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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 109

359 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 109

Oh, dear.

Wow. You all have been amazing with the Patreon! Since the last update, we’ve gone up another $300/month to $4612/month in support! You are simply the best readers in the world!

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So! Looks like Spooky’s on the case of rescuing Flyboy! But Commander clearly doesn’t approve. Will Spooky be able to save Flyboy in time? Would Commander really have let Mitch go splat just to save the world? And what’s happening with The Annihilator back there?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

  • OMG!

    • As I hoped and feared!

      • rgleon9986

        I thought I got it!

    • Sapfo

      Did you take a Virgin?

      • mebbe?

        • rgleon9986

          I was sure I was before you, but I think you beat me by a few seconds.

          • Disqus pico-seconds they really don’t mean much… but I’ll share with you!

          • *Gryph wipes tears* As long as you both take good care of this V.

          • Sapfo

            Well If they dont, I have a home for it. *Open door*
            Look V! Dont this look like a nice home to be in?

          • Yes! Sapfo has a very nice harem where all her Vs live comfortably 😀

          • V: Yes Sapfo, but it’s packed full of V’s already… where will I sleep?

          • Sapfo

            Well, If you want a lot of romance you could sleep next to the valentine’s day V. Or if you want a bit of adventure there are the Spindrift V´s over there. And if you like danger and fun, there is always the cocky Starfighter V over there.
            And dear mr Chris, my Harem is so big that if this V want´s to sleep alone, he can. Just saying

          • Hubris… we all know how that goes. Now I have a few V’s… I can keep them happy and MOST satisfied.

            However when your masses go mad in a vengeful catfight of envy and bitterness…

            Well we can talk again then… Mwaaahahahahahhah

          • Sapfo

            Pfff! I have you know that my V´s dont get into any catfights. They might wrestle from time to time. But that is the only thing. 😛

          • Okay, smexy wrestling. You win! 🙂

          • Sapfo

            Told you so
            You are welcome to watch anytime you like my dear 😀

    • D. Garrett

      oops. congrats. see above lol

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    • DC

      nearly, very close

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      i tried so hard this time. i pre typed my comment and everything. but congrats nonetheless. *vows to get a v one day…

      • Awwww yesss young padawan… one day the V will be yours!

        • D. Garrett

          if u say so master. 🙂

  • davefragments

    and the walls came a tumblin’

    • down?

      • davefragments

        I so wanted to see Duncan land on his ass

        • You and me both buddy.

        • D. Garrett

          i knew he was too good to fall on his ass. damn gotta worry now cuz he is up and about on his own feet.

  • Spooky has him. He DOES HE DOES! *Gryph cries*

  • Sapfo

    Yay! Save the day! 😀

  • Spookyyyyyyyy!!! Noooo.

  • DC

    Catch him Spooky please.

  • DC

    Why does Duncan have to land on his feet, no fun.

    • With the way he’s coming down, he might just face plant. He looks like he’s over rotated. *softly chanting* face plant face plant face plant.

  • syllibub

    “Spooky, no!”


  • stickfigurefairytales

    I think Spooky’s about to get kicked in the head. O_O

    • NO, NO!

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Well, I don’t want him to be!

        • seems like anything is possible, right stick? *shivers*

    • syllibub

      Can Amanda assess Flyboy’s condition through their mental connection — like maybe she disapproves because she can tell Mitch is coming around and would be able to catch himself, so Spooky’s just released Duncan for nothing.

      Otherwise, well…this is a really tough call for her. Stick to the plan to save the world or risk having her youngest member seriously injured or killed. I don’t envy her position.

      • Yes but who ARE we shipping with Amanda. That’s the critical issue. Right?

    • D. Garrett

      maybe he can say a spoken spell?

  • stickfigurefairytales

    (Please be okay, Mitch, please be okay)

  • Sigh. I suppose this is the big set-up for when the villains seem to have the upper hand and start monologing manically about their Grand Plan™.

    • Oh god haven’t we hit the magic trope maximum monolog allowance?

      • That’s right! Monologuing hasn’t happened yet.

      • I think the Daily Recommended Allowance (RDA) of “whine and cheese” is about 45 minutes.

  • Hours Left

    And now the dominoes start falling. ;_;

  • Geesh… from one hot frying pan into the fire, Spooky… O___O *saves Mitch*

  • Duncan… had better let Spooky save my Mitch

    • He friggin’ better!

      • He’s saved. It’s not Duncan’s choice. Spooky just made his. regardless of what the Commander cries. We’ll see if Spooky did the right thing in the long run… Oi Vey…

    • Maybe Duncan will catch, Mitch? (although if he uses him for a hostage…) *shakes fist*

      • Grrrrrr!

      • Samurai Jack

        Agreed! What faster way to end the fight?

    • davefragments

      He’s going to go over, grab Sircea and then they chant and then (what I hop will be) and extravagantly large portal will open and make us all go “WOW!” and “GOLLY GEE” and then throw nasty things at the computers as Laampros saunters through singing “Shante Sashay” with one finger high in the air and George doing the cha-cha and merengue’ around him.

      • “Who ordered the demon dance party?” XD

        • davefragments

          well maybe it’s “voulez vous fugue avec moi”

          (I know, that’s low french and not for real )

        • I thought that was a regular thing?

        • davefragments

          “Twist again, Like we did last summer, Twist again, Like we did last year!”

        • Samurai Jack

          “I’ve got a theory
          That it’s a demon…
          A dancing demon?
          No, something isn’t right there…”

      • You gotta work!

        • davefragments

          Reminds me of Ru Paul with a whip and chair and some really be-sequined high heels.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Darn right!!

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Well, nice to see you’re back. Here, have some virtual cake that I saved from my aunties’ 80th birthday on Saturday. It hasn’t been nibbled on by gonnas, I swear.

      • Thanks didn’t mean to be away. Almost completely forgot I needed to check to see how Mich was faring. I kind of got immersed in a really long HP harem fic. ^_^ 94 Chapters and counting. ^_^ Words count: 661,883. I am really hoping Harry manages at least one from every element in his circle. He is Nameles (Empathy), Theo is Earth, Charlie is Fire. And he has potentially Alec (water) and Hadrian (Shadow).

    • D. Garrett

      my gut feeling is he wont attack until mitch is close enough to the ground to survive the fall with only minor injury. or if he does attack it wont be at full capacity so sircea wont know he is showing mercy.

  • syllibub

    Meanwhile, Sircea ruins the concept of fireworks for everyone. Does your maleficence know no bounds, wife?!

