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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Two—Page 47

988 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Two—Page 47

Hmmm… Yet again, you are like “I don’t have to explain anything” and then you’re all like “Blah, blah, blah, blah…” I’m beginning to think that your words are not to be trusted, Mr. Annihilator!

I had a fantastic time at BENT-CON 2013 this weekend, mostly because so many of you stopped by to say hello! It was so awesome to hear you’re enjoying The Young Protectors and to see your smiling faces and get a chance to finally chat in person! Hopefully, those of you near Austin, TX will be able to come to the Webcomic Rampage in a few weeks! My first ever convention in Texas! 😀

In other news, Winona Nelson and I are going to be interviewed on the radio this Thursday, 11/14 at 4:00PM Eastern Standard Time. The show is called Woman Stirred Radio and you can listen to it on the Internet here. You can also call in with questions and comments, which I hope y’all will do, at this number: (802) 454-7762. It’s my very first radio interview so I hope to hear some friendly voices! 🙂

Oh, and y’all were so super-helpful in coming up with cool topics for the upcoming POWERS and ROMANCE TYP Trading Cards, I’d like to ask for you help with the last two card packs — the FIRST-TIME and ORIGIN cards!

The FIRST-TIME CARD is meant reveal “intimate details about a character’s romantic experience, namely their first-time experiences with romance and sex (first kiss, first time in love, first…).” So, to be clear, we’re talking actual first-time experiences here, not interests or likes/dislikes (which will be covered in the ROMANCE cards.)

(Because the trading cards are 2.5″ x 3.5″, there won’t be room for full paragraph answers. So please think of questions/headings that can be answered in a few words or at most a couple sentences. Oh, and remember, that the questions/headings need to apply to EVERY character, not just one, so please make sure they are general enough to do that!)

Submit your suggestions for the FIRST-TIME cards!

The ORIGIN CARD is meant to offer “a narration about how a character discovered their powers and chose to be a superhero (or villain!).” My plan is to have a short paragraph describing this, but I’d be very interested in learning specifically what you want to know and, if there’s room, I might also be able to include some of your specific questions!

Submit your suggestions for the ORIGINS cards!

I’m really curious to hear what you’re curious about! 😀

Oh, and…


The eighteenth bonus page in a row!

Special thanks go out to long-time supporters Sara F. (who makes their third generous donation to The Young Protectors!), Megan S., Gayle L., Annika D. and Miranda H. (all four making their fourth generous donations to The Young Protectors!), Kathryn G. and Sofia T. (both making their sixth generous donations to The Young Protectors!), Desiree H. (who makes their seventh generous donation to The Young Protectors!), & Stephanie C. (who makes their fourteenth generous donation to The Young Protectors!), and a warm welcome and grateful bow go out to new supporters andrew w., MEWW G. & Reinerio G. for their generous donations over the last few days!

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Thank you all so much for your generous support!

So! Looks like The Annihilator’s monologuing again! What does he mean when he says there a “threats that make the so-called ‘crisis’ look like a child’s tea party”? And what do you think our hero Kyle’s reaction to all this will be?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • Sapfo

    So what now?

    Sorry, Duncan, I do not want to buy this “car”!

    • Holly

      You give up and let me have it on Saturday?

      Or you mean in the comic? Because Duncan and his motives are CONFUSING

      • Sapfo

        Holly, I will be working on Saturday, so it is between you and Danish. Where is Danish by the way?

        It’s Duncan’s explanation, I do not buy it.

        • Maybe her computer isn’t working?

          • Sapfo

            She might be sleeping. Its 5 am here.

        • Holly

          Is that my only way to win? you and DW not being on?!

          • Sapfo


            No, you have showede that you can take a virgin with both of us here. But it might be easier

    • *mumbles angrily* Stupid internet supliers and their updating, ruining my camp after I fretted yesterday about maybe not getting a page.

      I’ve just sat here and refreshed the net every 5-10mins for the last .. hmm almost 2 hours in the wait for a connection to come back. I had a feeling there would be an early page tonight and I was right.

      Text message earlier saying: ‘Your net will be gone for a short period tonight somewhere between 1am and 6am. Sorry for the inconvenience’. Short my ass xD

      • Danish!

        Welcome back. We missed you. Holly’s mad because I “distracted” her from getting the virgin.

        *wants to slink off in the corner but will continue to camp*

        • *lol* I saw that, but she and Sapfo use the tricksy distractions themself to ensure the virgin. I have fallen into their trap a couple of times, so no reason to hide.. every trick works I guess 😉

          (and I have of course NEVER tried using it myself <.< )

          • LOLL!

            TV Tropes is a pretty good one, I must say.

      • Sapfo

        Danish! Admit it, you wanted me to have it here.
        It’s awful when the internet does not work.

  • Holly


    • Sapfo

      Love you! ^_^

      • Holly

        I could have been talking about many people.

        • Sapfo

          But I am talking to you ^_^

  • I didn’t get the virgin but I’ve never been this close before. Wow!

    • Holly


      • I’m sorry, Holly! Really I am!!!

        • Sapfo

          Thank you Gryph! ^_^
          Without your support I would have never made it.

  • Soubi

    He should just get plastic surgery like everyone else, goodness…no need to start the apocalypse.

    • Holly

      In a way I think he was trying to prevent one.

      • Soubi

        I agree. Then again, this is Duncan we’re talking about…queen of sass, frass and surprises.

  • Holly

    So is anyone else curious about “what is coming?”

    Not the demon’s, or the relationship or anything like that. But what Duncan was trying to stop, other than his own aging!

    • Pup Ruff

      I’m still feeling it’s more about Duncan than preventing what’s coming. Just the vibe I get.

      • He does seem to be repeatedly trying to justify himself then talking about how he doesn’t really need to explain himself but then he tries to and then he says it was all for “good” reasons because the alternative is better than what’s coming.

        Then he ends with moaning about getting old and weak.

        Think he’ll go on like that for the next page? Will Kyle finally get to bitch slap his betraying ass? I hope so.

        • Steven K.

          Same here!

        • Pup Ruff

          I’m pretty sure the slap, with actual fireworks, will happen very soon.

    • What could be so dire that allowing a demon to take over part of the world would make it better?

      The end of the world?

    • Soubi

      I know what’s not coming ever again, and that’s Kyle 🙁

      • Steven K.

        Poor kid. He doesn’t deserve to end up without anyone to be intimate with. Not a fun way to go through life, I can attest.

    • Adam Black

      guilt? decency?

      a dye-job that works over superpowered gray?

  • Jakk Anthony Guzman

    I thought we might have two or three pages of Duncan trying to explain things to Kyle.

    • Sapfo

      Or maybe one and then Kyle will break free ….

      (Chris did you just take over my mind?)

      • Steven K.

        That would be nice.

    • Soubi

      Or, trying to explain how he’s not going to explain.

    • Steven K.

      That or Kyle escaping and frying a bit more of Duncan – either would have been at least some relief.

  • silibub

    *droops* Oh, Duncan. I guess his strength really is waning as he ages…and I bet the ass-kicking he got in Hong Kong when he didn’t have his powers to compensate really drove it home, too.

    And now he’s dropping all these ominous hints; maybe he’s found a way to spin his planned takeover into something that looks beneficial — he may be nigh-invulnerable, but I doubt he could withstand a couple continents’ worth of uprising if the people objected to his power. If they see him as their only hope against something worse, though, they might cede to him. Still, it’s really a stretch trying to think of ways to make “demon invasion” into a positive thing.

    Many thanks to Alex and team for the early page! Now I need to go mull!

    • Steven K.

      Some similar thoughts here. Seems to be getting very complicated.

  • Ellen Harman

    So all of this because Duncan’s having a midlife crisis?!! I want a George tee and key chain too. George the eye not George the cat.

  • Summer

    The more Duncan (because right now, he is unquestionably just Duncan) tries to explain himself, the more evident it is to an adult bystander that he’s feeling incredibly guilty and trying to justify his own actions to himself and to Kyle.

    To a teenager like Kyle, even one as mature as he is…this is just twisting the knife. Still, it’s interesting to see that Duncan’s powers of nigh-invulnerability don’t include immortality as well.

    • Steven K.

      I believe it is like that for Kyle. It feels like that for ME as well!!! That’s why I hate it. I wish he’d actually HAVE some remorse/guilt – whatever – and just do some ACTUAL explaining of the situation. Do or say something that’s gonna make Kyle feel even the tiniest better for god’s sake – not stuff that’s just going to increase his pain.

  • SofiaT

    I wonder what could be so bad that a demon and his army descending on earth is a much preferable alternative…

    • Good question. I need to think about this.

    • silibub

      I’m not saying it’s aliens, but…it’s aliens.

      Nah, I have no clue.

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      But whatever the alternatives, as Duncan said it was ultimately selfish reasons that drove him to it. He didn’t want to grow old and die, regardless of what other dangers there might be.

      • Jakk, didn’t you suggest that maybe Duncan was sick a few pages ago?

        If he doesn’t want to grow old and die then I think that rules out the world ending.

        • I did! I did! I did! 😀

          • That’s right!!! You did!

            Do you think that makes sense? Could that be the reason he’s doing this?

          • Well as I just stated to Jakk, Duncan may have thought only HE, the Annihilator, could save the world, but he was becoming weak, and so he found a way to get strong, screwing everyone else over just so he could save the world. 😐

        • Jakk Anthony Guzman

          I meant that some will focus on the end of the world, or some such cataclysmic event that might be waiting to try and excuse some or all of what he did. But as he said, it was ultimately selfish reasons on his part and nothing else.

      • Yes selfish, but maybe he thought he would be the only one to help, but because he was getting weak, he would be unable so made a deal so he could be strong enough… Yes, selfish… lol

        • Jakk Anthony Guzman

          Read the last panel, Admiral. No saving the world there.

          • I did agree he was selfish. It’s just a theory. 🙂

          • Jakk Anthony Guzman

            I’ll give him credit, he didn’t try to hide behind the end of the world to justify it. He came clean.

          • Yeah, there is that. He knows he’s a selfish bastard.

          • Jakk Anthony Guzman

            So there might be an enemy out there that might need to be engaged?

          • That’s what he seems to be implying.

          • Steven K.

            You are right about that!

        • Steven K.

          I hope it might be something like that. But maybe if he just freakin’ WOULD explain some stuff to Kyle, since he’s taking the time to drone on anyway, that might start him on the first couple cm on his thousand km journey on to some semblance of partial redemption in MY eyes. And beforehand would have been even better – might have added even more excitement and no terrible betrayal and violation if they could have gone on this quest together and Kyle joining forces with Duncan willingly for the greater good – he could have at least been able to enjoy his orgasm for goodness’ sake and their intimacy – knowing that their “lovemaking” is not only for Kyle but also to further some grand purpose may have made it even more exciting. Duncan could have told Kyle that the trip may be frightening, and what might be encountered could be as well, but he could have promised Kyle that he’d protect him, etc., instead of having to bind and gag him and all that. I even think establishing that bond and trust between two people, helping to make a formidable team, would make it possible for each to make it through times of adversity. I know if I had a companion in my life, it would be so much easier to get through my rather difficult struggles and adversities from day to day if I didn’t have to do it all alone without that kind of physical and emotional support from anyone. If I had that kind of support and love and affection from one special person, it would go a long way to motivate continued struggling on through life, instead of it becoming just too painfully unbearable to the point where one wonders how much longer it can be endured. I hate that Duncan forfeited that chance – and I bitterly hate that Kyle had to be the victim of his alternative plan. I wish I could still love him as originally – but the way he went about things – the way he gave into his selfish impulses and that he had no consideration for Kyle’s feelings, makes that pretty much impossible for me.

      • SofiaT

        Yes, but that Duncan is a selfish bastard who does nothing unless there’s something in it for him is old news. Why should I focus on what I already know? I prefer to focus on the new titilating piece of information, which I suspected but didn’t dare to hope for.

        I don’t know what those “threats” are but I’m glad Duncan has more reasons for doing this other than just the “immortality and youth” cliche. I would have lost any and all respect I have for him if that was the case.

    • Sapfo

      Lack of chocolates, Peter Jackson stops the last two films, Game of thornes stops running, Alex in that univers ended the TYP here!

      The horror!

    • Steven K.

      For sure!

  • mogoskier

    I’ll give Duncan this, he might be a selfish ass but he is aware of it and doesn’t pretend otherwise. He gets respect for that.

  • Holly

    Okay I am super exhausted. Calling it a night. Bye everyone. ^_^

  • silibub

    Anyway, I wonder if Kyle’s too angry right now to think about the implications of what Duncan’s saying, or if he’s absorbing and filing them away for future, non-furious contemplation. I’m eager to see him get back to his team so they can start dealing with whatever the H all this S is about.

  • YangYueLan

    Awww, Anni had the ‘oh shit I’m dyeing!’ epiphany.

  • WarGoddess

    Omg my deliciously delectable Duncan is attempting to save the world by bringing on a demon invasion. (That’s what it sounds like to me.) I hate to say this, because I know Team Pitchfork will most likely come after me, but I love him!!!! I love him so much I can hardly stand it! There’s just something about evil plots that may or may not be so evil and supervillains who may or may not be evil that just set my heart a-poundin’!!! ;D

    Then again, I must say that I’m a little bit superficial in the aspect that if the villain isn’t even remotely good-looking, or stupid, I will definitely support the hero entirely and hate the villain right along with them. There is only a grand total of three other villains that I love just as much as Duncan. First is Loki, especially after seeing the second Thor movie (OMG!!!). Second is Tyki Mikk from D. Gray-Man (I swear, he is one of the hottest anime characters ever!!!). And third is Sebastian, the demon butler (made out of solid awesomeness and hotness).

    Other than that, I will say that unless Duncan’s plans do not have some form of goodness behind them, or he really really hurts Kyle (I do not count what has just happened to be truly evil, just malicious in the aspect that Kyle’s naivete was taken advantage of) I will give him my full support!

    Now that I’ve said my piece, I have one thing to say to the members of Team Pitchfork: COME AT ME BRO!!!

    • I haven’t seen Thor 2 but…now I have to after this comment.

      • WarGoddess


        • It better meet expectations, because I am getting more and more excited. I’m planning to see it Sunday.

          • WarGoddess

            Oh, it met all of my expectations and then some. Oh, and the main villain of the piece is played by Christopher Eccleston, though I didn’t realize it until the credits. I nearly had a heart attack because I was so shocked that the ninth Doctor played the villain! I’m now in the third season with David Tennant, and he is an absolutely excellent Doctor with superbly messy hair that I just want to ruffle, but at times I miss my Christopher Eccleston with his black leather. I love my boys in leather. ;D

          • Christopher is in Thor 2!!!?? *Checks time, wonders if she can make the late show. Nope.*

            I do like Christopher. “Everybody lives, Rose! Just this once!”

          • WarGoddess

            I loved that episode! It was so creepy, yet so happy at the end! And the Doctor was so euphoric! *Also, in Thor two he is barely recognizable due to the character he is playing, but you can see the similarities! I didn’t know it was him until the end credits! 😀

          • And Ten is my favorite Doctor so enjoy him and his beautiful big brown eyes…and his voice…and his clothes…and his smile. You get what I’m trying to say, right?

          • Jamie Dutton

            the accent, don’t forget the accent
            *gives a dreamy fangirl sigh*

          • accent…so yummy

            *awash in dreaminess*

          • WarGoddess

            And that mop of hair!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! XD

          • NEED TO SEE!

          • WarGoddess

            Yes, it is one of the *bear* necessities of life. 😀

          • Nothing better get in my way this weekend or there will be blood spilt! >:D

          • WarGoddess

            You go girl!!! 😀

          • Jamie Dutton

            No spoilers, please! Thank you….going to see it this weekend

          • WarGoddess

            Oh I don’t spoil, J.D., I tease. 😉

          Just saying.

          • WarGoddess

            Definitely agree with you there. 😀

    • silibub

      This page makes me sad for Duncan, but also rekindles my hope that he’ll be able to redeem himself down the road! Which is a huge relief, honestly — I also have a weakness for antivillains, so it’s good to get another hint that Duncan’s not a lost cause despite everything that’s gone down in this chapter.

      (Glad to hear Thor 2 was good — I’ll have to see it at some point!)

      • WarGoddess

        Yes, it was amazing for me!! I also loved the fact that I predicted Loki’s schemes correctly. Oh, he was brilliant! I will say no more. 😀

        • silibub

          Nice — Tom Hiddleston just kills in that role, so I’m looking forward to seeing what Loki gets up to!

          • WarGoddess

            He’s a very beautiful villain; crafty, smart, tricksy everything Loki was meant to be. I would say that he is the hottest man in Thor if not for, well, Thor, but unfortunately for Loki, I absolutely adore Chris Hemsworth. *growls lustfully* that is one FINE hunk of man!! Lol, me and my fiancee joked around and agreed that if given the chance, I could have a night with Chris Hemsworth while he had a night with Emma Watson. ;D

          • Jamie Dutton

            Oh I completely agree! I mean two beautiful men going at each other like.. um, what was I saying again?
            Oh right, I sooo agree XD

          • WarGoddess

            I’m sorry, I couldn’t focus on what you were saying, my mind was caught up on the vision of those…beautiful rock solid washboard abs of his…humanahumanahumanahumana *drools*

    • Jamie Dutton

      I don’t blame you for loving Mr. Wells here. Who doesn’t love a good villain, especially when they’re being bad.
      But, he’s not the first ridiculously beautiful, ridiculously selfish SOB I’ve run into. Just remember that everything coming out of his luscious lips with that no doubt seductive accent is NOT to be taken literally.
      That man twists everything he says and does with absolutely no apologies.
      So please be careful when loving someone of his supervillainy.

      • WarGoddess

        Oh, I know. 😀 In real life, I wouldn’t let Duncan come near me with a twelve-foot pitchfork! I could tell something was up with him from the beginning, but I was hopeful that he was genuinely changing his ways. However, when he said that first spell, my hopes dwindled. Now, they are being rekindled from the ashes like a burdgeoning phoenix! My love for him is purely because he is a fictional character! 😀

        • Jamie Dutton

          Btw, am I on Team Pitchfork? I know I left the ship awhile back and havent’ exactly been ol dunc’s No 1 fan lately, but I never considered myself on that team.

          • Do you want to stick him with a pitchfork?

          • Jamie Dutton

            Pfft, waaaaay past the pitchfork phase actually. But I think that is what it’s going to take for any redemption to hold water, at least for me. It’s not quite as personal as it was earlier, I think. Just the feeling that it is going to take some serious breakdown to get me back on the ship at this point.
            A part of me still wants to see his redemption. Not sure if that’s where Alex is headed, but we’ll see.

          • Ah, it sounds like Team Waitandsee. 😀 You’ve been through all the stages and are now in neutral…sorta.

          • Jamie Dutton

            Still want to stick Sircea’s thigh high platinum heels up his tight, beautiful butt and NOT in the fun way, either, but sure “neutral.”

          • silibub

            (why am i laughing so hard)

          • I figure part of every team wants to give him an ass kicking of some variety. So you’re still good. 🙂

          • Jamie Dutton

            “Team Waitandsee”? I like that 🙂

          • I hear they have a nice welcome package. 🙂

            I’m in the subdivision of Team Redilator called Team weeklyCoffeemeetings. I think I’m the sole member. 😀

          • Jamie Dutton

            a little wordy there, why not Team Java?

          • Well I would have said Team Coffee, but I wasn’t certain it would explain properly. lol

          • SofiaT

            Is that the ultimate test? Because I’m the goddamn captain of The Redilator and I wouldn’t mind seeing him stuck on a pitchfork for an hour or two… Maybe even overnight.

            So, I don’t think that’s it.

          • Well no, that’s the first question. But you have a point. Hmmm… I guess I need to think of a better test question.

          • Jamie Dutton

            Maybe ask the question of why they want to see him on a pitchfork? Vengeance, redemption, or just for the fun of it? Would that help?

          • Oooh, good idea.

            Do you want to see Duncan stuck with a pitchfork? If yes, proceed to Question on part 2.
            Why do you want to see him stuck with a pitchfork?
            a) Vengeance
            b) Redemption
            c) For Fun

          • Jamie Dutton

            d) a & b
            e) a & c
            f) yes

          • I was going to say circle all that apply. But I like this better.

          • SofiaT

            I’ll go with the corrected (b) and (c) please 😀

          • Cookie for you! 😀

          • SofiaT

            Duncan won’t -can’t- be redeemed by a pitchfork.
            That’s definitely for fun… and for what he did to Kyle.

          • Jamie Dutton

            “Not by pitchfork alone…” It’s more of an appetizer?

          • SofiaT

            I didn’t say “not by pitchfork alone”. I said “not by pitchfork”. The pitchfork for me has nothing to do with redemption (as I said on my comment above) it’s just for fun and a bit of vengence.

            People aren’t redeemed for their crimes because they went to jail, that’s to a) keep them from commiting a crime again and/or b) to pacify the society. Someone can only be redeemed if they have a true change of heart and/or if they do something that negates/rectifies their previous action(s).

          • Jamie Dutton

            Sorry Sofia. i wasn’t trying to quote you. I was attempting to mangle some other quote, that I couldn’t quite remember so I slapped quotation marks on it. Hmm, I think I failed on that one. I can almost hear the wah wah sound.

          • SofiaT

            Wasn’t offended, just wanted to make myself clear. 🙂

            I hear people dropping the word “redemption” a lot (and I do too) but I don’t think it means the same thing for everyone.

          • Jamie Dutton

            Ok, good.

            Yeah “redemption’ can have all kinds of definitions, whether they mean for his entire villainous career or just his current douche baggery toward Kyle.

          • Steven K.

            I’m more in your camp about what that truly means.

          • I fixed the questionnaire!

          • WarGoddess

            Well from what I gathered, being on Team Pitchfork means that you hate Duncan completely for what he’s done to our adorably naive hero, you see no hope for any relationship between the two, you don’t want a relationship between the two, and you want to stab Duncan in his perfect ass with a giant pitchfork of spite. Of course, I may have blown things out of proportion, but that is what I think. I am definitely not on Team Pitchfork, because I would never in a million years stab that gorgeous ass. Spank it, maybe, but never stab it. 😀

          • Jamie Dutton

            Then no, I’m not on that Team. I gave a pretty good answer to Admiral Jane below. The universe shattering ass kicking I want to see will only be for his benefit and redemption.

          • WarGoddess

            yay!!! I love redemption!!! 😀

          • Adam Black

            Hes got regenerative powers.

            Your ass ( OK and mine too ) should look so good as Duncans, after a few rounds of stabby stab.

            As far as I am concerned you are merely afraid of a little good harmless fun.

            Think about it. Why wouldnt you want to poke that ass a few time with a sharp stick? Its just going to heal

          • WarGoddess

            Hmmm…it does sound a bit more appealing when you put it that way…although I don’t have a pitchfork…*grabs a normal fork* will this work? 😀

          • Adam Black

            better garb one of those big BBQ forks over there?

            Even without superpowers his ass is too muscled for that to work. He will just confuse it with regular foreplay.

          • WarGoddess

            Darn! I have no BBQ fork! Oh well! I shall just have to use a crowbar to smack dat ass! XD

          • Adam Black


            Don’t even lube it, either.

            ( wraps @disqus_yjiINLn9PV:disqus crowbar in barbed wire and pink feathers )

            Now you are parade-ready

          • WarGoddess

            Pink SPARKLY feathers, please!!! XD

          • Adam Black

            You are either with us now
            —or with us later with “I told you so’s “

          • Jamie Dutton

            Well whatever happens along this journey, I do know that I am definitely on Team Alex!

          • Adam Black

            Dude, be careful,

            hes got a bad back!
            ( Carefully pries Mr Dutton off the creator)

            Quick get the ice-packs, Friday night will come very soon .

          • Jamie Dutton

            Lol, Adam, I meant metaphorically! I would be the last woman to hurt our dear Mr. Woolfson!

          • Adam Black

            Well I just hope donations cover the metaphorical Chiropractor.

            besides if someones “got his back”, its probably a

            sexy dude .
            >>>I would read the that comic, too!
            ( wink, wink, nudge, nudge @266f9eb1f5f35710d38a3a8814cd037c:disqus )

          • I don’t write horror comics, Adam. 😉

          • Adam Black

            I was thinking more of “ConTales— gone sexy”

          • Adam Black

            😉 I am sure you don’t.

            ( You write saapy romance where every eldritch horror finds his boy )

          • Steven K.

            I know you’re kidding, but …ummm – that scene in hell could def. fit into a horror-themed comic quite nicely – the weird landscape, all the demon’s attributes – those eyes – those teeth, those talons, the giant …, etc. – the giant floating eyeball, the naked chained bodies getting ogled and fondled by said demon, the LOOKS of definite horror on poor Kyle’s face. So..umm…yeah…just sayin’.

