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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 107

397 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 107

Uh, oh…

So, Adam left for New York today, and Vero will return to Argentina tomorrow. We spent the weekend signing over 2500 books for the Kickstarter, and then we had a couple days to just hang out together, for the very first time. I brought them to my favorite restaurants, we talked about comics, future ideas for The Young Protectors, our favorite movies, how we met our partners, and lots more. I’ve always really enjoyed working with Adam and Vero, but I just had the most amazing week with them. I really feel like I have two new best friends. They are just awesome people, and I can’t wait until we are all together again. 🙂

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So! Looks like The Platinum Priestess has heard of Flyboy’s “owl vision” — is there any limit to the number of pop-culture references she has access to? Will Flyboy be able to dodge her attack in time? And what else does The Platinum Priestess have up her sleeve?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • Oooh!

  • Amaya Redfern


  • syllibub

    Crap on a stick. Mitch is fast, though — there’s still hope for him!

  • Run Mitch Run!

    • Amaya Redfern


    • DC

      Now I’m picturing poor Mitch running in the air in one spot like they did in the old cartoons.

      • Ha! Now I can’t unsee that. I was thinking more of Forest Gump.

  • DC

    Oh what did she just do?!!

  • rgleon9986


  • Amaya Redfern

    Alex is gonna have an army of his fans on his doorstep in .05 seconds.

  • davefragments

    This is going to be interesting to watch. Mitch has those concern bars above his head. I can hear the howling through the cold, cold winter winds.

  • Sapfo

    Oh lovely new page.
    Sircea looking evily good on it! But what is she doing with that magic?

  • My Mitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Saxon_Brenton

      [Gives Doki’s hand a reassuring squeeze]

    • Run Mitch, RUN! (or fly in this case….) ;____;

      • *snuggles starr* Mitch is going to be okay right?

        • Toli Bera

          I do believe this is where a Nyooom will be most helpful.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      *hugs Doki* I’ll get my candles ready for the next prayer circle for his safety!

      • *hugs* candles and incense

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Will do!

    • Smelling salts for Doki… STAT!

  • DC

    I’m sure he can move fast.

  • syllibub

    Going after the youngest member of the team is a jarring and cruel move, but I am obligated to point out that she looks damn fine while doing it.

    • Ha!

      • syllibub

        What can I say, it was in our vows!

        • Wow, that’s a crazy pre-nup. I can’t even imagine.

          Sircea: Now, I reserve the right to take out fifteen year olds if they really annoy me.

          (Syllibub ponders this a moment…)

          Syllibub: Okay, that seems reasonable.

          • syllibub

            After close to 36 straight hours of negotiation, anything would seem reasonable.

      • davefragments

        Bad Alex, Bad Alex.

        pout, pout, wimper!

      • [Google Translation]


        • Tyler Griffin


    • It is a reminder of just how cold she is, not just her beauty.

    • Klaus

      He takes part in the fight. He is a legitimate target. Of course I hope that he manages to dodge, but this attack does not make me consider PP more evil than I already know her to be. Which is plenty.

    • She look stunning on every frame of this page. No doubt.

  • Amaya Redfern

    She’s going from a loved character to that one everybody freaking despises. Fast.

    • syllibub

      As a tonal shift, I like it. It feels similar to the glass box reveal — after a while of listening to the villains talk about harming billions in the abstract, we were hit with a visual of actual people who are suffering because of them. And just now we’ve been watching Sircea be acrobatically snarky and entertaining, and now POW, she puts a beloved young hero in mortal peril. I enjoy these startling reality checks!

      • Oh sure you say that now, but when her head gets bitten off by that demonic velociraptor thing in chapter 56? What then Mrs. Priestess… what then? 🙂

        • syllibub

          Then I show up on Alex’s doorstep with a deeply injured look on my face and an army of lawyers.

    • baranchi

      I don’t know. I’ve just been liking her more and more.

  • diegohatake

    Oh fuck no… Depending on what happens next to Mitch, I hope somebody kill that bitch in a very painful and gruesome way.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      We must protect Mitch!

      • Sticky leaps bodily from her flying horse and throws herself in front of Sircea’s blast protecting Mitch with her last breath!

        Like that?

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Yes, quite! Remember me as I lived, my friends! And…*gasps* that I…had a…flying…horse!

          • I love your flying horse.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Me too. 🙂

  • Toli Bera

    Nyooom? =====(> OoO)>

  • jreed3842

    *is scared*
    Like… seriously… my heart is beating really fast.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Okay, I’ll go out on a limb. This is where we get confirmation that Fly Boy not only has his known superspeeed (chap.3, p.79), but also the reaction time to use that speed constructively. Cue next page where he dodges the Priestesses’ blast, and the Priestess gets a surprised expression on her face just before the Young Protectors lay some smack down on her.

    • Toli Bera

      hopefully this will open her up to attack by Gordon or Kyle.

    • baranchi

      I really, really hope that’s true and Mitch just gets out of the way.

    • Saxon, I like it when you use your powers of prognostication for good and not evil. GO YOU!

  • What concerns me: she had to place her staff on the ground to attack Mitch.

    What really concerns me: she had to put it down with with enough force that she is in a crouching position. She could have maneuvered the staff so she didn’t have to get her body so close to the ground. It implies just just hitting the ground with her staff, but slamming it.

    If anything happens to my Mitch…….

    • Good analysis, Doki. That’s exactly what she did. 🙂

    • David Welbourn

      She’s probably channeling energy from the Earth itself there. Not sure why that would be necessary unless there’s more to the attack than we’re seeing?

      Like, I hope Mitch can dodge the blast, but perhaps the magic blast can follow him anyway; if Sircea doesn’t need to see Mitch for her blast to find him, then she doesn’t even need to aim.

      Possibly Mitch can withstand the blast? How durable is he? How fast is he? Can Spooky or Fluke save him if he can’t save himself? (I like the idea of Fluke somehow making the blast do the splits, or the blast being blocked by a mosquito that got in the way.)

      And, I hate to consider it, but from a tactics perspective, should they save him? Like, do we save Mitch but lose the world here? How big a risk is it if Spooky or Fluke has to suddenly refocus what they’re currently doing? I can’t imagine them not saving Mitch if they can, but …I’m glad I’m not Commander.

      • Klaus

        Does Fluke have that much control over his power?

        • stickfigurefairytales

          I think he can direct it towards specific people, but I don’t think that’s been officially confirmed.

        • David Welbourn

          I suspect he doesn’t have that degree of control, but I’m think he might, y’know, get lucky at a blind attempt to do something, and whatever happens has to have a reasonable chance of happening.

          • Klaus

            “Do you feel lucky?” carry different connotations when asked of Fluke.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I was guessing that she had to plant the staff on the ground because the kickback from the blast was going to be so significant. Either way, that attack is bad news.

  • Amaya Redfern

    I’m gonna call the first prediction: Somehow, Duncan is going to save Mitch. Its not going to fix anything, and its gonna piss the hell out of Sircea, but its gonna a sign of Duncan coming back “from the dark side” if you will.
    EDIT: And also, at the end of the fight, there’s gonna be this moment where Kyle looks back over his shoulder at Duncan, who’s obviously in turmoil, and even though he’ll look a little confused at first, after a second Kyle’s face will harden and he’ll leave without looking again.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Hmm, I have to say that I’ve got more of a feeling that Mitch is going to get badly hurt and that it’ll be the start of the team getting their butts kicked (at least for the moment). I just really, really, really hope he won’t die!

      • Amaya Redfern

        Both are perfectly reasonable!

      • Tyler Griffin

        I’m having mixed feelings with this. After all, I’ve felt for awhile now (as has most everyone else from the comments) that the tide was gonna turn, and soon.

        I’m also in the camp that kinda hopes the YP DON’T manage to stop Laampros.

