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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Two—Page 1

103 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Two—Page 1

Kyle is actually showing us a PRO TIP in Panel 4: When being carried many miles in a single bound, it’s always good practice to make sure your tenders haven’t been lost along the way. The more you know…

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All right-y! Chapter Two begins! And things look so PRETTY! So, is it going to be nothing but sunsets and references to other people’s intellectual property for the rest of the night? Or are things going to get serious between these two? And where exactly are they?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there!

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  • I was literally refreshing the archive page for the last hour instead of going to bed. Worth it. I love this comic so much, I’ve been following since the begining and just want you to know this comic makes my week sometimes. Its wonderful 🙂

  • Jeffrey McLaurin

    YAY! A new page! I’ve been waiting on it! 😀

  • Jamie Dutton

    Wow, I literally gasped at that first panel! It is absolutely gorgeous! Fantastic color work, Veronica! It sets the mood for the whole page and what I’m hoping is a very romantic chapter. I love the fact that Duncan is wearing a suit and tie for this special night. He’s so classy.
    I’m not forgetting you, Mr. DeKraker. The line work and the almost effortless poses on this page are as fabulous as Veronica’s colors! I am in love with the whole thing!
    Oh and Alex, pleasepleaseplease tell me that first panel will be one of our choices for the prints! I would LOVE to have that on my wall at home!
    *happy fangirl sigh*

    • VeroGandini

      Hey Jamie! Very much appreciatted you comment on my color work! Feel so good when you enjoy what I do! And I have a wonderful editor…Alex!!!

      • amanda damron

        this is one of the best comics that I have ever read and what you do with the colors gives it that extra something that has people wanting to just stare and just appreciate it. wonderful job. 🙂

        • VeroGandini

          Awwww…thank you so much Amanda! 😉

  • Jeldenil

    On the helipad, Kyle, obviously. The zombies can’t get you now. Ain’t that cool? 😀

  • WOW! This is all so beautiful! The mountains, the sunset. Veronica is an absolutely BRILLIANT colourist! Just BRILLIANT! (Acknowledge my lighting pun!)

    I am so excited for this chapter. I am really looking forward to see how their date goes! But most importantly BRANDY SEDUCTION! Will it happen? Will it not? Will it NOT happen but there will be a reference to it being cheesy? Will my dreams be dashed? Who knows? But I am excited for the rest.

    Also, I really love how well Anni takes basically being compared to Superman. He’s so classy about the whole thing. “I believe I came off rather well.” That is PERFECT! Your are a master at Dialogue Alex.

    And because I feel guilty that I haven’t gushed over Adam specifically yet. YAY ADAM! SUCH BEAUTIFUL WORK. You are the prince of subtle expressions. And everything else you draw is amazing.

    Everything is amazing! I will cease gushing now and go to sleep.

    • VeroGandini

      Thank you so much for your comment and for liking my colors Holly! =D

      • Eek! 😀 You post!
        Your colors are absolutely amazing!

        • VeroGandini

          Hey Kinzie! I’m glad you enjoy my work! Thank you soooooo much!!! 😉

  • YangYueLan

    I’m a little confused. When is this happening? After Hong Kong? A week later? I am sorry if I missed something, I tend to do that. I’m one of those people that needs like 8 neon signs pointing to the other neon sign that tells me very clearly what I need to know.

    • Alex said in the comments on previous page that chapter 2 would begin on the night of Kyle’s 18th birthday. So this must be a week later after he’s been out with the guys… or that’s what I go from 🙂

      • YangYueLan

        That makes sense. Thanks!

  • Mary Klemzak

    Loving the Lois Lane reference there! That’s one of the sexiest scenes ever, hetero or gay.

    Lovely beginning to chapter 2!

    *melts in a puddle of gooey feels*

  • Becky

    Woo Secret Hideout Woo! 🙂

  • Feverfew_M

    So beautiful and romantic, but why do I get the feeling that they’re going to be cockblocked by plot?
    After all there still is some “calamity on infinite super-whatsit thing” aka “crisis of colliding trans-world identities” going on, right? No way they’re not going to get involved…

    • Sanbai



      I’ll show myself out.

