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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Two—Page 4

87 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Two—Page 4

Hmm. Intriguing… I wonder what other things we don’t know about The Annihilator’s history…

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So that’s the latest Kickstarter news! In other news, we have some lovely new Fan Art from long-time contributor Kinzie K.—it’s Kyle in his Red Hot costume created with copic markers. Do check it out!

On Wednesday, we had our ninth bonus page in a row! Then, y’all tipped over the donation target yet again this week, so that means there will be another bonus page (page 5!) this Wednesday, June 12th. And look at the donation bar below! We’re already at $80 towards the bonus page after that!

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So! Seems Kyle is finally getting around to asking about The Annihilator’s past! I wonder exactly what The Annihilator is going to reveal to him?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there!

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  • nebi_lan

    Oh that Ani <3 is behaving hahaha

  • Oooohhhh and now we are delving into the backstory of Anni. Love it! He is one character that I would honestly love to know everything about. (and that’s a sign of good writing right there!)
    Adam did a fantastic job with Anni in this page, too. He is definitely very attractive in it.

  • Sapfo

    Bad guys reformed? Thank you for this new page.

    • You’re very welcome, Sapfo! 🙂 (And yes, that sun is very cool! I especially like what Vero did with the first panel.)

  • Holly

    {ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! Get Every Person Working on This Comic to Comment on your comments}

    Yay, Alex, adam, AND Veronica all replied to one of my comments each. I am very happy.

    Also, I am VERY curious about this development. Is Annihilator an anti-hero, or is he PLANNING something?!

    • thebitterfig

      I vote planning. Sure, there’s a decent windfall if you rob a bank, but the *real* money and power are in the long game.

  • Oh! And a second comment: are we back to pencil-pencils instead of the Interlude computer pencils? Or are the computer pencils an Interlude special? Because I’m good with all of it. 😀 😛

    • Adam can correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe we’re still working digitally here. 🙂

      • Studying them further, they most likely are. They are definitely darker than the prelude and chapter one, but they are lighter than the interlude. The hatching and shading on the faces is certainly lighter at least.
        *studies page some more*

  • Nightshadengale

    Only in other countries? Does he have some sort of pardon in the US, or is everyone there just scared of taking him on? From what we’ve seen he’s not exactly subtle…

    • John

      No? How about when he turned up when Kyle was stopping that fire (which I’m still suspicious of)

      I think he can be subtle when he wants to be, but he’s WANTED the attention so he’s usually been UNsubtle

  • CommodoreZelda

    Oh wow, I never actually thought about Kyle having grown up seeing The Annihilator on the news… That’s freaking awesome, it adds a really interesting detail to their relationship. Also, YES, I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT ANNI’S PAST!!!

    • Sanbai

      Lol, I totally misread your last comment to mean “Anni’s Pants”.

      • The Annihilator’s Pants: Finely tailored, perfectly fitted and greatly enhanced by the cheeks that fill them.

        • John

          Hmmm. Excuse me a moment

          *steams gently*

        • Jesslc

          The real question is: Does the Anni have any pants that aren’t suit pants apart from his super outfit…?

  • Erica

    hmm sounds like Duncanni isn’t much of a villian now. Seems like ‘heroes’ are just making him out to be because of what happened so many years ago. interesting that he’s keeping up that fear for so long despite stopping. I’m pretty sure Kyle may be thinking that Duncanni really isn’t a villian at heart, just in name. D’awww I like finding out bout Duncanni’s past hahaha

  • amanda

    cant wait for the next page!!!! going crazy already!!!

  • Madock345

    Spooky and *Tsunami*? ~_^ Not sure how I feel about that, it’s definitely an odd pairing. I wonder how Alex will frame the narrative for the picture…

    Also Annihilator Vs. The Drug Lords needs to be a bonus comic at some point.

    • Nightshadengale

      I would pay so much money for that.

      (Annihilator vs Drug Lords, that is…I share your ambivalence on Spooky/Tsumani)

      • John

        I dunno; if anyone could break through Tsunami’s reserve it’s spooky.

        The trick is if he’d WANT to. That’s my problem with the pairing. I actually like Tsunami as the ‘straight-up’ dude.