    • Ha!

      Always a silver lining. 😉

      • And that silver hair color is for reals… dude!

        • Samurai Jack

          Are you sure? We haven’t see if it matches the carpet, if you take my meaning…

      • Klaus

        Or, in this case, platinum.

    • SofiaT

      I’ve never heard fireworks make that sound either.
      She has her own special sound-effects team?

    • Ya gotta love her pure intent!

    • Sniff. 4th of July will never be the same again.

  • Danny

    I guess now we’ll see if Duncan does, indeed, NOT condone unnecessary violence to underage heroes, as Sircea’s attack on Mitch was clearly not self defense, even if it did occur during battle.

    • Duncan cares about Duncan… let’s see…

      • Danny

        But he is also a conflicted villain. And I do wonder how much of what he told Kyle is actually true.

        • As little as possible. Trust me, I’ve had dates like that too.

          • Danny

            A part of me wants him to burn for what he’s done, but another part of me wants to see him redeem himself somehow, even though that isn’t exactly likely.

          • I hear you. But what exactly would redeem him for you? That is the question I keep asking myself.

            I’m still getting no answer… from myself.

          • Danny

            They say patience is a virtue… (but it’s only fun when you are withholding something from someone else).
            Perhaps switching sides and halting the impending demon apocalypse would be a start. Personal sacrifice (whether it be life, freedom, or even super powers) would be another thing he could do. He certainly could not make everything completely right; trauma doesn’t go away, it just kind of fades after enough time has passed. But he could certainly begin taking steps, starting now.

          • I can’t think of anything that Duncan would do right now that could redeem him – as in, actions he would choose to take, that is. He’s not going to throw his life away by defying Laampros. It’s doubtful that he’s going to do anything that would jeopardize Sircea’s supposed “plan” to save the world. So anything that would be actually redeeming is out.

            And I would hope that Kyle wouldn’t buy it anyway.

          • Samurai Jack

            Catching Mitch before he hits the ground would just about do it.

          • Well it sounds doubtful, I’m with @syllibub:disqus below when she doubts Duncan is going to thwart Sircea at this point.

            But hypothetically it would scramble our already muddled sympathies for Duncan even more.

            Now, if he stabs Spooky in the back… that will pretty much flip him permanently to the dark-side.

            We’ll just have to see what happens. Alex is tricksy.

          • Samurai Jack

            But does it thwart Sircea? It actually shifts the focus to him, stops the attacks on her, and allows her to act freely. At least for a brief time. That may be all she needs to either shield herself or take action with the key.

            I completely agree about Alex, though. That guy always has something else up his sleeve.

          • Good thoughts. I’m looking forward to see how it will spin.

        • I have been wondering this myself these last couple pages. It makes sense to assume that everything he does is self-centered and selfish but he WAS affected by Kyle which surprised him.

          Looking forward to the next few pages.

          • Hope is so adorable young Skywalker… especially as we see it crushed and you learn the power of the Duncan-side!

          • Duncan-side! I love it!

          • Danny

            I agree. The next couple of pages may reveal just how far Duncan will sink. (Though he does seem to be sitting somewhere around Rock Bottom right now.)

    • syllibub

      There’s some room for debate, I guess, considering Duncan didn’t specify exactly what constitutes self-defense. When a team like this comes at her, for instance, is it permissible to consider them all one unit, and therefore equally fair game regardless of variation in age and what their specific role is? Mitch wasn’t attacking Sircea directly, but he was an active and important component of Amanda’s strategy that involved attacking her, not merely hiding out on the sidelines.

      I looked back at Duncan’s explanation in Chapter 2: he says, “Self-defense would, of course, be one thing. But to deliberately plan to harm a ‘hero’ under the age of 18 is a death sentence.”

      So I’m curious as to what a “deliberate plan” entails in this case. Sircea took stock of the situation in the middle of the fight, singled Mitch out as a target for valid reasons — taking him out would wipe out the team’s broad view of the battlefield and remove an important advantage, and would also distract Spooky and free up Duncan — and attacked him to gain some ground in the battle. To me, that’s not the same as seeking out an underage hero outside of an immediate conflict and harming them. It’s not a really clear-cut situation.

      Anyway, that’s just my take on it, but I’m curious what you think!

      • Good analysis, Sillibub! I still think her actions fall under “deliberate plan.”

        On the other hand, the stakes are much higher now. The reasons they’re doing this terrible thing in the first place is because the situation warrants it in their mind so everything Duncan said before might be moot with the very fabric of time and space at stake.

        • syllibub

          Why do you think it’s deliberate? Or, it’s probably better to ask — what do you think separates a deliberate plan to do harm from self-defense in this instance?

        • Danny

          It might also be a “slippery slope” situation; if Duncan’s planning on sacrificing over half the world to demons, would he hesitate in breaking his code regarding underage heroes?

      • Danny

        Tactically speaking, taking out Mitch is by far Sircea’s best option, and I agree completely with you that the situation is not clear cut.
        Based on her already-gray morality (or possibly her lack of morality), she may think entirely pragmatically and merely rationalize her actions to others later.
        Besides, it should be pointed out that Sircea is definitely not under Duncan’s command; if anything, it is the other way around. Therefore, I rather doubt that he will say anything about it until afterward, if at all. For that matter, he may believe, in calm moments, that he would never condone the intentional harm of anyone underage, but how will he react in the thick of battle? Stress can bring out unexpected reactions in people.

        • syllibub

          These are all great points. Based on her lip-curling dismissal of Duncan’s concern about harming women and children during their conversation earlier, I don’t think Sircea automatically equates “young” with “deserving of sympathy/mercy” the way most people would.

          I also agree that Duncan probably won’t take time out in the middle of this fight to confront Sircea about attacking a kid. He may well be very uncomfortable or angry about it afterward, but right now the situation’s pretty critical — and like you said, the balance of power in their relationship doesn’t necessarily flow in his favor.

          • Danny

            Yeah, Sircea’s pragmatism is such that she probably views mercy and sympathy as weaknesses that she can exploit. If she appears to show anyone mercy or sympathy, it is because it gains her something.

          • I totally agree with Syllibub. I suspect we are all too wrapped up in age mattering. As we are reminded above, Sircea said age and sex don’t automatically derserve mercy (I’d forgotten that shocking little speech). I’ve never been sure that Duncan’s line about 18 yo to Kyle on the Hell-Date was truthful.

