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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Two—Page 26

242 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Two—Page 26

Gosh darn it — they’re back kissing again! I thought for sure it would be talk, talk, talk until the ninja robots came. Now I bet it’s going to be nothing but thingy-smushing and “Ooh! Ooh! Baby!” for pages! >:( If I don’t get some actual fun action in the next few pages — at least a big explosion or something — mark my words, tables shall be flipped!

Anyway, I said I’d give a few more tidbits from the survey, so let me share them with you! We’ll start with focusing on gals vs. guys and because the biggest question I’ve received is “How many straight guys read this?”, for this update, we’ll start with the guys. 🙂


  • Out of the 8,387 respondents, 2,662 identified as male.
  • The majority (48.01%) are between the ages of 18-25 with 73.52% being 30 years old or under.
  • Exactly 5.00% identified as “transgender” with 1.01% “still figuring that out.”
  • 72.31% would self-identify to a close friend as “gay”, 13.22% as “bisexual”, 6.76% as “straight”, 4.28% as “I’m not sure/still figuring that out”, 2.40% as “something else” and 1.01% as “asexual.”
  • In terms of the Kinsey Scale, 2.74% identified as “0 – Exclusively Heterosexual”, 3.61% as “1 – Mostly Heterosexual”, 3.53% as “2 – Predominantly Heterosexual”, 4.58% as “3 – Equally Heterosexual and Homosexual”, 8.15% as “4 – Predominantly Homosexual”, 25.39% as “5 – Mostly Homosexual” and 50.04% as “6 – Exclusively Homosexual.” (Just for the record, I’m a Kinsey 6. 🙂 )
  • Finally, only 55.33% wanted “Kyle and The Annihilator to live happily ever” (compared to nearly 70% for the whole group), 38.50% were “cool with Kyle and The Annihilator being together for this night,” but ultimately wanted Kyle to wind up with someone else and 6.16% had this advice: “Run away, Kyle! Run away now!”

Very interesting! And how many cool straight guy readers does this mean we really have? Well, it’s hard to know exactly! 8,387 readers responded to the survey and I think it’s safe to assume that a good chunk of our readers didn’t participate in the survey at all (or ever bother to read my little notes here. LOL!) On update days, per Google Analytics, we get over 14,000 unique visitors and on non-update days we get over 7,000 per day. So, let’s be conservative, assume a bunch of you are coming back each day to check the comments etc. and say we have maybe 20,000 readers total? (Gosh, 20,000 readers doesn’t feel very conservative! In fact, it’s hard for me to even believe!) So, let’s multiple the survey results by 2.5 to get at the “real” number. In that case, we would have 450 very cool readers who would identify to a close friend as a “straight male” and 657 who are Kinsey 0s, 1s and 2s.

Would you fall into the “straight guy” category? If so, please sound off in the comments! Be very cool to hear how you found out about the comic and what you’re enjoying about it!

Anyway, thanks so much for participating in the survey, guys! Next time, we’ll see how things break down for the gals! 😀

We had our seventh bonus page in a row on Wednesday and then yesterday you tipped the donation bar over its target which means we’ll have another bonus page this Wednesday, September 4th!

Special thanks go out to long-time supporters debra p. (who makes their second generous donation to The Young Protectors!), Jennifer W. & Kathryn G. (both making their fourth generous donations to The Young Protectors!), Christopher D. (who makes their eighth generous donation to The Young Protectors!) & Saxon B. (who makes their thirty-ninth (!!!) generous donation to The Young Protectors!) and a warm welcome and grateful bow go out to new supporters Karoliina N. & Janis R. for their generous donations over the last few days!

Big hugs go out to new friend of The Young Protectors Sarah C. as well as to long-time friends joshua G., Robert B., Cassandra S. and Stephanie C. for their super-generous $25 donations! And this makes Cassandra’s sixth, Stephanie’s eighth, and both joshua’s & Robert’s thirtieth (!!) super-generous donations to this comic!

Finally, superhero-strength hugs go out to long-time super-friend Sam B. for their amazingly generous $50 donation! And this makes Sam’s third amazingly generous donation to The Young Protectors! Thank you so much, Sam! You rock!

Thank you all so much for your generous support!

So! The rose petals have yet again taken flight and the kissing has resumed! Will there be yet another break in the action for more conversation (please, God!) or will it be kissy-stuff from here on out?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • Jason Equality King

    Well, we’re getting closer to fireballs…

  • I just had a terrible thought! What if Anni is using this to swap bodies with Kyle?

    • DarkJokerOfAmuro

      I was JUST Thinking that XDDDD


    • Hikaru Takemori

      I can not imagine why Duncan would want to swap bodies with Kyle. He seems pretty comfortable in his own skin to me. Besides, assuming The Platinum Priestess is not yet done analyzing the scan she took from Kyle ‘a week ago’, Kyles powers may not be fully known to Duncan.
      If they swap bodies, would Duncan just know how to use the power the body provides, does he need to train first?
      One more thing is that right now Kyle’s body can not win a fight with Duncan’s. Remember Duncans Superspeed and strength. For all we know Duncan does not need to do anything (like focuse) to have those abilities.

      I think for Duncan to swap bodies with Kyle does not make sence. To many unknown facts and a potentialy very pissed Kyle in Duncans body and the question what to do/how to handle Kyle afterwards…
      It would be quite a mess with benefits I do not see and not worth the bother.

      • It was just a thought I had…

      • Cydney Sabin

        Unless his super strength, speed, invulnerability, etc. were all due to tactile telekinesis, then his powers would theoretically go with him and leave Kyle in an old (albeit hot) body with no powers?

        • Hikaru Takemori

          I’m not sure. Assuming the powers they have are attributes of the bodies not of the minds I would picture it more like changing the driver of a car. It does not change what the car is capable of.

  • Sapfo

    Ooooh! (.^_^:)
    They are kissing so hard the rose petals is levitating

  • amanda

    giggle!! love it!!!!

  • Seems I woke up just in the right time, and then I got caught up in reading the survey info for the male readers. Interesting 🙂

    So now to see where this is going… and if thisis finally ending in a boom or a bang *lol*

    • I think they’re in the middle of the bang, so the end should be a boom? Hehe.

  • Tina

    Half expecting him to break out the whole, “Open your heart to darkness” speech there. *KH nerd*


    • DarkJokerOfAmuro

      DOWN Marluxia LOL

      • Tina

        Not the character I was thinking of BUT I can see Marluxia getting excited by the petals XD

  • Jen Roberts

    “thingy-smushing” LOL

  • Whitewings

    Yay! So glad I camped out 🙂 Thanks for another great page. I’m so amused right now by the “What’s Anni up to?” speculation. Like every next page update there’s the potential he’s going to sprout horns and a tail and grab a pitchfork while in bed.