      • Feverfew_M

        *lol* And henceforth “plockblocked” shall be a word!
        You can totally stay for a drink or five, btw. 😉

  • *lol* I’m glad that Kyle made that Lois Lane reference because seeing the first panel that was the first thing coming to my mind.

    From what we’ve seen of Anni so far, the superman analogy doesn’t seem so far off either -except Anni being a bad boy.. uuh .. guy.. the villain 🙂

    Loving how Kyle is tucking his shirt back in his pants in panel 4. Don’t know why I like this little detail so much. And that sunset is GEORGIOUS!

    So Anni has taken Kyle to a hide out place. Very private. This can be good or quite bad, depending on how this night ends. I want this night to end in a hot steamy way XD

    While I’m still pretty sure Anni is up to something, outside seduction, it’s a question of WHEN he will make his move. Will he take the seduction of Kyle all the way first, and leave it at that for the night.. or will he set what ever plan he has in motion this night already?

    I’m thinking the first is most likely right now but I ‘fear’ the last. How bad will Kyle get burned at some point?.. and this in another way he can’t control.
    Now.. let the night begin 🙂

    • Niggle

      I’m evil, I’m hoping for no rumpy pumpy at all. Annie is a villain after all. Not that I think it too likely. That might be the most villainous option, promise Kyle all this safety so he can finally experience intimacy and then BAM, denial, total cockblock.

      All I expect is there to be a lot more going on than sex. There’s going to be plot and drama and surprises. But whatever happens I’m going to enjoy it. 😀

      • Well yeah he’s a villain which isn’t the best thing. Kyle would be better off with someone else, not only someone NOT a villain but let’s face it – maybe someone a little more age equal XD
        Besides me just wanting some hotness, Anni seems the best option right now for Kyle to get his load off (get it? XD) with someone else right now. Those superpowers of Anni’s come in handy here. I mean Kyle is now 18 and don’t even masturbate because he’s a danger to just about everyone (talk about fire in the hole *ahem*).

        I want the guy to experience a little sexual fun, and wonder if he’ll get that first before Anni start what ever else he has plans for… I don’t know…
        Some of me feel like you do too. Maybe a little for for different reasons too, since it’s gonna hurt when Kyle find out his (possible) first timer has been playing a trick on him all along.
        How ever this go, I’m gonna enjoy the plots and surprises just like you. And this story most likely has some surprises coming 🙂

        • Jason Wexler

          So I’ve read the entire archives and can tell of course Annihilator is up to something, but I am not sure from what I’ve seen that he is a villain. At least not my idea of a villain being a DC comics reader, I get more of a Magneto feel from him. He isn’t evil he just has a different opinion.

  • Ye gods, that’s a gorgeous piece of art. +1 on immediate reaction to the first panel being

    a) I want a print of that
    b) that is so Superman/Lois Lane 🙂

  • Pff, he gets to be the fabulous Lois, he clearly wins in this metaphor.

    Love the scenery and lighting!

    • Khun David

      He reminds me more of Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olson.

      • amanda damron

        that’s cuz hes a red head

  • DarkFeanix21

    That first panel is one of the most gorgeous images I’ve seen in some time. With the sunrise (sunset? Honestly, with them traveling into another timezone, I’m not sure which it is) in the background and Kyle in Duncan’s arms… Yes, absolutely gorgeous.

  • Where are we? Kyle you’re at the rumpus room. 🙂
    Ooooooo,! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

  • TwilightDreamer

    I almost squealed when I saw this page. Love it! 😀

  • Kit Turner

    I’ve gotta confess, I’m glad we’re “cutting to the chase” as it were, rather than seeing Kyle’s birthday party beforehand (though I’m sure it was a fun party!). OH MAN I am a bundle of anticipation for what’s going to happen (and I admit that I totally “SQUEE!”-‘d when I saw this page). :p

    • YG_Frenchie

      I have never read a comment that spoke my mind exactly before. Brownie points for you!

  • CommodoreZelda

    The scenery is so freaking pretty!! Is this Anni’s secret hideout?

  • cherryblake

    i just wanted to see duncan holding kyle , on my Birthday today

  • amanda damron

    love it!!
    good idea Duncan have your next date with the red hot (giggle) Kyle in the safety of your home where there are no cock blockers to ruin the moment!!!

  • Yukiness

    Oh my goodness, look at that dorky face in panel four. I love how human it makes him.

