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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Two—Page 11

122 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Two—Page 11

Hmm. Seems if you want to get Kyle to talk, you can start by suggesting that The Young Protectors operate “outside the law”. Seems he has some thoughts about that…

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So! We’re finding out more about The Young Protectors’s place in the world. And more importantly, it seems like Kyle is beginning to open up again. I wonder what more we will learn as wine continues to pass through his lips…

Tune in next Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there!

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  • dereule101

    Sure, Kyle, just tell the supervillain how to sabotage the Young Protectors…
    Not that he isn’t necessarily doing that already. 😉

  • Oh, Kyle. I think you have a low tolerance for alcohol. You seem to be telling the most notorious supervillian in the world (TM) private matters.

    • Preludetoa

      Honestly, I feel like what Kyle is telling Anni is common knowledge among ALL superheroes and super villains. Young team, high risk. I’m sure the wine isn’t helping, though. *hiccup*

  • CH

    If their place in the superhero world is so precarious this whole thing is that much more dangerous… I’m so torn here.

  • Gryphongirl2

    Seems like Kyle is throwing back the wine pretty fast there…

  • Dark_Otter


    • toli Bera

      Subtle as a freight train….. full of tap dancing elephants…. shooting off fireworks.

      • Maria White

        Oh gods, I just thought about it. Foreshadowing, something is going to happen. And the group is going to be jailed, so Anni breaks them out and they work for him from then on. And due to the fact that they are doing good, ANARCHY. The world loves them because they work outside the law, and because they don’t need ‘teh man’ to do good.

        Well… that is what I would do if I was writing this.

  • Sapfo

    If Kyle do not slow down with the wine he is going to end up sleepy.
    And this conversation is getting serious, maybe not the best for a date. But at least they are getting to know each other.
    And “they”, it seems that adult always tell young people what to do, but then “they” do the same thing themselves. “They” should know that this are superheros we are talking about. If this where Japan, they would already have saved the world a lot (ever read sailor moon, their heroes are 14 years old and saving the world)

    • Hikaru Takemori

      Yes. the japanese are strange that way.

      • Sapfo

        I was more thinking that they most be very supporting and not afraid of letting there kids be independent.

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      This “date” is sounding more like a de briefing …..or will that come later, after Duncan has enough info to take the whole group down?

      • First you deshirt and detrouser. Only afterwards do you debrief.



        • Wayne Lunkwitz

          Sorry Timothy, my bad….I always jump ahead on these things!

  • Kyle seems to have a few things he needs to talk about to someone who will take it seriously. And if the silver fox supervillain has shown more appreciation of the life-saving work your team’s been doing than the adults on your own side have…

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Good point. Hmm. And during their first meeting – right between the fight scene and the blackmail kiss – Anni did say he had the greatest respect for the Young Protectors. In retrospect was that reference to the work the YP did, or a villain’s backhanded compliment that they were technically working outside the law? Or maybe even a semi-off-the-cuff chat-up line, if we suppose that Anni ‘just happening’ to be at right bar to see Kyle was actually evidence that Anni had been stalking Kyle.

  • Well, if Duncan didn’t have any ‘good’ ideas before then Kyle sure gives helps him get some o_o

    Kyle looks all cute and still grown up on this page, but he needs to remember who he’s sharing concerns with. His thought are very real and needed from how the grown up groups seems to be feeling. Maybe they work outside the law because some are too young to be legal for a lot of things. Still he should get something to eat before he gets too much wine and keeps blabbering about this topic 🙂

    Hmm, I wonder if there’s a time where a member of TYP will get too ‘old’ to be a part of that group and has to leave it, or it’s a new group and it will grow with new younger member who’ll learn from the ones who might not go solo later on.

    • John

      I imagine they leave to join more ‘adult’ groups and keep a mentoring eye on young up-and-comers in the group afterwards. Maybe one of them stays on as a leader, like Commander acts now.

  • Kyle. Dude. You just went on a date to talk about work….. Yeesh.

    Also, I’m glad you explained that Flyboy is 15, because otherwise Tsunami’s behavior towards him is Super Creepy, as opposed to just overprotective with creepy overtones.

    • Nightshadengale

      If you look back to the page where he walks in in the interlude, the page description mentions it as well. He’s only barely 15, even.

      • Somehow I totally missed that.


      • Saxon_Brenton

        Very true. However it suddenly occurs to me that this is information that we have *now* because we’re reading the webcomic version with the author’s notes. Including the information in the text of the comic for people reading the collected trade paperback version is prudent as well (even if that info is also included in any hypothetical supplemental material character bios in volume 1.)

