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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Two—Page 37

899 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Two—Page 37

It would appear that Laampros is not entirely impressed with The Annihilator’s charms…

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So! The demon is getting all poetical, The Annihilator is trying to keep things professional and the Eye in The Sky makes a reappearance in the last panel. What could all this mean? (And who else among you rocked out to the Alan Parsons Project in their youth?)

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • Sapfo

    meanwhile in my apartment, in my sofa o.O

    • Thiiis is getting troublesome 😉
      I accidently changed the number 3 in the address line instead of the number 6, so was going for page 76 instead of 37. Going back to the right one and your comment popped up seconds before mine *LOL*
      That was all it took.
      *shakes fist* I’ll get you soon!

    • Holly

      You took the Cherry again! :O

      • *Hmpf*.. at least I still got her in the over all count 😉

        • Sapfo

          I will work hard on beating your count. I get you! 😉

        • b3nc0

          Where can you see the comment count? I only get the top five…

          • If you click on where it say Community below the comment box, it shows you the top20 commenters on the site you’re on.
            If you hover the mouse over someones icon in the comments section, you can see that person’s total amount of comments + upvotes for everything they’ve commented on, unless they’ve made their profile private. Only works for people who has a Disqus profile.
            You can also chose to Follow someone by hovering the mouse over their icon. To see the recent comments of someone you follow, you can click on My Disqus and chose where it say Now -in your Network. Another way is to, again, click someones profile.

            As for the comment score on ‘virgins’, it’s about making your own count. that one can’t be seen anywhere.

          • Sapfo

            Danish where are you. You missed camping, Wolfie!
            It´s no fun taking virgins without you -_-

          • I didn’t realize that D-Wolf has a specialty in the taking of virgins that’s critical information… so where is that listed? It it a badge or something her avatar wears? 🙂

          • Sapfo

            Yeah, our little competition of taking the first comment (virgin) on the new page is kind of a open secret. She is usually faster then me.

            I will tell her that she needs a badge 😉

      • Sapfo

        Yeah! ^_^

  • Aww.. Kyle’s birthday just keeps getting worse.. but Anni IS trying to protect him.

    Laampros just has the best metaphors xD

    Are they about to fight?

    • Tina

      Oooh that’d be awesome. Especially considering we haven’t seen the full extent of Anni’s powers against a foe equal to or stronger than he.

      • Holly

        Why do I get the feeling Laampros wouldn’t play fair?

        • Klaus

          He does seem to be a demon.

    • Adam Black

      *Worst* *Birthday* *Ever*

      • Hey those srsly ugly socks someone bought him for his birthday got torched… right? That’s gotta count for something good.

        There is nothing worse that having to wear Aunt Letitia’s supremely ugly birthday sweater every time she visits (especially when you know it makes you look super fugly AND fat). Some birthday presents are just meant to be “accidentally” left in hell. Knowing Lampy, he’d probably regift it to poor George anyway, which just sux, but he’s a demon so I suppose we have to understand that good gifts are probably too much to ask for.

        Okayyyyy, I agree with Adam… this is still the *Worst* *Birthday* *Ever* … UNLESS … Kyle get’s left in Hell with Laampros and Duncan escapes to go hang out with PP in Bora Bora. Then I’d say that THAT was the worst birthday ever… EVER!

        … but we’re still in a wait and see mode there.

        At the moment I think even a gift certificate would help our poor Kyle out, but if Duncan is seriously going for redemption. I mean redemption WITH possible thingy rubbing… then I think we’re talking the new SONY PLAYSTATION 4 & GRAND THEFT AUTO 5. Otherwise, no dude-lurve for the Duncanator.

    • b3nc0

      Trying to protect Kyle, is he? Or, still in delusion, try to protect his cherry for himself?

    • Why would they fight? When Lampy is all sweet talking Duncan like that. Come on, if Alex wasn’t a paralyzed and if he could have an expression at all, you know he enjoyed hearing Duncan called a “clever maggot.” No to mention the whole the pig’s excrement bit. That has gotta feel good. Right?

      (Okay he’s still bound with the burning chains, but every little bit counts!)

      Hey I’m trying to look on the bright side.

  • SofiaT

    Hehe. HEHE. >:D

    • Stay the course Capt’n!

      • SofiaT

        Aye, aye Admiral! *saluts*

        • *saluts* All I can do is laugh at this moment.

          • SofiaT

            I just can’t stop smiling.

          • Although I must admit I’m a bit nervous for Saturday.

          • Adam Black

            Me, too.
            What if that jack-off , Duncan, harms Laampros?
            so possesive. Hes not even in his own house any more.

          • That would be some match. Let’s get ready to RUMBLE! *looking for the octagon ring*

          • Make it three for the nervous.

          • Holly

            *happily captains the Tugoboat* Seas feeling easier back their on the Ship?!

          • Just a bit, just a bit.

      • Tina

        “Sir! Pirates off the port bow! *peers through eyeglass* the SS Nay Sayers!”

        • We shall continue on as planned. 🙂

          • Tina

            But ma’am! They got canons! And very mean a very mean looking crew! I suggest we change our colours! Make them think we’re not a valuable ship till we pass by!

          • Holly

            HUSH SAILOR! Only God had cannons. 😛

          • Tina

            Aye, aye captain. *stays in crows nest nervously*

          • All is well, sailor. We will remain steadfast in our course

      • Feverfew_M

        Methinks our good ship Redilator is carrying a bit less bilge water all of a sudden! 😀

        • Indeed. It’s those new buckets we got in.

          • Feverfew_M

            The pretty logo makes us all scoop faster.

          • I think so. It was definitely a moral booster.

          • SofiaT

            Great. You said “scoop” and now I want ice-cream. *sigh*

          • I have some strawberry ice cream in the fridge, but I have to warn you, the strawberries weren’t very good this year.

          • SofiaT

            Bliah. I only like strawberries in jam… got any chocolate or caramel by any chance?

          • Just a bag of chocolate chips. I do have some butter cookies that my brother brought us from Scotland.

          • Adam Black

            no more cookies!

          • Not even just a little shortbread? *thinking of the restaurant scene in that one monty python movie that I can’t remember the name of at this moment*

          • b3nc0

            ‘The Meaning of Life’

          • Thank you, yes: The Meaning of Life.

          • Feverfew_M

            I know what that’s like, I always want ice-cream. *sighs too*

          • Hikaru Takemori

            And the weight loss we suffered due to the extended exercise ^^.

          • Good point 🙂

          • Hikaru Takemori

            Another thing might be dwindleing surplies. We should think about having some of the crew make fishing tools. Oh nevermind, I’m feeling in a crafting mood right now and will do it myselfe. It won’t take long.

          • Good work, sailor. 🙂

  • silibub

    I’M CACKLING. Can’t come up with a coherent response just yet and I need to be asleep as of two hours ago, but I love this and I’m so glad I stayed up! >:)

    • SofiaT

      I KNOW!!! 😀

    • Ditto on the cackling!

    • Tina

      I love finding pages fresh off the market! BUt then I always regret going to sleep because when I wake up, there’s like 10 million comments to sift through.

  • Tina

    Yay! We got our wish! Duncan attempted to defend Kyle! Although as Lampy here said, it looks like its gonna cost him…

    • Holly

      “Oh you don’t LIKE when I touch him”

  • jreed3842

    Laampros is freakin’ huge… that’s pretty much all I can think about for this page.

    I think it’s interesting to note that Duncan doesn’t like the fact Laampros is touching Kyle… Maybe Duncan really does care…. (But I’m still mad at him… so no forgiveness from me! Lol)

    • Firebirds1

      or perhaps he doesn’t care, but just really doesn’t want to have ringside seats to laampros getting his groove on if you know what I mean.

      • Holly

        Maybe he doesn’t care, but he’s impatient about getting his business done. (Still in the ship, just making a point)

        • Hikaru Takemori

          I don’t think impatience is the problem assumeing he waited (and planed this) since Kyle was 12.

          • Holly

            Patience is easy when you aren’t in a horrifying hell world. Like how it’s really easy to wait for the bus that only comes every hour when you are in your apartment, but when you miss it and have to wait outside for 15 minutes for the other bus it’s like being in the ninth circle

          • b3nc0

            I don’t get where it was ever said he planned anything since Kyle was twelve, but in some comments? When Duncan admitted he set the fire, he was reffering to the building fire the young protectors had to make a rescue mission at in the beginning of chapter one, I think.

          • Hikaru Takemori

            It was never said that Duncan planed since Kyle was 12.My assunmtion is based on the curious fact that The Annihilator vanished from the media around the time Kyle burned down his forster parents house. Its not much to go on, but we have seen Duncan to have detailed plans so I don’t find the assumtion unresonable.

        • Derkins

          I don’t think this would be even included in the plot line if he didn’t actually care. It would be superfluous. He definitely cares, just… little enough to do this to him in the first place, but enough that he doesn’t want to see Kyle get raped/man handled by a colossal demon. :

    • Adam Black

      he doesnt want the finish scratched on his new car.

  • Amanda


    • SofiaT

      “We meet again!!”

    • I wonder if it’s George that’s allowing Laamy to see into Duncan.

      • Hikaru Takemori

        And/or let’s Laampros know whats happening in this realm.

        • Well sure, George seems to be versatile that way. *reads billing* The all seeing, all knowing amazing George Finnegan.

          • *get pencil and pad*
            What’s the name of your PR firm again.

            *whispers to colleague* “They take clients from hell. These people are good…..”

          • Bob and Sons. I think George has a family connection. Brother’s sister-in-law’s third cousin.

          • Sounds like a 1970s sitcom…

            “This is the story of a lovely lady, running a hell-based PR firm of her own… until one day, she met an eyeball, who was busy with a demon all his own…”

            You can sing the rest…. 🙂

          • Poor poor Alice. What did she ever do to you?

          • Speak no ill of my beloved Ann B. Davis… I beg you.

          • No such words will be uttered from these lips.

          • Thy name shalt be Sister Mary Admiral!

          • It might as well be.

            Alice was the true hero of the Brady Bunch. I don’t think they paid her enough.

          • No nearly enough!!!! Truth!

          • Adam Black

            After the Bradys, she moved in to some Christian living Community and did videos for the Catholic Church— and they all seem in-character.

          • I’m trying to decide how I feel about this.

          • I’m with the Admiral… that’s not the way I wanted to remember Alice. How disappointing. Well, best to know. I guess she didn’t like Mike Brady much then. Thanks.

          • Adam Black


            Fandom wants a Finnegan spinoff ( or one-off ).

          • Fox just renewed The Simpsons for a record 26th episode… if anything can stop the madness and topple them from their dark throne in the land where shadows lie… it is our Good Master George Finnegan! Fandom it IS!

      • Adam Black


        • The way it’s staring and staring and staring…

  • Sapfo

    Yeah Duncan pretend that Kyle means nothing to you, in order to distract Laampros from touching him. Yeah you are the villain, Right?

    • Tina

      I think Lampy saw right through that old “cliche” hence his hand still resting on Kyle in panel four.

      • Hikaru Takemori

        Ah, but its not *still*, its *again* that Laampros hand rests on Kyle. And I agree with you.

    • SofiaT

      Next page, Duncan sneers: “I couldn’t care less about the boy, My Lord” *Laampros continues to touch Kyle and Duncan swallows hard. A bead of sweat is starting to run down his temple*

      • WarGoddess

        Oh lordy, how I pray!

      • Holly

        STOP TEMPTING THE DEMON LORD! Saying he doesn’t like Kyle is like someone asking if you are ticklish. Yes or No they are going to touch the flesh

      • Tina

        The demon smiled seeing this reaction. To the untrained eye Duncan appeared cool and calm as ever; maybe a little affected by the heat. But Laampros knew better, “Oh really? So not even if I do this….?” Suddenly the fire lord dug a sharp claw into Kyle’s side making him silently scream before turning his head to see the villain’s reaction.

        • Holly

          ….There is something wrong with me. That sounded AWESOME

          • Tina

            Teehee, I have a knack for writing these sort of things.

        • SofiaT

          I hope not! While it’s not something Duncan wishes to see, not so sure he’d risk his plans by going to Kyle’s aid and directly fighting Laampros right now… :S

          • Tina

            Thing is I don’t think Anni would. He’d probably subtly wince which would be more than enough for Laampros’s answer before they continue on with business

          • SofiaT

            And Kyle would still be left bleeding… 🙁

            I’ll cross my fingers this doesn’t happen.

          • I don’t know. Duncan looks about ready to throw down.

          • SofiaT

            I just don’t want to test his loyalties just yet

          • I’m sure he’ll control himself, but it’s going to be a struggle. The big demon did just insult him.

          • It probably took him a bit off guard to see Laamy touching his little hero.

          • SofiaT

            What is that? That weird feeling in the pit of his stomach? Is it… dread? An… emotion?

            No, no. That can’t be!

          • Could it be *whispers* sentiment?

          • SofiaT


            *gulps*. No. No. Impossible.

            Sentiment is weakness. I’m not weak. I’m not weak.
            I’M NOT WEAK. *curls into fetal position and rocks himself on a corner on the floor*

          • Sentiment! Sentiment! Sentiment!

            I wonder if that’s like saying Beetlejuice three times.

      • Sapfo

        Be careful Duncan, your true emotions might be showing!

        • Holly

          “Damn it, why did I promise the kid wasn’t going to get hurt. I don’t care. I DO NOT care. But I am a man of my word, I must protect him….But I don’t care.”

          • Tina

            “I don’t… care… I… don’t… care… *looks down at Kyle’s pleading eyes* I don’t… god damn this kid!”

          • SofiaT

            I think Kyles’ eyes right now will be more homicidal when he looks at Duncan than pleading but I agree with the comment’s overall spirit 😀

          • Tina

            I think more pleading that Duncan get them out of this terrifying place and away from Lampy before yes the overwhelming desire to kill him surges.

          • Holly

            “Save me so I can kill you!!!”

          • Tina

            Lol the reverse of the Scorpio and the Frog. See Duncan? It works!

          • Holly

            Haven’t I ever told you about the Jackel and the Camel?!

          • Tina

            Don’t think I know that one

          • Holly

            Shall I tell it to you?! *grin twists*

          • Tina

            Only if it has a tragic ending >:3

          • Holly

            Once there was a camel. One day a jackal came to her and told her of a farm across the river. “If you take me there, so that I may eat the farmers sheep, I will show you where you can find the most delicious sugar cane.” Choosing to trust the Jackal, the camel agreed. She allowed the jackal to ride on her back as they crossed the river. Once there, the two began to partake in their feast.

            The Jackal, who had finished his meal before the camel, began to howl quite loudly. “Be quiet,” urged the camel, “Or you will wake the farmers and they will surely beat us!”

            “But I always sing after I eat,” explained the Jackal, and continued his song.

            Soon the farmers came to investigate the noise. The Jackal was easily able to escape, but the camel had no where to go. So they beat the camel, having spotted her stealing their cane. Hours later, the Jackal returned, asking if the camel would take him back to the other side of the river where they both lived. The Camel, tiredly agreed.

            So soon the two were in the river. When they reached the deepest part, the camel began to thrash.

            “What are you doing?” screamed the Jackal in horror. “I will drown if you keep splashing like this.”

            “But I always take a bath after I eat,” explained the camel. She thrashed once more, and the Jackal fell into the river and drowned.

            Moral: You Reap what you sow.

          • Tina

            That… was awesome and yes perfect this situation. Silly Jackal.

          • Holly

            I really wish there was a THIRD crossing the river fable. that would make me happy…

          • A fine sentiment

      • Adam Black

        Kyle is just his sportscurse transport to hell.

        Look at the curves on that vehicle? Who wouldnt be protective about your fancy ride outta hell being threatened?

  • Firebirds1

    heheheh exrement…. wait to be charming Laampros. Starting to see why you haven’t gotten any in a while…

  • Tina

    Might be my sleep deprivation and Kingdom Hearts on the brain but in panel one doesn’t it look like Lampy was about to rip out Kyle’s heart? Like literally?

    • SofiaT

      I think Laampros’ claw is so big, it covers Kyle’s neck and half his torso. I was more afraid for that carotid artery than his heart…

      • Tina

        *tilts head* ah yeah that’s true. Like he’s about to be strangled.

    • Syncx

      I thought he was using his pinky to trace Kylie’s body

  • WarGoddess

    Oh, Laampros, you just say the darndest things!! (That thing about a pig’s tucas made me rofl so hard!) Well, what do you have to say to that, Duncan? How are you going to gain his attention and keep it away from Kyle? You appear to be failing miserably at the moment, and if Laampros alters that adorable mop of red hair in any way, shape, or form with those razor sharp nails of his, I will hunt you down, mister! Don’t you forget, you may be Mr. Billy Bad-ass and have invulnerability up the wazoo, but I have the power of CREATIVITY and I will draw myself kicking your punk ass!!!

    Lol, had to get that off my chest! So he’s trying to avert Laampros’ attention away from our sweet pyrokinetic redhead? I see some promise in our mean ‘ole supervillain! 😀

  • Holly

    I LOVE YOU LAAMPROS! (Totally forgot to camp)

    Is he the Demon Lord of Sass and Snark?!

    • WarGoddess

      He so totally is!!! XD

    • Sapfo

      WHAT!!! How could you forget ;_;

  • I freaking love Kyle’s expression in panel 1. No words needed there.

    Laampros sure knows how to dig deep verbally, and doing it with metaphors and the plain truth. I can’t wait to see how Anni will react and answer next.

    Laampy is ‘seeing’ right through him. All plans can go wrong when it involves an unknown factor as the Big Red. Is Anni going to get what he wants for this, or is he gonna end up more or less fighting with Laampros instead because of Kyle.

    o_o Saturday needs to come fast.

  • Syncx

    So Anne used Kyle but developed feelings for him and now SATAN seen to be taking an interest in Kyle as well, poor Kyle you know you attract the wrong type of guys when you have SATAN pinning for you …….is this growing to turn into a ROSE MARRY’s BABY type thing :0 , hmm or it could turn out that Anne tries to save Kyle and dies or he’s successful or he lets SATAN have him, would it be Beastiality if SATAN and Kyle do the dirty or what name would it go by ? :/

    • Holly

      Um…Not beastiality. No. Something else. I think it’s just sex…

    • Feverfew_M


      • Holly


        • Feverfew_M

          Hell, yes!? Sorry, have not been awake for very long…

  • Holly

    HEY! The all seeing eye is back! Hi eye! *waves and stares unblinkingly back at the eye. Unable to break stare. Eyes widen in silent horror. Always staring and staring back.*

    • Holly

      I just went back to make sure the eye was brown last time, and I realized. ON page 34 the All seeing Eye is in the same position as the moon in the first panel of that page. What does that MEAN?!

      • ScorpioladyCZ

        I think it means that this is another dimension, so it’s how our world looks like here. Hellish version of our world.

  • WarGoddess

    So, first and fourth panel Duncan are giving me cause to believe that Duncan does genuinely care about Kyle’s safety and about whether or not he is physically harmed. The situation is rapidly spiraling out of his control right now, and Laampros is taking advantage of Duncan’s discomfort. Welp, I love you Duncan, but you brought this on yourself. Ain’t karma a bitch? Lol 😀

    • Holly

      He is NOT going to have any bargaining chips for this deal at all. He is TOTALLY at the mercy of the Lamp.

      • SofiaT

        …or is he??

        • Tina

          DUN DUN DUN!!

          • Holly

            RED HERRING?!

        • Feverfew_M

          That’s an interesting question. What exactly is his plan? Did he really think he could just walk into a demon’s lair and ask nicely for a favour? What has he got that Laampros would be willing to give him youth, power or whatever for? I don’t think that Kyle was meant to be part of the bargain, but what else could he have to offer? Access to our world and “mortal pleasures”?

    • Klaus

      I still think that Duncan has some kind of protection. The demon is just teasing him. Note that Duncan has risen without permission. And he only went down on one knee and the fingertips of one hand to begin with. He is not a powerless supplicant. He does not see himself as such, at least.

  • Elizabeth

    Poetry, Laampros. Absolute poetry.

  • SofiaT

    Starving, so got to go and make myself some dinner -but I’ll be back to munch on this page some more. A long day just made happier!

  • Hmm.. I just started to wonder..

    Does Anni know how to get him and Kyle out of there again? – even if it’s leaving without Laampros wanting them to leave?

    I do hope Anni has a Plan B here. I guess it will take Anni being close enough to Kyle to say some magic words again, but having both Laampros and that creepy eye looking at them, it might be hard to do if Laampy gets angry with him.
    I’m not sure Anni and Sircea has this all thought through. Could it be Anni and Kyle will have to co-operate to survive this or what will come later?
    That’s gonna be awkward!

    • Tina

      Especially if fiery handcuffs get involved binding them together to survive said world

    • I was going to say that it looks like Duncan may have underestimated the situation.

      • Holly

        Or overestimated his ability to control the situation…

      • I DO hope he knows more about how demon-y.. bad geenie.. beings operate than we do.
        Trying to make a deal with the devil, figuratively speaking, is pretty much bound to end bad for someone.

        • Fingers crossed on that one. He seems to be a planner, but has his arrogance put him in over his head?

    • Klaus

      It seems that he used the demon’s power for his spells. He called on him by name both times. That is not going to work in a fight against him.

      • Exactly. So I hope Anni has a Plan B to get they away from this dimension if needed.

  • Stubbylegs

    Seeing Duncan get taken down a notch pleases me.

