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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 4

102 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 4

I can’t help but notice that those attractive young women are behind a large, highly visible, double-sided piece of tape that says “DO NOT CROSS”. Just Spooky’s luck to star in a yaoi comic…

Oh, and the gender-bending continues in the Fan Art! This time geekypnai comes through with a female variant of Flyboy—Flygirl!

So! You all seemed to like the introduction of Spooky Jones on the last page. I’ll admit—he’s a bit of a favorite of mine too, so I’m pleased you’re getting a kick out of him.

As for what’s next? Well, let’s see… Commander has just just found out that other civilians are in great danger. Could Tsunami’s glowing tats be their salvation? Or will our fearless leader have another trick up her sleeve? Tune in next Saturday to find out!

(Also, a special message to the commenter Vincent: I’m trying to get in touch with you about including one of your comments in the printed version of Artifice. Could you please reach out to me via the Email Alex link up top? Thanks!)


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  • nebi_lan

    I loved the tatto , is so cool ~

    • Nicki Cole

      Can’t wait to see what Tsunami can do! 

      • Leigh Nelson

        I know, I’m getting so impatient!

  • Uh… Tsunami’s nipples are glowing blue along with his tats.  Are they meant to do that?  I guess it’s easier to find them in the dark…  >:D

    • Yukiness

      That would make for some really fun foreplay.

  • Ooh. Spooky Jones just gets more interesting.  He could be bi… 😀 Him and the other guy with him checking out the girls…plus one of them… 😀

    • b3nc0

      For the record, Kyle is checking Spooky Jones actually ¬_¬

      •  I was meaning Spooky and the other black dude 😀

        • b3nc0

          Sorry about the ‘actually’ orz
          I was more pointing Kyle’s interest than countering you… But my English can be so hesitant at times, & thus so bended m(__)m

  • Laurenihilation

    I am loving Tsunami. Gods, huge men are wonderful. <3 And I absolutely love the tattoo designs!! They're simple, but…yummy. 😀

    • Monica

       I thought the same thing :3

  • Larne

    And soon…    this line gives me a bad feeling… what will happen soon?

    Spooky is definitly cool. He could even heal persons. Amazing powers *-* I wonder what Tsunami´s glowing tatto can do.

    • b3nc0

       Maybe, in this situation, warp him in a water-suit, to enter harmlessly the enfired building.
      Amazing powers too anyway, I’m sure *-*

  • Erica

    Tsunami… he looks awesome. Reminds me of the Atlantis race from the disney movie! i wonder why O .o

  • KrisYWC

    Spooks needs his own spin off. Just saying

    • It might happen. 🙂

      • b3nc0

        Or a Spooks-centered arc in coming chapters or books of the Young Protectors :°p

  • VanQuinn

    IF Spooky Jones’ idea of a hero costume is a trench coat over a hoodie with a backwards cap… that means his civilian outfit must be a private school uniform and waxed hair? No one will recognize him!

    Or maybe he never takes off the outfit except for laundry day. I could see that, but I’m hoping for a ridiculously different civilian outfit. Please. Please.

    • Host club waiter.  Mark my words.  

    • Monica

       Holy cow!! I NEED TO SEE THAT!!! He must be gorgeous in that outfit :3

    • Leigh Nelson

      Seems to me that identity isn’t a major deal with a lot of these guys. I got that hint before with Kyle, out of costume, worried about people knowing that he – again, out of costume – was gay. I think for them the costumes aren’t necessary, just like a tradition…otherwise, he wouldn’t have been so worried, in my mind. Secret identities are secret for a reason; to set apart the person from the symbol. The person has sexual preference, the symbol only thinks of justice.

      Sorry I thought your comment was cute, I didn’t want to ruin the fun lol just wanted to throw in my idea about that

  • Elisabeth Wood

    I was going to make a comment about Spooks being rather cute, but then I realized the whole team is attractive.  You hand picked this team, hmm, commander?

  • WriterJenLavoie

    God I love this comic. Spooky Jones is just too awesome. Sorry Kyle, this might be your arc, but I’ve fallen for someone new! D:

  • Colleen Boye

    Spooks can heal people, use psychic powers, and summon a friggin’ dragon?  Why do they need the rest of the team?  XD

    •  IKR.  All he needs is a lighter, a hoverboard, and a hose.  Instant Hero Team Kit, just add crisis.  xD

    • Because it’s always good to have backup in case Charlie starts dancing the foxtrot.

