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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Two—Page 25

208 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Two—Page 25

Oh, thank God — they’re back to talking again! It might not be a robot ninja attack, but at least it makes sense! I don’t know if any of you read the comments on the last page but it seems like there’s even weirder stuff than thingy-smushing. I won’t even tell you what some folks thought was going on, but let’s just say, it’s not even supposed to work unless someone’s legs are at least at a “45 degree” angle! You might convince me that there’s something fun about naked wrestling — maybe — but if these so-called “fun times” have to involve geometry and protractors and stuff, then count me out! My head’s spinning enough already! O_O

Speaking of math, my plan was to write up a huge long little essay about your awesome responses to the survey, but then work exploded. I’m at the end of another ten hour day and a full essay is beyond my powers. So, maybe it’s best if I tackle this in bite-sized chunks. I’ve now closed the survey, so let me just share a few details and perhaps I’ll share some extra-interesting details in future posts (like what percentage of respondents identified themselves as straight males, which is something I know a few of you are curious about. 😉 ) The survey received 8,387 responses (almost all of them during the first week when I was linking directly to the survey here.) Interestingly (and in fact very consistent with what I learned in my statistics class), the percentage numbers barely changed once 400 of you had responded. Here’s how things broke down:

  • The majority of you are between the ages of 18 – 25 (53.95%) with 82.09% being 30 or under.
  • 62.25% identified their gender as female, 31.74% identified as male, 4.38% identified as “something else (gender-fluid, etc.)” and 1.63% said they were still figuring that out.
  • 2.97% identified as transgender and another 3.98% said they were still figuring that out.
  • 30.06% of our readers would identify as straight to a “close friend”, 26.58% as gay, 22.99% as bisexual, 8.33% said they weren’t sure/were still figuring that out, 7.37% would identify as “something else” and 4.67% would identify as “asexual.” (There was similar diversity with the Kinsey identifications which I’ll get into in a future note.)
  • Finally, if forced to choose, 69.60% would want Kyle and The Annihilator to live happily ever, 26.16% are “cool with Kyle and The Annihilator being together for this night, but ultimately want Kyle to wind up with someone else” and 4.24% want Kyle to “run away now!” (Of course, many of you in the comments lamented the lack of an “I don’t know yet!” option. Or even an “I’m happy with whatever!” option. So noted! Will keep that in mind next time!)

So, those are the overall results! But what happens if we just look at specific age-groups or genders? Tune in for the next note to find out! While the results didn’t surprise me — I already knew we had an awesomely diverse group! — I did find them interesting. I hope you did too. Thank you so much for participating! I’ll look forward to having another survey in the future!

Oh and


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Special thanks go out to long-time supporters James A. & Molly E. (both making their second generous donation to The Young Protectors!) & Christopher D. (who makes their seventh generous donation to The Young Protectors!) and a warm welcome and grateful bow go out to new supporters James R., S K., Christina E., & heather M. for their generous donations over the last few days!

Big hugs go out to long-time friends of The Young Protectors Lisa J. and Martin K. for their super-generous $25 donations! And this makes both Lisa’s and Martin’s third super-generous donations to this comic! Thank you so much, you two!

Thank you all so much for your generous support!

So! The Annihilator is asking Kyle if he trusts him. What do you think? Should Kyle trust The Annihilator and let the sexy times continue? Or would you urge caution to our young hero? And what do you think he’ll say?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there!

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  • Sapfo

    We can to it again and again! And then I need some sleep before doing it one more time.

  • Do you, Kyle?… Do I? Now that’s the question xD

    • Sapfo

      Hi Danish!
      See you at TH later XD

  • CH

    Should he? Probably not.
    Will he? Probably.
    Do I? I want to very badly.

  • Cid Highwind

    Oh my goddess o.o We’re so close. Please don’t let anything happen T^T ( We) They need this!

  • bobbyjoeguy

    sure “right now” all he wants is to make kyle happy… but what about tomorrow? or a week from now? or a month? hmmmmm…. i sense the plot thickening…

    • Stubbylegs

      I think you may be reading far too much into those two words. Maybe he’s just not willing to think too far into the future of their relationship (or whatever this is…could just be two people having fun- we don’t know yet). He could just be encouraging Kyle to live in the moment and not worry about the future.

      I’m trying to keep an open mind here. I think the last panel taken as a whole is highly manipulative, especially considering how vulnerable Kyle is right now, but I don’t think there’s much to be read into his use of the words “right now.”

  • I don’t even know how to react to this page. I kinda feel like I’m budging in on something here, it’s so Deep.

    What I DID notice after reading it the 2nd time is Duncan saying ‘Right now I just want you to be happy’.
    Sooo.. anyone feeling the danger looming as well, because of that ‘right now’?

    Pfff.. the first paragraph of Alex’ page notes. I’m cackling here. The comments sure has their moments.. like that one 😀

    • 😉

    • Stubbylegs

      I’m not feeling anything in particular about the use of the words “right now.” As I said in response to someone else’s comment, maybe he’s just encouraging Kyle to enjoy the moment and not worry about the future- I think that works even if Duncan IS being genuine.

      That said, I still think Duncan’s words as a whole in the last panel are highly manipulative, especially considering their timing; I just don’t think “right now” means much of anything at all.

