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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 46

84 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 46

Well, I for one would say you’re kind of harshing my mellow, Mr. Real Hero Guy…

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So, is it curtains for our tuxedoed terror? Or is there any hope in this wrecked restaurant for a serving of salvation?

Tune in next Saturday this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • There is a tiny voice in the back of my head saying, “Dude! He totally set this up to give Kyle a reason to drop his guard and fight on his side.”  But I only think that because that is totally what I would do >.>  If I were a supervillan of course.

    • Preludetoa

       That’s what I think too.

    • ….Fight on his side, have magic invisi-powder powder wear off, get caught fighting on the side of the baddie, get outed to team mates, kicked off team and only have one place to turn for support. (Mwah-ha-ha)

  • If that killer’s a “real” hero, the world is screwed!  Thank God for Kyle! 😀

  • toli Bera

    I still would like to see Kyle Thwang him with that suppressant forcefeild dealie. 

  • somethings up…. it’s just not quite sitting right with me that Anni is sucking so bad. it just doesn’t seem believable and i’m starting to wonder if there is more going on here than meets the eye.

    • amanda damron

      personly i think him sucking is mostly due to him mainly relying on his powers i mean hes had them since he was young, and another part of me is thinking he is a little worried for kyle i mean kyle can see him and tell if he is in trouble but he ont seem to have a clue for all he knows kyle is a foot away from him hurt.

  • Ron

    What makes these guys heros anyway? The fact they opposing the known villain?

  • booklover320

    Just wait a few minutes, Mr. Other-Dick, and you’ll be the one meeting a *real* hero!!!! Kick his ass, Kyle!

  • …arbitrary declaration of hero status pretty much means that you aren’t a hero.  i’m sure it’s in the handbook.

  • With Knives’ rhetorical question in the last panel, I feel as though Kyle will make a grand (nekkid) entrance, or Anni will make a comment in regards to his fiery boy toy… *muses*

  • Erica

    trick please, kyle is gunna swoop right in there at the nick of time, kick that “real hero”‘s ass then claim that he’s a real hero for helping someone in need and then he’s gunna turn visible and then anni is gunna ravish his ass…. i mean…. nah no mistake. he’ll pounce on naked kyle and poof them into some hotel and do it like there’s no tomorrow.


    = w =

    • LimpBiskit

      ‘Trick please’ have become my words of the week.
      Just sayin.

      • Erica

        Awww yeh

  • xLizardx

    The obvious thing to do, since Kyle is invisible, would be to sneak back in and smash the power-inhibitor…. Although I’m not sure whether it’s a thing that needs to be constantly working in order for their powers to be blocked, or whether, like a drug, once zapped with it victims are afflicted for a certain period of time anyway, in which case smashing it would be… actually, it would still be useful to destroy it, in order to prevent these jack-asses from using it again. But certainly not so helpful to the present situation.

    Also, I’m not certain whether Hunter and Killer are actually powered “super” “heroes” [I have to put quotation marks around both of those words, for different reasons, haha] or whether they’re just non-powered vigilantes with armour and gadgets, but fewer ethics even than Batman in a very bad mood.

    I’m leaning more towards the latter atm, especially if the power-inhibitor needs to be operative to block abilities. I can’t imagine them reducing their own false sense of superiority for any reason, but artificially inflating it by [figuratively] tying a stronger person’s hands and feet before kicking him/her in the face? Absolutely.

    •  I think this problem may be solved for us, because if i’m not mistaken, the inhibitor in that last panel seems to be taking a little walk…

      • Feverfew_M

        OMG, yes, you’re right!
        It probably got tired of the company…

      • How on earth did samurai dude not notice it taking that walk from right next to Anni’s arm to all the way to the window??

      • Kit the Coyote

         Not entirely sure its moving or if our perspective angle to it changed as Anni backed away.  Either way it is now between the broken window and them with Sword Guy between it and Anni.  Perfect line up for a rocket to take it out with some secondary damage on Sword Guy too.  hehehe.

        •  I think you’re probably right, and i was mistaking the change in angle for a change in position, as well.  Even if Kyle can’t destroy it, he can certainly grab it and sprint!

