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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Two—Page 23

122 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Two—Page 23

DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed by the Most Dangerous Supervillain in the World about “great sex” do not necessarily reflect those of the author, AMW Comics or the Word of God. (I, of course, bow to all of you who very much do like restraints.)

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So! It seems Kyle only stopped because he was trying to keep his cool. The Annihilator has just shared that he’s tough enough to handle anything Kyle might dish out. And now their lips are just inches apart again…

I’m not going to get my giant robot attack, am I? >:(

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • Duncan knows how to say it 🙂

    Kyle is so cute on this page, and the expression in panel 2.. you can see that akwardness.

    • ShadowKat

      Remember, this is Sexy Times, not Sneaky Times. Those are for later.

  • CH

    No giant robots for you. This is a kissing book. Which the audience appreciates.
    Yum. That is all.

    • Becky

      70 points for the Princess Bride reference.

  • Summer

    I kinda figured that Kyle was about to go supernova without much provocation. Good thing he knows enough to take a cooldown period.

    …i know. I’m awful.

  • Cid Highwind

    owo We’re almost there. Onward to the secks!

  • Duncan is so smexy.

  • About the survey. I think it’s awesome that so many has answered it so far, and I’ve been following the result since it was first lauched.

    One thing I’ve noticed all the way from the first few answers till now, with over 7000 replies, is that the %-numbers has basicly been consistant all the way through no matter how many has answered.
    There’s always something that could be specified more later on, but from the questions in this one there’s a pretty clear picture of the readers and the diversity 🙂

  • Tina

    Yes well we all knew Kyle was going to be the one hurting in the morning. *Ba-dum-tish*
    Is it Saturday yet?

  • NovaLaMason


  • Duncan…he’s so very charming and his fuzzy musculature makes me want to weep, but I’m concerned by the fact that his last bit of dialogue could be read as either reassuring or very threatening.

    Knowing Duncan, it’s probably both. I get the sense that he enjoys his own ambiguity.

    • RBK

      Thank you for turning that rather sweet line into the most terrifying line in the comic.

      • SofiaT

        Haha, my sentiments exactly.

        Although something tells me slothvegas really “gets” Duncan’s psyche.

  • Stubbylegs

    I know Duncan’s last line is more than likely referring to Kyle’s fire power, but perhaps it’s a very strong hint that the Silver Fox likes it rough ;).

  • Erica

    Unless he tells you to stop sexy time, then we’ll ask who’s truly the supervillian here.

  • Chibi

    well .. it has been a while >> and he can’t do it him self … I think it’s understandable that .. it would happen fast for him >> now… MOVE IT BOYS you are wasting to much time and giving time for others to interrupt!

  • o.O Why does my focus keep going back to Kyle’s armpit?

    That bit of hair shouldn’t be so fascinating. I mean it’s not something I have EVER focused on much before. Now the treasure trail I get why I liked .. but why suddently this?
    What is this comic doing to me, my likes and priorities? xD

    • Suhndog

      You know, that happened to me also! – Wow is that weird! — Oh, NOOO It’s catching!! heh

    • fujoshifanatic

      I too was captivated by that little bit of fuzz, and I think what gets me is the fact that it is as red as his head hair, and that it is drawn in such a way as to imply that it is as fine and downy as peach fuzz, which makes me want to bury my nose in it. It’s a credit to the artist that you can tell the difference between the textures of Kyle’s and Duncan’s body hair–the sparse and freshly sprouted wisps of Kyle’s hair vs. Duncan’s well-established man-pelt–just from the way they are drawn. Just one more of the millions of details that makes this comic so much fun to read.

  • Alex, I laughed at your comment there. Some people genuinely do like those “restraints” 😉

    Also awww he is embarrassed about releasing a bit too early. I am glad that he is man enough to admit that and that, while Anni still clearly wants to continue with their…lovin… he still has time to let Kyle know that it is ok to let go *sometimes* and not always concern himself with those nagging thoughts.
    And he must have some nagging thoughts, I am sure.
    I look forward to seeing Kyle and Anni’s release and his inability to hurt Anni. (Bets on whether he still hurts our dear Duncan?)

