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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Two—Page 21

248 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Two—Page 21

Well, at least they seem to have stopped kissing. Phew! Maybe they’ll go to sleep now, it’ll fade to black and they’ll be woken up in the middle of the night by the sounds of battle! Maybe with, like, giant robots or something? Or ninjas! Everything gets better with ninjas

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So! Full booty exposure has now been achieved! The underwear has hit the floor! And soon naked bodies will be pressed together!

Or will they?

Lots of you have been placing your bets on when these two are going to get interrupted by some kind of attack. Will that finally happen on the next page? (Fingers crossed!)

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • mogoskier

    Can’t stop giggling, too happy.

  • Angelicatt

    Wo0t Wo0t

  • I love Kyle’s reaction, oh my god. He is just too adorable. I hope I wasn’t that awkwardly giddy my first time. (ok, maybe I was.)

  • Erica

    ARGH i just punched my hand because the look in Duncanni’s FACE!!! THIRD PANELL??? OMG. RAWR, BITCH. lmao omg. yes. YES. YES. YES. MWAHAHAHAHHAHA

    phew. ok. calm down.


    NOPE. NOPE. NUUH CAN’T. NADA. *spazz* i can’t wait for the blazing inferno that’ll take place. omg. lol

  • Blaznfangurl

    Dat Ass. Enough said.

  • I love my computerscreen right now. The page loaded and the first thing I saw center up on the page was that ass 😀

  • Summer

    ….excuse me. I do believe I need to change my undies.

  • YG_Frenchie

    Uncross those fingers, Mr.Woolfson! Dooooon’t you dare!!! No interruptions allowed!

    Man, I’m SO blushing more than Kyle right now! I let out some sort of sound that can only be described as half squeal half laugh of giddy excitement.

    It’s Duncan’s face when he says “Now you.” and that A$$. Hellooooooo!!!
    And I love those freaking flinging petals.

    Phew! Well that was fun. Nothing like realizing it’s Tuesday night and remembering that there would be an update. Oh yeah, awesome day made even better. ^_^

  • RustyBurrell
  • Kat Henderson


  • I just love how Duncan is very self confident, well almost devilish in that 3rd panel. That lifted eyebrow and smirk. I don’t even know how to react … btw I don’t think that’s just the fabric curling in his pants in panel 1 😉

    And then there’s Kyle who switch between going all giddy and eager and then having moments where he’s just playing it cool and seducting.
    Holy crap indeed. When the page loaded, I’m not sure the sound I made could be indentified as human *lol*

    I can’t even… Alex’ comment about future pages and bets have me fretting so bad. Saturday, PLEASE come faster!

    • observingdetail

      You know, I think you’re right about that non-fabric-curl induced… ridge… in Anni’s undies there… 😀

    • Camille Martin

      I tottally zombied and had to blink a pile of times to even realise it was a new page. Then when i did I got super giddy and started giggling like a schoolgirl and thank GOD I didnt get a call while doing this(I work from home)

    • SofiaT

      I saw that ridge too. But I didn’t want to mention it, in fear that people would think I’m obsessed or something.

      Which I am not. Really.

  • Sapfo

    Oh no, the ever lasting threat of a fade out. Dear creators of this comic, have mercy on us readers. Let us have some hot-man-loving.

    • Camille Martin

      Your post made my burst out laughing but I wholeheartedly concur!

    • Lilka Lilianna

      I’m signing this petition with my both hands!

      • Maria White

        I’ll sign it… with… one. *cough*

    • Khun David

      I hope that’s not an evil laugh coming from Alex…

  • I’ve learned things about myself with this update. I thought shirtless Duncan was all I needed out of their bedroom scene, but now I realize that what I was really waiting for was his fine ass. Glad that’s cleared up! Really though, between Duncan and Sircea I think this comic is overloading my circuits a bit. I’m a little concerned for my well-being once I have both of their sexy trading cards in hand, but at least I’ll die satisfied if I wind up spontaneously combusting. Anyway.

