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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Two—Page 8

153 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Two—Page 8

Oh, Kyle! Sometimes I just want to pinch your cheeks like an old-world grandma!

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All right-y! That’s the Kickstarter news!

In other news we have some really nice, unique Fan Art by Feverfew! The technical term for it is apparently an “amigurumi” but I’ll just call it a beautiful, crocheted doll of The Annihilator! And he looks so sweet, you’d never guess that he’s considered the Most Dangerous Supervillain In The World! You definitely need to check it out! 😀

We had our eleventh bonus page in a row on Wednesday! And look below! We’re already at $140 towards the bonus page after that!

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Big hugs go out to new friend of The Young Protectors Edward C. and also to long-time friends Marc B., Robert B. & joshua G. for their super-generous $25 donations! And this makes Marc’s ninth and both Robert’s and joshua’s twentieth (!) super-generous donations to this comic! Thank you so much Edward, Marc, Robert and joshua!

Thank you all so much for your amazing and continued support of this comic! Our Kickstarter is going to bring in more than 100 THOUSAND FREAKING DOLLARS! That is crazy wonderful! And on top of it all, you come here and leave such thoughtful, intriguing and insightful comments on the work. My words don’t do justice to what I really feel, but you really are the best readers a creator could ever hope for. Thank you so much for being so awesome. 😀

So! We’re inside! We’re making little jokes! The candles are lit! The table is set! What comes next, I wonder?

Tune in next Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • Ayisha Shabazz

    I squealed so loudly I think I hurt my own ears lol I love this page, and there really isn’t anything happening… Well except it got a lot more romantic, and that is literally the best part 🙂

  • Angelicatt

    He just keeps getting cuter and cuter

  • Augh, they are just so cute. My new OTP. <3

  • Oh, Kyle: I knew you still had a bit of spark left in you.

  • Now THAT’s how you light the candles *lol*

  • Erica

    now time to push all the dishes and candles aside and ravish on the table, then move to the bed.

    • Syncx

      Yes yes or just forget the table tear of his clothes and through him on the bed and have your wicked way with him ( fist pumping in the air and screaming ) >_<

  • Oh god. It just struck me, and now I can’t unthink it…

    A huge open space like this with hardly any furniture.. the resound effect of loud noices will be .. noticable.. if you get where I’m going here? XD

    • Syncx

      Yup. I keep imagining the hot echoes Kyle will make and how the fire will be blazing around in the big open space cladding agents the walls and such

    • The hills are aliiiive with the sound of — now wait just a diddly-darn minute

      • b3nc0

        If someone is interested there’s a video on Dailymotion called
        ‘The Hills Are Alive with the Sounds Of “Ooohh”-ing!’ Beware‼ It’s NOT children-friendly: it shows a woman waist-up w/ clothes pleasuring herself on a grass hill… You can even spot another girl’s back while she performs the same meditation? in front of her own cam O///O

    • Chibi

      There will definitely be an echo

    • Thank God I’m not the only one who didn’t think of that ’till just now XD But honestly, why would you /want/ to unthink it?

    • with any luck, adam gets to visually represent all of these Noises, when “it” happens in about 2 – 4 updates.

      and veronica will. . . . .colour everything, as they should be.

      to great, humour’us effect.

  • amanda

    giggle!! I love this and it is soo cute!!!

  • CommodoreZelda

    They’re so flipping cute. Kyle being so suave with his firebending. <3
    (Yes, I've been watching a lot of A:TLA lately.)

    • Madock345

      Me too! I’ve been watching an episode every day to keep up with Doug Walkers vLogs.

      Also: I’m really impressed with the degree of fire-control Kyle shows here, we hadn’t seen much finesse out of him before, he mostly seemed like a raw-power kind of guy.

  • Syncx

    My heart swooned as soon as I saw the new page

  • Syncx

    If I was Kyle I wouldn’t be able to tear my eyes from the bad

  • thisboybroken

    Awesome work!!! You deserve the success Alex!