  • -sigh- Didn’t Kyle just say “Don’t be a dick”?

    Gonna give him the benefit of doubt that his hair is pulled too tight and is cutting off the blood supply to his brain. Would explain the freaky clown face paint he has on.

  • If Ninjerk is a real hero, I’m not only the crown prince of Spain, but I taught the Pope to tango.

    • Whoelsetherealone

      I heard that he is a real good dancer 😀

  • I’m rooting for the bad guy! Something’s wrong with me…

  • Heroes are dicks in this universe.  I kind of expect that this is how it would actually be, though, if super heroes were a thing.

    • Sanbai

      Good point.

  • Well Lucy, I’d imagine that Anni would be mighty disappointed if you’re supposed to be the heroic standard for supers everywhere. I mean, just look at the sub-par service: first the unoriginal entrance (a la Tarzan and the flying monkey), followed by a litany of lame lines and worse make-up, and then obliterating the beloved spring rolls while denying him precious leering time with the little hottie he was trying to chat up!!! I’m honestly expecting Anni to demand a refund!

  • DarkFeanix21

    A real hero? Hmmm… me thinks he’s overestimating his importance (and skill) a bit; I doubt a real hero would have to cheat with a de-powering device to beat the Annihilator.

  • elijah elquest

    real heroes don’t kill.

    • Shasarazade

      Unless you’re The Authority. 🙂

  • whassinger

    All plot and character concerns aside (and I’m really interested in all that), I’m having trouble figuring the layout of the scene. Look at panels 5 and 7 and tell me there isn’t something a little off about where the Inhibitor is.

    • Hmm, yeah.  On both pages 45 and 46 it’s apparent that Killer is hitting Anni across the room a lot.  Normally I’d guess that the characters moving around the room during a fight, combined with changes in ‘camera angle’, would be enough to explain apparent inconsistencies like that.  But Killer’s body language in page 46 panels 5, 6 and 7 is static enough that it doesn’t seem as though he’s actually knocking Anni about at those points.  Given the location of Anni and the way he’s lying on the floor in panel 5, I’d speculate  that Anni has moved himself (disturbingly, possibly by crawling on his hands and kness – but then he’s probably lost a lot of blood by now, and without his powers to give him superhuman endurance, hands and knees might be all he can manage at the moment). 
      Someone else mentioned the possibility that Kyle had snuck in and was carrying inhibitor away, which might also explain its change in position.  But I’m guessing that after the Significant Look that Kyle gave to the missle launcher on page 45 that his first preference will be to simply blow the crap out of it.

  • You need translations? If you’re interested, I could do it in German. 

    • Howdy Julia,

      If you’d like to help by contributing German translations, please send me an email using the Email Alex link in the top menu bar. Thanks for offering! 😀

  • Feverfew_M

    “How does it feel to finally meet a real hero?”
    Some days ago the answer would have been: “No idea, do you know any?”
    But now he has already met Kyle, so it would have to be: “Fantastic enough to ask the guy on a date.”
    And how confused would our dear swellheaded ninjerk be at that? 😀

  • NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Poor Anni! 

    KYLE!!! Rescue him now!!!

  • Monica

    Anni is just an old man without his super powers!! OMG POOR MAN!!! 
    And Gosh I HATE those two jerks! You really naild it on the hating of those two. Someone kill them quick!!

  • Naomi Mowatt

    Kyle, rescue him now and then make out with him!! Now!!!

  • Maybe I misread what the Swordsmen meant by “How does it feel to be a real hero?” but I get the feeling he was implying Anni used to be a hero… and sometime, ceased to be a “real” hero.

    • Feverfew_M

      I guess this could well be implied. I always got the feeling that Anni seemed to be quite disenchanted with the whole hero-business. And he said he chose his supervillain identity when he was about 26 – 27 years old — so he must have done something before that.

    • Sanbai

      He actually said “How does it feel to MEET a real hero?” – which just sounds like ego-stroking to me. Hmmm…

      • Oops, that’s a typo on my part.

  • These guys are so off the wall for “heroes”, and how are they every going to top this date for excitement…that is if they make it to the end of the night!

