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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 57

89 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 57

I keep telling Kyle that he should be reading the comments under each page because you all were way ahead of him on realizing that The Annihilator was invulnerable to fire and stuff. But he’s all like “Alex, it’s my life. I don’t want any spoilers.” which I guess I can understand. I still think he should be listening to y’all, though!

We have a couple of pieces of new Fan Art by Jo Hopps—a sexy/crazy line-drawing of The Annihilator all over Kyle and an image of Kyle and The Annihilator as ponies! (This is like the second piece of Fan Art submitted that has had these two as ponies. Is that going to be a thing now? I do know we have a goodly number of brony readers. Maybe I am going to have to check out that whole Friendship is Magic thing I keep hearing about.) Anyway, go take a look!

I’ve finally recovered enough from ECCC (and my nasty cold) to be able to get caught up with the excellent translations that are being created for The Young Protectors. Starting at the beginning of The Young Protectors, use the “Available Transcripts” drop-down menu under the page and take a look at Tasharene’s nifty Polish and Zebrakatten’s peachy-cool Danish translations. For Artifice, milo continues his superb Spanish translations and WTCelesta now joins the fun by adding Russian translations! Let’s please extend a big thank you to all the translators for their kind work in making these comics more accessible to folks around the world! 😀

Oh, and lest I forget


The seventh bonus page in a row! Lucky number seven! (Lucky clearly because we are the luckiest creators in the world to have such awesome, supportive readers! 😀 )

Special thanks go out to long-time supporters Raili B. & Florine J. (both making their third generous donation to The Young Protectors!) & Carol W. (who makes their fourth generous donation to The Young Protectors!) and a warm welcome and grateful bow go out to new supporter James A. for their generous donations over the last few days!

Big hugs go out to long-time friend of The Young Protectors Adriane L. for their super-generous $25 donation, Adriane’s fifteenth super-generous donation to this comic!

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You all rock for your amazing support! Thank you very much for making all these bonus pages possible. We have a nice little treat for y’all coming up in a few pages so it’s exciting to get to it so quickly. 😀

So! I still have absolutely no idea what these two are talking about (letting go of what???), but Kyle’s smiling again, so it has to be something good! Do you think we’ll find out with this Saturday’s regular update?

I sure hope so! And I hope to see you there too! Until then! 😀

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  • Wow you posted early! Love where this is going…but this question may have already been asked but….If Kyle basically goes “flame on” (and just going hypothetical that he might be the top)…wouldn’t his *** flame up while he is *** Duncan?…lol That’s gotta hurt.

    • Sanbai

      For some reason, I can only think that this would turn the Annihilator on. WAY ON.

    • fujoshifanatic

      Somehow, considering Kyle’s experience level, I don’t think there would be any worry of that happening…at least not at first. ;-P Rather, considering how he “lets go,” there could be the possibility of Anni getting some “really” rosy palms, or even the chance of a burning bed somewhere…either way, Anni’s going to enjoy some really hot ass in a little bit.

    • Celestia’s Snout

      What if Kyle bottoms?

      “Kyle you’re farting fire!”

      *satellite dish pops out of Kyle’s ass*

  • Jen Roberts

    Oh god, he’s adorably oblivious. xD

  • Laurenihilation

    *hint hint*
    *wink wink*
    *I’m invulnerable to fire, kid, so lets do it* 

    • Background music should be SWEET ‘Give Us a Wink’ album. ‘Everybody wants a piece of the Action!’

  • toli Bera

    Sounds like somebody’s going on an all expenses paid trip to the antarctic. 

    • That would be a terrible idea.  Fire is a serious danger in Antarctica.  It is possible to start a fire there, and once a fire starts, it’s difficult to extinguish.  Can’t douse it with water because the water won’t stay liquid long enough.

      • Calvin Wilkinson

        … unless of course there  isn’t anything around to catch fire…. dats gonna be one gigantic bonfire ;]

        • Just use that city under the Plain of Leng, all you’ll burn is a bunch of pesky shoggothai!