        I actually have no problem whatsoever with PP going after Mitch, after all she is a villain, this is what she’s SUPPOSED to do. And I don’t consider it to be the dastardly mustache twirling move that some seem to, once again, PP is ANCIENT, she was worshiped as a goddess, possible ACTUALLY was one, and has been immursed is multiple different cultures with multiple different takes on morality. It would be absolutely absurd to expect her to live by the moral standards of the Modern US in this universe, because it’s just one more world view that she will watch fade away.

        On the OTHER HAND, Mitch hasn’t had THAT much character development yet, except to find out that he too likes guys. If he were to die or suffer a major debilitating injury at this stage, it would really feel to me like an occurrence of Manpain. Like if he gets taken out of the fight, no biggie, it happens, and it kind of needs too in order for PP and Anni to win the day. But any significant damage to him would really only serve as “fuel for the hero” which is a really bad trope that is used waaaay to much. It seriusly turns me off of a story when I see blatant Manpain. Fortunately, I think Alex is a MUCH better writer than to rely on that sort of thing. Still, I worry 😛

    • Or maybe Spooky will send Duncan into the path of the blast?? A little too blood thirsty.

      • Maybe, but it’s a fun thought! That’s why she’s the Admiral!

      • David Welbourn

        I like that idea. Duncan in invulnerable, at least to normal damage under normal circumstances. But I doubt Spooky can react quite that quickly, alas.

      • Tyler Griffin

        It’s not bloodthirsty at ALL, Duncan is SUPPOSED to be invulnerable, remember? Literal Meat Shield has no moral repercussions with him in the equation.

    • Mary Klemzak

      Ohh I’m kinda pulling for Duncan too. He seems at least one eighth(1/8) good? One sixteenth(1/16)?

      Sircea now, she’s at least 1000000% evil. No goodness whatsoever. Cause I don’t think she’s human at all? Maybe she traded her humanness for eternity and Magic?

      He’s obviously doubting. Kyle might notice for a minute, someone else like Paul mention the leaving-him-in-a-warehouse-naked-and-alone thing.

    • DC

      If Mitch falls, Spooky may have to drop Duncan on his head (unfortunately I think he will land on his feet), so Spooky can catch Mitch with his spell tentacles/plasma.

  • davefragments

    I have to go sleep. My eyes are burning and the last few days have been too goofed up to deal with anymore. AND, I got to get up early for a plumber tomorrow.

    I will say this – – It’s logical to distract them by going after Mitch.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      And it’s logical to COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY DESTROY anyone who hurts Mitch.

      • Very slowly and very painfully. No one hurts my baby.

        • Klaus

          If Mitch gets seriously hurt, Fluke’s power would guarantee that the YP win the fight.

        • Doki Torquemada is that you? Come to avenge the wrong done to your Mitch?

          • davefragments

            “No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!”

      • indubitably!

    • Sucky days suck. Hope you get the sleep you need.

    • Oh indeed… I think a lot of folk have been seeing some form of Mitch attack coming. What better way to distract everyone. Particularly Tsunami and Kyle, perhaps for very different reasons.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Noooo, I forgot about camping again! Curse my feeble human brain!

    • You’re here now.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Yes, fortunately I saw Alex’s tumblr post about the new page being up!

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Okay, that’s it for me. I’m gonna wander home, and rejoin the discussion in about an hour.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Calm down, everyone! There’s one bird-related superpower Mitch surely possesses that’ll come in handy here: the luck and durability of a roadrunner!

  • Where is Molly Weasley when you need her? Just change “Not my daughter you b*tch!” to Not my Mitch you b*tch!

    • Cydney Sabin

      I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought that.

      • I have been thinking like that since people started mentioning PP might attack My Mitch. -_- This has just been the first good opportunity to mention it.

        • Cydney Sabin

          See, I was daydreaming about it, and I was thinking the same words, except it was me saying it, and I was saying “brother.”

          My daydreams are completely uncontrollable. XD

  • Klaus

    Mitch has seen it coming, and he is very fast.

    • But seeing it coming doesn’t always make someone move. I hope I’m wrong.

  • Hours Left


    *runs away*

  • *Gryph settles into bed and checks Twitter one last time…sees that Alex has updated… …Gryph LEAPS out of bed and runs to the computer*

    MITCH!!! No, no, NOOO!

    *Gryph looks around for Doki, gives big hug*

    I’ll get the incense for the prayer circle. We can start the chanting anytime you want after Sticky brings the candles.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Got ’em ready!

    • YangYueLan

      I got salt! (and more incense if we need it)

  • Sunseahl Silverfall

    LOL… You know what made this page for me(as a last panel)?

    The Patreon art…. It sums up everything PERFECTLY. XD

  • I open the page, see first panel, and already there just KNOW what she’s about to do nex and my brai starts chanting Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit….

    Better move in time Mitch!!

  • Sunseahl Silverfall

    P.S. That diadem is the most intricate adornment I’ve ever seen…

    Making a costume of her is gonna be hard…. Chrome boob plates and panties…. a staff with a crown the size of a basketball….

    • But it’ll look so cool when it’s done. 🙂

      • Klaus

        If it is done properly.

  • David Welbourn

    Here’s a thought: What if PP’s attack is meant to teleport Mitch to Hong Kong (or some other distant place)? If that’s the case, he won’t be dead or harmed at all, so the other supervillains won’t object. He’ll just be out of the fight entirely, And the rest of the Young Protectors will think he’s been disintegrated. A win-win for Sircea, no?

    • stickfigurefairytales

      As I recall, the prohibition against targeting underage superheroes only applied outside battle (like in their daily lives). In a fight, anything was fair game.

    • Klaus

      I don’t think PP worries about such things right now. She has to win this fight no matter what. And if she does, everybody will have more important problems.

      Does the rule even exist? We only have Duncan’s word for it. If it is as he described it, self defense is permitted. This is very clearly self defense.

    • Xithyl

      What she can also do is just knock him out. They all care for Mitch, so they may all drop everything and instinctively try to save him (so Spooky would stop isolating/trapping Anni, and Gordon would stop pressing the atk against PP, giving her the moment she needs to do some dmg).

      Even if Mitch successfully dodges the atk, it’ll be close, and everyone will be distracted.

      Of course, there’s also a small chance that Anni turns on PP for blatantly atking Mitch.

      Oh the things that could happen. Great job Alex, Adam, and Veronica 😀

    • Interesting. There are SO many possibilities.

      • IamM

        Like, stun and capture him to use as a human shield.

  • baranchi

    Mitch is my favorite. I am going to be so worried until Saturday.

  • D. Garrett

    interesting page. the fact she mentioned “bird vision” and “all your little chickens” makes me think she is employing a spell grenade. the strength and amount of power being exerted does indicate that mitch is in danger here…along with everyone else too. definitely not good…

  • Fabulous Alien

    I don’t like this new development. At all.

    What I do like is the first panel, with the circles and the fire and the water. Kind of hypnotizing.

  • Klaus

    Sircea must know that Amanda is not relaying what she hears to Mitch. Otherwise she would not have anounced the attack in advance.

    • We also don’t know just how well his “owl hearing” is.

      • Klaus

        How could I forget. Yes, he has most likely heard.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Having taken the time during the trip home to compose my thoughts, here is my take on the current situation. In very broad terms I think that the way Alex writes his fight scenes is by having ‘characters duel with awesome’. By which I mean you have characters who play to their strengths so that you get a combat where the relative advantage see-saws back and forth between them, and from the readers’ points of view you get a flow of narrative made up of cool set pieces, reversals of fortune, and cliffhangers.

    What I don’t know is how long the current fight scene is set to run. IIRC Alex indicated that chapter 3 is a long one – but that does not necessarily mean that this combat will take up all or even most of the chapter. Nevertheless, I’m guessing that this fight has a way yet to run. My gut feeling is that after the big built up that we’ve seen over the last few pages of the Priestess being so confident because of what she thinks is an ace up her metaphorical sleeve, that there will be a reversal where Fly Boy dodges. That will mark another period of the Young Protectors rallying and gaining the upper hand, until Team Silver is able regain the initiative again. Dunno exactly how long this will go on for, but I expect a few back-and-forths.