        • Nightshadengale

          Yep! Don’t know if you’ve reread the beginning recently, but the Annihilator’s name was semi-recently added on the page after he was introduced, for the same purpose. (I have to wonder if the supervillans pick their own name-logos, or if the mass media assigns them…)

          • Klaus

            I wonder: Is the power of speaking in logo fonts unique to Kyle, or is it shared by most supers?

  • Hours



    • bibliophile41

      I doubt he’s referring to trig. Maybe a typo of execs? IDK

      • Hours

        I think it’s the name of an organization that’s a part of the YP world. Maybe some sort of super hero governing branch?

        • It is indeed the name of an organization that’s part of the YP world. And one that focuses on those with “extraordinary” abilities. 🙂

  • Mumin

    I like how Kyle’s thoughts on superheroes and politics are being explored – it gives him a lot more depth.

    • John

      Makes him less of an immature teen really doesn’t it? It’s nice; while most teens I know DO think about sex & relationships a lot, none of them do so to the exclusion of all else.

  • YG_Frenchie

    I like that feeling Kyle has where he can speak his mind to Duncan. The more they open up with each other the better the relationship.

    I also absolutely love how the hands were drawn a in this page. Hands are my weakness when drawing. Very nice!

  • Khun David

    Seems like if you want Kyle to talk, plie him with alcohol.

    • Garry Leonberger

      To be fair, that’s true of a lot of people… the more so the less used you are to alcohol.

  • Swiftnissity

    Please tell me I’m not the only person who would love a spin-off with the adult teams? Perhaps exploring issues in a different manner?

    • John

      Ok. You’re not the only person who would love a spin-off with the adult teams 🙂

      To be fair I WOULD be intrigued, but I’ve probably read most of these issues being dealt with in Marvel/DC. They’ve been pretty comprehensive.

      • Garry Leonberger

        But the writers with THIS particular comic are pretty good and the universe hasn’t had a chance to spin out of proportion, yet. I like DC and Marvel, but when there’s a comic in which an entire Universe gets destroyed and then put back together, just in time to restore the status quo, it gets a little ridiculous IMHO.

        • John

          Oh I quite agree, and I also agree an adult spin-off would be cool, the point I was trying to make was the issues of superhero/average person relations have been thoroughly explored already.

          My hope is to find a comic I like where the line between Hero, Villain and Average Person is very thin and often blurred (which is why I’m a huge Watchman fan)

  • Niggle

    This is a fascinating page: everything Kyle is talking about, his mature concerns, who and under what circumstances (wine!) he’s revealing them to and the possibility of what a very bad idea it all is. But I have a hope that purposefully hurting Flyboy on camera to sabotage them is a tactic beneath Anni. His plans, whatever they are, are too inscrutable and don’t require something like harming a minor. Besides, if that happened then Kyle would know exactly who did it, even if it looks like an accident.

    As for the art, I love all the postures Kyle is in during the page, it’s a lot of natural movement and panel three is my favorite.

    • John

      If Anni’s plans could be advanced by harm to a member of The Young Protectors then I suspect they would already be harmed.

      His plans seem to involve more blue-collar work at the moment. Part of me still hopes his meeting Kyle was a complete coincidence and this is just a chance at love for them both. But I’m not niaive enough to think he just ‘happened’ to see Kyle go into the gaybar and Kyle just ‘happens’ to be special (according to Platy Princess anyway) somehow and so on and so on.

      To misquote Sir Alex; In my experience there’s no such thing as co-incidence

    • Klaus

      I don’t think Kyle is telling Duncan anything he doesn’t already know. That Flyboy is very young must be obvious, wether it is commonly known that he is 15 or not. Commander’s connection with the military is unlikely be well kept secret. The same can be said of the attitudes of various parties towards the YP.

      What Duncan is learning here is how much of this Kyle is aware of, and what he thinks about it.

  • In most comics I’ve always felt like superheros are loved by everyone. To see the problems our young heros are facing, very real problems that anyone could face potentially, is really refreshing. I think it really allows the reader to emphasize with the story more.

    • John

      Many comics have dealt with this theme, usually in spin-offs. Indeed there was a whole Marvel series dedicated to it wherein new heroes where placed in a special prison designed by the older heroes ‘for their own protection’ so as not to cause devastation in the world.

      It IS rare, however, that the subject is dealt with as a central theme between the two primary protagonists early on in a comics series. usually, at this point, heroes are still just wailing on bad guys.

      • Garry Leonberger

        There’s a DC comic about this as well, “Kingdom Come,” though it seems the Superheroes are much more in control in the DC universe.

