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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 100

406 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 100

It’s just like that snake-in-a-can gag — except, y’know, with hell snakes…

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Our eighty-first bonus page in a row and our second-to-last bonus page ever!

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So! A minion tries to get the jump on Spooky, but with the help of Flyboy’s eye-in-the-sky and Commander’s psychic connection, Spooky instead shows him that tentacles aren’t the only phallic symbols a wizard can weaponize. Gosh, I wonder what other tricks does Spooky have up his sleeves?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • ooooh!

  • davefragments

    Now we know what Spooky keeps in that coat!
    Added: I love those snakes. What a creepy thin to spring from your abs.

    • I like seeing Spooky using one of those bottles in his coat. I wonder what the other ones do?

      • stickfigurefairytales

        It would probably be a bad idea to test them by throwing random ones at people, right?

        • But we’d still like to see what happens, right? As long as they aren’t thrown at US!

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Well, some of them might be healing potions or something.

          • I like to imagine that one is soup. Not magic soup. Not poison soup. Just soup.
            And one day one of the boys will throw it expecting and explosion and…nope. Soup.

          • Very tasty soup!

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Deliciously unexpected!

          • This could be a new soup commercial. We should pitch it to Alex. XD

          • davefragments

            And the one that looks like aged bourbon and tastes like aged bourbon actually is aged bourbon.

        • davefragments

          Not on April first.

    • *Is very tempted to write a couple very innuendo replies to this comment* .. Like, he did pull quite an impressive snake out. It was a magical experience to watch xD

      • davefragments

        I resisted the cheap temptation and said Abs and not crotch.

  • I woke up just in time 🙂 This updated as I was writing the new address.

    • Good morning, Danish Dear!

      • Morning. I was 2 minutes late. Got distracted by Amaya hpwling at me on previous page – and a couple hot men on twitter 😉
        I was debatting with myself wether to camp or not this morning. Have the rare chance of sleeping longer this morning, so think I’ll go back to see if I can’t get that extra nap – as soon as I’ve looked a little more on the page ^_^

        • Hey. I’ll have you know both men and women would pay good money for me to howl at them. 😉
          EDIT: Which I know realize sounds much worse than I meant it.

        • Wha? Hot men on Twitter?

          Have good nap, Danish!

  • My love for panel 4 knows no bounds.
    Also, Spooks, you are quickly killing my distaste for baby cheeks. That was sexy.

  • syllibub

    Good to see Spooky standing upright — hopefully that means Duncan didn’t nick an artery or anything. I really like his face in panel 2! Too bad about the snarling minion in the background, haha.

  • Jen Roberts

    Spooky got to bring pets to the battle?! No fair! But seriously, love it. Love that he has something like that ready to throw for when he’s otherwise spellcasting; love that it’s a jar of firewyrms; love the coloring (as usual! – not that I don’t love the pencils, but I am just such a sucker for pretty colors), love Commander watching Spooky’s back (literally, with Flyboy’s help)!

  • Sapfo

    Good morning!
    And I think this page became a dance with dragons. They are so cute. Wonder if I could get one as a pet?

    • Good morning, Sapfo Dearest!

      • Sapfo

        And a good evening to you Great Gryphon!

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Morning, Sapfo!

    • Jen Roberts

      Next Kickstarter could have it as a reward maybe? Plush fire-dragon-snake-y-things! Get ’em in a jar or something like one of those old joke cans: open it up and they all spring out at you!

      • WANT!!!

        • Ditto!

        • Sapfo


          I might even run after the crochet hook for this

          • stickfigurefairytales

            That would be so amazing.

          • Oooo! Please share if you do that!

          • Sapfo

            If anything happens on the hookfront, I will. But there is always the question for time. -_-

          • Time…never enough of it. *nods*

          • A fellow crocheter! *tips needle*

          • Sapfo

            *Grab hook*
            ALWAYS READY! 😉

          • *opens yarn closet*
            *immediately buried in tidal wave of skeins*
            I will be ready…momentarily.

    • Morning, Ms. Sapfo! Dragons are bad pets. They steal all valuables. If strawberries are valuable to you…

      • Sapfo

        NO! Bad dragon! No taking any strawberries! >_<

        • Just thought you should know!

          • Sapfo

            Well then I would like to have a plush version of them then.

          • It’s probably safer that way. They can’t take your things.

      • I thought those were Heffalumps and woozles?

        • Tyler Griffin

          I thought they wanted all the Hunnie

          • They take whatever it is you prize

          • Tyler Griffin


        • Apparently there are lots of creatures that like to steal your valuables.

          • Sunfire

            Don’t forget Nifflers!

      • Tyler Griffin

        Mine just rounds up all the spare change from the couch for me. Of course, I’ll never get to use that change again, so I dunno how much of a favor it is. But the itty bitty cutie seems so happy on his pile of pennies and lint

  • I would like to have a tiny floating head of the Commander to hover with me all day and scare the pants off me when I’m not focusing.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Oh yeah, the old hell-snakes-in-a-bottle gag! That takes me back.

  • He has magic mini-dragons in a bottle! .. o_o .. HE HAS MAGIC MINI-DRAGONS IN A BOTTLE!

    .. Or hell snakes, or what ever that is. I just know I want one *kekeke*

    I’m instantly brought back to his ‘It would just be a very small demon’.

    • Oh my god it all makes sense now. I love this kid so much.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Tentacles in a bottle, my dear Danish. You know this fandom well enough by now.
      (Actually, is this a Rorschach test? First person to admit they see tentacles looses? Okay then, It’s a fair cop, I’m out of the game…)

  • I think I’ll need to sleep soon, but quick thought (that may make no sense seeing as I am sleep-deprived) we should have a place that we can all chat during the week when we’re not camping. A forum or a chatroom or something. We’d probably still have to have moderators but we could work it out. Just a thought.

    • Adam Black

      a locked G+ community?
      easy to create. Massive group Hangout?

      • bandanajack

        ‘see my previous comment.

  • Gonna finish up some writing before I watch my show. Have fun!

    • stickfigurefairytales

      You too!

    • Sapfo

      Have fun Gryphon

  • Geesh Fluke, your attention is a little unfocused there.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    What’s that minion so worked up about? Those hell dragon serpents just want to play! Look at how they’re all hugging him!

    • Tiny portable snuggly dragons.
      All of our dreams are coming true.

    • syllibub

      I’m personally always happy to be hugged by snakes. (Weak ones, though…)

    • Klaus

      He wanted Hell on earth, didn’t he? Now he gets a small taste.

  • Get distracted with drawing idea and come back to the beautiful new page!