  • A REAL hero? .. nope dude 😉
    Now, let’s have Kyle charging like a human battering ram on next page, then we can start talking.

    Kyle must be largely offended by now with all their hero-talk. Time to set those rules straight even if nothing else is that.

    Kyle in 5…4…3…2…1…

  • I had posted a comment several updates back noting that we didn’t have evidence that “Anni” was actually a bad guy and we were just being told that.  Thanks again for the well-thought out response. I can see with this sequence, however, that you didn’t explain everything and I can understand why. You are blurring the line between “hero” and “villain.” 

    There is nothing heroic at all about these two guys. Who knows what their real motivation is. Fame?  Glory?  Ego stroking?  It’s surely not anything legitimately altruistic. “Anni” may be a villain, but he’s also shown himself to be thoughtful and considerate of other people’s feelings.

    If I were to hazard a guess as to the future direction of this, I’ll go ahead and reckon that after this fight, Kyle and “Anni” will start enjoying each others’ company more and more. “Anni” will eventually do something naughty (in a global sense), wrecking Kyle’s faith in him. Kyle will discover later that he’s not really 100% hero himself somehow and possibly or possibly not reconcile. We shall see, yes?

    Anyway, regardless of my guesses of the future, I will say that I like what you’re doing now.  I have my own story that I post on an obscure Internet backwater and something I’ve found over the years is that you can put anyone in the most fantasy-driven, craziest, and impossible environments, but as long as your characters remain dynamic and relatable as though they were real people, it works.  That’s what you have done here. Real people aren’t 100% anything. Real people have internal contradictions. Real people learn, grow, and change. I lost count of how many webcomics and even movies I’ve seen where the characters can basically be boiled down to a list of “likes” and “dislikes.” That’s not happening here. If you took anyone from this or from Artifice and put them in front of me, yeah, I could believe they were real people. 🙂

    • “I have my own story that I post on an obscure Internet backwater…” 

      Really? Where?? I tired to follower our link, but I ended up at Facebook. 🙁

      •  Yeah, my name just goes back to my FB.

        To tell the truth, I’ve been hesitant to link my stories to others who aren’t familiar with it. When I started it in 2005, it wasn’t even meant to be a story; it was just a SimCity picture showcase. A story eventually grew out of it until the story part consumed the showcase part. What I’ve written is, I think, good, but not great. It’s not polished and earlier bits are very, very rough and silly at times.

        The problem this leads to is that I’m don’t know exactly where to start newcomers. Early parts are very rough, as I said, but newer parts might confuse new readers who don’t know what happened in the older parts. 

        I’m thinking of creating some kind of FAQ. Well, more of a series of disclaimers, really.  😛  I also need to update some of the HTML, since my original host went pbbtht.

        • Personally, I would stop adding to the story, and settle down to editing it from the start if I had such problems with it. I’ve kinda done it before, but not further back than maybe two chapters. Since I need the past to be set up well before I add to it. 

          I hope that helps you some how. 

          At least if you get that done, the people coming to read your story would be able to read the whole thing and get the full back story and you aren’t cringing as you think about what you really would like to have changed at the start of the story. 

    • Thank you very much, Ian! That’s a very nice compliment! 

      And yes, I agree. One of my primary rules as a writer is that you can make the situation as extraordinary or wacky as you want so long as people’s reactions to what is happening is believable (and, ideally, close to what our own reactions would be in their shoes.)

  • Hero my foot!

    Who has been lying to these two and how dumb are they to believe it? 

    Killing is a last resort. You stop them, try to catch them, then you put them away. Somehow. You don’t contrive plots to kill people when you can be saving other people who are currently in danger and could use some real help trying to stay alive. 

    … that could be the problem between superman and batman. The plotting part, not the killing part. You know they don’t really like each other right?

  • Suhndog

    OK..  Ninjerk is nothing more than a pompous wind bag and a braggart! If it wasn’t for that Glowy-Pyramid-Thing-y, Ninjerk wouldn’t have a chance. Can’t even fight without support.. Kinda tells you he is as impotent as his speech. Kyle will whip his butt! – a worthy end, indeed having a ‘kid’ destroy Mr. High-and-Mighty Nin-com-poop! 

