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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 39

76 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 39

Some readers have been shouting out to Kyle that he should try to use his fire to blast at Hunter. Seems like he might have heard you! But alas, the dampener does indeed have an excellent range. I think I heard it was made by the Noneco Corporation…

So, I had an exciting week where I received 5000 books from Hong Kong and made my first in-store retail sale of an advance copy of Artifice in the very same day. Kickstarter backers will be getting their books very soon. (I’m just waiting on a few stragglers to complete their Kickstarter surveys. If you haven’t filled out your survey letting me know what your shipping address is, now is the time!)

And for those who weren’t able to participate in the Kickstarter campaign, I have exciting news. You can now pre-order the book on Amazon! The official publication date of May 1st is still a ways off, but if you (or your friends) pre-order now, you’ll be first in line to get copies when Amazon has them available. And if a lot of folks pre-order, it really helps me out because all those sales are counted as happening on one day, May 1st, so there’s the chance you could make Artifice into an Amazon Best-Seller. That’d be pretty cool for our little sci-fi yaoi! So, please spread the word!

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Gosh, Kyle looks in a tough spot! And he still doesn’t have his powers! Will he figure out some way to get the upper hand or will be become invisible Swiss Cheese? Tune in next Saturday this Wednesday to find out!

Hope to see you there!

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  • My my, Kyle has a nice upper body .. but he needs to improve on his cussing 😉

    “God! Crap! Crap!” – just doesn’t make it in a situation like this *lol*

    Damn, the ‘cyber hero wannabe’ is packing some serious armery and he’s trigger happy!
    So when will some real superheroes show up? Or the actual police, because shooting that many pretty flowers to bits for no reason is a grave offense that should be punished XD

    • KiannaLeigh

      Yea, if that were me – well if it were me this would be so inappropriate seeing as I’m a chic and can’t go around topless according to some laws – but other than that I’d be stripping while saying:

      “Oh shite! Shite, shite, shite! Frack, mother fracker, He’s fracking shooting at me! T_T This SO wasn’t worth the frackin’ spring rolls!”

    • As much as I can agree that turning the air blue with language is totally justified right about now, Kyle is just so much of an sweet, innocent boy, I don’t think he can. I’ve known lots of people who won’t swear no matter what, to the point that it doesn’t even enter into their thoughts. That’s kind of the feeling I get from Kyle. Which is one of the reasons I love the character so much.

  • Klye what are you doing, you need to get full naked hehehe~ ;3

  • this is worse than those damn saturday matinees i used to go to as a kid…

    would flash gordon survive mings merciless paralyser rays??

    come back next week for another thrilling chapter…

  • toli Bera

    Cyber ears?

    ….if we all scream real loud it should over whelm him. on three. 1…2…3 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

    • KiannaLeigh


      • Whoelsetherealone


        • Whoelsetherealone

          Oh great lord… I feel like in an Harry Potter Book somehow…

        • Interpolation


          Take that.

    • SPIRIT BOMB !!!

      • toli Bera

         I’m 23.76% more in like with you now.

      • KiannaLeigh

        Spirit Bomb? Is that anything like a Spirit Gun?

        • probably not, sis!!

          (i don’t know what a spirit gun is.)

          • KiannaLeigh

            T_T sad ….

            But I bet they would do something cool if I could figure out how to put them together …

          • once you enter the realm from which the Spirit Bomb reigns, you might not ever be able to leave it again.

            i must warn thee.


          • KiannaLeigh

            *dawns Indiana Jones hat, whip and machete*

            Challenge issued. Challenge accepted.

          • please submit a fan•art of you wearing that alternate costume

            ** also include flaming skulls and Glitter **

    • Sanbai

      *buys an 12 pack of airhorns from Walmart*

  • Mary Klemzak

    Yes, full naked, if only to buy a bit of time. That guy seems serious about damaging you, sweetie!

  • OMG i can’t wait ^_^

  • KiannaLeigh

    Hmm. So all I’m getting out of these last few pages is: Those two need a power dampener, cybernetic add-ons, and a total disregard for human life; plus to fight a unarmed hunk in a tux while being armed to the teeth with samurai swords/ unarmed half-naked hottie while wielding huge guns to feel comfortable doing their “jobs”.

    The word here, people, is dickless.

    • amanda damron

      i aree but you can’t forget date ruiners! i think this was kyle’s first date.


      i mean kyle’s a hero and his outfit looks good, and duncan’s a baddy and he looks fab in anything!!!

      they should have rethought the cyborg/ninga/gi joe looks cause it is not helping thier “hero” image.

