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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 7

110 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 7

Red Hot, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Before I get into any other business, let me make a special request to my readers in the United States. If you haven’t already, please please register to vote. It’s really easy and with some likely new Supreme Court nominations coming up, this election is incredibly important, especially for free speech issues like being able to publish comics like this. I’ve put a Rock The Vote registration button in the right sidebar under the comic to make it really easy to register. Please don’t wait. Please do it now. Then go vote in November.

Alrighty then. Hey! Look down below—we’re now up to $133 towards the next bonus page! Special thanks go out to long-time supporter Kathryn K. (who just made their second generous donation to The Young Protectors!) and a warm welcome and grateful bow go out to new supporters Warren B., Katherine W. & Ali A. for their generous donations over the last week! Thank you all so much!

There are a couple panels on this page that I love. I love what Adam and Vero did with Panels 1-3 up there—very pretty colors and clear story-telling. This also has one of my favorite Commander poses—panel 5. Coupled with her expression, I find it really heroic. And yet, thanks to y’all turning me on to the Escher Girls blog, I’m now also noticing that we get a very good view of her butt as well. Hmm. Now, perhaps because I’m a gay guy, that part of her anatomy didn’t catch my eye at all. When I saw the completed art, my mind was all like: that fierce expression! That shoulder! Those fists! (And I’m certain it also wasn’t Adam’s goal to sexualize this pose either.) But as I publish this comic, there are many ways that I learn from all of you and based on the intelligent discussion in the comments about the history of these kinds of poses, the posing of our female characters is something I will pay a lot more attention to. If a female character is deliberately trying to strike a provocative pose (as a future character will do), that’s one thing. But is that Commander’s vibe? Not so much. The art for this scene is already complete, but this is something I’m going to pay a lot more attention to when she is onscreen in future scenes and I thank you all again for being such a great, smart community of readers who continue to be great teachers as well.

So! Looks like the team is ready to charge in to save folks! I wonder whose power we’re going to learn about next? Tune in next Saturday to find out! 😀


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  • DemureDesire

    “Well done”?  Well done? I love the pun!  (And the rest of the comic…)

  • Rest assured, dear Alex, I am quite current with my voting registration.  Else I need to move to Canada.  Also, this is a very awesome page.  Way to tame that fire, my favorite flamer!  Well done!

    I LOVE THE COLORS.  Nuff said 🙂

    • Yay! Thank you for the kind words—and for being a registered voter! 😉

  • I didn’t like Kyle at first, but now I have to say that he’s…*puts on sunglasses* smokin’

  • CommodoreZelda

    Sheesh, why didn’t he do that in the first place??! Seems like it would have helped a lot if he had put the fire out sooner!!

    • Niggle

      All that fire in the air would have made catching the baby and the idiot rather harder and put them in jeopardy. That’s my take on it.

    • ShadeNox

      Because he needed a clear path to draw the fire through, which is why he had to wait till AFTER the Commander telepathically told everyone to get back and they had done so.

  • If the punsterism keeps up, it’s going to start looking like the Guilded Age comments around here real soon now. xD

    This is a bit off the cuff, but I almost feel like we’re being held to a higher standard here re: female posing. Nor that this is a bad thing; change starts where you are, and along those willing to reason and listen. And this is a safe space for this discussion, where we know the context both within the story and outside of it, and where I hope that everyone can manage to closely examine their feelings about it.

    Oh, look at me meandering. All I’mtrying you say is that while it needs to be talked about, and this is a good spot, and the fact that changes can be made are awesome, I just want to make sure that Alex and the art crew are not taking it too hard to heart. <3

  • Yeah, I’m going to be the obnoxious one and wonder what Kyle’s costume is made out of so that he’s not naked after using his powers. I’m figuring it’s something like the Human Torch’s  from FF but I’ve never really been a fan so I don’t remember how the worked that out.

    Anyway, maybe it’s because I’m a straight female, but I found nothing sexual about the Commander’s pose. Now, if she was in a string bikini and pushing out her chest, I might have a problem then. But, for me at least, I found it to be a, pardon the pun, commanding pose.  In it, she is merely turning to her troops to give the order.

