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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Two—Page 18

216 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Two—Page 18

Yeah, you probably wouldn’t be talking either…

I’M AT GAYMERX 2013 IN SAN FRANCISCO THIS WEEKEND! It’s the first LGBT Gaming Convention focused on queer geek culture—like comics with gay superheroes! I’ll be selling (and signing!) copies of the Artifice book and well as offering a bunch of other cool The Young Protectors and Artifice merch (prints, keychains, buttons!). I’ll be there Saturday and Sunday in the Dealer Room (aka the Sakura Room), right inside the door. It’s in Japantown at the Hotel Kabuki. If you’re in the neighborhood, please stop by and say hi!

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So! Last time Kyle’s shirt got unbuttoned, but on this page The Annihilator took his completely off. Well, double-dog-dare, little hero! What are you going to do to compete with that!

Tune in next Saturday this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there!

DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! Edit 9:26 AM: I’m running off to the Con, but you did it again! Thanks to your generous donations, you’ve tipped the donation bar past its target and that means that in addition to our regular update next Saturday (page 20!), there will be a bonus update (page 19!) this Wednesday, August 7th! Thank you all so much!

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  • Klaus

    Kyle looks so short on this page.

    • Mike W

      He’s a bit weak at the knees

      • who wouldn’t be??

      • Titan4Ever

        THAT’S IT! Kyle looks so disproportionately small because he’s gone into visceral overload shock and is already swooning to the floor!

    • JJxxxx

      After I tore my eyes away from the hotness, I was thinking the same thing. How tall is Kyle in comparison to The Annihilator?

  • Thomas David Hamilton

    AH YEAH this is getting good

  • Laurenihilation


  • Klaus

    The unwrapping of the birthday gift.

  • TwilightDreamer

    YES! was literally waiting all day for this! XD (and every bit worth the wait to XD)
    wow…heh heh, Kyle suddenly looks even smaller against him…*gulp* XD
    Thanks so much! 😀 I’m loving this.

    • You’re welcome! I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it! 😀

  • KrisYWC

    Hellllooooo daddy!

  • Feverfew_M

    Kyle seems to like what he’s seeing. Me too! 😀

  • I’m tempted to act like one of those women at a striptease party who’s cheering all nuts and waving money when the clothes come off XD

    THIS is fan service of the best kind, and my thoughts were correct. From the previous look of his arms, Anni both has a hairy chest and a tresure trail <3

    Oh my~… which I'm sure is what Kyle's thinking there.

    I'm sitting here with a goofy smile, because of a comic guy stripping *LOL* This is veeeery well drawn!

    • Sapfo

      You said if Danish. Bring out the money!
      With this image on my mind, I will have a great day.

    • Mimi

      Oh yes. WANT!
      I agree.
      My personal favorite is the middle panel, really sexy. I also like Duncan’s hint of a smile in the last one. He’s gorgeous and he knows it 🙂

  • Stubbylegs

    It almost looks to me like Kyle isn’t exactly looking at Anni’s chest, but is trying not to be too obvious about looking a little lower than that…

    • Stubbylegs

      Either that or it looks like he *wants* to touch the mancandy but is a little nervous. That or he’s trying to figure out how to undo Anni’s pants, which can be a little tricky the very first time.

  • Shereen Deemer

    So this just made my day much brighter! And like some of the other readers, I’ve been sitting here giggling to myself. Seeing this makes being stuck home with a broken foot worthwhile! XD

    • Angie Penrose

      Ouch! Take care of yourself, hon! Maybe reading through the comic a few times would be distracting for a while…?


    • Sorry to hear about your foot. I’m glad this made your day feel brighter! Get well soon! 😀

  • Soubi

    Kyle, explore every inch of that glorious chest.

  • TrippChic

    Hot damn…

  • StarrySkyDancer

    How can it be he looks twice as muscular with his clothes off?!:P Hot damn XD

  • Monica

    I knew it!! Under that silver costume, Anni is a freaking BEAR hunk!! 😀 Bear hunk and cub. Yes, you can change the name right now Alex XD

    • Titan4Ever

      Granted it’s possible with body-armor costuming that Duncan could have the same body issues the majority endure with middle-agedom. However, I was pretty certain he was a well-muscled man from his very first full panel shot during the intro. Shiny fabrics do not look as good on the less fortunate. . .