    • Hikaru Takemori

      It is nice to know that there are people able to best Duncan, but right now I find it a bit unsettling. He may be the only thing between Kyle and whatever Laampros might do to him after all and as such part of me would feel better if I got the sense that Duncan might be equal to Laampros.

  • Holly

    Is Kyle’s pleasure Over or… like is he still technically orgasming during all of this?! O_o

    • Tina

      Lol everyone’s question right now!

    • Feverfew_M

      I don’t really think so. I guess his orgasm was like an almighty explosion that blasted them all the way to another dimension but is now over.

      And now that I think about it, how are they going to get back? If that’d need another orgasm of Kyle’s it would get super awkward…

      • Tina

        Well there’s no way in hell Anni’s getting Kyle’s trust back either

        • Holly

          That’s for sure. Still I kind of like the image that Kyle is still having aftershocks even as all this is happening.

        • Feverfew_M

          Let’s just hope getting back works differently. Maybe the spell works only for a certain amount of time? Or will they have to steal Lampy’s red shoes?

          • Holly

            OOO maybe it is only in place so long as Kyle is BOUND! The releasing spells sends them both home?

          • Feverfew_M

            Very good thought! That could work.

        • Klaus

          And unfortunately that is just where he needs to do it.

  • Sapfo

    So buddy’s form all over the world. I have to go (only to come back in a couple of hours), try not to analyze this page to hard. Leave some for me! 😉

    • Tina

      Same here. Got work in two hours. Night y’all!

      • Feverfew_M

        Two hours? O.O
        Sleep well then. And fast!

    • Sapf…

      No problem, there is plenty of analysis left. If you could have your diabolical thesis typed in triplicate and on our desks in a couple of hours we’d all be very appreciative. Oh and don’t feel you have to over do it. Just the basics will do. You know…

      1) What is Duncan’s underlying evil plan with Sircea?

      1a) And is he really in love with her? You know Flexible?

      2) How is Kyle going to get free?

      3) Did George Finnegan ever get his eye drops? Hey an eye just wants to feel pretty.

      4) Where the heck has Spooky been and wont someone turn off the porn and tell him to get his butt over here?

      And, finally, won’t someone be a peach and bring Kyle a Sprite or something? All that brimstone… he must be parched.

      Just the basics. Thanks ever so!

      • Holly

        1) Unlimited Jam
        2) No
        3) THE POWER OF LOVE
        4) *Stares unblinkingly at George. he stares back. We stare together. Always staring always*
        5) We don’t have Sprite. we have…Fanta?

      • Sapfo

        Is this work…do I get payed for this?

        Or might it be homework…o.O hmmm?

        1. I can not say what Duncans and Sirceas plane is right now, further studies and analysis have to be done.

        1a. As for loving in a Flexible way… Since I did not know what you meant by this, I had to look for the source of flexible. Found only that this meant pliable and/or bendable. I take it you mean do Duncan loves Sircea like he loves Pilates.

        Duncan takes his Pilates seriously and I do think he takes Sirceas also seriously. But he takes the love for her also seriously, like a big sister.

        2. Kyle going free? Kyle do not realize this yet but he is free. He just have to understand that he is the fire and therefor he is the one how can control the firechains. He will break free in 10…9…8…(Okay it will be some pages before he breaks free, and he is going to be pissed of when he do)

        3. Mr Finnegan is an eye of great origin. Growing up on the southern planes in a great manor, he was used the a life in fine style. He went to boarding school when his parents was of in high society.

        However living the life in luxury was no to Mr Finnegans liking. But running away from this life did have some consequences. He did no longer have a butler to help him with his eye drops and Mr Laampros fingernails are kind of sharp.

        But he do go to an eye parlor at least once a week for relaxing eye massage.

        4. Piiiip *Hi, sorry am busy right now… watching at a very interesting political debate, or…or a deep film like the Seventh Seal. Leave a message after the beep.* Piiip

        …..Oh yeah, give it to me Mr Bergman!

  • Well, it seems the mattress is officially burnt to a crisp.

    • Holly

      OH yeah, Kyle is on the ground now. Actually it seems the whole bed is gone now.

      • Or some sort of rock dais. But yeah, the bed went kaput.

        • Holly

          Dais….like an ALTAR?!

          • Possibly. Or just a pile of rocks.

          • Holly

            AJ: maybe not everything has to be something Holly. Calm down. *pats on the head and shares of muffin*

            HEAD CANNON

          • *picks head off the ground and places it back on Holly’s shoulders* Mmm, yes, have a muffin. XD

          • Holly

            When did my head fall off? *scared and confused. eat the muffin*

          • The head cannon?

          • Holly

            … *dies laughing*

            Head Canon is a term for when something is established as canon in your own mind.

          • If you’re certain about that. That looked like an explosion to me. 😛

          • Holly

            ….I have turned into a Mech android. And yeah, it did look like an attack. Can I have more muffins?!

          • A whole bucket full. I think we need to start adding some to the welcome buckets.

          • Holly

            What is in the buckets currently? (also I am craving oreos but I’m not hungry. not sure what to do)

          • Shirt, life jacket, cookies, coffee, poems!, and the bucket itself with our logo on it. Soon we’ll have a jacket too.

          • SofiaT

            …and now the muffins.

            Any chance we could put some brownies in there as well?

          • Mmm brownies. Indeed! A must.

          • Regular please… I can’t do the mech… sorry Holly.

          • frosting or no frosting?

          • Holly

            Brownies can have frosting?

          • usually fudge, though it can be chocolate. It’s can also be topped with cream cheese and cherries.

          • Sofia… okay… spiked frosting or?

          • SofiaT

            Or. 😛

          • Hey… just checking for consistency… just checkkkking. 🙂

            And wont one of you distract that eyeball or we’re never going to get anything done around here….

          • Holly

            *stares at the eyeball. It stares back. We stare together. Always staring. Always*

          • Okay we just wait long enough for Adam to come back with some brain spiders… oh wait… George doesn’t have a brain… okay let me keep thinking…

          • Holly

            … Can love be found between an android and a floating eye from a hell dimension?

            also did you see my post about George being in the same position as the moon?!

          • Adam Black

            got distracted eating m&m cookies…

          • I hope you’re planning to share!

          • Hey, I left you eating mech muffins and Nutella hours ago… aren’t you stuffed?

          • Well sure, but isn’t there always room for cookies?

          • My fault, I should have warned you that they were also leading people astray with Ganache… it’s a dangerous chocolate town out there…

          • The eyeball is staring. Remember the eyeball is staring. Besides, the spiked frosting is for the mech androids.

          • Holly

            Yes. My powercells need ingredients that have odd affects on humans

          • Yeah, I don’t need to break Holly again.

          • SofiaT

            Ganache? We always say “yes” to ganache.
            Ganache makes everything better.

          • True. Oooh, truffles. We should add truffles to the bucket. I make a mean espresso truffle.

          • SofiaT

            Is this to make up for the calories we lost while trying to get all the water out of the boat?

          • That or I just like truffles and muffins and brownies. Sugar is my master.

          • Oh Lord… and that goes with the person who said scoop… Gan (pause for drooling) ache…

          • Holly

            What “kind” of brownies?!

          • SofiaT

            Unspiked ones!

            We say NO to drugs. 😀

            Edit: And chocolate. With hazelnuts in them.

          • We already have a giant eyeball staring at us as it is.

          • Holly

            *stares at the eye. The eye stares back. We stare together. Always staring, Always*

          • mech muffins or regular?

          • Holly

            What are Mech Muffins?! O_O

          • The preferred muffin of mech androids everywhere. No?

          • We have bolt berry and cran-screw driver .

          • Holly

            never any banana macadamia nuts&bolts. *sigh*

            OOO Want to know the group classification titles of androids and the like?!

          • Go for it!

          • Holly

            A nervousness of Ai
            A yard-sale of androids
            A bank of automatons
            A Skynet of cyborgs
            A squardon of drones
            A swarm of nanites
            A flee of probes
            A clangor of robots
            And my personal favorite….
            A harem of sexbots.

          • I will take one harem of (male) sexbots please.

          • Holly

            HEHE. Yes less bad feelings than making a synth.

          • AND I REPEAT….

            Admiral you are a portrait in flexibility!

          • Who wouldn’t want a harem of male sexbots? Well other than those who want a harem of female sexbots?

          • Holly

            *complies a list* Well….

            Hey did you know October is International Kink Month? I think it’s funny because Halloween and hehe yeah..

          • It would make a killing at the sex shop.

            I did not know that.

          • Holly

            Yeah I just found out a few days ago.

            Also speaking of sex shops. My application went int a few hours ago. *crosses fingers*

          • Indeed fingers crossed! And may the force be with you!

          • Bite your tongue and get back to the male sexbots….

          • Male sexbots. At least enough to have one for each day of the week. I would think more than 7 would cause a problem between the bots and I’m sure after seven there would just be no more room in the bed.

          • Holly

            Menage a huit?! How will you manage? Also will they be different styles?!

          • Well you need to tell them apart. I’m sure I can think of seven different models.

          • Holly

            *sighs* You could make them look like your favorite characters or actors or something.*hums*

          • Characters, indeed characters. Although if one looked like Robert Downey Jr. I would be okay with that.

          • Holly

            You just said you needed to be able to tell them apart.

          • They wouldn’t all look like RDJ. Just one. *mmm RDJ* And I have several characters from my stories to choose from.

          • Holly


          • SofiaT

            One of them would be Jericho Barrons for me. *sigh*

          • *googles* Okay, yeah, yeah, that, yeah.

          • SofiaT

            Read the Fever series. Seriously.

            There’s a reason why I named my Kindle “Barron von Kindle”.

          • Who’s the author?

          • SofiaT

            Karen Marie Moning.
            I have the ebooks if you want them -got a Kindle?

          • Yeah they are fun! You want them.

          • Holly

            No I have a Kobo. 🙁 Is Kindle PDF or ePub?

          • .mobi

          • SofiaT

            MOBI if it’s unlocked, .amz if locked.

            I have them as mobi and pdf I believe…

          • Yeah, well, sorta. But I’d rather buy them, gotta support the author and all that.

          • SofiaT


            I usually buy the paperbacks/hardcovers and just get the ebooks from friends. I only buy the ebooks if I haven’t bought the paper version. I consider it a waste of money otherwise.

          • Holly

            My friends tend to give me ebooks as gifts. Which is why my ereader is so smutty….

          • I usually prefer to get paperbacks myself. I like holding a book. 🙂
            But as I self-publish some of my writing, it’s easier to do it via ebook. So I’m on the fence with it.

          • SofiaT

            I usued to be like that. Up until I moved to the edge of the world. I had to come to Oz with nothing but a 30kg suitcase -try fitting books in that when you carry everything else with you already.

            My mom sent me a few months ago 3 boxes with some of my favourite books and comic books but lots of it is still back home, in her garage.

            I thank The Force for my Kindle, I’d be lost without it.

          • Oh, I think the kindle is a magnificent thing. I’m definitely not knocking the ebook. I mean I sell my writing that way. The kindle in the family belongs to my mom and I don’t think I could pry it from her hands. 🙂

            I’ve just had folks put my books up to be downloaded by everyone and their uncle. So sometimes I think I get a little sensitive about the matter. 😐

          • SofiaT

            Fair enough. 🙂
            I can imagine how frustrating that must be.

            For me it’s a bit (read: very) annoying that there are so many formats and you’re expected to buy all of them. If I have the damn paperback, shouldn’t I be able to get the digital version too, without having to pay for it again?

            It’s like movies. I went and watched Man of Steel twice in the movie theater. I plan to get the dvd when it’s released later this month. Yet I wanted to re-watch some scenes and I downloaded it from one of those horrible torrents where everything is blurry. It was a temporary solution. Guess what? I got a message from my internet provider that Warner Bros complained.

            Warner Bross can kiss my butt. >:(

            With books, it’s a grey area, I admit. When you have a paperback you can lend it to your friends if you want and that’s fine, but what about ebooks? I tend to do the same but many would argue that since you still have a copy of the book you haven’t really lent it. It’s too long a discussion to exhaust here.

            Do you have a link to your work btw?

          • In my profile I have a link to my website.

            It is a grey area when it comes to ebooks. Kindle allows some lending, but it can only be done for so long a period and only so many times per book. I don’t lock my books because I think if someone buys it they should be able to put it on any device they own. And I certainly don’t have a problem when a friend lends or gives an ebook to a friend. It gets sticky when someone puts it on some download site. I’ve tried to relax about it, because it’s distracting to be searching for it and it can also bring in new sales too. Amazon is starting a thing that allows a writer to sell the ebook for cheaper to the one who buys the paperbook.

            For me I just want to support the artist because a lot of them get screwed by the publishers. And then there are the little indie guys trying to find their niche.

            So yeah, it’s a contentious subject because it often pits the artist against their audience.

          • SofiaT

            I’ve never uploaded anything online, mostly because I don’t want to get into trouble, not for moral reasons.

            But I’m a big fan of file-sharing between friends and I do think that a good writer won’t be cheated by this. Case in point, Jeaniene Frost. A friend e-mailed me the first 3 books of her Night Huntress series a few years ago and I fell in love. I’ve been buying her books ever since. So that’s another happy customer, willing to pay for books that are worth it.

            If someone sends me a book and I find it idiotic, I’ll just be glad I didn’t spend any money on it.

          • Well sure. That’s why I’ve tried to relax about it. 🙂

          • SofiaT

            Btw, I took a look at your website. Where do you suggest I start from? 🙂

          • It depends on what you want to read. If you want to see some samples, the Keepers Library has bits and pieces, plus a chapter from each book. The chapters are listed in order of publishing. The first one is a little rougher but it is the first one and I was still developing the world and the style.
            Evermagick is a take on a fantasy world and just on the site and it’s not done 😐 I’m gonna complete it one day.

          • SofiaT

            Dahre looks good. Can I start with that? I have no patience for sample chapters I’m afraid.

          • I do have them set up to be downloaded. Dahre’s fine. It is both gay and straight. You might want to see some of the pieces from it only because it is done in a different style. Some what formalish. It’s hard for me to say hey try such and such of my work, cause well it’s my work and I have inner idiot issues. o.O

          • SofiaT

            LOL. I promise to give a sincere review.

            I’m actually quite picky when it comes to books.

          • So am I. I suppose that’s why I’ve gotten rather bored because it’s never easy to find new writers.

            People seem to either get my writing or they don’t. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground really.

          • SofiaT

            There’s this writer I had heard a lot of good things about. Her books are about some guys who are called the Argonauts and are descendants of ancient greek heroes. Everybody raved about her books and I love my mythology so I bought one, pretty excited about it.

            It. Sucked.

            The plot was very thin, too many sex scenes to make up for the lack of good plot, the actions of the characters made no sense and -the cherry on top- she had decided to drop greek words here and there in the text to make it all seem more exotic or some crap like that. Only it was obvious she had used google translate because what she wrote was full of errors, the meaning was off and the way she used the words was wrong too. I know most people wouldn’t be able to tell but I found it very frustrating and distracting.

            I can get used to different writing styles, absence of plot, messy, half-assed work and unlikeable characters I can’t get used to though.

          • Sapfo

            Too much sex ruins a lot of books.

          • Too much bad sex ruins a lot of books.

          • You are correct in that it certainly was no help to Sandra Harris…

          • Sapfo

            Oh no, did you have to remind me of that book. 😉
            Honestly if I want just porn, I look at porn. If I want a erotic book, then it do need a plot and not just sex-scenes loosely hanging together by a small tread. Even if the sex scenes are good, it do not a story make.
            Not that I do not mind a little hot action in the books that I read…. just saying #_#

          • Well, I hope I pass muster. I do get a little silly at times with the names. 🙂

          • SofiaT

            I’ll download it tonight and let you know what I think 🙂

          • I’m going to pretend I didn’t read that. 🙂 Now I’m nervous.

          • Which one were you thinking of?

          • SofiaT

            Goolden Boots seems like a good place to start 😀

          • Okay, yeah nerves. 🙂

          • FYI — Admiral, emailed a request to your other site for a newbie recommendation. 🙂 Thx.

          • Replied. Hope I helped.

          • vessto

            I use mainly trnts to find books (we live very hard and only food and tickets for me to go to work are possible buys).

          • SofiaT

            No public library nearby? Signing up to a library was the first thing I did when I came to Sydney. A lot of them have ebooks too.

          • vessto

            I’m not interested in local books and I doubt I can find MM ebooks in the public library, and I can’t buy at all. *sighs*

          • I agree. If someone shares a book I like, then I look at it like a hardback loaner in the old days. Then if I like it, I buy the book with the hope that my few dollars encourages that author to write more, making me a lucky reader.

          • I’ll save you all from super-sized soap boxes and say. “YES ADMIRAL! TO ALL THAT!”

          • Thank you for the mega phone. 🙂

          • SofiaT

            nope, not insulting at all 🙂

          • Oh good. *sigh of relief*

          • Holly

            I think I would just custom make a perfect one. ^_^

          • That’s not the point of a harem though. 😀

          • Holly

            Every Harem needs a top dog.

          • I’ll give you that. But each one is special in his own way.

          • And on his own day….

          • Holly

            Wow, now I can’t stop thinking about the Loth series my Humon…

          • Just need to remember not to program in jealousy. And a bit of flexibility.

          • Holly

            Flexible personality or flexible body…

          • Ummm…. well…er… *squirrel!*

          • No, you have it right. One for you each day of the week. The other six clean and cook on their off days.

          • My practicality is starting to er.. rub off er…

          • LOL.

          • Sapfo

            male and female sexbot! Can I have one of each? o.o

          • Yes you may. Full servicing bottage here at Chez YP.

          • Admiral you are a portrait in flexibility! I bow in your general direction!

          • Tell that to my back 😛

            Well you know, one must be prepared for every contingency.

          • It will be okay, Admiral. Even a Tempurpedic mattress with that memory foam would have a hard time bouncing back from hell. It will be okay and Kyle still has a young back… still a muffin is always a good idea.

          • The fine print does exclude trips to hell on the Tempurpedic. But once he reaches 40, he’s going to be feeling those rocks.

            mmm, muffin.

          • So the tag saying “Do not tear off at pain of going to hell.” … isn’t joking? Wow. Who knew?

          • Those guys are quite serious about not removing that tag. There’s a whole mafia about that.

          • Got it….
            *zips lips shut*
            Back to muffins (or brownies).

          • Or truffles.

          • With ganache!

          • Ganache on the inside, (real) white chocolate coating on the outside.

          • Holly

            …. AJ you promised NOT to break me.

          • Sorry! Hides truffles.

          • HUSH… She’s talking ganache… let her talk it might be the way out of hell.

          • Holly

            LUST AND SLOTH ARE SINS! So lounging around drooling over the most decadent of chocolates is NOT getting us out of here.

            ….though perhaps they are so decadent they literally transport us to heaven….

  • Is Kyle scratched up in panel #5 or am I just seeing it wrong?

    • Holly

      In panel Four? No I think that’s just shading and body lines…*hopes*

      • Maybe my # is wrong. Second to last with him and Laampros in far right side. Lamp’s hand is resting on him.

        • Holly

          Yeah body lines and shading.

        • vessto

          Agree, just lines and shading.:) Good… for now.

          • Thank you all… what can I say… I’m delicate… Although today helps a lot. 🙂

            Step#2 — Get that boy off that damn bed, floor, altar, thing, whatever….. 🙂

          • vessto

            Now after Laamrpos saw that Kyle’s probably Anni’s weakness… I’m worry about Kyle a bit more!:(

    • Sapfo

      No I don´t think so. I think Laampros is just hovering his hand over Kyle. Showing Duncan how little control he have over Laampros action.

      • Yes. Thanks. Everyone seems to agree with that take and since that’s what I’m hoping for also I’m marching in the parade!

  • Saccharissa

    “The human heart”? Hm. I wasn’t thinking that was the “bit of flesh” Laampros was referring to on the last page. Or maybe I just have a dirty mind. :/

    • Holly

      I think we all thought it was the other thing. but the fact that it looks like he might rip kyle’s chest open makes it seem like he was talking about the heart…

      • I was thinking flesh as in sex sex, not the bits and pieces.

      • Adam Black

        excellent point

    • Oh hey, that makes sense too.

    • december

      I did think he was speaking about the lower than the heart part, since he was referring to lust. Lust isn’t traditionally believed to reside in the heart, is it?

      • Oh you had to ask… I sure we have someone here who went to med school and we’ll be debating this sucker all night. Oh well, we’re in hell it’s not like we have anything else to do… except stare at George Finnegan… *continues to stare unblinking at the giant eyeball. IT stares back. We stare together. Always staring. always…*

        • Holly

          YAY I made a thing! ^_^ *continues staring. George stares back. We ALL stare together. Always staring, always.*

          • Feverfew_M

            … *staring* … *always* …

      • Feverfew_M

        I think our dear Lampy does not believe in love and therefore makes no distinction between love and lust.

    • Feverfew_M

      I thought of another piece of flesh, too, but looking again at the previous page, he seems to be pointing at Kyles chest rather than towards his lower regions. So, you’re not only one with a dirty mind. 😉

      • Holly

        When my friends and I studied The Divine Comedy in First Year of university we made up an inside joke called the Level of the Gutterminded.

        It was a special level of hell for gutterminded people. You just sat in a literal gutter for all eternity laughing.

        • Feverfew_M

          Sounds like the most fun part in all hell! 😀
          See you all there! 😉

          • Holly

            HOORAY! We will have Welcome Buckets!

          • Feverfew_M

            And fancy gumboots!

          • Holly

            Well yes we will need all the Welllies and Gummies we can get to protect out feet in the gutters.