            In addition at this moment here there are so many mitigating circumstances about who’s attacking and who’s defending that I don’t think age comes to play in it.

            So, strictly for me, I’m sorta suspending age as any predictor of villain behavior. I suspect that either Sircea or Duncan will do ANYTHING necessary to get her power back and his immortality.

            I mean what’s one little death, in the face of that kind of payoff? (snort)

      • ProudPlatypus

        I think people are missing the forest for the trees on this one. There’s no way they could claim self defence when they are the reason for this confrontation in the first place. It’s more that they are trying to bring hell to Earth, after that point hurting the 15 year old is probably the least of it if they get caught. Nobodies going to ever believe they were doing it for some greater good. Even if someone sort of did, nobody is going to take kindly to the method, especially every country outside of the American continents.

        • Klaus

          In Duncan and Sircea’s own minds, they are acting in self defense.

          • ProudPlatypus

            Of course, and even from their perspective hurting the 15 year old is the least of the issue.

        • syllibub

          The thing about the self-defense rule for villains, though, is that it still allows for them to go about their business, as long as that business doesn’t involve the premeditated harm of a minor hero. The larger situation doesn’t matter in regard to this rule — Sircea and Duncan are doing their thing and get attacked, so my understanding is that they can fight back even though some of the heroes are under eighteen. Sircea attacking Mitch could still fall under the umbrella of self-defense (as defined by this rule for villains) because he’s an active part of the team and was participating in the fight.

          DanishWolf says farther up in the comments that Sircea and Duncan are violating the rule by putting at least three quarters of the worlds’ minors in harm’s way, but I’m not sure that’s how it works. The rule applies specifically to minor heroes, it seems, not minors in general — besides which, the plan isn’t to single out these minor heroes and hurt them, it’s just collateral damage if their plan succeeds. Since Sircea and Duncan aren’t deliberately starting a fight with kid heroes, I don’t think they’re in violation of the rule as I understand it.

          Doesn’t mean they’re not being assholes, though.

          • It also assumes that “that law(?)” actually IS a rule that villains adhere to. Duncan ‘saying’ it Kyle to sooth him and gain his trust to get to hell hardly makes it canon.

            It’s nice to believe it, and most of us readers are against killing minors, so we WANT to believe it, but it’s hardly a law in battle or peace.

            It doesn’t really matter regardless, because as you say so correctly, “Doesn’t mean they’re not being assholes, though.”

  • SofiaT

    Duncan is free and Spooky isn’t a kid… Uh uh.

    • AseretZone

      He DID say that when he got free he would…oh right, Spooky interrupted him before he could finish. Now we don’t know what he’s gonna do to him! D8

    • Samurai Jack

      Duncan has just under super speed does he not? And decent leaping ability? I’m sorry he’s free, but if he catches Mitch, this fight is over. He won’t hurt him, but the threat should be enough to get them to at least stop their attack and talk about things. Yes?

      • SofiaT

        That would be a smart move.

        Although I’n not sure kidnapping the Benjamin of the team and threatening his life counts as evidence of good will… Or if TYP would take it as such.

        Still, better than Duncan trying to get back at Spooky because he hurt his villainous “nobody-touches-me-and-gets-away-with-it” pride.

        • Samurai Jack

          I’m thinking more along the lines of Duncan “thanking heaven that Mitch is ok”, and asking if they could please just talk about all this before he turns him loose. Or allows Spooky to use his healing abilities on him. Not an explicit threat.

          The fun thing will be Kyle’s reaction, especially after his last conversation with Mitch…

          • SofiaT

            I’m Duncan’s #1 fan and even I would be suspicious if he did that.
            That move would yell “calculation” so loud, Laampros would be able to hear it all the way from the Hell realm. :0/

            But it would be interesting to see how things would infold in that scenario >:D

  • Saxon_Brenton

    On one level I’m kind of disappointed in Spooky. Commader was pretty clear in her big speech about how important this mission is and if a teammate falls they were all to continue working at their tasks all the harder in order to save the world. And expecially after the counterpointing speech from Fly Boy about irresponsibility: how he’s seen the movies where the kid messes things up by disobeying orders in order to prove something.

    And yet if you look at it the right way, it’s actually kind of appropriate that Spooky would be the one to do this. Presumably the Commander is a good instructor, and as a telepath she’d also have a reasonable idea about whether her instructions have sunk into the heads of teemaged boys. The problem is, Spooky is older than the others, not directly under Commader’s in loco parentis control, and has an insouciant attitude that probably doesn’t take Commader quite seriously enough (look at the way he teases her in the first interlude, and the way she has to threaten to break him).

    So, the question would be whether this is Spooky acting on impulse and being both caring and careless; rather than being deliberately and consciously disobedient.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I think Spooky is acting out of an urgent instinct to protect his teammates, and perhaps especially the youngest one.

      • D. Garrett

        i think that is the case as well. and at the possible cost of his life. duncan hasnt been pulling punches. so even if duncan doesnt honor the life of under aged mitch, spooky would risk his life ensuring mitch makes it to the ground intact. omg the feels from this story. i want them all to survive. *worries about spooky and mitch.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          *whimpers in concern*

  • Adam Black

    Spooky, that was Paul’s job.

    Chain-of-command is a thing.

  • Matt

    Pretty sure Mitch is alive? In the second panel it looks like his arms are pin-wheeling, which is a good sign, since movement = good in my books.

    Perhaps that was some sort of power neutralizing spell? It was obviously painful, but was pain meant to be the primary effect? Maybe the reason the Platinum Priestess needed that strong contact with the earth was because it was some sort of grounding spell.

    Think of it this way: what gains her more, aiming to kill Mitch, or forcing him into a danger that only Spooky can save him from? In the former case, she removes the birds eye view advantage, and likely distracts the team, but she also makes them angry. Had she just killed Mitch (which I’m sure would have been within her power to do), Spooky likely would have been distraught, but he would have known he could not save Mitch (I’m guessing the glowing eyes were some sort of divination), and would have redoubled his efforts to hold the Annihilator.

    With the second option, however, the PP not only distracts the team, she gives them (particularly Spooky) something else to DO (saving Mitch). This was her best bet at freeing Duncan, and with him free to mop up attackers, she’ll be free to take her time with some more devastating magic.

    So, that would make Mitch lucky he was more valuable to the PP alive than dead, but potentially bad for the rest of the group. Can’t complain though!