          • 🙂

    • Adam Black

      Dear Dan Savage,

      My Boyfriend promised to keep me safe and take my virginity on my birthday. All was going well, tell the unplanned bondage started. OK, it really was the greatest orgasm in the history of mankind, but he used artificial means ( chains, sexmagic ) and kept me chained to the bed for hours. and Im totally Vanilla. Oh, and he kind of paralyzed me so I couldnt move or talk, but since he took me to literally to hell and an underworld where creepy demons wanted to own me and make me their “son” this might have been for the best.

      ( Oh, I forgot to mention. He is kind of an ex criminal.. well…OK a known “Super-villain”, but he has really, changed.really. Or so I thought

      Oh, and he’s planning a foreign invasion, that he says is really a good thing.

      Look, I read your column a lot and know you are just going to reflexively say “DTMF” , but all the fans are really into him.

      and Yaoi fans are the only people that have publicly supported my sexuality.

      What if hes right, and he really is doing this for good?

      So, heres my question,, How can I convince my bf to let me put on underwear? I think my roommates , ( who are all Superheroes, wouldnt know it ? ) will totally misunderstand IF I try and come out to them while I am still chained naked to a gray slab in a warehouse.

      Please answer soon. The state of the world might be at stake.

      RED HOT

      • Mr. Black…this is SPECTACULAR! *applauds*

        • Adam Black

          Takes a bow……

          ( ….trips over his own feet, crawls into a corner )

          “It’s all Duncans fault” …

          • Jamie Dutton

            That was awesome!

      • Nice twist at the end.

      • Steven K.

        OK – I really like that one.

        • Adam Black

          Obviously, a discrimatinGGG reader

      • WarGoddess

        You are a GENIUS. XD

        • Adam Black

          Ive been told occasionally,
          but it never hurts to be reminded.

          ( Until I build that superweapon )

      • Sapfo


    • SofiaT

      “There’s just something about evil plots that may or may not be so evil and supervillains who may or may not be evil that just set my heart a-poundin’!!!”

      This. So much, this.

    • ScorpioladyCZ

      LOKI! YES! Loki, Loki!

      Lol… I’m calm down now. I didn’t see the second film yet. So you say it is worth it? (I don’t mind spoilers).

      • WarGoddess

        Yes, it is definitely worth it, and Loki is his typical badass trickster self with gallons of sarcasm dripping off of him like chocolate on a hot summer’s day. 😀

  • Jamie Dutton

    My first thought to his stupid monologue was
    “Oh God will you just SHUT UP already!”
    The more he goes on and on and on about it, the more I realize that he has just figured out how badly he has F*ED UP!
    I still want to cry for Kyle…he looks so sad. T.T

    • Steven K.

      Been crying for Kyle on and off for quite some time now – try not to think about it too much or it really bothers me.

  • dereule101

    Oh jeez, Duncan. That’s an awfully wordy way of saying “Don’t hurt me, Kyle! Please!”

    • Jamie Dutton

      dangit now I have that song in my head ><;

      • dereule101

        What song?

        • Jamie Dutton

          “Baby, don’t hurt me
          Don’t hurt me
          no more”
          I can’t remember the name or who sings it, but its playing in my head and won’t stop!

          • Jakk Anthony Guzman

            What about that song by Culture Club, “Do you really want to hurt me?”

          • dereule101

            Haddaway – What Is Love

          • Jamie Dutton

            Oh thank you for that! It was gonna bug me all night!

          • dereule101

            I have it in my music library just in case I ever get the chance to host that 90’s dance party a friend and I talked about throwing. ;-D

  • That… Is he sorta maybe kinda attempting to apologize?

    • Maybe. It seems like he’s been working his way around to that or skirting around it ever since he cast that spell on Kyle.

      • It’s the worst apology ever the way it’s meandering and kinda sorta maybe… lol

        • Makes me think Duncan would be a great politician.

          • HA! Seems like it, yeah. At least in this version of congress here.

    • dereule101

      With a splash of backpedaling.

      • Just a bit, with a few hems and a couple of haws.

    • SofiaT

      “I never apologise. Even when I’m sorry. That’s not to say I’m sorry now. I just… I never apologise. Deal with it.”

  • Steven K.

    Chris – keep your magnet like it is! It looks like we aren’t (ALAS!) going anywhere anytime soon as far as Kyle getting out of his bondage. Not very happy about that and if he isn’t able to get out soon and get some clothes on and somehow at least re-gain his dignity – I’m not sure how much longer my own endurance is going to last – just too painful.

  • Jakk Anthony Guzman

    I’m thinking that after his talk, Duncan will probably leave and he will leave Kyle there until the spell wears off. He can’t afford to cut him loose and risk getting burned again.

    • But looking at his hand, it looks like it’s healing.

      • Jakk Anthony Guzman

        Yes, fast. But Kyle may be able to burn him again. He can leave Kyle there and just tip his team as to his location so that they can come and get him.

        • True. He might be able to heal, but burns hurt.

      • Jamie Dutton

        Looks like those who guessed that Laampuuru-kun’s realm was suppressing Duncan’s regenerative powers was right.

    • silibub

      Duncan voluntarily cutting Kyle loose would go a long way towards making him seem less of a monumental ass…but I’m not getting my hopes up. Self-preservation is clearly his main concern.

  • Adam Black

    The problem is all this ( fear of death ) logic is falsified by the opening panels, and previous pages, and knowledge of afterlives and magic

    • silibub

      Curiously, despite the existence of a hell-dimension, Duncan doesn’t appear to believe in the concept of an immortal soul or he wouldn’t say that he’ll be “gone forever” when he dies. Maybe the demon world isn’t “hell” as it’s commonly known, and is just another place unconnected to the afterlife, and was maybe absorbed into the general religious mythos before a barrier separated the two worlds.

      I get the sense that magic has limitations in this ‘verse regarding regeneration and immortality, otherwise Sircea probably would have been all over researching and creating a Philosopher’s Stone or a similar object.

      • Jamie Dutton

        Ah another reference from Aladdin’s Genie, then? You can’t make anyone fall in love, bring back the dead, or wish for more wishes kind of thing?

        • silibub

          Something along those lines, yeah!

          • Jamie Dutton

            I’ve been watching ‘Once Upon A Time in Wonderland’ lately. That is an amazing show!

      • Adam Black

        except we know souls are “eaten” so they must exist

        • silibub

          Right, but in this context are “souls” something that outlast the body, or are they more like a spark of life and individuality that dies along with the body? And if a soul is consumed, does the physical body necessarily die along with it, or can a person still exist as a husk, and what would that look like? So many questions, man…

          • And good ones too!

          • Adam Black

            and do they taste like chicken or chocolate?

          • Chocolate covered frog legs.

          • Adam Black


          • I mean you gotta be desperate to want to eat a soul.

          • Adam Black

            desperate, you say?

          • In need?

          • Adam Black

            even my fantasy comic heroes dont get laid

          • The poor dears.

          • Steven K.

            Hmmm – maybe I should read your comics – at least I won’t be as frustrated then. I already get to hear about your or Chris D’s past (or even current) sex life – just wish I had had much of one or currently had much of one that I could share about in return.

          • Adam Black

            but we have more bad stories for every good.

            Sometimes you have to go to places you dont like to meet people you might.
            put up with bad disco so you can take somebody home and screw them all night to your own stereo on shuffle

          • Sapfo

            Oh, maybe you could help him 😉

          • Adam Black

            trust me,
            If I could i would.
            ( and I would let you watch and draw pictures of it. —-Ive got a few Bara-tastic endowments.

          • Sapfo

            Oh, that’s so sweet, scary, but sweet. ^_^

          • Adam Black

            sound like me 🙂

          • Sapfo

            Yes, it does. 😉

          • Steven K.

            Hmmm – I suspect it would have to do a lot with the personal character and values and ethics of each consciousness. Some probably taste like mint-chocolates or pineapple upside-down cake or orange zest, whereas others may taste of brussel sprouts or shoe leather or sulfur dioxide or ammonia.

          • Adam Black

            maybe they are yummy

          • So is candy, but we all know candy isn’t good for us.

          • Steven K.

            Would depend what their “hosts” were raised on when alive. And you don’t want to know what the soul of an asparagus-lover tastes like.

          • HEY! Asparagus is great and yummy and dang it now I want some.

          • Adam Black

            what if you ate a lot of cock?

          • Steven K.

            Maybe a good soul would taste nice and sweet like pre-cum; and an evil one like …gee…IDK….smegma?? Though for some people even that is a matter of taste -just like liver or Brussel sprouts are I guess.
            Sorry – though I don’t make any personal judgements in the matter, I found that word almost a little too raunchy to even type here. I hope it doesn’t get me into trouble.

          • Adam Black

            It *IS* indeed a problem if you

            “don’t make any personal judgements in the matter”

            How can you judge good taste if you if you have have no judgements.

            You’ll just have to send in samples,

            maybe @Sonoftheatomicbiscuit can come out of hiding.

            we cant leave @ChristopherDangerfield out

            Its the @stevenklimecky:disqus Soul-eating Shmegg Challenge!
            Let no supertaster pass this up

            Whether you want your immortal souls dripped in cream or dried in cheese , this Gourmet Soulfle ejaculatory challenge will put this controversy to its final immortal resting place. Dont miss out, he only has so much soul to go around , this refractory period will last a lifetime.

          • Steven K.

            Exactly – some of the same things I’ve been wondering about.

          • Adam Black

            yes, Do different races of souls have different flavors?

            How long should a soul be stewed?
            Are they batter with a white or red wine?

            many, many questions , indeed.

      • Steven K.


    • Steven K.

      We have been given knowledge of afterlives? Where was that given/shown? You mean it is inferred because they took a trip to Hell and “souls” were mentioned? That would be the only thing that I can come up with that might fit that.
      Edit: I guess I should have read silibub’s comment below first. But yeah – I’m sort of getting at a little of that.

      • Adam Black

        its Ok, I am taking a small liberty there.

        but if souls and hell realms exists I think its a small one.

  • Jamie Dutton

    I have named this page, “It’s called Mortality, Mr. Wells”

  • katchmate

    Can’t believe Kyle is still on fire…

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      The guy is really HOT! 😛

      • katchmate

        Oh man, A+ response, kudos on that one 🙂

  • Guest

    Mmmm . . . either Duncan is talking about immortality or there is a “de-powering” crisis of some sort happening.

    • Oooh, you mean like something is going to take away all the supers powers

    • EldrinSMP

      Oooh, that could be really interesting. Duncan goes through all this, yet he continues getting weaker and his power wanes. After all, he never said he got to keep his powers in the deal.

    • You mean everyone might be losing their powers so they become LIKE US?

      • Jamie Dutton

        Won’t they be turning BACK to non-powered individuals, like the way it was before?

  • Terri Sutton

    Either Duncan is talking about his own mortality or there is some sort of “de-powering” crisis happening.

    • Terri Sutton

      Can I just apologise for typing the same message twice. It appears I am having troubles with Disqus.

      • That’s okay. Discus has been plagued with Gremlins lately

  • Is it me or is Duncan not making eye contact while he’s talking to Kyle? His eyes seem to be darting all over the place.

    I think it’s definitely a sign of regret and not being in control of something (like his own emotional reactions).

    • Well, he MIGHT be looking at him in the last panel, but I agree that the others are all shifty.

    • Jamie Dutton

      Total guilt fest

    • It’s not just you. I’ve noticed and commented about this before also. He just can’t look him in the eyes most of the time, and then he seems to notice this here and there, and he almost becomes defensive about his reasons and why he doesn’t need to justify himself.. but he’s sorta trying anyway.

  • CH

    I have to say hinting at the bigger story and having Duncan just dismiss it… It drives me a little crazy, personally. I feel like this is such a big story and we get so little of it… Not actually complaining, I love it, very, very much. I’m just itching for the larger world details from the kickstarter goodies and wanting to smack Duncan around for being a tease as well as a selfish bastard… This is of course not the first time we’ve been given hints that this world itself is going through something; After all the other “adult” heroes and villains were having a
    conference on the “crisis of colliding trans-world identities” during the big date… So many questions, so little information.

  • Deeps

    I’m half-expecting a pair of ‘deal with it’ shades to come sliding down over Annihilator’s eyes in the second panel.

  • So he admits the reasons are mostly selfish fear of growing older and weaker, but that bigger than ‘Crisis’ thing intrigues me. It must be really something big to give up most of the planet to a demon besides wanting to be strong and young again.
    Duncan said on an earlier page that he was only interested in domination on ‘this planet’, but he still gave a lot of that away to Laampros with this deal..
    I mean one guys has trouble with overlooking a full planet anyway, right? (Not having a ‘George’).

    Could that be it? That there’s a risk of not a world war, but a planet war?.. a universe/dimension war? Either aliens are out to take over earth, in which Duncan wants to ensure his part of the world (and basicly have a ‘guard dog’ in Laampros) – or it could be their ‘own selves’ in an alternate dimension who’s out to get them.

    Could there even be a more EVIL Duncan out there? An evil Kyle.. anyone?Could Duncan know there’s a stronger and better version of him, or someone else, coming to take over?

    Facing his own age and maybe even mortality started all this, but something seems to have taken over part of the reason to continue.. this along with some huge threat was why he gave up everyone else so ensure his own domination back.

    It’s selfish, but also.. I don’t know.. I’m trying to come up with something that doesn’t excuse what he did to Kyle, because THAT I don’t want to. Duncan deserves an ass-kicking for that.

    I’m waiting excited to see what Alex will bring to the table next, and when we find out what this threat is.

    • I like this theory. Alex may throw us another curve ball and this idea might fit the bill.

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      Regardless of what catastrophe might be out there that was not the reason.

      Duncan: “I began this in large part for selfish reasons. And what matters is that it was my selfishness that TRULY allowed me to do this to you.”

      So it all comes down to his fear of death and growing old.

      • Oh I know his selfishness is to blame for Kyle’s pain. He went through with this to ensure himself. I might not have fully worded my thoughts in the first comment, to keep it short-ish, but what on earth (or not on earth) made him go to THESE lengths to do it?
        If there hadn’t been any other current threat than him growing old, would he have gone through with this plan or tried for another way? That’s what I’m wondering.

        His selfishness started this, but other circumstances seems to have pushed for also going through with this now, even when regret set in. It must be something big coming, and I REALLY want to know what it is.
        Hope we find out through Duncan’s monologuing, or someone else, soon.

        • Jakk Anthony Guzman

          But DanishWolf, he says himself that his selfishness is what TRULY allowed him to do it, nothing else. No other threats pushed him to it.
          I take that to mean that if he hadn’t had selfish reasons he wouldn’t have done it no matter what threats might be out there.

          • silibub

            It’s interesting, because I read his line with almost a positive spin — without the added enticement of a personal reward, Duncan wouldn’t have been able to bring himself to do something so heinous as set Kyle up and utterly betray his trust, even with the world at stake.

            I’m not saying that makes Duncan a decent guy in the least. But I think it’s intriguing that, as villainous as he is, it took a pretty tempting push to get him to go this far.

          • Jakk Anthony Guzman

            Well, a positive spin for me would have been if Duncan did it to save millions or billions of people on Earth regardless of what it cost him. This reason is just selfish, as he said.

            He’s afraid of growing old and weak and dying. And that’s what really pushed him to do it.

          • Adam Black

            looking out for #1…
            is his primary motivation,

          • silibub

            Yeah, until we know more about the Vague Threatening Thing, it’ll be pretty much impossible to see Duncan’s actions as beneficial to anyone but himself.

          • Jamie Dutton

            Is that before or after the tea party? He promised there’d be tea right or was he lying through his pearly whites again?

          • silibub

            I definitely heard something about a tea party, so I can only assume we’re getting some hot beverages and pastries, or a horde of crazy Republicans is about to show up.

          • Jamie Dutton

            Hmm, I’ll vote for hot beverages and pastries. But would the horde of crazy Republicans be any stranger than what’s gone on previously?

          • silibub

            The demon horde might be preferable.

          • Jamie Dutton

            Crap my mouse went crazy, must’ve been the mention Republicans! I was trying to upvote you and it kept clicking back and forth ><;

          • silibub

            Oh, haha – for a minute there I thought I must have offended a Tea Party member!

          • Jamie Dutton

            Lol, heck no, I’m an independent! I have a bad habit of thinking for myself.

          • Damn those free-thinking, open minded people. Damn them!!

          • Adam Black

            “we can all think for ourselves”
            ( tell Fido to hide )


          • Poor April XD! I woke her from a deep sleep. I watched this last week.
            You always have the best videos, Adam.

          • Adam Black

            ( Bows slowly )

            I gotta fix my sound card or one day I will choose tragically wrong

          • davefragments

            absolutely ! and again !

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Well, it’s a child’s tea party, so the beverages and pastries might be imaginary. And also metaphorical, in this case.

          • Adam Black

            thats his point

          • silibub

            Just so! And I largely agree — I just thought it was interesting that my first reading was so different, since usually I’m not that optimistic.

          • Adam Black

            trixsey , he is

          • Steven K.

            That is an interesting analysis – let’s hope there is something to that.

          • I don’t know if I word myself wrong, or we just seem to talk a little past each other (we’ve done that before), so not dragging this into a long talk, but that was what I was trying to say as well .. almost 🙂
            I should just have made my original comment longer *lol*

            Let me try again one last time. As you say, selfish reasons made him do it no matter what…
            What I’m trying to say is that current other circumstances made him go with this all the way NOW, not looking for other ways. In the end he didn’t like doing it, but he did it anyway because he’s selfish enough to make sure it happened. He got the chance so he took it – before the mysterious threats might mean Kyle would be occupied elsewhere. To hell with other possible ways to get his wishes about being young again, make a deal with a demon before other things happening take away this possibility.

            And he knows something bad ís coming (otherworldly or not) so that also made him want to be powerfull before it happens. Again, selfish reason to why he did it, but bad conscience is gnawing on his ass every time he’s facing Kyle.

          • Jakk Anthony Guzman

            Ok, I get what you’re trying to say now! 😀
            *thanks for being patient*

  • Kalynn Osburn

    I won’t try and excuse my actions…but here let me try and excuse my actions.

    • Toli Bera

      Is it story time with Grandpa Anni? 😀

      • Adam Black


      • Kalynn Osburn

        *snort* Hey you kids! Get off my nuclear powered death ray!

        • Lunam_Kardas

          Is that what he’s calling it?

          • Kalynn Osburn

            OHHHH! So wrong!

          • Lunam_Kardas

            And yet so very hilarious.

  • jreed3842

    Ugh… I NEED to more! What the hell is going on?! I think it’s time for Saturday to be here!

  • davefragments

    To quote the message from Ash Wednesday:
    “Remember man, from dust thou art and to dust thou shall return.”

  • Tina

    I can sort of see Duncan leaving Kyle tied up (like saying the spell will wear off in ten minutes) but at least leaves a change of clothes for Kyle. Maybe before this so-called date he snuck into Kyle’s house and stole a change of clothes and hid it in that fireproof box so Kyle wouldn’t have to run home naked.

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      My guess is that he’s going to leave him tied up and tip off his team to come and rescue him. I could be wrong though, but I don’t think that Duncan will risk getting burned again if he releases Kyle.

      • Tina

        That would still be humiliating though. Basically your best friends and boss running in to find you naked and tied to a stone slab after attempted sex with a super villain.

        • Steven K.

          Yeah – I KNOW! Was just saying that. I don’t want them to find/see him like that.

      • Steven K.

        Though I’d hate to think he’d add more anguish and distress to Kyle by giving him the embarrassment of that on top of everything else. He could have Sircea whip up some clothes for him and maybe put some real chains on him instead before leaving him there. I’d hate his team-mates to find him still bound naked and spread like that. It would add even more humiliation that I DON’T want to see Kyle go through. If the spell wears off after a bit and he has some clothes there to put on before they got there that would work too. I’m not sure they would be able to break the magic chains anyway, unless spooky might have some powers like that. In any case, I just would hope that Duncan leaves him in a state of dignity where he won’t be totally humiliated when found. Simplest thing – PLEASE GIVE THAT BOY SOMETHING TO PUT ON ALREADY!

        • Jakk Anthony Guzman

          I’m thinking that the spell will wear off before his team get’s to him. Or maybe Duncan has to say something to deactivate the spell.

          As to clothing, well I don’t know. To me it’s a minor detail after all he did to Kyle.

          • Steven K.

            I think that, BECAUSE of all he’s already done to Kyle it’s actually even MORE of an important thing. No need to add all that additional humiliation and feeling exposed and vulnerable physically as well as emotionally all over again.

    • Jamie Dutton

      Or Sircea could have whipped up something on a whim? She’d probably be amused at Duncan’s unusual worry for the boy.

      • Tina

        That could be too but I don’t think Kyle would be too willingly to accept any sort of gift from her ever again

      • Steven K.

        Or maybe she’s not all as horrible as everyone thinks and her more “motherly” instincts kick in and she nudges Duncan to actually show some more concern for the poor kid.

    • Steven K.

      That would be an acceptable possibility. I’m just so ready for Kyle to get out of that immediate situation.

  • PFG9000

    Ohhh Anni. Sounds like you called the waaaambulance. Plus you’re a lying, selfish dick. Nothing “bad” is coming. Right? Right?

    • Jamie Dutton

      As much as I’d love to believe that he’s just another “lying, selfish dick,” he’s got a bad habit of spinning truth and half-truths into a tangled, nasty mess. No telling how much of his words are guilt, fear, and/or truth.

      • Steven K.

        Yeah – ever more complicated.

  • Don’t try to justify your evil deeds with fear of death, Anni. Everyone must die. Even you. *insert prophetic voice here*

    • davefragments

      Not me, I’m boing to live forever…

      …or die trying!

    • Ryan How

      I foresee the end of the comic with Duncan accepting that he must die and heroically sacrificing himself to save Kyle. Hmm.

      • I WILL BE SO SAD, but yes, I see that too.

      • Steven K.

        That could be an acceptable ending. I think at some point before that Kyle should be put in some situation where he chooses to save or defend Duncan in the short term, causing D, to think – “Wow, you did that for me after everything and what I’ve done to you” – so it will soften him and help save him emotionally as well.

      • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

        Duncan strikes me as being either a sociopath or a narcissist. I doubt he’d sacrifice himself to save anyone or anything. I expect the heroes would have to grab him and chuck him into the yawning abyss kicking and screaming if his death meant saving the world.

  • I really just want Kyle to break those chains and jump him. Fights ensue. Sexy times.

    And this is when my perv comes out. Mind, gutter, you’ve met before, right?

  • Adam Black

    So…Team Duncan ?

    Duncan just saw this

    one too many times,

    and go carried away??

    ( CC : @disqus_yjiINLn9PV:disqus )

    • davefragments

      They filmed that in my city and watching it was freaky because they drove, walked, cycled, all the wrong directions and traveled far distances in seconds. It was so weird.

      • Feverfew_M

        It seems that this is always the case in movies and stuff. Same goes for a German crime series filmed in Münster, a friend of mine told me. And as for Thor 2

        (((Is this considered a possible SPOILER???)))

        There is no train from Charing Cross to Greenwich, you’d have to change at least twice or so. 😀

        • WarGoddess

          lol that scene was hilarious!! 😀

        • WHAT!?! I was sooooo suckered by that.

          • Feverfew_M

            Yep. Movies. You just can’t trust them… *shakes head sadly*

      • Adam Black

        So normal except for beating traffic

        • davefragments

          More than beating traffic the movies reversed north and south. Then certain neighborhood exteriors magically moved across the rivers and other neighborhoods disappeared completely. The classical dance hall was not “just across the bridge.” I went to college in Oakland and had relatives living on the north side of the Monongahela. Those bars were supposed to be on the south side of the Monongahela and the bridge they used is in downtown Pittsburgh. I drove that bridge backhand forth to home for three years that I commuted to college. It wasn’t where the movie says.

          • Adam Black

            Fame wasnt filmed in NY?

    • Please understand that I burst out laughing and scared my dog.

      You scared my dog with that video. Are you proud of yourself? XD!!

    • WarGoddess

      FAME!!! I’m gonna live forever!!! Oh God now I have a vision of Duncan dancing around to that song in skin-tight 80s lycra with his hair all puffed out on top of his head and a sweatband wrapped around his forehead. He’s also wearing legwarmers. (O_o)

      • Bwahahaha.. Someone needs to draw that. Seriously.
        The sound I made when reading your comment, I don’t think I could copy it again on purpose xD

      • Adam Black

        That is awesome.
        Draw it and dedicate it to my halfbirthday

  • TwilightDreamer

    Gah! Don’t you dare try to make me feel for you Anni! I’m still angry with you!! >:(
    ….though at least he’s not going to try and justify anything….he knows he deserved that burn…..
    I suppose that’s what I like best about Annihilator…he knows well and truly what he does is wrong, and he won’t hide behind any excuse for it, even though he won’t think twice about doing it either…
    An ever deepening plot….I love it!! XD

  • Jamie Dutton

    I keep going back up to look at the art on this page. It is just beautiful!
    The way Vero captures the light in that first panel to evoke the anguished, somber mood of both Hero and Villain is exquisite.
    Adam’s delicate hand in both Kyle and Duncan’s faces is so masterful. You can feel it all, the heat, the pain both physical and emotional, and Duncan’s awkward attempts to not exactly apologize, well maybe a little, but no nevermind….
    Darnit, i’m getting teary-eyed again. Amazing work from all 3 of you!
    To quote Mr. Zorg, “…Why, such a lovely ballet ensues”

  • I find it interesting, that when he’s being the Annihilator his face appears harsher than when he’s being Duncan. Or maybe I’m crazy.