    Hmm, Kyle seems a little intimidated – I think it’s pretty realistic how he switches back and forth between eager and anxious. Since it appears Duncan wasn’t overcompensating with his villainous title after all, it makes sense that Kyle would look kind of nervous.

    If we’re placing bets on when things take a turn for the disillusioned, I’m personally expecting it to happen after they’ve had sex. Maybe Duncan needs Kyle to relinquish control and show the full extent of his powers to confirm who/what he really is, and this is the most efficient way to go about it. I can’t imagine Duncan’s all that put out by the prospect of doing the do with a good-looking eighteen-year-old in order to get some answers before busting out his true plan. (And, you know, I’m just saying…if Sircea were to stroll in after the flames burn out and participate in the revelation of Duncan’s true plans for Kyle, you wouldn’t see me complaining. Swooning, maybe, but not complaining.)

    • Adam Black

      My pet Theory:

      Duncan wont be able to harm Kyle. Kyle is a ….




      • Khun David

        So… does that mean Eric Cartman is right about gingers?

        • Adam Black

          Better Ask Kenny, hes been to Hell enough times

    • Hikaru Takemori

      I’m not opposed to the idea of Sircea joining the reveal of possible plans but would not have them do it just now. To me it feels to cliché and Duncan strikes me as a more cautious character than to reveal his plans 1. to someone he just barely knows and 2. to a hero, who might try to stop him.

      Besides, Duncan always tells Kyle that he is save with him so I assume he also means ‘save from him’ in terms of physical injuries, which Duncan may or may not have to inflict to stop Kyle from stopping him(or trying to).

  • Jamie Dutton

    Oh sweet zombie Jesus!! THAT ASS! Wow, um yeah um uh… ( ^ _ ^ ) /
    Sorry, had to scroll down so that my brain could reboot.
    Alex, for the love of everything you hold dear there better NOT be giant robots, alien invasions, time traveling cat pirates, ninjas, or whatever else your beautifully devious mind can come up with to interrupt this hot as hell moment!

    • Now I have to have it be time traveling cat pirates…

      • Sapfo

        …..I would read that (^_^)

  • kaycee1967

    I wanna strap a leather harness and a Daddy cap on Duncan’s head cause that look in panel three says it all!


    • Klaus

      He does not need either. That look says it all.

      • kaycee1967

        LOL… I’m not saying he doesn’t look AWESOME now but still, you know… each person’s taste, GRIN

  • kaycee1967

    Oh, and excuse the play on euphemism… but does anyone hear Elvis’ “BURNING LOVE” playing in the background?

  • observingdetail

    Kyle’s face in panel two: “How the hell is that supposed to fit?!”

    • Mr. X

      Now why do people always assume the smaller guy will be on the receiving end? I think it would be awesome Kyle tops. Especially for a first timer, it would be the right thing to do, I’d say 😉

      • Stubbylegs

        Now why do people here assume Kyle must be the smaller of the two?

        • Mr. X

          I meant bodysize. I know nothing about schlongsize xD

          • Stubbylegs

            See, I’m still just stuck on the penis…wait- that didn’t sound right at all…

          • Mr. X

            Or maybe it sounds very, very right!

      • With this it could also be added: Why do people asume that penetration will happen?
        I’m not saying it wouldn’t include this, but that isn’t necessarily a part of their sex. A ‘release’ is needed, and being gay doesn’t always equal doing anal 🙂

        • Niggle

          Exactly, I think it’s related to the silly idea that one man in a gay couple has to be “the woman.” The false dichotomy of top/bottom: penetration always happens, no one switches roles, the smaller man is always a bottom and always passive, etc.

          But no offense to Mr. X,, my kink would totally be for Kyle to be topping, too. XD

          • kaycee1967

            Niggle… great observation! Just remember that each partner might have their own feelings as to what their likes as well. I think a lot of what you might feel here is from the tendency of a lot of Yaoi writers (mostly all Japanese women) to place the smaller male in the ‘bottom’ role.

          • Niggle

            Oh yes, that definitely comes from yaoi, but it happens in real life as well. A friend was actually asked “Which one is the woman?” by a customer who noticed a gay couple at a veterinary clinic she was working at at the time.