  • Summer

    I want to pinch BOTH their cheeks like an old-world grandma!

    …butt-cheeks are totally cheeks.

    • strangeangel24601

      What kind of old-world grandmas have YOU been hanging out with? They sound awesome!

      • Summer

        I have totally seen grandmas do this!

  • I really enjoy how confident Kyle looks when he uses his powers – he’s very much in his element, so to speak! I also wonder, does he own nice clothes besides the blue button-down/khakis combo? If you’re gonna be with Duncan you might want to step up your sartorial game, Kyle. (But really, I think Kyle’s clothes are very aptly chosen, since it’s a typical young guy’s “nice” outfit – based on the wardrobes of the guys in my life, I don’t think the elegant suit instinct kicks in until a bit later in one’s twenties, if at all.)

    Love the banter about the flowers – the dialogue in this comic continues to charm and impress me!

    • IIRC, these are clothes that Anni rustled up from somewhere for Kyle, so maybe this is just the sort of casual outfit that he wants to see him in? Heh.

      • These are actually Kyle’s own clothes. The clothes that The Annihilator “rustled up” in Chapter One were taken from Killer.

    • Thank you! (And your analysis of Kyle’s clothes is spot on. 🙂 )

  • AC♥Bear

    “I am so getting lucky tonight.”

    Unless Ponytail drops in with Flower Murderer again. Or some girls happen by and get more material for tumblr.

  • Thomas David Hamilton


  • Lilka Lilianna

    Ah, the last chance to get into the kickstarter… and I won’t be able to. Cursed be the hailstorms that ruined the windows in my home and ate all the extra money I had set aside for the young hero position. Life can be so unfair sometimes. I’m a very sad girl today. If anyone has a hug to spare, please give me some.

    But at least I get to ogle the devilishly handsome Anni in that first panel. I swear I’ve been staring for a long while now and just can not stop.

    • Feverfew_M

      Sorry to hear that, it really sucks! *extra big double-triple hug*
      Is there at least an insurance on the windows?

      • Lilka Lilianna

        Sadly, no. We never could afford adding any insurances to the monthly expense. Now we’re paying for that.

        But hey, THANKS for the hugs! I really needed them! 🙂

        • Feverfew_M

          You’re welcome! 🙂

    • Aw, man, i feel your pain on the household disaster. [hugs.]

      • Lilka Lilianna

        Thank you, it really means a lot to me right now. 🙂

    • Jamie Dutton

      *hugs* I know just how you feel. Though I got lucky and FEMA covered the damage that someone’s couch did to my kitchen wall last month. Well half their couch anyway.

      • Feverfew_M

        *tries to picture the scenario* … *fails* … never mind. 😀

      • Lilka Lilianna

        Thanks for the hug! And I’m so glad you got your damage covered! 🙂

  • Hikaru Takemori

    Seeing the last panel I’m thinking: “Be aware of what is lurking in the dark, Kyle.” ^^

  • Soubi

    Oh, Kyle…you’ll be seeing something even bigger in just a few pages…

  • Kiri

    Why is it that I feel like Hunter&Killer are going turn up on their date again?

    • KiannaLeigh

      >_> If that happens. I will have to kill something. Or cry. I might cry too.

  • Missy_Z

    I find the fact that Kyle knows what kind of flower the petals came from absolutely adorbs. He is hot and has smarts!

  • I think this page would make a nice print for the Volume 2 Kickstarter. 🙂

    And that is a seriously cute bit of fan art, Feverfew.

    • Feverfew_M

      Thanks, glad you like it! 🙂

  • CH

    I love Duncan’s ability to quip something from a touch creepy to perfectly acceptable. (In English: I love that he made the trail of flowers a joking reference to the previous date.)

  • I’m so glad your KickStarter was a huge success! It really does make me sad that I can’t donate to it (there are some serious downsides to the current American economy), but it’s good to know that you guys will be pulling out all the stops and making your awesome fandom awesomer.

