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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Two—Page 27

292 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Two—Page 27

“I-I can feel your- you on top of me and your- ah! This feels so… So… Mm! Oh, jeez! Oh, crap! Duncan, I think I’m- I’m-” You think you’re what, Kyle? WHAT?! Spit it out! I mean those aren’t even real sentences! Why can’t webcomic creators just have the characters say what they mean?! >:( Is this some attempt to be arty? If I wanted something cryptic that needed freaking subtitles to understand, I’d go see a freaking existential Swedish film! “Jeez”, indeed!

(Oh, and just for the record, if thingy-smushing means that eventually I’m going to be making goofy faces like what I’m seeing on this page, then forget it! People can just go smush their own thingys and leave mine alone! O_O)


I want to thank all the straight dudes who spoke up in the comments on the last page and shared how they found The Young Protectors and why they are enjoying it. I actually feel a kinship with straight guys who can enjoy a romance featuring two dudes because I’m a pure Kinsey 6 (the female form does nothing for me sexually or romantically) and yet my favorite film of all time is Bound which features a romance between two women. One of my great hopes for the future is that it becomes the norm (instead of the exception) for people to enjoy romances featuring happy couples who are different. That someday prejudices will be a thing of the past and that we’ll all be able to cheer for everyone in love. It’s a strong motivation behind the creation of my own work and so it’s always gratifying to hear that there are those (straight guys, lesbians, asexual folk, etc.) who are enjoying my comics even if they would choose something different for themselves. 🙂

Last week, I revealed tidbits about how things broke down for the guys who took my survey. This week, we’ll focus on those who identified their gender as female!


  • Out of the 8,387 respondents, 5,221 identified as female.
  • The majority (56.29%) are between the ages of 18-25 with a whopping 85.75% being 30 years old or under.
  • Only 0.48% identified as “transgender” with 2.43% “still figuring that out.”
  • 44.26% would self-identify to a close friend as “straight”, 27.43% as “bisexual”, 4.94% as “gay”, 10.23% as “I’m not sure/still figuring that out”, 7.53% as “something else” and 5.61% as “asexual.”
  • In terms of the Kinsey Scale, 18.94% identified as “0 – Exclusively Heterosexual”, 25.67% as “1 – Mostly Heterosexual”, 25.51% as “2 – Predominantly Heterosexual”, 15.25% as “3 – Equally Heterosexual and Homosexual”, 4.08% as “4 – Predominantly Homosexual”, 4.54% as “5 – Mostly Homosexual” and 1.86% as “6 – Exclusively Homosexual.”
  • Finally, a sizable 76.48% wanted “Kyle and The Annihilator to live happily ever”, 20.26% were “cool with Kyle and The Annihilator being together for this night,” but ultimately wanted Kyle to wind up with someone else and 3.26% had this advice: “Run away, Kyle! Run away now!”

So some very interesting results! My note has already become novel-length, so I’ll leave it to y’all in the comments to discuss how these results compare with the results I posted on Saturday! 🙂

Oh and


Our eighth bonus page in a row! And look below! We’re already at $177 on the donation bar towards the next bonus page!

Special thanks go out to long-time supporters Federica G. (who makes their second generous donation to The Young Protectors!) and Daniel M. & Marte H. (both making their third generous donation to The Young Protectors!), and a warm welcome and grateful bow go out to new supporters Jose S., Bart T., Ditte S., & Larry B. for their generous donations over the last few days!

And big hugs go out to long-time friends of The Young Protectors Christopher M. and Daniel N. for their super-generous $25 donations! And this makes Christopher’s second and Daniel’s thirty-third (!!!) super-generous donations to this comic! Thank you so much, Christopher and Daniel! You are totally awesome!

Thank you all so much for your generous support!

So! Is that fire I see in Kyle’s eyes? Or… at least coming from Kyle’s eyes? What could that possibly mean?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • OH YES!

    I love Kyle’s look of pleasure, and he certainly isn’t a silent lover <3

    Someone is about to be a hot shot 😉

    • Sapfo

      Good morning Danish!
      So you still don´t think you have some kind of superpower? XD

      • Morning.. I was expecting you 😉 I’´ve been out of bed for about 15mins now *lol*

        • Sapfo

          Ooh! How nice of you. I think you should start calling me number two.

        • kaycee1967

          Morning? Bloody hell I’m getting ready for bed!

  • Sapfo

    OH YES!
    His eyes! I am so looking forward to Saturday! I want to know where this fire is going

  • Interesting but still expected to see that the survey results for the gals’ Kinsey scale are quite different from the guys’.

    But I’ll take a closer look when I’m more awake. I really do have a perfect timing for waking up to cjeck comics 😀

    I love waking up to this.

    • Sapfo

      I most be a heavier sleeper then you. But it is a good day to start the day with a update from comicworld.

  • toli Bera

    Looks like he’s… Hot to trot *Sunglasses*

    • *hands cookie* You earned it. xD

  • kaycee1967

    “I’ll have what he’s having….”

  • Summer

    SHIT! He’s crying tears of fire!

    …please tell me he doesn’t ejaculate fire too. That’d be one hell of a way to earn the moniker “Red Hot….”

    • The Yaoi Review

      No, no, of course not. That’d be crazy. It’d be lava, of course. XD What else would erupt out of there? ;-D

      • Stubbylegs

        Although fire (or lava for that matter) wouldn’t be pleasant when ejaculated into ANY orifice, I’d love to see what would happen if, say, someone were to give the guy a blowjob. How the heck would they explain THAT to a doctor?

        • RBK

          Well . . . since heat kills off lots of parasites, maybe they could say they were trying to get rid of a tapeworm and just didn’t think things through well enough?

          • Stubbylegs

            I would think that no matter what the explanation is, that person would be getting a psych consult, lol .

        • Hikaru Takemori

          Fire-breathing training gone wrong?

    • Stubbylegs

      Firecrotch came to mind here…

  • kaycee1967

    BTW, I catch a whiff of fire crotch, WOO HOO!

  • Kinsey 1 female here. 🙂 One thing I really like about reading gay romance is that differences in gender roles are taken out of the equation, which can be really interesting for the relationships being explored.

    • notfromvenus

      Good point. I think that’s actually one of the big reasons why it’s popular among women, even women that are mostly/entirely gay. So much male/female romance tends towards tired old gendered roles instead of real equality in partnership and sex.

  • This page must have been a blast for Adam to draw!… or well that’s coming, but you know what I mean.

    The look of pleasure is so hot. This page didn’t even need speeche bubbles, but Kyle’s little monologue is just too precious 😀

  • Okay, does anyone else find Kyle just really awkward? In an adorable, hilarious way, I mean.

    • Yup.. I’m sitting here, gigling with a goofy look every time I read it.

      • Sapfo

        Well I was not expecting him to quote Shakespeare, but this is more endearing.

        • kaycee1967

          WHAT? No MacBeth? You don’t see Kyle saying…

          “Two truths are told,
          As happy prologues to the swelling act
          Of the imperial theme.–I thank you, gentlemen.”

