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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 9

127 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 9

Hello, Stranger.

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Special thanks, a warm welcome and grateful bow go out to new supporter Taran T. for their generous donation this week!

And big hugs go out to long-time The Young Protectors superfriend Daniel N. for their super generous $41 donation! (Thank you so much, Daniel! I hope you feel better soon!)

So, The Annihilator’s back! Is that a good thing? Bad thing? And what’s it going to mean for Kyle? Tune in next time to find out! 🙂

Edit 9/15/12 11:00 A.M.: DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! We’ve just hit our bonus target, so that means that in addition to the regular page update on Saturday the 22nd (Page 11), we’ll have a bonus update this Wednesday, September 19th (page 10)! WOOT! Thank you all so much for your support. I hope to see you there!


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  • Caffienated

    Oh shiiiiiiiit just got real! Anni lookin swank! XD

  • *snap snap* Kyle.. I think you’re forgetting something.

    I know there’s a familiar hunk in front of you. But behind you.. uhm.. building, people and work to be done.
     A superhero may have time for banter but not gawking 😉

  • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

    Lookin mighty fine in that suit, Anni!


  • Dang! He looks great in a suit! And way to distract Kyle. >u>

  • CommodoreZelda


  • elle_ayelle

    So overdressed.

  • Ryn

    what he up to… Oi, Kyle! focus!

    A in a monkey suit makes me giggle. Maybe cause he looks so out of context there. But monkey suits always have that affect on me.  

  • Mizeseur Altanis

    … >:) Annihilator being so annihilate-ngly dashing… >:) 

    Is Kyle having mental images of him under that fiery suit? …Sure’s getting hot. =))

  • …good god, A-team looks SO DAMN GOOD IN THAT SUIT.  I WISH TO HUG HIM.

    Or rather, I’d hug him if it didn’t get me blackmailed, thrown into a brick wall or flambe’d (can’t figure out how to do the accent) by a jealous Kyle.  WELL FREAKING DONE.

    • Thank you, Summer. 🙂

    • b3nc0

      If you want to edit your message you can copy/paste this: flambéd or use alt-code: alt+130 or alt+0233 (I ain’t sure of them coz it’s already on my keyboard)

      • I’ll have to remember this!  Thank you!

  • nebi_lan

    fuuu-fuuu-fuuuuuuuuuuck , i can’t describe how much feelings i’m having right now, really great page, the old man looks REALLY manly and sexy in that suit , gosh i love it , and the young boy atonished face is really cool too.

    • Thanks, nebi_lan! I’m glad you like what you see!

  • YAY! I feel like cheering! He looks hotter in a tux!

    And good Lord he looks good in a suit. 😀

  •  Everyone, pay no heed to the smirking, giant, silver haired man standing around in a tuxedo at a probable crime scene. Nothing ‘super-villiany’ there. ;D

    You just know he set that building on fire to see Kyle again, and then he dressed up for the occasion. And darn it, that just shows dedication to the relationship.
    I’m rooting for you Anni!

  • Larne

    *squeal with glee*
    I love this page. The ones before were good, but this page has the special something. Annis appearance was somewhat unexpected and this made it even greater!
    I like his super-villian-smirk.
    And of course Kyles reaction is great too. Even without words the atmosphere easy to understand. Can´t await the next page…

    • Glad to hear it, Larne! Thank you! (And the next page is coming early—this Wednesday!)

  • Dee Dee

    Dude, quit gawking and get to the saving! 

    But he’s just going to run after Anni and then the Commander or another teammate will come after him, right? 

    •  My vote is that he is either just going to stand there stunned until Commmander gets his attetion. OR he is going to start walking back to the building, then look over his shoulder long enough to see Anni waving or something out of the back of a limo.

      • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

        I don’t know about the second one, that kind of depends on whether Anni actually tries to be good sometimes. Waving like that might mean Kyle’s team mates ask some difficult questions – would Anni really out Kyle like that? I’d like to think he wouldn’t, I’m sure even for Anni, coming out was not fun at all, why put Kyle through it?

        But… maybe I’m ascribing morals to a guy who has none at all, he is a super villain!

