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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 47

75 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 47

Nice shot, Kyle!


The second bonus page in a row! Woo two!

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So! One Dampener now ‘sploded! Do you think this will make any difference in the fight against Killer? Tune in this Saturday to find out!

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  • cool first comment! keep up the good work

  • Ryn

     behold, for very bad things are about to happen.

    killer’s gunna get his ass kick~ killer’s gunna get his ass kick~ <3

  • Frin

    Really subdued reaction there Mister for someone whose nifty toy is about to get blown up. Now cue Anni giving him an epic thrashing.

    • KiannaLeigh

      It’s shock …. wannabe samurai can’t process too much emotion at once unless that emotion is ego.

      • Frin

        Makes sense. He’ll probably get really angry just in time for Anni to kick his arse.

  • All right, Kyle!
    Awww, Duncan’s being all sappy in the 2nd panel. 

  • Well, whaddaya know.  A doucherocket was finally good for something.

    • “Doucherocket” is now my insult of choice.  XD

    • KiannaLeigh

      Thumbs up for the term doucherocket!

  • I only have one question- Anni has been going at it with with the human food processor, his suit is a mess and his body is a bloody mess.


    • Nothing on this planet can get through the Annihilator’s choice of grooming product.

    • Mike W

      That’s what evil is all about

    • Interpolation

      How did he do that?

    • coyoteconscious

      My husband worked in a salon for a few years. Trust me, there are products that will hold you hair still even if you’re hit in the hair with a hammer.

  • sSparrowW

    I knew it was sappy at first glance, but after re-checking what it was that Duncan was so happy about, I started spinning my chair and “Awwwww”-ing all over the place. Take that, loser monkey samurai guy with terrible make-up skills! >:D

  • He’s happy cause he realizes this means Kyle is naked. xD

    • Sanbai

      That’s the reason I’ve been happy for the past three pages! <—Is also a mature, job-holding adult

  • Bonding over butt kicking. <3 I love these two. 

  • toli Bera

    Hopefully after this moment “Fire In the Hole” will take on a WHOLE NEW MEANING 😉 *Is a fully grown and quite mature adult*

  • Anni to Killer: Do you feel lucky..punk?

    I love how Anni makes the destinct difference between Kyle and Killer on that hero scale.
    Even a super vilain has his priorities straight there.. even if it’s the only thing about him that’s straight, maybe except for that wonder hair of his *lol*

    Is this the time we get to see what ever powers it is Anni has because I’ve really been waiting to see that one 🙂

  • booklover320

    Kyle cracks me up! And d’awwwwwww for Duncan’s second panel speech! Can’t wait for Saturday!

  • Lady Mania

    ROFLMAO! I saw that coming but still I can’t stop laughing.  Both so adorable in their own way.

  • Erica

    omg, too cute. lol “um, fire in the hole?” lol

    iunno why i picture him looking like he’s trying to figure out how to use the thing, but who knows, if it’s from that idiot he beat up then maybe he would have trouble trying to figure out the thing. >.> haha

  • Erica

    btw, AWWW ANNI!!! His heart is so full of joy :3

  • CommodoreZelda

    Anni is so cute!!! And now he’s gonna kick some Killer ass!!!!!!

  • Long time no comment! *busybusybusy*

    All I can say is… D’awwwww. On so many levels. Both Anni’s little speech, and Kyles “Um… fire in the hole?” comment, which was both adorable dorky and silly and just made me giggle so hard. xD

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    Anni’s words made me squee.

  • Lest anyone forget… Kyle’s clothes are scattered across the market, and hiding hither and yon. Does the invisipowder wear off or does Anni get to administer the antidote? Personally, I suspect the antidote to continue showing Kyle Anni’s gallant side.

  • Interpolation

    Much as I’m enjoying the lovely moment, I can’t help but worry about possible ramifications.  Kyle has just aided and abetted a known and notoriously known criminal.   I can’t help but worry this will contribute to plot progression in an unpleasant way.

