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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 54

125 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 54

Wait! What?! NO! Snogging a world-famous supervillain while butt-naked and invisible in a public Hong Kong park is pretty special, right? RIGHT?!

Ooo. Look! Naked flesh-colored flesh… Nom nom nom.

(Oh, and I do very much like Kyle’s expressions on this page. Yes, I do. 😀 )

I’d like to welcome a new reader-translator to this comic: Tasharene, who is currently translating The Young Protectors into Polish! (I haven’t had a chance to approve her translations yet because I’m here at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, but she’s done a whole bunch and you should be able to check them out when I get back on Tuesday! And by the way, I’m having an AWESOME time here at the Con! So great to meet so many of you in person! :D)

In other news, on March 23 at 3 pm PST/6 pm EST, Webcomic Wonderland on Goodreads will be hosting a Q&A with me, Alex Woolfson. You can post your questions ahead of time here to be answered on the 23rd. Got burning questions about The Young Protectors, Artifice, my process, my favorite ice cream? Here’s your chance! You can also send questions to Webcomic Wonderland moderator Kristen at Mark your calendars! 😀

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So, no more invisibility for Kyle! But The Annihilator’s being all-gentlemanly-like. He’s still a supervillain, though—can that possibly last? And exactly how sexy will Kyle look in a green ninja skirt?

Tune in next Saturday this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • KrisYWC

    Did he just cockblock himself?

  • DarkJokerOfAmuro

     Why is Kyle just so god damn….MMF!!!…i want to do things to him…things that shouldnt be seen  in public….or should be seen as long as people pay for it LOL

  • SpiritravenCathaldus

    Anni is such a gentleman, but I can’t help but think he is enjoying every moment of this lol.

    •  That little smirk of his lets me know he’s definitely enjoying himself!

  • *LOL* .. yup. there’s a treasure trail there XD

    I just love how Anni stopped sexy time from happening but he still made sure Kyle got visible BEFORE getting dressed.
    Not completely a gentleman, and Kyle looks all pouty and utterly cockblocked.

    Abracadabra.. who knew it would be something so ..logical.. and yet so funny to end the spell.
    That’s the best magic right there.

    ~What kind of magic spell to use~

    • dereule101

       Slime and snails.

      • Feverfew_M

         Or puppy dogs’ tails?

        • Thunder or lightning?

          • Feverfew_M

             Something frightening!

          • Bianca Simone


          • Sanbai

            Then Baby says!

          • Feverfew_M

             Dance, magic dance.

    • Avada Kadavra

    • TwoWayStar

      i love everyone who finished the reference. i love Labyrinth! 😀

  • Laurenihilation

    Anni is so cracking up on the inside. Look at that grin! 

  • Vince Harris

    Thinking how hilarious it would look to anyone watching someone making out with an invisible person…

  • II love it!
    His frustrated expression is just about as good as his shocked expression in the last panel.
    I appreciate that Anni is a gentleman. 😉 But I’m very sad there wasn’t at least a kiss.

  • aww so cute, but did he bring him a green cape? I know it’s mean to laugh at a naked person in the middle of a park but lol so funny. I love the comedy here. Was that abracadabra on purpose or just great timing?

  • if surviving being nuked and being invisible isn’t special I don’t know what is ;p

  • Is it wrong that I want to razzberry Kyle’s belly button?

  • Feverfew_M

     Ha, to end the magic on ‘Abracadabra’ is just so Platinum Priestess!

  • bibbiti bobbiti boop

  • Mozzarellacheese

     Gentleman tease! Oh I love him even more now.

  • Oh my gosh, you got THE Tasharene for the translation! Congratulations, Alex, she’s most certainly doing an amazing job.

  • omg haha

  • CJ

    Did Anni just stripped off Killer’s pants for Kyle? lol, very like him, although it would be more hilarious if the pants belong to someone on the street.

  • Sophie Heath

    I’d like to say something nice about the page … but I’m having a problem seeing it D: Don’t suppose anyone can help? It’ll half load a page, or not at all, and then stop even though it says it’s still loading? I’m on google chrome.

    • Sanbai

      Strange, I’m on Chrome and I don’t have a problem at all. Have you updated recently?

  • DarkFeanix21

    Love the stunned/bewildered look on Kyle’s face in that last panel. Also: Annihilator has superspeed as well? I’m starting to understand why he’s so infamous.

  • LOL, oh my gosh Alex I absolutely ADORE your dialogue!  Of course the Platinum Priestess would use the most obvious magic words ever to undo the spell!  Aww, Duncan is still being so damn sweet and romantic. No wonder Kyle and the rest of us are finding him impossible to resist! *shivers just thinking of his English accent* 
     But, I swear Kyle’s pouty face is just screaming “WHAT?! But aren’t you a supervillian? Dangit you’re supposed to tackle me and um, uh I mean um, thanks for not….Why did you give me his skirt?” 