    • Jesslc

      Frankly the only plausible story I can imagine for Spooky and Tsunami making out is if we are looking at an image on that website the boys were looking at…

      But Alex is probably able to come up with something better than me.

      edit: I also support Anni vs the Drug Lords comic

  • fujoshifanatic

    A reformed baddie! I like it! You get all of the roguish sex appeal with none of the danger or drama. Well mostly none; you never know what can come bite you in the butt from your past. At any rate Kyle is so screwed, and I can’t wait to see how Anni gets to screwing him (hope he uses lube!). 🙂

  • Nice to see that Kyle isn’t letting his cock do all of his thinking for him, even with the sudden prospect of being able to have sex without burning down the house. 🙂

    Interesting hint about the drug lords. I had the impression way back that Duncan might have been gently mocking the after-school club, but that he genuinely admired what they were doing. That certainly ties in with what we’ve been shown about him so far in this chapter.

  • Hikaru Takemori

    Is it just me or did anyone else notice that Duncan stopped being a definite villain around the time Kyle burned down his foster parents house down?
    Combined with this page and the following I’m feeling uneasy about Duncans motives for courting Kyle.

    I hope I’m just paranoide and no ulterior motives are involved.

    • There are very obviously ulterior motives involved. 🙂 Whether they’re good, bad or neutral remains to be seen — and it’s a measure of Alex’s writing that at this point it could plausibly be any or all.

      • Jesslc

        “it’s a measure of Alex’s writing that at this point it could plausibly be any or all.”

        I would just like to echo this sentiment x 100


        • Thank you. 🙂

          • grimsister21

            I have a feeling that soon, really soon, you’ll break our hearts.
            Please prove me wrong

    • John

      Oh now THERE’S a thought. And we know he was asking P-Princess to check ‘something’ while she was molesting kyle with transmorforification tentacles.

      A something which, apparently, wasn’t fully confirmed/denied either way.

  • Jamie Dutton

    As much as I would love to think Duncan is a reformed bad boy, I don’t know. Just something tells me there’s a lot more to this than we think. But then, that is one of the things we all love about Alex’s writing.
    Although, if The Annihilator had reformed even a little, it would certainly make me feel less guilty about cheering for him. Oh, not that I’m going to stop rooting for him, it would just make me feel better I suppose, lol.

  • KrisYWC

    Can I just stop and say how much I love this comic. It just has everything and every update is a joy.

    • Well, that’s really sweet of you to say so! Your comment fills me with joy! 😀

  • Damnit… DAMN! I’ve spent the entire comic thusfar trying to convince myself that The Annihilator was just that, and an all around bad guy, and that he’d be trouble for Kyle, etc., and then there is yet ANOTHER chance for him to be a good guy!!!!!!

    … I want him to be a good guy so bad T_T

    • Interpolation

      The whole question of Duncan’s moral orientation makes me think of Artifice, where (SPOILER) we didn’t definitively know if Deacon is actually going to revert to solider and betray Jeff or had changed into his own person who was in love with Jeff and save him until nearly the end (SPOILER).
      It seems like making the reader unsure of a character is part of Alex’s style. Of course, since YP is longer than A, I’m sure Alex will keep us guessing for a while yet.

      • Yeah, I guess I thought that way when reading Artifice as well, but I was a little more certain about Deacon’s feelings than I am Duncan’s… You’re probably right though, it’s Alex’s style just like throwing in a little AlexHumour lol

        • Jesslc

          When I read Artifice I had no idea that Deacon was going to come though until those very last pages.

          Duncan on the other hand, I’m fairly sure that I’m reading correctly even though Alex’s style leaves plenty of things open to ambiguity…

          (I read the whole of Artifice in one sitting with no reflection time between each page though – maybe that had an effect on my perception of the story…)

  • DarkJokerOfAmuro

    so it seems Annihilator is actually an Anti=Hero rather than a Villain

  • b3nc0

    So what? Anni is just being discreet ¬_¬

    Well on the public bad-guyery departement, anyway…

  • Feverfew_M

    I’m so curious about what made Anni choose the life of a viilain in the first place. Whom did he show off for? Whom did he feel the need to prove himself to? And what is his plan right now? I just love the ambiguity of this character.

    • Delia Mayer

      You are totally right. Thias charakter is brilliant. But to show off in this world is not just for villains like HUnter and Killer proofed for us. I think that there is something else in Annis past that let him down the way to be a villain….

    • Jesslc

      1. Cute guys, of course 😛

      2. Everyone who said he couldn’t be a superhero and gay. Or something similar.

      3. Well… only Alex can answer that…

      I have lots of ideas but nothing too concrete (and also it’s 4am here and I should be in bed) 🙂

      • Feverfew_M

        He, I know that feeling. 🙂

        1+2: Dunno I think it must have been something more personal. For cute guys he could have shown off as a hero. But I also have the feeling that someone told him he couldn’t be a hero and gay…

        • Jesslc

          Okay so that was a tongue in cheek reply earlier – particularly to point 1, but my more in depth analysis goes as follows…

          Warning: long

          Anni said he felt he had something to prove. We’ve already established that we both have a theory that he was probably a hero at some point before becoming a villain. My guess is that the turning point for him was partially or mostly to do with not being accepted as a gay hero. And also a bit to do with the people in the hero world (ie. people like Hunter and Killer).