          • Sapfo

            If you prick us do we not bleed?
            If you tickle us do we not laugh?
            And if you commends in swordplay, will we not come?

          • kaycee1967


          • mogoskier

            You my dear, get the slow clap of greatness

          • SofiaT


  • Sapfo

    This make Artifice so innocent!
    Thank you for not fadingout, thank you for this comic and thank you dear comic-creators. I really am enjoying this and I really looking forward to the book when it comes.

  • Khun David

    I hope Duncan is using protection… like an asbestos condom.

  • Heather Kallinger

    14.25% and 4.08%, woohoo! Hooray for being a minority of a minority, lol. 😉

    I love Kyle’s face in these panels. I mean, just absolutely love it!

  • Amanda

    Oh my………

  • Khun David

    I’m ridin’ in your car
    Ya turn on the radio
    You’re pullin’ me close
    I just say no
    I say I don’t like it
    But ‘cha know I’m a liar
    ‘Cuz when we kiss

  • YangYueLan

    Flame tears…not what I was thinking.

  • Heh.. Duncan is about to have a different kind of hair removal, unless he’s so invinsible that his treasure trail won’t even have an extra curl from the heat *lol*

    Same time I can’t stop thinking that either way, no matter what happens, the next page is about to have some serious action.

    Either one heck of a hot shot from Kyle, Duncan is about to do something wicked or the page will have one of the worst cockblocks in the webcomic history ..causing tables to be flipped Worldwide.

    • Khun David

      And then, everything shaved, when the fire teen boy ejacked!

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Oh, good point. Not Duncan’s beautiful hair! (any and all of it)

      Although perhaps the way his hairstyle has never gotten messed up (during fights, leaping away from explosions, etc.) could be an indication that it is, in fact, invulnerable.

      • SofiaT

        …It does look like a silver helmet a bit, doesn’t it?

  • Khun David

    Next scene:
    The Commander: There’s a fire reported in a warehouse over at Mt Duncan. Young Protectors Assemble!!!

    • kaycee1967


  • Stubbylegs

    “You kissing me and your-” your WHAT, Kyle? I don’t know what Kyle’s referring to….

    • Khun David

      I read that in Dorothy Zpornak’s voice.

      • Stubbylegs

        OH GOD MY EARS

      • timemonkey


      • strangeangel24601

        Now it’s all I can hear!

      • kaycee1967

        That’s just wrong! ROFL!

  • Denise Cruz

    I don’t know what Duncan has done to him, but I’ll have the same here, please! lol

    Oh, yes! Incendiary eyes… What a beautiful scene!

    I believe our older guy is going to have quite a surprise on the next page, uh?! ‘Cause I didn’t think that Kyle would be so… straight to the point, all at once. Maybe, Anni didn’t too…

    And, I don’t think that boy is going to settle down that quickly too… Not after waiting for so long…

    Deep breaths, kid! Take some deep breaths! You still have all night ahead…(in such a great companionship). At least, that’s what we’re hoping for…

    So, what’s next?

    I can’t imagine what’s going to happen to them, when that fire spread all over their bodies, all over the place… Will they blow up that little island?! (arsonist sex! ) XDD

    Or will Duncan be able to calm down his little hero enough to make him purr instead of roar?!

    It’s certainly going to be another great page, next Saturday! I can’t wait for it!

    Great job, guys! As always! ^v^

    • Stubbylegs

      Well, as Duncan said in the last page, they do have all night, so maybe they’ll take a breather and go for another round later.

  • Koe

    That first panel – I want a poster of that! 8D

  • Trowa Barton

    And here I have to wonder what on earth is Kyle talking about? Duncan’s lips are no where near him and… correct me if I am wrong, but when do people talk like that in bed?
    I’ve had sex before, and there isnt a whole lot of words, just some heavy breathing and grunting…
    or is there some other way?

    • RBK

      It just depends on the person/people. Some ramble, some say nothing at all, and . . . various in-betweeners.

    • SofiaT

      I think Kyle is just thinking out loud.

      He’s an anxious virgin who sets things on fire when climaxing.

      It makes sense that he needs a little pep-talk (first from Duncan and then himself) before he can finally allow himself to let go.

      I wouldn’t hold that against him.

    • notfromvenus

      It depends. Personally, I like talking during sex (and tend to be a little more, uh, R rated than Kyle’s being). But everybody’s different.

    • Stubbylegs

      I’ve had sex before, and never heard talk like there is here, but I can’t say I share your feelings here. I know other people’s sexual experiences aren’t going to be the same as mine.

  • vessto

    What a lovely orgasm!!! Sweet, hot and with a hint of upcoming surprise (I hope it will be a nice surprise).

    I always hoped and will always hope for the world to be as it must be, exactly in the way you described it. I have never had a prob to read or watch movies with two women in love and I’m 1 (indeed 0 but because I know there are so pretty females (and males) that can be loved from everyone I see myself as theoretical 1).

    • SofiaT

      I’m a theoretical 1 only for Monica Bellucci. If I *had* to have sex with another woman, it would be her. For all other occasions, I’m a absolute 0 on the Kinsey scale. 😛

      But ditto to all the rest 😀

  • Admiral Jane

    That’s a well placed hand in the first panel. 😛

  • amanda

    a small part of me wants to see Duncan fire blasted across the room lol!!!
    only to pop back up with a smile on his face claiming its time for round 2!!!!!!

  • Feverfew_M

    (Oh, and just for the record, if thingy-smushing means that eventually
    I’m going to be making goofy faces like what I’m seeing on this page,
    then forget it! People can just go smush their own thingys and leave
    mine alone! O_O)

    Well, thanks, Alex, for putting pictures in my dirty mind! Can’t help but think that you’d be good at making goofy faces… ;D
    Love that last panel! Kyle’s eyes (and hands) seemed to be the parts with which he was controlling the fire before, so it makes sense that he would leak there when losing control. And doesn’t that make for a beautiful image? *sighs*
    Must be a heady feeling for Anni to literally set his partner on fire…

  • amanda

    for some reason that song popped into my mind!!

  • Jamie Dutton

    Wow, Adam and Veronica did another amazing job with this page! The sexy first panel made me gasp and drool! That last fiery panel is just lovely! Now it’s getting good…hope somebody brought the marshmallows!

  • I wonder if the building has a sprinkler system. This could end with a cold shower or, if Kyle is hot enough, a steam bath 🙂

  • Khun David

    you might be right, on Duncan’s part. But Kyle isn’t invincible. And thinking about the use of asbestos… that would probably leave lots of splinters.

  • SofiaT

    The first panel is… ugh. I got no words. Duncan is ma-gni-fi-cent.
    And Kyle is HOT! (no pun intended)

    …also, is that a shadow of red hair I see??

    Kyle is so cute and dorky, I don’t know if he’s talking to Duncan or thinking out loud. And now that Alex has confirmed he has indeed not taken his socks off (*gasp*!) I oddly find him even more endearing.

    Can’t wait for Saturday and the next page to come (what’s with all the unintended puns?), I have a feeling it will be on fire!! (ok, I give up now).