      • Koe

        I think Kyle is pretty pleased with being manipulated right now. 😉

  • Klaus

    Alex has said that there will be no giant robots. What can we conclude from this? It will just be a very small robot.

    • It’s like you can read my mind…

      • So, no robots… maybe a cyber-dude.
        You’re gonna bring back ‘Tweedledee and Tweedledum’ in the worst possible moment, aren’t you? >.>

  • Yukiness

    Unfortunately, I was on skype when I read this. My friends have a reason to fear me

  • Jay Dragonmite

    I keep reading Anni’s lines in a Patrick Stewart voice…

    • Stubbylegs

      OMG it fits perfectly!

    • SofiaT

      Professor X?
      …I’d think Magneto would fit him best.

      • Jay Dragonmite

        That works too…

      • CH

        As long as you mean Ian and not Michael I think you’re right.

    • (it’s sean connery.

      {as canon as i am authorized to make it.})

  • KrisYWC

    It’s official, Anni has the superpower of charm. The man always knows what to say.

    • Stubbylegs

      Well that all depends on how well it works on Kyle. We haven’t seen how he’ll respond to the lines Duncan fed him in the last panel.

  • Hikaru Takemori

    What Duncan is saying in the last panel makes me think of Farscape. The relationship between Crichton and Scorpius in the 4th season to be exact as Crichton can trust Scorpius on one thing: If Scorpius can’t get the information he wants from Crichton, he will make sure the information is protected as best as possible.

  • Becky

    I keep wanting to make jokes about how Duncan should have served all this cheese WITH the fancy wine, but then I imagine listening to those mini-speeches with a chiseled silver fox between my legs, and I think I’d probably be eating it up just like Kyle is. Annihilator secret power: irresistible charm. And abs.

    Shall we take bets on how many pages ’til Fireball? I thought it was going to be this one, so I’ve already lost. 🙂

    • Stubbylegs

      I’m going to say that *if* fireball still happens, it will be somewhere in the next 2 panels.

      • SofiaT

        panels or pages?

        • Stubbylegs

          pages. It doesn’t matter, really.

    • SofiaT

      “Annihilator secret power: irresistible charm. And abs.”
      Don’t forget the buns! …and the pecs… and the neck…

      Is it weird that I find a fictional character’s neck sexy??

      …I blame Adam.

  • StarrySkyDancer

    OMG this is the cheesiest thing I’ve ever read XD But then again, if the cutiewootsie lines of lovers are not meant for you, you always feel like throwing up or having your teeth checked because of the sweetness:P But if it were me I’d probably be happy to hear whatever sugarsweet words the other person wanted to feed me 😉

    I might be a horrible person for thinking this, but I kind of hope the Annihilator has something up his sleeve and is just sweettalking him:P I’m not sure yet about wanting them together in the future. That depends on how it plays out^^ I just hope there is going to be a huge carriage full of drama heading their way 😀

    • Stubbylegs

      The way I see it, the last panel is about as manipulative as Duncan can get right now, so if my sentiments are correct, you might get your wish ;).

      • StarrySkyDancer

        *squee* 😛 hahaha, but I do hope things will land on their feet eventually, because I like Kyle 😉

    • Camille Martin

      The lines are always cheesy to others and are the most amazing things to your eyes and ears XD. My husband once said and I quote “I used to stare up at the stars wondering if you were looking at the same stars that I was.” I told my friend this one and she was like. HE DID NOT SAY THAT!!! But but… He looks so MANLY! How could he say such SLOP! XD

      • StarrySkyDancer

        hahaha XD actually I think it sounds super adorible!:D A friend of mine was dating this boy who send her this text when she was having a very bad cold (it was in Dutch, so the translation is probably not as cute as the original;)): Kisses on your little sneezes XD
        When she let me read it I thought it was one of the cutest things I’ve ever heard a guy “say”, but she thought it was sickening sweet and didn’t really appriciate it XD So to each their own I guess XD

  • Sabishiioni

    NOOOO! Not the Puppy Dog Eyes of DOOOOOM!!

    I really hope that Anni is being sincere and doesn’t have an evil plot up his sleeve. This may stem from the crappiness that has been my life for the last year and the strong desire to see someone happy, even if they are a fictional couple.

  • …. said the scorpion to the frog.

    Now Duncan just has to wait till later to show his true colors.

    • Stubbylegs

      …pretty much, I think. Regardless of whether this is supposed to develop into a relationship or whether this is two people having fun without thinking about The Future, Duncan’s timing says a lot to me- mainly, that he’s being highly manipulative and doesn’t even want (or need) to try to hide this.

      • SofiaT

        Or that he’s counting on Kyle to be so lost in lust and emotion at the moment that he will miss the subtext…

        • Stubbylegs

          I don’t necessarily disagree, I just think everyone is reading far too much into two little words here. As a whole, I wouldn’t fall for his line, and I think I’d feel the same way whether he said the “right now” bit or not.

  • Stubbylegs

    I do like how Kyle’s eyes are hidden in the last panel- we have no real idea of how Kyle is going to respond to what Duncan said there- well done!

  • SofiaT

    First panel & villain with puppy eyes: my bullshit-meter is reading that as a false.
    I do think the rest is true though… which is what worries me. The “right now” in the last panel seems very sincere… and very, very ominous.

