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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Two—Page 10

118 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Two—Page 10

You’d never know it was Kyle’s first glass of wine…


Our first new bonus page after y’all gave us last week off!

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All right! We’ve had some flirting! Now the wine comes out! I wonder what’s next?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • Not quite as smooth as you Kyle. LOL

  • XD Kyle, you adorable little dork. <3

  • toli Bera

    wait… Kyle’s American yes? isn’t the drinking age 21, not 18? or did Duncan Hippity-hop all the way to Canada from *Cough-Cough-Cough* City?

    • Nightshadengale

      As a general rule, neither anarchists nor 18-year-olds care much about legal drinking ages.

      • toli Bera

        but he is a hero, QED higher moral standard?

        • Koda

          He is a hero who is chasing after an anarchist. I don’t think he is worried about moral standards at the moment, more like trying to impress Duncan. :p

        • Nightshadengale

          Underage drinking in a private residence isn’t really morally wrong in the same way most things a hero would oppose are, though. You’d generally either oppose it strictly because it’s illegal, or because it’s a stupid idea. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’d turn down hard liquor for being a stupid idea, but I don’t think that’s enough wine to actually have much effect on him (I may be wrong on that; I almost never drink). The main potential objection would be on principle because it’s illegal, and the current conversation implies that Kyle bases his decisions on personal moral standards rather than the law.

      • Amandy Pandy

        18 year olds, in general,probably care even less that anarchists.

  • Foion

    ooo, Kyle does not look comfortable with the drinking.

  • Rontex

    “Umm, that tastes good”… Duncan, you sly silver fox, you

  • Jamie Dutton

    Lol, oh, the awkwardness!
    But what did Duncan mean about “working outside the law”?

    • Vik-Thor

      That was my thought too… Hopefully, we will learn more about the team in all the stretch goal items. 🙂

    • Maria White

      Basically means that they are not affiliated with law enforcement. Like Kyle said, I’m assuming most heroes work with the law, or with the government. Kyle probably belongs to one of the few teams that work outside of both. Maybe they get grants from the government and everything you know? Or get paid from public funds from people donating money, or have people with money in the group.

      • Jamie Dutton

        Actually from the way Alex wrote it, I got the sense that there is an actual law or set of laws that govern what heroes can or can’t do. But your theory sounds pretty viable to me as well. I guess we’ll have to wait til Alex can explain or just WoG it.

  • Jamie Dutton

    Lol, oh, the awkwardness!
    But what did Duncan mean about “working outside the law”?

  • Nervous Kyle is just too cute.
    Also, me thinks someone has had something to drink before. 😀

  • Erica

    … Lol Its Smooth Or…Whatever That’ll Be Me Once I Can Start DRinking

    • Amanda

      Depends on what you drink. “Smooth” could just as easily be”Holy shit balls! That burns!”.

  • Amandy Pandy

    “Smooth”, Kyle, I think its save to say that Anni knows that you know zilch about wine. Stop trying to be cool, chug the damn wine, and lets get to the good part of this party.

  • bandanajack

    enough with the candles and wine.. lets get to the kiss him or throw him in a dungeon part. dang.

  • Sapfo

    Two suave gay guys hanging out, drinking wine, being cool. I love panel 5 and 7. They are hilariously adorable together.

  • Hiroshi

    The wine’s spiked! Noooo! Hahaha 🙂 Don’t we all wish.

  • Here’s to hoping that Kyle’s next sentense isn’t something like: ‘I do. I haven’t tried to drink wine muc-zzzzzzzzzzzzz….’

    …or anyway else leeping or being drugged in the next minutes. Hmm.. or some truth serum…
    It’s probably not that, but I can’t stop being suspicious of everything Duncan does right now. I hope for a hot night, but I’m prepared for it to go bad somehow xD

    Kyle is just so darn cute on this page, and Duncan.. silver fox comes to mind 🙂

    • sincostax

      Omgee I so agree — I can’t stop being suspicious of him either xD I’m waiting for something sinister to happen, like maybe Anni’s influencing Kyle to be bad for a bigger purpose, or he’s pretending to be all suave when really he’s got ‘other’ plans in mind than a relationship ;p I’m really excited to see how everything pans out

  • Summer

    For all we know, it ISN’T his first glass of wine. I have heard that some parents allow a small amount of alcohol to their children with something like dinner, so maybe his did the same? I do have to say that Anni’s being rather pointed with his poking at Kyle’s beliefs. I find this verbal tete-a-tete intriguing 🙂

    • Niggle

      My mother’s family was similar. A child could have a small sip of what an adult was drinking if they asked. The only time it backfired was when one kid asked EVERY adult at a party. Very tipsy kid, but happily was not sickened.