  • Hours

    Yes please.

  • Angie Penrose

    Kyle: Woohoo! All for me!

    Duncan: Happy Birthday!

  • CH

    Happy birthday little hero.

  • Lilka Lilianna

    *fans self* UNF!

    I’m afraid my brain can not produce a more eloquent commentary at this moment…

  • KrisYWC

    Kyle, try not to drool.

  • Mumin


  • Shinashi

    Age hasn’t hurt this man at all…MMMM-MMM~

  • Holly

    *swallows hard* Um…I… well….yeah.

    I do not have an intelligent comment. Duncan striping almost broke my brain, but then Alex’s comment about “double dog dare” in his commentary makes me wonder what will happen wednesday. But yeah…no word.

    Actually I do have ONE thing: how Freaking tall is Duncan? Kyle doesn’t seem that short so Duncan must be pretty tall. How tall are they both?

  • toli Bera

    Wait… did he get BIGGER by taking his shirt off?

    • Khun David

      That’s his real super power.

      • toli Bera

        I think that speaks more to the quality of his tailoring.

    • AC♥Bear

      *Level Up*

    • Nic Mercy

      I am sure Kyle got “bigger” when Anni took his shirt off ^_^

    • Titan4Ever

      My thoughts exactly–did we lose the visual scale between these two when all the blood rushed to our netherparts? We’ve already seen Kyle in Duncan’s arms twice, plus a steamy kissing embrace. But DA-YUM, he looks like he dwarves him, and we haven’t even gotten to the great reveal yet!

      • toli Bera

        can someone overlay Duncan top of the screen to bottom?

  • vessto

    *can’t stop drooling* Amazing body!

  • Nite_Star

    Oh god, girl-boner… cant handle the sexiness… (cue uncontrollable libido and moaning)

  • SpookyDomme

    Everything about this page was worth waiting for. Duncan’s magnificence, the cheeky grins…Kyle’s adorable “GAHTDAMN” expression.

  • The expressions in the last panel are priceless. xD <3

  • JJxxxx

    Dayum, this is hot!

  • YG_Frenchie

    I knew it. I JUST KNEW he was going to be one hell of a sexy beast! I’m incredibly happy with his body hair too! WOW. I’m surprised I’m forming full sentences right now. Kyle is SOOOO LUCKY!!

    Well done, Adam and Vero!! We bow to you and it’s only just begun.

    *gets a mop for excess drool* Going to work with the biggest smile today.

    • Jamie Dutton

      Clean up in aisle Hot Damn!
      Lol, I think I might need to bring out the cleaning supplies too, but later, much, much later.

  • Stubbylegs

    I wonder what exactly is going through Kyle’s head in that last panel…

    “Omg I just looked at his penis; maybe he didn’t notice…” *looks up at Duncan’s face* “Ok he noticed…dammit I did it again! I’m still doing it!”

  • fujoshifanatic

    Oh my gosh, Kyle, that is a LOT of hot man to handle for your first time. I love his expression in the last panel. It looks like he’s thinking (if you could be thinking at this moment), “All this hotness…I want…what do I do now…so hot!” Don’t worry little Kyle; Duncan looks like he knows what he’s doing. Just relax and enjoy the ride. 🙂

  • Krondor2000

    Something tells me this birthday party is just beginning! Woot!

  • Chris Dangerfield

    Okay, if you’re Kyle, this panel perfectly captures that moment when you start to think that all the effing drama involved in growing up gay… just… might… be worth it. Well done! LOL.

    • kaycee1967

      You sir, hit it spot on!

    • Nicely put. 🙂

  • DarkFeanix21

    Um… uh… *Has lost the ability to think complete thoughts*

  • Amanda

    Well I know what I want for Christmas.

  • Amanda

    Also those suits and dress shirts are not doing Duncan justice. At all.

    • AC♥Bear

      PSH; I’L SAY.
      Duncy Honey should dedicate his first true heroic action to becoming a nudist.

      • Amanda

        I second that motion.

        • Maria White

          Third! Oh dear lordy yes…

      • Ha! 😀

      • Amanda

        I still want that last panel as a wallpaper……for my bedroom.

  • JJxxxx

    How high does the donation bar have to go for us to get the next page tomorrow instead of Wednesday?

