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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Two—Page 22

295 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Two—Page 22

Methinks Kyle heard a giant robot outside! WOO HOO! 😀

So! People often ask me who I think my readers are in terms of age, gender identification, sexual orientation, etc. Basically, “Who reads your comics, anyway?” So I figured it might be fun to actually ask you. So, I’ve created this very short survey to find out:


There are only seven questions and they are all multiple-choice, so it shouldn’t take you more than a minute. Your answers will be completely anonymous (the survey link is actually encrypted with HTTPS) and I’m really just doing this because I’m curious who’s reading this comic. But please answer honestly — I imagine you’re as curious as I am who your fellow readers are and so it’s important we get real information. And hopefully you’ll find it fun!

There are a lot of questions I could ask (for example, about ethnicity, whether you read other webcomics, etc.), but this seemed like at least a place to start because this is the kind of stuff I get asked about all the time (especially about sexual orientation). If people like this survey, I can maybe come up with different surveys. Oh, and if you take the survey, you’ll get to see the current results of what everybody else answered when you are done! (Edit: per commenter DanishWolf: “Above the survey answers is an arrow. You need to click you way through the 7 question -replies.” to see all the results. Pro-tip!)


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Special thanks go out to long-time supporters Adeline V., Sofia T., Guido P., Jake S. & Nicole P. (all five making their second generous donation to The Young Protectors!) & Saxon B. (who makes their thirty-seventh (!!!) generous donation to The Young Protectors!) and a warm welcome and grateful bow go out to new supporters Carli W., Tina M., debra p., and Julia S. (who makes their donation for Savannah B. with love) for their generous donations over the last few days!

Big hugs go out to long-time friends of The Young Protectors John D., Robert B., Cassandra S., Elizabeth L. and joshua G. for their super-generous $25 donations! And this makes Elizabeth’s second, John’s third, Cassandra’s fourth, and both Robert’s & joshua’s twenty-eighth (!!) super-generous donations to this comic!

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Thank you all so much for your generous support!

All righty! Looks like Kyle has called a time-out from the action between the sheets! What’s up with that?! Does this mean that sexy times are over? Will there in fact be an awesome battle on the next page with robots and space pirates? Or will the kissy stuff somehow find a way to continue?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there!

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  • Aww.. he’s scared of burning some intimate parts xD

    I understand why Duncan asked though. The guy got some powers, even though I think he’s gotten HIS practice in controling them 🙂

  • Stubbylegs

    I hope I wasn’t right a few pages back :(. I was thinking it might be possible that sexytimes might trigger a traumatic memory from Kyle’s past (considering what happened the last time he had an orgasm and all).

  • CH

    Scared of burny carnage or scared of ending things… prematurely? (I’m crass, sorry.) Only time will tell.

  • dereule101

    Just an FYI, on question 7 of the survey my answer is “It’s too soon for me to form an opinion either way.” but I marked the second option because the quiz insisted I answer. 🙂

    • I imagine people’s opinions will continue to evolve. I’m just curious how folks would answer if they had to decide knowing what they know now. 🙂

      • Adam Black

        That sounds like a clue.

        Ive got some ideas for a new survey based on a discussion above. This one is a little risque, ( yet Disney, since they bought Star Wars )

        OK ALex, We got a new survey Topic:

        1) what is your gender

        2) How would you react if Duncan was revealed to Kyles real father?

        3) Same options, But how would you react if the characters didnt let genetics get in the way of a good thing?

    • *lol* I agree.. I’ve been staring at the last question for the last two minutes, not sure what to reply. I need an ‘I don’t know’ option or more choices xD

      • SofiaT

        I’m a hopeless romantic. We don’t know what Duncan’s true plans are, and it’s almost certain he does have other motives… But are they sinister? Are they going to end up hurting Kyle emotionally/physically? Or are they selfish but relatively harmless to Kyle? If they are of the hurtful kind, will he go on with them or will he decide to change his course?

        For me people are never 100% good or 100% evil. The
        in-between grey area is what makes them interesting. And they can always go dark or light, depending on the circumstances.

        I want to think that no matter what his reasons for starting this, Anni will come to care for Kyle, if he doesn’t already. And after the initial misunderstandings and hearthache I’m hoping to see the two of them sailing off into the sunset together…

        • Jason Equality King

          I agree. It’s classic ‘boy meets’… well, uh, boy, in this case. They start out as adversaries, realize an initial attraction/chemistry, and act on it. Then a misunderstanding/fight/etc happens causing one to doubt the other. They make up and live happily ever after.

    • Sapfo

      My problem with the last one was, if he is not ending up with Duncan, then how would I like him to end up with. There have not been anyone else yet.
      But how is reality still with the person that they lost their virginity to?

      • Feverfew_M

        Umm, it does happen… occasionally…

      • My sister is 🙂 She turned 29 this june and have been with her boyfriend for.. hmm, they must just have passed their 13 year’s day last month. They met on an almost blind date (they’d seen pics of each other but never talked) and have been together since. There has been some bumps on the road but they’ve always stayed together.

        • Sapfo

          Yeah, I know, it happens. My cousin meet his wife when they were 11 years old. They now have house, volvo, dogie and kid.

      • SofiaT

        My best friend met her husband when she was 15. She knew he was The One right away (he was 3 years older and in a relationship at the time). They got together when she was 17 -he was her first everything, she’s never even kissed another guy. They got engaged 10 years later, married last summer. It’s rare, but it happens.

    • Hikaru Takemori

      I had my problems with question 7, too. I choose ‘Happily Ever After’, because it is what I am ultimately hopeing for.

      If Kyle ends up with any other character or with non at all, because it just didn’t work out I will be sad, probably cry, but I will be fine with it. What I will not be fine with is if this relationship is continued beyond reason(like just for the sake of it).

      On this note, I am confident that Alex will not force any relationships and I belive myselfe secure in getting a happy ending, whatever shape or form it might take.

  • thisboybroken

    Yay!!! Kyle’s young he can go again in like 30 seconds right??? Also that last question was a bit unfair because I haven’t decided what I think yet! It wouldn’t let me skip the question so I picked an answer “just because” ! I read your work because it’s AWESOME! Yup!

    • You’re a total sweetheart. Thank you so much. 🙂

      And maybe the next survey will have a “don’t know yet!” option, but for this one, I was curious to see what folks were thinking right now…

  • ladykazumi

    where is the exclusively straight and the thought of 2 guys is a complete and utter turn on question !! also are you going to post the results?

    • Hehe. Maybe I’ll ask that next time. 😉

      And you should be seeing the results as soon as you answer. Are you not? (Alex goes to check the settings… Sometimes they get flipped accidentally…)

      • Vik-Thor

        only the first one showed up for me.

        • Only the results for the first question showed up for you? None of the others?

          Is everyone having that experience?

          • Kiri

            All the results turned up. (I’m one of your old readers)

          • Vik-Thor

            d’oh. If I hadn’t taken the surey when I was about to fall asleep, I would have probably figured that out… I do see all when I go back now.

        • Above the survey answers is an arrow. You need to click you way through the 7 question -replies.

          • Thank you, DanishWolf! I’ll mention that above! 🙂

          • Your welcome. I got the practice with this during the kickstarter 😉

  • Cid Highwind

    O.O Yes. >33 Poor Kyle. Bwahah xD >3 Can’t wait for the whole thing! You hear me?!! <3

  • Sapfo

    Kyle hope you not getting cold feet, or are your on fire 😉

  • Being pansexual and not attracted to gender but personalities, that made the quiz interesting. But it was fun. Now, back to the drama! What will Kyle reveal for the stop!? Nerves? Regrets? A desire to initiate instead!? My imagination could run wild~ Hehe

  • aretoo

    Your survey needs a new choice as to the Anni/Kyle pairing… I’m willing to let them be for now, but if Anni has something treacherous up his sleeve… Let’s say, I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. 🙂

  • That… is adorable.

    On another note… Taking the survey now!

  • starangeldragon .

    oh boy first time jitters come on kyle suck it up and take like a man i think everyone would agree

    • Stubbylegs

      Not me :p

  • Huh, I figured it wouldn’t be all smooth sailing once they got going – between the trauma associated with his only other orgasm and (possibly) not wanting to finish too soon out of reasons of pride, it’s no surprise Kyle would need to call a halt. Duncan probably expected as much, or at least, he doesn’t seem annoyed or anything in the last panel even if Kyle’s phrasing is a bit indelicate. (And, much like last page’s “Holy crap”, “Get off me” made me think of their first encounter again. I’m assuming the parallels between the two scenes’ dialogue are intentional, but either way I’m enjoying them!)

    But yeah, sexy page! I’m glad we’re sticking with the scene a bit longer while Kyle deals with his anxiety about letting go – I’ve curious about how he’ll deal.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    [Puts on trope subversion hat] Kyle realises that after drinking all that wine he has to go empty his bladder?

    • Maria White

      … I’m not saying anything, but my mom once told my sister and I to use the bathroom after sex.

      • goddesstio

        lol, that’s actually good advice. Helps prevent UTIs. 🙂

    • Khun David

      Now I know that trope subversion hats are green top hats.

  • You know.. as sexy as this page is (and let me just say Hubba-hubba) what I like about it is the genuinity and the emotions that actually get to me more.

    I love this page, like the previous, but it’s not giving me the hot feelings like the last handfull has done, or maybe I should correct it to not ONLY the hot feelings 🙂

    When the page first loaded the only thing I could see was the first two panels with them kissing and frotting (no I don’t believe there’s penetration involved here), and I went all squeely. The further I got down the page, the more I like it, for the emotional part of it.