    Should Kyle trust Duncan to take care of him in bed? Yes!
    Should Kyle trust Duncan in general? No!
    Do we still want more of these two no matter what? HELL YES!!

    • TwilightDreamer

      lol, have to agree with you. I cannot tell if Duncan’s words are honest or not. In the last panel, emphasising so much about trust…don’t know, I could be wrong, but something feels off…

    • KBatty

      Yeah, that first panel has “ulterior motive” written all over it. Duncan just pushed the whole thing just a /little/ too far. Last page? Easy to get swept up in the moment. This page? Big ol’ red flag. Then again, he’s supposedly one of the world’s most notorious villains. I would imagine that coming across as non-evil is easier said than done when one has made a career of being menacing.

      Besides, he’s been angling for Red Hot’s trust from day one, and he’s already told us he knows pretty much everything about all the young heroes. Ergo, one would assume he knew Kyle burned down his foster home before Kyle ever told him, which in turn would mean that he knew exactly which strings to pull to put Kyle in a vulnerable position.

      That being said, Kyle might be naïve, but I don’t think he’s stupid. He might be willing to take the chance and live with the consequences purely due to Duncan’s near-invulnerability. This is probably not the best decision he could have made, but when masturbating burns down houses and breaks apart families, having somewhere safe to get laid would probably become worth the risk. If he’s been able to avoid gratifying himself sexually all these years, he’s got no shortage of self control.

      Of course, he’s young and naïve, and might think in his own head that he’s got the situation under control. If any character was going to play with fire, I’d expect it to be Red Hot, and many young adults have one hell of an invulnerability complex. Being super-powered would do more to reinforce that than dispel it, I think.

      I’ve always gotten the impression that this is a “consequences” setup. It’s not the intimacy we the audience should be worried about: it’s what comes after.

      This has been an elaborate trust-building exercise on The Annihilator’s part and Kyle has been, up to this point, willing to walk the wire. If Duncan’s intentions are indeed villainous, it would be completely counter-productive to blow the whole charade now. Much more effective to maintain the trust if at all possible, give Kyle a wonderful first time, and then use it against him later.

      I’ve never doubted that Duncan was up to something. It’s not “if”. It’s “what”. The primary question to me has always been: “What does a villain like The Annihilator do when he has the genuine opportunity to be a hero to someone when that someone has a problem with which he can personally identify?”

      Oh, and just to screw with some headcanon… Plot twist: Kyle’s been playing innocent all this time and is in fact highly trained to tackle this sexy a covert mission to find out what The Annihilator’s been up to since dropping off the “exceptionally evil crimes” RADAR.

      It is way too early to write that much about a single page of a comic book. I must be making up for the absence of comments since YP began. Clearly I need to become a professional over-anaylzer of things. Quick, someone call the tabloids and see if they’re hiring.

      • Tina

        Yeah I totally agree. Plus Alex has said this is a 5 chapter story. We’re only on Chapter 2.

        I have a feeling you’re right. Its far too early for Duncan to start his evil plan now because while Kyle is vulnerable he’s not that attached yet and would be quick to fight back.

        As my dad always told me, Sex literally connects you physically and emotionally to a person and so waiting till after sexy times to do something would be the perfect opportune time for Duncan. If nothing else than to just confuse Kyle. (A confused hero is just as effective as a corrupted hero).

    • i’ll shout it with you, mistress sofia: HELL YES !!

      ´cuz that’s our d’être!

      • SofiaT

        You called me mistress sofia *grins*

        I guess I *am* kinky because I really liked the sound of that.

        • …oh?

          you liked that, eh?

          • SofiaT

            I confess it made me grin.

            But if you’re trying to psychoanalyze me, I must say you won’t find much.

            While I’m quite openminded to other people’s choices, I myself have been pretty vanilla so far, I’m afraid.

          • me too.


            i am one of the few vanillans left on earth, if i am to go by all-what i am bombarded by, in “this day and age”

          • KiannaLeigh

            *snorts* well! It’s good to know your honest about yourself bro.

            *I’m finally back from the land of college classes!*

          • you had fun, sis?

          • KiannaLeigh

            Not at all! T_T Summer class suck! And now I’m onto fall classes! I say: “I’m going on strike!” but that would only hurt me … T_T

          • 🙁

            i hadn’t felt your presence for quite a while..
            ..and i had wondered where you were. . . . .
            . . . . .i am glad to know you’re safe and relatively-sound.


  • TwilightDreamer

    *sits swooning all dreamy eyed* XD
    brilliant chapter! 😀
    Duncan is such a romantic…and yet…I STILL can’t bring myself to fully trust him…I want to…but I can’t 😛
    Curious to see how it works out.

  • Mumin

    Oh hearts and butterflies!!! <3 <3

  • vessto

    The angel on one my shoulder says: Anni is honest! Kyle, trust him!
    The devil on my other shoulder says: Camera, where’s the camera? Anni for sure films that and will blackmail the innocent youngie!

    • SofiaT


  • RustyBurrell

    Once again, your comments made my morning XD

  • Rontex

    I’m convinced that Duncan and Kyle are going to have BLAST OFF sexy times and make a complete emotional connection as well. Something tells me that the YP’s have been tracking Anni and Kyle and when they come to investigate the explosion expecting to find a fearsome battle, this will pit Kyle and Anni against each other and force their separation for the moment. This will strengthen their desire for each other and add tension in the story for these young lovers. The question is, will Anni use this longing against Kyle and lure him to the dark side or vice a versa?

