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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 32

109 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 32

OK, Hunter is kind of an idiot, but he does have a point—that would be a bitch to clean…

(Before I get into my usual note, I want to give a special shout out to Adam & Vero for all pages involving Invisible Kyle. First of all, not only did Adam do his astonishingly amazing character work on all these pages, he had to do it twice so Vero could composite a transparent Kyle over a clean background. Secondly, I actually had a very specific look in mind for Kyle’s invisibility but despite many Google Image searches, I couldn’t find any examples of it, so Vero had to try to match it based on awkward written descriptions. And she totally nailed it! I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again—it is a tremendous privilege as a writer to be able to work with artists of this caliber.)

Oh, and


The tenth bonus page in a row! Oh, my Gosh! The big 1-0! WOO to the OOT! 😀

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So! The Annihilator’s been knocked on his ass. Kyle’s got a gun in his face. And the Tweedledum and Tweedledee of the Hero World are attempting to be witty. Is there any hope at all for salvation? Tune in this Saturday to find out!

Hope to see you there!

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  • auburncrow

    Oh God, Kyle is SO ADORABLE, I can’t even!

    And YAY DUNCAN! Kick their asses! Make them pay for threatening and frightening someone you care about! I knew you were more than a one trick pony! 😀

  • toli Bera

    well on the upside, since he’s invisible the mess would be easy to hide.

    also why does Hunter look so much like cranky grown-up Bobby Hill?

    • Kat Goritz

      I thought of the exact same thing! The mess would be super easy to clean or hide, if you can’t see it! > : D

      • It would be easy to make it *look* clean, but then once stuff starts to decay, it would be sheer misery because you would NOT be able to find the stink.

        • Feverfew_M

          Lets hope Kyle becoming a stinking, decaying smear on the wall is not going to be an issue, anytime soon. For various reasons. 😀

          • I very, very much agree with that sentiment! 😀

          • toli Bera

             true. but I still think that one guy looks like grow’d up cranky Bobby Hill.

  • KiannaLeigh

    What sort of idiots think Duncanni needs powers to be a bad-ass? He’s an freaking anarchist! The powers are just a took for his bad-assery! He is the real and true BAMF of every world.

  • oh Anni’s pissed now, these guys are in for a real lesson in what it means to really be a villain AHAHAHAHAHHAAAAHAHAHA!!!!!!! (That was my attempt at an evil laugh….) 

  • Uh oh, Duncan’s bout to open up a can on these 2 bozos!  They’re not only touching his boytoy, they’re threatening him! 

  • TwoWayStar

     *laughs at them* Really? Really really? Underestimating your opponent is like, number ONE that you dont do! You could’ve at least tried to knock Anni out!

    Also, your attitudes be yuck.

    • Feverfew_M

      They’re “heroes”, they didn’t get the memo with the Evil Overlord List. Pity. *grabs popcorn and prepares to watch them get annihilated* 😀

  • CommodoreZelda

    Oh Anni, every page makes me fall more in love with you… also, Kyle’s reactions are hilarious. Can’t wait to see The Annihilator kick these idiots’ asses!!

  • amanda damron


    i love this awesome job alex!!! i always look forward to the updates!!!

  • you do have powers, duncanator: the power of the Puppy Eyes!!

  • Selim Nagisokrov

    Am I the only one who wonders about the random happenstance that the platinum princess would just -have- powder of invisibility on her to give Anni? How probable would something so specific need to be used?

    Unless it’s groping in the night without knowing the culprit…

    • Lady Mania

      I like to think it was more a planned “just in case” Thing. There was time between their first kiss and their first date, he had time to plan.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Seriously, these two doods need to stop trying to be badass with the wit. And poor little Kyle; good thing you’re invisible so these morons can’t see your embarrassing WTF face (but thank you so much Adam and Vero for letting us see it so beautifully!).

    And I can just hear the condescending annoyance in Duncan/Anni’s voice (in a hot British accent no less!) in panel four as he’s about to unleash a James-Bond-style ass-kicking to these goons. You DO NOT mess with Anni’s potential playmate without getting royally pounded on, powers or not!