    • I definitely see it as well. It is an amazing nuance that Adam has put in that I think really helps progress him as a character. When he is Duncan you just want to snuggle him and say “it’s ok you’re old”

      • Exactly.

        Heh, I’m glad I’m not crazy. 🙂

      • Steven K.

        Now I just need a cute lad to want to snuggle with me and tell me it’s ok that I’m old.

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      Perhaps because when he’s being Duncan he is just pretending? After all, you can’t tell when he is lying or telling the truth. You can’t say for sure if everything he is telling Kyle is the truth, half-truth or just a lie.

      • I think he is pretending as Anni. I am giving him the benefit of the doubt and saying that Anni is his mask.

      • I think personally that he weaves the truth through his stories, and lies much through omission of details.

        But I’m with Kinzie K. I think The Annihilator is his mask. Duncan was a boy bullied, but The Annihilator, no one dares mess with him.

        • SofiaT

          Except the mask is all he’s become. Like Batman, you can’t tell where Bruce ends and Batman begins.

          • I think that’s because he can’t face the scared little boy he has hidden inside, or won’t admit to him.

          • SofiaT


          • What a complex creature he is.

          • SofiaT

            I know, right? 😀

          • Where is Therapy Man? I think Duncan could use a few (million) sessions. HA!

          • Why do you think Kyle is still tied up? 😛

          • I hope he’s charging by the second. :

          • I’m waiting for a second wave of fire. In a more…ah…comfortable deployment. Not continual orgasm.

          • Of course, beds should only be burned in comfort.

          • But of course. I only burn my beds in the comfort of my own home and never under duress.

          • As it should be done. HA!

          • Steven K.

            Cuz Duncan is a sorry bastard asshole. And I can’t think of an non-awkward and safe way that he’s going to be able to do it.

          • Steven K.

            Ummm….I think Kyle needs and deserves his few million sessions first – Duncan go to the back of the line – and not to close to Kyle’s ass.

          • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

            Once, Batman admitted that when he thinks to himself, he doesn’t call himself “Bruce” in his head. He calls himself “Batman”. Bruce Wayne, playboy billionaire, is just a role Batman, the real personality, plays to hide his “true” identity. Superman is even more weird. Clark Kent is as much a fake identity as Superman and Kal-El is. Even if he’s with people who know his “real” identity, he never breaks character. If he’s being Clark Kent, he refuses to acknowledge he’s Superman or Kal-El. When he’s Superman/Kal-El, he isn’t Clark Kent. Not even when he’s with his own family.

        • Feverfew_M

          Yes, I totally agree! The best lie is the truth adjusted a bit to the liar’s purpose.

      • Adam Black

        I can tell. His lips move

      • Steven K.

        Yep. Def. a complication to be wrestled with.

    • SofiaT

      Duncan is always The Annihilator. When he’s in a suit he’s just “The Annihilator Lite” -so he makes sure his expressions are light too.

      • Sofia….omg….I am laughing

      • Jakk Anthony Guzman

        At first I didn’t recognize your new picture without the “S” on your chest for “Sofia”. 😛

        • SofiaT

          It’s under my civilian clothes. I’m going incognito.

      • HA! Still his face is different. 🙂

    • Sapfo

      No your not. Seen it to.

      • It’s nice not to feel all alone. 🙂

        • Sapfo

          It is like the list I made some time ago. I made ​​a difference in what I thought Duncan was and what the Annihilator was. I still think much of the Annihilator is an image trying to hide Duncan’s uncertainty.

          • Very much so.

          • SofiaT

            I think Duncan has forgotten how to be Duncan. He thinks the Annihilator is all there is to him.

            But we know better 😀

          • Sapfo

            Sofia: Love the new avatar.

            And I do not agree with you. Think Gollum 😉

            Or maybe I did just agree with you?! o.O

          • Steven K.

            I think he needs another blast or two (or three) from Kyle to kindle his memory.

          • I love this Duncan vs. Annihilator thinking.

            What makes me so sad/mad is that Duncan does all the talking and the Annihilator takes action… when it seems it should really be quite the reverse (?)

    • Klaus

      We have only seen him out of uniform when he was seducing our hero. So it may be that the kinder face is just a deception. Then again, you all know what Vonnegut says about pretending.

      • Actually I think Duncan is slipping out a bit in this moment despite the uniform.

        • SofiaT

          Yes, and The Annihilator is trying to rein him in.

          • Nice!

            Duncan vs The Annihilator. WWE Hell in the Cell.

    • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

      When he was being Duncan (after the fire, during their date) and in suckering mode his face was softer and more “sincere” looking. As soon as Kyle took the bait, his smirk and facial planes looked harder/harsher.

  • Anni: *sad explanation*
    Kyle: *glares*
    Duncan: *Sadder explanation*
    Kyle: …..

    The rest of the cliffnotes to come in the next page 😛

  • OH! And I forgot to mention this, but Winona Nelson and I are going to be interviewed on the radio this Thursday, 11/14 at 4:00PM Eastern Standard Time. The show is called Woman Stirred Radio and you can listen to it on the Internet here. You can also call in with questions and comments, which I hope y’all will do, at this number: (802) 454-7762. It’s my very first radio interview so I hope you’ll consider tuning in and calling in—I’d love to hear some friendly voices! 🙂

    • Jamie Dutton

      OMG, that’s fantastic Alex! I am sooooo listening to it! Ooo, now I’ll have to think up some good questions for you and Winona!

      • Awesome! I look forward to your good questions! 🙂

    • D:!!!! I will be at work! Damnit, Alex! Maybe I will be on break during so I can catch at least some of it. >_<

      Congrats on the interview! That is so fantastic.

      • SofiaT

        Thursday 4PM EST will be… Friday 11am my time.

        Damn. I work half days on Fridays but I finish at 12.

        Just my luck 🙁

      • I think you can at least listen to it all later. The recent interviews are in a list on the site.

        • Sapfo

          I liked that a lot! 🙂

        • Ok, cool! I recently got a new schedule at work and if I had the old one it wouldn’t be a problem but of course the week it is implemented…

      • Thank you! Excited for it. 🙂

        • Nervous at all?

          • Maybe a little. But knowing y’all will be there will make it a lot easier. 🙂

          • D’aw. Well, we’ll keep you on your toes for sure.

          • Steven K.

            Aww – that’s a nice and gracious sentiment.

    • Ooh, I won’t be able to call in (being European), but I’ll try to make sure I’ll be able to listen to this, it being 10pm my time. This will be about Artifice then, for Winona. Will TYP also be mentioned?

      And omg! Patricia Nell Warren was on this show once. I wonder if there’s a way to find that interview online. Having written one of the biggest classis gay novels (The frontrunner and sequel which I’ve read like 10+ times) & other GLBTQ novels, I admire her so much.

      • Send me your question? I just checked my schedule and I’ll have a 15 minute break during the interview.

        • Oh gosh, but I haven’t thought anything up yet. And probably others will ask what I could come up with, so I think I’m just gonna listen. If I come up with something I just need to know, I’ll write you a comment 🙂

          • Ok!! 🙂

          • I just got to work and discovered that they put me on a project….which moved my break from 115 to 1215, so i won’t be able to ask anything….

      • It’s mostly going to be about Artifice, because I don’t think the interviewer will have read any of The Young Protectors but I’d imagine a few questions about The Young Protectors towards the end would be fine.

        And if you go to the main Woman Stirred link above, you can find a list of all her previous shows as podcasts on Soundcloud. 🙂

        • I’ll look forward to hear more abput Artifice and readers questions about it. So awesome.
          And about the previous podcasts. Already looked. It only seems to go back for interviews this year. I can’t find previous years, or maybe I’m missing it somewhere 🙂 I’ll just envy those who made her interview back whenever it happened.

          • I’ve sent Merry an email asking for a link. I’ll let you know what she says. 🙂

          • Thank you!

        • SofiaT

          Oh, oh! If you guys get to talk about your current projects too, can someone please ask Winona about Cassiopeia?? I really love what she’s done so far but I’m looking forward to more! Can someone please ask what her plans are about it?

          Oh, and of course Artifice 2! I’d love to see the two of you, Alex, team up again 😀

    • Feverfew_M

      Great news! I hope I’ll be able to hear it!:)

      @DanishWolf:disqus what do you reckon that is, about 10pm in our time?

      • Sapfo

        Should that not be like 6 hour after our time. So maybe 10 pm?

        • Feverfew_M

          Yeah, that’s what I came up with, as well, but I’m never sure because time zones are so damn confusing… Thanks for confirming, wouldn’t want to miss it! 🙂

          • SofiaT

            Tell me about it! I know I’m 19hrs ahead of Alex’s time but to make things easier in my head I consider me to be 5 hours behind… but on the next day 😛

          • Feverfew_M

            Waaah, don’t mess with my head!!! 😉 XD

          • Heh, that’s how I worked it out in my head. 🙂

          • You live in the future. Think about it. If you travel to the states, you are going back in time.

          • Worst times are when daylight saving times kick in. It usually happen a week or two later in US than Europe (depends on how the weekdays fit with the dates). It’s only an hour less between US and Europe each time for that 1-2 weeks, but it always kick my inner system for a loop.

          • Feverfew_M

            Hell yes! Wish we could just go and dump the whole idea again.

            Heh, and while my cats never have a problem with getting fed an hour early, they go on a rampage for a few days after changing back to winter time.

          • Whats really confusing is that my state does not participate in daylight savings time. Everyone else in the world changes time and I stay the same. But I still have to compensate for the time change and sometimes I forget/I have never really known when it changes so I will call family on the East Coast super late without meaning to.

          • AZ?

          • YYyyyyup.

          • Yeah, I could see that. I was so happy for the year I lived there because I didn’t have to deal with the time change it was AWESOME. But I could definitely see it causing a problem down the road, forgetting that everyone else suffered. 🙂

          • I can see it causing a problem when I transfer out east next year. i won’t fucking remember the time change. Ever. lol

          • Oh yeah. That’s going to be fun. Bring a supply of post-it notes. 😀

      • Yup.. 10pm it is.

        • Feverfew_M

          Thanks, I’m not very good with time zones. 😀

      • Sapfo

        Bad news, I will be working! ;_;

        • Feverfew_M

          Booo at whoever makes you work at such a time!

          But I think Danish said the interviews can be heard online for a while!?

          • Sapfo

            Night nurse in hospital

          • Feverfew_M

            Sounds exhausting, but I admire people who do such important work.

          • Sapfo

            It can be, but it is a job, and I like my coworkers. 🙂

          • Never underestimate the value of liking or having good coworkers.

    • Adam Black


      I hope you realize , you just tied up that stations phones for hours.

      • I wonder how many callers they have time to fit into that 40-50mins (the site say an interview is) that it’s happening. There might be a phonewar to get through 😉

  • Interpolation

    Right, so this is literally the beginning of Hell breaking loose.
    The end of the world people will be happy. I know they exist here. They’re everywhere.
    And Duncan doesn’t think it’s that big of a deal? That does not bode well.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    [massages bridge of nose in exasperation] Duncan’s monologuing again. Duncan, mate: first rule of holes.

    However, it just occurred to me that this is probably a predictable character trait. Killer called him “Pompous pseudo-intellectual of the truly evil bastard world.” I admit that up until now I interpreted that to mean he was clever, but now I wonder whether I should have been paying attention to the ‘pompous’ part. Maybe Duncan likes the sound of his own voice? On a meta-level this would work, since traditionally any bad guy capable of holding the title “world’s most dangerous supervillain” should be able to speechify.

    I’ve said in the past that the interesting thing about Kyle is the question of how he’ll react in any given situation. Up until now my main interest in Duncan was whether or not he had villainous intentions towards Kyle. Well, that’s been answered, only to have Alex replace it with a new form of ambiguity: how will Duncan react in any given situation? Will he continue to talk himself into playing the part of the villain, or will he act on his regrets?

    Well, here’s the big problem: One the one hand, it may be the case that Duncan is self-aware enough to admit that what he’s doing is primarily motivated by selfish motivations (something that at least hints at the possibility that he may do a face heel turn, which I think would be the very minimum prerequisite for him getting any redemption). But on the other hand, until we get details of this big and terrible thing that supposed to be happening soon, neither we nor Kyle have any way of judging whether Duncan’s actions were a reasonable solution to that particular problem. And, honestly, the way the personally-important desires and the (allegedly) world-saving-important imperative seem to be all tangled up, I’m not so sure that Duncan’s reasoning can be trusted on this matter.

    • Duncan needs to meet Syndrome. Maybe get a few pointers. Don’t want to have Kyle catch him monologuing there.

    • Steven K.

      Nice ponderings. I’m sharing in the exasperation, etc.

      • Jakk Anthony Guzman

        I’m guessing two or three more pages. He will probably be unchained near or at the end of the chapter.

  • Miss Quinn

    Yeah, your words would probably mean a hell of a lot more to Kyle if he wasn’t still NAKED AND CHAINED TO THE BED.

    • Steven K.

      (well, at least a bit more – would make me feel a helluva lot better though)

  • Klaus

    Why do Duncan have this overwhelming need to convince himself that he is acting selfishly?

    • I think it might be because he can’t handle the possible ramifications of who he is otherwise. It’s easier to be a bad guy?

    • Feverfew_M

      Heh, I think I kinda inadvertently shared my thoughts on this question in the comment above.

    • Steven K.

      I know. Also wondering that.

  • Feverfew_M

    Strangely, this page made me feel a bit better about Duncan. When it became clear that he wanted youth and power, I had almost given up on the hope that he might be doing this for some higher purpose. Now it seems that saving the world is, in some weird way, really a part of his plan.
    That it was the selfish part of the plan that allowed him to do this all, kinda makes sense to me. He’s a villain. As I said before, I think he has embraced this as his nature for a long time, now. So when an opportunity to save the world presents itself he would instinctively say “yeah, no thanks, not my job”.
    But if there is a proper villain-worthy personal gain, he can easily incorporate such an act into his self-image. Also, it may totally not be his style to sacrifice himself for the sake of others, but ultimately he can try to save the world for the very selfish reason that he still means to live in it.
    And who knows, over the course of this story and through more interaction with Kyle, maybe one day he’ll be able to embrace his inner hero and commit a selfless act… 😀

    • Nicely said!

    • SofiaT

      If you ever told Duncan that he was about to commit a selfless act, he’d probably be offended. Unless he can justify a good act with some personal gain on the side, he wouldn’t move his little finger -not because he’s completely heartless but because that wouldn’t fit with the “persona” he’s created for himself.

      • Feverfew_M

        Yes, and this persona is so very important to him, and I have a feeling that it was very hard and hurtful to build up.
        Gosh that guy is so complicated and messed-up, and I love it! 😀

        • SofiaT

          I love it and I love him.

          Even when I want to punch him.

          God, he’s such an idiot.

          • CH

            Normally I don’t do this but: Yes! This! This exactly.

    • Steven K.

      Hope springs eternal, as some say.

  • *stretches and yawns* I have to be up at 9, so I will sign off for tonight. Have fun, guys 😉

    • Night!

    • Feverfew_M

      Good night, and sleep well! 🙂

  • Okay, I have to say it, I love how Kyle has that single eyebrow lifted. It reminds me so much of The Rock. It’s just awesome and makes me smile.

  • Firebirds1

    I don’t have to tell you anything. but here, let me monologue for you! typical bad guy. They aaaaaalways monologue, revealing their plans, and giving the hero a massive tactical advantage. Monologuing= but whup, c’mon, Anni

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Mmm-hm. And Duncan’s compulsive use of villainface back in chapter 1 can probably be interpreted as an early indication of that. Ah well, let’s see how good Kyle’s pump-the-villain-for-information skills are.

    • Jamie Dutton

      All he needs now is a top hat and a cane, cause he sure is tap dancing all around that “non-apology” he’s not giving.

      “I’m not a man who has regrets” tappa tappa tappa
      “there are terrible things, tea party blah blah blah” ball change, turn “I could try to justify my self, but I won’t” shuffle off to buffalo “Cause I’m just a selfish twat” tappa tappa tappa “you’re too young to know my pain” jazz hands!

      (sorry I don’t know a lot of tap dance jargon) I hope no one minds I paraphrased a bit for the routine.

    • Amanda

      Monologues are underrated. I’ve been studying how to work more of them into my daily life. You know like Times when I am having order the maintenance man to clean, waiting for someone’s drug test to finish, or scolding my child.

  • Klaus

    Is he just feeling his age, or is he ill?

    • SofiaT

      …or does he want to have as much strength as possible for these mysterious “threats” that are coming?

  • Time for me to turn in. See you all very soon and have fun!

    • SofiaT

      ‘Night! *waves*

    • Night!

    • Same here. See you later on TH 🙂

    • Feverfew_M

      Good night! 🙂

  • *mouth drops, eyebrow raises* What the…???

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    …Oh Anni, Anni, Anni. This…..not helping your case. XD Sorry dear.

  • steelie

    Nope – not buyin’ it. Got my fingers in my ears going “blah, blah, blah – I don’t hear a word you’re saying.” I’m just waiting around for the well deserved, much overdue, frytastic ass kicking… which will probably be thwarted in some nefarious way… which is what will probably finally provoke me to throw a full blown tantrum over this.

    It is to your credit, Alex (and Adam and Vero), that I seriously want to kick a comic character’s ass. How in hell did I get so invested in this? (Stalks off muttering vile imprecations against Duncan…)

    • Why risk hurting your toes on that extremely firm solid ass? Take a pitchfork instead.

      • steelie

        steel-toed boots… but that pitchfork sounds good too. Titanium tines, perhaps?

        • Niggle

          Duncan, except for some notable exceptions, is pretty impervious to injury. I think throwing a tank or a submarine at him might be better.

          • steelie

            That might work. I’m really hoping Kyle will get another chance to broil him at least a little though. Duncan has certainly earned it, and I’m thinking Kyle needs a little stress release at this point.

  • Samstag

    There is nothing more sad then having real good hot sex with someone and while still enjoying it the person starts telling you his/her lifetime story … the same with supervillains doing their evil deeds (how was the deal: save North America, have the rest of the world as your oyster) and then forgetting that they should keep some things for themselves, i.e. for the next session with their therapist. Okay, so Mr. Badass has a problem with getting older (and weaker and lonelier and …) Welcome to the Club!! HAR HAR HAR 😉

    • Steven K.

      Yeah – Europe really should be saved – at least all the art and great music and literature and food and architecture and all that cultural stuff, ya know. Maybe we could trade the Bible belt for Europe?

  • vessto

    Mr. Silver Tongue is back again. 😀 This time though Kyle won’t be much impressed even if this time Anni is honest (which I tend to believe).

    *sighs* Anni is so hot in all panels of this page!

  • Okay. I think TYP and EMR updated at close enough to the same time tonight. If I wasn’t over at EMR, I might have posted earlier. And although this is my second post, it WAS NOT taking me so long just because I had to change my avatar (which I actually did AFTER the post I made earlier). (I will love anyone who can guess who it is forever…) It took me a little bit to formulate my posts over there (themice updates two pages at a time) and I kept changing the wording (though it might not seem like it since they are both relatively short).

    Well….first off, it seems like we get the old Anni/Duncan back. Whiny little pussy boy seems to be gone….though he might be replaced with Mr. Woe-is-me. I think I might be saying a lot in this post so I am going to apologize in advance. (And this is taking me awhile to post because I keep going back to check and reference and other things)

    1) “I am not a man who has regrets.” Really? Because on page 30(, panels 1-3 those faces seem to be of “regret” and I count them as real because you are facing away from Kyle when you are making them. And Mr. No-Regrets are you saying you were lying on pages 31(‘If I could have done this without causing you ANY pain, even the cold ache of EMOTIONAL pain, I WOULD have.’) and 32 (‘But looking at you now, thinking of our time together…of who you turned out to be…’ ‘Thinking what COULD have been, if things had been different…’ ‘If “I” were different’)? ……well…..That is entirely possible, but as you SEEM to trying to lessen the emotional and psychological damage you just started to inflict, I am going count them.

    2) ‘I have rarely felt the need to to defend my actions.’ Is that why the rest of the page you are being annoying with your monologue? You are sooo not used to it that you have be so……back and forth? i am not sure if you are trying to defend yourself or if you just want to make everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) want beat the heck out of you. ‘Well there is really good reason that I could go into detail over, but I am a selfish bastard (ME ME ME ME)”….which funnily enough I try to defend by playing the “you young whipper-snapper cannot understand the affects of aging and the imminent threat of dying from old age” that caused (at least in part) the selfishness.

    3) Correlation to comment made on page 32 #1: Page 32- “And I am nothing if not so very, VERY strong.” Could have just said that you were ‘nothing if not strong’, but you chose to emphasize your “strength” in more than one way. Not only do you use the emphatic adjective “very” TWICE and the second time “emphasized”, but EMPHASIZE THAT by adding “so” before them. (sorry for the redundant word usage). You say all that and then admit to getting WEAKER every day? So was that DESPITE getting weaker everyday, or a little overcompensating BECAUSE you are getting weaker every day? or both?

    4) Correlation to comment made on page 32 #2: Page 32- “And I am nothing if not so very, VERY strong.” “And I fully intend to STAY that way.” First off, Anni/Duncan love, KEEPING your “superpowers” WAS NOT specified in your little “deal” so that “so very, VERY strong” isn’t guaranteed to “STAY”. Just an FYI. Forgot that little loophole, because I am not sure that falls under “perfect health” cause you can have “perfect health” WITHOUT super powers. (I am getting to the correlation) Now, when I first read that I interpreted in two ways, Way 1 – “stay so very, VERY strong”. Way 2 – with the emphasis on the word “stay”, I also interpreted as KEEPING things at the “so very, VERY strong” level for an extended period of time. Which kind of implies that he is afraid of losing his position which I feel ties into the many different feelings behind “For you to see your own end…ever nearer. To know that someday, everything that you are, will be gone FOREVER.”

    5) All very “you you you you” and I don’t think that AS A HERO Kyle can completely understand the level of selfishness though there can be some sympathy for the fear of death and possibly maybe for some of that weaker talk. I don’t think as a hero Kyle would be concerned with who he is being gone forever, but more for what he wants/needs to PROTECT being gone forever. Any hero worth the name is willing to sacrifice themselves to save another. I by no means saying heroes should go sacrificing themselves willy-nilly with absolutely no thought of any self-preservation. Just that when push comes to shove, they are willing to give everything to save the life of another.

    6) Just as a reminder to people: Anni/Duncan said the “American Continents”. That means North America (Canada, the USA, Mexico) and South America. I assume it also means the Bahamas region, but I kinda forget if they fall into the north or south categories.

    If I had anything else to say……I kinda forgot what it might be because I kept ping-ponging between writing this, collecting/verifying what I wanted to use, checking on new comments, and replying to a couple of other comments when I absolutely couldn’t resist.

    PSA: If you have really sore thighs, you should REALLY remember to get out of your computer chair every so often when you sit at it for more than a couple of hours straight…..cause walking with sore thighs combined with legs on the verge of falling asleep….is not all that fun, kept feeling like my legs were going to give out.

    • 1) Compliments on the new avatar.
      2) Thank you for saving me an enormous amount of time.
      3) In the future could you please number and annotate all your points so that in my extreme laziness I can simply apply your comment# and the point# and thus save myself reams of work. (I’d thank you now, but my fingers are too lazy to type that out). 😀

      Super fun post and I’ll have read it more than once to wring all the fun out of it.

    • Steven K.

      Wow – wonderful!

  • Denita Brown

    Hmmm, this makes me wonder what is really going on. If the threat that the adult heroes are fighting is childs play then what is worse than Laampros

  • SofiaT

    I wanted to ask this question for the cards, but it doesn’t fall under the “first time” category; so I’ll just express it here.

    Has Duncan ever experienced affection in his life I wonder? Did he ever have a true friend? A lover, that was more than just a bed partner for a few hours of pleasure?

    Or has he never allowed himself to feel like that for another? Has he never allowed himself to bask in the warmth that envelopes you when you feel loved? Is it possible that he is the “virgin” here?