    • i have no doubt that Anni would look sexy as hell with horns and a pointed tail! How about leather wings?

  • Yami_no_Ite

    Yay!! There’s gonna be a bonus page on my birthday. It will make a nice present for the big 3-0. 😀

    • Happy birthday in advance! I hope you have a great day! 🙂

      • Yami_no_Ite

        Thanks. And I will. I mean, there’ll be a new page, and I get to dress up in costume along with about 200 other people and get crazy since i’ll be going to a taping of Let’s Make a Deal.

  • Sapfo

    But after this, what is Kyle to do after this if he catches the big bad Annihilator, being the big bad Annihilator and not sweet talking Duncan…Oh well back to watching the last panel. They are Kissing! Iiiii! ^_^

    • Hikaru Takemori

      He may do what I hope I would do in that situation, which is doing my job and capturing The Annihilator. I’m sure he would not even hold it against me.

      • Koe

        I’d say he’s preparing to catch at least part of The Annihilator as we speak. 😉

        And we won’t hold it against him, but how about, say… Tsunami?

      • Sapfo

        Maybe he is into “tie my up, tie me down”

  • Phrase that a little more ominously, Duncan; I don’t know if we’ve had enough double meanings and foreshadowing yet.

    He really must be exceptional among other super-powered individuals, though, if he’s sincere about being the only one on the planet who could survive sex with Kyle! Unless…what he plans to “give” Kyle is something other than an orgasm. *scare chord*

    • Becky

      Well, I mean, depending on that as-yet-unknown statistics on the incidence of superpowers in this universe, and how common invulnerability is amongst those powers (I don’t think we’ve met any others yet), and what percentage of that invulnerable population falls on Kyle’s end of the Kinsey scale and has a penchant for teenage redheads… I can easily see Duncan being pretty much “the only one”. Or at least the only one in Kyle’s city or state or maybe even country! I guess that does make him exceptional. 🙂

      • I’d say it’s just like the “ordinary” being gay: You always start out thinking you’re the only one around, and that’s never true…

    • notfromvenus

      You know, saying he’s the only one who can survive sex with Kyle with sounded pretty much like a line to me! I’m sure Kyle can learn to control the whole flaming-orgasm thing if he tries, but Duncan’s going to enjoy some hot (har, har) sex in the meantime.

  • Jay Dragonmite

    “I will give you a pleasure that is… Out of this world.”

    Now for something unrelated to what I just said…

    I don’t know if anybody else watches The Legend of Korra, but every time I read Kyle’s lines, I think of the character Mako.

    • Sanbai

      Really? I always thought of Mako as a kind of “Mr. Cool” – Kyle’s more of a Bolin to me, lol.

      • Jay Dragonmite

        I think Mako’s voice kind of fits Kyle, not really his attitude. Then again, Bolin does actually fit Kyle’s attitude and actions. I might have to read it that way now. 😀

      • I think Kyle might be more of a Bolin, too. 😉

  • Stormy

    So is “inferno” going to become term du jour for climax? 😛

    • Cydney Sabin

      (Not so) strangely, I don’t see anything wrong with this.

  • Hazard

    “…nothing but thingy-smushing and “Ooh! Ooh! Baby!” for pages!” Oh Alex, you have a magical way with words.

  • Katie Chambers

    Oh. My God. That’s it. Im going to be seeing this tonight as I sleep. Lets hope I dont talk about all the wonderful options in my sleep

  • SpookyDomme


    And then I died.

  • Now I’ll go back to bed and be back again later to really ogle the page.

    I came … online to a hot page with a dash of interesting survey results that made my brain go all spazz and math mode- about 5mins after I woke up.
    Ooh! Ooh! Baby!

    I’m satisfied for now xD

  • fujoshifanatic

    Oh yay! Interesting statistics and a hot page with thingie-smushing! They must be smushing really hard in the last panel to be jostling the petals like that. At that rate, you just might get the explosion you want Alex!

    And I love the bit of foreshadowing in the first panel as well. Poor, sweet Kyle! You are such a neophyte to the nature of your situation. Hopefully Anni won’t devour you whole after he deflowers you smash-style. But then again, maybe you’d like that. I certainly wouldn’t mind watching…

  • thisboybroken

    To be honest half of my interest is what you will say in the comments Alex! I always laugh out loud! You rock buddy!

  • I missed the survey. Sorry. But for the heck of it, I’m a straight, Kinsey 0, female between the ages of 30 and 40 and I want these two to stay together. 🙂

    I’ll be sad if they break up, but I’m just a reader and will follower the story. But I don’t think you are that mean. 🙂 :fingers crossed:

    Look at all the bonding going on right now.

  • Cid Highwind

    o.o It’s getting somewhere!!

  • Trowa Barton

    Straight male/anEsexual I like the comic because its about super heroes and villains, what normal man doesn’t like X-men or Spider-man? As for the gay part well i really dont care, I have a brother that is gay and well when you kinda walk in on that in real life drawings dont really mean too much. Honestly if the story is enough to keep me entertained I could care less if it was about two monkeys, though weird, still.

    • december

      Two monkeys would look kinda awkward though…

    • SofiaT

      You walked in on your brother in a compromising position? Ouch.
      My kid sister is gay, my older sister is straight -I’m equally horrified in the thought of walking in on either of them having sex. *shudders*

      I’m happy Kyle & Duncan are the protagonists of this though and not two monkeys. While the story is great, I can’t complain about the cute guys either. I doubt I’d enjoy monkeys as much 😀

    • Thanks for responding, Trowa, and letting me know what you’re enjoying. I hope you continue to enjoy the comic! 🙂

      • Trowa Barton

        As long as the story is good I will read nearly anything. Keep up the good work.

  • TwilightDreamer

    wahoo for update! 😀
    Oh Anni you’re good ;)…he knows exactly what to say to make Kyle drop his guard, and whilst I hope he’s being honest, the whole “give yourself to me completely” part just makes me even more suspicious…he didn’t get known as a super villain for nothing 😛
    Still, I looooove it!! XD Onwards to Wednesday! *charges*

    • SofiaT

      I have the bad feeling that whatever his plans are, involve free will…

      • TwilightDreamer

        I have an idea what it might be…but I could be completely wrong 😛

  • TwilightDreamer

    Same here…I want to trust Anni, but I just can’t…he’s wise and cunning…he’d know exactly what to say to a naïve young adult like Kyle…

  • vessto

    My optimistic side says: OMG! Heaven! HEA! HEA even more!

