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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 41

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chika boom boom

I’m having a lot of fun at Ahn!Con. Nicest people on the planet are right here in Kansas City. Great to meet so many of you in person. Wish the rest of you were here! 🙂

We have some funny new Fan Art by Armel Oenn starring Hunter and Kyle called “Super Subtlety”. It’s delightful (and I love how even the flowers are afraid.) You must check it out.

And we had our fourteenth bonus page in a row this Wednesday and look below, we’re already at $212 on the donation bar, well over halfway towards the next bonus page!

Special thanks go out to long-time supporters Zachary B. (who makes their third generous donation to The Young Protectors!), Lauren P. (who makes their fourth generous donation to The Young Protectors!), Sola B. (who makes their tenth generous donation to The Young Protectors!) & Saxon B. (who makes their fourteenth generous donation to The Young Protectors! Woo hoo!) and a warm welcome and grateful bow go out to new supporters Leah B., Ashley Y. & Evelyn F. for their generous donations over the last few days!

Big hugs go out to long-time friend of The Young Protectors Christian W. for their super-generous $25 donation, Chris’ third super-generous donation to this comic!

And superhero-strength hugs go out to new super-friend Felix S. for their amazingly generous $50 donation and also to long-time super-friend joshua G. whose $50 donation marks their tenth (!) amazingly generous donation to this comic! Thank you so much, Felix and joshua!

Thank you all so, so much for your amazing support! You generosity just continues to bowl me over. You all rock!

So! Lots of pretty colors on this page! Will the next splash of color be Kyle going splat on the sidewalk? And if not, after this huge explosion, will their be any flowers left to defend this young man’s modesty? Tune in next Saturday this Wednesday to find out! 🙂

DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! Edit 1/12/13 12:08 PM: Woo hoo! Thanks to your very generous donations, the donation bar has yet again tipped over (and blasted past!) its target. That means that in addition to the regular page update next Saturday (page 43), there will be a bonus page update this Wednesday, January 16th (page 42)! Thank you all so much! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • Whoelsetherealone

    The sock is STILL on!???! I CAN’T believe it!!!!
    This thing is harder to get rid of than John McClane!!!

  • Erica

    omg i love it. XD absolutely love it.

  • It’s so beautiful… for an explosion. [snif.]


    only it’s a lily and not a daisy well nobody’s perfect

  • I’m in Kansas City, and couldn’t make it to Ahn!Con!  *FLAILS*  Mind hanging around a while so I can at least attempt my carefully choreographed kidnapping scheme?  I already put the deposit down on the henchmen, complete with matching uniforms, and now they’re grumbling about benefits, and Dental…

    • Ha! 

      You still have two more days. Hope you’ll be able to make it! 🙂

  • This was literally uploaded as I hit refresh oh wow
    Quite a glorious page, too
    I just sort of sat here in awe for a couple of minutes

  • anneheg

    If he bleeds, will it be invisible or visible?

  • LimpBiskit


  • YangYueLan

    What is it with men and keeping their socks on? It is a lovely page. I have liked the whole chase through the flower market. 

  • Wow, all the colors and a flying naked teenage hero!! So beautiful! Great job Veronica on the amazing technicolor explosion of petals, lol.  Adam has to get a huge round of applause for finding a way to keep Kyle’s yummy parts covered even if he is only wearing a sock! 

  • Jan-Michael Garcia


  • Must…resist…Can’t!

    Cock block sock?
    No hop on pop?
    Power of the Flower!

    (I blame sliding my car on black ice and crashing it into a brick wall for today’s Dr. Seuss post.)

    •  Somewhere in one of the Twilight books (which I’m reading vicariously by way of Ana Mardoll’s desconstructions of same), there is a car accident caused by ice sliding. The way the book describes the accident is physically impossible, which lead to much discussion on Ana Mardoll’s blog. And then someone (hapax) posted a full description of the accident in the style of Dr Seuss. It was wonderful.


  • KNT609

    Oh god no not the sock!

