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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 37

61 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 37

Oh, dear…

We have new Fan Art from by Chris A. Tsuda! It’s a cool pin-up of Red Hot and The Annihilator—you definitely should check it out.

Also, a reminder that Winona (the artist for Artifice) and I are special guests at Ahn!Con, along with other very cool folks like E.K. Weaver (the creator of The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal) and Hazel and Bell (the creators of Always Raining Here). The Con takes place January 11-13, 2013 at the Conference Center at Ramada Kansas City. I really hope to see you there! 🙂

In other news, we just had our twelfth bonus page in a row on Wednesday, and then on Friday evening, y’all blasted past the bonus target again, which means there will be another bonus page this upcoming Wednesday! WOOT! Y’all ROCK!

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So! Looks like our Annihilator might be in a spot of trouble. Is this curtains for the Tuxedoed Terror? Or will he be able to turn the tables? And if he does that, how many more spring rolls will tango to the tune of “Taps”? Mark your calendars for this Wednesday to see the next exciting page of The Young Protectors, brought to you by me, Adam, Vero and the letter “T”!

Hope to see you there!

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  • Aryn Reid

    /cue dramatic entrance by Kyle 


  • Nice alliteration… 🙂 in the writer’s comments, not in the comic… although if you were to alliterate in the comic, I’m sure it would be nice there, too. oh, and nice use of the word ‘vainglorious’, you don’t see that word much nowadays…and now i’m babbling… lol

    • i had learned, a couple of months ago, that “vainglory” was one of the original eight cardinal sins, but that it was struck out because it was repetitive.

      •  Pretty much, it falls under Pride.

  • no.


    is duncan really as unintelligent as killer has been suggesting??

    HOLY SHIT!!!

  • amanda damron

    NNNOOOO!!!!! DUNCAN!!!!!!!!!!

    i really think it would be awesome if duncan did something very imaginative with some chop stix!!!

    KYLE!! save duncan!! thin you all can have and assasin fire to roast marshmellows over and complete your date with at the very least a good-night kis- wait what would it be over there?? a good-morning kiss????

    confused!!   0_o

  • Caffienated

    That negation field needs to be destroyed and fast.

  • Holy crap, Duncan is bleeding.  This is as shocking as Superman bleeding.  Having said that, his attacker is looking kinda devious and sexy in panel 4.  I think I have problems :

    • nebi_lan

      you’re right O_o it looks kinda sexy…but Ani is still the best 😛

      • Ani is the male equivalent of a cougar.  This guy is a bit younger and has the homicidal-sexy look going on 😛

    • (unless little buddy is native american, he still needs to cut that tony pilates’ ponytail) 

      • He at least is well groomed if he has to have long hair.  It’s not normally my thing for a guy to have long hair either.  Thus, I have never seen the appeal of Fabio.

        • fortunately, i never “got it” about fabio either.

          unless, maybe, the fickle female fabio fanbase, themselves, had envisioned the gentleman in a “yaoi” sort of context.

          which is not entirely impossible.

          all the same, veronica and adam did manage to bring out killer’s “sexy side” in this page..
          ..i guess that slasher smile does work for some people. . . . .

  • CommodoreZelda

    …he just hurt Anni… Okay, Kyle, time to get your naked ass back here and TAKE THAT BITCH DOWN!!!

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    Ok…he’s the one wearing facepaint, and goes by ‘Killer’, and Anni is the vainglorious one? I’m surprised he even knows that word.

    • Lady Mania

      He has probably been practicing that line infront of a mirror for a long time just waiting to find a villain to use it on.

      • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

        I can seriously picture that, and it makes my day. Thank you. :3

      • (inferiority complices will do that t’ya, ya know..)

  • Uh oh, looks like someone has been googling witty phrases to say during a fight again!  

  • SpiritravenCathaldus

    Oh no! This is bad Anni is bleeding.  I’m hoping there is a naked Kyle to the rescue. 

  • DarkFeanix21

    Killer better be prepared for the legion of fanboys and fangirls that will descend upon him if he so much as attempts to “carve up” the Annihilator. Damaging the tuxedo was bad enough.

    The look on Duncan’s face in the final panel does not exactly fill me with confidence.

  • toli Bera

    Cue Soy-sauce to the eyes. I doubt Duncan would be above such a simple (but effective) ploy if he had to. 

    •  I would go for the hot mustard, but soy sauce would sting, and would be tough explaining to your fellow douche-anary later…

      • toli Bera

         if only wasabi were a thing in this restaurant.

  • Lady Mania

    Ok, I see this going two ways. (three if I count that sword connecting with Duncan’s flesh again)  Either Kyle will show up and rescue him in a blaze of naked, invisible, flaming glory, or something such as a sauce or soup is going to go flying at the last second. Dirty, eye blinding,  fighting with soup instead of dirt!