    The normal things about a couple having sex the first time and figuring things out, mixed with sudden fear for Kyle when he’s closing in on orgasm and trigger issues kick in. It ‘real’ and realistic.
    Then add the superpowers part where Duncan worried about hurting him, because the guy DO have some major superpowers to control, but only the generel care of not knowing your partner all that well in the begining. I like that.

    Now for Duncan to remind him that he’s pretty hard to hurt – even though I think fire and intimate parts still is a risky business – but Kyle has also shown that he’s gotten his powers more under control in the later years. Maybe not enough to prevent a little… accident.. in circumstances like this, but he’s ‘safer’ to be around now than he was at 12 years old. Will Duncan be able to make him realize that?

    Damn, I’m happy we get the next page already on wednesday 🙂

    • dereule101

      For the sake of sexytime I’m hoping that because he first asked Duncan not to move, and then when that wasn’t working asked him to kindly get off, it’s just an issue of overstimulation. If it’s an emotional or psychological thing, that would be compelling and all-right too. 🙂

      • I’m going for the ‘oh god, I’m getting close’ moment, and the need to slow down for a minute so he won’t ‘blow’ from stimulation – and emitions set in. This may be a ‘too much info’ comment (even though I think a lot know this already), but Duncan moved down to nibble at his neck. That can send some seriously good signals down to you genitals when hitting the right spots on the neck xD
        That Kyle reacted when that happened, is in my opinion a clear tell tale sign.

        • dereule101

          I wholly agree.

        • kaycee1967

          Danish… check out what wrote… we’re thinking the same thing, HEH

        • Yeah… Neck kisses… 🙂

      • Angie Penrose

        I’m with you — my first thought is that Kyle was close to popping and was kind of embarassed, on the level of, OMG I’m not 15! I should be able to control myself better than this!

        There might well be a fear of the fire thing going on, but at this point I think he’s just afraid of embarassing himself by finishing before Duncan’s really gotten started.

        Of course, the refractory period of teenager guys being what it is, and the staying power of most older guys being what it is, Kyle could probably have three or four orgasms while Duncan enjoyed giving them to him, before Duncan needed (or particularly wanted [grin]) to bring things to a head. 🙂


    • This comment has put a big smile on my face. I love reading play-by-play reactions in general and it’s especially gratifying when readers respond to specific beats we’ve intentionally put in here. (And I always love it when I hear that that interaction is feeling real. That’s a main goal of mine: to create fantastic situations with “real” people behaving as real people do.) So, thank you, Danishwolf (and the others here who have done the same!)

      And, FWIW, because I’m sure it’ll come up, I’ll Word of God the frot. So far there hasn’t been any penetration. What’s happening is just what it looks like. 🙂

  • Holly

    aww poor Kyle. I can totally see him becoming very scared near orgasm due to past experience, or for numerous other reasons. I hope, for his sake, that he will be able to calm himself. Even if he’s not able to continue, I don’t want to see him too panicked. This is really interesting.

    I am looking forward to more.

  • Aw poor Kyle. He knows deep down that Anni is fire proof but he is still afraid to lose control. Poor boy. >.< I can't imagine that.

  • Caffienated

    Me thinks he just has to pee. :p

    • Titan4Ever

      That thought occurred to me, too. He did knock back a couple of glasses of wine after all.

  • SofiaT

    The next page is up already!!! It’s Saturday afternoon on my side of the world and I’ve had a nice day so far; I was thinking the only thing that would make it more perfect would be the new page of The Young Protectors. When I checked the site (for the milionth time since Wed/day) I didn’t expect to see it up already; thank you Alex! 😀

    Poor Kyle. First time since he was 12, I doubt he will last long no matter how many “minutes” he takes. He should know it’s nothing to be ashamed of. If I was Duncan I’d take it as a compliment.
    Speaking of Duncan, I’m trying to understand his expression on the fifth panel -is he worried, surpised, pissed or all of the above?

    In the last two panels he looks tender and amused.
    That better not be your acting face Duncan, or I may punch you in the face.
    Or somewhere else where it’s going to hurt. A lot.

  • SofiaT

    I took the survey -Team Anni all the way!! …Even if I am 99% certain he currently has other motives… He WILL fall in love with Kyle, he just has to! *holds in breath until turning purple*
    On another note, most of your readers as females, no surprise there.

    The interesting question is how many guys who identify themselves as exlusively hetero are reading this?

    I hope there are at least a few.

    • Yeah.. a lot more than 400 ppl read this. The page/survey is only around 3 hours old, and 700 have already answered the survey. Accounting for the people who haven’t done it but just read the page, and perhaps the comments, then I’d say that 1000 or possibly more have been around to read the page already.
      I’ve been looking at the results just as much for the number of answers as for the actual results. It’s a nice starting indicator of how many read this.

      • SofiaT

        When I took the survey there were about 460 participants.

        I’ll check it out again in a couple of days, it could easily be 1,500 ppl taking the survey and at least double that number of ppl regularly reading TYP. And these are VERY conservative numbers. Not to mention that as the word spreads, more will be added. I only discovered this webcomic about a month ago.

        Even if you decide to count just 1,500 regular readers willing to donate, it means we can alternate and each one of us can donate a dollar every 3-4 weeks -we’ll still get the bonus page every Wed/day!

        Alex said this is a 5 chapter fic and it’s been running for a year already. We’re only 1/3 through chapter 2, I’d say we have at least 2 more years until it’s finished; unless we help speed things up!

        • Takehai

          I think that is slightly misleading. It says 2800+ have taken the survey, but 1800+ have skipped all the questions. My guess is that there are people checking back to see results, and Survey Monkey is counting them, even though they aren’t taking the survey. So if you subtract that amount, I would guess that is closer to the actual amount of people.

          • Hmm… I’m not sure about the “skipped all the questions” note — right now, I can see that there have been 3,413 responses.

            And in terms of overall readership, while I certainly hope every reader chooses to answer the survey, it’s likely to only be a fraction of our full readership. For example, per Google Analytics (which tends to be conservative), this Web site had 12,145 unique visitors just on last Saturday alone (and out of those, at least 9470 were returning visitors). Non-update days have at least 5500 uniques. It’s hard for me to be sure what our exact readership is, but it’s safe to say you all are in good company. 🙂

      • Synley

        Yeah… 1000 is over… wow!
        I don’t think it will end with 1500 😉 And I really enjoy to see how many people read this. It’s so cool!

  • I say, Kyle just suddenly got worried how to bring up the topic of safer sex while they are already that close. Can be a bit difficult for first timers, who are afraid of ruining the moment.

    • Khun David

      The question Kyle would ask in that case… “Did you bring a fire extinguisher?”

    • I thought of that, too. But then I realized that the fire is going to sterilize the vicinity. Also, it would melt the condom. 🙂

  • Feverfew_M

    Like some people mentioned before, question 7 was one I’d have liked the ‘still figuring this out’-option for. I can really see this going either way. Kyle and Anni are good together, but they do make a pretty unconventional couple with that big age gap. Not to mention the hero/villain-issue. So, I’m totally ok with them working through all this and getting their HEA together, but I think this could also end with them parting ways again and Kyle getting together with one of his teammates (kinda rooting for Flyboy here). I just know that our capable author will make this story work whichever way he chooses, and that our brilliant artists will make it a joy to watch.
    Ok, and now I’m gonna wait for the space pirates on Wednesday… ;D

  • Sexiest detail for me on this page is the leg Kyle has flung over Duncan’s ass in panel one, to keep them closer together. There’s just something about that move that I’ve always found so hot (to watch) xD

    2nd is the pleasure on Kyle’s face in panel 3.

    • Chris Dangerfield

      Oh yes, thank you for the observation on Kyle’s leg. So true.

    • Hikaru Takemori

      I don’t think it is Kyle’s leg that is outlined. I belive Duncans would have to be positioned differently for it to work. But it is a wouderful thing to imagen ^^.

      • SofiaT

        I was trying to understand what that shape under the sheets was, beforee DanishWolf wrote that comment, and I came to the conclusion that it was Kyle’s legs over Duncan’t ass. After I read Danish’ comment I checked it out again and realised it actually makes more sense that it’s Kyle’s left let (knee to foot) that we see.

        • Hikaru Takemori

          But what about the hip-to-knee part of that leg? The way the knee-to-foot part is positioned over Duncans behind, to me, would implie a suddenly shortend hip-to-knee part.

          But I think we can resolve this issue rather quick.


          Is that Kyle’s leg over Duncans behind or is it not?

          • SofiaT

            It depends of how high/straight up that thigh is raised. From that particular angle we can’t tell. I’m interested in Alex’s input too though 😀

          • I actually didn’t specify Kyle’s specific leg position in this particular panel either in the script or in my follow-up notes to Adam when he sent me art pages — just how the two were positioned in relationship to each other. (“With The Annihilator on top, the two make out passionately underneath the covers.”) So, I asked Adam specifically if he drew what some of you are seeing here. This was his response:

            “Nope, no leg slung over Anni. Kyle’s legs are just flat against the bed and spread open with Anni on top between them.”

            Which is what I was looking for (although I would certainly have been cool with the slung leg if Adam had felt that was a stronger choice.)

            But I can definitely see how you could see that there. 🙂

          • SofiaT

            Thank you for going to all this trouble to reply to our speculations, Alex.
            I can’t think of many writers/comic book creators who’d be so accomodating and close to their audience. *bows*

          • Hikaru Takemori

            I agree with SofiaT. Thank you Alex.

  • Sexiest detail for me on this page is the leg Kyle has flung over Duncan’s ass in panel one, to keep them closer together. There’s just something about that move that I’ve always found so hot (to watch) xD

    2nd is the pleasure on Kyle’s face in panel 3.

  • E-Carrion

    First escalating romance, now statistics and the potential for graphs. I must be dreaming.

  • SofiaT

    *pats back*

  • december

    Kyle needs an ice pack, that’s what methinks.