  • ErykaSoleil

    This page just makes me giggle a lot. I like it. 🙂

  • Well, you know what they say about a man who can be covered by just a flower petal XD 😡 

    • Sanbai

      Hahahaha I read that as “You know what they say about a man covered in flower petals” and I immediately thought “Sure I do! YUMMEH!!” 

      Hmmm,  naked Kyle lying seductively in a bed of bullet-singed flower petals needs to be a fan art post haste…

  • DoktorNauk

    I’m blushing for him. 

  • Feverfew_M

    OMG, splinters! They don’t mix well with nakedness.
    Hmm, someone will have to get them out of his backside… 😉

    •  I was thinking the exact same thing! Oh my god, the splinters…ouch. x__x

  • fujoshifanatic

    My goodness, this page…all the colors…the details…the perspective from which this was drawn so as to simulate 3D…just lovely! I am hoping that the explosion acts as some sort of boost (think jumper cables) to counteract the dampener rather than a means by which poor Kyle’s lovely bits go the way of the flowers (may they rest in peace!). I will echo our little hero’s sentiment in having to wait to see what happens next, “Gaaaaaaah!”

  • DarkFeanix21

    This is a serious moment… and yet, I want to laugh, because his sock is just flapping there, half off his foot. Plus, it’s the only thing standing between Kyle and total nudity, and again, it’s *on his foot*. It just really amuses me for some reason.

  • That’s gonna leave a nasty burn.

  • Monica

    This might be the least manly picture I have seen for a long time… Still awesome though! 

  • Ayella

    Nice first date, Kyle: naked, covered in flower petals, shot at and invisible.

  • damn you, Strategically Placed Flowers: you are the bane of our existence!!

    (where is ceiling cat when you need her?!)

  • I do have to admit I have been wondering for some time if Kyle’s invisibility is only skin deep. In other words, if he starts bleeding is the blood visible, or, god forbid, he gets shot can one see the wound?

  • Dave .

    The original comics had only four colors because of the printing process and this new-fangled 😉 computer stuff has such vibrant shades and colors. Good work to make the page shimmer in a flowery world of colors while Kyle is transparently non color. Very effective, 

  • Marc Bloom

    This is not the guy Kyle wanted to get a bang from.

    • TheGirlWhoFellToEarth

      Well, if he doesn’t make it through at least he would have gone out with a bang…

      Let’s hope he lives and gets a proper one, though!
      (I’m talking futures *of course* :p)

  • Rontex

    While I certainly appreciate the nakedness taking place (or almost taking place, curse you damn lily) I wonder if is Kyle going through a transformation?  The shedding of his old identity set against the destruction of something pure (the flowers) suggests to me that all is not what it seems.  The line between good and evil is always a gray one…  perhaps these “good guys” aren’t all they seem, and Anni isn’t necessarily all bad (just enough to make it fun 🙂 

  • Well, the blast wasn’t powerful enough to knock his remaining sock off, so it couldn’t be THAT bad… 

    Maybe it’s nit-picky, but the lily… that thing must be huge (the lily you pervs) for it to go from behind his leg to well in front of him…

  • Diddle, diddle, dumpling, our hero Kyle,
    Was wearing not but one sock and a smile;
    Then got blown up by a guy who’s vile,
    Diddle, diddle, dumpling, our Hero Kyle.

    I COULD NOT RESIST!!!! Just remember everyone, if every part of you is invisible, your leg can still protect your modesty.I do hope we keep our streak going, I would love to see more on Wednesday.

    • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

      You sir (ma’am) are a poet. XD

  • CrispyChicks

    I love how detailed this page is.

  • IggyEngland

    I don’t know how/why but somehow he looks almost angelic here XDDD

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    It does seem odd to me that….you can see anything through him but his modesty is protected by an “invisible” leg…(shakes head in utter amazment)

  • I feel like the real victims here are the flower vendors. 