  • I wonder if Anni find that he was so used to having his powers that being without them is different than he thought.

    He looks so surprised and off his normal self. It’s like when a normal human suddently lose one of their most importants senses like sight or hearing and have to adjust – and FAST.

    Now.. NAKED KYLE TO THE RESCUE.. I hope.

    • TravelerOfWebcomics

      The newest boy-wonder… NAKED KYLE!

  • Absolutely Adored the Awesome Alliteration Alex! ;D

    I am seriously worried for both Anni and Kyle. Whatever will happen next. I am on the edge of my seat! I’m too concerned even to make predictions.

  • Flo_over

    Vainglorious dolt?  Oh… I swoon!  SWOOON!

  • kdm3rw

    …what kind of superheroes are these…..they attack the villain when all he’s doing is eating! Now, they are trying to kill him in broad daylight with tons of innocent bystanders around…..someone needs to go back to superhero school and learn the code of batman!

  • kdm3rw

    …what kind of superheroes are theses…..they attack the villain when all he’s doing is eating! Now, they are trying to kill him in broad daylight with tons of innocent bystanders around…..someone needs to go back to superhero school and learn the code of batman!

    • Interpolation

      Batman would totally kick their rear ends.

    • they’re not superheroes.

      they’re assh—i mean vigilantes/mercenaries.

      and they also present an interesting dichotomy: in this context they’re being presented as “bad guys”; however they’re “bad guys” (who’ve already racked up a million in damages in one panel) who pursue a Canon Villain.. ..who hasn’t yet demonstrated any substantive villainy on screen.

  • ithilloke

    Well, it’s certainly curtains for the tuxedo!

  • Oh shit. It just got serious. Kyle, get your naked ass back there and kick some fully-clothed ass. Actually, just get your naked ass where we can see it (I’m totally focused on the very serious happenings here, for sure. Priorities are in order.).

  • fujoshifanatic

    It’s been a minute since I’ve been here, and my how the action has progressed! We’ve got a naked Kyle being chased by a dude with a big ass gun, and now we have Anni in the  process of being made into sushi by a bastard with a Ginsu knife! 0_0

    I could care less about the spring rolls right now; I just want Anni to get out of this without pieces of him flying off after them! Thank goodness we’ll be able to see what happens next this Wednesday. And can I say that “Vainglorious dolt,” is the best epithet uttered by a bastard with a Ginsu knife evah!! Thank you for that flourish, Alex; that panel gives me life! 😀

  • Thinking about it (overthinking about it?) this will probably be a good scene for finding out what Anni is really like.  As in: seeing how a character reacts in unusual circumstances or otherwise being outside their comfort zone.
    So Anni has been stripped of his superpowers, and without their protection is no longer so completely in control of the situation that he can play the James Bond style ‘cool, calm and collected’ debonaire type who waltzes through a confrontation while making smart-arse quips.  The last few pages suggest he’ll have to work at saving himself from being eviscerated.  A number of commentators have suggested he gets saved by invisible!naked!Kyle – and while that would probably be narratively satisfying, I would hope that we first get to see Anni using his brain and getting to be awesome on his own.

  • xLizardx

    …He doesn’t look smart enough to use such a polysyllabic word as “vainglorious”, lol.

  • AeeDee

    Something tells me Anni isn’t looking at the butcher… this may be wrong, but ~dramatic entrance~ by Kyle (or some other unforeseen event) is what I immediately thought of.

    • Midwestmutt

      I agree. I think he is looking at something coming through that hole in the wall that Killer has foolishly kept at his back. A fireball, perhaps?

  • Ryn

    Duncan’s “oh shit!” face?  i have to wonder, if you are outside the range of device and you used  some sort of golem made from  fire or ice, would you still be able to direct the golem’s movement once it was inside the range of the device or would it disintegrate into nothing? Cause i kinda want to see kyle bring the pain with a big ol’ Chinese style dragon made of fire.

  • Interpolation

    I wasn’t concerned before because I had great confidence in Duncan.  Now I’m starting to worry.  
    I really hope that there is no actual reason for this.

  • TheGirlWhoFellToEarth

    I’ve been following Alex’s new comic for a while now- loving it for a ton of reasons, always wanting to react, always refraining from doing so (I’m the shy type- and y’all folks are brilliant and volubile enough). But this!
    This broke my heart. Period.

    So, Kyle, hurry up with your dramatic entrance. I sincerely hope you are not stuck in a phonebooth somewhere with half the spandex on. If needed, drag on said phonebooth. Call backup. Or aliens. Anything.

