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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 44

110 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 44

Hmmm. I wonder what the absolute, most important rule of being a superhero is?

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So! It seems it’s not wise to make Kyle’s naked, invisi-blue butt angry. Lesson learned! For our next lesson, do you think we’re going to discover what that “most important” rule of being a super-hero is? Oh, yes, I think we will. Tune in this Wednesday to find out!

Hope to see you there!

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  • Erica

    most important rule: not be retarded.
    gotta admit, he was kinda stupid. lol
    BUTT!!! hehe
    i wish i could donate, but i am soooo broke. lol

  • daveJP

    loved the last panel 

  • YES Kyle, explain his douchebaggery in full detail then run off naked to go rescue your handsome date! Hopefully the Platinum Priestess Sparkly Invisi-dust* doesn’t wear off while you’re hauling your very cute butt back to the restaurant!

    *patent pending

  • That “Peer Feedback” comment is gonna come back to bite him in the ass, isn’t it? 

    •  I was thinking the same thing after I re-read it for the third time. I’m hoping he’s too stupid or still woozy from the beat-down he just took to notice Kyle’s comment.

      • AAAGH, its just too good of a plot device not to come back eventually!!

        • SleepingDragon

          *Shrug* I was under the impression (though it may be unjustified) the Young Protectors were not considered the big league and were more of a local group. If that is correct this isn’t even happening on the same continent they normally operate on. Unless  the dust wears of Kyle could only really be recognized by his voice. If I were one of the dynamic duo and wanted to track “the date” I’d try to figure out the invisibility thing first and would check my databases for people who deal with high-tech or magic/artifacts (depending if personal magical ability would be neutralised by that gizmo of theirs).

          Of course I may be overthinking this, the cyberguy may have good hearing or even be recording, they duo may be a travelling show or a hundred or so other things could happen that would make it a plot point. Though myself I wouldn’t get too panicky over it.

          Also also, if this superhero universe is anything like the ones I know I’m pretty sure Kyle and Anni wouldn’t be the first couple like this and not even the only one currently ongoing.

    • Rachel Paterson

      I may be a bit dense here – why is it bad that he said that? Is it calling himself the guy’s peer? Cos I wouldn’t consider them peers in any sense (not the same age, and the guy’s not really a superhero), so I just thought it was an odd thing to say, not a dangerous one. Oh, is it maybe revealing that they’re not two supervillains on a date? That the Annihilator’s dating a superhero? *guesses* ??

  • lol Probably ‘Do not endanger the civilians”.

  • somethingHERE

    Most absolute rule of being a super hero?


  • I know what the most important rule of being a super hero is…. Don’t interrupt another Superhero’s date.

  • Laurenihilation

    This is really hot and all, flame boy, but… “Peer feedback?” 

    Yikes. o-o

  • Probably the advice is “don’t involve the innocent.”   Aside from that, I am having some very inappropriate urges toward Kyle’s invisible naked form.  Yum.  Also, the beat-down  has MADE MY DAY.

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      I would love to see one out of the crowd step forward ,pick up another bar.since Kyle might take this one back to the restaraunt….and continue where Kyle leaves off. Or pick up the gun and blow his brains out for good! Then again I am sounding vigilanti-ish aren’t I?

      • Admittedly, me too.  We may have shaded a bit over into the vindictively dark part of being vigilantes.  Batman doesn’t need partners :

  • thisboybroken

    Alex, I so heart you!!!

  • RustyBurrell

    I wonder if he’s aware of that leaf between his cheeks in the 5th panel, or if he’s so caught in the moment he doesn’t feel it… XD

    • Jes’ka LeBlanc

      wow didn’t notice that and now that’s all I see XD

    • Elliot Payton

      oh god it’s makin sweet leafy love to him xD

      • RustyBurrell

        It really is kinda deep in there.

        • Ha! Y’all crack me up. You really do. 😀

          Word of God, the leaf is behind him…

          • But then it’s not nearly as funny!

  • so cute its so hard to wait for the nexed one XD

  • Mikko Rauhala

    “Don’t be a dick, unless you’re in my behind.”