    • Adam Black

      liquid Nitrogen

  • SofiaT

    I just had a horrible thought (unrelated to this page).

    Is Duncan really gay?

    I mean… whatever his reasons for doing this… you can’t fake being gay/bi.

    …Can you?? o.O

    • Angie Penrose

      Women can pretty easily, with some determination. It’s harder for guys, but I’m told they can do it too if they really want/have to.


      • SofiaT

        I’m straight and I can’t imagine having sex with another girl; not convincingly anyway. I’d probably be stiff like a board and try to imagine I’m elsewhere the whole time. Of course if I had (nefarious) reasons to act (if I was a supervillain trying to take over the world for example) I guess I’d manage, but for guys it seems close to impossible to me -you know, with their… proof of interest hard to hide/fake and all. But I could be wrong.

        I hope Duncan is not THAT good of an actor. 🙁

        • Angie Penrose

          That’s kind of the point, though — if you have a reason to be putting it on, if you’re determined to do it, you can, and because you’re a woman you have fewer (really obvious) physical reactions to fake than men do. We’re not talking about a whim here — if we’re assuming Duncan is faking it, then we’re assuming he has a really serious reason in his own mind to do so.

          I’ve been told by a guy that if they HAVE to get it up, like gun-to-the-head have to, then they can, unless there’s some medical issue in the way. I can’t swear this applies to every man in the world, but still, I’m taking Dude Friend at his word, until I have reason not to.

          And just as a data point, I’m on Team Duncan and am assuming he’s sincere about wanting and at least liking (at this point) Kyle, so for me this is academic anyway. 🙂


          • SofiaT

            Oh, I’m Team Anni too! I wrote a long comment somewhere below explaining why. But I still think he has a masterplan in mind (whether that masterplan is evil or not is yet to be determined), if for no other reason, because it will be very boring if everything is as it seems. Judging from Artifice, I trust Alex to lead us through some heardbreaking pages and some very good plot and surpises before he gives us Kyle’s & Duncan’s HEA. 😀

          • Angie Penrose

            Oh, sure, I expect Stuff To Happen too, and I agree that Duncan’s got to be up to something, probably something complicated. I’m convinced he’s not really evil, though, even if he was in the past. And I agree that Kyle and Duncan are going to get an HEA in the end. 😀


      • vessto

        True, women can fake it most of the time, even in marriage. But with a bit of imagination men can fake too, in both directions – get erected or stay cold (as male actors could keep being cold in hot scenes in due not to get erected from the scene).

    • Adam Black

      He could an ad in the NYT saying “Making love with a superhero, turned me good, and made me ex-gay”

      …which will just prove he is evil

      • SofiaT

        I don’t think he’s evil. Not completely anyway. I think he’s complicated.

        And I do believe that he cares for Kyle, or he will come to care for him.

        But in the meantime, I’m afraid of what’s on his mind.

        • Adam Black

          “Kyle, I am your Father”
          “NOooooooooooooo—-wait I can live with that”

          girl Yaoi fans: “NOooooooooooooooo”

          comic ruined…

          Sorry Alex for ruining the plot.

          • SofiaT

            Um, as a girl who is both a yaoi fan AND a Star Wars fan, I have to say… huh?

          • Adam Black

            Darth Beds Luke, instead of cutting off his hand.

            Duncan is old enough to be Kyles father.
            What if he is.
            what if Kyle doesnt mind

          • Hikaru Takemori

            Duncan is old enought to be Kyle’s grandfather.

          • Adam Black

            So you are suggesting Kyle might have to screw his way through a whole lost-family of sex Demons, for an achievement unlocked?

            Id read that

          • vessto

            Yaoi and Star Wars fan here too. But why “Noooooo!”, some Yaoi fangirls love incest?

          • Adam Black

            really, If Kyles “Daddy” really IS
            his Daddy,

            you dont think it might squick too many of the girls out? I thought it would be more a Bara topic.

            You might be right. I think Incest is less taboo when there is no possibility of pregnancy ( male-male, female -female —Those bel-ami twins are hot. ) It might even be a safe way for women to explore those fantasies. Lets survey!

            OK ALex, We got a new survey Topic:
            1) what is your gender
            2) How would you react if Duncan was revealed to Kyles real father?

            3) Same options, But how would you react if the characters didnt let genetics get in the way of a good thing?

          • SofiaT

            I hate the term “daddy”. I find it demeaning whether it’s meant for girls with older men or for guys. It reminds me of the ancient greek concept of the “mentor”. Unlike what most people think, ancient greek society wasn’t gay friendly, it was paedophile friendly (the only exception being the army, but that’s an entirely different matter). I could spend a lot of time and ink (pixels?) explaining how thinks worked in their society, but long story short, there was a very specific set of rules that had to be followed for homosexuality between men to be allowed. The most important of which was that the “eromenos” (bottom) had to be a juvenile. Once the eromenos became an adult they could continue to have a platonic relationship, but sex and especially penetration was strictly forbiden -unless the eromenos decided to become an “erastis” and “mentor” a young boy himself.

            If they caught you having relations with another adult man, they’d parade you on the streets naked and people would point at you, throw rotten fruit and call you “kynaidos” -literally meaning “shame of the dogs”. It’s all about power and being all manly and shit.

            So yeah, even though I’m a straight girl and don’t really have the right to comment on what other people choose to call each other or how they identify their relationship, for me the connotation is repulsive.

            To make myself clear, I don’t think that a relationship that consists of an older/younger guy or a bottom/top is repulsive or demeaning for either of the people involved, it’s the word “daddy” that annoys me.

          • Adam Black

            Too many young and older men like using it.I thought it was strange at first, But I got over it. Other people will call their lovers what they will. Its easier to accept and move on.

            Your knowledge of greece is impressive, but that just prove that Athens wasn’t all that. One you get past the greeks enslaving greeks, and baby-killing, you may find Sparta more toward your ideal.

            My question was more about a literal starwars type reveal

          • SofiaT

            I was referring to your ” If Kyles “Daddy” really IS
            his Daddy” comment. As I said before, as a straight girl I don’t have the right to judge what people choose to call each other, but I personally don’t like to think of Duncan’s as Kyle’s “daddy”. The connotations that word carries are all wrong for their relationship.

            Also, I understood your Star Wars’ reference, but I doubt Alex is taking the story there. Which for me, is a good thing. They have enough problems to work through as it is, why throw incest into the mix?
            As for my knowledge of ancient Greece, it’s really not that impressive. I am a Greek and I have a sociology degree. I studied this stuff in uni.
            While Sparta was a bit better than Athens in some things (and worse in others), I wouldn’t say it was more gay friendly -it gives that impression because male2male relations in the army were allowed and even wanted (if you fight hard to protect your friend and comrade, how much harder will you fight to protect your lover?) and Spartan life was all about the army. But in reality, every Spartan had to marry a woman and have sons with her, not doing so would land him in deep shit. And romance with another man, holding hands and being tender was also a no go.

          • Adam Black

            I imagined Spartan men holding more than hands.

            I heard that same-sex relations werent just “allowed” but part of the curriculum.

            and HO-yea for the women while the man were away.

            like you said, not just “in the army” because military is 100% compulsive.

            worse scenario- take a baby out of a pit

          • vessto

            Most of my Yaoi buddies like bro-incest but f/s has enough fans too.;)

            Personally for me f/s is my most fav “taboo” theme in Yaoi. So I’ll be OHYessssssssssss!

          • Adam Black

            You’ll just have to pretend until the big reveal 😉

    • YersiniaP

      You can fake ~anything~.

      From just pretending to be gay/bi, to sleeping with someone of the opposite gender even though you identify as straight, not a problem.

      It’s called acting” 😉

      No seriously though, there’s a lot of porn actors who play in gay and lesbian scenes on screen, who would never have sex for fun with someone of the same gender.

      And not only in porn; especially during the cold war, female KGB agents were trained as “honey traps”, to seduce their targets to garner information.
      Pretty sure not all of them were straight, and not all of their targets were male. 🙂

      Sleeping with someone of the same gender will not automatically make you gay or even bi.
      Lots of people who identify as gay have had sex with people of the opposite gender, and vice versa to a lesser extent.
      It’s how you identify, who you feel drawn to that makes you gay, bi or straight.

      As for Duncan… nah, I don’t buy it.
      Maybe he has some evil plan and a hidden agenda for hooking up with Kyle.
      But he’s gay alright. 🙂

      • SofiaT

        I don’t *realy* think Duncan is pretending to be gay. It’s one of those stupid theories that cross your mind and while you dismiss them with a “nah, no way…” they still make you feel uncomfortable.

        I do wonder if there’s a possibility he’s bi though.

        What is the true nature of his relationship with the Platinum Priestess? Why did she know about his date with Kyle and WHY didn’t Kyle question that??
        If I was secretly dating a supervillain and trying to hide both that fact and that I’m gay, I’d be very annoyed and suspicious to find that said supervillain’s supervillain female partner-in-crime knew all about it AND facilitated the date’s logistics. What’s in it for her?


        I’d better stop thinking now or I’ll drive myself crazy.

        • Adam Black

          The Solomon Magic myth involved him trapping Demons to work for him.

          i.e Red Hot is a sexy Demon, hes a Kyle is a incubus, a sexy seducer demon, maybe hes even gonna have to go to hell to learn to use his powers…

          Dont you think Ani is a bit wise… wise enough not to take home trouble, “trough trade” literally from Hell to his Bed, before getting him a full magick exam from his sorceress?…

          • SofiaT

            Kyle? A seducer?
            Interesting theory but right now hard to believe.

          • Adam Black

            I’m seduced.

            Sexy and naiive are hard to beat

        • Jesslc

          Presumably Anni told her about the date because he wanted to enlist her help to transport them to Hong Kong. They seemed like old friends – friends like that will often do something for you just because you asked them to. There doesn’t have to be something in it for her.