          • No no no… see it’s HELL. You get TOLD about the cool Welcome Buckets, but they’ve always just run out of them before you arrive. That’s hell for you!

          • Holly

            If I am a Demon Lord by then you can all have welcome buckets. It will help with the suffering of the others. 😛

          • Feverfew_M

            Good to hear, I was just about to cancel my reservation…

          • SofiaT

            Don’t worry, my crew has made arrangements. There are always enough buckets for Team Redilator. You just need to come on board *lures you away from Team Pitchfork with the promise of ganache covered brownies*

          • Evil pure sinful evil… Exsqueese me Team Pitch who?

          • Holly

            Wait is Team Pitchfork Annipros or Lampyle?

          • SofiaT

            Neither I think. They just want to see Anni impaled on a giant pitchfork.

          • Holly

            O_O That’s not cool.

      • WarGoddess

        I thought he was talking about the entirety of a human’s body, it would be a small bit of flesh compared to him. Kyle has other attributes that could make a human weak besides his naughty bits. 😀

        • Feverfew_M

          Ha, true, compared to Lampy, Kyle is merely an appetiser. A delicious one! 😀
          …let’s hope Laampros won’t take that literally…

          • WarGoddess

            I hope so too, that would not make for a very satisfying ending. At least not for anyone other than Laampros, lol. XD

          • Wow. I never thought of Laampros as a ‘shipper’. I didn’t think you could be a shipper if you wanted to eat the crew, the cargo and the ship itself… literally.

    • vessto

      I think now it is sadi by Anni.

  • Hours

    Oh, I knew Laampros wanted some. He wants it BAD.

    Also, hey there crazy, crazy eyeball. Whatcha doin?

    • Holly

      *continues to stare unblinking at the giant eyeball. IT states back. We stare together. Always staring. always…*

      • Feverfew_M

        I’d offer to slap you out of it, but I’m strictly non-violent.
        *waves hand before Holly’s eyes* *snaps fingers*

        • Holly

          *blinks and turns to FM* Hey sup?

          • Feverfew_M

            Phew, you’re back! No more staring at giant floating organs, fom now on! *stern look* *accidentally catches glimpse of eyeball* … *stares* …

          • Holly

            *turns head. Stares at George Finnegan. He stares back. We stare together, with FM. Always staring. Always*

          • Awwww your both in hell… it’s not like there’s tons of fun stuff to do. Go ahead and stare. Have fun!

          • Steven Klimecky

            Hmmm …..puts me in a state of anticipation for …OTHER giant floating organs.

          • Feverfew_M

            That could actually get me to avert the gaze of the eyeball and direct my attention in a different direction. But the staring would definitely continue.

  • Monica

    I’m not to fond of the look of the demon. To much generic demon for my taste. But The demon landscape? Totally adorable! 😀

    • Holly

      Hell Dimension says: I am not adorable. *pouts*

      Monica made a dimension pout. Good job ^_^

    • december

      The demon can afford not to bother about looking original. Too badass to care.

  • vessto

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! Am I dreaming????? Anni does show concernt about Kyle???? He tried to hide it but the great psychoanalyst Laampros guessed that!

    Now my hope for Anni and Kyle love returned!!!!

    • *lying on the couch*

      “See Dr. Laampros it’s my mother. She’s basically this giant floating eyeball name Georgina. She doesn’t trust me and stares unblinking, I stare back. We stare together. Always staring. Always…*

      *Dr. Laampros stretches and surreptitiously checks his watch… 47 agonizing minutes to goooooo… it’s exactly the same every week. This is indeed hell…*

      • vessto


      • vessto

        Btw, if your avatar is you yourself then I wanna say I like your abs!!!!

        • Adam Black

          yes, tell us

          • vessto

            Yes, and he should give us some telephone numbers if possible.;)

  • vessto

    Panel 4! Anni’s hands are in fists! That may be instinctive but for me it also shows he’s not indifferent to what happens to Kyle and to the unexpected interest of Laamrpos in him. Maybe Anni expected Laampros to go directly to the “business” theme too.

  • TwilightDreamer

    eeeewww!!! This demon has quite a mouth on him! X(
    Oooohhhh…I see Anni….were you hoping to use Kyle AND get him out unharmed?…not as wise as I thought Mr. Annihilator….
    Stiiiilll, nice to see there really is some concern for his safety…rofl, so I did know he cared about Kyle, but still furious about what he’s done…
    Heh heh…I do love these updates! XD

  • Superheat to melt the chains Kyle!

    • Holly

      Daniel, the chains are magic fire. They are made from fire.

      • i must have missed that…so…the spell induced the chains? i never really noticed how they got on him…lol…my powers of observation are waning.

      • i am so confused now because i thought i replied to this – anyway-

        i didn’t notice that fact, largely because i was overly excited, and still am, for Kyle…

        i don’t see my replies so I’m not sure what is going on…I kind of hate Disqus at times…like this…oh well…

    • Steven Klimecky

      Yeah – the chains are magical in nature, so I think that option is out, unfortunately. I wonder if any type of energy, sufficiently strong, can disrupt magical energy.

      • Jamie Dutton

        They aren’t just any magical fire, either. They’re made of Kyle’s own fire, which I’m guessing would make it even harder to break without hurting him.

        • Which would mean if he were to break them, he would need reabsorb them.

      • Yeah. I failed to notice that detail. I thought for some reason I saw Duncan putting some kind of restraint on him. I am a little surprised that…

        Obviously I overplayed my excitement and am overly attached to Kyle.

        I am still like Duncan whatever.

        The only thing that impressed me about him was his comment to Kyle about “You can’t hurt me.”

        I want to see how Alex handles Kyle’s entanglement with Duncan as if it were me, on the basis of their jovial reaction to the fanfic porn whatever, if I was his team leader, I would be like –

        Whatever, let’s get you home. Fuck Duncan. I guess the criminal element is once again characterized by underhanded dealings.

        Unless, Duncan is playing everyone and has something up his sleeve but I don’t know… Frankly if I were Kyle, I would be like, “this is the worst date ever!…that’s kinda cool!”

        I really appreciate that Alex has not been overly angsty with Kyle’s sexuality and the fact that he so readily agrees to go out with Duncan suggets that this is not a world even remotely like typical worlds in that Alex has depicted a world that is not exactly like our own yet so similar in very salient yet ultimately inconsequential ways.

        For example, this world obviously, at least thus far, doesn’t consider “magic” to be innately evil though obviously based on the prelude curiously sensuality is problematic.

        I say this because no objections have been voiced by any person regarding “magic” and yet sexuality was a sore topic for both Duncan and Kyle.

        I should probably stop now and stop blabbering about whatever.

      • …my reply is gone…

  • Okay I must stop having fun and go to sleep but, before I go, I must leave you with this highly controversial question…

    “If (define ‘redemption’ as you think best) Duncan is somehow redeemed and Kyle decides to stick his head back in the lions mouth for another try…”

    Wait… wait… sorry… I’m slanting the statistical sample

    Let me try again…

    “If, Kyle decides to put himself at reasonable risk and give Duncan a second chance at relationship roulette after all he’s done… COULD YOU STILL RESPECT KYLE? Or would you think he’s being a chump?”

    I’ll be back for some breakfast ganache muffins with the mech in the morning. Thanks everybody!


    • vessto

      Not only respect him, but I’ll love him! I’m so much for they to end together both in bed and life!

    • SofiaT

      The reply to that is: depends on what’s lying ahead in the next 3 and a half chapters.

      I’m sure if Kyle ends up with Duncan again, there will be a perfectly good and believable reason for it.

      Whatever the outcome of this, I can’t imagine not respecting Kyle, is what I’m saying.

      • That makes perfect sense. As the Pharaoh said… “Let it be written, let it be done!”

    • Steven Klimecky

      Unfortunately, that IS one of THE big issues/problems here.

      • Totally understood. That describes my conflict as well. The push-pull between what I hope for and what I can envision. Honestly I needed this week’s page to find a bit of equilibrium and an opportunity to see Duncan face some adversity. I’m very much keeping my fingers crossed for more. I think if there is a chance for real redemption for Duncan, it will come from formidable creatures like Laampros challenging him. I know we have a long road ahead, but I’m hoping for a few more pages like this last one. 🙂

    • Holly

      I’m with Sofia on this one. It all depends on what happens leading up to when they get back together, if they do. If Duncan shows honest improvement and redeems himself, I won’t lose any respect for Kyle. But if Kyle falls in his arms again before Duncan has prove himself, then I don’t think so.

      Also I’m just really distracted that the fact you and I are apparently having brekkies together later. XP

    • Feverfew_M

      I think, yes, I could, but it depends heavily on how the story plays out in between.

      If, e.g., Anni had just a change of heart, scooped Kyle up and carried him out of danger, and Kyle, ever so grateful, would sink into his arms… let me just say ugh, bleargh and gag. 😛

      If, on the other hand, they had a long and dangerous journey together, were forced to combine their efforts for something, both forced to grow in their own way, if I can see them falling for the person the other one is becoming/revealed to be, and if they come back together on an equal level, then I could indeed respect them both a great deal. (No pressure here, Alex. ;))

      • SofiaT

        Well said *nods*

    • I think I’m with the rest of the crew. It all depends on how the story unfolds, the way Duncan is redeemed. There has to be growth on both their parts. And of course if a bit of grovelling ensues.

    • Adam Black

      Right now, I’d assume brain damage from what we’ve already seen.
      It isnt fair the judge someone after trauma and possible brain injuries.

      • Steven Klimecky

        Hmmm… I can actually agree with that – not fair to judge anyone after they have suffered traumatic experiences. I’m not sure “brain injuries” are likely outcome in this case, but it wouldn’t be surprising if psychological damage was to result for poor Kyle (I’d hope not, but I can’t believe that something like this WOULDN’T effect someone psychologically on a number of levels)..

      • Fair enough. The question… is recovery an option? 🙂

    • Sapfo

      “Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice…”
      I would respect him, but if anything bad happened again and he did not get out at once. Then I would question his sanity.
      But right now Duncan have some serious redeeming to do before I could think of forgive him. And he have not even started yet!

    • Jamie Dutton

      I still think the only way that this Annihilator can be redeemed is for him to broken down completely. Whether physically or mentally, something has to give. As he is now, there is no way in this Hell or any other that he is deserving of another chance.

    • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

      I’m Team Pitchfork Tar & Feathers and I ardently hope Kyle DTMFA. I’ll be very disappointed if Kyle gives Duncan a second chance instead of his just desserts.

  • vessto

    For sure Anni’s plans are now upside down… Again a wonderful turn, thank you, Alex!

  • SofiaT

    Ok, this page is serious. It needs nutella. *goes to invade the pantry*

    • Holly

      …I just ran out of Nutella. *cries into oreos*

    • I have dark chocolate peanut butter. I think you’re right, the page requires such things.

      • SofiaT

        Dark. Chocolate. Peanut. Butter??? *mind exploded*

        I didn’t know such thing existed.

        • Yami_no_Ite

          Oh yes. It does. I dunno about Jane’s Peanut butter, but I have found that White chocolate wonderful and Dark Chocolate Dreams from Peanut Butter & Co. are particularly nice.

        • vessto

          The other three seems thrilling too. I never tasted even ordinary peanut butter in my country. Now at these pix I’m drowned in drool.

          • SofiaT

            Peanutbutter rocks. We don’t have it in Greece either (or at least it’s not easily found) but I had an American flatmate when I lived in London and she initiated me into the wonders of it.

            Now I can live on nothing but p&j sandwiches if need be.

      • Adam Black

        I ate too many cookies

        • Your loss 😛 Although my loss for missing cookies.

          • SofiaT

            I’m eating nutella on toast right now.
            The nutella has melted on the warm bread and it’s… mmmmm.

          • You have the good nutella too I bet, the kind without all the crap in it that gets added in in this country. 🙁

          • SofiaT

            It’s Australian nutella. It’s not bad but it’s not as good as European nutella either.

            I also can’t eat Cadbury in this country. You can taste the preservatives in it.

          • A friend of mine once brought me some from Germany. There’s just no comparing it. There is a company that makes some hazlenut chocolate butter, but it’s $10 for a jar. And now they’ve started cutting in almonds. Bah!

            Most candy here has corn syrup in it. Just yuck.

          • SofiaT

            you can easily make your own hazelnut-chocolate spread at home, you know that, right?

          • Well sure, I’m just a lazy ass. And so I buy the dark chocolate peanut butter.

          • Feverfew_M

            Was it Alnatura? Or Rapunzel? I love both. Highest content of hazelnuts in any chocolate-nut spread. Yum!

          • No, Justin’s.

          • Feverfew_M

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          • Yeah, Justin’s nut butters


          • Feverfew_M

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          • No. The nutella was from Germany.

          • Feverfew_M

            I meant that. 🙂
            So, it was the normal nutella, as in, the stuff that is really named that way? (don’t like it at all! *ducks*)

          • Yeah. That’s okay. Not everyone does. I don’t even think my friend liked it that much.

          • SofiaT

            Years ago I briefly dated a guy who was the Brand Manager of Ferrero in Greece. He was Italian (all the top executives of Ferrero in european posts are Italian) and he used to keep his place always stocked with jars of nutella. Never slept with him but waking up to cupboards full of nutella would have been a good reason for it.

          • I can just see that conversation. I’m only here for the nutella.

          • WarGoddess

            I try to stay away from nutella and only get it every now and then, because when I have it, I can’t resist eating it, to the point where I eat it straight out of the jar with a spoon. I don’t even put it on anything. Therefore, I must limit my intake, lest I get fat. 😀

        • Is that even possible… wellllll we are in hell… but still?

          • Being in hell would mean never getting cookies ever again.

        • Is that even possible?

      • Hikaru Takemori

        Oh, would you be so kind to send me a Kilo or three?

    • vessto

      Yes, it is serious I kinda love the way Laampros torments Anni. Serves him well.:D

  • Steven Klimecky

    Anni may not care for Kyle in the ways we might have hoped, but at least it seems that he still doesn’t wish any physical harm to come to him. I guess that’s a positive thing, but I think that risk would be a major part of the territory to which Duncan has brought Kyle. So if that were a true concern, then why take the chance – but for his very self-centered and power-hungry goals that would seem to surpass those concerns.

    • Adam Black

      Kyles is his transportation out of hell.

      Its easier to prentend its more than that, but what guyhasn’t had road rage, when someone threatens your vehicle?

      • Steven Klimecky

        Unfortunately, that actually makes a lot of sense – explains why he may not want Kyle harmed, and yet doesn’t have to set up the notion that he might have feelings for Kyle personally (which would fly in the face of what he’s done and the things he told Kyle after he cast the spell).

      • LOL. Understood. One definitely doesn’t want his transportation rear-ended under these circumstances… let alone dinged or scratched.

  • SofiaT

    Are Duncan’s eyes trained on that claw on the first panel? He looks like he’s about to attempt to defuse a ticking bomb…

  • Adam Black


    This page did NOT disappoint! IT’s ON! Great work

  • Tragically_Unhip

    I particularly enjoy how Laampros is specifically antangonizing Duncan. Too bad it’s at Kyle’s expense. Something tells me he’ll be merciful to our hero, even if only to punish the Annihilator for what seems to be impending defiance.

    Something along the lines of: “I could help you, but I don’t like you so I’m going to give all the power to the boy instead.”

    Or, alternatively: “Mortals is sooo stupid~” (bonus points for anyone who gets that, btw) and a rampage on/in the lowly, Earthly plane of existance.

    Either way, Laampros doesn’t strike me as one to be easily bound or commanded. Seriously doubt Duncan’s going to get what he came for unless he’s got something remarkably powerful up his sleeve.

    • Pup Ruff

      He can’t be commanded at all, I think. And I think you’re onto something with Giving his power to Kyle. That would send everything into chaos. Is it bad I think Kyle would make a very hot demon?

      • Steven K.

        If he did give power to Kyle, I think that would be rather cool – err…hot – cool-hot – whatever – lol. And I think Kyle would make a very hot/sexy ANYTHING.

      • Don’t know if I can qualify it, but it sure is interesting to think about.

  • Angie Penrose

    Check out Duncan being all protective! As much as he can be under the circumstances, at least. I love his expression and body language in the second to last panel though. 😀


  • vessto

    A possibe page 38 (never would happen but still…)

    Anni truns off the spell. Laampy and the big eye dissapear. Anni kneels before Kyle: Forgive me!… I did such a stupid thing!!… May we continue from where we stopped??…


    • Ah if only…

    • Feverfew_M

      Nooooo! I would not be satisfied with that at all. 😀

      • vessto

        Even if it will last in all other remaining pages?:p

        • SofiaT

          I agree with Feverfew. Too easy, even for a fantasy.

          • vessto

            We can apply some twist, like Kyle to want Anni to prove his love by hunting Laampy and defeating him.

          • SofiaT

            *thinks hard about it*


          • vessto

            In old barbarian times Kyle might want Laampy’s head as a prove.

        • Feverfew_M

          What? Anni groveling? Forever and ever? Nope! 😛

          • vessto

            No, only the last part… Anni and Kyle is this king size bed, forever and ever…. :p

    • Steven K.

      Ummmm…I DON’T think Kyle is going to have any interest in sticking around for ANYTHING with Duncan after that, and would be most likely to flame on away out of there. Of course he’d want to say a lot of things, but I’m not sure that Kyle, even after being physically able to speak again, will actually be able to say much – it would be that overwhelming. What could one say after something so suddenly intense and frightening and traumatic. Some people have been rendered mute for life after going through or witnessing something traumatic in such a way.

      • davefragments

        Somewhere down the line, Kyle is going to have to face this trauma.

  • SofiaT

    Think I can skip work tomorrow so I can stay home and speculate about what’s going to happen next??

    • Sounds legit to me. 😀

    • Denise Cruz

      XDD I loved that! I wish I could see your boss face getting an e-mail like this one! XDD

      • vessto

        Maybe the boss’ reply could also be: I can’t come into work either, bosses can also follow fandoms and mine left me extremely broken.

        • Denise Cruz

          XDDD It would be even more funny! I would want to see Sofia’s face, then… XDDD

      • SofiaT

        My boss sent me a photo yesterday on facebook, saying “our new boardroom furniture” -and the furniture was a big table with swings all around it. 😛

        • Denise Cruz

          XDDD I love your boss! He/she seems to be someone pretty funny! 😀

  • fujoshifanatic

    Aaaah! Now I’ll have that song in my brain for the rest of the day: I am the eye in the sky/looking at you/I can read your mind! I used to play that cassette tape until it frayed (how ancient must I be sounding here?).

    At any rate, I’m not surprised Anni is at least attempting to keep Kyle from serious harm; he stated before that this betrayal was noting personal and that he actually liked Kyle, and under different circumstances, they would be a thing. He apparently underestimated Laampros’ very keen interest in Kyle’s fleshy bits. Hopefully Anni can steer him back to the heart of the matter–their business–and away from Kyle’s heart (and other parts).

    And Laampros’ way with words? Totally eloquent for a demon in my opinion. Thanks for the page, and the musical reference Alex! *runs off to iTunes in search of a download*

    • xLizardx

      I think it complements all the red and orange 🙂

      • rgleon9986

        If I’m not mistaken, brown and orange are the same color, just with different surrounding color contrast (and brown has relatively low saturation).

        • SofiaT

          I thought brown was orange (red and yellow) with a bit of blue mixed in.

        • xLizardx

          True – if I’m drawing someone with light brown eyes, to really make them stand out, I choose a dark shade of orange. 🙂

    • Niggle

      I never really noted the eye color, interesting. It would have looked odd as blue with all those other colors, as xLizardx said. Beside, I like brown eyes! Really pale blue eyes freak me out. o.o Which is slightly silly since I have rather pale eyes, as does my brother, mother and father. XD My aunt was the only one who got my grandfather’s brown eyes and dark hair.

    • SofiaT

      Where I come from, folk lore says the devil has blue eyes.

      So blue might be more fitting in this scenario but brown fits the decor more 😀

  • Amy

    “Like loose excrement from a pig’s ass.” Well said, I must say.
    Anyway, Kile will be so pissed off if he gets away. I bet he’s going to make Duncan completely bald with his power.

    • vessto

      Noooooooooooooooo…… I want my Anni grey haired!

    • Steven Klimecky

      🙂 Now THAT might piss him off and be a nice punishment.

  • davefragments

    Rats, I fell asleep at 2am and missed the page. Then, of course, some on wakes me at 6:30am on the phone to tell me news of 1am. Grumble…

    HOWEVER, this is an interesting turn on Duncan. Laampros seems to have Duncan’s number.

    Fire, is my first thought. Fire is the constant here.
    I have to think about that for a while

  • Kalynn Osburn

    …Did it ever occur to any of us that Duncan might be in danger of a serious sexual assault.

    • Xalun K

      O_O I don’t think so. But it looks like you may be on to something (disturbing).

    • timemonkey

      Yup. But at this point I don’t really feel all that concerned about it.

    • Denise Cruz

      Yep! Right on my mind! (Didn’t make happy, although..)

      It sounds possible to me that Laampros is going to give Anni a choice: Or he gives Kyle to him or gives himself… (Não que ele realmente tenh algum interesse em qualquer das alternativas, sexualmente falando. Só pra atormentar o homen!)Horrible choice! Doesn’t matter what!

      But, of course, Alex is always more creative than I. Maybe he appears with a completely new and unexpected way to get out of this awkward situation.

