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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 60

104 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 60

Wait! They’ve been talking about sex this whole time, haven’t they! Duh!

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We have new Fan Art by geekypnai—and it doesn’t include Kyle OR The Annihilator! Nope, it’s all about “Tsunami and Commander” this time, which I think is awesome. Do go check it out! 😀

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So! Can’t get any clearer than that, can you, Kyle? And can you believe it? The next page is the last page of this chapter! And do we have something really special in store for you with that page? You bet we do!

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  • disqus_IROkxXUnD1

    Last page of the chapter, with something special planned? We will see you on *Wednesday*, Mr Woolfson.

    • vyloran

      I was thinking the same thing. Saturday Pshaw. We’re not going to give them Wednesday off with a teaser like that.

  • Missy_Z

    I already can’t wait for more pages!

  • My my, this is moving forward at a superheroic pace <3

  • Jeldenil

    Annihilator, you already knew this, didn’t you… sneaky bastard. Heh

  • nebi_lan

    goodlord x) <3

  • Laurenihilation

    Can’t really get over how adorable Kyle is.
    And gullible.

    And naive.

    Good thing he’s adorable.
    I’m so curious to know what’s going through Anni’s mind!

    • Celestia’s Snout

      I’d wonder if maybe Kyle’s playing Anni as much as Anni’s playing him… but I can’t help but think that Kyle isn’t quite that clever (well, not yet, anyway). But who knows? I’ve been surprised before. Hell, for all I know, he manipulated his way into that kiss way back in the prologue.

      • Part of me has been wondering about that too, I mean the Kyle playing Anni part.

      • Laurenihilation

        Interesting idea! That hadn’t occurred to me before, but that would put an interesting twist on things, wouldn’t it?

  • amanda damron


    • Glad to hear it, Amanda! I hope you had a great birthday! 😀

      • amanda damron


  • “There is nothing on this earth that would give me greater pleasure”

    Bu-but…. you’re the Annihilator! … Ohhhh! That’s some SICK Innuendo, Annie!

  • Anni, you stole my heart and have me wrapped around your supervillain finger, but if you hurt that boy, I am going to be VERY cross with you…

    • Stig Hemmer

      Agreed, on both counts. I tend to trust our dear Duncan, but there is always that nagging doubt.

  • I’m so excited that my english isn’t comming out!!! Ai Ui Ui, que coisa mais linda de Deus! aquela ultima frase foi a coisa mais cuti cuti do universo! And That’s how I am rigth now!

  • A mystery still this evil plan is, but using sex to seduce Kyle to his dark side he is. *yoda-mode activated*

    The force is not strong with this young man right now. He’s too horny to think straight, and for this one thing ‘straight’ is needed 😉

    Next page being last of the chapter.. we’re gonna get a big hot kiss, is my guess 😀

    • ithilloke

      And about time, I say!

  • pinglederry

    As somebody pointed out in a comment on an earlier page, the Annihilator is showing some mad manipulative skills, here, getting Kyle to talk himself into doing exactly what the Annihilator wants him to do. I know this is a sexy comic, and so the effects shouldn’t be as scarring as they might end up being in a similar but real-world scenario, and there will probably be a happy ending somewhere down along the line, but I always have trouble balancing out my enjoyment of age-gap romances in fiction and my much more mixed feelings about them in real life.

    • fujoshifanatic

      As someone who has shared similar misgivings about liaisons of this nature depicted in fiction, I can understand how you might be feeling right now. While no one here I believe would condone or advocate such a lopsided and potentially destructive relationship in real life, I think Alex has taken great care here to craft a world, and characters, that allow us readers to enjoy the interesting, and dare I say it, fun aspects of such intergenerational interplay, most notably in the following areas:

      1) As both Kyle and Duncan are superheroes, they are not as susceptible to the typical person’s foibles, both physical and even emotional. Recall Kyle’s first kiss. His reaction to being kissed by a menacing foe who tossed him 30 feet into the air before locking lips with him? “Sweet!” This let me know, along with subsequent conversations with Anni, that for all his youth, Kyle has a good head on his shoulders and will be the better for his experiences, whatever they are. He may be Anni’s kitten at the moment, but he’s nobody’s fool.

