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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Two—Page 14

109 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Two—Page 14

Your lips say “swiftly,” but your eyes says “chop into little, itty, bitty pieces.”

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I’ll also be on this panel:

  • Saturday, July 20 5:30 P.M. – 7:00 P.M. – “Gays in Comics XXVI: We’re Here… We’re Queer… NOW What?” in Room 6A where I’ll be talking about gay comics with a bunch of cool folk, including writer/producer Jane Espenson of Buffy, Torchwood, Once Upon A Time, and Husbands fame!

It’d be awesome to see some friendly faces in the audience of those panels too!

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So! The Annihilator is giving Kyle comfort and reassurance Anni-style. Will he have put Kyle’s mind at ease? Will we now get to the kissing part? Or will there be more startling revelations?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! D

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  • LimpBiskit

    Looking forward to the next page, can’t wait to see how this develops!

  • krissdevalnor

    Great page 😀 I didnt believe they had such rules. I thought they were just nice on a whim and then killed whoever they wanted to kill the next. Nice to know he has some decency 🙂

  • Nightshadengale

    So they have their own..unofficial internal supervillan police? I wonder if the rules come from the majority or just the most powerful.

    • timemonkey

      Probably from the smart ones. If you’re going to be a supervillain you’re playing a dangerous game and if someone upsets the balance you get a LOT of massively pissed off heroes out for blood. Between most people, even criminals, having at least some standards and sheer self preservation there’s going to be rules for them to follow or else it ends badly for everyone.

      • Klaus

        Not just heroes. The problem with normals is that there are so many of us. Even if you have superpowers, you would need to be powerful indeed to stand up to an army. Or to a special police force with military grade equipment.

        • Angie Penrose

          What you said. [nod] When I was playing Champions, we’d always MUCH rather go up against a supervillain and his flunkies than a swarm of well-armed, high-tech agents. O_O


  • Anni, I love you and your wicked ways. They make me smile. And by smile, I mean grin maniacally. 😀

  • Brian W

    I find it interesting that even the villains here are more “Lawful Evil” in that they have a code of ethics amongst themselves. Although I’d definitely be freaking out in Kyle’s place right now at the fact that all the superheroes and villains knew my identity.

    • Angie Penrose

      I think it’s more likely that some of them are Lawful Evil, and the others are afraid of the ones who are. 🙂 It’d be too eyerolly if all the bad guys were LE, or had hearts of gold, or whatever. I mean, if there are “heroes” like Mutt and Jeff from Hong Kong, then there have to be villains or vigilantes who are sociopathic douchebags, no?

      But we’ve been told that Annihilator is THE most powerful and feared of all the supervillains, so I imagine he can do quite a bit to enforce his ethics on the supervillain community, whenever he cares to. Which he might or might not at any given time, but the other bad guys would always have to wonder whether he’d decide to intervene that time if they decided to, say, go have some fun with Flyboy. That wondering would do as much to deter really horrible behavior as any other rule/penalty system ever does, and actually ripping a sociopathic douchebag into tiny little pieces occasionally would make the deterrence factor that much more effective.


      • Marie Laurent

        It just makes me think of the League in Venture Bros, myself, which doesn’t say much about its effectiveness. (however, this does scream of resemblance to when the Monarch wants to feed the Venture family to fish and has to let them go because Dean is sick (very beginning of a first season episode))

  • Chelsea H Adler

    Well, now Kyle is 18… this may pose some problems

  • timemonkey

    There could be startling revelations DURING the kissing, give everyone what they want. XD

  • Sapfo

    Aah, Annihilator and the bad guys have a heart of gold.
    think it is great with villains who have a code of honor. makes them more likable.
    And mr Annihilator, if you wheren´t gay, I would have liked to date you. maybe you have a twin brother how is not taken?

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      Food for thought …some bad guys don’t even have a heart;)

  • geez, hunky dunky..’ll never cease making the most sexy of faces, will ya?

    do you have a Daddy in your life like this gentleman, into whose golden-blue eyes you have the privilege of losing yourself, and whose ruggedly-handsome, debonair face you get to caress, every night?