          I could be on completely the wrong track but I actually wondered if Sircea was Anni’s sister. There’s some similarity in their facial features.

          • SofiaT

            Hm, the sister explanation seems possible. I do remember thinking that their colours matched.

            But if they’re just “friends” I’m still skeptical about her helping. Villains don’t do “buddies”, they don’t do anything for other people (especially other villains) unless there’s something in it for them.

            Whatever Duncan’s plan is, the Priestess is in on it. And she expects a payment.
            I think it may have something to do with eternal youth -she seems to be rather mature herself and I remember Duncan saying that he’s giddy about his date with Kyle because “new possibilities make one feel… young”; her face was completely evil when she commented “and really, who could ask for anything more?”

            I think that page is the key to the whole story.

          • Klaus

            How old is she anyway? My first impression is that she had known Solomon personally. There have been may people named Solomon, but I think I know which one she meant.

          • SofiaT

            Good point! The way she said it indicates she knew him, you’re right.

            Everyone thinks that is the mage Solomon -but I think it could also be someone unique to this universe.

    • vessto

      Seeing his appalling face after Kyle’s “Wait!” (panel 5) I think he is gay and 0 on Kinsey’s scale, or maybe 1 *hopes she could be hunted by him too”^^

      • Remember Exclusively Homosexual is a “6” on the Kinsey scale. I always thought it was interesting that Exclusively Heterosexuals were then 0s. I’ve often wondered if that was an act of social justice thinking on Kinsey’s part (so that gays were not equated with zeroes) or if no thought was put into that choice whatsoever…

        • vessto

          Ooops, I messed the numbers but I hope I wrote rightly the meaning. What I really meant is that he’s 6 or 5 and that I’d be happy to have some “5” hot man for myself.;)

          True, I thought abt that too. Good Kinsey wrote the biggest numbers for GLBT people, the opposite would be ugly.

          I described myself as 1 because imho there’re always so pretty people which beauty stands over the gender and they can inflame even people who don’t like their gender.

  • TwilightDreamer

    awww, poor Kyle’s getting nervous.
    Really liked the artwork on the whole page this time 🙂 especially panel two, it’s really well done!
    eeee!! squealing like a fan girl! XD

  • Vincent

    Kyle: “…I just need a moment to say goodbye to my virginity…See? I even got it a going away present. It’s a door stop. So the door doesn’t hit it on the way out.”

    (I thought of many reactions Duncan could have to this situation and none of them seem good enough…except awkward silence followed by slowly backing away)

  • Monica

    Ahhh darn blanket covering bear Hunks fun parts!
    And really.. bear Hunk, what is your plan with cub? Is this all an act, or are you really in love with the cub? I have watched to many movies and anime to don’t really trust you!! But I still love you bear Hunk! <3

    • SofiaT

      Ha! I like the way you think, Monica 😀

      • Monica

        :3 evil super minds think alike 😉

    • Ha!

      I’ll be sure to add that one next time…

      • Monica

        Please do Mr. Awesome-Alex! I really like Bear Hunk!! Like really really… Like… I want him like… :3

      • Monica

        Thank you! <3

        I'm actually glad to see this change in Kyle, the hesitation. I got a big angry at him when he said that he just wanted to loose his virginity.
        I lost mine at 16, an ok age to loose it I think, but I know now that I was not ready for it when it become. I should have waited. So I was quite frustrated on Kyle and wanted to bang his head against something and yell at him that he don't have to do it just to have done it, sometime it is a good thing to wait. You will never get it back, and it can actually fuck up your life if you loose it to young of not ready or not in the right way. Now, if Mr Bear Hunk would come to me and ask me to give him my virginity, I would probably do the same thing as Kyle, sins it Anni!! But still… I was very torn in my feelings there for awhile .)

  • vessto

    Nah, is he feel a premature ejaculation is coming? *giggles* If they stop here I’ll die…. Pls, I need a bit more, maybe 200-300 pages more.;)

    I did the survey, it was interesting both to fill the answers and to read the results after. I saw females are abt 2 ways more than males.:) In sexual attraction question the results are very near. I was really, really interesting.

    • Khun David

      More like premature incineration.

      I pity the poor rose petals (Alex seems to be a serial floricidal maniac the way he lets poor flowers suffer), but Kyle is 18; he’ll be ready again in 30 minutes.

      • kaycee1967

        Check out my response.. LOL… I just added some music for the masses, SNORT

      • Adam Black

        When he burns down the place…hes old enough, now to fuck outside like a real man. its private property

    • Agreed. It’s really interesting to find out what our readership is. I especially love how diverse it is! 🙂

  • Adam Black

    I am the only who gets it.

    Kyle Doesnt have the “wait 15 minutes” option,

    if he burns down the place.

  • Rashel Izro

    I wonder why he needs a min..?(I guess I’m not particullarly experienced enough to undestand)

    Aside from that: I like surveys but the last question was tough because i think Kyle is not ready for this relationship, there is a great power disparity in the relatonship and for it to be succesful and happy Kyle has to be a bit more grown up, in general, i really wish the answer choice” I’m not sure yet” was an option.

  • Raven R. Bloodwolf

    “Need a minuet” is code for “I almost lost control and I really need you to stop, please.”

  • kaycee1967

    Why did he stop him? …. Alex, you know what I’m thinking… People it’s code word for “I’M GOING TO BLOW!” … Poor Kyle, he’s young, first time, short fuse… not having scratched that itch that has bothering him for years because of fear and now he’s so wound up that the “cork on the champagne bottle” is going to go flying into space.

    Young men have urges and when they’ve not had any practice… wellll… It ends up making them cross the finish line before their partner. In Kyle’s case, and because I think he’s more of an elemental, it’s the fact that with that comes …

  • Niggle

    This is an awesome page, on many levels. Panel 2 is sexy as hell. I like how Anni goes from “wtf?!” to concerned from panel 5 to 6 and poor Kyle is looking so guilty for pausing the sexy times. Poor boy. It’s kind of a roller coaster for the readers, too. I won’t speculate why he’s stopping, everyone else has has given very good explanations.

    The survey results are very interesting. Though female identifying people have a true majority of readership (over 50%), sexual orientation and Kinsey Scale are all over the place, with no one group over 30% (with gay and straight very, very close). I like that, you attract a diverse audience.

    I hope I can go back and check on the results when more people have answered. Will that be possible, Alex? Right now the results are very interesting, but they’ll certainly change over time. I hope you’ll put up the results somewhere after the survey is closed.

    • I’m also delighted (but happily not surprised) to see how diverse our readership is. I’ve met so many of you cool folk at Cons and seeing that diversity is one of the great pleasures of telling this story. 😉

      And for as long as the survey runs, you should be able to check back in to see the updated results with the same link. As long as you use the same browser, it should remember that you already took the survey and bring you right to the results page. 🙂

      • Niggle

        I’m so slow on seeing replies to my comments, oops. Glad the survey is still up, I just had another look. Sooo many people answered it. For question 1, nice how so many have been reading since Artifice, you definitely have gotten us hooked on your storytelling. 🙂

  • cotilla

    The survey questions are a little awkward to answer if you (like me) are genderfluid, and this isn’t the first time I encountered this. I responded as if male, because my body is bearish/butch male, but… it was easier when I identified as a gay man.

    Edit: I forgot to say I’ve been reading you since before Artifice. And that the Young Protectors is amazing.

    • Thank you! I’m glad to hear a very long-term reader is continuing to enjoy my work!

      And if you have any suggestions for what I should add to the questions, please let me know. I tried my best to allow for the diversity of my awesome readership, but of course, there’s definitely room for improvement. 🙂

  • Glitterzookas

    Pretty sure Kyle is worried about hurting Anni since we all know what happened the first time he was this hot and bothered.
    The survey was great though I personally identify as pansexual and not bisexual. I love all the genders. 🙂 It was really cool to see that people from every sexual orientation enjoy this comic pretty much equally! Definitely do another survey Alex!

  • Chris Dangerfield

    Wow I guess I didn’t see this moment as hard (sorry) to understand at all… for a first timer. The ladies will have to speak to their own challenges at that ‘first meet-up’, but for a guy, particularly a gay dude who hasn’t been able to even “look” at the guys he’s really been interested in (remember the locker room at 15… ouch). Well, this is like your Birthday, Christmas and the best J-off session EVER… all wrapped into one moment. Not sinister, it’s just that YOUNG body is going to explode (erm literally) too soon and Kyle’s saying, “NOT YEEEEET. Don’t move…” Poor Anni, staying still just now, isn’t easy, but I’d guess he’s NOT upset. This is a giant compliment for a slightly more mature side of beefcake, like Duncan. He should be feeling GRRRREAT. Kyle’s “uh oh” face dead center is priceless! Thanks Alex & team this is just perfect fun.

    • Yay! You’re welcome. Glad to hear you think we are doing a good job of capturing this. 🙂

  • YersiniaP

    It’s cute how many people comment with an explanation for the “I need a minute”-thing.

    And I am not talking about the funny ones, but the serious ones.
    Really? Really? That needs explanation? Are so many of us fresh out of convent or something?

    It’s an erotic comic, I thought most people reading this would actually have a basic grasp of sex. By which I am not saying everybody here has to be an experienced sex-veteran, but, you know, at least have an idea of the general workings?

    I’m really not trying to be mean, I am just genuinely baffled.
    For me, someone feeling the need to explain to me, in an erotic comic, why a young, inexperienced lad getting laid for the first time would get a panicky look on his face, and “need a minute” after a bout of naked make-out, is like someone explaining to me how to use a crayon

    • I get what you’re saying, but there’s a difference between explaining and discussing.