    • Very nice analysis, Matt. Fun for me to read. 🙂

    • Klaus

      This is the priciple used in designing e.g. antipersonel mines. Kill a combatant, and that one combatant is out of the fight. Blow off his leg, and not only is he out the fight, so are the two others who carries him away.

  • D. Garrett

    omg spooky is the best. mitch falling and dying was unacceptable. and damn duncan for looking cool in his descent. typ will adjust to this and still win.

    • Tyler Griffin

      I don’t think so. Why SHOULD they win at this juncture?

      • D. Garrett

        im right. ur wrong. thats that. 😛 *dusts hands. “there.”

        • Tyler Griffin

          I’m big, you’re little. I’m smart, you’re dumb. I’m right, you’re wrong.
          😀 ;P

          • D. Garrett

            ha ha!

          • Tyler Griffin

            Sorry, watched Matilda with the 7 year old the other day, and that’s all I could think of when I read your comment 😀

          • D. Garrett

            i liked that movie. 🙂 villain was very funny to me.

  • Good luck with the site update, Alex. I know how scary it can be. Just keep doing those backups. Whew!

    • Thank you, GG! Keep your fingers crossed for me for tomorrow night. 🙂

  • Toli Bera

    Hmm, if Kyle was able to burn the supposedly invulnerable Duncan in the wearhouse due to his rage… I wonder if he’ll go nova again while dealing with these shenanigans? (provided Flukes powers don’t cash in soon as I had hypothesized last page.)

    • Klaus

      That was in Hell. According to Laampros, Hell weakens Duncan. It may also strengthen Kyle.

      • Toli Bera

        This is true, but since Kyle’s powers are emotion based and the bed scene was a conga line of feelings I think that might have been what tipped the needle. we’ll just have to see what happens next page or so. again I predict either Fluke or Kyle may ‘go nuclear’ because of Flyboy’s injury. especially in context of the confession.

  • Megan Staples

    I still think that Duncan will punish that little move.

  • AseretZone

    DARN! I wanted to see Duncan go SPLAT! Curse his circus-acrobat training! >.<

    Catch him, Spooky! And then quickly grab Duncan! Can you not send glowy tentacles in both directions, because that would've been better, actually! Someone stop Duncan before he stabs Spooky! Oh, it's all falling apart! D8

  • jreed3842

    UGH! First off all…. ugh because I had a feeling this would happen!

    Second of all I was so excited about camping… and then my internet went out… and just now came back. *sigh*

  • Sterling Ericsson


    That’s really all I have to say on the matter.

  • bronakopdin

    … as if I predicted it last page >_<'
    just hope Anni will not hurt him too bad, Spooky's already got his leg hurt by him… and yet the underage rule doesn't apply for Spooky so who knows T__T
    At least Spooky could save Mitch from the worst for now!
    The expected turn of events sure caught us…

  • Rhiannon D’Averc

    Good luck with the upgrade, hopefully nothing goes boom this time! Also… I hate to say it, but I’m thinking Spooky maybe shouldn’t try to be a hero right now. Even if it is in his job description.


      So Doki has spoken, so it shall be.

      • Rhiannon D’Averc

        But if demons take over the entire world then Mitch won’t be okay D:

        • Tyler Griffin

          Mitch is TECHNICALLY in North America, he’ll just have to be submissive to Duncan (oo the possibilities) and Sircea as his Lady and Lord.

          • Tyler Griffin

            Yes, I have not forgotten that Mitch is massively under aged. The possibilities ARE limited but still present.

      • Well! Okay Dokey then! 🙂

      • D. Garrett

        ummmm. how do u feel about this situation doki??? its really unclear. lol. 😉

    • Thank you for the well-wishing with the upgrade. Fingers crossed!

      (And what you ask would be a tall order for our friend Spooky. 🙂 )

  • somebody

    gosh I hope the cavalry will arrive soon….

    congratulations on that awesome patreon, I wish I had enough money to spare, there are so many webcomics I’d want to support…

  • Columbine

    Anni moves like a frickin cat!

  • Damnit.. I ended up being late to the party, even checking on the page a few times, right up until Alex telling the page would be up soon. Then things happened (shoveling half an inch of sleet and a quick step-in babysitting – thank god she didn’t have to poop in the time before I could drop her off at the daycare!).

    Aww, Chris got the V. I know he’ll take good care of it.

  • I’ve been tripping about getting to see this page all morning, now it happened, and I don’t know how to really feel about it. Relief vs. a big effing uh-oh!
    Relief because Spooky is stepping in to save Mitch, as I expected he would do, and the uh-oh because he lets fully go of Duncan to do it. Did he really have to, as we’ve seen him do two things at once before?

    Looking at Mitch the answer is probably yes since he isn’t just falling towards the ground. It looks like PP’s beam-thingy is slamming him towards it. Guess it could be that Mitch IS harder to hurt than ‘just’ being hit by energy, but a high air body slam is going to hurt.. a LOT. Also, there’s a difference in having to catch something (in this case someone) falling and catch something being slammed full force towards the ground.

    Preeeetty sure this is exactly why PP is doing it. Ugh.. I knew on last page that she was going to get Spooky to release Anni completely, just as predicted, and still freak about seeing this happen (see, I’m going all analytical again).

    Now let’s see what Anni does next. I can come up with a lot of scenarios right now, and most of them aren’t that great for our young team.
    Anni is the one I have the hardest time trying to predict. I’m generelly right in the end, but there’s always that one side of him there’s a little unpredicable.

    I just wanna knooow! Good thing there’s only 3 days to the next page and not 4 this time around. Not sure my stomach could handle another day o_o

    • Very cool reading your response to this page, Danish! And yes, you’re right, Mitch isn’t just falling, he’s being blasted down.

      BTW, where have you seen Spooky cast two different acts of magic at once?

      • Not cast magic twice exactly, but when he had time to hold Anni with one hand while he threw the bottle at the minion. Hmm, you’re right there. It’s two reactions involving magic, but not two magic doings at once.
        In my head the big difference was that Mitch was a larger object being slammed to ground with great force, much more energy needed = the big diffeence that meant Spooky had to release Anni this time.
        I hadn’t thought about the difference in the magic itself 🙂

        • Indeed. 🙂

          (And I often hear that quote myself in my head. But of course, were they to ever meet, The Platinum Priestess would eat the velociraptors alive…)

  • Jeldenil

    Since Anni is aiming for mini-Stonehenge, I’m looking for the little performers.