      2) For the moment, Duncan seems to be following the “campfire rules” for May-December relationships, There are no creepy declarations of love, no icky “us against the world,” “they don’t understand us” language coming from him that would give this a rather nasty “grooming” flavor at all. Worst case scenario, he is running a con on a formidable adversary; whether that is the case remains to be seen, but at the moment Alex has taken care to create a situation where we can have fun finding out.

      There are other examples (like Duncan’s “hottie pass” and the events of the last few pages) that are wont to assuage any reservations that may have arisen from the idea of this pairing, but I have already written a novel here, and I hope what I’ve laid out here will enable you to focus on the fun and enjoyment of this story, as I am sure that is what Alex would want for everyone who reads TYP.

      • Niggle

        That’s a very good explanation. Thank you for that. I haven’t been too worried about the age gap, I think because of the things you’ve outlined. Annie is being manipulative, but not a creeper.

        • ghanderman

          wait. so as long as creepy ole chicken hawks are charming, its okay for them to be sexual predators on barely legals?

          • Niggle

            When you put it that way, then no. But the question is: is Duncan a sexual predator? By any definition of the term.

          • ghanderman

            well…if sexual predation also means taking advantage of the target’s perceived vulnerabilities and/or inexperience combined with a dramatic power differential and age difference, then the annihilator is, indeed, a sexual predator. why isnt he dating men his own age? men with presumably a similar level of experience, power and confidence & the capacity to defend themselves from any dysfunctional machinations on his part? glamorizing chicken hawking is really kinda nasty. why couldnt the annihilator have been closer in age to the 17 year old? sorry man, any way i look at it i just cant move past that part of it. but aside from that one gross thing that just reinforces stereotypes about gay men being sexual predators, the rest of the story is pretty cool.

      • +1 here from me. Sadly that’s the only amount we’re allowed to like something.

      • Very nicely put and thought-out, fujoshifanatic. 🙂

  • Bonny

    Is this where we notice tiny little subtext at the bottom of the page that says: “Note: The Annihilator cannot be blamed, sued, killed or thrown into an empty alternate dimension, for any adverse, emotionally crippling, power-sucking and/or possible youth-stealing side affects, before, during or after (barely legal) intercourse with scrumptious, dynamite redheads.”

    OH KYLE. OUR BABY IS ALL GROWN UP AND OFF TO COLLEGE—wait, that underground bunker with rotating bed and flame-proof tapestries doesn’t look like Harvard U.

    I need to stop. Stopping. Really, all done…

  • Monica

    You are 18 Kyle, for Goddess sake!! You don’t HAVE to loose your virginity that young!! What kind of role model are you?!? Closet gay kid that wants to fuck as soon he can… And Anni, please take advantage of him… don’t be gentle with him.. be brutal… I know you want to…

    • >_> I was 13 when I lost my virginity to a girl (she started it!)… 16 with a boy (ok that was my fault)… <_<

      • Monica

        I was 16, with a boy. I should have waited, I know that now afterward.

        • ghanderman

          girls have a lot more to lose than their virginity though.

    • Admittedly, I was 19 when I lost mine, but I don’t see a problem with 18, as long as it is done safely and right.

    • Felix Featherstone

      Well of course he doesn’t HAVE to loose his v card. But at that age, already messed up cause he can’t have a more socially acceptable relationship, can’t go at it cause hell set fire to Everything, flattered by an older powerful perhaps evil guy….He’s a kid who is going to rationalize this. He’ll think “this hot older guy likes me, maybe I can change him – after all he hasn’t been acting evil around me, even saved me!” And for some stupid reason after a certain age, if you have never had a relationship and then things suddenly fall so easily into place like they did here, you think its the right thing to do. That’s pretty much how it happened for me course I was straight, 21, and the age difference was much smaller…but older guys make you think they know what they’re doing.

      And Anni is totally taking advantage of him. Just on a pysch level. So he’ll be nice until Kyle surprises him with his intensity and MAKES him be brutal…and I’m still hoping Mr. Super villain here will be caught by his own trap.

  • _fan_

    just can’t wait that birthday Ő________Ő

  • Cat. Cream. Yup.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Anni, you devil, you have Kyle worked up into quite the lather over his present! Why don’t you let us — I mean, him — have a sneak peek of awesomeness to come? *waits excitedly for (hopefully!) Wednesday’s page*

  • fakesubmite

    Nooooooooooo! I want you to bang the hell out of me!!!!
    Can’t you understand the throbbing need for your strong hands…and other things.
    Great page. 🙂

  • It is so obvious that Anni is playing Kyle, manipulating him for some purpose. He’s probably going to still fall for Kyle anyways, and probably already has feelings he’s not acknowledging. The environment that Anni describes to make Kyle safe to have sex would also make a great prison.