    If anything, my only complaint would be, “What woman, in her right mind, wears white pants?” White shows like every speck of dirt! Maybe that’s part of her powers? Dirt repellant? I’d like that power…

    Okay, no more coffee for me before commenting…

    • KrisYWC

      My guess is it is the same material used in The Incredibles. LOL

      • b3nc0

        Yeah, I was gonna say: “We’ll have to ask Edna” ¬¸¬

    • b3nc0

      Wearing white after Labor Day won’t do anyway… so she’ll have to find something for next saturday!

  • You’re smokin’ Hot! <- Panel 3 just 'begs' for that reply.

    Love the fire. It's really awesome drawn.

  • Synley

    Well…  girls posing… I feel I need to make a comment here. As a model (amateur, but still) and bisexual woman I may have to say to much. I do like the poses of Commander and yes, I think this pose in panel 5 looks commanding. And it could be unintentionally sexy (and that would be kind of cool for Commander), but I think it is not. The outer lines of her body are completely good, but the inner lines, which are shaping her butt, seem odd. It seems like the pants aren’t tight enough or if she hadn’t any butt to speak of in the first place.
    So, I vote for more “roundiness” in her back-part 😉 She seems to be in good shape, that should reflect in this part of her body as well. Not as much as in Kyles “I have every muscle build up!”-Style, but a bit more.
    And the point sexiness and Commander in general: I would say this outfit comes with beeing uncomfortable because you don’t think you should wear tight white pants or it comes with unintended or intentional sexiness because you know you can wear tight white pants.

    I almost forgot: Love this page! And all the others before this <3

    • krissdevalnor

      agree. the shading of the but should be more rounded.

      Alex, I don’t think you should worry too much. I didnt’ think of her butt before you mentioned it.

      • b3nc0

        True, true, the angle made by her shoulders & hips isn’t remotely ridiculous, come on, it’s only the first 2 buttons of her jacket we’re seeing, thus her right breast. Even I could take that pose!
        Edit: Even I /can/ take that pose! Just did it!! Whithout hurting my back!!!

        • krissdevalnor

          weird. I never meant that the pose was ridiculous. I think it’s quite natural. Still…the shading is a little off.

          • b3nc0

            I didn’t meant to upset you, I was agreeing actually, with various comments stating the same idea: it’s not a canon T&A pose.
            I post my comment after yours coz I’ve been a big fan of Thorgal & derivated series for years ♥_♥

          • krissdevalnor

            oh^^ haha. sorry. And yeah – Thorgal is an amazing series! 

  • Krondor2000

    Don’t worry Alex, I’m ready to vote the moment early voting starts in my state of TX. I even have my passport on standby in case those fools ask me to supply some ID in addition to my DL! Trust me Alex, I’m so ready! By the way, great comic so far! 🙂

    • Thank you, Ken. 🙂 Glad you’ll be out there voting. And glad you’re enjoying the comic!

  • Great page but particularly liked the first 3 panels, really dynamic and I could really feel the movement of the flames.

  • Niggle

    Funny, I didn’t notice the T&A shot on the commander until I was reading your comments (I wasn’t looking at her butt either). You mentioned her pose, so I scrolled up to have it in my mind before I read further and I was ‘mmm, that pose looks familiar’, scrolled back down and bam! you mention Escher Girls.

    I know it’s not you or your artists’ intention to fall into tropes regarding the portrayal of women in comics and I’m very happy to hear that you’re going to keep an eye on it. To have a tastefully done gay comic that is also respectful of women would be so f*cking awesome and you would win all the internets. Also, T&A shots like that are so unrealistic that, frankly, it looks bad and you do not deserve to have bad art in your comics.

    Anyway, love the page elsewise. 🙂

  • Leigh Nelson

    I’m a bisexual woman, and I lean towards the same sex…however, I really didn’t find Commander’s position to be overtly sexy, like Supergirl in flight or Catwoman with her legs wrapped tauntingly around a guy’s neck while her unrealistic breasts should be threatening her and her rugged-ride to topple forward.