        • kaycee1967

          That’s true Danish. However, during the course of a relationship getting past just that type of ‘release’ with a partner is important. Sexual intimacy does include foreplay and more to satisfy sexual needs, but a relationship that does not eventually have more than that can create long term intimacy issues with one or both partners.
          Love your thoughts on the matter though… very insightful.

          • Patrick Wohl

            “Intimacy issues”? Are you serious? Not everyone has sex the same way. Not everyone penetrates their partner. And that’s okay.

          • I’ll have to respectfully disagree with you on that one. There’s gays who’ll never want to get penetrated and/or penetrate another anally. That doesn’t mean that all they’ll do is foreplay. Frotting while kissing and touching until you get a release. That’s sex as well, not foreplay, just to give an example. They might or might not get fingered while doing it, as only penetration happening, but it’s sex. Same as lesbians who only use fingers and rubbing during sex, but no toys.
            I personally think the generel misconception is that ‘full’ sex has to involve penetration. That isn’t so. Sex is varied, and what’s important for a relationship is the emotions between the couple. Intimacy issues will rise because of emotions, not wether or not they’ll do penetrative sex.

        • This is actually something that informs my work. I bow to those for whom penetrative sex is the only “real” sex, but for me and a lot of other folks, great sex is more diverse than that. And that truth is not something I’ve seen a lot in yaoi/gay comics.

          • While I am a huge yaoi fan, I have to agree that diversity in sex is missing. If you do find another method of sex within yaoi, it tends to be a precursor to penetration. I like that you leave it vague enough that you know they are engaging in a sexual act but it is up to the reader to decide if there was penetration.
            For instance, in Artifice, I like to think that there really wasn’t much penetration at all. Not because I think too much in depth about fictional characters (never look at my Livejournal for the LOVE OF GOD) but because I feel that their relationship evolved into something deeper than what is easily viewed on the surface.
            Sorry. I just hijacked this comment…

    • kaycee1967

      You know…. There is a saying that I’ve always said… “Too much lube is just enough!”

  • Maggerz
    • Khun David

      The panel 2 close-up?… or are you describing Kyle?

      • Maggerz

        Panel 2, at first. But, y’know what? Describing Kyle works, too.

  • Oh, Anni, do you always have to look quite so evil? I’m surprised Kyle isn’t more nervous, what with the looks he’s getting from Duncan…

    • Khun David

      Last panel…

  • CH

    I do believe that ass is compelling me to destroy all the giant robots and kill all the ninjas in this and every other universe. And I’m inclined to do as it suggests.

  • Camille Martin

    OMG!! I kept refreshing between calls(I work from home) and was like are we getting a new page or what? And then I was staring at this panel for a few minutes blinking trying to make sense of what I was seeing(Its 4 AM) Then I realized it was a new panel AND THEY JUST TOOK THEIR UNDERWEAR OFF AND NOW IM FANGIRLING!!LDHASKDHAKSJDH XD

  • Stubbylegs

    I wonder what Kyle’s reaction will be when he finds out what Duncan’s true motives are- whatever those may be.

    • TwilightDreamer

      I’ve had a thought about it for awhile, but I have no idea if I’m over thinking it or what 😛

    • Khun David

      I’m hoping handcuffs. Furry, furry handcuffs. I can totally see both Kyle and Duncan being into bondage.

      • kaycee1967

        Wait? You want bondage but didn’t like the idea of the harness? LOL

  • vessto

    Gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s not fair! I wanna see the beast of the beast too!!!XD From another point this hot ass made me sweating!

  • thisboybroken

    I will totally stop liking you and never read another page again if they get interrupted by anything!!!! Just saying!

    • I understand. My love for you and ninjas will remain eternal.

  • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

    Possibly? Hair + skintight bodysuit = painful bodysuit removal. But, I hear you ask, why the hair on the chest then? Simple – it’s easier to reach with the talcum powder used to stop the bodysuit from sticking.

    Or at least, that’s my theory.