    My pessimistic side says: Robots are near! Be fast, do it right now!
    My realistic side says: The Platinum Priestess will surely enjoy the tape! Her plan works perfectly!

  • december

    This is not going to end well. Sooner or later, this is not going to end well.

    • SofiaT

      The shoe is going to drop at some point, that’s for sure.

      But hopefully it will not end that way.

      “All will be alright in the end. If it’s not alright, then it’s not the end”.

      Wishful thinking? Maybe.

      But Alex is a romantic much like myself, so I hope he has a HEA planned.

      • december

        Yeah, the safest bet is probably to say that this is going to lead to massive trouble, at one point or another, in one way or another. I’m sure it’s supposed to end well at least in some manner, at least for the protagonist – the genre kind of demands as much.

        Question is, who is going to be the protagonist by the end of the story, and what ending will be a good ending for him.

        • SofiaT


  • Eight_Rule_Pig

    Already filled out the survey, but; 32 year old straight male, a Kinsey zero, love Artifice and TYP.

    • Sapfo

      …..marry me 😉

    • Thanks for chiming in! Very glad to hear you’re enjoying my comics. 🙂

      (And I hope you enjoy the marriage proposals as well! 😉 )

  • ChupaChups

    Does anyone feel like he will actually hurt him on purpose?
    Oh Anni, please, don’t hurt him… Life is enough of a bitch, don’t act like one yourself.

    • Jeabro21

      ur profile pic looks like something i wanna watch
      is it a movie???

      • ChupaChups

        Their names are Dolph Lambert and Kris Evans 😉 I think you will end up finding what you want :3

    • Cydney Sabin

      I’m thinking the typical “chick flick” thing where he plans on hurting him, but ends up truly in love, and there’s some heartbreak and fighting and then everybody’s happy in the end. Please? I like happy endings…

      • Tina

        I sincerely hope not. I hate those cliches. Its so over done. Unless they put a fresh spin on it, I hope its not going down that route (apart from the happy ending, that would be nice)

        • ChupaChups

          I think Alex will, as always, surprise us. I don’t think he’ll follow some stupid cliches. In Artifice, he brought some fresh air and nothing was as I expected. I trust him to not follow Marvel cliches, with the good on one side and the evil on the other.

  • Mumin


  • SofiaT

    I think when Kyle said “yes, yes I do trust you” I heard my heart break.

    It’s right after you say these magic words that something ALWAYS happens to make you regret it. Even if your partner is not the world’s most dangerous supervillain.

    In this case, if there’s any magic involved here, I hope it’s not the kind that binds someone using his free will or something… *gulps*

    For what it’s worth, I think Duncan was really feeling it though when he said that Kyle has held back too much in his life already.

    I just don’t know how much difference that will do in the end.

  • J_Vigil

    Is it weird that I has a ‘pelvic thrust’ moment when I read that?

    • oh great. now i have a voice in my head for the Platinum Priestess. I can clearly hear her singing now: “…in another dimension, with voyeuristic intention, well secluded, I see all….”

      “… but it’s the pelvic thru-u-ust, that really drives you insa-a-a-a-a-ane….”

    • LL

      Absolutely not. 😉

  • SofiaT

    Same. I’m torn between being completely fascinated by Anni and not trusting a word he’s saying. I don’t think he’s pure evil but I’m not bying his innocent act either.

    I’m crossing my fingers that he will do end up being on Team Kyle but for now I’ll remain vigilant and pretend I don’t have a crush on him.

    • Titan4Ever

      EXACTLY! The more Duncan speaks during this intimate exchange, the more canned his dialogue seems. From the art, I feel Duncan is genuine–that his emotions are transparent–but there’s almost an artificial quality to the words themselves. Maybe it’s because of his maturity, education level, etc., or cultural–I presume his Brighton is geographically like ours in the UK–affording Duncan the aristocratic bearing of a classic Brit. Yet, as others have said, while meant to be reassuring or not, his diction distracts me in a negative way.

      Still, as I’ve said before too, I still see this as a both/and situation. He gets to have his red hot-cakes and hopefully eat him too 🙂

  • Cydney Sabin

    I never thought I’d ever hear Kyle compared to Angel. Well done.

  • xLizardx

    Survey? …I’ve obviously not been reading enough of Alex’s notes – I didn’t know that there *was* a survey, though the results were interesting to read 🙂 I was a little surprised that the comic doesn’t have very many older readers, [since I think that it has very universal appeal provided the potential reader isn’t a bigoted asshole] but I guess perhaps an older age group might be less familiar with the webcomic format.

    Mr. Fox really is being very romantic – and it seems sincere – but I do wonder whether he and Kyle will be able to maintain such an honest relationship when confronted by the realities of their differing positions within the hero/villain community.

  • Cydney Sabin

    Why do I have the feeling the first thing going up in flames are the petals?

    • Jeabro21

      tht would be cool petals go up in flames then a gush of wind comes and it rains fire indoors

  • Well, whatever explodes next, in a blaze of glory… I must say congrats to Alex. They didn’t make panels like that last one when I was finding my way out of the closet as a youth. I could only get Toons like that in my head. So Bravo Alex. Kisses aren’t easy and that one is goooood work.

    • SofiaT

      While I think Alex does a great job with this story, the kudos for the awesome drawings go to Adam -and Veronica for the colours of course.

      • that’s the amazing thing here: 3 people doing an tremendously good job.

        From my own experience with creative teams, i’m not easily impressed by authors letting others do the real work. Coming from cRPG-Modding (Elder Scrolls series, in my case), I had a hard time with teams containing too many “authors” and too little hard workers – authors, that is, plotting the great story arcs, not caring for or not even interested in limitations of the medium, and not willing to do tedious stuff like writing ambient dialog or little in-game books etc. needed to make the world breathe.

        Obviously, Alex is none of those. I may not be too surprised by the overall plot development up to now, but I really appreciate how he keeps spinning a web of background in exactly the right doses not to slow down the main story too much. And he does a great job at managing the community, keeping us starving for the next page week after week, proving with his comments and little side-attractions that he’s really interested in who we are – that’s as hard and honest work as the pencils&colors by Adam and Veronica.

  • Lindsey Amethyst Hampton

    After reading all the comments and stuff, I have to say that even though everyone is justified in being wary of Duncan, I really DON’T think he’s going to intentionally hurt Kyle. I do think he’s going to do something in a sphere of influence that SHOULDN’T affect Kyle, but then it does, and they’ll have a “I never meant for you to get involved” moment.