    Now I’m really wondering what else Spooky does have up his sleeve (he’s Gandalf, except with real ghost dragons and not just firecracker ones 😉 GO SPOOKY GO!!!

    • Tyler Griffin

      I draw the line at Spooky slamming a stick into the ground screaming “You cannot enter!” ;P

      • Tyler Griffin

        Oh wait, maybe that would be Kyle’s line.

  • Alright I really have to sleep. If anyone wants to run with that forum or chatroom idea hit me up. Night all, have wonderful days and nights~!

    • D. Garrett i just recently became a member.

      • bandanajack

        if there is talk of a woolf specific forum, i know a free simple forum mechanism. the forum a few of us started 9 years ago to support brokeback mountain is still going strong and still using that format. if this is going to be a thing, get back to me.

  • D. Garrett

    im glad spooky has those potions. and the speed with which they activate is impressive. i hope pp doesnt take advantage of amanda’s distraction.

  • Wayne Small

    Alex with is the young protectors vol 1 is going to be on Amazon kindle

    • Yes. TYP V1 will definitely be on Kindle. And it will take advantage of the same Panel Flow feature as the Kindle version of Artifice. Working on that now.

  • You can almost see the dragons in the bottle in panel 4

    • syllibub

      You’re right — great detail!

  • Save the dagger the twit dropped, it will make an awesome souvenir. YP don’t have enough trophies at their headquarters.

    • Tyler Griffin

      Be like that Batcave, have the crystal ball keystone hanging from the ceiling, disco ball style. Or is that a bit irreverent for a cornerstone of reality?

  • I wonder if the twine/ties/whatever it is wrapped about the glass holding the spell dragons are just there for decoration, identification, or if they help activate the spell once the glass breaks.

    • Tyler Griffin

      A component? Neat thought. I could see that

  • WarGoddess

    The snakes are so vibrant and pretty. I want them as pets. 😀

    • zunden

      I took them to be dragons and found this prospect to be very, very exciting. Mostly because I love dragons.

      • D. Garrett

        if this be the case, u might like g.a. aikens dragon kin book series. it is het romance though, but still really good. interesting plots and characters. not alot o smut. but i still rec it.

        • zunden

          Huh. I’ll look into it.

      • WarGoddess

        I would like a dragon as well. 😀

        • zunden

          Having a dragon would be the best thing ever. I’d never drive a car again. EVER.

          • Tyler Griffin

            Check Dragonriders of Pern. It’s not romance persay, but really awesome. Has dragon riders, and women kicking ass

          • zunden

            I’ve read it already, actually.

  • Yukiness

    OMG how cute! Reminds me of the bottled dragon I made my mom for christmas. Just as adorable and hellish.

    • Soirbleu

      What!? BOTTLED DRAGON? Can I have one? Can I buy one? Is it alive? Does it grant wishes?

      If the answer is No to at least one of my questions, can I at least see pictures?? Please!

      I am so impressed! and/or excited. I’ve never heard anything so great in my life!

      • Soirbleu

        Also I have to do something really hard/painful tomorrow, so thanks for cheering me up.

        • D. Garrett

          well watev it is, ull be okay. nothing lasts 4 ever. 🙂

          • Soirbleu

            Thanks. 🙂

      • Yukiness

        No, it is not alive and cannot grant wishes. Unfortunately I no longer have a working camera (this includes the smartphone). But you can find a million of similar products on Etsy. Let me tell you they may look simple but the deception is in it’s simplistic look.

        • Soirbleu

          Well I still think it’s awesome. Thank you for the reply! And having tried to (unsuccessfully) stuff things into a tiny bottle, I am truly impressed with people who can do it nicely.

          Have a wonderful day!

  • TwilightDreamer

    awww yeah! How did I forget about Spooky’s little ‘toys’? rofl….Spooky Jones, living arsenal ;P

  • Cydney Sabin

    Woah. Spooky should change his name to Badass. Just saying.

    • TwilightDreamer

      could at least be his middle name 😛

    • Soirbleu

      But then it wouldn’t be such a fun surprise! (and, you know, people would be like, expecting it ALWAYS, and stuff, and we all know how old THAT gets!)

      • Yes. Spooky enjoys the element of surprise. And being underestimated. 🙂

        • Tyler Griffin

          The only heroes who ever get better lines than the villains, are the heroes everyone always discounts until their comeuppance

          • D. Garrett

            for some reason megamind popped in my mind after reading this. hmmm.

          • Tyler Griffin

            That’s actually what I was thinking of. “Oh, you’re a villain alright. Just not a SUPER villain.”
            “What’s the difference?!”

      • Tyler Griffin

        But..But then he couldn’t walk around singing, “Yeah, love is kinda crazy..” just under his breath

  • I think this entire part of the chapter should be call “Young Protectors: Don’t F*ck with Spooky”

  • Christian Wunderlich

    I like this page. I want some of these bottles.

    I’ve noticed something minor. Shouldn’t be the direction “on your five” since he is looking over his right shoulder? 7 would be his left.

    • Terrell Penha

      he looked over his right shoulder but it was at his 7. sometimes it the heat of battle people make panic moves. fyi ex army vet was in iraq so not talking out my ass

      • Christian Wunderlich

        I would accept this when he didn’t act on the person he was not able to see at this moment. A picture later he is throwing his bottles to his right/behind.

        Its just a bit strange.

        • IamM

          He could be right handed and in any case that bottle was on the left side of the trench coat.

          • Christian Wunderlich

            I’m not referring to his hand. If you look over your right shoulder you would not see a person who is on your seven. At least as long you are not an owl.

          • D. Garrett

            well, he had been warned and after turning his head he may have seen him in his peripheral vision. which according to this article would allow him to easily detect motion, but not detail.

          • Christian Wunderlich

            Yes. But thats a lot of might. It would be easier to change the 7 to 5 and everything is in place. 😉

          • D. Garrett

            u got ur wish! looking at it again, it looks more like six to me. but alex says it cant be six for reasons…so 5 it is.

          • Christian Wunderlich

            Oh, nice. But now I’m feeling bad for giving Alex more work.

          • D. Garrett

            it wasnt just u with that opinion so u shouldnt feel bad.

          • Constructive criticism about things I can change easily (like a word of dialogue) is appreciated, Christian. Especially if it helps avoid unnecessary confusion. Don’t feel bad. 🙂

            (And D. Garrett is right. It’s because multiple folks were consistently confused by it that I chose to make the change.)