    • stickfigurefairytales

      My money is on Kyle not being able to hurt Duncan, although I would find it intriguing if he were able to cause some minor burns since that would say a lot about the strength of Kyle’s powers. But if he does hurt Duncan at all then I really, really don’t want Kyle to realize it (Duncan heals awfully fast, as we’ve seen, so he could probably conceal an injury that wasn’t too severe or obvious). Because if Kyle did hurt Duncan and was aware of the fact, he’d probably retreat into never letting anyone close ever again. And that’s just too sad for me to deal with.

      • Maybe have an aside that shows Anni looking at a half healed burn with a contemplative expression… hmmmmm

  • YG_Frenchie

    Those last two panels have my heart melting. I love how they’re drawn in the last panel especially. The way he touches Kyle to reassure him is adorable.

    *loving sigh* I’m just a big ball of warm fuzzies right now. There might as well be sparkly fluffy hearts pouring from my ears. I can’t resist the beard either. I’m a barber; I LOVE BEARDS!!

    • Maria White

      All I can wonder is, is it gonna be soft? Or kinda prickly? Does Anni use shampoo and conditioner in it? And does he brush it to get that look everyday? Will he ever grow a goatee? Does he ever just sit there in a big chair just stroking his bead and laughing evilly?
      Man I wish I was a guy so I could grow a beard. I would love to have an evil beard and just walk around laughing manically.

      • YG_Frenchie

        I touch beards all day so I’ll go with it’s probably not as soft as the hair on his head but some guys have very soft beards and some have extremely coarse ones. It does depend if they condition it, but let’s go ahead and say that he has a nice touchable one that we all want to stroke gently.

        Not gonna lie, when I shave a man’s neck and leave his beard I use an oil to soften and moisturize the hair and they don’t mind it. They get to lie back in a big cozy chair while a girl massages their face. I never get complaints. Especially from the ones who fall asleep.

  • Heather Dewar

    I am fully in love with Anni’s body hair. I <3 men with body hair haha.

  • Suhndog

    Ok.. Anyone notice that rose petal in frame 2? Looks like a heart!

    Frankly, If I were Anni.. I’d be just itching inside for that Super Nova! I kinda think he wants to experience as much explosion as possible! – and so do we! – No?! Maybe the Big Bang will melt down the complex they’re in, and be the ‘shot heard ’round the world’! This page has got me verrrry warm!

    * Big Sigh * followed by, um er– excuse me while I go do something..

    • Derkins

      I was examining the rose petal and decided it looks more like a bean. Then it hit me that it looks like a red blood cell, and now that’s all I can see in all the panels: romantic images of men surrounded with dancing red blood cells. sure, why not.

    • Adam Black

      i noticed. I thought it WAS a heart.

  • SpookyDomme

    Aw yiss sometimes I love my insomnia.

    Hahaha, just realized basically everyone in the comment section yesterday understood what was going on but me. :p ♥

    Awww, Duncan’s being such a sweetheart. I love that.

  • Mandy Marie Roswell

    Does Annihilator sleep with all that gel in his hair?! XDDD

    • SofiaT

      Haha, that’s weird, I had a similar thought earlier today: “what hair products does Anni use to make his hair look like THAT?”

      • Stubbylegs

        I think it’s a helmet.

    • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

      I’m one of those people who has the magical ability to sleep just about anywhere, I just have to sit or lay down, and close my eyes, and I can be in the land of nod in minutes. Personal experience says you can indeed sleep with very rigid hold styling products in. It works best with slicked back styles like Anni’s. Spiky hair like Cloud’s from Final Fantasy 7 is a lot more uncomfortable to sleep in. It’s definitely not something to do long-term though, it’s probably very bad for your hair.

      I would guess, however, that since Anni’s style would be so easy to do, he doesn’t sleep with styling products in and instead simply reapplies them in the morning.

    • Morhirwen

      All I can think about is how I want Kyle to muss up his perfectly groomed hair! xD

  • vessto

    Awwww!! This page is beautiful, mature, wise and absolutely necessary! It has both hotness and brain in it!

    Hmmm, and now go back to the sex!!!:p

  • Hikaru Takemori

    *sigh* I so love Duncan’s expressions on this page and his hand, I love his hand :).