    Though, I do have to admit, I did find it sexy in that “woman in charge” way. She knows what she’s doing and she relays that strength and confidence. Though I do have to agree with Synley, her butt could still be a little bit rounder, and realistically, proportion-wise with her breasts? Her butt should be a little bit rounder. Again, not overtly, just enough to balance out her body. In the last panel she shows her great, round hips as well, so yeah, it just feels a little bit off.

    Two more notes:
    1) Kyle looks so sweet, like a little kitten in panel 4.
    2) OMeffingG! Tsunami…yum. Something about a big man being cautious, considerate, and helpful just…mmm… *eye glaze over*

    I have yet to find a man in a comic sexy other than The Joker – and that ended with them giving him scars instead of the nuclear-induced grin.
    In other words, amazing job Mr. Woolfson! ^_^

    • Thank you, Leigh! I’m glad you like Tsunami—I like him a lot too.

      And I also really appreciate all the feedback from you and others about the treatment of Commander on this page. Part of the fun of this comic is to create interesting and beautiful characters for readers to ship and admire. And I know a significant portion of our readership finds women appealing romantically and I certainly would like the characters of this comic to appeal to everyone. Fun for the whole family is my goal. 😉

      It’s an interesting balance to strike. For myself, I also find Commander sexy in a “woman in charge” way so happy to foreground that.  The posing thing is something I’ll continue to think about and keep an eye on and people’s responses here are very helpful for that.

      • Leigh Nelson

        It is so amazing to me that you can understand your fan-base and still manage to balance out your comics; your interest and ours! That is something that is rarely acheived…and probably why I found you and your feedback so fascinating from the start (late to the Artifice party). You don’t give in to every whim of your fans, but you don’t ignore us – you always let us know what you’re thinking and what you like.

        That keeps us happy ^_^

        Thank you for listening, responding and debating with us! I know that I definitely appreciate the free but still structured atmosphere you create here.

        • Anytime. 🙂

          (And the great community here in the comment section is something that gives me a lot of pleasure too. 😀 )

  • I love those top three panels so much; I love the way it looks almost… painful? Gathering all that fire into himself. Really phenomenal. I will say about the Commander that she’s an attractive woman, right? She has good proportions in the technical, drawing sense e.g excellent bilateral symmetry. That was the decision, right? She’s a strong female character and her outfit and demeanour aren’t aggressively sexual. I think it’s just that she has a body. Bodies are capable of a lot of things including sex and I think it’s a bad idea to remove that innate sexuality from her because it would remove some humanity too. 

  • VanQuinn

     I want to know how the Commander keeps hers pants so white. Every time I wear white pants, the stains just appear in seconds.

    • b3nc0

       We’ll have to ask Edna on that one too ¬¸¬

    • Keeping your white pants white: the ultimate super power.

    • GiovanniBoss

      She probably uses her telepathy to prevent stain situations… somehow. Or she has other powers, like she can also see the future seconds, avoiding stains at all. Or she does have telekinesis and makes a protective thin anti-stains force field around her clothes just in case.
      Now if none of them gets at least a bit ashy on their clothes after entering that burned building, thats quite a superpower. xD

  • b3nc0

    “Thanks for the praise & all Boss, but I was actually showing off to catch /one/ admiring stare from /that/ particular boy, erm, no, no chick for me…” ^////^

  • StrawberryLime

    I don’t think she counts as an Escher girl. I mean, her body proportions weren’t purposefully broken to make the pose and her ass and tits weren’t emphasized too much. It’s more just like the artist was imitating a conventional pose that happens in like, EVERY superhero comic, but done in the proper way. A normal girl could make that pose easily.

  • I love the overall character designs of each hero. Just gotta say that.