        That said, Alex’s characters are often more complex than that, so I think I’m gonna go with my first instinct that Anni wouldn’t do that to Kyle. At least, not yet, he doesn’t have anything to gain from it 😉

        •  Wow, I didn’t even think of the fact that if his teammates saw Anni waving they might have some questions for Kyle. So I think you’re right, my second prediction is already off. I mean, Anni LITERALLY tells Kyle in the prologue that he remembers how hard it was to be a gay young man, so he woudln’t out Kyle.

          Still I wonder what will happen next.

          • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

             I’m excited to see what happens next too.

            For some reason, this is a lot less scary than the idea of finding out what happens next in the tale of jackasses, honeycombs and brothels.

  • Ditzite

    Lucky night indeeeed! XD Oh lord my brain was cracked out already from internet parodies, but this is awesome! The drawing and shading are lovely and Anni in a suit… UNF! That is all that can be said. Gonna go sleep now! 

  • *lays down*  Ohhhh…hello, Anni.  You look lovely tonight.  OMFG, Kyle’s reaction is the BEST.  Ever.  tygihgy

  • I like that last time the Annihilator was wearing his tights and Kyle was in normal clothes and now they meet again and it’s reversed… well if you consider a tux normal clothes that is

    • KiannaLeigh

      Tss. It’s Anni. What else would he wear but a fancy ass suit. He’s probably like Bruce Wayne if Batman was an evil gay guy. And i say that as a compliment!

      •  That was actually my thought too. everyone else is omg suite, but all i am thinking is what else would he wear?

  • AnyOtaku

    I was missing Ani! I’m happythat he has come back hehe and I love the way they look at each other: Kyle like hipnotised and Ani with a sexy grin. After this I’n happy for the rest of the weekend!

  • SomeoneK

    Burning question: did Mr. Silver start the fire or was it someone else? And ps I love how flustered Reddie gets everytime he sees the big guy, I bet meeting him is going to be awkward for him forever 😀

  • Oh my god… Anni in a suit. There aren’t enough rainbows, unicorns and cupcakes in this world to explain that sort of perfection. That made my day!

  • Orange_Narcolepsy

    lol i’m sorry. .  Ani looks awesome in a suit. .  but i cant get over how silly bow ties look XD it’s like “AW YEAH, SEXY – ooohhh bow tie ewe; ” To me, bow ties scream “i’m nerdy in the bad way, I’m socially awkward, and i try to be cool by doing what the bad kids tell me to do, even though it just makes me look more desperate.”

    bow ties often speak to me like this. 

    You dont even wanna know what the other articles of clothing tell me. they can be cruel tempters <3

    • Becky


      • Becky

        Reference: James Bond, The Doctor, Bill Nye.

    •  I agree with Becky that mulitple parties prove that bow ties are cool.

      Plus bow ties you get to do the sexy, “I popped open one button of my dress shirt and untied my bowtie completely” thing. Whic his head and shoulders hotter than a slightly loosed normal tie. IMHO

  • KiannaLeigh

    Ahh the ultimate truth … everyone looks better in a tux. Not that Anni needs help with that.

  • Hey there Anni, looking dashing and all. I’ve missed you!

  • Oh my god, poor Kyle. His world, I can see it falling about his ears. Just remember where you are, Kyle. In spandex.

    Anni. I’m going to have to start calling you Vlad Masters now. Are you happy about this?
    Goin’ round in formal wear, badgering underaged “little hero-boys,” with your grey/silver hair and beard combos. I’m done. Can ya’ll just make a club please and send out monthly letters. Thank you.

    (I love this page.)

    • Becky

      Vlad Masters!! You win one million comment points. <3

    • Ha! Thank you for causing me to lose time on the Danny Phantom Wikipedia page. 🙂

      (And thank you for love!!)

      • You’re very, very welcome on both counts.
        (Also they both have blue eyes. I’m pretending they’re soul brothers or something.)

  • ithilloke

    Are you kidding? It’s a VERY good thing! RrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrOW!

  • Amerou

    Kyle, building. Kyle, BUILDING. BUILDING ON FIRE KYLE

  • Dracon Ra

    Oh my god, Anni in a suit, so hot! Thank you so much!
    But I don’t really think you need a supervillain to set a building on fire.
    So he probably knew the ‘Team of junior do-gooders’ would be there and just came to tease the little one.
    Everyone needs a hobby 😉

  • KBatty

    Yeah, because /no one/ else would notice the HUGE guy in the tux standing head and shoulders over everyone else in the crowd…

    Oh Annihilator. Subtle like a brick through a window.

