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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 50

155 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 50

God, I’m so lucky to be able to work with Adam and Vero. Just look at this page! Stunning explosion, dramatic lighting, heroic Annihilator, totally adorable Kyle… Just wow… They really are total pro rock stars who literally make my wildest dreams into something real.

OK, some cool announcements!

First off, we have some really lovely The Young Protectors Fan Art by Kinzie K., a hot little scene called “After the Battle”. You definitely should check it out.

Speaking of hot, Deacon from Artifice was just listed as number 37 in ComicsAlliance’s The 50 Sexiest Male Characters in Comics. WOOT! You should totally read that article; it’s all kinds of fun. 🙂

In case you missed me mentioning it on Wednesday, I’m going to be at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle from March 1 -3 and I’ll have advance copies of Artifice for sale as well as some brand new The Young Protectors merch for those who want to show their support. I’m going to be at the Prism Comics booth in the afternoons. If you can go, please stop by and say hello!

Finally, we just had our third bonus page in a row on Wednesday. And we’re already at $129 on the donation bar below for the next bonus page!

Special thanks go out to long-time supporters Hannah M. & Jonathon B. (both making their second generous donations!), Biz F. (who makes their third generous donation to The Young Protectors!), Zachary B, Kinzie K. & Kyle F. (all three making their fourth generous donations to The Young Protectors), Emily R. (who makes their fifth generous donation to The Young Protectors!), Lisa G. (who makes their fifteenth [!!] generous donation to The Young Protectors!) & Saxon B. (who makes their nineteenth [!!!] generous donation to The Young Protectors!) and a warm welcome and grateful bow go out to new supporters Carol W., Kayleigh H. & Timothy S. for their generous donations over the last few days!

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Thank you all so much for your awesome support! 😀

So! That naughty, interfering rocket launcher has fallen by the wayside, good old Killer has been casually tossed to the wayside and The Annihilator has leapt to safety. But is the battle truly over? And how has Kyle’s cute little blue butt fared through all of this?

Tune in next Saturday tonight to find out! Hope to see you there!

DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! Edit 2/19/13 4:03 PM: You’ve done it again! 😀 Thanks to your generous donations, we’ve yet again hit the donation target! That means that in addition to Saturday’s regular update (page 52), there will be a bonus update on Wednesday, February 20th (page 51)—the fourth bonus update in a row! You ROCK! Hope to see you there!

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  • wait… does this mean that Anni can see Kyle?  and I find it amusing that a “super villain”  would utter the phrase,”Dear Lord!”  One would think he would say something a little more… villainous? Great page, and kudos all around.

    • I don’t know about see, but he can definitely feel Kyle!

    • coyoteconscious

      He presumably knew where Kyle was when he grabbed him, because he could see the enormous rocket launcher Kyle was packing (tee hee).

      Speaking of which, (and this is not directed at you, bobbyjoeguy) I like looking at penises as much as the next guy, but is it really necessary for so many folks to go on about wanting to see Kyle’s junk? I’m sure many folks here like to see a little more of Kyle, but I don’t think this is really that type of comic.

      I’d honestly be extremely surprised (and ironically, somewhat disappointed) if Kyle’s willy ever appeared on stage.

      On Mr. Woolfson’s FAQ page, there are recommendations for more explicit comics for those who are looking for them.

      • I think it became something of a running joke, what with all the highly creative junk-hiding, but i don’t think anyone seriously expects to get the goods, or is going to throw their ice cream on the floor when it never happens.

        Er, at least i hope that’s the case.

        • What Sola said.  The hiding of the junk is just progressively getting more and more hilarious.

          • coyoteconscious

            It is! Reminds me of a sequence in Bloom County years ago, where, for some reason, the characters were running around naked, and there’d always be a flowerpot or something in the way – including for Opus the Penguin, even though he was a penguin, and wasn’t any more naked than he normally was.

    •  He’s not acting very villainy at all here…he even saved the guy that was trying to kill him.  Though I’ve known some great villains who say things like “Good Lord”; any Jeremy Irons movie, for example…  It’s always the classier ones that do it…

    • Patrick Wohl

       I think part of the ‘point’ of the comic has been that super villains and super heroes are not always what you’d expect them to be.

