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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Two—Page 24

304 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Two—Page 24

All right. So I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m not getting ninjas or giant robots in this scene. (Which I still feel is a missed opportunity but, you know, WHATEVER!) So I might as well try to understand what’s going on here. Now, at this point, both Kyle and The Annihilator are completely naked, right? And it seemed like they were wrestling… or something… But now I’m thinking they are smushing their, um, thingys together and that makes them feel… good? Am I understanding that correctly? And so that’s why they’re not fighting robots right now? I’m really trying to understand this kissy stuff so please let me know if I’m reading this wrong!

We have some new Fan Art from long-time friend of The Young Protectors Frenchie! It’s The Annihilator on a throne… of tentacles! You definitely need to check it out!

And I know I said I was going to sum up some interesting results from the survey tonight, but I’ve been having some really wonky computer problems today (le sigh), so with your permission, I’ll hold off on that until next time. I want to be able to do it justice.

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So! Comforting words have been spoken! Flesh has again been pressed against flesh! And it turns out The Annihilator has actually heard about this crazy, new-fangled tech called The Internet! Love, passion, revelations — what more could there possibly be to this scene?

Tune in next Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there!

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  • Hubba Hubba! That last panel o_o

    I love this talk and Duncan teaching him about real life vs. porn.

  • Sapfo

    Yes! Thats the way, I like it!

  • Sapfo

    Oh, I really like mr. Annihilator. He reminds my of a old friend how happens to be a boy. He said sex starts in the morning with breakfast and ends the next morning with breakfast. He is happily married now (.^_^:)

    • I agree! Real sex isn’t about penetration – which I love that Alex points out with this page and the fact that it’s not gonna happen right now. They’re still having sex 🙂 As Duncan said, if Kyle wants to try that later they can.

      • Sapfo

        Ops, I did it again. Sometimes I just don´t see the small words. They are kind of slippery 😉

  • CH

    Okay that’s it, Kyle can’t have Duncan. I want him. Yes I’m a chick and he’s a fictional gay supervillain, but that statement makes him perfect.

    • Stubbylegs

      To me, that statement has the opposite effect on me- Kyle can have him as far as I’m concerned. Duncan lost me right there- it just seems far too calculated to be sincere, especially this early in a relationship, or whatever this is that they have.

      • Stubbylegs

        It’s funny- up to this panel, I liked Duncan. This panel, to me, shows him laying it on REALLY thick. I’m not saying those feelings are never real, just that it seems more likely to me that he is just saying what he thinks Kyle would want to hear in this situation for the sake of getting Kyle to do whatever it is that he wants.

        • SofiaT

          I had exactly the same feeling. Especially the panel where he talks about Kyle’s “beautiful eyes”.

          It rubbed me the wrong way.

          • Stubbylegs

            Sadly, I think it would have worked on me for my own first time. Oh wait- it kind of did, lol.

        • Without knowing for sure, I don’t think it’s the 5th panel CH is talking about, but Duncan pointing out that sex isn’t just penetration.

          • CH

            Yeah to be clear it’s panel 4 I’m talking about. I’ve known far to many people that just don’t get it.

      • SofiaT

        I re-read the page and while I still have the same bad feeling, I’ve now started to wonder if maybe I’m not projecting cynicism because of my own first-time experience (long story short, the guy proved to be a huge jerk).
        Truth is, I do tend to raise a sceptical eyebrow and think “bullshit” whenever I hear romantic speeches, no matter who it is they’re coming from.

        I really want to give Duncan the benefit of the doubt. *sigh*

        • Stubbylegs

          I think experience has given me a bit of insight into this sort of behavior that leads me to trust Duncan a lot less on this page than I did in the past. My first serious partner was more like Kyle than Duncan tbh, but there have been a couple of seriously bad apples between then and now. Looking back now, though, I still feel the same way that I did the first time I saw this. Again, I still think Duncan is likely, though not necessarily, manipulating Kyle to a very bad end, but I still love the way the characters are defined and I’ll still be camping the night before a big update, every time.

          I know this sort of manipulative, hyperbolic romantic talk is very commonplace (not just in yaoi but in romantic scenes in any genre), but I think it’s a testament to how well the characters are defined that this sort of thing bothers me so much in this comic.

  • Stubbylegs

    Wow, he sure knows the right words to say to turn Kyle into putty in his hands….

    • SofiaT

      Yes… He does know the right words. Hm…

  • illanm

    Still hearing Anni in Keith David’s voice. Don’t mind me.

    • Stubbylegs

      I would never have thought of that myself, but after thinking about it, now I can’t unhear it. I could see that, lol.

  • Yukiness

    The last panel just sums up itself.

  • Stubbylegs

    Despite my changing feelings about Duncan, I still think the last panel is awesome, and I want it for my desktop wallpaper. Yes.

  • SofiaT

    Am I the only one feeling a chill going down her spine right now?

    Duncan in this page is very smooth and -technically- I agree with everything he says.

    But… too smooth maybe?

    I have a feeling he’s telling Kyle what he wants to hear.

    And Kyle is eating it, hook, line and sinker.

    (Still, the last panel -extra hot!!)

  • Lindsey D

    I am so in love with this page!!! Anni just stole my heart! : )

  • Stubbylegs

    I might not feel the way I did if it weren’t for the second panel. Calling Kyle adorable after he said what he did in the first panel seems more than a little condescending to me. Kyle’s concerns may seem silly to someone with Duncan’s experience (both in sex and in life in general), but they are very real to Kyle and should be taken seriously by anyone who’s going to be having sex with him and seeing him as vulnerable as he is here.

    • fujoshifanatic

      I think honestly Anni was 1) paying him an honest compliment, because really, he’s as cute as a button in his earnestness at the moment, and 2) trying to diffuse some of his anxiety with a little humor? A gentle reminder and reassurance that after all sex is supposed to be about fun need not be condescending, and based on the lovely things he said right after that statement (and Kyle’s reaction to them), that was not Anni’s intent at all. 🙂

      • Stubbylegs

        To me, the things he said afterwards only confirm how I felt about what he said in the second panel. It’s all far too smooth to me, and all I see is manipulation in every panel here.

      • Stubbylegs

        I wasn’t saying that it was condescending for him to say that sex was supposed to be fun- not at all. I’m just not seeing the humor in Duncan’s response.

    • SofiaT

      YES, YES, YES!

      I don’t think I should do much commenting in this page, you seem to articulate much better than me exactly what I’m feeling. I should just “like” all your posts and get it over with :p

      The second panel feels condescending (oh, aren’t you cute?), and reminds me of his discussion with the Priestess when she called Kyle a kid and Duncan seemed to agree by not defending him.

      The third and fourth panels feel too… didactic? even though I agree with him. The whole “I don’t know what you’ve seen on the internet…” part I think it’s what ruins it for me there.

      And of course in the 5th panel, it feels like he’s laying it on REALLY thick (as you yourself said somewhere below).
      The last panel is really hot but at the same time it worries me how much Kyle seems to have “let go”.

      Which I know doesn’t make much sense because if you asked me on the previous page, I would have told you it’s exactly what I would like him to do and that I’m glad Duncan is teaching him what great sex and intimacy is all about.

      Suddenly Duncan’s lines seem too practiced and that makes my blood run cold. He may or may not mean them but Kyle seems completely entranced. And I want to yell at him “keep a back up!!”

      I’m still hoping for a happy ending for these two but this page wants me to be Team Kyle rather than Team Anni.

      • Stubbylegs

        I agree- if I got even the slightest impression that Duncan was taking Kyle seriously, I’d like Duncan a whole lot better, but not the way things stand now. I do know, however, that as quickly as my feelings about Duncan changed here, they can change again, so I’m keeping an open mind.

