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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 106

402 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 106

Where is she going with this?

Since the last page, y’all blasted past the Milestone Goal of $3750/month for the Patreon, and so all Patrons can now read the “How Spooky Got His Cap” story on the Patreon page. So far reactions to that story have been “This is so much more than awesome that my deep, masculine and manly squeeing (which is being FORCED out of my inner being) implies.” “Sad and very touching. I’d expect nothing less from a Spooky story. I’m glad to be here to read it.” and “Basically this is a gem and I thank you for it.”

Folks who become Patrons now will be able to read that story and enjoy all the other rewards so far posted. And, of course, Patrons who chose to get the Special Digital Rewards (which is the vast majority) continue to receive Digital Kickstarter Rewards every Wednesday and get to see special Sneak Previews every Sunday. And the next Milestone Goal, which is less than $250/month away, will mean that those Patrons will also start receiving the Full Monty Digital Kickstarter Rewards, which show full nudity of our adult characters and other stuff too sexy for me to ever show on this site.

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So! Last time, she looked like a fairy godmother. In the last panel of this page, she kind of reminds me of a swashbuckling pirate. Will The Platinum Priestess get even scarier on the next page?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • ignore her people!!!!

    • woo hoo! 3rd v for me 😀

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Yay! Way to go! 😀

    • You go Miss Gryph!!!

    • So close! I swear there was no one here when I posted.

      • Disqus does that when people post almost at the same time, and then you refresh the page and sit there with a ‘Where did you come from?’ 😉

        • I thought I had it too! Sniff… Rotten Discus!

          • Awwwww, you’ve experienced the MOD delay. I’ve heard the Disqus software inserts that do to the other-worldly powers that Mods have… all in an effort to try to achieve BALANCE!

          • Hrumph!

    • congrats!

    • Thanks, everyone!

  • I knew it Commander’s too smart for that!

    • She is truly unflappable. Oh, and very very cool.

      • She’s trained with SEAL’s, she should be! Sigh.

        • Day job at sea world?

          • Tyler Griffin

            That comment get my Seal of Approval *Seal clapping in the distance. Ark. Ark. Ark.*

          • davefragments

            It’s the Seal of Approval and it Assures the removal of anything bad at all. Arf, Arf, Arf.

          • I want one of those to follow me around and clap its fins. Yeah!

          • *slaps Mr. Dangerfield with fish*

          • Tyler Griffin

            Category is Fishy Realness

          • Ha!

          • Tyler Griffin

            Sorry. We were promised a new season of Drag Race for the beginning of February, and then Michelle Visage did the Big Brother thing and they kept pushing it back because she kept not getting sent home, lol. There are withdrawals

          • No apologies necessary!

          • I’m not at all sure of that……… (?)

          • I’ve seen you withdrawl, sir!

          • Keneu

            *hands a smackerel to Admiral*

          • Thanks!

          • Heartless, cold-blooded fish destroyers… Everyone thinks things are hunky-Dory (pixar reference is intentional) until a mackerel takes out a small suburb…

          • They are the best out of all fish for destruction.

          • POISSON of death!

          • Tyler Griffin

            That sounds like a Tuna trouble

          • Do NOT give the Admiral weapons of fish-destruction. Remember FISH don’t kill people, the Admiral kills people… (shakes head)….

          • With fish!

          • Keneu

            Who needs nukes when there’s fish?

          • Exactly!

          • Radio-active guppies… with many heads.

          • 😛

          • Fish Slapping is a time honored art form… do NOT take it lightly.


  • side view Mitch ^_^

    • Doki: EYES OF AN EAGLE… (kaboooooom)

      • Mitch is almost making me forget about my upset stomach. ^_^

        • *sigh* sorry you’re not feeling well, still, Doki.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          I hope your stomach feels better soon, Doki!

          • Mitch needs you well! (chris lays hands on) HEAL DOKIDOKIBAKA! HEAL!

            Nothing? Okay hang in there, as soon as Mitch is down we’ll have him stop by. LOL.

            (adam and vero look at alex as if to say… who is he to promise this? aw just shakes his head in the universal sign for ‘later’)

          • Not sure if stomach is pms related, infection related, or something else related.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Poor Doki darling. You’ve been dealing with so many unpleasant health things. *cuddles you*

          • won’t be able to go to a clinic until the snow is gone from the driveway.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I will try to melt the snow with the heat of my glare.