    Hunter and Killer are going to leave some pretty visible stains in 3…2…1…

  • Feverfew_M

    If that’s what passes for heroes in this world, it is little wonder that Duncan chose to become a villain.
    Plus, I can perfectly well imagine bullies like them to have an attitude of “you can’t be a hero and gay”.
    Hah, if that field dampens ALL superpowers, their only advantage are their weapons. Hope Anni is going to kick their asses into the next week.
    I’m still wondering if this was staged, though, to show Kyle that the so called ‘good side’ isn’t as good as it should be. That would mean Anni was ready to endanger people as well to teach Kyle this lesson. Well, but at least he IS a villain and doesn’t pretend otherwise. I feel conflicted…

  • That’s it. I’m cheering for the vilain I know opposite dumb and dumber there..

    *makes pom-poms*


  • Look’s like Anni is about to dish out a can of whoop ass on these guys!
    And it’ll be rightly deserved too. I still think Anni planned this, more or less, but isn’t working with the morons in anyway. He just used them to show Kyle how wrong some hero’s are or something similar, and truth be told he makes a good case of it too. Just because you’re a hero doesn’t mean you can’t be an bad person and just because you’re a villain doesn’t mean you can’t be a good person.This is the best kind of story for me! 😀 I love it when hero’s aren’t stereotypical saints who do no wrong and villain’s are stereotypical evil for the sake of being evil. It’s way more interesting this way~ <3

  • somethingHERE

    Here’s my silly theory:
    Annihilator: (thinking to self) Hah, there is really no “infamous invisible man”, just a lot of “blind dates” c; Take that society!

    • KiannaLeigh

      Ha! Nice. A whole part of a culture is nothing more than the comings and going of Duncanni. That’s so like him.

  • CJ

    Ever since Platinum talked about Kyle’s source of power I’m looking at the comic as I would with City of Heroes. CoH got something called origins of power, such as Neutral, Magic, Technology, Mutation, etc, describing where the hero/villain got the power from. Perhaps the dampener these duded put up only nullify superpower of specific origin, not magic (which was ‘applied’ to Kyle, not something Kyle has of his own).

    Killer looks like Neutral/Technology origin, which Hunter looks purely Tech origin. Not sure about Anni atm.

    That said, I really miss CoH 🙁 Shame the game got shot down.

  • Becky



    • Bianca Simone

      “Tuxedo Fight” makes me think of this song (if the fight were indeed ‘choreographed’ to music)…

      SO AWESOME!!!!! 🙂

  • It looks like he’s probably just using it for balance, but seeing Duncanni’s hand on that table, combined with his utter *rageface* I’m thinkin’ tables are about to be flipped.

    • KiannaLeigh

      (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ followed by (╯°Д°)╯︵/(.□ . )

  • Monica

    Anni is angry. this will be interesting… 🙂

  • nayia

    Lol, they are “good”? X”D

  • Yukiness

    I haven’t a clue what nationality Senior Buzzcut is and this pleases me. In my head, is have a rude, impolite British accent going for him that is not very thick. However, something about him screams “Amurica; Fuck Yeah!” My mind has no idea what to do with this guy.

    Love the invisible KittyKat! Now we get to witness him and all his adorable expressions!

    • KiannaLeigh

      So Buzzcut is either a cockney or a yankee? … choices, choices.

  • kungfunurse

    Oooooooh. Anni is angry. I must say that despite the question of how real or contrived the situation started out, I’m loving seeing the juxtaposition of Lover!Anni with BAMF!Anni. And just last page I was disappointed not to be able to see Kyle’s reactions, and here Alex has gone and anticipated that. Yay!

    On a further note, out of the mouths of babes and idiots – What exactly IS Kyle? And I really wanna see what happens when he uses his powers while invisible and while the Dampner is running. Also, I’ve got no trouble believing that Anni can kick ass with his hands tied behind his back – so I’m wondering if at the end, will Kyle have to step in and challenge him to keep him from killing?

    • LimpBiskit

      I totally agree with the hands tied behind the back idea. Wait, you were euphamising. Oops.

      😛 Anyway, keep up the great work, can’t wait to see more!

    • David H

      What is Kyle?  Kyle is absolutely sweet and hot!!! I’d like to pour him on my spring rolls.

      • KiannaLeigh

        Mmmmm! Sweet n Spicy Spring Rolls. In a sexy way.

  • DarkFeanix21

    Buzzcut and Ponytail don’t seem to really understand the definition of “hero.” That, or my theory about them being actual vigilantes instead of heroes was more accurate than I thought.

    Also, the Platinum Priestess is apparently so awesome that her magic dust is unaffected by the lowly workings of technology. Now all that needs to happen is for Duncan to beat these guys into the floor, and I call it a perfect date. Well, as perfect as you can get when one of them is a rookie hero and the other is a notorious supervillain.