        • SofiaT

          We could also be reading this all wrong and there could be no condescension or manipulation (yeah, right!) on Duncan’s part.
          And maybe the next page will have Duncan with eyes so ernest that my heart will melt again.

          But for now, I stand vigilant and ready to kick ass if Kyle gets hurt.

          I don’t mind Anni having ulterior motives for seaking Kyle.

          I expect it and… almost demand it. It will make things more interesting.

          But what I’ll never forgive, is Anni laughting at Kyle’s face. Using him and then joking about it.

          While if you’d asked me before I’d tell you I didn’t think this possible, I do now.
          Not propable mind you, but possible.

          • Stubbylegs

            You know, in previous pages, I used to think the people who were anti-Duncan were reading far too much into what he said and did. I’m not so sure now. I’m certainly not saying I hate the guy and want to see Kyle walk away (not YET, at least), but I am saying that i’m not falling for his crap so far. 12 years ago, when I was an 18-year-old virgin who just wanted to feel loved and desirable, I might have felt differently.

          • SofiaT

            I’ve had a soft spot for Anni since the beginning. I still do.

            Villains (first class villains, not thugs) can be fascinating creatures -lots of layers to explore underneath the “evil” surface.
            I still think that if he doesn’t care for Kyle now, he will come to care for him in the future.

            I just hope that in the meantime he won’t do something that will make him irreedeemable in my eyes. There’s a line you just can’t cross and then expect to un-cross it because you had a change of heart.

      • Interpolation

        I didn’t get the impression that Kyle’s concerns seem silly to Duncan. It seems more like Kyle’s concerns make him nostalgic for when he was that age and he feels affectionate because of that.

        In this strip, Anni tries to calm Kyle’s fears, reassure him that he’s lovely inside and out, let him know that there’s time (reassurance that he’s not just going to drop him and move on), that they don’t have to do anything, just feel good. Yes, Duncan says it all very eloquently but he is experienced and you can’t expect him to be stammering and blushing.

        Whatever the future may bring, it’s perfect for that night.

        • SofiaT

          You could be right of course. I’m not saying that Duncan *is* playing Kyle and secretly laughing about it.
          I’m just saying this page left me -for the first time- with the very chilling feeling that’s a real possibility. I never had this feeling of doom before, not even in the first pages, when Duncan manipulated Kyle into kissing him.
          What you say makes perfect sense.
          But I can’t ignore the alarm bells ringing in my head.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Everything that Anni said would have had me cumming right there. First time seeing Porn with a purposeful point! But the last panel? That is all. Love how you can make this comic so hot without getting graphic (not that there’s anything wrong with graphic!). That takes some real skill. *slow claps for Alex, Adam and Veronica*

    • Stubbylegs

      Despite my distaste for Duncan’s apparent manipulation in this page, I have to agree. It seems manipulative, and the lines wouldn’t work at all on me, but it’s still hot as hell and keeps me wanting more!

  • Stubbylegs

    I need to know, Alex, what exactly do you mean by “thingies”? I won’t be able to sleep until I figure it out!

    • fujoshifanatic

      Ahem, he means “swordplay.”

      • Stubbylegs

        OOO swordplay?!?!?! I WANNA SEE!

        • Koe

          *giggling like a little girl*

  • The 5th panel. I can’t decide with my self if I find that just a little too corny and over the top, or if I should just giggle. Knowing something is up (ignore the double pun *lol) just make that smooth talking compliment suspicious as h*ll. Everything up till that.. yes, just plain YES!

    And don’t get me started about last panel. The sight of a guy arching back in ecstasy is such a turn on. Kyle has never been hotter than he is right there (again, ignore the double pun xD).

  • Sapfo

    Well, haven’t Duncan been a smooth talker from the first page he´s been on? Why would he change now? He seems like a really suave guy.

    • Stubbylegs

      No one is saying that he’s changing (at least not yet). We’re just saying that he’s laying it on so thick here that it’s hard to imagine falling for it here…unless you’re a kid in Kyle’s position of course.

      • Sapfo

        Suave is not always good.
        If a suave and a nerd comes in to a bar, I will go home with the nerd.
        Please talk nerd with me!

  • Duncan sure is a smooth-talker. That isn’t the kind of thing that will get me going, but it is still very sweet…actually. It is sickly-sweet romantic. I am not really into that kind of thing personally (my SO is romantic kind of but never with corny lines) but I do think that this is cute.
    Also, yowza, that last panel. The look on Duncan’s face as he grinds himself into Kyle is amazing. O3O

  • arobynbird

    this page reminds me that the most dangerous thing in the world is not a lie in the hands of the honest, but the truth in the hands of the dishonest

  • Cid Highwind

    Beautiful o.o

  • Angie Penrose

    That sixth panel, minus the word balloon, needs to be, like, a poster or something. ‘Cause damn. 🙂


    • Stubbylegs

      I’d buy that! No hinting whatsoever there, lol 😉

      • Blue.C

        I’ll buy it,too!!! it is awesome!!

    • StarrySkyDancer

      Good idea!:P I bet my flatmate would be thrilled with me hanging those posters in our shared hallway, haha XD

      • Koe

        Maybe he would! *wiggles an eyebrow at you*

        • StarrySkyDancer

          You know…. I was thinking about it and I’m actually afraid that you’re right XD

  • Stubbylegs

    To clarify- I’m not necessarily saying that Duncan absolutely DOES have an ulterior motive based on what he’s said here. What I am saying is that Duncan knows his credibility is in question (think back to the panel when Kyle asked Duncan if he set the fire in that apartment building- he expected that question because he knows his reputation). If his motives are even somewhat genuine, to me he’s not doing a good job of demonstrating that at all.

  • december

    Duncan, please don’t make him fall in love with you. He’s so innocent.

  • StarrySkyDancer

    Like some of you mentioned, the 6th panel is hot;) But I think I like the 4th one the most. That adorible puppydog look in Kyle’s eyes is so Awwwww ^^

  • Tina

    *whimpers* please don’t hurt Kyle later! I love them together (have a fetish for heroesxvillains which is a small enough niche as for me) but I can see what people are saying…

    I guess Duncan’s comments are a bit cheesy but I’ve never, sadly, been in love and I’m coming from a world of fanfics and yaoi (where cheesy lines such as this are the norm) so to me this doesn’t come off as alarming. It actually comes off rather sweet.

    If I had to guess, the only evil thing I can see happening is maybe Kyle becomes so addicted to being with Duncan (like girls being attracted to bad boys) that he can’t be with anyone else or starts turning to the dark side to stay by Duncan’s side.

    • Stubbylegs

      I know this sort of stuff is the norm for the genre-hell, it’s the norm for Hollywood. I think that I would have felt the same way as you back when I hadn’t yet been in love before. Having years of experience in that department by now, the manipulation is really, really easy to spot for me.

  • If we talk about posters, I’d love to see panel 2, 5 and 6 as posters.

    I really like the casual Duncan in Panel 2, one of my favorite Duncan panels so far. If you look past the highly debated text in panel 5, it’s a sweet/romantic moment. Would be a nice poster/postcard for the comic.
    Panel 6, now that one ‘speaks for it self *lol*, but in case anyone wants extra words .. HOT DAYUM!

  • vessto

    The last panel…. *faints* I don’t have words!

    *giggles* I’m happy I guessed about pre-ejaculation thing.XD These youngies are so adorable!