    • I’m glad to hear that, Jamie! Thank you very much for the props! (And yes, it is very The Platinum Priestess to choose that. 😉 )

  • toli Bera

    Anni-Duncan YOU TEASE! XD

  • Becky

    Love how all of Kyle’s silent expressions on this page are like, “but but but but… SEX?!”

    • Rontex

      LOL, you said “but sex”

      • You two. Hehe!

      • Becky

        Teehee, I know I did! Puns are the best jokes. 🙂

        Actually, in light of Future Noble Conflict Reveal, I guess he was really thinking “but but but but… steamy makeouts?!!” But that just doesn’t have the same ring…

  • His expressions… or his butt? >w>

  • Abracadabra…. 😀 So magical.
    But Kyle did not look happy getting clothes before that.
    And also he’s a ginger down there as well…

    • Oh god u just made me think of sherryvine’s fire crotch song. LOL

  • JamesA

    “Nom nom nom” indeed!

  • Meghalodon

    Why must you make us hate you while simultaneously loving you? You make our relationship complicated Alex @_@ all we want is some dong T_T 

  • LOL, I LOVE Kyle’s anger face in 3rd panel.  Is it because of the choice of clothing, or the fact he just got shot down?  And please, Anni knows he hard as stone. 😉

    Is it wrong that I prefer Invisi-Kyle? God, I really am that freaky…

    And now I’m off to listen to Book Of Love’s “Witchcraft”
    hmmm, kinda fitting.

    I’ve tried and tried to capture you
    what more can one mere mortal do?
    My love potion boils and bubbles
    poison darts red poison apples
    kafe’ kasita non kafela
    Gutrune takes Siegfriedfrom Brunhilde
    enula compana on St. James’ eve
    a dash of orange and ambergis
    incantate: Miss Mary Mack
    Mack Mack all dressed in black

    My love philtre will entrance you
    it will pomp and circumstance you
    anusin, atelin amulet
    Angelique takes Barnabas from Josette
    with spiders ten frae lockens blue
    eye of newt will stew and brew
    incantate this magic spell
    Miss Lucy’s in heaven and the steamboat’s in hell

    Enchantra Endora Tabitha
    Esmerelda Clara Hagatha

    My love potion boils and bubbles
    poof! goes all my toil and troubles
    blueberry wine and gladiola
    Circe takes Glaucus away from Sylla
    coriander, vervain and ginger root
    damiana, henbane and badger’s foot
    incantation with magic black
    and silver buttons all down her back

    Enchantra Endora Tabitha
    Esmerelda Clara Hagatha

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      That pretty much covers my whole childhood….From Dark Shadows to Bewitched anyways .

      •  I thought it was appropriate, especially since it has a line with Circe (Sircea) in it.  😉

  • Preludetoa

    Blue balls and fire crotches. 

  • Erica

    Dayummm didn’t even give him time to put it on. So sneaky, so evil. Lol and i see speckle. Does he shave? Lol

  • Dee Dee

    Does social media exist in his world? He’s gonna be famous soon enough, if his face and “lucky” situation are tweeted everywhere. 😛 

    Edit: Imagine the field day folks will have, pairing banners with slogans!

  • YangYueLan

    Hehe, abracadabra indeed!

  • Jeabro21

    HOT DOG!!!!!! LOL

  • I was gonna say…. Isn’t Kyle sixteen?

    • He is seventeen. And as far as you know, could be eighteen tomorrow.
      Besides, in most states, the age if consent is 16. Fun times.

  • Top panel: OMG he is such a gentlemen! X3
    reads on:…And he turns away from a now visible and naked Kyle? He’s a keeper Kyle don’t let him go!

  • JM

    Haha Kyle looks so angry, I’ll bet he’s just sexually frustrated. But Duncan is being such a gentleman its hard to be angry at him. Man, I am liking this comic more and more. It didn’t quite sell me at the beginning, but its really come a long way. 

    •  The slow rev seems to be a specialty, no? 

    • I think a lot of readers felt that way. I’m glad to hear you’re getting into it. 🙂

  • Amerou

    And all I can think of is Anni humming a line from an old classic:

    Abra, abracadra~ I wanna reach out and grab ya~ :3

    • fujoshifanatic

       Ha! Now you’ll have me humming that all day. 🙂

    • Noooooooooooo! They play that in work ALL the time and it annoys me and now its stuck in my head and now I’m annoying myself by singing it in my mind and…. /sobs.