    And Alex, thank you for making up stories so… “feelingful”. Artifice already was made out of raw emotions, but I don’t think ever in my life has any comic, on any support, hit so many sensible strings.
    Thanks so much.

  • Bailey Carswell

    JC Anni, please don’t tell me you’re going to get overpowered by a guy who broadcasts his moves from here to Jamaica, lets down his defense long enough to say a one-liner, and reveals every weak spot in his armor imaginable when he intends to strike with a heavy (and therefore slow) close-range weapon. YOU CAN’T BE THE #1 SUPERVILLAIN WHEN YOU CAN GET OVERPOWERED BY STUPID PEOPLE LIKE THAT. 


    • I wish I could like this comment 40 times.

    • Whoelsetherealone

      Unfortunately, as great the Annihilator can be, he has to be a bit loosy this time if we want to witness an invisible fire rescue scene so epic that it will completly blow away all Marvel and DC heros’ for the coming centuries in each parallele universe that could possibly exist…

  • bibliophile41

    “Kyah!” The ‘Butch Boy’ might be a secret Japanese fan-girl.

  • Marc Bloom

    Annihilator has been super powered too long, he’s forgotten how to fight.

  • Derkins

    I just noticed that Killer doesn’t have any face paint on in panel one… Anyway, I’m willing to bet the next page is going to surprise us somehow. Anni has one eyebrow raised a bit, possibly as if he’s shocked by something other than the sword raised above his head.

  • TravelerOfWebcomics

    Random thought: last panel, Anni is saying in his mind “oh shit n—-“. 

    • Howdy TravelerOfWebcomics,

      I always appreciate your comments and enthusiasm about my work. 🙂 I’m working on my day-job today, but I noticed that you used the n-word in a couple comments and while I don’t get the impression you are at all using it to be hurtful (and for all I know you are of African ancestry yourself), I’m going to ask you not to use that word or any variation of it on this site. There are many folks who find it especially hurtful and I’ve already had one reader contact me because of this. It’s a bit of a grey area as I’m not wild about censoring specific words, particularly when it’s clearly not used to be hurtful, but as you might not be aware of how it’s affecting some readers, I’m choosing to act here.

      I’ve moderated your comments to obscure that one word and hopefully that’s the end of it. As I said, I’m delighted to read your comments, I look forward to continuing to hear from you and I hope you will understand.

      • TravelerOfWebcomics

        Ohhhhhh I’m sorry, I use the most vulgar language, often offensive, and I am a bit impulsive. Would hate to offend, so thanks for being my conscience where there is a severe lack of a real one.
        Keep up the good work!
        As is implied by my name I read a lot of webcomics (despite auto-correct I hold that that is ONE word), and I definitely look forward to these updates the most!

  • I feel stupid.  I had to look up the word vainglorious to know the meaning behind it.  Now that I know, I keep using the word whenever I talk to people in chats.

    • Stahli

      If you look it up on Merriam/Webster at the bottom it asks how you heard the word ‘vainglorious’…and well, if I am being completely honest…I heard it on a superhero/supervillain-themed yaoi webcomic!!! Wouldn’t that be a shock if someone typed that in there? 😉

  • Okay, thinking about nixing the whole “this is a setup to lower Kyle’s defenses” idea.

  • See these guys are real villains here as they endangered public safety, I don’t even think to go so far as to think they’re vigilantes. They are extremely dangerous, but the pensive look on Duncan’s face on that last panel makes me think it started as a test of sorts and quickly went over the top. I think someone paid these guys to target and destroy him, possibly for fraternizing with a hero. I’m starting my own super hero comic strip eventually and I like these convoluted story lines… of course I would NEVER be able to match the quality, no way.

  • I forgot…

    who is the villain here?

    • Stig Hemmer

      All of the above?

  • Whoelsetherealone

    Happy New Year Folks !!!

    Make this year full a plenty new pages from our favorte comics! That Kyle will come naked to save his potential boyfriend ass and kick Savage boy’s and Rocket Fool’s one. Make that finally this would be a year full of love and passion (as we all hope to see) and that our couple number #1 won’t have to much difficulties to make this work out.

    Make that you, Mr. Alex Woolfson will keep going on creating crazy cliffhangered story, that both of you, Mr Kraker and Miss Gandini will never suffer from the drawer cramp. And that all your team will have an healthy, wealthy and happyful year.

    Make that all the net readers will have an year full of entertainement, thrill, tense and passion, a life full of surprise and rich of many happy events.

    To everyone, fictional and real people, reader, actor and drawer, artists and fan, men, women… well to all the world, I wish you all kind of good things and a happy 2013 year!!!!

  • Curt Clark

    I like to think that expression on Duncan’s face is surprise that KIller even knows what the word “vainglorious” means.