  • Laurenihilation

    I love how Anni’s holding Kyle like a doll. XD Wouldn’t it be hilarious if he just became visible again RIGHT NOW? That’d be great. 

  • You…you…
    This is an amazing page! You got me excited for it on Facebook and did not disappoint!
    Such a tease!
    I can’t wait for that powder to wear off. Unless Anni is a true gentleman and gives Kyle his coat.
    That is actually a very cute visual…hmnmm….

    • Very glad you like it, Kinzie, and that we did not disappoint! 🙂

      (And yes, I agree, in the midst of all the action, Adam and Vero still managed to make this feel adorable…)

  • OMG, fantastic page, everyone!!
    Lol, I love how Duncan just tosses ninjerk aside once they’re out of the blast zone! Kyle’s face in the first panel is just so cute and confused. He’s probably wondering if all 1st dates are like this?
    Um, Alex just how much of Hong Kong did you level in telling this tale of romance? 

  • I love the way how hes holding Kyle at the end lol, Like a Doctor holding a new born baby “Its a boy!” Well that how i see it!! XD 

  • Sara Rediske

    Wish you were going to also be at Portland Comic-Con end of February. *pouts*

    • Me, too. But it’s too late to apply. Next year, though! Either that one or Stumptown! 😀

  • Midwestmutt

    Oh, I wish that meteor had exploded over Hong Kong today. It would have been a brilliant coup for you, Alex.

  • This is an awesomely drawn and colored page!  Major props should be given!  Also, this has the strange effect of tugging at my heartstrings with the sheer cuteness going on in the last panel.

  • David H

    Okay, if we can see Duncan’s legs and hands through Kyle’s body, why can’t we see Kyle’s naughty (nice) bits through Kyle’s body? 

    • Patrick Wohl

      I feel like they just don’t want to show an underage character’s dangly bits.

    • HA! Y’all totally crack me up with all this.

      The reason we don’t see Kyle’s willie through his body is the same reason we don’t see all his internal organs—what we’re seeing doesn’t conform to any laws of physics or optics, it’s purely an artistic conceit used for story-telling purposes (and yes, maybe a little eye candy). 

      Kyle is completely invisible, so we shouldn’t see anything at all, of course. But our conceit is that we show you what you would see if he weren’t invisible so you can follow the story but then render him blue and transparent to make it clear that as far as all the characters on the page are concerned, he’s completely invisible.  

      So, following our conceit, you’d only see his willie if you’d also see it if he were completely visible. 

      Now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

  • The technical side of this page is just brillant. Drawing and coloring.

    First panel is awesome (love the blast effect) and the look on Kyle’s face and his body posture just made me cackle. The technique of various ways to not show naughty bits in every panel just gets more an more amusing.

    Where the first panel in itself would have been page enough for me, the last two of the smaller panels is the topping for me. The casual way Anni just drops Killer and then how he’s holding Kyle in the end ..oh god XD

    I think Kyle is very happy about being invisible right now.. but what I want to know is how long is that gonna last?
    This would just be the perfect time to make everything akward and amusing by having the effect go away :3

  • Niggle

    Oh man, I just love how he discards Killer and how he’s holding up Kyle in the last panel. And damn…that was a strong explosion, I hope no civilians died. D: And wow, Anni can leap realllllly far. o.0 Anyway, very amusing page all around. 🙂

  • so, uhh..
    ..what happened to hunter?


    • KiannaLeigh

      No one cares what happened to hunter. I for one just hope he’s dead. I really really do!  Anyway, focus! He’s holding Kyle like a puppy! ^_^

      • ^_^

        “that’s mah boi!!!”

        (geez, sis…i didn’t know you can be so cold!


        remind me to not ever get on your bad side!


        • KiannaLeigh


          My god. I just laughed so loud at the “Juice” comment. I literally burst out laughing and it came out like a squawk. I sounded like a crazy bird! Thank god I was alone in my room. (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

          Anyway, that jerk just fills my with rage. But not you. You fill me with purple rainbow sparky cuddles. Which look like this:

          • prologue: my laptop.. so weak.
            i really, really need to get something stronger — as soon as i can muster it.

            for i don’t need to be living in continued fear of my own property anymore.