    • Bryan Axson


  • Erica

    And I’m wondering how he hasn’t combusted yet. Lol

  • Gaz Hawkins

    I think Kyle is going to be chewing on Dunc’s nips for a while…. he’s staring at them already 😉
    of course, Kyle could be hung down to his knee – that would top Duncan’s very impressive, and furry chest (nice to see a furry guy!!!)

  • Kalynn Osburn

    Aaaaaaaaaand my ladyboner is up!

    I’m not usually into dudes with hair in the least but on Duncan everything becomes instant hot!

    • TwilightDreamer

      I agree, I don’t usually like body hair…but Duncan is one of the few who can get away with it 😛

    • Jamie Dutton

      I think it’s that Duncan has just enough hair to be manly and smexy. Thankfully it’s not like a bear in winter kind of thing. Geez, I bet he smells good too.

  • KiannaLeigh

    *snrk* the look of pure “yes please” on Kyle’s face. That just made this whole chapter. He looked like he wants to lick him. And Anni is all “I’m sexy and I know it!” That last panel just made the whole freaking chapter.

    • Jamie Dutton

      Of course Kyle wants to lick the mancandy!

    • observingdetail

      Now I’ve got an image of Duncan and Kyle running around in a speedo and dancing/singing/acting like LMFAO did in that music video. I’m laughing now, but that doesn’t mean I don’t desperately wish that music video could become a reality.

      • KiannaLeigh

        You’re welcome.

    • Patrick Wohl

      He’s wearing the same face I think many of us had on when
      Anni was removing his shirt. So awesome.

  • Amanda

    Seriously I am on like my 5 millionth viewing of this page since 8 this morning. I really think you need to make a wallpaper of that last panel.

  • Jamie Dutton

    Um, words…say stuff in words….OMG, thank you, Alex, Adam, and Veronica! That’s all i got. 😀
    *goes back to staring, drooling, and fangirl giggling*

  • Etone

    Oh to be Kyle about now! Duncan is as handsome as ever – well I suppose I should correct myself here, SEXY as ever! Oh please please treat Kyle right, Duncan – I’m so hoping he actually is into the poor kid rather than some nefarious plot or what-have-you~! <3 I don't normally post but goodness me, the whole build up to this little bit is just perfect! Duncan romanced the CRAP out of me and I can only IMAGINE what Kyle's thinking (Oh wait no, it's "YES PLEASE!")

  • Love the expression on Duncan’s face — both smug, and pleased for Kyle that Kyle likes the look of his birthday present.

    Oh, and yes – drooooool.

  • Frater Gymnos

    Wow! Kyle really REALLY Lucked out on his first time. Please let us see this happen from beginning to end. P-L-E-A-S-E!

  • TheGodEaters

    The Annihilator has got it going ON, mmmhmmm…. And from the look on his face Kyle is most certainly appreciating the view. (As are we all.) Go on Kyle, you can touch the sizzling hot Duncan. He’ll let you. <3<3<3

  • sean annorhi?

    you most definitely can invade my Bigh Pusci™ any day of the hour.

    you heard me.

    Any Day.
    of The Hour.

    meanwhile: as an outsider, i wish to take the liberty of guffawing quite loudly at hunky dunky’s “is your mind blown?”/”yeah. i gots dis.” mug

    or maybe it’s an, “i reck’n you didn’t expect an old man to look as good as i do, yeah? then, wait until i Drop Trou, young whelp” expression?

    either way, we all know what’s gonna be our new desktop wallpaper.

    (just, please..
    ..let the next page find either of these two gentleman’s faces latched firmly onto the other’s nipple. . . . .
    . . . . .my own metaphoric-lady parts shall implode on sight

    {veronica, let’s give al a “gentle nudge” toward that direction

    • Klaus

      I am certain the next page is already made. The coloring may not be quite finished, but it is long out of Alex’ hands.

    • KiannaLeigh

      “metaphoric-lady parts”? 0.0 oh my god. I think my mind just got blown.

      … wait. What?

      • (i had The Duncan Effect on you, m’lady.

        :: smug snake ::)

        metaphoric-lady parts.

        you may, from time to time, encounter such expressions from an individual who is a “conservative,” somewhatly_gender-queer fellow


        duncan brings such things from out of me.

        such as he also springs forth ‘lady boners.’
        (heh heh)
        both metaphoric and physiologic.