    • Takehai

      Biological fact: less than 50% of white guys grow hair on their backside. In fact, the incidence of hair growth decreases the further up the back you go: 25% Upper back, 28% Lower back, 37% rear, 43% sacral region. And yes, it was an actual study, done at Harvard in 1951. The same study showed that 79% have chest hair, and 84% have abdominal hair. So, Duncan is not unusual.
      Besides which, speaking as someone who is unfortunate enough to have back hair, one doesn’t need to wear tight clothing to find it itchy and uncomfortable enough to want to remove it.

      • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

        What an interesting thing to study! Thanks for the stats, Takehai! 😀

  • SpookyDomme

    So I *almost* had a coherent comment, and then I scrolled back up, and then I just giggled happily a lot for a while.

  • Monica

    I love many things about this page. Kyle’ s face when seeing Anni’ s hunky junk (don’t get me wrong, I would probably squeel of happiness my self). I love Anni’ s butt!! (and yes I’m super sad I missed the kickstarter event with the full frontal character sheet).
    I love Kyle’s total joy when he gets all naked. Like a kid in a candy store with the biggest candy bag to fill up. I love their facial expressions in panel 3 and 4. So serious, so mischievous.
    I’m so jealous of Kyle! XD Laying next to bear Hunk… Looking forward to next page of bear-hunk and cub! 😀

    • Khun David

      And then the last panel, when Kyle suddenly realizes he’s bitten off something he can’t chew (or when he realizes that he had better not use teeth).

  • Adam Black

    Adam2Adam DISSENT:

    ( tenser said the Tensor )

    Sure that ass looks good, because its a close up.

    But I dissent. His Body is MUCH LONGER, his ass is out of proportion

    It would look too small if you panned back,
    He would have trouble sitting down,
    or using those glutes to leap tall buildings
    I wanted to see Red in his tighties , package view

  • Is it just me or doesn’t Duncan look a little… evil in the third panel? 🙂

    • SofiaT

      No, it’s not just you. That panel scared the shit out of me. I almost expected him to go “mwa ha ha” and reveal an evil masterplan.
      But in the last panel the way he looks at Kyle is so tender… I hope we’re all unfairly suspicious of Anni and he has nothing but the purest (um… you know what I mean) intentions towards our favourite redhead.

      • Wendy Whipple

        Me too, but in a good way. (Maybe I’m a little twisted…)

    • Stubbylegs

      I don’t think it means anything at all necessarily. He has that “evil” vibe permanently etched on his face, almost like it takes special effort for him to actually show tenderness when he actually feels that way.

    • Etone

      Hahaha, I’m pretty sure that is his “smoldering” face!
      “Get ready handsome, here I come” kind of deal. Ehe.

  • SofiaT

    One: nice buns. Two: Duncan scared me in that third panel.

    I want to think it’s hunger and not something more sinister.
    …Is it Saturday yet????

    • Khun David

      I remember a commentary once where the author discussed whether or not Superman could actually consumate a relationship with Lois Lane. Duncan has many of the same powers as Clark Kent, and I would think it would be hard for him to find a lover who could physically survive his lovemaking.

  • Jeabro21

    IDKY but i feel awkward watching/reading this
    does anyone else feel the same

    BTW i have read and wacth yaoi b4 its just tht this particular one makes me feel uncormforatble probably bc of the charcters and the storyline

    • Stubbylegs

      Not me- it wouldn’t be the kind of relationship I personally would seek out, but I know a lot of people are into significant age differences so what’s happening here doesn’t make me uncomfortable one bit.

    • SofiaT

      You mean because of the age difference or because of the superhero/supervillain part?

      I chocked a bit when I read that Anni was 57, I thought him to be in his mid-40s, but then I remembered all the hot celebrities that are in their mid-50s and I wouldn’t mind, um, meet. So… it’s not that crazy I guess.

      As for the huge gap in their lifestyles and the paths they chose to walk, that’s what makes this so interesting!

      • Jeabro21

        i think its the age difference and the superhero/supervillian thing

    • Etone

      No, not at all. In fact I find it quite beautiful.