  • pinglederry

    Wait, was the “Solomon” who knew the old rules that Sircea mentioned supposed to be the Biblical Solomon or the “Solomon” from the 14/15th and 17th century European grimoires? (I’d be amused if it turned out that the grimoires really were written by the Biblical Solomon in the YP-‘verse and not by Renaissance mystics. :P) Because IIRC the grimoires had to do with summoning and controlling demons, not djinni/ifrit. What exactly is Duncan playing at, here?

  • Becky

    This kid sure is CHATTY.

  • Hikaru Takemori

    Not being able to contract diseases is a very nice thought.
    But I’m not sure invincibility has to equal not contracting any diseases, not according to this definition: .

    So if a writer chooses to, a invincible character might not get ill from diseases he contracts but become a breeding ground for pandemic diseases. And with time those diseases might get deadly or numerous enough that even the invincilbe character dies.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Oh my! Well, if this is what he does when he lets go, I guess it would be difficult for the poor boy to be with anyone else now, would it? The expressions on Kyle’s face are really beautifully drawn–ecstasy mixed with gratitude mixed with maybe a touch of shock–all matching perfectly the sweet babbling falling from his lips.

    The flaming tears in the last panel are oddly the most adorable and yet erotic part of this page for me, The raw emotion he must be feeling right there, all the pain and hurt from the last time he tried sexual release, the fear and frustration from never trying again, all of it being swept away on a wave of pleasure in the arms of someone, perhaps the only one, who could make that possible for him. I daresay it is like a baptism by fire of sorts.

    Whatever happens next (and I sincerely hope you don’t burn down the bed, Kyle–Anni has so much to show you!), Kyle will definitely never be the same. May he get to enjoy this new person he’s become (and the person who helped get him there!) for at least that one night before stuff starts to go down, figuratively and literally!

    And I totally agree with you, Alex, in hoping for the day when it’s just about the emotions and not the body parts, and we can all celebrate love in it’s many wonderful configurations. I have travelled all over the Kinsey scale–starting off at zero, landing at 1 on college (if I had a dollar for every gay guy I was a closet key to…), crashing into 6 in my early twenties, and now drifting back and settling comfortably at 3-4-ish (my close friends would probably accurately describe as a gay boy trapped in a lesbian’s body). It wasn’t always easy, especially back in the day when it was much less accepted, and it certainly wasn’t drama-free, but I wouldn’t trade my path to self-discovery for the world, nor my ability to appreciate the wide variety that love, lust and longing can be expressed in the world, like through this comic.

    • kaycee1967

      Wonderful response!

    • Funny, I didn’t see the fire in the last panel as tears. It didn’t even occur to me before you said it. I see/saw it as ‘power leaking’ and how he’s about to explode – metaphorical speaking. Like the fire just can’t be held in anymore.
      Now I wonder if it IS tears.

    • It really is a wonderful response. Thank you, fujoshifanatic!

  • TwilightDreamer

    mustn’t squeal…mustn’t squeal….less I have others come running to see what’s wrong…. ;D
    Yay! I’ve been waiting to see the flames come out, even if that was only a tease 😛

  • Jeabro21

    HE IS CRYING FIRE WOW AND I THOUGHT JESUS CRYING blood was weird. The expressions on Kyles face are not wht i expected, but understandable since he is having a+ plus sexual contact right now. My guess is tht his hands will go nxt to “flame on” and then things will really start to “heat up”.

  • Rae Goldberg

    Woot! It is getting hot in dere! XD and THANK GOD my mother walked by AFTER I finished reading the comic and was reading the author notes cause other wise she’d be asking what are you reading and I’d tell her and *sighs* it’d just wouldn’t be pretty.

  • Monica

    Ohh the first panel is just gorgeous!! The rest of the page… actually made me hide behind my hands XD And I’m not easily blushed!! But this just… *hides again and giggles like a school girl*

    I’m very curious on how the next page will be, all covered in flames? :3

    Do Bear Hunk really know that he can withstand Kyle’s heat? How can he know that by the way? Kyle’s heat might burn him hard… And then what? What an anticlimactic sex time for poor Kyle…

    • Amber Rose

      Well, Kyle did do his very best to fry Anni in the first handful of pages and it worked about as well as blowing bubbles at him, so I think everything will be ok.

      • Monica

        Well, he might have hold back then? Now it will be unleashed, and Bear Hunk will be nude… no magical suit that can save him… 🙂

  • Soubi

    Happily (sizzled) ever after.

  • Wonderful page of watching a first-timer let go from that place of conscious thought and letting his body take over. It’s an amazing thing. Great fun, Alex and thank you and the gang for some amazing panels.

  • Pup Ruff

    Unless Duncan is really well endowed. Could be one of his superpowers.

  • Amber Rose

    Ok, I love this page, and like with most of these pages, I have to read it in slow doses to control the blushing. (Is it totally weird that I have the urge to cover my face and peek through my fingers?)

    THAT SAID. After all the giggling was over, I randomly wondered what do you offer someone who cries fire? Tissues seem pretty ineffective. A shoulder to cry on also seems inadvisable.

    • Klaus

      Just remember to never cry fire in a crowded theater.

      • I ordinarily don’t care for puns, but you got me here, Klaus. Nicely played. 🙂

  • Nacho

    Are you going to post the poll results from those of us who identified as non-binary? I know that we make up only a very small portion of the results but I’m still curious to see where my answers fit in.

    • Yes, I will. I might do it on the next page or I might wait until next week, depending on my schedule. But I will include those results too. 🙂

  • Cydney Sabin

    Heh. Fire in his eyes. Punny.

  • DoktorNauk

    Is Kyle smoke proof, or could he die of smoke inhalation?

  • Kalynn Osburn


    Kyle has the most amazing sex face. And Duncan is so in control. I have the horrible paranoia that Duncan is, and this particular moment in time, entirely sincere in his desire to please and protect Kyle. But something about the way he worded his promise has me nervous.

  • OMG *squee*.. totally off topic, but just saw the add about the page.

    A Khaos Komix kickstarter 😀 Now I’m gonna be fretting and do all I can to raise money to back this somehow. One of the first webcomics I ever read/followed, and I was almost in tears the day the last page was posted.

    • Sapfo

      You said it!
      But where do I get the money.
      “Mother I need a loan! It it very important and I would surly end up doing something bad it I don´t get it.”

      • I knooow. I’m broke like really, really broke. So I’m not gonna be able to get the whole boxset, but I’m gonna try saving on the food budget – for the one book so I can get the rest for the box later on, one by one. Hope I can at least make that one. Of course it ends one month before my b-day otherwise I would be all over that boxset ;_;

        • Sapfo

          Well if you have some r/l friends how knows how much you love the comic, you could ask them to donate to the kickstarter in your name, for you b-day that is.
          Are you a Scorpio?

      • SofiaT

        I backed it up last night. Then I calculated how many Aussie dollars are 65 British pounds, and lets just say I’m happy the Kickstarter finishes at the end of September and the charge will go in next month’s credit card bill… :S

        Still, totally worth it.