  • Davey B

    Soooo I have been following these comics for a while, and when you started the kickstarter I informed my brother about it and (since he is big into supporting things that I support) he decided to back it as well…. but this page just made it click in my head all of the homo-erotic stuff that he is going to be getting once things get sent out…. and it is cracking me up.
    so yay for this page!

    • Nicole Peters

      Yes, such as the full monty vote emails. HOW NAKED SHALL THEY BE GUYS. IT SEEMS YOU WANT ALL OF THE NAKED, GOOD.

    • And yay for your brother for supporting the things you support! 😀

      • Davey B

        haha of course!
        and thank you for starting these comics ^_^

  • Rin

    “Ooh dayum.



  • YangYueLan

    Ok, I knew Anni was super strong but somehow I did not get that super strong=big muscles. So when he poses (you know he is) in that last frame my mind broke.

  • kaycee1967

    I’d give really money to hear Kyle utter “OH DADDY!”

  • AC♥Bear


  • Nataly

    There is so much donation because it is getting to the good part….Damn those muscles. I love them.

  • Yummy… I’d like to say something more intelligent, but I think my brain is broken.

    • CH

      You and all the rest of us Darlin’.

  • TwoWayStar

    *cheers* hot dang!

    Kyle looks like he wants to climb him! xD

  • Jennifer Llewellyn

    Klye looks like a kid in a candy shop….lol

    • AC♥Bear

      And he /really/ wants the lollipop.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    I never expected that of Duncan….my brain sees him as an older man , NOT a (slobber) (drooool) Stud muffin!

  • I…oh… *helloooooo* Anni!

  • For a man his age, Anni is well trained. Heck, that goes for a guy in any age 🙂

    No matter what might happen later, for this Kyle struck gold – or looking at Anni maybe it should rather be Kyle struck silver.

    Silver Fox is just yummy. I’d forget all about his age too if I was in Kyle’s shoes.

    • ShadowKat

      Honey, I think he forgot about those things the second Anni TOUCHED him….at that point I think his brain just melted into a puddle of lust….

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    o now we know the reason for the Annialtor costume having the “shape” it does……to accomodate the man wearing it! (sorry for the miss spellings I’m in no mood to argue with spell check)

  • Jackal

    The look on Kyle’s face is priceless. XD

  • Summer

    I don’t know if anyone remembers Pe-Pe LePew from the old cartoons….but yeah, doing that entire routine over here. In case someone was wondering.

  • Anna Calloway

    Well well well…..His face just says, “Yeah, this is what a real man looks like.” ^_^

  • Stubbylegs

    Yay bonus sexypage Wednesday! With action like this, though, I’m not at all surprised ;).

  • Belle

    I squee’d like so loud

  • warwriter

    Be still my heart…

  • RustyBurrell

    Merciful heavens… *clutches pearls and faints*

  • Sebastian

    I’m getting a muscle bear vibe from Anni in this page. And I like it. 😉

  • Sapfo

    Okay Anni, you might look the look, but can you walk the walk? You better take a spin on the catwalk so I can really see you.
    Oh and I want some solid prof that you are a good lover for Kyle, because he needs some good loving.

  • amanda


  • dereule101

    Shit just got real, Kyle.

  • TheManBehindTheCurtain

    No need for words on this page,……. Just More Panels!

  • Caffienated

    Kraft needs to hire this guy as the new Zesty Guy. 🙂

  • Titan4Ever

    After about my 4th revisit to this page–this sums it up: Awww & Awe!

  • Darkflame173

    Yep, I knew that was gonna tip the donation bar into a new page XD

  • EldrinSMP

    Is it bad that the only thing I could hear after looking at this page was a voice in my head going “OHHH MYYYYYYYYYYYY”

    • Stubbylegs

      I’m assuming that voice is George Takei’s?

      • ShadowKat

        If it’s not, you deserve all the shame the internet can offer…

        And no, there is NOTHING wrong with that..Took me 20 minutes for my brain to recover so I could post this….Best 20 minutes of my week XD

      • timemonkey

        Isn’t everyone’s inner voice George Takei’s?

      • Sovereignty3

        Watching this video to check out his voice:
        Stopped before I cried too much.
        Totally right.

    • Nicole Peters

      This should have way more up votes than it does. Especially since it read my mind. I can also see his face.