  • Celestia’s Snout


    wat r u doin



    • Sanbai

      I think you meant this:


      Wut r u doin?


      Gewd johb!

  • Suhndog

    Oh, Wow! I’ve just woke up.. right before breakfast, and now I NEED dessert!
    — The bagels and coffee can wait!! — Yumm…. >P

  • Dude!!!!! Its Only The First Date!!, Your Supposed To Hold Out!!

  • Erica

    omg, i can just imagine Kyle with his friends fidgeting in his chair. completely. impatient. for. that. night. omg. you know how pissed ALL OF US WILL BE if it somehow gets interuppted? DO YOU KNOW?!?!?!


  • kaycee1967

    What do you think Alex? Duncan puts out some lit candles and turns on Barry White?

  • cherryblake

    DIDNT THEY JUST MEET EACHOTHER LIKE 1 OR 2 DAYS AGO!?!!?!? AND THEY’RE ALL READY TO HAVE SEX!!! also, at least kyle do it on his FIRST! 18 birthday

    • toli Bera

      after what they’ve been through, and if this is his “Only chance”/”First chance” then of course he’s gonna take the bull by the balls.

    • ghanderman

      whats so shocking about that?

  • off-camera, in panel 4, kyle totally took duncan’s hand down south in order to give the old man a graphic demonstration of just how “ready” kyle is to finally go burninatin’ the countryside


    anhi: don’t get caught red-handed!

    • KiannaLeigh

      Notice he’s already excited, random flames popping up. I wonder if he gets hot when he save people.

      OGM that would actually make the best villain ever! Imagine a villain that gets horny off of burning people alive. Over-sexed and evil. Whoo. Dark!Kyle.

      • yikes!

        the world shudders!

      • Celestia’s Snout

        Criminal Minds had a guy like that once.

        Creepy son of a bitch, he was.

        • KiannaLeigh

          Leave it to Criminal Minds. I love that show though. It’s awesome sauce.

  • nayia

    What was in the food that they eat?

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    It will be interesting to see who gets “burned” in this relationship….Kyle is a “Flame On” kinda guy….Duncan may have blisters for a long time after this.

  • It almost sounds like Duncan’s done this before. Hey, Alex; Duncan isn’t Latin for “stamper of the V-cards,” is it?

    • Sanbai

      XXXDDD “V-Card Stamper” I love it! Gonna use that…

  • toli Bera

    am I the only one who hopes Anni uses (Ahem) “Protection” in the upcoming “Event”

    • I imagined full body armor. God, what the hell brain? o_O

    • Actually I just pictured him dressed as a firefighter! Ready and willing to put out all the hot spots ><; *bad fangirl*

    • Celestia’s Snout

      I pictured him wrapping his Annhiliator Jr. in asbestos.

  • DarkFeanix21

    Haha, asking a teenage boy if he’s *really sure* he wants to have sex. Silly Duncan, he should know that answer to that question already.

  • booklover320

    I adore these two! Can’t wait for the next page!!!!!!!

  • KiannaLeigh

    Yes Anni, I’m sure taking his V-card will give you pleasure. And watching will give us pleasure. heh-heh

  • Celestia’s Snout

    Also, “Tune in next Wednesday”, really. Look at that bar.

  • YG_Frenchie

    Oh yes! YESSSS!! Please let the ending of this chapter end with a full page of hot passionate kissing to seal the deal!!! The chemistry pulls at my heart strings and makes it do flips! Alex, you’re a puppeteer… And we love it!


  • Incognito

    “And… I can’t believe I’m saying this out loud, but I want… I want to do it — with you, man-I’ve-only-been-on-half-a-date-with-and-who-proudly-proclaims-to-be-a-supervillian.”

    Kyle’s standards seem to be: “Doesn’t burn easily? Check. Okay, we’re good to go.”

    • If I had to wait that long without even being able to have a bit of self-relief, I think my standards would be fairly low as well, honestly. And besides, Anni has proven that he can at least fake being nice, fairly honorable and hey, he saved pony tail from the explosion, which he didn’t have to do. So I don’t think it’s too weird that Kyle’s jumping at his chance to…get jumped.