          • Tyler Griffin

            Is.. is that Puck? From Gargoyles? *Hugs you like Voldemort hugged Draco*

          • Christian Wunderlich

            Jepp 🙂

  • DuSky Glider

    He’s like “Bitch dis be real magic” *snaps fingers*

  • AseretZone

    Oh my gosh, the expressions on this page, the angles, the poses, the snakes-in-a-bottle trick…so awesome! And apparently holding Anni one-handed is no problem for Spooky, but we found that out earlier. XD

    Hey look, Mitch showed up on a page! I bet that makes someone happy. 🙂

    I tell you what, that Spookster is one smooth operator. Wicked!

    • Soirbleu

      I LOVE when people say “Wicked!” On the West Coast it’s pretty rare. I only hear it when someone’s recently from the East Coast or trying to pretend they are.

      • AseretZone

        I just say it because I heard it. XD That, and Spooky can be pretty wicked with his magic.

      • It totally takes me back to my roots in Vermont when I hear it. 🙂

        • Soirbleu

          I didn’t know you were from Vermont!? I used to live there when I was a little girl, but I don’t know which part.

  • bronakopdin

    I just nearly started to freez for hours in front of my screen: so much SPOOKY!!!
    I’m very pleased 😀

    and now we have an idea on why everything worked out as nice until now!
    Let’s hope that neither PP nor Anni realize this :/
    … or maybe they should for the sake of the world?
    gosh I’m still so indecisize what would be the better option :imc:
    I’d wish they can save the sacrifices AND the world, now THAT’s the optimal way…. but it seems so unlikely somehow… or the price will still be high

    • Just because PP says this will save the world, doesn’t mean it does. She is more than capable of lying to Duncan – like she says, she’ll do anything to get her power back. Yes, the barrier may be weakening, but once she has what she wants, there’s nothing to force her to rebuild the barrier. And that is *if* it’s possible to rebuild the barrier once the demons come through (*you* try shutting a door while a demon’s got his hoof in the way – not fun).

      • bronakopdin

        I know that we discussed this over and over xD but there is still the possibility, right?
        I didn’t think we need to point this out anymore ^^

        • On the contrary, the spoken prophecy is necessary for Fate and Destiny to proceed.


  • Toli Bera

    Huh… I wonder what else Spooky could use those dragons for?

  • Michael

    I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going.

    *ducks rotten fruit*

  • Those are dragons. Dragons have heads, that are distinct from the rest of the body. Snakes have heads that hard to separate from the body (at rest anyway).

    When will we be able to order those from the shop?

    • IamM

      Very pretty dragons too. The colors are already great.

  • Mary Klemzak

    Didn’t think I could love Spooky more but look! There it is!

    So that’s why he needs a super big trench coat! Niiiiccccceeeeee!!

  • Sunfire

    Love the flick-shot panel! 😀 Also love how Spooky knows his pockets inside and out (ha!) as to what vial/potion is where 🙂 Good on you Flyboy too!

    It may not be captioned, but I can just imagine that guy going “Ohhh God get them off – GET THEM OFF! THEY’RE GOING UP MY ROBES!”

  • D. Garrett

    this minion is pretty lucky so far that the dragons are only binding him and not biting him. and this reminds me of mulans dragon, mushu. hehehe.

    • Tyler Griffin

      Mini Mushu Minions! Attack!

  • Eris, elder daughter of Nyx

    We’re so close, we’re so close, we’re so close!

    Ahhh, maybe I’ll up my monthly gift to $10 . . . I just feel like I should, you know, actually get a job first, as opposed to relying on my savings. I just want comic so much! And I’m sure I’ll get a job soon! I am! If only those people would get off their butts and call me back!

  • Abi Mechley

    Hi, this is my first time posting 🙂 So if the minion was standing behind Spooky and Spooky had to turn over his right shoulder to see the minion, wouldn’t that make it his 5 o’clock and not 7, which would be behind and to the left? Sorry, just a little discrepancy I noticed reading this ^^;

    • Howdy Abi!

      Welcome! 🙂

      Spooky did indeed look over his right shoulder, but in Panel 1 and 2, it looked to me that the minion was moving in at 7 o’clock (so from behind, a little to Spooky’s left.)

      Looking just at Panels 1 & 2 (not at where Spooky turned his head, as another commenter noted, we don’t always make the most efficient choice in the heat of combat), where would you say that minion was coming from?

  • Pikinanou

    fun twist: The Hell snakes look all scary and stuff but they’re actually like excited puppies. “Oh, look, a friend! Play with us, Buddy! Come on, come on!”

  • purplefoxglove

    Hands…Haaaaaands!!! O.o I love hands. Spooky has really, really, really nice hands. They make me want to nibble on them.

    Kudos to Adam – hands are a pain to draw, at least in my experience.

    And…those colours. I also love red/yellow combinations, and the little dragons are just awesome – they look like they’re made of ambers or lava. I could stare at this page for hours, except for the last panel because my mind keeps insisting that the rightmost snake is chewing on the poor minions (bad minion! Bad! No attacking The Spooky!) eye.

    Great job, Veronica!

    • Tyler Griffin

      I’ve been thinking the same a lot. Hands are really hard to not make weirs, and everyone’s hands consistently look natural.

  • Adam Black

    I think Red Hot might have posed for this calendar:

  • Spooky, you ARE spooky! Hell snakes and tentacle green rays? What else is inside that big coat?

    • Dave Nguyen

      More BDSM level tentacle monsters if I had to guess…

    • Tyler Griffin

      I think there might be a future for Spooky giving Kyle a helping…. Tentacle or two in extracurricular interests. He doesn’t have to be gay, or even personally involved, just set the BDSM spells loose and leave Kyle to his playtime.

      • D. Garrett

        wow. nice solution. just hope the tentacles respond to his preferences of touch….or could spooky magically conjure an appropriate playmate? perhaps another hell/earth hybrid if one exists? or could spooky have sex with him if he was gay (and they liked each other) and protect himself via magic???

  • Jojolightningfingers

    Officially in love with Spooks

  • Fabulous Alien

    So my power went out yesterday and I was annoyed I couldn’t get to see the new page, and then I read that Verónica couldn’t finish her colors in time because her power went out too… and now I feel a little silly. BTW, awesome job, as usual.

    • Tyler Griffin

      Are you saying that you cursed our colorist in order to not miss the new page *sharpens pitchfork* 😀
      Actually, dn’t feel bad, I work 3rd shift on wednessday nights, so I never get to see the midweek post on time.

      • Fabulous Alien

        Nah, I don’t go around cursing people, so put away that pitchfork, young man 😀

  • RustyBurrell

    Oooooh, slick!