    • Shasarazade

      Well if these two so-called “heroes” have it in them to try and ruin Kyle’s reputation for fighting alongside Annihilator, then THEY can explain why they needed to destroy two different business and endanger DOZENS of civilians in order to nail a villain who wasn’t even doing anything wrong.

      •  If someone tried to question me about that fight and who I ended up protecting, my only response would be “You actually expected me to side with Captain Douchebag and his tool of a side kick, Ninjerk?” 

    • xLizardx

      …..He’s still invisible, and he hasn’t used his distinctive abilities yet either. Hell, he even has a good alibi, since I’m assuming an America-Japan flight would last a hell of a longer longer than the time they’ve been having sushi. He was saving people from a burning building – on tv – in the U.S. – only an hour or two ago at most.

      The only possible way he could be identified is via his voice – unless of course he starts flaming now he’s trashed the inhibitor, which is a distinct possibility.

      Besides, those jerk-offs were not only recklessly endangering innocent lives, they were also the instigators of the attack: personally, I think the only “heroic” thing to do would be to stop them, regardless of which side they *claim* they’re on.

      • No offense, but i have to point this out, they were having dim sum in HONG KONG. 
        your point is still valid, i’m just nit picking. 

        • Interpolation

          I’d agree that it does seem like it would be really difficult to identify Kyle.  
          I just think Kyle defending himself and other people is one thing and defending Anni is another.  Not saying it’s good or bad, just that it’s a new thing.  Going on a date with a super-villain blurred the lines of what is acceptable, defending said super-villain blurs the lines even more.On that tangent the story is also addressing the acceptability of being gay.  Society apparently, frowns upon it enough that Kyle doesn’t want to publicly admit to it.  It seems like the story is interested in redefining what is acceptable.  It’s just interesting to see where the line is going to be drawn.  Having Kyle defend Anni seems important to that line.

          Anyhow, that’s sort of what I was thinking, when I said I was worried about ramifications.

        • xLizardx

          Oh, ok. I saw small, tasty-looking oriental things, and immediately thought sushi…. but of course, now that I consider it, sushi is obviously Japanese, so it would be rather unlikely that they’d be having it in Hong Kong.

          And yes, Hong Kong…. shiiiit, I wrote Japan, didn’t I? In my [poor] defense, I have read several articles about Japan recently, plus I’ve bought my boyfriend a ninja costume for valentine’s day, so I probably have it on the brain. I do apologise. This is clearly what comes of posting comments early in the morning.

          As a side note, I’ve never had dim sum myself before – what’s it like?

    • coyoteconscious

      I think he can safely claim self-defense.

  • elijah elquest

    naked. :p

  • Caffienated

    May the sweet ass kicking begin on Saturday. 😀

  • xLizardx

    Heh, coming from Kyle, the phrase “fire in the hole” has an unforeseen significance.

    I’m sorry, I see double entendres everywhere. ^_^

    • Naomi Mowatt

      Your not the only one who saw that lol xx

      • SleepingDragon

        And now you’re definitely not the only one who won’t be able to unsee it ~_^

  • Feverfew_M

    Heh, if all villains and shady wannabe-heroes one day learned that the right moment to stick a sword or a bullet into your opponent is at the first opportunity instead of after a witty quip or twelve, the body count among the real good guys would be endless…
    Thank goodness for the arrogance of idiots.
    Time for The Annihilator to show Ninjerk what the most dangerous supervillain in the world can do. And impress his date by not killing the Killer. Go, Anni!

    • That’s the real problem with villainy.  Inefficiency.  

    • SleepingDragon

      Yeah, that is pretty tropish, still I’m willing to let it go because hey, it is a superhero comics after all.

      • Feverfew_M

        Oh, I didn’t mean it as criticism — I love these superhero/villain tropes. Pompous villains and witty banter are half the fun! 🙂

  • Fyrekat42

    Anni’s first thought: Oh, you fabulous boy…
    Anni’s second thought: Fabulously nekkid boy…

  • ME24601

    Haha, wonderful. Now for another naked, invisible fight.

