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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 52

103 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 52

So nice for our boys to get some fresh air, don’t you think?

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So! The Annihilator has just placed his manly hand on Kyle’s tender, blue shoulder. I wonder where this could lead?

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  •  :D! I like the smooshy romance. <3
    Thanks for the update.
    I really hope that 1. Kyle gets some clothes soon. 2. They kiss soon. 3. Kyle questions the morals he has held up until this point and begins to wonder whether the "bad guys" he has battled up to this point were actually bad.

    • Derkins

      Dunno how many bad guys he’s actually battled at this point, which may have something to do with how he has been so easily won over. I got the impression he’s still a real noob at this. He was excited about getting his powers to work at all in the first couple pages, if you remember. 

      • Sanbai

        Actually, he was really excited about going into the gay bar – not using his powers. That was just him expressing himself – with flames!

        •  Hm. If only I could do that.
          “I’m having a great fuckin day!”~ Pyrotechnics
          “I hate everything!”~ Pyrotechnics
          “My dog just died!”~ Pyrotechnics

      •  He mentioned at the dinner date that he chose his name when he was 12 and refused to tell his origin story.
        I always thought he released his boy-fire after leaving the bar out of excitement and attracted the very eager attention of Duncan.
        (I say eager because I have a feeling Duncan has been watching him for some time and finally had the opportunity to confront/tease him).

        • Sanbai

          I believe that you are 100% correct.

  • I agree with Kinzie, the smooshy mood is nice.  I also really liked Kyle’s reply to Duncan’s little speech. Oh and I’m waiting for all the comments on Duncan’s well placed head in the 1st panel!

    •  Invisipenis is an integral part of the comic drawing process XD!

  • Anyone else thinking this is Anni’s patented “get into Kyle’s lack of pants” speech? ;D

  • YAY! i can’t wait for more 

  • amanda damron

    face palmes way to brake the mood kyle “of course it was probly in a movie i dont think there is anymore one liners out there that hasent”

    i really love this and i really do love the last panel as that really is what a teenage would say without thinking lol!!

    love u alex!!! keep’m coming!!!!

    • Thank you so much, amanda! It makes me very happy to hear you’re liking the updates! 😀

  • kiss him!

  • toli Bera

    … How did Anni know where Kyle was to reach out and touch him?

    • Perhaps he has sensory sensitivity, and can pinpoint vague location, or is just particularly observant.

      • Derkins

        That’s what I was thinking. Anni’s powers seem pretty immense. I think if anyone would be able to reach out and touch invisi-Kyle, it’d be him.

    • KiannaLeigh

      Possibly by the sound of his voice.

    • it shouldn’t be very hard to match up the general location of someone’s mouth by using a speaker’s voice; then you can use your “common sense” to extrapolate the approximate layout of the rest of the unseen person’s body, assuming you’ve already familiarized yourself with it (in whatever way you do your familiarizing).

      and given dunky’s apparent level of intellect (unless we are to believe what apple jack had been saying). . . . .

      (plus, alex didn’t want to spend too many extra frames showing anything “awkward,” if it’s not relevent to either him or to the story.

      i reckon.)

    • Volcheka

      Could be that Kyle was touching him to start with, all Anni’d have needed to do was guestimate where the other end of Kyle’s arm was. In a pinch, running your hand up someone’s arm will find their shoulder pretty quickly.

  • Chris Woodworth

    Can…can Duncan just kind of see him regardless of whatever voodoo invisopowder that was?

  • booklover320

    Hey, Kyle? He’s paraphrasing, all right??? Give him a break, lol!! 😀

    (This page brought to you by Cockblocks, Inc. Ranked #1 by table-flippers everywhere.)

  • Lady Mania

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA! OMG! *headdesk* *snort* That was *shakes head* 

    as for the reaching and touching part, how did he know that? Specialized Invisi-powder only he can see or what. The not so invisible Kyle.

  • is kyle..
    ..shrinking back?

    it does look like that, doesn’t it?

    or is it just a perspective thing?

    if it were me, i think i would be leaning in for the kiss that hunky dunky is obviously hankering for.

    cheesy quote or not.

    (that shouldn’t be problematic, right?)

  • Laurenihilation


    •  That…is such an adorably sad visual, you have no idea.

    • Yami_no_Ite

       Well, I think he ought to be a little more worried about his behind rather than his heart at the moment. 😀

      • Laurenihilation

        Haha! XD Judging by the newest page, I’d say you are absolutely correct! 