        • John

          yeah Kingdom come was the one I was thinking of, but 15 seconds research shows that both DC and Marvel have done arcs dealing with the trouble with incarcerating someone who can shoot lightning bolts of his eyes or whatever.

      • Sebastian

        Out of curiosity, what comic is that? It sounds really cool.

    • strangeangel24601

      Watchmen. That is all.

    • Khun David

      Except for Spider-Man. Ironic now that ever since Otto Octavius has hijacked the mind of Peter Parker that J Jonah Jameson treats Spider-Man as his best buddy.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    More wine….keep him talking until he says something he shouldn’t about the group.

  • Flo_over

    Hello plot, I see you there, raising the tension, causing conflict, and I love you for it.

  • Raven R. Bloodwolf

    Flyboy is way younger than a thought he was. I’m loving the big brother vibe from Kyle. I can totally see him “following” Fly if he was on a date or something.

    • KiannaLeigh

      That should be a side comic XD

      • Raven R. Bloodwolf

        Yeah and if Fly’s with a guy, then Kyle could get Anni in on it and…wow that could be funny or very dangerous.

        • KiannaLeigh

          or both! Which would be awesome!

      • LimpBiskit

        HA Yes. Exactly this. And he would have to drag Fluke and Spooky along too. Can’t you just imagine them creeping along behind some bushes and getting soaked by sprinklers or something so that he has better luck getting a great goodnight smooch? XD

      • LimpBiskit

        HA Yes. Exactly this. And he would have to drag Fluke and Spooky along too. Can’t you just imagine them creeping along behind some bushes and getting soaked by sprinklers or something so that he has better luck getting a great goodnight smooch? XD

  • John

    Goodness Kyle, that’s Champagne not lemonade! Sip, don’t guzzle!

    • KiannaLeigh

      Well he did say it was smooth. Maybe he hasn’t figured out the “don’t guzzle” rule yet.

    • Montrachet is a white wine, not Champagne. And especially in that kind of glass. Champagne need a flute type (the tube form) because it helps to keep the bubble and avoid the mouss to overflow when served. The snifter (what they are using) or commonly called wine glass has a larger openning to let the air enter the wine and free its flavour.

      Otherwise, the Montrachet is one of the most sugary french wine. Its flavor is spicy and close from honey. It’s a very soft and light, usually drink as an apetizer with fish or seafood because it doesn’t let any back taste on the tongue. Ther’se not a lot of alchohol in it and fit perfectly to people who aren’t use to drink. Without sexism it was describe as a “lady wine” in the past.

      But it’s true, no matter how much this wine is easy to drink, Kyle, it’s barbaric to drink it so fast!!!!

      • dereule101

        That’s the problem with those sugary wines: too easy to treat like grape juice!

      • Feverfew_M

        And now I’m a little bit in awe about the thoughtfulness of Anni’s/Alex’s choice of wine. Drinking wine is romantic and classy, and perfect for making Kyle feel like an adult, yet the wine is palatable enough for a beginner and won’t get him too drunk too fast. Very clever!

        Thanks for sharing this information!

        • You’re welcome. I had a nice conversation with my father about that. He is the wine amateur, not me; but he teachs me how to recognise them and some basics even if I don’t drink myself. I only start to appreciate some wines, but only few sits. But only to please him. Unfortunately for him, my borther and I are born with an inborn inability to like alcohol despite an hight tolerance. Irony

  • mister storyteller, please defy our expectations!!

    i need you to throw the genre savvy another curveball!

    • KiannaLeigh

      Oh I’m sure he will.

      • i am back from my “vacation”


        you ever know a first-worlder with persistent internet problems like me, sister-wife??

        • KiannaLeigh

          No, hubby-bro. I don’t think I have … Well at least you had more free time. For, i don’t know, relaxing. Reading a book with a nice glass of juice or something.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Well, my mischievous suggestion is that on the next page Anni offers Kyle a refill, whereupon Kyle places his hand over the glass and says something like, “No thanks, I’m good. It’s good stuff, and on any other occasion I’d happily get blitzed. But tonight’s special, and I want to remember everything.” And then give a sardonic half smile that tells Anni that Kyle’s perfectly aware that the older man is plying him with booze and that he’s not going to let Anni get everything his own way.

  • JM

    I’m starting to really like Kyle a lot in this chapter. He’s really not as naive as I thought he was, which is probably why he finds Duncan so interesting, considering his views on the law. Loving their conversations.

    • Garry Leonberger

      Well, if they had NOTHING in common, he wouldn’t be as interested. 😉

  • december

    Haha Kyle, you go and tell the villain all the ways to sabotage your team, LOL

  • KiannaLeigh

    …. The YP gang are rebels after all. I like it!