      When older you could have a very small amount of wine with ice cubes. To this day my mother still likes ice in her wine and never a full glass. My brother and I weren’t raised that way, I hated the smell of beer and the taste of wine. The only alcohol I wanted was a capful of creme de menthe on my ice cream. Of course I’m older now and learned to love beer. 😀

    • Meh. Most people round here (Ireland) are drinking at 16 or younger. (This is perfectly legal, if done not on a licensed premisis or in a public place.) In the UK, it’s legal to drink at a licensed premisis at 16, as long as you’re drinking with food.


      • Summer

        America might well be the only country where you can enlist, vote, and die for one’s country, but God forbid you imbibe before 21. (for the record, I don’t drink, but I still find that rather ridiculous)

        • I’d imagine many Islamic states would also fit that description.


    • Garry Leonberger

      I can’t remember, where did Kyle spend most of his childhood? I seem to remember him saying his foster parents threw him out after he accidentally destroyed their house.

      • Summer

        I don’t think he said!

        • Garry Leonberger

          I guess my point is, if he had wine before now, it probably didn’t come from his parents.
          By the way, Anni is really pouring on the romance. Rose petals, fine wining and dining, deep and intimate conversation looking into sunset over the mountains. Kyle probably would have been ready to go if they’d shown up and Anni said, “Let’s get it on.” lol

  • fujoshifanatic

    Here’s to hoping that will be just one of many ‘firsts’ tonight, Kyle.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Here’s to hoping that will be just one of many ‘firsts’ tonight, Kyle.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Here’s to hoping that will be just one of many ‘firsts’ tonight, Kyle.

  • CH

    Oh Duncan, can’t you save corrupting the hero for the pillow talk? I know it’s more sporting to do it while he has his wits about him, but who said the villain needs to be sporting?

  • JM

    Is it just me, or did Duncan’s comment about the YP working outside the law sound a bit like a jab? I wonder what he meant by that, and whether these two are going to have a debate at some point. Y’know, after the romance ensues. Or during, whatever. 🙂

    • timemonkey

      Well, Kyle IS fraternising with a wanted criminal.

    • dereule101

      Well, the Young Protectors does have underage superheroes, and I can only hypothesize that it’s against the law to have such young people fighting crime.

      • JM

        I kind of doubt Duncan was referring to that. Considering how the YP are very much in the public eye, I doubt that Kyle’s age is a secret. Or if it is, that’s pretty ballsy of him. On the other hand, that other kid is a minor as well, so I don’t think its such a big deal for the team.

  • Angelicatt

    78 wasn’t a great year for White Burgundy (Rhone had the best year then). Still that wine is twice as old than poor sweet Kyle.

    • Takehai

      I’m not an expert on wine ( don’t particularly care for the smell or taste of alcohol), but a quick internet search brought up that 7 bottles of 1978 Montrachet were sold at auction for the equivalent of nearly $30,000 a little over 10 years ago. If 1978 was a bad year for White Burgundy, I almost am afraid to ask how much a good year would go for. . .

  • rons_pigwidgeon

    Smooth is about how he played that first glass of wine thing.

  • amanda

    lol!! your a baaaddd boy Anni!! he is barely even close to 21!! love this comic !!

    • YG_Frenchie

      If he’s in Canada he’s legal in one province.

  • YG_Frenchie

    Ouuuu! Some courage sauce!

    Duncan’s face in the fifth panel… Haha. But his face in panel three is sexy!

    Kyle, think before you speak. “Um” and “I guess” and “whatever” aren’t going to work well when it comes time to be fondled by the Annihialator…

    I read somewhere (probably Reddit) that you know how we say “Yes!” In many ways and “Oh ya!” Or “yeah!” In bed? How awkward it would be if we said “Yep!” .. Kyle reminds me of that a little bit. I hope he’s so lost in his words that he borderline swears with pleasure.