    Also, you were awesome enough to throw these two in a warehouse of all places for some smex. Which will have awesome acoustics. That’s just awesome.

    • Frater Gymnos

      wooooow… I never thought about the acoustics…. will there be music?

      • Jamie Dutton

        I asked on the last page, what kind of music Duncan would have on his playlist. I’m thinking he might be more of old school r&b, a little Marvin Gaye and/or Barry White, lol.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Oh my gosh, that fanart! Too bad you can’t make it one of the stretch goal incentives, because I would have stretched my pennies just a little further to get one! Still, I’m excited to get my Spooky cap! I can’t wait to go to one of the cons you’ll be at next year and have you sign it Alex! 😀

    As for this week’s page, it looks like Kyle has very good control of his abilities now. I know this night will get hot, but maybe it won’t get as hot as Kyle fears it would, no? If so, that would be good for them (I don’t think rose petal ashes would be too fun to roll around in) and GREAT for us!

    • Feverfew_M

      Ha, glad you like it! No chance of a serial production, though, because that took forever! 😀
      But I am planning to make a cuddly Kyle, as well.

      • b3nc0

        I’m sure you could hire hands with the promise of keeping one for each twenty made…
        PS love that avatar mole, all my chidhood etc… “Yooo” °0°/

  • Niggle

    Petunias XD So funny, how is this going to turn out? I want to know! ~flail~ And are those petunia petals? I thought Annie was rich! ;P

    Well, I finally donated, not a lot, but there you go. You flew past your goal, so my donation was rather selfish, I wanted the basic goodies. 😉

    So hard to finally decide to do these things when there are so many projects out there and only so much extra money. I donated to another comic recently (I got wallpapers out of the bargain!) and they have an uber tiny fanbase compared to yours and I’m thinking of doing a commission from the artist to help them a bit more. They’re just trying to cover their overhead with website costs. But you, Alex, and Adam and Veronica, deserve some love, too.

    • They are actually rose petals. The “petunia” reference is just Kyle trying to be extra-funny. (Probably because of the way the word sounds.)

      And thank you very much for your backing! That’s much appreciated! 😀

      • Niggle

        You’re very welcome. 🙂 Petunia is a funny word, isn’t it? I also don’t like them, so yay rose petals. XD

  • YG_Frenchie

    Sexiest way to light candles! <3 Fav panel!

  • anyone wanna take a bet on those candles’ having a “special part” in an unspecified plan of anhi’s?

    (like, maybe, power-copying?)

    • Syncx

      I know Duncan is a villain but I’m kinda hopping this night is just as it seems , a romantic night, ending in a much anticipated deflowering

      • we shall find out, either next saturday, or two wednesdays from now, whether in fact that is, in fact, the case.


        i may be more disappointed if al doesn’t, in some form, delay our gratification

    • KiannaLeigh

      Why? Why can’t they just be squishy?! It’s like, super spies (or heroes/villains) who are all business during the day but after “quitting time” are just like everyone else. Domestic situation with non domestic people are fun!

      • nay, Sis.

        they can’th be ‘squishy.’

        i deny this.

        but actually.. just described Punch-Clock [Agonists]

        look it up on tv tropes some time (if you aren’t already familiar)

        of course, i do concur with you on that one: Superpowered People, doing mundane things (like, say, mopping the floor with a doo rag tied atop the crown of their head) is amusing, indeed!

        • KiannaLeigh

          … Not even emotionally squishy … ? T_T aww. Plus, Tv tropes: whelp, there goes the next hour of my life.

          • (shit.

            i probably..
            ..just did a bad thing, didn’t i?)

          • KiannaLeigh

            …. I just spent the last 3 hours on TV tropes. Thanks … I’m gonna go ta bed now. >_>

          • Lulzlullylulz

            Only three? Hmm, it seems you got off lightly; that was a rather short wiki-walk.

          • KiannaLeigh

            Thankfully, I got tired just as I finished an article and clicked exit before something else caught my interest.

          • how do you think i eventually made my way over to this site?

            (and, eventually, had my destined meeting you?