    Also, in “I’m stupid” news I finally figured out why Artifice was probably called Artifice. I felt silly afterwards …. Oh well.

    • Lindsey Amethyst Hampton

      If it makes you feel better, I didn’t think of it until JUST now.

      • Josephine

        Yup. Same.

    • Nightshadengale

      Well obviously it’s because the Artificer class in D&D has abilities related to constructs and homunculi.

      (No, really, that’s kind of where my mind was going until I looked the word up just now.)

      • KiannaLeigh

        That’s the best!

  • Soubi

    All this…information Kyle is sharing with Duncan has me slightly worried. For one, Duncan isn’t a good guy but as he’s stated he isn’t exactly a bad guy anymore either. I wonder if this trust between them is mutual and if Duncan cares for Kyle as much as I think he does then he would never dream of using all of this against him. So, let’s seal this trust with a kiss, boys. 😉

    • Gaz Hawkins

      I think they should seal this with a lot more than a kiss 😉

      • Soubi

        LOL. A kiss to start then.

        • Gaz Hawkins

          a kiss DURING is always fun 😉 {evil wink}

    • yeah…. its starting to look a lot like an info phishing trip rather then a virgin ending date… or at least it’ll be a side mission. Annie’s playing the “I’m really a good guy at heart, you make me want to be a better man” card a bit hard.

      scary how well that ploy can work.

      • Interpolation

        Well, it’s also a good plot ploy as a way to communicate more about the set-up of the world and how Kyle and Anni think.

        • true that. 🙂 I kinda like seeing these sides of them. getting to know them more.

      • Soubi

        Indeed. But, maybe he is (hopefully). I wanna keep smelling love in the air. Dx

  • Shinashi

    Flyboy’s fifteen. They wanted to protect him from porn, but risking his life in a burning building is okay? haha

    • It’s like you can die fighting a war in the arm before you are old enough to drink. 🙂

      • Shinashi

        Can nubby have a damn drink?!


      • Ashley Payne -Avrile

        Well Actually, In the USA when you join the Army, they serve liquor on Base. to All Soldiers of all ages.

        • strangeangel24601

          Sounds a lot different from the Navy.

        • EldrinSMP

          Actually, that ended in the 80s. It’s now 21, worldwide, with only a few exceptions that seem to be limited to the Marines.

    • they wanted to protect him from gay porn… the guy with the tats freaked out. I bet if it was girls the guy with the tats would be all “hey check this out!”

      • Shinashi


      • To be fair, they wanted to protect him from porn of themselves.


        • John

          And I’m really curious as to what his reaction actually was ‘oh wow’ doesn’t really suggest whether he liked it, was flattered, disgusted, intrigued.. What?

  • Yukiness

    I wonder what more will get past those lips because of the wine *gets shot*

  • Yukiness

    I wonder what more will get past those lips because of the wine *gets shot*

  • Yukiness

    I wonder what more will get past those lips because of the wine *gets shot*

  • Garry Leonberger

    Just for the sake of argument, let’s say Kyle is being played. Can anyone blame him?
    People accept lies they want to be true. Anni is playing both on the attraction the Kyle has for him, and his (probable) tendency to want to believe in the good of people.
    Anni is an attractive, intelligent, rich, fellow superhuman man who seems to be as interested in Kyle as Kyle is in him. Kyle has never had that before, and he wants it to continue.
    Kyle is free to be himself, not hiding his sexuality, which I sure is incredibly liberating on an emotional level. He is being offered a sexual relationship, which we know until now he’s essentially denied himself.
    There are so many reasons for Kyle to want to accept this relationship with Anni, to trust him: his 18 year old hormones, his having to hide his sexuality from his teammates and the general public, his emotional repression of his sexual desires due to guilt over and fear of his abilities, the fact that Anni is a CATCH (attractive, intelligent, rich, powerful, and superpowered), and (knowing that Kyle is a young superhero) a probable desire to believe in people and their basic desire to do good.
    Anni is a seasoned, experienced, intelligent villain with decades of experience, a lot in common with this young man, and lots of advantages over Kyle.
    And now he’s getting him drunk. 😛

    • can’t blame him at all. I worry for him but I can’t blame him. in that situation I might sing like a bird. (which is why I’m glad I don’t have military secrets) lol

  • YG_Frenchie

    I wish I were rich. That donation bar would never be empty!