      • Also, it seems reasonable to assume that healing 40 people or so after just plucking a less-than-lightweight dimwit out of mid-air with a giant (and wonderfully colourful) animated dragon/chinese finger cuff has to be tiring. 

        Spooks might need some help getting all of those people out of the burning deathtrap first.

        • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

           That would be my guess too, it’s probably very tiring. If it is tiring, he’d have to pace himself, What good is a superhero who ends up needing to be rescued in the middle of making a rescue?

  • Also i just noticed that Fluke is making a hilarious face at the girls, too.

    “Hey, ladies, did you notice my F?  It stands for…. FFFFun.  [eyebrow waggle.]”

  • Monica

    I starting to like Spooky… he seems like a cool guy 🙂
    Kyle still look like a dork in that outfit! XD But it suits him *lol*
    But I want the annihilator!!  Oh come on bring forth that bad boy! <3

  • Jen Roberts

    I really like how our heroes are being introduced. It’s been a lot of fun, so far (and I’m sure it’ll continue!). The more I see of Commander, the more I like her.

    And cheer up, Spooky: at least Kyle’s not competition for all those girls, yeah? (Oh wait, he probably doesn’t KNOW that, does he?)

  • You know I find it odd that out of everybody, Spooky isn’t wearing a superhero costume. He’s like the random guy off of the street when compared to everyone else. Then again he could’ve gone the whole nine yards for the magic stereotype with the dramatic cape and golden staff nonesense.

    • Leigh Nelson

      Well maybe that’s the point? The stereotyped magic power wardrobes are always so overdone, fascinating, yes, but overdone. Spooky is the total opposite, which is what I enjoy about that.

    • Take a look at his eyes though….something strange about those eyes and X-ray vision? that’s not normal at all.

  • Dex X.

    I really hope the glowing tats mean something AWESOME is about to occur! 😀

  • These guys are awesome… our protagonist is adorable in costume!

  • b3nc0

    Do I sense a triple date ahead? Spooks & Fluke coercing Kyle to come along coz otherwise none of the girls would come…

    I had a bit of a laughter reading Spooks asking for a physical contact while turning to a half-naked-bara-type XD
    Alex, I can’t believe /that/ was genuinely uninteded ^¸^

    • Totally unintended. I swear. 🙂 

      (But your comment got a big laugh out of me! Ha!)

  • Dracon Ra

    Wow, I love Tsunami, the glowing tattoos, the change of his body language, so sexy 😉

    He and Kyle would make a cute couple 😉

    • Leigh Nelson

      As much as I don’t generaly like men, I seem to be really intrigued by the nice sexy muscle-y ones ^_^ I want them to hug me and squeeze me and make me feel safe haha and the thought that he has intricate glowing swirlies on his chest makes nighttime adventures sound a bit more phenomenal…hehe so I really love Tsunami

      • Dracon Ra

        Oh I like men, a lot 
        If Tsunami were about 20 years older, I’d develop a huge crush. 
        Since he’s not, I’ll stick with the Annihilator. 😉

  • KiannaLeigh

    Oh my god! A printed version! Please let this be.

    Also, Spooky, no worries. Hetero boys can find love in yaoi stories, too. I’m sure you’ll get a girlfriend. Or end up bi. Whatever. If you don’t get a girlfriend I’ll be it. I love you. A lot. XD

    • Sanbai

      Kianna honey, you, have excellent taste.

  • yep, this is what I’m talking about.  The last panel especially is muy pretty.  And I like the way that we see Jumper Guy is okay. 

    Perhaps I’ve read too much standard-issue superhero fare, but I’m kinda disgusted by the way the Boy Protecters are standing around chatting and congratulating themselves when there are people in serious danger there. 

    I know that we have to be introduced to each of them and their respective powers, but maybe some teamwork is in order?  And where the heck is the fire department?

    (Also, if it’s really a big fire in there, wouldn’t those windows have blown out already?)

