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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 48

74 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 48

Yeah, that would make me a bit nervous too…

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So! Hunter and Killer are finally down for the count, but what’s with the Dampener Thingy? Could our heroes be in danger yet again?

Tune in next Saturday this Wednesday for the next exciting page of The Young Protectors to find out! Hope to see you there!

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  • Probably not, Kyle.  Probably not.

    I love Anni.  I am so rooting for the bad guy.  It goes against everything I stand for– I play Alliance in WoW for Christ’s sake!
    Alex, you’re killing me, man.  Keep up the good work. <3

    • Niggle

      I claim Anni for the Horde! BWAUAHAHAHA!

      • See, these shenanigans right here?  This is exactly what I’m talking about.

        • strangeangel24601

          “Shenanigans” is such a fun word!

      • Ha!

    • Clande Stine

      The Alliance likes to think they’re heros ;P Neither side is really good… They both do bad stuff.

    • Hehe. That’s awesome. Glad to bring you over to the dark side. 😉

  • Monica

    The third panel… Anni, please have my babies!! 

    But real… god that panel is GORGEOUS!! Thank you Alex <3

    • Glad you’re liking what you’re seeing here. I agree—Adam and Vero did a great job with that! 😀

  • Laurenihilation

    I like this whole page. All of it. Especially that look of menace. Wonderful. 😀

    •  It’s very effective, and that torn lapel adds just the right hint of “unhinged.” 

  •  Oh my god, that fourth panel.  All i can think is, “LIKE A SIR.”

  • I love his vocab, it’s better than mine.  I woulda said “Is the Triangle Death Thing supposed to be sparkly?”

  • …and all that damage to Killer from one repowered hit…

  • Lol you just shoot it with a rocket, it shouldn’t be doing anything!

    • strangeangel24601


  • Steve Kenson

    I predict Anni jumping on top of Kyle to protect him from the blast, just in time for the invisibility powder to wear off…

    • Ryn

       duuuude… that’d be funny as hell.

    • Caffienated

      Or pick him up bridal style and whisk him away from the danger with his mad acrobatic skills :p

  • Keep this up, Kyle, and you might be a sidekick to the world’s most dangerous villain…

    Convenient censorship on the blue electric charge and strategically-held rocket…

  • “I do believe THIS is what the kids today would call “A  game changer”..

    Why don’t you ask Kyle what he would call it? *snap*

     Panel 3.. the look on Anni’s face. That is the first real devious/devilish look we’ve seen on him yet. *shivers from the thrill*
    One little slap and down Killer is. So Anni is Superman’s evil twin kinda super vilain XD

    Kyle, you better find something bigger than that rocket laucher to hide behind. You’re naked.. vital body bits might be in danger 😉

  • booklover320

    Gee, Killer, all it took to shut you up was a small flick of Duncan’s wrist? So pathetic!
    And for some reason, I can’t help thinking that Duncan will be saying, “Nicely done, Kyle” for a completely different reason soon…

  • OMGomgomg! That’s not Duncan we’re seeing in the 3rd panel. That is The Annihilator, the world’s most dangerous supervillain! Well that was my first thought, anyway. Still beyond sexy, but I don’t have any doubts that he can be a very, very dangerous man when crossed. 
    I have GOT to give a huge round of applause to Adam and Veronica for showing us in ONE freakin panel just who the world sees and why Kyle’s first reaction was to try and kill it with fire! Amazing work on this page!

  • KrisYWC

    Oh so he has super strength but what else? Obviously he is very smart, but is that natural or a super power?

    •  Hmm, let me just leaf through the folder of printouts I’ve been making, pending a hypothetical final tradepaperback collection.
      Most of the evidence so far comes from the prologue, when Kyle picked that rather one sided fight with him.  Anni has exhibited super-speed and super-strength – plus some super-acrobatics and super-leaping which probably derive directly from those first two (unless we’re doing a writeup using one of the roleplaying game systems where you have to buy every advantage separately).  Also some form of invulnerability/super-endurance – to both survive a direct flame blast to the face, and recover from however much shock and blood loss that cut to the arm actually inflicted.
      As for your question on intelligence: we don’t have any real evidence one way or another just yet.

      •  Ooops!  Your response was hidden from me below the more-comments fold, and mine is rendered useless by how well-thought-out this is. xD

    •  Super strength, super speed, and, i would think, some kind of resistance to impact, if you think back to his parkour-bouncing way back when. 

      Brains, i think, is something one merely cultivates.  Heh. 

  • Why did my mind go directly to the opening credits of CSI: Miami when he said that?

  • Ryn

     Advice: run like hell.

  • SpiritravenCathaldus

    Awesome! Duncan is such cool guy and Kyle is so cute lol they make a great team.  Even if one of them is suppose to  be the bad guy.  Then again villains are very hot 🙂

  • I’m more concerned bout the look in panel 4 than panel 3.  

  • Shinashi

    I like how Anni simply stands and the dumbass goes flying. 

  • DarkFeanix21

    O – O

    The Annihilator is my new hero. Now I want to make people fly with just a sweep of my arm.

  • AC♥Bear

    That’s what I call a bitch slap.

  • xLizardx

    Uh-oh, he just spilled Kyle’s name in front of the bad guy… Though on second thoughts, he looks to be unconscious, so it’s probably ok. 🙂

  • Dee Dee

    I got a bad feeling… what if the “dampener” effect turns out to be long term or Anni completely loses his powers? 

  • full frontal nudity in 3…2…1…

    really, sometimes villains make the best heroes. i bet, once these two are an established couple, their nights in will be them watching Carol Burnett reruns and bloopers… i just get that vibe..