    Somehow, if all that would happen on the next page were Duncan taking Kyle’s head, pulling it to his chest and cuddleing him, I would be fine with it.
    And that possition would certainly give opportunities to less innocent actions and positions if wanted.

    But alas, as much as Duncan can be (and is) gentle he does not strike me as the cuddley type.

    • SofiaT

      Actually (and surprisingly) he does strike me as the cuddley type.

      That could be wishful thinking on my part of course.
      But I’ve judged Duncan to be a man of great passions -and he gives me the impression that he has the ability to be ice cold or warm, depending on the circumstances.
      While I don’t for a minute believe he just “happened” to run into Kyle on that gay bar, and that all he’s expecting to get out of this is romance, I do think he’s capable of both romance and cuddles. And of course, hot passionate sex. XD

      • stickfigurefairytales

        I second the call for both cuddles and hot passionate sex.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Not much more to say from the last page except that Alex, Adam and Veronica are masters at making the buildup to the smexy times just as good as the proverbial “good parts.” The rose petal in panel two was such a nice touch! Cannot wait to see how things progress on the next page. And there better not be any robots involved–unless it’s Deacon looking for a threesome (Oh! Fangirl/boy artists out there, can we make this happen? Please?). *Goes to lie down and “find composure” after that mental visual*

  • Sapfo

    The Annihilator is going to turn you into pudding!

    Oh My, I am never going to be able to read marvel again without naughty thoughts.

    And Kyle, I don´t think Duncan is excepting you know about or be able to hold it this first time. He just want you to have a good time…I hope!

    • warwriter

      Honestly, I think Duncan has a method to his madness, a reason beyond just giving Kyle a good time. It goes way back to his discussion with Platinum Priestess.

      • Morhirwen

        Oh my god, I totally forgot about that! You’re right, there’s something else we don’t know about this whole affair!

  • Shinashi

    Oh, yes, I know. That’s what makes it so damn sexy.

  • Klaus

    Duncan is used to doing whatever he pleases. With experience he has become more circumspect, but deep down, self control or restraint is not a quality he values.

  • SofiaT

    Early?? It seemed like a month! Saturday usually seems to come earlier, Wed/days always seem to drag *sigh*

  • MohawkDog

    Why do I have a feeling this is going to end with them spooning in the ashes of the warehouse and the surrounding forest?
    Not that I’m complaining or anything….

  • RustyBurrell

    You end your comments above with “Hope to see you there!” as if we’re not stitched to your comic by the pupils. I’m sure none among us will be missing Saturday lol

    • Hikaru Takemori

      Not willingly anyway ^.^ .

    • Jac

      four days…

    • Marie Brooks

      I won’t be near my computer this saturday, but I’ll be damned if I miss it!! *bookmarking on phone and looking up wifi hotspots

  • Angie Penrose

    Well, I wasn’t before, but now that you mention it…. [facepalm]


  • SofiaT

    The way Duncan caresses Kyle’s stomach, with only his fingertips, on the third panel makes me melt inside. As does the last panel.

    There’s an ernesty in Anni’s eyes in that panel, it’s fantastic how Adam and Veronica managed to capture the intimacy and tenderness of the moment. (And if Anni is faking that then he’s a hell of an actor!!)

    And, maybe I’m imagining things, but Kyle’s eyes seem half-hooded; that and his half open mouth (gasping for breath?) give him an air of vulnerability that’s just precious.

    For me, great sex means feeling comfortable enough with your partner so you can just let go; no self-doubt, no self-consciousness, no fear or shame.

    I’m glad that Duncan is teaching Kyle that. Once again, well done, Alex. Well done.

    What I would like now, is to see Kyle take the initiative and pull Anni down for a kiss. So far he’s been following Duncan’s cues, it would be great to see him become less passive and take control of the situation.

    Another little something about Adam’s amazing work: I love the lines and edges of Duncan’s face in contrast to Kyle’s smooth, round face which is still keeping its baby fat. It’s symbolic of their difference, not in age, but experience: Duncan has been “carved” by life, while Kyle is still untouched and innocent, like clay waiting to be molded.

    I wonder how his relationship with Duncan will help mold him as both a man and as a superhero.