    • chikao

       I’m glad I’m not the only one. At first I thought it was kind of funny with them being silly but….now it’s ridiculous….Stop flexing and help people. Seriously? “There’s forty people trapped in there, allow me to flex for the ladies even though I have no costume and it didn’t look like I was a super hero until I did something” (am I the only one who thought spook was a civilian until he did something??) And doesn’t our main character have control over fire? Or can he only make one….because if he runs over there and makes the fire go out I’m going to be very mad. He should’ve done that RIGHT when they got there.

      And I think the fire department is holding back fangirls or something. I just looked at page two and there were literally only four. Oh well. Despite the action scene needing better organization I still have hopes for this. Artifice was very good, but young protectors is a bit…not what I was hoping for….

      • Dracon Ra

        oh come on, super powers or not, those are still teenagers, attantion span of a squirrel 😉

        • chikao

          yeah…..I wouldn’t be smiling or winking at that if they were the super hero squad saving me….

          • Dracon Ra

            To quote my beloved Annihilator, they’re just young, nothing wrong with it 😉
            At least as long as Commander is there to keep them on track,  😉

        • arobynbird

          we also need to remember that in a situation like that there is a lot of stress and most cops and other in that type of work develop “black humor” to get throught it, they are a little young to have developed it so i dont think its at all unsutal that they blow off steem to keep the tenchen down as they so their thing

      •  Cranky, cranky.  In real life, this exchange would have taken all of ten or fifteen seconds, and they’ve already been told to, uh, cut the crap.  Heh. 

        • chikao

           Then I hope that they actually get shit done next page. 2 people saved, 40 to go. Chop chop guys.

    • Margaret O’Connell

      Possibly they were all so distracted by the guy hysterically throwing his baby and himself off the roof that nobody thought to check whether there was anyone else still trapped inside until Commander told them to. Not that that’s exactly ideal superhero rescue procedure either–but at least it’s better than knowingly delaying further rescue efforts, however briefly, in favor of chatting and kidding around. 

    • Dee Dee

      Ahahaha but isn’t that standard plot procedure? “Oh lets shove the dying people aside so the main cast gets their screentime”. =P 

  • Aqueos

    Oh Kyle if your little crush gets any cuter I’ll melt into a puddle.

    Oh and as for this conversation, it’s a mild form of 

    Extremely mild.

    • Thank you for linking to that. I hadn’t seen it before and I love it when y’all introduce me to knew awesome Tropes. 🙂

  • CrispyChicks

    Tsunami’s tats must look uber-awesome in the dark…

  • Shinashi

    I need physical contact, too… From Tsunami… 

    • Dee Dee

      Isn’t Spooky coming on a bit strong, though? 😀 

    • Ha!

  • Hrilmitzh

    Have an urge to try and make these characters using the hero system once I learn all their powers, lol.

    • Is that a tabletop RPG?

      • Lance Gilroy

        Yes sir!  Does a PDF of rules count as fan art? (want!)

  • Yukiness

    What’s with Fluke’s face in panel one and three. Not only are they the same, it’s just weird. And the fact that the tattoed beauty can heal people just makes me grin.

  • Dee Dee

    Btw, Spooky Jones really reminds me of Mike from Tough. =P Also, I hope Anni shows up soon. Or maybe his allies will… I do hope they’re smart ones though.

  • Dee Dee

    Also, where are the firemen if there is a fire truck? 

    • Dee Dee

      Also, is Kyle going to get “hit on” by Annihilator if he makes an appearance? =P 

      • Ohhh, perfect chance for some double entendres, sly asides, winks, clever puns, rib nudges and penis flashes…hmm that last one isn’t so subtle though.

    • Probably working on putting out the fire…?

    • Leigh Nelson

      Well, if you want to be technical, in the first panel we’re seeing the EMT, whereas on page two, panel one, we saw the firetruck on the opposite side of the area (which would be out of frame), and the firemen scattered around uh as Jay said “working on putting out the fire…?” haha which realistically would be in the background as the characters turned towards Tsunami, but the background is phased out for the focus to remain on the characters and their expressions. 🙂

  • my biggest fear?

    that Tsunami’s not going to be getting any yaoi bara action.

    (such a waste of yummy beef..)

    • If I could ditto any harder I would.

    • More like bara action than yaoi and I totally agree!

      • It’s only bara if the other guy doesn’t look like a flat chested adolescent girl. It’s still yaoi if that’s the case.