    • Khun David

      If it’s the age difference, I don’t. When I was younger, I had a Duncan to my Kyle.

    • kaycee1967

      Well, I’m wondering if you’re a younger age as well. For those who are younger it is sometimes difficult to have an idea of dating, or being sexually intimate, with someone who is the age of their Father or greater.

      It is about laws of attraction. I know many real world couples where the age difference is there and it’s not a sexual predator thing (that might be in your mind subconsciously as well).
      My brother and his partner are nearly 12 years apart. My friends are in a relationship of 20 years difference. What it comes down with is your idea of what attracts you. Alex has written a story about May/December romance. Writers take things from their ideas of life, could be that Alex finds this type of romance something of ideal.

      • One thing that I’ve found interesting about posting my comics online is watching folks attempt to divine my own interests and desires from the work I create. I don’t find it surprising—after all, I’ve done the same a million times with the work I am a fan of—but what’s been especially illuminating is how little connection there ultimately can be between what people believe and what I actually feel. I’m cool with it happening—how can it not? It’s fun and interesting to do that!—but it does make me rethink my own assumptions about other authors.

        For example, I’ve read comments where someone has stated with some confidence that I must be the kind of middle-aged guy who would love to date a high-school student. (!) Others have stated with equal confidence that I’m more likely to be a young guy who craves a strong Daddy. And then there are more than a few who believe that I find intergenerational relationships (or, perhaps, relationships between super-villains and super-heroes) “something of an ideal.”

        In many ways, it’s a big compliment. Kyle is our hero; my main goal in terms of tone is for the reader to believe that his actions and choices and feelings in regards to his relationship to The Annihilator are not only plausible, but believable and true to who he is. We might not know for sure what The Annihilator’s true feelings are (hence lots of fun discussion), but most of you are in agreement that Kyle finds what’s happening exciting and hot and that it makes sense that he does. If the depiction of this relationship also feels true to that, that the interaction feels so compelling that it might very well be the author’s own “ideal”, then it feels like we’ve done a successful job of putting y’all in Kyle’s shoes (or socks, at least… 😉 )

        People will of course continue to speculate about what I’m revealing about myself in these pages—as I said, that can be a very fun way to engage with a work. But I’ve actually gone on record with my own personal tastes in this area. Loyalty, reliability, sweetness, resourcefulness, emotional maturity and cuddliness are the traits I find sexy. FWIW, my own personal tastes run not to supervillains or superheroes, nor to hot daddies or to young guys just at the beginning of their journey. Samwise Gamgee is my personal fantasy. 😀

        I do have a mission as a creator but at least in this comic it’s not to depict what I see to be an ideal relationship: rather it’s to create realistic and compelling depictions of gay heroes. Those heroes might not be “ideal”—something I believe is that real heroes come in three-dimensions, which include flaws—but in the end, main characters who just happen to like other guys will reveal themselves to be true heroes and that’s what I’ve always wanted to see.

    • Jac

      It’s interesting to me that you feel that way. Almost everyone I’ve had a relationship with has been significantly older than I – by about 10 years. The portrayed relationship here is something I like, possibly because it parallels my own experience – or perhaps not, I’m not sure.

      But had this been presented to me 10 years ago, back when I was in high school, I would have felt completely uncomfortable about it. Back then I couldn’t even comprehend dating a graduating senior in my school, much less someone a decade older than I.

      So I guess it’s a matter of preference, which sometimes changes depending on context?

  • Amanda

    I find my restraint admirable. Instead of waking up and checking a dozen times during the night for the update I made it all the way til 7!

    • Khun David

      Restraints? Sounds interesting. Looking at the design of the bedframe, I see handcuffs in the future…

      • Amanda

        I could be up for that storyline.

    • LOL!

  • LynnC

    Yum. Just…. yum!

  • Khun David

    and… we have ass!!!