      • YersiniaP

        I know that. 🙂

        And I am not talking about the discussions. I am talking about those comments that just state the obvious.

        It’s hard to explain myself without quoting comments, and I really do not want to call anybody out on what they said.
        As stated, I am not trying to be mean to anybody.

        So, to stay as general as possible, what completely confused me, and prompted me to write my original comment, were those commenters who just came to post their serious and well-meaning explanation, that yes, Kyle needs a minute because he’s about to come.

        And that’s kind of a “well, duh!”-moment for me.

      • Chris Dangerfield

        I agree. I apologize if there was even a whiff of unintended explanatory condescension in my post below. I had only intended ‘discussing’.

        I was only interested in mentioning the subtext of this page from the perspective/idea of this experience being intensified by growing up gay and closeted in the suburbs… ‘convent’ patina and all that seriously goes with that.

        Explaining how to identify the facial signs of premature ejaculation or the use of a crayon to anyone… honestly never crossed my mind. ~Regards.

        • YersiniaP

          Wasn’t talking about you! 😀
          I understood your comment more along the lines of a reaction to people asking what was happening?

          • Chris Dangerfield

            No worries! It was just a good moment to focus my first comment, which bounced about a bit. I admire how well Alex captures the subtleties of ‘first-timer’ gay moments – and this is a BIG one while, at the same time, he reminds his readers of how universal all these feelings are.

            It’s a whole different world when, for the first part of one’s young life, one isn’t even allowed to ‘hold hands’ without fear, let alone allow anyone (even most teenage friends) to know who you’re really lusting after. What Alex illustrates in this page is emotionally honest and intense in a way that is hard to relate to, if one hasn’t been there. That Alex shares all that here, and keeps it entertaining and endearing at the same time, is very well done. Thank you. ~CD

          • Capturing the subtleties and in particular showing how universal these experiences are is very, very important to me. Yes, my goal here is to create an fun, erotic scene, but that’s the deeper reason why I choose to spend pages on this instead of “fading to black.”

            This is another comment that puts a huge smile on my face. Thank you right back. 🙂

    • Mimi

      I agree that it’s cute ^.^
      But on a more serious note: as long as it’s done politely, pointing out the obvious in a comment can be very useful. I also don’t always get the obvious, or the reference, or sometimes I do indeed not have the experience to understand. I’m sure someone out there thought ah, right, tnx! 😉

  • Donald Burch

    Alex, I want to bring to your attention that I couldn’t fill out some of your poll accurately. I’m intersex, not trans. As intersex I don’t fit neatly into the categories provided. I selected “other” where it applied but when it came to sexuality, I could not answer correctly. I like guys but I’m not male–so I can’t say “exclusively homosexual.” I’m not female so I can’t be hetero and I’m not into ladies (sorry ladies, you are lovely!) so no bisexuality there. I thought to bring it to your attention and ask how I can handle this issue in future polls.

    • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

      I noticed that problem as well. Though I’m not intersex, I’ve always found questions on sexuality are phrased in such a way as to make answering them nigh impossible for those that are. I’m sorry you had difficulty answering that question.

      Personally, my solution for poll writers would be to alter the phrasing of the typical Kinsey scale question, so that instead of using phrases like opposite gender and same gender, using the words ‘male’ and ‘female’ might make answering those questions simpler – however it requires additional processing to extract the data you’re looking for when done that way.

      • That’s an interesting thought. The Kinsey scale is meant to capture the degree of same-gender/opposite gender attraction. Are you suggesting coming up with a different scale that would capture attraction to guys (let’s say, androphilia) vs. attraction to women (gynophilia, perhaps)? There’s diversity here too. I’ve had readers reach out to me who are attracted to the “female form” — which for them meant attracted to cis-gendered women as well as women who still have penises. And that’s just one example of many. (i.e. Would that scale really be inclusive of intersex?)

        Capturing the diversity of our readership is, I think, a tough challenge. And I find that quite awesome. 🙂

        • Donald Burch

          Alex, thank you for taking personal interest in this issue. I’m not sure it would work but perhaps adding “intersex” to the options? This lends a problem with putting everything down like those you mentioned like Andro and Gynophiles. Perhaps like Sharon said, instead of using the Kinsey scale you can instead ask two questions. Are you: m/f/other with a drop-down menu for “other” and then, on the second question ask: I am attracted to: and put m/f/both/trans/inter/andro/gyno. You have fewer choices than the Kinsey scale but then your information is more accurate. My two cents worth adjusted for inflation. Thank you again for such a marvelous comic!

          • You’re very welcome! (And thank you for giving me some good stuff to think about!)

        • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

          I think the point I’m trying to make is that though the Kinsey scale captures the degree of same-gender/opposite gender attraction, that’s really not the important issue, and that data is able to be captured by correlating data from two separate questions in a data form.

          However, you may be right in surmising that the male/female option is equally exclusionary, and perhaps a third question is needed in order to gather that same data.

          In order to get the relevant data, we’d need three questions: What is your gender? What physical gender (if any) are you attracted to? What psychological gender (if any) are you attracted to?

    • That’s a good point. I tried my best to allow for the diversity of my awesome readership, but of course, there’s definitely room for improvement. 🙂 I want to be as inclusive as I can be (without things getting crazy-unwieldy in terms of options, of course) — what changes would you suggest that might help address this?

  • Davey B

    The results of that survey were SUPER interesting. Quite eye opening. Also the last question probably took me like 10 minutes to decide on…. I don’t even spend that long answering the dumb OKCupid questions.
    (Oh and hopefully he doesn’t torch the bed.)

    • Glad you’re finding the results interesting (me too!) and that the last question gave you some food for thought.

      (And OKCupid questions! I loved those. I was very impressed with the scientific rigor and the elegance of having the users determine what questions were really relevant to them. Answered every single one [over 2000+] back in the day…)

      • Davey B

        Yay for nerdy pointless knowledge (who would have thunk so many (what I assume are) straight women read the comic)
        Haha that is some dedication. I feel accomplished with about 3 a day ^_^

  • fujoshifanatic

    Ahh, poor Kyle, still afraid to let go! Totally understandable, considering his fear that his “explosion” could literally cause an explosion! But seriously, I really like the fact that this encounter is not playing out like some porn or soap opera scene, all serious and melodramatic with all parties expertly fucking to completion. What I have loved and appreciated about the stories being told here is the realism of the human (and inhuman in the case of Artifice) interaction between the characters, even in the most fantastical of circumstances or plot. That’s what makes this comic such a pleasure to read, and what makes this scene so hot, even if it might interrupt the action for a bit.

    The survey was a great idea, and the results were quite revelatory, particularly along the sexuality lines. The range of fans you have captured along the Kinsey scale, Alex, including the few that Kinsey couldn’t even have imagined (hi Donald!) is quite impressive, and speaks to the universal and cross-generational appeal you create with your storytelling. Well done!

    And speaking of cross-generational, as one of the older fans here (at 44, I am way closer to Anni’s age than Kye), it’s very gratifying to see through the survey answers how much of the younger generations are open to the diversity of sexuality, relationships and identify that exist in the world. And more so, how willing they are to explore and embrace them without the fears and angst I had when I was figuring things out at that age. It gives me hope for the future of queer folk, one that includes much more freedom to discover, explore and just be than I had coming up.

    Which leads me to the the last question in the survey. I wasn’t surprised per se at the response, but it would have been interesting to ask those who answered that Anni and Kyle should end up together whether they have had a lot of experience with relationships. Having been around the block a few times, I know that while this relationship works for now, the chances of it working out for the long term are as extraordinary as the individuals involved. But when I was a fresh little kit of 18-21, I probably would have been ‘Anni+Kyle for evah!’ as well.

    So definitely keep up with the surveys, Alex! While I’m sure they’re informative for you, they are quite enlightening to us as well.:-)

    • “Having been around the block a few times, I know that while this relationship works for now, the chances of it working out for the long term are as extraordinary as the individuals involved.”

      Do you have some data or a link to support this generalization?

      I, too, have been around the block a few times, and I have a different experience. I’ve been together with my husband since 2002. Fourteen years separate us.

      Your anecdotal experience cannot be extrapolated and applied to the entire spectrum of relationships. I would be more hesitant to put limitations on others’ experiences, if I were you.

      • fujoshifanatic

        I’m not disparaging relationships with an age difference at all; life has shown me that many of those work quite well under certain circumstances. 🙂

        In the case of Anni and Kyle, there are other factors involved. In particular, that this is Kyle’s first relationship, and presumably for Anni, this is not.

        By your own admission, you have been around the block a few times, so you have enough experience to know your husband was the one for you, and I am guessing that your husband had enough experience to recognize you as the one as well.

        Some people are lucky enough to find the right person on the first try, but most of us are not. And even if we do, sometimes it takes one or more trips around the bock with someone else to confirm that the first one was it, as Titan4ever pointed out. Why deprive Kyle of the opportunity to figure this out for himself? Hardly seems fair.

        And realistically, it would not bode well for Anni either, when later on the realities of such a large age difference (fourteen years is a bit different than nearly forty years) begin to hit that couple, and the prospect of a young, still virile Kyle dealing with an Anni (assuming he is not immortal) who will not be as hot, sexy or virile when they first met. may seem all that great, on top of him being (for now) a super villain.

        Just something to consider for these two, but I know every couple is different, and love indeed works in mysterious ways. Mazel on the happiness you share with your husband; it was not my intent to offend you or anyone with my musings. 🙂

        • GayhawkAZ

          I’m 41 and I have yet to find anyone. I can count the number of dates I have had on one hand. 🙁

          • fujoshifanatic

            I’m really sorry to hear that GayhawkAZ. Since you do have dates under your belt that you can count, at least you are trying. I don’t have much traditional dating experience myself; most of my relationships started off as friendships that turned into more, so I can feel your pain there. As the oldie but goodie song goes (here I go dating myself again!):
            you can’t hurry love
            no you just have to wait
            just trust, give it time
            no matter how long it takes

            Corny, but true! Good luck my dear!