        • Leigh Nelson

          I was thinking that, but I’m not really “up” on all the terminology so I wasn’t sure if I was right or not. Yaoi is the coupling of two men within a strong-manly-man and effeminite setting, right? And Bara is the coupling of well just like men, without having the hetero-relationship dynamics?

          • Well, yaoi is more like androgynous, barely pubescent teens getting it on.  Sometimes with a tiny bit further developed type as the dominant one in the pairing.

            Bara on the other hand tends to have hyper-masculine guys feeling the attraction for each other.

          • Leigh Nelson

            Okay, that makes tons of sense then, haha thank you! ^_^

          • so where does that leave mister tsunami?

          • Cricket

            Tsunami meets Typhon, possibly Quake. Fan rejoice.

  • I only THOUGHT somthing inappropriate about Kyle, the Ahnihilator and a can of whipped cream! Why am I being called out? More importantly-how the hell did you know!? Ugh, it’s elementary school all over again, I can’t get away with anything.

    Oh. I misread that. So I’m not in trouble? Huzzah!

    • Dee Dee

      Try throwing in handcuffs, with the whipped cream. =P 

  • Plum Soda

    I can’t remember ever laughing so hard as when Spooks went all “Yeah, kinda showing off here, but can’t you see the ladies, dude?”.
    Simultaniously, I face-palmed, because it was just SO uncalled for, coundn’t agree more with Commander.

    Anyways, my deepest and heartiest thanks to you and your wonderful partners in crime for this. And again and again. Have a wonderful day and the best week ever!

  • ironbanana

    ok. eyeball kid and tattoo dude: SIDEPLOT

  • AC♥Bear

    I find it kind of stupid that people are like “TSUNAMI X SPOOKS!!!!!” When they just look at each other >.< He[Spookes] was all ";D ;D ;D for the" ladies and you guys do that? He could be BI, but sheesh… women and couple-pairing can be terrifying. I like gay guys just as much as the next yaoi/bl/guy+guy fangirl but sheesh. Heterosexuality in a Gay story can be refreshing, and if all the big characters were gay it would be unbelievable ;|
    Sorry, I sound like an a*s. But this is me being a grump, as always.

    • Mia

       But both of them have glowing bodyparts… Like Spooks eyes and Tsunamis tats! D8 They are made for each other!!

  • Bien Batol

    I’ve got to say, you guys really nailed Tsunami.  There are some features of Samoan men that hard so hard to capture and you guys really got it down especially in the last panel.  The lips, the hair, the slight snarl.  Perfect.

  • I love the designs for these characters. They’re refreshingly old-school. :3

  • abbydream13

    I just donated for the first time. I’m loving this comic and I loved Artifice btw. Really want to see where this series is going >w<

  • Hello,
    I love the comic, and i hate to rock the happy boat but several comic pages have come in fairly blurry and reloading the page has not helped. If I’m just being dumb sorry all.

    •  Try clearing your cache, maybe?  I haven’t noticed any issues, though sometimes the images take a bit to load. 

  • Dee Dee

    Finally, omg… I just had this really weird image of Kyle’s team and Annihilator dancing to Gangnam Style. =P =P xD Just change “Sexy Lady” to “Sexy Baby” and Kyle could do that Yellow Suit’s dance as well. 

    If no one knows what I’m talking about, watch this:

    • Finally, I’ve been introduced to something weirder than yaoi. 😀

    • Medicine time! Alright, arms out-if you don’t cry you get a lolipop when its over. It’s time for your daily dose of Randomol with a Whathefuk chaser!

  • This is so good! I love it 

  • I knew Spook had to do something with the Arcane. I was very excited to see him cast that spell! My heart sank though when he waved hi to those groupies. Magic is sexy. To bad he bats for the other team.

    •  You never know, he could a resident of Narnia (if you don’t get that joke then I won’t explain it)

      • Superjenny

        You mean like Kurogane from Tsubasa?  >:3

  • ManicThrifts


  • Camping!  Also, Spooky is kinda…not spooky.  He’s awesome.  Wouldn’t mind taking him out for lunch!

  • Bianca Simone

    campinggggggg who needs snacks? 😉 *passes out water bottles and trail mix*

    • Plum Soda

      Hey, that’s so nice!
      *settles down*
      I brought Cookies. Want one?

  • I made pork chops and mashed potatoes. Not sure if it’s campin food, but it’s what I got!