    • Jamie Dutton

      Great question, Sofia!

    • That is a great question and one I wouldn’t mind knowing the answer for.

    • Terri Sutton

      Another question. Is Duncan aromantic? That could be a reason why he hasn’t experienced romantic closeness to anyone, he is unable to.

      • SofiaT

        I don’t know much about romantic orientations so I could be wrong, but I was under the impression that aromantic people are “built” that way. I think that if Duncan is aromantic of sorts, it’s because he “trained” himself to be so.

        • Terri Sutton

          Your theory could be true.
          But I guess part the fun of having a character that we don’t know the complete story of is the wild mass speculation that we engage in.

          • SofiaT

            True! 🙂

            My speculation is that Duncan is not truly “aromantic” and that he has developed feelings for Kyle -against his “better” judgement. So my question is, is this the first time he has had to deal with emotions? Is that why he’s screwing this so royally?

          • Terri Sutton

            “Against my better judgement”, it could easily be a lovely little lie to pacify the little hot-headed hero, to delay the arse kicking.

          • SofiaT

            For what it’s worth, I’m convinced that he’s telling the truth, both in this and his previous monologuing. Mostly because the words seem just to come ouf of him against his will. I think he’s talking to himself more (Duncan vs The Annihilator) than Kyle.

            He’d be an idiot to think that whatever he says now would stop Kyle from kicking his ass anyway.

          • Terri Sutton

            I didn’t say prevent arse-kicking, I said delay arse-kicking. Give him a chance to put a plan to escape into action.
            But maybe that is because of my recent DS9 marathon has left me with an aching need for another “Garak” character. Why tell the truth when a lie will do?

      • Steven K.

        But, if that’s the case, he was sure good at pretending. The start of his romantic encounter was sooo convincing – he did and said all the right things – the rose petals, the pricey wine – even initially in bed he said and did all the right things – he was so respectful, so patient, so caring and concerned, so mindful of Kyle and his physical and emotional state – doing and saying all the things I would have. That’s why I’m STILL so stunned at his betrayal.. How could a man like that, who is SO classy and does and says al the perfect and proper things for a shy lad’s first time with any intimacy – how could someone that astute and empathetic go on to do what he did? So I’m not sure he knows NOTHING of romantic closeness or how it should be done. He sure showed otherwise in that encounter right up to the very moment he cast that spell – until he screwed things up big-time.

        • Terri Sutton

          His romantic overtures to Kyle were too perfect, his words were too calculated. The whole romance was too cliché to be anything but a ruse. At least in my mind, it was too perfect.
          But the level of betrayal did shock me, I had just assumed that Duncan merely had a virgin fetish.

    • Feverfew_M

      A really good question! I suspect that the answer lies somewhere between discovering his powers/beating up his tormentors in puberty and becoming a super-villain in his mid-twenties. Something must have happened in between and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a deep disappointment with a friend or love-interest. Times were different in his youth. Maybe they couldn’t deal with him being gay? After all he said that the “gay-thing” didn’t seem to matter much any more when he became “the most powerful and feared supervillain on the planet”. Kinda suggests it mattered before, doesn’t it? Maybe he even tried to fit in with the heroes for a while, but they shunned him eventually?

      • Steven K.

        Do we get a tragic situation concerning a first and only lost love such as between Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald (resulting in his sister’s death and a tearing apart of the lover from his beloved)?

        • Feverfew_M

          At least that’s what I hope for. I think I love a damaged villain/anti-hero even more than I love a damaged hero…

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      The feeling that I got is that he has not. I think he is the one who has never trusted or given himself completely to another.

    • With great respect, I read this post and have the feeling that a really yummy fanfic might be gestating somewhere in Australia… about a suffering super-villain and the smart woman who saves him.

      I’d read that!

      • Jakk Anthony Guzman

        She offers to hide the poor frightened thing behind her skirt. 😛

        • Very humorous Jakk.

          But in no way was that what I was suggesting. I’m serious, there is an entirely different story in her musings (and not a gay one), but it’s an interesting idea about the different kinds of strength that exists (as well as correlating weaknesses) and what role emotional support plays in “true strength” for any of us.

          Seriously, another story for another day, but fun to think about.

          • Jakk Anthony Guzman

            Sorry you misunderstood, Chris. I was using your post to poke fun at Sofia. Maybe I shouldn’t have. 😐

          • It’s cool. Don’t worry. We know you’re good people Jakk.

            I just wanted it to be clear. I hope Sofia writes it… when Alex opens his world to Eldritch horrors of fanfic that is. 😀

          • Steven K.

            Yeah – I’ve never had that kind of emotional support from anyone in my life (other than my parents – and I’m thinking more of someone on a more personally intimate physical and emotional and intellectual basis) – I think if I had that now or even had that at other times in my life, I’d be a much stronger person today.-, and better equipped to deal with all the adversities.

      • SofiaT

        Ha! My talent as a writer is nil. I’m a very good reader but I’ll never be a good writer. Also, I’m generally against fanfiction when the original story is still in progress.

        But maybe once this is finished you’d like to take a shot at it?

    • You’re actually going to get your chance to ask exactly those kinds of questions soon. Stay tuned… 😉

    • Steven K.

      Nice questions / comment.

  • Klaus

    Here we have the writing on the arm almost unobscured. Anybody out there who can read it?

    • Jamie Dutton

      It is a good view of the writing, but I don’t know what it says. Does anyone know if that is a real runic system or a hybrid that Alex came up with?
      Not sure if Google translate would work on that.

      • Terri Sutton

        Forgive me for saying this but . . . Google Translate works?

        • Klaus

          Sometimes. I tried with the song Øjet back when the Eye on High first appeared. It was really horrible. The first few words, “Dengang jeg var lille”, meaning “when I was little” got translated “When it was Lille”.

        • Jamie Dutton

          Every now and then it works.

          • Sometimes it allows the idea of what’s being said to be understood. If that makes sense. 🙂

      • I think it’s either angelic script or a hybrid of it. It was Sonny who first mentioned the angelic script, but I think he was onto something.

        • Amanda

          Laampros was surprisingly detailed with those nails. If this whole hell on earth thing doesn’t work out, maybe he could get into the body modification field and do scarification.

          • It’s always good to have a fall back plan. 🙂

        • @sonoftheatomicbiscuithead
          HEY SONNY!

          (I know he’s gone, but I wish he wasn’t)

          I’ve been missing him! I was thinking about all that stuff that he knows about. If Laampros is a fallen angel. Or, if Kyle’s mother is angelic is some way. Does that make Kyle a Nephilim. It’s all that stuff I know nothing about and find fantastically fun and interesting.

          So, I think Disqus was taking up too much of Sonny’s time (gee I’d know nothing about that myself *snort*) and Sonny has left us, but I wish (calls out) that he’d come back and pontificate about all of this stuff.

          We have a whole bunch of stuff that doesn’t seem to match up yet. “The Crisis Of Colliding Trans-World Identities?”, Demons over running earth?, Duncan aging?-sick?-dying?-selfish? etc… Does Duncan imagine only his super strength plus a demonic youth injection will save the world from some horrible Lovecraftian whatsits? Honestly it all seems so at odds with each other. Then a bunch of great and terrible tea-party things he mentions not very clearly in this page?

          Honestly, Sonny is needed with his debullshittifier.

          • Feverfew_M

            Why is he gone???

          • SofiaT

            I was thinking the same things yesterday, Sonny seems to have disappeared. I hope he comes back, his posts were very interesting.

          • Feverfew, I really don’t know? He left about the time we had some posting confusion and just before Alex added the new posting guidelines and then added our MODS, so he may just have felt he’d had enough and that’s okay. Or he may have gotten caught in the confusion? I really don’t know. I do know nothing was his fault in any way, and that he was a great addition to this group.

            Sofia, I agree, he was a great contributor and great fun. I posted and left him my gmail, but no response. So, I’m wishing him well and hoping life is good to him. That was just me whining above because while I consider myself spiritual in a vague sorta way… what I don’t know about angelic stuff is pretty much infinite. I definitely miss his expertise even when he himself called it hypothetical BS … HA … It was damn good hypothetical BS.

            Be well Sonny!

          • Feverfew_M

            Didn’t realise things got bad enough for people to leave!?

            Couldn’t read all of his posts, because of time and stuff, but I remember what I read was very interesting and knowledgeable. Hope he’s just taking a break… 🙂

        • Steven K.

          Yes – I’d say it is a series of occult “sigils”, often used in demonologic enterprises, invoking spirits, etc.

    • I thought he wrote that monologue down on it, just so he wouldn’t forget one pointless uninformative word. Sort of evil villain cliff-notes.

  • vyloran

    You sound like a man with a lot of regrets, Duncan. Perhaps nearing the end of your life wouldn’t be so frightening if you hadn’t spent all those years in selfish pursuits. Thought Duncan is only 50ish right? So it makes me wonder what has made him weak so quickly. Perhaps there’s an illness? Maybe one that affects people with super powers?

    • Klaus

      58, if you can trust what he told Kyle during their dinner in Hong Kong.

      • vyloran

        Still young to be worrying about dying. Unless it’s less “death” and more losing his power.

  • Sure, sure, sure. Now bend over.

    • SofiaT

      This comment makes so much more sense now that you have the new avatar 😀

  • Amanda

    Wait did Duncan just sell out 75%if of the planet to maintain Dat Ass? Seems reasonable, I could back that.

  • fujoshifanatic

    So many issues that were brought up with just that short monologue. Don’t know how much impact it will have on Kyle if he starts with the selfish reasons for his actions, though. I can see why he thought he had to go to such extremes to hang on to /regain what he (mistakenly) thinks is the source of his power, as I am in that stage in life where my youth is much more a part of my past than present, but he is sorely misguided in believing that being young is worth the price he (and the world) will pay to Laampros if this deal goes through.

    It was awesome to talk with you at Bent Con Alex, even if I was fangirling more than talking, and congrats on the interview. I won’t be able to call in because of work, but I’ll be listening. 🙂

    • Thank you! And yes! Getting a chance to chat with you (and learn the correct pronunciation of your name! lol) was one of the total highlights of my Con! Thank you so, so much for coming by! 😀

  • Simba Hutchison

    D is just so yummy on this page… The therapist I am training to become is all over all that angst and pride and internal conflict as his affection for Kyle (which he feels is a weakness) and his obviously crippling fear of death war against each other. Selfish isn’t exactly the right term for the way he is running roughshod over anyone in his way to avoiding death, “Scared shitless” is a bit closer. Its like he entered the denial phase of stages of grief and decided to do everything within his ability to never make it to acceptance.
    I wonder if someone close to him died either recently or at an influential age, that may be triggering this desperate flail against aging…

    • Klaus

      Or he may be ill.

  • Suhndog

    New name for Anni: Dr. Shmooze

  • Niggle

    Terrible things happening right now that he has no knowledge of? How can unleashing a demon on earth be not the most terrible? I’m really curious about what the hell he thinks he’s doing. We know the selfish angle, but what other purpose does he have. Villains can see themselves as heroes, does he think that what he’s doing will ultimately benefit earth somehow?

    I’m going to have to reread, I’m forgetting what the “crisis” is. It was mentioned during their date, wasn’t it?

  • Klaus

    Shift-right still leads to page 46.

    I just noticed that Alex says above that the Annihilators’s words may not be to be trusted! I am shocked, shocked! If you can not trust the Annihilator, who can you trust?

  • Sapfo

    I have regained internet! Taking it cautiously, I’m back! 🙂

  • b3nc0

    Anni, you mean ‘terrible things’ & ‘threats’ like, IDK, a nasty, powerfull, overgrown, horned, red demon with free access to our world?
    It’s kinda disappointing that his burns seem to be healing ¦ ‘

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Look, Duncan’s burns are already healing! The cuts seem to be staying so far, though – I’m guessing because of the active demonic link involved.

  • Xalun K

    I missed the update, boo! That’s what I get for spending time with my FAMILY. *snicker*

    For someone who doesn’t like to explain himself, Duncan sure loves to expound on his statements. Though I get the feeling his “bigger threats” are going to become minimal once Laampros is unleashed on the world, and he just doesn’t realise it yet. He’s so focused on his superficiality that he sees the big threats and doesn’t understand the OTHER threats.

    At least, that’s how it seems right now.


    • Steven K.

      Kyle – DITTO!! – lol.

  • So.. in my comment earlier today: I gave one guess of what that ‘bigger than crisis’ thing could be on an otherwordly scale. Here’s a more ‘back on earth’ guess to what might be going on in TYP’s comic-verse …

    The ‘normal’ populations vs. the heroes/villains with some kind of powers.

    What could make basicly all the grown up heroes and villains worldwide meet at a conference if not for feeling threatened? From what Duncan said earlier there’s rules that prevent harm to underaged kids, something they clearly follow strictly, but it’s not an over all positive view we’ve gotten of heroes so far.
    Just look at Tweedledee and Tweedledum (aka. Hunter and Killer). I know they’re probably a bad representation to the heroes (unless they were villains in ‘disguise’), but there could be more like them who’s not that caring about the civil population as long as they get their bad guy. Add them to the villains and they’re bound to make governments woried. This could influence all the heroes as well, if there’s these wildcards among them + even a hero with powers could be seen as a threat.

    Then there’s that dampener Killer and Hunter brought with them. That was clearly something new. Even Duncan who set up that encounter was caught by surprise from the effect.
    Could the worldwide governments have be making military weapons that’s made to have a control over people with superpowers of any kind, be it heroes or villans? That would change the balance a LOT, and I can see why that would make them call it a crisis and meet up.

    This could be the ‘internal’ knowledge they all have right now, and what’s going on currently. How many that’s aware something more is going on, perhaps more dangerous than anything related to this, example a threat from another planet/dimension … that I can’t say since all of this is still just speculations from me.
    Still, not commenting much on it before, I’ve been theorizing a lot about the bigger picture ever since Duncan and Kyle mentioned that there was a crisis of sorts during there date in Hong Kong. That was too big a hint to something to be ignored, and so far this is my theory of the need for a conference.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      I think it depends on what the Crisis of Collided Trans-World Identities is in story telling terms. The two options I can think of are either as a plot point or as world-building. Initially I thought of it as the latter: as a throwaway reference to big company wide superhero crossovers(tm) that might be used as a handwave explanation for why squadrons of adult heroes weren’t present and hence allowed the Young Protectors junior team to do the main heroing rather than be relegated to a supporting role. By contrast the idea of it being more integral to the plot is a possibility that I’ve kept in mind, but been waiting for more evidence of. *sigh* Once again: need more data.

    • That is a really good theory. It makes me think of what was said at the end of Good Omens. Not Good vs Evil but Us vs Them.

      • If you’re referring to GOOD OMENS the Gaiman and Pratchett book, that makes me want to go look for it. I’m due for a re-read and it’s one of the best books ever.

    • Good theorizing. I hadn’t thought at all about the dampeners origins or about government involvement. Interesting.

  • Mark Warneke

    Look at those eyebrows… I have a feeling Anni is future-Kyle.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Well, that would put a new twist on the Crisis Of Collided Trans-World identities, wouldn’t it? But I kinda doubt it. Something I noticed a while ago (from going back and re-reading the story to try and discover and new nuggets of plot or characterisation that I’d missed) was that Kyle and Duncan have completely different shapes to noses. Kyle’s nose (and particularly the bridge of his nose) tends to be drawn as an open curve, while Duncan’s tends to be ruler straight with a much sharper bridge.

      So unless Kyle is a Time Lord and regenerates to changes his appearance, or, I dunno, gets invested as a prince of hell and gains phenomenal cosmic power that includes the ability to shapechange… oh, wait…

    • What an interesting idea.

  • SofiaT

    I didn’t realise because I get the rest of the notifications just fine, so I knew it had updated, but you’re right, I didn’t get that email either. Hmmm…

  • SofiaT

    Not sure how much of a “true” anarchist Duncan is. I think that’s just a title he’s given himself. Anarchism is all about freedom of information (read: truth) and against coercion of any kind (I reckon tying someone against their will with magical chains is not included in the definition).

    • I’m thinking he’s an anarchist when it suits him. Like knowing everyone else’s secrets, but keeping his own. ha!

      • SofiaT

        “I’m my own boss” kind of anarchist?
        I agree.

        • Exactly so!

          “You can’t tell me what to do! I’ll rob banks if I want to, it’s my right as a free citizen. Wait, what do you mean they robbed my bank, they’ll rue the day!”

  • Least Duncan can do is give Kyle a hand job before he leaves…

    • Oh right on brother… right on.

      • SofiaT

        I’d like to see him kiss Kyle before he goes but I seriously doubt Kyle would welcome that now. He’d likely bite him.

        A handjob would be really unwelcome I reckon. Plus, with him being still tied that would be… yeah, lets not go there. I know Alex wouldn’t.

        • Okaaaaaayyyyyy up-vote for being right. However as a guy… I still liked the sound of that. Humph.

          EDIT: A kiss would be seriously evil… seriously.

          • SofiaT

            I was thinking something along the lines of Mrs Teschmacher kissing Superman before taking the cryptonite off from around his neck in Superman: The movie.

            The “I do it now because I won’t get the chance ever again” kind of kiss. 😀

          • Excellent reference. I’d probably get my Superman kiss in too… but I think you’d have to add a Duncan kiss on to a list of really rotten stuff done to a paralyzed Kyle.

            So this one would be super mean to me.

            Then again, I’m really not in the “Duncan has feelings mood today.” Still totally get it.

            NEXT PAGE!!!!!! Quick!!!!! 😀

        • Cman65

          burn his ball off!

    • Klaus

      Somehow I got this hunch that he isn’t in the mood.

  • Simba Hutchison

    Holy smokes, I forgot all about that Crisis of super-whatsis thingy mentioned on their date. I was so focused on how they were eyeing each other and then the tweedle dee and tweedle dum showed up. Now there are so many new crazy theories running around in my brain…

  • I started to read and go down the rabbit hole of everyone’s smart comments and since I’ve been held up and missed this page’s release, I realized I should stop and write this out first. Sorry if I’m just repeating things someone has already said better.

    Also apologies, This is more about ME just needing to write this than anything else. So ironically, I’m just being as selfish an asshole as I’m about to accuse Duncan of being.

    FIRST TOTAL FYI… I’ve been desperately scraping away, in both previous pages and in everyone’s thoughts and comments, to find one reason to forgive Duncan, one small reason to like him, one teensy tiny reason to justify his treatment of Kyle.

    ERM…. this wasn’t that page. Sorry. Nope. Not even a tiny bit.

    SECOND TOTAL FYI: I promise I hold NO anger or crankiness toward any reader still holding out for Duncan’s redemption, some future justification or even a little snuggly shipping some day. Maybe a couple hundred years from now. Honestly, this is just me reacting to THIS page and no more.

    I have total faith in Alex’s ability to achieve dramatically whatever he wishes. So I’ll march in time with the Admiral and say NEXT PAGE/CHAPTER puhleeeze!

    However, for me, today will not be the day for any snuggly shipping. So sorry. Truly, actually the hard part of all this is that there are absolutely bits of me that will be forever with some of you… wanting something redemptive and happy for Duncan. He is too hot and too interesting not to wish for a happy ending of some sort.

    BUTTTTTTTT…. again, solely as of today and THIS PAGE, nope. Not happening.

    SERIOUS WARNING: Stop reading now, because everything below is a fully triggered projectile vomiting of acidic DUNCAN HATRED. Oh yeah… for reals. The whole shebang. I did not hold back.

    I’m not kidding on this one so Sofia and all my other friends who feel for our Duncan… beware of this post. I’m not joking. Today I am unabashedly Duncan hateful and I don’t want any one’s Wednesday (or are starting your Thursday) ruined by reading by bile below.

    Sorry Amanda, DAT ASS did not save him this time. Although I’m not promising to take down my screen shot of the down shot of Duncan on top of Kyle on the last panel in page 28. Go ahead… call me a hypocrite, but that is a seriously fine piece of artwork focusing on DAT ASS.

    On the other hand, go look at Duncan’s horrifically false jolly look on the first panel of page 17 as he sweeps an unsuspecting Kyle off his feet. Kyle so full of joy and Duncan delivers that look knowing everything that is about to follow. I see that look now, knowing what I know, and it screams ‘Jeffrey Dhalmer’ at me and I so want to rescue Kyle.

    So again, BE WARNED. I GO there. So I totally understand if you love Duncan. I understand if you need to skip the rest of this post. I understand if you wish to post serious crankiness in reply to me. I understand if you want to go all @Adam Black on my ass and down-vote the hell out of this post. I’m a big boy and I’ll take it. But here is the real deal in my heart as of THIS PAGE. I just want you fully warned and to know I take full responsibility for the depth of my immaturity and for the fact that this post contains mostly triggered emotion and almost no sensible intellectualizing.

    “Omnes relinquite spes, o vos intrantes”

    This page arrives and makes me madder at him than I thought possible and makes me hate Duncan more than I thought possible. And, yep, that’s saying something. The sequence of pure calculated sadistic evil action (ACTIONS) that he perpetrates on Kyle over the previous 100+ pages wraps it’s vileness here in THIS page almost beyond perfectly.

    Please note: his taxi of ultimate dimensionsal convenience is still chained to the slab AND paralyzed. It’s still waiting for death.

    I’m sorry @alexwoolfson:disqus, but Fridge Magnet Deacon has gone back from a hopeful almost 8:45 to a full inversion of 6:00. (shakes head sadly). All the synthetic blood is rushing to Deacon’s magnetic head again, and he’s NOT happy with you Alex. Deacon is a killing machine… and he’s not happy. Just a warning… honestly, I saw what he did on that space station. Yikes.

    Sorry, I digress. So, go back and read the DUNCAN-EVIL-HORROR-LIST (and it’s a big f*cker of a list) of all the selfish horrible non-empathetic things that Duncan has done to his human taxi.

    (No, go ahead… it’s all spelled out ad nauseam in previous posts by many of us who are cranky with Duncan’s behavior. Take as long as you need. I have iTunes on… I’ll wait. *chris turns up volume on his Hate-Duncan playlist*)

    So you see? All the little sad looks and pseudo-regretful monologuing doesn’t really make up for things (actions, not words or looks — actions and choices) does it? All the scraping away to find mitigation, to confirm regrets or sorrows or whatever, just doesn’t seem to help one bit… particularly after THIS PAGE. I understand. I look for reason in Duncan’s actions and behaviors.

    Anything, in order to find some way to forgive Duncan. Yet… NOPE.

    So, at NO point in a hundred and something pages has he done or said ONE THING (excepting previously mentioned vague sad looks that can be interpreted in an infinite number of ways), to make this in any way less VIOLATING and painful for Kyle. Not once, does he give Kyle a scrap of a reason for this horror or do or say anything that would lead Kyle to expect anything but a horrifying death for him NOW and then the world. And NOW he’s seemingly back on earth and the sadistic shit continues.

    Your Demon father just kissed you on your paralysed f*cking forehead and I (Duncan) have nothing to say to even AC-F*CKING-KNOWLEDGE that? To even pretend that I understand or give a rat’s sh*t what you MIGHT be feeling about THAT! I guess that’s because hellevators and taxis don’t have feelings… do they? You use THINGS. And Kyle has been well used.

    I, the magnificent Duncan, have used you and now I’m done with you. Ta!

    I can’t find anything to like or believe. Tea party crisis. Truth or we do just add that to the infinite bullshit playlist that Duncan has on repeat? Who the hell could know? Or, more to the point, why should we care at this point. How many lies does anyone accept before giving up? I guess we each have an individual answer for that. I wonder how far over Kyle’s limit we are?

    Kyle is kept kept in the dark and at every turn, when even a shred of information might alleviate some of Kyle’s pain, Duncan withholds. I don’t have the intellectual wherewithal to get into a Mavin-eque discussion of Socio-pathology or Narcissistic personality disorder or the infinite spectrums those seem to include, but Duncan has gone about achieving his goals in the most physically and emotionally violating and damaging way possible for Kyle.

    I’m sorry (for my Duncan-loving friends… I’m actually being sincere about that) to be so harsh and bleak (because I want to forgive Duncan too), but it’s positively sadistic for that kid. Chained and paralyzed to that bed/slab (whatever). It’s like one of those horrible Forensic Science stories that reenact the horrors of a serial killer… except we don’t get to hear Kyle’s calls from the hole in the basement floor (HEY, I WARNED YOU ABOVE) and what’s worse is that IF there are mitigating Duncan reasons that we readers don’t know about, THEN NEITHER DOES KYLE. I’m experiencing it from the comfort of my laptop. Kyle has been to hell and back with a serial killer (in his mind) of a super-villain who’s willing to destroy the earth all while chained to a slab and paralyzed and (possibly the worst bit) convinced his own stupidity has allowed this to happen. Tell me how that gets worse… I’m sure I missed something.