    P.S.: Now that Alex said it doesn’t look like he’s getting his robot attack, I’m more afraid than ever that they *will* be interrupted! Can’t wait for Saturday to find out!!

    • Tina

      Its subtle little details like these that most modern TV shows or comic books are missing these days. So many new shows leave out said details in favour of rapidly producing content.

      Same goes for fan fiction. My favorite fanfics are the ones that take its time to detail the small things. It gives them more meaning and therefore more enjoyable.

      P.S. I will cry if this gets interrupted. Would be funny though if after the smexy time Duncan and Kyle are cuddling on what remains of the bed and then Kyle’s team fly by having seen the fire and see them…. DUN DUN DUN

      • SofiaT

        Try Birthright by Mark Waid. One of my favourite Superman comic books. Fantastic attention to detail for both Clark and Lex. You can *feel* what they’re feeling.
        I even like Lois in that one -and I don’t always like Lois.

        For fanfics, I like the characters to stay canon; not the story, mind you. But I hate it when the protagonists act OOC.
        If you change the characters then it’s not a fanfic, duh!

  • TwilightDreamer

    I really like this page because I so often find it’s the more sweet, gentle stuff that really draws me in…i.e. light caresses, calm words or whispers, etc…
    In any case, I love this page 🙂 can’t believe I almost forgot it was Wednesday XD lol, shame on me 😛

  • Dex X.

    Third and last panel omg! They just became my favorite in the comic so

  • Niggle

    One joy of reading online comics is seeing author comments for pages. This is no less true for TYP. “I’m not going to get my giant robot attack, am I? >:(” XD

  • AC♥Bear

    This is too cute and sexy.
    Alex; are you trying to kill me?
    Because… keep doing it, please.

  • … That last panel…. Anni’s face…. It’s just like this… weird mix of sexy and adorable. I don’t even know. You’re killing me, Alex. Keep writing great material. I have no idea what my Saturdays and most of my Wednesdays would look like without you. Hahaha.

    • rgleon9986

      I thought so too. It was actually kind of touching, to me. Kyle is so scared of hurting the people around him, and Anni is trying to reassure him. It’s sweet.

  • Marc Bloom

    And here I thought he had to pee…

    • Stubbylegs

      No worries- if he does, he can just burn up the sheets and no one will notice.

  • Jac

    Just like Kyle.

  • Jac

    Next page: full-page spread of the bunker engulfed in flames.

    • Stubbylegs

      I certainly hope so, at some point!

  • Yukiness

    Kyle’s yearning face in that last panel tell me he’s not ready to stop just yet. But I suspect by the time the second wind comes is when bedroom ninja’s will attack.

    OH, but that means a potential for a naked fight scene!

    • Stubbylegs

      Ooo a naked fight scene! Duncan can daze his enemies with his magic penis…or something.

      • Rontex

        It’l give new meaning to the words “sword fight”!

      • Yukiness

        I wonder if Kyle can shoot flames out the end of his.

        I just had a dangerous mental image

  • Kalynn Osburn

    All the feels are exploding to the point of dividing by zero.

  • Anna Calloway

    I feel the flames a’coming.

  • Pockets

    The problem with this comic is I’m constantly AGAINST Anni for the simple fact that he’s too good to be true. Like, we haven’t seen anything to really worry about, but at the same time… There has to be a flaw. And I love Anni but I’m making myself hate him with backwards logic.

    • Stubbylegs

      “We”? I think you mean “you” haven’t seen anything to worry about. Don’t forget “we” all saw the way he manipulated Kyle during their first encounter.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    I was chuckling over this….every boy scout knows what you get when you rub two sticks together….and in this case even more so 😀

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    I never log into FB for this…..too many people would see my dirty…..mind!

  • Stubbylegs

    Something about the last panel…methinks Kyle may be finally loosening up a little!

    • EldrinSMP

      Methinks Kyle will be plenty “loose” by the time this is over. >:-)

  • Comic Reader

    love it!

  • alex.

    were you channelling margaret cho, just now?

    i couldn’t help but think of her, when you had anhi mention “restraints.”


  • Adam Black

    worse thing imaginable:

    Duncan uses sex to Body swap with Kyle.

    • Tina

      Lol actually that would be really interesting!