  • Poppyjaz

    Less talking! More sexy time Anni!

  • Niggle

    “but it seems like there’s even weirder stuff than thingy-smushing.”

    You’re killing me with your comments, Alex! First a serious page with great art. [First panel is perfect for people wanting to switch places with Kyle ;)] then BAM! making me laugh so damn hard. But that’s a good thing, haven’t had the best of mornings so far. 🙂

    • Stubbylegs

      I still don’t know what a “thingy” is. SOMEBODY PLEASE EXPLAIN! I HAVE NO IDEA AND I CAN’T SLEEP UNTIL I FIGURE THIS OUT!!11!1!1!1

      • Koe

        Better prepare for another sleepless night then, as their “thingy”s even have a pair of “thingamajig”s attached! 😀

  • Amanda

    I think all the mushy talk is sweet. Though to be fair I really haven’t been in relationships known for their romance, I mean when the bedroom talk of your last relationship consisted of, “God I hate you, come on let’s get this over with”, then everything that Anni is saying is like a thousand kinds of awesome.

  • Stubbylegs

    I find it interesting that so many people use their life experiences as a basis for why they feel the way they do about the past few pages, e.g. they see Duncan’s actions in a certain way because they have a certain relationship history, as if having such a history naturally makes people see things a certain way. I’ve had a similar history to some of the people who’ve commented and yet I don’t see things the same way at all.

  • Katie Chambers

    Oh.My.God. I want this to happen to me. Can I still Anni for a bit? So I can hear that mushy talk?

  • Mozzarellacheese

    Evil liar or no, we’re still pretty unanimous in wanting them to get it on :)) I’m just reserving judgment here, I get a truckload of BS from Duncan that I also think is sweet but I trust him as far as I can throw him, which is not at all.

  • SugarPlumFairy

    Less talk, more making Kyle explode (literally, and literally lol)
    And I am still betting that Duncan’s plan is to turn Kyle into his little love minion, (i.e a bad guy) which I am totally fine with 😛

    • SugarPlumFairy

      Random: I also really want to see what Duncan looks like without his hair slicked back (don’t judge me I like long hair), cos there’s no way that it should stay perfect considering what they are doing Alex 😉

  • One of the things I like about this is that I can believe that Duncan could have nefarious plans for the future, and *still* be absolutely sincere about wanting to make Kyle’s first time as good as possible, because he can remember being that age and scared.

    As for the survey stats — what I was saying last page about being too old to be Kermit flailing like this? That would be because for more than half of you I really am old enough to be your mother. 🙂 (Though not as old as Duncan.)

  • kaycee1967

    This is what I hear folks… I can’t help it… I know I mention a lot of songs but its me and how I feel about love… its hard to explain…

    • Jay Dragonmite
      • kaycee1967

        LOL… but I’m probably a wee bit older than you… I never listened to them as much even in college, heh

        • Jay Dragonmite

          Madame! I take great offense with that comment! For I am a measly 20 year old! I shall challenge you with a song by A Flock of Seagulls, what, what! Hurumph!


          • kaycee1967

            LOL! Madame? Monsieur is more like it… and I’m old enough to be your Father since I’m 46. A Flock of Seagulls… ROTFLMAO… sadly, we all dressed like that and had hair like that at times as well… SNORT but I see your SEAGULLS and Raise you a DURAN DURAN… heh

          • Jay Dragonmite

            Oh whoops sorry, usually girls are here in these comments and I thought otherwise… Ahem, I HAVE NO FATHER (actually he’s asleep at this time)! But I raise you a Hall & Oates for your Duran Duran!

          • kaycee1967

            Call.. J Geils with “FREEZE FRAME” … ROFL

          • Jay Dragonmite


            You may have won this round old man, but I shall return when the moon is at its brightest! Mwahahahahahahababababa!!!

            *looks at Queen album*

          • well…maybe I’m a little less subtle by adding this:,though it’s merely a bit over 20 years old, but the lyrics seem quite fitting…

            If you’re really going for age contest – beat this:

          • Jay Dragonmite

            Goddamit! Ok. This guy over here wins!

          • kaycee1967

            HEH HEH HEH

          • Yukiness

            I got you on the age contest Garak:


          • you really force me to draw Marlene? OK, as you wish:

          • Yukiness

            That’s a lovely song, but this one tops yours, always:

          • ok, you got me. I didn’t know Mr Burr before, but i think i will investigate a little… found one of his records on youtube dating back to 1901, that would really be hard to top without leaving pop and going into opera genre. That one is called “where is my wandering BOY tonight”. Hmm. Makes me wonder…

          • kaycee1967

            ROFL! But still… Garak… If you’re going to pull out Marilyn why not go for the best?


          • because we wanted something romantic/erotic. btw: “Diamonds” is the better song, “some like it hot” the better movie…

          • JozefAL

            Wouldn’t J. Geils’ “Flamethrower” be more appropriate? (With regendered lyrics, of course.)


  • Kellen Connor

    So I skew slightly older than your demographic. That’s about what I expected. I’d be interested to know the straight/gay/other ratio by gender, too. (Gay male/straight male, lesbian/straight woman, etc.)