    Duncan has done everything to keep Kyle in the most profound ignorance in the most sadistic fashion possible. Even the tidbits of non-information he has dribbled on Kyle and seem to leak out of the self-justifying arsehole (quite as Laampros described it in his porcine analogy some pages back), it all seems designed to make things worse for Kyle.


    After all that horror… the subtext of this page’s monologuing to Kyle is that you are too young and stupid to understand and help in this vague possibly truth/lie of a tea-party horror that I’m babbling meaninglessly on about. So, on top of every other sadistic thing I’ve done to you, I’d just like to twist the knife a little more so………………… let me speechify……….

    Duncan: There are great and terrible things happening right now that you have no knowledge of. Things that make ‘the crisis’ (which fucking one are you talking about? You haven’t done Kyle the service to even give him ‘one crisis’ beyond your evil) look like a child’s tea-party.

    G+Villain-Translate: You are too young and stupid to understand even the simplest explanation so I will leave you to suffer in ignorance because I have no respect for a human taxi.

    Duncan: I could try to explain those threats too you… (attach next two lines of the same drivel, which just make it worse).

    G+ Villain-Translate: (see previous translation and add:) but I will continue this speech further in order to try and make you feel yet worse about how little respect I have for you and hopefully you will suffer more that way and that’s the kind of man I am so deal.

    Duncan: And you are too young to understand…. etc… etc…

    G+ Villain Translate: (please see previous two translations)

    Duncan: (finishing this page thank you Jaysus!) … that someday everything that you are will be gone FOREVER. (we can hope)

    1. G+ Villain Translate: And that is bad for me and I expect you to understand that in spite of the previous 100+ pages of pure vile evil and that if you live and if this experience has taught you one lesson, it’s that take care of no one but yourself, trust no one and humankind is probably less evil that you supposed father… erm… whom I’m not mentioning.

    2. Kyle Translate: (sorry, this one required a second translate) Oh THANK YOU LORDY. Please either have him kill me now or make him shut the f*ck up.

    So… to wrap up… if anyone saw the film MEAN GIRLS (John Waters 2004), at the end of the film Regina (Rachel McAdams) gets hit by a bus and right this very second that’s what I want to have happen to Duncan *wipes away fake tear*.

    I want him to shut the f*ck up and walk out of that warehouse and a giant bus to come barreling by and take his evil sadistic monologuing ass out of this world permanently. Laampros, George and the millions of demons will only be a step up for Kyle and the world. I’m pretty sure.

    DONE. It’s safe to come out now. Promise.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Okay. I can’t particularly disagree with the logic of that. (I may
      regret the crap out of it needing to be said, but ‘m not going to
      disagree with it.)

      For my part, I have been wondering for a while about whether my grasp of the genre conventions of the superhero story has been making me overlook Duncan’s behaviour. As in, in a superhero story the characters undergo physical and emotional trials with seemingly minimal long term impact, whereas in other genres these type tribulations would require serious trauma counseling.

      • Yes thank you… please make my emo-barf into something more intellectually worthy. It’s beyond my grasp today. So I thank you!

        • 1) In my post earlier I did make the comment in #2 “i am not sure if you are trying to defend yourself or if you just want
          to make everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) want beat the heck out of you” in regards to his monologue. (can’t do all that fancy italicizing or bold or underlining or mark through that Chris and others have used)Though that was more or less talking about his ‘not gonna talk’ ‘gonna talk’ ‘not gonna’ ‘gonna’. But he has been so wish-washy with his words, faces that I feel it should also include that.

          2) Actions do speak louder than words or faces and Anni/Duncan’s have been rage worthy. Until he DOES something somewhat redeeming we can really only see his words and faces as lip-service. He is going to be needing to do A LOT of redeeming actions. I really like the image of Duncan at some point doing the kneeling-head-to-floor-gomenasai-begging-forgiveness pose.

          • Yes PLEASE. Go all Japanese on Dat Ass and lets get some seriously sincere begging going on. I like your style. 🙂

          • ^_^ I try. ^_^

        • Steven K.

          Why are you so hard on yourself, C.D. ? You are, in fact, among friends. And if you call what you wrote in good faith and deep sincerity “emo-barf”, then how does that, in turn, or by association, reflect the nature or character of what I’ve written. When you call your own expounded feelings and sentiments by such terms, it puts the same judgement on the writings of those of us who may feel similarly. You are not alone, dear fellow traveler, don’t assume what you’ve expressed emotional vomit because of the lack of others who may feel the same, since that lack does not exist. Also, I didn’t find what you stated to be intellectually UN-worthy at all. Also, I don’t think feelings should be judged like that – we feel what we feel – and the feelings in and of themselves are not to be judged positive or negative – they just “are”.

          • Thank you SK. Am late and must do to work, so this will be brief. Apologies for that. I was in no way apologizing with ANY OF THAT. Trust you me.

            “Emo-Barf” is a term I made up that isn’t bad to me. It means that your emotional needle is pegged in the red-zone and you know it, and you’re letting it all out. Warning Will Robinson! You know?

            So I did. I’m trying very hard to let the emo-barf happen consciously and yet make it uber-clear that these are my feelings alone and reflective of no one else’s. I didn’t want to intellectualize or distance myself or sound smart… I just wanted to projectile vomit a bunch of Duncan emo-venom in a way that let people either join in… or let them avoid the nasty puddle on the linoleum floor.

            I love that others (like yourself) could take that emo-ejection and find smart words for bits of it. That was satisfying. So thank you for your kind sympathy, but please know that I’m not being even a tiny bit hard on myself. I did just what I needed to do.

            I just think ‘EMO-BARF’ is just such a good term for letting it rip unapologetically.

            So thank you for being so thoughtful.


    • steelie

      We were debating the merits of throwing a tank or a submarine at him earlier in comments – not sure a school bus would do as much damage as he deserves. Yeah, I’d have to say I agree with your translations – except I’d add a third option to the Kyle translation… please let me loose from these chains so I can flame his vile ass into a little pile of ash on the floor that I can subsequently sweep up and flush!! Well ranted, indeed!

      • Sorry it was only one up-vote, but if feelings count it was really like 3,678. 😀

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      Duncan hasn’t mentioned anything at all about Laampros being Kyle’s father, perhaps he will in the next pages.

      Whatever happens to Duncan regarding character development, or the Duncan/Kyle relationship, I don’t see this as ending well for Duncan.
      He has Laampros’ mark on him. Laampros owns him now. Laampros will find a way to screw Duncan eventually, and take over the Americas too.

    • SpookyDomme

      I wish to have your rage babies!

      But no really, A+++ rant. Duncan’s definitely shown a sociopath’s ability to fake emotion, etc. I feel a little pity for him still (which I’m attributing to Alex’s writing), but it’s certainly declined sharply since the appearance of magic chains.
      Right now, Duncan is just striking me as a desperate/pathetic man who did, as you say, an incredibly awful thing to a person who trusted him. And he’s too intelligent not to be horribly aware of it, so now he’s trying very hard to rationalize it aloud.
      And if I’m seeing this correctly, he only looked directly at Kyle in the second panel.
      Every panel after that, he couldn’t even look the kid in the eye.

      • Thanks. I really appreciate all the smart observations. This is a great Group. I’ve just reached the place that Duncan’s treatment of this one “human being” in Kyle…

        (not gay boy or kid or innocent or a boy that Alex has assured us will be okay — I honestly appreciate that WoG so much, but in terms of discussing philosophy I have to deal with today’s page — but just simply insert any human being… insert your mother if it helps abstract it philosophically)

        … is so absolutely unforgivable that I’m not sure if I care that the world survives because Duncan’s actions.

        I keep thinking about the “Stone Knife.”

        Here is the most adorable Gerber baby (okay if you’re not American, that’s a baby food baby picture that’s always the most adorable infant you’ve ever seen) and I hand YOU the stone knife and say, “Here SpookyDomme (or insert yourself here) the entire world is going to die, but if you plunge this jagged stone knife into the chest of this beautiful infant and pull out it’s beating heart then everyone you love will be saved!!!!

        Yayyyyyy!!! right? right?

        See, that’s what I see in Duncan. What could possibly be worth what he’s doing? I understand if you disagree with me. I just think, if it were me (non super-hero-me), the world might just have to be destroyed, because I couldn’t plunge the knife into the heart of that child. Honestly, I haven’t had to make this choice. Sonny and I debated this vociferously (partly why I miss his voice so much). When is the good of many, worth the destruction of one? I don’t think I could do it. So, yep, I’d probably make a sucky hero.

        It’s a big question, and one only art can ask. I sound horrible in this debate, but I do thank Alex for bringing these questions to the table. This is how art makes us think and grow, even when it’s hard.


        • Jakk Anthony Guzman

          Chris, I hate to disagree with you because I agree that what Duncan has done to Kyle is unforgivable. It’s cold, cruel and evil and all done for selfish reasons.

          But your example of ripping out the heart of the Gerber baby is not accurate. Even though Duncan may have plunged a knife into Kyle’s soul, Kyle was not physically harmed. He took him there and brought him back safely.

          Duncan will pay for it. He has cheated himself out love. Has Duncan ever been in love? He now has a deal with a demon and bears his mark. He is now forever tied to Laampros. And that will probably cost him dearly.

          • Oh dear…

            Okay, let’s just put the Dunks in love question to the side, cause… don’t know and, at this moment, don’t care. His life to this point is entirely his responsibility. Being bullied as a child is pathetic as any excuse for anything at this point. Who the gay f*ck wasn’t? If his father used him for a f*ck toy as an infant then that has not been shared with us. So I’m only interested in what i know today.

            You and I will also choose to disagree with physical vs. emotional damage. I know some folk who are seriously emotionally messed up but don’t have visible scars. I know there are those who want to think that because no penis went up Kyle’s anal tract then nothing bad happened. I (very personally) believe the opposite. The agonies and pains, the miseries that most of us carry through our lives are NOT the physical ones, but the emotional and psychological ones…

            (although I do remember being punched in the face in the 6th grade by Laura Jean Anderson… yep… that hurt)

            …but to my point it didn’t hurt as much as being ridiculed seriously by many classmates that I had been “beat up” by a girl — Hey, she was a seven foot behemoth.

            So my biggest point is that, if this was the real world and not an AU… (I know that’s silly). Who is the Kyle that is being left behind by this action… we KNOW from Alex that he’s a hero, but in an ordinary world, he’s a severely damaged boy.

            I know I have to stop thinking of him as a real boy but, in my head, he’s left as a broken sociopath… with super powers. If a little everyday bullying did THAT to Duncan and so many are willing to forgive him for that alone (boo hoo)… then when the world burns… a la Kyle. I wonder if you will all feel the same forgiveness at our new super-villain?

            What if we had no WoG? That’s the question that causes me so much grief. I know it’s silly. I know it’s a comic. I’m not nuts. Promise. But, I do like letting art take my mind to difficult places… and this is one.

            So Jakk, I use the Gerber baby example to take the idea to an extreme that’s easier to think about (okay odd thing, but you know). Duncan has made CHOICES… baby? knife? … he thinks his choices are worth it. Torturing Kyle is worth it — to Duncan. (?)

            So what if this (no WoG allowed) series of events had so damaged Kyle that he becomes a much worse super villain than the poor bullied Duncan ever was?

            Would that be okay with you?

            Just more questions………….

          • steelie

            I think the biggest question in this debate is that of consent. As an adult capable of free thought (albeit a very young adult), Kyle should have been given the chance to choose whether or not he was willing to sacrifice himself in this way to prevent whatever horrible catastrophe Duncan is now maundering on about. He’s a hero – if complete information had been given to him, he would probably have chosen the hero’s path and made the sacrifice for the “good of the many”. Gerber baby isn’t capable of making that choice.

            For me, that’s the most outrageous and infuriating part of this – that Duncan used deceit and subterfuge and hubris and complete disrespect to take away Kyle’s chance to consent. Bah – I can’t even think about it too much because it’ll just raise my blood pressure. Going back to fingers in my ears not listening to this bastard’s BS and hoping for a flame fest from Kyle to teach Duncan a lesson in respect.

          • Steven K.

            EXACTLY!!! – To EVERYTHING you just said: EXACTLY SO!!! Multiple virtual up-votes.

          • Jakk Anthony Guzman

            In real life he would be an emotional mess for a long time.

            But since this is a comic, and superheroes are the stars to whom everything happens without so much as as an emotional scar, then it’s not the same.

            My whole point of my previous post was not about Duncan but that you took it too far with the Gerber baby example.

            I don’t know if in real life we could have superheroes if stuff like that were to keep happening to them.

            To me this is not real life. I feel very much for Kyle (20 pages and counting!). But I also realize that it’s just a comic and you need to have this type of drama going on most of time to keep people on the edge of their seat — like the Admiral! 😛

            From “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”
            Jessica Rabbit: “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.”

          • ….That movie had one of the greatest atrocities.
            You should not (and it should never be okay to) kill a toon.

          • Jakk,

            It’s so interesting because I had this discussion in a different light with Alex one day. There are always two discussions… the ethics of human behavior as we can understand it (what I’m talking about) and the unknowable and variable behaviors and ethics of AU super-heroes.

            Knowingly, or not, you just switched over to AU-land.

            You are right. In your example, Kyle is a known super-hero and therefore the various things we’re discussing, that seem so direly emotional to an ordinary human like myself, probably doesn’t matter or effect someone like super-Kyle. He MUST rise above. None of these events should touch him.
            Of course, by that same logic, Duncan’s “bullying” should not have caused him to become a villain, he should have risen above all that, but that’s another hypothetical super discussion.

            Because… and I quote you now…

            “To me this is not real life. I feel very much for Kyle (20 pages and counting!). But I also realize that it’s just a comic and you need to have this type of drama going on most of time to keep people on the edge of their seat — like the Admiral! :-P”

            And of course you are right… from that point of view.

            And I have nothing to say to that. It’s just a web-comic. At the moment, one where one character is torturing another, but since they are super-somethings I guess it doesn’t matter. C’est la vie. End of discussion.

            And that’s the truth of all our ruminations and commentary… we can either choose to engage in discourse that we, as ordinary humans, can understand, or simply chalk it all up to unknowable super-heroic personalities. In which case it’s simply……….

            *end of transmission… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

          • Jakk Anthony Guzman

            I understand that, Chris. But how can you compare a superhero with a normal person? That would be like comparing how and adult male is affected by adversity to a small boy.
            I understand that you want to discuss and explore how it would affect someone like Kyle in real life, but as I said, I don’t see how it can be done.

            We are not super, so in real life someone like Kyle who is not a superhero would be devastated. And it would probably take a long time for him to recover.

            Not being a superhero myself, I would most likely want to kill Duncan myself, or find a way to get even. And I would have serious issues trusting anyone else again.

          • Thank you very much for wanting to engage with me about this, but I’ve said all I wanted to say on this point and so I’m going to move on now by posting the Standard Bow-Out Language.

          • Steven K.

            But why would we assume that Kyle, just BECAUSE he is a superhero – or future superhero, but with superpowers nonetheless – why would we assume that Kyle DOESN’T or SHOULDN’T have all of our own fears and anxieties and emotions and why should we assume he wouldn’t be or isn’t suffering in the ways that Chris and I ascribe to him. There is no evidence to suggest that he is NOT being or not feeling like he is being psychologically/mentally tortured and physically violated and emotionally abused. Of course, on the other hand, I always figured that (suspending my disbelief and for a moment buying into the story of the Divine Jesus on the cross), if Jesus truly was divine, and in communication with God his father, etc., during his suffering – and knowing that he is the son of the one true god and will be raised up on high and have dominion in heaven and rule over all mankind as it’s savior and the son of god and the son of man, etc., etc. – this would have made his time on the cross much easier to bear – much easier than the uncountable number of mere mortals crucified over the years of Roman rule and punishment – certainly much more able to physically and psychologically and emotionally endure his predicament than the 2 poor wretched sods crucified on either side of him.

          • Hi Steve,

            Just wanted you to know that Chris invoked the Standard Bow Out Language and so this comment thread here between Chris and Jakk is closed.


          • Steven K.

            “I know there are those who want to think that because no penis went up
            Kyle’s anal tract then nothing bad happened. I (very personally) believe
            the opposite.”
            Same here, no doubts.

        • Steven K.

          I don’t think I could do it either. I wonder if Krishna would tell me I worry about it too much – as nothing is truly born nor truly dies, what importance is it that the baby passes briefly out of incarnation in the shodow-world, just to be incarnated again in better circumstances. The important thing to act and do one’s duty. But then there is the question of “right action”. Is the painful murder of the beautiful innocent the one tru and only “right action” in this scenario. What woulf happen if one takes the kife and proceeds to cut out the heart of the one who holds the baby and gave the ulimatun to you in the first place? What if you at least try to act to save the planet by some means other than the sacrifice of the innocent. I also think that is related to one of the ways I interpret the character of “God” in the Old Testament. He is one sorry, vain, selfish, egotistical, and sadistic fucker. How can he ask Abraham to brutally slit the throat of his young and only son Isaac. THAT is fucked up. There is this amazing painting by Caravaggio of that scene – where Abraham, knife firmly in hand, is pushing the head and neck of his beautiful son down hard against a rock, as a sheep looks up at them from below with the most incredible expression and look in its eyes (yes – I do mean incredible – it’s a SHEEP after all) as if to say “Whah??” and “I’m about to cry because you can’t be serious and usually it would be me or someone like me in that position being sacrificed and having my throat slit”. Abraham has this angry cold look of determination on his face, following blindly the request of his fucked up and sadistic god. Of course the angel is there too at the last second stopping the hand of Isaac, but poor Isaac doesn’t know anything about the angel going to intervene – all Isaac is thinking is – “My God! [you don’t want him as your god, hun, just look at what he’s having your father do to you this very moment] – My own father is about to brutally nurder me and cut my throat open for no reason and he doesn’t tell me anything – I can’t believe this – this can’t be happening!!!!!!!!” I thought a lot about this scene when you were talking about how Kyle feels and that Kyle knows nothing of what’s happening and why – and he’s told nothing – and for all he knows. he’s about to be sacrificed just as surely as Isaac thinks he is going to be. This is sadistic mental torture – with some physical elements thrown in as well – to the nth degree. Will an Angel of Heaven descend down from on high – perhaps his mother? – and rescue Kyle? Though how embarrassing would that be – still chained and naked – would be worse than your mom walking in on you while you were masturbating.- in that case at least you can usually quickly pull the bedsheets up and stash the magazine somewhere under the pillows, etc. No sheets or pillow for Kyle. Just more suffering and anguish it would seem.

    • Jamie Dutton

      Excellent rant, there Chris!

      • Thanks. It was a rough week all around… but thanks for the good word!

    • I can’t believe I almost missed it. Should be top of the page! Shall we talk pitchforks now? How many prongs?

    • “So, at NO point in a hundred and something pages has he done or said
      ONE THING (excepting previously mentioned vague sad looks that can be
      interpreted in an infinite number of ways), to make this in any way less VIOLATING and painful for Kyle.
      Not once, does he give Kyle a scrap of a reason for this horror or do
      or say anything that would lead Kyle to expect anything but a horrifying
      death from him NOW, followed by the end of the world”

      ABSOLUTELY. Not only could Duncan have told Kyle that “this is for the greater good” (if that WERE really true) before all this and got his consent…but even afterwards, he had plenty of time in between spells to at least attempt to reassure him that this had to be done for a noble purpose. He HAD THE TIME. But no, instead he preferred to use it to put on his fancy costume.

      • Steven K.

        Yes – Absolutely absolutely.


      • SofiaT


    • Steven K.

      WOW! (I’m not sure how I can indicate how much of an understatement that “wow” actually is.)
      O.K. – So you may have been wondering why I was so distraught and upset and in pain over the things that were (and are) happening to Kyle. It sure looks like you’ve gained some understanding of that my dear fellow. People telling me I shouldn’t let it get to me and let it all hurt me so much personally and that I’m feeling too deeply just for a fictional character and all and I can’t let things that happen to him affect my mindset or psyche or outlook, etc., etc., etc. But …hmm..I think I’m detecting just a wee bit of that here, so I don’t feel so bad now. If I’m going to judge all this, I’m going to be judging it positively, cuz lord knows I’ve been feeling pretty much or almost the exact same way for quite a while now, and I’d use a number of the same adjectives, believe me (evil, sadistic, vile, horror, etc.) – nice that someone seems to have caught up with me and my feelings. I’ve had this similar degree of empathy for poor Kyle and burning hatred for what Duncan has done to him and put him through and all the horrible details of the way that he did it that it still brings me to tears when I think about it too much and when I think of all the wonderful, PERFECT things Duncan said to Kyle, and then to know it was all a scam.. I was commenting earlier about how even everything that Duncan said to Kyle before and while they were in bed (before Duncan got his warlock on) -everything was right – the things he said to a nervous Kyle to make him feel at ease, the way he behaved, the caring nature, the concern he showed for Kyle about making him feel nervous or making sure he was not hurting him – he behaved in all the ways I would have – said all the things I would have – but then – well, you know – it was such a transformation – you begin to think – wow – this guy, against all the odds – is ok – he’s actually OK – maybe that’s what affection can do for even the most hardened criminal heart, etc. But then he reversed so quickly and completely. How could a man that knows all those proper right correct perfect things to say and do REALLY turn out to be the evil vile inhuman thing he turned out to be?? Anyway, Chris, I not only feel your pain here, but have been feeling it before it had reached this climax with you. I can’t agree more with the vast majority of the things you said and the characterizations you made. I think now you don’t have to IMAGINE the degree of my distress, cuz it looks like you are feeling it as well. You mention experiencing all that from the “comfort of your laptop”. Well, you also have the comfort of a loving hunk of man next to you at night – or to hold and hug you and soothe you during the day and distract you at night and help assuage your emotional pains. Someone to kiss you and tell you it’s OK. “Just concentrate on and remember ‘us’ and your true reality and how lucky we are to have one-another”. Someone to snuggle up with when your mind and soul are distressed, etc., etc. Well, imagine going through what you are going through if you didn’t have anyone in your life to help you through the hard times – this and everything else in your personal reality. Imagine if you had NEVER had anyone like that in your life – not one real bf or companion or partner – imagine experiencing all this pain and sorrow without any of that love and comfort or support – now or at any time previously in your life. Then you will begin to understand my situation, and perhaps why it is affecting me as deeply as it is – I’ve been feeling nearly everything you have been feeling, but with nothing and NO-ONE in my life to offer me any true and intimate respite or soothing or a warm embrace or a warm bed and welcoming arms at night, or any other time. All but maybe a dozen or less of the nights in my entire life have been spent alone. No one to hold me, no one to comfort me, no one to find any sort of intimate gratification with for more than a tiny fraction of a 24 hour period, let alone an evening and night together, even on those rare occasions where I find any kind of intimacy at all. You wonder why I might empathize with Kyle so much? Because just about every one of my dates has not ended very well (if they have gotten off the ground at all), and some have left me totally in tears when they went awry. I think I’ve had the worse luck in the matters of love and romance and even just sex than any gay man that has ever lived (well, at least the ones that are generally psychologically stable and self-accepting and not self-hating or afraid of society, etc.) Maybe I even know in the back of my mind that this is not true – that there are always a few worse off – but I certainly FEEL this to be true. So, when I see all this go so totally wrong and in such a painful and insidious and vile way for good, trusting, naive, innocent adorable angelic (even if demonic) Kyle, I feel an intense pain. God knows the fellow is a saint just on the fact that he didn’t even masturbate after the first time – not a once between 12 and 18 – because he didn’t want to hurt anyone – that alone is an accomplishment of truly superheroic proportions – just for that he deserved to have a first experience with someone be totally mind-blowingly (as well as jizz-blowingly) wonderful. And Duncan was in a position to do that for Kyle – to give the kid what he needed and deserved after all his adversities and sacrifices. But then he did what he did and I’ve become both more sad and despairing as well as more livid than is easy to say.
      But as for your post in general, I’d say that, after reading that, I’d have a strong urge, if you were not partnered already, to send off to you a proposal of marriage. Well, maybe not quite – but I almost feel that it deserves some type of response of that magnitude or that special.

    • Steven K.

      And “P.S.” : I think that’s the most heroic post here ever! Makes me wish it had been mine.

    • Steven K.

      Oh – And…

      “Omnes relinquite spes, o vos intrantes”

      LOVE that. The better-known Italian “version” is a bit more poetic, but this has some gravitas of its own.

      • I know I don’t happen to speak Latin and there’s a big on-line discussion regarding this so I must admit I closed my eyes and picked. It’s wasn’t a big-brained endeavor.

        *shakes head ruefully* 😀

  • Lunam_Kardas

    Oh wah freakin wah Duncan, I had my “I’m going to die one day and there is nothing I can do to stop it” epiphany when I was five goddamn years old.

    Do you see me screwing over half the planet? No. No you don’t.

    • JozefAL

      Are you telling us you have the power to do that?