  • BlueRafael

    Lois Lane? Hopefully Kyle doesn’t spend the next 45 years screeching “Marry me, Anni! Marry me!” in increasingly ridiculous ways.

  • Cman65

    K Where are we?
    A Just a little hide away home of mine
    K Wow I can’t wait to have a look about its kind of cool
    A Sorry but the only part your going to see for the next few hours is my sling-room!!!!! Aha ha ha ha
    K Even better.

    Well this is how the next page is in my dirty mind

    • KiannaLeigh

      We all love your mind!

      • Cman65

        Some would call me sick and twisted but what would my mother know!
        Just be gald I can’t draw

        • Feverfew_M

          Now, I’m actually a bit disappointed that you can’t draw…
          You sure you can’t? 😉

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    I can’t stand it! as I read this A certain scene from “Young Frankenstein” popped into my head……now I have to go back and wash my mind out with soap! Ahhhh sweet mystery of life at last I’ve found you…….GAAAAH!

  • i’m tickled by the idea of marvel characters referencing DC Universe characters.


    [end statement]

  • Dee Dee

    Looks like Anni’s house because of the humongous letter “A”.

    • I don’t believe that’s an ‘A’. It’s most likely a ‘H’ for ‘helicoptor’. It’s a helicoptor landing space and they often have a circle H to show that.

    • Chibi

      Nope I’m pretty sure that is an H lol

  • Jason Wexler

    Does anyone else here a Scottish accent when they read Duncans lines?

    • goddesstio

      Duncan said he was from Brighton, which either means a tiny town in Michigan (I doubt it) or, more likely, the big city in England. I read his lines with a British tilt from then on.

      You’re probably getting the Scottish thing cause he looks so like Sean Connery, lol

      • Jason Wexler

        Well Duncans head must really be swelling today, compared positively to Superman and Sean Connery.

      • Derkins

        Oh, well, great. Now I’m only going to be able to hear Sean Connery’s voice when I read Anni’s lines. 🙂

        • Jason Wexler

          Allow me to screw with you even more, Kyle kind of reminds me of Wheeler from Captain Planet.

      • Jason Wexler

        With a name like Wells, it’s definitely the Brighton in England.

  • John

    Y’know, I kinda feel bad for Tsunami. I know he comes across as a touch… homophobic (though I think thats going too far really. Uncomfortable with the issue maybe? Closeted gay perhaps? :P) but thats WHY I want to see more of him; it makes for an interesting dynamic.

    Anyway this panel: B E A Utiful backgrounds there though I do have to wonder… does Anni use that helicopter pad much? I mean between his own abilities and Princess Spangle doesn’t seem like he needs mechanical assistance much…

  • Jason Wexler

    Duncan has got to be either really in love or really incompetent to take Kyle to his secret hideout, I mean seriously if he is expecting Kyle to leave there alive, then he either expects that Kyle switches sides or doesn’t think that the grown up heroes are going to believe him when he says “oh and Annihilator took me to his hideout at…”

    • Jesslc

      I don’t think Duncan is in love or incompetent… There are so many other possibilities

      Possibly he’s not going to tell Kyle where he is… Or he’ll lie to him about where it is… Or it’s not actually his real secret hideout, just his decoy home/his main office/one of the many places that he owns… Or there’s laws in this universe that you can only take down/arrest someone if you catch them in the act of doing something bad…

      Or he trusts Kyle wont tell… Which is a fairly good character assessment of Kyle if you ask me. I think Kyle won’t tell so long as Duncan doesn’t do any new evil things. Kyle is loyal and a truly good person. He wouldn’t tell on his first kiss unless he thinks it’s necessary to protect people from harm.

  • The Gael

    Looks great all right – and the panels is a timely reminder that I need to book a vacation. Looking forward to how this develops and perhaps an expansion of the supporting cast -maybe some of Duncan’s fellow super villains or some other superheroes.