    I also think there’s going to be more about the social strata of superheros and all the dirty little secrets that go along with it, and that’s going to be where things happen, and Kyle’s going to have a paradigm shift, making Kyle SEEM like a bad guy to the public and maybe even the rest of his heroing group, while WE know there’s more going on they aren’t aware of.

    I also think there’s going to be some drama involving the rest of the group finding out Kyle and Duncan are together, but I suspect that’s going to be fairly minor and mostly a lot of “Mind your own beeswax.”

    As for the Platinum Priestess, she clearly knows what Duncan knows and shares enough of his beliefs, so she’s either going to be a powerful ally, or she’s going to veer just off enough to be horrible, but in the pursuit of the same goals as Duncan (And possibly eventually also Kyle).

    • Koe

      My thoughts are close to what you describe here. Other people are scheming right now, and Anni and Hottie will get caught in the crossfire. There will be misunderstandings and heartbreak before we get a happy ending. And I am fine with this. Can hardly wait, really. XD

      PS: Alex is the real superhero here. Go Yaoi-guy!

    • Hikaru Takemori

      My thoughts on Duncan are similar to yours. Personaly I would vote for The Platinum Priestess to be the bigger threat and the source of a lot of trouble. It is the the facial expression she has on the last panel we see her on that makes me fear her more than Duncan. That expression creeps me out. Another thing that warns me is that Spooky has no good thing to say about her.

      Anyway, I like where your thoughts on the plot go as I belive that good drama can be achieved without cheating, betrayl, ect. in a relationship. Life has challenges enought to test those by itself.

  • notfromvenus

    I feel like “banging a hot young guy” is probably enough of an ulterior motive? 😉

    • Admiral Jane

      Well that certainly is an ulterior motive I can support. 🙂

  • Kalic0

    Sadly, I missed the survey. I identify as female and straight. I am probably near a 0 on Kinsey scale. I just really like men, science fiction, super heros, and stories about relationships (especially romantic ones).
    As far as Kyle and Duncan I am on the fence. At this point in the story they may or may not end up together and it may or may not be a bad thing. However, I suspect Duncan knows all the powers, at least of the registered “super” folk. So, he either really believes that he is the only one Kyle can truly let go with or he has some ulterior motive for convincing Kyle of this.

  • Jeabro21

    I know tht we have been caught up with the Kyle and Anni situation thts been going on rite now but i just remembered abt spooky watching the deviantart porn…and…are we going to get back to tht anytime soon i kindof want to see the aftermath of tht
    Also a major twist would be if Kyles phone rang and there was trouble downtown and he had to go or if the supervillians came back and busted in on thier “dessert after dinner.” Just a thought

  • Raven R. Bloodwolf

    And the feels bombarding continues

  • Sapfo

    It seems like everyone is expecting a big kaboom soon. But would it not be more beautiful if the rose petals one by one caught fire will twirling in the air. It would be more soft that way and Kyle would not have to be so afraid in the future.

  • Holly

    …And suddenly I remember the Platinum Priestess in the alley with Duncan giving him that brown satchel of mystery saying; “It SHOULD work on him.”

    I wonder if Kyle should be weary of Duncan saying “Give yourself to this, to me, completely.” The idea of Kyle giving himself completely to Duncan suddenly seems a horrible idea. I was so excited for all of this, and now I just have a shiver running down my spine of dread.

    Maybe I’m over thinking it, but suddenly I’m worried for the Little Hero. O_O

    • Gaz Hawkins

      maybe it’s something to STOP him spontaneously combusting and that is why it “should” work on him…….

      • Nightshadengale

        We already know what it was, remember? Invisibility powder.

        • Stubbylegs

          Yes, but you don’t know the full extent of what that stuff is or what it can do just because you saw it turn him invisible- just because you saw it turn him invisible doesn’t mean that’s the full extent of its power.

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      The brown satchel, as I recall contained the pixie dust that made him (Kyle) invisible , thereby protecting him from the danger of that day!

      • Holly

        You are correct! I just went back and saw that. Well,,, I feel better now.

        A little. I’m still suddenly very wary of Duncan…

  • hapax

    FWIW, I am a definitely older (50+) straight female (Kinsey 2) who didn’t fill out the survey because I didn’t see it until it was over.

    wondering now how much this ancient demographic overlaps with the small
    minority who don’t expect / don’t want an HEA between the two leads. Contrary to expectations, I think the older one gets, the more cynical one becomes about “opposites attract” and “love conquers all.”

  • grinsekatze

    come on already. i wanna see this fire orgasm xD

  • Gaz Hawkins

    oh, there is going to be an explosion…… just not the kind you are thinking of 🙂

  • Preludetoa

    A sense malevolent intent from Anni on panel 1. Kyle is going to get burned!

    • Niggle

      Huh? He’s had much more menacing and sneaky looks. He’s smiling softly, I like that panel.

      • Stubbylegs

        No “huh” from me :p. I can see manipulation in that panel. Just because he’s had more menacing and sneaky looks in previous pages doesn’t mean THIS panel isn’t showing possible manipulation.

        • Niggle

          Ahh, I get what you mean. Because of the past this expression could easily be calculated to make Kyle trust him when he shouldn’t, like all the things he’s been saying. I was looking at it from an aesthetic viewpoint, just the art, without context and didn’t realize that when I replied to Preludetoa.

          I still like the panel, though. I like to think Anni is capable a measure of genuineness. 8D

      • Preludetoa

        Yep, Kyle is getting burned, as I said.

  • Anna Calloway

    I’m beginning to think that either Duncan is very, very old since he can speak so well off the tip of his tongue, or he has rehearsed this for a while.

  • Niggle

    Nothing like rewarding yourself after a bunch of errands than with hot homemade soup and a YP update full of awesome, survey results and comments from awesome people. 😀

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    Nothing like a Birthday gift that helps you to forget that if “phrased a certain way” sounds waaaayyy older than it is (Yes today I turned 50….or the half century mark)…..Thanks Alex….can I borrow Kyle to ….ummm light MY candles?>:)

    • I hope you had a really happy birthday, Wayne! Happy 50th! 🙂

      • Wayne Lunkwitz

        Thank you Alex….I survived…no one special , and a falling out over old issues with my older bro….but other than that ….this episode on my Birthday helped me to get through

  • Lymelee

    Well, I’m an asexual girl, that could be romantically attracted to guys and girls.