  • Go Kyle!!!!!! Hell yeah!!!!


  • xStrayKitten

    And the most important thing about being a super-hero is . . . *insert some well phrased statement about having a secret identity, POOF, magical invisadust wears off, leaving our favorite little pyro stark naked in front of everyone* Whoops~

  • … YOU DON’T HARM SPRING ROLLS AND FLOWERS UNTIL YOU KNOW THEY’RE GUILTY.. oh yes, and the same goes for humans too.

    Lesson: Do not piss off a naked, angry superhero who DO know the rules ..even though he’s on a date with a super vilain.

    • Oh please. Those flowers were at the scene of the crime.  They were participating in a cover-up.  Some of those petals were complicitly unfurling themselves between the very buttcheeks of the fugitive.  They knew him better than his own mother!  What more proof do you need?

  • booklover320

    Go Kyle, it’s your birthday! Kick some ass naked like its your birthday!

    • fariasrv

       He’s certainly wearing the right suit…

  • xsarabellax

    Great page!

  •  the most important thing is… not being a destructive dick?

    great comic and awesome page! MOAR!!!

  • fujoshifanatic

    The most important rule: don’t force a guy to get naked on the first date before he’s ready! Oh, and think of the spring rolls. And the flowers. ;-P

  • Really enjoyed this one–love bashful Kyle, but I like seeing him all empowered and focused. Also, he has a lovely ass.

  • Tristan BlackWolf

    Best looking invisible butt I’ve ever… seen… wait a minute…

  • Heh.  I get the feelinog that we may see a DO as I say, not as I do moment with Kyle here.  Not that I m mind.   The Peer comment could go any which way.  If nothing else, it’ll probably sink in as he’s just another Vigilante, albeit a more…(haha) gentler one who plays closer to the “rules”.  I am rather hoping that he’s at least in the frame of mind to alter his voice tho. THAT more than anything else would come back to bite him on the tush. A beat-down like this would make even the most reserved vigilante stray outside his normal territory to get even.

  • KiannaLeigh

    Well, so much for getting Wednesdays off. I think that was something of a one time deal. Also, Kyle is gonna be pissed about the reckless disregard to civilian safety  No one breaks the number one super hero while Kyle’s nearby. Now:

    Fire-crotch teabag him! Yes! Whoo!

    • Leigh Nelson

      You know, you always make me giggle ^_^

  • Iocane Powder

    Hmmm … something tells me that the most important rule of being a superhero is going to be “Meanwhile, back at the restaurant …” followed by a chorus of mingled groans and cheers.

  • Is it just me, or did Kyle gain more muscle mass after taking his clothes off?

    • coyoteconscious

      I don’t think so. He looked to be in pretty good shape while wearing his super-hero costume. And it seems apparent that he doesn’t solely rely on his fire-powers: When he first meets annihilator, he takes a few swings at him physically.

      And since Kyle’s one of the good guys, and his superpower makes fire, which is notoriously bad for the health of anyone who isn’t fireproof, presumably he can’t always rely on his powers unless he wants to send someone to the burn ward – or the morgue.

      Also, he’s running around exerting himself. He might just be a little pumped up.

      : )

  • Seth Kingman

    Guys. Clearly the most important rule is “keep the 4th-wall-facing leg in front of your junk.”.

    In related news, I wish he’d quit doing that. About half the time, maybe.

    Or switch walls when the invisibility inevitably wears off before he collects his clothing.

  • coyoteconscious

    Kyle! No! Don’t monologue!

  • I would donate, but I’m currently in a state of perpetual poverty, being unemployed and all the jobs being for stuff I am not capable of or not qualified for SUCKS! I’m gonna bet the most important rule is “No killing you neanderthal humping dip shit!” Seriously, superheroes uphold the law and stand for the ideals of justice and all that.

  • hapax

    The absolute, most important rule of being a superhero is:

    … always end the page on a cliffhanger.

    (Am I the only one getting a sweet Eli Monpress vibe?  Probably.)