      If not, then it’s not quite the same thing.

      To play Duncan’s “devil’s advocate,” it’s probably a good thing that HE didn’t come to this realization a decade or two earlier.

      • Well actually I DO have the power to screw over half the planet and I’m celebrating my ninth birthday soon… so are you suggesting I SHOULD screw or SHOULDN’T screw… I’m not quite clear on this…. ? (WHAT….?)

        Sorry… my mom… I gotta go ’cause it’s my bedtime, but I’ll check on your answer tomorrow. Thanks.


      • Wayne Lunkwitz

        Well , I do understand…I am 50 and I tell you the world isn’t worth it…..but screwing Kyle senseless might be….yeah I’ve been a dirty old man for a few years….but I never do anything that the other party does not consent to.

  • Klaus

    It seems to me that what Duncan is hinting at here is a classical way of thinking by those corrupted by power. A politician might think (but of course never say). “Only I can save the country, therefore I must, for the sake of country, do whatever it takes to stay in power.” Substitute city or whatever as required. Duncan seems to be thinking “Only I can save the world, therefore I must stay strong, whatever it takes. Even if I must destroy the world to do it.”

    • John

      Possibly,but he admits this was started for primarily selfish reasons. I think he would STILL be doing this even if there weren’t other threats out there.

      • Jakk Anthony Guzman

        Exactly! Even if there had been no crisis or impending catastrophe, he would have gone ahead with his plan anyway. He would have been the one to create the crisis by unleashing demons on the world.

        • Erm…. oooookay… I’m not sure I follow all that logic perfectly, but since we’re Duncan bashing… and I’m in the right head space… GO JAKK!!!!!

          • Jakk Anthony Guzman

            What don’t you get?

            Duncan said he did it for selfish reasons (youth, perfect health). And that it was those selfish reasons that truly made it possible for him to did what he did to Kyle.

            Even though according to Duncan there are other larger reasons why he could have done what he did, they were not the driving force for his actions.

            So that was the point of my post. Even in the absence of any reasons whatsoever, Duncan would still have gone through with it and would also create a crisis of his own by having demons invade the Earth.

            I was just agreeing with John’s post that he still would have gone ahead with it even if there had been no threats out there.

          • I’m a little tired today, *rubs sleepy eyes* so I hope this comes out. 🙂

            I don’t think he would have ness. gone that far if there hadn’t been this other reason. What I’m taking from his little speech is that he was killing two birds with one stone. He wanted youth and hey, here was the perfect reason to go get it. Yes, he cared more about his youth than whatever this other thing is, but as long as he was getting his youth, sure why not.

            So in my (tired, so very tired) opinion, one wouldn’t have been done without the other. 🙂

          • Jakk Anthony Guzman

            That may very well be, Admiral. But we know Duncan can lie so very well.

            So it could all just be bullshit and he’s just looking out for #1.
            We need to keep waiting to find out. 😀

          • I’m sure he is looking out for number one. That’s not in doubt. Though I was looking at it that he has a way of twisting the truth. 🙂

          • Oh my little exhausted MOD… I’m not intuiting any altruism on Duncan’s behalf from anything you’re saying… erm… I’m trryyyyyying…(?)

            But…….. NOPE.

            Don’t see it. The wonderful deed that everyone is hoping for, the one that Duncan is doing that is so wonderful that it’s worth chaining the kid to the slab and taking him to hell for… and… (sorry just repeat all the crap I’ve said so much that you’re all sick of me anyway) is just alluding me.

            If Duncan is even remotely forgivable, then only Alex knows. Well, and his MODS, because we ALL know that he tells you guys all his YP secrets…

            So you and Sofia just lean in here and whisper in Chris’ ear and I promise it will just be between us… no really… *hand over heart*

            I PROMISE! 😀

            Okay, in the meantime, have a cuppa of freshly roasted coffee Admiral… and we’ll chat… trust me. Loki and I are perfectly honest boys and you can trust us!

            *super sincere heart melting smile*


          • SofiaT

            Yes, Alex has revealed to us what happens next… And pigs can fly 😛

          • HA!

          • Sofia! You promised me you wouldn’t tell them about Chapter 3’s flying ninja robot pigs!

            ┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻

          • SofiaT


          • Thank YOU! I told you both you could trust me… look… now only the group knows about the flying ninja robot pigs… and that’s only ……… a few people. Honestly!

          • Just as long as they don’t team up with the zombie ninja cows… if that happens I think I would want to move in with Laampros….it would be safer. Cows are evil and one day they are going to kill us all. ^_^

          • As a former Vermonter, I’m afraid I must disagree. I, for one, will happily embrace our Zombie Ninja Cow overlords!

          • Do your cows not have the overpowering malice in their eyes? Maybe we just have a rogue faction here.

          • Feverfew_M
          • KryX

            CG. There’d be drool if it was real.

          • Feverfew_M

            Nah, don’t think so. Besides, they seem to be quite good at keeping themselves clean! ;D


          • KryX

            Are these your cows? I browsed through a few bovine portraits there and not a one with a bit of slobber. Not like the cows I’ve been around at all. These must be those Zombie Ninja Cow overlords I’ve herd about;)

          • Feverfew_M

            I wish they were mine! Nope, just a flickr contact, but she’s got the best cow pictures. Dunno if she pretties them up before taking the photos, or if they just naturally are that pretty.
            All hail the pretty cow overlords! 😀

          • Feverfew_M

            Only if you eat too many burgers! ;D

          • Flying ninja robot pigs!!!!!! OMG! I love those. *squeals*

            Okay I guess I’ll keep reading. 😀

          • Steven K.

            Squealing like a (flying ninja robot) pig?

          • Sapfo

            At last, this comic is take off! Wiiiiiii!

          • Mwahahaha! That is all.

            Edit: No winged pigs around. 🙂

          • Steven K.

            Well, *I’m* not sick of you repeating that stuff – since I feel pretty much the same way, it saves me the trouble 😉 (And it’s comforting to hear others echoing one’s opinion.)

          • KryX

            AJ, I’m thinking along your lines as well. To me, Duncan is coming across as a pragmatist. We all do what we do for multiple reasons. Life’s not that simple to have one reason for each response. As a contemporary of Duncan’s, I can tell you that looking at the world from multiple perspectives increases with age. I think Duncan has the potential of becoming an epic character. He certainly has a lot of room for change.

          • It is amazing what getting older does regarding perspective. I’m not offering him excuse, but perspective is definitely different with age. Granted I’m not Duncan’s age, there is a whole Kyle between us, but I get the perspective.

          • Feverfew_M

            Oh, looks like we’re about the same age:

            Anni minus Kyle! 😀

          • I have to say I like this new math. I keep trying to find away to state my age. Anni minus Kyle or there abouts. HA! 🙂

          • Klaus

            This is getting a bit complicated. 3 Kyles, come the 28th. Or in other words, not quite one Duncan.

          • LOL! Complicated, maybe, but it gives me a laugh. 😀

          • Look at it this way… in a fortnight if I eat enough chocolate I might gain a stone, but in three score and seen years, no one will remember… does that help? 🙂

          • Well, if my math is correct, and mind you this is a word problem and those always trip me up, … The answer is… you’ll need a new scale?

          • Note to self: Do not get onto either slab or bed with KryX… noted… his life may be epically complex… but you might inadvertently end up in hell.

            *highlights the ‘hell’ bit in yellow*

          • KryX

            I’m sorry for the missed opportunity. It might have been nice for both of us.

          • Steven K.

            I’m tentatively agreeing with that point of view.

      • Klaus

        Or so he says. As I see it, he is trying very hard to convince himself how tough he is. Caring for no one but himself. A rock feels no pain.

        But he does care. Just look at if you are in doubt.

  • I totally got confused about what day this was and posted my THOR gossip on the wrong page. I promise there are no spoilers, just fan love. But for those geeks who care about Chris Hemsworth’s pectorals… *fans gay self*

  • Jillthefish

    Worst. Birthday. Ever.

    • John

      At least he met his dad.

      • Damn. Nice job looking on the bright side there. 😀

        • Denise Cruz

          What did you get for your birthday this year, Kyle?
          Oh! I finally got to meet my dad! He was so excited about meeting me that he even spurted fire from his horns… So nice!! 🙂

          • Denise… my little ray of sunshine. Thank you! 🙂

          • Denise Cruz


      • Wayne Lunkwitz

        I am still not sure if that is a plus or a minus >:)

        • Hey, if The Brady Bunch taught us anything it’s that family is everything… Right?

      • AC♥Bear

        How he can finally bring his dad to show and tell.

  • You know you’re right. ( @alexwoolfson:disqus ) Just fyi, I didn’t get my usual subscription page announcement email – for pg 47 – that comes from you @yaoi911. I checked junk (although you are in the address book so that hasn’t ever happened), and then did a search wondering if I had done some wonky filing, but no. It appears not.

    So mysteries abound. I promise that, even cranky with Duncan, it’s not my fault. 🙂

    • Yep. I didn’t get the email either. I have an email in to Feedblitz tech support. Hopefully, they can get whatever is the issue fixed…

  • Finooola

    It’s cute that one of his demonic symbols is an anarchy sign 🙂

    • SofiaT

      Maybe that’s meant to symbolise Duncan. And what the mark says is “This faux-anarchist is property of Laampros. If found, please call 666-666-666.”

      • Finooola

        Yeah, I thought maybe it did. Good one on Laampros’s phone number!

      • LOL. I wonder if he has that new chip implanted in case he gets lost so the super villain pound can identify his owners?

        • SofiaT

          Good question!
          I have the feeling this mark is both a property stamp and a chip device…

  • Cman65

    Yes yes I know how bad it is to be almost 50 , but selling the world to be young and pretty forever

    • LOL… why does your Avatar make me think you’d you would do it in a heartbeat? Am I being led astray by avatarian cuteness?

      • Sapfo

        Chris, I think I found another. Its not you, its me….. 😉

        • LOL

          • Sapfo

            Oh no, I made Chris so sad that he is laughing. Don´t you worry. I will not be turned by some cute new avatar. I love your cute Meh just the way you are.

      • Steven K.

        Yeah – he’s got a sexy furry chest like some other people.

    • Steven K.

      I know how bad it is to be almost 50. Not that it is any excuse for him, but he’s pushing 60 (58).

  • Derkins

    Well… at least he’s self aware.

  • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

    He’s a villain. They can’t help monologuing. It’s their weakness.

  • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

    He won’t need to date anymore. He’ll just point at an attractive guy and say, “Have that one washed and brought to my tent.”

    If he’s actually gay, there’s some speculation that he only played gay to sucker Kyle onto the sacrificial slab and he’s really in a romantic relationship with Sircea.

  • John

    Sorry Anni, but hinting there are other crisis’ in the future doesn’t excuse your actions in the present. Hypothetical threats in the future, no matter how certain, usually require you to ASK for help. Not seduce and then abuse a teenager.

    So sorry

    In other news; what the hell? Why do you bother explaining anything? It seems like every time you do, you start with ‘I’m not going to explain’ (so why start) and then suggest there might be a mitigating circumstance but then don’t expand on it. Are you just try to make Kyle MORE mad? I can’t see any positive outcomes for you starting this conversation Anni… I really can’t.

    I had a lot of respect for your ruthlessness and determination; you were turning into a nice and proper evil genius here. But you keep making very silly choices for conversations ever since you entered hell…

    • I think I like this guy a lot… erm…. YES to all that! 🙂

    • SpookyDomme

      Damn right, Mr John. Damn right.

    • Yes! Beautifully said, Mr. John.

      I’ve mentioned before that Duncan is feeling guilty about what he’s done but I’m also thinking he’s afraid of his feelings for Kyle. I think he’s become enthralled with him because he’s a beautiful, good person.

      Sure Duncan has been a villainous person for a very long time and is obviously very comfortable with himself but imagine growing old and watching your vitality ebb away. You’re a baddy so you and your partner-in-crime come up with a devious, terrible way of getting your youth and health back. And you’ve even convinced yourself that bringing about the end of the world as we know it is what’s best (not that you have any right to determine these things but who cares?). You find a target who will help you achieve this goal (Kyle) and go about setting the stage for seduction


      He’s innocent and sweet and ripe for the picking too! He has integrity and depth and you find yourself enjoying your time with him. He can hold his own in a fight and he’s a really good person with untarnished ideals.

      So you set that stage for seduction and romance. And the entire process goes well but to see Kyle so excited, trusting, and happy to get into bed with you…then you do this to him. On his fucking birthday, no less.

      It must hurt, Duncan, so you try to explain it away. You keep saying over and over how you’re selfish and you have few regrets and you are what you are but that isn’t going to make the pain go away.

      And that pain is getting scary, isn’t it? Those feelings are going to burn your long lost heart right back into the empty hole in the middle of your magnificent chest, and you won’t be able to do a damn thing about it.

      • Jamie Dutton

        Beautifully said, Gryphongirl2! Very beautifully said!

        • Thanks! It took a while to write so I’m glad people are liking it.

      • Steven K.

        Ohh – I agree – that was SO BEAUTIFUL – even got me a little teary-eyed. I sure hope you are right about that – especially your 1st paragraph, but the rest as well. It all just breaks my heart over and over again. Thank you for this analysis.

        • You’re welcome, Steven! Wow, what a compliment.

      • It is true… the first thing that happens when you become an old feeble super villain is that none of the hip young kids want to really listen to you anymore and then the next thing you know… it’s jello time at the old super villain’s home. So sad, but it’s the cycle of super life.

    • Steven K.

      I also agree! Especially your 1st and 2nd points/paragraphs – especially especially that first paragraph!! I keep thinking how things might have turned out if he would have asked nice and good and trusting Kyle for help, no matter how scary he could have said it might be, but promising to protect him all the way – but also no need for the naked chaining and paralysis, etc.

  • SpookyDomme

    Duncan, just because you’re trying to be a butt for the greater questionably-good doesn’t really take away from the fact that you’re still being a butt.
    That being said, I do kind of feel bad for him. Not a lot, but some.

    • That’s fair… no one likes to be a butt… but to be DAT ASS… well that’s something else again!

      So, honestly, I think it’s DAT ASS which is holding him back from true redemption.

      • SpookyDomme

        I don’t have a coherent response to that unless “PFFFFTHAHAHAHAHA” counts.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    And fixing to leave Kyle….chained to a slab AND still spewing flames , not to mention the boy has no clothes…..REALLY?….umm Alex , if it isn’t dressed please don’t hide it from us

  • Steven K.


  • Ok, I might actually be able to get more than a couple of hours of sleep. So can some one remind me to post about time, math, and planning in the morning?

  • hanarain

    My God, this series took such an unexpected turn. Even a few pages into it I’m still have no idea how the stories going to turn out from this. I can’t wait for the next page!

  • Thank you. 😉

  • Maus Merryjest

    Oh, Anni.You sold the world to get rid of crow’s feet? I think that the appropriate response here is, as good old Ella said, “Cry me a river.”

    It’s fine to be apprehensive about getting older- get ‘work done’, get implants, whatever. But selling a pact with the metaphysical representation of evil? That’s a midge beyond ‘midlife crisis’, don’t you think?

    • La Belle Gigi

      I’m so happy that someone referenced Ella rather than Justin Timberlake… *sniffle* Why… I… I could almost break out into song!

      Um… you didn’t really expect me to actually break out into song, did you?

      • Maus Merryjest

        *taptaps foot, hands you a microphone and a sequined gown* :3

        • breath still being held…… *crickets*…….

          • La Belle Gigi

            Go to the page link instead of using the email notification, I just saw it that way. Unfortunately it took a hella lot of scrolling, too…

        • La Belle Gigi

          *heavy sigh* Okay, fine.

          *wiggles into gown and taps mike* is this thing on?

          *waves to orchestra* Hit it, boys…

          Nooooow you say you’re lonely,
          You cry the long night throoough
          Well, you can cryyyyy me a river
          Cryyyy me a river
          I cried a river over youuu…
          Nooooow you say you’re sorry
          For being so untruuuuue
          Well, you can cryyyy me a river
          Cryyyyy me a river
          I cried a river over youuuu…

        • La Belle Gigi

          You know, I coulda sworn I replied to this already. Did it get deleted?

          • Maus Merryjest

            I think it did O_0

          • SofiaT

            It’s not deleted, it’s right underneath this comment 🙂

            When you access a thread through the link on your email, the link sends you not to the most current comment but to the latest comment from back when the notification was sent -all comments after that don’t show up. You need to go through the page and scroll down to see the whole thread.

            Hope that helps 🙂

          • SofiaT

            Not deleted, it’s still on this thread, you just can’t see it because you accessed it through the notification link, which is an old one and doesn’t show the comments posted after it. 🙂

  • Kate G

    Oh, dear Anni, you are giving me a headache. WE ALL GROW OLD! That’s OUR JOB. We are born, we live, we make stupid mistakes (sometimes really big stupid mistakes), we grow old, we die and we return to the earth to fertilize the ground. IT’S CALLED BEING HUMAN. Even superhumans die.

    So tell me, what makes you better than anyone else to not die? Sure, you’ve helped the world since becoming “good” (supposedly), but consorting with a fire demon to become immortal? What makes you the perfect subject for immortality? I kind of want to hear this explanation.

    But first, give poor Kyle some clothes. I’m sure he’s freezing. That includes boxers. Jeans without underwear really chafes that area (well, a female’s bits anyway. I don’t know about a male’s bits as I don’t possess those.)

    • Hi Kate! Just wanted to let you know you might want to verify your email with Discus, your very welcome comments keep getting stuck in moderation. 🙂

      • Definitely, this chafing information is important stuff. 😀

        • Kate G

          Are you planning on inviting a lady friend over sometime soon @chrisdangerfield:disqus for more than dinner?

        • Very very important. 😛

    • Steven K.

      Hi – love your post Kate – especially the first and second points/paragraphs – and especially especially the second.

      • Kate G

        Thanks, Steven.

  • Steel_Man

    OMG…there’s villainous weaknesses that build humanity and character and then, there is eye-rolling goofiness.

    Kyle needs to put on some big-boy pants (literally) and get over himself. HE was the one who bedded down a bad guy because he couldn’t control his hormones. First time or not, he needs to sign up for a big chug on the responsibility mug and move it on along!

    • Steven K.

      Ummmmm – sorry to beg to differ, but hormones are not something that can typically “be controlled” without medical intervention and use of pharmaceuticals in the process. And if you were to tell me in all seriousness and without doubt or hesitation that you would have been able to forego masturbation or any sort of sexual release – alone or with someone else – for 6 whole years, and/or at any time in your adolescence – and not be a bit eager to have some intimate interaction with the one person you’ve ever met who might be able to help you with that – then I’d feel your assertion would be a lot stronger.

      • Steel_Man

        I came from a small town. It was easy to go from 16 to 21 without sexual contact with the only other gay duo in our town. No matter how strong my adolescent urges might have gotten, I was a bit more selective than just “first person to come along”.

        Back to my comment, what I’m saying is that young Kyle allied himself with a known villain and then, when things went badly, he’s going to be surprised?! Really?

  • *applause*

  • purplefoxglove

    He’s back to monologuing! I think he should strip, too. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been much more attentive when he was half-naked to naked while monologuing 😉

  • zandperl

    Poor Anni, feeling his age. Is this yet another sign that this May/December romance between Kyle and Anni is doomed to failure?

  • Sapfo

    A little analysis of Duncan / Annihilator, there is a difference in him that can be given to his two different personalities. I’m not saying that the D / A has a split personality, but more that he plays two different roles, with slightly different character traits.

    As in this scene as we see now, in the beginning D/A says that he rarely had to defend his own acting. Not having a need to explain or reporting his behavior, I want to point to a Annihilator character trait. A personality that does not always think of the consequences and whose conscience is not so prominent.

    But in almost every scene in which the Annihilator has just said this sentence, he often still tries to come with explanations, or even excuses for some of his behavior. This I would call Duncan, this is his guilty conscience that makes itself known.

    Does this have any significance to the story? Not particularly, but I like the way Duncan and Annihilator conflict with each other and how he tries to struggle with his own feelings. He wants to be an iceman, but Duncan has more conscience than he wants to admit. And right now, I think that his conscience will not let go of him.

    Me, myself and I am still hoping for some kind of redemtion for Duncan.

    Other things:
    I am so sad that I will not be able to hear Alex and Winona! Well, I just have to listen to it tomorrow.

    @alexwoolfson:disqus please do tell Winona that her art is beautiful. And have a good time 🙂

    • SofiaT

      Exactly that, from beginning to end! Including the “other things” 🙂

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Good points. Moreover, it does bring into sharper focus a concern that has been niggling at me this morning. Further down this comments page I made the semi-humorous comment expressing exasperation about Duncan’s continued monologuing. It just occurred to me that what I was really exasperated about was that he wasn’t being forthcoming about that the big threat that he’s supposed to be preparing against.

      Now, granted, that may just be a deliberate storytelling technique Alex chose in order to create a bit of mystery. On the other hand, if it’s a function of Duncan’s personality, then that raises the possibility that he’s just excuse making – and rather lame excuse making at that.

      Okay, sure, at least he’s self-aware enough to recognise and admit that what he’s doing what he’s doing (or perhaps just how he’s doing it) is for selfish reasons. And that raises the possibility that he can recognise that there may be a better way, and try that instead. However, if – as people have been theorising – that Duncan is basically talking himself into being the ruthless supervillain, of playing the role of the Annihilator to the hilt as justification for his methods – then what is to say that he isn’t also talking up the potential threat as a form of justification not just for his methods but for his very actions? Indeed, if he’s talking himself into following a particular path, will he even be able to let himself recognise that there’s a better way to go about his task of preparing against alleged this forthcoming threat? From a shipping point of view this type of behaviour does not look promising.

      • Steven K.

        Yeah – I’d tend to agree – and with that last sentence particularly.

  • SofiaT

    Hi Meryl,

    Kyle’s fire powers were needed for Duncan to be transported to Laampros hell realm. Or for the portal to this other world to open, depending how you see it. Kyle was the unwilling vessel used to break down “the walls of blood an pain” that seperate our realm from Laampros’ one.

    This story was written some time ago, the whole story. It’s already finished and it’s the art that we’re waiting for every week now. So, we can protest all we want, the ending (and middle) won’t change, Alex has already made up his mind about what happens. 🙂

    Alex has also stated this is not a “classic” yaoi in the explicit sex/nudity or rape sense. He has WoG’d that rape is not something that will happen in this story. Hope that helps!

    Also, I know you were being general, but please keep in mind that name-calling is not acceptable in this community. Everyone here is entitled to their opinion, “conservative” or otherwise, as long as it’s being expressed with respect for the other readers.

    Please let me know if you have any more questions, I’m here to help.

    • Steven K.

      Hey Sofia – I’m not sure I’d completely agree with your third sentence. Kyle was unwilling in the sense that I’m sure he would not have wanted to be used and taken advantage of in that way – bound and made mute, etc. and without explanation made into Duncan’s vessel. But, in another sense, we can’t call him unwilling to help Duncan out in his “travel plans”, since Duncan never explained the nature and reasons of his quest to Kyle, nor (and here’s the main point) asked him for his help in the first place. You can’t say he’s unwilling unless he’s asked and then refuses. He could have explained to Kyle – “I have a grave and important mission in Hell, for which I need your help – it will be scary and dangerous, but THIS [insert further explanation] is why I need to do it and why it is so important – but I will protect you, as always, and you might just learn something major and important about yourself as well.”

  • All I can hear from Duncan is Bla..bla..blah… I can’t understand his behavior.

    Aside from everything this is the worst birthday ever a boy nah,a human can live! But good side is he met his father…this can be count a good thing,right?

    • Steven K.

      Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm – OOOkaaaay. Actually, I do see it as a very oddly and strangely and counterintuitively positive thing in some respects, but having a large number of negative ramifications (some of which are obvious and others I might have to comment on and throw out to the crowd for response at some point) on the other hand, so that I have very conflicted thoughts and emotions on that.

  • In honour of Duncan and his latest monologue, I have finally got myself an avatar.

    • SofiaT

      Haha! This is awesome!

      • Thank you. I knew you’d appreciate my extreme subtlety.

        • SofiaT

          Yes, very subtle 😀

    • Feverfew_M

      I’m never going to ship this, but this is a brilliant avatar! 😀

      • Thank you. 🙂 But, as 50% of the ship is Duncan’s fabulously toned, perky ass, how can you not support it?

        • Feverfew_M

          It has a lot to do with what the other 50% of the ship would do to that perky ass! What a waste of a perfectly fine posterior! 😀

  • KuroBakura

    I still can’t forgive you, Anni.

    Also, Kyle must be having the most horrible birthday ever. Yes, he had woo-hoo but being tied to a bed that’s on fire and seeing what happened. Yep, that’s not good for our birthday boy.