        • Sapfo

          I´m getting some money in next week. It´s food money, but this is food for the soul.

  • SpookyDomme

    This is adorkably hot. Well, going by that last panel, literally hot too…

    “Oh, and just for the record, if thingy-smushing means that eventually
    I’m going to be making goofy faces like what I’m seeing on this page,
    then forget it! People can just go smush their own thingys and leave
    mine alone!”

    Lesson learned: Never read author commentary for YP while sipping anything.

    • Pashakitty

      This! ^^^^^^^

    • Hehe. I’m glad you liked that. 🙂

  • Anna Calloway

    So cute^_^ Kyle is the most adorable little fire demon haha How could Anni stay away?

  • Koe

    One more for the “Red Hot Playlist” 🙂

    Hot as a fever, rattling bones
    I could just taste it, taste it
    If it’s not forever, if it’s just tonight
    Oh, it’s still the greatest, the greatest, the greatest

    You, your sex is on fire
    And you, your sex is on fire
    Consumed with what’s to transpire

  • Ana Badra

    Hey, Alex!

    Loving the story, as usual, although I don’t comment here often.

    I actually came here to ask if you ever read a webcomic named Khaos?

    It has no super heroes, it’s more of a slice of life comic… about all kinds of different people. It taught me a lot, really opened my mind…
    Anyway, it seems like the kind of comic you’d enjoy.


    • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

      I love that comic. So dramatic and realistic, and sweet. Sad but sweet. Are you reading ‘Shades of A’?

      • Ana Badra

        It’s so good 😀
        I always feel like I’m taking diversity 101 with a really funny teacher when reading Tab’s comics 🙂

    • SofiaT

      I just found out about the Khaos writer last week! -one of the other readers here recommended I read Shades of A. I liked it but Khaos is what really captured me. I read Charlie’s & Jamie’s story last night and I couldn’t stop crying.
      Of course I HAD to back it up on Kickstarter 😀

    • Yes, I have read that comic. Or much of it. Quite good, actually, IMHO. I’m pleased to see that they are currently running a Kickstarter campaign. 🙂

  • Pashakitty

    So, I guess this means that Kyle really is a fire crotch.

  • Amanda

    I think that next Alex needs to let us vote on our favorite sexiest moment of the comic.

    • Denise Cruz

      AGREED! It would be pretty funny! I could bet on it! lol

      • Amanda

        I would immediately nominate page 19 of the prologue, its a personal favorite!

        • Denise Cruz

          I believe my favorite would be page 25, ch 2. I love the way they look at each other right there. ^v^

    • That’s not a bad idea. Although it’s still only the first part of Chapter 2 and there are 5 chapters plus extras…

      • Amanda

        Maybe do it as a series. Let people vote for the favorite of the prologue and chapter 1, then 2 & 3, 4 & 5, at the end take each winner to vote for the #1.

        • Sounds good. I’ll check in about this in a month or so and if folks would like me to do that, I’ll make it so. 🙂

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    SO…His eyeballs are fireproof too? Good to know.

  • Alan Michael Williams

    This reminds me of Legend of the Seeker, and how Kahlen was doomed to never have sex because she would “confess” her lover during orgasm, forever taking away his individuality. It’s a little different here, since this kid would engulf his lover in flames, but yeah…

    • You got me to go read up on Legend of the Seeker. Interesting….

      • Alan Michael Williams

        Oh, yeah, definitely check out that show. Unfortunately it ran for only 2 years (fans mounted an unsuccessful campaign to continue its run), but it was a lot of fun. Plus, Craig Horner (the Seeker) was good eye-candy, frequently ending up shirtless. =)

  • Dannysmartful

    BOOM? That would be awesome and beautiful at the same time. 🙂

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Hooray for sex!

  • Acheron Hades

    I love your comments XD Ahahah, there needs to be more sarcasm <3 Another great page, I am totally blushing 😀

  • iTVXQ

    Swedish movies are truly the worst.
    I would know.
    I’m from Sweden.
    Can’t watch that shit without subtitles.

    on another note
    whoa kyle are you turned on or WHAT

    • iTVXQ

      Which also leads me to ask what Swedish movies you’ve seen? 😀

      • Sapfo

        Don´t know about you, but I think it´s because we are so used to subtitles when we watch film/tv. So when watching something without subtitles, it just feels wrong, something is missing.

        • iTVXQ

          I never watch movies in english with subtitles though. Swedish is a language that kinda requires subtitles (most of the time), because we mumble a lot and it’s very obvious on movies. Of course, everyone has different opinions.

          • Sapfo

            Tycker du ja 😉
            I watch most things with subtitles, but it might be because i usually watch it in a group. And to not miss anything the subtitles are a help.

          • iTVXQ

            Tycker jag ja 8D

            Yeah, that might be it then lol. When I watch movies in a group we also have subs. Though, when alone I watch without because I think they’re kind of annoying and the translations are sometimes very strange…

          • Sapfo

            Well I should not be a hypocrite, I did use the sub on Call girl just the other day. And I did watch it alone.

          • iTVXQ

            Lmao I see. Okay yeah, sometimes I use subs too. Especially if I’m eating chips while watching a movie. Like, can’t hear anything because crunching, GIVE ME THE SUBS.

          • Sapfo

            Chips are a true noise maker.
            And I do agree: I WANT MY SUBS!

          • iTVXQ

            A very tasty noise maker too.

    • RBK

      Are you saying that even as a Swedish person that the people mumble or the audio is so bad that you still need subtitles most/some of the time? Because I think at least some Swedish movies are good . . . though, to be honest, I’ve only seen Let the Right One In recently, and Pippi Longstocking years ago–my dad could give a more comprehensive list of his favorites.

      • iTVXQ

        Mostly both. We mumble a lot, and the audio is often quite bad. It’s extremely difficult for me especially, since I have issues with my hearing. But even my 100% hearing friends say Swedes mumble too much to be caught on tape LOL.

        Ah, actually Pippi is a children’s movie, thus they speak a lot clearer than movies for an older audience. Let the right one in, is actually one of the better movies when it comes to audio/mumbling.

        • RBK

          I really need to expand my Swedish movie-viewing experience!

  • Gaz Hawkins

    and dehydrates almost to skeleton at the same time LOL love those movies but that was the funniest scene.

  • Gaz Hawkins

    at that point it’s almost impossible to open your eyes…..or if they are open close them….. and no way can you string a sentence together…… the pain and pleasure are just too much and you just have to go with it 🙂

    • Let me Word of God that at this moment, Kyle is feeling no pain. 🙂

      • Gaz Hawkins

        hummm… there is always pain, just that pleasure over takes it, if there is no pain then something is wrong 😉

        • Hmm. For me, if you are feeling pain during frottage, then I’d be concerned something is wrong. Or soon to be injured. But vive la différence. 🙂

          • Gaz Hawkins

            ah yes, they are frotting (is that a word?), I was talking about the full act 🙂

  • Gaz Hawkins

    “(Oh, and just for the record, if thingy-smushing means that eventually
    I’m going to be making goofy faces like what I’m seeing on this page,
    then forget it! People can just go smush their own thingys and leave
    mine alone! O_O)”

    hummmm…. but you are not the only one making those goofy faces, the other guy is too….. that’s part of the fun but, of course, the smushing of thingy’s is the MAIN FUN….. never underestimate the power of the thingy-smushing!!!