  • Kyle is so adorable naive sometimes that I’m mixed between wanting to hug him and Gibbs-smack him.

    Anni better just say it as it is, boy is not good with sexual clues *lol*

    So Anni, that’s what you want .. take him somewhere remote, have a good time, let Kyle practice shooting the ‘firehose’ without setting things on fire.. after all he can absorb the fire again now so no big damage to the surrounding. You sure are up for some interesting sex.
    Uhm.. better have the close off and safely removed to a secure place first 😉

    It’s gonna be super hot *herp derp double pun*

    • THANK YOU! Another NCIS fan 😀 Gibbs smack for the win!

  • I love how innocent Kyle is. AND the lecherous look look on Anni’s face. 
    Mmmm maybe not lecherous. Amused? Smirking? I do so love his subtle hinting there. 

    Back to the innocence of our protagonist. I do so hope that his innocence can remain intact. Even if there are future sexual activities, I hope that what makes Kyle such a likeable, adorable character stays. ALSO! When Kyle left the gay bar and sort of “shot fire” was that because he was so excited? He couldn’t keep it under control? Or was it because he was genuinely excited and had to release. Thanks for the update! Can’t wait for Saturday. <3

    • Kyle was indeed excited when he left that gay bar, but he was still in control when he created those pyrotechnics. Now the next time he saw The Annihilator at night, when he was startled and the little bursts of flame left his hands, well, that’s a different matter. 🙂

      • Ha! I actually had to go back and look at that, I didn’t remember exactly where that was.

  • A little slow on the up take there Kyle…but that’s what makes your adorable.

  • booklover320

    Well, that lightbulb is hovering over his head there, but it just won’t turn on, lol!

  • Dave .

    Kyle’s playing coy here… They both are. It’s called flirting and its fun when you’re older and someone that young plays the flirting game. Lots of fun. 

  • Ooooh flirtatious Kyle!

  • amanda damron

    HINT HINT!!!!!

  • Oh Anni *cough*  I mean, Duncan.  *sighs wistfully*  You are so hot right now <3

  • KiannaLeigh

    Well. I guess that’s one way to get into someone’s pants. Like I said once before:

    Tricking a young, handsome but slightly naive super hero into your bed: Priceless.There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s being a bad-ass super villain.

    • Or anti-hero. They tend to garner fewer pesky bounty hunters than villains and don’t bother regular people much.

  • StrawberryLime

    I was really hoping Duncan would say, “well, then, don’t mind if I do.” XD

  • Oh and you’re going to get it:O
    As Duncan thrust his tongue down Kyle’s throat…

  • SpiritravenCathaldus

    I can’t help but think that Anni has a slightly hungry look on his face.

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      And I have the feeling….FOOD is not involved 😀

  • Suhndog

    Where else can you read a comic and end up ‘Blue’ [guys get it]…  I can’t take much more foreplay..  GET IT ON ANNI & KYLE!
    Can you imagine all the explosive [pun intended!] energy Kyle has pent up after all these years?  — and now a ‘Receiver’ that can handle any amount of Kelvin-ic intensity!
    How about the collective impact of an endless Super-Nova!
    Any more delays, and I’ll have to ‘get a room’ for myself and this comic!!
    — and that scrumptiously inviting last panel??? Whoa..

    • Suhndog

       —  not to mention that scrumptiously inviting last panel..
      OMG, Kyle; give up Anni, and I will give you my address!

  • Erica

    ok. i got it working. i spazzedon facebook about this not working, i just had to restart my browser.

    on a side note

    KYLE, YOU DUNCE XDD UNDERSTAND ALREADY. i mean Duncanni is dropping hints like a  watery cave. Hopefully that look in the last panel meant he finally understood. lol omg…


    DO IT!!! *explode*

  • Suhndog

    What if all this is just a big ruse on each of their parts.. ?
    Anni wants Kyle so far away from anyone.. and then Kyle’s ‘If’ he were to take a risk…
    Anni is the ‘bad-guy’ – maybe he wants to put Kyle somewhere he will never be near mankind again..  Wouldn’t that be the ultimate evil move? Kyle banished to exile, and never to know love?  I wonder…..

