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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 51

96 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 51

So handy that Killer carries his own bondage gear…

We have some more new Fan Art by Kinzie K.—a “chibi” version of our hero Kyle called “Chibi Red”. Also, even I couldn’t resist creating a little “fan art” of my own of the last page. Curious? Do check them out.

Oh, and


The fourth bonus page in a row!

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So! It seems like Kyle has noticed that our favorite supervillain might have done something heroic. I wonder what that realization might lead to…

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there!

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  • That little chin-touch of concern! ; 3;

  • That is the oddest expression on a face I’ve seen in the first panel. XD

    Interesting update, but where in the world did that rope come from???

    • Sanbai

      The aforementioned “bondage gear” lol… (in Alex’s comment below the page.)

    • Yep, as Sanbai pointed out, Killer brought his own rope along. It’s subtle, but you can see it as part of his outfit on previous pages. 🙂

  • Don’t sound so surprised Kyle…

    Lol. I checked this page 10 minutes ago and then my facebook tells me it has been updated XD

  • Supervillains always carry rope in their inner dinner jacket pocket for random outbreaks of escapology, restraining nasty heroes and light bondage. Well known fact that.

    • b3nc0

      The rope actually comes from the ‘hero’ belt, as shown by the speed-lines & as told by Alex in the first line of his comment ¦°/

  • DarkJokerOfAmuro

    I swear to god I’m gonna steal Kyle from Anni….DAT ASS…my god <3

    • Sanbai

      …Kevin?! I think you meant “Kyle”…. >>

      • DarkJokerOfAmuro

         Fixed and thanks XDDDD sorry I guess Kyles Ass was too powerful i fucked up his name xDDDD

  • [shrugs]  I needed my Kyle-and-Duncan fix.
    But on to other matters.  Over the past few pages we’ve had raging debate wars over whether Anni set up the attack by Hunter and Killer as some sort of trick.  I’m still undecided on the issue.  But last night I was rereading this chapter, and a comment by the Platinum Priestess caught my attention, which in retrospect… Well, I’ll let the rest of you be the judge.
    Page 17. Anni has just talked Kyle into going on the date, Kyle says “Just promise not to screw with me, all right?”, and the Priestess (possibly still smarting from the snub he gave her two pages previously) gives the line “Well, that limitation would rather defeat the purpose of a date, would it not?”
    Now, I’ve been taking that as a sexual double entendre on her part.  (And the listing on the TV Tropes page for Shipper On Board points in that direction as well).
    But what if it isn’t?  What if Anni was setting up an attack by hiring Hunter and Killer, and the Priestess knew about it, and she decided to taunt him with a comment that would dangle the plan in plain sight, while at the same time freaking poor virginal Kyle enough with it’s sexual impliactions that he wouldn’t recognise it for what it was.  And the Anni, who can’t really say, “You’re going to ruin my plan!” without giving the game away, can only huff “Manners!”
    Just a piece of paranoia to chew on.

    • KiannaLeigh

      That is some top notch paranoia.

    • Sanbai

      Hear hear! I, however, do not wish to share a slice of that rich paranoia pie you have there. 

  • Ah, hark, a fragment of confusion concerning the Annihilator’s motivations doth color our currently invisible friend.  Dare I question whether he will realize ’tis nobler to see how others bear under the slings and arrows of outrageous anti-heroes?

    • KiannaLeigh

      …. whoa … your wording blows my mind. in a good way.

      • Thank you!  Was feeling the Shakespeare 🙂

    • Feverfew_M

       Ha, I’m all for him to take arms against a pair of trouble makers and by opposing end them — or at least whack their asses. 😀

  • Kyle seems so shocked that Anni saved the “Hero” dude.  Personally, I really like that about Anni.  I think it fits his personality well (since he fell for Kyle, a real hero, and someone who likes Kyle isn’t just gonna go killing people or letting them die for fun).  