  • Sooooooooo, if Kyle lets go now and sets the bed on fire, does that mean they are gonna do the dirty on the floor? I personally would not mind. ^-^

  • SofiaT

    So, on the last panel of the previous page, where Kyle was avoiding looking at Duncan in embarassment, Duncan looked amused -obviously because he had figured out what the problem was.
    On the first panel of this page though, where Kyle *is* looking at him, he looks worried and maybe even a bit hurt.
    Either he is being very considerate, knowing what this is about but waiting for Kyle to tell him on his own, so he can reassure him without embarassing him further, or he really enjoys the cat & mouse aspect of this.

    Damn it, Anni, I do hope you’re not that good of an actor.
    Because that last panel really makes me want to trust you.

  • Monica

    Alex you tease!!
    For reall, I just want to jump in the comic, get rid of that cocer they hid under, and yell at them to get over it and just freakking do it! XD

    But wow, I just love every panel how bear Hunk looks. His body!! OMG! His hips in the first part, and the confident sexy pose in the third. And the last… *melting* Bear Hunk have even got me to accept man hair!! What have you done to me Alex!! What have you done?!

  • Dee Dee

    I think Anni is encouraging Kyle to lose his restraints not just out of sex/love but to tempt him?

  • KiannaLeigh

    Awwww …. cuteness happened! I’m happy!

  • Alex Q

    I keep telling myself Anni is a Super Villain, and it could all be an act, but he really does seem sincere. I’m actually interested to see what will happen with the Super Heros and the Super Villains if their relationship comes to light and/or Anni changes his ways a bit for Kyle. So many possibilities! Keep it up, Alex, you have me rushing to the computer every update day.

  • TwilightDreamer

    lol, yeah, I’m just a little thrown off with whatever day of the week it is this week…only cause my work hours are different atm…
    Still, glad I managed to remember before Wednesday was over 😛

  • Jamie Dutton

    Alex, it looks like they are trying to resurrect SOPA/PIPA again!

    Here’s the link for the petition:

  • SofiaT

    The moment he stops being “so awesome” is what I’m afraid of. :s

  • Katie Chambers

    GAAAAH! Is it possible Kyle can get ANY cuter and adorable right now?

    • Mentor Imvu

      Don’t jynx it. xD

  • Stubbylegs

    I wonder if, in a couple of pages, we’ll see them.get attacked by giant robots, only for Kyle to wake up from the nightmare, curled up in Duncan’s arms while laying together on the floor (since the bed would be a charred heap by now).

  • Amanda

    Wonder how many times I will wake up to pee tonight as an excuse to check if new page is up.

  • My camping begins. I brought marshmallows…

    • Tina

      Can I has one? *gives big kitty eyes*

      • Sure you can~! ^_^ *tosses marshmallow*

        • Tina

          *catches* NOM! *camps patiently whilst chewing marshmallow*

          • Maybe if we entice Alex with marshmallows the page will come sooner haha. XD

          • Tina

            Oh yes. Maybe dye it red and silver… hmm maybe not… *has image in head of red marshmallow looking chewing guys*

          • Heh. Yay. About that… I’m having some computer… issues so things are happening slowly on my end. The page will still go up before midnight PST, but it’s going to be at least an hour. Perhaps more at this rate. :/

            Just a heads up for those with bedtimes. *sigh*

          • Aw, sorry about that. >.< But thanks for letting us know.

          • RustyBurrell

            I’mma beat yo computer up >.>

          • It’s okay. We will wait. ^-^

            For me at least I will be up for a while touching up my LoL cosplay before tomorrow. 🙂


          • Saxon_Brenton

            So… no giant robots bursting in at an inopportune moment. Good. Just wanted to make sure of that. I was kind of worried that you’d been tempting fate with the comments on the last few pages.

          • *pokes* I work in tech support. Whats goin on?

  • RustyBurrell

    IT’S MIDNIGHT AND THE UPDATE HASN’T HAPPENED!!!! Alex has clearly been kidnapped by witches! Get your salt and take to the night! We must rescue him!

    • Chibi

      well it doesn’t always happen at midnight >>

      • RustyBurrell

        Don’t take the wind out of my dramatic sail XP

        • Chibi

          … ::pokes hole in Sail: HA! HA HA!