    I think you (every guy) should try it 🙂

  • Ah. Ah.
    CHOO!! *fire-sneeze*
    Darn rose petals.

  • Holly

    Wow Kyle got excited again very quickly. I am really looking forward to seeing what happened Saturday, but I LOVE the final panel. Just Kyle with that look of pure bliss as his fire powers simmer around his closed eyes. SOOO GOOD!!!

    • Denise Cruz

      I loved that too!
      Isn’t stunning how great those arts are made?!
      I keep getting vaulted about every panel, every page… It never ends… keeps getting better and better! ^v^ Love it!

  • Stubbylegs

    This would make a good mad lib game.

  • Nyzer

    I didn’t speak up on the last page, but I AM one of those straight dudes who’s enjoying the Young Protectors. I seem to recall thinking “yeah, I should say something” and then going to work and NOT saying something. I’ll fix that now, I think.

    There are, of course, a variety of reasons I like YP – one being that I like the art, another that I like the background story*. The current main plot in general hasn’t gone too far yet, so I can’t say for sure that I’ll like where it goes, but – so far, so good. The romance – ah, it’s interesting, for me – dudes just don’t appeal to me at all, yet I’ve always been more into a good romantic/sexual plot than, say, a random picture of boobs or whatever. So the way it plays out with the experienced, caring, patient Duncan and the shy, uncertain Kyle IS actually kind of a turn on, surprisingly enough, the sexy scenes here doing more for me than random T&A with no buildup in another comic would. (Heck, it even outright annoys me if something is just gratuitous and unnecessary T&A.) Does that make sense?

    “One of my great hopes for the future is that it becomes the norm
    (instead of the exception) for people to enjoy romances featuring happy
    couples who are different.”

    It’s kind of funny, because I’ve never really been in a relationship with anyone, aside from a couple of months of being used as someone’s ego boost or whatever (not bitter about that, obviously). I’ve basically always considered ALL romances featuring happy couples to be different. Gender, race, and sexuality not being any more different than any of the other qualities, at least not at this point in my life. Might not be a romance I’d choose for myself, but that hardly makes it stand out from any of the numerous others I can say the same thing about, just because this one has two guys goin’ at it instead of any other combination.

    Funny story, but as a young teen, I guess I could say I was a little homophobic in general, thanks entirely to the general negative stigma about being gay, and growing up with that idea. But at one point I learned that a friend’s parents were homosexual. And then I promptly forgot it, for months (years?) (she lived in a house FULL of people and it took me a while to keep track and memorize everyone who lived there, especially as we weren’t close friends at first). Then I just randomly remembered it while walking around the neighborhood with a mutual friend one day. In my head, I basically went “oh, huh. Right.”

    Can’t recall what triggered the memory, but I always thought it was kind of funny. I knew, even back then, that it was something most other people would have made a big deal about, and I just saw it as a completely irrelevant detail about her family. As important to me as whether her parents liked the color blue, for example.

    *(I happen to like the idea of Duncan as he’s presenting himself, someone
    who has more or less reformed from supervillany, and the general idea
    that the supervillain community seems to be people who break the law for
    personal gain while generally AVOIDING violence as opposed to the stereotypical psychopath type in many stories. I’ve always thought it was kind of weak for stories to have psychopath like supervillains and yet never
    actually have them just get assassinated, nor have them kill off the
    protagonists; it tends to SCREAM “plot armor” in both directions. In my opinion, that sort of thing is only viable as long as one side or the other lives in hiding and is good at fleeing before being caught, which seems to rarely be how the long-term plot works out.)

    • Amber Rose

      “… the sexy scenes here doing more for me than random T&A with no buildup in another comic would.”

      Ah, i’m just the same. I’m a straight girl and for the most part the idea of sexual acts with girls is kinda ick for me but there’s a comic about lesbians (sorta like this, explicit but not xxx-rated) that I am obsessed with because the characters and the romance are so well written. And because the art is sooo pretty.

      • Kellen Connor

        Is it YU+ME, by any chance?

        • Amber Rose

          No, it’s called Sunstone.

          • Kellen Connor

            I will look that up! You might want to look up YU+ME. The first half is meh, pretty standard high school fare (peppered with foreshadowing), but the second half trips balls and gets really engaging, funny, and romantic. Plus, it’s finished, so you don’t half to wait for updates.

          • TheGirlWhoFellToEarth

            I’m with you on that. Speaking also as a straight girl (just for the record ; not that it has any real incidence on our capacity to like other’s work…), Yu+Me was one of my biggest crushes, as far as comics are concerned. Besides, its characters are so beautiful… -in the widest sense of the term, not that they’re all pretty faces). I’d spend the rest of my life drawing those.

            Alex’s works are just as elaborated, even if it doesn’t lies on the same things. His writing and dialogues are fantastic -and he has the chance of having talented artists to match his words-. He doesn’t fear being witty or deep, by having his characters talking about things other than who they’re going to bone ; Artifice, but I feel YP even more so, go beyond the romance – they do world-building. And, when sexytimes do happen, they feel all the more meaningful.

            I also like that his tone seems to be just the right one. I’m a rugged type of girl-person, so excessive sappiness generally throws me off. I feel Kyle and Duncan’s loving scenes are tender, never sappy – and I find myself actually tearing as some of those.

            The YP is a good, well-thought story – something admittedly quite rare on the internet, but that you treasure once you found it. Things like gender or social orientation matter little in the face of a good story. 🙂

          • kestrelsama

            As a primarily straight girl, Sunstone is frigging FANTASTIC!

    • Kellen Connor

      the sexy scenes here doing more for me than random T&A with no buildup in another comic would. (Heck, it even outright annoys me if something is just gratuitous and unnecessary T&A.)

      Oh, gosh, THANK YOU for saying all that! I wish it was just generally assumed that people wanted to see romances with effort put into them, rather than just paint-by-numbers plotlines and gratuitous flesh. And it seems like straight men bear the brunt of this egregious stereotype.

    • Thank you for such a cool response, Nyzer! I’m glad you decided to chime in!

      I totally hear you about the gratuitous T&A and it’s definitely a major goal of mine to have the sexuality in my work be both essential to the plot, revealing of characters and (hopefully) maybe even saying something about the human condition (and how we aren’t all that different). I make that choice both because I think it makes for a more interesting story, but also because, frankly, the sex is just hotter for me that way. It has to feel real or my eyes gloss over. It has to feel honestly intimate and on some level meaningful to the characters. So that’s behind my choices in terms of how I portray sex too.

      I also hear you about not being in a relationship. Even though I came out as a teenager, it wasn’t until my very late twenties that I was able to make the relationship thing work. For most of my life before then, I was always on the outside looking in.

      Thank you for sharing the story from your childhood. Interesting.