  • Jeabro21

    I argee with Anni 100% sex is about letting go and leaving the world behind u for tht one moment (one second) of pure bliss…this coming from an 18 yearold virgin. I mean the lines are cheesy but wen ur with the rite guy it doesnt matter (but tht doesnt make it any less cheesy) and
    Though, i feel as though Anni kind of rushed him into it after talking his talk.

    • They’re not fucking, they’re frotting as they were before. Still sex, but no penetration. As Anni said in panel 3, if Kyle want to do those kind of things later (penetration) there’s time.

      That’s what Anni’s talk was about. That right now they were already having sex since they were frotting and being highly intimate, and having sex isn’t only about anal penetration like a lot of the stuff online gives the impression of. It’s about intimacy and letting go with your partner.
      So Anni isn’t rushing him into anything, it was Kyle who was expecting this would go straight into anal sex.

      • Exactly. Actually, i think that’s another facet of the difference between straight and gay. Straight people sometimes seem obsessed with that hymen thing (I never got how that works, but I’m really no pro at female anatomy ;D ). I, on the other hand, feel I had several “first times”, and may even have a few more to come, who knows. You’re not just waiting for death to arrive at 35, you know ;).

        • I don’t think it’s as much a gay/straight thing as a cultural and/or ‘youth’ thing.
          I’m only 32, so it’s not like I’m old *lol*, but the ‘youth’ lives in an internet world where porn is a few clicks away, and porn is mostly focused on penetrative sex. As said on this page, that seems to build on the idea that sex involves that, where it actually covers so much more.
          Then there’s the cultural things. I don’t remember where I read it, but I remember a statement once that ex. Europe vs. US has different ideas of what is actual sex. That a lot more Europeans have a view on sex like expressed on this page, opposite Americans who more often seems to focus on it not being sex if there’s no penetration involved (Like Clinton’s: I did not have sex with that woman). Especially within the younger generations of Americans, again maybe it have a lot to do with the ‘internet-generation’.
          It can basicly be compared to older days when straight couples/men would have analsex before they were married, because then they were virgins on the wedding night. Yeaah.. that one wouldn’t work as an excuse today 😉

          • strange, that you’d consider it a “problem” of the youth – I had expected it would be more of a thing with the older generations – all that “bloody sheets in the honeymoon suite” stuff and such,with those very conservative view on “no Sex without marriage”. But i kind of see your point.

            So this is another point where I feel lucky to be an European in my thirties: grown up after most of the very narrow minded stuff ended (in the 50ies in Germany it was a crime to rent a flat to an unmarried couple – how weird!), but before everything started to be as omnipresent as the Internet is these days… or maybe everyone was spoilt by Clinton who NEVER had sex with Miss Lewinsky 😉

        • Koe

          I’m straight and I’ve certainly felt like I’ve had several first times. First time giving a blowjob… mind blown. First time receiving… core meltdown. Two firsts, right there. And I’ve been with my guy for 23 years and we still, occasionally, have firsts. Trufax! It’s the power of long time trust and friendship. 😉

      • Jeabro21

        Wht the hell is frotting?? and if they are not having sex then why is Anni on top of him and Kyle is making an Ohhh sound he even has his eyes closed????
        i have seen enough yaoi sex to know wht im talking about
        I do agree tht sex isnt all about penetration (theres oral sex) but technically u dont truly or sincerely lose ur virginity until someone goes in u or go in someone u cant say “I had sex last night” wen all u did was touch each other; u can say u had “skin sex” but not really sex sex tht is OBVIOUSLY HAPPENING HERE

        • Lithy

          “I have seen enough yaoi sex to know what I’m talking about.”

          Just… wow. That statement alone is enough to tell me you know the exact opposite of what you claim.

          They are rutting against each other, which means, in the simplest terms, rubbing their penises together.

          And Danish is right, sex isn’t just about penetration, but about being extremely intimate, which is what is actually happening right now.

          • Jeabro21

            “sex isn’t just about penetration, but about being extremely intimate”.I SAID THE SAME THING THE THING IN MY COMMENT READ THE WHOLE THING.
            and i mean tht i have seen enough yaoi sex to know their expressions

          • No you didn’t. You expressed the opinion that this is not sex and that without penetration, they would be considered virgins until they die…

          • Jeabro21

            Ok ok if the act involves touching, liking, fingering and in the end both parties are satisfied whether it involves penetration or not then it can be considered as successfully sex.

          • Oh perfectly, expressed, Lithy. With experience, we all learn that real pleasure and intimacy can’t be boxed or labeled and comes attached to an infinite number of possible intimate activities. Wait until someone experienced finds YOUR spot (say that back of a knee, or whatever, with their tongue) and you discover a new definition of “sex.” It’s part of the pleasure of freedom.

        • Frotting (or frottage) is basicly intercourse movements but without penetration. They’re rubbing/humping their genitals together until orgasm. It feels good, and they’re enjoying it. Read what Alex write in the first paragraph under the page. He’s making it clear that what hapens here is frotting.
          This IS considered sex, and it’s NOT build on yaoi cliches. This is quite realistic and shows a lot of how real sex is…
          There’s gays who will never perform anal sex – be it doing it and/or being on the receiving end. Will you say that they stay virgins all their lives then? Even those who are very sexually active? Anal sex isn’t something every gay enjoy, just like there’s a lot of woman who don’t want to do it either.

          • Jeabro21

            Will you say that they stay virgins all their lives then? Even those who are very sexually active?
            How can u stay a virgin ur entire life if u have sex??
            Ur questions contradict each other
            Whelther ur getting the anal sex or doing it its still anal sex becomes it involves the anal area

          • fujoshifanatic

            She’s saying that for gays (or anyone really), penetration does NOT determine whether or not they are having sex, nor does it determine their virginity. Bottom line, Anni and Kyle are having sex here, but Anni is not penetrating Kyle.

          • Jeabro21

            As long as both are satisfied they are having sex

          • You’re missing my point. You said that someone isn’t losing their virginity unless they get penetrated or penetrate someone. There’s gay men who will never do either, but they’ll do what we see on this page – which is considered sex as well. They might be doing this a LOT during their life which makes them sexually active, but they won’t perform anal sex. By your definition that would make them stay virgins all their life.
            Same would go with lesbians (women) in the same situation for that matter.

          • Jeabro21

            Ok i will agree with on this

          • just to add to your confusion: there can be a lot of fun to the anal area without actual penetration…

          • Sapfo

            Not to be mistaken for fromage 😛

          • Indeed… a nice Wensleydale? So, we’re all saying Anni’s dialog will go nicely with a glass of Merlot? Perhaps. 🙂

          • Sapfo

            I suddenly came over all peckish…I think a bit of Duncan on my bed… or perhaps his not so gay lookalike brother.

          • Excellent choice. “Oh Alex! One Het Duncan on a cracker for table four, please.” He hates substitutions, but we can ask. 🙂

          • Oh.. since we’re on the topic of virgins on this page. Did you see what I did on this page.. and the last as well ;D Haven’t lost my ‘touch’ even though TH is on hiatus.
            Actually it was originally the same with the one two pages back as well, but then Disqus decided to suddently switch my comment around with the 2nd after several hours. So must have posted exactly within a second of eachother o.0

          • Sapfo

            Yes my Lady, I was just writing my comment and suddenly YOU appeared right before me.
            My reaction: “NNNOOOOO! Damn Wolf!”

            My think you have a stick, maybe not to beat swedes with, but for magic. You can tell me……

            I think Disqus is evil. If you are first the virgin is yours, right?
            Well next week TH will be yours to.