    Interesting that Anni’s powers make him heal… (I guess, since he gave his real name a few pages and a fight back, I should quit calling him Anni… but I like “Anni” so much!)

    • Interpolation

      I still call him Anni in my head, not Duncan.

      Also, I think that you’re right about his personality.

  • KiannaLeigh

    I love Anni. Seriously, I do.

    “Oh what’s that you say? I’m completely torn up from battle? No biggie! In fact watching me heal like a vampire on fountain-o-youth steroids is sorta fun. teehee.”

    He makes me melt. ♥(ノ´∀`)

  • Love all the concern on both of their faces. But, as sweet as the first 4 panels are, I’m just getting a weird vibe from this page. Is it just me or is Ninjerk being awfully quiet over there? Maybe I’m just being paranoid again?

    • booklover320

      I think Ninjerk is still unconscious from before.

      •  Dang, you’re right! He’s still unconscious, no wonder he’s not making any smarmy comments.

  • Nin Mouse

    If an invisible Kyle were bleeding, would the blood be invisible too or would it show up after leaving his body?
    Shouldn’t Duncan feel a little lower to check for any wet spots that might be blood instead of swinging Kyle around like a rag doll? 

  • By the way their worried about each other gets my chest all warm tingling.
    or maybe I’m lactating?

    • Kalic0

      No…that’s not what if feels like…hahaha.

  • Lunam_Kardas

    How much you wanna bet Mr. Unconscious over there is going to be making a clothing donation to Kyle?

    • actually, you took the words out of my mouth. . . . .

      • Lunam_Kardas

        Huzzah!! In celebration I shall perform the dance of my people!

        • i don’t think many people knew (or had wanted to acknowledge) it, but alfonso really was a little cutie back in those days; and he still is, at that sexy age of 41.

          hey: maybe him and tsunami can get together and “do a little `dance´” with each other some time.

          i offer to let this be canon, so as to not disrupt T.Y.P.’s universe.


  • CommodoreZelda

    They’re so cute!! Oh, the feels…

  • Very cute! I can just imagine the embarrassment in Kyle’s voice. <3
    Thanks again for the update!

  • Also, not going to lie, Kyle’s concern for Duncan is adorable. That is a very romantic moment. Naked or not.

  • nebi_lan

    Dear lord~ i love anni, can i marry him? can i ? please :D?

  • Dave .

    Either Kyle is going to spend the rest of his life invisible or sometime soon everyone will see his bare assets. It’s cute that he’s so shy and “feels” naked. 

    That FAN ART pic is excellent…

  • Am i the only one that pictures Sean Connery’s voice to our Super-bad? i dont know why, but it seems to fit his character/attitude

    • (i think i was the first one to call this guy Sean Annorhi {a portmanteau of Connery and Annihilator}, although this has long since been forgotten.)

      • b3nc0

        Not at all, rest assured that some do remember ;°)

  • yup, just waiting for Kyle to reappear totally naked and all..  hehe

  • YangYueLan

    Panel 3, remove the speech bubbles and sell as a wallpaper or a poster or both.

    • Adam and Vero really made that into a nice moment, huh? 🙂

      • YangYueLan

         Indeed they did.

  • Having the anti-hero bring his own bondage gear works just fine when in need. Does he have some left? 😉

    This page is just adorbs with their convo and Kyle awkward but them both so concerned – but didn’t Anni use juuust a little more time than needed before putting him down *lol*

    Now Anni.. be a gentleman again and offer Kyle your jacket. It’s better than nothing, and you’ll score a point more with him.. unless you got some ‘mischievious’ plans of your own right now.
    In that case, wait just a little XD

  • Katelyn Scarlett

    There is one super power the dampener didn’t mess with: super perfect slicked hair.

  • Shinashi

    Woo, Kyle, box of rocks much? Biggest supervillian going to the hospital for his booboos? Yeeeeea, no.