      Also, I too have real skepticism about how long very violent villains would last in “the real world.” On TV, etc. psychopathically violent people seem to have a fair amount of what you so aptly call “plot armor”, but if someone makes a career out of hurting other for sadistic pleasure, especially “innocents”, I don’t see it taking long before the rest of the world finds a way to stop you permanently. So, in my world, yes — the villains in general avoid violence and those that relish violence don’t have long careers. I’m glad that’s something you enjoy seeing in a fictional superhero/supervillain world.

  • YG_Frenchie

    I’m SO happy for Kyle right now!!!

    I’m hoping/predicting some sexy silhouettes within the flames in the next few pages. Please let the bed survive the blaze!… And Kyle’s clothes that he just threw around not very far from the bed. He’ll end up naked if he burns them! Like their socks! Omg the socks!!

    • TheGirlWhoFellToEarth

      “Please let the bed survive the blaze!…”

      Oh no… Let it alllll burn. These petals on the floor look quite confortable anyways 😀

      (also : are you really a Frenchie? if so, hello, compatriot ! ^^ )

      • YG_Frenchie

        Yes I am really French. Sometimes my accent comes out when I mix my words up or when I count. I can’t count fast in English. I usually get my English husband to proof read everything before posting because what I mean and what you may read wouldn’t be the same. That happens quite a bit.

        I’m French Canadian. How about you?

        • TheGirlWhoFellToEarth

          I’m French from France – thus, I perfectly understand having trouble conveying an idea….

          (seems we’re not exactly compatriots after all -though I’ve been wanting to emigrate in Canada for quite some time now – in a couple years, perhaps we’ll be ! :))

          • YG_Frenchie

            Canada is fun! Which part interests you? I live in the Capital, Ottawa.

          • TheGirlWhoFellToEarth

            I’ve been living for a bit in Montreal, and seems like I’ve left a part of my heart there – but, all around, Canada strikes me as a country where you can meet lots of people that are different from one another, and have different views of the world – hence part of my motivation.

            (But you tell me… You’re the Canadian one here ! ;))

          • YG_Frenchie

            Plenty of different people here, you’re right. In Montreal there’s even more open minded people. Especially in the “village”. Their gay parades are fantastic. I couldn’t go this year but my best friend went and she had a blast. I missed the Ottawa one as well. And Comicon! That’s what I get for working weekends :s

          • TheGirlWhoFellToEarth

            Awww, sorry to hear it!

            Hopefully you’ll get to there next year ! And you could always go to Paris… We aren’t really up-to-date as far as Cons are concerned, I’m afraid, but the parades there are a sight to behold. 🙂

  • TheManBehindTheCurtain


    Happy Birthday Kyle, no putting the candles out tonight.

  • Stubbylegs

    Aw man, I want to see Duncan’s orgasm face!

    • I don’t think Duncan is coming at the moment. It’s all Kyle. 🙂

      • Stubbylegs

        I didn’t say he necessarily was, just that it made me want to see things from the other perspective.

  • Skittles 4ever

    Last panel brings a whole new meaning to “hot sex.”

  • Jason Arilani

    WELP! I have to say it. I have to… I’m going to get shot for saying it. And I know it’s the wrong group. But it must be said. IT MUST!!!!

    FLAME ON!~

    • Kellen Connor

      Oh, god, that was terrible. Marry me.

    • Hahaha……. :bend over laughing:

    • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

      The only difference is a date with Johnny Storm ends with a burning sensation of another sort.

  • Kellen Connor

    Wouldn’t that be the transgendered males from last week?

    • I could focus specifically on males who identify as transgendered in a future update if folks would like.

  • Kellen Connor

    This is actually a lot hotter than I anticipated, considering I usually squick out at an age gap this wide. I’m not into dudes, but I’m really feeling this romance. It’s well-written and believable, and I’m getting really invested. Kudos.

    • Thank you, Kellen! I’m glad to hear you find it believable and compelling. 🙂

  • Ellen Harman

    I wonder if Kyles baby blues turn red when he lets loose?

  • I read the stuff under the comic (too) and I think this point is a bit incorrect unless I’m totally misreading this some how.

    “The majority (56.29%) are between the ages of 18-25 with a whopping 85.75% being 30 years old or under.”

    Is it just me?

    • KBatty

      It was just clumsy phrasing. 85.75% of the overall total are under 30 years of age. 56.29% of the overall are 18-25. Ergo, the remaining 29.46% of that 85.75% are either 18 and under or 26-30. Or a combination of the two.

  • Tina

    You know what would be a funny twist? If when Kyle “let’s go” its revealed he becomes a villain (almost like a human turning into a werewolf) and Duncan becomes the villain.
    Maybe Kyle’s the one faking everything this whole time and is using Duncan to get what he wants!

    • KiannaLeigh

      0.o mind … blown.

    • Adam Black

      Thats kids been nothing but trouble.

      Arson, gay bars, hanging out with crime lords—even a halfway house couldnt straighten him out.

  • KBatty

    Hmm. Lately it seems like roughly half of my comments end up “awaiting moderation”. Alex, have you bumped up the moderation filters around here, or am I just lucky?

    • Can’t say anything for sure since I’m not familiar with how Disqus works ‘behind the scene’, but I’ve had replies to my comments that was ‘awaiting moderation’, but since they were replies to me, I could usually see them anyway.
      What I noticed is that it’s often new/rare commenters on a site and/or someone who made their profile private – especially if it’s on a mature/18+ site. It’s like Disqus’ own filters want an extra check before posting, aside of those filters a site owner can set. I know from experience that ordinary comments can end up in spam filters depending on words/links. Maybe that’s why.

      • KBatty

        Not impossible I suppose, but I’m certainly not a new poster. Just surprises me that it’s happening to me so frequently lately because I’ve been commenting here since roughly page six of Artifice or so (I actually created this Disqus profile so I could comment on Alex’ work). Granted, I did used to comment a lot more back then than I do on TYP, so maybe I’ve slipped into “rare user” category. Oh well. I’m sure I’ll live. May never be the same, but I’ll live.

        • Maybe it has something to do with Disqus’ newer settings and the option to make your account private and such. Maybe they added a whole new type of filter with that. I hadn’t seen any of the ‘awaiting moderation’ comments before this happened. Before comments were just gone. Who knows when it comes to the new Disqus. It has certainly had some bumps and bugs along the way 🙂

    • This has actually been a source of frustration for me and I haven’t been quite sure how to get the word out about it, because I know only a small subset of folks read my notes under the comic pages (and, well, frankly I’ve had other things I’ve wanted to put there recently. 😀 )

      Here’s the deal as far as I understand it:

      I don’t allow completely anonymous comments on this site. In the old version of Disqus, it was very simple — unless you had an account with a confirmed email address, you couldn’t leave a comment here. It was clear what folks had to do — want to leave a comment? Make sure your account has a confirmed email address.