  • fujoshifanatic

    There’s so much to love about this page! Duncan’s spectacular ass, Kyle’s cute disrobing under the covers (psst, you forgot your socks!), even Duncan’s oh-so-sexy wicked look in panel 3 has me titillated and scared at the same time! And can we talk about Kyle’s expression in panel 5? The look he’s making as he drops his skivvies is just…Unf. It’s like he’s saying, “Come. Get. This. Now.” 😛

    Please let there be no more threats of bangus interruptus–I would feel so sucker-punched after all this buildup! Besides, everyone knows that a guy’s confidence goes through the roof when his v-card finally gets punched (especially by a hot, sexy partner), so any ensuing fight scene would be that much more awesome in Kyle’s afterglow. I’m just saying, you know?

  • DarkFeanix21

    O_O Annihilator buns… cannot process… mental faculties compromised.

    Also: that smirk. I’m not sure whether I want to laugh or cower in fear.

    • Jac

      I am equally terrified and aroused. It’s very confusing.

  • TwilightDreamer

    Oh I HOPE it’s not interrupted! XD

  • TwilightDreamer

    Oh this was sooo worth the wait all afternoon at work! 😀
    Heh heh…can’t blame Kyle for being so shy as to take off his underwear under the sheets….I mean, hot as Duncan is, he’s quite an intimidating figure XD
    Looking forward to Saturday!

  • Niggle

    Anni’s bare bottom and Kyle’s reaction had me in fits. XD

    I clicked on the link to tvtropes and all I can think now is “Why the hell is that Ninja holding a Chinese broadsword?! Argh!”

    Okay, better now. I’ve distracted myself reading the comments.

    • IIRC, if you have to have one bladed weapon to golf with, the Chinese broadsword is really your best option. Ninjatō almost always land you in the weeds…

      • Niggle

        You, sir, are f*cking funny. XD!

  • Niggle

    By the end they’ll be nestled in a pile of ashes and bed springs. XD

  • Heather Dewar

    Oh my gosh. That smirk. That smirk has me weak at the knees. And guh, Kyle’s little blush through the panels, especially the one where he drops his underwear on the floor.
    And let’s not get me started on that ass XD

  • Pockets

    And all of the who’s down in whoville say
    His butthole grew three sizes that day.

    • RustyBurrell

      You win XD

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    Holy Crap indeed!

  • Jac

    Anni’s birthday suit is so nice one wonders why he covers it up all day

  • Kalynn Osburn

    I am a lesbian. But if Duncan gave me that 3rd panel look my panties would hit the floor so fast China would have an earthquake.

    • LOL!

      My work here is done.

    • Preludetoa

      I’m right there with with, sister friend.

    • YG_Frenchie

      I just woke my neighbour with a laugh. The comments just get better with every page.

      Girl, you’re so awesome! I’m up voting you.

      • Kalynn Osburn

        *chuckle* It’s the evil. I have a serious weakness for evil men.

        Speaking of which would you be ready to do another chapter?

        • YG_Frenchie

          Perhaps in a week? I should be done with my new house by then. Back in order and all.

          Email me 🙂

  • Davey B

    Holy cheese and crackers Batman! o_O
    Good morning to me….

  • Holly

    First of all, the LOOK on Duncan’s face when he says “Now you!” *fans self*

    Second, my browser FROZE on panel two for a full minute, mouse wouldn’t work or anything. I am SO happy I live alone. That would have been hard to explain.

    Oh I am so excited for Saturday! Oh I do hope we get a page on the 28th, since the 27th is my birthday ^^

  • YangYueLan

    I cant wait for the book.

  • Stubbylegs

    OMG DAT ASS!!!!

    • YG_Frenchie

      I’m actually surprised at how hairless it is compared to the rest of him. I love the hair! But I’m also loving the beautiful hairless ass. Wow I’m torn right now.

      • Stubbylegs

        Lol, I hadn’t even noticed. I was too busy admiring its form ;).

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    All this talk about “equipment” makes me want to go shopping at a hardware store NOW! Actually no…..but I can’t get the one scene From “Young Frankenstien” Out of my mind….as Frank gets into bed the light go out and the woman bursts into song . I don’t know if Kyle could hit the High notes” without help….but I’m sure Anni would help him 🙂

    • Yukiness

      I won’t be able to watch young Frankenstein without thinking of this now

      • Wayne Lunkwitz

        Sorry about that…..I call it like I see it ….and that was the first thing that crossed my mind.