    • SofiaT

      I’m confused with all those different labels and categories.

      I thought being asexual means you’re not attracted to anyone? *scratches head*

      • Redamber79

        Difference being between romantic attraction – love – and sexual attraction – sex. I think?

      • RBK

        Asexual is without sexual feelings or desires. Aromantic is without romantic feelings or desires.

        • RBK

          This comic is a pretty good showing of an asexual romantic, I think, though I am not asexual and know none personally, so I don’t know how much that opinion counts. . . . (It’s also a parody of Fifty Shades of Gray, so there’s that.)

          • SofiaT

            Ah. See, that’s where I was confused. I can understand sexual
            attraction with no romantic feelings involved but -for me- if I have
            romantic feelings for someone then sexual attraction is a given. I
            assumed it was the same for everyone.
            You know what they say about assuming…

            I’ll check out the link, anything that makes fun of 50 Shades of Shit has to be good!

          • RBK

            I didn’t know about aromantic until about a year and a half ago. I found the term on Tumblr, on an Avengers .jpg.

          • RBK

            (Also, the authors notes in this piece are sometimes important–when there’s italics in the authors notes sections at the bottom, that’s the part in the book that the comic coincides to.)

          • SofiaT

            It’s now saved on my “webcomics” bookmark folder 😀

          • Jeabro21

            Is the book bad the women made millions off of it
            i was even thinking of getting a copy

          • SofiaT

            It’s a matter of personal taste. I never read the published book, I had read part of it when it was on fanfiction, because someone recommended it, but I couldn’t finish it. I thought it was horrible -very bad writing and the female character made me want to kick her. Also, without being knowledgeable of the BDSM lifestyle myself, I get the feeling the author has a very twisted idea about it.

            Since I couldn’t make myself finish the free version I sure as hell wouldn’t buy the published one.

            But obviously there are people who like it (I have a feeling most of them are Twilight-mums) because it’s made the author a pretty penny.
            To each his own.

          • Jeabro21

            “the female character made me want to kick her” LOL btw u type really fast do u work with computers?

          • SofiaT

            Do I? I work in an office so I’m used to computers if that’s what you mean. I can touchtype, yes.

          • Stubbylegs

            Making millions off of anything has never been an indicator of quality.

          • SofiaT

            Case in point: Twilight.

          • Jeabro21

            i looked at it and got bored within two pages the art is not even tht good

          • RBK

            I rather like the art, although it looks a bit messy in the beginning–the person (I . . . think it’s a man, but I can’t recall right now) had only done black and white comics before, so it took a bit for him to get used to coloring. Even so, yes, the art style is definitely different from The Young Protectors and Artifice and many others, with more free-styled straight lines and such.

          • fujoshifanatic

            I believe the artist—Tab Klimpton I think–is a transman from the UK, and I think his current webcomic is his first comic done in a regular narrative style. His other comic, Khaos Komics, was done in a first-person flashback style, and is actually rather good. I’m terrible at posting links, but if you Google it you should be able to find it. He just finished it recently, so you can read the whole thing in one go, which is nice when you can find that in a good webcomic. 🙂

          • SofiaT

            I need to thank you again. I followed the link and ended up reading the other comic, Khaos -I loved it. I’m finishing Jamie’s story now and I can’t stop crying.

            Seriously, thanks.

  • Stubbylegs

    I still don’t know what a thingy is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Soubi

      A ding-a-ling.

      • GayhawkAZ

        So you can ring your bell! xD

      • Stubbylegs

        Thank you! I spent all of last night awake trying to figure it out. I can finally rest!

  • Camille Martin

    My hubby is completely heterosexual(But the most accepting person in the world which I love) and has watched every single episode of queer as folk. I haven’t even been able to get through them all gave up at one point. He loved it and thought the episodes were hilarious and really good.(I forget names but emmet and the guy who owns the comic book store they reminded him of some old comedians he used to watch as a kid). So I can definitely believe straight guys watch your comics 🙂

    • Soubi

      Justin and Emmett. I love Queer as Folk, I’m glad your husband enjoyed it 🙂

      • Camille Martin

        At one point I went into his room(He has a mancave lol same as I have a “Woman cave a.k.a craftroom/office” to see if he was coming to bed and hes just laying there its like 2 AM and hes watching queer as folk laying on the couch with the portable dvd player on his chest and I couldn’t help but grin and ask him if I should be worried XD. (Dont worry he gives as good as he gets when it comes to razzing!)

        • Soubi

          Haha! That’s just great. You should attempt to finish it some time, it’s brilliant.

          • Camille Martin

            Oh I definitely will. Its just when Im in certain states of mind(That just makes me sound crazy but hey lol) I cant watch certain shows. When it gets super intense because I get so into it the shows and when their feelings are hurt I feel hurt too! XD Not the reality is skewed way just Its like you feel so much for these characters empathically lol. So if it gets too intense and Im not in the right mindset I just take a pause and dont watch it untill im in the mood for some angsty shows lol. Ive done this a few times for Once upon a time. Drove my best friend nuts lol. I just couldnt do it. Rumpelstiltskin and the evil queen drove me nuts. I just hurt to much for the main character XD

          • Soubi

            LOL. I understand those feels.

    • Very interesting! I had a hard time getting into the American version of Queer As Folk, but I loved the British version. Have you had a chance to see episodes from both?

      • Camille Martin

        I havent had a chance to watch the british version yet 🙂

        • The American version borrowed a lot from it in their first few episodes (and did not make compelling changes, IMHO), so it might seem like a re-tread for you. But if you get a chance, I’d give it a look. 🙂

          • Camille Martin

            By the end of it(I mean of when I stopped) I just hated how plain Cruel Brian became. I do like Russel T Davies so will have to give the British show a watch 😀

          • Yes. I didn’t make it past the first few episodes of the American series, but it was actually the much less nuanced depiction of Stuart (“Brian” in the American version) that ultimately led me to move on. In the British series, he felt a lot more three-dimensional to me; at least from what I could see in comparison in those first few eps of the American version.

  • Titan4Ever

    WooHoo! Now let the “nothing but thingy-smushing and ‘Ooh! Ooh! Baby!’ for pages” commence!

    All motives aside, I think the coolest climax (no pun intended) here would be for our duo to open their eyes to see nothing but open, starry skies above a crater of fused glass in total silence. Now THAT would be romantic.

  • Sensational Sai

    OMG Thingy smushing. Please..we needs it!