      Saturday is never soon enough! XD

    • I was getting a mental and emotional assault vibe in the classic demon fashion, coming from Laamp toward Duncan, but I must admit I didn’t get any sexual vibe to go with it.

      I just got that the Laampster wants to mess with D. something fierce. I assumed that was because L. knew what favor Duncan wanted from him and he really doesn’t respect it.

      However that doesn’t really mean anything but me totally guessing. I have no expertise with demon lusts… excepting a short period when I was between 13 and 15 years old, for which I have no other explanation. 🙂

  • b3nc0

    Duncan’s mind is, unexpectedly, set on a more vertuous path than most of us! He understood that when speaking of “a small bit of flesh”, Big L meant the heart and not the /other/ bit of flesh ¬¸¬

    • Steven Klimecky

      Possibly. Laampros was talking about lust, which, as a type of emotion or urge, could be considered conceptually as a product of “the heart”, the heart being the philosophical seat of emotions (though scientifically today we know that’s more in the brain), thus invoking the response from Duncan that the human heart is more complicated.

  • vessto

    Btw, I don’t wanna be on the place of Laampy’s dentist…

  • Xalun K

    Oh, Duncan…. You’re dealing with a DEMON here. Nothing EVER goes as planned when there’s a Demon involved. Looks like if it’s not Kyle who has his – ahem – attention, it’s going to be you. I think you may have made a mistake there, big man.

    • vessto

      Totaly agree. He seems to play with Kyle but his target is Anni.

  • Midwestmutt

    Minionhood does not sit well on The Annihilator. The first thing Laampros needs to do is establish who is boss.This doesn’t bode well for Kyle. Face it, when you have a naked sacrificial victim bound to an altar it invokes Checkov’s gun.

    • Steven K.

      I wouldn’t feel QUITE as uncomfortable about things if Kyle wasn’t quite so naked/exposed/open/helpless/vulnerable. I’m hoping his flames are at least shrouding his genital area, providing him at least some dignity (and also thus not drawing additional attention from a sex-starved demon to Kyle’s most personal anatomy).

      • davefragments

        I don’t think this demon is sex starved. I think it aimed itself at Duncan’s weaknesses to take advantage of Duncan.

        • Simba Hutchison

          Totally agree. He’s found D’s button and is leaning on it.

          And, this might just be me personally, but if it were me, presumably still feeling the orgasm causing the flames, surrounded by surrealistic hell landscape, and watching this dude who was once comforting and now confusing have a battle of wits with a giant demon guy, I think any vulnerability in terms of nakedness would be kinda secondary to all the other emotions going on. Plus, I would feel very nearly as vulnerable chained spread eagle to a bed clothed as I would naked. Maybe I’m weird like that?

          • Steven K.

            Well, yeah, that’s all very true and I’d have to fervently agree with most all of that – I was just thinking that would be just one more issue on top of everything for someone like Kyle – as you said, kinda secondary to the other things, but still present. Just looking through my lens – I’m VERY self-conscious without clothes, and feel very vulnerable and thus empathetic with Kyle who also seemed painfully shy about such things. I actually wouldn’t feel quite as vulnerable bound and chained if I were still clothed – I wouldn’t feel threatened sexually, at least, until the one doing the threatening started to remove them. But we are already naked here, and I DO think the exposed flesh did attract the demon’s notice and interest, and those caresses from those pointy-clawed fingers on Kyle’s beautiful exposed body wouldn’t feel so violating (to Kyle or to Duncan) when rubbing over Kyle if Kyle were in armored gear like Duncan has on. Those demon-nails are so pointy – so razor-like, that it wouldn’t take much to incise or cut into Kyle’s soft, sensitive bare skin.

          • Simba Hutchison

            I guess as a lady I feel sexually vulnerable under the male gaze even when clothed. But, you’re right about Kyle being shy about being nekked previously.

          • Midwestmutt

            In torture or human sacrifice the victim is bound naked in dread-filled anticipation of what is coming so his/her absolute feeling of helplessness and vulnerability will maximize the central nervous systems’ ability to feel pain. As for Laampros, I don’t think his lack of visible genitalia means anything since this comic doesn’t show any. However I don’t know what he meant by mortal pleasures earlier. His hand has been over Kyle’s chest not his sex organs. Perhaps his pleasure is more in sacrificial feasting.I want to know what he has done with humanity before and how and why he was walled off from our reality.

            the But I am not sure what Laampros meant by mortal pleasures. His hand has been at Kyle’s chest not his sex organs. Maybe his pleasure is more about sacrificial feasting than sex.We need to know what his history with humans is and also how and why he was walled off from mortal reality.

          • Simba Hutchison

            While this is true for sacrifices, Kyle doesn’t really fit this description. The spell enhances his pleasure to open the portal to this other place, plus Duncan mentioned his lack of being able to speak may save his life. This implies that pain and death are not the original intent of whatever it is Duncan is up to (added on top of the almighty Word of God that sayeth Kyle is not going to be killed this way and isn’t feeling any pain).
            I am almost certain that Laampy meant sex, but maybe is classy enough that he doesn’t just go straight for the naughty bits. More likely is he had no intention of doing anything to Kyle, just using him to get under Duncan’s skin and “bend him over” (not literally) in this deal he’s about to make for power/youth/immortality.

          • vessto

            I’m sure I see in the last panel that Laampy teases his nipple with his thumb.

        • Sapfo

          I agree with Dave here, I think he has no interest in sex, but he likes the power.

        • I think you’re both right. The demons need for seed is a different issue than Kyle’s need for some dignity and a little emotional relief. So I do also agree with Mr. K.

  • Jeanie

    Ugh, it makes me mad that Duncan didn’t anticipate behavior like that from Laampros. Duncan could not have played that any less cool. But I guess we already know he failed Villain Dialogue 101, e.g. monologuing.

    I guess it gives me some comfort to see everyone saying that Kyle must be alive and well for Duncan to get back to our “realm” and do Laampros’ bidding. Too bad the definition of alive and well doesn’t include being untouched by a snarky demon that lacks human genitalia. Duncan, you are so irresponsible!

    • Steven K.


  • Niggle

    My only comfort is I KNOW Alex won’t let anything horrible happen to Kyle. He’ll be totally freaked out about what he’s observing and he’ll be emotionally fucked over by Anni’s betrayal and his trip to hell, but at least he’ll be physically whole and home eventually. ;_;

    • Steven K.

      As if for him this isn’t already horrible enough. Though generally agreed. Just still worried what kind of emotional and psychological toll this is going to take on him. I can’t imagine that he’d get through all this totally unaffected in those ways, on top of his psychological hurts and frustrations and repressions from or in the past. He just starts to overcome those with going into the gay bar and accepting himself, and being able to (hopefully) overcome his fears and problems with physical or sexual gratification or intimacy with someone through interacting with (indestructible) Duncan in this manner, then all goes wrong – very dreadfully and painfully and fearfully and nightmarishly wrong. How long before he can ever feel comfortable attempting anything physical ever again with anyone – or even trusting anyone. A tragic experienced happened with his first masturbation/orgasm attempt – and now, the second time he has an orgasm – THIS – ***THIS!!!*** – Seriously??? I’m soooooooooo sad for him and feeling almost as devastated myself.

  • Thank you for that visual, Laampros…
    Yeah, thanks.

  • davefragments

    Oh Alex, dear Alex… Did you perhaps grow up on a farm?

    Now that I have your attention, and that is all that statement means, I want to say “…loose excrement from a pig’s ass …” is so true.

    Back in the late 1990’s I was asked to run a meeting on Alternative Energy Sources. Pertinent now is Burning Animal Waste. Yes, the title of that symposia was “Burning Animal Waste” and I read very scholarly papers on how Bovine Waste (Cow Flops), Swine Manure, and Chicken Litter, might be “utilized” (to be bureaucratically wordy) as fuel in a boiler to generate electricity.
    And that is how I learned about lots of animal excrement.

    Turns out, swine manure is very wet — around 50% water and takes large amounts of energy to dry and if you don’t dry it, it generates steam and corrodes the fire side of your boiler. Bovine Waste dries on the ground and has been a traditional heat source among nomads. Chicken Litter is just vile but produces a high potassium ash that can be sold at a premium price.

    But Swine Manure is found in large lagoons and those giant pig farms leave it to ferment and degrade to sludge. It is runny and a most unsuitable animal waste for turning into a product to sell.

    The lesson is that “pig shit” (to use the vulgar) is the least valuable of all animal excrements.

    • Poppyjaz

      This was interesting ! Thanks for the info. And what a way to reinforce how little Lampy respects Ducan 🙂

      • davefragments

        It was a unique look into (insert giggles here) manures.

    • SofiaT

      I love this comments section because you always learn something new 😀

    • So, you’re basically saying that Laapros is being vulgar in the subtlest most sophisticated possible way. Sweet.

  • Sapfo

    Duncan is a villain in this drama, there are other villains too, but right now I concentration on Duncan.
    Duncan is not a villain with golden heart, but I think he is a villain with a conscience. And right now, I think that this small little conscience is gnawing away at him. I would hope that conscience will be so effective that in the near future, Duncan to assist as Kyle somehow. But at the same time this is perhaps too much to hope for.

    Over too this page impressions on me. Again it is about power, who has the power and how it expresses itself.

    I do not believe at all that Laampros an especially interested in Kyle as a person, he is however interested in Kyle in the way Laampros handled him affecting Duncan. Duncan is not very smooth right now, but I think it’s because he thought Laampros would focus on him and not on Kyle. Duncan thought he would be at the center of this scene and now that Laampros have his sharp nails resting on Kyle’s very fragile skin, Duncan realizes that maybe this was a miss calculation by him.

    For those how want Kyle to break free right now, sorry I do not think so. This little powerplay between Laampros and Duncan will go on for at least some pages.
    Laampros in really enjoying this moment and he will make the most of it.

    And now to Kyle, he is angry, afraid and I really hope for him that he will get the power in the end. Go Kyle!

    • Steven K.

      I think that is a decent analysis.

  • Simba Hutchison

    Wow, Duncan. Way to tip off to the scary red dude that you’re a) anxious/nervous and b) hiding something. This is probably going to end poorly for you. I predict he will make a deal with you, but at such significant personal or global cost that the cognitive dissonance will break you eventually. But not before you destroy a ton of stuff and unite all the good guys against you… Poor dumb bugger. Definitely a good example of how fear (in Duncan’s case, of growing old/dying) can cause people to do really stupid stuff that end up being worse in the long run. 🙁

    • Maria White

      I’m thinking he may be making the deal to become Immortal. Or something of the sort. Getting more power is always something villains want. If only so that they can beat any hero that comes their way….
      And dear sweet zombie Jesus…. what is going to happen to Kyle after this? He is in a tenuous spot in a team. But…. he would have quite a bit of info… which he could lie about saying that he did all this to learn more about Anni, and know what he is planning. Not to mention since Anni did confess to quite a few crimes, the fire for one, he has enough evidence to have any hero want to fight. I hope it is this, or something like it.
      I want Kyle to be happy, I’m kinda a sap that way.

  • Cydney Sabin

    Looks to me like Duncan’s getting jealous…

    • And maybe even a little afraid for his Lil Hero.

  • vessto

    Hmmm, I think I may or may not misunderstood the last panel. At first I though Laampros means Anni’s behavior from this same page were a liberty. But if the words are continuation of his previous sentence they also may mean that Anni doesn’t like Laampros touching Kyle but this touching was a liberty Anni allowed to himself (that means that Laampros possibly voyeur-ed them).

    This is what started to puzzle me. Pls, any opinions?

    • davefragments

      Laampros is pointing out Duncan’s hypocrisy. The big red guy knows how and why Kyle was duped into breaking the barriers. That puts Duncan at a disadvantage.

    • Denise Cruz

      He’s a demon! Demons always tried opposing to God. So, of course he can also see freely what is going on inside Anni’s heart.

      Well, if we look at Anni’s face (first panel), even we can see he feels uneasy about Laampros getting close to Kyle, even more touching him. (Who doesn’t?!)

      And, he said previously that nothing happens around his land without him knowing it. He knows it. He knows that Duncan feels something for Kyle. He definately is provoking Anni.

    • Sapfo

      I think Laampros knows what it takes to open a portal to his world.

    • Steven K.

      Yes – he means the liberty that Duncan took in touching and erotically engaging with Kyle in order to produce that orgasm that was somehow needed for the spell to be employed as the first step in the initiation of all this. Laampros is at least able to deduce what Duncan was doing with the boy from the state that Kyle is in (bound and naked and flaming) and from what is needed to break the barriers and cross over into his world.

  • Denise Cruz

    Oh! It doesn’t look good for Kyle… Keeps getting worse and worse every panel… >~<

    • vessto

      He will survuve. (๑‵●‿●‵๑)

      • Denise Cruz

        I hope so, but… I can’t even start imagining how horrible it could be if any of them was… well… you know… by Laampros. Yuk!!!

        • davefragments

          Kyle’s got the power to cross the barriers. Duncan does not have that power. Kyle’s problem is immaturity. Duncan’s problem is (as someone else suggested) Hubris.

          • Klaus

            I don’t think Kyle has that power. The spell Duncan used needed something special, which he took from Kyle. But we have no reason to think that Kyle could do it on his own. It it was virginity that was needed, Kyle will nor be able to provide it ever again.

            However, Kyle’s special nature must enter into it somehow. If all that was needed was a virgin, there must be many who would be easier for a known villain to seduce than heroic Kyle.

          • Steven K.

            Well, I think you are correct – about the virgin part possibly, but also that Kyle couldn’t do it on his own and that the spell needed that something special in Kyle’ nature or abilities – that fire/flame/energy power that was ignited and harnessed as Kyle orgasmed – that was somehow needed to provide the power or energy to make the spells and this transportation happen.

          • Denise Cruz

            Oh, I know! But, what’s worrying me the most is that huge red thing hurting him just to be able to hurt Anni’s ‘hubris’ at the same time..

            And, I don’t think Kyle already understood that he has such a power (if he really has it)… even if he did, he certainly doesn’t know how to use it, or IF he can do it for himself.

            I get chills (BAD chills) every time I think about that freak putting his hands over one of them…

            Whata hell is wrong with Duncan’s head to take that boy to such a place, with such a creature?! Aff!

          • And that he’s an asshole. That’s a problem too.

  • StrawberryLime

    I know that this is a very serious situation for poor Kyle and all, but I LOL’d at Laapros calling out Duncan’s smooth talking. Seems he might be close to learning that all the wit and manipulation in the world isn’t going to be able to influence everyone in this world… and whatever one he just ended up in. 😀

    • Denise Cruz

      Karma is a bitch!! XDD

      • Jamie Dutton

        Yes, apparently a 12ft+ giant red demon with bitchin facial hair!
        I laughed very loudly when i read those 2 panels! Geez, even demons think you’re a dumb ass that talks too much, Annihilator!!

        • Denise Cruz

          XDDDDDDD True!

        • Amanda

          Maybe Laampros was a founding member of ZZ TOP.

      • Yes! And at that moment she was my favorite bitch.

        • Denise Cruz

          XD I couldn’t ever argue with you about that issue! XDD Totally agreed!!

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    I think it’s looking much worse for Duncan……trying to “control” the situation, when in fact,he lost any hope of “control” when the portal opened!

  • Steven K.

    First page in a while that, for some reason, hasn’t left me with a feeling of complete sadness, foreboding and/or dread.

    • So agree.

      • Sapfo

        That is good to know, both of you ^_^

    • Denise Cruz

      I think it’s because we’ve seen something about Anni’s feelings that showsus that we aren’t completely insane about him! (at least, not totally insane!) XDD It gives us a little of hope! It’s a good feeling! Don’t you think?

  • b3nc0

    The counter just reached the 400$ (^^)(/^^)/

  • DiDi

    Way to go, Annihilator. What’cha gonna do now, huh? In over your head, are you?

  • Rae Goldberg

    Well at least Anni did… Something… to help Red… but still…

  • Kendall

    Heh, Alan Parsons Project FTW! “I can read your mind…I can cheat you blind…”…uh…uh-oh…. This doesn’t sound good.

  • vessto

    All I can remember from them is MammaGamma.

  • Klaus

    Eloquent, yes, but poetical?

  • John

    So the protections around the world are pierced by the spell Duncan used, fueled by Kyle’s… what? Inherent magic? Sexual energy?

    Seems to me that Kyle relaxed a subconscious brake on his power when he achieved orgasm (Gosh darn that prostrate gland; it causes so many problems) that was used to fuel Duncans spell. What intrigues me, however, is the NATURE of said spell. Was it a one-way trip? I other words, will it need to be cast again to work? Yet Duncan said ‘trust was an absolute necessity, and I doubt Kyle STILL trusts Duncan after all this. Which would THEN suggest that either Laampros will have to send them back (which puts Anni in a VERY bad negotiating position) or that Kyle’s power is holding them there. Which at least gives Anni a reason to safegaurd him, but not so much Laampros. It also gives Anni a time limit

    However this suggests that Kyle has inherently greater potential than Spooky here (given what we’ve seen of Spooky’s power so far) which is a frankly frightening thought. Especcially for Villains like Anni.

    • Klaus

      What if it was a mainframe that needed eating? Would Spooky summon Laampros?

      • John

        Lets hope not! I’m not sure Laampros would be healthy in our world

        • Why not? Do you mean in the sense of landing on another planet with a different type of air or gravity or something? Or do you mean something to do with magic?

          • John

            Neither, strictly speaking. I’m not sure a Demon like lamy there is that easily controlled or compelled. Once in this world it might be hard to make him leave. Like a magical Godzilla.

          • Makes sense. Lampzilla. Like that. You meant, “heathy FOR our world.” Got that now.

            Thanks for responding.

    • Brennub

      I’m wondering if one of the deadly sins or some similar concept are needed to enter this world? I say that mostly because the “lust” was in bold on the last page. On top of this, Laampros says “I see you used lust,” which might imply there are other ways to enter his realm. And being that lust is one of the seven deadly sins…. well I’m sure you understand my line of thinking.

      Totally agree with you about Kyle’s power though. It’s a good thing he doesn’t have a villainous nature. I mean… could you imagine the damage he could do?

      • Jesslc

        I like the idea about one of the deadly sins being involved (such a neat idea!), but on a close reading of the previous comic, I don’t think it fits. Laampros actually says:

        “So it was lust that allowed a creature such as yourself to use his power…”

        It seems to me that Laampros is saying that the power (to break the boundaries between worlds) is inherent to Kyle, and Anni used (Kyle’s) lust to gain access Kyle’s power – trapping Kyle in a binding from which Anni then uses Kyle’s power to open the gateway to Laampros’s world.

        Looking back on earlier pages I’m thinking that it’s a two-part spell, rather than two separate spells (possibly I am late to the party with this thought…). After all Kyle surely no longer trusts Anni by the time the second part of the spell, thanks to all of Anni’s delightful monologuing.

  • bronakopdin

    you call “like loose excrements from a pig’s ass” poetical? xD

    oh Alex, I think YOU are poetical here ^^
    or rather… “politically correct”?

    • Sweet talkers… one and all of you.

    • davefragments

      If you scroll down, I left a comment earlier about the proper words for scientific research into “Burning Animal Waste” and “excrement” is a polite and proper word. Chickens have litter, Cows and horses have Manure or Flops, and Swine have Manure.

      Imagine if you will a dairy farm with 100 milk cows under one roof and the size of the scraper and manure pile that exists out the wrong end of the building. It is Bovine Waste. I sat through a dozen technical papers on how to burn various animal wastes and no one giggled or used the more vulgar or profane descriptions.

      Consider also that a supermarket sells Pork — Pork chops, pork roast, Pork ribs, etc… We do not eat swine or pig.

      Beef Cattle is a double name. It is Beef and they are Cattle. We don’t eat cow steaks or cattle steaks or steer burgers, we eat Beef (from the French)…

      LAAMPROS is being deliberately annoying to Duncan. That is the reason for the fanciful and too polite word “excrement.”

  • Amanda

    I see what is happening here, Laampros is using his random nipple stroking on Kyle, and his sweet lover talk on Duncan to make George jealous! Pshaw, pigs excrement, you sly dog, trying to make your lover jealous!

    • Denise Cruz

      XDDDDDDDD George is worried! XD

      • Amanda

        George needs a telepathic voice that’s saying, ” Oh no he didn’t!”

        • Denise Cruz

          XDDD Only you could make me have fun with something that gave me bad chills since the first time I saw it! (Sorry, George! But it’s true!)

          • Amanda

            I will definitely take that as a compliment. Stuff like this doesn’t generally bother me, I mean its a Giant Floating Eye and a twelve foot Red guy. NOw if you wanted to see me freak out you should have seen the first time I read The Rape of Sue Dibny. That was soul crushing.

          • Denise Cruz

            XDD Believe me: I wouldn’t read it!
            That kind of thing makes me depressed. I don’t like it! >~<

            About our 'Curious George', (which seems to be looking around on that last panel), I'm fine, now. But I couldn't look it freely before that the following page had been updated…(True history! XDD)

    • You have pierced their obfuscating repartee in order to discern the real truth and once again its all about George is it not? Very astute.

  • SofiaT

    This will eventually be published. The pacing then will be very good indeed. Anything less and it would feel too hurried.

    There’s nothing wrong with the pacing actually, it’s us who are impatient.

    • I absolutely agree with everything both Tragically_Unhip and SofiaT say above. These are spectacular free gifts, created by top quality artists and to be able to share in such artistry as a work-in-progress is incredibly generous. Truly, the pacing, cannot be judged until it is finished, so that is fully a choice. I’ll just say thank you… loudly.