  • Khun David

    Panel 1, panel 4…, and then panel 7… Kyle looks like he’s a bit more drunk before he tries the wine than afterwards.

  • Lauren Karp

    *still waiting for the other shoe to drop*

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      The other shoe…the pants….and anything underneath! I’m such a bad boy:D

    • Garry Leonberger

      There’s probably something else going on here, but that doesn’t mean that Anni isn’t ALSO trying to get some.

  • Interpolation

    I know that Anni’s indestructible… but is it really a good idea to give alcohol to the guy who sets everything on fire when he loses control? I mean alcohol makes you lose control of your cognitive functioning and is also very flammable.

    • sincostax

      Maybe he’s trying to push Kyle’s loss of control to its furthest limits just so he can show Kyle how much he meant what he said (about it being ok because he’s indestructible)
      Either that or there’s something sinister going on XD but who knows

    • Bruce Wayne

      Also he might want to help Kyle relax to make things more… comfortable, later.

      Also he could just be doing the regular dinner date thing, which typically involves wine. It’s hard not to assume there aren’t ulterior motives for everything he does, though.

  • Kanaid Black

    Kyle: Are you trying to get me drunk?
    -Sudennly the warehouse is full of wine-
    Duncan: Of course not

  • Jeffrey McLaurin

    Kyle is underage! Someone call the police! 😀 haha

    • Kyle is 18, which is legally old enough to drink in a licensed premisis in most of the world, I think. Certainly in most of Europe. And who knows where Ani’s hideaway is?

      (Also, the drinking age in a private home is often considerably younger, even, I think, in the USA. In Ireland, it’s 4.)


      • Darkflame173

        4?! That..doesn’t help Ireland’s reputation much, does it? ^^;;;;;

        • Drinking is regulated in lincensed premises and in public places. Drinking in private homes is not regulated. Giving alcohol to a child may, however, be considered child abuse, depending on the age of the child and the amount of alcohol. I think 4 is the absolute minimum, but giving a five-year-old more than a miniscule amount would also be illegal.


          • Kittie

            At four years old, it’s for ‘medicinal purposes’ only. For example, a capful of whisky or brandy in milk to help them sleep.

        • Wayne Lunkwitz

          What about France? They drink wine ….because they say the water is not drinkable!

        • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

          Just because that’s the legal drinking age doesn’t mean kids drink that young though. I would guess that most Irish parents still don’t let their kids drink, even with a meal, until they’re in their teens.

      • Bruce Wayne

        Actually, in the US it’s 21 no matter where you are. Even if you’re in your own home or with your parents, there are steep fines for purchasing/providing minors with alcohol.

        It’s pretty stupid, considering we let our kids drive at 16 and join the military at 18.

        • Bryan Axson

          Actually when you are in the accompaniment of your parents/guardians it’s actually ok to drink alcohol.

          • Bruce Wayne

            I just looked it up–I guess some US states allow that, but mine definitely doesn’t. Hmm. Some US states also allow you to purchase alcohol for your spouse, if they’re a minor and you aren’t.

            So while Duncan definitely isn’t Kyle’s parent, it’s potentially feasible that he could be his spouse at some point. Ahahahaha.

            But as an anarchist, I’m sure the legality of providing a minor with alcohol is the least of his concerns.

        • Nightshadengale

          It’s not as stupid as the age of consent being 16 in most states but the age for porn-viewing being 18.

  • Hours

    “And the other stuff they have heroes doing.”

    This line is very intriguing to me.

    • Kiri

      Paperwork. admin. It sucks.

  • Soubi

    In comic-verse, the drinking age is up to the writer. -le wink- Yes, get Kyle tipsy and relaxed so he’ll be putty in your hands, Duncan. I approve of this plan.

    • Sovereignty3

      Poor Americans have to wait the longest to be able to legally drink alcohol. Here in Australia it is 18, but I remember what my cousin was saying about Europe and was floored, I mean I know the French….