            (i am quite pleased with my own senses of humour, my sister: i figured you’d like that sudden recall to a topic which you probably thought i had forgotten about.


            Juice can be our own inside joke!)

            i think i have found my soul-mate in you, miss leigh.
            you know that right?

          • KiannaLeigh

            eeeeeee! Massive horde of purple-rainbow-sparkle-cuddles (which henceforth shall be know as Pura Spuddles).

  • i’m laughing my ass off, by the way, about how killer was REEEEJECTED.

    ever so casually.

    dear lord!!
    i wonder if Apple Jack had suffered a few additional broken bones in the process??

    (not that a cad like him really deserves much sympathy of course.)

  • Suhndog

    Awesome!  Oh, my .. shower time AGAIN!!  Heh,  I love the way Anni is holding Kyle in panel one.. just like the way I hold my cat sometimes! — On a side note.. I don’t have a foot fetish, but Kyles’ toes in the first panel are so kawaii!!  — and again! the last panel.. Kyle is being held like a submissive kitty!  Neko-skee!!  [sure is hot in here! – are we ever going to see ‘more’ of Kyle?].. 

  • I’m convinced that Adam has had a mama cat and kittens at some point, because that is exactly how Anni is handling Kyle here.  Hilarious.  

    • KiannaLeigh

      Thank you! I agree! I thought it was a puppy, but still! Mama Anni and his puppy Kyle!

      • I also remember the magic dragon holding Derp-Dad by the scruff as he was rescued. Hee!

        • KiannaLeigh

          Oh yea! That did happen. So do the creators of this have some sort of puppy/kitten complex. If so: awesome!

          • Here what I wrote in my script. I leave the psychological analysis to y’all. 😉

            PANEL 4:
            XWS, THE BURNING BUILDING. Only a mere moment has passed. As Flyboy, still in mid-air halfway up, stares on in paralyzed shock, the glowing, colorful flying dragon-serpent, easily 30 feet long, catches the falling man by the nape of his shirt in its jaws about 70% of the way down to the ground.

          • KiannaLeigh

            That my dear friend, is a puppy/kitten grab. As sure I as I love smut and superheroes, that’s what it is.

          • (there is no denying this, al.

            KiLe is right.)

          • KiannaLeigh

            You know makes me giggle the most about this. KiLe would probably be said as “Kyle” …. teehee …

          • the coïncidence certainly was not lost on me!!

        • Hmm. Maybe you’re onto something…

    • Ha!

      It kinda does look like that…

  • How does Duncan know where to hold Kyle?  Duncan could be staring Kyle straight in the invisible anus…

    Love the genuine concern for Kyle after he dumps Ninja-Douche on the ground…

    • OnyxLight

      Ninja-Douche for the win!! 

  •  They broke Hong Kong…you just KNOW that with Anni being a well-known super-villain, someone is going to make this out to be his fault…

  • Vik-Thor

    BIIIG Bada-Boom!!

    •  Omg, Fifth Element reference! I <3 u so muuuch! It's my absolute favorite movie well, after "Serenity" of course.

      •  You know of Serenity and the Fifth Element…..I might have to marry you.

        •  I’m flattered Laura, but my boyfriend might not be too thrilled about it.  But then, he’s crazy about me for the same reasons, lol. 🙂 

          • Vik-Thor

            »laughs« Actually, my husband likes it a LOT more than me. I just enjoy it a lot.
            I just couldn’t resist the quote, since it fit so well.

  • booklover320

    I <3 this page!!!!!

  • I bet it feel weird for the Annihilator be holding Kyle like that while he is invisable. Bet it looks strange too.

  • KiannaLeigh

    One really shouldn’t pick up one’s lover like a puppy. …. Anni. Really. I need Kyle as a puppy now. An image! I meant an image of that!

  • fujoshifanatic

    Oh my, so many levels of cute and awesome going on with this page that it’s almost overwhelming! The first panel is epic, with a little bit of kawaii thrown in thanks to Kyle’s ‘shocked kitten’ pose (that is the exact stance and  expression my littlest one takes when I pick her up by surprise!). That panel would have been enough for me, but the next panels are icing on the awesome cake, especially three for the funny and four for more kawaii and DAT ASS!!!!