    Now, all of this is guesswork and can’t be empirically proven. And even if the broad story structure that I’m hinting at proves correct, it has enough room for surprises. One obvious wildcard that I can think of is that the Priestess wants to take out Fly Boy in order to distract the Protectors, but once she successfully downs Fly Boy on the next page she discovers to her consternation that the other boys follow Commanders orders, don’t allow a teammate falling in battle to distract them, and keep pressing their attack, which in turn marks the aforementioned reversal where the Young protectors gain the upper hand.

    Your thought?

    • Klaus

      The chapter already is a long one. We are on page 107. Chapters one and two combined are 110 pages long.

    • Tyler Griffin

      Well, this is a yaoi comic, and that IS a fairly standard battle flow for the genre

  • Okay, WOW, just wow. We knew this was coming, in one form or another, but this page is DRAMATIC and gorgeous and just beautifully timed in the context of the overall battle.

    I mean it on the timing. This battle was at the perfect moment, as Syllibub says somewhere down below, for a big shot of “left-turn.” A shock to our systems. It’s the fact that it’s Mitch, OUR little brother. Mitch who just generously ‘came out of the closet’ to comfort Kyle. Mitch who tries so hard to do right by everyone. So, OF COURSE, there is no way this can be anything but shocking. Do I absolutely believe that Sircea is the evil one for this job? Of course, but this still grabs us where it shocks.

    As always Alex when you shock us you do it with verve and vigor. Right page at the right moment.

    As always my compliments to the composition and layout. The interplay of the panels, straight through to that last vertical one is just perfect.

    P#1: What can I say. Perfect. It truly is magic. I mean “MAGIC”. The signature of the power circle around her staff. The way it repels fire on the left and water splashing off the right. However, the other 50% is how relaxed Sircea is as she monologues so cooly. No indicator that she’s going to go UPWARD. Just that evil stare that says this is effortless. Holding the blood-key and unfazed by all that’s happening. She’s the perfect cool anchor point to the chaos that surrounds her in this panel. Just great.

    P#2: OMG… look at how delicious her expression is in this panel. The sly but subtle little ‘bird’ dig with “little chickens,” but still not quite too much give-a-way. Still so damn calm. No hints. No tension.

    P#3: I loved the slamming of the staff onto the ground. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s key to the magic or not, it just provides the kinetic energy to make me FEEL the force. BIBBITY BOBBITY KA-BOOM. The white magic that surrounds the staff at this moment is so well done. Adam and Vero you really get props for this whole page. She is magic and deliciously amazing to watch.

    P#4: Okay this vertical panel is just genius. The way it’s not really a panel but falls off the edge. We don’t see Sircea, but that magaculation that rockets at Mitch is so visceral. It’s just amazing. You can feel it. Mitch’s body language is also very potent for such a small figure. You can see him as that ‘heat seeking missile’ heads at him. Never have those little nervous head lines been put to better use than here. They’re perfect.

    Well Alex did WOG that our gay hero wouldn’t die, but he never promised that any other gay character wouldn’t… Of course it will be a lot more work for him to do a sequel if Alex has to write it around zombie-Mitch… so I’m not ready to give up hope yet. Kyle will be bummed. He met his first young gay man and then lost him in the same battle. But hey? Hell-date remember. If anyone knows that life isn’t fair, it’s Kyle.

    OKAYYYYYY (someone revive Doki… again), I refuse to believe this is the end of Mitch, but to be honest, I have NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. Not that, that is unusual in a Woolfson comic. Just sayin’

    Alex this is a grand super magical amazing whammy. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Some authors write themselves into corners… you seem to have written yourself into a road-way-circle where there are options for you to go in almost any direction. Bravo. And, Adam and Veronica, I have no idea how this page could be more visually impressive than it is. You guys have so nailed this world and its inhabitants. Thank you all. Now excuse me, as I’m setting my timer for Friday’s page…!

    • Thank you for another wonderful play-by-play, Chris. It’s just a ton of fun to “read the page” along with you. You’ve got me grinning here—and after a week where I thought I couldn’t smile any more broadly. 🙂

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Your analysis is spot on. We readers have been suspecting that the Priestess was up to something for a few pages because of her casual confidence, but when she made her move she made it a surprise and tactically advantageous to her.

    • Great read Mr. Dangerfield!

  • Klaus

    Panel three has me worried. There seems to be so much more oomph in this blast than in anything PP has done so far. Than in anything anyone has done so far.

    • So you think our boy is toast!?!

      • Klaus

        I think that Alex has more suprises up his sleeve than PP. (Which is obvious, really, since PP’s surprises com ultimately from Alex.)

        • Okay, maybe not “toast” but slightly crispy? Super Hero English Muffin?

          WAIT? He’s 15, I didn’t mean that to sound so salacious. Okay, I’ll trust in Alex until Friday and then, if necessary, we’ll get out the gay villagers with the pitchforks and torches and storm VonWoolfenstein’s castle.

          We gays won’t be pushed around anymore by 6,000 year old het. white women with goddess-like powers. (chants) “HELL NO, WE WON’T GO!”

          Okay, I have no idea what that has to do with anything. Give me a minute and I’ll work up a good gay power anthem. YOUR BROTHERS ARE COMING MITCH, HANG ON! RAINBOW POWERS ACTIVATE!

          Damn, where’s Cher when you need her?

        • And Alex actually HAS a sleeve.

  • TwilightDreamer

    I wanted to scream when I saw this page! Not Flyboy!! I knew he was going to get involved in this fight some way or another….but I never suspected he’d be the first one she targeted!
    Please please please let him get out of there!! If he’s hurt I WILL cry!! D:
    (on the plus side, excellent plot twist 😛 lol)

  • You know, even if Mitch does doge or otherwise deflect PP’s attack, for that amount of time, he will not be able to see for Commander what is happening on the ground. PP has already proven her fast reflexes and flexibility, so she might only need those few seconds Commander isn’t able to “see” to take out some of the group.

    • So you’re saying you want Mitch to die gloriously in sacrifice to save his brothers in battle???

      (as he falls to earth like the little angel he is…)

      Mitch: (gasp) Kyle… watch out for that Minion behind you at 7 o’clock… (wheeeze) NO NOT AT 5 o’clock you edjitt, at 7… (gasp) No you stud, look behind youuuuuuuuuu… (cough)…

      (unconscious mitch falls into tsunami’s arms as Tsu’s knees buckle and he collapses to the earth and, looking to the sky, screams…)


      [Like that Doki?]

      • No not like that. Mitch concentrates on either dodging or deflecting that blast (in my mind I see a deflection attempt as Mitch twirls really fast creating a vortex around himself and the blast is sent elsewhere by the created wind). Either way he isn’t looking at what is happening on the ground while trying to stay alive. Commander only has the last thing Mitch saw of the battle to plan with. Depending on how long Mitch is distracted, Commander isn’t going to be able to see anyone being sneaky, and PP has a window of opportunity where the strategist of TYP won’t be able to use her team as effectively. In that time PP could incapacitate anywhere from one to three of those on the ground.

        • Okay… I’m good. So who you gonna sacrifice to save Mitch? Just curious?

          • AseretZone

            A passing bird. :p

          • In order of who first to who last (assuming she makes it to all three).

            Fluke. (for his luck)

            Tsunami. (because too early for Kyle and Commander is amusing {and so Spooky has a chance to not be a target quite yet})

            Spooky. (to free Anni and have him take care of the other kids while PP gets back to business)

          • Wow… Doki is more ruthless than Sircea…

            My Spooky… NEVER!

          • If you think that is ruthless, you probably don’t want to see me if anything happens to Mitch. ^_^

          • stickfigurefairytales

            That had better be incapacitate in the non-lethal sense!

          • It is.