      • Mentor Imvu

        ‘Legally’ in Connecticut we have to be 21.
        Note how I put legally in quotes. ;3

        • Sovereignty3

          Same here. Wikipedia has it as: “Switzerland 16/18 for beer, wine and cider; 18 for spirits.” And a lot places have say 18/19 to buy, but we don’t give a hoot what happens in your own homes. Some have it as only parents Though this must be the weirdest thing I read about Italy “Additionally everybody is forbidden from being in a state of inebriation.”

          • Sovereignty3

            Reading the American part of the Legal Drinking Age, makes me wonder if any of you can understand your laws since you have different laws in different states. Under age legal then illegal, and some don’t even let you buy NON alcoholic beer underage??? I don’t get it.

          • flame821

            We were colonized by Puritans and their crazy religious codes live on in many of our laws. In some of the Southern States they still have ‘blue laws’ where stores cannot conduct business on Sundays and also ‘dry counties’ where the selling of any alcohol is illegal. I have family in North Carolina and they live in a dry county; we have since learned to NEVER hold a family reunion anywhere alcohol is illegal. Bunch of cranky Celts with no social lubrication is a recipe for disaster.

          • Sovereignty3

            i still don’t get that one either. Dry means illegal, which means people are drinking illegal alcohol, which means dodgy alcohol, which means people get sick and the people who make it avoid TAXES, which means the government is loses money….

          • Summer

            In this context, “dry” means “sober.” The States did try Prohibition and made the selling of ANY alcohol illegal, and all it did was create a bunch of bathtub gin houses and beer barons who smuggled it to places willing to pay the fees.

          • Summer

            Many of us (US citizens) don’t understand our own fricking laws. There are still a lot of really stupid laws on the books, if we ignore the drinking one for a while. Generally, if we grow up in a state, we go by that state’s laws, and the federal laws extend to the whole country. It’s kinda weird.

          • Sovereignty3

            Well there is a saying, want to know about the law, talk to a criminal.

  • KiannaLeigh

    And … now I need a bottle of that shit. Yep. I need that wine. Also, what have the YP gang been doing “outside the law” anyway?

  • Darkflame173

    Anni really is putting on the moves heavy here XD Especially since last I checked, most men don’t need too much romancing to be ready for the sack, and most definitely not when they are young and already incredibly horny XD

    • John

      Yeah but he wants to make it memorable BESIDES being first time. At least thats what I think. I’m still unsure WHY though.

  • Yukiness

    First Free comes out and then this page. Who’s the worlds happiest fujoshi right now, this girl.

  • John

    But oh so worth it

  • Klaus

    Age limits vary widely. Here the limit for drinking in bars and restaurants has been 18 more or less forever, but limits for buying alcohol in stores were introduced only recently. Three limits were introduced at the same time. 15 and 16 for buying alcohol and tobacco , and I never can remember which is which. 18 for buying hard liquor.

    It seems very wierd to me that Fluke is considered a minor when it comes to sex, but he has a car. Here driving age is 18, age of consent is 15, and the age for buying porn or watching any movie you like is 16.

    • CommodoreZelda

      Are you German? I seem to remember from my German classes that the laws were like that. But I guess they might be very similar in most of Europe.

    • Garry Leonberger

      From your name and those age limits, I’m guessing you’re in Germany? In the US, driving is 15 or 16, tobacco and porn are 18, and alcohol is 21. Age of consent varies from state to state for sexual consent with one or more partners under the age of 18, but any two people 18 or older can consent to sex with one another, in any state.

      • Klaus

        No, I am a Dane. In Germany the age of consent is 14 (I just looked it up), I don’t know what the other age limits, if any, may be.

  • KNT609

    *snort* so smooth

  • Mychyl

    Your comment made me do a bit of research.

    $20k for a bottle of wine… I can’t even imagine.

  • i think al did “that” on purpose, just to surmise if he could mould the comments’ section to a specific direction

    if my memory serves me, the Daring Duo are still in hong kong, yeah?

    • goddesstio

      No, this is a week later, and Kyle spent his birthday with his friends – I’m pretty sure they’re back to the place they came from. Or nearby, anyway.

  • Donatien

    I hope Anni can instill some CLASS in DAT ASS.

    (I’m sorry, but not really. I had it. It begged to be said.)