  • Cat Astrophe

    Dude- you’re awesome…

  • SofiaT


  • Jeabro21


  • Soubi

    Hopefully, you’ll be flipping tables and thingy-smushing and Ooh, ooh, baby pages happen. Sorry Alex 😉

  • TheManBehindTheCurtain

    This reminds me of the movie “Stardust” where the witches make the star (which is in human female form when in thier world) relax and trust them and then they cut her heart out. Eating the heart keeps them young while each spell they cast ages them.
    Too much talk of 100% trust and completely surrendreing yourself. Anni never can, he has to always watch his strength or he would crush Kyle by accident.
    I think Kyle is about to have his powers stolen,… or worse.

    • SofiaT

      I love that movie. I’ve watched it more times than The Princess Bride.

      But thanks to your comment, now I have *another* thing to worry about -and the mental image of Anni really being Michelle Pfeiffer!!!

      Thanks for that 😛

  • Yukiness

    *raises hand* does flipping tables with our boners/lady boners count?

  • Kenia Beatriz Cruz

    I want them to live happily ever after as well <3

  • Meryl Dorsey

    Being gay is difficult even when watching sex!
    With whom shall I identify with, as Kyle kissing the older man or as The Annihilator kissing the young guy :C

  • YG_Frenchie

    How many times has Duncan said “I want to give you something that no one else can.” Twice? Hmmm.. Anyone can give an orgasm, it’s just a question of surviving Kyle’s. Maybe he’s talking up until now in his life? I’m thinking that there’s something more to this. Just a hunch. A good hunch, like Kyle being given new added super powers or something?

    That first panel… LOVE! They’re so cute! Also that last panel <3 <3

    Those survey results are so interesting! I never would have guessed. It's so awesome! I'm a female, 29, Kinsey 1.
    I also voted that they stay as a secret couple of Good vs Evil. I feel like Duncan wants to stray away from evil. Who else would Kyle couple with? Unless he gets a dampener to date non-fire proof guys…

    I over analyze these two more than I care to admit.

    • Amanda

      I don’t think he is necessarily saying that he is the only person who can give Kyle an orgasm (and I can definitely attest that not everyone can give someone an orgasm). I think he is saying that he is the only person who can give him this chance to be completely uninhibited, freeing first time. I mean I cant imagine how difficult it would be for someone who has been forced to be repressed for most of their lives to completely open up to a completely orgasmic experience.

      • YG_Frenchie

        Ya I realize that. That’s why I said “up until now in his life”.( I can agree that not everyone can give orgasms, trust me, haha.) I just feel like there’s a little bit more to it. Like he’s got more to give. There’s a good ending to this story, I can feel it. I just wish I could figure out what Duncan is up to. Every page is a cliff hanger.

        • Adam Black

          because hes invulnerable when Kyle “Flame-Ons”

  • Zeruk

    I just noticed.

    Without words these last few pages are a lot less serious, & a lot more sensual! xD

    • SofiaT

      Is that your way of saying a little less conversation, a little more action please? 😛

      • Zeruk

        Basically. xP

  • Justin

    Hey there. I consider myself straight to a 99% certainty point because I’ve never been romantically or sexually attracted to a guy, and I doubt that I ever will–however, I’m not closing myself off to the possibility blindly.

    don’t actually think that I can quantify why I read this comic–sure the art is great, the story and characters are well-written and all that…but that’s not what makes a person LIKE a comic, just respect it. I like this comic…I just really don’t know why. It’s intrinsic.

    • RedWildPony

      It’s tue, beautiful art and good story does not necessary make you like, not even the theme of a comic is that important, for me, a comc has to be… not necessarily realistic but…consistent. If there are twists in it just because the author wants it to go in a special direction, that make my toes curl because they ar so silly and out of character, I can’t enjoy a comic, then the characters itself have to be likeable and vivid. That does not mean they all have to be good or something. For me, Pennywise is a really likeable charakter, but I won’t like to meet it. Maybe, “enjoyable” might be a better word to describe what i mean 🙂
      So far this comic has everything I need to like it.

    • Thank you for chiming in, Justin! Thank you for all the props—I’m delighted to hear you’re liking the comic! 🙂

      I’m curious, how did you originally find it?

      • Justin

        Well, I’d found Artifice first–I was an avid reader of Dominic Deegan, Oracle For Hire and I saw the ad on his site. I’m also a huge Sci-Fi fan (I actually help run a convention where I live–Sci-Fi on the Rock) and I enjoyed Artifice, so when I saw TYP coming out I figured I’d enjoy that one too.

  • Comic Reader

    Is it me or does the way that Duncan’s hair is drawn make anyone else think there will be a small neat pony tail when he turns his head? I know that has nothing to do with what is happening right now but I can’t help but think it every time I see him. I really love this page & the last one in the comic!

    • YG_Frenchie

      I thought about a pony tail on him some pages back. Reminded me of Vlad Plasmius from Danny Phantom. Yummeh.

  • stargrabber5

    To him, huh? Hmmm… I don’t know what to think of him yet… I’ll just keep being suspicious. =_=

  • Amanda

    Its really hard to question anyone’s motives when a Super Sexy Villain had his tongue shoved in the back of your mouth.

  • Feverfew_M

    I come back after two weeks of vacation and there are still no space pirates? Tsk… 😉
    Just like Kyle I can’t help trusting Anni right now. That other shoe is probably going to kick me in the butt once it drops, but still…
    Love the tenderness of this scene, the facial expressions, everything!

    • I know, right? Where are the freaking space pirates?!

      (Glad you’re liking the scene! 😀 )

  • Helen

    I’m straight c: I found out of this page because one of my friends read it and she recommended it. So I started reading Tough, then No kissing, then Artifice and now I’m readin The Young Protectors. THIS PAGE IS AWESOMEEE!! I really enjoy these comics, and I really like their stories.
    Well, that’s all.
    Thank you, Alex.
    PS: Sorry for my english :c I’m from Chile.

    • You’re welcome, Helen! I’m really glad you’re enjoying the work! 😀

  • g051051

    I’m one of the “cool straight guy readers”. I love the story, the art is great, etc. I personally would prefer less “explicitness”, but it certainly doesn’t stop me from checking back first thing Wednesday and Saturday to see what’s happening next. I stumbled across Artifice before (via an ad on Questionable Content) and thought it was great. Young Protectors is definitely a great read!

    I’m just wondering what Duncan’s angle is. He’s up to *something*, and getting that invisibility powder before their date means he knew the attack would happen. Just where is he going with all this? I may be straight, but I’m a sucker for romance, and I hate to think that he’s just using Kyle for some nefarious purpose.