  • fujoshifanatic

    Honey, based on that (adorable!) face in the last panel, Kyle knows exactly where this conversation is going, and looks more than willing to go along for the ride. Get it Kyle! 😀

  • Madara Uchiha

    I see him getting an idea……=w=

  • CommodoreZelda

    A little slow on the uptake there, Kyle? <3 Can't wait to see where this leads!!!

  • Jen

    And kiss~

  • kaycee1967

    I think this is appropriate for Duncan to have playing in the background after pulling Kyle to him…

    As Time Goes By…

    You must remember this
    A kiss is still a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh
    The fundamental things apply
    As time goes by
    And when two lovers woo
    They still say, “I love you”
    On that you can rely
    No matter what the future brings
    As time goes by
    Moonlight and love songs
    Never out of date
    Hearts full of passion
    Jealousy and hate
    Woman needs man
    And man must have his mate
    That no one can deny
    it’s still the same old story
    A fight for love and glory
    A case of do or die
    The world will always welcome lovers
    As time goes by

    Moonlight and love songs
    Never out of date
    Hearts full of passion
    Jealousy and hate
    Woman needs man
    And man must have his mate
    That no one can deny
    it’s still the same old story
    A fight for love and glory
    A case of do or die
    The world will always welcome lovers
    As time goes by

    Moonlight and love songs
    Never out of date
    Hearts full of passion
    Jealousy and hate
    Woman needs man
    And man must have his mate
    That no one can deny
    it’s still the same old story
    A fight for love and glory
    A case of do or die
    The world will always welcome lovers
    As time goes by

  • That look on Duncan’s face in the 3rd panel just says it all doesn’t it?

  • streetwalkersan

    There must be something wrong with my eyes! I keep seeing Duncan’s eyebrows waggle… o_O

  • Well, it seems to me Kyle understood Anni’s meaning in panel 3, and is just playing along. Why else would he be so happy in the last one?

    • You are right. By the last panel, Kyle knows exactly what The Annihilator is talking about and is “playing along”/flirting at that point. That is why he is smiling. 🙂

  • Patrick Wohl

    He’s so gentlemanly while he’s basically saying: look kid, I’m the only person who can get you off without dying a horrible, fiery death. You down?

    LOL I love older men. 😉

    • “You down?” Ha!

      Yeah, I guess that’s kinda true…

  • CJ

    Kyle needs Hellboy?

    • CommodoreZelda


  • alex, dear chap..

    ..of course i didn’t forget that “fight” in which the ⓣⓘⓣⓐⓝⓘⓤⓜ ⓣⓘⓣⓘⓛⓛⓐⓣⓞⓡ more or less shrugged off sparky’s attempt to make an el pantero barbecue, and had then launched sparky far into the air to start an air combo!

    rather, it’s bad on kyle to forget that little detail from their first encounter.
    if i may deliberate in such a manner.

  • Shinashi

    Does it make me a callous pervert that I understood what Anni was getting at upon the first panel? 

    •  Nope, it was obvious to me, too, and I can tell you for certain that I’m nowhere near callous or perverted. 🙂

  • Monica

    Ohh… Anni… you smoth fox! <3

  • well golly gee! why didn’t i realize that before, Anni? wink wink nudge nudge, say no more, aye?

    (i giggled so hard my coughing got worse and i sneezed all over my desk T.T but it was worth it)

  • 1. Called it!
    2. Am i the only one who imagines Anni with the voice of Jeremy Irons??
    3. If we dont get an inferno lovin scene soon, i’m gonna have words with someone! Oh yeah… theres gonna be words! Pen is mightier than the sword bitch! 😛 xx

  • Oh wow Kyle, way to miss the very heavy hints. xD

  • ithilloke

    Alex, you’re a terrible tease….argh!