  • wandarox

    While I don’t think this pose was actually meant to sexualize the Commander, I don’t think it makes much sense in the context anyway. She’s facing the building, as are most of the others. My question is to why she’s turning around? Whom is she addressing? There may be others behind her, but the first panel makes it look like all the action and people are either beside her or in front of her. So in this, I do think the pose doesn’t make much sense.

    It just goes to show you that this is a very common pose for women in comics, and artists often turn to it unconsciously, just because it’s what they’re used to seeing, even when it doesn’t work contextually. Many artists don’t even seem to know they’re drawing it, and they don’t purposely use it to sexualize women in some cases. It’s just a common trope. However, it’s awesome that you’ve considered your readers’ suggestions and links to Escher Girls, as it’s common for authors/artists to get ultra defensive and deny any mistake. If I didn’t frequent Escher Girls religiously, I probably wouldn’t have even noticed, so that goes to show you that it’s really not that blatant. I think when you read Escher Girls enough, it’s a knee jerk reaction. Good on you for looking to change it in the future. I think this comic has been respectful to both men and women, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much. 🙂 

    • Thank you, wandarox. Still learning as I’m going. I’m very glad to hear you’ve found this comic respectful to both men and women. That’s important to me. 🙂

  • fujoshifanatic

    Erm,  maybe I’m missing something here, but why is there any discussion at all about how the Commander is posing and why? I’m a (mostly) lesbian woman — and maybe according to the comments below a bit un-PC — but I thoroughly enjoy a little T&A in my comics, from both men and women. It’s part of the reason why I read them; to see hot guys and girls do awesome things while looking sexy doing them. I for one love panel 5; her pose strikes just the right amount of authoritative sexiness to me, and I don’t care if she would or wouldn’t make it in real life. I don’t see how anyone would even bring that point up, considering the “realistic” (but hot!) actions taking place in the first three panels. :-

    I find it telling that there was nary a peep from the PC police during Kyle and Anni’s prologue, and there was T&A for pages and pages with those two! So only the boys get to be sexy in this comic? I think that would be totally unfair to the girls and guys here who like eye candy in all flavors in my opinion.

    I commend you Alex for being sensitive to the concerns of some readers in trying to stay on top of the cheesecake factor while creating TYP, but for those of us who very much enjoy a little cheesecake — and beefcake — in our comics, please don’t forget that we need our treats every now and then. 😉

    • SigmundReimann

      Very well put. I commend your opinion on this. You put into words what I could not.

    • Thank you, fujoshifanatic. You make very good points. I’ll definitely keep that in mind too. 🙂

    • MiraMac

      There was T&A in the prologue because it made sense with the storyline. The poses contributed to the story being told at the time rather than distract from it. The reason why the Commander’s getting so much attention is because it doesn’t make sense for her to be in a provocative pose right now. It doesn’t fit the mood and what she is currently trying to accomplish, which is to take charge and save some lives.

      Also, as someone who enjoys their cheesecake and beefcake, it’s absolutely possible to have a sexy pose that makes sense in the context of the narrative. (Is it just me or does Red look pretty hot in the first couple panels?)

      As an aside, I’m really enjoying the fact that this isn’t a one-sided discussion in either direction. Looks like you have a varied and intelligent fanbase Alex!

      • We have the most awesome readers—and reading everyone’s intelligent thoughts here is one of the big pleasures of putting out this comic. 😀

  • Jen

    I actually like that the Commander is not overly sexy. She looks normal..makes her appear more human. I like that both as a woman and as a superhero fan. Over stylized women aren’t always my favorite part of various comics, the same goes with over stylized men. I think this comic does a very good job of bringing out the human side as well as a nice balance of the superhero side. 

  • Dex X.

    For some reason my first thought was “HE ATE IT!”. xD Very cool, was not expecting him to absorb the fire into his body. I’m officially impressed. :3

    • b3nc0

      & does he store it, like, you know, for later use?
      IDK, to make post-successfull-mission popcorn ¦°d

  • Captain_LeBubbles

    So he doesn’t just draw the fire to him, he absorbs it? Where does he put it? That is, does he store it for future use, or does he convert it to energy and use it as fuel, or what? Or does he simply put it out with his body?