  • Seeing Platypus reply to Sili below, and that comment just managed to make me fully realize what it is that’s been nagging me a little by all of this scenario.I just DID find my tree in the forrest of thoughts. My mind has been skipping around this thought often, but I don’t think I’ve ever put it into words.

    Anni and PP are breaking that *don’t hurt kids* rule BIG time.
    I don’t mean the team alone here, but their overall plan. They want to bring hell to earth, and I don’t think there was any clause in their agreement with Laampros that prevents him from hurting minors on any other continent but the American ones.
    They’re setting themself up to be guilty of breaking that rule millions of times. Simple as that. They might only set Laampros and his demons lose, so any hurt is indirectly, but they’re about to do it.

    Oki, there’s something that suggested that many/most people on the other continents will survive, but it’s still going to hurt them. That is still guilty.
    Mind you that I’m happy about them not doing this, but looking at the grand view of their plan; Why aren’t they (and I kinda mean PP most) just flat out going for the killing of the team, or at least a whole lot of hurt?

    Oki, Anni hurt Kyle first, and now during the fight Spooky, but neither was a minor (nicely skipping around that with Kyle’s b-day). PP is setting Mitch up to be hurt a lot here, and by that she’s the first to break the rule .. BUT, I bet ya, she’s fully aware of how Spooky would react and that’s what she’s counting on. She’ll go by the rules as long as it benefits her.
    So why not any more pain and hurt by now? They’re already guilty.

    This has subconsciously been nagging me for a while. What are they up to? Kyle could be explained, one way or another now, just by the fact that he could be Laampros son.. but the rest?
    Could it really be that simple as Anni and PP (especially Anni) still have that weird limit line between direct and indirect hurt in their weird, crazy logic?

    Somehow I think not, and that’s (in hindsight) what make me both suspicious, but also excited, to see what Alex is coming up with plotwise.
    It’s going to be interesting.

    • Nichelle Haliday

      Actually, I don’t think that the minor rule qualifies here. After all, the YP team attacked them first, so any form of retaliation could be viewed as self-defense. You can’t expect these villains just to sit on their hands and let themselves be attacked, just because the people attacking are minors.

      With the whole “setting demons out to destroy the world” thing, then I don’t think people are going to be focused on the whole minor thing. Instead, they will be thinking either “HOLY COW A DEMON AAAAHHHH!!!!” or about how this is a genocide attack, not just one focused on minors. Besides, lots of villains have built doomsday weapons that put kids in danger; it’s part of the package.

      As for the attack on Flyboy, it’s actually pretty good strategy. Flyboy is giving the Commander a bird’s eye view of the fight, which allows her to have larger control over the area. Unfortunately, Flyboy is also the weakest link in this fight, as he has to be in close contact with something to use his powers. Taking out the one who can’t fight back and making it harder for the rest of the team to fight is a clever tactic.

      • “After all, the YP team attacked them first, so any form of retaliation could be viewed as self-defense. You can’t expect these villains just to sit on their hands and let themselves be attacked..”
        I’d argue against that. It was PP and Anni that attacked first.
        1) Directly by what they did to Kyle.
        2) Indirect/direct by letting it be known that they’re about to set hell on earth by releasing a hell king and his demons on most of the population on earth.
        Any reaction by the team now is self-defense but, yes, I will agree with as far as of course they’re not just gonna sit back and just let the team take them over.
        As for your 2nd paragraph, I agree but it also still point out some of what I was asking: Why are they not trying harder to kil/hurt the team? They already have put them in serious danger, possibly hurt or death coming, by going through with their hell-plan. THey had to know that no heroes on earth wouldn’t go up against Laampros – and themself -when he’s there.
        Your 3rd paragraph is actually something I said myself on the previous page, so I can only fully agree there 🙂

        • Klaus

          The YP are attacking them right now, so anything needed to stop them is self defense. Mitch is taking part in the attack. He is without a doubt a legitimate target.

          And I think they are doing their best to hurt the team. Duncan has hurt Spooky as much as he could, and has been restrained since. PP has been busy deflecting fiery and watery attacks.

          • Maus Merryjest

            Not quite: criminals in the process of aggressing upon others have no right to self-defense, especially when they are endangering the lives of others. Considering that the object of this ritual is to condemn all of humanity to an eternal hell, it must be considered an act of supernatural aggression and endangerment. they’re not acting in self defense.

          • Klaus

            We are talking of a rule enforced by the villains themselves here, not what woul stand up in court. If they had been attacked in the process of robbing a bank, I am quite sure that they would have felt justified in defending themselves, and that the other villains would have agreed. It is seeking out a minor to harm him that is forbidden.

            Besides, their motives are entirely altruistic, remember?

        • cheshirecatj

          Thank you Alex, Vero, and Adam for creating incredible comic. I have been reading for a while and am trying to find the funds to contribute, but in the meantime, thank you very much! This is the first post I have really felt compelled to contribute: Is it just me, or does it seem like the PP might have a plan to sacrifice all and sundry (that is, the “sacrifices,” TYP, her goon squad, and especially Duncan)? I certainly wouldn’t put it past her. I started rolling this around in my brain about the time Duncan and Sircea had their little heart-to-heart.

          • Welcome, cheshirecatj! So glad you’re enjoying TYP and very glad to have you here!

            And that’s a good question.

    • Floweramon

      I think it’s simply that they don’t care. They see the potential gain as worth the risk, and I’m guessing that if they succeed, they wouldn’t have to worry about the consequences of harming children superheroes. If Laampros takes over the world and they’re allied with him, then what do they have to fear?

    • ProudPlatypus

      I had two thoughts on the Kyle thing.

      Birthdays are conceptually and culturally significant, and specific birthdays can have more significance than others. Spooky, a new teenager managed to create a one way door for one person. Kyle at 18 made a two way door for two people. Concepts holding power is often an important part of how magic works.

      It was for Kyles benefit. Duncan’s claims of being on the strait and narrow don’t really hold true if he’s having sex with someone under age. It was another way to reassure Kyle.

  • TwilightDreamer

    Oh shoot!!….I mean my reaction was a bit more than that, but I’ll keep my language polite 😛 rofl!
    As soon as Spooky turned his attention on the last page, I could see this happening, but there’s no telling what Anni will do now. My guess is he’ll target either Spooky himself, or Amanda to break their communication… oh man… I’m scared now…
    And PP! If I thought you were unforgivable before, now there’s no questioning it! >:(

    • Ali

      I’m really hoping he doesn’t do that… PP attacked a minor, and Duncan once said that that’s something villains really do NOT approve of. I’m kinda hoping he’ll turn on PP, but… hope springs eternal.