    • CatCrazed

      Your comment has made my day XD

    • With a name like The Annihilator, I’m not sure we could expect “subtle” to be his defining trait…

  • YangYueLan


  • schmzowow

    I just want to know who he’s talking to in that fifth panel. If he is talking to anyone at all. Maybe he just lost control of his jaw muscles, maybe that’s a thing he has to deal with. Maybe that’s why he’s a villain. Or maybe he’s just staring at something off panel that’s extremely shocking, even for him.

    • Dracon Ra

      Hot villain in a suit, he’s probably talking to his driver 😉

  • fujoshifanatic

    Aaaaand BAM! With one smirk, things got more interesting. And sexy. And complicated. And dangerous! Hello, Kyle? You’re in the middle of a job here; get to it!

    And oh hai Anni! So hot-er,, I mean, good to see you! You’ve been missed! Please make yourself at home in the storyline, and don’t forget plan a reunion soon with Red Hot–we’re sure you two have a lot of “catching up” to do. *licks lips*

    Awesome page Alex! And Yay! Bonus page on deck! *does happy dance*

    • Thank you, fujoshifanatic! (And yes—bonus page this Wednesday! Very exciting!)

  • Bien Batol

    Man, I just the irony in Fluke’s statement.  Flambo didn’t stay close to Fluke and he ends up seeing The Annihilator.  And now it’s no one’s lucky night.  

  • Kit the Coyote

    (Laughs) Kyle is so twitterpated at seeing Annihilator that he is falling out of the frame!

    • Lillexe

      I love you for saying “twitterpated” 😀

      • Kit the Coyote

         And we are all showing our age for knowing what it means (snickers)

  • Erica

    I literally couldn’t hold in my gasp when I saw Anni… omg… Anni looks so hot outside of evil villian garb. O _O… Me Gusta indeed…. omg… 
    I’m sure Kyle is thinkin “… Did he do this??” but in my head i’d like to think “…My boner is so hard right now.” XDD 
    Omg Anni is so hot @ _@ 

  • Becky

    Daaaaayuuuum. 🙂

    Interesting that he’s watching TYP do their job. Studying up on an increasingly formidable adversary? Or did he just stop by to troll Kyle?

  • Lillexe

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww yeeeeeeeeeeeah. <3 That was awesome.

  • Random smirking guy in a tux…no that doesn’t look suspicious AT ALL?!?

    •  Maybe Annihilator is jused attracted to fire. ;D

  • StarrySkyDancer

    ..Oh look there, it is Bruce Wayne XD haha This reminded me of this scene in one of those old batman movies:P

  • mikakitten

    Anni!! You look so fit in a tux!!! <3 and Kyle!! Your costume is super tight and sexy too…le gods this is a delcious page! Kyle in pannel 2 is my FAV!!! <3 Sexy!

    • Miranda Williams

      Get out.

      • Efaett

        What if she’d said “les gods” or went the full nine yards with “les dieux”?

        • mikakitten

          sorry…I was being comical…it really is a nice page…. :'(

    • Thank you, mikakitten! I’m glad you like it! 🙂

  • So when I reread last weeks comic yesterday, I said I missed Anni and I wanted a page for Wednesday!

    AND TODAY THERE WAS ANNI! and Wednesday there will be a page. I…I think this is my super power.

    Anni looks amazing in a Tux, and I’m really excited to see what comes next.

    Though I don’t think Anni started the disaster. I think he’s just attracted to fire! XP

    • I was actually thinking the same thing. As superpowers go, not a bad one, IMHO. 🙂

  • I could not hold in my gasp wen i saw this it was soo AHHHHHHHH OMG its Anni i was wondering wen he was going to come into the picture. Wen he walks away and Kyle sees him go its like Anni is telling him to follow him and so they can “talk” What if Kyle goes and one of the supers follows them and hears their talk and sees them kiss it would  be an “OMG JUMPING OUT OF YOUR CHAIR AND SQUEALING LIKE CRAZY” moment.

  • b3nc0

    -Who’s there?
    -Anni who?
    -An’ if you go, I wanna go with you…

  • Lithekitty

    I love how no one notices the guy in a tux, hanging out at a crime scene. 