    • MaddBookish

       Anni did say they were the “Tweedledum and Tweedledee of the vigilante world.”

  • Chris Woodworth

    Oh. That’s clever.  Well played, Duncan.  

  • I swear that’s the MGDeath that Buzzcut up there is wielding……

  • Midwestmutt

    Kyle may still have his powers but is conflicted by his innate goodness. Duncan has no powers but no conflicts either so it’s game on there. However ,if Kyle has to choose then these braggarts are simplifying matters.

    • Kyle shouldn’t have his powers either since that device nullifies powers.

      • MaddBookish

        He’s obviously got something going on or he wouldn’t be transparent right now.

        Although, given that Anni just did whatever this is to him, Kyle probably doesn’t have a clue what he can do.

        • See, I’m chalking that up to “the invisibility is magic and thus not a power and so cannot be nullified, only dispelled” rule of comic-dom on that 😀

  • ithilloke

    Go get ’em, Anni! And Alex, what do all the donations for bonus pages tell you? That we LOVE this comic!!!!

  • Frin

    Oooo, is it time for the “Even normal I’m a badass” Duncan? I do hope so. I look forward to seeing how we keep Kyle’s head from turning into a bloody smear.

  • ::eagerly waiting to see how bad ass a NORMAL Annihilator can be::

    ((anyone else mentally going “Now witness the power of a FULLY ARMED AND OPERATIONAL DEATH STAR” in their head as Anni stands up? Just me then? -g-))

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    Oooh, I cannot wait for him to Annihilate them.

    • KiannaLeigh


  • Epistasthai

    oh man, I can’t believe I’m rooting for the Annihilator! What’s he gonna do? And it’s kinda sweet that he’s concerned about Kyle (for whatever reason we don’t know yet, but it’s still sweet at the moment). Poor Kyle, he’s learning exactly what it is that superheros (or supervillains) have to deal with.

  • Interpolation

    An invisible splat on the wall would be a bitch to clean up.  The splats you fellows are about to become should be much more accessible.  

  • KiannaLeigh

    Oh Alex. What have you done? You have an entire web audience rooting for the villain (even while entertaining the notion that this is a trick) and booing the good guys*. Just what are you doing here?

    *Now, now, everybody Batman and Spiderman are vigilantes too and they are the good guys. Don’t get upset that I called Buzzcut and Ponytail good guys.

    • Derkins

      Batman and Spiderman, in contrast to these guys, don’t use dirty tricks and have a tremendous regard for life. I really don’t know that we could lump these two in the same category.

      Side note- the show Arrow ( I think the main character is based loosely on batman) just did an episode about how a vigilante can cross the line from helpful to destructive. I mean– Anni was just sitting there enjoying a meal. What are those two even doing, other than potentially collecting a reward or bragging rights? Batman and Spiderman were never seen stalking their nemeses as they went about their daily business. They would stand up to stop them when they did something that needed to be stopped. Even in Arrow, the guy gives the villains a chance to stop what they’re actively doing before he takes ’em out. When you think about it, at least Anni has shown to play fair (enough), adhere to an actual philosophy of life (anarchy!), and have respect for life and other people (at least so far). Heck yeah we’re rooting for him!

      Sorry, I know your disclaimer was meant to prevent this kind of comment 🙂 Though these are really just thoughts on character alignment, more than anything else.

      •  Arrow is based on DC comics “Green Arrow” character.  lol!

        • Derkins

          uh… I’m no DC buff, but supposedly Green Arrow himself is an analog of Batman. You know… wealthy vigilante, doesn’t like to open up to people… anyway, if wikipedia said it, it must be true, right? 🙂

  • Suhndog

    Wow..  Duncan is the 1st. ‘person’ I’ve met who can pull off ‘Pissed’ and ‘Proper’ !!
    I can’t wait ’til the next page!!

  • DoktorNauk

    Now I’m just curious if Kyle still has fire power.

    • And would it be *invisible* fire? The world may never know…

    • i’m still doubtful if kyle has the capability of randomly shooting off a torrent of flames into GI Schmoe’s face, at the present moment; however… …since Schmoe can’t see Kyle, Kyle certainly could try his luck anyway, and to determine if he can roast up a turkey, with no real loss to himself.

  • So much awesome!!  KYLE’S INVISIBLE!!  For the last few days, I’d thought he’d shrunk into this tiny, tiny person or something.  And I can’t wait to see what the Annihilator does.  Silly bounty hunters, thinking a super villain is helpless just cuz he has no powers.