      But Disqus 2.0 changed things. My site still doesn’t allow completely anonymous comments, BUT you can still go through the motions of posting a comment here without having a confirmed email account. It will just wind up in the moderation cue which I then have to manually approve. Every time. 🙁

      I don’t know what the exact steps are to confirm your email address, but whenever folks have reached out to me directly and I’ve told them the deal, they’ve managed to confirm their email address with no help from me within a few minutes. And then their comments seems to go through fine. So, the process seems easy, it’s just that Disqus doesn’t make it clear that that’s what you have to do to avoid the moderation cue.

      I updated my FAQ about this some time ago, but obviously long-time commenters like yourself aren’t going to be checking my FAQ for updates on a regular basis. Also, it does seem strange that your comments go through half the time — I’m not sure why that would be… Perhaps after I approve a comment you get whitelisted for a short time? That doesn’t make much sense, so perhaps something else is going on here.

      But the short answer is, I haven’t made any changes. Disqus 2.0 changed the rules. Log into your Disqus account and see if there’s any indication that you need to confirm your email address. And let’s see if that solves the problem. 🙂

      • KBatty

        Hey Alex. Thanks for the reply (and for the record, I /mostly/ read your notes, haha). I do have a verified account and confirmed email address and whatnot with Disqus. Far as I know I’ve done everything I’m supposed to do.

        I mostly wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing something that was setting off your actual filter settings. No one likes an inconsiderate douchebag, after all. I will simply accept that Disqus 2.0 is still evil.

        • Hmm. Then I’m really not sure what is going on. There shouldn’t be words you use that flag Disqus. And yet, while 95% of other’s comments go through fine, yours are consistently put in moderation. (Although, not this time! Hmmm…)

          If you continue to encounter this, could you reach out to Disqus and ask them to help figure it out? There shouldn’t be any reason your comments are placed into moderation and it’d be good to get to the bottom of this.

          Thanks! 🙂

          • KBatty

            Yeah, no sweat. For as often as I’ve been put under moderation, I’ve often ended up just going back and deleting the comment so you don’t have to deal with approving it. On a few occasions I’ve seen my comments just vanish entirely with no particular explanation as well. Upon reflection, I really should probably drop Disqus a line and ask what’s up. I’ll keep you posted.

          • I would take an extra check of your settings – below where your email address is written in. Not where you log in but your account settings, found in the Little Wheel up under the comment box. I remember when I first signed up, it didn’t register correctly the first time that my account was verified. I could post comments without issues on most sites, but I had to click on the verify-message in my settings again to receive a new email to complete this step. That fixed my issue.
            A comment can still dissapear completely though, if it end up in Disqus’ spam filter. That can be completely random.

          • KBatty

            Thank you for the suggestions, but I have indeed checked on those things as well. I’ll send them an email if it persists and see if they can identify anything irregular.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I have the same problem as KBatty, and it’s weird because the issue doesn’t crop up when I use Disqus elsewhere (such as commenting on Nimona).

        • bobbyjoeguy

          I “thought” i had a verified account with disqus, but it told me that i didn’t so i had to re-verify and now it seems to work fine.

  • Zeruk

    I would not even now HOW to react to Kyle’s face like that! .___.;

  • Alex… Your commentary…. I’m laughing so hard, my dog is staring at me like she’s concerned something may come loose. I think maybe she’s right.

    • KiannaLeigh

      At least your dog seems concerned. My cats just stare at me like they want me to shut up! T_T

      • I feel like that’s the purpose of having a cat. So they can look at you like you’re a stupid collection of flesh and noises that occasionally feeds them. That’s how my cat is, anyway. XD

    • Hehe. I’m glad you enjoyed the commentary. I do hope folks will enjoy it! 😉

  • I am an impressive 3 on the me scale… I mean, Kinsey scale. Sorry, the name of that scale always makes me giggle.
    So, dear Kyle gets to experience his first climax since first discovering that if you tug that, it feels good. (yes, I am tactful). Let’s see how this pans out!

  • Stubbylegs

    Well, Alex, if you DO decide to engage in thingy-smushing, just make sure no one takes pictures of your face…or turns the encounter into a webcomic.

  • Admiral Jane

    Dang it why can’t it already be Saturday! I need to know if Kyle’s going to go all splodey or if he’s going to just be a little crackling camp fire.

  • Yup.. even though the additional 29% are either under 18 or 26-30, not just the last. Over all, of full result, about 8% were minors from what I remember and 21% was 26-30.
    I was actually kind possitively of surprised that the number of minors was as low as 8%, unless some cheated of course so lets say 10%. Then again, a third of the respondents was older than 25, and that was nice to see as well 🙂

  • Raven R. Bloodwolf

    *nosebleed**sees fire eyes*…Why is it not Saturday yet

  • TheGirlWhoFellToEarth – Because I couldn’t think of a time that’d be *any* more appropriate to this reference. ^^

    I haven’t checked the YP in quite a while… and seems I missed an AWFUL lot – now I wish life had given me a little more time. Sorry for having gone MIA ; and thank you lots, Alex, for keeping this amazing story going.

    (now for Catching Up time ! o/)

    • I’m glad you had a chance to catch up — and for any pleasure this comic has given you, you’re very welcome! It’s my pleasure. 😀

      • TheGirlWhoFellToEarth

        This comic seems to deal with pleasure a lot lastly, doesn’t it? ^^

  • TheGirlWhoFellToEarth

    It needs to happen !

  • Khun David

    I think you have the scale backwards. Kinsey 0 is exclusively straight. Kinsey 6 is exclusively gay.

  • Khun David

    Duncan’s true evil plan… I’m not going to teach Kyle about the importance of protection… If I can’t have him exclusively, he’s going to have to take that risk.

  • I believe that info will be given on the future trading cards that willl come along with TYP vol. 1 next year – for those who participated in the kickstarter. At least wether a character is gay/bi/straight. I’m sure that info will be shared in the comments after that, if it’s not already known by then 🙂

    The kickstarter project went so well that 4 types of cards were unlocked for every character: Powers, Romance, Origin and First time.
    I can’t wait to see what new and interesting info THAT will give!

    • TheGirlWhoFellToEarth

      Such a pity I missed the kickstarter entirely… I would’ve loved to partake.

      I’m expecting *you* to share the info anyways, Danish, given how quick you always seem to be in handling the Intel ! 😉

      • Aye aye, Captain 😉

        Yeah, a pity you missed it. It was super fun and there was such a frenzy the last few hours before deadline, because for a few hours it looked like we would be 1-2 cards short of a full set (36 Cards). Then people stepped up to plate and it went bezerk and thing happened so fast it was impossible to keep up in the kickstarter comments.
        The best ‘camping’ I’ve ever participated in, and I can’t wait until the kickstarter for Vol. 2. It’s gonna be a blast.

        • TheGirlWhoFellToEarth

          Don’t get me wrong there : you’ll do as you wish, Missy ! I’m merely saying it’s highly probable 😀

          Wow – must’ve been a blast, indeed. I’m still very new to camping and all that fun stuff, but I hope I at least won’t be missing the next one !

