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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 31

129 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 31

I wonder what label The Platinum Priestess put inside that shirt. My money is on Armani…

(Oh, and just for the record: the guy with the pony-tail, he’s Killer. Because, y’know, he’s the one with the big knife.)

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So… looks like we finally have have gotten an answer about what that magic powder was supposed to do—and just in time for The Annihilator to have a little mystery of his own: exactly why is Hunter able to knock him around like a rag doll?

And there are other questions! Will Hunter and Killer continue in their attempts to find the perfect Pre-Asskicking One-Liner? Will The Annihilator get seven years bad luck for crashing into that mirror? And where the hell did the spring rolls go off to? Have they made it to freedom?

Tune in next Saturday this Wednesday to find out!

Hope to see you there!

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  • Killer?  I kind of preferred  Ninjerk, myself. xD 

    Vigilantes!  That makes more sense with all the destruction.  And ah-ha!  It was disguise dust!  I guess there’s no more effective disguise than invisibility. 

    Spring Rolls must have run off to elope with Other Dumpling. Look at the sadness of the dumpling who didn’t get chosen. How will his heart go on? ;___;

    • kungfunurse

       Hee! the Infamous Ninjerk and his sidekick, the Armored Antwerp*!

      *Dubbed for family friendly viewing

    • After the events of this brunch played themselves out, the Other Dumpling went on a sake binger, woke up in a random Pork Bun’s apartment, freaked out, was given two Tylenol and surprise breakfast in bed by the random Pork Bun, discovered they both had a love for hot chili oil, stayed in and watched all three of the extended edition Blu-Rays of The Lord of the Rings with the Pork Bun on his massive HDTV and by nightfall realized he had found The One.

      Word of God.

      • All three extended edition Blue-Rays of LotR…

        I adore you, Alex. 

        So. Much.

      • You have made me unbelievably happy. Other Dumpling and Pork Bun, one heart forever~~~ TT___TT

  • What happened? He’s looking at himself like, “I have no power?”

    •  Ah, that’s true!  I wonder if it really is a nullification field?

      • Whoelsetherealone

        Well, the weird robot from earlier has to be here for a reason, other than destroying restaurant and playing the disco ball

  • auburncrow

    Oh my.

    Power nullification field!

    OH MY!

    This is not looking good…! 🙁 (Although I suspect Anni is smart enough to improvise something even given his current *cough* state of embarrassment…)

  • So Kyle’s invisible … Except for his clothing.  If he wants to be really effectively hidden/disguised, he’ll have to take that pesky stuff off.

    • HermeticallySealed

       Ohh, myyyy!

      • Was that meant to be in George Takei voice? 😀

        • Sanbai

          Is there any other way to say it?!

  • CommodoreZelda

    Invisibility powder!! 😀 They think of everything. <3 Except that power nullification field, apparently… they'll just have to break it.

  • Destroy that bullet thingy that flew in and activated! Seems it takes away what ever powers Anni has. That’s NOT good right now.. I think.

    This is a little confusing.. cheering for the known vilain when there probably will be a time where the situation might be just the opposite *lol*
    But when Kyle could be in danger too I go for all power to Anni, especially since Hunter and Killer is two unknown factors in this
    Besides.. they ruined the date AND the spring rolls. ANNI, KICK THEIR ASSES!

    (I also love the hero/vilain names in this comic)

  • Well, this doesn’t look good for the whole dating thing! Duncan’s lack of parcourness  makes me think that Captain Douchebag and Ninjerk have found a new toy.  Btw, I’m wondering if  Kyle’s powers are also affected by the romance/ power disrupter dookhickey or is it only set for Anni’s specs? 

    • Whoelsetherealone

       That’s some awesome superheros names !!! I buy them right away !!!!

    • “parcourness”, just the thing I thought the first time I sow Anni jumping in the buildings XD

  • Feverfew_M

    Heh, I guess the real Invisible Man might resent Anni for the chosen disguise.
    Also “Hunter” and “Killer”? I don’t think Anni and Kyle should feel too bad about their own chosen super-names. 😀
    I feel a bit bad rooting for the villain but so far I haven’t seen Anni’s bad side, and he’s got so much more style than these brutes…
    Oh, and what was Duncan’s original plan for Kyle and the sparkly powder? He couldn’t have known they would be attacked having a nice brunch date in Hongkong, could he?