    Thank you Alex, Adam and Veronica for all the work you do to make this such a great comic to enjoy! 😀

    • You’re very welcome! So glad you’re enjoying it! 😀

  • Poor Kyle is still invisible and naked, nice censorship there with the rocket launcher!

    • OnyxLight

      I thought Alex’s ability to keep Kyle’s goodies out of sight during this whole invisible thing was astounding. Never a position repeated… I am more than impressed. 

      • Truth be told, Adam deserves the credit here. He’s a genius with the scenery censor. 😉

        • OnyxLight

          Tell Adam I too consider him a genius this is such great work!

  • M. Cassie Goodwin

    Your skill at not needing to have anyone’s bits drawn is quite impressive.

  • Shinashi

    Okay, I feel that Anni has planned the attack to an extent. Exploding power-neutralizer, not so much. 

    Still, he probably wanted it to end with him holding a naked Kyle… Even if he is invisible…

    • Ayella

      Yeah, I do agree. I’ve been thinking that as well. How convenient he happened to have invisibility fairy dust on him when they were attacked.

      Yet I think the explosion might also have been part of the set up. It enabled him to save Kyle and show off some more gallantry
      by saving the enemy’s life. Not very supervillain-like, if you ask me.

      • SleepingDragon

         And I stick by my comment for the previous page that Kyle will probably come back to a newscast about how Anni was spotted wrecking havoc, which will further push him towards the line of reasoning “That’s not what happened! …wonder how much stuff about the ‘villains’ is actually misreported like that…”

        • I really like this idea; wonder if it, or some similar realization, will come to pass.

  • Interpolation

    Well, Alex, since you asked, I’d say that Kyle’s cute little blue butt is looking pretty good.

    Physically speaking I mean.

    As in he fared well.

    Okay, I also mean it the other way too.

  • I did not think I could laugh harder than when I saw naked Kyle’s position relative to Anni in the first panel.

    THEN I saw the last panel and I died.

    I am SUPER interested in seeing what will happen next! Especially if Kyle is conscious, because he is QUITE the naked. Even if he is invisible

  • Calvin Angot

    “Kyle? Are you OK?!”

    Never mind that, NOW KISS DAMMIT!! XD

  • DarkFeanix21

    Annihilator groping Kyle’s naked (if invisible) chest. Yes, that’s what he’s doing, and nobody can tell me otherwise. The explosion is just a convenient excuse. 😛

  • How the hell is Kyle still holding that gun against his cock?
    And I feel so sorry for the inncoent people who died in that blast because it was huge and there is no way no one died?

  • OnyxLight

    Uh should that dampener thingy be doing that…. O.o  LOVED it! I also love how as soon as he got close to the ground he just dropped ole what’s his face to check on Kyle ^_^

    I wonder if this is when the invisible powder stuff is going to choose to wear off… seems like the kind of luck Kyle would have LOL

    • Alex Brown

       I thought exactly the same things.

      Look at him dump green dude.
      Kyle’s butt needs to be unveiled.

  • YangYueLan

    I love Anni’s worried face! And Kyle is cute too.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    Duncan is just one of those types…confessed villian….yes, but he will protect that which is in his charge (Kyle) to the very end of life on Earth if need be. Sometimes I feel like I need someone like that around me,but then again I don’t go for over bearing types.

  • Marc Bloom

    WOW, he’s huge!  Oh, that’s his arm  🙁

  • haha, yes toss the other guy and worry over your date.

    • Precisely what I was thinking. 😀

  • I lika a guy who knows what’s important.  Especially when holding my naked body in his big man arms is important.
    The last panel should have just been Duncan holding his arms up, and the next two pages should be Kyle slowly becoming visible as they make out like the worlds best dad/son pairing should do.

  • wait wait wait, how did he know where kyle was…can…can he see nude kyle!?
    okay totaly done with invisibility salt! WEAR OF DAMN IT!

    • i believe it’s because of the gun that Duncan knows where Kyle is.

      Can’t wait what happens next and yes i hope the invisibility wears off now lol 😛

    • Well kyle was holding onto the rocket launcher thing that he took from the other “Hero”. Plus he was talking, so two diffent things that showed where he was.