  • Nite_Star

    When he says “Swiftly” I get all excited in all the right places and
    forget he’s talking about anything clean…

    All I want to know, is… HOW swiftly??

  • I wonder if Kyle is feeling a little scared or turned on after those last two panels? 😛 Who knows!

  • Klaus

    “You are just as safe as you were yesterday.” So the 18th birthday is not what makes you not a child according the the villains’ code.

    • Klaus

      Replying to my own post. I got fooled by the wierd lack of a singular/plural distiction in the second person in English. Duncan’s “you” is a reply to Kyle’s “we”. So he does not mean Kyle specifically but young supers in general.

      • Sapfo

        And I do think Duncan means young people, not like Oh your 18 therefore it´s okay to hurt you now. Because we all know that Duncan might not hurt him, but he is going after dear young master Kyle. (.^_^:)

      • Garry Leonberger

        That bothers American speakers, too, that’s why we jury rig 2nd Person Plural pronouns. The south (myself included) use the term “y’all” a contraction of you-all.
        I’ve also heard “you’uns” in the north, which is… something like “you ones,” or something like that.
        More common in the north is “you’s guys” or “you’s,” apparently.

        • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

          In Pittsburgh, we’ve got ‘yinz’ – “you ones” 🙂

        • Nightshadengale

          I think “yous guys” is specifically a northeastern thing for the most part… In the northern midwest (at least the parts I’ve lived in) it’s just “you guys.”

      • That’s right. He’s referring to young supers in general here.

        And as the discussion below indicates, the lack of a second person plural in English does indeed create challenges. For example, my natural inclination from where I grew up is to use “you guys” but I find that to be more gender-biased than I’d like (guys typically refers just to boys and men), so I’ve re-trained myself to say “y’all” instead. I’m not from one of the Southern states, but I have a lot of family there, so I figure I can get away with it. 😉

  • Saxon_Brenton

    I started to type up a rather long and rambly examination of Anni’s contention that supervillains have self-policing rules, possibly based on human decency, more probably on the principle of enlightened self-interest not wanting to upset the apple cart. But it turned out to be too long and too rambly. So for now I’ll just make the quick observation that the supervillains may indeed have a functioning rule against harming underage superheroes: But that the one unifying characteristic of supervillains is that they’re people who break rules when it’s convenient for them. I don’t doubt that for most of the supervillains that the prospect of being dealt with by their peers swiftly and permanently and in a process that doesn’t allow for appeals is enough. But that still leaves concerns about the desperate, the pathologically arrogant and power mad, and the deranged – and whether the offender is too powerful for the other villains to take down without cost to themselves, causing their community to turn a blind eye.

    Let’s just say that Anni’s reassurance is only about halfway reassuring. A thoughtful superhero (and Kyle seems to be one, even if he’s a bit young and naive at times) should still have concerns.

  • Soubi

    Well, at least we know they have some moral code here. Good thing Kyle isn’t a kid anymore, am I right? (Oh boy…)

  • StarrySkyDancer

    The talking takes to long gna gna gna 😛
    Haha, no I’m loving every single one of their interactions (although the lovey dovey ones have my preference ofcourse 😉 and the art and colouring is amazing like always 😀

  • KrisYWC

    Does this count as “messing” with a child?

    • Sapfo

      Well, if it is, then Kyle better deal with Duncan…Swiftly!
      Before anyone else do.

      • I suddenly got a very ooc image of Kyle with his finger steepled going. “Soon.”

  • Madock345

    Makes me wonder if it’s a coincidence that Anni started “messing with” Kyle right when he wasn’t going to be a child anymore…

  • Kiri

    I knew a person who worked in the prisons as a psychiatrist. What Anni is saying is very similar to what my friend found in the prisons. Criminals who killed or molested children, when going into prison found that the other prisoners treated them as the lowest of the low, and often found ways to make their lives hell or short or both, in prison. Being a thief or a murderer does not in general mean that you condone paedophilia or infanticide. Human beings are tricky animals – no-one is completely evil, or completely good. And everyone operates by their own moral stands – even if those moral standards are twisted and strange.