  • CJ

    Gotta give Killer credit for his quick wit. Hunter’s look reminds me a lot of Star Wars’ bounty hunters, guess the suit makes the man (Anni too :D)

    If Anni is in trouble will Kyle break free of his disguise to save him? My bet is on yes, but that would lead to grave consequences.

    Oh, on a side note, one of the street sign says “Chrysanthemum”, means the shop sells mums, although in Asia, mums are often referred to anus ^_^ I find it humorous considering the orientation of the comic.

  • nebi_lan

    i bet i’m not the one thinking Ani looks really hot on the first panel <3

    • amanda damron

      agree 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Superjenny

      Nope, definitely not alone.

  • amanda damron

    OMG!!!! it looks to me duncan is confused that he just got flung across the shop. is his awesome powers not working!!?? was it that dust or something else!!!!!!!?????? can’t wait for the next update!!!! im going to EXPLODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Feverfew_M

      It was likely the shiny, blinky device that came flying through the window. And it seems to work specifically on Anni, too, since Tweedledumb and Tweedlebrute don’t seem to have any problems with their own powers.

      • Seems that was, you know, if your super power is to back hand someone like a bitch.

        • Sanbai

          An incredible pimpslap IS kind of a desirable super power…

          • Powered armor certainly doesn’t hurt in making that happen. 😉

  • Bad_Guy_Lover

    I’m confused, why would Duncan have brought powder that turns his date invisible? 

    •  So that no one knows who his lover is.  Being on opposite sides of the Good Guy/Bad Guy divide, it could be awkward for either of them to be seen together by their respective camps.

      • Raymond Dye

         Don’t forget, someone in Duncan’s camp already knows about them.

    • streetwalkersan

      Well, in case it’s a bad date and you just can’t even stand to look at your partner’s face any longer, it’s a handy thing to carry around with you, right? No? Well maybe Jessica’s theory is more plausible after all…

  • Whoelsetherealone

    Ladies and Gentleman. Dear guests, welcome to the Super Award Ceremony 2012.

    Tonight, special awards are on the topic. But first of all, lets applause the presence of “Young Protectors” actors, our selected movie for this SAC first edition.

    Thank you very much for your hard work. Now, time for the nomination.

    Are nominated for the Best Worst Super Hero Name Ever Award: Sir Hunter and Master Killer.

    Are nominated for the SAC award of the Most Promising Couple : Sir Duncan Wells “Annihilator” and Sir Kyle “Red Hot”

    Are nomited for the SAC award of the best Cliffhanger Last Panel : Sir Alex Woolfson, Little Falling Baby and Mr. Disco Ball Robot.

    Are nominated for the Best  Death on Screen Award : The Spring Rolls from Luck Chow Restaurant and the Untouched Glass of Wine

    But before going any further in our lists, lets start with our first award of  the night.

    Drum roll please… (radadaadadadadadada) Thank you.

    And the winner for “who’s gonna save an annihilass” Award comes to….?


    • Superjenny

      “who’s gonna save an annihilass”

      I nearly fell off my chair.  Dear lord, my sides!

      • Whoelsetherealone

         Yeah I know… This is pretty much surprising. Sir Duncan himself didn’t espect it neither. An award that will make everyone react, I’m sure. But I have to say with such a story, big thrill can’t help but be many. 

        (I’m glad you liked my last award 🙂 )

    •  I cannot like this hard enough….*cough* XD

    • Omg, I was laughing so hard I hurt myself XD My roommate almost called an ambulance because I couldn’t stop laughing long enough to tell him I was fine. You just won ALL of the internets. Every single one of them. 

      • Whoelsetherealone

        How sweet of you 🙂 thank you ^^

    • Whoelsetherealone

      Hum… About Kyle’s new super hero name. 