  • Again with the not updating on Wednesdays. This is breaking my heart. I am literally sobbing in need to have the money to tip the scale T_T

    • Garry Leonberger

      It made me sad too. I donated as soon as I saw the counter and realized we weren’t getting an update today. 🙁

  • I feel stupid right now. I’ve been checking in about every half hour for the last 3-4 hours.. for an update that isn’t happening *LOL*

    I’ve been so used to the wednesday updates that I didn’t even think to scroll down under the page to check the donation bar. Well, I guess I’ll go to bed now and look forward to getting the page on saturday xD

    • Gryphongirl2

      camping behaviors…difficult to break. see you on here on saturday!

    • John

      I had a ‘doh’ moment on thursday along those lines.

  • TheGodEaters

    So I’ve been thinking about this for a while. We know Anni’s rich and he probably has quite a good information network. I’m just wondering how much of what Kyle’s saying is actual news to him. I just kinda get the feeling Anni already knows most of it.

    • Garry Leonberger

      I agree… I think the only new information that Anni is getting out of this conversation is how much Kyle already trusts him.

    • I’m right with you – I get the sense that Duncan’s aim isn’t to weasel out information about Kyle’s team, but rather to determine how Kyle personally feels about the work he does with the Young Protectors and how he sees himself in relation to other heroes. To understand him better, and possibly to manipulate him in some way later, but to what end, though? His motivations concerning Kyle are so damn opaque – it’s hard to even speculate about what Duncan’s doing and why.

      • TheGodEaters

        But the opaque motivations make it so gosh darn fun to read each week. I’m so busy reading each line trying to wring out every nuance I can that I’m probably reading too much into it at times. I am definitely eager to find out what exactly Anni and the Platinum Priestess meant when they were discussing Kyle…. So much anticipation right now.

        • Oh, same! Sometimes I’m kind of abashed by how much time I spend mulling over the dialogue, but the characters and the world of the comic are so interesting. I don’t know if I’m more excited to find out exactly what’s up with Kyle, or just to see more of the big picture – like what being a superhero entails in a comic like this. Fun times!

      • Saxon_Brenton

        Ah-ha! The Annihilator’s secret, metatextual superpower: opaque motivations.

        Yeah, Anni almost certainly knows all the background info. But for whatever reason (sinister or non-sinister) he’s probably interested in Kyle’s take on the matter. Hopefully it’s just a case of two dudes chilling out and discussing the politics that affects the superhuman activities that they’re both involved in.

  • Jessica

    …. Cause I’m a hopeless romantic I kinda refuse to believe anni has some altereror motive … I JUST WANT EVERYONE TO LOVE EACH OTHER !!!!! 🙁

  • Mimi

    Interesting discussions on motives. To be fair, Kyle was the one who started this tangent in their conversation. I think Duncan is simply allowing him to talk about topics that are on his mind, earning his trust, setting the atmosphere. I doubt that Kyle is telling Duncan anything that Duncan does not already know. So I think Duncan’s motivations are at this point much more… straightforward 🙂

    Part of the fun is in the chase, no? I’d say Duncan is luring in his prey quite expertly.

  • kungfunurse

    Haven’t had a chance to keep up with the other comments – just my thoughts as I’m reading:

    This is a really interesting direction – Kyle mentioned on the previous page
    “The other stuff they have heroes doing”. It makes me wonder all sorts
    of stuff now. What kinds of things do contracted superhumans get paid to
    do? What happens if you have superpowers and aren’t willing to go under
    contract? The adult teams are afraid that the kids will get hurt and
    the tide of public opinion will go against them. If they’re government
    contracted, how could that affect them? And what is EXSEC?

    A picture is starting to emerge where there’s possibly several different
    ways to operate as a superhero in this world. Government oversight and
    paychecks, private operations such as EXSEC and Commander’s team, and
    independent, anarchist follow-your-own code like the two douchenozzels who attacked them during their date. (Assuming they weren’t privately contracted themselves.)

    And here’s another question – WHY is Commander running a superhero group for teens? She’s not obviously motivated by revenge, seems to care about them and their healthy, natural development into functional adults – so why put them in danger like this? UNLESS it’s to develop exactly the sort of questions and moral dilemmas that Kyle is beginning to express. What if she’s deliberately giving them exposure to the hero world, not just to teach them to use their powers responsibly, but to challenge them not to be perfect soldiers and to blindly follow orders when their times comes to be called up to the big leagues?

  • PinkFlower69

    I got this bad feeling cause Kyle is just telling Anni way too much info, and with all those sly smirks we see Duncan hiding every now and then. Kyle is playing right into his hands.

  • Curt Clark

    Kyle looks and sounds so grown-up here. Even re-reading this, I dig it.