  • Ilona Fenton

    Spooky’s coat is better than Batman’s utility belt, full of awesome potions and tools for fighting evil minions 😀

  • somebody

    hahaha ouch~
    poor evil guy
    so many evil guys…. it reminds me of a herd of zombies since they don’t seem to become fewer by kicking them out
    and those dragon snakes are really cool :3 I wonder what else spooky stores in his coat

  • Madock345

    So are these Sunday sneak-peak things I keep hearing about going to show up in the comic itself eventually? Or are they just random sexy doodles?

    (Trying to determine just how depressed I should be about not being able to fund.)

    • I’m sad to say that you probably shouldn’t expect to see them here. From how I read it, it’s one of those for-patreons-only rewards. Sketches/drawings made for that, just as patreons get to see the penciled pages too.
      It’s the same princip as the backers of the kickstarter who gets special art content not shown elsewhere. On patreon you just give a small regular pledge rather than one bigger once.

    • They are just for Patrons who chose to receive the Special Digital Rewards.

      Many of them will eventually be made into full-color prints that you’ll be able to buy from me at Cons and from my store, but the Sunday Sneak Peeks are one of the special rewards for being a Patron.

    • Tyler Griffin

      I wouldn’t put too much energy into it. They aren’t all THAT. I mean no offense Alex. I’m loving them, and they are really cool; but it’s the fact that I am getting to support this thing, and keep it being a thing that is that motivates me, the sneak peaks and the pencils wouldn’t be enough to sway my wallet if the comic weren’t so awesome. Besides, based on what Alex said below; stalk- er, I mean, capture, uhmmmmm, MEET him at a convention and youmay just get to get your hands on them and support that way 😀

  • Klaus

    Without bonus pages, we will no longer get warning of upcoming events like chapter changes and double pages.

    • Eris

      I’m not sure how losing bonus pages would do that. If I understand correctly we are seeing the exact same pages, just twice as fast by having bonus pages. Let’s imagine for example there there are 10 pages left in the chapter. With bonus pages that would be 5 weeks of updates. Without bonus pages that would be 10 weeks of updates. Just to reiterate I’m making up numbers and do not know how many are really left in the chapter. As a side note I’m donating what I can because I find twice as fast to be better.

      • Klaus

        Alex posted the page numbers for upcoming bonus pages. That revealed double pages (though Alex cheated last time) and chapter ends.

        • Klaus you and your memory. A mind like a steel trap. Thank goodness………

          (now what was I talking about?)

  • 1) YAY we get to see Mitch’s face!

    2) ….who needs ropes when you have hell snakes?

  • Wohoo! Less than $300 away from the Patreon goal of securing updates twice a week. A dozen new patreons just today!
    Good thing we’re getting that close since we only got one bonus/wednesday update left in the bank – and I for one would fear watching
    @chrisdangerfield:disqus on a withdrawal rampage >.>

    I can’t wait till I get the chance to join the crowd of patreons. I’m waiting impatiently to find out what I can afford to pledge (I really wanna see those sunday sketches).

    • Y’all are so awesome. 😀

    • Klaus

      Chris would not be alone.

  • Dennis Grace

    Eat a bag of dicks, sneaky minion guy. Oops, too late. The bag of dicks got the drop on your slimy back-stabbing ass. Looks like they’re going to eat you.

  • Becky

    Spooky, you baller. <3

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    Nice moves! wonder what else he’s hiding in that jacket.

    • Derkins

      could be anything

    • Melinda Maddolin

      Is it ok that my mind went into the gutter? Because it definitely went into the gutter.

      • Saxon_Brenton

        Whether it’s okay or not is a very subjective question. How about instead we focus on the objective fact that you’ll have lot’s of company?

        • Melinda Maddolin


      • Wayne Lunkwitz

        That’s OK , my mind has been in the gutter for most of 51 years ( evil grin as I follow your mind into the gutter once more)

      • Tyler Griffin

        That’s ok, my first reply thought was, “I’m more interested in whats UNDER the jacket than in it.”

        • Melinda Maddolin

          Rowrrr, now there’s a thought I can relate to.

  • Derkins

    Dat last panel XD

  • Eland

    Oops I forgot the camping thing happens on Tuesday also. ^^ It is interesting to think of Spooky having to prepare these items, if he doesn’t simply get them by other means…

    • Tyler Griffin

      With him and PP hinted to be the only sane magic users in the world, I’m not sure WHERE exactly he would get them if he doesn’t prepare them himself. But who knows, maybe one of the things he does in his spare time is hunt down the treasure troves of the know lunatic magicians of the world and look for slightly stereotypical asian themed spells that he can claim for himself and giggle at the irony

      • Tyler Griffin

        Mind you Alex, I am NOT accusing you or the art team of racism. I love the fact that Spooky owns his ethnicity, but it makes me giggle to think about Spooky going through some defunct enchanters hoard and going, “Hmmmm…. Chinese Dragon Bondage spell. We found the racist kinkster. Cooooool bottle though. I’ll take it.”

  • We gots only $245 left before permanent twice weekly pages and twice weekly camping!!

    We can do this y’all!!

  • Melinda Maddolin

    wat. Damn Spooky,

  • The Iron Block

    I have to ask as I just re-read through the whole comic again.
    What is so spooky about Spooky’s eyes? They look like normal brown eyes to me, yet that’s how he got his name sake.

    • That was one person’s opinion—after seeing Spooky, freshly returned from a year in Hell, carrying a demon head. 🙂

      The current popular view in my world is that his eyes are one of his better features, and I myself think they look quite nice.

    • Eland

      I’ve heard they can periscope so he can see further. Just kidding, haha. ; )

    • His eyes can turn white when he does magic. We saw that early in the comic.
      Though, coming back from hell, being naked and carrying a demon head, I guess the look on his face might come off somewhat spooky if he was looking a bit ‘feral’.

  • Librarican

    I just wanted to give some feedback. I know that ads help you pay your costs, but there seems to be a few more then usual lately. Maybe that impression is because the Patreon ad is so big?

    • Nope. Same number of ads as always. (Although, depending on which Patreon Milestone Goals are reached, I might be removing some. I’ve been on the fence about how appealing removing ads is as a Milestone Goal, but it sounds like you’d be in the camp that might like that. 🙂 )

      And the size of the Patreon banner that replaced the donation bar is a bit of a happy accident — it just wound up that way based on the art I wanted to use and the width of this section of the page. But if it helps bring it to your attention and to the attention of others, then that’s a very good thing.

      • Klaus

        The ads don’t bother me. If they help you quit your other work, keep them.