  • Sebastian

    Looks like even bad guys have standards.

    Kind of reminds me of the D&D standards of good and evil. Lawful evil and all that.

    • Niggle

      I love that, the lawful/neutral/chaotic. Haven’t thought about it in a long time. I wonder where Anni is on that now.

      • an anarchist wouldn’t be strictly lawful evil i guess, even though he sounds like that right now. but i wouldn’t like to go for neutral evil, because that is the most dangerous alignment of all – evil that is not inhibited by honor or lack of organization. Definitely not chaotic, at least not since he’s grown out of bullying bullies. So – Lawful Evil with a twisted interpretation of Anarchy as a kind of law??

        and what about Kyle? neutral good with youthful streaks of romantic lawfulness?

        • thebitterfig

          I think of Duncan more as a chaotic evil who sold out. Realised there was more money to be made in the white collar realm. But in his bones…

        • kaycee1967

          With age comes experience. Duncan has admitted his changes in previous panels. Kyle recognized them. People use the word anarchy in many different forms than what the original definition intended. Duncan probably ascribed some of his belief to the definition of anarchy that is “A utopian society of individuals who enjoy complete freedom without government…”
          So many people use the term with the idea of destruction. What Duncan seems to ascribe is a form of Libertarian anarchy.

      • Jason Wexler

        I am surprised no one is yet suggesting that Duncan moved from Lawful Evil, to Neutral Neutral.

        Although I’ve never really cared for the Lawful/Chaotic dichotomy. As is so often the case when I see axis’ I want to split it, since I don’t view Lawful and Ordered as the same thing nor Chaotic and Anarchistic as the same thing, but I do see Anarchistic as the opposite of Lawful and Ordered as the Opposite of Chaotic.

    • thebitterfig

      Well, there are standards, and then there is pragmatism. Probably the best way to get some serious ticked off heroes would be to off their children. Inconvenient. Likewise, many villains probably have kids they want to protect, so they simply made it too costly for anyone to attempt.

    • Sanbai

      Totally off topic – Sebastian, where is your avatar from?

      • Sebastian

        Young Avengers, the 2013 reboot. Either issue 3 or 4, I can’t remember.

    • I am delighted by the discussion of D&D alignments here. Makes me want to get a few pizzas and have an all-night gaming session with y’all. 🙂

      • Garry Leonberger

        I would SO play a game with you as DM.

  • Vasyl

    …well since Kyle is now 18 does this mean he is technically fair game for the super villain community? I am suddenly more scared of Anni now and his plans for kyle.

    • kaycee1967

      Read my response to this panel… think about what Duncan’s said in the past. These words are of reassurance to Kyle.

  • Jamie Dutton

    Um, am I the only one who is in no way, shape, or form ‘reassured’ by that revelation?
    Btw, I’ve read most of the comments and ya’ll have good points about the policing thing. Hmm, but no one has mentioned The Platinum Priestess, yet. I’m thinking if anyone is keeping a great big mystical eye on things, it would be her. Partly for policing, but I’m guessing she’d also be looking for something to give her an ‘edge’ on someone or everyone for that matter. We don’t call her “Magical Cougar” simply because she’s a very hot, older woman! I’m willing to bet she’s got both the curiosity and the cunning of a feline.

  • Alexander

    This will put him in an interesting position next time he sees his team. Its obviously something they will want to know about, but telling them would involve admitting he’s dating Anni.

    • Klaus

      I am quite certain that Amanda knows. Spooky too. Just as they know the real names of young supers outside their team.

  • Khun David

    Makes you wonder what Anni did to the Liefeld twins after he brought Kyle back home from Hong Kong.

    • timemonkey

      Probably nothing. They thought Kyle was someone else, remember. Plus I’m still fully convinced he set the whole thing up.