          • RustyBurrell

            ….I will fight you on the Maury show XD

          • Chibi

            You will tremble beneath your chair as I throw mine at YOU!!!!!!! Because I shall be dragging you to the Jerry Springer show instead MAHAHHAHAHA

          • RustyBurrell

            Ooooooh I will let out my inner ghetto girl! Don’t make me let down my weave!

          • Chibi

            BRING! IT! ON!

      • fujoshifanatic

        Not to mention it’s not midnight where he lives; that’s about 2 hours away. :-

        • RustyBurrell

          Is it Cut-Holes-In-Rusty’s-Drama Day?!

          • strangeangel24601


  • arobynbird

    the most dangerous thing in the world is not a lie in the hands of the honest, but the truth in the hands of the dishonest

  • aww…it just suddenly sort of sunk in how big of a deal is the utterly “made for each other” nature of Kyle and Anni’s (I was about to haul off and call him Gramps, lol) relationship. Specifically, when Anni says to Kyle, “You _know_ you can’t hurt me, right?”

    Of course, I get all melty at such but I get extra melty because, maybe it’s just me but…you had me at hello, Anni.

    fuck it! i keep telling myself don’t fucking reference anything to do with that monstrosity of meme nightmares, Cruise…anyway, could be just me cuz I am sort of in a crowd all by myself…in the wrong stadium…on totally the fucking wrong planet…of the entirely gods’ dammed fucking incorrect date and time for some season play off of some whatever or something whatever sport or whatever, but all kidding aside, i totally go way out on a limb all the time in my thinking, actions- everything all time to the point where it’s not even funny and i, like everyone else, am always wondering, am i doing this that or whatever because of the whatever it is psychosis or imaginary voices or maybe medications or not or lack thereof or whatever possible some drug/drug/mind/body interactions kinda sorta iffy with a chance of cloudy meatballs and it was the pink unicorns! final answer.

    that’s just a less than slick way of maneuvering reader emotions to an “aww moment” when I add, I get fer-klempt when I see those words from Anni because again, could just be me, but I could really use that kind of reassurance from my romantic interest(s) as I will be totally honest, I was did this thing on where I said that I wanted to get a black widow spider tatooed on my back as, possibly overly creative and excessively cute/clever way of saying, “A tatoo may or may not indicate anything intentional on the part of the possessor.”

    However, in my case, it would have been totally intentional as I’m kind of like a black widow at times, just sort of chewing through anything and everything that dares get near to me…and isn’t a fucking shoe or can a spider poison…except actually…come to think of it, I probably gnaw on the shoes and spit them back, minus the feet that were inside plus I return a bonus screaming in abject terror to the idiot that tried to squash me. As for the poison, I just soak it up and get meaner and meaner…

    But every now and then, all the defensive facades dissolve and I see the face of the guy I love and I think, “Fuck me…I certainly hope that he’s got some hitherto yet undisclosed Anni like indestructibility or whatever…’cuz…I’m just Pain, looking for my throne.”

    So anyway, once again, hats off to you (except I wear no hat lol) dear Alex :).

    Like that damn fucking bitch ass queen from Shakespeare in Love, I shall imagine myself haughtily stepping through the mud while the lesser folk cast down their coats for my feet as I arrogantly and needlessly exclaim- because, come on, if his work was so spot on, did he really need Dowager Bitchiness…oh wait…was she a Dowager…aw…fuck it…whatever…point being, did he really need Her Royal Bitch Highness to get up on a soap box and declare:

    “Blah blah blah something or something or other, you have truly given us a play that shows us the very truth and nature of love”

    But really, Alex, you have. I am happy to have spoken up awhile back when I said that your comic alone out of say another hundred that I follow regularly, yours is the only one for which it is that I can genuinely say, “Here is a look at the very truth and nature of the heroes pitted against the villains, in their finest hours and their most miserable moments and down to the most dreary detail.”