          • *lol* Yeah I was all ‘again?’ Hmm.. let’s see how that goes. I might not be able to be there through all the camping this time + except for once the pages in the new chapter have all been uploaded in one of the the times I’m away from the screen a few minutes. The one time I DID get it, I had literally just sat down again after getting a snack and refreshed xD

          • Sapfo

            I know why I did not get it this time. I got stuck on the last panel and my brain just stopped. I could not mobilize my hands or my eye for a good minute after that. XD
            One time I slept a few hours and when I woke up and refreshed the page, no one had commented yet. Felt a bit cruel to those who have been awake the whole time. But that virgin was mine Muahahahaha!

          • Indeed, this has nothing to do with cheese? *rubs head in confusion*

          • It’s a things connected mostly with the Teahouse Comic, but also in generel. I’m kinda ‘infamous’ between some for having a damn lucky timing recently- taking the virgin (1st comment) on a page xD
            I can’t explain it either. It’s just happened a LOT for the last year’s time.
            The Teahouse comic is on hiatus for 3 weeks, and I have moved my virgin taking on to here instead it seems. Sapfo is sure I have superpowers.

          • Sapfo

            We on TH knows that she is the Chosen one.
            She also have other superpowers, like being able to be cool when confronted by trolls, commenting fast and knowing absolutely everything.

          • Well I suppose that’s a better super power than exploding everything into flame just for having one little ejaculation… so I’ll say… congratulations. 🙂

        • WeirdAnon

          I really hope you’re not using yaoi manga as a reference to how gay sex works.

          • Jeabro21


          • WeirdAnon

            Yaoi is REALLY exaggerated and unrealistic to how gay sex and relationships work. I’ve read yaoi too and like some titles, don’t get me wrong, but a lot of the times it’s just…bad.

          • Jeabro21

            Yeah some yaoi sex is really bad which is y I stop reading the volume half way through cause of how bad it is but some are realy good like “Darling” on I really like those kind of stories or “Under Grand Hotel” read the whole thing in one day

          • fujoshifanatic

            Under Grand Hotel was an interesting story, but a VERY BAD EXAMPLE of now gay sex and love works, and I sincerely hope you are not basing your ideas about sex, love and virginity on that particular manga.

          • Jeabro21

            IM NOT im they are just my favorite kind of yaoi

        • DoktorNauk

          It is not obvious, even the post from Alex says they are frotting. “But now I’m thinking they are smushing their, um, thingys together and that makes them feel… good?”

          • Jeabro21

            tht is a form of sex so technically they are having it since it leads to an orgasm

        • I see you’re getting a lot of replies right now, besides the one I just gave you as well. I want to add something to my reply just below.
          I hope you don’t feel ‘attacked’ but you said it yourself, you’re an 18 year old virgin. You must never compare yaoi mangas/comics and/or porn to what real sex is. There’s a lot more to it besides penetration, also when it comes to gay sex.
          Alex is doing a lot of work here, going past yaoi sex cliches, to show sex and the uncertainties/misunderstandings a virgin can have in a quite realistic way. This is what this whole page is about. Kyle thinking they were moving directly to anal sex, but Duncan is teaching him that there’s much more to sex than just that. That by frotting they’re already having sex.

          • Jeabro21

            Thank you for ur concern but no I don’t feel attacked im just surprised at how fast I get my comments replied to. Im pretty sure most of these people are older than me with JOBS to get to even on a Saturday and yet they are here explaining sex to 18year old who clearly knows all about sex or else she still wouldn’t be a virgin. (those who are educated about sex and its consequences like STDS either don’t have it or take great care of themselves to prevent said consequences and those who are not educated get said consequences like herpes. eww)
            NUMBER ONE
            NO I don’t think that yaoi/comics or porn is sex the fantasy part of my brain which is a big part of my brain thinks it is but the reality part which is in control right now knows it is not.
            NUMBER TWO
            To me there are three kinds of sexual contact: Making love, sex, and fucking.
            Making love, is when two people straight or gay love each other and trust each other with all their heart decide to give their selves to each other in physical contact.
            Sex, is when u meet a girl or boy at the bar and decide to have a one night stand.
            Fucking, is porn, plainly put
            And finally
            NUMBER THREE
            To me sex is just gross it involves a lot of intimate touching which I am not ready for probably because im not comfortable with my body but if I meet the right person all thoughts go out the window expect for protection.
            yes their are a lot of yaoi clichés like flowers and cute boys but I just like watching and reading them I don’t actually believe thts real life. So don’t ya’ll be thinking thts how my brain works “NO” I know whts real and whts not and yaoi is clearly not.
            PS im sorry wht I meant to say is STDs gross me out not sex like chlamydia and Herpes and HPV and the blue waffle disease. eww!!!

          • Hey, sympathies, so many of us have to deal with the fears of STD’s etc… but finding that right person and, as Anni says perfectly, being able to “let yourself go” is one-of-a-kind special. And if it’s right, fears about ‘not being comfortable with your body’ can go right out the window with someone who makes you feel beautiful and special. So try to forget about boxes and labels and good luck finding that right partner. It’s worth it. (So says a ‘now’ long-time monogamous very happily partnered… former slut.) LOL.

          • Jeabro21

            THX 🙂

          • fujoshifanatic

            Yay for former sluts!

          • Thanks! Oh, and yay for knowing when to retire the slut-badge and go for the lurve. I swear, when one gets there, one knows. *grins*

          • I knew all about sex when I have my first time. I knew the consequences, of it including but not limited to unplanned pregnancy and STDs.
            I still went through with the act with my SO because it brought us closer as a couple and, tbh, I masturbate and was wondering what the final act actually felt like.
            I was not disappointed.
            (Also, if you knew all about sex, this debate would not be going on at all.)

          • Jeabro21

            Sooo…in ur opinion u ranked them as fucking number one, sex number two, and making love number three

          • In my opinion, the level of intimacy I am looking for matters most. If I am looking to feel closer to my SO, I will, as the corny phrase states, “make love”. If I am looking to feel better than just “making love” I will have sex, which still has that level of intimacy but is more carnal. If I am looking for a quicky before work or to just unwind from a long day, I will fuck, which has less intimacy and is even more carnal but feels awesome.

          • Jeabro21

            I do agree with u which is why i ranked them as i did

          • Koe

            Relax, you’ll figure it out. It’s like life in general: good times and bad times and you learn from all. 🙂

          • Jeabro21

            yeah unless the bad times keep reapeting themselves

          • Danish, this was an an amazing statement.

          • Wayne Lunkwitz

            If only my first time or any time after that were more than “Wham bam thank you Sam”……I know my name isn’t Sam but you get the gist of it!

          • Titan4Ever

            I always thought, “whirr, blur, thank you, Sir” sounded so much better, especially for a gay male who isn’t named Sam.

        • I am really hoping that you’re not using yaoi as a reference for legitimate gay sex. Frotting is the rubbing of two penises together, sometimes, like in this case, it is done with one man on top of the other while the man on top humps and grinds into the man on bottom.

          Anal penetration, while common, is not the only method of having sex for gay men and I know at least in my circle of friends, my gay friends don’t really like full penetration but will frott and finger.

          • Jeabro21

            so how about this
            as long as you enjoyed it and everyone at the end is satisfied, you had sex if its anything else then something most likely went wrong or u didnt get wht u wanted

          • Dude, most women are left unsatisfied at the end of sex due to some mens inability to procure a female orgasm. Based on that logic, women rarely ever have sex…
            Lets just say that sex is a broad subject and contains many different aspect so it can be difficult to define.

          • Jeabro21

            Tht i can agree with

          • SofiaT

            Everyone here is entitled to their opinions. This is a form of art afterall, it brings out different feelings to different people. Not everyone is going to agree with everything.

            Can you not shout though please? We have a nice, polite community here, to reason to start shouting at people.