            ╮(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)╭.)

          • :-).

            you agreed to this, when you married a Villain, y’know.

            no complaining.

          • KiannaLeigh

            I know. I realize that. I knew what I was getting into when I proposed. 😉

    • b3nc0

      “’Special part’ in an unspecified plan” you say… That ignites some nasty circuits in my deviant mind which flashes dreadful images: Kyle, bed, ropes, ‘DUNCAN’S PROPERTY’ written in hot wax letters 8°P~

    • Y’all are just so … clean-minded. I’m all “Special candles? You mean like wax dildos or something?” Jesus, i’m a horrorshow and need to be put away on a high shelf. xD

  • Feverfew_M

    Trust Anni (and Alex) to turn cheesy overkill into a well thought out and funny reference to a shared adventure. Brilliant!
    And Kyle likes to show off a bit as much as the next teen guy. Rightly so, it is damn cool to be able to do that.

    • Hey, Feverfew! That Anni doll is amazing! Thanks for sharing!

      • Feverfew_M

        Thanks, Adam! I’m damn proud that you like it! 🙂

  • Frater Gymnos

    I love this relationship between Kyle & Anni. I hope they get to enjoy this evening – before the next plot twist!

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    Kyle was very lucky he didn’t melt the candles down to nothing! Couldn’t he just ….do an “Uncle Fester” simple little flame from the index finger would suffice!

    • Becky

      I’m sure he had it under control. Probably just visual dramatic flare. I mean flair! Haha, accidental pun. 🙂

    • SAMK

      But Anni didn’t ask him to light the candles, he asked Kyle to “ignite” the candles. Inviting a show off move as it were.

  • KiannaLeigh

    Kyle. You’re just too cute with the “Let’s light the candles like a BAMF”. So freaking cute!

  • Syncx

    Is the next page this Wednesday or next Saturday ?

    • Chibi

      well it’ll be on Wednesday if enough money is raised for a bonus page.. right now the next page will be on saturday because we haven’t reached the $400 needed to get one on Wednesday yet

  • cherryblake

    its feels like something bad or awkward going to happen, when they get to or at the table

    • b3nc0

      I bet the wine is now horridly too hot ¬¬

      • KBatty

        Maybe Duncan makes his own mulled wines and just put it in a nice bottle? haha

        Hell, Kyle’s a handy guy to have around. He’ll warm your wine, roast your marshmallows, and assist the local fire department with preventative controlled burns.

  • Klaus

    Of course Duncan has a plan with those candles. They give Kyle a chance to show off, which makes him feel good. This is a good thing whatever Duncan’s motive for this seduction is.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Yes, Anni’s plan to allow Kyle to show off was quite clever. And I particularly like the detail that Adam put into Kyle’s body language. Kyle’s got that I’m-feeling-uncomfortable hands in pockets pose in the first two panels. Which makes me wonder if Kyle’s simply overwhelmed by the setup in the warehouse, or more likely feeling uncomfortable about the need to interrogate Anni over the last few pages about Anni’s supervillain origin and activities. But then Anni asks him to ignite the candles, and Kyle’s posture opens up again.

    • I love that you all notice stuff like this. This is one of the great pleasures of releasing a work as a webcomic; the fact that readers have enough time to comment on every page, including the subtle body language stuff that Adam and I are including in here, is very gratifying from a creator point-of-view.

      But more than that, what’s more gratifying is that we have such smart and thoughtful readers. It gives me permission to slow the pace down every now and then to hit a subtle (yet very important) beat like this because I can trust that it’s not going to go over your heads. With a different readership, I’m sure there would be many readers who might complain in the comments—”But nothing happened on this page! All that happened was somebody turned off a light and somebody lit some candles! FAIL!”—but instead we get wonderful comments like yours.