    Amazing as always though 🙂

  • I ended up getting a little more sleep than I thought I would. I didn’t randomly wake up at 8 am this morning like I have been the past few days.

    This is in no way trying to vilify Duncan anymore than he already has been OR trying to excuse his actions, just an acknowledgement of the semantics of an evil mastermind.

    Time. Math. Planning.
    1)Time Kyle is 18. Anni/Duncan is 58.
    Kyle had his burning down the house incident when he was 12.
    Six years ago is when Anni/Duncan stepped down as an active super villain.

    2)Math 18 – 12 = 6

    3)Planning and some speculating
    a)What we know about Anni/Duncan is that he is a known criminal mastermind. He doesn’t touch kids. Good liar (but then what villain that has lasted as long as he isn’t?). His mind is usually well functioning.

    b)What we can assume about him is that he has probably been thinking about the aging issue since about his late forties. (even super heroes and villains are concerned about aging and I would consider the late forties to be about the right time for them to start thinking about it) He likes to have everything all planed out and gets annoyed when things go awry (has he never heard that even the best laid plans….etc). Anni/Duncan has been looking into a way into a way that he can stay young and healthy for a long time in order to avoid the affects of aging and at some point brought Sircea/PP in on it.

    c)They were probably able to come up with a preliminary plan BEFORE Kyle came on the super power scene at the age of 12. “Hey, look there is this one way I have found to get what we want, but it needs very specific ingredients that we just don’t have at this time” “That kid that burnt down his house just might have just what we need” We can assume that they didn’t scoop Kyle up then and there because of of the “You don’t touch kids” rule. So they have had those six years to further plan and investigate. Which they did some pretty thorough checking into Kyle’s background trying to find out what he is. They ruled out mutant, alien DNA, and “conventional magic”.

    (and OMG I just had a such a horrible thought….I might post about it elsewhere because that is a WHOLE other kettle of fish).

    d)All that being said, Kyle might not have been the only person that they looked into. I think another one that would have had possibility is Spooky. It would make sense. They want to summon a demon and make a pact with him and Spooky summons demons. Either Spooky didn’t have enough of the power they were looking for upon further investigation into him or they tried recruiting him and he told them to F off. We do know that Spooky has had encounters with PP.

    e)Now it may all be coincidental that roughly around the time Kyle’s powers manifested just happens to be when The Annihilator goes into retirement. But this could also indicate just how much planning Anni/Duncan and PP has been doing. There are many reasons to keep on the down low for year.
    i) To keep out of the public’s eye so that they eventually just forget you. “Huh? The Annihilator? He’s been quiet for years! We don’t need to worry about him!” aka lull people into a false sense of security.
    ii) It is easier to approach young hero wannabes when you have been quiet for a number of years and I think it would have been fairly easy to see which way kyle would go after getting his powers. All you would have to do is watch Kyle’s reaction to the burning house incident. Regret/fear = most likely to go hero. Glad/eager to see destruction = most likely to go villain.
    iii) It would be easier to slowly influence an aspiring hero into turning into a villain. “Looks like you are having a hard time there young hero, I am pretty much retired now, and it looks like you could use someone to talk to.” Lure them in with sweet words and then slowly getting to make more and more bad choices until they are a villain.

    iv) It would be easier to lure a young hero into a trap

    Ok and now for a few other notes I have about the comic.
    4) Why they don’t touch kids. If you approach a kid and get him to join your evil plot people can cry brainwashing/taking advantage of innocence/etc. If you wait until they are considered an adult it is obviously their choice to be either good or evil.

    5) I have a serious problem with the Super Hero Program. It has really been bugging the HECK out of me that they reject young people with super powers just because they may seem unstable. They are young kids with special abilities and they NEED to learn how to control their powers. They need a special place, with special safe guards so that those young kids can learn to control their powers without endangering anyone. I mean the only thing scarier than a group of people with super powers running around is a group of people who CANNOT CONTROL their super powers running out. Teach those kids how to deal with it and DON’T let them fend for themselves, that is like inviting a disaster to happen. If you think one of them is unstable, then get them the help they need to BECOME stable. If they had done all that, Kyle probably would not a)be in this situation, b)would not have fallen so easily for this trap (I am not saying he would not have fallen for it period, just Anni/Duncan would have had to work a lot harder), c)probably could have learned to control his powers when getting precious, or d) any combination of the above. Learn from Professor Xavier’s example!!

    • I love this. Very well-thought out speculation. A real pleasure for me to read. 🙂

    • Nice!

    • Really like this comment. You have worded a lot of my speculations too. That there IS so much to think about – and this is just some of it – shows how deep and complex the story/plot is in TYP 🙂

    • SofiaT

      Lots of good points there! @DanishWolf:disqus and I had been wondering a while back about the “coincidence” of the timing… too convenient to not be connected. I especially like your point (4) because it’s one I hadn’t considered. Hmmm… *scratches non-existing beard*

      I’d just like to add that I’ve had a huge problem with the super hero program too… I have this awful suspicion that all the “rejects” from the adult teams that have formed the YP are gay. Well, except for Spooky, who strikes me as a hetero… or a bi at most. And the fact that Spooky is the only one the other teams want and have approached seems to justify that suspicion.

      If this is a homophobic society where the government categorises superheroes, and rejects them, because of their sexuality, I’ll be really pissed at them. I’ll go all anarchist on their ass, screaming DESTROY THE JOINT!!

      • Steven K.

        Although Tsunami seems the most overtly homophobic (I know – could be internalized or way of covering), and Spooky seems totally comfortable – enough that I suspect a good possibility of being bisexual. I say this due to the fact that I think there was some comment he makes about being into older women, unless he was just saying that to tease and be provocative and give Commander some ribbing. Would be even more of a teasing comment if it turns out that the Commander is Lesbian. I really would love it if she was, since, among other things, that would give me a sense that she would, at least in some ways, be sympathetic to Kyle and his situation and be more willing and better able to offer him the kind of support and understanding he needs and deserves.

    • Steven K.

      Wow – that was a really wonderful post and analysis!!!!! (Though I have to admit that maybe I find it so cuz I’ve been considering a number of those same things or that they’ve crossed my mind as well, and I agree with a lot of that analysis – but Brava! for posting such a lengthy and detailed contribution – I think it’s very useful).

  • Help! It’s 10.15 and Alex is on his radioshow and for some reason I can’t listen in. Any ideas how I get the livestream to work with the link given?
    I can listen to the recorded files, but I want to hear it now ;_;

    • Feverfew_M
    • SofiaT

      I don’t think the interview starts for another 2.5 hrs.
      Maybe that’s why you can’t tune in?

      • Feverfew_M

        No, it’s playing!

        • SofiaT

          But it’s 1.30pm California time. Doesn’t the interview start at 4pm?

          Edit: I just realised he said Eastern Standard Time. America’s time zones confuse me. 🙁
          Mea culpa!

          • Feverfew_M

            Eastern time!

      • I fixed it.. it works now, so don’t missed much. It’s on now.
        xD I just managed to screw a couple things up in my settings to do it. Oh what fretting panic makes you do. Now I’m gonna listen to the show and then fix what ever might be a bit wrong afterwards.

        • SofiaT

          I’m listening now through my earphones at work… Shhhhh!! 😉

          • LOL.

            I feel like such a bad influence… 😉

          • SofiaT

            Nah, it’s fine. We usually have the radio on at an 80s music radio station anyway. The perks of working for a charity! 🙂

          • You just realized this???

  • Jamie Dutton

    That was a fun interview, even pulled out my copy of Artifice at one point. But I was surprised no one called in a question or two.

    • SofiaT

      I only caught the last 15 mins. She kept getting the URL wrong but Alex was great 😀
      I was surprised there were no questions and I didn’t get to listen to Winona either. Was she on earlier?

      I hope there’s a podcast of the whole interview somewhere 🙁

      • The podcast recordings or earlier shows made this year is on the Woman Stirred website Alex linked to in his notes. Should be up there later.

        Edit: and I don’t think it started directly as 10pm, so you didn’t miss as much.

      • Sadly, Winona fell ill right before we went to air. 🙁 But hopefully, I did an OK job representing the awesome work she does.

        And yes, the full version should be available as a podcast tomorrow. I’ll post up the link! 🙂

        • Jamie Dutton

          Oh no, hope she feels better soon!
          You did a great job, Alex!

          • Thank you, Jamie! I’m glad you think so! 😀

          • Jamie Dutton

            I loved your reply to her questions about Jeff.

          • She asked some interesting questions about him. They made me think. 🙂

        • Yayyy that’s what I was looking for.

    • Thank you, Jamie! It was a lot of fun for me too. 😀

      And I was surprised too that no one called, but luckily we didn’t run out of things to talk about.

      • I didn’t hear the start of it, so don’t know if she said that people could just call? I know she didn’t with this 2nd interview that’s going, but otherwise, maybe listeners were waiting for her to say that you could call in.

        • SofiaT

          Yeah, that’s what I was waiting to hear too. Wouldn’t be able to call obviously but it would have been fun hearing people’s questions.

          I thought the interview ended a bit abruptly.

          • Maybe that was my fault. I kinda interrupted her by saying it was a pleasure being on her show…

          • SofiaT

            Nah. Let’s blame the radio station >:D

          • LOL

          • Jamie Dutton

            I noticed that she was really excited to be interviewing you. I haven’t heard her other interviews so I don’t know if that’s just how she is, but I detected some honest fangirling there.

          • She certainly made me feel like she sincerely enjoyed the book. I don’t know if she’d be a “fangirl”, but she’s definitely a strong interviewer. Totally put me at ease. 🙂

        • I bet you’re right. I didn’t even notice that she hadn’t said the phone number. But maybe she did say it at the beginning?

          But you could be right that folks were waiting for her to open it up to callers. Hadn’t even thought of that.

          • Feverfew_M

            I managed to tune in relatively early, but didn’t hear her announcing a phone-number, either.
            I guess she had enough questions for you, herself.

          • Yeah, we definitely didn’t run out of things to talk about. LOL But I would have loved to have had some reader questions there too.

          • Jamie Dutton

            She asked some really good questions, though. Some surprised me actually. They made me think and wonder why I hadn’t seen that or asked about that. I guess that’s a mark of a good interviewer?

          • I think it is. 🙂

          • Jamie Dutton

            Did any of her questions take you off-guard?

          • SofiaT

            Selfish, selfish interviewer 😛

          • I have this 2nd interview she’s doing going, and there’s no calls either. So guess it’s not a call-in kind of day 🙂
            But there was a lot to talk about otherwise, all by you two. I agree with Jamie. She kinda fangirled.

      • I just hope there wasn’t an extended discussion of Deacon’s refractory period discussed, that I missed. Or one about the mandatory post coital cuddling. If I missed all that because of stupid work, I’m calling my boss first thing in the morning and IT WON’T BE PRETTY! (just sayin’)

        • Ha! 😀

          (And you’ll be gratified to know that we discussed neither of those things. Although she did comment about the “sweetness” of the love scenes.)

        • Steven K.

          I’d vote for cuddling post-coitus to be mandatory.. I’m very surprised, even in my more limited experience, how many guys just want to get off, get up, and get out. I really hate that. If I knew this beforehand for any given fellow, I’d be less likely to do anything in the first place – except maybe that I so rarely get the chance, that I can’t afford to be quite that particular and turn a guy down if he seems half-way decent looking and not a total jerk beforehand. Oh – and I should probably, while I’m replying to you, say that I hope you are not pissed at me. I wrote a really long response to your “epic” (and very satisfying) anti-Anni speech that you posted the other day (I was rather in awe – it was so amazing) – but I hadn’t noticed that you had, a lot later in the discussion/thread, invoked the bow-out policy language. I think I also spent half the night replying to some othr comments in that thread, but I didn’t notice your statement till much later down in the discussion, until after I had made some postings, so I didn’t even know that he thread was closed, or that my responses would be deleted. If I had known that earlier, I wouldn’t have bothered anyone. And I guess I rather misunderstood exactly all the parameters of that – I think I did make a response to one of Jakk’s comments after you decided to leave the discussion, and I didn’t know that other people couldn’t continue discussing things after someone else bows out. Sofia and th Admiral had to step in and tell me not to keep posting, which I obviously wouldn’t have taken the time to do if I had noticed or been aware beforehand that there was an issue. I felt kinda embarrassed – when I followed Sofia’s link to the details of the new policy, I got a message along the lines of “404-file not found” so I’ll have to look for it elsewhere. I just don’t want you to think that I was intending to bother you after you didn’t want to discuss things anymore. Actually, in my long response to your heroic posting, I was mostly commenting, not trying to debate with you about anything, since I pretty much agreed wholeheartedly with just about all your sentiments – as I said, it was nice to feel that I wasn’t quite alone, and that someone else had gotten to the point in their emotions that I’ve been at before and have been at for quite awhile now. I think I didn’t discover your post till the following day, so I’m sorry my timing was bad and that I replied after you left that discussion. I also wasn’t aware that the entire thread gets closed off. So, to tell you the truth, I don’t even know if or for how long that long response was visible, but if it was, I hope I didn’t make you think – “oh no – something else I might need to respond to” when you were already worn out. That wasn’t my intention – just wanted to give you some support, and wasn’t aware that the discussion had been closed till much later, as there is nothing to indicate when/if a thread is closed off unless you scroll down to check to make sure no one has bowed out later. I think it would be useful if there was some way to indicate a closed thread or discussion – or, even better, if when one goes to reply, it won’t let you make one, and you get a message saying something like “this thread closed for replies”. Then posters who don’t want to continue don’t get more reply notices, and would-be reply-posters don’t waste their time either. I don’t know whether this system has such capabilities as to make the reply-feature non-functional in certain threads (probably beyond the capabilities, but it would nonetheless be rather helpful if that could be the case). Anyway, long-winded way here of saying I didn’t know a few things at the time about your decision to bow out or some of the other details of the policy, so I’m sorry if that gave you inconvenience.

          • Howdy Steven,

            I’m sorry to hear you felt embarrassed. This was the first use of the Standard Bow Out Language so it’s of course only natural that there will be a little confusion while folks are figuring out exactly what it means. 🙂

            First of all, here is the direct link to the Comment Policy:


            The SBOL is a way to give a commenter a respectful, clear way to bow out of discussing a topic once they’ve had enough and, one way it’s made respectful is by making sure the other commenter(s) “gets the last word” on the matter.

            We do choose to close down the “SBOLed” thread to make sure that the SBOLer’s wishes are honored (so they don’t keep getting email pings about that topic from direct replies, for one thing). But we also do this so that new replies don’t place the other members of that thread (the ones who didn’t invoke the SBOL) in an awkward position of feeling like they need to stand up for their views again, but somehow can’t because of the SBOL. We close the thread to protect the other commenters’ right to having the last word there.

            The original SBOLer is expected not to bring up that particular, specific topic again (to avoid sending a mixed message). But it doesn’t mean that other people (like yourself) can’t talk about that specific topic in other threads and it doesn’t mean the non-SBOLers who were in that original thread can’t pursue that specific topic with other commenters in other threads.

            But we do ask that if other commenters choose to do so, they leave the original SBOLer completely out of it.

            That means no direct or indirect call-outs to the SBOLer (e.g. “I know Alice invoked the SBOL, so I won’t ask her to say anything, but here’s what I thought about what she said…”) And that means no quoting from the SBOLers posts on the matter.

            While the SBOL can be used to step back from disagreement that is no longer fun or engaging to participate in, its intention is actually not to squelch disagreement. It intention is to give the SBOLer and the other participants in that thread the clear chance to move on in peace in a respectful way. So whether you are “agreeing with”/supporting the SBOLer’s “side” or not, we ask that everyone respect that wish to move on without involving the SBOLer again on that topic. Not even to say “Attaboy!”

            I hear you that it would be great if Disqus allowed us to color code or even completely close down an individual reply thread on a page. Alas, it does not. So, there will likely be some occasional confusion like this—and that’s where the mods and I will step in to clean things up. That’s on our shoulders as mods and I trust that those involved will have some patience with that, hopefully feeling neither “pissed” that a comment was briefly posted on that thread nor offended/upset if you happen to miss the SBOL request as an honest mistake and your comment is moderated.

            (Bearing in mind the limitations of Disqus, one thing I might suggest to folks would be to quickly scan through a long-thread before posting a multi-paragraph reply to someone in it, just to make sure that won’t be a bunch of their own time wasted when that comment is deleted if the SBOL had been invoked. It might be useful even for non-SBOL reasons to scan through an entire thread to see how the discussion has unfolded before weighing in—but I’ll leave that to each individual commenter’s style. 🙂 )

            Hopefully, this makes things a little clearer. I’m happy to answer any further questions about it. There are certainly likely to be a few growing pains as we introduce this new thing, but hopefully it will ultimately be a benefit for everyone.

            Thank you as always for your excellent contributions, Steven, and for giving me the opportunity to answer some good questions! 🙂

          • Hiya StevenK,

            You never have to worry on my behalf. To be honest real life and work (ugh) has left me so scattered this week, that my writing and responding to everyone has been highly erratic and (unfortunately) not very organized. I always enjoy the passion you bring to our discussions. So pardon if you felt ignored… I’m sure it was a mistake on my part and someday I’ll respond… oh just… 12 days late. Oi… Disqus meet Chris, Chris meet Disqus.

            I did step out of one good discussion, as Alex referenced with SBOL below, but now I’m lost as to what and where I did that, (‘Doh). I’m trying to learn to not repeat myself too much. 😀

            Honestly, the few times you and I have ever disagreed, I think it had more to do with confusion than anything else and our talks never make me think less than the best of you.

            With respect,

    • Waah! Why are you all changing avatar pics? *lol*

      Am I the only one who often use these to connect comments to a certain person? Or to ‘find’ them in the comments, often rather than looking at the username?
      You all throw me for a loop after a bunch have changed their avatar. I can’t remember whi might have said what anymore xD

      *The Danish wolf is confused*…. *sad puppy-eyes*

      • Jamie Dutton

        sorry Danish, but I’d been meaning to change my profile pic for a while….sadly, I only jsut now figured out how, lol. ><;

      • SofiaT

        I change mine once a month just to confuse people 😛

        • But at least you have that ‘moderator’ sign behind your icon now. That makes you stand out and easy to recognize.

          *lol* I know some people use my wolf-pic to find my comments, because I recently had a couple days I couldn’t log in to my profile and had to comment as a guest. I got more than one person asking for the wolf 🙂

          • I love the wolf.

          • Thank you. And it’s staying! 🙂

          • Feverfew_M

            Yep, that’s why I got confused on twitter at first. But I’m one to talk, my pic there is actual feverfew. 😀

          • SofiaT

            Damn. I was hoping people recognize the comments I’ve written by how smart and articulate they are 😛

          • Feverfew_M

            Nah, it’s the handwriting, actually. 😉

          • Well maybe at first 😉

            … nah, in seriousness. When a comment section grows huge it’s almost impossible to remember who said what. I know that I use peoples’ avatar to ‘connect’ a comment I really like to the person.
            I just hadn’t realized how much I did this until several of you changed your icons lately.

          • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

            Same thing for me, I look for familiar avatars and then usernames. On that note, don’t worry everyone, my samurai kitsune is here to stay, because I think it’s my strongest piece of art ever.

          • SofiaT

            *plots cunning plan of conspiring with other commenters to “exchange” avatars just to confuse Wolf*

            Heh heh heh.

          • >.> That could bring out my alter ego .. aka. The Big Bad Wolf.

          • Well it IS true I look for the Wolf… but I think “MODERATOR” means examine the comment even more closely and check it extremely carefully… even to the point of holding it to an impossibly high standard of intellectual accuracy…


            That’s what I was taught in “Discussion Group” class anyway. 😀

          • SofiaT

            You’re teasing me but you’re actually correct.

            Not about the “high standard of intellectual accuracy” part, not sure I would pass that test, but I do have to abide by the rules of the comments’ section more than others… setting the example and all 😀

            So if you see me forget myself and get out of line, please give me a vitrual smack on the back the head… or follow AJ’s trick and offer me a muffin 😉

          • Only muffins (good ones)… cause I was totally teasing. You and AJ are doing a great job! Thanks.

          • SofiaT

            Can you make sure they’re either choc chip muffins or lemon & poppy seed ones? I hate bran muffins and blueberry muffins with a passion!

            Thanks! 😀

          • Deal! 😀

        • Hmmm… I’m not fooled the super identity is just covered NOT gone.

          *nods wisely*

          • SofiaT

            *smirks and secures huge glasses on nose*

          • >.> ..So YOU started this horrible trend right in the middle of 1000s of comments *waves confort-chocolate accusingly*
            BAD, Chris, bad!

            You’re sticking to that avatar of yours that you have now. Do you hear me, mister? No more giving bad ideas… besides, I think your icon is funny.

      • I do the same thing Danish. and I don’t think he had one up other than the default.

      • Jamie Dutton

        Don’t worry Danish, I really like this avy so it’ll be my Disqus pic from now on.

    • Work thwarted me and when I went to look for the show, now it looks as though their archives are about two weeks behind… is there a place to hear the pod-cast that I’m just not finding?

      I have my ARTIFICE book and my Deacon & Jeff unzipped fridge magnet… I may not be able to call in, but I’ll write my questions here and let you all fall on them like rabid hell-hounds?

      Fun. Right?

      • Merry (the interviewer) said the podcast will be up sometime tomorrow. I’ll post the link here. 🙂

        • Thank you! I’ll be on the look out.

        • Sapfo

          Maybe something for those who will be camping

  • LMAO.. so I still have the podcast going, and the connection to the 2nd interviewed person dropped.
    The reaction from the host (forgot her name) was hilarious. I damn near choked on air.

    Just the way she said: ‘Oh Noo! I lost my GUEST!!’ .. right in the middle of a sentense. I did so not expect that and burst out laughing

  • Jamie Dutton

    Btw, for those still missing George Finnegan, Alex answered my question asking how he felt about George’s popularity.

    “(And both Alex and GFE are very pleased with the popularity. Maybe there will even be some merch for the next Kickstarter…)”

  • silibub

    So anyone who’s familiar with the Pokemon franchise might be able to help me out here — I was thinking of doing a little series of drawings of various TYP characters with a Pokemon that suits them. There are a lot to choose from, though, so I thought I’d ask for input! The only ones I have nailed down are:

    * Kyle and Charmander (maybe that’s boringly obvious, but I must!)
    * Tsunami and Gyrados (it’s a bonus to me that Gyrados is part flying-type, because of Tsunami’s bond with Flyboy)
    * Commander and Medicham (a fighting- and psychic-type, for her telepathy and combat skills)

    As far as the others, I just have type matches in mind, so if anyone has specific suggestions for Pokemon I would love to hear them:

    * Spooky and a dragon-type
    * Flyboy and…a flying-type of course! But I was also thinking part electric as well, because he’s the tech-savvy one. Emolga, maybe?
    * Fluke and a shiny normal-type

    And for Duncan, I didn’t have anything specific in mind – just something really powerful and balanced. Maybe a steel-type, since those are weak to fire…heh. And originally I planned on giving Sircea a dark- or poison-type, but then I got the idea of putting her with Spiritomb and I liked that combo. I’m not sure, though!

    Finally, if I decide to include Hunter and Killer, “paired” Pokemon would be great since they work together — Pinsir and Scyther, maybe?

    Sorry for such a long comment, but throw me a line if you can! (And if you want an example of my art, the drawing of Sircea I did is on the fanart page — the one with the blue background.)

    • Ellen Harman

      How abot Mew for Fluke?

      • silibub

        That would be cute, although I’m trying to steer clear of legendary Pokemon.

    • mogoskier

      I know you already decided for Kyle but I always saw him with a Growlithe.

      • silibub

        He does have a puppyish eagerness about him! I figured since Kyle’s the protagonist, it made sense to give him a classic starter.

    • Steven K.

      First thing that came to mind for Tsunami was Squirtle.

      • silibub

        I went straight for the powerhouse water-types when trying to decide for Tsunami! And my logic in deciding not to give starters to other characters was that Kyle’s the main man, so he should get a starter Pokemon like the protagonists of the games would.

  • Hey Alex,

    Don’t know if this has been solved, but I remember some sayng that they hadn’t received the mail saying page updated. I’m not signed on to this so don’t know if it’s solved.
    But I just saw someone ask a few hours ago on TH, if others had trouble getting TYP to load. This reminded me. Even today when I came to the site and clicked Last Page, I was still lead to page 46 and not this one. Had to refresh on page 46 to get the link to Latest on that again. Since then it’s automaticly going to the right page when coming back.
    It was just weird that the browser hadn’t caught up yet when it usually does within a few hours top. Maybe that’s part of the issue with people not getting mails? That somehow the browser isn’t catching up correctly this time.

    • Hmm. It’s possible, but I’d say it’s a slim possibility, because the update email is based on a 3rd Party (Feedblitz) accessing my RSS feed, so I think it’s much more likely an error on their end. But they are doing research on that, so hopefully I’ll have an answer soon.