  • Lotys

    I’m feeling nostalgic when I read this. Kyle’s reactions are so real that I am reliving my loss of virginity right along with him!

  • Melyn Tenshi

    BEST. VILLAIN. FACE. EVER. Seriously, with that kind of look, my own underpants may be hitting the floor.

    This is the first time I’ve commented here, but I’ve been loyally reading since I first found this comic and, I want to tell you how much I enjoy being able to come and read this.

    I had to do this too… I can’t figure out how to do images here.

    • Cat Astrophe

      … you are perfect.

    • Stubbylegs

      OMG it makes me want to squeeze it! His ass, that is…

    • Mentor Imvu

      .. *Stares at the animation* …. *Falls over as blood sprays from my nose like a fountain*

    • Bwahaha.. that gif is the best thing ever. I nearly choked on my lollipop.

    • Ha!

    • fujoshifanatic

      One million awesome points for you!

  • Cat Astrophe

    I think if they DO get interrupted by some sort of super-ninja attack I might have to throw things… Or just come back and stare at the panel with Duncan’s butt ^^;

  • Happy Olives

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  • Stubbylegs

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    You mean, he hasn’t done anything to make himself desirable to you. Youth and inexperience are a real turn-on for a lot of people, and it’s entirely possible that Duncan actually does see a lot of good in Kyle and may be inspired to redeem himself. I’m not saying that this IS the case, just that it’s possible.

  • Andy Yunker

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    Haha… Although Duncan’s butt is a pretty good present

    *Stares and drools*

  • Amanda

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  • Amanda

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      • GayhawkAZ

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  • Glad to hear it. 🙂

  • Some of the rewards for the Kickstarter backers will include “Full Monty” prints of the adult characters. Once they have been sent out to the backers, I might make some available for sale to the general public. 🙂

    • LynnC


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  • I was too distracted by The Butt to mention this before, but I got a real kick out of Kyle’s “Holy crap!” reaction – it’s a nice callback to his first encounter with Duncan.

  • SofiaT

    I agree. Not about the chemistry part, because these two together are like fire (pun not intented). But Duncan always seems to be so in control of his actions and his emotions, very methodical, while Kyle is like an excited puppy, and seems very affected by everything. Not sure if it’s Duncan’s age and experience that make the difference or if he’s into this for other reasons -and getting to bed a good looking 18yo in the process is just the bonus.
    I hope I’m wrong because if he breaks Kyle’s heart, considering how slowly we get the pages, I’ll be crying for weeks!

  • Julia Bachkurinskiy

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  • Monica

    Alex, you tease!!! I see the outline in Bear Hunks boxer!! You TEASE!! GIMME MORE please..? :3

  • Stubbylegs

    I disagree to an extent. He may have some sort of other motive, but I don’t see Kyle as whiny or immature at all. Even if Duncan does have a side goal here, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have some genuine interest in him. We have to be careful not to project our own desires (or aversions) onto either of them.

  • EldrinSMP

    You know, for a guy as hairy as Anni, he has a really smooth ass.

    • Amanda

      He really isn’t that hairy. About average I would say. We’ve all just become unused to hair, I mean honestly how many celebrities do you see anymore with hairy chests? The only one that comes to mind for me is Hugh Jackman. Hair is a taboo now, my boss was telling me the other day that his teenage son wanted to have laser hair removal for Christmas. I was like,”seriously, short of being a yeti, no teenager needs frigging hair removal”. I, personally, think hair can be sexy. Unless it gets to the point where a guy uses it as a pick up line. My friend once had a guy ask her ” you ever seen a hairy ads? Want to?”. True story.

      • EldrinSMP

        You’re talking to someone who walks into a gay bar and people call for a bear hunter. I know about hairy! 😀 I’m just saying, take what we’ve seen of his chest, what little we’ve seen of his legs, and extrapolate, I’d have expected some hair!