          • GayhawkAZ

            My last date was 2008. 🙁 But thank you for trying to cheer me up.

          • warwriter

            Same here, Gayhawk.

      • Frater Gymnos

        “Happiness is rare enough. You gotta grab it where ever you can find it.”

        Thanks for that. I think it needs to go up on my wall (with an illustration of this scene!).

    • Interpolation

      Well, I clicked the Anni and Kyle lovies button. Coincidentally, I don’t have much relationship experience and am a little kit of 19. ^_^; Oh, dear.
      For me personally though, it isn’t so much that I think Anni and Kyle totally belong together forever and ever, but more that I don’t really have any desire to see them break up either. I just ultimately want all the characters to be happy, together or not. I wish that there had been a fourth option for ‘Whatever the hell Alex has planned.’ I trust him as an author to do what’s best for the story and the characters.

    • Thank you, fujoshifanatic! As I’ve said in responses below, capturing the realism (and, in particular, the universality) of the human interaction here is the deeper reason I’m spending so many pages on this. (Of course, I also want it to be fun and erotic too!)

      And like you, I love seeing how diverse our readership is. Makes me feel very good. 🙂

    • Mimi

      I completely agree with you on the appeal of the realism of the human interaction in this comic, and I also love a ride-off-into-the-sunset happy ending, if it’s pulled off more or less believably. And in my world, those do not contradict 🙂
      I know very well what can happen after the sunset, and what the odds of things are. But I want my fiction to make me smile and keep me hoping 😉

  • Titan4Ever

    Wow. A little surprised by the survey demographics as well. As a long-time comic book reader and fan of superheroes, in general, I am surprised that our audience here is so, um, youthful. And like so many others, I think the answers for #7 are WAY too locked for any forecasting at this stage. I would cast my vote for seeing this pairing run a full course with ups and downs, diversions and reunitings. But maybe I’m just biased by the fact that I’m in my 5th year of a LTR at age 45 with the guy I dated at age 23. Sometimes, the first can be a hard act to follow 🙂

  • Soubi

    Oh, Kyle…you’re too excited. Don’t worry, Duncan will take good care of you ;D

  • Katie Chambers

    Oh my god… Kyle being all unsure and adorable… I just shrieked and startled my roommates. Oops *looks back up and repeats self*

  • Madock345

    Looks like Kyle’s a minuteman, eh?

    Also, I think Adam/Alex is cheating in panel 5, there’s no way that little bit of sheet should be able to cover up what’s happening in that area. 😉

  • Amber Rose

    The real question is, do I see the hint of a smirk on Anni’s face in the last panel? I feel like Kyle probably has an inflating effect on Anni’s ego.
    Also, I can’t blame him for not wanting to incinerate the bed just yet. Carpet is bad enough as it is, what appears to be a concrete floor is probably not the comfiest place to have sex. Especially the first time.

  • J_Vigil

    I am also asexual friend 🙂

  • Frater Gymnos

    I think he needs a minute to get that sphincter loosened up. I was remembering my first time (being inserted into) and it took my lover a little bit of time getting me warmed up and partially open. Remember the scene in Bareback Mountain where every gay man in the theater gasped and grabbed their armrests, On ly in fiction does it go right in the first time (and dry)!!!

    • They’re ‘only’ frotting, also confirmed by Alex, but I get what you’re saying. I’m female and haven’t tried anal sex, but the thought of anyone going in ‘dry’ make me cringe.
      Btw.. as much as I like Brokeback Mountain, it wasn’t only gay guys who had an reaction to that scene. One of my first thoughts was ‘Ouch, and he’s supposed to sit on a horse the day after?’.

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      The day after my first time was still painful as Hell… turned out to be a one night stand for him but it took a couple days for me to recoup!

  • Madara Uchiha

    =W= I think someone is shy in the bedroom~

  • Frater Gymnos

    ps. i know you don’t really show dick, but i really, really like seeing a bare ass pumping (esp. Anni) while watching people make love.

  • Mattokenzi

    I would be in Kyle’s shoes too… Of course I have a man crush on Duncan (but I wouldn’t go that far for sex) Well kissing in a back alley… err… getting chased by two anti-heroes… I wouldn’t feel comfortable about it too. Maybe Kyle doesn’t want to go missionary but maybe should cowboy it (don’t have sex, instead just snuggle).

  • Otoyomegatari

    i think Kyle is just afraid hes going to set anything on fire if he gets to excited so he is trying to calm down and take his breath

  • Sensational Sai

    I personally think his hard on got ahead of itself and he didn’t want to be an excited teenager…go all splodey too quickly.

    • xLizardx

      Or flamey. 🙂

      • Sensational Sai

        Well those go hand in hand for him, ne?

    • Amanda

      Speaking of splodey things, I wonder if Kyle’s dingaling will actually have a little flame shoot out of it, like a candle.

      • Sensational Sai

        Well if that’s the case, I really hope he has no thoughts of topping!

  • I’m glad this update made you feel a little better. And I hope that today is a much better day for you. HUGS! 🙂

  • Donatien

    Bi transguy here. I’m actually going to be introducing my girlfriend to your comics. I started with Artifice. I was hooked since page one.

    • Glad to hear it. 🙂 (And thank you for reccing my comics to your girlfriend!)

  • Jeabro21

    i still feel awkward reading this probably bc im 18 and still a virgin but yea thts how i feel

    • Same here man, I’ve been reading stuff like this for a long time but somehow this art feels too real for me and their relationship in general just makes me feel really awkward.

      • Jeabro21


        • A proof of how well Alex is making this comic 🙂

    • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

      Kyle’s powers don’t come from the usual sources: mutation, alien genetic material, or modern magic. Someone mentioned something about him being a Djini. I’m thinking Phoenix. Like he’s a male Jean Grey and Duncan is a smarter, better groomed & cheerful Wolverine.

    • Frater Gymnos

      Stealing youth? My partner is 13 years older than me. And i think that’s why were coming up on 18 years together. there is much to be learned from people who aren’t your own age, especially in terms of sexuality and past wisdom which doesn’t get transmitted any other way. When I was young and just out I actually sought the advice of elders. And yes, I slept with a few of them. Those experiences (and those with people my own age) expanded my perception of what life is about as well as being an enjoyable tryst every now and again.

      • Jeabro21

        18 years thats a long time congrats alot of marriages don’t even last tht long but yes i agree with you older is wiser but sometimes its nice to date someone whos knows Justin Bieber instead of someone whose been to MLK’s speech

        (Im exaggerating by the way LOL)

        • Frater Gymnos


    • Derkins

      I was a bit of a late bloomer and felt uncomfortable with sex in media all the time. When I was younger, for example, I was really flustered the whole time I tried to watch the graduate for the first time, so, this probably would have made me feel weird, too. Now that I’ve managed to marry someone I totally trust, I’ve had the space to get comfortable with sex in general. Now the same scenes that used to bother me are super entertaining. I kind of float through this comic thinking every part of it is great, so your comment at least reminded me that there are many different valid perspectives from which to view these scenes. I still hardly feel like Kyle is having his youth stolen. Though I wouldn’t have admitted it back in the day, Kyle is just as lucky here as Dustin Hoffman was in his role, gettin’ with the sly older fox. It’s also just as risky. But, I mean… is Kyle supposed to wait for an impervious gay land-owner his own age, who he is also wildly attracted to? He might be waiting a while. Kyle wants to be there (note the 3rd panel). He’s just getting caught up in the very thing that kept him from doing something like this with anyone else, thus far, and I think Anni is going to be sensitive about that.

    • Desirée Eriksson

      I lost my virginity when I was 19, (I’m 20 now) and I’m pretty sure I liked this kind of scenes way better before. I feel so turned off by sex after having it myself. It’s really very boring << but.. maybe that's just me .__.

      • azamystic

        Nope. It’s super boring. But I also haven’t really had sex with someone that I’m romantically attracted to. So that could be it. xD

        • The first time I had sex was with someone who was a really good guy who made me feel totally safe. It wasn’t bad, but I remember thinking after it was over “Is that all this is? Gosh, sex really was overhyped.”

          And then later I simply made out with someone who I was very romantically attracted to — and it was like bells went off. It was just like the movies; I didn’t know I could feel anything so awesome.

          They say the most erogenous part of your body is your brain, but for me, it’s my heart. If my heart’s not truly in it, then sex can indeed be downright boring. But if it is, if I really feel something special for the guy, then sex can be really be something quite surprisingly awesome. If I really like the guy, it does live up to the hype.

          (And all of this is probably a reason why you’ll find me focusing as much (if not more) on the emotions of the characters in a sex scene as the physical mechanics. For me, that’s what makes sex feel real in a story and what makes it hot.)

          • SofiaT

            Hear, hear!
            And that’s what makes your stories so great Alex, and why everyone keeps coming back for more (and more! and more!) 😀

            I just turned 30 and have only been in love once. Not surprisingly, that’s the only sex I’d describe as spectacular -all other times and all other guys I could do without. Very “meh” sex.
            He also happened to be 11 years older than me (everyone else was around my age). So I’m not against age difference in relationships. There’s something to be said about experience XD

          • Curator

            I cant even become attracted to some one unless i fall in love with them first, thats lead to a few girls getting really insulted when they tried to go for it, and i uh didnt respond,lol

  • Cat Astrophe

    I honestly love Kyle and Duncan together, but I have no illusions that they will get married and happily ever after. Duncan, sorry bro, but you are just too old! I love that he’s the one introducing Kyle to like sex and dating etc, though. I think if/when they stop dating they should remain close friends :3

    • azamystic

      He’s also, you know…the bad guy. xD

      • notfromvenus

        Yeah, wildly different moral values and lifestyle choices do not a successful relationship make. But I’m sure Duncan and Kyle can have a fun fling and lots of hot (possibly literally!) sex.