      The “Latest” button is, I believe, purely based on a reader’s individual browser’s caching, so it shouldn’t have an impact on the RSS feed. If you have that problem again, please try deleting your browser’s cache—that should get the page to refresh with the most current version.

      As for having problems getting this site to load, there might indeed be an issue there. For the first time in months, I noticed there were a few server errors this morning and I’m looking into it. I didn’t know if it had affected anyone so that’s useful information.

      Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

      • Ah.. I’ll tell the person on TH. I had issues accessing for a couple minutes earlier, but that was all.

        • I heard back from my host. There was an issue with one of their servers but they’ve now fixed it. Hopefully, no one will have any more issues with accessing the site. 🙂

    • Yes, earlier today the whole site was completely down for at least ten minutes.

      • SofiaT

        Ah. And I thought it was just me.

  • KiannaLeigh

    Again with the explaining after you’ve just said you don’t need to explain speech. Really? Oh well. Anni you’re being complicated again. I love it.

    • Klaus

      Duncan is a lot like those people who go on forever about things that leave them speachless.

  • silibub

    We might be brain twins, because Aggron’s the one I was considering for Duncan, and I was thinking Weavile for Sircea before getting sidetracked by Spiritomb. Uncanny, but neat!

  • So! Any one curious to know what my horrible thought that I commented on earlier was? Anyone want to even guess?

    • Surely it can’t be that horrible. Right? 🙂

      • It IS horrible. Just warning you now as it deals with one of the better loved colleagues of Kyle.

        In my earlier comment I mentioned how it was possible Anni/Duncan and Sircea/PP might have looked into using Spooky for the demon summoning. Well the bad thought. What if he didn’t exactly turn them down? Spooky is one of Kyle’s best friends. Spooky could be working on the inside for them. Giving them helpful information about Kyle. Spooky seems to be straight so far and it seems like he has had multiple encounters with PP. It is a perfect place to have a double agent actually. Not many people would suspect another hero of being a double agent. Spooky has also turned down multiple offers to join the adult hero teams and has kept turning them down. What if that was only so he could stay on the reject team to be close to/keep an eye on Kyle?

        • SofiaT

          Hm. Yes, that theory has been discussed before (along with one where the Commander is the traitor) but I just can’t believe Spooky capable of something like that.

          I had another horrible thought at some point though about the purpose of the team’s existence. If it’s anything close to the truth, I’d tell the government to go screw itself and I’d side with Duncan.

          • You beat me to it!

          • Oi… the three of you are going to be the death of me.

            I thought my triggered Duncan therapy moment yesterday was bad, but now you’ll get me all teary with worries about Spooky and Sircea. I think I’m with going with Sofia’s implication above and just say that “this comic” has made us suspicious of everyone. I don’t think I can take being responsible for any more stinky emotion.


            *sniffle… chris goes in search of a muffin*

            Troublemakers! LOL. The whole lot of you. 😛

          • I baked special muffins for you today Chris! A whole basketful. 😀

            Just don’t make me sing a soothing lullabye.

          • Awesome! Deal! 😀

          • 😀

          • Wayne Lunkwitz

            You baked Muffins?? but I liked Muffins she was a nice kitty!
            Sorry but I had to do that:)

          • Mwahahaha… 😛

            I understand, sometimes you just gotta. 🙂

          • Sorry Chris! Want me to sing “Soft Kitty”?

          • HA! I was just thinking about “Soft Kitty”!

          • LOL… I’m not even sure?

          • About “Soft Kitty”?

          • Just tell me it’s a good thing and I’ll march with the other kids until she calls my name out when she spies me through the magic mirror. 🙂

          • *clears throat*

            Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur.

            Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr.

            Big Bang Theory –

          • Bianca Simone

            It’s entertaining if you replace “kitty” with “Spooky”

          • Entertaining if you want your Spooky ‘soft’… This is complex for some of us. LOL.

          • Bianca Simone

            Okay Chris, I rewrote it just for you 🙂 (it is definitely pg-13 LOL)

            Warm Spooky, hard Spooky, sexy bod with hair.
            Happy Spooky, naughty Spooky, touch me there!

            😉 *bows* thank you, I’ll be here all week! LOL

          • HA! So it is. 🙂

          • *chris puts on repeat and fell to peaceful slumber only to awake worried about who Spooky is sleeping with* 😀

          • Probably with everybody. 🙂

          • Soft kitty
            Warm kitty
            Little ball of fur

            Happy Kitty
            Sleepy kitty
            Purr purr purr


          • Thanks both of you. I only have one burst of total psycho-rage in me per week and so it’s soft kitty for me now.

            *chris trundles off muttering that Spooky is good… Spooky is good… Spooky is goo….*

          • Yay! The beast is soothed… 😀

          • In other words, it’s a very good thing.

          • I don’t really want to believe it either, but it is something I could see turning out to be true. It is often the ones you least want to suspect that turn around and stab you in the back.

            I think that what is bad is that in my head with my current understanding of the story I can totally see that twist possibly showing up in the future of this story. My mind is finding a way to make it fit in perfectly. I love Spooky and don’t want him to be a bad guy, but the one half of my brain isn’t listening to the other half and just keeps spinning this idea.

          • SofiaT

            I know what you mean. This comic has made us suspicious of everyone! 😀

          • Jakk Anthony Guzman

            Assuming that something like that were to happen (Spooky working with Sircea), it may not necessarily be what it appears to be. There could be very serious threats and it could create strange alliances.

          • SofiaT

            That is a very good point. Although, the fact that Spooky has described the PP to Kyle in a non-flattering way, seems to contradict it.

          • YESSSSS… What SofiaT said!!!!!

          • 1) Yes Doki… (even with Soft Kitty and I thank you and AJ for that last night) Spooky betraying Kyle is such a terrible idea… that you may have to attend some sort of religious service to remove the horrible SFX stain from your soul for even thinking it. Just because I’m not religious doesn’t mean that demons don’t exist right? Nor that righteous flaming swords of retribution aren’t just waiting for bad-Spooky ideas people… BAD Doki, bad Doki. I’d like to say I don’t judge…

            And I’m also ashamed to admit that my inner-gay did a very childish flip flop at the idea of Sircea and Spooky doing the (bow-chicka-wow-wow). Now, I have to live with being one of THOSE small-minded gay men who (yes Sonny did rightfully point out that she’s rocking a hot little nymphette Circe bod under those breast plates… but….) has a little trouble with this head-picture (get it ouuuuutttt). LOL.

            2) I’m going to concentrate on world-spanning government evil and dire Black-op plots, but leave my beloved Spooky on the side of good until Alex breaks my heart.

            Til then… good hypothesizing you lot… but (fingersinears… lalalalalallalalallalanotlistening….)

            Happy Friday (at least here in the PST zone.)


          • 1) I am not entirely certain I still have a soul, and I could be evil.

            a) I have been making jokes for a long time that I don’t have a soul. “You sure I can go to the Soul Cafe? Because I don’t have a soul.” “I don’t play Wow because it eats souls. Oh wait….I might be safe.” (it is all in good fun and I often have a sense of humor that is considered odd.)

            b)My first middle and last name all have exactly 6 letters, so 666. I also had a dream when I was younger about following my furry friend down a very long set of cave stairs to met his parents who were sitting on stone thrones.
            c) I am very well aware that what I said was horrible and will accept any punishment because of that. I take responsibility and will accept any and all deserved punishment.

            2) Good idea. I have seen enough shows were the government is realistically the bad guy to agree with that. Those government peoples are tricksy, shifty, unscrupulous.

  • Sethy

    He may be too young to understand, Anni, but he’s not too young to kick your butt.

  • OnyxLight

    Anni I don’t think he is interested in your speech right now. I still hurt for poor Kyle and the betrayal he suffered in this… *hugs him hard*

    • Steven K.

      Ditto! to that.

  • Bianca Simone

    Okay… did Anni just play the age card??? For real??? #aintnobodygottimefodat

    I think Anni is forgetting that age and experience/wisdom are not linked in a positive-linear fashion (ie more age = more experience)

  • ladyaoi

    poor Kyle got screwed twice on his birthday…one good and one’s still his birthday right?

    funny women don’t want to LOOK old and men don’t want to FEEL old…never realized that…

  • LL

    /pinches nose
    Anni, I haven’t got the patience for this monologue right now.

  • Sapfo

    Since I will get of from work after the new page is up, I will do som camping now instead… for about 4 minutes.
    Would had love to add the little virgin to my collection. But I guess it will go to the best avatar, whoever it may be.
    (Danish, maybe you could get it and then heal my body? I am very colorful right now 😉

    Alex really looking forward to hearing the podcast.

    • Stop falling off chairs, and you might be a bit less colorfull >.> .. but I’ll try for you 🙂

      • Sapfo

        Do you really want me to be less colorful? 😉

        I am proud of you Danish. Poor Holly!

  • Steven K.

    I KNOW! So many awkward things for Kyle. I’m just a total bundle of concentrated sympathy and empathy for him right now.

  • SofiaT

    I’ve battled with myself about posting (again) an irrelevant link here but this is too awesome not to share with you guys! It made me smile and I hope it will make you too. Happy Update Day!!!

    • Thanks for the share. That was AWESOME!

    • WarGoddess

      Awwwww that’s so sweet! It proves to me that not all of humanity is a lost cause. 😀

    • SofiaT — this was an awesome non sequitur link, but I did notice one sentence that might selfishly effect us all directly…

      One resident even donated a Lamborghini, which was converted into a Batmobile…

      So, my question, if you (with your MOD powers) could get a member to do this, then do you think AA&V could turn out pages even quicker? I just wanted to make an effort for your lovely post about the selfless actions of a nice bunch of people serve our own selfish needs in making every day… “NEWPAGE DAY!”

      Seemed reasonable. Your thoughts? 😀

      I can only make such a dopey joke because of this last paragraph, “Perhaps the most heartwarming part of this story is the news that Miles, who has been battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia since he was barely two, is currently in remission, and his last chemotherapy session was back in June.


      • SofiaT

        I have a lot of powers (including but not limited to eating a whole pizza and half a pint of ice-cream without throwing up, fall asleep on top of my Kindle and wake up with it still in one piece -magic!-, and watch a movie on dvd, talk on facebook and comment on this webcomic all at the same time!)… but making pages appear faster & more often… no. Sorry. 😛

    • Steven K.

      Aww – that made me cry (but in a good way) – helping to restore my faith in the goodness of (at least a portion of) mankind. Soooo cute in that little costume as well.

  • Acheron Hades

    Supervillains, always with the monologuing. Anyother great page! 😀

  • I just saw an infomercial about a new show called Almost Human? Apparently while this one cop was in a coma a new law was passed that all cop teams have to have a mixed lineup aka one human and one android.

    When i saw his counterpart, I couldn’t help think “Deacon?”

  • ScorpioladyCZ


    Just like I said. Anni grew old and wiser, he changed a lot, even to be able to do some good if he can gain something great from it for himself ( – aka be young and strong again). He is able to do good, but from selfish reasons, that’s what I always expected from Anni. Nothing black and white, but very complex and never without his BAD side. That side is here to stay. Go few pages back and you will find my comment where I said exactly that.

    Go me! 😀

    And I think his bad side (and remorse for what he’s done in past that came with age) is the reason he feels like he is not good enough for Kyle as partner. Even if the boy somehow (some time later) still wanted him. But I think this will be more psychological and action story, than romantic. There can be some romance, but I think main focus will be on psychology of the characters. And I like that!! 🙂

    And! – I’m really happy big gross demon (major downside of the comic for me) is finally gone from the page and I can enjoy Anni and Kyle again! :-))))

    Yeah, kill me for it, I just don’t like the demon at all. So what? I hope you can just accept it.

    And not act like Teahouse fanbase. At TH comment section no one can say ANYTHING negative. You just MUST LOVE everything without exception. And even if it is polite criticism, it is not allowed, crazy fans just jump at you. That is pretty childish, don’t you think? (And don’t say it is not like that at the Teahouse. It is.)
    Btw, is it “badmouthing” when I’m only saying the truth? No. I’m just using bad example to prevent you guys from becoming like that. Because I saw some signs of it. Passion for the comic can border on obsession sometimes. Let’s be all nice and mature and let each other love, dislike and even hate whatever we want. Okay? 😉

    • Jamie Dutton

      Just keep it respectful, regardless of what you want to say and it should be good, not that I’m a mod or anything. No one should be worried about posting what they think about a page, in my opinion.
      I’ll leave that stuff up to Alex and the mods.

      As for you lack of love for Big Daddy demon, some ppl were quite happy when George Finnegan, our resident giant floating eyeball finally left. So I don’t think that should be a problem.

      • You are absolutely correct. So long as everyone is respectful, all is good. 🙂

        Of course I want to add something about offering gifts and bowing down to our glorious selves, but that would just be wrong. 😀

    • I don’t want to cause any trouble here, so I’m just gonna respond this once and then leave it alone.
      Yes. TH comments had some issues some months ago where a lot of trolls helped create a very negative mood there (also among the regular readers), but that has not been so recently. So why keep bringing that up, unless you haven’t been around since then? I know a lot of people sadly stopped commenting and reading the comments section during that time, and I HAVE feared this comment section could turn into that. Luckily not happening, but why keep bringing TH up? – and in another comic’s comments that is. You only help spread the word of something that has pretty much stopped.

      Btw. Your comment about TH sounds awfully a lot like a comment that was made there just a couple weeks ago (your wording is the same). I read that one before it was deleted, and let me tell you. The rant (I think you) delivered in that comment would not have been accepted on this comment section either. It was hate speech and strongly insulting both artists and the reader community. So yes, a comment CAN be bad mouthing, even if it’s the ‘truth’ as you see it.
      That was it, and what I wanted to say to this.

    • Hi ScorpioLady!

      It’s Alex’s policy to welcome both criticism and compliments and everyone understands that so not too worry. People are free to love, disagree, criticize, etc. so long as they use a tone of respect for each other.

      And, FWIW, it’s also ok to express your feelings about other comics here too, but we ask that if you choose to do so you use a respectful tone because there are likely to be many fans of that comic here and if we can avoid a distracting flame war, that’s always preferable. Words like “crazy” and “childish” are fairly provocative even if used in a general way and are not really respectful. Ultimately, it would probably be best if you just left it at “some webcomics” or “some other fan bases” rather than calling out a specific group of folks, but as long as you maintain a tone of respect, that’s up to you. As I said, you’re welcome to offer whatever critique you’d like so long as that tone of respect is used.

      You’ve made some great points about Duncan and his state of mind and the future between him and Kyle, the direction the comic might take. 🙂

      On another note, I can see that other folks are beginning to weigh in on this. So before this goes any further, I’m asking that everyone step back, bow to each other and move on. This thread is closed and further comments on this thread will be deleted.

      Thank you!

  • Steven K.

    Hi there – in a sense I share the initial question you posed – in that I wonder why it was necessary to bind Kyle in order to get to Hell, etc., but I approach it that such tactics may not have been necessary if Duncan had used some well-spun explanation and maybe asked really nicely for Kyle’s help, explaining the importance of the mission, etc. On the other hand, from what I know now, I don’t think there was ever an intention to have such a scene with Laampros and Kyle – Laampros, after all, turns out to be Kyle’s father, in at least some sense, and I’d be very surprised if that controversial layer would have been added on top of the other one – some kind of act of violation between between a father-figure and a son-figure.

  • Holly

    Is it too early to camp?!

    • Jamie Dutton

      Lol, I was gonna ask that myself. So I’m gonna say “No” and set up my stuff right over here.

      • Holly


        • Jamie Dutton

          I’m good Holly. How about you?

          Oh and did you see Alex’s reply to my question about George on the last page?

          • Holly

            No tell me of it. Also, I am well I suppose

          • Jamie Dutton

            Well I wrote about it further down too, cause I was excited.

            I asked him how he felt about George’s popularity.
            this was his reply:
            “(And both Alex and GFE are very pleased with the popularity. Maybe there will even be some merch for the next Kickstarter…)”

            Gotta admit, I squeeled a bit 🙂

          • Holly

            GEORGIE KEYCHAIN!!!!

          • Jamie Dutton

            Thought that’d cheer you up some, Holly 🙂

          • Holly


    • I actually wanted to ask that about 2 hours ago. I still have tea and cocoa I can make for those camping.

      • Holly

        I wish the internet worked in a way that you could really give me cocoa. *sighs*

        • Don’t we all? Cinnamon, white, plain, marshmallows?

          • Holly


          • *fixes a cup of cocoa with marshmallows for Holly and hands it to her* Careful its hot. Oh I heard that somewhere is selling pumpkin spice marshmallows. I soo want to try those

          • Holly

            I am not a pumpkin fan.

          • To each her own. ^_^ I heard about them from my friend in PA who put them in her Chai tea.

          • Holly

            I see

          • Apparently that combo is really good.

          • Holly

            haha I will take your words

          • rgleon9986

            Cinnamon for me, please!

          • *fixes rgleon cinnamon cocoa and hands it to them* Careful its hot.

          • rgleon9986

            Thanks much 🙂 Have you ever tried it with a little cayenne? It’s interesting.

          • nope, but that sounds interesting. ^_^

          • rgleon9986

            It’s definitely not for everyone, but certainly worth a try.

          • Jamie Dutton

            Oooo, white please 🙂

          • *fixes Jamie a cup of white cocoa and hands it to them* Careful it is hot. I had this for the first time the other day and omg was it good.

          • Jamie Dutton

            Mmm, I bet it smells fabulous! Thanks 🙂

    • Never too early!

      • Holly

        Then why was I first this day?! I wish the virgin was that easy.

        • It’ll liven up!

          • Holly


          • I knew one, he walked like Urkle. 😀

            Other than that, I’m just as in the dark as y’all. Mwahaha.

          • Holly

            AJ is a weirdo!

          • That is so. But I did and he did. 🙂

          • Holly

            naw the you being in the dark part.

          • Oh on the when of the page. I wish I knew the when.

    • Xalun K

      I don’t think so, I’m setting up camp myself. 🙂

  • Xalun K

    Not so busy right now, getting ready to set up camp, woo! Hey everybody. 😀

    • Jamie Dutton

      hi Xalun

      • Xalun K

        Hiya, how’re you tonight?

        • Jamie Dutton

          I’m good, talking to my dad on the phone.

          • Xalun K

            Awesome and awesome. 😀 I’m watching Supernatural while I wait.

    • I am serving tea and cocoa. ^_^

      • Xalun K

        Woo, exciting! I’m getting ready to make myself some coffee, mmmmm…..

  • Since it looks like things are heating up a little in here. I am going to take this time to shamelessly plug a web comic I am reading right now that is ongoing.

    Elan Meets Rafa is a great comic done in pencil. It has a great story with great characters. themice has even put music with some of the pages. It is a yaoi/BL comic and it does focus on story more than sex.

    I would very much like to see this comic get more readers. And you don’t have to check it out right away, but I am sure once you get started you will get hooked on the story. EMR updates 2 pages every Wednesday.

    • Xalun K

      I am gonna go check it out right now. 😀

  • I just slept a magical 8½ hours total, only interrupted halfways because I was watching the Star Trek that was on tv here tonight. After a week where I’ve only slept about 1-3 hours a day, because I just couldn’t fall asleep, and I almost feel like a new person 😀

    I got snacks stacked up, and I’m SO ready to camp!

    • Any tea or cocoa I can get for you Danish love?

      • Ooh..cocoa. I think I can make hot cocoa now you mention it. I have to go look 🙂 Otherwise I have soda, fruit, sweets and caramel lollipops to keep me with energy 🙂

        • Holly


    • Holly


      …also will you share with me?

      • I WILL TRY!
        .. and I’d share with you if I could.

        • Holly

          Mean. Trying is for mean people.

          • Uhm.. who was it that suddently started trying .. and sometimes succeeding recently >.<

            The android should not talk about mean :-p

          • Holly

            Androids can’t be mean. The Three Laws of Robots establish that.

          • Steven K.

            Do those Asimovian rules still apply these days?

          • Holly

            Shhh don’t out me to the fleshies.

        • Do or do not. There is no try.

          • Holly

            My vote is for DO NOT.

    • Sapfo

      That was about time. What Star Trek?

  • Holly

    My cat is attacking my mouse from behind the computer every time i move it. So I move the mouse and this PAW just appears and bats, and then goes back into the darkness. It’s weird….

    • Holly

      Like it’s legitimately scary at times…

      • Jamie Dutton

        Kitty’s just playing.

        • Holly

          Everyone says he’s just playing. He runs away and bites my ankles, but he’s just playing. *sighs*

          He’s a big snuggle bug though so it’s cool

      • Xalun K

        Sounds like it would be hilarious during the day, but scary as hell at night. Hell, sometimes my dogs scare me the same way (like when my arm is dangling off the couch and suddenly there’s a cold wet thing out of nowhere). I understand, lol.

        • Holly

          He likes to sleep in my bed at that can cause issues…

  • WarGoddess

    To all you happy campers I have made a little song
    It has rattled ’round inside my head for far too long
    A fun song to sing along and share with all my friends
    Enjoying the adventure until the very end!

    Camping, camping, gonna have some fun
    Camping, camping, ’til the page is done
    Camping, camping, sing a little song
    Camping, camping, stay up all night long!

    I never stayed up half as late until I wandered here
    Anticipating, always waiting for it to appear
    When it comes I take it in through my eager eyes
    Every update brings with it such a lovely prize!

    Camping, camping, hear my joyful tune
    Camping, camping, sailing on the moon
    Camping, camping, sing a little song
    Camping, camping, coffee keeps me strong!

    Now my camping song must somehow find a close
    I hope you all enjoyed my little piece of prose
    When the page shows up then my camping’s at an end
    At least until the next update and then I’ll wait again!

    • Holly


      …now draw me presents 😛

      • WarGoddess

        Why yes, I saw your comment on my disqus but I was unable to reply due to the remarkably long list of comments and my short amount of time with actual non-phone wifi. So now I will ask: do you mean presents as in actual gifts, with the wrappings, or some character of yours that you wish to be illustrated? 😀

        • Holly

          Yes twould be the latter. I would put them on my walls. I collect art. Plus also I just kind of want to see what people look like drawn.

          • WarGoddess

            Okey dokeys, just tell me the descriptions of the people you want and I will draw them to the best of my ability! 😀

          • Holly

            THIS IS EXCITING!!! Should i post is here or e-mail you? or….

          • WarGoddess

            You can email me the descriptions at The name’s pretty weird, I know, but I was only 15 or so when I thought it out, lol. 😀

          • Holly

            EXCITING! I will have to think about how I want to request this ^_^

          • WarGoddess

            Think away, for that is something that an ever-growing margin of the populace (namely politicians) seem to have lost the ability to do. 😀

    • Adam Irving

      Now that was fun! And I can certainly sympathize with the feeling, even if I don’t camp much. Three cheers to imaginative waiting!

      • WarGoddess

        Yay! I’m glad you found it fun! And every once in a while I do end up having an imaginative thought or two! 😀

    • Xalun K

      This is fantastic! Very creative!

      • WarGoddess

        Why thank you! I’m glad you liked it! 😀

        • Steven K.

          The rhyme and meter are pretty good too. 😉

    • This needs to be saved somewhere easy to access, and not be forgotten among comments. Best campsong I’ve seen yet 🙂

      • WarGoddess

        I think I’ll write it down and then submit it as a deviation on my DA page. 😀

      • Saxon_Brenton

        Perhaps someone with the art skill and inclination could create an illustration and then submit it to the fan art page?

        • Holly

          @disqus_yjiINLn9PV:disqus has art skills….

          • Hey War,
            What about maybe making a little drawing with Kyle and some of the others sitting at a campfire, and then add this song? That could be awesome as fanart, if you feel like it 🙂

          • WarGoddess

            Now that there is an inspiration!!! I swear, the commenters on TYP (including you, of course) are some of my best muses!!! Just the things to get the creative juices flowing!!! 😀

          • Steven K.

            Kyle could be helping to toast the marshmallows with little torches of fire coming out of his FINGERS this time.

          • WarGoddess

            Teehee yes, we shall have a normal PG-rated campfire! With hotdogs being the only weenie roasting! It’s kid-friendly! 😀

          • Steven K.


          • WarGoddess

            I can decorate museums and everything! 😀

        • WarGoddess

          Hmmm…the possibilities are endless….. 😀

    • amanda

      love that lol!!!

      • WarGoddess

        Yay!!!! 😀

  • Hey guys.. page is up :p

  • gee Duncan…that’s called life, or are we changing the rules?

  • Violeta

    Bro it’s called aging you’re not the only one

  • Curt Clark

    I’m glad that he at least felt the need to explain himself, even a little. It’s not enough to earn FORGIVENESS, but it does show he wasn’t faking the whole thing.