. Worst thing is when it suddently stops and just go away. WHY? Why did it do that. Who stopped writing, and whyyy? *lol*

        • I know. I imagine someone getting half-way into a comment and thinking WTF am I doing and closing the lap-top… of course I’ve NEVER done that. LOL.

    • Yup. It’s strange when that happens.

  • Was supposed to go to a St. Pat’s Day party but ditched that idea. Co-workers stumbling around drunk? As if I don’t see enough of these people.

    Glad to be here in the campground.

    • My industry lives for work “events.” And that is what they are… WORK… events (pretending to be parties). So glad you are here.

      Edit: Why are drunk work people worse than drunk regular people? Or is that just me.

    • Yay! Have some irish soda bread. Still hot from the oven.

  • jreed3842

    jreed3842 reporting for camping!
    How is everyone tonight?!

    • Hi jreed! A little tired but happy to be here. How are you?

      • jreed3842

        I’m pretty good!
        Just had dinner… and now I’m just lounging in my bedroom and enjoying camping!

        • Oh! Maybe I should have dinner. That could be part of the reason why I’m worn out right now.

          • jreed3842

            Dinner is always a good idea!
            *gives you some left overs* My roommate made this chicken potpie thing… but without the pie part. And we had some mashed potatoes and a biscuit. It was very good!

          • Thank you so much! *starts eating* Yum!

          • (gryphs blood sugar plummets)

    • Tiny headache but okay other than that.

  • Amaya Redfern

    Sorry to be the complainer tonight, but my back has been hurting the past two days. >_< Owwwwww…
    *whine pout whine*

    • Advil shooters for everyone… OUCH…
      (that sounded like a geriatrics ward… sorry)

    • Bleh, back pains sucks. Hope you get to feel better soon.

  • Someone be madcap, witty and gay… and distract me from worrying over who is going to be squished next.

    Because I fear if it’s Kyle.

    Then, I’m going to put a professional hit out on the Annihilator and it’s be one of those Marvel GALACTUS type hits that levels the entire planet and sort of makes the whole point… moot.

    Yes… I’m not a good person. 🙁

    Okay back to cookies… they make everything better.

    • No, no! NOT Kyle but he might have to stand up to those two by himself. I hope not but I don’t know what the alternative is.

      • I fear Saxon (and maybe Klaus) will tell me it is too early (in a literary sense) for him to go nuclear. So, I worry about my little Kyle. Yup.

        • Saxon_Brenton

          Err… I think it may be a bit early for Red Hot to go nuclear and be effective in a storytelling sense.

          I mean, Red Hot has already glommed onto the idea (back during the team discussion on p.37) that he can tap into those higher power levels again and go toasy on Annihilator. But my gut feeling based-on-no-particular-reason is that if he tried it now his lack of practise might make it go horribly awry.

    • I need cookie, yummy cookies, I need fritters and cookies and caaake. (to the tune of I feel pretty)

      • Want cookies AND cake too!

        • I’d be happy with a cupcake too. Just want frosting. Oooh frosting.

          • There should be a Martini cup-cake… that’s vodka up with a twist. Shaken never stirred. Then a cup-cake (of the best quality) on the side. Totally updated take on the boilermaker…

            (let the descent into madness begin!)

          • There’s an Irish Cream one. I think Irish Cream in the frosting…oh wait, maybe that was just my imagination. Or maybe not:

          • Oooooohh Irish cream cupcake.

          • I know there is a chocolate martini… OMG… yes there IS!

          • davefragments

            Since Google’s silly dancing Shamrocks have danced on my computer screen all day — how about good Irish whiskey cupcakes or one of those “well-preserved” fruit cakes — take a half bottle of Irish Whiskey and pour into a cupcake sized lump of fruit cake.

          • I’m so in!!!

    • Saxon_Brenton

      I’m pretty sure you actually are a good person Chris. You’re trying to corrupt your BF with comic books.
      Now unless my sesne of ethics have become slightly deranged (again) I’m pretty sure that counts towards the ‘good’ pile.