  • Sofia Rodrigues

    And screw everyone that stayed behind with that wave uh… o_o

  • I got my Artifice book in the mail the other day! I love it so much! But I had a couple of random thoughts after reading it. One, on the thank you pages, you mention Neil Patrick Harris. He donated to Artifice too? O_O And the random thought. I know Jeff’s hair will grow back and he will get his lovely long locks back, but…does Deacon’s hair grow? Curious minds want to know…

    • Yay! So glad you got your book and that you like it!

      Yep, NPH was another one of our awesome backers. Just like you. 🙂

      Deacon’s hair can grow—which is important for long-term covert missions—but only if he choose for it to.

      • TwoWayStar

        did NOT know the great NPH backed Artifice! wow! 

      •  OMG, seriously, Alex?! That is so awesome! I bet it completely floored you when you found out!

      • Adam Black

        I missed this.
        Does that mean Deacon can choose to add a matching treasure trail?

  • Rontex

    Kyle has such nice ass-ettes, I’m sure Anni’s intentions are only pure

  • Jason Arilani

    TECHNICALLY! Due to the fact that you can see everything else through Kyle’s blue body, and the angle that things are at, we should still be able to see something that’s hidden behind his arm. Sooo… Ready to show it yet? 😛

    • Niggle

      Yes, but how hard would it be to show that many layers of transparency. Depending on the angle you’d have to show the outline of say a hand, then the outline of the arm behind that and the outline of the chest behind that. It would get a little silly. Kyle is invisible right now, not transparent, if that makes any sense. And looking at the rest of the page they’re being consistent about that.

      Technically they’re drawing him as if he was normally visible, but they’re showing you what what’s behind him. Because he’s not actually visible at all, making him blue is for our benefit. Anyway, all good things come to those who wait, and so we must wait. 😉

    • Ha! I’ve answered this question below…

  • Gaz Hawkins

    looks like Kyle will need the blowjob of life… er…. kiss of life I mean 😉

    • Rontex

      maybe we’ll get both!

  • amber patterson

    Just grope a little lower……>:D

    • He isn’t groping him at all. 😛

  • nebi_lan

    dear lord ! JUST DEAR LORD, last pannel is just too much <3 ~ this made my day

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    OH, Anni! <3 I love how he just tosses Killer away like that.

  • Yami_no_Ite

    Hmmmm….. I just realized something.  If Duncan felt that shock wave, it must have been pretty powerful. And our other armored “Hero” was only just outside the now demolished restaurant.  So what happened to him during the explosion?

    • Well Kyle thought that he had gotten far enough away when he tried to fly and couldn’t so I guess if the guy didn’t get up and try to make it back to the restaurant, he’s ok. Has a very bad headache, but ok. 

      Not that I care so much about them. 

      My question is how is Duncan looking at Kyle like he can see him?

      • i know right much less hold him up unless kyle is invisible to everybody EXECPT annhi.. Which means annhi can see kyle’s penis.. That’s not fair =/

      • Yami_no_Ite

         But five pages ago Kyle and the armored ass were just across the street right outside the restaurant. But you are right, there are much more important things to be considering. Like “Can Duncan see Kyle’s penis or can’t he?”

        • Penis? “Can Duncan see Kyle’s penis?” That is… a far more narrow view than what I was going for. 

          I was aiming for his whole body, but mostly his face. 🙂

  • elijah elquest

    panel 2: “later bitch”

  • Touya Dono

    I think you will find this amusing. I’ve been reading for a while now, I read Artifice too. So while on google typing things in to jog my memory about another lovely gay superhero comic I read through tumblr I typed ‘gay superhero comic penis powers’ and there was this comic right in the first few results. Looks like Duncan you win this round.

    • Ha!

      I wonder if you were thinking of “Naked Justice” by my pals over at Class Comics. (Their comics are very NSFW, BTW.)

  • Dracon Ra

    There’s a part of me that hopes Duncan really has feelings for Kyle and doesn’t just toy with him. But I still fear after Kyle is gone, he’ll give money to the Samurai and gets his Oskar for best actor…

  • Jac Gentile

    Either they almost died, or this was a VERY roundabout way of getting Kyle’s clothes off.