      • kaycee1967

        He didn’t set up…

        • timemonkey

          Evidence would lean towards it totally being a set up/

          • austin

            why and how would he get 2 superheros to come and beat him and his boyfriend up? And what evidence is there that he did?

          • Klaus

            We know that he obtained the pixie dust for the occasion. And he was very quick to use it when the disturbed duo showed up. Looks planned to me.

          • timemonkey

            To win Kyle’s trust. They took a magic gate to China, Somehow two English speaking bounty hunters found them AND Annie had a magic powder to turn Kyle invisible ready to go. Annie wasn’t really in much danger, one doesn’t become the most feared villain on the planet by relying soley on their powers. By saving and sparing the attackers Annie made a massively good impression, his guard is pretty much down.

          • flame821

            The mere fact that he didn’t physically destroy the two vigilante superheros/hunters leads me to believe they are on his payroll. I’m with TimeMonkey on this one.

    • Sanbai

      HAHAHAHAHAA! *wipes a tear* Liefield Twins! That is so incredibly apropos!

      If only those two greasy losers properly embodied the sheer scorn and disdain I feel for Rob Liefield though…

  • Turning 18 brings a WHOLE new reality to Kyle.. and fast. Welcome to adulthood and huge revelations!

    Besides the dialog, the best of this page is soo the two close-up panels. Kyle’s surprised dumbfounded expression made me sit with a big smile. It’s just so.. cute.

    And Anni’s face when he say ‘swiftly’.. Oh my god, it’s so good.
    You know that moment in The Lion King when the hyenas meet Scar and have that ‘uuh-huh-uh’ laughter?

    Anni: ‘Swiftly’..

    …It tingles me.

  • Mimi

    Eventually though, one of them has to move. If I’m right that Duncan wants Kyle to make the first move, and Kyle is too distracted or inexperienced (or nervous) to do so, how is this stalemate going to be broken?

    Direct: We’re here for a reason, what do you want me to do now?
    Oblique: Nice to spend this time together.
    Coy: But you’re not a child anymore, are you?
    Disarming: Have I ruined my chances for tonight?
    Masterful: Come over here.
    Seems my impatience is getting the better of me – well done! 🙂

  • kaycee1967

    I posted this on the Facebook page but I’m going to post here. I know that there’s some cynicism out there regards Duncan’s intentions but take a step back, reread the words penned and then looked at the inked faces.
    Now… You get the feeling that Duncan will DESTROY anyone or anything that tries to hurt Kyle or Kyle’s friends. Notice two things folks and what he calls them: The VIGILANTE and the SO-CALLED supervillian communities!

    Duncan is show a huge amount of disdain for both of them. It’s in his voice and his words. I’ve said before, “Duncan is teaching Kyle about the real world that is part and parcel in being a hero.” The lover protecting and teaching a younger partner. Many times in the LBGT community, especially amongst gay men, you have a May/December romance. The DADDY/BOY situation. Experience for the initiate.

    Duncan’s face in the last panel shows what he means… ANYONE that attempts to hurt Kyle, his friends or any ‘child’ (or innocent) will be dealt with… appropriately. God help the person who attempts to hurt what Duncan loves or whom Kyle cares about.

    • Klaus

      Duncan has already told us what he thinks of innocents.

      • kaycee1967

        there are two definitions of that… what do you think Duncan’s is?

    • flame821

      As much as I would like to agree with you, remember Anni is an anarchist, I don’t think he cares for ‘groups’ any more than he does rules or governments. As for the ‘So-called supervillian’ quip, I just don’t think he sees anyone as being in his league.

    • Angie Penrose

      I don’t think Duncan is secretly a hero, in the conventional comic book sense. I think he has the capacity to be a good man, in a more real-world sense, and moreso now than when he was younger. I also think he might well be willing to move a bit more in that direction, for Kyle’s sake, because Kyle could never be with a bad or even uncaring person, and Duncan clearly wants very much to be with Kyle.