      • Thank you Saxon… maybe I’ll go to heaven after all… of course I won’t know anyone there, and that’s a bummer, but it’s a nice thought. The good part is my man is already thoroughly “corrupted” in the best sense… I’m only bringing him gently into the comic / graphic-novel fold so we can be debauched together. See? I’m a giver. heh heh heh…

    • You want to join me in sharpening a spoon instead of a pitchfork?
      It only has to be sharp enough to cut, but not so it slides too easy. As I’ve said earlier, my imagination starts with Anni’s balls.. and then going from there, seeing what else can be dug out with a spoon on either Anni or PP >.>
      (I seem to have found a whole new bloodthirsty level in the last couple of weeks)

      • Danish bares her teeth! Watch out everyone!

      • Well (and OUCH) seeing our boys banged about like this can’t help but make us all emotional. LOL.

      • syllibub

        *gently rests my hands on your shoulders and gives you a beatific smile*

        Don’t Touch My Wife. Otherwise I like your imagination!

        • WHAT? Ovaries are sacred now? Is this sexism at it’s 6,000 year old worst? Shocked I am, just shocked. (well not really)

        • AseretZone

          Whoa, you’re dangerous, syllibub! XD

          • You have no idea. LOL! She’s only survived being reanimated by Sircea… what? Three times. Now that takes fortitude. 🙂

          • AseretZone

            I’d hate to be on syl’s bad side. XD

          • Is there a good side?

          • AseretZone

            Yes, the side that isn’t giving us beatific smiles and threatening our lives.

          • See, that’s the manipulative side that want’s something… me no trust. HERE @syllibub:disqus (hands off the wife for safe keeping).

  • Cman65

    Burn them, burn them all

  • davefragments

    My blu-ray of Guardians of the Galaxy arrived with a new teflon skillet today. I’ll watch tomorrow. I want to devote tonight to page 114 and our heroes.

    BTW – I think Duncan has to summon Laampros. I don’t think that Sircea will do it. It’s Duncan’s deal with the devil (so to speak).

    And one more possible storyline — Laampros’ “immortality” for Duncan and Sircea turns into some bizarre and unreal punishment. Kyle throws a fire-spitting hissy-fit at Laampros and gets him to backdown.

    • Nice couple of items to arrive today, Dave. GotG is my fav Marvel movie though Winter Soldier is about to take over…

      I might be hoping Laampros’ immortality turns into a serious problem for our villainous duo.

      • davefragments

        I was disappointed in “The Winter Soldier.” Too much car chase. Too many double-crosses.

        • Aww, so sorry you didn’t like it as much but GotG is excellent!

          • davefragments

            I rented GOTG twice and watched it six times. There’s so many little things to see in it that are so much fun.
            Think Howard the Duck badmouthing Tanileer Tivan.
            The artificial leg joke (with the eyes). Rocket is so much fun.
            “I am not is a %100 dick”

          • HA! Now that’s a good review.

          • I LOVE Rocket and Groot! “Oh yeeeaahhh!”

          • davefragments

            If you get a chance to see it again, look at “Starlord’s” face after they are showered in the prison when he sees Rocket’s back. Everyone watches that scene for Chris Prat’s chest but in the later viewings I caught the look he gives at seeing the implants in Rocket. That’s when he realizes why Rocket seems so mean. That’s when he starts to grow up from a 10 year old kid.

          • The second time I saw it that’s exactly what I noticed! I also noticed Rocket’s weary posture as he covered himself up. The sigh and a hint of his sadness.

          • I read certain books and stories the same way. Little details that I swear were not there before become so clear and make such a difference.

          • It’s a goal of mine to learn to write this way. I have a long way to go but at least I’m trying 🙂

          • davefragments

            Lots of editing.
            Lots of thinking.

          • It’s the worthiest goal. It’s the same in still-art (comics etc…), prose, music, film, you name it. Putting your audience inside, in the middle of the action. So you feel that you there with them… in there with Star Lord, Groot, Bucky, Cap’n, etc… right INSIDE, in the middle.

            Hardest thing to do, I think, because third person POV wants to distance the reader, but you can totally overcome it if you work for it.

            Sorry for the blah blah, but I believe in your goal. GOOD LUCK!!!

          • Oh, Chris! This is lovely! I’m going to take a screenshot and add it to my hallowed folder of desktop backgrounds.

          • Yes! I have books I’ve read several times, and there’s still suddently a detail that seems all new, or gives a new realization.