          • stickfigurefairytales


          • I love Stickfigurefairytales — the non-lethal ninja assassin! She gives wrong-doers a blistering talking to and changes the course of their lives forever.

            All that, and no blood or body parts to clean up afterwards.


          • stickfigurefairytales

            There are also a lot of knees to the groin involved.

          • But of course. Goes without saying! 🙂

  • somebody

    I’m just sitting here saying ‘uiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiui’
    I’ve never been more curious about the next page *_*
    Her crown is so cool, I imagine how she got it from the Maya haha~

    Oh and I have to tell you, yesterday I forgot that it was tuesday and thought it was already wednesday, so I klicked on my YP button and was really depressed that the new page wasn’t online
    It took me seriously till a few minutes ago that I realised ‘oh wait, wednesday is today, not yesterday’
    and there it is <3 I love the page <3

  • AseretZone

    So…I think doki and silibub are gonna have a bit of a crossfire over this page. I mean, we got PP firing on Mitch.

    That aside, I never expected her to pull this. XD It is an awesome move, though, and Mitch better move out of the way quickly! This woman…I think I have a new favorite female villain! XD

    LOVE all the poses, and her faithfully keeping a grip on that key this whole time is just proving her diligence to her mission!
    It also implies that they don’t really need the big portal thing to finish the task, ’cause Laampros could come out anyway. Maybe all they need is a certain hot-head to do something in particular.

    That first panel, sans the word-balloon? Wallpaper material right there.

    • ERM….. Alex Woolfson about AseretZone’s mention:

      “That first panel, sans the word-balloon? Wallpaper material right there.”

      I say YAYYY to that. I think that would be a very tasty wallpaper. I know you guys are relaxing on down time right now, but just thought it worth mentioning… you know… for that ‘someday to-do list’ LOL.

      • AseretZone

        I would so use it if it was a wallpaper. Heck, I’d buy it if it was one of those hanging scrolls for my actual wall! My husband would like it, and I think it’s awesome. XD

    • Tyler Griffin

      It’s perfectly logical, Take out your opponent’s communication, and watch them fall apart. She tried to rattle the boys’ cages, and while they did shiver, they didn’t bite. She poked at Commander, but Amanda is above provocation here, that just leaves the informant. See, heroes in training, you THINK that you are keeping your underage sidekicks out of trouble when you put them on “Recon”, but in fact, if they do that recon well, then you have actually just put them directly at the top of a competent villain’s priority list.

  • Nate

    While I am, of course, worried about Mitch, something just popped in my head. Mitch is 15, yes? Remember this?

    • Those pages Nate references are still hard for me to read… every time. Breaks my heart. At least Sircea is absolutely purely honest in her center-of-the-universe desires.

  • Adam Black

    I’ve wondered if Flyboy was going to buy it ever since he came out.

    It allows the ultimate tragedy, while getting to keep his original promise that Kyle doesn’t buy it.

    ( Notice that Alex never promised not to emotionally torture Kyle and kill of his friends ).

    Here’s why He isnt going to buy it:

    We have wayyy to many open Fan-theories about mysterious Flyboy to resolve AND this is the perfect time to fake out us with a new surprise.

    (1) My favorite: Duncan gets his immortality, and youth, but at a terrible cost to him: memory wipe, personality deletion and dumped back in time. This would make Flyboy a future innocent reformed Duncan, but explains their similarity in looks and powers. Isnt Duncan invulnerable? Maybe this blast turns on Flyboys forcesheild. He may fall from the sky but this chicken isnt cooked.

    (2) Flyboy is Duncans Son: Search Your Hearts padawans, you know damn well Alex would pull this at the last second. Enough Clues have been dropped. Don’t think he’d pull it 2x in one story? Tell it to Lucas, honey. This Soap Operas just gotten started. Of course Flyboy has to live to confront his father.

    B) Duncan Breaks out and saves his son. because

    (3) Flyboy is a young and good clone of Duncan. Hes the Connnor Kent to Clarks Kal-el. Well that flying and Touch-PK is forcesheild based.

    (4) Puberty brings new Powers to Flyboy, including magic blasting shields , and possibly catching and throwing them. This makes extra-sense when its revealed that:

    (5) Flyboy is really Sirceas son.
    This isnt mutally exclusive with #2. If he suddenly or secretly has force-field powers , with invulnerability and ability to catch and throw them we can thank his mothers genes. It all makes sense

    (6) Bad Luck Powers: Sircea’s just fell for one of the classic Blunders. Never attack a best Friend of Gordon when death in on the line.

    The blast backfires doubly. Gordon Briefly gets God-like realty warping powers while blast strengthens Flyboy instead of hurting him.

    Shits about to fly.

    ( 7) Commander already knew that Flyboy was invulnerable to her blasts, ( but told no one so their minds couldnt be read ) which is why she had him up there.

    Thats also why she told him not to fight. She secretly used him as bait, knowing he would eventually prove an irresistible target to Sircea. This would result in no harm to Flyboy but would:

    (A) Fully Charge Gordon into an reality warping stratosphere enough to win the fight.

    (B) Break cooperation between Sircea and Duncan If/When Flyboy is revealed as Duncans son

    (C) Provide a moment of Vulnerability against Sircea in the Diversion: She shoots up , Kyle blasts her face off

    (8) Flyboy is dead, dead, dead. Dead like Agent Cooper dead in Avengers. Its the dramatic gravaitas this story needed. Claims a bew Victim.
    There is no bigger Tragedy than killing your most innocent virginal homosexual.

    DiD you think it the timing of the Patreon launch, was mere accident?

    Of course not! Alex is shrewd and knew he HAD to launch it before Flyboy became the latest Boston Market sandwich.

    • Klaus

      Or (9) Something else entirely.

    • Marz

      Considering Coulson came back to life and got his own TV show, I’d be okay if Mitch was dead like Agent Coulson. Flyboy spin-off! 😉

      • Adam Black

        Yeah, I knew that. But Coulson stayed dead for the rest of avengers with a wink and a nod. When I said Dead like Avengers dead, thats what I meant. I mean Dead like Prof X dead. Dead like Batman Dead. Just plain Dead.

        Gordon has to believe he is dead for this ploy to be effective.

        • Marz

          Oh I knew what you meant, I was just making a joke about your example not actually staying dead.

    • Cydney Sabin

      Also possible: last-minute intervention from an outside force.

  • Caffienated

    Oh shit he’s unprotected! Fly Penguin! FLY!!

  • Terri Sutton

    It seems like Flyboy being in danger is something that a lot of people called.

    P.S. Please be an Age Ray, please be an Age Ray.

  • Pikinanou


  • Krondor2000

    All I can say is that I hope Spooky is able to take advantage of PP’s monologue to be able to pull off the old switch-aroo between Mitch and Duncan.

  • timemonkey

    Ooooh, great move on her part. The chance of it actually hitting him are low but the rest of the team is going to freak out which will make them sloppy.

  • Cydney Sabin

    I REALLY regret complimenting PP last page now…

    • It’s okay. Sometimes I say something nice about Duncan, but I always regret it later too. It goes with the territory. Heh.

      • Cydney Sabin

        Yeah, but Duncan just used Kyle as a portal to Hell and broke his poor heart. Sircea blatantly attacked a young kid. Kyle’s gonna either be heartbroken again, or possibly go Demon Hulk Mode. And poor hurt Mitch is gonna be the one to bring him out of it.

        • Jonni

          Friends helping each other to find the best of themselves in their worst moments can make for a really sweet scene – a cute one, too!

        • Tyler Griffin

          Um, what Duncan did is actually, like, sexual abuse and horribly manipulative. It is in NO WAY lesser than attacking a minor. It’s not really any worse either, but he doesn’t get a free pass just because Kyle suffered no physical harm.

          • Cydney Sabin

            I was trying to be droll. I obviously failed. Oops.

          • Tyler Griffin

            Oops. My bad.