    • Thank you for responding, g051051 — and for also letting me know how you found the comic! Although I think there are some readers who might want me to go a little more explicit, I can certainly understand why the current focus on the physical romance might not be as appealing to you as some of the other folks reading this comic.

      I’m also a sucker for romance myself and my favorite movie is Bound which is a romance between two women so I feel a certain kinship with straight guys who can enjoy seeing two guys together. Even though I’m a true Kinsey 6—and thus the female form does nothing for me—if a love story is very well told, I’ll get really into it. Honestly, that’s something I hope we’ll see more of in the future — that prejudice become such a distant memory that enjoying the stories of those different from us becomes the norm and not the exception.

      • g051051

        It’s not that it’s two guys, I just don’t care for explicit comics in general. Just a personal taste preference. And I do really like the comic. You’ve written one of my all time favorite lines: “I became the most powerful and feared supervillain on the planet. After that, the gay thing really didn’t seem to matter so much”. That writing is why I keep coming back.

        • One of your all-time favorite lines? Really? Well, thank you! ::blush::

          And it’s interesting you feel that way. One of my closest friends is a straight guy with a similar personal taste preference for media. He’s all about the “fade to black” no matter who is involved. (Specifically, from his point of view, he feels depictions of sex should be reserved for porn, that they are a distraction in non-porn stories. He’s also a writer and it’s something we agree to disagree on. 😉 )

          • g051051

            That’s pretty much my feeling, simply because everyone has a different idea of what counts as “erotic”.

          • Adam Black

            Ive always found our cultures complete divorce of the erotic from standard fiction to be disfucntional.

            Almost all good fiction has characters that it implies have a sexuality, and may even express it —between pages—.

            Sex is a natural part of life. I would prefer if Good writing and movies had great integrated explicit erotic scenes, rather then divorce them into porn. porn fictional set-ups are generally so bad, that only reality or “amateur” scenes are tolerable.

  • Niggle

    I just checked it out and I’m hooked now, it’s made me giggle and laugh. I read quite a few comics with a ton of different styles and even formats. This rougher, less realistic style doesn’t put me off at all. 🙂

  • Ken Kurras

    I actually want to see more of the Annihilator being happy and care less about Kyle. He is a nice kid but is going to hurt him. Realistically, most guys I know when thru “gay puberty” after coming out.. The wanted to explore their new “freedom” and not be in a relationship.. only later do they have romantic idea of what a relationship should be and still don’t realize the hard work a relationship is. My guess is Kyle is going to hurt him.

  • J. Kevin Carrier

    Straight guy sounding off! I’ve only been reading for a few weeks…I
    think I just saw an ad on some other site and clicked over. As I
    recall, my thought process went something like:

    “Oh cool, a superhero strip I haven’t seen before!”

    “Wow, that’s some nice art!”

    “The hero’s gay. That’s interesting.”

    “Gay and naked. Hmm.”

    “Oh wait, it’s actually an integral part of a compelling story. Well all righty then! ‘Add to feed reader’.”My
    gut instinct is that Annihilator doesn’t exactly have Kyle’s best
    interests at heart. I mean, c’mon, dude calls himself “The Annihilator”.
    Doesn’t bode well. He appears to be much older, and definitely more
    experienced, than Kyle, and I feel like he’s manipulating him. Whether
    it’s just for the nookie, or whether he has some other even more
    nefarious purpose in mind, it seems like Kyle is headed for heartbreak
    and betrayal. But we shall see…

    • Nicole Peters

      This is actually a reason I bought Artifice for my boyfriend. It caters to the people who want to see ‘the hotness’ but also to people who get that this romance is really, really complicated. No way can this be simple. Sure, the sex right here will be great. All the more reason. He can give Kyle something no one can. But then what? Even if Duncan IS uncharacteristically into him, what does that mean? What are heroes and villains? Is his vigilante team at risk, as Duncan hinted? It makes me glad that this exists, since it reassures me that this CAN be done and I CAN do my comic. And way to not squick! You’re a cool dude.

    • Howdy J. Kevin! Thank you very much for “sounding off”! 🙂

      It’s very cool to hear your thought process as you started reading this and I’m glad you feel the sexy times are an integral part of the story—I certainly tried my best to make them that way! I hope you continue to enjoy it!

  • motordog

    I had an amusing idea…I’m sure Alex has this plotted out pretty far in advance, but if he ever used the trope of the “Mirror Universe”, that could be fun.

    Anni would be an underground do-gooder fighting against an evil totalitarian government (basically, still an anarchist), perhaps now named “Protector”.

    Kyle would be a cocky little bastard, belonging to a team of young thugs/shock troops in training, perhaps called “Young Annihilators”.

    Kyle would be the one aggressively pursuing Duncan, who would probably go along with it just to see what the sexy little villain was planning, and maybe as a way to gain info on the major players…and maybe because he’s falling for the young hellion.

    This world’s Platinum Priestess would be kind, demure, and dress like some kind of nun. XD

    The Commander, of course, would have an eye patch.

    • Amanda

      Eye patches are the international symbol of evil.

    • StarrySkyDancer

      This made my day. And that´s saying something because me and my flatmate made princess cupcakes (And they were awsome. If awsome tasted like strawberries that is) XD

    • I like the way you think.

      And what about the other characters? 🙂 (Or do we not know enough about them yet to go mirror?)

    • Preludetoa

      Brilliant! Can we have this for our the next kickstarter campaign?

  • SofiaT

    Thumbs up because this actually made me spit the tea I was sipping.

  • Adam Black

    its a cold floor…

  • jkat718

    I’m a young (read: underage) male, experimenting with my sexuality. I would love for Kev and Duncan to end up together, but a little teen angst never hurt anybody…much.

  • jkat718

    I’m an underage male, experimenting with my sexuality. I would love for Kev and Duncan to end up together, but a little teen angst never hurt anybody…much.

  • DarkJokerOfAmuro
  • SofiaT

    Nah, my pyjama top was the only victim. 🙂

  • Tove Børstad Solem

    Nick is definitely a little evil. He just hides it better.

  • Jason Arilani

    And then… The rest of Kyle’s team bursts in through the window to “save” him 😛

  • Trackertrem

    And then the platinum priestess appears and says
    ” Go easy on him Duncan, we need his fire-force!” lol

  • not my real name


  • Nicole Peters


  • Nicole Peters

    Yeah. Not sure if I like it or not, I think like it for the story. Isn’t it awesome, those subtle details that make us wonder? Your pointing out the give in and Duncan’s anarchist background is making me wonder… And then the fact Duncan’s clearly trying to use Kyle’s boyish reasoning to agree that his little super friends are sort of anarchists, too…

  • Nicole Peters

    My boyfriend likes his work too and same on the scale, dude.