        • Johndar

          Honestly though, based on what we’ve seen in the comic, Anni isn’t a “bad guy” per se. He seems like he’s Chaotic Good to me, or at least Chaotic Neutral with good leanings. Kyle is Neutral Good, so really, their moralities aren’t that far away from each other. They’re just on other sides of the law at the moment.

  • Jason Arilani

    Just took your survey… and (No, I’m not accusing anyone. This is
    just a mix-match of all the top answers that I thought would be fun to
    put together!)

    The majority of your readers have been reading since Artifice, are between 18 and 25, female, Not transgendered, straight yet Exclusively Homosexual (Try figuring that out), and want Kyle and Anni to get together!

    For myself, I’ve been reading for awhile, but didn’t find this site until toward the beginnng of TYP. I’m 22, Male, not trans, Gay/Exclusively Homosexual, and ultimately think it would be cool to have Kyle with someone else (Perhaps someone not even introduced in the story yet)

    • azamystic

      Some folks identify as straight but might be a Kinsey scale 2. So I bet if you added the 1s and 2s together, that would then become the majority. Just a thought.

      • Jason Arilani

        *nods* That is very possible. And definitely a different way to think about it. But the same could be say for those whos aid Exclusively homo and mostly homo. So it might not be the same.

    • I don’t think the numbers are particularly off.

      30% have said that they’re staight, and if you look at the 0-1’s on the Kinsay scale – that is 30% added together, so the numbers fit.
      Same goes for gay. 30% have said that they identify themselves as gay and that’s basicly the same as the number 5-6 on the Kinsay scale added together.

      I just guess it shows that a group of the female readers are bi/lesbian, and that just a little less of the ones identifying as homosexual would take a ‘trip to the other side’ of their usual preferences in bed. (straight) Women are probably more open to experimenting just a bit, maybe at a party or just for fun.

      What I would have loved to see in the survey was more specific numbers for the ones identifying as straight/gay. I’m really curious to how many straight men read this. It would have been nice if the options had been split up into straight male/female and gay male/female (maybe for all the options except genderfluid).

      • Jason Arilani

        Indeed. That would be interesting. Unfortunately, I as a male don’t fit that group, but it would be interesting to see how many straight men read this comic. Perhaps It’d be seen on a different survey in the future! Truly hard to say.

  • SchalaRenee

    I took the survey as well. I want Kyle to be with Anni even if he is much older. I also don’t want Anni to steal Kyle’s youth, like people keep saying he might. Anni is hot the way he is. I don’t want to read about teenage gay boys, I love this mature man/naive boy romance. I’m a 28 y/o bisexual female with a preference for women, but I have a boyfriend at the moment. Had a girlfriend even longer than I’ve had my boyfriend, but she moved to Colorado and it didn’t work out. Anyway, I know it won’t happen, but I would love to see some lesbian superheroes/villains. Maybe the Platinum Priestess and the Commander? =D

    • Camille Martin

      Ok I just need to say(Not towards you but to people saying it). I am 26 and married to a man who is 51.I met him when I turned 19 and have been with him since and he never robbed my childhood XD. He actually encourages me to do things that I would normally be doing at my age(Going out to the bar with friends, Going to conventions etc.). We have our things we have in common and our things we dont and we support each other in both. Just because someone is with someone older doesent mean theill rob them of their youth lol.

      • SofiaT

        I think the “youth robbing” people are referring to is literal, not a metaphor.
        When he was discussing Kyle with the Platinum Priestess, youth and the desire for it was mentioned. I too think this detail has something to do with whatever nefarious plan Duncan had when he started this, but I don’t think he plots to literally steal Kyle’s youth for himself, through sex or otherwise.
        We’ll just wait and see I guess…

  • Stubbylegs

    I think it’s far too early for me to say whether I would want to see them together in the long term. Unlike some others, however, I won’t say that I want them to break up just because of the age difference.

  • Thank you very much, CJ! It’s always awesome to get props from a fellow creator. I’m very glad you’re enjoying the story and characters! 😀

  • There are interesting results like this when you filter the results and it’s one of the reasons I had those be separate questions. How we identify ourselves even to our close friends might be very different than what we feel. (Hopefully, someday this will be less common than it is today. It certainly is less common than it was when I was a kid.)

    If there’s interest, I might share some of the interesting cross-sections of data when the survey completes in a week or so.

    • Klaus

      There is.

    • Hikaru Takemori

      I would like to see that, too

  • Jason Arilani

    That is true. I didn’t exactly think of it that way. That does make sense now that you put it that way.

  • Jason Arilani

    I don’t really have a bad feeling about it. Or at least, if something did happen, it’d likely resolve itself in the end. But I just have this idea in my head that Kyle would end up with someone else.

  • poor kid..

    ..well, i guess that sort of thing would happen when it’s been years and years since “the last time.”


    i really love duncan’s second iteration of Puppy Dog Eyes™ in panel 6, by the way: ´almost convinces me that those candles he had kyle light were not, in fact, used for some nefarious secret plot

  • So I was thinking after going over the new pages that perhaps there may be another reason for Kyle to pull away aside from the fear of hurting Anni:
    Premature ejaculation is very embarrassing.
    Now, I’m not saying that he is going to come instantly, for all we know in the progression from the last page to this one, there could have been quite some time.
    But this poor boy has not “played with himself”-to use the parlance of the street- since he burned his house down and quite likely that has caused some performance concerns. It is normal for boys and men during their first experience to have…err…performance issues in which they ejaculate early.
    Kyle may not know this and through the deep-seated fear of injuring someone he cares for, or at the very least in this case, lusts after, he does not want to embarrass himself by releasing early. Sure, with this release will come a blazing inferno that could possibly decimate the entire building and all of the surrounding areas, but I don’t know if that is what he is thinking.

    THEN AGAIN, I am reading way too much into this. I mean, most likely the next page will be cute dialogue between them explaining his fear and then I will feel foolish. Welp, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    • SpookyDomme

      I’d assumed–from Duncan saying “Did I hurt you!?”–that Kyle found himself at the critical moment between virginity and a hard place (hurr hurr) and then got buried under a small avalanche of snu-snu related emotional trauma, as well as the normal little “Oh crap this is really it OH CRAP HANG ON A SECOND no I still want this just let me breathe before I freak out kthx” anxiety.

      But actually…yeah, that’s probably another worry that might be in his head right now. Poor baby’s got himself a big old sack of worryin’ right now, doesn’t he?

      Edit: Ummm. I swear that last sentence was unintentional.

      • SofiaT

        I doubt penetration is involved at this stage, or even if it will in future pages.

        The “Did I hurt you?” comment could be because maybe he thought he was squeezing too hard or something.

        He has superhuman strength after all and it’s not always easy to control it, especially in the throes of passion.

        • Yeah, at this point I am not too sure there is any penetration. I think this is more just the two of them enjoying the sensation of each other.

        • SpookyDomme

          I forgot all about the superhuman strength! Derp. Yeah, that probably explains it.

  • Cman65

    Look out he is GOING TO BLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eisheth

    Poor Kyle. A giant robot can be such a potentially embarrassing experience for a young man.

  • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

    It’s the The Crisis of Colliding Trans-World Identities. Bloody things always turn up right when you least want them.

    • RBK

      Did you have to go back and look up what it was called, or did you just remember it?

      • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

        I re-read the first chapter to kill some time and came across it.

  • AeeDee

    I have to admit that the “Wait!” moment totally flew over my head. I’ve never been in Alex’s situation, and none of my partners have had a “Wait, hold on a minute” moment either (apparently I skipped that in my early years..), so the subtlety of it flew over my head. Like Anni, my initial thought was, “Is something wrong?”

    So even though it seems super obvious for many commenters, I really appreciate that some of you brought that possibility to my attention, because I did not even consider it. I was a tiny bit baffled, and now I’m feeling much more enlightened. Not sure I appreciate the slightly condescending tone some of the comments have taken, but I guess that’s inevitable when some of you feel it’s an “obvious” fact of life, lol. It isn’t for everybody..!

    But I do appreciate the realism in this scene, as always. It’s not a criticism at all against Alex’s great writing as usual.

    • TwoWayStar

      actually i didnt get it either til i read your comment. i thought it had something to do with his control over fire loosening >-<

  • cotilla

    The sexual orientation (okay, there I could have said other) and the Kinsey scale pretty much rely on binary gender. Ideally, one’s gender should be dissociated from one’s attraction.
    I like men. Sometimes I’m a man, so then I’m gay. Sometimes I’m a woman, so then I’m straight. And sometimes I’m both/neither and then I’m ?
    It’s just… it gets confusing, so normally I simply say I’m gay, although that is not always the case.

  • SofiaT
    • SpookyDomme

      Holy frig that’s perfect. Headcanon.

      • SofiaT

        LOL. I just like to give the heroes a RL equivalent. For me Duncan is like a buff Jeff Bridges ( and I was trying to find a redhead that would scream KYLE to me when I saw him.

        …Ta daaa!

        Also I’ve read here that people imagine Duncan having Connery’s voice but, since he’s English, a Scottish accent doesn’t work for me; I imagine it to be like Rutger Hauer’s voice only deeper:

        • SpookyDomme

          Bridges does kinda fit! :O
          I’d been imagining RL!Duncan as a cross between Dolph Lundgren and Sean Connery, with a rumbly Benedict Cumberbatch-with-a-heavy-dash-of-Peter Steele voice. I think I might like yours better.