          • Both of us!

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Go team!!

          • either way, i hope it’s over soon 🙁

          • D. Garrett

            time for rest? feel better.

  • DC

    What has she got she hasn’t shown yet? I don’t trust her at all.

  • syllibub

    Hot Lips and Flipper…she makes me want to propose to her all over again.

    • I was going to say! You may have to start fighting people off.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      It certainly confirms that she’s dipped herself in modern pop culture.

      • Keneu

        Just as Duncan.

      • syllibub

        Honestly, I love the idea of her wading through all kinds of popular media to keep herself current. You know she had to hate a lot of it.

        • Keneu

          Can you imagine Sircea watching 50 shades of goo? xD

          • syllibub

            Oh Jesus Christ, no. I read the first book and wanted to lobotomize myself.

          • ICK!

          • davefragments

            It started out life as TWILIGHT fan fiction. Does that explain it?

          • syllibub

            I know, and it does serve as a warning. I think it’s a lot more terribly written and damaging than Twilight, even, which is…truly an accomplishment.

          • Now THAT would explain some things. I bet she’s a fan of Christian Grey.

            (Anyone who’s seen the preview art of Sircea’s first kiss would get my reference here)

          • Keneu

            Really?? :O I haven’t seen that, but all the more reason to run for the hills.

          • Do you want to know, or wait till you can possiby buy it yourself after the KS is done?

          • Keneu

            I wouldn’t mind spoilers, but is that OK? It was a KS reward, no?

          • It’s the trading cards that should be for sale in the Shop later on. Kickstarters get them with their books,but eventually everyone have the chance to see/purchase it anyway.

            But just in case someone wants to wait..


            PP’s first time (kiss) card showed a young, blonde PP kissing a guy who’s tied to some kind of frame.

          • Keneu

            Thank you, that is very interesting! I can think of other reasons other than sadism to explain it, but I believe that is the most probable reason.

    • She is absolutely stunning on these last few pages…

    • Yeah do it. You deserve her. Oh, and I actually mean that in a nice way. She is more fab than a sack of diamonds. Fun and psychotic. Who could ask for anything more?

      Love her.

    • 🙂

  • davefragments

    She’s going to open the gateway to the Laampros Dimension.

  • She’s going to pull something out of that silvery white glove of hers and it ain’t gonna be pretty!

    • Tyler Griffin

      I now have a vision of a doctor snapping a latex glove and announcing “Prostate Exam!” I don’t know why. It’s not related at all.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Either she has some diabolical twist up her sleeve or she’s the most skillful user of reverse psychology I’ve ever seen.

    • Both? Why do I think both? Oh dear…

      • stickfigurefairytales

        On top of that, I’m halfway convinced she’s managed to put iocaine powder in *my* drink.

        • Ha…. thank goodness you spent time building an immunity… you have right? Right? (pause) Sticky? STICKY stop messing around you have…

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Oh, of course I do, silly! What do you think I’ve spent the last few years doing aside from learning swordfighting and pirating?

          • Oh thank goodness… erm… I mean, “As you wish!”

  • I don’t know if they’re playing chess, Sircea. Just a bit of dodge ball.

    • Tyler Griffin

      Well, since Kyle has spent most of his life dodging balls up till now, he should have this well in hand

      • HA! Oh my my my. That is one of the best descriptions for being in, and yet coming OUT, of the closet I’ve ever heard. Ha.

        • Tyler Griffin


  • OMG… she belongs to Syllibub, but she’s really freakin’ fab. Can I just hug her a little bit? Can I?

    • syllibub

      …You can try. (It’s sincerely not a threat on my part — just, you might want to wear armor?)

      • Like dragon skin armor from some game I don’t know how to play. She just sooooooo… so!

        • syllibub

          Exactement. *sigh*

        • Tyler Griffin

          Just put on your Furry costume and run at her making hugging motions.

  • I think, that because she can threaten, monologue and do all sorts of other dastardly things while doing freaking gymnastics, of course she’ll be scarier on the next page. It’s her specialty after all.

    Right, Syllibub?

    • syllibub

      It’s a constant escalation of terror. On the plus side, I can watch horror movies to put myself to sleep now.

      • This is such an awesome comment!

      • stickfigurefairytales

        sylli: *hears horrible screaming* “Honey, come to bed.”