    It’s always epic battle time everywhere else (which is awesome, I love epic battle time always so please web don’t take away my epic battle time just because I dissed everyone else while praising Alex but lets face it, heroes when they’re not in epic conflict are probably doing shit like what we saw in the sequence where the Young Protectors were stumbling on fan fic/pic porn of themselves…that was both hilarious and very, very insightful…not to mention super clever and just killing it in terms of nailing both a funny revelation while totally driving home the realization that, “Hey, heroes? They have to take a shit at some time too and they probably worry about whether they wiped properly or not as well…same goes for the villans).

    You are a remarkable writer Alex, in my one and only writing class at Amherst College, my professor, Kim Townsend said, “Beware the fallacy of imitative form.” To be honest, that’s like the only thing I remember from that class…that and the fact that our resident girl genius had a penchant for the the word…effluvium…or maybe it was effluvia (the particular nostalgia which is scent based..except Google shows the word to be negatively connotated which is odd…whatever).

    You manage to time and time again, from nowhere, without stumbling upon the fallacy of imitative form- you manage to portray the tedium and hoo hum drudgery of day to day lives of superheroes and supervillains in such new and refreshing ways, that seriously, I wonder, could you ever actually trip yourself up and present material that was truly, without doubt, just utterly banal?

    My bet is no, because up until this point, even seemingly banal bits (like Kyle and Anni’s initial and yet, it was totally and even insanely protracted, oh so necessary soiree), those bits now seem so very poignant and so very almost heartbreaking in their genuine fervor of depicting the minute struggles of not just a person who happens to be a guy who also happens to be a superhero, but more importantly, a person who happens to be a guy who also happens to be a superhero and also happens to like other guys and just so happens to fall for the literally…wrong guy…yet right in so many ways.

    But really, back to being Her Royal Bitchiness and glaring at the lesser folk as I wait for them to rouse themselves to cast their cloaks into the mud that I might glide unmuddied from point to point looking ever so much like a fucking fattened cow trying to pass as a “beautiful swan.”

    No matter, I’m still going to enjoy, cow like or otherwise, saying in my best Dame Judy voice, “Surely Alex, you have given us a comic that shows us the very truth and nature of love.”

    If no one else hasn’t called it yet, I’m gonna call this one for the history books and when it is that comics/graphic novels/whatever the fuck you want to call them, receive their proper due and respect in literary circles, I’m going to say (taking wagers now thank you very much) that Young Protectors will be something we all look back upon as something as great if not greater than that lame piece of shit, Romeo and Juliet (seriously, can we all the fuck get out of the jesus fucking mary on a stick high school girl fandom and realize, Romeo and Juliet is like the WORST depiction of love ever. seriously. for starters, one is too stupid/dense/whatever to realize what the other has done and so totally rashly and prematurely commit suicide to which the other, mind you they’ve only known each other for a brief…like I think less than a week’s worth of time? so not only did these to dipshits pit their feuding families together because their hormonal mating urges are out of control, but when given just a slightly inconvenience of, “huh…my true love is comatose or something…i’ll just you know, grieve for them and then make my rash suicidal action,” no, no, no, the moronic child (and they were actually more children in the story which is even more fucking disturbing because unless i’m recalling wrong, contrary to popular depiction, Romeo and Juliet are like very young teenagers not really even the young adults so commonly portrayed) anyway, the moronic children having spited their parents by putting carnal/lust/sex urges above the well-being and wishes of their families for the duration of like a day of initial interaction and then four days or whatever for their wedding…the impetuous retards off themselves because they’re not getting immediate gratification.

    People say Philip K. Dick had an uncanny sense of the future, I say that Shakespeare beat him to that punch a long time ago. Romeo and Juliet is a tale of how truly fucked up love/romance gets when passions run high and instant gratification is the name of the game.

    So here’s looking at you kid-

    By which I mean you, Alex, I’ve got high hopes that you will deliver something infinitely better than that bullshit drivel we wrongly consider to be Shakespeare’s most noted work (really, if anything Romeo and Juliet should be upheld like a failed abortion or something as an example of what happens when one fails at said abortion. as lyricall, Romeo and Juliet certainly stack up, measure for measure against all his other works, but structurally speaking, it’s a load of horse shit. which makes me think that the conspiracy theorists who maintain that Shakespeare’s works are actually the product of a convoluted form of histories greatest cup and ball trick).

    Okay- knock it out of the park!