  • Just to note. Due to some truly fab new backers Alex’s Patreon just passed the current NSFW milestone, which means he’ll start posting some NSFW excellence. All I can say is… goddess bless you wonderful pervalicious people out there who helped, because the only thing better than a YP hero… is a scantily clad YP hero.

    (chris bows his head in a moment of silent respect for pure awesomeness)

    Thanks excellent people!

    • Cydney Sabin

      All I can think of is Kyle and Spooky wearing Sircea’s outfit. It’s both sexy and goofy. XD

      • Tyler Griffin

        I would BUY THE HECK out of that print.

        • Cydney Sabin

          So would I. Somebody with art skills! Make this happen!

    • I got to see that number sneak over $4000. The right day I managed to become a patreon xD
      I like that it was just in time for the NSFW, even if I’ve seen the lockerroom poster before. One more look,, or two, or ten.. doesn’t hurt.

    • Tahir Raines

      I’m going to have to start being a patron. I already will have the kickstarter rewards anyway, but I’m starting to feel left out lol.

  • Amaya Redfern

    I had a dream that Alex got tired of Patreon and went back to the $400 thing. O_o Which is silly considering how awesome Patreon is.
    This is how much this comic is affecting me. I freaking dream about it.

    • I think that’s awesome. 🙂

      • Amaya Redfern

        This is all part of your master plan, isn’t it?

        • Tyler Griffin

          For a simple $5 increase of your current Patreon level, the hypno vision dream advertising company will give you a 30 day break from ad dreams. New from Noneco.

          • D. Garrett


        • Yes.

  • larry

    Did she just call them birds? And CHICKENS?!!

    • John

      But chickens can’t fly, so she can’t be referring to flyboy… can she?

      • Klaus

        Yes they can. If you keep them in cramped cages unable to exercise their wings, they loose that ability, but in their natural state they do fly.

        • Archidel

          Quite right. They can’t get very high, or far, and they’re not exactly the most elegant fliers, but chickens can indeed fly. A little.

        • Tyler Griffin

          Can confirm. My chickens all fly, not far or high, mind you, but definitely fly.

        • John

          Huh. I did not know this. I learned something here today 🙂
          Thanks Klaus!

      • DC

        My sister called her kids little chickens sometimes, when they were smaller. Compared to PP the YPs are still children. My sister used ‘little chickens’ as a term of endearment. I’m not too sure about PP’s use, probably she just thinks they are only inexperienced children and no match for her.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Okay, now that I’ve picked my jaw up off the floor, I have a few things to say:
    2. I’m praying that is not a kill-shot and is meant to stun him out of the sky, since that would serve her purpose just as well as destroying him.
    3. If that is a kill-shot (which it probably is, considering the force it took for Sircea to fire it), I am praying that Flyboy is as fast and agile as is avian abilities imply.
    4. This page is truly exquisite! What is that engraved on Sircea’s headdress? is that a wild boar with some stags on either side? It would make sense, since Lampry called her Duncan’s sow before.

    Ugh, I was hoping for Wednesday to come, and now I’ll be holding my breath until Saturday! Thanks a lot, Alex! (No really, thanks; this is so much fun!)

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Regarding #4, I believe that it is in fact a bull.

    • Klaus

      1. Yes
      2. Not much chance of that
      3. You and a great many others
      4. A truly exquisite page.

    • LOL. You’re welcome. I’m glad you’re enjoying The Young Protectors. 🙂 Thank you for your thoughtful response!

  • Klaus

    11 pages since Spooky was hit. I wonder how he is doing.

    • Archidel

      Indeed. 11 pages is a long time for the poison to do its work. Well, I’d use poison anyway. As a general rule, shuriken don’t really penetrate deep enough to do critical damage, so a nice little bit of neurotoxin or a cytotoxin like ricin would form a perfect deadly supplement.

      Than again, Spooky did survive hell on his own when he was basically still a little kid. A little poison probably won’t keep him down, even if the Annihilator did use it. Of which there has been no mention so far, so he probably didn’t.

      All of which is a really rather convoluted way of saying, yeah, I’m wondering too.

      • Klaus

        That star went in much farther than it would in a real world situation. Duncan made good use of his superstrength..

      • Madock345

        I’m guessing he wouldn’t use poison. We know he doesn’t really like killing people, even Kyle knew that he avoided that when possible.

  • There goes the neighborhood. No, really, I imagine Doki and Silibub just whipped out their lightsabers and declared as with one voice, “There can be only one!”

    I am a Mitch fan. The lad has grown on me over time. I’m the sort that gravitates to the quiet ones. Often they are the sneakiest and most fun to hang out with and given his mad computer skills, I can only imagine how Mitch might shock his fellows in YP.

    I feared Mitch’s death as a plot device far longer than his confiding in Kyle that they were both into guys. There is no greater pain than the loss of a beloved child and in comics, a heroic team member. It cements the cruelty of the villain and draws everyone from the heroes on page to the readers into a single, united force. Whether or not Mitch dies is irrelevant. Sircea just struck at the heart of the team with cold malice. What comes next is a test of the soul.

    How will each respond to the threat? This is the first time we have seen these kids in a full-out battle against villains. Will they hang on to their ideals or will they lash out with fury, in effect embracing the Dark Side metaphorically speaking?

    Every story is a hero’s journey. It is a test of character. TYP might suffer losses today but not in a way they expect. There are fates worse than death.

    Thank you, Alex, Adam, and Vero. Once again, your work amazes and inspires. I wait with bated breath for the next chapter!

    • Thank you, Donald! I loved reading your response to this page. 🙂

  • I am going to fervently believe that Alex is NOT going to use the death of a Young Protector to advance the plot. Actually, I down right refuse to believe it. Yes, I know people die in various fights, but I hate the plot device of killing someone to make the plot happen.

    • Tyler Griffin

      That’s my thought process. Especially this early in the game. It’s lazy writing to rely on that, and we all know Alex is anything but lazy

      • True that! That’s one of the things I love about Alex’s work, he never does the expected. Even when scenes are tense.

        • Maus Merryjest

          He may not die, but this may put Mitch out of the game for a WHILE. He might end up in a life/death coma for a while…

          So the question is: When that happens, whose side will Anni be on?

          • Anni will as always be on Anni’s side methinks.

      • Adam Black

        it isnt early. Its late.

        • Tyler Griffin

          Uh. First genuine confrontation of a story would be early.

    • I’m thinking that this is a way to bring Mitch more actively into the plot. I’d like to think that Flyboy could really put PP off-balance – there’s been very little in the past for her to have studied his powers and behavior.

      As far as the whole “minors are off-limits” thing, the YP have broken that by confronting PP and Anni. Although Mitch hasn’t been involved in the fighting, he has been playing a supporting role that could make him fair game.


    Welp, we’re blind.

  • davefragments

    We’ve all been assuming that those people in the glass box are there to open the gateway to Laampros’ dimension when they die. What if their death isn’t required? What if that upward bolt of energy is the culmination of the spell? All that it would take was a second or so of distraction.

    • DaveF, that’s so sensible it’s just plain mean. LOL.

      • davefragments

        That’s why I didn’t post that Tuesday night. I was too tired then and now.

        • No don’t be tired. I’m counting on you to write more fabulous dark m/m fantasticness… you be okay… okay?

          • davefragments

            I had a week where they cow;don’t deliver water (I have a tank and the weather was too cold for the large hose they use) So when they did the fellow slid the truck with 5000 gal into one of my deader trees. Trees do die. Then I broke my watercloset. Later that night, the pump on my furnace died. So two repairs, and a subsequent water delivery later – four loads of laundry done, three to go. Sigh. I’m tired. I want a maid.
            wink, wink

            PS, I think the Saturday we see Laampros again. Or at least a large black hole with George peering through.

          • Awww darn DFrag… I think Laampros should send you a maid just because. Even if it’s small, warty and green and has too many arms… well as long as it can clean then it’s golden. I’m sure if you feed it pets from the neighbors houses, then it will keep your domicile cozy and tidy. So YOU GO BOY!