  • b3nc0

    Just put the 3 upper panels as my WP (with the new disqus, I would have showed it to you) if you’re alright with it?

    • Probably. What’s a WP? 🙂

      • Wall paper, I believe. ^^

        • Ah. Well, if it’s like a personal desktop wallpaper or something, then of course I’m all right with it! That’s a nice compliment! 😀

          • b3nc0

            Thankie! ^_^
            & yes WP stands for (desktop) WallPaper orz

          • Cool. Enjoy! 😀

  • DoktorNauk

    How can Kyle be so badass in panels 1-3, and then turn around and be so cute in the 4th panel?

  • So… the gay super hero is ‘flaming’? ;3

    • GiovanniBoss

       My pun-sense is tingling. Guess this one will appear on every page our dear Chilli Pepper uses fire in such a grand way. And yes, I did another pun. I’m amazing at ridiculous puns, even in other languages, such as english. It’s kind of my superpower. xD

  • KiannaLeigh

    I was going to comment on the awesome firebending or the Commanders awesome “I’m in charge” pose but that’s be done.

    Instead Thing 1, so many bi-people here. I’m happy. Multi-favor eye candy please! And Thing 2, … damn what was it? Ugh … Alex. Yes that was it. Alex I love how you take the time to respond to people. It sort of makes the comic worth reading even one page at a time because you get thirty seconds of comic and a week of conversation. XD

    • Karolyn Ellis

      I agree, I would love some more female figures to go into your comics. The men are absolutely fantastic to read about (and look at, no doubt), but I’ve only counted two female leads in both of your comics: Maven and The Woman in Red up there (forgot her name, will check and edit). 

      Also, If you’re willing, I’d very much like to see how you put your comics together from start to finish, because it seems like this was was done differently from Artifice in some way, and I can’t really put my finger on whats different. Plus, it’d be really cool to see, of course, lol. 

      • Thank you for letting me know you’d like more women in my comics. With my original intention of writing yaoi comics, I’ve been mostly focusing on the guys. But as I develop as a writer, my interests are broadening. In this particular arc of The Young Protectors, it’s still going to be guy-heavy. But I’m already outlining out the next one and I think you’re going to see more balance there. 🙂

        As for how I put together my comics, I have some good news there. I’ve been hard at work this summer creating extra content for the printed version of Artifice and one of the special features is an extended feature from me and Winona about how we work. Hopefully you’ll find some interesting tidbits there.

        As for how The Young Protectors has been done differently, off the top of my head I’d say one difference is that I’m working with two artists (Adam on pencils, Vero on colors) instead of one. And it’s a much, much longer story so I needed to choose a different pace. 

    • Aw, thank you. I’m glad you like that. When it comes to me and reading webcomics, it’s the story that hooks me but the community that keeps me coming back each week. And as a creator, I can tell you it’s very gratifying to have this kind of attention on every page. (A page might take seconds to read but each one takes hours and hours to make.)  Viva la conversation!

  • Ryn

    reverse fire throwing. As he’s sucked all that energy into his body, i wonder if he needs to release it later. would holding it in too long adversely affect him? or does he act like a type of lightning rod and converts and releases the energy into the ground?

  • Once again, I say it: Red is SO AWESOME.

    I’m gonna agree with Ryn, though.  That’s a lot of energy.  Surely running around saving people can’t possibly work it all off. >3Goooooo Young Avengers!

  • Katana_X

    Sadly, my vote doesn’t really matter since I dont live in a swing state. Hooray, antiquated electoral system that makes an Ohian/Floridian’s opinion more important than mine! 

    • I can understand the frustration when it seems like the “swing states” get all the media attention. But I would suggest that your vote does matter, especially for the Congressional, state and local elections which frankly have a HUGE impact on what any sitting president can actually get done. And you never know how your participation in the process will affect others in your life, including in those swing states. Just something to think about.