    • Same here.. both about being a bit older than than the biggest group of readers + I said the same thing about ratio on last page 🙂

    • b3nc0

      A bit older too & considerably less female here ;°)
      Those would interest me too & also do you have the proportion of readers taking the survey?

  • I know Duncan’s good at faking a sad puppy expression, but the last panel really tugged at me. I wonder what Duncan’s first sexual experience was like, and whether his apparent sincerity in his desire to make Kyle’s first time as good as possible stems from a bad experience in his past. Whatever his real scheme is, Duncan seems to honestly identify with Kyle, so I can believe that in this particular moment he’s being truthful.

    It would actually be interesting if Duncan started getting emotionally invested before Kyle – it would at least flip the usual dynamic. I’m not sure how likely that is given what we’ve seen of their personalities; so far Duncan has been entirely in control of himself and the situation. Nothing to do but wait and see!

    • SofiaT

      I think Kyle has been emotionally invested since day one. That blackmailed kiss was the bait and he took it. I know that he has been celibate for quite some time, and anyone would jump on the opportunity to find a bed partner as hot as Anni, but Kyle has a strong moral voice; I don’t think he’d even say yes on that first date with a supervillain if he wasn’t already hooked in more than just the opportunity to get laid.

      That said, I do hope the tables will turn and Duncan will come to feel strongly about Kyle -or that, on some level, he already does.

      But if this was a tango dance, which it is in a way, Duncan would be the one to lead.

  • Anna Calloway

    Awww, so cute^_^ Even if he is probably faking…

  • Dear dear Alex… I’m sorry to break it to you but our rose petal boys are eventually going to have to erm… “get sticky?” Yes, I think that’s the term. So sorry, but there’s really no other way to put it. Gay boys… yeah. You can only have Kyle’s flaming hair blowing in the wind machine for so long and eventually he’s going to have to get sweaty. LOL. And when our sizzling Anni asks, “Isn’t this MORE than enough?” I’m afraid we have to break it to him and say… NOPE. Needs a bit more mess and touch of sweat and a few explosions of the passionate variety. *grins* Just trying to help. Great page. Seriously, my compliments on Anni’s expression in that last panel, really subtle and emotional (whether true or calculating, I can’t imagine, but really well done). Thank you.

    • Sapfo

      …Kyles power is flame, do you really think he sweats easily?

      • Stubbylegs

        I do. It seems like he doesn’t lose control of his fire powers until the point of orgasm anyway, so there is still time for him to get sweaty before then.

  • Raven R. Bloodwolf

    And the feels blindside me! I expected them of course, but they still tackled me to the ground. Anni is just too damn sweet sometimes!

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    *squees and flails and has hearts and roses appear* Oh….oh Anni. Why Anni. Why are you not the straight. But ooooh…so sweet. And sneaky. VERY sneaky. TRUST? Oh yes. Trust him…..with his sneaky wiles and ways….*strokes chin*

  • Hikaru Takemori

    I just had a thought:
    What if The Annihilator is in charge of ploting evil things for Red Hot, while Duncan genuinely is interested in Kyle?

    • Tina

      Lol like a Jekyll and Hyde type thing?

      • Hikaru Takemori

        No, not in that sence.

        As example take a team-sport captain. He can talk to you in his function as captain, as a team mate and/or friend. It is still the same person, but the interaction would/could be different.

        • Jason Equality King

          Actually, I had a similar thought. rather than as differing roles, what if ‘good/nice’ Duncan is from an alternate universe and pulling some identical twin/lookalike switching on us? Alex did have the interdimensional cross personality whats-it happening earlier…

          • Hikaru Takemori

            The crisis of colliding trans-world identities? It didn’t sound like dimensions being crossed to me. Also The Annihilator/Duncan mentioned galactic and world domination so I don’t think thats it.

            It gave me another thought, though. What if The Annihilator/Duncan plans to use whatever he wants from Kyle/Red Hot to defende Earth against whatever the crisis is about(if only to rule it as he sees fit)? What we have seen of him, makes me think we could do worse than having him as our supreme leader and if he’s at least half-decent in that position I would not mind him keeping the crisis out.

            Which reminds me that the crisis may be something we will get to know better as the story progresses. If that thing is big enought Alex could make a spin-off dealing with it 🙂

          • Jason Equality King

            True, we will have to wait for Alex to get further into the story, but I do like your thought about Kyle/Red Hot being the key to Duncan’s plans for defending everyone. Thank you for translating my Buffy-speak.
            I was thinking that ‘crisis of colliding trans-world identities’ was something along the line of Clark Kent from an alternate timeline/dimension/world/etc. meets Superman from this one, and what kind of havoc will that wreak on the hero/villain culture and their associated publics. I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

          • Hikaru Takemori

            It may still be something like that, just not from alternate anythings but different planets in this universe. You don’t need to look the same to confuse the hell out of people by having the same name as a hero/villain you know. This crisis could all be about who gets to keep which name.