    • Kalic0

      Actually, for those thinking killer is a “ninga” I would say not.  Those are Chinese short swords he is holding (though they are a little longer then I am used to seeing). My husband does Kung Fu (Chinese martial art) and they use those kinds of swords in some of their fighting forms.  Also, he costume looks more Chinese to me, but since Chinese culture had a strong influence on Japanese culture, there is some cross over.

      •  “Ninjerk” was just a joke name that the commenters came up with when we didn’t know their names yet; i don’t think anyone was under the impression that this guy had enough skills or historical awareness to be an actual ninja.  xD

        • Kalic0

          There I go taking things too literally again…sigh…oh well. I personally suspected that Killer is not following a specific discipline anyway, just appropriating what he thinks “looks cool”.  It just seemed that his inspiration was coming more from Chinese sources but actually there could be Korean or other Asian sources as well.

          •  No, no, not at all; i think you’re right; he comes of as exactly the kind of ninjerk who’d just pick up whatever he thinks is the badassest of what’s available with absolutely no regard for things like cultures, or cohesion, or a lick of friggin’ sense. Heh.  

  • I’m guessing that he’s never tried fighting without super powers before *sigh*

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    A good man NEVER kicks his opponent when he’s down…that having been said…where is Kyle? We really need a split screen here to show what is happening with Kyle….Hopefully Mr. Big Guns is down for the count! Maybe if we get another midweek update there will be more progress and less empty talk….then they can get back to “the date”.

  • dereule101

    “When that day comes, I’ll let you know.”

  • fujoshifanatic

    Oh Anni! Hopefully Kyle will be there shortly to offer Ginsu Guy a proper “critique” of his “real hero” methods–preferably with one of his own big freaking swords.

  • milo

    oh what a great idea. translating into spanish! I could help if you want!

    • Howdy milo,

      Thank you for the offer. If you’re interested, please email me using the Email Alex link in the menu bar above and I’ll ask if David M. is open to having help with that. 🙂

  • Killer needs a serious beatdown. >:T

  • KiannaLeigh

    Fuck this douche! He should die. He should FUCKING DIE RIGHT NOW! GO FUCKING DIE YOU STUPID BASTARD!
    (>д<)ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ 凸(`0´)凸i’m angry ….(--)

    • amanda damron

      this ouche is cheating!! in what way is swords and technology against a powerless super villian fair!!?

    • Leigh Nelson

      Deep breaths sweetie, everything will be fixed by our little fire starter. Just keep thinking to yourself: Does the carpet match the curtains?


      • Leigh Nelson

        Or wait, would he more have a valance? Hrmm…now I’m just confused.

      • KiannaLeigh


        I’ll be okay. I’ll be okay. I am not raging.

        Thanks bro. I think I’m gonna make it.

  • ithilloke

    “…serving of salvation.” Lol, love it…

  • Ryn

    You shall feel the answer to your question in the form of fiery explosion straight up your ass.
    you self opinionated prick… >:(

  • methinks Supervillain…(and friend) are trying to make a subtle point by making the so-called heroes getting weighed, measured and then found wanting in the eyes of the people they’re supposed to protect. Clever boys! carry on.

  • CommodoreZelda

    Dear Killer:
    Your face looks stupid. And now it’s time for Kyle to beat you up.