      I completely agree with you that Duncan feels pretty possessive and protective of Kyle (I’m not ready to say he’s in love yet, but I’m pretty sure that’s where we’re heading by the end of the story) and that anyone who messes with Kyle will get Duncan in their face, eviscerating them very creatively with a rusty grapefruit spoon. 🙂


  • amanda

    I love this and cant wait for the next page!!!

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    Duncan is EVIL that look in the last frame proves it……and what of the “Young Protectors” when they reach the age of adulthood? All bets off ? Send out the dogs to chew them into hamburger? everyone knows everything EXCEPT those who should know! Doesn’t sound very fair to me!

  • Zillagrrl

    Am I the only one hoping Duncan is a bottom? The sort of bottom that is so much in control of their everyday life that they desire to be overwhelmed when it comes to sex… It totally doesn’t look like he is, but damn, I really want him to be.

    • KiannaLeigh

      0_0 …. ….. ….. ….. that would be …..

      XD AMAZING!!!

    • I’ll never get why anyone would limit his possibilities to have fun to a “top” or “bottom” role…

    • Jay Demetrick

      Nothing hotter than a muscle bottom!

    • Angie Penrose

      I’m betting he switches. As an anarchist, I can’t see him restricting himself to only one role. ;D


    • Nightshadengale

      I feel like a horrible person for it, but I’m really hoping he isn’t. XD I wouldn’t be surprised if we never find out explicitly though.

  • xLizardx

    Just as safe today as he was yesterday? But today is Kyle’s 18th birthday… he’s officially no longer a “child”.

    • John

      well villains may measure things differently. He maybe an ‘adult hero’ only when he stops an ‘adult villain’ or joins an ‘adult’ team.

      I suspect it depends on the villain

      • xLizardx

        True – I thought it might become a twist though. 🙂 It is an intriguing point – when does a younger hero [or villain, for that matter, presumably young villains also exist] become fair game?

        In some respects, it would be easier for a villain to leave a hero alone, as villains follow their own principles: they needn’t be consistent, as you rightly point out. If a young villain were to endanger civilians however, heroes would probably feel morally obliged to intervene.

        The question is, what would happen if the Young Protectors [for e.g.] were to take on an adult villain? This could easily occur, as heroes are usually reactionary. If a villain were engaged in some sort of nefarious deed or machiavellian stunt, and the YP team were on call at the time/ in the area, would the heroes really wait for the adults to get there, if lives could potentially be lost by the delay?

        And would the villain stick to his resolve to spare the “kids” when under attack? I certainly doubt it were his/ her life remotely in danger, although I suspect that the Young Protectors [at least] use non-lethal methods.

        I wonder whether all heroes in the YP universe follow a non-lethal policy? Anni’s use of the word “vigilante” suggests not…

        • John

          This is why I suspect a villains definition of ‘adult’ is irrespective of age. Kids can still threaten a villain. If they are powerful enough to force a villains withdrawel then they might be considered adult. Or not.

          Well we saw two ‘heroes’ use lethal attacks against Kyle (while invisible) not to mention a lot of floral inoccents. I would imagine there are as many villinous heroes as there are heroic villains.

          • Angie Penrose

            Clearly Mutt and Jeff don’t have a problem with seriously hurting and possibly killing people. [nod] I expect that they’re actually vigilantes rather than heroes (whatever they call themselves), and would hope that at least some of the heroes in this world would be glaring in their direction periodically.

            Although I’ll bet Mutt and Jeff wouldn’t have cared how young Kyle was, even if he hadn’t been just an invisible dude in socks to them, because they’re jerks like that. I didn’t at all mind watching them get their butts kicked. But I’ll bet that if they’d hurt a kid in some other context — collateral damage that was clearly avoidable? — Duncan or someone like him might’ve come after them, even though they’re not technically villains. If Duncan feels as strongly about the Don’t Mess With Kids rule as he seems to, I doubt he’d restrict himself to enforcing it only on other villains.