  • LOVE IT! can’t wait for more

  • nayia

    Nudist and hippie? Aww…I’m waiting until the invisibility stops and Kyle went on Anni X”D

  • Gryphongirl2

    This entire situation HAS to end with a major makeout session, if not more.  Running around naked while being shot at, all that adrenaline, Kyle will probably get rescued by Anni and then it’s serious face sucking time.

  • Ryn


    laughter can not be contained.

  • Dex X.

    This page is probably going to be my favorite page for a very long time 🙂

  • ironbanana

    I… I SO don’t wanna go out like that. But sooo sexy with one sock. Gotta love those Dates from Hell!!

  • Mary Klemzak

    Ok so this should be an official poster, full standard size. 🙂 Very nicely done, with the flowers artfully placed.. Don’t think anyone would be offended.. Very cute!

  • That is one well place leg 🙂 (that was my first thought). As much as I love superheroes, I don’t know if I’d want to live in a world where super beings were blowing up everything. You see how much damage Superheroes do each day? But they are still awesome. I look forward to the next page. 

  • Barbara Ruiz

    looks like the flowers are endorsing him. What a great pic.

    • TheGirlWhoFellToEarth

       Meet Adonis, beautiful young man and minor divinity associated with vegetals.
      (Just a thought :))

  • Karolyn Ellis

    Invisible naked man jumping through exploding flowers, FTW!! ^O^ / Woohoo! That is one f the most epic stillshots of an invisible naked man jumping through exploding flowers EVER! But then again, its probably one of the ONLY ones, too.

    Still. Epic.  #<( ' – ' )b <–Thats a thumbs up…and a waffle.

    • LimpBiskit

       If you ever, EVER find another one, mail it to me XD

  • ironically, kyle is doing the Superman pose.


    (i guess flamerion has some moves, too!)

  • TheGirlWhoFellToEarth

    OF COURSE my internet had to be down at this very time period…

    Seems like the prayers of many have been answered, though. ^^ And… *mentally scratches every single comment about men wearing socks while otherwise naked being unsexy she’s done in her life up till now.*

    And what a striking pose.
    Man, I wish I had a source of income instead of being a pennyless student. This comic deserves so much support!

  • Marvin_Arnold

    I think my brain just melted. Wallpaper material.

  • Meghalodon

    SOmehow, I think we all knew you would cover him up ;_;

  • This is by far the best page of this entire comic to date. XD Explosions, nudity, it’s got everything! Seriously though, these pages with the flowers are fabulously colored and illustrated, and I can’t wait to see how Kyle gets himself out of this snafu.

  • Clande Stine

    First the rolls now the flowers? This “hero” is pure evil, I say!

  • Too many flowers. Too many flowers.

  • jovialMagician

    I live like 10mins from Ahn!Con and I didn’t get to g. And now that I know you are there I am crying on the inside ;___;

  • Whoelsetherealone

    Ohhhh! A Fire-fly!!!!
    Quick make a wish!!!

  • Elliot Payton

    if the donation bar tips over again, you should have a link to an uncensored version of the next bonus page, showing, at the very least, a glimpse of his junk

  • And he shall now be called, Nekkid Boy. ^_^

  • Megan Neece

    I’m absolutely in love with this comic… Even though the Wednesday pages are bonus pages I have come to expect them every week :’D Love you guys!!! Oh and I totally agree with Elliot 🙂

  • OnyxLight

    Great shot and wonderful use of colors! 

    Please tell me we get to see him naked in the flesh at least once before this is all over… lol

  • I can’t decide what I want ot shout first: hot – or hilarious.

  • joncarllewis

    Amazing! A masterful piece of work.

  • NOOO! Not the SOCK!

  • Stahli

    You know…years from now, when he’s telling his children about the first date he went on…I have a hunch he’s going to leave this part out. Then Anni will tell it how it really happened. The kids will wish they hadn’t asked.

  • Tyler Griffin

    Hooray for conveniently placed flower

  • GL1TCH

    cool guys don’t look at explosions.

  • marie

    Wow! I love this page! The explosion of flowers and color, flowerpots and plantings and Kyle in mid-flight… and then there’s that errant sock. ROFL!