  • lee thompson

    “Thingy-smushing” is going to be my ONLY sex euphemism from now on.

  • maike salo

    Hi! I’m at the edge of my seat with this scene! Loving it.

    I’ve created fan-art and e-mailed you about it, but I can’t provide a link because it has a “mature content” filter on it. Wondering how to provide you with the image..?

  • Rororo

    I’m a male Kinsey-0 and I’m not sure how I found you. I read a lot of webcomics and much NSFW stuff, too. In most of them I enjoy mostly the humour, in yours this is part of it, too. But mostly I enjoy the plot and characters (and the ethical subtext in Artifice) and the romance. It’s hard to find romances I don’t perceive as kitschy. (Yours aren’t, but it’s a small difference.) And since romance, as I perceive it, hasn’t much to do with sexuality, I don’t care if they are [girl+guy], [girl+girl], [guy+guy], [girl+guy+intersexual+somethingelse], …
    Wich means “I’m a male Kinsey-0” has no significance, whether I like your comic or not.

    • Thank you for responding, Rororo! I’m delighted to hear you’re enjoying the plot and characters.

      And as I said in response to an earlier comment, I feel a kinship with straight guys who can enjoy gay romance as I’m a pure Kinsey 6 (so the female form does nothing for me sexually or romantically) and yet my favorite film of all time is Bound which features two women together. And something I hope for the future is that having the empathy to enjoy romance and love between people who are different from us is the norm and not the exception. I’d like to think that we’re clearly moving in that direction. 🙂

  • grimsister21

    You two really need to look up Nick Fury

  • bronakopdin

    how this one petal between Anni and Kyle looks like a heart xD

    • Chibi

      omg it does XD how cute!

  • SaraBeth Sechrist

    Really enjoying how Alex enticed all the straight guys out into the discussion.
    Very nice! Hello gentlemen 🙂 Thanks for joining us.

    • I keep saying this, but we really do have the most awesome readers in the world. I swear every time I get a chance to meet a reader, either in person or in the comment, it just always leaves me smiling. I honestly feel very lucky about the kind of readership we have. 🙂

      • Tina

        And the lack of trolls is astounding. That’s why I love coming back to these comments. They’re either really funny or deep discussions on your characterisations.

        • Agreed. I know there are other creators who dread reading their comments section, but for me, it’s a big pleasure. It’s a huge morale boost and I love how thoughtful people are. 🙂

      • Adam Black

        perhaps you can write a comic of one of these reader meetings that “leave you smiling”. Give us something to live up to 🙂

  • Thank you for responding (and raising your hand), wö! I’m so glad you’re enjoying The Young Protectors! 🙂

    And I’m curious, as a straight guy, do you enjoy yaoi comics in general and if so, what is that you enjoy about yaoi comics in particular?

  • Glad to hear it, The guy above! Thanks for chiming in!

  • Word of God:


  • Thank you for chiming in, Luksyerg! Very glad to hear you’ve enjoyed both Artifice and The Young Protectors!

    (Glad I could introduce you to the Kinsey scale. And interestingly, I know a number of lesbians who are very aroused by gay porn. Human sexuality is very complicated and cool.)

  • Thank you, Mae! 🙂

  • Thank you for responding, Mickey—and with such a thoughtful response! (And thank you also for the very kind words! 🙂

    As I’ve said in earlier comments, showing the beauty (and universality) of love between guys is one of the deeper reasons behind me writing scenes like this so it makes me happy to hear that it’s something you’re appreciating.

  • Adam Black

    Just had a thought: What if:
    the YP team thinks Kyle is in trouble, ( psychic commander ),
    and Busts right in as The Annihilator is inside Kyle….

    and Kyle unleashes his uncontrollable orgasmic fireball…

    …It could happen. Especially with that JInx on their team.

  • Ronald Brown

    Kinsey 0 guy here! I found YP through Artifice, and found Artifice through Stumble. I’m a longtime comic reader and sketch card collector. I love the artwork and writing, and the comments are almost as entertaining! Thumbs up!

  • Caaaamping!

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Or the Marvel Cinematic Universe, of course.

  • Adam Irving

    I identify as fully straight, and really like this comic! I stumbled upon it from an ad seen on the webcomic Questionable Content and clicked on it a month or so ago. I’ve already bought and read your other comic (so good!) and caught myself up with this one. It’s a good story, good characters, good art and some humor now and again – what more can you ask for? 🙂 While I may not be able to identify with either of the characters above in terms of their sexual orientation, that doesn’t mean I can’t identify with and appreciate young love or December-May relationships. Love is love, no?

  • Adam Black

    But it would be worth it to see the horror on Tsunamis face—It would be up to him to confront the Gay Fire and put it out.

    • Adam Black

      Abbi, this is a reply to your comment below which is oddly under moderation

      Firemen have to LOOK at what to aim their watercannons at? By “Gay
      Fire” i was literally referring to Kyles explosion. T is the waterguy.

      which would make the interlude a case of Checkovs gays panic.

  • Adam Black

    Firemen have to LOOK at what to aim their watercannons at? By “Gay
    Fire” i was literally referring to Kyles explosion. Tsunami is the waterguy.

    which would make the interlude a case of Checkovs gays panic.

  • Adam Black

    and back to Heroic

  • OnyxLight

    Beautiful… absolutely beautiful

  • Oh wow, this is so moving…

  • Samuel

    I’m a straight male who stumbled onto this page. I saw an example you your work in an image search engine and it caught my eye. I have since spent my free time trying to catch up to the updates. Great job you guys, keep up the good work!

    • Welcome to the comic Samuel. Good to hear you like it 🙂
      I think it’s cool when readers find a comic they like for the story and art, without being focused on stereotypical ‘I shouldn’t like this comic because….’

      You can lose out on really great stories that way and, looking at the survey and comments, you are not alone in the straight male group (I am in the straight female group myself).

      (Alex plan on making a new survey at some point. Will be interesting to see if any % numbers has changed)

      • Samuel

        Thanks DanishWolf, I have especially enjoyed the the plot so far. I came for the art style and stayed for the storyline and dialogue. I of course also love Alex’s quips at the bottom of every page. I feel like I would be missing all of these things and more if I stuck to more mainstream, stereotypicaly heterosexual literature.

  • Zephyr10101

    *plays r & b*