          • Jeabro21

            Im not yelling I only yell if I put “!” at the end
            I write my words in cap to get my point across and yes everyone is entitled to their own opinion which is why I express mine so strongly

      • “They’re not fucking, they’re frotting as they were before.”

        I thought they were just mashing their junk together. Frotting sounds so much better. 🙂

        I would prefer to see Kyle’s knees up a little higher. Like, 45° higher. You can still “frot” around that way, but it gives the lascivious reader a bit more latitude with his or her naughty imagination. 😉

        Still, I guess I’m not disappointed this whole seduction is being dragged out a bit longer than my personal playbook would have it. There’s so much more to enjoy, this way.

        Why, oh why, god damn it, was this stuff not around when I was a kid reading comic books?

    • Stubbylegs

      Well, they’re doing exactly what they were doing 2 panels ago, so not exactly “finally”…

  • TwilightDreamer

    Saturday I love you! ^-^
    *sits staring at screen, turning redder by the second*
    If it wouldn’t startle other occupants of the house, I’d race out of my room squealing like the fan girl I am! ^^
    Damn does Duncan know how to be romantic! I reeeaallly hope falling for him doesn’t come back to bite Kyle in the butt….but I love it either way!!

  • RustyBurrell

    That first paragraph of your description made my morning XD

  • KBatty

    I’m noticing that a number of people are calling Duncan really cheesy for this, but I sincerely don’t think he is. I vividly remember what an utter train wreck my first time was (Hint: It went poorly enough that bitterness lingers to this day, over seven years later.), and what I see in this scene is a man with experience, understanding, and patience taking the time to guide a new lover through his first time. He’s going out of his way to dismantle Kyle’s preconceived notions about sex, which will benefit him greatly in the long run. We should all be so lucky.

    • Amber Rose

      Yeah, I have to agree. My first time wasn’t so bad as that, but it did end in tears and confusion that took weeks to clear up. We could have both used someone to sit us down and tell us to seriously stop being so ridiculous and relax.

    • When I first read the page I liked what Anni said about sex but thought the compliment was a bit too corny and ‘player’ and it made me giggle. After reading it more than once I’ve come to like what he’s saying for the (silly) cuteness it is. It’s all about making Kyle feel comfortable and good.

      I had a good first time with a guy. Not anything mindblowing but it was good, hot and I felt ready and comfortable. Having heard some of my friends’ ‘horror stories’ over the years, I’ve come to really appreaciate my first time, not rushing into anything at a party or something, but taking my time. I feel lucky. 15 years later I’m still close friends with my first even though most contact happen over phone because of living distance.

      • Just a thought on the “corny” conversation. I blush now when I think back on things I’ve said when I was really far gone and into “it.” Totally “f*ck stupid”. I can remember times in which I must have sounded like a 1970s porno (bow chicka wow wow). Dork much? That said, my partners didn’t seem to mind, in the moment. So, actually, you go Anni. Not bad, not so bad at all. LOL.

        • KBatty

          Hey, in the heat of the moment we all say some pretty cringe-worthy things sooner or later. Isn’t half the fun having a new inside joke for two weeks?

  • SugarPlumFairy

    After seeing this, and having a look at the fan art page (the one by Dennis Sabol) I’m all for Kyle becoming a super villain to be with Duncan. Anything for more of THIS!

    • Gaz Hawkins

      Kyle could stay a hero, he could be Duncan’s ying to Duncans yang or be his “voice of reason” that stops him from doing the really bad stuff.

  • Chris Dangerfield

    The facial expressions, as well as the message in this are just exquisite. I agree with some of the previous posters who mentioned that they wished that someone had worked so hard to make their first time so kind and thoughtful. There is no question but that good art can turn real life experiences into the dream of what we all wished might have happened… and lets us, for a moment, relive the past as it should have been (at least until ninjas and giant laser shooting robots burst in… but that’s a given *grins*). Thank Alex. Great stuff.

  • Erica

    Them Damn fanfics and fanpics he saw were a lie?! Lol

  • I’m really too old to be Kermit flailing and squeeing like this…

    • Jacquie_H

      You are never too old for the Kermit flail and the squee.

  • Preludetoa

    Is it in?!

    • No. They’re frotting.

      • Chibi

        mm never knew there was an actual term for that >> mmm

        • I think that if you can think of it there’s probably already a term for it.
          It’s just about finding out what it is. I’ve sometimes been suprised when someone say a word I don’t know, I google and go ‘so that’s what it’s called’ XD

          • Chibi

            lol well I’ve never been in a conversation where we talk about that soo >> the term has never come up … well until now lol .. ahhh google

          • KBatty

            I was oblivious to a good deal of sexual terminology pertaining to gay male relationships until fairly recently (I know, I know… frottage technically works for everyone). Then I was asked to write a small piece of erotic fiction that focused on a gay male couple and had to do my research. It was something I had never approached in-depth in my literature before, so I ended up sitting down and reading “The Joy of Gay Sex” from cover to cover. Felt kind of silly at the time because much of the information itself was not new to me, but I spent a lot of time going: “Oooh. So there IS a word for that!” I wouldn’t exactly call it the best way to get educated on the topic, but it’s a handy reference piece if you’ve got curiosities and need a starting point.

          • Oh yeah… I’m gay by golly… and just try writing m/m erotica and finding a word to substitute for the overly clinical sound of ‘ejaculate’ and yet not go for that word that sounds of a dated porno… just try. I dare ya. It’s a pain in the tush if you ask me. (um… sorry that wasn’t a gay pun). 🙂

          • KBatty

            Right? Trying to find a balance that’s technically accurate without getting too clinical is easier said than done. Editing is hilarious, though.

          • I know! Right? Just try not giggling when editing ‘perineum’ in your own story…

          • KBatty

            Or trying to find a way in general terms to explain where the perineum is and why it’s relevant. End up with a questionable synonym list and a few rambling paragraphs about skin textures and degrees of pressure. I love going back to read first drafts. They’re always painful.

  • No, dear Alex, no, you’ve got it all wrong. Ani’s cat has just bitten Kyle and Ani’s feet really hard, that’s all! Ahahaha, what were you thinking about, uh? You little perv!

  • *fans self* Oooh, my.

  • Amber Rose

    I didn’t read this as condescending. Y’know, back when I was naive to the point of ridiculousness and worried about silly things in my first relationship, my husband (then boyfriend) used to hug me and tell me I was adorable. It’s a comforting thing. I just see that as a normal reaction. Kyle is so much like 17/18 year old me its almost a little scary. I think I also threatened to spontaneously combust a few times. xD

    Duncan is a little cheesy, but if there’s one thing i’ve discovered from the last 8 years of relationship, its basically impossible for some people to talk about sex and feelings in a reasonable way without being cheesy, if the talk has come up because someone is worried about something. I think the majority of such discussions i’ve had with my husband ended in teasing offers of wine.

    • SofiaT

      You know how I read the second panel?
      Imagine Lex Luthor seeing a puppy on the street. He sits on his heels, pets him and says in baby talk “oh, aren’t you the cutest thing ever?”

      Somehow the next image conjured in my head is that of puppy stew. o.O
      It all went downhill from there…

  • fujoshifanatic

    Aww, and it just occurred to me again how little poor Kyle knows about sex; the silly kitten doesn’t understand that the sooner he has his first orgasm, the longer he can go for the next one! Go on Anni! Make him arch and quiver, so you can get to the other things (hopefully!) after that. 😀

    • Koe

      That banner ad: yesss!