        • KBatty

          Not gonna’ lie to you — will never be able to picture Bridges as Duncan. This, very specifically, is why:

          Every time I try to picture him as anything, that’s what goes through my head. His diverse acting history goes completely out the window. Shame, too. He’s a talented actor.

          Honestly, I’m having a hard time thinking of anyone currently living with adequate screen presence for the role. I can think of a few faces from Hollywood’s golden age, but alas — too late.

  • Klaus

    I misread the text of the last panel as “I might get off”, or words to that effect.

    • notfromvenus

      Well, I think that’s probably what he’s worried about! 😉

  • Klaus

    I have to take care not to donate too much, as I would never survive a super strength hug.

  • SpookyDomme


  • Shella_Bluey

    On my mobile phone it did work. Probably it depends on the device.

  • A couple things I want to comment on after going through the previous comments.

    Kyle and Duncan are having sex, obviously, but there’s no penetration going on here, It’s frotting (rubbing genitals till orgasm – i.e. intercourse movement without penetration). Before anyone might want to argue against that, Alex has already confirmed this.
    As you should remember, Duncan is quite strong so he was asking if he hurt him because of that, not because Kyle was being penetrated.

    About the ‘stealing his youth’. It has nothing to do with the age difference as some interpret the comments to be about, but all about what Duncan’s plans are with Kyle. Well technically it IS about the age difference, but not because Kyle is having his first time with someone 40 years older than him (even though that’s quite a difference).
    It’s related to a theory that’s been going on between the commenters since the scene between Duncan and Sircea back in chapter 1 (chap. 1, page 15-22). They’re both middle-aged and they we’re focused on the strange origin of Kyle’s powers.. and his youth. It has been speculated wether or not Duncan will try to steal some of Kyle’s powers and/or his lifeforce, aka. his youth, to become even stronger and younger again.
    Something about Kyle is different from the others whom have superpowers, but what is Anni’s plans about this and when will he strike? What is he up to? It’s all to be revealed sooner or later – and most readers hope it will at least wait until the sexy times are over 😉

  • Jac

    “Giant robot” huh? Is that what we’re calling it now.

    • bronakopdin

      your comment made my day just now xD

    • Pashakitty

      Well, Kyle DID look impressed when Anni dropped his pants.

  • SofiaT

    It’s ridiculous how often I visit this website. Not only to see Kyle & Duncan but to read the comments of the fellow readers. I feel like there’s a nice community growing here, lots of exchange of opinions and ideas about where this story is going. Second best thing after getting new pages 😀

    In other news, NZ performed its first gay marriage today and Germany now allows parents to register their newborn children as male, female or third sex.

    Maybe in a few years no one will bat an eyelash if there are gay superheroes in mainstream comic books.

    • I have to correct you on the “third sex” in Germany, it only will be, starting in November, be possible not to decide on male or female and just leave the field in the registration form at birth EMPTY. It’s totally unclear how this will translate in other laws – That’s soo typical or Germany, just like the chaos with the basic civil partnership which we had to push towards marriage bit by bit by calling upon the Verfassungsgericht.
      Lets hope they will at least stop to decide surgically on one sex or the other.

      As we’re talking about news: Let’s watch the religious rights as they construct a gay world conspiracy out of the fact that Snowden’s main journalistic contact is one of us…

      • SofiaT

        My source was a yahoo news article that I can’t find now (I imagine because it was less than accurate). The title was “Germany to allow third sex registration” and compared the new law to an Austraian law of 2011, according to which people have the right to choose X as “sex” on their passport instead of M or F. (

        Thanks for the correction!

  • bronakopdin

    back from vacation and what do I find?
    Kyle what are you doing?
    scared in last second?
    can’t wait to see the next page… still 2 days!!!

  • KiannaLeigh

    I gotta say, I wish there were more options for questions 7. I mean, I like Anni, but I’m not in love with their relationship. If they broke up I wouldn’t freak out, but neither would I be unhappy if they stayed together and I don’t actively want Kyle with someone else. I just wish there was a sort of neutral option like: “They’re cool together; Kyle would be cool with somebody else too though” you know?

  • Kalynn Osburn

    Poor Kyle! having second thoughts? Or terrified of the result?

    • Breinrott

      I’d say it’s a mix of the two

      • Pashakitty

        I’d say he just got over excited and doesn’t want to embarrass himself by cumming too soon.

        • Breinrott

          Good point

  • Tina

    Teehee, finally decided to get a Disqus account so I can comment. I’m really loving where this story is going so far and its such agony waiting between pages! (that’s a great sign of writing when you have your readers so hooked).

    BUT PLEASE NO GIANT ROBOTS TO RUIN THE MOMENT! AFTERWARDS IS FINE! If one of them dies AFTER smexy times then I will be happy >:3

  • 🙂 Thanks, Shella!

  • Skyriver

    oh my. Kyle only a minute. You quick shot ;3

    • Pashakitty

      Well, in his defense he is fairly inexperienced. His first attempt at masturbation ended badly so I doubt that he’s done anything else since then. The first time is always quick, you only increase your stamina with practice… which I hope he gets a lot of soon.

  • Curator

    Demisexuals always have to click “other” XD

    • Until now I had never heard about demisexual and I looked it up. Now I have some new and interesting knowledge 🙂

      • Curator

        new knowledge is always awesome 🙂 thanks for looking it up!

    • Gryphongirl2

      I’m with Danish. Had to look it up too but…I think demisexual might actually describe who I am. Wow, just…wow.

      Thank you!

      • Curator

        It was a bit of an “Aha!” moment for me too when I first stumbled across it. 🙂 glad my comment ended up helping you out!

  • Curator

    for me, although i don’t find the sexual aspect interesting, im really curious about the plot, I also really enjoy the art style! I also enjoy the emotional aspect that he is approaching their relationship with, this doesn’t read to me as pornographic, but as something deeper, the struggling in his heart to come to terms with his feelings, the excitement and confusion, and most of all his growth as a human being, which if you watch carefully is happening in a quite realistic manner, his exposure to things that challenge his preconceived notions… ok im starting to ramble a bit, im gonna stop now,lol

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    I liked the survey, but wished there had been an option for 7 along the lines of ‘Anni could do better;. :p I like the relationship….but Anni is so awesome and smexy….and Kyle is sorta a doof. Still adorable though. <3 I support them. Would have been interesting to see how many people chose that option though. XD Since there was a 'Run Kyle!' option.
    As for this page…Wow Kyle…really? Hardly anything happened….wow. Just….wow. XD Poor boy. Anni is all worried for him….so sweet! <3

  • Breinrott

    The feels i have for Kyle right now, I think I know what he’s going through(aside from the whole fiery super power thing). Sex is one of those things for me that I get super excited about but when the moment actually there the nerves set in. I hope Anni helps him through it, enjoyed the survey btw €o:

  • Amanda

    Good Lord, it feels like Wednesday is never getting here.

  • Lunam_Kardas

    Okay, I actually burst out laughing at Anni’s face in the 5th panel because I can’t help but imagine the sound of scooby doo going “Hurr??”

  • Pashakitty

    Looks like someone is a little too excited and is worried he’s about to blow.

  • Pashakitty

    You trying to say he’s about to light a match? Heh… that was my thought too.

  • Soubi

    Almost Wed. -grips laptop- Lol.

  • Tina

    *munches popcorn while camping* My refresh button hates me now

  • SofiaT

    I’m at work and keep stealthily (or maybe not so stealthily, the Finance Manager is looking at me now…) refreshing the page on my iPhone *bites nails*

  • Just a heads up that we’re still kneading the dough, so page 23 is about an hour away. Maybe sooner, but that feels like a realistic estimate. 🙂

    Time for campfire stories!

    • Tina

      Once upon a time… two sexy people by the name of Duncan and Kyle screwed. And then… all the fans died of blood loss. The end.

  • Stubbylegs

    I went camping once with a guy I was dating at the time. He “surprised” me by inviting his mother to camp with us (she showed up later after we got there). It was awesome….not.

    All the camping talk made me think of that.

  • Cman65

    Even if he likes Kyle we all know that the big A is going to do something EVIL sooner or later to that poor sweet little Red-Head

  • vexingmuchly

    I really, really hope that our answers to the last survey question won’t impact the story. I mean, you’re the author. I’m sure loads of people wanted Ilsa and Rick to get together at the end of Casablanca. But it wouldn’t be the same story if they had. This isn’t to say that Anni and Kyle shouldn’t get together at the end, but you do what you think best.

    Also, I’m a first time commenter, and I’ve been meaning to say, I hope this sequence ends with a splash page (pardon the pun) of Kyle having a massive orgasm while engulfed in flames.

    • Not to worry. The entire story is plotted out all the way to the end of its five chapters. For better or for worse, you’re going to get to see “what I think best.” 😉

      But that doesn’t stop me from being curious what y’all think. 😀

  • KrisYWC

    I love how realistic this is. I’m mean Kyle has “let loose” in a LONG TIME, so I’m sure Anni thought this could happen.

  • Becky

    Gotta ask: in that first panel there, are those Kyle’s knees, or is that alllllllll Duncan Buns? Because HOT DAMN.

    Well, “hot damn” either way, really. 😀

    • SofiaT

      Ah, some of us were wondering that as well (the popular theory was that it was Kyle’s leg slung over Duncan’s ass). But Alex let us know that, according to Adam, Kyle is lying there with both legs open straight and Duncan between them. So I guess the correct answer is… buns?

      • Jac

        So the question we’re asking here is

        Do he got a booty

        • CookieMonsterer

          I think he do!..’Cause in the second panel, Duncan is laying on Kyle’s legs..

          I think Duncan got the major booty.

  • AxisFlowerCouple

    *squints eyes*

    This is really cute and sweet, and he’s being so gentle….

    *Squints eyes even more*

    He’s gonna fucking betray him, isn’t he?