      And I think that’s pretty awesome. 🙂

      • KBatty


        …you’re welcome. =)

        • Feverfew_M


    • I feel exactly the same, and have had the same thoughts. I love a comic where you have to read between the lines because just as much is being said/hinted with the subtle things.
      It’s one of the things that is most garantied to make a comic a favorite of mine. I love the subtle things that gives you the opportunity to analyze, speculate and realize things that isn’t being given away directly.

    • Thanks, Saxon! 🙂

  • Epistasthai

    “I’ll never look at a petunia the same way again.” Now he’s never gonna look at rose petals the same way again. That last panel is so sweet…

  • Chibi

    >> anyone else think it would have been funny if he accidentally set the table cloth on fire when he was lighting the candles?

  • Yukiness

    All I have to do is wait a few hours and I will be able to back this. That spooky cap is mine.

    • I would be heartbroken if anyone who intended it missed out on the spooky cap. I hope you got in!

      • Yukiness

        I got in *grabs you hands and spins around in a joyous flurry*

  • Oh my god, Kyle is just hugably adorable. 😀 >3<

    (Also, I just noticed that if you hover your mouse over the "likes" or upvotes, whatever they are, you can see who liked them. I thought they took that feature out! yay!!)

  • Cman65

    He is just so cute/hot I may have to re-think my “No red-heads” rule

    • All we are saying… is give gingers a chance. <3

      • TheManBehindTheCurtain

        “Gingers have no soul.” – South Park

      • Cman65

        if you even meet my ex you would get my “no red-heads” rule

        • dereule101

          I’m now curious to know what your red-head ex did wrong that people of other hair colors can’t.

  • Jinxbrand

    Does donating on the regular paypal thing on this page count you under the kickstarter project?

    • Klaus

      No, they are entirely seperate.

      • Jinxbrand

        I meant to hit reply… but I replied to my own instead of your post, Mind looking up and seeing my question? lol If you don’t know, no problem. Thanks regardless!

    • Jinxbrand

      Alright thank you!

      • Feverfew_M

        You can find the estimated time of delivery under each pledge level at the kickstarter page. As for the adress: you just need to keep your e-mail address up to date with the kickstarter. Shortly before shipping is due, Alex will send you an e-mail survey to get your current physical address, so that your reward will go to where you are at that time.

        • Jinxbrand

          Thank you!

          • With all the extra material being made now, the estimated delivery time can change. That’s why you just need to keep your kickstarter email updated. When the time comes, and Alex is ready to ship packages, then a mail will be sent to all where backers have to tell the address they want it shipped to.
            A good way to prevent people having moved or something 🙂

          • Alaras

            Oh, good, so he DOES check on that! Good thing too, especially since I’m JUST about to move!

  • TheGodEaters

    Way to make Kyle feel comfortable again! Duncan’s got that boy figured out. XD

    By the way Alex, I was wondering if you would possibly think about making some of your kickstarter extras available for sale afterwards. (like the buttons, and spooky cap) I’d love to be able to spring for them in the kickstarter but I can only afford so much right now.

    • Chelsea H Adler

      completely agree. I would love to purchase items separately.

    • Any reward not labeled KICKSTARTER-EXCLUSIVE is something that I will very likely make available for sale to the general public after all the Kickstarter backers have received theirs. 🙂

      (The only possible exception to this would be the physical version of The Annihilator Classified dossier. Those dossiers will be special artifacts and I’ll have to see how much effort goes into making each one and based on that, I’ll decide whether I’ll ever make that for sale to the general public. And the PDF version of that, though, is a KICKSTARTER-EXCLUSIVE and I’ll never make that available for sale to the general public.)

      The buttons and the keychains were things I was selling before the Kickstarter at Cons, so I’ll likely do that again. But any of the new stuff I create for this Kickstarter will go to the backers first.