  • Okay, so at this point I’m guessing that all us Young Proterctors fen think that the rhetorical question by Killer in the last panel should be taken as a straight line and a cue for another smack-down by Kyle.
    (Kind of a pity in a way.  As I’ve said before, I was kind of hoping for a non-powered show of awesome from Anni before Kyle got to save him. Ah well…)
    However I’ve also been thinking about the whereabouts of the running fight scene.  I originally thought that Kyle had run in a straight line away from the fight to get out of range of the power suppressing device.  Hence his complaint on page 39 panel 4 about “the range of that stupid dampener thing”.  However, from the art on page 45 it’s clear that he’s run full circle.
    (The restaurant has a flower market opposite it (from the establishing shot on page 22 and various subsequent panels where the view from inside-looking-out can be seen).  Hunter and Killer break in through the front window (pages 28, 29 and 30).  Hunter’s missile blows a hole out through a masonry wall (page 34) which leads to either a back or side alley (that little curlicue of smoke just behind Kyle’s shoulder page 35 panel 4 is probably the smoke from the blast, rather than general steam from an inner city kitchen).  Kyle emerges from the alley and starts running through the flower market proper (page 38), then gets thrown even further down the street by the force of the explosion on page 41 (and isn’t it lucky that the principle of Bullet Proof Nudity covers missile explosions as well?  No, seriously, look at page 42 panel 1: there are five images of Kyle in that panel, but you might have missed the first one because it consists of just his arms as he comes flying in from above on the left. He’s not merely summersaulting to roll with the blast: he’s tumbling to roll with blast *as he lands*.)  And now after knocking out Hunter it turns out that Kyle is back at the front of the restaurant.)
    What I’m thinking is: Perhaps Kyle thought that the suppresser had a very small area of effect?  As in: why go to the risk of having it activate so close to the target and having the target possibly guess it’s purpose and then destroy it while it’s so close at hand?  Obvious answer: because it has a very small area of effect.
    But it turns out to have a not-so small area of affect.  Alternative hypothesis: Hunter and Killer are overly dramatic glory hounds who didn’t care about collateral damage.
    But we’d already figured that out, hadn’t we, ladies and jellybeans?

    • Elliot Payton

      “ladies and jellybeans”
      im eating my people!?

  • Dave .

    I was looking at the samurai-like figure in panel two this morning and he’s been messing with my memories. He’s the Joel Grey Character in REMO WILLIAMS, THE ADVENTURE BEGINS. Now that is an old movie that was derived from a pulp fiction series. It was generally reviled as the silliest and dumbest adaptation of an action movie. In fact, I used to have a VHS tape of it to haul out with drunken friends and mock the story. Why? Because Joel Gray looked like a drunken ballerina in drag prancing around martial arts, sprinkling his pearls of wisdom before brutish musclemen. It was so awful it became farce. So now we have the wannabe hero, dressed to the ugly, green nines as a make-believe ninja-samurai. He’s got the break dance routine to wield two swords down pat. He’s got the “POW, BANG, SMASH” dialog down pat. But ask the current Spartacus if that’s all he needs. This has been an entertaining sequence with all the bluster and chest pounding. TIme for the second come-uppance. 

  • Leigh Nelson

    This may just be my long distance relationship speaking, but man I can’t wait to see the scene that comes after this, the intimate “You handled yourself well, let’s talk and calm ourselves down with wine and maybe I’ll give you a little massage…” in Anni’s mansion. Which is odd, because I’m the girl that normally skims by that stuff.

    • elijah elquest

      i’m just excited for him to walk up, and the bomb to wear off.

      • Ravyn DeLevain

        I’m just waiting for him to not be invisible anymore. XD

  • I just noticed something… Anni was RIGHT next to the power dampening thing… then the next panel power dampening thing seems to be heading out the window…. I wonder if a certain invisible good guy has already returned and is saving the day….

    • It’s in the same place, just a change of perspective. What I think is going to happen is rather cliched.

      A floating rocket launcher shows up and says some corney one liner directed and Ninjerk and fires. Of course Ninjerk flinches as the rocket completely misses him. He then does the typical villian thing and begins to gloat at how terrible Kyle’s aim is-failing to notice he blew up the dampener. Annhilator then announces Ninjerks impending ass kicking and then procedes to do it…royally. I assume Ninjerks little quip will be the typical “You can’t shoot me-you’re too much of a good guy!” (How he would know this I don’t know…). Well, thats my take on it anyway.

  • KNT609

    Boooo you’re no real hero!

  • disqus_1Peym5PwsA

    With this declaration, I’m quite sure the ultimate plot twist will be the Annihilator dying at Kyle’s hands. That would be tragically awesome. I hope the scenario will go that far!

  • Kattriella

    Real hero? Sure, do you know one?