      • TwilightDreamer

        lol, I would love it if he turned on PP to be honest >:D, but…not sure if I can see it happening JUST yet, though I’m more than certain it will at some point…
        As I’ve said in the past, I like that Duncan doesn’t deny that he IS a villain, but I also like that he does have morality, otherwise he’d never have shown regret for what he did to Kyle, or second guessed his plan with PP…I suppose in one way, that makes what he’s done even worse, but I think by the end of it, he’ll chose to side with those morals.
        Whooops, and there I go ranting again 😛 lol

  • WarGoddess

    I want Kyle to kick Duncan’s taut ass

    I think it’s time for them to motherfucking SMASH!!!!!!

    • Klaus

      He might hurt his foot.

    • Mir

      I can’t wait for that to happen. The pent up anger, the revenge, duncan’s guilt, that potentially badass fighting sequence.. I WANT TO SEE IT.

  • Oh crap… and now the tables have been turned.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Oh yeah, this is going to get pretty messy for a bit, but:

    I’m glad that Sircea saw the sense in not incinerating/vaporizing Mitch out of the sky as opposed to just making him a useful distraction. Matt explained it pretty well below, so yay?

    Hopefully, Spooky will get a hold of his emotions enough to realize that Mitch can still fly, and (hopefully) just knocked out. Maybe Commander can telepathically jolt Mitch back to consciousness so he can save himself, and Spooky should focus on containing Anni and not bleeding to death. I think those are his biggest concerns, and he needs to stick with them (Commander concurs I see).

    Fa-thoom is a great sound effect here; it doesn’t sound lethal, but it does sound like it could hurt a lot.

    Good luck with the upgrade tonight Alex; I have had my share of blowing up websites in an attempt to upgrade them, so I feel your pain. Just take your time and back up often. 🙂

    • Thank you, fujoshifanatic. Preparing to do that right now. 🙂

  • Mir

    He’s beauty, he’s grace, he’s falling on his face.

    You can’t take the concern of your fellow teammates out of a hero even if it means risking the mission. Seems like Flyboy wasn’t “vaporized” but simply shot down with hopefully? no harm done unless Spooky doesn’t catch him successfully. I’m still on the edge of my seat!

    • Dakejev

      I can’t shake the feeling that the energy trail he leaves as he falls is actually some sort of energy bolt trying to slam him into the ground.

  • Dakejev

    Yessss, Duncan is free! Now it gets interesting. =D

    • D. Garrett

      nooooooo! duncan is free! *cries T_T

    • Eve

      I had to like both of these comments. I’m conflicted.

      • Dakejev

        It’s ok to be conflicted – I personally like antiheroes most, and Duncan’s earned his place on my “likable bastards” list, so it’s “yeay!” that he’s free, but considering how much trouble it’s going to cause to the heroes team, many of whom I quite like also, it’s additionally an “eek!”

  • I marvel at Adam’s pencils in this page. That has to be one of the best action poses I’ve seen to date. The angle of Spooky’s turn shows urgency. His facial expression is dead on target for the moment. The flow of his coat and the wrinkles in the fabric seem perfect. Back at the top, his line work for the explosion looks painful. It looks like Sircea hit Mitch with a Howitzer shell and he miraculously survived intact. Beautiful work, Adam. Your work leaves me amazed!

    I singled out Adam’s line work as standing out on this page but Vero’s colors are consistently rich and creative, as always. She takes Adam’s lines and adds that punch of color that gives the illusion that Sircea’s blast was blindingly bright.

    Alex, as always you know how to spin an epic yarn. I’ve no words for the quality of your work that the success of this project isn’t proving in abundance. There is a market for these kinds of stories. A hungry and enthusiastic market! Right now it is all yours. Enjoy!

    • Oh, so well said!

    • Thank you so much for your thoughtful reaction, Donald. I agree with you 100% about the art on this page. That turn from Spooky is one of my favorites: all the things you said plus it’s totally Spooky, if you know what I mean. So glad you’re enjoying The Young Protectors and I really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts here. 🙂

    • Thanks, Donald! 😀

      • You’re very welcome, Adam. Artists need love too!

  • davefragments

    I think on the next page (maybe two) Duncan and Sircea get to play the “touch fists things and Unite!” of the Wonder Twins and chant a spell.
    Then (like Jack nicholson in THE SHINING) we can have our very own “Here’s Johnny” moment with the big red guy, his wandering eyeball, and lots of green ugly toad-like things.

    • Dear Dave… after the powerful Ru Paul scene from the other day, I think you need not worry about a lack of “marching silliness”. I promise we’ll just take it as a given and trust you. 🙂

      • davefragments

        I’m starting to look for a new story. I get inventive and a little nuts.

        • You go buddy. I’m all up-voting a new DaveFrag story anytime! 🙂

  • What a stunning page you guys! Alex, again you have twisted and turned and given us all the fun we hoped for in thrilling and unexpected ways. Adam’s work on this page in unbelievable and Veronica’s color has consistently tied together all the design elements and this world in the most beautiful and compelling way possible page after page. All the pages in this section are really hitting the highest marks of this art-form in the very finest way. Thank you three for a grand twice weekly blast of excitement. It really is the high point of the week in many ways!

    I’d also like to thank all the folks who have dug deep and kept pushing the Patreon forward. The noble goal of having Alex Woolfson work like a dog full time for our entertainment lives and breathes on, due to everyone’s generosity. I haven’t had to sell my grandmother or do anything really disgusting in order to feed my ever growing addiction to TYP. I am truly grateful. 🙂

    P#1: OMG… who doesn’t love a hot FA-THOOM in the morning? That right there is awesome. Of course, I’d be happier if Duncan or Sircea were the ones being FA-THOOMED, but I have hope that, when the time comes, and they get ‘Kyled’, then Alex will have an even better sound effect for their comeuppance. Kinda a FA-THOOM+++

    Honestly, on the page before last, I had a moment where I wondered if Mitch would end up in Hong Kong? And what that would do to them… but clearly not.

    Adam the continuing continuity of the designs of Sircea’s white magic… building from that circle three pages ago, to her slamming her staff to the earth and sending that shaft (literally) to our Mitch, then seeing it shatter around him… to THIS EXPLOSION is just fricking awesome. It all has a wonderful powerful emotional continuity. Vero, the white against your beautiful sky colors, the letters color contrasting with it all, and Mitch’s body position so clearly illuminated as he hurtles away, thrust from the impact… is just amazing work. On every page all possible compliments.