  • Vyky

    I have wondered for a long time already, I thought I might aswell post my thoughts, maybe somebody else suspects the same thing. I think Anni is trying to steal Kyle`s youth. As in Anni wishes to be immortal or something similar of the sorts. I started to suspect this, when I first learned his age. I mean he is very healty and good-looking for his age. What if he together with the Platinum Pristess are planning on taking Kyle`s so-called life energy (don`t know how to say any other way in english), so to take a few years off of themselves. What if that would mean that Kyle`s and Anni`s physical (not mental) ages would balance out, and the age difference between them wouldn`t seem so grand. Even so, Kyle seems so extraordinarily naive and trusting towards the Annihilator. That could definitely come from is young age, but what if that`s all an act and he`s just investigating what Anni is up to next and he`s sort got in to deep (no pun intended). These are just my thoughts on what may happen in the future. I hope it`s alright to share them with you and speculate together what might happen next 🙂 .

    • TwilightDreamer

      omg, someone else thought that? Well, at least the part about stealing Kyle’s youth. I thought about it when the plantinum princess mentioned something about youth, and who could ever ask for more…
      In any case, I don’t fully trust Anni, he seems quite capable when it comes to deception…but hey, that makes it much more interesting 😉

      • Vyky

        Same here, plus Platinum Priestess with all of her magic powers/tricks, got me really suspicious.
        Anni is definitely someone who should not be trusted, but exactly like you said, that makes the story the better.

        • TwilightDreamer

          Kyle is young, naïve, nervous of his own preferences and longing for intimacy…not to sound horrible, but he’s a perfect target for someone as cunning and smooth talking as Anni, I mean hey…the guy couldn’t have gotten a reputation as such a bad guy for no reason 😛

    • Shinashi

      I especially like the part that Kyle is acting his part and not actually that weird. XD

  • KiannaLeigh

    I died when I read panel one. I’m back in the beyond again. …. Not much going around here this time. I think I’ll have to come back to the land of the living. There’s YP goodness there. 😛

  • michael boyce

    I LOVE this series! I am in love with the artist, the writing…A+

  • So happy right now. My favorite Non-Marvel/DC villain is back. My day has brightened up.

  • I love the detail in the coloring and Anni’s derp face in the second to last panel. 😛
    Also, Kyle, when jumping long distances with men, it’s always good to confirm where you’re going first.

    • VeroGandini

      Thank you Kinzie!!!! =D

  • grimsister21

    … It’s almost 4 AM in the morning. I woke up in the middle of the night for no reason and fired up the computer cause I can’t sleep.

    Then I discovered this new page.

  • Chibi

    almost to the next stretch goal WOOHOO

  • davefragments

    I very much like your colors. I’m too used to most comics that use the old newsprint colors with a very limited pallete from 4 color printing. I’m reading “Peter Panzerfaust” and that suffers from a truly dark and war-like palette. It’s nearly monochrome in grays, browns, and those shades. Your colors are vibrant and intense. Even ARTIFICE has bright colors. The other thing nice about your backgrounds is that they blend and fade — like the sunset in this page.

    • Derkins

      I agree, and also love the attention to detail. Like, that Kyle’s shirt would’ve come untucked as he was carried. Not every artist would think to incorporate the little details that all contribute to making it a particularly vivid world.

    • VeroGandini

      Thank you so much Dave!!! I appreciate it a lot and I love that you like them! I feel so good! Thank you!

      • davefragments

        I’ve been admiring it all through The Young Protectors. I like the writing and the presentation. Most people forget that graphic novels are collaborations.

  • Chibi

    $14 until the next stretch goal ^_^ so excited >> more voting WOOHOO

  • Heather Dewar

    I am DYING of excitement for a book. I only found this comic this month and I am in LOVE. Now I just need to convince my partner that since he’s spent a butt-tonne on kickstarter recently, it’s my turn to do so now haha

    • Chibi

      Yeah just bug him over and over again >> he’ll give in eventually. And if he doesn’t withhold things from him ::nods::

  • Chibi

    ehhh we made it to 35k woohoo!

    • *lol* You posted this just when I was writing my comment saying the same, and more.

      My guess is that we’ll pass the total amount the Artifice kickstarter backed in the next ..hmm.. 12-24 hours. And it’s less than a week into the time for this project.

      • Chibi

        I know I’m so excited >> hope we get past 50k …. I want a spooky hat >>

        • Ohhh. I didn’t even see before now that it might be a possibility if it pass 50k. A Spooky cap would be awesome.