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      I am just as peeved about it as everyone else here….but maybe they will save that for his “date” after all the bad guys are out of comission when he re materializes in front of Anni after he takes that bar back to the restaraunt and uses it on the other guy…..maybe bash in his brains and I use the term Very loosely.
      The word “brains” does not seem to apply to these guys.

  • hapax

    Oh, and I think that’s a petal, not a leaf.

    A totally pedo petal, at that.

  • Gavin Wheeler

    “.. always keep something between your junk and the camera”

  • never hurt innocent food … and bystanders? 
    ah or it could be 
    never ruin someone’s first date!
    either way he broke both of them o.o

  • JesterPsychotica

    Location, location, location?

  • elijah elquest

    theory : hes a terrible superhero because he is really a super villain friend of anni’s hired by him to turn young flamer against super heroes. Scheming… and anni and the karate guy are off paling around, and all we saw before was their playful banter.

    • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

      That….has some good roots. i.e., seems logical. But…I dunno, they both seem so stupid. Too much to pull anything like that off. Unless of course that is part of the ruse….in which case….OH so sneaky.

      • TheGirlWhoFellToEarth

        Though it is a perfectly logical theory -we haven’t seen yet the depths of Anni’s cunning mind, after all-, I doubt it is the case here.
         First, because I like to think of this universe as one in wich the good guys aren’t always the ones which are supposed to be, and Chop-Suey and Blondie here are perfect examples of that.
        Second, because Anni and Kyle were on a date; there would have been plenty of other means of attacking the latter while he was on the open on the streets, for instance… And Anni would’ve had the possibility of showing him how great and faithful he is and how much he cares by saving him – thus making said coming to the Dark Side even quicker.
        Besides, you wouldn’t have a date ruined for the sake of an evil plan, when you can perform this evil plan at another time, would you?

    •  I thought that for a sec too, but then our karate guy got all slashy on Anni, so… I haven’t decided yet.

      • Maybe Karate-guy has memory problems.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    Would that be….NEVER underestimate your opponent? Or in Kyle’s case never under estimate a ticked off hot head!

  • Never hurt civilians? Don’t underestimate your opponent? Always fight people on even ground?

  • Allegra Fortin

    1. Cardio


  • Never harm the innocent!

  • Midwestmutt

    I agree it’s not wise to reveal hero status to Hunter but this affair with Duncan can’t stay secret for very long. Also, has anyone considered the possibility, that , like in the original invisible man, his invisibility might not be temporary?

    • after reading this i just considered it being temporary imagine the faces if all of a sudden a naked red haired guy with an iron pipe would be standing on the streets there

    • If Hunter had a brain, he would already gather that from the fact that Kyle doesn’t crash the rest of the street along with him, or kill him when he could. On the other hand, he’d been battered pretty hard on the head as of late, maybe he needs to have it dumbed down for him. Or maybe he would need that anyway.


  • Calvin Angot


    This’ll increase your chances of winning, apparently.

    • It does if you’re Brock Sampson.

  • Ryn

    be a baaaad time for the pixie dust to wear off…

  • DarkFeanix21

    All those fancy weapons and explosives, not to mention the armour, and you get taken down by a naked kid with a steel pipe. I don’t care if he is invisible, Hunter, you are a poor excuse for a hero.

    The “peer feedback” was awesome, and I look forward to finding out what the absolute, most important rule of being a superhero is.


  • you tell ’em Red!

  • Yukiness

    I was gonna say something important but Kyle’s beautiful blue booty is such a distraction

  • April Black

    Yes, finally, he is being BA! 😀

  • coyoteconscious

    Also, that idiot is wearing like nine hundred pounds of high-tech armor, and he doesn’t have a helmet? What a maroon.

    • It does seem a bit silly.  He’s also missing the opportunity for an awesome HUD that condenses battle information, and an IR filter that might let him see invisible enemies… of course, this is a magical spell, it might render our boy invisible to all wavelengths of light.  It makes sense that magic-users would take that kind of precaution in a world with that kind of technology.

    •  Lol, omg, am I the only one who read “What a maroon” in Bugs Bunny’s voice? ><;

  • ithilloke

    Go, Kyle!!