    • Ha! 😀

  • This page made me giggle so bad. Anni is just.. just.. such a romantic movie kinda guy on this page.  It’s so Jane Austen meets Jack Nicholson *lol*

    I don’t know, I just can’t take it serious at all, and I’m happy that Kyle isn’t just ‘eating it up’ but also joke a little.

    I look forward to see what will happen next. I know Kyle has already adressed the fact that he’s naked, but that he’s naked and invisible has to come up again soon.
    Something has to be done.. but what? XD

    •  “Jane Austen meets Jack Nicholson” Lol, that summed it up perfectly! Thank you 🙂

  • Niggle

    I really like this page. Anni is being all serious and it makes me wonder about his sincerity: does he really like Kyle that much and is he trying to improve himself and be worthy of him or is just trying to say and do the right things to win him over for…god knows what reason. Frankly, from his conversation with the Platinum Princess, I can’t help think that their initial meeting was not by chance. Anni didn’t just happen to be in the same bar, spotted and recognized him. He purposefully sought out Kyle. However, that doesn’t mean his feelings for Kyle can’t or won’t be sincere in the future, obviously, it wouldn’t be a very fun for us readers otherwise. ;P

    Anyway, Kyle strutting around in his birthday suit amuses and his last line made me laugh out loud. XD

  • Boys… getting… fresh air…. XD

    I should have known better than to eat dinner while reading this…. 

    As for the whole no such thing as a good or bad person… I have to fully agree. It’s foolish to group people into such categories. Even the best, kindest person will have a flaw, and the worst person will have at least some redeeming quality.

    Also, maybe it’s just me (ah…. nope, seems it’s not), but either Duncan is really good at telling where sound is coming from… or  the powder is wearing off. Also seems like the color has been slightly returning to Kyle ever since the rocket launcher update.

  • anthony murray

    is anyone else loving Kyle’s little strut pose in pannel 3??   ^//////^

    • Yes, Kyle’s body language in panel 3 is delightfully self-assured.  But the thought occurs to me: He’s a superhero, so he’s probably used to acting confident and alpha-male in public while dressed in a skin-tight bodysuit.  It seems doubtful to me that being naked while protected by invisibility would push Kyle’s sense of nudity taboo in that regard.  Let’s wait and see whether he’s affected by any sense of body-shame when the invisibility wears off   >:-)

  • Suhndog

    2nd. panel and last panel..  something weird is happening to Kyle’s skin..  it looks like it’s changing from ‘original’ blue, to a ‘new’ blue??  Are there levels of blue before scrumptious, ‘normal’??   Also, maybe I’m just too naive, but what if Duncan really wants to change? What if Kyle and Duncan start a new Super Heroes team?  What if..
    [BTW, I’m tired of taking these blasted cold showers!!  Wouldn’t be too bad if I had this comic [AND KYLE!!] in my hands, but waiting weekly or bi-weekly is torture!]

    • I think the “new blue” you’re referring to is the trees behind him.

      • Suhndog

         Oops!  You’re right..  *blush*  heh….

  • Masamuneblader

    Reminds me of the Jack Nicholson film, As Good As It Gets. Jack’s character being an utter ass throughout is asked to pay this chick a compliment and, after a lot of thought, he says “You make me want to be a better man”

  • coyoteconscious


  • Aww today was very sweet. Why do I get the feeling that this is very soon going to be disrupted AGAIN?!

  • Why did Kyle say that? He was trying.
    Give the guy a kiss.

  • SH_Marr

    That’s so freaking cheesy. I immediately distrust Anni for saying that.

    • Jac Gentile

      I both immediately distrust him, and am strangely more attracted to him for saying that.

      Pretty confusing place to be..

      • Ree

        In the same boat!

    • coyoteconscious

      I talk like that in real life. This is part of why I like Annhilator.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Aww, so sweet! I sincerely hope Anni isn’t running game on poor little innocent Kyle, but we shall soon see. Guard your tender little heart, Red Hot — the shoulder you can leave to the silver fox, if just for our benefit! 😛

    And speaking of shoulders and other invisible parts, doesn’t it look like our little hero is gradually becoming more visible? I believe I detect some red ever so slightly returning to his blue invisi-locks in the last panel! My my, whatever will two boys in the fresh air do with this development? Good thing there are trees and bushes nearby. Maybe they can find a nice, secluded place where Anni can, er, examine Kyle really well to make sure he’s all right? And Kyle can explore just how nice or naughty a guy Anni is trying to be? A girl can dream! And quite frankly I think we’re overdue for a little ‘action’ of the romantic kind after all this blowing up stuff and butt-kicking!