  • That Goodreads Q&A was so much fun! Thanks Alex, for answering my question and I hope they invite you back soon!
    From the looks of the donation bar, ya’ll might have to work even harder at setting up a buffer, Alex. Can’t wait for Wednesday 🙂

    • You’re very welcome, Jamie! Thank you very much for coming!

  • End of the chapter? Does that mean that there is a brake coming after that post? o.O

    Now he’s all, “I’ll wait until you are ready.”? After that little speech a few pages back?

    I’m slightly confused. Is this some plot on Anni’s part?

    Sorry about missing your chat over at Goodreads, but I head it went well. Congrats. 🙂

    • The chat is still up if you want to read the Q&A. There were a lot of good questions and Alex answered them all with some really interesting responses.

    • Thank you, Jhoy. The chat was a lot of fun! 🙂

  • …. OH MY GOD! Kyle having sex with Anni on the night he turns 18 is the catalyst for the spell that Platinum Priestess and Anni were plotting!!!!

    Or something like that…. Oh god! Please tell me I am wrong! PleasE?!

  • Axis Rhys

    holy $356 donations. i think people want to get to the duncan kyle intimacy.

  • Helen C.

    Been a fan since Artifice, silent reader until now.
    Looks like the closer we get to some reaaaaally hot action, the faster the donation target is hit 😉

  • *puts up tent* I’m not leaving till these two are naked and rolling around together!!! *pouts*

  • Cman65

    Somebody will be sore in the morning!
    Very sore in the “I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT” way

  • John Sanders

    It’s amazing how Anni can sound both sweet and sinister with the same sentence.

  • Just occurred to me… if there’s a device to nullify all powers, why can’t Anni just use one of those under the bed? No need for fireproofing everything… just put out the fire.

    • ^ That would make everything a lot easier.

    • Lady Mania

      Pff, that would take the fun and excitement out of it.

    • 🙂

  • Alex, I love how you letter this.
    There are times when I read a comic (Westerns especially) where they put emphasis on words that really don’t need it and actually make the dialogue subtract from the movement of the story. (IMHO)
    The emphasis you use and the flow of the dialogue really makes this an engaging story. Kudos.

    • Thank you very much, Kinzie! I actually have very similar feelings about the bolding in most Western comics, so I’m quite careful (and deliberate) about when I use it. So, I’m very flattered you noticed!

  • Time for the Annihilator to Annihilate Kyle’s ass! Just… Maybe not literally, Kyle has a very cute ass…

  • Kesshou

    Question! Does buying the Artifice comic ensure the steamy bits left out on the online posts will be in it?

    • While there is 20 pages of additional bonus content in the book, unlike the Teahouse books, it’s not additional sexual content. There are essays from Winona and me, a “making-of” section and a collection of the funniest comments I made in the voice of the evil Noneco corporation.

      I will be selling a print, though, with some in-canon sexual content that was too steamy for the book, though. Stay tuned. 🙂

  • -fangirl squee- Im DYING for this setup to happen! I can’t wait for Kyle to light up Anni’s night ;3 BTW,Thank you Alex for the email! Loved the pic

    • You’re welcome, Katie. Glad you enjoyed the wallpaper—and this page! 🙂

  • VenitianFlower

    If the next panel doesn’t start with “One week later…” I don’t know what I’m going to do.

    • Celestia’s Snout

      Do the one thing Kyle can’t.

  • Felix Featherstone

    How did you make a fifty something seem hot? He is such a flirt – but doesn’t come off in a creepy old guy way…. Maybe its cause he’s super and can seriously kick some arse, Idk.

    • Curt Clark

      Duncan went out of his way to be polite and civil, and even asking Kyle for this, he was gentlemanly about it and didn’t talk down to him. I think that’s why he doesn’t seem as much like a dirty old man as he maybe should.

  • CommodoreZelda

    Campity camp camp!

  • Soubi

    Kyle: It’s gonna hurt, and you’re probably gonna light Duncan on fire, but on the bright side you’ll be doing it with a silver fox. -kerwink-

  • Ree

    (I’m also melting just a little.)

    • SuckerForCheesyRomance

      Read Duncan’s voice as Sean Connery’s voice and see how you feel 😉

      • Rashel Izro

        oh i’ve BEEN dong that lol

  • OMG Why isn’t it his birthday already??? @.@