  •  Way to swing for the bleachers, Kyle!  Cheeks tight, good grip…

  • it’s TEABAG TIME!

    (i’ll take mines with some cinnamon sticks, please.)

    ** no  fapping please!! **

  • gabrielx0

    somehow i have a fear this bully is going to grab kyle and press his naked butt to the ground. kyle’d better stop being a moralist and run to save anni 🙂

  • Bianca Simone

    Alex, every day I see your comic I PRAISE the one day that I actually go click on an ad from a website.  Artifice was like OMG CLIFF HANGER and I started reading it like 5 pages before the end. And now that I’ve checked out your other work PLUS being all OMG CLIFF HANGER with TYP makes me all happy 🙂 <3 you!!!!!

    • Thank you so much, Bianca! It makes me really happy to hear you’ve been enjoying my comics. I’m glad you found us too! 😀

  • Interpolation

    The most important rule of being a superhero:  With great power comes great responsibility.  And dude, you’re fucking irresponsible.

    I’m sorry but someone had to reference Uncle Ben.

    • I would have voted for “Never hurt the innocent”, but Uncle Ben is way more cool. We all need an Uncle Ben in our life.

      • Isn’t that kinda the same thing. 

        You now have the great responsibility of taking care of the innocent. Right?

        I thought it was very wrong for a ‘super hero’ to go around shooting up the place with people around.  

        • That’s wrong for every one, but especially wrong for super heros. 

          Sure, that’s kind of the same thing, but Uncle Ben just put it better, right?

  • Jason Arilani

    I’m going to say that the most important rule of being a superhero has something to do with putting innocents in danger. Seems to be the most relevant

  • This kid is hard assed and has a nice ass, great combination.

  • Um… not revealing your only identifying features to a possible enemy/someone IN your peer group when you’re invisible and doing something that can ruin your career and reputation? You know… because he’s got super-cyber hearing and you’re invisible, but still have the same voice? Is that the most important rule of being a superhero? I just hope this guy mostly works in Hong Kong.

  • Ethereal Ascent

    Most important rule…show off your cute ass but make sure there’s always something between the camera and the front view? Such a tease! =P

  • No Names

    Damn. Now both me and my bf have this huuuge crush on blue-butt.
    BTW – is the rule “don’t give the villain speech”?

  • The most important superhero rule is to never put the innocent in harm’s way

  • You have now officially been peer-reviewed. Congratulations. We will be issuing your certificate shortly.

    Other than that, Kyle, y u so hot? (insert weeping troll face)

  • “Never force people to undress in public”.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist :p

  • TheGirlWhoFellToEarth

    Invisibility wearing off in three…. two…. one….

    Nah. Can’t be. This speech is Far Too Awesome to get Deus ex interruptus!

  • TheGirlWhoFellToEarth

    Kyle: *starts dancing* “He’s gotta be sure

    And it’s gotta be soon

    And he’s gotta be larger than life… ”

    Uh-oh. Sorry ^^

  • Ryn

    ha ha…butt petal.

  • Preludetoa


  • Myrtu

    Wow. I’m just blown away by Kyle’s transparency.  Gotta give it to Adam and Vero, that looks good! Just wow. I’m going to keep staring at that, because it looks so… real! asdfandslas

    • I’m glad you like how they did that. I do too! 🙂

  • MalikTous

    Yeah, that rule. ‘Keep teh innocent bystanders out of the fight, preferably by doing the fighting away from bystanders – or by using nonlethal capture tactics!!!’

  • kireb

    to never disturb a romantic date 😮 it is the most important thing!

  • Never get your ass handed to you by a streaker? Even if they are invisible.

  • Wonder how long that invisible stuff lasts….*gets camera ready*

  • coyoteconscious

    Is the most important rule something like “Don’t endanger innocent people and their property?

  • Kyle has a beautiful backside 🙂

  • Hikaru Takemori

    I really like the fifth pannel. Kyle looks totaly badass in that pose :).

  • bureche15

    dat ass

  • Zephyr10101

    kick his butt kyle