  • SpookyDomme

    D’AWWWW. ♥

  • Niggle

    I’m just waiting for the sheets to catch on fire…hehehehe

  • Jacquie_H

    Man, everyone should have such a good partner for their first time 😀

    • Jeabro21

      Im still waiting for mine T-T

  • Brennub

    I’ve been reading for awhile, although I haven’t commented before because I’m pretty shy. I felt the need to get in on the debate about Duncan’s lines being cheesy.

    I will agree they’re cheesy, but that doesn’t necessarily make them unrealistic. My fiance and I are always calling each other out on being cheeseballs for saying mushy and/or flowery things. Assuming this isn’t all an act (I don’t think it is BUT you never know), Anni seems really into Kyle

    In my experience being really into someone can often result in cheese. I love it.

    • Bryan Axson

      I don’t think it matters really if it is cheesy or not. It is how the two people interact with each other…and if means being cheesy and just staring into each others eyes. Then so be it.

      • Jeabro21

        Yeah but if watch todays romances such as twilight or whtevr
        they have really cheesy lines tht make u just want to gag
        but love is different for everyone and if cheesy lines are wht u go then go for it just done to wraped up in tht once a guy says “ur pretty” u jump into his bed thinking tht he loves u he needs back those cheesy words with cheesy actions for it to be sincere

    • Jeabro21

      i agree being in love can be cheesy in its own way

    • SofiaT

      Your fiance and you are not supervillains though.
      Or at least, I hope you aren’t! 😀

      Cheesy + supervillain makes me smell a rat…

    • Gaz Hawkins

      Duncan is def. into Kyle esp. in that last panel 😉

  • Koe

    “wonky computer problems”… yeah right! You have been paralyzed staring at that last panel, just like the rest of us, Alex. 😉


  • Amanda

    When I first saw this (at approximately 3 am) this morning, I totally did a “Whooaaa….”. It sounded just like Bill and Ted’s excellent journey, it was awesome.

    • Oh exactly. Duuuuuuude! Where’s My Superhero?

      • Amanda

        Forget the Hero, Ill take the Villain anyday!

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    Oh yes!….it’s now or never!

  • Raven R. Bloodwolf

    And the feels were gone as soon as I saw the last panel.

  • Rin


  • Donatien

    “But now I’m thinking they are smushing their, um, thingys together and that makes them feel… good? Am I understanding that correctly?”

    I died. I want you to know my heart absolutely hiccupped and I was legally dead for at least half of a second. I also snorted coffee up into my sinus cavity and I want you to know how bad that burns. LOL.

  • Okay, okay, FINE. Maybe i can relax a little bit. MAYBE.

    …. xD

  • Katie Chambers

    And now excuse me while I just die on my couch and squee to heaven *sigh~* so beautiful

  • Jeabro21

    Thts because of Alex’s paragraph comment under the comic

    • SofiaT

      Nope, Alex’s comment has nothing to do with it. It’s because that’s what they just discussed in the page. That sex is not about a specific act and if Kyle wants to do these things (I assumed he meant penetration and/or oral) with Duncan then there is a time for that -and that time isn’t now.

      So they just continue doing in this page what they did in the last one; which is frotting (rubbing penises together). The stimulation for that can lead to an orgasm without penetration or “fucking” as people tend to think of it. Although Duncan just explained to Kyle that *this* is having sex too. They don’t have to be “fucking” in order to be having sex.

      It would be counterproductive if after all that flowery speech they ended up doing the exact thing Duncan said they don’t have to do right now.

      Hope this makes sense? 🙂

      The fact that they were frotting before is confirmed by Alex btw, in a comment by Danishwolf on the previous page.

      • Jeabro21

        Fine by me.

  • The Yaoi Review

    “And so that’s why they’re not fighting robots” Totally read that as “fisting” robots. Took on a WHOLE new meaning. o_o

    • Sapfo

      ….that is one of few thing that would make me stop reading this o.O

      • Oh, no, please don’t be frightened. Robots are specially modified. You see they put the expandable o-ring into the……

        • Sapfo

          But I only like nice once, like Deacon…
          Okay now I have some really bad images in my head…
          Some cheese maybe. Oh no, cheese have holes in them and and…..
          I really need a pink fluffy unicorn dancing on a rainbow! Nothing bad can happened with that, right?


          • Sapfo

            Now lets test you knowledge. What color do the unicorn have? (.^_^:)

          • I think you said… erm… ‘pink’? OH and ‘fluffy’… you definitely mentioned ‘fluffy’. *bounces and claps hands* Now, what do I win?

          • Sapfo

            A HUG!!!
            oh and a vid apparently.


          • Okay… (here it comes)… I’M NOT WORTHY. That is the best video I’ve ever seen and I’m now sending it to about 8 million people. I’m gay, but if I have a first born child …. it’s yours. Thank you!

          • Sapfo

            When ever the world seems dark and scary. When ever I feel lonely or down.
            That´s when PFUDOR lifts my spirit high again!

            Oh, and I only need your sperms. Apparently I have all the other stuff for babymaking.

          • LOL. There’s always a catch. Humph. Sperms indeed. (they might be giant killer robot sperms) Just sayin’… word to the wise.

          • Sapfo

            You are going to give me nightmares. But giant killer robort sperms might be better then highly intelligent killer chickens with black claws. That one really scared me.

          • Fair enough… ‘nuf said! LOL.

          • Sapfo

            Good night mr Dangerfield!

          • Sweet dreams, fun Sapfo…

          • fujoshifanatic

            Wow. that video was like taking an acid trip on bubble gum. Totally cool. A million awesome points for you!

        • Soubi

          HAHA, Chris, You made me laugh so hard.

  • SofiaT

    Exactly. And that’s what makes this page so scary for me. How much of a smooth talker he is.
    You wouldn’t expect a supervillain to be so sugary sweet, would you?
    I mean, I think Duncan is capable of tenderness and warmth if he wants to, he is a complicated man after all, but I always expected him to *show* that tenderness, not talk his way through it.
    He may mean every word he says in this page. He may really care for Kyle. But for me his lines seem *too* smooth. He’s obviously turned that charisma you mention on and *that* is scary. His reply for me wasn’t cheesy, it was perfect. TOO perfect. And I’ve been shipping Anni/Kyle hard since the beginning so I’m all for them walking into the sunset together.
    Arobynbird said it best when she/he wrote below ” the most dangerous thing in the world is not a
    lie in the hands of the honest, but the truth in the hands of the

    I had never heard of that expression before (english is not my first language) but it’s exactly the feeling this page left me with. :S

    • Lady_Hiroko

      That’s OK if English isn’t your first–actually I can understand you very well; I wouldn’t have noticed had you not point that out–but it being “too” perfect makes it cheesy to me. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. Oh and what IS your primary language may I ask? XD

      And I agree with you. Arobynbird said it perfectly. Though, I like mine better: A lie isn’t a lie if you believe the lie is true even if it’s a lie. XD What I mean is, if someone told you the sky is green and you convinced yourself that it’s true, the sky is green, it’s not a lie even if the sky is really blue. The most skilled of liars is yourself. You can make yourself believe anything.

      As much as I love these two–still struggling with the massive age difference >.< –I'll be happy either way: they–as you put it–walking into the sunset together or ripping each other a part. I'll even be happy with a bitter-sweet ending (say Anni lets Kyle kill him in a fight to the death to prove his feelings are sincere). The only way they can ruin this is making it a dues-ex-machina cliched ending. Though I have strong belief that they wouldn't do that to us.

      I'm not fond of webcomics–actually I dislike comics in general–and I just got myself used to reading manga. But I anxiously await the next chapter. I have the FB page called Yaoi a Go Go to thank for introducing me to this wonderful comic.