      • Librarican

        Now I’m thinking it might have been my browser, because some of them have magically disappeared…. weird. Previously, there were three rows of boxes to “news” (otherwise known as clickbait) articles and it took up almost as much space as the comic itself. The graphic/comic adds have never bothered me.

        • Oh, I see. Disqus ads sometimes pop to the top of the Comment feed. (Disqus works in mysterious ways…) Are they the same ones you see now at the bottom of the page?

          • Librarican

            …. Scrolls to the bottom. Yep, mystery solved!

  • fujoshifanatic

    We are sooooo close! Just a little bit more and we are good for 2 pages a week! And how awesome is this bonus page?! I finally got the dragons I was asking for, but as usual, it was in a way that was totally unexpected and badass! Spooky is a multitasking master!

  • A question:

    So, there’s some debate about whether the minion really is moving in at Spooky’s “7 o’clock”. I actually changed Commander’s dialogue in the script to what I saw in the art Adam created (something I rarely have to do but I’m very happy to do if it doesn’t change the story; I absolutely trust Adam’s visual instincts about what’s going to look the coolest).

    What it can’t be is “6 o’clock” (for reasons…). And so it looked to me like the minion was moving in at 5 o’clock. But based on what I’m reading below, I’d like to know what you think.

    Changing the clock-number in the dialogue here is an easy fix for me. Where on Spooky’s clock do you think the minion is running at him from?

    • davefragments

      Oh wait a minute here. I read the first paragraph and went to the comic and looked. The minion is behind Spooky so I thought (if he wants the “O’Clock” then it’s six. Now I come back here and read “What it can’t be is 6 o’clock” and I wonder about why.
      But I won’t ask!

    • rgleon9986

      Definitely his five o’clock!

    • Well the minion looks like he’s coming in from Spooky’s left to me. Yes, Spooky’s head does turn to his right but I also see Spooky’s eyes going for the periphery vision.

      I was wondering if Spooky uses mainly one hand, his left, for the big magic and wouldn’t be able to switch his hold on The Annihilator so easily. So in fact it would be easier for him to do the turning to his right.

      And that offered absolutely no help or answer to the question. So maybe a: Behind you Spooky. But of course I don’t think that’s how Commander talks. Given her mother is military and so is her training.

    • Klaus

      In panel one, he is directly behind Spooky and very close. In panel two he is to Spooky’s left and further away. In the last panel he falls at Spooky’s right. 6, 7 and 4 o’clock, respectively. His moving to the right while strugling against the snakes is not strange. His taking three or four steps backwards between panels one two is,

    • fujoshifanatic

      From what I can see, Commander is correct. The minion is approaching Spooky at a slight diagonal from his 7 o’clock. Panel one shows him right at the 6 o’clock position in his trajectory, whereas panel two reveals his slightly diagonal path, which places him more to the 5 o’clock position by the time Spooky throws the snakes-in-a-vial. This is what I see,YMMV.

    • OK! It seems some of you are seeing what I’m seeing and placing the minion behind and to Spooky’s left (so, 7 o’clock), but as many if not more of you are placing him at 5 o’clock, which I’m thinking will ultimately lead to the lead amount of confusion, because of how Spooky is turning his head.

      So, thank y’all very much for your input. When I get a moment tonight, I’ll change it to 5 o’clock! 🙂

      • Kate G

        If she were looking off a radar map, your initial assessment is correct Alex. It would be 7 o’clock. Flyboy currently is acting as Commander’s radar and so she is seeing everything from HIS perspective, which is up in the air. This means that the minion is in the 7 o’clock position.

        What is screwing people up is from the ground level and from the angle you have it, 7 o’clock will look like 5 o’clock. Unless you were looking at Spooky dead on, you would see it at different angles. This is why Commander has Mitch in the air–for accurate readings for enemies. That’s why the military uses Doppler, GPS and other forms of tracking. It’s so they can always have accurate readings because on the ground, the perspective is much, much different. /has a retired military dad who is still obsessed with all things military

      • I totally agree with that solution. Tricky to try to pin point it since all the panels give very slight variations, but I think the key is that it’s all about Spooky’s (screen) RIGHT shoulder and RIGHT hand taking action.

        I think of Duncan suspended as being 12 o’clock up, and then clock-wise around to Spooky’s right and so forth.

        P#1: You could guess that Mr. Minion is approaching S. from behind and slightly to the right of him at 6pm-ish.

        P#2: S. glances over his (screen) RIGHT shoulder, 4-5pm-ish, quick glance to place the very un-sneaky minion.

        P#3: S. looks back to check the suspended Duncan, which I’m guessing is straight up 12 o’clock in this context, while simultaneously grabbing the bottle o’ snapping demon weiners out of his duster.

        P#4: S. twists to the 5 o’clock-ish position and hurls bottle with his RIGHT hand at where the minion NOW is.

        P#5-6: Unhappy minion getting demon weiner hugs.

        P#7: S. glances over RIGHT shoulder again to see minion collapse in a pile of snapping demon weiners at … (wait for it)… 5 o’clock, all while keep Duncan all cuddled with fun tentacles. Gotta love me some Spooky.


  • Stephanie Payne

    I think that the the minion would be moving in at Spooky’s 5 o’clock due to: Spooky, if it were in the ‘7’ area would peer over his left shoulder, not his right (If we view a clock, the 1-5 is on the right, and 7-11 is on the left, noon and 6 being straight ahead and straight back). He also throws a bottle with his right arm, so that would indicate the minion is on the right side, because why throw a bottle to the left-back with the right arm? It would have to be an over-the-shoulder throw, not the type of throw indicated by Spooky’s arm. The minion also drops to Spooky’s right side.
    So with this my dear Watson, we can presume the minion is in fact at 5 o’clock, and not 7! *puffs on pipe*
    (I eagerly await the next page!)

  • Tahir Raines

    The minion actually appears to be moving in at Spooky’s 6 o’clock. When The Commander warns Spooky, the minion appears to be creepy up directly behind him. The warning causes Spooky to turn his head to try to look at the minion, but he can’t completely since he still has to focus on tying up Anni. The minion then proceeds to move into another position as he attacks, which justifies he no longer being in the strict 6 o’clock.

  • JozefAL

    Yeah. The minion’s definitely approaching on Spooky’s 5. The easiest way to remember how the “clock” works is that “noon” is DIRECTLY IN FRONT of the person (who is “the clock”). One o’clock is in front and slightly to the right; three o’clock is directly to the person’s right; nine o’clock is directly to the person’s left; etc. It doesn’t really matter where the “clock” (ie, the person) is and it certainly doesn’t matter where the observer calling the action is–the clock is always in regard to the “person in danger.” (If Spooky had been facing the other way and not seen the minion coming at him, the minion would’ve been at Spooky’s “eleven.”)