      • I’m sure Jason just makes you break out in giggles. So adorable now.

        • syllibub

          That little mask. So cute.

          • And Freddy, he just needs a pat on the head and a bit of a cuddle. 🙂

          • I do worry about you two. I do. (snort)

          • I’m not the one keeping horror creatures for pets. I’ve probably given myself nightmares just even talking about these things.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Did you mean Spooky’s hell snakes?

          • I forgot about those. Those probably have the run of the place while Jason and Freddy have to stay in their pens.

          • Tyler Griffin

            But.. but… have you ever petted my baby Chthulu? It’s just SOOOOOOOO cuddly and mind munchingly sweet

          • stickfigurefairytales

            That makes me think of those cute little Chthulu plushies.

          • It’s the suction cups… so so huggable!

          • Tyler Griffin

            And it just loves to play with my hypnotoad and brain slug farm.

          • As it tries to eat your face. 🙂

          • Chainsaws are so adorable when wielded by psychopaths!

          • Indeed! And axes and machetes.

          • Ho hum… what’s a body part between friends. However, if it’s Mitch’s body part then I suspect Doki turns in to Alecto, Megaera or Tisiphone and things for the Mitch-abuseer become very uncomfortable indeed.

            (innocent eyes) Just guessing here?

          • Don’t even…even SAY that, Chris!

          • Oh, no, he’s much too young. — Morticia Addams

          • *glares* Mitch keeps ALL his body parts, even his hair. No one touches him.

          • EyeDontNo

            In How Many Jars? (innocent whistling as he walks away)

          • *gives EyeDont THE glare* Stay away from Mitch.

          • adorbs!

    • Tyler Griffin

      Anyone with the respiratory health and strength to actually SPEAK while backflipping and gymnasticsing has my undying respect.

  • Wait! Can she TRANSFORM into something? Like a dragon or some hell monster? I don’t think so but the thought has crossed my mind.

    • See, I think she COULD, but does she NEED to. I mean Spooky is all THAT. The under 6,000 year old version, but she’s the fully grown version and she worries me and attracts me at the same time.

      Not fair Alex! (is he allowed to mess with us like that?)

      Wait… don’t answer that. 🙂

      • Good point, Chris! I’m sure everyone would ask the same thing: does she NEED to?

    • Saxon_Brenton

      What, like an all-white version of the dragon that Maleficent turns into at the end of the original animated Disney ‘Sleeping Beauty’, rearing up so tall that she’s displacing clouds? That would be a really cool visual.
      That said, remember the Evil Overlord List: ‘I will not turn into a snake. It never helps.’

      • Ooooohhhhhh! I think I would fall to my knees begging her to take me PLEASE if that happened.

      • Tyler Griffin

        No, keep the Were-Hunters in the Dark Hunter Universe, we don’t need any of THAT particular brand of insanity running amok here.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    A sudden thought: she calls Red Hot and Tsunami with the somewhat disparaging nicknames ‘Hot Lips’ and ‘Flipper’. But she calls Spooky Jones ‘Mr Jones’. Now, we don’t have tone of voice in a webcomic, so we can’t tell if she’s sneering out his name. But it does suggest she has at least a modicum of respect for Spooky – even as a thorn in her side – otherwise I suspect she’d refer to him as something like ‘the priapic Mr Jones’. Hmm, is this an indication of who she thinks the most dangerous players in this group are? Or am I reaching?

    • syllibub

      I noticed that, too, and I agree that it does seem oddly…respectful. If she’s not underestimating Spooky, though, that’s still bad news for the team.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      They call him MR. JONES!!!!

    • No, sir. I’ve seen you REACH and this is just a lovely and reasonable conjecture. Thanks muchly. 🙂

      • Saxon_Brenton

        [blushes] Ah, thank you Chris, that’s very kind. Sometimes I forget how many times I’ve been randomly inspired to write a mini-essay, which sometime pan out and sometimes don’t. It’s ego-boosting to know that I’m still entertaining 🙂

        • My good man you are ALWAYS entertaining… although it’s only fair to remind you that this compliment comes to you courtesy of another member of the loquacious posting team. 🙂

          Keep on. Kyle has NOT saved the world YET! Heh.

    • I wondered about that too. PP could have used a mio names for Spooky, and went with his last name title. How peculiar a difference.