  • Brennub

    I don’t like where this is going. it doesn’t seem to bode well for Kyle or even Anni for that matter.

  • I don’t care, Duncan. YOU put Kyle in this horrible position where he is getting leered at and virtually assaulted by this very hands on demon. Do you have any idea how terrified he must be, expecting demon rape any moment?

    You had better have a plan to keep Kyle safe as you “promised”.

    And that Eye is perverted – it’s clearly enjoying watching Laampros go all gropey hands on Kyle.

    • I totally agree on all fronts, but I’d be lying if I tried to say that I wouldn’t be looking at that fine looking naked Kyle too. I mean, I’d try to be kind and subtle about it and I wouldn’t stare flat out… but George doesn’t even have lids so what’s he supposed to do, BUT stare?

      And like Mr. K., I just have to admit that I really really (repeat x 1,000) like little Kyle’s red tufted armpits… the art team of AA&V are doing a supremely excellent job on that particular body part. A+. (so I might stare a little with that)

      So, I agree that Duncan better have a plan to keep Little K. safe, but can one realistically have a plan when it comes to dealing with creatures like Laampros?

      Especially if he’s like the demon of knowledge as I remember someone hypothesizing… I just wish all of our safety eggs weren’t in the Duncan basket, you know?

      • Steven K.

        Like, I KNOW, right? – Like, TOTALLY on Kyle’s pits!!! (But I’m one of those weird guys who could get off just looking at (or experiencing in just about any other way) a cute/hot lad’s/guy’s/fellow’s furry axillary area.)

  • Denise Cruz

    Does anyone else get the feeling that ‘the eye’ is kind of ‘the gateway’? Or that it has something to do with the gateway?!

    • SofiaT

      I wonder what would happened if you poked the eye with a tree or something.

      • Amanda

        It would cry. Like anyone else.

        • SofiaT

          I wanted to upvote you and I downvoted you by mistake. Oops! Fixed now 🙂

        • xLizardx

          But…. it doesn’t have any tear-ducts O.o

          • Amanda

            It’s a giant floating eye in a he’ll dimension. Who knows what appendages it has.

          • xLizardx

            That…. is a very good [and slightly disturbing] point. after all, with all of that fire around, *something* must be keeping it moist… O.o

          • Denise Cruz

            XDDD Disturbing, indeed! (and, of course, a very good point. As you’d said!)

        • Srsly big arse tears. Splash-o-rama. Poor George, what did he ever do to anyone? He doesn’t even have a thingie to rub on poor Kyle. So it can’t be Big G’s fault.

          • Steven K.

            He was probably watching it all unfold though, through some transdimensional inter-cosmological portal viewing kind of thing in voyeur mode, eye wide-open.

      • Denise Cruz

        Like Amanda said below: it could cry a lot, or explode over your head, leaving you trapped forever, alone with that weird red thing; about which, btw, I’m still not convinced at all that is not completely pervert. (Just for the records! XD)

    • Midwestmutt

      Maybe its the Platinum Priestess keeping tabs on how things are going. As a partner she must have a stake in the prize, whatever it is.

      • Denise Cruz

        I’d thought about her too! But, I don’t think Laampy would allow such a thing to anyone.. Having that big eye over his land wouldn’t be something he would enjoy very much. Unless it belonged to himself.

      • Klaus

        Laampros claims that nothing happens here without him allowing it. I don’t think he would allow a spy eye. Even if he is bluffing and can not just make it not so by forbidding it, he would be fighting it.

    • silibub

      Maybe Laampros can see through the eye, and that’s how he knows what’s happening in his realm.

      • Denise Cruz

        Well done, Silibub! I hadn’t thought about this…
        Well, since ‘George’, (as Amanda calls the eye! XD) doesn’t make things even harder, it’s fine for me! XD

  • Cristina Cornejo

    since the anhilihator is not exactly on my ‘characters I like list’ anymore, I’d really like it if he had to somehow sacrifice himself to save kyle. Its the only way he could redeem himself imho.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Have we mentioned lately that Duncan’s a big dumb moron? Because up until Laampros entered the picture, he was all effortless Machiavellian schemer, but now it seems like he has completely failed to think this part of his plan through. And, more importantly, he’s an idiot for hurting Kyle.

    • SofiaT

      So lost in his arrogance, he didn’t expect Laampros to see right though him.

      Isn’t that what demons are famous for?

      • stickfigurefairytales

        That and screwing people over when they make a deal with them.

  • CuruiousElementalist

    Woah woah hold on for a minute everyone. What’s with all the Duncan hate? Remember, “bad guy” does NOT equal “bad character design”. Duncan’s character is still being fleshed out, but between what we’ve seen of him and my faith in Alex’s spectacular writing abilities I’d say that Duncan’s a great character.

    He’s a villain. That was like the first freaking thing established. Betrayal? Check. Underlying motives? Check again. Were you guys really expecting this to be a completely smooth ride?

    I think that we should also remember that Duncan’s ulterior motive is weighing pretty heavily on his decisions. Kyle isn’t the only factor in Duncan’s life. For now, we should all pop a chill pill and watch it all unfold.

    And whether or not Duncan’s allegiances change in the end shouldn’t matter, either. No matter what- whether Duncan does a “heel face turn” or turns out to be the most despicable human who walked the Earth (and whatever Hell he’s in right now)- I firmly believe that Alex will make this a story worthwhile and Duncan a character to remember.

    • Who are you replying to, exactly????

      • SofiaT

        I think it’s a general comment, not addressed to anyone specifically.

        • Yes, that’s what has confused me. I haven’t seen anyone criticising Alex or the way Duncan is written. I hope this isn’t being conflated with the anger that I (and some others on Team Pitchfork) feel towards Duncan. But I suspect it is being.

          • SofiaT

            I can be wrong of course but I think the question posed by the original comment wasn’t if Duncan is a well-written character but whether he’s a likable character.

            For me, he is.
            Imagine a bullied young Superman without the influence of Jonathan Kent in his life.

          • The (slightly patronizing) bit that stood out for me from the original comment was: “Remember, “bad guy” does NOT equal “bad character design”

            I certainly haven’t ever said I think Duncan is designed poorly, and I’m probably D’s most vociferous critic on these pages.

          • CuriousElementalist

            I wasn’t directing that at you, for the record. From what I’ve seen of your comments you’re pretty sensible.

            I really am sorry I came across as patronizing! I’m really starting to regret commenting at all. I don’t think anyone even realizes this but I don’t even like Duncan. I think he’s interesting and complex but honestly don’t really care for him.

            To me, though, (for whatever webcomic/tv show/book I’m into) when I see people getting angry over characters, I take it as an insult towards the character’s build. I guess it was being raised like this, but I usually only express rage over a character if I find something fatally wrong with them (i.e- the author wrote in a “Mary Sue”; that person is nothing but eyecandy; that character lacks important exposition). Even if that’s not what the people commenting mean by it, it feels really hateful.

            But yeah. There you have it. Like previously stated, I don’t comment much, though I’m always here, camping out with everyone else. I think I’ve caused enough trouble for awhile, so this is where we part. Catch you all later.

          • SofiaT

            You know, nobody is ever going to agree with everyone in everything. And this is the internet, sometimes comments are misunderstood. Without facial expressions, tone of voice etc etc to guide you, it’s easy to read something in a way other than what was intended.
            That’s no reason to stop expressing your opinion. I’ve had some heated debates in here but we always keep it civil and next day we go on taking about other things and all is well in the (YP) universe 😀

          • Steven K.

            Hey – I’m sorry people’s comments or replies have made you feel that way, and have made you feel like stifling further comment. Please don’t take it personally. I’ve had a number of my reactions criticized, but I keep on posting when I’m confident in my beliefs and that my point of view is a valid one. I’m sure you have valid points to make as well, and I’d hate to think that anyone was made to feel discouraged from commenting further!

          • I have to say that elements of all these statements about the sheer quality of the character creation here – regardless of which story line the individual personally supports – are absolutely true.

            *hangs own head in rueful shame*

            I’m entirely guilty of jumping on the band wagon of Duncan bashing and waving that pitchfork, and then also becoming really (okay ‘too’) upset at Kyle’s betrayal. I owe Steven K. a huge apology because here I was, in the most pompous way, urging him to calm down about Kyle’s predicament, but then I myself get incredibly upset in the few pages just before this one and had to go and hide my head under my pillow for a few days in order to get my equilibrium back. There is no way I would have become so upset if Duncan hadn’t been such a superbly created character. It was because I liked Duncan so much that I was so upset that he betrayed Kyle so heinously.

            And it was cruel… but I really lost my ability to balance out physical and emotional cruelty. That’s quite a compliment to subtlety in character mechanics.

            I remember Motordog warning me not to go back and read the lead up to the date because it would really upset me… boy was he right. I so wanted Duncan to do right by Kyle because as a gay man over thirty, I remember how impossible it felt to find love or sometimes to even believe it was possible at all. I really didn’t want Kyle left with that bitter world view so many gay men a burdened with. So, when Duncan does his evil deeds, I was really mad in the most childish and immature way. Mad at Duncan. And incredibly sad for Kyle.

            I remember we had that really smart interesting discussion about the many definitions of rape: physical, emotional, intellectual… to Alex’s credit he could have just shut it down and he didn’t, he just kept it from getting inappropriate, because it was a center point of his thematic material. Kudos to him. Although I do remember later to personally overreacting to some of the rape humor which implied that Kyle should have know better. *shakes head again* It seems so histrionic at this point, but I certainly felt it. If that’s not a tribute to good work and sophisticated character creation, I don’t know what is?

            So, apologies for blathering on, but back to the point of great characters. I agree with Sophia and with David and Steven K, Adam and others… the door is still open for crafty Alex to take us many surprising places and he’s certainly built characters worthy of punishment and/or redemption, and which ever direction he chooses, I suspect he’ll have most of us cheering for that outcome. I’m certainly more open minded… Hey? It’s chapter 2 and it only took one good tantrum. Erm… how many chapter do we have to go? (joke) LOL.

            Which is not to say that I’m not with Steven K. and really hoping Big Red is going to get some relief soon. Hey! I’ll settle for some friends a round of cold beers and a cute waiter for the poor guy…

            Watching him suffer has been pretty darn hard for some of us gay fellars. On the other hand, watching Laapross give Duncan a hard time is just whole lotta fun. 😀 Thanks all.


          • Steven K.

            Wow – what a thoughtful response/posting. Thoughtful in more than once sense, actually. But a
            great many things you mention and statements you make here inspire me to want to respond to soooo many of them in turn, and I feel that I could write a small essay on a lot of what is discussed here, had I the time or energy at the moment. However, one of the general themes of my response would have to be “Chris doth apologize too much, methinks” – to me, and in general I’d have to say.

            First, I don’t think you have to apologize to me at all, be it “huge” or not so. Actually, I’d say that your comments here have usually offered me a lot of solace, even if just from knowing there are some others here who feel or have felt almost exactly as
            I have about many of the plot developments and their implications. “Urging [me] to calm down” I just saw as trying to help me through a difficult spot, and offer me some hope. It’s nice to have people to help assuage one’s fears and one’s pain or hurts, especially when you know those people empathize with one’s own points of view. And since it was very clear to me that you were reacting to a lot of this along the same lines as myself, that made it a bit easier to bear. Maybe misery really does love company, or at least the sharing of pain among several sufferers somehow tends to ease the burden of it on all when several can commune together and they can know they are not alone and can receive support from one-another. I certainly didn’t think your comment was or sounded “pompous” – more like good-natured cajoling while
            trying to deal with your own similar fears and concerns, and almost talk YOURSELF out of them as well – or at very least offer some reasons to hope – which is always very much appreciated.

            Next, I’d have to say that admitting to becoming “too” upset at Kyle’s betrayal is not necessarily the characterization that I’d make, though others here may tend to do so. If you were too upset, that would make me hyper-upset. There are so many things I could say in response to this from several angles.
            One very important theme I would iterate would be that emotions shouldn’t necessarily come with judgements attached to them, and certainly people shouldn’t attach their own judgements to other people’s emotions, not knowing where they are coming from, not having been in their shoes, and knowing the other person’s history of feelings and experiences that might cause someone to react a particular way emotionally. Now, I don’t usually use that trendy phrase “it is what it is”, as I rather hate it myself, but, in this case, I might have to employ that sort of rhetoric. Emotions are what they are, in
            that, by their very nature, they arrive unlooked for and unsolicited, not planned or logically controlled – not, in themselves, simply good or bad – but they simple “ARE”. They should not necessarily be considered out-of-hand to be good or bad, or overly this or that, reasonable or unreasonable, even considering the context or the situation, for we can never know all the factors which go into a particular person’s emotional response to a situation (given each person’s unique history and set of experiences that provide the lens through which a
            situation is viewed and emotional field through which events are processed and responded to), nor might we even know all the parameters of the situation itself to which the person is responding, or the set of mental inputs, from the common source familiar to all (in this case this work or art – this storyline) plus all the combining inputs from the experiencer’s own mind and consciousness as well as unconscious. Of course how one RESPONDS to the emotions that one is experiencing, or how one deals with them, may be more subject to judgment, and may be more appropriate things to BE judged, rather than an emotions itself. Even what might be considered “negative” emotions – hate, fear, etc., may actually be beneficial and adaptive, helping to keep someone out of harm’s way or a harmful
            situation. Even hate, almost universally considered negative, could be a feeling that protects someone through preventing a person to want to interact with the subject of dislike, especially if past interactions have resulted in physical or emotional injury – if you
            come to hate someone, you may come to be handy at avoiding them in order to save yourself future injury. An emotion of fear could be considered protective in keeping someone out of harm’s way, or
            weak – driving someone away from a situation instead of fighting it and more aggressively dealing with it head-on. Hate and anger could keep a person away from someone, or cause someone to fight and battle the subject or focus of their emotion. But who is to judge which option is best for that person, under particular circumstances and feelings, at a particular time. One shouldn’t be so quick to assign a value judgment to a person’s emotional reactions. How one responds to those emotions would have greater or lesser material impact – to one’s benefit or detriment.

            You mention that, when Duncan did his evil deeds, you were mad in the most childish and way. I wonder why you would consider that so childish. (And if you were childish, I guess in light of that I’d seem to be, even in my more advanced years than
            yourself, completely infantile.) I personally would
            never characterize your reactions as childish – and, as you yourself said, you were indeed feeling those feelings, so why do we have to assign a negative
            judgment to that – as “childish” or “histrionic” – especially if you were reacting to the current situation in a way that was not only regarding the events in the story itself – which could be seen as pretty sever and indeed, heinous, but also reacting in light of or in response your own history of negative or painful events, where the situation
            recalls for you the pains and torments of the past, and one reacts instinctively in light of those. Also,
            if we are putting ourselves in Kyle’s place, and empathizing with him most astutely, then would HIS intense reactions, now or in days to come, be seen as childish in light of the severity of the situations to which he is being exposed? I didn’t see your reactions as histrionic – but, to me, through my lens, perfectly natural and understandable given what was invoking them, and all your analyses to date have been superb as to express why one might feel that way. There are so many who would be apologists for Duncan – why have you become an apologist for your own (and my) very real and natural and
            understandable emotions. Now if they
            made you – or me – curl up in bed and never want to come out again, or never want to leave the house and sulk in eternal despair – well, THAT might be going a bit far. But the emotions themselves, I don’t think, should be judged as harshly. Even hate in and of itself, may not be evil or totally negative. If you hate someone for the heinous acts and crimes and sins they have committed, to yourself or others, I’d see that as a perfectly natural and logical emotions.
            It is not so easy for all of us to completely love our enemies regardless of how they may treat us.
            However, if your hate drives you to personal judgment followed by personal justice, and you seek out and kill the object of your hatred – THAT would be crossing over a line into a negative response. Leave the ultimate judgments and the justice to the powers that be – legal or spiritual.

            As to the cruelty of Duncan’s betrayal, you say you lost your ability to balance out physical and emotional cruelty. Just curious what you meant by that. Did you mean balance both of those out with
            more equilibrated responses, or that you were equating the amount of physical cruelty displayed with the amount of emotional cruelty, when in fact the latter was/is perhaps , in “reality” much greater?
            For my part, I think Kyle IS in fact being subjected to a type of physical injustice and cruelty and violation ( Laampros taking a part in it now as well – I’d say taking a “bit” part in it, but, when something that large and that powerful and that frightening and that horrifying starts caressing you – no matter how lightly or “insignificantly”, and spouting off words that may engender even more fear and apprehension – well, it’s not a “bit” ANYTHING – it’s
            giant-size horror, and violation, by default.)

            You mention that you were mad at Duncan and sad for Kyle –and you cite reasons why. I have to
            say to all that – me too – me too , but more.
            You mention that, as a gay man over 30, you ”remember how impossible it felt to find love or even believe it was possible at all’, and that you “didn’t
            want Kyle left with that bitter world view so many gay men are burdenedwith.” GOSH – so much to say in response to that. First – Kyle is still damn young – he has time – though I AM deeply hurt on his behalf that his first time with someone has become so cruelly messed up. But my first time was not all that terrific either (not of super-horrifying
            proportions, but still…. Was with someone who turned out not to really care, but was just using me while at the same time cheating on me with anyone else he could find). But If you can contextualize your own reaction in regard to all that (what you mention about being a certain age and what often happens to gay men, etc.), then you would
            have to admit (and hopefully understand)
            why my own reactions, also in light of those factors you just mention there, may be even more severe or intense. You see, I’m a gay man a year shy of 50 (which is treated more like 75 in the gay community). You finally did manage to find someone, a fair amount of time before hitting my age I’ll assume. I’m still waiting. All of this impacts me even more emotionally because of my situation. Not only do I not, at my age, have anyone special in my life with whom to share any romantic emotional or physical affection, I have never, in 31 years of active searching and looking and questing, found even one true boyfriend or love, let alone any
            kind of long term partner, let alone a life-mate. I currently do not have anyone, nor have I
            EVER had anyone of any true or meaningful significance, whom I was able to experience in an emotional and a physical way, and who returned my feelings and affections. I am also the unlucky recipient of a life-threatening genetic disease, and I will ultimately need a transplant in order to continue to survive into old age, most likely. My biggest fear, as time seems to be running out on me already, is that I will pass out of existence from this world without EVER having experienced a true loving relationship with someone – to give and receive physical and emotional love mutually with a special person – to know what it is like to have someone feel for you as deeply and as intensely as you
            feel for them – to know what it to love and be loved in return – to experience requited love at least one time in my life before I check out. And FUCK YES – this made my reaction to what Duncan got to have, then squander, and then abuse, even more intense. Duncan got to have what I’ve only been able to dream about all these long years – even if it’s the simple but wonderful pleasures and great and incredible honor of helping out a beautiful, talented, incredible, innocent young man experience intimacy with another human being for the first time, I can think of few things – few
            gifts that one could give another – as beautiful and precious – beyond that which someone in that circumstance gives another in allowing them to be the first, especially if there is actually shared affection included in that coupling as well. An emotional attachment, I’ve found, makes the physical pleasure just that much more intense. But I’ve never been able to have that with someone like Kyle, nor really anyone actually. But Duncan got that and then took it and abused it as cruelly as anyone possibly could for his own selfish purposes.
            If I had the honor of such an experience, I would have treated Kyle as a prince, and my promise to never willingly hurt him would have been kept.

            Now this also connects with the other reasons which you mentioned as to why you were so upset over what Duncan did – because you actually LIKED him so much, etc. I have to say I felt, again, exactly the same way. This brings up one of the reasons I initially fell in love with this comic – because it
            seemed to go against a lot of stereotypes, and seemed to offer someone like me a lot of hope. Here was a man even 10 years older than myself who was able to secure a young, adorable, innocent, virginal, sweet, shy, talented, wonderful young man, even though having a bit of
            a “past” whatever nature that might have been.
            The fact that the story even sought to portray such a thing was refreshing. That it was unapologetic for
            the age difference, even making light of it – was amazing – that it even seemed to portray that coupling positively, and with a point of view that it can actually work, was super-amazing. It all
            gave me some heart and some hope. I adored Kyle, but I really liked Duncan as well. I saw different parts of myself, past and present, in BOTH characters, and that was incredible as well – it made me want to root for their relationship against all odds perhaps just as much if not more than anyone
            here. It gave me hope – someone who has
            yet to find a “Kyle of my own” – that perhaps my Kyle was still out there and waiting, and that perhaps I may still find him before my time here is at an end. AND, perhaps EVEN MORE amazing, were the POSITIVE REACTIONS of so many here to the coupling and relationship of Duncan and Kyle, despite the 40-years age difference – including such a positive reaction by many young people.
            That blew me away – that really did enhance my feelings of hope – that really did give me solace. Maybe I, IN REALITY, not just fantasy, might be able to still find a “Kyle of my own”, if there were actually young people, out in the real world, in fact, that didn’t look totally negatively on such a couple – and even, more amazingly still, could even find themselves turned on by it – emotionally, romantically, even physically. And THAT, my Dearest Chris, was factored into the mix of why I was so INCREDIBLY let down and hurt and
            disappointed by Duncan’s betrayal and subsequent actions. He was not actually some positive role model anymore and symbol to young gay men that maybe a relationship with an older man actually may be possible, and good thing, and even physically appealing and fulfilling. But no, Duncan instead ended up fitting the mold of older gay man as sexual predator on innocent gay youth, and then served as more of a message that – “lads, you should be wary of such men and not get yourself into those kinds of situations or relationships, or
            you risk emotional hurt or abuse, physical abuse, and hey – you might just end up naked and bound and violated and in a transdimensional hell molested by demons if you trust an older gay man and enter his bed, no matter how much he
            promises you that you will always be safe with him, that he will never hurt you, and no matter how many rose petals he throws at you or expensive libations
            he offers you.