      Hope this helps! 🙂

      • TheGodEaters

        Ah, yes it does. I don’t mind waiting. Of course backers would have to get first dibs, I just am happy with the possibility that when I can afford them I’ll be able to own some of the extras I was disappointed to miss in the kickstarter

  • b3nc0

    Duncan’s choice of words is very relevant:
    “igniting the candles” –> put on a show for me, Kyle
    “kill the lights” –> don’t forget I’m the /bad/ guy

  • PinkFlower69

    Dear Alex,

    Let me just say I love what youre doing here with your comic. Very interesting stories and all. However, 50% of the audiences cares about the storyline, and the other 50% come for the sex. Sadly, I’m the later…I love your work its engaging and has good writing, but I was disapointed that Artifice didnt have a powerful sex scene (or lack of it completley, just foreplay). I’m looking forward to this one and pray that the ones who draw don’t shy away from actually drawing hardcore sex…this is afteralll “Yaoi”911 right? I’m dailing 911 for you, so save me with some harcore sex.

    P.S. If its an issue to show cock I don’t see the point. Alot of online comics show it,or manage to camouflage it well .i.e. SF, and TH. I will do my best to donate, I just hope the pages will be worth it!
    Thank You for everything you’ve done so far 🙂

    • CH

      Just to be clear, (since Alex is likely very busy today, the kickstarter ends in a few hours) the full monty content will never appear on this site. It is available as a PDF or physical prints to the kickstarter backers only.

    • Feverfew_M

      Yep, I’m also pretty sure that the comic itself is not going to show explicit scenes. This is more about telling a high quality story with a bit of added sexiness, rather than outright porn. And I think that’s a very good thing because this way it has the chance to appeal to a way bigger audience. I hope this won’t keep you from following the comic, though. After all, there are still the NSFW romance prints that are going to be a bit more steamy. 😉

    • Lillihandra

      Honestly, I love that they’re keeping this a SFW comic. I wouldn’t enjoy it nearly as much if they didn’t, and I doubt I would have backed the kickstarter if there had been NSFW stuff in the comic itself. I’ve been close to backing a few others only to have them add that “edginess” to them and make it so I don’t feel comfortable with that in hard-copy at my house. You might want the extra oomph, but some of us have family to worry about. I like that I feel like I can share this comic with friends and family without worrying. I sincerely doubt I’m the only one that feels that way.

    • Sebastian

      Let’s be honest here – regardless of the name of the website, this isn’t a place full of Yaoi. Alex is actually creating some pretty meaningful comics here – this isn’t just mindless smut.

      If you want kawaii desu buttusexu then you’re in the wrong place. I highly suggest Starfighter if you’re looking for that. While TYP is an R-rated comic, it’s pretty obviously not meant to be seen as solely a sex comic. And it really has nothing related to Yaoi except for the fact that it involves gay men. The variations in body type, the actual plot, and the lack of an uke/seme relationship should have given that away.

      Sorry if this sounded harsh, but it’s important to remember that it’s not all about sex.

      • TwoWayStar

        Starfighter isn’t all kawaii desu buttusexu… Y_Y

        • Sebastian

          The vast majority of that comic is sex and catfights. But that’s not really my purpose in writing this and I couldn’t care less about what that comic is or isn’t. My point is that TYP is nothing like yaoi.

          • TwoWayStar

            Whether TYP is or isnt like yaoi, it IS on a website that advertises itself to “yaoi” readers and has yaoi in the web address. You cannot blame some for being a bit disappointed.

            I was just a bit surprised at the SF hate, as I like all 3 comics.

          • Sebastian

            While that may be the case, I would think people would catch on that this comic (and Artifice) is just really not super graphic. Alex has kept things fairly tasteful thus far, it should be obvious that this just isn’t really yaoi-like stylistically after reading a few pages.

            I don’t see how it’s “hate” to write an honest statement. A very large portion of that comic is dedicated to manga-styled sex. That’s not a good or a bad thing… It just is what it is. It’s pretty obviously geared towards a certain demographic (women who want to see androgynous pretty boys having sex with a very clear uke/seme dynamic) and, while there’s nothing wrong with that, it is silly to suggest otherwise. But, as I said, that wasn’t my point in writing this, so I’m just going to drop it.

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    Panel one: Anni has never looked so handsome. 🙂

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  • ” ‘I did it, Daddy!!’