      • SofiaT

        Ha, I’m the opposite -I love comics, but I hate mangas. I just don’t get them I guess. I’m more into European comics.

        Which is why I had no idea what yaoi means till I found The Young Protectors. And now I’m a huge fan; or at least I’m a huge fan of Alex’s work (and Adam’s & Veronica’s).

        As for my native tongue, it’s Greek.

        But I started learning English when I was 6, plus I did my Master’s in London and I’ve been living in Australia for 2 years now… I guess my English is as good as it can be without me being a native speaker, but there are still times when I struggle to remember an expression or a saying.

        • Lady_Hiroko

          Sweet! I know somebody who speaks Greek! That’s awesome. I tried learning it (at least the alphabet) and it just went right over my head. *shrug*

          I disliked mangas/comics mostly because I want words. I like to read. Pictures just seem to annoy me. I got back into it when I read Samurai Deeper Kyo on my phone because I didn’t have anything else to read.

          That’s awesome. I’m trying to get my Bachalor’s myself. I’ve been slacking though. I’m only half way done–online classes for as many as I can since I can’t stand sitting in a classroom.

          Your English is well enough you put US–native speakers–to shame. Most can’t spell either. XD

  • Megan Cheyanne

    I don’t think that’s a problem right now 😛

  • SofiaT

    Quite a passionate debate going on in the comments.

    It’s a testament of what a great job Alex is doing, when a single page can cause so many strong and different emotions.

    Thanks for sharing Alex!

  • Jeabro21

    Alot of people think pray and hope tht Anni isnt using Kyle but i still have this deep dark feeling tht Kyle is being used and i really really hope tht i am wrong

    • Ummm… Kyle is being ‘used’, but I’m thinking he likes it just fine. LOL.

      • Jeabro21

        If he is being used and knows it u would think he would think abt his friends first since earlier in the comic he mentioned he cant betray them for wht could remain a one night thrill

        • When you have your own one-night thrill… we can chat again. I swear the number of “f*ck stupid” things I’ve done in Kyle’s position with an Anni on top of me. You know the “walk of shame?” That’s the morning after you end up at some hot dudes house and it’s time to get the eff out… and so you walk to find your car, wearing last night’s club clothes in the bright sunlight of a fresh Sunday. Oh, and betrayal? Puhleeeze, when someone is Anni-hot. You can’t even remember your friend’s names in the heat of the moment. Love them how you will… they don’t have their mouths around your……. (sorry Alex, I’m lowering the curve, aren’t I?) *smiles*

          • Jeabro21

            Im not talking in terms of a one night stand im talking in terms of u sleeping with ur best friends fiancé the night before they got married kind of betrayal
            would u do it even if they were hot but wen the other finds out u most likely end up in the hospital or even six feet under is it worth it then???
            Sometimes u need to put others need ahead of ur own selfish desires
            and unless tht guy u slept with was ur friends boyfriend their ex or someones fiancé i really dont care

          • Ohhhh dear… I was just talking about having sex with a guy that my friends thought dressed like a dork. Sorry, nothing as dramatic as you’re suggesting.


            Wait? You slept with your best friend’s fiancé. Wow, you go girl. I’m in awe.

          • Jeabro21

            no I never would im just making an example LOL
            She would kill me…literaly but I wouldn’t haunt her because I would do the same to here LOL

          • Gaz Hawkins

            slowly puts hand up…… I did…. actually I slept with the groom AND the Best Man the night before the wedding….. not that there was much sleeping going on…. and then again during the reception (but that WAS meant to just be the best man, groom just came and joined in, never understood WHY he got married but it WAS FUN!!!!)

          • Jeabro21

            i understand if u did it to get back at her for something or if she was a total bitch and deserved it but I sincerely hope u checked ur self after cause if the groom is willing to do tht then just imagine wht he did during wen they were dating

          • Gaz Hawkins

            I think she is a bitch but then I also think she is a bit of a psycho as well – sweet miss innocent in front of some and “I’ll cut you” in front of others…. still… day she will slip up big time and everyone will she what she is really like.
            I guess we just felt like it, three guys along the night before a wedding, lots of sexual jokes etc going on, next thing we are having a threeway.
            At the reception, the best man and I slipped away for some fun, just as our breathing is coming back down to normal, we look over to see the groom removing his suit saying “you two ready for round two?” – as I said, why he married a woman I”ll never know 😉
            and yes, I always play safe

          • Jeabro21

            Thts good cause nobody wants herpes 🙁
            so he’s gay wow
            glad u had fun I would be worried the entire time abt the bitch getting then “cutting” me
            good luck to ya

          • Gaz Hawkins

            yeah, always protect yourself, it does not have to be a big deal
            LOL I think I’m one of the few people she is scared of. most likely because I have seen her go from miss goody two shoes to bitch to psycho and back again in about 15 minutes so know more about her than her family does!!
            I’d say he is bi but more to the gay side (does not say much for her does it LOL)

  • Soubi

    Just gonna sit here and dramatically fan myself.

    • Jac

      ~Oh where are my smelling salts!~

  • stargrabber5

    He is such a sweet talker!

  • I keep reading posts fearing that Kyle is going to get used by Anni. Well that does happen in love and life. We do things that scare us, go against the grain, betray trust and cause pain. If Alex goes there… well as scary as it is, it’s true to life. Any of us who have been taken advantage of in love know it’s not black and white and it’s never smooth. That said, I believe that Alex is a big enough romantic that even if there is a rough patch… “love will out.” Our boys will find their way. We humble readers just might have to deal with a patch of giant ninja killer robots and betrayal… on the way to happy ever after. Ho-hum. Been there. Got the t-shirt. *smiles*

    • Gaz Hawkins

      mind you, maybe Kyle is using Duncan. and both of them fighting giant ninja killer robots in the nude then going back to love making after could be fun. I can almost hear Kyle destroying a robot and screaming, I was just about to CUM!!!! or maybe him shooting fire everywhere is what destroys the robots….. who knows, but I bet we’ll love it. more so if they stay naked 😉

  • Ronny Borrelli

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  • Hikaru Takemori

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    Though I would argue that love is by definition unselfish.

    • Ahhh… anyone who has been in a good long term relationship knows that love is “by definition” everything. Selfish, unselfish, giving, needing, etc… and often just plain complicated. The primary issue is almost always, are you willing to continue to endlessly figure out what your love needs from you AND conversely what you need in return. Thus you simply keep learning and communicating and love finds a way. Trust me it’s never “just” unselfish. Never simple. It’s everything. But when it’s worth the effort… it’s one-of-a-kind… and you’ll know.

      • Hikaru Takemori

        I probably should have mentioned that the definition of love that I’m useing is heavily influanced by 1 Corinthians 13:4 ff.
        This kind of love, to me, is the result of a lot of effort put in a relationship, by communicating and figureing things out.
        And I know that is never simple.

        • Love that. I wondered if you might be. That is a stunningly beautiful assembly of words. I do love it. However, it doesn’t really encompass the moment when your ‘love’ leaves his sneakers in the middle of the hallway floor for the 51st time (after you’ve discussed it fifty times) and you trip over them and drop the groceries, which spill all over, and you say… @@#$$$$%$!

          So, yep, beautiful, but never simple. *smiles*

          • Hikaru Takemori

            Thank you, Chris :),
            I had to think long and hard before I felt my answer was satisfying. I’m grateful you’re likeing it.

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    Just being around someone that you desire can be stimulation enough, if you do allow your body (and mind) to give in. Let go.

    Screw what porno had been teaching folks: because we-all could learn to do some true love-makin’.