          • davefragments

            All this will go away in a day or two. I’ll buy myself a good steak or two or three, some onions and potatoes and be carnivorous for a few days.

          • Excellent. MEAT. The cure all! Fell better.

          • Tyler Griffin

            I often find that a good round of meat makes me feel much better

          • Yikes! I’d be tired too. Hope all works now.

          • davefragments

            It’s all fixed. Now all I need is for it the weather to warm up.

    • zunden

      Maybe it only takes one sacrifice, but PP has to sacrifice the person herself. So, the people there are actually just meant to give them plenty of options/extras in case anything did go wrong.

  • anonywolf

    🙁 Flyboy better dodge. He better dodge his ass off and escape. I’ll never forgive you if he doesn’t dodge. There will be a total lack of forgiving and a very strongly felt silent treatment.

    • Derkins

      he has sonic speed… maybe… maybe he can? o_o

      • Klaus

        This is more about reaction speed than movement speed.

        • Call it what you will Klaus. I say just move your Flyboy bohunkus out of the way of that magic blast like YESTERDAY!!!!

        • Derkins

          I knooow. I’m jus tryin’ to be optimistic. 🙂 He does *see* it, though. This might go something like it did with Spooky and the throwing daggers Anni sent at him. Not dead, but definitely not feeling so great either. At least, that seems like a happy medium between the two extremes. Let’s just go with that. o.o

          • Klaus

            Of two evils, …

  • Megan Staples

    Mitch! On no!

  • Johndar


    • I like you.

      • Armageddon is just a multisyllabic word until a true believer gets a hold of it. I hope Alex has a safe house. Oooooo Eeeeee….

    • OMG the spirit of Doki has taken over Jondar!

      • Tyler Griffin

        Just wait till they break out the Fusion Dance

  • damn Sircea is good.

    i am really starting to get a crush on her.

    i continue having a soft spot for savvy, strong, elegant, smart, eloquent, Proficient-in-Technique Women, in my heart.
    (of course, it does help when that woman also happens to be Comely.)

    ..i, too, hope you have honed your Super Dodging Skills.


    • Eland

      Although her jaw’s kinda strong for my aesthetic tastes, her character design is really excellent and her jawline probably compliments her character’s personality overall anyway. I am in love with her crown/tiara bit each time I see it in close detail. 😀

      • Ummmmm…. (?) so the jawline turns you on… or not so much? … HEY? I’m just curious. LOL.

        • Eland

          Hahah! Well, she’s a lady so neither would turn me on. I was trying to say her jawline (in my own preferences in aesthetics) is a bit too manly to me, but that in reality it compliments her personality and how self-confident and strong she is.

          Does that make sense? ;P

          • Indeed, attraction is made up of so many subtle attributes, and one of the strongest is ‘confidence’. Sircea is nothing if not supremely confident. Listen, if she didn’t lack the all important penis? Well, then I’d be begging Syllibub to get me an introduction.


          • Eland

            I doubt that I’d survive meeting her. I mean, I’m all for self-preservation and whatnot so I think as long as I stayed out of her way (and sacrificial boxes/hell plans…) she’d not bother me as much as she should. But I think there’d be WAY too much drama involved for that to interest me sexually, even if she were an equally powerful male. 😛

      • heh heh.

        alex could commission someone to actually make an IRL replica of one, eh?

    • G-Rex (Supe): Do you think Sirc. is woman enough 4 the G-Rex? Wow, that would be impressive. I’m pretty sure she does not limit her options… LOL.

      p.s. I’m counting on our FlyB. to be slippery quick, like only the young pups can be… Young and flexible… 🙂

      • field-of-danger..
        ..i’ve been kinda put through the ringer these past few days

        and it might not be over for a good while yet (depending on what else happens once i return to work)

        my crush is probably akin to a “platonic puppy dog” love

        i just wanna, you know, be her Kouhai

        fly can go at Mach Speeds, so i don’t doubt he can dodge this bullet.
        i haven’t had the chance to look yet.
        don’t spoiler it!!

  • Bryan Axson

    I think Sircea is going to pluck a major heart string with Kyle, and will make him go 100% full flame boy on her and she will burn to bits.

    • Eland

      I think maybe you’re right, but I hope not. I kind of love her character. XD

    • Adam Black

      Now I want to hear Kyle say: “Flame Boy, ON”

      @alexwoolfson:disqus can that be his new Catch-phrase?

      • Klaus

        Protectors Dissemble!

  • Eland

    I cannot imagine anything happening OTHER than him getting hit. Otherwise, it’d be a strange waste of a few pages/days of comic leading up to her “comeback scene”. Not that villains aren’t even incorrectly boastful (irl). It’d just feel strange and anti-climactic. I think this will give Mitch’s character time to at least gain some more action in the story/importance/relevance. I mean.. he’s obviously VERY important, but it seems he interacts with the team a bit less? Then again, it’s been a while since I’ve looked through the past pages, so maybe I’m just perceiving it that way. #minimindvomit

  • EMR has updated!

    If you haven’t had the joy of reading EMR yet, you can begin reading it here:

    • D. Garrett

      yay!!! ty!

  • davefragments

    The Patreon Milestone goal reward THING is great. “Good work!” to the three
    This page presents so many interesting possibilities I hesitate to suggest them all. I will say this: We know the dimensional gateway will open. The big plot question is how soon and how spectacularly or dramatically it happens.

    • Thank you, Dave! Very glad you liked the Milestone Goal. 🙂

  • Mir

    I saw this coming but I was never prepared.

    As much as I love the Annihaltor I would much rather have kyle end up with Flyboy (if he was to end up with anyone at all, him being single in the end wouldn’t bother me either).

    Alex, can I just say your comics bring me so much joy every day? Especially when days like today that have just been absolute crap but I brighten up a little when I remember there is a new page. It’s awesome.

    • That makes me really happy to hear, Mir. A big reason I make these comics is to make people’s lives better, and if these updates brighten your day, even a little, then that’s awesome. Thank you so much for letting me know. 🙂

  • Maus Merryjest

    Of course, PP’s position has her staff UPWARDS, grounded. She can’t use it to deflect for the moment. This is the moment where Kyle should turn her into Joan Crawford ashes.

  • Kate G


    I’d write more but everything is sore from my first horseback riding lesson. I now know why all horse riders have good posture and strong arms. My arms hurt from telling my horse to go closer to the rail. My mellow horse kept wanting to go into the center of the arena!

  • Rae Goldberg


  • Dakejev

    I’m fairly sure Mitch has the speed to get out of the way, but what if the energy bolt thing can home in on him? It would keep him out of being of any service to the rest of the team, if he had to fly off to try and shake off the energy bolt. That might actually work even better than outright killing him – make his teammates worry for his health, “blinded” without the eye in the sky, all that.

    • Maus Merryjest

      If it homes in after him, he could always fly AT Circea…

      • Dakejev

        I doubt she’d be stupid enough to not have thought of that. Most likely it’d dodge her and then keep going after him. But he could try making it hit something solid enough further away from the battlefield.

        • Maus Merryjest

          Like Anni!

          • Dakejev

            But that would again bring his teammates into danger zone – and risk Duncan getting out of Spooky’s tentacle embrace. And if that happened, things would not go well for the heroes.

    • I like your avatar. Gorgeous.

      • Dakejev

        It’s the Andromeda Galaxy, always been my favourite naked eye target in the night sky – not to mention having had the chance to view it with a fairly powerful telescope. Also, “It’s coming right for us!” 😉

  • Jose O. Gonzalez Lopez

    The lines imply that flyboy noticed it, hopefully he can move fast enough, get a mountain, and drop it on her face.

    • Dakejev

      A mountain would be an overkill – and he’d endanger his teammates. I would suggest a very big can of silly string; he could fly around her, ruining her sleek looks. That would definitely enrage her – perhaps enough to make her careless?

      • Klaus

        The plan was that Spooky would throw some of the “tricks” from his many pockets at her while holding Duncan. Why hasn’t he?