  • Preludetoa

    So now the big mystery is WHAT IS KYLE?!  Both PP and Buzzcut have noticed that he’s different from other supers. And does Anni know this and is he just using Kyle because of his “specialness”? LE GASP! If he’s a vampire or a zombie I’m over it. An angel would be intriguing.

    • Zombie Kyle! Ha! 😀

      • That’s the birth of a new genre – invisible gay zombie superheroes.

        • gabrielx0

           ahahaha! thank you for the image! now I stuck wondering – what could invisible gay zombie superheroes be fighting for?

          • Gin Tenshi

            braaaaaaains, of course. 

  • Preludetoa

     So no the big mystery is WHAT IS KYLE?!  Both PP and Buzzcut have
    noticed that he’s different from other supers. And does Anni know this
    and he’s just using Kyle because of his “specialness” LE GASP! If he’s a
    vampire or a zombie I’m over it. An angel would be intriguing.

  • Drewe Kiba Chan

    Its the dust that Duncan put on him in 30. Have a look.

  • My God Anni’s last line…*swoon* If I wasn’t already in love with that man…

  • My god these two are so stupid it’s just too funny. And yeah, don’t really smell like heroes to me.

    • Ryn

       more like bullies using vigilantism as an excuse to hurt people.

  • I think it would be hilarious if Anni just used the water from that conveniently located vase to temporarily blind Tweedledum before unleashing his righteous fury upon him for manhandling his date and making poor attempts at wit.


    Can you say, “C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!!”

  • Congratulations boys. You sure are giving our young hero a nice dose of reality when he comes to heros and villains. Maybe this is what Duncan had planned the whole time…

    Oh Alex, it’s all so exciting!

    And I am SO happy that no major holidays take place on Saturday or Wednesday this month!!!!

  • Dee Dee

    So, how much does Ninja spend each week on his hair?  “Only Pantene keeps my hair long, silky and shiny when fighting crime! Check out Pantene ProCare now, the shampoo and conditioner a superhero can’t do without!” 

  • I pity the fools that dared to touch Duncan’s boytoy

  • Am I bad person if I want Anni to just haul off and beat the ever-loving crap out of these two until they beg for Mommy? If I were Kyle and I watched my hot date beat the hell out of a couple of jackasses, I’d be impressed. Hella impressed. 

  • This is turning out to be one hell of an exciting date!!!

  • Awesome, should be more comics like this, love it so far.

  • Whoelsetherealone

    I think those guys might have just failed when they applied at the employment office. Because they definitely don’t look the part… All of them! 

    Maybe they just switch files…

    • auburncrow

      Heh. I, for one, feel that the Annihilator certainly DOES look the part: sleek, sophisticated, and definitely Evil with a capital “E”. 

      Of course, just HOW evil he actually is remains to be seen…

      • Whoelsetherealone

        Yeah we all love Classy Evil… But seriously, it’s so funny how evil look good and good look Evil in that comics… It’s almost like if mister Woolfson and his colleagues want to write the comics bible of the Evil Side… 

        I can totally picture the main speech:

        “Evil and Devil people. It’s time to tell the world the truth. We are victim of social intolerance. Everyday, we are hunt, persecuted, humiliated… The society forced us to step in the dark, to live underground, to hide ourselves in the most reclusive place on the planet. Each time, we want to create a big oeuvre, some hero show up to destroy our painful work. Each time, we try to improve our way of living, some goodies come to settle us down. We can just normally eat at a restaurant without being immediately targeted. We aren’t allowed to live at all It’s called persecution. And It’s time to say stop! 

        It’s time to say: we, devil people, also have the right to live normally and peacefully. We have the right to work and do our job like anybody else. We are human beings just like anybody else. 

        We are also part of the well-balanced of the universe. Without us, Peace wouldn’t have any meaning. 

        So come with me, my brothers and sister of the night. Lets prove to the world the our rights are like everybody rights!!!”

        This was a statement of the “Battle for the Devil Right” Association

  • Thought I’d mention that Alex did an update for the Artifice Kickstarter. The Kickstarter surveys asking for shipping and other info have been sent out! Already filled mine out and I soooo cannot wait! 

  • Ryn

    I feel Hunter and killer here may be overcompensating for *ahem*undersized manhoods. I shall enjoy watching the annihilator whump their very lame tushies.