    (And what better person to lead the revolution, than the golden-blue eyed silver daddy sex symbol himself? He could melt me with his simple touch, I know.)

    • Gryphongirl2

      What a great comment!

      I would add that just thinking about someone you desire is stimulation enough. I have a huge crush on someone at work and just thinking about that person right now is getting me all fluttery and warm…though all I have to do is scroll up and look at that last panel and the thought of hot man-sex takes over…*fans self*

      • Thank you, Gryphongirl (2)!

        Yes, the capabilities of the human mind truly are staggering … most of us already are potent magicians, though we may not yet be fully capable of harnessing and employing our gifts.

        I remember my last work-crush…to be honest, it damn near killed me, over those four months, until finally I had confessed my feelings. To that bloake.
        (´Can’t win ´em all, I suppose…)

        So, what do you think about page 25?

        • Gryphongirl2

          You’re welcome, Super Hero!

          I love that you say most of us are potent magicians. I hadn’t really thought of it that way and it’s a nice idea.

          Nope, you can’t win them all (I certainly won’t win mine) but I am determined to enjoy my fluttery feelings for as long as they last.

          I really love the perspective on page 25. We’re looking up at Anni in one panel and down at Kyle in the next. I also really like what Anni is saying. He’s asking for Kyle’s trust…I know it’s all a bit cheesy but it’s still romantic and sexy. At least I think it is.

          How ’bout you?

          • :: blush ::

            *** fans out his skinny chest !! ***

            i think that it is true, though — what’s that which keeps being said, just in regards to our typical brain-percentage usage?
            (and how many of us never really reach our potentials, nor do everything we may be capable of executing?)

            maybe the way you experience The Crush was different than the way i do — it may be considered a feat of magic, that i’ve managed to not think about that cute little asian stud muffin/dream•boat as much as i had; it may be considered pitiable, how destitute i had become.. finding myself thrust into such a situation like that so suddenly

            (actually, how long has it been since i’ve last crushed on someone?
            maybe, indeed, since 2006…)

            i think adam portrayed flamerion’s perspective of anhi quite nicely! (it’s like i was right there, under the titanium titillator!)
            looking down upon the kid was cool, as well — ´not something we come across very often, to be sure

            not-withstanding, part of the fun is that i can’t (and won’t) trust the old man as far as i can throw him.
            (NB — “not very far, at all”)
            i wouldn’t be as gripped as i am, though, if this-all was taking place under a different set of circumstances.
            and i am entertaining the possibility.. ..that, maybe, dunky’s not gonna screw the young sir over, after all. . . . .

          • Gryphongirl2

            Hey Super Hero,

            I’ve definitely been there with thinking about my crushes all the time, feeling destitute, wondering what the hell is wrong with me and, more importantly, what is wrong with them.

            And you never know when someone is going to stop you in your tracks, wring out your heart. You weren’t looking for it but then BAM! Your world is rocking underneath your feet and down you go, falling helplessly.

            This time around I’m more realistic and I feel like I have a good perspective on the whole situation. This might be because I feel more comfortable with myself but it’s a balancing act: one tip in the wrong direction and I could be back to crying into my pillow every night and mourning that that he doesn’t like me the way I like him.

            Yes! I loved the kind of visual “feeling” of being underneath Anni. I think not trusting the old man is probably the better way to view of this situation though I’m more trusting about it than you.

            Still, your last comment about dunky not screwing over “young sir” is fantastic. I see hope there, a sliver of hope on that wide horizon where all things are possible.

            Great conversation, I’ve really enjoyed myself.

  • Hikaru Takemori

    Well, he admitted to not seek attention with his crimes anymore, not to have given up crime entirely. And for all we know Duncan is genuinely interested in Kyle. All our suspicions are based of are a page with him and Platinum Priesstes and the fact that he is a supervillain.

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    • You comment made me think…can Kyle even get cold?

      • Gaz Hawkins

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  • Gaz Hawkins

    first off, sorry to those I replied to, I realised after that my comment went above the other and I don’t know how to move it below. so when replying to the OP do you just click the reply to the last poster who replied?

    anyways, to me, this comes across as a father and son kind of thing…. not in the creepy way, although I don’t see anything wrong with dad & son so long as both are consenting adults, but in the way an older lover will protect his young lover “like a son” telling him it’s OK and everything will be great whilst his young lover is having a hard time just remembering to breath 🙂

    your biggest sex organ is…………………. your brain 🙂

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    I can’t wait for the next page!
    Great work, sir! Really nice! Thanks for share!

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    • My tummy made a flutter when I saw that last page. ^-^;

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      I love it but I’m hoping you’re wrong…

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    p.s. There’s probably some sub-plot with the pan-galactic trans-world gargle blaster and the source of Kyle’s powers but mainly I think major plot of this is being super powered and gay is difficult if you’re looking for romance.

    • SofiaT

      I’m actually looking forward to finding out what the real deal is.

      I just hope it’s not *too* bad and Duncan has developed/will develop true feelings for Kyle, because -the hopeless romantic that I am- I want to see them end up together, nefarious plans or not.

      …Even if this page for some reason makes me want to yell to Kyle to run for his life.

  • I’m a little late to the party here, having just seen this comic for the first time at GaymerX last month.

    This comic is AWESOME! With extra awesome sauce!

    My goodness, the look on the Annihilator’s face when he pours that glass of Montrachet (ch.2,p10) made me laugh out loud. There’s so much conveyed in that single look – I’ve received that look and I’ve given that look many times. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it drawn by someone before. Wow. I love this comic.

    FYI: two Montrachet 1978 recently sold at a Sotheby’s auction for $150k. The Annihilator must really want to get in that ginger’s pants.

    • Better late than never~

      150K? Wow.. Hmm, Duncan silently telling that some things get better with age 😉

      And it was probably completely wasted on Kyle in the sense he wouldn’t know anything except it’s good wine (just like most of us). The guy is pouring it down *lol*. Wonder what the ‘cheapest’ wine in Duncan’s storage is now.

    • SofiaT

      Welcome aboard!

      I only found this gem myself about a month ago and now I’m addicted!

      Alex is a great storyteller and I love that he keeps his comics porn-free (not that I would mind a frontal view of naked Anni, mind you).

      Adam’s and Veronica’s work with the pencils/colours is fantastic too, great attention to detail. They really bring everything to life.

      If you haven’t already read Alex’s other comics, I suggest you read Artifice asap. Amazing work, both the art and the story took my breath away.

      See you around in the comments’ section *waves*

      • Thanks for the kind words about the art, Sofia!

        • SofiaT

          Well, thank *you* for the art, kind sir.

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    • Indeed… Rug burn from a lime green 1970s shag carpet. I’m going with the word with that cheesy French sound. Much better.

      • Gaz Hawkins

        yes, but now go a buy some Cottage Cheese and see if your not smiling when you read, say it 🙂
        one of my friends always calls it frottage cheese and had to break it to her that that was a whole new and different conversation LOL

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    • From interviews I remember to read with Alex and Adam, I’d say he don’t mind at all 🙂

      Alex contacting him about this comic is what got Adam back into comics again after doing more of other type of projects, like movie projects, for a while. Like Alex, he would like to see more gay characters in comics. Also, I’m pretty sure he knew what types of scenes he’d get to draw up front so if he didn’t like it, he wouldn’t have taken the job.

      I hope Adam found it just as hot to draw as we think it is to read it. After all it’s his ‘images’ of Alex’ script for the scene we get to see 😀

      • Thanks, Danish! When I first got Alex’s script for this chapter, I knew it was gonna be a fun one! Glad folks are enjoying it!

    • I’m having a blast, of course! 🙂

      • Amanda

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