  • SomeoneK

    Ohhh that’s so hot! I’m almost sad that he’s gay. And a comic character. And kinda naive and younger than me. Etc. :’D

  • Jay

    The first three panels makes me think of natsu dragneel for some reason |D

    • I hear you, fellow person who knows about (and hopefully likes) Fairy Tail 😀

  • GiovanniBoss

    Just noticed how huge Tsunami is. He can pretty much grab anyone there with a single hand. o.o
    Oh, crap, just pictured him in my mind holding Maven in a King Kong scene. Damn you, brain!
    Now changing completely the subject, I’m hoping Red Hot ends this comic quite happy with someone else. Someone other than Annihilator, that is.

    • Yea, with Tsunami! Fire & water makes a steamy combination!  Mm mm!  😀

  • Given his need-for-approval face, the text in panel 4 might as well be “Good boy”…

    In which case: Everyone start patting him, right now!

    • b3nc0

      “Attaboy…” *patt-patt*

  • Colleen Boye

    I think the Commander’s pose is fine! She is turning to address people who are standing behind/beside her.  Most of the Escher Girls poses are contorted for no good reason (eg, someone twisting her torso 180 degrees to attack someone standing right in front of her).  But I also appreciate that you are thinking about these things.

  • mikakitten

    Damm it Kyle…you is so sexy!! Weilding elements….I love you my firey red head… <3

  • Rose Gleason

    First off, THANK YOU!

    It gets really annoying to see heroines in poses that are difficult-bordering-on-agonizingly-painful-or-physically-impossible as action poses for ‘dramatic effect’ when there are poses that aren’t like that and are just as dramatic.

    I also appreciate that her costume is full coverage.  That’s something that has always annoyed me about the costumes of heroines in comics and it took a while for me to recognize why I liked her costume so much.  A skimpy costume isn’t much protection unless the heroine’s essentially invulnerable.

    Second, I’m very much loving this story so far.

    And I didn’t really notice Commander’s butt in panel 5 at first.  Her expression and the fierceness of her stance caught my eye and I realized ‘nice butt’ on second glance.

    • Leigh Nelson

      Funny, comic-wise I’ve never really read anything involving half-dressed heroines in revealing costumes…I always thought that it was the villains that looked slutty. I mean, for maneuverability clothing needs to be close-fitting – like Commanders’…also like Batgirl, Batwoman, Huntress (never really liked her though, especially not when she had that terrible, stomach-cut-out custume…), and really, look at the X-Men female mutants. I never thought it was an obnoxious problem; most of the major titles are constantly checked and rechecked for realistic properties, well, other than the breasts.

      Not disagreeing or anything, your comment just made me think lol! Batwoman has been one of my favorites for years, though Cassandra Cain always stole slot 1 with whatever mantle she held.

      • Rose Gleason

         That’s one of the things I always liked about the X-Men, the female mutants had outfits that provided just as much protection as the males’ costumes. Two heroines off the top of my head who wore/wear scanty outfits are Tigra and Ms. Marvel.  And then there’s Mystique, who walks around wearing nothing or next to nothing (and yes, she’s a villain, but still).

        Yes, there are female superheroes with more conservative costumes and yes, they’re more prevalent, but in many respects the female superheroes are seen as sexy backup to the big heroes.

    • You’re welcome, Rose. Yep, I agree about the full coverage—if I were a superhero, I’d want some protection! 🙂 There is a character coming who wears less, but that character is deliberately trying to be provocative (and also doesn’t engage in hand-to-hand combat like Commander does.) When coming up with notes for the costume art, I always ask myself: “If I were this character, what would I choose to wear?” For Commander, some leather armor up top makes a lot of sense.

      Very glad to hear you’re enjoying the story! 😀

  • My only question is this… what powers does Fluke have? Or is he like batman

    • You won’t have to wait long to find out, Joseph. 🙂

  • how often does a new page get posted? i just started reading this and it is interesting to me.

    • Sofya Letter

      Every Saturday, I believe. I might be wrong.