      • KiannaLeigh

        Indeed! You gotta dress like you do the job you want after all. Appearances are everything.

  • Whoelsetherealone

    Is that normal that my heart is racing since I read that page?

  • booklover320

    No, Kyle, nooooooo!!!! But seriously, dude, take off the pants!!!!!!! And as for the cyborg asshole, I hope every single one of those flowers come back to haunt him.

  • frenchie french

    YUSSSSS! An update! It’s beautiful! Love the color range in this page.

  • amanda damron

    maybe thats why no ones came to help!!!! can’t you just picture it some flying hero hears there’s trouble then a mile or from the place they just plummet to the earth saying “OH SHIT!!!! WHAT THE HE-”

    LOL ive been running on nothing but coffee an a prayer for two days… i’m past slap happy and there’s nnnooooo going back!!!

  • OnyxLight

    This kinda reminds me of a first date I had once… it was quite the disaster as well… LOL. Poor Kyle.

    Dude loose the pants… I know it will be odd but it must be done.

  • Real Heroes prob won’t show up…remember, they’re off battling that Multiple Identity time space crisis on infinite whatevers.  Oopsie.  

    • KiannaLeigh

      Oh Crap you’re right!

      Duncanni picked the one day for the date that no other hero/villain-who-likes-him would be around! What started out as a precaution  turns into a disadvantage. I guess not even THE ANNIHILATOR can think of everything.

  • Ryn

    third panel is creeepy~

    guess the only thing to do is keep moving out of the dampener’s range then fry his ass. remember to remove the rest kyle. i wonder what other havoc that machine is wrecking with have such a long range…

  • Ah Alex.  Your mastery of Narrative Tropes Fu is showing.  We make our backseat-driver/penut-gallery suggestions as to what tactics Kyle should be using, and within a few pages you counter with a page that shows you have considered such a prospect, and then use it to advance the plot towards the seemingly inevitable invisible!naked!Kyle.
    Meanwhile, what do people think about Hunter’s “my cyber-ears” comment?  Up until now I’ve been assuming that Hunter is wearing some form of power armour rather than having any sort of surgically implanted cybernetics.  Partly because the collar at his neck looks something like an under-armour bodysuit, but the way he had to use his hands back on page 34 to manually flip the missile launcher into position gives that impression as well.  Even in panel 3, the cyber-ear looks like some form of (probably beyond miliatry spec) sound amplifying hear aid hanging on the outside of his ear.  So, my question: cyborg, or power armour, or not enough info to decide yet?

    • Sanbai

      I’ll put in my paper vote for power armor. *puts it in the box*

      But mostly because I think this guy is too much of a douche to be cool enough to be a cyborg… >>

      • theStarfly

        That is a good point indeed.  I think I’ll go for power armor.

        •  One would hope that if he really were a cyborg, the first thing he’d go in for would be a little brain augmentation…

  • Interpolation

    He wreaked the date: Insensitive.
    He has cyber ears: Sensitive.


    • Sanbai

      XD, like so many overly-macho guys, he has great hearing, but never seems to LISTEN.

      And is anyone else have trouble tearing their eyes away from panel 2? I just keep running up and down those arms and the slope of Kyle’s chest, hmmmmmm….!

  • Bro-ster Kyle just needs to take off his pants already. xDD I’d rather watch his bare, taut little buns run away than watch him turn into Fiery Swiss Cheese. TSSSSS. DELICIOUS. Anywho. Been a while since I commented anywhere on this bad-boy comic. And it is fantastic as always guys!

    If I get rich any time soon I’ll be donating the maximum amount every day I can! xD

  • elijah elquest



    • As a random practical point, if they’re anything like the hearing devices you can buy commercially, like hunters use, they have an auto-mute in the case of loud, sudden noises.

      • elijah elquest

        solid know-how! props!

  • Wow, the art and color work on this page is amazing! Kudos to Adam and Veronica!
     Is this what you had pictured in your head when you wrote this, Alex?
    Btw, does anyone else feel like they’re in a strip club with as often as we’ve been yelling “Strip, Kyle!” or “Take Off Your Pants”….or is it just me?
     *looks around for waiter to order a drink*

  • I, like everybody else, spend the entire page screaming “TAKE OFF YA PANTS, KYLE”.

    It’s, like, 8am in the morning where I live. I scared one of my cats.