          • Heh, now I almost feel like I missed the chest, because I’ve seen the movie once (so far – will se it again soon), and the thing with Rocket’s back was exactly what I noticed most. That was so sad and cute on the same time.
            I have to notice the chest better next time.

          • AseretZone

            I never noticed that! And I wasn’t even looking at Starlord’s chest! Time to rewatch it. Is it on Netflix yet?

          • davefragments

            I don’t know.

            BTW – Michael Rooker has the best and coolest explosions when he takes on the villain’s army.

      • Is that because you’re a Bucky fan?

    • “…fire-spitting hissy-fit…” sounds so… but in this case… IF IT WORKS? I’LL TAKE IT!

      I forgot you’re right, the main part of this ‘Laampros deal’ is Duncan’s arm. Hmmmmm…

  • What to do when you’re overtired, but can’t sleep and it’s a camp night? Give up on sleep and camp, of course.
    I just hope it doesn’t mean I’ll crash just before the page will be up. Already have issues with an unstable connection tonight. Both tv- and computer signal has been coming and going for the last 2-3 hours, so I’m also crossing my fingers that it won’t glitch out around page time.

    Fighting both sleep and a bad connection.. this is going to be interesting :-p

    • Hi Danish! Hope your computer stays awake even if you can’t.

      • Me too, it sucks even more when it’s the other way around.

    • OMG that’s like a guarantee that she will pass out and wake to go to the bathroom and accidentally brush her keyboard as she passes by and will then be the first person on the new page. I swear to god, it happens every time! LOL.

      • Actually I usually brush the harddesk to load the computer, go to the bathroom to make sure there won’t be an ‘accident’ happening, and then I go back and look for a page … and have been right on time a few times 😉

        (A couple times that bathroom detour has actually ‘cost’ me a V, so it’s not a sure thing either LOL )

  • *looks around, sighs, misses Doki*

    • Yep. I think our Doki is rationing herself. I wish her everything good.

      • Me too.

        • AseretZone

          Hopefully she’ll be back soon. Mitch being hit must’ve hit her pretty hard. But he was saved by Spooky!

          • I’m holding on to the power of the sequel with both hands. I want to believe that Alex doesn’t develop a cast THIS GOOD to give them away to death without a really just cause.

            Hey he saved Clarice Maven in ARTIFICE because, “…she was too cool to die.” So, I want to believe the same for our Supes…

            Still, I agree it’s hard to watch when you tie into a character tightly. I’m sure no one saw me melt-down over Kyle’s betrayal and hell-date… Thank god I was a portrait in restrained dignity back then. LOL.

          • AseretZone

            Yeah, I never would’ve known you were so broken up. You’re a lot better than I am about not showing how freaked out you are.

          • Oh you’re just seeing me having fun with you nice people a year later. Originally Kyle just reminded me too much of myself at 18, and that was a LONG time ago. Still, those things are always a part of us.

            Now, I know better and even if the roller coaster of this drama is challenging, I trust Alex as a story-teller to bring us through. He’s been clear he’s not telling gay horror stories.

            So, it’s better. All I can say is I understand and I hope you can enjoy the thrills and chills on the journey. I’m “pretty” sure Alex won’t let us down. 🙂

    • She’s been so quiet lately *misses her too*

    • Doki has been having crazy sleep problems. Trying to get those fixed and went to bed early for what little good it did. Doki woke up this morning to cramps. -_-

      • D. Garrett

        hope ur feeling better now. 🙂

  • OMG… the Admiral is correct… as I scroll down (every damn time) I stumble at that head shot of Duncan… damn… NO I DON’T LIKE HIM. HE’S A MEAN BAD MAN… (but oh so hot… darn fecker…)

    • Exactly! Sometimes the most corrupt are the prettiest.

      • Makes them so darn dangerous!

        • Yup! You just stare and stare because OMG so pretty.

      • Is that because god is mad at us? LOL. (double snort)

      • AseretZone

        You do know that the really colorful butterflies and frogs and other creatures are poisonous, right? Of course the most corrupt are the prettiest.

        • Yup and why there are butterflies who mimic those very butterflies to stay safe.

        • Yeah… but I wanna lick Duncan more than a frog… WHAT? Did I say that in my out-loud voice? DAMN!