  • Jamie Dutton

    Um, I was expecting the new page to be up already. Is Alex running a little late?

    • timemonkey

      In my experience it could show up anytime within the next few hours.

      • DemureDesire

        Trust me, he’s far more timely than a certain other web comic that I could mention, which updates on time almost never and which I have mostly given up on… (I think we’re just spoiled because this one is often early.)

        • timemonkey

          I wasn’t complaining. Update now, update later, makes little difference to me.
          What’s the other comic?

          • .

          • DemureDesire

            I didn’t want to post the name, but yes, that’s the one. And now I’m off to bed because a brand new Young Protectors page will be a happy thing to wake up to.

          • I’m gonna say what I say to you complainers over on their comments. I’d like to see you balance life and pumping out a full colored page every week. And I mean NO OFFENSE to Alex at ALL but he only writes it. And has two people to draw and color it, that is 3 people working on this compared to TH’s 2. And forgive me but it just seems to me that typ has people with more time on their hands working on it.

            So don’t begrudge someone something because you feel they own you it every week. They try.

          • Jamie Dutton

            I didn’t mean to offend anyone by asking. I just wondered, because usually he let’s know if something’s come up.

          • I wasn’t replying to you, didn’t mean to make you feel bad or anything. sorry if I did. And Syn, Demure was taking an obvious jab at TH.

          • Syncx

            It sounded more like demure was stating a fact seeing as sloth was thinking the same thing and new what he was talking about , and not complaining , your being to harsh

          • Syncx

            Don’t worry I myself have asked the same question , just really looking foreword to it you did nothing to apologizes for

          • Syncx

            Ever hear of making an ant hill into a mountain ? No ones complaining , just exited to see the new page , Alex and everyone who makes this comic are great cause they don’t have to, so instead of blowing things so out of proportion lets be nice to our fellow comic lovers instead of rude 🙂

          • DemureDesire

            No one’s hating on anyone. I love Teahouse — I just don’t count on weekly updates.

        • Not to pull a lot of TH discussion into the comments on TYP, but since the name was mentioned now below then no, their updates are actually pretty steady and regular. I should know. I’m around when most pages has been uploaded for the last 3 years.

          Teahouse has gotten a rep for being much more irregular than it actually is, because many people can’t figure out timezones and/or expect a page happening around midnight when the day turns into wednesday or shortly there after. When that isn’t happening they complain about a late page, often way before it IS late. Those comments have some people multipying the irregular updates in their head instead of going by facts. Oki, I agree that TH is technically late by a few hours when the upload happens in the night between wednesday and thursday, because the artists is up coloring the last of the page, but can you really call it irregular when it’s happening that time every week?

          That’s just all I want to say. Lets go back to enjoying TYP now.

  • goddesstio

    I guess. I sort of assumed that since we didn’t see Sircea she didn’t really have anything to do with it.

  • Drinking the wine str8 from the bottle and not decanting it first? Kind of suspicious to me.

    • Garry Leonberger

      And we haven’t seen Anni drink any yet, have we?

    • D Reid

      Not trying to be too much of a wine geek here, but it’s usually only red wines that need decanting. The only white wine that would need decanting is a Burgundy. The bottle of white DRC Montrachet Duncan is pouring comes from the Pinot Noir grape, if I’m not mistaken. So, not suspicious at all. 🙂

  • CH

    Actually guys it is up, the normal links and arrow keys don’t seem to be working but if you put it in manually /ete-ch2-page-11/ it works.

    • Gryphongirl2

      CH, thanks! I just saw Alex’s tweet and couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t see it. I’ll let him know…

  • Klaus

    If the Hong Kong authorities have let them go.

    • 🙂

      like “authority” means anything to anhi

      • Klaus

        Do you mean that he has sprung them? I do not see Tweedledee and Tweedledum just walking away from the Hong Kong police. Not on the best of days, and certainly not in the state our heroes left them.

  • Elin Gregory

    Montrachet ’78!! Wow, the Annihilator is really pushing the seduction boat out. 🙂

  • Haven’t commented on any page yet, but I just wanna say, I love everything about this page. In particular, every line of dialogue perfectly defines the way each character thinks – even the wine-tasting sums up Kyle’s awkward innocence. Nice work!