  • smileychocopie

    I can definitely see Annihilator using this as an excuse to transport him and Kyle someplace very secluded/far away and ambush him there. 

  • Feverfew_M

    LOL, they better not go and try doing it at the North Pole — the Netherlands would drown for sure.

  • No one else is mentioning this, actually, most are kinda downplaying it, but lemme see if I get this right…Not only would he start shooting fire from his entire body, but I’m also assuming he’s implying things around him would also spontaneously combust as well, correct?  Sorta like the Human Torch doing his supernova thing as well as a little Firestarter action going on as well….my only question is how far of a radiance would be affected?  Dude obviously has a few years worth of sexual energy built up….and does Anni have the knowledge to be able to help Kyle fine-tune this aspect of his abilities to not only learn to control it, but to harness it and use it in other ways?  Yeah, basically I’m implying over time the two will be hubbadubba-ing it in the midst of a mini sun.  Hot in more ways than one.  🙂  And it’s not so much that Kyle is slow on the uptake, considering the area of sadness the conversation was at when Duncan started dropping the hints.  Besides, much better to let the hero put the puzzle pieces together himself than to press the topic so heavily handed.  🙂

  • illanm

    Not to crap on the commenter who suggested The Annihilator sounds like Jeremy Irons, but I’ve been imagining him sounding like the guy who voices Captain Anderson in Mass Effect. Like, I can’t NOT imagine him sounding like that.

    So, um, when do we get print editions of The Young Protectors???

    • Hehe. I always enjoy finding out what voices y’all are hearing for the characters.

      And as for a print edition of The Young Protectors, it’s something I’ve been thinking about launching a Kickstarter campaign for. I’ve been waiting until all the backers from my last Kickstarter campaign (for Artifice) got their books and other goodies, but the last book for that will be sent out this week, so it’s time for me to think about maybe doing another one of those for The Young Protectors. 🙂

      • Yes, please, please, please, Alex!

      • Stahli

        Do you hear certain actors for the characters, Alex?

  • YG_Frenchie

    Oh gosh, Duncan’s face in panel three. His eyes… He’s so sexy! I love a confident man with bedroom eyes like that. Kyle, you lucky guy!!!

    This made me draw more fanart.

  • Axis Rhys

    hes invunerable to fire. do it!

  • samae

    I see cockbocking Fire in our future

  • cherryblake

    Anni really wants kyle doesnt he

  • bibliophile41

    Real subtle Anni…

  • Midwestmutt

    The first test of a nuclear bomb in New Mexico turned the desert floor into glass.  I see Kyle and Duncan rising from a bed of glass.

  • kyle just needs to get a personal power dampener for himself — he’d be fine then

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    Oh, just say it Duncan…we know you have all of those qualities …PLUS (Pardon the pun) you have “the hots” for this boy!

  • Gaz Hawkins

    hummm… deep space where they have hot sex and Kyle’s orgasm creates a new sun/solar system ?

  • Just got my Artifice prints a minute ago!  I am full of squeals!  The cockpit one is my absolute favorite; so emotive. 

    Can’t wait for the book to arrive, both for Artifice and for TYP.  <3  

  • DarkFeanix21

    Well, he had to catch on eventually. Perhaps this could be a lesson for Duncan: subtlety isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

  • All the last panel needs is a giant flashing lightbulb above Kyle’s head. 😛

  • Something occurred to me this morning while in the shower. I really should of thought of it sooner; sorry.

    Within the last few pages we’ve heard Kyle’s Secret Origin, where it was established that Kyle doesn’t like the idea of causing harm to people with collatoral damage.

    Uhm, so why haven’t we seen him get upset about having used the rocket launcher to destroy the suppressor thingy – which then caused the damaged suppressor thingy to blow up, taking out the building and probably causing property damage to the surrounding area, plus any bystanders who weren’t able to run away fast enough or who weren’t lucky enough to be hauled away by passing supervillains with super leaping powers.