  • Excellent, now I have the thing I wanted most out of this scene and also I think my brain just melted? I thought he would just shrug off his shirt at some point, I wasn’t expecting a full-page stripping sequence!

    …god bless you beautiful people

  • Lotys

    If happiness were a comic book page, it would be this.

  • Nicola Cameron

    *looks at last panel a little longer*
    *flails some more*

    Oh, dear God I know I’m not the target audience, but I could *hear* my uterus go DING on the second-to-last panel. Bra-fucking-vo, people

    • Preludetoa

      Sounds like someone is going through the changes!

      • Nicola Cameron

        No changes, sweetie — I’m fabulous just the way I am.

  • Preludetoa

    Duncan has body for DAYS! I am screaming and falling out! YASSSS!

  • coyoteconscious

    Hottest supervillain ever.

  • Kuraen

    You bring tears to my eyes. Absolutely fabulous! XD

  • Lindsey Amethyst Hampton

    *chinhands* I did not realize how much BIGGER than Kyle Duncan was. He’s a full head and shoulders taller and at LEAST half a foot broader. Yuuuummmy

  • Yami_no_Ite

    Yes. This page looks great. So I would like to say congrats to Adam and Veronica. You guys have done a great job bringing Adam’s characters (and Duncan’s chest MMmmmmmmm) to life.

  • KrisYWC

    I still can’t get over Kyle’s face.

    • Nicole Peters

      I know, man. I know. I wish I could put it into words but I can see how he could be in a Saturday morning cartoon when not makin’ it with old men.

  • Yukiness

    I requested one more page of above waist skin and I am the world’s happiest customer! If you fade to black now i won’t be mad.

  • Megan Staples

    Oooooo! This is wonderful, Alex! I’m so happy for Kyle and Duncan! Mmmmm, and Kyle is looking at Duncan like he’s edible! I love it!

    • He is edible. 🙂

      Put a whole cake in front of a kid whose parents didn’t let them have sugar. The same thing is going to happen here. 😀

      This is going to get messy in a good way.

      Thanks to everyone who pitched in for the next page. :hug:

      • Cman65

        Kyle is getting the whole Cake-shop tonight

  • Nicole Peters

    Alright I know this is sexy and all but why can I never ever stop laughing at Duncan’s expressions. Seriously. Duncan. Do you practice those in the mirror? You are such a cheesy supervillain even when you’re being nice and just Duncan. Maybe it’s just a reflex, he is pretty old.

  • Oh, to Alex and the artists. I thank you for leaving some hair on Duncan.

    It seems to be a point that comes up now and again for me. Don’t shave men. The hair proves that they are men. Hair on their chest is a good thing. 🙂

    • Lotta

      Not all men have hair on their chests. My husband doesn’t and he’s definitely not less manly.

      • Nightshadengale

        As someone who is also married to a man with no chesthair, thank you for pointing this out because I probably would have said something a lot snarkier.

        • I have nothing against smooth chested guys. I like them too. Heck, I just like male. 🙂

          But like I said above:

          “I didn’t say that men without hair is a bad thing.

          I just said that there was nothing wrong with leaving guys with the hair on their chest that they were born to have. Instead of making it seem wrong that they had any at all.”

          There is room for both, but lately I’ve just been seeing guys with smooth chests, and here is Duncan with hair. I was just happy to see it.

          • Nightshadengale

            It’s the “born to have” part (and previous “the hair proves that they are men”) that makes it somewhat offensive. I’m not sure you’re understanding our point, which is that some men naturally do not grow any hair on their chests.

          • If anything, I was trying to say, now, since I wasn’t trying to make a statement before, is that men with hair shouldn’t be hidden or denied a presence.

            I wasn’t looking for this whole long thing. I have yet to touch a guy with a hairy chest, and I don’t know if that is from odds, or male chest shaving trend, or what. So I can’t say it’s a preference.

            I know very well that some guys don’t/can’t grow much, if any, body hair. That is in their genes.

            Some guys grow hair. Some a lot, Some not so much. It’s in their genes.

            I didn’t say all men. I just said men. They may have the gene. They may not. It might be recessive. I don’t know. I was just happy to see equal time.

            This is also going to be my last comment on the subject. I do not feel that passionate about this subject to keep going.