    • Interpolation

      I bet that Anni would be okay with Kyle kissing it better though~

  • DarkFeanix21

    Now all that needs to happen to put the icing on the cake, so to speak, is for Kyle to suddenly become visible again, right there in front of Duncan. 😛 Okay, yeah, I jest.

    Or do I?

  • Is it me, or is Kyle getting his color back?  I see it in his hair first.  Also, Duncan only saved one rogue hero.  Not two.  Where’s happy trigger finger at?

    • that is a good observation, when one compares kyle’s current appearance to his colouring here

      of course, we don’t know if this is simply resulting from veronica’s having found a way to render kyle’s colouring more deeply while still keeping him translucent, in the intervening weeks since kyle was first rendered invisible.

      i suppose if it is a spoiler to the story for whether or no kyle’s body is finally becoming itself again, then alex needs not even acknowledge this comment.

      (also i had already asked about hunter in a previous episode.
      no one has commented on it, besides my Sis, kianna.)

      • Well didn’t Hunter get blasted by Kyle with an RPG a few blocks from the restaurant. So Kyle hit him with the rocket launcher then ran off to save Anni. I am going to assume that Hunter is laying in the street somewhere decently far from the restaurant’s explosion.

  • Fantastic! I cant wait to see more!!!

  • Interpolation

    Yes, I firmly believe that Killer has a bondage fetish.  It’s going to be too much for him, being tied up by his crush.  He’ll probably start shouting profanities once he comes to but that’s just because he is trying to cover up how much he likes it.

  • OOO I wonder what will happen next. I am so excited for Saturday!

    I wonder if the invisibility spell will end up wearing off at midnight and then Kyle gets his normal clothes back at the same time.

    Mostly I’m just excited to see what Anni says to Kyle’s question in the last panel!

  • JM

    I’ve never been one to trust Duncan, but I really don’t think that he planned this entire thing and got Hunter and Killer to attack him and Kyle on their date. His confusion seemed genuine and he lost his powers as well, even though he is a total badass even without them. But! I’m suspicious as to why he was carrying that invisibility powder. He couldn’t have just brought it along by chance, in case he needed it. There’s something going on there.
    Aside, I think that this whole encounter served a really good purpose – that is, to show us (and Kyle) that the terms “hero” and “villain” aren’t always so cut and dry. These two “heroes” were total buffoons and may make Kyle question the binary good vs. evil formula that he’s been going with ever since this comic started. He’s super naive but also really smart and knows who he is – but that doesn’t mean he knows how the world really works. I’m fascinated by stories that confront good and evil stereotypes and show the grey areas as well. Everyone has their motivations and good guys will sometimes do bad things, and vice versa.

    • SleepingDragon

      As I mentioned in the comments to earlier pages the attack seemed like a bit too much of a close call for it to be all planned out but on the other hand we’ve only seen physical powers from Anni and those never really spelled a “most feared villain on the planet” for me so I’m not letting him off the hook about this being planned just yet, hard to tell what stuff other than the invisibility powder he could have on him (and for that matter what is the extent of his regeneration power? If it’s like Wolverine’s level or better then as soon as that dampener is gone he could get back from some serious wounds, also seeing how much ammo the armoured guy sprayed around, and none of it so much as scratched Kyle, the only thing that’s stopping me from thinking he has some sort of infrared vision and was missing on purpose is that he doesn’t have any obvious eyepiece). That invisibility powder is still mightily suspicious for me, even if we assume that he had it with him just in case he had to mask Kyle’s appearance… well, this only really works if he is aware of the threat before the threatening people have a chance to take a good look at Kyle. Heck, these guys would be able to see Kyle if they observed the dinner from another angle. Oh, and this may really be just due to it being the action sequence and the comic book forms and conventions but Anni’s immediate understanding of what is going to happen to the dampener while Kyle was just staring at it pondering… could be a matter of experience, could be he knew the technology…

      On that note, even if it wasn’t all planned I still wouldn’t put it past Anni to dance to the tune and take advantage of the situation and make it work for him. Truth be told I am somewhat rooting for him being this real manipulative mastermind thinking ten steps ahead, though I’ll still settle for “a villain but a decent guy” over a “I’m not really bad, just misunderstood… and so lonely.”