        • Dakejev

          I think the combination of Duncan being difficult (he keeps fighting the tendrils), Spooky’s bleeding leg, and Sircea staying away from him. If Spooky just tossed one of those bottles in Sircea’s general direction, it might hit Kyle or Tsunami.

  • bronakopdin

    I’m late again but my visitor for one week left now and I can catch up with stuff now 🙂
    but what do I FIND?!?!?!? >__<'
    I just hope Mitch can escape that one with his nearly Mach 2 speed!!!
    SHOW HER!!!!

    and wooooot! I just checked patreon (no time for mails these last days) and we made the next milestone goal, too!!!!
    I'm so happy 😀 we are all great!

  • larry

    For those fans who haven’t joined Patreon yet, please, please, PLEASE do so! Not only does this comic totally deserve it, but the NSFW art just came out today. Fans of any or ALL of the boys will NOT be disappointed. You owe it to yourselves (and to our beloved Alex) to support this comic!

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    • Klaus

      Just so.

  • Klaus

    Alex, I hope you have that link to the current page ready. You are going to need it soon.

  • Shinashi

    Flyboy *falls to side inconsolable until Saturday*

    • Klaus

      It may get better Saturday. Then again, it may get much worse. Or Alex might switch to a look soldiers embarking on troop transports.

      • Tyler Griffin

        *Aaaaaaaaaaand Que camera cut to Military transport currently en route to support our heroes*

        Is OUR Alex really that evil? Me thinks possible.

      • Shinashi


  • Valja

    Well, should really have expected that, you don’t get to live for thousands of years only to be bested so easily by a merry group of first-timers… But it’s still so painful to see that the situation might just have turned for the worse! :/

    Buuuut… In Mitch I Trust! xD And if he himself can’t completely avoid the blow, I’m sure the others will manage to help him somehow! *tries to convince herself*
    Yes, they’ll totally… do it, right? Maybe Spooky… mmhh I honestly can’t wait to see a 1vs1 between Spooks and Sircea. But then again, dear Duncan would be free to move and go on a rampage, and we definitely DON’T want him to be free to do as he pleases, nope nope…
    Agh. This. Comic. Is. So. GREAT!!

    • Thank you, Valja. I’m glad you’re liking it. 🙂

    • TheManBehindTheCurtain

      Actually I kind of suspected this was going to happen based on PP boasting earlier. The solution is obvious though, use her own power against her by having Spooky move Duncan in the way to take the hit instead. That way she takes out her only ally, and then she and Spooky can go at it.
      Of course if Mich does get hurt Kyle will probably freak out and blast her even worse than he did Duncan in that hell dimension. I don’t think she’s prepared to fight a prince of hell.

  • Precious

    Oh no she didn’t- Will someone please make this woman slip on a dang banana peel already?! If she hits my Flyboy, it is so on! Dx
    -Is silently crying in a corner because she is afraid of what could happen in the next page- T~T

  • Klaus

    When I went to bed there were 495 patrons. I wake up to 504. We are not losing momentum yet.

    • Good. We all want Alex working and slaving away on TYP related entertainment full time. There is no chance in the 27 hells that his day job is nearly as important entertaining me us full time. So, here’s to continued momentum!!!! Yay!

      • Klaus

        The $7 000 goal actually does seem to be within reach.

        • There could be no better news. In the meantime I’ll just control myself and keep my deep masculine squeeeeeee inside until such a time as it’s needed… and then all shall be graced with it’s glorious sound.

          Let it written. Let it be done.

          • It should be added to the $7000 milestone goal that when it’s reached, you will post a pic of your hands holding TYP color themed pom-poms (red, white and orange) … oh and a squee party will happen amongst the readers, in celebration for Alex xD

  • I noticed that the key seems to be glowing in that first panel. Do you suppose Sircea has been wasting time until it was ready to be used?

    • Tyler Griffin

      I see no reason for that to be an invalid proposal!

    • It does seem to be noticeably brighter.

    • davefragments

      I just noticed that.

    • Dakejev

      I keep expecting her circular power thing (in first panel) to open the portal into firey place.

      • I wondered what she was going to do at first, seeing her spin her staff. I thought she just might laugh and step it up a notch. Then again, I guess she did.

        That or she goes Super Saiyan. o.O

  • Tyler Griffin

    But, is her outfit white or blue? 😉 😛 Sorry ya’ll I couldn’t resist

    • David Welbourn


    • Klaus


      • Tyler Griffin

        It’s a reference to an internet snafu that began sometime yesterday when someone posted a picture of a dress that they and a friend with them in the group could not agree on the color of. The picture went viral as, apparently, everyone sees the colors slightly differently and the result is that some people see the dress i question as Blue with black lace, and some see it as white with gold lace, and no one is willing to concede which color the dress actually is.

        • Klaus

          Is this what today’s XKCD is about?

          • Tyler Griffin

            Yup, you would be correct

          • rgleon9986

            I wa wondering what on earth was going on there.

        • Niggle

          Someone on FB posted the picture and sees it as blue and black and many people commenting switch between that and white/gold. So I dumped the picture into a paint program and used the eye dropper tool. The “white” parts are in fact blue, but a very pale blue and the gold lace actually is brown. So I do not at all understand how people can see a dark deep blue and straight up black.

          • Tyler Griffin

            A couple of science-y sites have picked it up and offered an explanation. APPARENTLY the gimmick is that because of the way the human eye is structured, and the way our brains interpret visual input no two people see the same color EXACTLY the same. I already knew this from basic biology, however a lot of people either didn’t get that factoid in high school, or have forgotten it. But essentially it works like this, while we all see things similarly enough to able to agree 98% of the time, because of individual differences in perception we end up disagreeing on very similar shades. Think back to that “Blood Orange? It’s f***ing RED!” image/.gif that went viral a few months back. The fabric this dress is made of appears to be a shade which is a boarderline shade for MANY people, meaning that under any circumstances folks would disagree on the specific shade it is. However it seems to additionally be made of a fabric which has a shimmery/light refracting quality which can further skew people’s color perception, and the lighting and filtering of the image creates a deep evening shadow effect, which also enhances the degree to which different people will percieve the color differently.

            Now, the TL:DR version: Due to a combination of a whole bunch of coincidences, this images enhances the small differences in individual perceptions to such a degree that instead of people seeing different minor shades of the same color, they see completely different colors.

          • DC

            My eyes see it as white and gold until I tilt my screen back, then it becomes blue and black.

          • Klaus

            I just can not see it as anything but blue and a dark brown.

          • Tyler Griffin

            It’s blue and gold to me as well. I thought was some lone mutant freak for almost a day before I found a small group of other who were seeing varying shades of blue and gold/brown

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Further down the page I made the prediction that Fly Boy might simply dodge out of the way. The assumption I was making was that since he has the superspeed to fly up to Mach 2, then there’s a good chance (but not a guarantee) he has the super reflexes to make use of it. TV Tropes refers to this as ‘necessary secondary powers’.

    Along similar lines, I’m wondering if Fly Boy might not dodge out of the way. Not because he can’t, but because he chooses not to. As in: if Fly Boy can fly at up to Mach 2, then there’s a good chance (but not a guarantee) that he has a degree of invulnerability to keep himself from being torn apart by wind sheer at those speeds. Of course, it’s possible that he does have invulnerability – but it only applies to physical damage, not to mystical force blasts.

    So, hypothesising a scenario, skewed for maximum drama but minimal damage to Fly Boy, and incorporating an idea for Dakejev’s post earlier: The Platinum Priestess lets off her power bolt, Fly Boy dodges, but then Fly Boy gets a shocked look as he realises that the bolt has done a U-turn and is now coming back for him! Fly Boy knows that the Commander is counting on him to keep an overview of the battlefield, and doesn’t know if the bolt can hurt him, so he takes more evasive manoeuvres, with the bolt following after him in the same way that Darkseid’s omega blasts do. The energy bolt finally catches up with him… to no effect. Fly Boy goes, “Huh. I guess I’m invulnerable to magic after all.” Then the scenario continues on as I predicted before: cue the Priestess getting a surprised expression on her face just before the Young Protectors lay some smack down on her.