  • Midwestmutt

    Would it be indelicate of me to suggest that the first panel might be a foreshadowing of a future position Kyle and Duncan will take?

  • To the people who think Anni planned this – no, he probably just gets attacked enough to plan for it, and is smart enough to realize the need to protect Kyle’s identity. Goes with the villainous mastermind thing.

  • coyoteconscious

    Does Annihilator say “Dear Lord” because he’s from an older generation more likely to use the phrase, or is he religious?

    • The Annihilator is not very religious.

      • coyoteconscious

        I wouldn’t think so. : ) Religions are always telling people what to do. It’s all “Don’t steal things,” and “Don’t kill people,” and “Don’t levitate the Empire State Building high above the Earth and demand one billion dollars in ransom.”

  • Yami_no_Ite

    Hmmm…. Looking at the page again, and I just noticed that I really like how Kyle’s right foot looks in the big explosion panel. His toes are just so cute.

    • I agree! One of my favorite parts in that panel, actually. 🙂

      • Yami_no_Ite

         Yep. Just makes you want to nibble on them.

        • Ryn

           ewww, toe jam. XP

          • Yami_no_Ite

             Nope. I’m sure, being the good little Hero that he is, that Kyle keeps his whole body nice and clean. 😀

  • Ryn

    haha, could Kyle have once again frozen in  Duncan’s precence? or maybe he’s ticklish and trying not to laugh.

  • Axis Rhys

    umm i see naked intimacy in the future? lol.

  • Erica

    omg, i died. he totally dropped that supposed hero. XD DROPPED HIM, just because he’s worried about kyle, omg. the most idiotic thing kyle can do is cover himself up even though he’s invisible, maybe anni can see the blush that’ll be on his face. XD or maybe anni can see him over all…. >-> omg. lol i love it. :3

    • Yami_no_Ite

       Dropped? Oh no, no, no. He tossed him aside like a piece of trash.

      • Erica

        true true. ur right. tossed him out. lol

  • How does he know he’s holding him the right way up!!? Explosive page, well done.

  • If he’s invisible, why can’t we see his junk through his butt? >.>

    • Ha!

      Believe it or now, I actually answered this below.

  • Josh Castro

    I’m so glad I found this site. I was drawn here because I was really looking for a gay comic style book. The good ones are just SO hard to find (the ones that include good story and not just HUGE penises on every panel). “The Young Protectors” was exactly what I was looking for! The GORGEOUS ART, funny lines, and great story is just superb. After reading this, I’m just on the edge of my seat to find out what’s going to happen to these two sexy super humans next!

    BIG KUDOS to you, Alex Woolfson! I’ve never been to a Comicon in my life, but if you’re ever at one, in California, I will make my first trip there to get some signed merch!!

    • Welcome, Josh!
       Have you read ‘Artifice’ yet? It’s amazing too!

      •  It’s amazing and complete! I highly recommend reading it (then preordering it) when you get the time (and an extra 20 bucks).

    • Howdy Josh!

      Welcome! (And what a sweet note!) So glad that you’re connecting with what I’m trying to do here—which is to try to make the kind of comics I’ve always wanted to see. (Like you, I need a little bit more than huge penises in every panel. lol) It’s always awesome to hear other folks have been looking for that too. 

      I really appreciate the very kind props. And I’ll actually be at a Con in California this August: GamerX in San Francisco. You can check out my upcoming Cons on my Conventions  page. 

      I hope you get a chance to go. Be great to meet you! 🙂

  • Circe9231

    Wait…. If Kyle is invisible then how can Anni see him???? >.>

  • This comic is just great! Great art, great story, and great butts.

  • LadyRhapsody

    My goodness, this page is just…. So. Damn. CUTE. His genuine worry for Kyle, I just can’t… GAH. I was so worried that there was something else up (though, there very well may be, regardless of Anni’s feelings for him…), but regardless, his feelings are real, and adorable…and and… Just look how he’s holding him up! Like a little kid! <3 

  • kaycee1967

    Ok, so… I haven’t seen any posts on this (maybe I’m wrong here on that) but Alex, before you get to the con (hoping I can make Sunday to see you in Seattle) how about answering this:

    How is it that Duncan can see him and where he is but the other guys can’t?