      • It’s also possible that Anni brought the invisibility powder along to use on the closeted/skittish about being seen with a notorious supervillain Kyle in case they ran into any overzealous local law enforcement or news photographers–or even regular people who might recognize one or both of them out of costume and pull out their camera phones to commemorate the occasion.  

        • SleepingDragon

          See, that is exactly my point. This is really the first thing that comes to mind but it doesn’t work on closer inspection because it needs to be applied before Kyle is recognized or photographed. It’s enough they’re recognized on the street and the crowd starts taking photos with their phones, or some sort of paparazzi decides to stalk Anni and his date and take pictures rather than go for open confrontation, or even a superhero decides to take a good look at the situation before diving in…

          This kind of thinking is fridge logic for most people and I think mostly just nitpicky geeks and roleplayers (of which I am both) deconstruct it like this so I won’t really hold it against the comics if Anni honestly had it with him for Kyle’s safety, still, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it was all a ruse.

    •  He wasn’t carrying it around.
      I think he predicted that he may get into some sort of trouble being…well…who he is. Before they left for China, the Silver Priestess (oh god, I think that’s her name. It will be embarrassing if I am pretending to be a know it all and then get a fucking name wrong XD!) gave Anni a bag.
      The same bag he pulled from his jacket and used on Kyle.
      I think that on some level he may have known this was a possibility and asked for the powder.

      I will agree with the purpose of this battle. Anni, with all of his villainy, shows his true colors in his inner debate a few pages back. It may have been a way to show off for Kyle.
      But maybe not.
      I think it may have been just for that reason.
      Good and evil is not black and white. It is many shades of grey and no one is all good and all evil.

      I’m very interested to see how far this progresses. I like thinking about it like this. It’s a very psychological sort of view and I LOVE it.

      • KiannaLeigh

        Silver? The Silver Priestess! NO! The Platinum Priestess! T_T

        …. don’t downgrade her precious metal status. It makes me sad …….

        •  I KNEW I GOT IT WRONG!
          LOL I was writing that wrong but wrote it anyway. XD!
          But the REST of my comment still stands.

          • KiannaLeigh

            too true.

  • . . . . .incidentally: i, too, feel that it is Sir Galahad’s knightly duty to strip apple jack of everything that he currently has on him, so as to ensure apple jack will not be of an immediate threat upon his re-awakening.

    (as a bonus, thus, kyle can cos-play as a “green-suited ninja” until they return to chicago!)

    i bet no one else noticed that duncan had used his powers of accelerated speed to whisk them both to that tree, now did you?

    in all seriousness though: at the very least, i see no reason to allow that criminal to keep either his clothes or any those little doohickies he has in his various pockets and pouches.
    those metal shoes and gauntlets should be confiscated as well.

    also.. really might behoove duncan to, at the very least, let kyle know when the primary known effect of the pixie dust will wear off.

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    Anni has super healing? That will come in handy for sure.

  • Firstly I would like to thank anyone and everyone who donated so we would have this great comic to read today. So now we have our answer. 

    Anni really can’t see Kyle. 

    So now most of us are thinking that Anni isn’t really a bad guy. He may just not like all the rules and picks the ones he wants to follow as he lives his life that comes with some cool powers. 🙂 

    I like the second and third panel. He confesses being naked, and there is all that concern for Anni. So sweet. If that guy wasn’t there, you feel like he might have tired kissing him or something. … but we know nothing was going to happen. We can see Kyle, Anni can’t.  🙂

  • amanda damron

    giggles while bouncing up an down!!!!

  • I’ve been lurking but I’m really enjoying this comic. I haven’t been able to make a donation, but hopefully that will change down the road.