          • Jason Equality King

            True, we will have to wait for Alex to get further into the story, but I do like your thought about Kyle/Red Hot being the key to Duncan’s plans for defending everyone. Thank you for translating my Buffy-speak.
            I was thinking that ‘crisis of colliding trans-world identities’ was something along the line of Clark Kent from an alternate timeline/dimension/world/etc. meets Superman from this one, and what kind of havoc will that wreak on the hero/villain culture and their associated publics. I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

        • Tina

          Oh right I see. I quite like the idea of a teacher relationship (not actual student teacher relationship but rather someone who helps trains someone in sexual relations)

  • Hikaru Takemori

    Yes, it was 🙂

  • SofiaT

    Actually, I always found it sweet how he called him “little hero”. It’s been happening since the beginning but if it was meant as condescending then, by now I feel it’s lost that meaning. It’s Duncan’s personal petname for Kyle. I like it much better than, say, sweetcheeks or pumpkin!

    I can find a few things that Duncan has said in the last couple of pages that strike me as condescending/manipulating, but that’s not one of them; on the contrary, it seems to remind us that little or not, Kyle is a hero. And Duncan is not.

    It’s almost… wistful?

  • “Do you TRUST me, Kyle? Do you TRUST that right now all I want is for you to be HAPPY?”
    Oh, well sure, now that you’ve emotionally blackmailed him…

    • SofiaT

      Emotionally blackmail or daze him… Poor Kyle has a hard time staying coherent at the moment. (panel 2)

      To be fair, most of his blood must have pooled way south of his head. Anyone would have problems staying coherent in his place.
      (And I wouldn’t mind trading places with him tbh. Manipulated? Most likely. Sated? Most definitely! “An orgasm on table 2 por favor!!”)

  • Plus, calling a man little anything isn’t all that considerate when you’re naked and pressed against his, err… little hero. 😉

  • Argh, Puppy Eyes Attack!!!!

  • SofiaT

    Someone called Kyle “Red Hot” in the comments below and it took me a nanosecond too long to understand who he meant. While I often think of Duncan as Anni or The Annihilator, I never think of Kyle as Red Hot.

    I wonder if that’s my subconscious’ way of reminding me that in uniform or not, Kyle is always the same nice guy while Duncan has many layers of personality and various levels in which he operates… and which are not to be trusted. Or forgotten.

    • december

      I’m not so sure Kyle is always a nice guy. He may think of himself as one, and Anni certainly encourages that view in him, but… We;ve witnessed Kyle engage in plenty of subversive behaviour already. And I mean, Sleeping with the Enemy??

      • SofiaT

        Subversive behaviour? Do you mean about what they discussed over dinner? I took that as proof that he has a mind of his own -he may be a hero but that doesn’t mean he’s a mindless government tool. As for him fighting the “heroes” that came after him and Duncan… well, those two *were* tools. As in, assholes.
        And I’m still not convinced they were not working with Duncan to begin with, for reasons that we’ve yet to see.

        About Kyle’s relationship to Anni… I think what Duncan is offering is very tempting. But Anni has also been making sure that he looks as white and flawless as a dove as far as recent criminal activities go; Kyle did do some research after all and he didn’t find much to worry about… which causes me to worry of course.

        In any case, it’s not the first time a superhero and a supervillain do more than exchange punches. Clark offers his friendship to Lex , Spiderman gives a second chance to Norman Osborn… it’s in the nature of heroes to want to believe that there’s always some good in people.

        • december

          Oh, I didn’t mean fighting the “heroes” (hehe) and all that. Entirely agree, they are asses, and they attacked Kyle and Anni, so what do you do but defend yourself?

          Re your point about heroes giving villains the benefit of the doubt/second chance. That of course is in the very nature of heroes – to be merciful, forgiving, etc. Basically, any Lawful Good character would do that. However, Kyle is not doing quite that. He has sneaked away from his team, gone halfway across the globe, let a witch do weird things to him, is talking very privately about his team with a villain, and is full on into a sexual/romantic relationship with him. He knows for a fact if the team found out all hell would break loose – the whole gay thing aside. I’m pretty sure if either of them were a woman, the team would take no more kindly to it. Not to mention he is compromising all of them by association.

          If Kyle were a truly nice guy to the tips of his toes and wanted to give Anni the benefit of the doubt, he would go more cautiously and professionally about it. He would probably also want to find out exactly what the team think of Anni, if there is any ungrounded prejudice to it, and if he can start to reconvince them.

          I’m not saying he’s vile or hates his team, but it looks like his heart is not fully with them. Which is entirely understandable – but still remains an issue going forward…

  • Hiyame

    Woof, might be a touch too sappy for me…

    • december

      Maybe Anni thinks 18 y.o. flammable blushing virgins are pacified by sap…

  • Soubi

    If that’s the case Duncan, kiss Kyle senseless and make him stop thinking about such trivial things. (Also, if you could….continue -clears throat- that’d be great ;D )

  • Koe

    At the 45 degree angle question: I’d normally agree, but the needed angle does depend on what kind of “calibre” Anni is packing, right? His nickname IS “The Annihilator” after all. (I’d be worried if Kyle wasn’t a superhuman himself.) 😉

    • Yukiness

      I’m happy someone finally made this joke.

  • Puppy Dog Eyes, iteration 3.


    with that hunk of man lain on top of me, i’d shoot fire out of my dick in 2 seconds flat.

    man, i do hope veronica and adam get to depict duncan’s being engulfed in flames, while still being in kyle’s embrace.


    don’t look at me like that — i know you-all are kinky bastards too.
    more so for being majority straight females!

    :: eyes you-all very cautiously ::

    • SofiaT


      As a straight female… I concur.