  • Fabulous Alien

    Hot Lips and Flipper??? I’m never going to stop laughing… and I have to go to work tomorrow!!! I’m going to be fired!!!

    • Tyler Griffin

      And you know that Hot Lips is so totally layered in meaning. The flame powers, the fact that he actually seems to have gotten into Duncan’s head, the sexy ass in that costume, and the bulging… Well, you get the idea.

      • D’awwwwwww… he said, “bulging.” Mmmmmmmm… (chris makes inappropriate yummy noise… Spoooooooky…

    • 🙂

    • Fabulous Alien

      I’m happy to report I haven’t been fired (yet). Mental images of Kyle in a pin-up pose saying “you can call me Hot Lips” are somewhat distracting when your job is basically all about public speaking. I may have come off as slightly deranged, though…

  • syllibub

    Ok, I’ve had a lot of cheap wine tonight, and that plus the lovely page are making my brain fizz so I’m going to bow out. Thanks so much for the beautiful update, Art Trio Extraordinaire, and good luck with your signing — take plenty of breaks to spare your hands, and have fun!

    • Night, Sylli!

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Goodnight, sylli!

    • G’nite!

    • Thank you so for your lovely company. Don’t forget to decant the rest of the lovely Montrachet. (I think it’s so cute when the privileged classes think they’re slumming it. Sweet dreams of Sircea. 🙂

    • Keneu

      Good night 🙂

    • Night sweetie!

    • Tyler Griffin

      Goodnight, we’ll send PP on up to join you after we’re done oogling her.

    • Thank you, syllibub! So far it’s been a total blast! It was amaze-balls getting the three of us together today — so much to talk about and learn about as we are signing hundreds of books.

      And Adam is staying at my apartment and it’s feeling like the cool pizza-fueled sleepovers I used to have as a teenager where my friends and I would stay up all night playing D&D. Lots of fun, geeky discussion about The Young Protectors and other stories we love. 🙂

  • Megan Staples

    Holy bad vibes, Batman! It looks like PP has an ace up her non-existent sleeve! Methinks Flyboy may be needed closer to the ground. From what I’ve seen, he’s telekinetic, yes? I notice he has to have hands on what he’s flying (such as the car that Spooky and Fluke were in when they went after Kyle), which suggests touching is essential. Or is he merely just another super-strong flying hero?

    • Klaus

      If he was just strong, he could not have lifted the car the way he did.

      • Megan Staples

        Superman can carry whatever he wants to while in flight.

        • Klaus

          But not by resting his hands on top of e.g. a car.

  • Ooh god, here it comes o_o

    What trick did she have to pull from her cape after Kyle flambeed it? I’m gonna need a scone or two for next camp to munch on.

    Btw.. Hot Lips and Flipper had me giggling so much.

    • Hi Danish!

      • Hii.. Only here for a few minutes, will go back to bed for a nap. Just woke up and had to go look at the page 🙂

        • I gotta go myself. It’s a bit late and I’m worn out from this darn cold.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Take care, and goodnight, love! I hope you feel better soon too!

          • thanks, sticky!

          • Same here, sadly 🙁 I’ve come to the conclussion that what I thought was two ‘short’ ones in a row is more likely one big cold like the one I had in december. I’ve almost been coughing a lung up in the last day. Suspect I might be getting a – or have – pneumonia again, so I’ll see how the cough goes the last coming week at work and then go see a doctor if no improvement.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Oh no! Poor Danish!

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Have a good rest, Danish! 🙂

  • Adi Zeller

    Maybe I played too much DAI recently, but I keep hearing the Platinum Priestess speaking in Kate Mulgrew’s voice.

  • Keneu

    (Can anyone tell me what’s that brownish thing next to a puddle, on the left of the wooden stairs in the second pannel?)

    Now we all know where Duncan got his love for monologuing. But if Sircea can really read thoughts, can’t she also project them on other people’s minds? Or is that something just telepaths like Amanda can do?

    Amanda does look worried and a bit tired in the second pannel, as if she was checking everything was going according to plan despite telling the others to ignore her.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I think that’s the little platform tower.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Oh wait, did you mean the little thing?

        • Keneu

          Yeah xD I was thinking that could be the burning book?

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Hmm, I think it looks more like the basin thing, like Admiral said.

      • You make it sound so adorable… a little less like a blood-sucking, spell-generating, portal producing, hell mouth.

        Do you work in public relations? Cause you are seriously talented.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Hee hee hee!