    ‘I’m so proud of you, Kiddo.
    ‘Now c’mere an’ give yer Papa a smooch.

    ‘:: smooch ::’

    ‘(On the cheek, you lil’ perv.)’

    ‘:: L.o.L. ::’ “

  • Syncx

    Is there a page tonight ?

    • strangeangel24601

      Doesn’t look like it. Oh well, Alex, Adam and Vero certainly deserve a break after all the amazing work they’ve been doing for us,

      • Aw, thanks!

      • Thank you. 🙂

      • Takehai

        Especially once you consider how much *more* work they are all going to be doing now that the Kickstarter is done. Think of all the writing, organizing, and coordination Alex will have to do to get all the rewards he committed to in the Kickstarter, as well as working his regular job. I’m getting tired just thinking about it. 😉
        And then, Adam and Vero have to draw and color all that extra art, on top of all their other work. Of course they will be phenomenal, but wow! think of all that creative energy being pushed into overtime. And don’t let anyone ever tell you creating art isn’t work.
        I think I’m going to go collapse in awe at our Gods’ and Goddess’s feet now….

  • That moment when you realise that there isn’t a page this Wednesday…

  • YG_Frenchie

    You know what I keep thinking? It’s not that I necessarily want to see them have sex, as exciting as it is, it’s how they’re going to go about dealing with certain scenarios that intrigues me more.

    Like for example: It’s been how long since Kyle’s last orgasm? Six years? Wouldn’t he be extremely sensitive? I’m sure Duncan expects this. How will he help Kyle control himself? He wants him to enjoy his first time. But who says they’re stopping at one orgasm. And how did Kyle not burn his residences while growing up with wet dreams? Doesn’t every guy experience this? I’m a girl, so.. I apologize if I’m wrong. I’m hoping this gets discussed between them. My curiosity is stronger than me. I was also thinking about all the places Kyle could have gone for privacy over the years and safety of others, or where Duncan could possibly take him… If I were him I’d find a private lake. The most that would happen if he fired up would be steam? Or where there’s a lot of sand…

    This whole comic has made me fall in love with it because of the built up comfort between them. A big part of a relationship is being comfortable with your partner and I just want to see Duncan be such a romantic with Kyle. I don’t think there’s anything else he could ask for on his 18th birthday. He’s been deprived of something everyone else gets to take advantage of and because Duncan is such a fireproof sweetie they’re the perfect pair. He’ll never want to leave that bed.

    How Kyle is supposed to explain his relationship with a Villain to his mates, now that’s another list of questions that I won’t get in to. But I’m glad the contrast happened.

    Well, that was a lot more text than I expected to write…

    • timemonkey

      I’m 26, male, and have never once had a wet dream. Not even a sexy dream. I’m pretty ticked off at my subconscious over it. Why do I have to keep dreaming about my bed being full of snakes but I can’t have it full of cute guys just once?

      • YG_Frenchie

        See? I don’t know everything about these things! Thanks for increasing my knowledge, haha. I’m sorry to hear though.

        You know how we dream about what we can hear, like in the morning when it creeps into our dreams. My power tool obsessed neighbour’s loud noises always ruin good dreams for me when I hear them. Nothing like a regular dream turned into a bloody chainsaw movie. What if you had a sexy audio file play while you sleep? Same concept.

      • Wet dreams are the body’s way to dispose of excess semen. I’ve never had one. I’ve always assummed that this is because I masturbate sufficiently that they’re unnecessary.



        • YG_Frenchie

          No such thing as TMI with Frenchie 🙂

          I guess every guy does produce different amounts.

    • dereule101

      Also 26 and have never had a nocturnal emission. Kinsey’s Sexual Behavior in the Human Male says 83% of men will experience a nocturnal emission at some point, so I guess it’s just most of us rather than all.

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    I love this dialogue so much

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  • Thank you! For both the kind words and your Kickstarter backing! (And you’re going to get to see a lot more of Spooky. In the next chapter. 🙂 )

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