    Awesome update either way, cheesy lines and all!

  • AWWWWWWWWWW this page is so cute, I dont normally buy comics  but I will be buying this.

  • ithilloke

    Kyle seems just a tad nervous there. Alex, you evil manipulator, you… 😉

    • Mwa ha ha. (Or did you mean The Annihilator? 😉 )

  • j-lee-d

    No! Kyle! I don’t trust the old, hot man! Don’t listennnnnnn!!

  • Jac Gentile

    Ya missed the textless panel that’s Anni trying to find Kyle’s invisible shoulder XD

    • Yeah I know. He might be able to hear him, but that doesn’t mean his first reach for shoulder should have him landing on his shoulder. 🙂 

      • HopeRose Puroll

        Maybe he is gaining his  color back? If you look in the last panel, he seems to be. 

  • Yami_no_Ite

    My take on Duncan being able to find Kyle so seemingly easy when while he is invisible is sound. Whenever Kyle speaks, Duncan can hear where the voice is coming from and therefore make a judgement as to where he, or is shoulder, is. I mean, if you were to stand in front of someone and close your eyes while they speak, you would be able to judge more or less where they are and where their shoulder might be.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    I don’t know why this makes me misty -eyed…..could be that through my life I have tried to find the best in all people who crossed my path, and at times I could not find the good in them and ended up being hurt very badly….not in the physical sense…not always. As for Kyle being “invisible” I don’t know if a teenager’s passion for body spray might carry over even if the “body” is not there….but I know a few teen agers who go pretty heavy on that sort of thing.

  • Oh Anni!

    *squee and wistful sigh*  
    That man makes me so happy~ <3

  • What movie did that line come from? Anyone?

  • Anni’s new evil plan! He’s going to muddle Kyle’s black and white sense of ethics and then dump him hard. This is the prologue to Kyle becoming a evil dictator and engaging in never ending battle with his former comrades.

  • Does anyone else want to just hug Anni??

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    Anyone else get cavities from this page? Possibly illusion cavities if Anni is in fact lying his charming ass off?

  • Erica

    awww IT’S TOO CUTE! That is concerning though… hmmm… i wonder if this will be genuine… maybe it’ll be a lie.. but then when his ‘plan’ [whtever it may be] works out and puts Kyle’s life in serious danger, maybe he’ll have that twinge in his heart. OR maybe there is a plot but Anni tells his ‘crew’ “don’t harm Kyle and his group.” but then the crew totally disregards Anni’s request and so when the ‘plan’ goes down, kyle will probably be the one to risk his life to save the crew, hence causing him to wind up in a coma and Anni feels intense amounts of rage, betrays his group, and lapse into a very depressing stage in his life where he blames everything on himself… and then the young protectors will eventually find him in his hideout and tell Anni to get himself together and fix what he and his crew started and then anni will dismiss them in his depression then he remembers some sort of thing in the ‘plan’ that he realized his crew screwed up and it’ll actually save Kyle and then Anni will go to the young protectors and ask them for their help and they’ll give him a hard time before accepting and then they actually fix the issue, which then turns time back to the failed part of the plan where Kyle goes to save his crew, but Anni saves kyle [and the young protectors] causing the thing that hurts kyle to backfire towards his [ex-]crew. and then kyle will be angry at anni saying that he betrayed him and his trust and that he’ll forgive anni but anni totally swoops him into a hug and says he’s glad kyle’s alright and then everyone lives happily ever after!…

    orrrr i can just wait for further updates. XD

    The smushy lovey stuff always brightens my day. 
    Keep up the fantastic work. x

  • The movie line came from “As Good as it Gets”. Said by Jack Nicholson.

  • Eryka kind of ka-poofed off the internets a couple of months ago, as far as i can tell; i used to see her around here and there, but no more.  Hope everything’s okay with her. D:  

    • Me, too. If you see her anywhere, please let her know I need to get in touch.


      •  I’ve tried bipping her on FB and DA; no luck yet, but we’ll see. 

        • Thank you! Hopefully one of us will be able to reach her!

  • ME24601

    Do Kyle’s clothes come back when the time is up, or will he still be naked?