    • The thing they were putting the blood in to make the key?

      • Keneu

        That could be it.

      • Ohhhhh you mean the key-blood-i-maker… You can get those at Target. It’s the blood supply that is always the hold up.

        • Ha!

        • Adam Black

          Well in Hollywood you can, sure.Mr Bigshot

          • Adam don’t hate.

            They’re available on the east coast also. Don’t assume that dimensional portals are easier to come by on the west coast. Other than fair rulings by the NCAA Football commission… things are pretty evenly balanced… 🙂

    • Choreocrat

      Braised henchman?

      • Keneu

        xDD maybe?

    • Kate G

      That would be the thing in panel two of this page…..but they of course changed the color. Um, Alex…we has a problem. The bowl has changed colors!

      • Good catch. I’ll send a note to Vero about it! 🙂

  • And we still can’t see the box…and its contents. Are they even really there?

    • stickfigurefairytales

      And is there a cat in it?

      • Could be dead or alive and both at the same time!

        • stickfigurefairytales

          If a tree falls on the box but it’s off-panel, does it make a sound?

          • Does the Pope poop in a glass box?

          • It does! People burst the boundaries of these panels all the time! Think of that time Duncan hit his head on the edge of one.

          • *looks around* I was supposed to go to bed but then I was on Tumblr and thought I’d check back here. I may make another stop elsewhere but…but I think this is good night…

          • Tyler Griffin

            Tumblr will get you every time.

          • Blog-crack for sure!

          • Tyler Griffin

            It’s all the cute guys posting selfies in their undies

          • It was a pleasure My Lady Gryph. Sleep well!

      • Schrödinger’s cat? Okay it’s true. We don’t (right now) know who’s dead in that glass box and who is alive? Oh my.

        • Adam Black

          did you wine and dine,
          service the purpose ,
          mirth and berth ,
          the birthday boy?

      • Tyler Griffin

        Maybe Goblin Ninjas? If only our spot check were high enough to see a ninja

    • It’s under Commander’s floating head. 🙂

      • Admiral… I’m shocked and I never thought that Amanda would…

        Oh… sorry… my bad… “floating head”… I jumped to, well the wrong (clearly) supposition and all I could think of was oral sex in a hot tub… and that seemed so inappropriate given what our team was dealing with and… well…

        Never mind. 🙂 That. Is. All.

        • Adam Black

          we know whats youve been up to now.
          ( its not fair )

          • All is fair. 🙂

          • AseretZone

            Chris, you always do such a great job of making me laugh. XDD

        • *trying to unsee that*

        • That’s called a floating head?
          Anyway, now I can’t unsee the images in my mind, and it being something with a water.. why did you do this to meeee!

          • What?

          • You did it on purpose, didn’t you, knowing my teeny-tiny ..uhm, what’s the word?.. humongous .. kink about hot wet guys.

          • (chris dries off his ears)

            What, Danish? I’m sorry. I was just stepping out of a hot and steaming shower and drying my crazy muscular lean body and I didn’t hear you…… What did you say.

            Lordy, it’s steamy in here. 🙂

          • *puts fingers in ears and closes eyes* Lalalalalalalala….

          • Tyler Griffin

            *collects webcam footage*

          • D. Garrett

            share plz good ole buddy. my new bff!!! lolz

          • Tyler Griffin

            I’m afraid that I’m under a very harsh Nondisclosure Agreement enforced by an young Elder God. I knew I should never have trusted Chris when he gave me that Cthulhu egg… It has totally turned my Hypnotoad and brain slugs to it’s own purposes. But it’s just so darned cute.

          • D. Garrett

            ah. oh well. i guess i understand. *disappointed sigh

          • Be careful who you say that in front of. I’m just about to turn in a story, and I’m looking for my next plot bunny.

          • sweet. post a link.

            (here’s the one I forget to post:

          • Is that like a Playboy Bunny, but one with a great story idea? 🙂

          • Given what I write, more like a Playboy bunny warren. 🙂

        • Tyler Griffin

          Incoming message from the Giant Floating Head

      • She is the Great And Powerful Ozmmander (complete with floating head)!

  • Cman65

    Fly Boy jump now that old cow is about to zapp you

  • strangeangel24601

    “…all Patrons can now read the “How Spooky Got His Cap” story on the Patreon page.”