    I know I’m gushing, but for once it’s like the gay folk get the BEST OF BEST in a work that features us. I’ve waited a long time to see something this well done. So, I figure I’m allowed a little gushing. Thank you all.

    P#2: This is stunning. Repeat everything I just said. I love the diagonal fall. It makes it so much more interesting. Creates a continuity with Mitch’s pulse in P#1 and then flows nicely into Spooky’s panel and then the lovely diagonal of Duncan’s landing. The trail of the magic. Mitch’s scramble to regain control. It’s all just perf.

    P#3: I love Spooky. I don’t think I’ve said that before, but there it is. (Snort) I know he shouldn’t be doing this, but I can’t help it. I love him for it. I think it says a great deal about him as a character who almost can’t let people he cares for be hurt. I relate. As I’ve written repeatedly, I’m not built to sacrifice one for the many. Long ago I jumped into fight at a club where I thought a friend was going to get bashed. Bouncers broke it up, but my Parnter almost killed me for getting involved and I couldn’t get him to understand that I almost couldn’t NOT step in if it meant a friend getting seriously hurt. So, something about this makes me think Spooky is similar. He CAN’T just ignore it, even if there is fall out. The world needs all types of heroes, with all type of levels of calculated pragmatism, but damn, is Spooky ever my type.

    I do love his expression and the beautiful sense of motion in his body and coat as it swings around him, with that great colorful magic that trails him as he moves. Just great.

    P#4: Vero’s color is so subtle that it took me a few looks to get the full gasp of what Duncan was doing.. But watching Duncan’s release from Spooky’s magic is pretty stunning. The rolling fall that turn into a controlled landing. Once again Alex has left himself so many story options. All equally thrilling and horrible.

    I know I’ve quoted Oscar Wilde before here, but Alex deserves it again: “The suspense is terrible. I hope it will last.”

    Then we end with the wonderful motion of the Commander. That whirl of panic. It really makes you feel the sense of everything coming undone. The comic additions accentuation work so well on her in the background, hi-lighting her emotional intensity. As others have said more succinctly… “exactly, Spooky NO!” But what? Could I not do as Spooky does for my Mitch? Would that make me a lousy military dude… OH DEFINITELY YES. I would suck in the military… (sorry… erm… that didn’t come out right). Again Alex is tricksy… which way will it all go? Anywhere. I have no idea.

    I do have a suggestion… Spooky should magic Duncan to Hong Kong. Irony they name is Spooky! Yay.

    Again I say thank you guys and I’m off to set my timer for the next page! YEAH!

    • What a wonderful play-by-play, Chris! Another real treat for me to read! (And read again. 🙂 )

      I’ll say two things:

      1) Your instincts are right about Spooky.



      I know I’m gushing, but for once it’s like the gay folk get the BEST OF BEST in a work that features us. I’ve waited a long time to see something this well done.

      This is one of the things I set out to do from the beginning. To make genre comics featuring gay heroes and other cool folk that was just as good as if not better than the stuff that’s been made to cater to straight, white men and boys for years. So I take this as a particularly awesome compliment. Thank you for it, Chris. You’ve put a big smile on my face after a long (but productive) day. 🙂

    • Thanks, Chris! Always so great to read your thoughts one the pages! 🙂

    • D. Garrett

      chris u would be totally pinned in the military. you know, covered in those meaningful honorary pins and what not. tsk tsk. such a dirty mind… 🙂 😉

      and i love spooky too. he is a whole lotta awesome.

    • Klaus

      I love the smell of FA-THOOM in the morning. It smells like …


    We should note that we are ONLY $205 from the NEXT MILESTONE. (don’t worry I won’t squeeee… out loud) This one means we get to vote on a favorite character and then Alex will commission a wall-paper. Ahhhhhh…

    Now, just so you can all relax, we KNOW it must be Spooky. I mean, honestly, there really isn’t another option. Right? So, you can all rest at ease, and not stress, I’ve done the following: FOR YOU! 🙂

    1) I slipped the remaining minions a few hundys and Syllibub is still bound in Sircea’s dungeon, so we don’t have to worry about Sircea accidentally winning this one.

    2) There will be a slight hitch in Doki’s keyboard, so that when she ‘acc-i-dent-ally types in the name ‘Mitch’ it will come out ‘Spooky’ as she really, in her inner heart, meant it to. Yes, I’m a giver!

    3) Oddly wireless service to Australia will be interrupted until after the voting, so I don’t think Duncan will accidentally be voted in.

    4) We’d like to have Tsunami, Kyle and Paul lovers to please contact us immediately so your can claim your stunning prize packages… TRUST ME. It will be everything you could possibly dream of. No. Really!

    So, I think if we just keep forging toward this MILESTONE, Alex and his artists can start work on the Spooky Wallpaper right now, because he’s a shoe-in… right? Right? RIGHT?

    Hello? Anyone? Beuller? Anyone… Hmmmmmm… I wonder where everyone has gone?

    EDIT: “What do you mean you haven’t looked into wandering Commander fans… get on it man. This is serious business!”

  • Klaus

    Ha Spooky got anything in that coat of his that can slow Duncan down? If he had had anything that could have pacified him, he would have used it by now.

    • Maybe one of his potions is a foaming cement that would encase him. But probably only temporarily.

    • D. Garrett

      maybe an “instant drunk” potion. that would be hilarious.

  • Klaus

    Amanda can hurt people badly with her mind alone. Does Duncan have any protection from this? Has she even tried?

  • SofiaT

    Has something happened to the site?
    The page doesn’t appear on my phone the way it should, it’s too big.
    Or is it just me?

    • I think that’s a twirk of the updates. AJ mentioned that to Alex on twitter. He’s looking into it.
      IDK if the phone issue is due to the ‘bigger’ text. The updates came with larger link buttons under the page + a new text type for the comments.
      Hope it’s an easy twirk to fix.

      • Yes quirks abound everywhere. But it seems to be getting more sensible by the hour.

    • It seems to be fixed now!! Yeah I was having that trouble too.

      • SofiaT

        Fixed now on mine too!