          YP is a fair bit like our world – and like our world homophobia would have probably been much worse 40 years ago when Anni was a teenager… so it’s likely that if he was out about his sexuality that he’d have been treated as a “second-rate” hero for being gay. If he wasn’t out it would likely be because of a don’t ask, don’t tell kind of policy in the hero ranks. Maybe even bit of both… (Don’t ask don’t tell and the few people who did know treating him as second rate)

          Anni has incredibly strong powers (actually didn’t Alex refer to him as the most powerful supervillain in the world at some point?). Being treated as second rate would have definitely rankled. Combined with denying who he really was for the sake of his ‘job/calling’, you practically have a recipe for making a villain…

          Not surprising that he’d feel like he had something to prove by the time he’d finally had enough. A sort of “well they’ve told me a hero can’t be gay over and over again, so I guess supervillain is the only option then…”

          As for the showing off part – well that’s him looking back on it… At the time he just felt that he had something to prove but in hindsight he can see that he was reckless (probably out of anger and hurt) and a bit of a show off (probably out of the desire to prove all those people wrong. And to prove them wrong as visibly as possible so that they can’t miss his exploits). It’s the “you won’t accept me so I’ll make you fear me instead” motive

          Anyway that’s what I’ve speculated.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    Anything to show that he is not a pansy …..must be a real man a strong man. and then he finds a “boy” who makes him re think his ways……interesting.

  • “You’d need to be some place completely safe.
    With someone you couldn’t hurt.


    Were you face-palming these past few months, because none of us’d apparently realized what was probably the true underlying meaning of these words?

    • Jesslc

      So I’ve been wracking my brains trying to work out what you mean by the true underlying meaning… It’s probably super obvious – but enlighten me? We already picked up on the point that he’s fireproof and won’t get hurt by Kyle bursting into flames.

      • “Kyle: You have no means of hurting me.
        “Thus, I am quite at liberty to do as I please with
        you — and your only option is to take whatever I may choose to dish out.

        “(Young pup.)”

        my apologies for the spoilers, mr woolfson

  • CH

    The question as I see it is what happened six years ago? He clearly still has both his powers and his self confidence. Intriguing.

    • Jesslc

      He reached the age at which people often start to look back at their life, reflect over things and often have a change of priorities…?

      Even if super-powered people live longer than normal in the young protectors universe, it’d still be very plausible that Anni might reach the point of “what’s it all about?” “what is the point of it all, really?” around the age of 50.

      He’ve had plenty of time to rob all the banks he wanted to, by then… have all the money and possessions he could ever want or use, by then… prove all the points he felt he had to prove, by then…

      • CH

        While that is certainly a possibility it may be an actual event; someone innocent being harmed, a new plan being hatched, etc, and those possibilities intrigue me.

        • Jesslc

          Well yes – it could be anything… I was just presenting one possibility that I think is fairly plausible.

          He didn’t seem to be fazed by putting innocent people’s lives in danger in his earlier days – based on his conversation with Kyle in Hong Knog.

  • KiannaLeigh

    He’s reformed! Oh my god! He’s reformed! Total bait and switch, it’s actually a good guy! *faints* Anni. I love you.

    But …. why the switch? What are you up to, Anni?

    • John

      There are very few saturday morning villains left these days. All villains are still human (even the ones which, strictly speaking AREN’T human) to some degree, so what they do aways has some moral basis, twisted though that might be.

      In Anni’s case I think either he’s extremely clever and has spent these last few years on some dastardly uber-plan (possible for the sake of conflict) or he’s decided that his previous actions aren’t justifiable and he’s seeking some sort of redemption. I like the second one as, morally speaking, ANNI because the princess, trapped in a tower of Sin, and KYLE is the shining knight armed with Innocence and Naivete to free him from his self-imposed exile.

      • KiannaLeigh

        I love your mind right now. ^_^ And that should be fanart.

      • strangeangel24601

        Very interesting. This kind of came to mind when Kyle was talking about “rescuing the cute boys from supervillains” in the last page. Could that have been foreshadowing, perhaps?

        • amanda

          that … would… be …AWESOME!!!!