    That’s it, I’m sold.

    • AseretZone

      :< Wish I could afford to be a Patron…

      • Have faith… the moment will come. The gods of Patreon work in subtle ways… or you could win the lottery. One way or the other. You have good wishes, so take good care of yourself! 🙂

        • Samurai Jack

          I really wish Patreon allowed gift subscriptions. I’d donate one. Alex would benefit and we’d be helping our younger and less well established fellow readers enjoy the extras. I’ve already written them about this. Maybe if a few others did the same?

  • Kate G

    “Hot Lips and Flipper” Awwwwwwwwww, why didn’t we think of that for their nicknames? I like Hot Lips.

    And dammit, I need to get some moneys to my name. If only I didn’t owe money to my momma!

    Uh oh, what does PP have up her sleeve? Wait…PP doesn’t have sleeves. She has….a burnt cape, opera gloves and a metal boob vest. And thigh high boots. And her metal panties. I guess we can say, “What does she have up her boots???”

    • David Welbourn

      It occurs to me that under her boob vest are, y’know, boobs. Boobs have been known to be distracting. Or so I hear.

      • Tyler Griffin

        Well, at least 2 of our team should be immune

        • Kate G

          Well, you see, it doesn’t matter if you are gay, bi or straight, the sudden attack of boobs are going to make you stop for a minute. It’s the pure shock value. It’s like a streaker running across a playing field out of nowhere. You can be so used to seeing a naked person but you are going to stop for .2 seconds and be like, “WTF?!”

          Or to give you an even better example, everyone would stare at somebody running in nothing but a triangle bikini through the snow and jumping into the frozen lake here when it’s 6 degrees outside. IT’S JUST PLAIN CRAZY…but people do it for charity. No, I would not do that if you triple dog dared me.

          • Tyler Griffin

            I… don’t have that reaction? Oops? lol

          • Kate G

            It could be you how you were raised. Americans are more likely to stop and stare. Despite being raised European style in America…I’d stop and stare at the person in a bikini running into a freezing lake for charity (because, frankly, you are insane.)

            Naked boobs? I’m immune. Might get an eyebrow raise out of me, but I’m pretty immune like, “Whatever, da Vinci carved better boobs than that.” HA HA HA.

            Or, well, I could say, “You really think that’s supposed to impress me? You know what’s impressive? My grandma had removable boobs. Yes, she could take off her boobs whenever she wanted because she had a double mastectomy and wasn’t eligible for reconstruction. Show me actual boobs that are removable and then I’ll be impressed.” LOL.

          • Quadruple Dog Dare???

          • Kate G

            Uh no. I have pretty moderate Reynaud’s phenomenon with my Lupus. Basically, that means once it hits about thirty degrees (for me anyway; if it’s really windy it can be around fifty) and I’m not wearing the right gloves or boots, my hands and feet not only turn purple, but they go painfully numb.

            Now, if you had that, would you go running into a freezing cold lake? Uh, no. I wear wellie inserts inside of my leather (yes, genuine leather) boots and winter gloves from a horse saddlery to keep them warm. I also have hand and foot warmers I can snap that I can insert into them should they start to go numb!

      • Boobs… WHERE? I’m sorry I was too busy looking at the various poses of certain Kyle-body parts on page 104 and got distracted…….

  • Hours Left

    So I’m kinda freaking out about the next page. There’s definitely a NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO moment on the horizon and my heart hurts thinking about it. >_<;;

    Now to go read the Spooky short story and get my mind off of the impeding disaster.

    • Eve

      She’s dropping the bomb next page.

  • AseretZone

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    • Derkins

      I think it’s going to be something less predictable than any of that– that will happen at least by the end of this fight. It’s going to be something that will throw us way off, I’m betting. Like when Anni suddenly sent Kyle to Hell, when we thought he was just having the best birthday ever. I think Alex likes it when we’re all stunned. :p

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    The one good look we had at them, they were all trussed up, and most of them looked mildly injured, like they’d struggled — about what you’d expect from hostages — and Duncan was talking about sacrifices while gazing soulfully at them. But maybe that was just convenient juxtaposition with his earlier conversation.

    We’ve heard from both Plat and Spooks that all the other magic-users in the world went insane at some point and never recovered. Magic drives you bonkers. Platinum Priestess is trying to bring back magic in a big way to return her goddess-hood (she’s tired of JUST being a supervillain), but any good goddess needs high-powered underlings.