            Angie, who wouldn’t mind watching Duncan give Mutt and Jeff a thorough butt-kicking

        • Angie Penrose

          My guess would be that if kid-heroes attack an adult villain, they’re fair game at least for that fight. So if someone’s trying to rob a bank, and the Young Protectors go after him, and he swats a few and injures them while escaping with his loot, that wouldn’t be attacking kids because they attacked him first, and it was a normal heroes-trying-to-stop-a-villain fight. I’ll bet even Duncan wouldn’t object to that.

          The ban, I’m betting, is on a villain going after a kid-hero when the kid is just going about his or her normal-life business. So if Flyboy tries to punch out the bank robber while he’s robbing the bank, the bank robber can punch back, and the fact that Flyboy’s only 15 has nothing to do with it. But if a villain who knows where Flyboy lives ambushes him on his way home from school and does whatever, that’s when Annihilator might be paying him a visit the other villain won’t enjoy.

          That’s what I think, anyway.


  • John

    Oh Anni, why do I get the feeling YOU are often the one dealing out summary justice.

  • KiannaLeigh

    Anni has so put the smackdown on some villain who crossed the rules.


    One more Anni portrait for the collection there on the last panel. Happy.

    • b3nc0

      He could even be the children crime evil-good cooperated unit captain!

      Working together, for that purpose at least, that would be SWELL!

      • KiannaLeigh

        The CCEG-CU Captain? That has a nice ring to it.

        (CCEG-CU = keg-que)

  • Garry Leonberger

    It’s like in prison. The criminals who hurt children don’t last long.

    • lordofthegays

      What about the rapists? If justice existed they wouldn’t either.

      • Garry Leonberger

        Well, I was mostly referring to child rapists, but was trying to be oblique about it.
        Hey, I didn’t make the system. I didn’t say it was justice, just that child molesters don’t last long in prisons. Child molestation is almost universally repugnant, even among convicted felons.

        • lordofthegays

          But rape of adults isn’t, I get it. Criminals are still scum, they’re just scum with standards.

          • Garry Leonberger

            Listen, I’m not trying to excuse it or make any kind of commentary about rape here in general, and I feel like that’s what you’re trying to insinuate. If so, I don’t appreciate it and I expect it to stop. If not, I apologize for jumping to conclusions. I was making a comment about what happens in prisons, and not what I think SHOULD happen.

      • HermeticallySealed

        Not really sure what this comment has to do with his statement.

  • Anna Calloway


  • Theo

    is this going to be released in paper form or is going to be an e-read comic only?

    • Klaus
      • Theo

        but it’s too late to get in on the kickstarter stuff or is he still taking donations?

        • Klaus

          It is too late to get the stuff labeled Kickstarter exclusive. Everything else will be for sale later. How, and how much later, I don’t know.

          • Anything not labeled KICKSTARTER-EXCLUSIVE will be available for sale after the Kickstarter backers get their copies/versions, etc. So, by Summer of 2014.

        • Jamie Dutton

          After the Kickstarter for Artifice, Alex started selling it on Amazon. Not sure about the price point, but you could check it out.

  • Vik-Thor

    Hmmm… So is this why Anni went after Hunter+Killer so hard?

  • Lilka Lilianna

    Anni, why you so sexy??? That last panel has me all hot and bothered…

  • Derkins

    So does that mean Anni considers himself to be on a date with a child?

    • YG_Frenchie

      Hmmmm. Good question. I don’t think Anni is referring to Kyle but more to Flyboy. Kyle is now an adult in Anni’s eyes. I think so anyway.

  • Yvon

    Except blackmail them when they exit a gay bar.

  • OnyxLight

    Then you are just as safe as you were yesterday…. writing gold! LOL and so very true. As “humans” we tend to panic over things like that when there is no need. If this has all been villain public knowledge for three years no need to panic now on year three day forty-seven. ^_^

  • Curt Clark

    I continue to swoon over Duncan, even as I curse myself for doing so.

  • Zephyr10101

    villains have a code. nice