      I was also thinking of Invisible Hot… It sure would have protect our guy identity… But it sounded weird… I mean Invisible Hot… What? The guy is invisible but we still can find him because of its heat ? Or it’s the worst porn star name ever… I let you imagine something between a invisible sex maniac stalker and the most useless sex actor in the cinema history (guess why) 

      Oh well, it still will be less stupid than “Invisible Red”, though……..

      Ok, I go hide myself somewhere else…

    • 🙂

  • Caffienated

    Called it on the silver ball being a neutralizer. :p now let’s see if kyle will save him…naked??

  • I have to admit I wasn’t expecting the contents of the bag to make people invisible. Did Duncan bring it along just for Kyle in case something like this happened or was it originally going to be used for a more sinister purpose?

  • kungfunurse

    Well, alrighty then. I’m convinced. That baggie of invisible dust was a pretty specific one-use sorta thing to bring along to a date. For those of you advocating the Gunpowder Treason and Plot theory, my hat’s off to you.

  • So the little robot seems to have nerfed Duncanni’s powers, but it was established that Kyle is … not a standard superhero.  I wonder if Ninjerk and Captain Compensating are going to end up rather lacking in the eyebrow department when Kyle unleashes a firestorm upon their interrupting behinds.

    • jajaja! “Ninjerk and Captain Compensating”! XD  

    • TwoWayStar

       i dearly hope Ninjerk and Captain Compensating become their fandom names. i DEARLY hope

  • Kyle’s face after snorting a load of pixie dust?
    – 0 out of 10.

    Anni’s perfect posture mid backhand bitch-slap?
    – 7 out of 10.

    Hunter’s look of sheer constipated rage?
    – 10 out of 10.

    Killer’s killer jazzercise ponytail?
    – Over 9000.

    Excuse me, but did someone order a super large slice of awesome? A Mr. Alex Woolfson? I’ll just leave my complete amazement on the floor with Discarded Dumpling and Sadly Squished Spring Roll.

  • @Iocane Powder:

    “Captain Compensating”.

    BEST. lmao. I wonder how long it takes for him to put on that nifty armor ass piece.

    • Thank you! 🙂

    • “I wonder how long it takes for him to put on that nifty armor ass piece.”
      And you just know he has to ask “Dude, is my ass straight?” because with a neck that big he probably can’t see it in the mirror.

  • Whoelsetherealone

    Which one is tweedeldee by the way?

    It’s kind of hard to say with that equal level of ugliness.

    • b3nc0

       Neh, it’s the principel of them mythical twins: you never know which one is wich! Like Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer from Cats.

      • Whoelsetherealone

        Yeah I kinda know that… That’s why I asked the question… It’s called sarcasm… :p

  • streetwalkersan

    So…was that suspicious powder just a means to protect Kyle’s identity? D’aaaww! That’s kinda really sweet and considerate of Duncan. I’m sorry for doubting you… ;_;

  • Dee Dee

    I hope it’s not that device which was taking out Annihilator’s powers. That’d be too obvious. The food, maybe? 

  • Marvin_Arnold

    Anni lost his mojo because he fell in love? (but did he?)

    On the other hand, if it’s the humming pyramid ball of window smashing, now that would be cheating by Hunterkiller!

  • you think i’m joking?

    i am totally predicting a new “ultimate capcom vs. marvel” fighting game with the cast of The Young Fornicators taking part some time in the future!

    and i am required to explore this gem, to infinity and beyond, before i die!

    my dream team will now be Tsunami, Foxxie Sylverstein, and Hunter.
    for purely non-perverse reasons.

    it makes sense that GI Schmoe and Apple Jacker are vigilantes; what doesn’t make sense is how they found Anhi so quickly.

    also, just how long shall it be until we can finally find out just what Anhi has done that makes him so “reviled”?? 

    (because a man who tenderly takes his lover’s face in his hand before granting them protection against raging ´roid heads can’t possibly be bad.


  • Midwestmutt

    Hoo boy, Kyle can now fight on the other side as a new super villian however much he may protest that it’s just to save Annie from less-than-sterling good guys. Kinda schizo.