    • I used to love that song. That and Eye in the Sky by the Alan Parsons Project….

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    First thing that crosses my mind…is a (now classic) line from George Takei…..OH MYYYY!….then I break into a fit of giggles and nothing else matters;)

  • I have a prediction. The more flesh shown in the comic, the faster the bar reaches the goal for a bonus page. I can’t imagine why this is. XD

    •  I have observed this time and time again; your prediction bears out.  It’s such a mystery?!

  • fujoshifanatic

    Anni, whyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! I would have settled for some invisi-nookie! Sigh. Well, at least we got a gander at (most of) naked Kyle in color. Is that the hint of a ginger treasure trail I see?…Oh my…*runs off holding nose from spontaneous bleed*

  • Oh gosh! Poor Kyle. First he gets cockblocked by the ‘gentleman’ and then that same person says the magic words to undo the spell? Lol The kid can’t ever seem to catch a brake can he? 😀

  • Oooooh poor Kyle! First denied a kiss, then turned back to regular naked. How will he explain this to the guys? XD

  • KiannaLeigh

    Hmm…. So it was key-word activated. Clever. Very clever.

  • *uncontrollable giggling*

  • bibliophile41

    lol,  not a peep from Kyle! I loved his expression in the last panel 🙂

  • This might be the best comments section on the internet. It’s certainly the only one I can read without regretting that decision instantly.

    •  … It’s because we’re children.  xD  Butt-loving teenage boys, to a being. 

    • This is something that makes me very happy. We just have the coolest readers. I love that the comments section is full of fun, cool folk being, well, cool. 🙂

  • Anni, how can your evilness be so smooth?  I suppose this is the advantage of experience.  

    Also, is that Killer’s cape and pants? Oops. Oh, well; at least he still has that armored skirt to protect Little Ninjerk from view… hopefully.

  • booklover320

    Cockblocked by clothes this time, of all things!! Sigh. Awwww for wanting something special. Kyle cracks me up because he looks so confused as to why Duncan stopped, lol! I hope we get another page on Wednesday with Kyle in his skirt and suit jacket… 😀

  • kaycee1967

    Panel 3 & 4… Kyle is one annoyed young man! Someone wanted a bit more but the ‘gentleman’ in Duncan came out and made the ‘BOY’ PO’d, heh…

  • Gaz Hawkins

    I am SO hoping that Duncan/the Annihilator is a silver haired daddy with a nice chest pelt!!

  • Never has the phrase “Abracadabra” been put better to use! I was enjoying the whole comic, but those last two comics brought out my villain laugh.

    Wonderful comic. Duncan is all like “No, I will be noble and clothe you and we will do this later when it is special.” And Kyle is all “What he heck?!” Then Duncan is all “Sexy evil smirk of doom and sex and other things” before saying the magic words and now visible Kyle is QUITE shocked.

    OOO you are all so talented!!!!

    • I’m so glad you’re enjoying the comic, Holly! 😀

  • coyoteconscious

    Bwa ha ha! This made me so happy!

  • Monica

    But but but.. (yes pun intended!) 
    Anni in the fifth panel. PRICELESS!! 
    I will miss Kyle’s beautiful crystal smooth see through skin… I really will.. 
    But why does he have blue lips? :O

    • I think those are his teeth you’re seeing, though they are tinged a bit blue. 

  • We get a flesh-colored butt-shot next page, right? I NEED a look at that boy’s ass when visible. Rawr!

  • nebi_lan

    hahaha a bad guy-gentleman god, he’s killing me 8D

  • nebi_lan

    oh yeah and i forgot to say, he had such a big smile in the 4 panel haha he know what is he doing~

  • Yukiness

    those last two panels, my sides are killing me

  • Every time I read this, I can hear a “poof” noise between the fifth and sixth panels.  🙂

  • KNT609

    He’s so HILARIOUS!  “I’m a gentleman! :D” … “but I still want to see you naked!!!”

  • Kit the Coyote

    The circumstantial signs that Anni could see the invisible Kyle is pretty conclusive I’m thinking.

  • Whole page is just hilarious. I’m even almost not frustrated the action got postponed, teehee

  • secret secret

    Wait, whaat? so the comic can be translated? I could translate it to Spanish! Just tell me what I have to do, and I will do it.

    • If you send me an email using the Email Alex link above with your desire to translate, I’ll be happy to set you up with an account. 🙂

  • Magdalena W.

