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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 5

63 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 5

Hmm. I wonder what Kyle’s going to do?

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All right. So Kyle’s been called in to help. But will he really be able to fight fire with fire? Tune in next Saturday to find out!


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  • Telepath!  I knew it!  😀 😀  Yay, Commander!  

    Oooh, so Kyle -can- bend fire as well as cause it. 

    • Hmm… is Kyle REALLY sure Commander doesn’t already know he’s gay and is OK with it?  😉

      •  I dunno, man; Kyle’s definitely got some of that derpy-teenager thing going on.  Putting two and two together may simply not have crossed his tiny mind… and the Commander would know that, too.  Heh. 

  • Tsunami’s glowing tattoos are badass!
    And, you know, Kyle in that last panel. Whatever he’s doing, it’s obviously going to be really, really epic.

  • Aqueos

    If there’s going to be a villain NOW would be a good time.

    For drama.You know not for people dying.And not for my ship.YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

  • I love the confidence Kyle has in panel 3! 

  • fujoshifanatic

    Okay, now we know what everyone but Fluke can do. Hopefully we’ll get to see once Red Hot does his thing? I’m loving how the action is playing out, and I am veery curious to see how Red will use his power to help; from the looks of it it should be quite badass. And I concur; now would be a good time for a certain shiny someone to show up and add to the intensity of the situation, you know what I mean? Just saying.

  • Erica

    absorb the firee!!!! ah ha ha iunno hmmm i wonder how it’ll work out 😀

  • KrisYWC

    I think it is funny how Tsunami is saying “don’t look at me” just as everyone is looking at him.

    •  Didn’t Alex say that Tsunami was actually the reserved type?  The first step to get people to stop looking at you, my bro, would be to put a shirt on that thing…. xD

  • He is so fucking cool in that shot! It’s strange how I know how insecure he can be, how innocent, and then he’s all FLAME ON! and he’s just… really cool.

    • It’s very Gryffindor, isn’t it?  He’s all silly and floppy as a cooked noodle until there’s JOB TO BE DONE.  PEOPLE TO SAVE.  LET’S ROLL.

  • So who else wants Waterboy to be the love interest of Kyle? It’s the perfect match: Water and fire. Conflicting elements. Forbidden steamy love (pun intended). The sexual tension of opposites attracting! A young hero torn between acting straight and wanting to be himself and…whatever that other guy is! There is no better combination of superhero romanticism! Maybe except that one time between Chastityman and Hedonismo…

    • b3nc0

      I /b-Liked/ your comment not for Tsuna-Red couple (Tsunami belongs to Spooky Jones, you hear me!) but my spleen just went through my ribcage picturing Chastityman & Hedonismo XD

      edit: just went back to the page, to find something to prove my point & Spooks /is/ watching Tsuna with the same admiration Red watched Spooks… My, are we heading to a love triangle? We’ll have to wait & see Tsuna lovingly gaze at Red next week after he does what he’s gonna do ♥_♥

  • Ok Red.. You can do it.. Concerntrate.. Concerntrate. Just don’t think of that kiss. Mind on the job.. The Job.. Oh.. *Fizzle* Damd!!!!!

  • Mizeseur Altanis

    Kyle looks cool… wait, hot… wait, steaming hot… =)) *Melts*

    AWESOME! 😀

  • Mikko Rauhala

    For someone in the closet, he sure is flaming.

    • ManicThrifts


    • Lady Mania

      Ok I admit, this was exactly what popped in my mind when I saw this page.

    • This pun deserves applause, and also i am going to throw the banana from my lunch at you, so prepare yourself.

  • Aw!  Tsunami’s nipples aren’t glowing on this page.  🙁


  • Now if only Tsunami’s pecs were bigger~
    Still, what a hunk of beef, yum!

    So the explains what Commander’s power is!  I wonder if she’s the Fuuka? XD

    • A Google search suggests that “Fuuka” is a gaming reference. I’m not familiar with that character. What would make her like “Fuuka”? 🙂

      •  Sorry, my friends and I use that as our lingo X3 Fuuka is the team’s analyzer and uses telepathy to communicate.  She can be very helpful in spotting weaknesses(except for bosses), but she’s incredibly annoying cause she constantly says the most obvious things. Someone even turned her annoying phrases into a song XD

        • Yukiness

          She’s not Fuuka unless she makes hilarious faces that don’t match up to what she’s saying.

    •  I love you so much for this, Persona 3 is my FAVORITE video game of ALL TIME.  Seriously.

  • ironbanana

    o gawd telepathy. he’s so busted. 🙂

  • Bien Batol

    Hahhahaa, I just realized.  In the last page, Tsunami didn’t have nipples, here he does!

    • b3nc0

      In 3d to last panel he had too!
      & in the last one they were undistinguishable from his tatt for they were also glowing?!