    Possible mitigating circumstances: Just after Kyle punched out Hunter there was that panel where Kyle looked around and saw the emergency services vehicles. Possibly if they were able to turn up with what I suspect is ‘the implausible speed of rescues services in the four colour superhero genre’ (I’m estimating within only few minutes), then we could extrapolate that rescure services were also able to evacuate everybody in a similar inordinately short period of time. I suppose it depends on how long it took Kyle to work out how to use the rocket launcher. But even so it would still mean that some of the police/army/Hong Kong giant rubber monster riot squad might have been in the area at the time of the explosion.

    However the point stands: Even if there *wasn’t*, Kyle should still be *worrying* that there might have been casualities.

    Or maybe I’m just overthinking this again.

    Your thoughts?

    • I do think you are ovethinking this. Kyle doesn’t likes to hurt people (that much probably could be guessed by him being a hero) but I don’t think he thinks THAT much about the damage he can do with EVERY action he does. 
      It’s more like he KNOWS doing sexual things makes his powers go out of control and that that can be dangerous for his surroundings.

    •  I’ve been wondering that myself, actually.

    • YG_Frenchie

      I was wondering that too. If they barely made it out…

    • You are right in thinking about those mitigating circumstances. When Kyle saw the emergency services, he realized they would be able to help the people there better than he could. And while the explosion was certainly enough to put Kyle and Killer in danger, despite its dramatic presentation in the art, the force was essentially contained to the restaurant and a small perimeter outside. Plausible or not, Word of God says that no civilians were harmed by that explosion. The only ones at risk were Killer and Kyle.

  • Amy Huntley

    Artiface in Spanish just sounds awesome. Almost like it should be in Spanish. Not that know much in Spanish… I understand more than I can speak it. But getting media I love in both English and Spanish helps my comprehension levels and truly appreciate authors that have that done such things. Thank you and Milo and everyone else responsible for the creation and translation.

    And your “naivety” is humorous. I am suspecting a supervillian plot…. of getting Kyle isolated… and I think much more than just merging of… minds and protecting people from his… flame. I love the fact he gets a whole new meaning to flaming homo. It makes me giggle. I wanna see it in action! -whine- Er.. is superpowers is what I mean. Not the merging of minds…. that would a perk not the goal here 😉

  • Anni, are you by any chance hinting at someone???

    Take him up into the clouds, yeah!

  • Where are the translations being published? Is this comic in particular being translated in Spanish if not I could help out.

  • Finally he gets the hint! Lol,looks like someone finally getting happy. Go Annihilator! XD

  • Cman65

    Some body is going to get burnt and not in the good carpet-burn way

  • It took ’em long enough. I almost forgot he was gay.

  • At this point, I’m beginning to wonder if Kyle is either as naive as we’re all thinking, or he really enjoys being spanked with the Clue Bat (patent pending). Either way, it’s quite fun to see 😀

  • ironbanana

    I’m seeing a smile….. 😀

  • Mathew Cole

    I just can’t shake the feeling that Anni set Kyle up for this.


    (1) Anni’s chat with the Priestess showed that he’s interested in more than nookie;

    (2) Anni & Kyle’s outing just “happened” to be attacked by those two clowns;
    (3) Anni just “happened” to have the dust that turned Kyle invisible;

    The coincidences are certainly piling up…..either Anni’s the luckiest guy in the world (to have all of these coincidences work for his chances of bedding Kyle) or he’s been setting it up – including having two vigilante (non)heroes attack his dinner party and injure innocent bystanders, among other things – to entrap Kyle.

    The guy IS a villain, after all, and he makes no bones about the fact. He doesn’t even pretend to be after some kind of redemption, and he is – to be blunt – extremely untrustworthy.

    And his pursuit of Kyle is more creepy than it is charming.

    • Celestia’s Snout

      Good to know he’s skeeving someone else out.

      Teenagers are nothing if not naive and horny. Kyle’s a virgin struggling with his sexuality. Kyle will get fucked, but perhaps not in the way he’s hoping for.

  • Michayla Cuthbertson