    • Klaus

      As a necessary secondary power, he mat well beinvulnerable only to wind shear and any dust or insects etc. he may collide with, not to attacks.

      • Dakejev

        …now I’m imagining those goggles of his being encrusted with expired insects… XD

        • Tyler Griffin

          EWWWWWWWW. But at least it makes them practical. I wonder how often he gets issued new ones, cause you know that crap don’t come off.

    • Jeffrey Jacobson

      Unfortunately, it is also possible that while he can fly really fast, that doesn’t mean his reflexes are equally quick. At 15, his reaction time is probably pretty good, but he’s also inexperienced with being adult sized. At least he sees it coming at him, so he has a chance.

  • Tyler Griffin

    Ok, Alex, I’m calling you out. That’s the big reveal for the next page isn’t it? PP’s outfit was really Blue and Black all along. None of this Silver and White perception business.

    • Klaus

      So she is really the Carbon Priestess?

    • fujoshifanatic


    • >.> This has been a really weird day. Leonard Nimoy sadly died, and a damn dress blew up the internet – creating online wars and almost breaking friendships xD

      • Tyler Griffin

        If it were closer to April Fool’s Day, and I were Alex, I would SOOOOO totally post a fake comic page that was like 14 panels and each one featured PP in that dress, and the colors would switch between blue/black and white/gold in each panel

  • Wednesday morning the $4000 goal was reached on Patreon. Now it’s already over halfway to next milestone goal 🙂

  • jreed3842

    Gah… This page has been on my mind all week! Lol. I’m so worried about what’s gonna happen!

    But some positive news! I landed an interview for a new job…. although it doesn’t seem like I’ll make more than I am now… So I still don’t think I can become a Patreon. *sigh*
    I just gotta wait until I win the lottery! Lol. I swear. One of these days I’ll become a Patreon!

    • Congratulations on landing the interview, jreed! Good luck! 🙂

      • jreed3842

        Thanks, Alex!

        I’m hoping it goes well!!

    • I only managed to become a patreon wednesday. I hope I can keep it up on a monthly basis, but even if I have to skip sometimes I know I can always return.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Don’t know how many Trekkies are in the crowd, but I just wanted to say rest in peace and profound thanks to geek icon and one of my childhood crushes, Leonard Nimoy/Mr. Spock. He lived long (in human years), and may he prosper in the afterlife.

    • Dakejev

      He died?!? *goes off to weep in a corner*

      …Spock was my first love, too…

    • I had to shed a few tears when I read the news via twitter. At the same time my timeline made me feel warm inside. For a while almost all tweets posted/RT’d was about him, and he still takes up a good part of new tweets.
      Made me feel like I was following the right people 🙂

      RIP to Mr. Nimoy, the one who’ll always be the real Spock.

    • …..So that is the reason I couldn’t sleep well and have been on and off napping all day

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Hi all. just a quick note that I will not be at camping today. I’m in my home town for an 80th birthday of one of my aunties/family reunion, and will be doing BBQ at the beach party type things.
    Enjoy yourselves. And Doki? I’m sure Mitch will be fine.

    • Have fun. Will look forward to read what you think about the next page when you get to see it.

    • Have fun!

    • davefragments

      Wish her many more and enjoy the cake.

    • Tyler Griffin

      Have fun, all of our best to you and her, and you better email us some of that BBQ and Beach

    • stickfigurefairytales

      We’ll miss you, Saxon!

  • *sets up a shrine of sorts for Leonard Nimoy and spends a few minutes in front of it*

    *after paying respects to Nimoy, sets up a large prayer circle with candles and incense for Mitch then sits in the middle of it*

  • Hey campers! Hope you all dig the page that’s right around the corner. It’s a doozy. 🙂 Just wanted to stop by and thank you all for being so understanding when I needed a page off a couple weeks back. Making sure we never miss an update is a pretty sacred thing around here and I can’t tell you how much it means to me to have such support and patience from all of you (not to mention my partners in crime, Alex and Vero). Thanks again, all. Onward and upward! Full speed ahead!

    • *hugs*

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Thank you for all of your wonderful work, Adam. You always have our support and love.

    • syllibub

      Thanks Adam — I hope you’re doing okay. We all love and appreciate you!

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Yay, I remembered about camping this time!

    • Woohoo!

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Hi AJ! How’s it going?

        • It’s going pretty good. Cooking some dinner.

          • stickfigurefairytales


          • Tyler Griffin

            What’cha having? We had breakfast for supper

          • Uh… Well it’s something I made up. Sausage, onions, zucchini, and canned tomatoes.

          • Tyler Griffin

            Sounds good. I would probably add a pasta and a cheese, but I’m notoriously unhealthy

          • Add a second can of tomatoes, simmer until somewhat thickened and it’s perfect to be put over pasta.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I love breakfast for dinner.

    • We lost Spock. T-T

      • stickfigurefairytales

        I heard! It’s so sad. ;A;

    • Tyler Griffin

      I’m trying to camp, but my browser keeps not telling me when new comments are here

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Oh no! 🙁

      • davefragments

        Try a restart on the browser. If not, try a computer reboot.
        I forget to reboot my computer sometimes and it gets weird after a week to ten days.

        • Tyler Griffin

          LoL, a week to 10 days… Yep I know that feeling. “Wait, when was the last time I turned your brain off?????” You don’t understand, I am 6 hours into my tumblr dash, if I kill it now I have to go back to the top, and I finally got past all the Stupid Dress and Nemoy posts

          • davefragments

            ooh, sorry.

          • Tyler Griffin

            Eh, it just is. I refreshed this page for like the 6th time and now it seems to be working again

          • davefragments

            Anything that works!

  • Not long now…

    • Yay!

    • Tyler Griffin

      apparently it’s a quiet camp tonight

      • It has been quiet this week. I wonder why…

        • Tyler Griffin

          Everybody is off staring at a certain Wallpaper height chart? 😛

    • davefragments

      Are you in trouble now!

  • davefragments

    It’s been two big news days – Llamas and Dresses. Neither of which I have experience with.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I missed the llamas. What’s up with them?

      • davefragments

        Two Llamas got loose and rand around the streets somewhere yesterday. The internet was mesmerized. Cable news was mesmerized with the attempt to corral them. I’m happy to say, no llamas were hurt in the end.

        • Phoenix!

          • davefragments

            thank you

          • I lived outside of Phoenix (kinda, closer to Scotsdale) a couple years ago, so it was something that stuck out at me.

          • davefragments

            You probably recognized the streets those animals were running on. . . My brother has horses and every so often one gets away and wanders through the park where ehe gives pony rides. It’s tough to corral those creatures. They want to be free from fences etc…

          • Horses are hard on fences. I had horses from the time I was 12 until about 28. When they got out… We had one escape and go into the hills. Found her on Cal. Lutheran land, which was on the hill behind our hill. That was fun.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Glad the llamas were okay.

      • ….Who cares about either when we have lost Spock and Mitch is in dire peril???

  • Hurting has made it difficult to sit at a desk this week, so iPad camping it is! Such a weird day with dresses and sad losing Spock ;__;

    • Join me in the prayer circle starr! Oh I also set up a little memorial shrine for Nimoy Leonard over there as well

      • stickfigurefairytales

        I have a candle going.

      • When I saw that at work today I was so sad! We have a town about an hour away from here named Vulcan & they play off the whole Star Trek theme. He even visited a few years ago and it was amazing. ;___;

        • stickfigurefairytales

          I’m glad that he at least got to visit. That must have been so exciting for everyone.

  • Hi all, sorry I’m late. Where’s Doki and the prayer circle?

    • I’m afraid Doki may have passed out on the new page.

  • davefragments