            So I initially identified with both characters in a lot of
            different ways. I also share the feeling that “It was because I LIKED Duncan so much that I was so upset that he betrayed Kyle so heinously”. And when he did, I felt, not just upset, but totally shattered inside because of the emotional investment I had made in both characters – all the things I identified with in Kyle: longing for someone with whom to share some affection – physical or emotional, longing for sexual release with someone, not being able to have even the slightest physical experience with another guy until my latest teens (when gay kids these days seem to start fooling around when they are 12), Kyle’s exhibition of a painful but adorable shyness, Kyle’s goodness and honesty and innocence, Kyle’s giving nature and his wanting to protect and help people, etc. – AND all the things I identified in Duncan: his more advanced age, his wit, his sophistication, his knowledge of “finer things”, his ability to say just the right thing to reassure a reluctant but lonely young man that he’d be safe and protected and that he’d feel wonderful to be able to give him something which no-one else has, etc. But it was all a lie, which hurt me from both sides, hurt for Kyle, hurt for Duncan and what he was giving up, throwing away or bypassing – what could have been – and hurt that he was doing
            abusive and emotionally painful things that I could never even conceive of doing to such a young man even IF the powers that be had deemed me more worthy in my life to have the great honor of such a coupling with someone like Kyle.

            But, even in regard to all this, I have to agree with that major point of your comment that I probably wouldn’t have reacted so intensely (and I won’t self-judge or admit that to be a right or wrong reaction) if the characterizations of those two figures, in both of whom I had identified so much, had not been depicted, in words and visuals, so artfully, so strongly and with such sophistication, even though Duncan’s character has turned out to be other than which I had originally hoped, and on whom I had based a lot of hopes as well, and which initially provided such a fresh point of view that got me stuck here in the first place.

          • Steven K. —

            Thank you for a thoughtful and kind and personal message about the way art effected you. You are a generous person and this was a very generous emotional and personal post.

            For myself, I wanted to make it clear that I had my own deeply emotional reactions to the ideas presented in this really thoughtful art. Not all calm cool and collected, but just as raw and rough as your own. I was grateful for this group. A good example being when SofiaT’s writing led me to Khaos Komix and this wonderful piece about reacting to reading 50 Shades of ‘Ick’. (Sorry to any fans… hated it and the Universal film version makes me sure that Adam’s brain spiders are running amuck in Hollywood).

            This wonderful Komic was brilliant in the way it presented a reader’s passionate reaction to fiction (just scroll down a bit and you’ll see it) I related deeply:


            Let me say that you have all my sympathy for having to deal with a harsh physical illness. I have some dear friends who are dealing with various physical threats, including a dear girlfriend who has an unpredictable heart rhythm which puts her life constantly at risk and all I can say is that I share all those rational and irrational emotions that go with such unpredictability and I’ll bet many readers here share your struggles also. So thank you for being honest and generous with your emotions and your situation. I’ll just bet there are lots of folk here who understand exactly what you are dealing with.

            Thank you for being kind about my own twisted knickers. I think the thing that pushed me over the edge for a few days (and really only the wise Sapho really noticed how gonzo I was) was the talk about rape definitions. I just felt that deeply.

            I write prose for the same reasons that Alex creates this art. I try to tell stories (in prose) that are about gay romance and what I would have sold my soul to have been able to read as a teen.

            It is, for me (and my vast audience of five friends who give me love for my attempts… LOL), the point being that I understand Alex’s purpose intimately and I support it. Don’t think for a minute that I don’t know he’s being quite the sassy provocateur in his plot choices. He’s a smart cookie and knows exactly what he’s doing but, that said, I support him 110% in his right to explore what he needs to as an artist. At the same time, I support his audience (you very much included) in responding as you feel best.

            He chose tuff! Rape is tuff stuff. If Kyle had been an 18 year-old female virgin we’d all be working hard to save Alex & team from townspeople with torches and pitchforks. He’s NOT stupid, he knew what he was doing. I’m not ashamed to say that, like any good artist, he made me think (and feel) about myself and what I find important.

            If Laampros hadn’t pushed back at Duncan in this last page, honestly (oh this is hard to say in that it sounds so wimpy and douchy) I would probably have needed to put it all aside until my Kickstarter book arrived in the mail). I might have had to decide that I just couldn’t stay calm and take it in… as a serial audience. Lucky me, Laampros and his ‘maggot’ line gave me the strength to carry on (doesn’t that sound silly to say about a comic, but art is art and effects us all as it will). This work is very visceral to me. Good stuff.

            One of the main things I also needed to remember was that, as much as I liked Duncan as a great character (despite all his actions against Kyle). I needed to remember that there was nothing wrong with being an unapologetic Duncan/Anni fan. That being so, did NOT mean you supported violation/rape or sadism. (I’m sorry if that sounds stupid, but I needed to remember it).

            I like these fans… so Chris (me) find your damn balance. Enjoy good art and remember that the point of good art is about bringing deep emotion to the surface so you can learn something new about yourself.

            I just appreciate everyone one on this group who shares such interesting personal funny things… as you do. Or unicorns on rainbows (Sapfo, my friends will never forget you… LOL). It’s a great list/group and I really enjoy both the art and as Pup Ruff said, sometimes the comments are the best part of this journey. True that!

            Oh and there is Spanakopita… and muffins… and ganache… and erm… brain spiders… George (he just sorta sweet in a squishy way) and fresh ground coffee… and…

            … excuse me… I’m getting the munchies… 🙂


      • CuruiousElementalist

        To the general audience. I haven’t commented often, but I do check in on Young Protectors frequently. And for the past few updates, there’s quite a bit of shock and hurt over Duncan’s actions.

        I guess that the wording of Cristina’s statement about Duncan (“redeem”) is what moved me to commenting. You don’t need to be a “good” character to be a good character. I think this is a general problem in fandoms I’m in, especially Homestuck. The Sherlock fandom is an exception, though, since Moriarty is pretty well liked (but then that raises the point that everyone is way too sensitive about the last episode and I really don’t want to get into that here).

        • I haven’t seen anyone saying that Duncan is a poorly written or designed character, or that he’s not worth remembering.

    • SofiaT

      *nods emphatically* Duncan is a very fascinating and complex character, looking forward to learning more about his background and origin story.

      I tend to think of him a lot like Magneto -while misguided, you do get where he’s coming from.

    • Jamie Dutton

      Yes, The Annihilator is a very well written and designed character. That doesn’t mean that I can’t despise him for what he’s done and is still doing to Kyle.
      It also doesn’t make him any less of a Major jackass, heck he even just got called on it by demon dude up there. So, if I want to call him out on it too, I will, thanks. Doesn’t mean I respect Alex’s masterful craftsmanship any less.
      At this point, I believe we’re supposed to hate or at least be discomforted by Duncan’s actions to some degree. It’s up to us as individuals whether we end up hating the character, as well as his (dumb ass) actions.
      As for the question of ‘redemption’ for The Annihilator, it’s been posed before on at least one other page. I still think it’s going to have to be very extreme, if it’s to be believable on any grounds. It may not ever happen, either. That part is up to Alex and his uber writing chops.

      • Steven K.

        Much agreement with that.

    • Steven K.

      Kyle was a vehicle or instrument that Duncan uses in pursuit of carrying out whatever that ulterior motivation is.

  • Tragically_Unhip

    “Terrible” seems a little harsh, all things considered.

    Veronica works for Marvel and has worked with Image, Boom!, Arcana, and a bunch more in the past. Adam works with DC and Marvel, and likely more (hit up google for the deets). They’re both very busy artists. I would imagine a freelance project like this one is not always easy to fit into the schedule.

    Alex maintains a full-time job of his own, writes these stories in his spare time, and he pays for the services of both artists out-of-pocket with no actual guarantee of ever seeing a return or a profit on his publications. Professional artists with strong portfolios and well-honed skills are expensive. Alex wants his stories told well, so he doesn’t opt for cheaper alternatives. He’s very generous with both his time and his money, all things considered.

    Then he goes ahead and gives the entire story away for free because he wants to share it with the world. He basically says: “Hey, if you want to donate, I can afford to turn out pages a lot faster than I would if I had to pay for it all myself. If not, it’s one page a week.” I think that’s incredibly good of him.

    It’s called a donation for a reason. Alex has never harangued us for money or anything of that sort. Those who donate, do so because they support his vision, appreciate his work, and can afford to spend a little extra to help out.

    As SofiaT mentioned, although this is being published first online, it’s ultimately being written for print. Subsequently, the pacing may feel sluggish now, but once it’s together as one volume, it will flow beautifully. When Alex did Artifice, the final product was an extra-large trade paperback. It was a high-quality product to rival anything the larger companies are distributing.

    I’ve never been able to afford to donate when the pages are going up, but I always put money away to back the Kickstarter projects when/as they launch. Independent publishers are brave and very important, and I think what Alex is doing is phenominal.

    Besides, free is free. One should not gripe when given a gift.

    • The quality of these pages is so amazing that I have wondered how long it takes them to do the voodoo that they do so well. It would seem like there wouldn’t be a lot in the way of free time left to them… but I guess there is a level of expertise that to a non-artist just seems rather amazing. Thank you guys.

  • LL

    We all know that Anni feels bad about using Kyle this way. Not enough that it stopped him… But it’s no stretch of the imagination to think that he wouldn’t want Kyle molested by this giant demon. It doesn’t really matter if it’s because Duncan is attracted to Kyle himself, he feels some affection for him, or whatever, I don’t think his morals would allow Kyle to be ravaged in such a horrible way. Even if he didn’t know Kyle at all I don’t think he’d be alright with that.

    • Steven K.

      One could only hope.

  • Jamie Dutton

    Well it’s apparent to me now, that the Annihilator is one of those unfortunate people who never watched “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Because if Buff’s taught us one thing, it’s that trying to petition demonkind for ANYTHING is flat out stupid, unless you have no other choice!

    • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

      Or Supernatural where Crowley will deliver on what he promised you and still screw you over royally.

  • Yukiness

    I think the demon just verbally snapped his fingers in a Z-formation. Duncan is going to have to tred carefully.

    • Denise Cruz

      I don’t think that there is something careful enough when related to this situation of them…

      Let’s hope he has something combined with PP, for emergencies, such as this one. Otherwise… this is gonna be ugly… pretty ugly…

  • Emiko

    Maybe you should wait until the whole story’s done, and then come back to it? I read Artifice all in one go, and it was very well paced, I thought. And every time I re-read through TYP, the pacing seems good to me. It’s just so excruciating waiting for that next page!!

  • JustStoppingBye

    I thought that by the way Laampros was talking before that Duncan should have been more worried than he was about what was happening. Laampros was talking about Kyle’s “power” while at the same time talking about Duncan’s “weakness” (albeit his fleshly weakness, but still…).

    And just because a demon will let you into his domain there’s no guarantee he or she will give you what you want or let you walk away unscathed.

    I wonder if the real reason Duncan didn’t want Kyle to speak is because Kyle might have said something to Laampros that would have turned the tables more in his favor.

    Kyle: This dickhead tricked me into doing this!
    Laampros: Of course he did, son.
    Duncan: In my defense,…
    Laampros: *zaps Duncan* Now, little boy, lets you and me play.

  • Tina

    I designed a couple logos for Team Redilator. I personally love how number 2 turned out.

    • Simba Hutchison

      Those are awesome!

    • Denise Cruz

      OH! I did love it too!! *v* And I totally agree with you: the 2nd one is gorgeous!
      Can I make a cushion using that one?! (Would you allow me to? Just for having it in my bedroom. I won’t sell it or anything like this. I promise! Can I?! Please?!)

      • Tina

        You can do whatever you want with it. All I ask is you give my design credit (and if you do decide to sell it, at least give me one for free lol)

        • Denise Cruz

          XDD All right! Thank you!! ^v^ It is really beautiful! i’m going to get the second one! ^v^

          • Tina

            Take pictures when you’re finished please! <3

          • Denise Cruz

            I will! I promise you! ^v^ But, how can I show it to you?

          • Tina

            Hmm… good question…do you have a deviantart or tumblr at all?

          • Denise Cruz

            Unfortunatelly I don’t. I do have a Facebook, if it helps…
            Oh! Do you think Alex would allow me putting such a picture in the fanarts page?!
            It’s not a drawing, but it will be made for 2 of his fans(you, creating the logo and drawing it and I making the pad…)

          • Feverfew_M

            As far as I know fanart of any kind is allowed as long as it isn’t something too smutty (nothing more than is shown in the comic itself).

            I made an Anni-amigurumi some time ago, and it was featured. So, crafty stuff is definitely welcome.

          • SofiaT

            Fanart is allowed as long as it’s not smutty and as long as it’s not exploited for $$. Nobody can sell anything related to YP, fanart included, unless it’s Alex himself. Not sure about the particulars but I think that’s the case :0)

            Your Anni-amigurumi was amazing btw!! I had to google the term “amigurumi” when I saw it because I had no idea, but it was so very cool!

          • Feverfew_M

            Heh, thanks! 🙂

            I’ve got a Kyle in the making, as well, but it’s going slowly, ’cause I don’t have much time at the moment.

          • Denise Cruz

            All right! Thank you, all , guys! Sapfo, Tina,Sofia T and Feverfew_M.
            Just for the records: I have no inttention of selling it (I already had said it to Tina, didn’t I?! ;D)
            I only made that question because she asked me to take pictures when I’ve made it. So, it would be easier if I could put it right here, in the fanarts section! ^v^ Otherwise, I wouldn’t even show it out of my home… It’s something mine.
            (Oh! BTW, Tina: You do use different nicks here and at deviantart. Which one should I put there, near the logo?)

          • Tina

            Nicks? As in?

          • Denise Cruz

            Same as Sofia, here! ^^ I didn’t know what’s an amigurumi… But it’s SOOO adorable!!
            Can you, please, tell me where can I look for it? I want to see it, too! ^v^

          • Feverfew_M

            It’s on Alex’ fan art page, just scroll down.
            Or see it on my tumblr:

          • Denise Cruz

            It’s so freaking cute!!
            I can’t even start imagining how much time you spent over him!!
            Anni looks great like that! I’m completely sure he’d love it, if he could see! ^v^ I know I did!

          • Feverfew_M

            Took forever! ;D
            Glad you like it! 🙂

          • Tina

            I agree with Feverfew I mean we had a video featured recently.

          • Sapfo

            As with all fanart, fanfiction, fanvids. If the creators of the original material allows it, then there are some rules.
            1. Give credit to the original material.
            2. do not make money of it
            3. and show respect the original creator.

    • WarGoddess

      I like the third one the best! I’ve always been a huge fan of hearts! 😀

  • Cman65

    Duncan could be one of the people who don’t like to share his toys

  • Acheron Hades


  • To me Duncan looks just about ready to throw down with Big Red. I’m not certain that would be the best idea, but I like seeing it.

    • Denise Cruz

      I’m right there with you!! 🙂

      • Of course come Saturday and I’m going to be looking through my fingers at the next update.

        • Denise Cruz

          Did you see the logos that Tina designed for Team Redilator?
          I did love those! Specially the 2nd one! ^v^

          • I did see them. They were way cool.

          • Tina

            Teehee, looks like I got a little publicist. If I knew how, I would make shirts out of these lol. Might play with the lettering though. I just sort of scribbled how they’d look around the shirt but I think it could look better

          • Denise Cruz

            The second one, if you try putting one word on top and another down the image… I think it’s gonna be more balanced. ^v^(although, I still think it looks great! XD)

          • Denise Cruz

            To make shirts you just need to take a good imprint of the logo and take it to a silkscreen store.(I don’t know if this is how you use to name it. Here, we call it this way. Sorry about it!) They’ll do the rest for you. ^v^

          • Tina

            I’ll look into it. Gotta ask Alex first though seeing as it is his own comic and he may want to sell the shirts himself on his store.

    • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

      I think it’s more of “Well, f—k, this is not how I hoped my evening would go! Why the heck can’t this jerk just give me what I want so I can collect my twink and leave?”

      • Oh I’m quite certain that this is a lovely wrench in his plans.

      • Amanda

        And I quiet possibly love everything about this comment.

    • I couldn’t agree more Admiral. The more I look at this page, the more I love the (4th?) panel (long horizontal one). You are so right. Duncan’s entire body language is ready to ‘throw down’. The clenched fists, puffed out chest and that glare (sexy fecker), then opposed with that is that stinky evil smile of Laampros’s, where it’s clear that he’s enjoying the feck out of messing with Duncan. It’s just great great facial and body imagery and the emotion. So well presented. I just can’t stop looking at it.

      I’m trying to ignore Kyle right now or I just get sucked into his endless suffering and we all know that’s a one way trip to Chris’ crazy town…

      So, for now, I’m enjoying Duncan’s grump and Lampy’s smuggery. I mean, doesn’t D. just look like he’s just about ready to jump up there and pound one right on Laamp’s nose? Fun!

      I even really dig George’s peeking in, in that final panel. It’s just like he knows it’s all about to get srsly Tarantino in da house and he’s got his popcorn ready (it’s just hidden in that cloud).

      • That panel would make a great still. It’s a telling little slice out of this confrontation and the intensity is palpable. If no words were present, so much could be deduced just from their body language and facial expression alone.

        I keep seeing the Duncanator leaping up and just whaling on Big Red. I don’t know how far he would get, if Big Red would just smack him aside like a fly, but with the way Duncan looks in that pose, it wouldn’t matter, he’d just get back up. I think this could be more epic than Duncan vs Duncan.

  • nebi_lan

    now fight! we know you want it anni… 😀 ’cause you’re the good-bad-boy

  • ScorpioladyCZ

    So… it seems to me this is how our world looks like in this another “hellish” dimension. Then I think it was very well thought through plan that Duncan and PP had, but unnown factor appeared – and it’s
    Anni’s feelings for Kyle. I think their bussiness would go much more
    smoothly, if Duncan didn’t care about Kyle at all (as he originally
    thought). But now that he do, complications (angering the demon when
    trying to protect Kyle) arised.

    Looking forward next page, this comic just never gets boring. 🙂

  • Tina

    Second picture of the night, what I think Alex is doing reading all our comments:

    • Oh dear… and you think artists are masters of their fate?


      EXT: An ART STUDIO in a posh upper class neighborhood.

      LAAMPROS is standing over three quiveringly exhausted artists (one who just went face first into her keyboard due to sheer overwork). All are glowingly chained to state of the art work stations.

      Laampros: (Evil laughter) Ahahahahaha… you bargained for limitless talent and success my little humans and now lookee here the counter has tipped (GROANS) over for an additional page… YETTTT AGAIN… Bwaaaahahahahahaha…

      AA&V: (obligatory cries and sobs) No, no, please. We need a night off. Just one. I can barely see my screen anymore and I’m sick of that deli takeaway place on the corner…

      Laampros: You humans… give you what you ask for and all you do is complain. NOW! Get back to your centique tablets.

      (Laampros ruffles Alex’s hair with an evil smile, while V. continues to sleep.)

      There there little one, don’t cry, let me help you. Just write the following: ‘Now the character of Laampros turns…’ erm… grandly… Yes that’s it… ‘Turns grandly, towards a worried looking Duncan and, with an evil smile his stunning demonic muscles ripple majestically, as he gestures…”

      (An exhausted Veronica begins to snore daintily into her keyboard, while an equally exhausted Alex wonders for the 6,734th time why demons are such bad writers and determines to write Laampros some better dialog… if it’s the last thing he ever does! While, Adam just shakes his head prosaically and clears his screen thinking, yet again, meh, he’s had worse bosses.)

      Fade to a demonic shade of…. .

      • Tina


        It all makes sense now! They wanted a successful gay comic… and they got it. Its so successful they never get any rest anymore! Truly, truly evil Laampros.

      • WarGoddess

        This is so awesome!!! It made me laugh so hard!! XDDD

        • Awww, thank for appreciating a bit of silly…

          Honestly though, you didn’t think a web-comic this good happened by good old fashioned hard work did you?

          YP could only be possible with supernatural, deific or demonic help. Hey, I was just being silly with Laampy. Lets be serious. Alex could be a deific half-breed. Apollo (Sofia please chime in if I’m being led astray by my dubious American education) was, among other things, the god of the arts, I think. Maybe he met Alex’s mom on a wild night out? Then there’s a also a good chance that Erato, the muse of erotic poetry, could be in his family tree somewhere. The options are vast. So, certainly it doesn’t have to be a demonic bargain…

          I just want to make the point that there’s no realistic way that Alex achieved all this YP entertainment via simple hard work and talent. We all know real-life just doesn’t work that way. Right?

          Of course, I’m culturally limited, I’m sure there are deities and spirits out there I haven’t even thought off yet. 🙂

  • amanda

    I feel like my dog when I have a treat in my hand.
    instead of jumping around whining “GIVE ME THE DAMN TREAT!!!”
    im crying “GIVE ME THE NEXT PAGE!!”

  • Tina

    Looks like we broke the donation’s bar again

    • Denise Cruz

      Isn’t (even) this too funny?! XD

  • Kit the Coyote

    Busted! I get the feeling that whatever it is Duncan is hoping to bargain for just got something he does not want to lose added to the negotiations.

    • Denise Cruz

      But, I have the feeling that didn’t matter what was that, he wouldn’t get it, anyways.
      Things are just getting worse for him and, of course, for our little Kyle.