      •  Yeah, i think that was just a small coloring error.  The nipples were always there; they just weren’t always, uh, turned on.  xD

        • Made of win!

        • I basically just figured that the tattoos were only glowing on  the last panel of the previous page, hence camouflaging/covering the nipples, and that now that they aren’t glowing as strongly compared to the other lighting, the tattoos that were covering his nipples aren’t visible anymore, and the nipples themselves are visible instead. So, in a way, the nipples kind of blended in with the rest of his chest while his tattoos glowed, from my perspective.

          …I don’t think I’ve ever used the word “nipples” so much all at once before. -_-“

          • b3nc0

            Oh my, Nippleboy, you’re quite nippely nippled on this nippelous day 8°P~

  • I think tht Red Hot can see the flames like he is the flames eyes and using the Commanders Telepathy she can connect his eyesight to Tsunami so tht Tsunami knows where to put out the fire.
    If u think i am right LIKE IT

  • He looks SO COOL. 8D <3

  • Shinashi

    I wanna roll around in Tsunami’s mist. 

  • Kuraen

    So HOT!! In more ways than one. XD

  • Go Hot, go! FLAME ON!
    Last panel is kinda sexy. Kyle is just hot when he’s on fire.

  • Rex Justrex

    Damn.  Little flame pup is so freaking cute.
    I wonder what that says about me.
    Having a case of the “hots”  for a comic character.
    Ah.  I don’t care.  I’d still do him.

    Loving this story line!  More, please!

  • flame…


    go kyle go!!!

    but watch out for Anni!

    (i bet he’s gonna randomly pop up somewhere, to set an even bigger blaze!)

  • Larne

    Wow, the ability of Commander seems pretty useful. Especially for coordinating the other heros, when they are separated … no wonder she is the leader

    And go Kyle, absorb the flames ^w^ (or whatever you are going to do)

  • “If you particularly enjoy any of these pages and use Facebook, please click the Like button on that page. It’s useful to know what’s working and it helps me get the word out!”
    Won’t facebook sue me for abusing their like button?

  • KittyLitter

    As someone who constantly strives to better my abilities in coloring my own drawings, I’m like seriously orgasming over panel 5.

  • He’s gonna save the day! O Kyle! I felt bad for him standing in the corner.

  • Ryn

    My god i’m glad to be back! Love the powers of Spooks and Tsunami. And is it just me or does Commander’s outfit remind anyone else of Carmen Sandiego?

    •  I KIND OF DIDN’T WANT TO SAY IT but it totally does. 

    • GiovanniBoss

      I made my account on Disqus just to say that, actually. xD

  • hotsilvergirl

    aaaa now you talk!!!!
    omg grate page. this rage is absolutely amazing

  • I cannot WAIT to see what his powers do in other applications than trying to shoot nigh-invulnerable muscle-men!

  • …You know, I have never been into superheros. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t keep asking myself throughout the week “WHEN THE HELL WILL SATURDAY GET HERE?!”
    Moar Annihilator.

    •  Was getting a bit spoiled by the bonus pages myself and came back to check today, days early.  I’m in the same superhero boat; i find them terribly boring 99% of the time, except for, apparently, right now.

      I have a feeling we might not see Anni for a little while; or at least not until a moment when he can cause MAXIMUM TROLLING. 

      • Lol, you’re probably right…but I’m willing to keep checking back in daily like a crazed fangirl until that moment arrives. 😉

  • I’ve been biting my tongue for several days on whether to comment or not because I didn’t want to come off as complaining.  I’m loving the series so far, these are some creative characters.  I just have…telepathy issues.  If Commander can use her tp to push the people away from the walls and windows, is she not powerful enough to use the people’s eyes to direct Tsunami on where to direct his mists?  Just curious.  I’m all about TP limits, especially in different applications!  As for  Kyle entering the fray…I’m guessing he’s going to possibly try to absorb the flame?  Regardless, loving this!!!  More more more!  lol.

    • b3nc0

      Maybe it’s only a one way TP… Which should leave Kyle’s secret, well… secret ☺

    •  I don’t think she used it to PUSH people away from the walls…that would be telekinesis. I think she told everyone to get back and then confirmed that they did by checking their thoughts.

      The real question here IS the Commander’s limits. Could she possibly see the fire through victims eyes? If so, is she powerful enough/in control enough to convey those images to Tsunami?

      •  I meant push as in a telepathic push, not TK push.  Sorry for confusion. Marvel lingo.  lol.  And b3nc0…I think I like the idea of 1-way TP, it provides limits but also an incredible area of exploration.  But then again, how would she know she was successful if she couldn’t receive also?  Intuition?  She “just knows”?  Definately something to think about there!  Hee hee hee!

  • Ah, camping.  Soothe my soul.

    • GiovanniBoss

       Time to stop camping then. New page is right there now. xD