    I will check that translation 🙂 But I’m sure I prefer original version. Great page ^^

  • Ethereal Ascent

    Oh the hint of hair down there…now, before you get dressed, turn around and show us that cute butt now that it is all visible and flesh colored ^_^

  • Kel Z

    Teehee well at least he’s not looking like he’s making out with air anymore…

    Also, totally on my way to the con *right now*. See ya this afternoon! 😀

    • So cool to have met you! Thank you for stopping by!

  • somethingHERE

    Why is it when Anni said “NO, NO! Not like this! …He’s still out” //gives clothes//, I automatically thought he was mentioning Kyle’s p*nis.

    =guttermind fail=

  • Gavin Wheeler

    So.. in that penultimate panel, is the INVISIBLE guy walking away to change behind a bush or something? Like “you can see (and fondle) me invisible naked, but I’m too shy to get invisible dressed in front of you”??

    Also love the expressions on Kyle’s face.
    Panel 1: OMG WTF?
    Panel 2: wait, he’s actually serious about no nooky?
    Panel 3: cockteasing NOT cool, dude!
    Panel 4: still grumpy
    Panel 5: just sneaking off to get invisible dre.. wait, abracawot?
    Panel 6: OMG WTF x10!!!

  • Is someone already translating the comic in french ? ’cause if it’s not the case, I can help, even if I think that it would be weird that noone already proposed to.

    By the way, great job, I’m following this comic since I think 3 or 4 months and it’s really fascinating. Thanks a lot

    • Thank you very much, Louis! I’m very glad you’re enjoying the comic!

      (And if you’d like to translate, please use the Email Alex link above to contact me. I’ll set you up with an account.)

  • kaycee1967

    God help me… I had to come read again… major PO’d because didn’t get to see Alex at Emerald City due to the bloody thing being sold out along with slaving over a Psych paper for grad school…

    Had to have one last look and smile before bed… Duncan, make an honest man out of him will ya?!

  • and duncan could of said those words at any moment but he said them AFTER he got kyle’s clothes duncan why you gotta be so good to kyle? he tried to light you on fire >___<

  • MaddBookish

    Am I just reading this whole situation wrong? Everyone’s talking about how Anni’s a gentleman and all that, but all I’m getting out of this whole date scenario is that he’s manipulating and using Kyle for whatever ulterior motives he’s got going. Maybe it all works out in the end, but right now, I just feel bad for Kyle and and not so great towards Anni.

    • Most of us are pretty sure that Duncan is manipulating the situation in
      some way. But how much is him and how much is just the “going out on a
      date with the world’s most dangerous supervillain” is what we aren’t
      completely sure of, especially with Alex at the writer’s helm.  He has a
      way of keeping us all on our toes. The way I saw it is that there
      are 101 ways Duncan/Anni could have manipulated and/or seduced his way
      into Kyle’s pants during this whole thing. Those are only the obvious
      ways and while Kyle still had pants on! I’m sure it multiplied by at
      least 3 once Kyle was gloriously naked! The fact that Duncan didn’t go with the obvious and actually backed away to get Kyle something to cover up with is what I personally considered gentlemanly and romantic.

  • DoktorNauk

    My favorite part is the little bit of hair that we can see on his stomach.

  • JesterPsychotica

    The hero (villain?) always peeks.

  • Naked and invisible in the park is NOT special?

  • emilyellie

    wait- you mean you Don’t like snogging people who are invisible?? what is this! 


    c*ck block!!!

  • Quite the treat to see this before Saturday’s mad fun at Comic Con 🙂  I had to avoid guffawing loudly so as to keep from waking my hosts!

  • Da-da da-da dada dada dada da-hocus poooocuuuus… ♪

    This comic is too adorable.

  • Dat ass. 

    Enough said.

  • Among super heroes and villians, I suspect naked and invisible in a park to be a relatively mundane day. Compared to being attacked by foul-mouthed robo cops and ninjas while out to lunch.

  • SolrSurfr3

    Huh! Didn’t expect that. Who’d have thought the Annihilator was an honest-to-goodness romantic? ^-^ He’s such a gentleman!

    • TheManBehindTheCurtain

      All an act for now. He and his sister obviously wants something from him after confirming something about his nature and source of his powers.
      The real question is, will Duncan actually start to feel something for innocent Kyle in the end and have to face off against his sister (who seems much more seriously badass evil)?

  • Ree

    This comic is literally the cutest thing.

  • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

    I just realized Duncan must have de-pantsed an unconscioius, tied-to-a-tree NinJerk Killer for Kyle.

  • Tyler Griffin

    The very small bit of treasure trail is an awesome touch.

  • Kensworth Ebbinghause

    reminds me of the song Abracadbra, “i wanna reach out and grab ya”

  • Zephyr10101

    every butt shot is a gift