  • silibub

    It looks like everyone’s nailed down Laampros’s intention to taunt Duncan. I’ve got to admit, I didn’t expect Duncan to show his hand quite so early, or so easily — now that Laampros is aware that Duncan has some possessive feelings toward Kyle, he’s pretty well seized the upper hand in this encounter. And he’ll probably keep it unless Duncan comes up with something really clever soon, and it better not involve throwing Kyle under the big red bus.

    (God that was awful)

    Anyway, I had a thought while I was showering earlier, since apparently analyzing the dialogue in this comic is what I do in the shower now instead of sculpting my shampoo bubbles. Back in Chapter 1 when Duncan and Sircea were talking about talking about Kyle, they have this exchange:

    “But he’s not a mutant, there’s no alien DNA and certainly no conventional magic…”


    “So nothing. The old rules are very different and only Solomon truly understood them. But what you suspected does at least seem possible.”

    A lot of us seem to have reached the conclusion that the “old rules” are related to the spell Duncan used on Kyle, but it occurred to me — maybe it has more to do with what Kyle is, rather than whether or not the spell would work on him? If, for instance, Kyle’s powers are the result of a mixed demon/human heritage, or even a demon being bound in his body without his knowledge, maybe that’s because of some…procedure…that Solomon devised, but hasn’t been successfully performed until now? And if that’s the case, then it’s unnerving that it’s not the effect of any kind of magic Sircea can recognize.

    I’m still holding onto the demon/hybrid theory because of Laampros’s differing attitudes toward Kyle and Duncan. His disdain toward Duncan may be caused by the mere fact that Duncan is human, and therefore beneath Laampros’s regard; in that case, it’s interesting that he doesn’t view Kyle with similar contempt. Instead of calling Kyle a maggot or a creature, he dispenses with the insulting terms and refers to Kyle more familiarly. Maybe he recognizes something inhuman in Kyle and respects him more because of it?

    • Steven K.

      Aww – sculpting hair bubbles – that’s actually kinda cute.

    • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

      In the previous page he refers to Kyle as “This” rather than using “He/Him”. Referring to someone like they’re a thing is rather insulting. Not as insulting as calling them a creature or a maggot but still…

      • But he also referred to Kyle as a him when he called Duncan a creature.

      • SofiaT

        I was under the impression that “this” referred to the spell.

      • AliceVenturi

        Laampros is a demon. I suspect demons have only a dim grasp on the
        differences between a thing and person at the best of times. Or maybe,
        to them, there just isn’t that much of a difference.

      • silibub

        That’s true. And in general Laampros may be acting more favorably toward Kyle to get under Duncan’s skin, and not because of any particular quality of Kyle’s.

    • Denise Cruz

      Well, a lot of us had discussed about the demon heritage and if it was possible or not, if Kyle was a demon, a half demon or what… But, it keeps been… a kind of obscure issue, I think.
      Maybe it will be clarified in the next pages…

      About Laampros having different attitudes toward Kyle an Duncan, it makes sense that he acts like that. He’s a demon!

      Demons usually disdain from those who look for their… assistance for something. It makes them feel strong and majestic. They feel like they are better than us, human beings. (According to Christianism).

      Duncan was the one looking for Laampros assistance. That’s why he disdains of him.

      Kyle… he’s using him to make Duncan kind of suffer. But I would never say he respects the boy. How someone respectful toward someone else could gliding hands over the naked body of that person, regardless of what the person thinks about it? And he didn’t even bother himself to ask about it. Did he?

      Anyway, as always, I can be very wrong and you can be very right. Or vice versa.

      But, that’s the best part of being here. Isn’t it? 🙂

  • Winter

    I have no desire to see Duncan killed off but I’d enjoy watching him square off with big red. He needs someone to call him on his b.s. and have his own sentimental weakness put on display.

  • Kuraen

    Jealousy and regret. It’s getting back on track. XD

  • So when the eye-in-the-sky is closed, can we still see it? It seems to have taken a serious interest in the proceedings.

    Hey, Anni, remember that promise you made to Kyle, that he would always be safe when he was with you? How’re you gonna keep him safe now? There’s a demon fire-dude with big horns, red skin, and an awesome six-pack handling your boy. And he is your boy, make no mistake, because even if you deny it to yourself everyone else knows it. And in this fiery place far from home, he is even more your responsibility.

    • Denise Cruz

      Unfortunately, I don’t think that the word ‘safe’ applies to Kyle anymore… (has been a while, already).

      • Teenagers need tracking devices put on them.

        Edit: But then again that’s what a cellphone is really so, did Kyle forget his? Or did he leave home on purpose. But then if he has it, I bet the reception is lousy where they are.

        • Denise Cruz

          Especially when it’s Kyle! lol
          I was about to remember you where he is when I read the final line you’d writen.. ^v^
          Who knows where Kyle can end up next time?!
          It’s better that the Commander creates something to put him under uninterrupted surveillance. 🙂

          • I was going to say little microchips just under the skin until they reach 18, but considering Kyle just turned 18. Hmmm. Still probably wouldn’t work in a hellscape.

          • Wow. It’s gotta be rough when you have a teen who needs a hell-chip.

          • That’s the super deluxe model.

            Does your teen keep sneaking into hell? Have we got the chip for you! It’s on sale now for just a 1/3 down and low monthly installments.

          • Had you ever met my older brother as a teenager you would understand the need for a hell-chip. Uh huh, indeed indeed. Stealing the parents car at fourteen in the middle of the night to go to the beach with a seventeen year old girl with a mohawk. 😐

          • Okay I get that you don’t like that she’s a she… not good, but other than her gender…. what’s the issue? 🙂

          • *blink* There was sand in the car?

          • Got it. Yep… needed the chip for sure!

          • Oh that was just a random sampling.

          • Denise Cruz

            Well… I think it would have been a great option! Because, once Kyle turned 18 right on that day, I believe they wouldn’t have took it out, yet. So, he probably wouldn’t be in that freaking crazy place.

          • Maybe the chips only start to say disintegrate after 18. Which in this case, yes, if such a thing ever existed, Kyle would have been covered. 😀

          • LOL… makes sense because on the day I turned 18 I wouldn’t have needed my chip any more, because I instantly became smart, cautious and worldly. I would have never fallen for a hot number like Duncan myself! Manipulated by sex at 18? Me?Never…..(LIES, LIES, LIES….)

          • Well, I sure as hell (heh) thought I became instantly smart and worldly at 18. I can stay out and no one can tell me I can’t. Mwa hahaha*.

            *Evil laugh comes standard on every 18 year old.

          • So it was you? I’d heard there was one other 18 year-old on earth who was all wise and worldly and didn’t do young and foolish things… I mean, I knew I was one of them, but it’s great to know you were the other. 🙂

          • Steven K.

            Well, like I said, I was another – but I REALLY WAS – and it didn’t work out. “Where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise”. The only thing that this won me is that I never was at much risk for getting infected with HIV, but I never got to have much fun either. And now they can practically cure the thing, or at least the symptoms, and people can exist to the point where the thing is undetectable in their system.

          • Shhhh. The others can’t know. Do you know what they DO to instantly intelligent and wise 18 yr olds?

          • *whispers*

            Sorry… it’s not good. Never good.

          • Never ever good. I mean first they kick you out of the club.

          • Steven K.

            I think I’ve always been smart, cautious, and worldly (well, at least cultured and sophisticated) – or at least that way since 10 or 11 – but it hasn’t gotten me anywhere decent, especially in terms of relationships or any sort of romantic or physical fulfillment. Probably would have ended up better for me if I had never been any of those things.

          • LOL… I’m sorry I thought my pathetic sarcasm was so over the top implicit that it was obvious. I was a pathetic horndog at 18 and yes, much to my present shame, I would have hoped on some hot Duncan action in a flat second and never been heard from again. Yep… sad… I know.

            However, I was saved by just being decent looking and not super-hero-hunk-Kyle-looking, so I was clearly not going to power up any major spell-casting.

            I don’t know wether that’s lucky OR pathetic OR both….

          • Denise Cruz

            Very well thought!! 😉

      • I believe you are right about the ‘safe’ word. I mean, what was Anni thinking? That he could control the situation? Maybe he has something up his sleeve…

        Good point about his teammates. After all, everything happened on his birthday so maybe they’ve noticed by now.

        • Denise Cruz

          If they still didn’t, they are useless as ‘protectors’. Young or not! (Yes! I’m mean, sometimes!)

        • I agree. I usually hope my friends and teammates notice my absence before I go to hell in bondage. Cake and punch after hell… well it lacks the same festive zing. You know?

          On the other hand, my personal gay shame issues may mean I forwent spending my birthday with real friends for a chance at a hot night with an aging fake gay predator… bad (read: no) sex, thingie smushing and hell… same old, same old…

          Ahhh birthdays are always complicated. 🙂

          • Indeed! Between what we think we want and what we get is the difference between blue sheeted rosy bliss with socks on, and burning extended orgasm mute naked dry eyeballs full of magical chains red demon six-pack hell.

            Kyle’s going to have bad associations with his birthday from now on…poor guy. An extended orgasm just can’t compete with all that other stuff.

          • Steven K.

            Two super-bad associations with sexual release / orgasm as well from now on 🙁

          • Steven K.

            I’d be quite satisfied with just the thingy-smushing right about now. It was certainly pleasant enough to get Kyle all lit on fire and blasting away.

          • LOL. ‘Aint that the truthl ‘Thingy smushing’ seems much more attractive when you realize the other option is HELL!

          • I know. Isn’t it rough to look back on that as one of the good old days?

    • Steven K.

      Duncan lied to Kyle about so many things – no reason to think that his promise that Kyle would always be safe with him was no less a falsehood.

    • whoa…i missed that zounds-


  • KryX

    Sorry if it’s been said before, but I just noticed that Laampros is looking at us when he talked about the small bit of flesh. Do you think he knows we are watching?

    • Klaus

      He is not looking directly at Duncan.

    • Feverfew_M

      Since there is nothing that happens there without his allowing it, I’d say he’s well aware of us bunch of voyeurs. 😉

  • Kiri

    Absolutely – APP, still rock out to it!

    And what a turn of phrase that Laampros has got. Also love it. Alex you’ve got a way with words!

    To be honest, I think that Duncan is a little bit more intelligent than just letting his ‘feelings’ show to Laampros, and given all that has gone before – I wouldn’t be surprised if he was doing a manipulation to get whatever it is he wants for a cheaper price. Making Laampros think that he values Kyle will change the arrangements to something he’s probably already got covered that involves Kyle, rather than something more personal.

    The one thing that Duncan has never done so far is to be unintentionally weak.

    And… he’s a bad guy, who says he’s got to keep his promises? To anyone?

    • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

      I think that every word that comes out of Duncan’s mouth is either a lie or open to creative interpretation and his promises are just a bunch of hot air. I also believe that he’d sell his mom on a street corner to get what he wants and if it comes down to getting what he wants and saving his own neck and Kyle’s well being, he’d sell that boy out faster than you can say “back stabber”. I also believe Laampros knows this and is much older and more cunning than Duncan and like all demons will deliver on his end of the deal and still manage to hang Duncan out to to dry. Right now Laampros is playing with Duncan like a cat who’s got a hold of a very arrogant, egotistical mouse.

      • I think that no matter what outcome any reader hopes for, yours is a very astute observation…

        “Laampros … is much older and more cunning than Duncan.”

        Hey, evil takes practice. Compared to Kyle, Duncan may be a master, but compared to Laampros, the playing field is much more even. Heh heh heh…

        • Steven K.


  • Steven K.

    Or he really didn’t actually care all that much – or thought he wouldn’t.

  • Klaus

    Duncan wants something from the demon. And he is confident that he will get it. But what it is, and why he wants it, and why he is so certain he will get it is anybody’s get.

    I still think he has some kind of power over the demon, most likely throug a deal with a more powerful creature. “You should have been told to …”. A humble supplicant does not speak that way. Only underlings are told what to do. Told by whom? Might be Sircea, might be a more powerful demon. Eye in the Sky maybe?

  • Interpolation

    Still, I kinda hope Anni’s successful at deterring Laampros, for Kyle’s sake.

  • Klaus

    3: Duncan’s plan actually works. After some taunting and diggering, Duncan gets what he is after, and they return by whatever means Duncan has prepared.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    At this point I see two major plot directions, and these depend on the answer to ‘What exactly is going on here?’. I think it all depends on how well Anni lives up to his reputation as being smart and a schemer. And typically, I’m still sitting on the fence, waiting and seeing.

    On the one hand, there is the possibility that Anni has everything in hand and all contingencies planned for, that he knew Laampy would react this way and is playing the demon exactly the same way he played Kyle, and is lulling Laampy into a false sense of security by making the demon think that Laampy has the upper talon. Throw in your favourite phrases from TV Tropes like Xanatos Gambit and Magnificent Bastard, etc etc. If this is the case and Anni can pull it off, it’s a clear demonstration of why he’s got the reputation of ‘The Most Dangerous Supervillain In the World’: forget all his superpowers, the man has a brain and isn’t afraid to use it.

    On the other hand, I am still attracted to the idea hammered out in the last comments page: that it’s a Greek drama style story structure where the plot is being driven by the characters’ personal flaws, and that Anni’s hubris has caused him to overreach himself badly. Moreover, while Anni manipulating demons would fall under the Rule of Cool, the idea of seeing how he reacts when he’s improvising under pressure strikes me as a more interesting story telling and characterisation option. Furthermore, I suggest that from the Team Redilator viewpoint, that having Kyle see Anni manipulate a demon into submission with preplanned guile is going to make Kyle less likely to trust Anni about anything, over and above the fact that Kyle’s already been seduced and betrayed in that manner himself.

    • Shinashi

      I was thinking the same thing! Thank goodness I don’t have to take the time out to detail it all out XD

      I find both interesting, but the first even more because it seems that 1) it can throw his relationship with Kyle even further from some fairy tale ending and 2) Because Rule of Cool.

      Wherever it goes, I’m just crazy stoked. This demonic dude was not on my list of possibles in this comic, not in the least.

    • Nicely thought out.

      A couple of thoughts of my own. I don’t know if seeing Duncanator out smart a demon would worsen Kyle’s sense of betrayal. It might actually make him feel better to know that even a demon, who seemed quite intelligent, fell for Duncan’s schemes. Granted it won’t make him trust him, but I don’t think it would make it really worse.

      On the other hand, I’d like for Duncan’s schemes to blow up in his face and have to improvise, shoot from the hip as it were. I think it would be good to have him knocked down a bit (okay a lot) and have to, in a way, start over. This time he might learn there are better ways of doing things than the dastardly way.

      It might be interesting to see if they had to escape in some other manner than originally planned and be forced to work together to get out. (Thank you whoever else said this)

    • Denise Cruz

      I totally agree with Admiral Jane, who answered it before me.
      I also liked very, very much of the: “forget all his superpowers, the man has a brain and isn’t afraid to use it.” that you so cleverly put up there.

      BTW: THAT MAN with SUCH A BRAIN and not afraid to use it?! OMG! Heart attack at full galope. *having chills* XD Nothing could be hotter than that! (Sorry! I couldn’t avoid saying it!)

      Anyway, I would like seeing both of things happening: Duncan’s first plans failing and he getting to improvise and being able to take Kyle and himself out of there.

      (Yeah! There’s no way to deny it! I’m in ‘Redilator Team’, too! I’m helpless! Save yourself if you still can! ^v^ – Although, I don’t believe it! XD Just saying…)

  • You got this phrase off the Huffington Post didn’t you?

    “The Greater Demonic Economy of Suffering.”

    Awesome. Thank you.

  • Denise Cruz

    I thought about somethings:

    1) And if Kyle wasn’t only the gateway, but was also the pass back outside that insane place?
    Because, if Laampros being so interested in that boy wasn’t part of Duncan’s plans, things can get worse than I’d thought they would… both of them would be so freaking fuc***! Much more that they already are.

    2) If Kyle recover his muscles strength, how would he react?
    Could he help Duncan tricking that demon? Would he? Or it could make the situation even worse than it is, already? (Is that even possible?!)

    God! So many questions and no quick answers…

  • Denise Cruz

    ‘Much dumber than he should be at his age’?!? XDDDDDD
    I loved it!! XDD
    Great comment! XDDDD

    • Denise, sorry for a totally lame question, but what does “XDDDD” mean. Any why more “D”s sometimes than others? Thanks!

      • Denise Cruz

        It’s not a lame question, at all, Chris!
        Sometimes I completely forget about the differences of cultures here!
        XD means someone laughing (if you look sideways, the eyes appear tighter and an open mouth, laughing a lot.) The more D’s more laughter A face laughing a lot. That’s it! XD

        • Thank you. Super helpful, makes perfect sense! XD

          • Denise Cruz

            Any time! 🙂

  • KryX

    What if Duncan knows he needs something to bargain for what ever it is he’s after from Laampros in the first place. He could have planned all along to use Kyle in some manner to get what he wants. By acting like Kyle means a lot to him, he’s upping the stakes with Laampros. A sort of challenge, “if I win I get what I came here for, if I lose, you get the boy.”

    • Denise Cruz

      Oh, God! I hope he doesn’t do that!

      • davefragments

        That would make an interesting horror plot to explore but I doubt Alex is headed in that direction. Alex has introduced The Young Protectors and named the comic after them. So the entire gang figures in the outcome. Kyle gets back…

        • Denise Cruz

          It probably would be a great plot, but… I still prefer having Kyle back. 🙂
          Anni can’t be left so peaceful, after all! And it seems like that kid is able to put out the best of Anni’s heart. Even when he doesn’t want it!
          That been said, I’m still wondering… whata hell are Kyle’s teammates doing all this time?!
          I hope they’ve, at least, notice his absence.

          • Klaus

            It has only been a few hours. And the team members do not live together anyway. We know that Fluke does not live with the others, and that is most likely the case with the others as well.

          • Denise Cruz

            All right. But we just don’t leave our birthday friend completely alone in his night, anyway… And even so,(what I still think it’s weird,btw), everyone knew about the 18 YO rule. That same one Duncan had mentioned.
            What kind of vigilants are/have they than the most powerful and searched villain of the world catches a young protector, who just turned 18 and disappears with him for hours, on the boy’s anniversary and nobody notices?!.

            Duncan said the villains even know where everyone of them lives … if so, (assuming he wasn’t lying about it too), all the boys will be fuc***, as soon as they turn 18yo.

            Protectors my ass!(Sorry! I’m a little frustrated about Kyle being like that, without any help). That kid is alone and hurt in that situation, because whoever should be watching over him and keeping watch over the Annihilator simply didn’t noticed! Aff!

        • KryX

          There are a few ways Kyles survives under my suggested scenario. One, Duncan wins the challenge, two, whatever price Laampros extracts is not fatal to Kyle. The third would be rescue in the nick of time.

          • Steven K.

            Maybe not fatal, but…..well, there is a difference between simply “surviving” and doing so in a whole, intact, fully-functioning and mentally+emotionally sane state.

    • Steven K.

      God, now that’s a scary and unpleasant thought (among so many I’ve already had).

  • Soubi

    I’m DONE trying to understand Anni. What does he think he’s gonna do, let Lampurru-kun not have his paws all over this virgin sacrifice? Puhleese. Bad decisions are bad, and Anni…this is not one of your best plans. You think you can fight this guy? Go for it. ._.

    • Denise Cruz

      Of course, none of us want him doing such a stupid thing, but… Come on! It would be kind of pretty funny! lol

      • Jamie Dutton

        It would be extremely funny and would soothe some of my rage…maybe.

        • Really?

          • Denise Cruz

            Wouldn’t you think it’s kind of funny seeing Duncan trying to fight that huge red thing, even knowing it’s almost a lost cause, just because his own bad choices, Chris?
            Of course I don’t want him or Kyle hurt. Just enough of fight to make him think better next time… No harm intended.

          • Jamie Dutton

            He just really, really, reeeeeaaally needs his ass kicked! If it’s by big red demon dude or the Commander or someone else who hasn’t made an appearance, yet or even better by Kyle himself, it needs to be done. I am not ashamed to say it as many times as I have already. I am certainly not apologetic about it, either.
            Plus it would indeed be freaking HILARIOUS!

          • Yes on the the Big D. ass-kicking! *Applause* 🙂

  • nebi_lan

    and no one notice the demon, storm and stuff ? D: …man that’s having a good plan.

  • Adam Irving

    A nasty business, dealing with humans. Some great color palettes in the past few pages, too. 🙂

    • Jamie Dutton

      Speaking as one of those humans, I have to agree with you. We can be pretty nasty sometimes.

      • Indeed. Especially when our color palettes are not well coordinated. Clashing causes conflict… both colorful and emotional. 🙂

    • Denise Cruz

      True! But, it seems to me that he rather enjoys that!

    • Adam Irving

      Oops! What a mistake. Now that I’ve made it, though, it raises some interesting questions.

  • Klaus

    I see that we have been mistaken all these many years. It is actually “Eye in the sky when you die”.

  • Jakk Anthony Guzman

    I noticed that in the first panel Duncan looks rather scared, and is raising his hand like saying “oh no”, “wait” or “stop”. Which seems to indicate that he does feel something for Kyle. Otherwise he wouldn’t give a shit what Laampros did with Kyle. Also in that panel he says to Laampros “The boy has SERVED his purpose”. If he is telling the truth, then that means that Duncan doesn’t need Kyle to get back.
    So if he doesn’t need Kyle to get back and/or doesn’t care about him, why look so worried?
    If Duncan wants to stop Laampros from harming Kyle and leave him alone, why not say to Laampros that he needs Kyle to get back? By leading Laampros to believe that Kyle has served his purpose, he’s telling Laampros that he (Duncan) doesn’t need Kyle anymore, and therefore Laampros can do whatever he wants with Kyle.
    There is a conflict there between Duncan’s very worried look and saying that he doesn’t need Kyle.