    • KiannaLeigh

      Oh thanks. Reading about how you scared one of your cats by screaming, made me laugh really loudly and wake up one of my girlfriend’s cats and now he’s staring at me all weird. Really Thanks. >_>

      •  This page is responsible for a lot of cat suffering. So sad D:

        • TravelerOfWebcomics

          My cat got cancer by reading this, WE NEED TO START A PROTEST.

          no jk you guise cancer is srs

  • He keeps killing the flowers! Why the flowers!? What did they ever do to him, except smell pretty and look nice!? TT-TT Kyle you need to whoop some ass on him soon as pay back to all those beautiful poor flowers that scarified their lives for you.

  • Ayella

    Wow, just took a look at the pics from Isotope. That must have been so cool, seeing people actually reading the paper copy! (The book turned out to be quite a chunky boy, hasn’t it? Yeah!)

    On topic: Kyle, really… now is really the time to take your pants off. Really. You’ll be much quieter without them.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Kyle topless is so yummy; I love the way his build was drawn to be appropriate for his age. Built enough to show he’ll be stacked when he comes into his manhood, but still with the tiniest trace of puppy fat that speaks to his youth. Nicely done. 

    That being said, he really needs to shuck the pants and keep quiet so he can get some distance from that dampener without being made into swiss cheese, be able to flame on and take care of big-ass gun dude, then head back and save Duncan from Ginsu-guy so they can continue their date at a much-accelerated pace. 

    I’m rooting for this Kyle–get with program!

  • Gaz Hawkins

    Kyle needs to get naked (everything is better naked!!!!) and then kick cyber-creep’s arse

    how bad will CC feel not only getting his arse kicked by a “teen” but a NAKED teen LOLand let’s hope that nothing happens to “get in the way” of Kyle’s nether regions as most things do when guys strip in comics 😉

    • TheGirlWhoFellToEarth

      I just LOVE how much nickname-inducing this comic is. Can I borrow you Cyber-Creep? 😀
      And ‘my cyber-ears can heeear you’? Really? I think I’m going to stick with Sola Balisane’s line from the previous strip. Oo

      … And before I got rotten fruit thrown at : of course I approve of Kyle’s upper body. A little too blue for my taste, perhaps, but I’m sure we’ve got to see it again in the flesh later on.
      (PS to Veronica Gandini : very well done dealing with invisible anatomy. Your colouring is splendid.)

    • After a recent stride through a nudist beach, I dare disagree, sir – not EVERYTHING is better naked X-O
      In saying that, Kyle certainly would be.

  • those poor flowers ;~;

  • I think Kyle should take off his pants, too. Just for the purpose of camouflage, of course.

  • CommodoreZelda

    …Hunter scares me. *hides in corner*

  • DarkFeanix21

    Cyber ears is cheating, Buzzcut! Also, please do not hurt Alex… too much. A little is okay, for drama and… stuff.

    Now if only Kyle could just get out of range of that dampener, this battle would become… well, a battle, instead of Buzzcut trying to shoot up an invisible half-naked teenager.

    I’m beginning to think that Mr. Buzzcut is not a very nice person.

    • theStarfly

      Well, when you put it that way. XD  

    •  Do i sense in you a tiny longing for a little bit of hurt/comfort here? xD

      • DarkFeanix21

        *Clears throat* Um… no comment… 😛

        •  Heh.  I’m afraid you’re as transparent as uh… well…  [points.]

          • DarkFeanix21

             Ha! I literally just laughed out loud.

  • caelei

    Well, soon enough his pants will be on fire so he’ll have to take them off.
    Honestly I think this whole thing is a ruse just to get Kyle to take his clothes off. Duncan might have planned it himself. He is a villain, after all. He can be tricksy to get what he wants. In this case… Kyle. *waggles eyebrows*
    As for Duncan’s own battle… well. He has to make this look convincing, doesn’t he, or risk Kyle figuring out the truth and being all grumpy about it. So yep, that’s my take. I’m just so suspicious– can’t trust a villain!

  • Erica

    gone for two weeks and i see four pages up. awesomeeeeeee lolol

    missed this! awesome comingback to it XP

    •  Welcome back 🙂

      • Erica

        why thanks~ good to be back =]

  • Yukiness

    Time to stalk Amazon and haunt all the local comic stores until Artifice pops up on the shelf

  • i won’t hesitate to keep on donating for this! I love this webcomic. I read Artifice and it was intriguing at first but I was never really into long haired twink types.

    This one suits me just fine.

  • nipple. 

    • TravelerOfWebcomics

      oh god 

  • TravelerOfWebcomics


  • He keeps throwing his clothes at him……but nothing happens

  • Take off your pants already! It’s the only way!

  • OnyxLight

    Waits on pins and needles… 

  • Camping time! I brought twizzlers and iced tea 🙂