    • Saturdays are the regular update days and sometimes bonus pages are posted up on Wednesdays. So every week for sure and sometimes twice a week. You can check out the FAQ for more details. 🙂

  • I enjoy how thought-provoking these comics are.  Especially with the comments section, both TYP and Artifice have been really enjoyable as both intellectual stimulation and wonderful visuals, as well.  Alex has a way with finding artists with enough adaptability to complement his writing, so hats off to the team.

    The first three panels are truly wonderful.  There is a very clear progression of events that is very indicative of “traditional” comic books and I dig the hell out of it. I keep going back to stare at them, and not just because of Kyle’s musculature – bravo again, Adam and Vero!

    Something else I’ve started wondering.  There was a minor discussion on an earlier panel about the heroes’ “costumes” in this team, spawned mostly by Jones’ lack thereof.  Judging by the (relatively) nonchalant reactions of the crowd, superheroes are at the very least established in this world – to the point that only two members of this team are covering their faces.  I’m not counting Fluke in this tally for now, as a glass visor would not exactly obfuscate anything, unless it was clouded.  Which leaves Kyle and Flyboy as the two ‘masked’ heroes in the bunch.  Is there a reason behind this, whether intentional or not?  I wonder…!  We -know- Kyle has a secret.  Does Flyboy?  Time will tell!

    • Thank you very much, Justin, for all the kind words. Much appreciated! 🙂

      And yes, the choice of whose faces we see is intentional and will be discussed at least a little later on. But one reason to consider in terms of Flyboy is this: at 15, he’s the youngest member of the team. And protecting his identity would be more important to Commander for that reason. 

  • I just got back home from holiday, and while reading all the pages I missed the past weeks, I fell in love with this webcomic again! Introducing the different characters is done very, very well, and I really like the way Kyle uses his power. It looks like a though thing to be a hero – and that’s exactly what I expect from a good story with heroes and psychological depth.

    • It is a bit tough to be a hero in my world. Especially for The Young Protectors as it turns out. 

      Thank you very much for the kind words! Welcome back! 😀

  • I’m just curious, why didn’t he do that in the first place? D:

    • I would imagine that something like that would use up a lot of energy, so he might not have wanted to use that particular trick it right away in case he needed the energy later on for some reason.

      *shrug* I don’t know. That’s just my guess.

    •  Possibly they wanted to get everyone out of harms way before the fire went past them and it could have burned them while he was summoning it to himself…

  • ManicThrifts

    Is it too early to camp?

    • YangYueLan

       Nope! Would you like a cookie?

  • Patrick Long

    Do y’all have a Deviantart account? 😀

  • Colleen Boye
    • I saw that! Very cool. 🙂

      • b3nc0

         Hallo Mr Woofson!

        • Heh. Everyone always has a hard time with my last name. The best I’ve come up with to help folks is “Think of it like I’m the son of Virginia Woolf…”

  • Alex, I find that your comment regarding the possibly sexual pose of Commander (which I didn’t really notice, admittedly) deserved a visual response.  To that note, one of my other favorite webcomics/webcomic artists came up with something that pretty much sums it all up:

    (R. Milholland makes me laugh sooooo hard in this strip)

  • Holey schnikies, that was awesome. As a nurse, now I wanna know what’s happening inside Kyle’s body after he absorbs all that fire. Is his body somehow converting all that raw entropy (heat) to some form of usable energy? Is he radiating off so much heat that no one should get too close? Most importantly, would being supercharged like that make him horny as hell? Inquiring minds…

  • Lilly Zhang

    Coolest. Superpower. Ever!

  • ComicBookGoddess

    New reader here, third time through in the last week (already), but as I have a little bit of resume for commentary on women in comics, I would like to say that I see no problem whatsoever with Commander’s posture in panel 5. While she is turned to show both chest and bottom at the same time, for a change it is a natural version of the pose and not a sexualized posture – provided she started out and then turned to get the rest of them moving. The problem here is, the next panel doesn’t show her ahead of the others at all. 🙂

    Also, I know she is female, but shouldn’t a nice female rear be much the same as a nice male rear? 🙂