  • Eris, elder daughter of Nyx

    Spooky fanclub, unite!

  • I would personally say 5.

  • Eland

    The first frame definitely looks like 5, second 7, and then the other two look five again. I didn’t even check that dialogue’s literality. If it were his 7, then he’d have to have done quite the twist to get that charm/potion sent in the right direction based upon the arm movement used, right?

  • Tyler Griffin

    Panels 3 and 4 seem to have a REALLY smooth and clean feel to them. Just tight and … NICE

  • Such a GREAT page. Others have said it and I shall ECHO THEM…M…M…M… “Just when you think Spooky couldn’t get more awesome… WRONG!” So ferking cool.

    Okay, love the Alex Humor™, “It’s just like that snake-in-a-can gag — except, y’know, with hell snakes… Yeah just like… (ahem)… I can just bet practical jokes were a gas at the Woolfson household. 🙂

    I sorta got excited about the ‘o’clock’ thing below and paneled. Then of course I realized it’s Friday and I’ve been really out of it with a cold and that y’all had sorted that one like 700 hours ago… so… HEY? I had fun.

    I just think I’ll make it short and sweet and say that Alex, the idea for this page at this moment is just perfect. This entire battle has been a bunch of wonderful moments both predicted by Amanda and unexpected and still more exciting to watch. However, this is one of those completely NEW moments that let’s us inside Spooky’s duster and it’s like a blast of cold water waking us up. Just great and fun to watch Spooky be awesome. Hey, hanging on to Duncan AND minion snaking! What does anyone want for minimum wage super hero work! 🙂

    Adam’s line work is amazing. The quick sense of Spooky keeping all the plates spinning while snapping his attention back and forth between the noisy minion and Duncan and doing the ‘no-look’ grab for the demon-hug-weiner bottle. That’s just beautiful throughout. You really get the feel of the non-stop motion.

    I had that moment of thinking… how EMBARRASSING if Spooky accidentally grabbed the wrong bottle? Say the “PRIAPISM CURSE.” I mean sure it would discomfit your enemy during battle and slow them down (tenting out that minion robe), but maybe not be quite as dramatically satisfying as the DEMON-HUG-WEINERS. However, then I realized that SPOOKY IS JUST THAT GOOD. I’m sure he’s practiced and each bottle has a unique shape and sits in the perfect pocket, so he never grabs the wrong one. (Just sayin’)

    Love his casual grab and snap throw. Too cool. Great expression of concentration.

    LOVE the face on the snake encrusted minion. I BELIEVE that expression.

    And the final of seeing Spooky’s quick glance to make sure he’s down.

    Finally, Veronica’s color is outstanding on this page. It vibrates with emotion and energy and punches out at us. Really beautiful work.

    Thank you again guys. This was a truly great page. Loved it. It made a hard week sooooo much better. In fact, I’ll bet all the other minions are jealous and will want Spooky hugs now too. LOL.

    • Hey Chris! Sorry to hear you had a hard week, but as always your play-by-plays are a lot of fun for me to read. And I agree — I really like that glance gives at the end. It’s a subtle thing, but Adam just nails it. 🙂

    • demon-hug-wiener bottle? Ha!

  • Amberella

    Damn, Spooks. You’re a boss!

  • $225 until we get the next milestone!

    • Klaus

      Less than two days, if the number keeps rising at this speed.

      • Eris, elder daughter of Nyx

        $217! We inch closer!

  • Will there be an early update tonight? Oh yes, I do believe there will be.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Duly noted, good sir.
      Very well, let the camping begin.

    • Will we have another glimpse of Mitch?

    • (veronica reads this note and frowns as her power flickers…)

  • Camping from Tampa tonight! At my grandmother’s place! (Free food bless the Lord)

    • Just put up the appropriate netting for car sized bugs and a fence to keep the gators out!

      • Haha, I’ve lived in Florida over a year. The gators and I get alone. 😉 I’m thinking of raising a toothy army in fact!

        • When you can harness them and ride with one foot on each gator… SELFIE and that is YOUR new avatar. Goooooooo Amaya!

        • Gators are cute.

    • Why does free food that someone (mom, grandmom etc..) just taste better? It’s a mystery……… :/

      • It’s cooked with looooove 😀 (Plus you know. Free.)

  • fujoshifanatic

    Less than $200 away from 2 pages a week! Halleloo!

  • So.. what have I been doing for the last 3 hours in order to be able to camp tonight – without throwing my computer out the window?
    Answer: Fighting ad-/malware of the most evil kind D:

    This might not have been a big deal for someone who’s computer savvy and understands techy English language, but for a noob like me I now feel a great accomplishment in saying ‘I made it’, for now at least, and not without small loses.
    It’s been a problem for the last couple of weeks, but the four first ‘attacks’ were an easier fix, as I could easily remove the plugin programmes that somehow ended up on my computer (see, I’ve leaned some techy talk during this xD), and ran a scan to remove the last.

    Then the evil one got smart. It moved in on my computer in the worst way possible, affecting just about everything except for FB (they really have good malware firewalls). And it wasn’t a plugin, no, it was an addition to my browser that got around me being unable to either deactivate or remove it at all. The options just wasn’t there, and (3 different programme) scans removed the things it dragged down on the computer but never removed the main sourse attached to the browser.

    What to do? Nothing else but a system recovery, so did that with the loss of some bookmarks, having to do a load of system care things again .. and solve a couple of weird mysteries such as 1) Why did I suddently have two IE browsers? (and the one had put all my bookmarks in alphabetical order – all 3488 of them – I really need to clean out in those) .. and 2) Why did I suddently have a Firefox browser that didn’t work (couldn’t open)?
    So I ran the system cares (which went SO slow) and downloaded a new Firefox, to replace the one that didn’t work, and I removed the 2nd IE – of course chosing the one that put the bookmarks in a new order that would mean hours of work to fix.

    Restarted the computer three times during all this, but FINALLY it seems there’s no malware issues and things look almost normal again, except for the things I lost by restoring to a point three weeks ago.
    During all this I’ve really gotten familiar with plugins, additions, extensions, immunization and other terms that make my head spin.

    This was the long, boring tale of what I went through to be able to be here to camp tonight.
    Three hours ago I felt like Barney, going ‘Challenge accepted’.. and I WON.. for now >.>

    • *hugs*

      • Thanks ^_^ Computers have always hated me. I think they can smell an easy victim.