  • That was adorable! I will make more reply later when I stop saying AWWWW!

  • Epistasthai

    awwww… warm fuzzies all around. So cute! (only you Alex, could make an invisible nekkid guy holding a rocket launcher thingy cute).


    • You’re welcome!

      (And with a little help from the amazing Adam DeKraker and Veronica Gandini, anything is possible. 😉 )

      • Epistasthai

        *keyboard head bonk*

        I tend to see the world in words, sorry. It’s the “um” that Kyle spoke that got me. Of course, I wouldn’t have noticed it if it weren’t for the lovely pics that went with the words. Thanks for reminding me. And thanks to Adam and Veronica for all the hard work bringing us lovely things to look at (and imagine).

        • Alex The Writer sees no problem at all with you seeing the world in words. (And I’m very glad you liked that line. 😉 ) Just sharing the love. 😀

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    What is Kyle going to blow up next? Get a bead on badass’s head and maybe make him beg for mercy? I dunno but things are definitely going to get better!

    • Gavin Wheeler

       He appears to be out of rockets.

      • Wayne Lunkwitz

        He had one rocket left and blew up the “dampener” so from here on out it should be “Flame On” and bye bye bad guy!

  • ked

    YEAH BOI and other intelligent comments.

  • Yay for Kyle! Although the fact that he is barefoot and there is so much broken glass around makes me nervous.

    • True!  The window was knocked inwards, so that’s where the majority of the glass would be, but more than enough would have been scattered around the periphery. 

      Maybe an excuse for Anni to carry him home? xD

  • TheGirlWhoFellToEarth

    And yay for Alex! Now to wipe away Chop Suey’s assurance…

    Action Flick rule n°24 : Everything goes better with ‘splosions!

    (I don’t know if this has a page out there on TvTropes, but you sure mastered it :))

  • DarkFeanix21

    Well, that certainly throws a wrench into Ponytail’s plans. Good thing he’s a superhero, and more than capable of holding his own against an old man and an invisible teenager.

    Oh, wait…

  • TheGirlWhoFellToEarth

    And, regarding this page and the previous one… We should have t-Shirts printed to Anni’s glory.

    He is the classiest senior gay supervillain to ever have graced the face of Earth – and believe me, I’ve seen my share o’them. */totally rubbish Old Sea Dog pose off*

    (No matter what he does from this point in time, I’m afraid I am now awfully bipartisan – though I sure hope he’ll keep on restraining himself to being impossibly noble and wanting to… herm… know Kyle better!)

  • Whoelsetherealone

    And one anihilass saved! One!

  • Midwestmutt

    Perhaps the still intact red ball is the nullifier and the rest was to transport it and shield it.

  • I also once almost lost my love in Hong Kong…lol jk, I just wanted to be part of the moment.  Crush that glowing cherry tomato before it becomes an issue!

  • Damn…well my guess wasn’t too far off.

  • kittymaverick

    The question now is, of course, whether Anni is joyous over the fact that Kyle is here to the rescue… or the fact that he is currently butt naked. ;D

    Or both. Both is good.

  • Marvin_Arnold

    Luckily, the exploding “cherry pyramid” thing won’t leave a crater the size of Kowloon…

  • Bethany Palmer

    It really looks like a little face in the red ball in the last panel. Intentional?

  • KNT609

    Nakie time? XD

  • Awwwwww. Lookit Anni’s face. 😀

  • SakuraHana

    I absolutely LOVE it when I have to bounce from the last page to this page to the last page to this page because the commentary flows sooo smoothly….it always makes me giggle to go back and read the last page and see how it was awesome in its own right, and then to see this page, which expands the punchline into a whole ‘nother page of awesomeness….. (I do this with awesome storylines in books that span a page or two… if it catches my attention, I’ll stop in the middle of a book to re-read the last few pages again before continuing on…geeky, yes I know.)

  • Will his fire be invisible now?  Hmmm…

  • Ree

    Wow, that explosion is really nicely illustrated ~