  • Tyler Griffin

    Ok, so… I don’t WANT tYP to win this fight. For a multitude of reasons. First and foremost, I think we have some really fun and interesting characters here, and there is a LOT more story that can be told besides how this team stopped some big baddies this one time. Next, from what we have been told; if they win, everyone looses and reality crumbles. But (and maybe this is just my brain doing middle of the work week wibbly-wobbly, timey-whimey strange things) but I don’t kno wif it would be a GOOD thing for the team if they won, even if they prevented the walls from coming down. From what we know, they are an unsanctioned group which is merely TOLERATED by the PTB. And most of the adult teams actively frown on their existence. In this world there is such heavy regulation of super heroes, to the point of basically being a military division, that I think the system would not be able to tolerate a victory here. I have worked for a security company that was founded and managed by a group of ex military personnel, I have been involved with police departments as well, Anyone who has been involved with an authoritarian type organization should know what I’m getting at here. Sometimes when dealing with civil authority, a failure by the book is preferable to a victory through unorthodox methods in the eyes of the people in charge. If TYP are able to stop this ritual and prevent the crumbling of reality, it would mean that the military would have to reconsider their analysis of the individuals, and might have to re-think their entire protocol. Not a thing any authoritative entity wants to be faced with, (seriously, self evaluation of a company or organization is a true nightmare for the management of said organization).

    I guess what I’m getting at, is that I could easily see a scenario where TYP save the day, and in doing so ruin their own lives. However, if they loose this fight, it’s actually less problematic for the authorities because, “Hey, they were a bunch of kids, they didn’t have a chance anyway; but they sure gave the Priestess HELL in their attempt.” In this case, I definitely prefer to see them loose, than see that kind of story evolve.

    • Dakejev

      …and I just don’t want the good guys to win, because Duncan’s my favourite character, and if the summoning isn’t completed, he’s gonna die. =P

  • I just want to say that TYP is global. I’m umpteen thousand feet up in a nice airplane off to visit Mom and, even here, Alex and our TYP kids can be found. Fortunately Mitch isn’t floating the jet so less sudden drops so far. Yep, AW is definitely global and on the go. Yay.

    • I hope you have a great trip, Chris. 🙂

      • Thanks Alex. As we were landing, I was looking everywhere for a glass box full of sad-looking sacrifices. I thought I saw one, but it was only baggage claim…

        Reporting from the road: C. Dangerfield

  • Klaus

    We are now approaching 666 backers. Will that give the forces of Hell a boost?

    • purplefoxglove

      We’ll have to wait for the next page to find out 😉

    • D. Garrett

      hope not.

  • purplefoxglove

    I know this isn’t going to happen, but I totally hope for Mitch to wake up, take in the situation, zoom down, grab Anni before he can reach Spooky, and then soar up again while Anni is dangling from his scruff like a naughty pub. Somehow, I doubt Anni would be fond of a several thousand feet fall, so he should be taken care of.

    Yeah, a woman can dream.

    • Klaus

      At mach 2 Mitch could take him far out to sea before dropping him. That should keep him occupied for some time.

      • Klaus

        And it would keep Duncan occupied for even longer.

    • 🙂

    • Xithyl

      What if Anni actually saves Mitch and turns on PP for blatantly atking Mitch? That would be quite the twist :O Sure, PP did say “women and children receive no special dispensation,” but I don’t think Anni totally agrees with that

  • Shinashi

    Nuuuuuuuu D:

  • Okay Patreon Milestone update, despite my pack of total lies below, about various evil subversions of Alex’s upstanding voting process… and Spooky’s, as yet un-won Milestone-Win (LIE), the truth is we are only $183 away from the next Milestone. I mean SOMEBODY needs to be in a wall-paper! Awfully cool.

    Work with me friends, with Duncan getting loose and Mitch about to faceplant, I need to focus on the positives. Woo hoo! 🙂

  • BTW… if I travel fast enough in the right direction can’t I get to page day? You remember how Superman used to speed around the earth fast enough to change the day? (I think he did that?)


    • Tyler Griffin

      All I really know is that I need more baby chicks. And sundried figs

  • D. Garrett

    i think amanda is now gonna be forced to engage anni. in order to protect spooky. and i think she is going to have to drop the mental link with the team in order to attack anni mentally. this is going to be interesting if this is the way the battle unfolds.

  • purplefoxglove

    This scene has me worked up so much that I dreamed about it last night. Somehow, I was involved in the fight, and I knew the Power Words from the Kate Daniels series. I used the “set free” command to break the PP’s spell, which allowed Mitch to catch himself in time and prevented Spooky from dropping Anni.

    I also woke up convinced that Spooky was temporarily possessed by Doki.

    • Klaus

      The latter may actually be the case.

    • I love every part of your dream.

    • O:-)

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I vote we make this canon.

    • D. Garrett

      omg gotta luv some curran right???

      • purplefoxglove

        Hell yes!!! 😀

  • I have finished speeding around the earth in order to increase its rotation. IT WORKED! It is Friday. Page Day. You may all thank me later. That. Is. All.

  • rgleon9986

    Well, I finished the oral defense of my general exams. I was very stressed, stayed up nights studying, didn’t eat well, and actually had a full blown panic attack before went to campus the day of, but in the end my major professor said it was one of the best defenses a student of his has given in years, in the top ten for his mentees ever.

    Thank God it’s done. One step closer to finishing this degree.

    • Congratulations, my friend! “One of the best defenses a student has given in years?” In the “top ten?” That’s awesome! Go do something wonderful for yourself—you deserve it! 😀

      • rgleon9986

        Thanks, Alex! I think my girlfriend and I are going out to see The Imitation Game. I haven’t seen it yet and I’m very excited!

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I’m so excited for you! Congratulations, and great job!!!

    • That’s wonderful! Congrats!

    • syllibub

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    I’m also guessing that that’s exactly what Platinum Priestess expected to happen with her attack and it worked flawlessly. At least for now, Annihilator is free it looks like and that means he can cause trouble. I wonder what’ll happen now that the two main baddies can collaborate and work together again! I wonder if this development might cause Kyle to try to try to confront the Annihilator. o.O I seem to remember a panel a bit earlier when he looked like he was going to try but then remembered the original plan and stuck to that instead.

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      If Annihilator has thought up a better plan for dealing the dimensional walls collapse problem that involved getting help from Spooky, and the power dynamics between the Annihilator and the Priestess was such that he knows she’s more powerful than he is, and he’s been waiting for the moment when she’s distracted, used up a chunk of her power, or is otherwise not in top form then I suppose this might be a good opportunity to stab her in the back.
      (That still leaves the little matter of trying to perforate Spooky with the throwing stars and make him bleed to death: that sort of behavior is likely to cause bad feelings…)

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