      • i’m gonna have you link up with me and kianna, once she returns on-line, some time, in that case.


        ´see if we can test out just how kinky thou art.

        • SofiaT


          Should I be scared? I feel like I should be scared.

    • Amanda

      Caution would a wise move.

    • Amanda

      Caution would a wise move.

    • Maria White

      I’m as straight as a rainbow, don’t worry.

  • SpookyDomme

    My day has been tedious and irritating and I forgot it was Wednesday.
    Then I remembered and now I am a puddle of warm fuzzies.

  • Ellen Harman

    So when Kyle burns the building down, is the fire company or one of his teammates going to show up to put it out?
    Yes Duncan I trust you…tonight. Tomorrow is another day, one that never comes. Now let’s get on with the deflowering!

  • KBatty

    RIGHT NOW all I want is for you to be happy. LATER ON I intend to make your life a living hell. Let’s bang.

    Okay, Kyle… tag me in. Clearly you’re in over your head. Batty to the rescue, Sexy Edition.

  • amanda

    I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fujoshifanatic

    Oh Anni, you sweet talker you! I’m surprised you’re not engulfed in flames right now after that impassioned speech right there. And I for one love it when he calls Kyle “little hero”–something about that makes me all squishy inside. 🙂 And while I do have a sense of impending doom, I’m hoping for Kyle’s sake it won’t be for just a few more pages yet. Let the boy have his release at least. As I said before, he’s earned it!

  • EscherEnigma

    “Do you trust me” (and variations thereof) should be taught to one and all as a red-flag phrase.

    • Tina

      Not according to Disney’s Aladdin. Saying ‘yes’ to ‘do you trust me’ could lead you to a magical carpet ride all over the world! <3

      • AC♥Bear


        • VanQuinn

          I’ll ship it.

        • Tina


          • AC♥Bear


      • EscherEnigma

        Aladdin was a liar, cheater and thief, who after gaining Jasmine’s confidence under false pretenses, almost got her killed. So while it worked out in the end, I’m not sure this is the counter-example you’re looking for.

        • Tina

          Fair point. Still wouldn’t mind seeing Duncan in Aladdin’s outfit teehee

          • Gaz Hawkins

            but naked Duncan is Sooooo much better. not much beats a naked hairy guy 🙂

      • Funny, and very appropriate, that you should mention Aladdin as comparison here.
        I’ve said it before other places (and other comments); ‘A Whole New World’ is one long metaphorical sex scene – for a guy seducing the virgin into her first orgasm/sex.

        Go listen to the lyrics and instead of thinking it as romance, think of it as sex. and that ‘carpet’ is also slang for the vulva.

        A magic carpet ride, a dazzling world I never knew, indescibable feelings, I’m like a shooting star etc.
        The scene in the movie even ends with them cuddling close and fireworks starting xD

        • Tina

          PFFFT. Lol

          Childhood = Ruined

          I’ve also seen the posts relating Kyle to a Djinn (though I didn’t really understand what those meant exactly)

        • iTVXQ

          why do you feel the need to do that ;_; BAM, RIGHT IN THE CHILDHOOD, thank you very much (but now that you mention it, omg wat DISNEY U PERVS)

        • Sapfo

          Well, Aladdin is allowed to ride my carpet anytime 😉

    • Heather Kallinger

      With the exception of someone who knows their partner has trust issues, YES.

  • december

    Right now all I want is for you to be happy.

    A very clever phrase. I should remember it for future use :)))))

  • AC♥Bear

    I see so many rather civil, fangirling comments by people and suddenly “pick him up and fuck him against a wall”. My mind thought, “That escalated rather quickly…” But oh boy, do I agree with you 😛

  • Zachary Simon

    I’m curious to see where this goes, if we get any more development of the supporting characters in addition to development of this quasi-catamite relationship.

  • Gaz Hawkins

    aw bless, six seconds………… wait until your doing it for 2-3 hours before….. 🙂

  • Heather Kallinger

    Commentary on the commentary: I’m in the minority on age, apparently!

  • Klaus

    What makes you think that Duncan can throw fireballs?

  • PinkFlower69

    Whats with all the talking???, Get to it!

    Get to the yummies!!!!

  • b3nc0

    My concern is that PP might have put a spell on the building & Kyle saying anything in the register of “I trust you” or “I give myself to you” might bind him to Duncan for the worst…

    • SofiaT

      It wouldn’t surprise me.
      I expect everything at this point.

  • Cman65

    poor Duncan he is going know how horny this boy has gotten after so long and not Cumming

  • motordog

    I picture a future scenario…

    A mid-20-ish Kyle on a first date with another man. As they sit outside a cozy cafe, a series of explosions goes off nearby. As people run around panicking, Annihilator drops down in front of the two young men, smirking his familiar smirk.

    “Oh, great,” Kyle says, with an annoyed expression, “My Ex! Duncan, I know you’re a supervillain, but you gotta stop trying to kill my dates!”

    …actually, I really, really want this relationship to work out…but I fear it may not.

    Anyone else expecting some real ‘serious’ heroes to show up soon and put a beat-down on Anni? I’m not talking Hunter/Killer level, but like this world’s first-string team…perhaps Anni’s nemesis? That could be how Kyle ends up outing the relationship; having to jump in and defend the man he loves, even if just to stand between them in the classic anime arms-outstretched, ‘please-don’t-hurt-my-man’ pose.