          • Chibi

            Yes it would be >> unless it’s for higher than I can pledge XD then I wouldn’t be happy … because I wouldn’t be able to get one lol

  • Hours

    I love how Duncan wears the most amazing suits even when bounding through who-knows-what to get to who-knows-where. Kyle needs to step up his fashion game. Is he even wearing a belt?

    Also, the sky looks brilliant on this page. The coloring is amazing.

  • Gaz Hawkins

    I do hope, when the time comes, we get to see some of the action, well, as much as possible on the website, inc some “cum” faces – I do hate when it goes from them kissing to them in “bed” talking about how good it was….. so not going to see what happened then? LOL and let’s be honest, Kyle is NOT going to be just laying there, it’s only his 2nd time (maybe first going that far) it’s gonna hurt and his face should show that then the total pleasure that follows!!

  • sorry about not mentioning this earlier, but, geez…


    if you did, in fact, colour that setting-sun sky yourself…

    …well, i just want you to know, you have a (mostly) gay guy waiting for your hand in marriage.

    because, it seems.. ..i am a sucker for such things, as that.

    look at Smug Snake up there.
    being all smug.


    • VeroGandini

      Wow I already have a marriage proposition!! haha Thank you very much for you comment Rex andhope you like the next page as well!!! =D

      • the photo-realistic look of those clouds…

        …i mean, i really love the way you brought them to life, ms. gandini.

        ´quite stunning, indeed.

        such is a valid enough reason for wanting to marry someone, right?


        so i do wonder what shall greet me, on the next page. . . . .

  • Chibi

    aha Kyle was carried princess style

  • Chibi

    WOOHOO we got passed the amount that was pledged for Artifice and pass the stretch goal of 37,500!!! ^_^

  • Kalinda Little

    so who else now wants fan art of Ani in the superman uniform? it can’t just be me.

  • CommodoreZelda


  • Kat Henderson

    Beautiful page! And the new Artifice background? OMG. Just… wow. The boys look so real and in their moment- I feel like I’m interupting them when I look at my new background!

  • Just a heads up for campers. (I love campers. 🙂 ) There will be a page update tonight (of course), but it’s going to be a few hours yet. Big doings with the Kickstarter project took up a huge chunk of my day and I have friends from out of town with whom I’m about to have a late dinner. So, if you need to crash, I’ll understand.

    But I promise it’s another very pretty one. Worth the wait! 😀

    • Chibi

      OKay ^_^ XD then I shall see it in the morning… now I have a reason to get out of bed early >> of course I’ll go back to bed afterwards but …. >> ::shrugs::

    • CommodoreZelda

      I was thinking I’d stay up and wait for the page, but… I’m starting to rethink that… but I want the new page… *sigh* I’ll wait til I’m falling asleep at the computer before turning in for the night.

      • Chibi

        make sure you don’t actually fall asleep >> your neck will really hurt when you wake up >>

        • CommodoreZelda

          I’m really just sitting on my bed propped up by three pillows, so leaning back and falling asleep is actually quite comfy here. 🙂 But thanks for your concern!

          • Chibi

            lol okay XD well that’s good

    • CommodoreZelda

      Also, campers love you too. 🙂

    • Anna Calloway

      I really wanna read the new page since I’m gonna be gone most of the day tomorrow, but I’m getting sleepy >_<. I'm gonna watch one more episode of Big Band Theory, and then hit the hay if it's not up!

    • Jesslc

      I can haz more YP? Plz

  • Summer

    I love this page. So lovely, flying through the air!!! Also, camping on time for once!

  • Kuraen

    Love this scene. 🙂 I would love to be the Lois Lane to Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel. XP

  • Skittles 4ever

    I’ve actually read a couple of Yoneda Kou’s works. I like her art style, it matches her stories.

    PS: The coloring is amazing. It breaths a life into the art that just can’t be explained. It grabs you in the gut and draws you in, making unable to pull away from it’s beauty, doesn’t it?

  • Kabbalist

    Even apart from the plot potential and fun dialogue, this is a beautiful page. To Alex, Adam, and Veronica: Never ever let it get you down if some spoilsport refers to The Young Protectors as “just yaoi,” “just a webcomic,” or just anything else. The professional level of writing and artistic skills practically *drips* from the pages, and I’m only starting Chapter 2!