    • Whoelsetherealone

       Yeah, those two obviously don’t have enough sex in their life…
      They reaaaalllllly seems frustrated

  • Wait…Do Buzz&Pony have any superpowers of their own?  Their weapons and modes of transportation just became really hard to not notice. It would also explain their super power-suppresing bomb thingamajigger, because they’d want to set up a “fair fight” if not at least create an advantage over super-beings in combat.
    Are they supposed to be an infatuous incompetent spin on Batman and Robin? or Iron Man and…uhmm…Extremis Iron Man together?

    • Whoelsetherealone

       I would rather say they might have something to compensate….

      • Whoelsetherealone

        You know… Big tail, big sword, bib wapon…
        All of this is pretty… suspicious.

  • How in the hell are Hunter and Killer the good guys?

    • Whoelsetherealone

      Well, Nazis were supposed to be “good” for the world, according to them… From an SS point of view, those two might be the good part, I suppose…

    • Whoelsetherealone

      Now, what I really wonder is: how you can make people believe Vigilant World fight for the justice, when their members said they don’t really respect the human rights…

      It’s kind of a mystery for me.

  • Whoelsetherealone

    Just to say… I always thought that sometimes superhero fashion taste sucked…. But seriously this comics managed to create the worst costume I have ever seen…. not only the nickname are bad…

    My eyes are bleeding each time I look at those two

    ;_; <—bleeding eyes

    • Whoelsetherealone

      It’s like they come from a remake of “Mortal Combat” with Steven Seagal and Jean-Claude Van Damme….

    • Ninjerk and Captain Compensating aren’t good guys or protagonists or I suspect anyone we’re meant to like / admire / sympathize with at all, so I don’t think they were meant to be snappy dressers.

      I mean nothing annoys me more than *fantastic* looking douche-canoes, so I rather like the fact that they’re eye-sores as well as jerk-faces.

      • Whoelsetherealone

        Hey I never said I didn’t like it… I just said my eyes were bleeding, that’s all ;p I wasn’t even serious with that topic… It was more to accentuate the “obvious thing” of Ninjerk and Captain Compensating…

        I kinda see that it’s made on purpose. To make us not like them. I do animation so I kinda know how are made characters meant to be unpleasant for the public… As you said, they just had to be repulsive to us.

        And it’ds also pretty clear that they aren’t the typical super hero. Since they said they are known to not really respect the human rights… I would rather say, at 95% sure, they are mercenaries. Since are destroying a poor restaurant and its spring rolls without caring about civilians, only to bring Duncan to the justice…

        So in short I agree with your point of view.

        By the way, I kept loving the nickname you use for them… Ninjerk and Captain Compensating… Une vraie merveille de littérature. 🙂

  • Marvin_Arnold

    I can hear the Hunterkillers speak really slowly – with Ninja Man struggling with the word “reputation”… their lines should’ve been written with Comic Sans…

  • As a veteran of plenty of Hero System (Champions) and Villains and Vigilantes games, I can certainly understand how well-intentioned thugs are still thugs.

    Unrestricted vigilantes often have high bykill rates and are little more than criminals who think that so long as they mostly kill other criminals they can get off without penalty.

    Anti-heroes (which I would like to see Annihilator switch to) avoid bykill and tend to commit ‘non threatening’ crimes like raiding banks and tax departments after hours so they never pick up a murder rap, and can join actual heroes in suppressing killers.

    Stungun Slim types gain low priority in legal persecution by deliberately using nonlethal and non-damaging tools and weapons when committing crimes – or aiding heroes stop killers.

    Those two goons are destructive vigilantes; I hope our young ‘trainee’ Protector can convince Annihilator to switch to a low-priority category like Anti-hero or even Stungun Slim (which would probably earn him a legitimate wage as ‘hero combat trainer’).

  • you know.. i’m surprised nobody noticed that anni  is holding onto the table and he’ll more than likely be throwing hence table at one of the bad guys. C:

  • JM

    I wonder if Kyle knows them? They’re supposedly “good guys” but whats with the disrespect for human life? Weird. Also, I can’t wait to see what Duncan can do, even without super powers. I’m starting to like him more and more!

  • I am literally on the edge of my seat.  I am desperate to know what’s going to happen next!!!!
    Alex.  Hurry before my brain explodes all over the screen.  That’d be such a mess to clean. 🙁

  • angelica passatempo

    Oh wow, talk about getting a close look into your definition of Good and Bad! This be Philosophy!

  • ME!

    Step one to being a supervillain, call everyone fools.
    And now our boy Duncan here