    • Tina

      That would be really funny.

      But in all seriousness, that would be interesting. I’m very particular to partners sacrificing themselves to save the other. Would be like the ultimate redemption for Duncan; if he died saving Kyle’s life.

    • That’s so Pocahontas! LOL

  • Klaus

    Condoms are not needed for what they are doing now, and would be incinerated before they get to where they need them.

    • But it sets a bad example for the youngsters if they don’t! 😉

      • Tina

        He’s a villain (or at least an anarchist)! Of course he wants to set a bad example for young people.

        • Yes… though I was thinking more of the message that Alex would be conveying.

          • Tina

            Well if there are condoms involved we’ll probably never see it (unless they do the whole holding up a package thing)

  • SofiaT

    Ohhhhh do tell!!

    Since pretty much everyone here already makes a number of guesses, it won’t really be a spoiler. *bats eyelashes*
    I’m always curious to see what other people think of this and if their guesses are close to mine.

    • matt

      ok so I don’t know if anyone has guessed this yet (I don’t usually read the comments), but I’m pretty much convinced by this point that they’re the same person, or some version of the same person. This guess is mostly based on how they look almost exactly alike except that Duncan is bigger, hairier, and grayer.

      • SofiaT

        LOL, nope! My thoughts were nowhere near that.

        You really think they look alike? I see no resemblance…
        Also, wouldn’t that cause a Back to the Future effect?

        • I’m starting to believe all of you, in this subject line, are the same person, debating yourselves from different parts of the multiverse…. ohhh… I need a lie down now in a cool quiet room now.

      • Jason Equality King

        Interesting thought. It gives a whole new meaning to ‘go @#$$# yourself…”

      • Hikaru Takemori

        I don’t think they are the same person. Look at Duncanc chesthair color. As long as Duncan does not dye those or Kyle dyes his hair I am pretty sure they are two different people.

        Though if Duncan were Kyle from a different, future timeline or other dimension or what have you, Kyle would grow up to be a very special kind of narcissist.

  • Kenia Beatriz Cruz

    hahahah kyle´s face on 3rd panel is like: please give me babies!!!
    hahahha I really love it

  • Adam Black

    I did, until now.

    Duncan is getting suspicious.

  • Kellen Connor

    Hey, for the next survey, ask how many people are coming for the story vs. for the cute guys.

    • YangYueLan

      So long as there is an ‘came for the story, stayed for the cute guys’ option!

      • strangeangel24601

        Or vice versa.

        • Kellen Connor

          Excellent suggestions!

    • Tina

      Its hard to say really. What really drew me into the story was their first kiss which I’m not sure is down to the art (since it was drawn brilliantly), the writing (whoever wrote it out to be steamy) or Kyle and Duncan making it so hot.

      Can I say… “Why not both?” *insert cheering Mexicans*

  • Rin


    I can’t stop fucking laughing.

  • Monica

    Why do I feel like I missed a page…? *goes back* Nop… read that one… I’m confused!! Did Kyle come? Did he try not to come?
    Maybe reading comics at 3 in the morning is not the best idea XD

    • motordog

      Basically, due to both his youth and his lack of sexual release, he’s about ready to blow, even with the minimum of stimulation. Heck, I say, let him…if he’s anything like I was at that age, he’ll be ready again immediately. If he gets the first one over and done with, then he can relax a bit and enjoy the build up. Perhaps he thinks once you’ve come, the sex is over…clearly Duncan has much, much to teach the poor, naive boy.

      • Conor O’Bryan Warren

        Give him 15 minutes and a sandwich, he’ll be fine.

  • Tina

    I usually hate it when those things are rushed. Like a character “dies” then less than five minutes later their alive. Sure the other person might have cried but five minutes does not all for the true emotional break down that usually hits you much later. (Which is why I really liked the Season 2 ending of Sherlock. I wanna see their reunion)

    Lol maybe the two assassins from earlier (forgot their names). We think they were just trying to kill Duncan for being a villain when in reality they saw him on a date with a handsome young man (though didn’t recognise him) and decided if they couldn’t have him no one could!

  • YG_Frenchie

    I’m refreshing like crazy!!! Why do I do this EVERY TIME?!?

    Just go to sleep, Frenchie. You’ll wake up to a nice new update! Or, you can try and distract yourself long enough until then.

    Why am I talking to myself?

    I think my impatience makes me a little crazy. That’s what happens when comics this good are so addictive!!

    • Jason Equality King

      It’s when you argue with yourself that you have a problem. 😉 Don’t feel bad. I’m refreshing too. I feel like a cross between the Mervy’ns sale lady ( and a little kid saying “Is it time yet? …Now?…How about now?”

  • Lady_Hiroko


    A sweet moment. I like it that I don’t know if he’s really being sincere or just screwing with Kyle’s head (and heart–and pun not intended…on second thought, pun definitely intended. ^_~)

    And I like how they are taking our responses into consideration. I just hope they don’t cater to us completely. That’ll ruin it and make it predictable, something I hope they avoid doing. This is YOUR story not ours.

  • The look on Duncan’s face in the last panel is like “Ah! Be still my heart.” He knows the pleading/wounded look.

  • Most of us guys know that you let that junk build up inside you too long… and you can blow a vesicle. *grins*