    • seekmore

      Why would they?

      They’re lying in the wreckage of that street market where he took them off.

      • ME24601

        No, I mean his old clothes. The ones that he was wearing before the Platinum Princess changed them.

        • well, the clothes he removed are the ones she changed so, probably they won’t be back on.

  • DarkFeanix21

    I’m sorry, all I can think is how strange it must be for Duncan, standing there talking to a disembodied voice. And then the paranoid part of me wonders if one of his superpowers allows him to see Kyle even when he’s invisible, given that he’s done  good job of picking him up/touching him since they met up (which I know might just be simply how it’s drawn, but one can’t help but wonder…).

    •  I was thinking the same thing, especially the last panel.  Either it means something or we just have to chalk it up to one of Anni’s talents…super memory and sensory skills, I guess.  We’ll see…

    •  I think Duncan can see Kyle perfectly well.
      But he is smart enough not to see and tell. 😀

  • I’ve been thinking about this page on and off for the past day.  Most of my concerns about the risk of Anni deliberately trying to corrupt Kyle’s ethics has already been voiced by others.  That said, I still contend that Alex is deliberately writing Anni ambiguously in order to keep the audience intrigued, so I continue to withhold judgement on exactly what Anni is up to.  This is especially so if ‘Young Protectors’ is intended to include a mediation on ethics in addition to it’s action-adventure and love story aspects.
    (But on the gripping hand: I also know I can be hoplelessly soppy at times, so I may be being dangerously starry-eyed by waiting for a possible redemption story for Annihilator.)
    One point I don’t recall seeing discussed so far is the dichotomy between being a ‘bad person’ and being a criminal.  On one level Anni is correct, sometimes there are just a bunch of guys.  And if you want to throw more arguements in his favour, there’s a continuum of black to white with lots of shdes of grey in between, and there’s a difference between ‘law’ and ‘justice’.
    But at same time, Anni has admitted to being capable of putting people’s lives in danger to get what he wants (chapter 25).  And the title of ‘the most dangerous supervillain in the world’ sounds dangerously close to trading in on terrorism. 
    Now, I’ll point out that at we have no evidence that Anni has ever committed crimes just to enjoy watching others suffer, so I’ll provisionally submit that he isn’t a psychopath.  But I will need a lot more information on the *context* of his past actions  before I’ll accept that it’s just a matter of difference of world view.

    • I suspect Annihilator can be ruthless and expedient but not necessarily murderous.

  • Ryn

    geh! mush. Anni you bastard, you purposely diverted kyle’s mushy moment only to come back with an even bigger one of your own. you better plant a hot one on kyle in the next few moments to make up for this.

  • DoktorNauk

    Any more cute and I’m gonna die. Quick, let’s have some sudden awkward nudity!

  • OK ANNI!! give him another kiss RIGHT NOW

  • UrHimeXan

    I love your paint work, what program(s) do you use?

    • I think Vero uses Photoshop, but I’ll try to remember to ask her. 🙂

  • Shinashi

    I like how Kyle diverts the mush with doubt of its sincerity. 

    At least, I hope that’s what Kyle is doing and he’s not deflecting because he’s flustered at the praise. 

  • coyoteconscious

    Kyle seems fairly comfortable wandering around naked, even if he is invisible.

    Perhaps he’s accidentally burned his clothes off before, and is used to it. ; )

  • Wow, with pick-up lines that sappy who could possibly resist him?

  • Yukiness

    I was gonna go to Seattle just to see u guys and now I’m terribly sick. Porque???!!!!!

    • Oh, no! That totally porks!

      I hope you feel better soon! It’d be great to see you!

  • Clande Stine

    o.o Just noticed something. 

    Does Anni’s jacket sleeve have regenerating powers too?

    • samae

      He’s just that type of classy. 

  • KNT609

    way to kill the mood

  • God, is he being serious? I ust keep expecting him to burst out laughing next panel, like, naaaaah

  • Also, you can’t be a villain without any heroes around, so why not save ’em? Y’know, after defeating them.

  • SolrSurfr3

    Oh, shut up, Kyle, you know you love how romantic he is. ^-^

  • Ree


    Thank you thank you for making this adorable comic.

  • demoncat_4

    looks like kyle has already rubbed off on ducan and is melting his dark villain heart.sweet

  • Hunny

    I feel as if he can see him lol xD

  • Sarah Lebowicz

    5th panel- deep face. XD