          Anywhoo, seems like TYP is gaining in popularity faster and faster ; and that’s great.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        I know how you feel! I actually discovered this comic just *two days* after the kickstarter ended! I was gnashing my teeth with frustration!

        • SofiaT

          A month later for me but, yeah, the frustration is there anyway.

  • KiannaLeigh

    I should be doing homework. Instead I’m here. Thank you for the distraction Alex! ^_^

  • KiannaLeigh

    Oh I’m so hoping Platinum is an ex of Anni’s just ’cause that would be hilarious!

  • KiannaLeigh

    Nicely put. I feel the same way about some traditional romances.

  • Not bad. You’re batting about .500, well above major leagues. 🙂

  • It came from the fact that Alex was a chowderhead and he didn’t alter the lines from the script to fit the art we eventually arrived at. Doh!

    Thank you! Fixed!

  • ~So light ’em up, up, up.
    ~Light ’em up, up, up.
    ~Light ’em up, up, up.
    ~I’m on FIRE!

    ~My songs know what you did in the dark.

    Love that song, but every time I hear it I can’t stop thinking of Kyle xD

    • TheGirlWhoFellToEarth

      Didn’t know that one… thanks ! I live for discovering new things to listen to !

      This is quickly turning into a fully-fledged playlist… and this one is obvious enough ^^

      ‘I’m on FIIIIIIIIII~~RE!’

      • Gaz Hawkins

        and then there is “relight my fire” by take that (feat. Lulu) for when they go at it again 🙂

        • TheGirlWhoFellToEarth

          Thanks, good Sir, for carrying on with the Noble Art of fire-themed playlist !

          And the Doors, if Duncan needs to speak his mind. (Yes, I know it’s supposed to be addressed to a girl. But frankly, what’s a pesky pronoun in the face of romance? 🙂 )

  • ~So light ’em up, up, up.
    ~Light ’em up, up, up.
    ~Light ’em up, up, up.
    ~I’m on FIRE!

    ~My songs know what you did in the dark.

    Love that song, but every time I hear it I can’t stop thinking of Kyle xD

  • I’m actually rather a fan of John Varley’s work. I might have to check out this book he edited…

  • I’m actually rather a fan of John Varley’s work. I might have to check out this book he edited…

    • Neph Sy

      It’s a mix, but there are a handful of good superhero stories in there. “One of the Boys” by Lawrence Watt-Evans is probably my favourite.

      I love John Varley’s work up to and including the Golden Globe…..not the Red Thunder books since. I keep hoping he’ll go back to writing books in the Eight worlds universe.

      Hey, just went to his website, he has a new novel and some short story collections which include a few new stories. Yay, new stuff to read!

      • I really like the Eight Worlds universe too. (Although I had the strange experience of connecting more with his earlier work than his later work. But still couldn’t get enough of it. Very cool stuff. 🙂 )

        • Neph Sy

          His short fiction is enjoyable too, “Press Enter” still creeps me out.

          The Wizard series is great and it’s the first of his books I was exposed to. I’m glad he doesn’t revisit it though, there are too many authors who milk their series to death. Pressure from the publishers is a big part of that, they want more of a successful series, the proven formula instead of new books.

  • Wait.. the speech bubble has changed. That little kissing comment is gone.

    It’s was weird since no kissing went on, but it was cute with Kyle’s confusing mumbling 😉 This match the scene more though.

    • Yeah, a reader brought that to my attention in the comments below. Just Alex being a chowderhead and not amending the script to accommodate the art we finally arrived at. But it’s fixed now! 🙂

  • Welcome to the comments, Jimmy! Thank you for chiming in. 🙂

    And yes, there will be three printed volumes of the Engaging the Enemy arc of The Young Protectors. I just had a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to print the first volume which contains the Prologue, Chapter 1, the Interlude and a bonus comic featuring Commander and Spooky Jones. That book will be made available for sale to the general public after all the Kickstarter backers get theirs — so, sometime next summer. 🙂

  • Kidding aside, I think it’s definitely a nice way to pass the time. If you’re with the right guy. 🙂

  • DanishWolf is right that that information should be included on one of the trading cards I’m making for the Kickstarter (which will be available for sale to the general public after the KS backers get their packs.)

    And I have interest in introducing a trans character, but as for plans, right now only the 5 chapter Engaging the Enemy arc is on my radar. It’s what’s scripted out. If I were to introduce a trans character, I wouldn’t want them to be “token” if you know what I mean so I’d want them to have a significant role and right now we’ve met pretty much all of the major players for this arc. But for the next arc—if people want another arc—well, that opens up some real possibilities. 🙂

    • Jamie Dutton

      Did you say “IF” we wanted another arc, Alex? I for one am frantically looking for the Hell YES button! Since I can’t find that particular button, I’ll just say please, yes, Alex! 😉

      • Thank you so much, Jamie. Your comment put a big smile on my face. 😀

    • RBK

      “[. . .] if people want another arc [. . . ]”? I think I can speak for at least 80% (at ~least~) of your readers in the future when I say: Yes, yes we’ll want another arc.

      • Well, that makes me feel very good. Thank you. 🙂

    • Klaus

      So there will be something left to write about when this story is done. Not at all a sure thing, given Kyle’s unknown power level and PP’s admitted lack of understanding of the rules. Or for that matter that big event out in space.

      BTW I wonder if that is only an excuse to keep the other supers out of the story, or if it will impact the story later.

      • Oh, while a lot happens in this arc, there will definitely be room for more stories in this world once it’s done, if there’s interest. 🙂

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    OK.. Kyle is progressing from ‘Normal’ to ‘Scream like a little School Girl’..
    Then: [insert excessive amount of kilotons here]!!
    Then, “Oh…Did I do THAT!! as the Earth goes BOOM like the Death Star!

    • Jason Equality King

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  • AnSpideogDhubh .

    Straight male, I found the Young Protectors randomly (forget how) and I kept reading it because I enjoy the writing. However only recently did I read Artifice in a single sitting, which I thought was fantastic. I’ve always found that kind of corporate future setting (similar to Aliens), to be very interesting.

    Also I should say, I think you write romantic dialogue very well. In most comics romance is either expressed in a really cheesy manner or it’s put to the wayside by the “grim dark” nature of the story.

    • Thank you very much for chiming in, AnSpideogDhubh—and for the very kind words. I do my best to make all the dialogue feel real, but especially the romantic dialogue because, like you, I find I often don’t connect to the way romance and sex are portrayed in genre work. I’m flattered that you think I’m doing an OK job of it! 🙂

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        • Tina

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          • Jason Equality King

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          • TheGirlWhoFellToEarth

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          • Jason Equality King

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          • TheGirlWhoFellToEarth

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            (‘Was referring to the bigger one, actually, but yeah – I could totally see that work !)

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  • Perhaps try re-verifying like bobbyjoeguy suggests. I’d be curious to see if that helps. 🙂

  • I know the Class Comics creators and their very good guys who are doing a great job of nailing their vision. I’m very glad to hear that you’re enjoying what I’m doing here, though. I do put a lot of effort into story and character and I’m glad that’s something you appreciate. Thank you very much for chiming in! 🙂

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