        • Red

          They do. I can tell you…hehehe

          • I love your avatar Red ^_^

          • Red

            Oh thank you, it’s from my latest TH fanart… I can’t stop loving these guys… Missing those Wednesdays soooooooooo much already… IF you wanna see it, it’s on deviantart.

          • yes please!

          • Red

            Well, when Emirain went on hiatus I made my versions of “what will happen next” and this is what I did.
   There are four pages but you can link from one to the other. Some are labeled mature. I never imagined they would stop doing the comic when I started. 🙁
            Please tell me what you think!

          • Nice ^_^

          • Red


          • It was driving me bonkers. Made loads of words on a page into links to various spam sites, added ads to a site, pop-up windows everywhere, and if I clicked an actual link that lead to another tab (like a pic or article) it first redirected that to a spam site. I had to close down the tab at first and then re-open it again to see the actual thing I was clicking at – once again filled with malware. The first 8-12 hits on a google search was also malware inserted every time.

            Basically having this happen daily for a week, and even worse with that last one I couldn’t remove, my temper was hitting dangerous levels xD

          • Red

            I really hate that, it happens a lot with some anime sites It makes you waste so much time ugh!

        • Not any more! The Wolf eats bad tech for breakfast now. Bwwwwaaaaahahahahahahahah.

          Goooooo Wolf!

    • You go, Ms Wolf!

    • Good for you, Danish! I’m so impressed. I don’t know if I would have been able to solve those problems.

      • Took some looking up on helpsite + remembering what I did last time something like this happened. Something Haro said made me remember how I restored last year.
        But these times I wish I knew more about the techy side of computers.

        • So much time and effort! I’m glad you were able to get things fixed though. I would have been pulling my hair out and gnashing my teeth.

          • I was close. Veeery close to that.

          • I’ve learned some of my best tech in just working through problems like that. I’ll bet you learned a lot. Good job.

          • Tyler Griffin

            I just keep all my personal media backed up on a jump drive and I nuke the hard drive at the first sign annoying behavior. I’m probably not parent material, lol.

          • Now THAT is funny!

          • Tyler Griffin

            format/C: Or whatever the command is on this incarnation of Windows. Haven’t had any trouble yet (New laptop for xmas) so I haven’t had any occasion to to figure it out yet.

    • Go you!!!! As Captain Planet saves earth… you, Danish, save your computer… sing this song as you reboot!!!!

      • This reminds me. I saw a couple minutes of the new version of Teen Titans Go! (the cartoon) today, and I my first reaction was ‘Damn, did they run out of funds?’

        I just couldn’t do it. It’s gotten so rediculess and.. and.. I don’t know the English word to put for the Danish. Guess the closest I can think of right now is Unserious – in the not good way. I felt like my late teen years just got ruined xD

        • Tyler Griffin

          I agree. The Teen Titans cartoon I grew up with was geared towards older kids/early teens and had a lot of really good messages and was just fun. The reboot feels to me like it’s catering to the kindergarten crowd and seems to reinforce stereotypes

  • 192

    • I saw that. It’s so awesome.

    • Okay, I have to ask, what???

      • Patreon.

      • OMG OMG OMG… we must get her heart started. This is the most important issue in the western world (okay maybe excepting world-wide access to good quality lube)… but still AW’s Patreon is All important.

        (whispers) Okay we’ll talk later… 🙂

        • I second the comment about good quality lube!

        • -_- You’re earning yourself a smack pretty quick there sir.

          • The smack, WORLD-WIDE, will be all of us learning to live with one page a week… AUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH…

            Pray it never be so. It’s much more threatening than Laampros could ever hope to be. 🙂

            (I’m kinda letting my seams show aren’t I?)

          • Lil bit.

          • Heh… story of my life. “Enigmatic” I am NOT.

          • That won’t work at all 😉

            .. you’ll have to take the muffins away from him.

          • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO………..

    • 190!

  • Whoa I got lost in my work, forgot about the camp >_<

    • Horrors!

      • Stupid college trying to prepare me for a career…*grumble grumble*

        • Trust me, we understand. Adulthood sux!!!!!

          • I don’t want responsibilitieeees…

          • Tyler Griffin

            True adulthood is when instead of your parents making your doctor’s appointments for you, you just avoid the doctor and hope you don’t die.

          • Lol that’s true but if you ask me it’s the day you realize you’re forever just going to feel like you’re pretending to be an adult. >_>

          • Tyler Griffin

            I’m 32 and still wondering when I’m suuposed to start FEELING like an adult.

  • In for early camping, thanks to my good friend Doki!

    Been a long week. So tired. I couldn’t figure out why but now I’m feeling a bit under the weather. Seems like I’ve been fighting something. All of this is to say that I’m glad there will be an early update tonight.

    • Aww. 🙁 I’m sorry Gryphon. Drink lots of tea and stay warm!

      • Thanks! That’s exactly what I’m going to be doing tonight. At least I have the weekend to relax.

      • Lemon, Ginger, Honey… it’s healing and it’s good. That’s almost the only food group I can say that for.

        • I heard cinnamon is good too.

        • Tyler Griffin

          Grandma’s Cough syrup includes Lemon, Peppermint oil, cinnamon, and honey in a corn whiskey base, so yeah. “Just a spoonful of herbaly reinforced booze keeps the cold feels away. the cold feels away, the cold feels away.”

          No? Manamanah.

    • It’s definitely going around. I had a cold last week. Blah

      • Yes, I know a couple of people who aren’t feel well. Ick.

        • definitely

          • My doctor says EVERYONE AND EVERYWHERE… the cold is our enemy. I keep saying it’s Mordor and all those germ carrying orcs (so dirty)… but he says there is still no anti-biotic for it, regardless.

          • I think it helps that I live away from the big city. This was the first cold I’ve had in years. Blarg!

          • Admiral Hermit.

          • Damn right!

      • More cold healing muffins are needed Nurse Admiral! STAT!

    • Drink lots, eat well, rest plenty

  • Instead of V hunting, I’m refreshing the Patreon page in hopes of seeing the numbers move closer to 3000.

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      I’ve been doing that, too! Like “Come on, where my rich people at?”

      • *laughing*

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      • Yo yo yo… rich peeps of Syllibus… where you be hiding?

        (how was my street cred? did I cut it? no? too white again… dang…)

        • Tyler Griffin

          I would vote for you as the new Alpha 5.

    • Patreon stalking… it’s what’s for breakfast. And, no I’m not joking. 🙂

      • Like it!