    What if those aren’t hostages in that cage, but still-crazy current magic-users, bound up not because they’re trying to escape, but because they might hurt themselves or each other, or interfere with the ritual? We were given the idea that it’s a bomb or other kill-device in the corner of that cage by Spooky’s best guess, but what if he guessed wrong? What if the countdown timer is merely going to open the cage and let them out after the demon lord steps onto the mortal plane? With our intrepid heroes distracting the Platinum Priestess, any cure for the insanity she might have magically offered those people won’t be on the table, and all of a sudden Commander and Fluke will have one hell of a fight on their hands (pun most definitely intended). I’m scared.

    • Holly

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    • Tyler Griffin

      Well, it isn’t magic itself that drives you crazy. As per PP’s discussions with Duncan all the other magic users went insane as a result of a world altering sized spell that they cast specifically to take away PP’s goddesshood and make her mortal again. The spell was too big, the forces being tames too wild, and the backlash broke everyone involved in the casting. PP survived because she was the target (and a self proclaimed goddess) and Spooky survived because he was trapped in Hell. But other than that, your theory floats. Nice job. Definitely kinda scary to think about

      • Jim Baker

        Ah, I’d forgotten that detail. Are new magic-users being driven insane as as they crop up, or is it just magic-users who existed at the time of this epic ritual who lost their marbles?

        Either way, I’m worried not just about what’s going to happen when that timer counts down, but about who those people are.

        The other thing I forgot to mention: if those people aren’t meant as sacrifices (regardless of who they are) then the timer may have absolutely nothing to do with the arrival of Laampros in the mortal realm. Which segues nicely into everyone’s expressed concern: what is the Platinum Priestess about to drop on us? DAMNABLE twice-weekly comics and their constant cliffhangers!

        • Tyler Griffin

          To my knowledge we have no in comic reference or WoG as to the state of new magic users. I do not know if this is bcause there haven’t BEEN any new Magic users born (as per a No More Mutants type effect from the Grey Working) or there just hasn’t been enough time pass for new people to come into their magical powers. Or there is no one left to TEACH a new generation. That is an interesting question that I hadn’t thought about till now. But yeah, this just feels more an more like a Watchmen, “I triggered it 20 minutes ago” moment. Hadn’t thought about the timer NOT being tied to Lamproos arrival either.

      • Klaus

        It was not just those involved in the Grey Working that went insane. It was every magician on earth save PP (according to the same PP, p 51). We don’t know if any of those are still alive. It may have happened a very long time ago. The clothes of the magician in the upper right corner of p 51 does some rather recent, though.

        According to Commander, “they” say that using magic even once makes you insane.(Bonus comic p 22). “They” may be mistaken, whoever they may be, but “they” would not make this mistake unless most who use magic eventually go crazy. Spooky refers to those doing magic to make the one important ritual harder to find as “crazies” (p 32).

        Edit: where did you get the impression that PP was the target of the spell?

        • Tyler Griffin

          I don’t remember which page, but I thought I remembered PP referring to the Grey Working as being an attempt by the other magic wielders to bind her powers, because she said “They did succeed in making me mortal and weakening me” or something to that effect.

          • Tyler Griffin

            OK. Circa Page 52, when PP and Anni are having their little heart to heart. PP says that the Grey working weakened her, she does not say that that was the intended PURPOSE of the working, I must have just read that into it on my own. Oops.

    • Soirbleu

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    • Nicole von St Ange

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      I play Pathfinder and now I catch myself trying to metagame real life :”D

    • Okay that is a really fun idea. And ROTFL at “…JUST being a supervillain” Yeah I’d hate that too. Life is so unfair when you’ve been a goddess.


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    • Tyler Griffin

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    • Totally, he should just zip in there with the old half-brick in the sock and give her one good whack to the back of the head… that’s okay isn’t it?

      • D. Garrett

        looking at her athletics and reflexes over the past recent pages i think she would pull a “lord Marshall” [chronicles of riddick] by turning around to catch it. and then i would have to worry about a gravity increasing spell or something…i prefer mitch to just observe and report. V_V

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      • Becky

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        • Tyler Griffin

          It does seem that way

        • Jim Baker

          The most goombas I count in any single panel is 13 in the aerial shot above, though I don’t see the one that Spooky incapacitated with his snake oil potion, and it’s reasonable to assume that there are a few others who might not have made it into that shot. Best guess we’re looking at 15-20, and knocking 15-20 people unconscious, even when you’re as lucky as Fluke and Commander are getting here, is a lot of work.