    • SpookyDomme

      I like it. If for no other reason than it would mean Duncan wasn’t actually a total douchecanoe. 😉

      • Jakk Anthony Guzman

        I believe that Duncan cares for Kyle. There is ample evidence of it. After he cast the spell on Kyle he told him “you ARE a fine young man”. And when Kyle pushes him off and explains to Duncan why, Duncan tells him “Ha! you are ADORABLE”, etc. The problem is that Duncan has been on that power trip path for so long that he can’t change his ways. He is also getting old and weaker. So the question is will he choose youth/power and sacrifice Kyle if he has to? Or try to protect him? Or try for both? I can see Kyle forgiving Duncan eventually especially if Duncan pays for what he did and maybe saves Kyle’s life, etc. But if Duncan abandons Kyle after betraying him, using him as a tool and then abandoning him in that hellish place, then I can’t see Kyle ever forgiving Duncan if he survives. If he did I would loose all respect for Kyle. In my view there is absolutely nothing Duncan can ever do to make up for something like that.

        • Steven K.


        • SpookyDomme

          Excellent point.

      • You are my favorite person for the entire day for teaching me the genius word… “douchecanoe”.


        I thank yew!

        • Steven K.

          Kinda thought that myself 😉

        • SpookyDomme

          *grin* It’s a favorite, happy to share!

          • I’m gonna learn how to spell it right in the future… promise. 🙂

  • SpookyDomme

    The next time I’m staring blankly with a fixed smile at someone who’s having a tedious conversation with me against my will (we’ve all been there, amirite), I’m pretty sure that’s the line that’s going to be stuck in my head.

  • Laampros said that nothing happens there without him knowing it..
    If that eye is sort of an extention of Laampros, he sure has an advantage there. It can look far and wide.

    Or what of that eye is actually the one who rules and Big Red is the extension/servant of THAT?
    An eye can’t speak, can’t feel mortal pleasure, can’t touch you – but a demony, kinda genital-less guy is a good vessel for what you want to say, want to do. It’s a more ‘real’ thing when you want to talk with a someone who has a body present.

    Just throwing ideas out there. Not having read any comments for the last couple of days I don’t know if that theory has been mentioned 🙂
    Probably not it, but the idea isn’t impossible.

    • John

      It’s the problem with drawing conclusions; it’s a different dimension, normal rules don’t apply so until we learn what rules DO apply it’s hard to work things out.

      Though that IS an interesting theory.

    • Steven K.

      I think Laampros “lacks” genitals moreso because of Alex’s policy not to show full-frontal male nudity. If we went on the speculation of Laampros’ lack of the goods based purely on the fact that they have not been shown, we would have to infer that Duncan nor Kyle have any either. Even though Kyle has been completely spread and uncovered and totally naked for the last several pages, his (what-I’m sure-are-as-adorarable-as-the-rest-of-him) boy-parts have been covered in flame, etc.

  • Jesslc

    “Kyle’s power is at it strongest when he’s sexually aroused”

    This theory gets my vote.

    Along with the fact (ie. already established in the comic) that Kyle has the least control over his power at the time of orgasm ..well, actually, is not in control of his power at all when having an orgasm. So it’s the optimum time for any unscrupulous person to jump in and grab hold of Kyle’s power, and use it for their own ends. *cue evil laugh*

    Curious though – where/why do you study magic?

    • larry

      Well that something I’d rather discuss in private. If you’d like, I’d be more than happy to email you on that subject.

      • Jesslc

        Oh sorry – I don’t mean to pry.

        Can you even email people though the discus system? I don’t like to give out my email on public websites.

  • WarGoddess

    Hey there Redilator fans!! I drew the Redilator logo you guys were suggesting! I hope you like what I came up with! Here’s the link to my DA page!

    • Steven K.

      I like!

    • stickfigurefairytales


  • KiannaLeigh

    Yep. I like Laampy. He’s smart. A bit foul-mouthed, but smart. I can dig him. Poor Anni. You’re out of your league and in over your head.

  • Tragically_Unhip

    Uuugh. Too early to camp?

  • Tina

    I wanna camp but then I realised its only 9:15 *frowns* I don’t have to get up early tomorrow but its a more of a question if my eyes can stay open any longer

    • Does napping work?

      • Tina

        I guess it counts as a nap as I usually wake up around 2 (when the page usually updates)

  • Amanda

    I never make it until the update. Damn 5am alarm!! Damn job!! Never thought I would ever list “watch people pee” as a job duty on a resume.

    • Some people’s jobs are other people’s … wait a minute… what?

  • ¡Acampando!

    • davefragments

      That’s ¡Odnaepmaca! backwards!


  • mogoskier

    It really quiet tonight, anybody there?

    • davefragments

      I’m camping, sort of…
      I missed all of the news today and I’m reading it while I wait.

    • In and out while I make dinner.

      • What’s cooking and can Sapfo’s minions deliver it?

        • Chicken stir-fry and a homemade apple topped cake (think pineapple upside down cake but with fresh apples coated with cinnamon sugar). Not sure about delivery

          • OMG that sounds soooo good. See THAT’s why they never want to hang about in the hell dimensions. You never get that kinda food in HELL!! Dang… just sayin’. 😀

          • And it was good. I’ve become a pro at stir-fry.

            Though if I make the apple cake again, I need to remember not to make it in a bunt pan. Still good though.

            Minions eat your heart out. No not literally.

          • See the way you caught that last line? If I need someone to go and bargain with Laampros, I’m sending you! sweet!

          • I’d probably freeze. 😐

    • I just got here. Will be checking in every few minutes.

  • Okay. Another late day for me, but I’m kneading the dough. Page is about an hour away, I’d say…

    • Marcus Dionte Scott

      How the soul howls in joyful anticipation of the visual feast of flesh and flame that await mine eye!!

    • All hail The Young Protectors God! *bows*

    • davefragments

      Well, I got a short story accepted today and this update. The rest of the day was bad. Two good things account for something in the vast scheme of things.

  • Steven K.

    Hushed and speechless anticipation, not knowing what in the hell is going to happen next.

  • Denise Cruz

    I’m feeling so sick that won’t be able to stay up anymore… just can’t.
    I’ll be back tomorrow, as soon as possible. (At least I hope so.)
    See you then, guys! Please, enjoy the camping for me too! 🙂

    • silibub

      Aww, I hope you rest well and feel much better tomorrow, then!

      • Denise Cruz

        Thanks, silibub! Unfortunately, it took more days than I would want it had. But, I’m fine now! Thanks. 😉

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I hope you feel better soon!

      • Denise Cruz

        Thanks. It took a little bit of time. Even more than I had wanted, but, I’m fine, now.
        I only regret that I lost the last camping… Anyway, I’m back! 😉

    • Feel better Denise! We’ll all lift a s’more in your honor! 😀

      • S’more… did she just say s’more? … ahhhhhhhhhhh…

      • Denise Cruz

        Thanks, AJ! ^v^
        It lasted longer than I had expected it would…
        Well, at least I’m fine, now! (Finally!)
        Let’s camping! I’ve missed it very, very much!
        I’ll provide the s’mores tonight, all right?!

        • Yay! Glad to know you’re better. Its the time of year.

          • Denise Cruz

            Thanks, AJ! 😀
            Unfortunatelly, my PC left seeing a blue screen that same night, so, I ended up not camping.. Ò.Ó I was so mad about it!
            After that, my days have been so overwhelmed… I haven’t being able to come here as I wish… Let’s hope for this Saturday… I’ve missed you, guys! ^v^

          • If it’s not one thing, it’s always another. It’s very enraging when computers misbehave!

            Well, I do hope to see you on Saturday. You’ve been missed.

    • WarGoddess

      I’ll save a Mike’s Hard Strawberry Margarita for you! Hope you get to feeling better! 😀

    • Oh crap… that is NO good. Denise, you feel better! Or we’ll have to make some sort of deal with Laampy and sell off one of our readers in return for your health…

      *picks up phone*
      *beep, boop, beep, beep, beep…*
      *sound of phone ringing….*


      “Hi… Adam Black?”

      “Who the f*ck is this?”

      “Erm… hi… it’s ChrisD from the Young Protector’s list.”

      “WTF … how did you get my numb–”

      “Hey, palllll, that’s not important just now. Listen, Laampros is going to be stopping by in a few minutes.”

      “What the *(*&^6&^% #@%$%&^%>??? are you talking about?”

      “Listen it’s all cool, Denise is feeling poorly and we felt you’d be cool if we sold your soul to Laamprosforafewmillenia in return for her health.”


      “Hey, you’re the best, I knew you’d be cool about this. THANKS! You are the best.”


      “Listen Laamp. said he’d only violate your body in the typical demonic ways. Nothing kink–”


      “Okay, well maybe he didn’t say…”

      *ding dong*

      “Oh hey, Adam, that’s probably Laampros now. Now listen, you kids have a good time and remember its all for a good cause. Seriously… Denise had the sniffles and everything. You were our last hope.”



      Oh he’s such a giver… I’m sure he’ll be fine and Denise you should start feeling better first thing tomorrow. Now Take your vitamins!


      • Feverfew_M

        I feel very bad for laughing so hard! XD
        Did Adam ever see this?

        • I hope not. LOL…. 🙂

          • Feverfew_M

            One could be tempted to give him a little nudge in this direction… 😉

          • Just hush you! 😀

          • Feverfew_M

            Just kidding! 😀

      • Denise Cruz

        XDDDDD Sorry! I couldn’t answer before. My PC left alone… i.i It didn’ want to work anymore…
        Anyway…Poor Adam! I couldn’t believe you did that to him! XDDD Is he fine?! Did he die there? (feeling guilty)
        Thanks. ^v^ I’m better. Just having some pretty overwhelmed days…
        I hope I can be here, next Saturday! I’ve missed every one of you, very much! You, guys, are awesome! 😉
        Adam… Please, don’t kill me! XDDD

        • LOL. Adam is perfect. Apparently he was wearing some anti-demon body spray and it drove Laampers away and the whole deal fell through. So I’m sorry you continued to feel poorly and I was too embarrassed to let you know I bungled the soul-selling deal.

          In the future, I’ll arrange these type of things through Sonny, he’s the expert.

          Glad you and your computer are feeling better!


          cc: sonoftheatomicbiscuithead

          • Denise Cruz

            Oh! You did it right! Thanks.

            Once Adam wasn’t quite inclined to what he wanted, Laampros came to see me personally.

            I was lucky enough to remember Alex’s address. So I sent him there. I’m sure ‘the word of God’ could send him home without harm anyone else…lol

            Thanks, Alex! (Puff! Puff! At least I won’t be killed by anyone right now! XD Not because of Laampros!)

            Btw, Chris: Once you were so adorable and really tried to help me getting better, when Kyle is free from that awkward situation, I’ll ask Alex to send him to your home. I’m sure you’ll be a great nurse for our little hero! 😉

  • Each time I check to see if the new page is up, I do so peeking through my fingers. The nerves are churning indeed.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      That is an excellent method.

      • There is just so much that could happen.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          I know!!

          • And there is just no guessing. Alex keeps surprising me.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            In the end, the entire comic will all turn out to be a dream that Fluke’s having.

          • At which point a million fans (Me) may scream. 😀

    • silibub

      I feel ya — my rabbit’s getting irritated with me because I keep clutching him for comfort. If he doesn’t want me to periodically grab him then he shouldn’t be so fluffy!

      • My dog’s don’t like it either. They think I’m crazy.

      • WarGoddess

        I wish my pet rabbit had been a little bit more cuddly when I was little. She was a bit feral because when she was really little and still hairless, she fell through the cage she was in at my Grandma’s and was attacked by a cat. She managed to survive, but when I got her, she did not like human contact at all.

        • silibub

          Ohhh my gosh, I imagine not. Poor thing!

          • WarGoddess

            Yeah, she liked to claw and bite, and the only way I could pick her up was by the nape of her neck, and she liked to nest in the corners of my bedroom, which ruined the carpet.

  • SofiaT

    I’m in a Tassie modern art museum that’s supposed to be The Shit and all I’m thinking is “this crap is considered art? I’d rather have the next page of TYP thankyouverymuch”.


    • davefragments

      Hey, that crap is art. It’s just not art you like and that’s OK. I live in the City where Andy Warhol was born and a museum exists. It’s all fascinating stuff but not what I call art. Others do and that’s OK, too.

      • jreed3842

        Which is what I LOVE about art. It can reach out and appeal to so many different people. Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves… whereas some may call it crap, it may touch another person!

        • When people say modern art is not art or that it’s crap, it makes me think of what people once said about the first depictions of domestic and common life and surreal, abstract, or impressionistic paintings. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that Western visual art was confined to depicting historical events, people of means or power, and religious subjects for the patronage of the church. When it was thought of only as a way to render important things with as much verisimilitude as possible, anything else was considered crap because it required one to think differently than when looking at something traditional.

          I think approaching modern art requires a different kind of thought than traditional fine art. I’m reminded of a series of paintings I saw about a year ago. On first glance, everything that these paintings depicted seem to be part of an industrial work site: machinery, building materials, concrete walls and unfinished spaces, all rendered without a trained artist’s technical skill. I thought it was pretty uninteresting at first. The perspective was off, the paint was flat and uniform, the lighting was unsophisticated, and the brush work lacked any nuance – the way one might paint a garage wall. As I thought about that more, I realized that the brushstrokes I saw probably WERE made with the sort of wide, flat brush one would use to paint a wall. The uniformly-colored paint was likely the same kind used in an industrial application. The technique was poor because it was communicating the handiwork of a laborer covering bare space, not a discerning artist trying to communicate form. All of this echoed the industrial subject matter and, I feel, successfully communicated the idea in a way that I found to be a bit more visceral than a well-rendered, representational painting of a work site might be.

          • SofiaT

            I didn’t say modern art is crap. I said that art was crap. Out of 3 floors, I can count on the fingers of one hand the pieces I understood and there were only a couple of pieces I liked.

            I’ve visited Tate in London and Reina Sofia in Madrid, this isn’t the first modern art museum I’ve been at. But it’ the first one that left me feeling so pissed off.

            They’re mocking the viewer with their supposed intellect, not taking him into a journey with them.

          • Fair enough. I would kill to visit the Reina Sofia, though.

        • I mean this respectfully, but I am NOT touching your feces… I don’t care how good it looks… just ewwwwww…..

      • silibub

        Modern art tends to be pretty polarizing. I tend to find the idea of most modern pieces more interesting than their actual execution.

        • Agree. Modern art often expresses ideas and emotions in ways that don’t necessarily involve creating a representational depiction/obvious analog of a subject, and while I find that interesting, not everyone does.

      • SofiaT

        Art is supposed to evoke feelings. What I’m seeing here (not all of it but 90%) is so obscure that I doubt many people feel anything other than puzzlement.

        It’s like the Emperor’s clothes.

        • davefragments

          Art shouldn’t be obscure. It’s not a guessing game. Art should delight and surprise or make the viewer think about the subject. Head scratching isn’t good.

          • SofiaT

            Exactly. I think some of these “artists” are so in love with themselves, they’re too busy creating puzzles that will make people admire their “genius” rather than communicating a message and awaken emotions -like Alex is doing here.

          • OMG… really… we are doing constant head scratching here… (Kyle’s powers are… and Solomon… and Duncan didn’t really ‘rape’ him… and Sircea did???… it’s all going to be explained… and… and that is somehow good.

            But this particular journey is one big head scratching puzzle and you understand that better than most Miss Sofia, so I’m not quite sure what you’re saying here… 🙂

          • SofiaT

            That’s called suspense 😛

          • WarGoddess

            Agree. My favorite form of delightful art is comics, and that is why they are my main form of expression. 😀

          • davefragments

            I got my best lesson in ART back in the 1980’s when the Museum of Modern Art in New York City filled 35 plus galleries with Picasso. Almost everything from his early and traditional work through cubism and surrealism and sculpture. It was a revelation and it made me a believer in Modern art. I saw the brush strokes on The Ladies of Avignon up close, Guernica (which is stunning) the construction of the monkey with the VW head. and everything in between.

            I feel sorry for you that that exhibit isn’t good.

          • SofiaT

            I really like Picasso’s Blue Period. Other than that, not a big fan although I respect his work. I prefer Dali myself.

            The problem is that here is “ultra-modern” art. If there’s a symbolism to be found here it’s so well hidden you need a treasure map to find it.

          • WarGoddess

            I like Picasso, Dali, Van Gogh, and many other artists. I consider a lot of things to be art, and good art, at that. I’m just saying my favorite form of art is the art of comic books, because you can portray a story through a series of pictures and words. I love art exhibits, btw. 😀

        • mogoskier

          Modern art is weird to me. I respect what it tries to do and since an art class I took it not as complicated as it use to be but I just can’t help but not like it.

        • WarGoddess

          I agree, I’m a little confused when it comes to modern art. Some of it is a bit interesting to me, but other pieces, I’m just like, “WTF?” It’s a bit of a mind-scrambler. 😀

      • So if we put Duncan upside down in a jar of urine you feel… what… exactly?

    • I would love a vid of you saying that to some nice retired docent… “EXCUSE ME BUT DO YOU CALL THIS SHIT ART? HERE… I HAVE MY TABLET… HAVE SEEN TYP?”

    • yes! bring down the house for TYP…yes!

  • silibub

    Oh nooo, everyone on my Tumblr dash already downloaded the new Pokemon games and I won’t be able to physically pick mine up until midday tomorrow… 🙁

    • jreed3842

      TRAGIC! But… consider yourself lucky! I don’t have enough money to purchase mine. It’s devastating. 🙁

      • silibub

        Aaaah, that sucks! And in that respect I’m very fortunate, yes — I hope you’re able to snag a copy soon.

        • jreed3842

          I’m predicting it wont be until 2014. 🙁

  • If Duncan manages to talk his way out of this mess, I will begin to think him Capt’n Jack Sparrow.

    • WarGoddess

      This will be known as the day that you ALMOST caught the Annihilator!!

    • Jamie Dutton

      Sea turtles, love, sea turtles!

    • At least we’ll know he’s gay… for sure!

  • HarmHarm210

    I always find it difficult to come up with anything worthy of posting as far as comments, and also lost my log in information. I haven’t commented in a while because of that, and also because I can’t find much to say that’s anything more than what someone else has already said. I did post maybe two comments a while ago on Artifice, but I have been reading this comic since it started, and even though I don’t ever post I look forward to each and every page on Saturday and Wednesdays. Great art and wonderfully entertaining to read as always, but of course I’m not the first and most likely won’t be the last to say so! ^^

    • i never said anything for a long time either…and i came over from Artifice…point being, i think it doesn’t really matter what or even if you say anything- people are quite appreciative though of the sharing of most any thoughtful and polite comment lol…i think ;-P

      • HarmHarm210

        ^ ^; I get nervous about posting my thoughts and theories, especially when there’s already hundreds of comments. I’m not sure if I’m adding to any conversation or just being repetitive of a theory that someone has already stated previously. -w-

        • ha!

          yes. there are so many comments, i guess for me, i figure, if we post comments from our perspective and the comments are obviously our own…i think people will understand even if you do repeat someone else because then, and maybe i’m wrong, but i feel like people also like knowing who else shares their opinion/feelings/thoughts/whatever.

          it’s kind of like the Internet’s version of, “So we both thought that!”

          i think it’s okay to be repetitive, especially when you’re coming from the position of, “Hey, this is what I’m feeling/noticing/thinking”

          if others share the same thought, people are really nice i think about either affirming or, politely, disagreeing.

          i think it’s also funny that sometimes it seems to me that some think this kind of literature or whatever is depraved or whatever but this is one of the most thoughtful, enthusiastic, and supportive groups/communities of fans that i’ve ever encountered and given that i follow a ton of comics on the web, i’ve seen a lot-

          long story short, you’re in good company 🙂

          • HarmHarm210

            X3 Yes, I have had a few theories and questions… such as I wonder if we’ll find out some things about Kyle that perhaps he doesn’t even know, like who his parents were, or if he had parent’s at all and was the concoction of a sort of spell or something or other. : P

            I do love scrolling through and looking at all the comments and thinking about how I was just thinking the same thing, but I don’t know why, I get too nervous to reply to many posts. Or to even just post some random thought or theory on a new page.. -o-;

  • OK. Just took the page out of the oven to cool. Should be up in a few minutes. 🙂

    • Allyne David Marins

      Thanks Alex <3

    • davefragments

      The radiators hissin still I need your kissin to keep me from freezing each nite.
      I’ve got a hot water bottle, but nothing i’ve got’ll take the place of you holdin me tight.
      I’ve got {clank}{clank} steam heat.

  • Jakk Anthony Guzman

    page is up.

  • YangYueLan

    I am not seeing the ‘Saturday’ page…I am doing something wrong?

    • WarGoddess

      I don’t think so…I’m not seeing it either….:(

    • Allyne David Marins

      I’m not seeing it either 🙁

    • Sarah

      I’m not seeing it either…. I don’t think it’s actually up yet….. Anticipation. Killing. Me.

  • Superjenny

    “loose excrement from a pig’s ass”

    I laughed out loud at that.