      • purplefoxglove

        Well, I had a revision of the language changes in the Early Modern English period for breakfast, so…you win 😉

  • Quiet in the campground. I blame my own on low energy.

    • Same here. I’m getting tired.

      • Hope the page updates soon. I’m going to have an early bedtime myself.

        • Doki needs nap

          • Warm snuggly naps sound very good right about now!

          • I have learned a bit from this. I am needy when sick and not having someone to take care of me is bad.

          • Wish I could give you cups of tea and pat you on the head, Doki!

          • I am the exact same way. I just want hugs!

          • well in my case, it is more I need someone to watch out for me….came close to almost giving in to self harm at one point.

          • Oh, well, that’s definitely different. I’m sorry doll.

          • Apparently being alone doesn’t agree to well with me.

          • Oh! That scares me and makes me sad. Now I really wish I could be there with you when you’re sick 🙁

          • It was rough, but nothing bad happened.

          • I’m glad but still…

    • I’m running late today. Have my netbook set up in the kitchen while I make dinner for the dogs.

      • Lucky dogs!

        • Yes, yes they are. Of course going to the trouble makes my life easier in the meantime, considering I can’t find a food that agrees with all of them. Plus they’re all senior citizens, so why not make life easier. And yummier

    • I’ve got the reoccurring cold from hell and it’s been back this week with a vengeance. I seem to have 15 minutes when all the cold drugs kick in and I can think… then it all closes in and I become a freaking mindless idiot. I’ve decided that HELL includes mucus and lots of it… in unpleasant cranial places.

      I feel even more for Spooky. A whole year and no NyQuil shooters. LOL.

      • Oh no. I hope you feel better soon. I seem to be getting over the 2nd cold in a row much faster than the first – which WAS one of the worst I’ve had in many years.

        • Glad you’re recovering faster with this one. The last one was so awful for you!

      • Tyler Griffin

        I jave been boiling fresh Sage and Rosemary. Both have essential oils in them that, when inhaled, help to loosen mucus and reduce inflammation in airways. Absolutely not a substitute for true medical treatment, but any port in the storm and all that

        • Tyler Griffin

          Also, the above mentioned corn whiskey cough syrup does wonders (Corn whiskey actually is proven to have an expectorant affect)

      • davefragments

        Get a new toothbrush. Disinfect the bathroom glass. Wash everything is soapy water. Quit touching your face (that’s hard to do). All sorts of things like that will stop the returning.
        And do it for two weeks. (tedious, I know)

  • I have to keep awkwardly nodding at the racist comments my grandparents are making. >_> And now there’s a show I reeeally don’t want to be watching that I disagree with but what can I do aggh D:

    • That’s no fun!

    • You aren’t alone. I had to deal with the same. Fortunately, my mother was awesome and, when Gramps would cut lose with some BS, she’d remind him he was a Scandinavian immigrant and as white as they’re not…

      Mom was tough (his oldest daughter) and chewed him out until they agreed to never speak of it in front of “the kids.” (us). My Dad was great and just told me and my brother to act deaf when any of that crap started.

      Mom’s can be great. Grandparents CAN be great. But there is a lot of tough stuff in that mix that I didn’t understand until I was older.

      Hang in there.

      • Thanks Chris. 🙂 The oddest thing is I didn’t notice them act this way until recently. And I don’t know if it’s just because I’m more aware to what is and isn’t racist now, or because they purposely hid it from me as a child. But it’s just for the weekend.
        Thanks for the support!

        • Tyler Griffin

          Probably some from column A and some from Column B, the older generation has some odd notions about what is “Appropriate” discussion around kinds and teens (I had a great g-father who was absolutely adamant that the word or any reference at ALL to the condition of pregnancy was entirely inappropriate for public discussion in any form. Then of course as we become aware of things being innapropriate it jumps out at us when it comes from those close (or who should be close) to us.

  • Building a figma bike… and cursing… damn you Onoda (although I’m going to have fun making Haru ride that…) XD

  • Gosh everyone is sick! D: *rushes tea and blankets around to everyone* Momma Redfern will take care of you! <3

    • Tyler Griffin

      I got the corn whiskey cough syrup! Grandma’s Cough Syrup TM will cure what ails ya!

      • That is so awesomely Uni, when we thought all diseases could be cured by enough Tequila…. 🙂

        • They can’t??????? *cries*

          • (chris pats Doki’s shoulder awkwardly)

            There, there. It’s okay. Adulthood is just hateful. True fact. I promise, you’ll find a way to call it a hot toddy in the future, like the rest of us, and then you can make booze SOUND like medicine. LOL

          • …..the rum isn’t gone….not yet…

          • Purrrrrrrfect… 🙂

          • but I think I should be off meds before drinking again. ^_^

          • D. Garrett

            ummm chris is the patting awkward cuz u had tequila before u did it? *chuckles and moar chuckles

  • davefragments

    Finally, settled for the night.
    This morning started out a rant thanks to too little sugar and caffeine and too much snow.

  • We need a superhero with the ability to heal colds. Or maybe Spooks has a cure in one of those bottles in that coat.

    • syllibub

      Hopefully it doesn’t look too similar to the snake potion. That would be a nasty mix-up.

      • Speak for yourself. I’m willing to try the “demon-hug-snake” cure. 🙂

        • Tyler Griffin

          Well, I prefer to be the one directing the snakes, but either way… >:)

    • If he has.. just as I thought I couldn’t love on him any more than I do..

  • Doki can no longer keep her eyes open, so she is either going to sleep or taking a nap. Not sure which one.

    • Go to sleep, Doki. Sounds like you need it.

    • Goodnight & sleep well! Get better soon!!!

    • Tyler Griffin

      Get some rest the page, and we, will be here later

  • *suddenly throws confetti and strobe lights come on*

    • davefragments

      I’ll drink to that!

      • And, in no time flat, Dave’s avatar is wearing a festive party hat and the booze is flowing. (It’s amazing how quickly a night can turn around!)

        LOVE IT!

        • davefragments

          A little proseco is more my current drink. And a tiny bit of cake. Well, maybe not tiny. . .

  • Eris, elder daughter of Nyx

    -pokes head in to check Patreon-

    Only $190 left to guaranteed weekly bonus updates, everyone! We can do it! We can do it! Rah, rah! *cheers*

    • Klaus

      $165 now.

  • Ninhursag

    Their teamwork is so awesome, mostly thanks to Commander, god I love her <3 Reminds me of Hawkeye from Young Avrngers but more strategical and leader-like.
    Also Sooky's potion that spawns demon dragons is awesome.