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  • KrisYWC

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    • Nicole Peters

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      • Khun David

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  • Stubbylegs

    I couldn’t help but notice- in the last panel, if you look at the angle of the sheets directly above Kyle’s right hand, it seems like an odd angle. It’s almost as if…something of Kyle’s…were holding the sheets up that way. Not that I would have any idea of what that could be or anything…

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    • 🙂

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  • SofiaT

    I guess comic books are like any other form of art; they awake different emotions and feelings in each of us. For me, the pair of them has great chemistry, I could feel it from the first pages. But while Kyle lets his attraction run free, Duncan’s moves seem very calculated. Hardly the proof of great passion. And he does strike me as a man of great passions. I think (or hope) that no matter what Duncan’s initial motives were, Kyle will do a number on him and we’ll see Anni lose his cool in the future.
    As for Kyle as a character, so far he seems like your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman: he’s eager to help, doesn’t exactly fit in and he’s smart, albeit somewhat naive. But as the previous pages showed, he can think for himself just fine. He’s just confused. Remember, that even his best friends don’t really know him. He’s been carrying a lot of guilt and confusion, he’s a much more complicated character than we’ve had the opportunity to see so far.

    You’re entitled to not like him though -I don’t like Batman 😀

    • Stubbylegs

      Yeah, I think people saying he is whiny and immature aren’t considering what we already know about him. Considering the hell he’s been through over the past 6 years or so what with his foster family and struggling through his early development as a hero, it’s a wonder he’s even as mature as he is. I mean, do people expect him to have a smile on his face all the damn time?

  • Nicole Peters

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    • goddesstio

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    • Stubbylegs

      I got the impression that Kyle made it all the way to the point of orgasm before things went up in flames back when he was 12, but I could be wrong.

      • Gaz Hawkins

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        now did Kyle say “Holy CRAP” because Dunc was naked or because of the size of Dunc Dick?… let’s hope they have plenty of Lube!!!!
        let’s hope we see the look on Kyle’s face as he penetrates Dunc (and maybe as Dunc penetrates him) Love to see the pain melting into pleasure then a guys cum face (well, unless he’s burst into flames at that point of course) LOL

  • Khun David

    In the words of Sirsea… “He’s not a mutant, there’s no alien DNA and certainly no conventional magic. The old rules are different and only Solomon truly understood them. But what you suspected does seem at least possible.” And thus, the ulterior motive…

  • DING DING DING! And we’re getting another bonus page next wednesday.

    Sex sell *lol* Just look at how the donation bar went amok after the sight of that ass…. or maybe no one dared not to make it happen after the look on Duncan’s face in panel 3.

    He IS the Annihilator after all ;D

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  • Stubbylegs

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    • Pup Ruff

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  • Well, that makes me happy to hear! You’re very welcome! 😀

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  • EldrinSMP

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  • SofiaT

    Considering he has to pay Adam and Veronica for the pencils/colouring, I doubt he’s swimming in dollars like Scrooge McDuck.

    • dereule101

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      “Life is like a hurricane // here in Duckburg”

      • SofiaT

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    • As I said a couple pages back, the song text going through my mind when seeing this scene is…

      ~It’s getting hot in here – so hot – so take off all your clothes~
      ~I’m gettin’ so hot, I wanna take my clothes off~

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    • You mean like adding a bear skin rug to the scene?

      I suppose traditionally that is something romantic for a couple to lounge on in front of a fire… Let me think about it! 🙂

      • ajax0407

        Just so long as the fire doesn’t turn out to be Kyle (since I don’t think open hearths are generally a common feature in warehouses…)! Could be a bit of a mood killer =P

        • Adam Black

          but that would mean a 3way…

      • Adam Black

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        Or at least shadows so we know whos cut or not

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      • Please let it be “Fight freaking-big robots!” Please! 😀

        • Stubbylegs

          I was just going to say “go to sleep,” but that works too.

      • zunden

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      • Adam Black

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        • Stubbylegs

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      I often camp for this comic and its always worth it. I just Redbull my work day.

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