  • DarkFeanix21

    Wait, wait, is the not-a-bowling ball messing with Duncan’s powers? Obviously, he’s even scarier than I realised if Ponytail and Buzzcut won’t take him on two-on-one without an unfair advantage.

    Also, I can’t help but notice Duncan said ‘vigilante’, not ‘hero’. I could be over-thinking it, but I don’t think he’s had any issue using the word hero in the past…

    • Marvin_Arnold

       Calling heroes “vigilantes” could have been just an insult – one side’s heroes are the other side’s vigilantes….

      • TwoWayStar

         at the same time, im kinda with anni. real superheroes dont just endanger the lives of innocents all willy-nilly. vigilantes however have a..looser sense of morality i guess?

  • I can picture the spring rolls rolling out the resturant to the song “Born Free” before shortly being run over by an 18 wheeler.

    Just looking at them…I kinda hope Hunter and Killer have no relationship of any kind. More importantly, was the invisibility powder all to get Kyle out of his cloths on the first date? Because that’s the funny thing about invisiblity: it never affects the cloths. So those are gonna have to go.

    • Mike W

      Maybe it affected the spring rolls

  • Shasarazade

    Ah, so these morons are just vigilantes. That makes a little more sense. Maybe they tried to join some heroic group and didn’t get in because they’re so reckless? So maybe they figure if they capture a supervillain like the Annihilator they’ll get the respect they want but don’t deserve?

    Still, cornering a villain in a public place full of civilians and causing unnecessary property damage ain’t gonna do much for your reputation, guys.

    I find it interesting that the powder was invisibility dust. Why was Annihilator just carrying it around? But since they think his date was Invisible Man, that means Kyle’s identity is safe from them. Superhero wannabes or not, I’m sure these two would spread the word around RATHER quickly if they found out a superhero was wining and dining with a villain.

    Awesome page!!

  • Dee Dee

    Actually, now that I’m re-reading the comic, the whole attack screams “set up”. Perhaps the entire situation was contrived just to test Kyle’s abilities and qualities when/if he was given that powder. Pretty good timing, I must say. Maybe Annihilator or one of his friends let slip his location?

  • Did Anni and Kyle just switch bodies?

  • kungfunurse

    So I was ruminating on this as I was getting ready for class (as one does) and I remembered what the PP said about how she wasn’t 100% certain how the dust would affect Kyle.

    I was kinda wondering what would happen if he chose to use his powers when he was invisible. Would he fill up with flame from within a ‘la Human Torch? Or maybe even cooler, maybe being human isn’t really his natural state at all. What if he used his powers and because his human seeming is invisible, he manifested as some other sort of being altogether? And he doesn’t even know? (departure into fanfic time again) I can just see the freaked out looks of everyone around him when he releases his power and returns back to his human form, and he’s all “What? Did I break some Chinese rule of dining or something?”

  • Yukiness

    I’m pretty sure that ragdoll toss has something to do with the glowing ball tossed in to the room earlier. Too bad that powder made Kyle invisible because I would love to see his face right about now.

    • kungfunurse

       I was just thinking what a shame it was that we don’t get to see Kyle’s face, too. The art is just so fantastic and it tells so much of the story!

  • fujoshifanatic

    Well, color me surprised and impressed! To bring along an invisibility powder to a date with a superhero who was concerned about being outed as 1) gay and 2) out with a super villian has got to be one of the more considerate things I’ve seen Anni do. As complicated as this might get, Anni is looking more and more like a keeper if Kyle knows what’s good for him. Hopefully when he gets his wits about him he can knock out that little Pokemon ball that seems to be shorting out Anni’s (and presumably his own) powers. Then the ass kicking can commence!

    And just to share the silliness, this popped into my head the second I finished the page. Enjoy (with apologies to MJ):

    Anni are you OK?
    Will you tell us
    that you’re OK?

    It crashed down into the window,
    Almost struck you,
    A crescendo Anni!

    Forced a change in your comportment,
    Left the spring rolls
    on the carpet,

    When you went to lay down the boom,
    You were struck down
    It was your doom!