          • Tyler Griffin

            This IS true. It is very rarely a One hit KO

          • D. Garrett

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          • Jim Baker

            I was wondering if anyone comment on that. =)

          • Klaus

            There were 17 in one shot on an earlier page. Even earlier, Commander estimated that here were 20 altogether.

      • OUCH.

        It’s not enough to be a MINION… but to be a GOOMBA MINION… Honestly it’s hard to get respect in that union.

        I’m sure they have the garbage man title equivalent to “Sanitation Engineer”. Something like (?) “Diabolical Support Experts”.

        Well, something, you know?

        • Tyler Griffin

          And Bowser NEVER promotes underlings. It’s a strict species based management ladder with him.

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    • Saxon_Brenton

      It raises interesting questions about what name the Priestess would use for Commander (or Flyboy and Fluke, for that matter…)

      • Soirbleu

        “Girly,” and “birdboy” or “birdbrain.” I’m not sure for Fluke… Maybe “Mr. Clever” or “Mr Lucky”?

      • bronakopdin

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    • Dude_No_Edge

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      • Tyler Griffin

        So, Maybe Spooky really did get a pop culture reference name too, we just didn’t catch it? Sneaky subtle PP.

        • Ah, Yeah, apparently it’s a reference to Mr. Jones a horror movie.

    • dereule101

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  • Ellen Harman

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    • AseretZone

      I did mention this possibility, back when they were arguing on the plane.

  • Walter Engler

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    • Klaus

      That is the key to the gate to Hell. To use that, she most likely needs to sacrifice the people in the glass box.

      • Mathew Cole

        What makes you think that’s -all- that nifty orb is?

        Just because it does one thing, doesn’t mean that it can’t also do another – or help Sircea do it.

        • Klaus

          We do not know how magic works in this world. But I would expect that this key is made for one purpose, and using it for anything else is either impossible, or would drain the key and make its primary use considerably more difficult.

          • Or possibly all she needs for Laampros is the peeps in the glass box. She may have made the “blood orb key” simply as a spare key to her apartment? I mean just getting all those minions to slice their hands? Just because. Yep… she’s Sircea. I’d buy it.

          • And now you gave me this inner image of PP’s main place to live not even being IN this dimension. How she uses some weird portal key to open a magic door to a magical made house/place .. what ever her space would look like 🙂
            (It would be a good way to ensure you don’t get unwanted guests)

          • (Ding Dong)

            Upright young people (with a few extra tentacles showing): “Good morning ma’am, we’re from the 18th Day Great Old One’s Inter-dimensional Church and we’d like to give you this pamphlet and ask you if you’ve welcomed Cthulhu in to your heart?


            (dust and ash and bits of singed calamari rain gently down on Sircea’s un-welcome mat)

            Sircea: (shaking head and closing the door) “Kids… honestly. Well they should be glad they aren’t selling Encyclopedia Demonicas… that last salesman is still having his books rectally inserted… I think they’ve only managed to get up to “M” in so far. You’d think they’d learn.”

            (Sircea goes inside and crosses Cthulhu off her Christmas card list… one only gets one chance with the pp. honestly, Cthulhykins should have known better.)

          • *Pffff*

          • Klaus

            But then again, she may not.

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    Even if that demon looks cute, and Spooky seems to be defending it, it is still a demon, and Spooky is now convinced that all the demons’ talk of love was just another way of toying with him.

    • Don’t tease me… I’m still very anxious to learn about that cute demon boy…

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      • DC

        Well I was thinking how she reminds me of Flipper too. Especially in panel 3 the way she is leaping out of the water and on recent pages performing tricks and flips, all while still in control of that ball/key 🙂

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    • Saxon_Brenton

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      • Basically having a mental recorder/answering machine.

        My little brother is like that. He’ll be concentrating on one thing, you tell him something and then leave and he’ll actually get back to you when you were sure he didn’t hear you.

        • I can’t do that. Even in normal conversation I’ll just tune out sometimes, and then suddenly realize I have to answer a question, and say yes without having any idea what I just agreed to XD

          • Same here. I can’t do that either. My brain concentrates on one thing at a time.

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