  • b3nc0

    Thank you Vero, Adam & Alex; you’ve just provided me with a second WP, erm desktop wallpaper sorry ;°), with the fourth panel in a couple of weeks!
    Does the email form allow joined pictures? For I’d like to show them to you u///u

    • You’re very welcome. 🙂 

      And unfortunately I don’t think the email form allows attachments. Glad to hear you got another wallpaper out of one of the pages, though.

  • Yukiness

    I’m so glad that on the one day where my life will be the most unstable The Young Protectors will update. Thanks for creating just about the only trustworthy thing in my life Alex, Vero, and Adam.

    Thank you so much.

    • You’re welcome, Yukiness. I’m sorry to hear that Wednesday is looking unstable for you, though. Is everything OK?

  • Although the Annihilator is the “bad guy” and wants to thwart our heroes, I’m hoping he’s not petty enough to want people to burn to death in a fire for no reason… 

  • and in a tux as well!!! aren’t we snazzy!!!????

  • ironbanana

    In a tux. HNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG………………. he needs a fire blossom for his lapel, methinks <3 such a hottie 'villain'! CROSS THE FIRE LINE, KID

  • ROFL! Anni shows up in a tux and suddenly the donation bar hits? I smell a conspiracy! XD

    • QuantumKid

       Indeed! Something’s up! lol

    • Maevegan

      I don’t know about you guys, but I’d gladly pay to see Anni in a tux again. Rawr….

      • I’d pay to see Annihilator OUT of a tux… 😉

        •  Seconded!

          I’d also pay to see Kyle in or Out of a Tux.

  • Samantha Chandler

    lol more like a very very happy customer lolz 

  • VanQuinn

    I just want to know WHY he’s wearing a tux of all things. Did he just leave a fancy dinner party? Is he going to a fancy dinner party? Does he drive around in a limo when he’s not leaping over buildings? Is this an everyday thing or just part of his seduction plan? Does he live in a mansion… Does he have a butler? Will there be a single red rose in any of the next few pages? I don’t know what to think of this tux.

    • Yes the Tux does bring about many questions. Though I do get the feeling that since it’s a Tux and not like a business suit that he was on his way too or from something very formal. maybe a charity event or something.

      • YangYueLan

        Now I have an Anni-robin hood image in my head.

    • KBatty

      When I saw him in the crowd, my first thought was “Lol Captain Obvious strikes again.” but my second thought is that perhaps he’s not actually there. Given that the Annihilator didn’t appear to be a masked villain in the prologue encounter with Kyle, you would think people would recognize him and not be so completely non-chalant about his presence, so… perhaps this is a manipulation of the mind. Perhaps Kyle’s seeing an illusion.

      Or perhaps the general population is just incredibly stupid. You know. Whatever.

    • As Jack from 30 Rock would say: “It’s after 5pm, what am I, a farmer?”

  • Skye Madison

    😀 I love having a birthday on Saturday! I get updates from all of my favorite comics. And an Anni appearance at that! <3 Couldn't ask for a better birthday present! :3

    • Yay! (And late Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great weekend!:D )

  • Anni: . . .And my job here is done.

    Sparky: What is this — I don’t even! … (Dat Ass!)

    Fire Line: Boy, you better think twice about crossing me. :-|.

  • He sure cleans up nice! Very, very nice! I think he just came to see his boy-toy at work in his skin tight hero suit! Wouldn’t you? 

  • Leigh Nelson

    God he’s so big! All I can think about is how nummy The Annihilator is in that tux! Mmm ^_^

    Can Kyle share? I wanna taste too D:

  • I love how the “Do Not Cross” tape is right between Kyle and Parkourman in that 3rd panel. Just not sure why. Well, I know why but I don’t feel like writting a freakin’ paragraph about it. Still though, nice imagery. That and how that lamp post managed to stay on despite having deflected a large chunk of rubble.

  • Damn he looks good in a suit!! 😀

  • Plum Soda

    Someones lucky night, indeed.

    I never thought, someone would find my secret weakness…
    Badasses in goddamn suits!
    Woah, can that man rock a Tux! *swoon*

    ahem… Yeah…

    Anyways, what a lovely page. I like the simple layout in it. It gives the page more of an… I don’t know, cinematic feel? (Someone please help me describe it!)
    I can really sympathise with Kyle here, I’m just as confused and blanked out…

  • VanQuinn

    It just occurred to me, but realistically those people gawking would all have their cellphones out and taking pictures, texting, or twittering. That’s why they didn’t notice Anni standing there in a tux.