    Anni are you OK?
    So Anni are you OK?
    Are OK Anni?

    You’ve been hit by,
    You’ve been struck by
    The true criminals!


    • TwoWayStar

       that is freaking awesome. creative props to you sir! 😀

    • I couldn’t stop myself from singing it… out loud lol XD

    • KiannaLeigh

      Dude! Like a freakin’ BAMFy rock-star! You win today!

    • Whoelsetherealone

      Best Mickeal Jackson Tribute ever 🙂

      I have to say now I’ll watch this page with another music.

    •  Lol, I KNEW I wasn’t the only one who immediately heard that song in my head! 😀

    • xLizardx

      ….So much awesome! 😀

    • Nice!

  • auburncrow

    Oh, and a color-related note… I really appreciate the fact that Ms. Gandini made Killer’s armour just a TAD into the green range, which both harmonizes with the fabric elements of his own costume and makes him separate visually from Hunter.

    Subtle thinking, skilfully done. 🙂

  • I love that Hunter and Killer are so OMG-90s vigilante “heroes.” The only thing they’re missing is a zillion pouches (and Rob Leifield to draw their weapons at improbable angles). This comic is getting smarter and smarter every time you introduce a new character! I really want a roster of everyone (especially the YP themselves) and more of a sense of the universe. You clearly have so much fun playing with mythology… I bet you have a ton of details in your head that we’ll have to wait for the print book to even get a glimpse of. ARGH! Don’t want to wait!

    Seriously love this comic– it gets me out of bed on Saturdays. 😉 

  • lil_ms_talksalot

    Hmmm…Interesting that Anni seems genuinely surprised that he was able to be thrown like that. Something tells me this will be important later….. 

  • So I’m guessing the powder was a precaution. 

    Also, guessing that the ball that was thrown into the room earlier is removing Anni’s powers. 

  • Okay so Anni is confused, Kyle is invisible, and the two “heroes” look super derpy.

    I require additional time to think of something clever to say about the situation.

    • Whoelsetherealone

      I propose : It stinks of shit….

      I also have ” pretty fucked up” but I remain with the smell proposition.   

  • So that device that crashed the window is an inhibitor, eh?

    Also, nice move.  Invisible powder to hide his date’s identity

    • KiannaLeigh

      Aaaa! An inhibitor! That would make sense! Okay my mind is no longer freaking out. Thanks.

      • Whoelsetherealone

        An inhibitor for an anihilator… It’s kinda a pleonasm, isn’t ? 

        Shouldn’t they cancel each other force, like the two pole of a magnet ? 

  • Erica

    oh ho ho, interesting indeed. DAMN YOU COCKBLOCKERS >:U Oh well Kyle is safe and sound… ish? lol At least those idiots won’t know he’s also a ‘good guy’. It’s hard to remember that Duncanni is a villian in all honesty. But then i remember… and it gives me goosebumps, cuz it’s like… a kind of high to see something different such as a hero and a villian get together, male ones that is. Sure a heroine may fall for the villian and the villian may change his ways blah blah whatever. But Duncanni definitely sticks to his title. =] I hope there won’t be n e talk of “… Let’s run away together, forget this whole world! Where we don’t have to be hero and villian. Where we can just be Duncan and Kyle!!” *swoon and uguu all over the place* >_> please, don’t do that. lol I want them to be men, not sissies. As romantic as it may be… if you do use it… it’s definitely gotta be at a perfect time… Like… they’re at their dying breathe or something, and they’re joking… like….. iunno. lol 

  • hapax

    Oh. No.

    NOW you’ve done it.

    You. Wrinkled. The. Tux.

    /mayhem ensues/


  • KiannaLeigh

    Aha! It was insta-disguise dust! Good plan B Dancanni!

    Also: “Don’t you dare touch him!” Teehee He loves him.