  • RustyBurrell

    Oh dear… my psychic powers are working. He’s gonna have a tough time convincing his friends that the Annihilator is good 🙁 Can’t wait for more 😀

  • smileychocopie

    Hah funny, I was in base at Ft. Knox a day ago before I read this.

  • Jesslc

    So the million dollar question is:

    Is the reason Kyle didn’t find any recent report of new crimes because there weren’t any new crimes? Or because Anni’s new crimes haven’t been discovered yet….?

    So interesting!

    • strangeangel24601

      Yeah, that look in the last panel has me thinking the same thing.

  • Midwestmutt

    Duncan must have his own fan base as a folk hero in the pattern of John Dillinger and Bonnie and Clyde et al. Banks in any era or timeline will deservedly not get much sympathy… and taking on Ft. Knox had to have been epic!

  • Glad to hear it! Thank you!

  • DarkFeanix21

    That look on Duncan’s face in the last panel. I want to believe he just stopped committing actual crimes, but… that look. He seems almost smug.

    • Jesslc

      I actually think he looks subtly pleased (and not in a smug way).

      I don’t know – my theory could be complete bollocks – but on every other occasion Kyle has jumped to the worst possible conclusion about Duncan (ie. you’re going to kill me, you’re going to blackmail me, was it you who set that fire, etc) and Duncan looked pretty annoyed each of those times… So I think he probably would be pleased that Kyle’s actually taken the time to find out about him rather than assuming the worst again.

      But maybe I’m too trusting and that is actually his smug look.

  • fakesubmite

    What’s Duncan playing at? He looks suspicious.

  • Cman65

    as I have said true EVIL is smooth, and this guy is silky. just like my cheast LOL

  • That story about the scorpio and the frog.. (how the scorpio asked the frog to trust him but when it did, the scorpio stung it anyway).. at least the beginning of it. I’m getting that vibe *lol*

    Right now I don’t trust Duncan’s motives longer than I can throw a ball, and I’m not pitcher.

    He could prove us wrong one day, or change what ever he’s up to, but right now.. dude got some scheming plan, I’m sure of it.

    Baiting.. lots and lots of baiting.

    • Katana_X

      I think his scheme is to get into Kyle’s pants.

      • fakesubmite

        But doesn’t Kyle want him in his pants? I mean that’s the whole point of them being there for Kyle’s B-Day.
        Oh and to not burn down the whole city when he erupts.;)

  • John

    I just noticed the light is fading in the background

    MY GOD GUYS YOU ARE AMAZING! I really love your attention to detail

  • Josephine

    Usually I wait for Kickstarter campaigns to wind down before I contribute, but damn it, I really want a spooky hat! XD

  • amanda

    it kinda seems like he is trying to switch sides without actually joining who he calls “heroes”.

    you have to admit if you were a villain thinking about switching would you want to be in the same category as “heroes” such as ” Hunter and Killer. The Tweedledum and Tweedledee of the vigilante world.” – Duncan Wells AKA The Annihilator.
    … plus you would have to give up the dark side cookie rewards card…
    … the dark side does have the very best cookies…

    • Cman65

      My Triple Choc Cookies are to kill for

  • Yukiness

    Still waiting ever so patiently for my pay check. Love how natural everything is in panel three. The lighting works well with the mood and plays off their body language in a way that I know is difficult to portray. I like that it’s not dramatic (if that makes any sense.)

  • Damn amazon needing a credit card. I had to ask my mum to use hers. Bright side Yay backing!

  • Monica

    Ohh… look at Annis face in this page… so kind! OMG I want him even more now! Stop this Alex, stop it XD It doesn’t matter if he is evil as the devil or kind as an angel, he is still awesome and I want him!

  • Jesslc

    So I wrote an indepth thing on Feverfew_M’s comment above about what I think motivated him to become a villain (could be complete bollocks though)… but as far as Anni’s expression in panel 2 goes, I think he’s remembering what it was like at that time where he was driven by anger and hurt (my interpretation) which led to the reckless, showing off, something to prove, exploits…

  • chris

    I just love your anti-hero! 😀

  • Oh goodness. I finally caught up, and sad there wasn’t anymore! Waah.

  • TheManBehindTheCurtain

    “I’m not bad,… I’m just drawn that way.” – Jessica Rabbit

  • Whitewings

    Is this the appropriate date and time to camp?

  • CommodoreZelda


    • Whitewings

      haha, join the party 😛

  • espa

    He’s starting to make me believe he’s good, too. . . But he just acts so manipulative! He’s so good at it. I don’t know what to think about him!

  • SuckerForCheesyRomance

    F is for “friends” who do stuff together! =D