  • Annihilator should so do the ‘anti hero’ thing: only stealing from poorly secured sources (including criminal mobs and smugglers) when there’s no-one around so there’s no bykill, taking a no-kill oath, and the like, so he can still be a great chaotic without having a murder rap over his head. It would also mean he could participate in the building fire rescue as a ‘no kill vigilante anti hero’ without incurring much attention from cops. I liked seeing him in his ‘action wear’, but I’m definitely not a zoot suit or tux man, I’m a jeans&tee or gym gear type…

    • I like to think he’s an bit of a “Utopia Justifies the Means” type anti-villain. (Love TV Tropes).  He will happily do horrible things to bigots.

      • Thank you for introducing me to another cool Trope. (Which, of course, led to me exploring another 20 of them… 😀 )

  • I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one saying it. I thought I could hold my tongue for a little while longer, let the suspense build up but my mouth is saying what Kyle’s face is saying right now in the last panel. “HOLY —-!!”

    I’m sure Annihilator has a good reason to be there, if nothing else than to look handsome in his tux. But focus KYLE! Don’t get distracted! 

    And now I wanna know WHY he’s there! It’s why I tune in each Saturday and Sunday when I can. 🙂 Awesome work!

    (I hate fluke’s power…because I WANT IT. lol)

    • Thank you, KittyMayhem! I’m glad you are enjoying the comic. 😀 (And I dig Fluke’s power too…)

  • CrispyChicks

    Just look at that smug bastard’s shit-eating smirk. I love it.

  • RedWildPony

    I simply love this third panel with those “do not cross” tape! It is just so… amazing! Why do I get the feeling our little hero will cross a line in some way XD

  • Aryn Reid

    quite the chest you’ve got there, Anni.

    • KBatty

       As long as Adam doesn’t pull a Liefeld, we’re good. 😉

  • Bealtaine

    A suit?Our Anni is wealthy then…

    • b3nc0

      He might have borrowed/rented it.

      Edit: I was gonna ad “or stolen it”, coz he’s a /villain/ but with Alex’s reply it’s unrellevant, so, yeah, shouldn’t write it…

      • I’ll Word of God that The Annihilator owns this tux. And that he has sizable amounts of currency in a variety of bank accounts around the world. 🙂

        •  Yo! Kyle is “hittin” money!!!!!!

          • b3nc0

             Who said ‘sugar daddy’? ¬¸¬

  • Lol no big deal just in a tux

  • I have been reading this for a while but I finally cracked and commented 😀 Anni is HUGE compared to those normal folk!! And I like his bowtie!

  • Dracon Ra

    The longer I look at it, the more I want to give Kyle a slap on the back „Looks
    like you made yourself a fan!“  😉

  • Krondor2000

    So we have an Anti-Bruce Wayne for a super villain? This is interesting. I’m sure over the years he stole and stored his money in banks outside the country to “build” his wealth. One of these days Alex, you have to do a back story on Anni. I’m sure it’s not a happy one.

  • Jen Roberts

    I don’t even have words. This could be bad. This could be good. More likely it’ll be bad for Kyle and good for us. That’s my prediction. xD
    I don’t comment as much anymore ’cause real life is eating my time, but I keep reading and loving every single page that goes up as soon as I can! I’m not sure which I like better on this page: the DO NOT CROSS line or the huge empty gap between them. Keep up the good work, everyone! (And speaking of which, back to work, Kyle! It’s time for some thrillin’ superheroics!)

  • Dracon Ra

    So, you asked if this is good or bad, I gave that some thought.
    Right now, neither. Anni to clever to make a move now. So all that’s gonna happen is that Commander will snap Red out of it.
    But it could be that Anni will keep listening to the police radio and will make short appearances whenever Kyle is busy saving the day.
    Just so that he won’t forget him, to keep him thinking about it.
    Just teasing and maybe later he will try to get ‘the other first time’ 😉

  • That was TOTALLY unpredictable…!

  • Oooooh yeeeah. Hi there. Remember him?

  • First panel.

    Bromance ship.

  • SolrSurfr3

    Visiting your boyfriend at work? What a sweet gesture. XD