    Just saying… If it’s a Platinum Priestess thing… sure but kind of needs to be explained just a little…

    • ForeverForking

      I think he had a good idea based on the rocket launcher and, at this point, can tell by feel where he’s got a hold of Kyle.

    • Howdy kaycee1967!

      ForeverForking has got it right. The Annihilator can’t actually see Kyle, but he knew where he was before based on him holding the rocket launcher and his voice and he has a pretty good idea where he is now because he can feel that he has Kyle just under his arms. 🙂

  • kaycee1967

    Plus if you all remember about Kyle’s ability and what Priestess said, “Not a mutant, no alien DNA or ‘conventional magic”… which could up the scorecard that Kyle’s an ELEMENTAL…

    Food for thought…

    • TheManBehindTheCurtain

      My thoughs too. And considering they kept playing with the idea of being young, if he is an elemental they are probably planning to confirm that fact and then decide to drain his life force to youthen themselves.

      They are both getting up there in age after all. Not all that far from Platinum blonde to silver grey. 😛

  • Yes, Bonus Page!! 🙂

  • The sequence of those last three panels just kills me…XD

    Holding him like a baby, d’aw. lmao.

  • Ree

    This page is indeed awesome!! And Deacon is indeed hot 😉 Your characters are fantastic.

  • TheManBehindTheCurtain

    I wonder how may people Kyle just killed in that explosion to save the “planets worst supper villian”?
    He doesn’t even seem to consider it.

    • MasterVero

      well, not a lot i think because if it was a fight with two strong men super-villain near me, i will run like hell and not to stay here.

    • Adam Black

      Thats forgiveable.

      But that he doesnt even think to go back and help survivors, isn’t.

      • All right, I’ll Word-of-God this. Per the script, no civilians were actually harmed by the explosion. Because of the superhero/supervillain activity, the EMT and police were cordoning off the area as of Page 45 (and helping the wounded) and the explosion was really only dangerous to those in the restaurant and immediately outside and by the time it went off, there were no civilians in range. There was never meant to be some hidden tragedy in the rescue of Kyle.

        So, in terms of what this is supposed to say about Kyle’s character, from his understanding and experience of the blast, in terms of what I wrote, there was no reason for him to believe his help would be needed or wanted by the first responders already on the scene. Right or wrong, because I knew that no one was hurt, I assumed that Kyle would also know this from what he could see as he ran (that there were no civilians in range and that the civilians who were hurt by Hunter were already getting the help they needed.)

        Of course, we did use some artistic license here to make the explosion feel powerful and exciting and we didn’t take time in the art to establish that all civilians were well outside the blast. So, I can see why you might wonder how it would be possible that no civilians were hurt. And if that stretches credulity, that narrative clumsiness is on me. But the intention always was that the explosion was only a danger to The Annihilator, Kyle and Killer. Kyle understood that which is why he doesn’t insist that they go back to help. Because you’re right, if he felt that he could have been of any help to people in need at this moment, he would have insisted that they leap back. Instead, the only person who he thinks has been injured by the blast is Duncan and that’s what he reacts to.

        • Adam Black

          And I thought it was the first Temptation of Kyle…
          Too Blinded by gay kisses and self-concern to go put out the flames.

          But the FridgeLogic, on re-reading, also made me wonder why Kyle wasnt hurt in either explosion. ESPECIALLY, the first. No powers.

          On second reading, I dont see how he couldnt be hurt—unless he retained his immunity to fire, even when he couldnt control it,


          the Invisible spell also gave him some temporary invulverability.

          While it also might just be a plot-hole or artistic license, The Deeper mystery of Sirceas spells, AND as of today, Duncan’s means I cant ignore this mystery any more.

          Is this a clue?

          Can you W-O-G it also?
          Why wasnt Kyles naked and powerless ass Charcoal?

  • Tyler Griffin

    Somehow, I am over 9000% certain Anni jostled Kyle about to cop a feel while leaping

  • Hunny

    *Throws Killer to side* Lol

  • Zephyr10101

    i love thiiiss