            I left a comment on another part of this thread that you may or may not agree with. If you feel like leaving something. Go right ahead, but I won’t be commenting back.

    • Jules

      Some men are born with female bodies, too. Don’t erase people’s gender just because of your personal preference for body hair.

      • I didn’t say that men without hair is a bad thing.

        I just said that there was nothing wrong with leaving guys with the hair on their chest that they were born to have. Instead of making it seem wrong that they had any at all.

        • Stubbylegs

          Except…you said having hair proves that they are men, like it makes them any manlier than those without it (whether by choice or not).

          • As in biologically. Puberty. Some do, some don’t and I’ve seen when some do, they are told, or hinted heavily at to shave it off.

            A man with no hair isn’t any less manly than a guy with hair or any other man for that matter.

            And a guy with hair isn’t a beast that needs to be shaved.

    • Jhoy, I’m glad you’re enjoying the view. 🙂

      And points well made, everyone. It’s important to remember that men can come in all shapes and sizes and levels of furriness. And definitions of “real men” in our culture can be very pernicious

      Let’s also please also remember to try to avoid the “you” word when making our points, though. It’s very cool to make folks more aware when their speech might feel negating to others—I certainly appreciate getting that feedback because it’s the last way I’d want someone to feel. But when we start making assumptions about others’ intentions (using snark or not), then that can feel pretty negating too. Also, frankly, the assumptions we make about strangers on the Internet are often incorrect and, as my Comments Policy states, this comment section isn’t the place for that kind of thing.

      Keep it about the ideas and the point; always address others while assuming the best and with a tone of respect; and it’s all good. 🙂

  • ladyaoi

    is that drool on Kyle’s mouth…oh no wait it’s just me ‘;’

    why do u feel like growling….

  • bronakopdin

    I’m not much into body hair… but Anni sure is hot there xD~
    something in my mind wants me to be Kyle’s hand and just touch him… yum~

  • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

    Alex, Vero, Adam… you broke my brain. Even figuring out how to type this was difficult. DAY-UM! Just day-um! Duncan… oh lordy, all hot dreams rolled into one!

  • Derkins

    helloo nurse

  • sexy woman~

    To be honest I was a little hesitant to read this because of Duncan,s age but its worth it know. This was awesome!!!! Thanks!!!

    • TwilightDreamer

      Yeah, I usually steer clear of such large age differences like this one, but I gave it a go, and it’s just too good to resist 😛

  • Cman65

    Hello DADDY

  • Dark_Otter

    Why do I have a sudden craving for cantaloupe?

  • Back to look at this (again) and I still go YEAH BABY~

    Duncan hasn’t only been seducing Kyle this whole time, he’s been seducing the readers as well ;D

    Consider it done <3

  • Stubbylegs

    Damn, this makes me wish Duncan was real. Oh, and that I was a guy. A gay (or at least not exclusively heterosexual) guy.

  • Skittles 4ever

    … I think sexy just hit me in the face… Let me check. *Looks again… Wakes up with amnesia* … I think -ect.-

    I knew that suit wasn’t doing Duncan justice!

  • Cman65

    If he is that well BUILT every where a red-head is going to be in BIG TROUBLE

    • Jackal

      Honestly, I’d love to see Duncan on the bottom, for that very reason. XD

      • Angie Penrose

        I’d like to see Duncan on the bottom too, but mostly because having the bigger/older guy on top is kind of a cliche. Which isn’t to say I don’t enjoy it that way too, mind you. But “bottom” doesn’t have to mean “submissive.” Having Duncan, built like a Mac truck but at the same time caring and patient, focused on making this great for Kyle, coaching him from the bottom? Yeah, that’d be awesome. 🙂


        • Jackal

          Clearly, we share a brain.

  • Stubbylegs

    Now it’s time for them to touch ALL the things!

    • SakuraHana

      YES! Touch ALL the things!

  • SakuraHana

    OOoooohhh Alex…. whoever does the illustrations/graphics/drawing/crayola colorin/alloftheabove…..they apparently have studied the male physique intensely, and took notes, and has talent…. We knew this before – the work done on this comic is always a visual masterpiece – but to see Anni’s physique so expertly done, especially compared to Kyle’s 18 yr old body, Bravo. Now I need to find a napkin for the drool on my keyboard while I was typing this…

  • Firebirds1

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