    /fanboy gushing

    I thought Kyle’s slight coloring was just a trick of the display on my computer. If that is hinting at the powder wearing off… Hmmm.

    Also, did we ever establish which time zone’s midnight is the ‘bibbity boppity boo’ pumpkin hour? Midnight in New York is approx. 1:00 PM in HK.

  • So the big question: Can Kyle see himself or is he invisible to himself also? 

  • Ryn

    ech! We had a borderline smooshy moment there for a moment. Thank you, Annihilator for stopping it before it got too serious. 

    • Serious wouldn’t have been bad. Smoooosh! <3

      • Ryn

         i was type of kid that when the cartoon/movie characters got mushy with each other and kissed i was usually rolling on the sofa/floor with my hands over my face screaming. i can do kisses but i could do without the gooey fluff. lol

        •  LOL. I used to be that way. I am actually still that way when it comes to embarrassing situations, ESPECIALLY in films. I can’t watch and cover my face.
          That’s right, I am an adult and still cover my face and curl into a ball at the sight of someone making an ass of themselves.

          • Erica

            i did that for part 2 in HP:deathly hallows. when ron was seeing hermione and harry kiss. i covered my face and screamed in theater. it was bad. lol

          • KiannaLeigh

            OMG! Me too! I’m so glad I’m not alone.

  • glennethph

    OMG, this is wonderful.  I got here by a series of clicks from another comic and I’m very glad about that accident.  I am loving this so much.

    •  Welcome,glennethph! Glad you found this too!

  • SOON!

  • so are we getting to 
    -> how is kyle getting back to visibility and 
    -> will he ever notice that he might need clothes
    next? tho i would be the last person to mind if he stayed naked the whole time o.o

  • I love this comic, but there’s something about the way Killer’s being tied up that bugs me. All he’ll have to do at this point is wiggle down out of it and it shouldn’t take more than a few moments. Tuck it under his arm pits, figure eight him to the tree and tie his wrists up so he can’t do much…. but the loop around is cartoony… 

  • Dracon Ra

    Panel 3 is so adorable.

    Planed or not, it worked in Duncans favor.
    Getting Kyle worried, impressing him by saving the Samurai, the adrenalin makes everything more intensive.

    It will help developing some kind of relationship, sexual or romantic, much faster.

    So, I still believe he could have planned it, by paying them or by just making an anonymous call, telling them where to find him.

    And in my mind, that’s the beauty of this story, Duncan is hard to figure out, makes you wonder what his motives might be, makes it even more interesting.

    With this comic around, every week is like waiting for Christmas, counting the days up to the next update 😉

  • dereule101

    Oh dear, I foresee Kyle’s hair-pulling guilt welling up now that he’s noticed the world’s most feared super villain pulled Killer from harms way while he, a goody-goody hero, left Hunter for dead.

  • MalikTous

    Kyle knows that his opponent is in the hands of medical and police personnel, not dead. Anni/Duncan hauled Kyle and the other opponent out of blast radius. No fatalities and no repercussions. If Anni gets into the habit, he can take ‘anti hero’ status that leaves him with only a ‘minor’ or ‘nuisance’ level criminal record (only robbing unoccupied facilities and unguarded resources without harm to bystanders) and make himself a new name by goading dangerous idiots (both villains and would-be heroes) out of range of bystanders to battle them.

  • Now all Duncan needs is to put on a little sign “From your friendly neighborhood Annihilator” 🙂

  • Yay, just got my signed copy of “Artifice” in the mail today!!! Best birthday week ever!  Just re-read it twice already, lol. Winona’s art looks even more amazing in print!!
    *does super duper happy fangirl dance of joy* 
    This plus The Dreamfall: Chapters Kickstarter hitting 1 million+ today too= Awesome!

  • emilyellie

    OOh! Is kyle getting his colouring back? … that could  lead to a slightly awkward situation in a few pages. Better find some clothes!

  • He only saved him to kill him later.

  • MasterVero