  • DarkJokerOfAmuro

    I dont care if I sound unclassy….Kevin has a ****ing beautiful pair of man tits :F  is it wrong for a 22 year old man want a someone who is 17? even if they’re fictional? xD

    • Marvin_Arnold

      Nowadays, in most countries that wound be OK 😉

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      Heck, I’m almost 50 and I notice everything about younger guys…it may be wrong but gee if they shove it in my face you bet I’m gonna look!

  • Since it’s tomorrow already in Hong Kong, Happy New Year, Year of the Serpent.


  • Sofia Rodrigues

    Aaaaand thrown aside like a measly bug. <3

  • KiannaLeigh

    I like how Kyle notices but Anni doesn’t. Anni pay attention! To something other than Kyle’s naked body. 

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      Remember Kyle is still invisible….until the powder wears off, so how can anyone see Kyle? Because of all the flowers,flames smoke, invisible legs,and anything else one can think of blocking the readers view, I for one am tired of  not seing Kyle’s naked body !

      • KiannaLeigh

        Oh yea! We can see him, but Anni can’t. Poor Anni, he’s so missing out.  At least we got him shirtless.

        • Wayne Lunkwitz

          Pecs are wonderful ….but I want more!….so sorry  there’s that dirty old man again! Down boy! DOWN!

          • KiannaLeigh

            Ahahahahahaha! “Down boy” to the excited dirty old man! Yes! Innuendo win!

  • ithilloke

    Time to exit stage left, methinks! Well done indeed, Kyle!

  • Marvin_Arnold

    I think maybe I was right about the cherry thing exploding and leaving a crater the size of Kowloon…

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    One question that comes to my mind is how long does that invisi-powder last? I’m sorry but inside of me is a dirty old man waiting to get out! Aside from that ….yes I think they should exit stage right …..right now! OR do something to disable that thing before it does something to “disable” them permanently.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    Might even work….simillar to the movies….were super heros are able to block bombs and explosions using only thier bodies….cues Columbo ” Oh, one more thing (speaking of course to Ninjerk)….could we barrow you to block that thing over there?”

  • CommodoreZelda

    Like a boss, Anni. Like a boss.

  • amanda damron

    giggling while dancing around

  • Helllooo, Naked Kyle!

    (Or should I call you Red Hot?)

  • kireb

    kyle really should work on his positioning… it is already the 8th page in which he is just standing in a bad way… 😛

  • Kit the Coyote

    No it shouldn’t, bad damper thingy!! BAD BAD!  Have you no shame!  NO BISCUIT!!

  • Erica

    omg. Anni’s FACE. it looks so bad ass, but not Anni that’s not wht kids say now a days. XDDD jk hahhaha i don’t keep up with wht these wippersnappers be saying either XP

  • Panel 4 is absolute best EVER!!! LOLing so hard and doing a victory dance.

  • gabrielx0

    I wonder if kyle will let anni hold his hand while they are walking away. I mean – for anny to know that kyle is near since he’s invisible)) yeah – only for that 😉

  • DoktorNauk

    I think panel 4 is my new fave. I love the fact that he’s fixing his tie.

  • Kyle you are not only an amazing character you are an amazing audience surrogate, because honestly “Should the dampner thingy be doing that?” is exactly the question in my mind.

    I love that we get to see Anni be a BAMF again, panel four is AMAZING.

    Hopefully we get a new page on Wednesday! XD

  • Explosion should be imminent.  Does this mean we get a classic “walking away from an explosion” shot of AWESOME?  

    I should also mention how I appreciate Duncan’s (1) face of scary doom, (2) face of indifferent doom (for MakeupMan) and (3) his ability to look Kyle in the face despite Kyle being both invisible AND naked.

    • Heh.  Anni can hear his voice, and humans are actually pretty good at binaural targeting; we do it without thinking, and it’s remarkably precise if you have more or less the same level of hearing in both ears. 

      Quick, Duncan!  Scoop him up and bounce away into the skyyyyyy~~

    • TheGirlWhoFellToEarth

       I’d say he *might* be invisible for anyone but him, but that would be saying Duncan is… well… a villain.
      … Never mind. ‘Would explain why he was so eager to get that powder in the first place, wouldn’t it? 😀

      A “walking away from an explosion” panel? Yesplease !

  • Nightshadengale

    Careful, Kyle–first it’s just dinner, then next thing you know he has you shooting dampeners and reading “In Defense of Anarchism.” 

    (Ever since it’s been established that he’s an intellectual anarchist I’ve been wondering if that or a similar book won’t come up at some point… though if I recall the argument of that book is basically ‘There’s no such thing as a perfectly fair form of government so anarchism is the only remaining option’ without much discussion of whether anarchism would actually work.)

  • Lady Mania

    lol.  panel four… priceless. I love Duncan.

  • Hey, I’m not a kid…exactly.

  • I love the look on Anni’s face in panel 3. Menacing and evil: our first glimpse at The Annihilator, the world’s most notorious super villain. Can’t wait for the next page and maybe seeing that dratted powder wearing off.

  • Yay, Bonus Page!! 

  • Alex, sweetie, Wednesday is the 13th. Thursday is the 14th. 😛

    • Ha! I guess I just can’t wait for Valentine’s Day. Good catch. Thank you. 🙂

  • TheGirlWhoFellToEarth

    “And thus, Chop Suey learnt to fly, and there was much rejoicing…”

    I think I’m in love with panels three and four.

    And I’m getting strong James Bond vibes from the latter one, for some reason. Though it is the kind of pose -and suit!- you’d usually see the superspy sporting, not his arch-nemesis! 🙂

  • CommodoreZelda


  • Interpolation

    Panel 4:  Like a sir.