    Also, also: Why did Duncanni get thrown like a freakin’ civi? Did the magic powder come at the expense of his awesome?! Nooo! T_T

    •  the objest that was thrown though the window and is now emitting some weird energy i think its designed to cancel powers of certain people

      • KiannaLeigh

        Heh-heh. Yea. As my initial panic wore off and I read through the comments I realized that was the best explanation. Honestly I’d forgotten all about that creepy pokeball on legs.  Heh. Never comment while in a panic.

    • Ohh. That would be interesting. If they just LOOK like eachother now but still have their abilities. That would explaine why Kyle got smacked across the room because he is actually Kyle. And maybe in the last panel he isn’t really invisible. The Annihilator is known to be incredibly fast, he could have just gotten out of his cltoths before he was grabbed. It’ll be funny if the coming comics continue with a sauve, kick ass ninja Kyle and a clumsy, romantically akward Annihilator.

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    ….A Bounty-Hunter(?) Duo named Hunter and Killer? That is so hilariously awful and I love it so much.

    Anni looks verrry confused in that second to last panel. And…what? The powder turned Kyle invisable?

  • ServantShinigami

    The powder makes you invisible? I thought it was gunna be some sort of aphrodisiac that he’d slip into kyles drink XD

  • Does no one notice how kyle is only invisible himself and not his clothes? That means for him to be fully invisible, he’s going to have to take off everything…hehe.

  • SpiritravenCathaldus

    I came across this while searching for a manga and I gotta say I was SO lucky!  I love this comic it has become one of my favorites.  The art is awesome and I love the story between Duncan and Kyle.  Thanks so much for all the hard work you put into this.

    •  If you like this, you should read Artifice too. Alex writes the most amazing stories!

    • Thank you so much, Spiritraven! I’m really glad to hear you’re enjoying it. Welcome aboard!

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    Is it just possible that Kyle reached his midnight curfew at just the right time and disappeared back to whence he came? Tune in next time as we hear Duncan mumble “WTF….over”

  • DoktorNauk

    My brain is not comprehending! The body switching makes the most sense but that doesn’t explain the invisibility. And if the powder caused the invisibility why does Anni look so confused?

    • Lady Mania

      Anni looks confused because he was just thrown aside like some childs toy doll. That shouldn’t have happened.

      • amanda damron

        i think that weird ball thing has something to do with the duncan with no powers and the dust with kyles invisability.

        this comic ROCKS!!!! AWESOME JOB ALEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Thank you, amanda! I’m really glad that you’re enjoying The Young Protectors!

  • Dee Dee

    Btw, is The Invisible Man some kind of superhero in that universe? 

    Also, the spring rolls have turned into mutants and it’s about time for them to stage their vengeance on the restaurant patrons for feasting on their fallen compadres. 

    • The Invisible Man is a science fiction novella by H. G. Wells in this universe that was later adapted into other forms of media. (A classic movie version is how Hunter likely knows of the reference.) There is no known superhero by that name in this universe.

      • Dee Dee

        Ohhh right! Nice reference, then! I think I’ve watched 2 different versions of that movie. 

  • Concerned about the spring rolls… finally.

  • Interpolation

    Pompous pseudo-intellectual of the truly evil bastard world.  That is one impressive epithet. 

  • Are they meant to be as simple minded and one-dimensional as possible?  I’m not sure what you’re trying to do with their characters…It looks like they’re trying way too hard to be the usual cool guys super-duo.

    So far, i don’t like them, but only for all the wrong reasons!

    • Lady Mania

      Probably, they don’t seem very bright do they. They seem like Power abusing “heroes” to me. Barely on the side of good, so they can beat the snot out of people and get away with it.

  • I don’t know why, but this page made me laugh so hard. 

  • Lady Mania

    Ok, I admit I mis-judged that one. I was fully expecting it to be some kind of experiment or something he and Platinum were trying to conduct to figure out his powers or something.  Couldn’t be HAPPIER to be proven wrong! 

  • Dex X.

    I was kind of alarmed by Anni being flung across the room, but that alarm did not prepare me at all for Kyle turning invisible lol. can’t wait to see what happens next

  • Frin

    Oh dear oh dear. Well this makes things interesting doesn’t it? I think it’s safe to say that Duncan expected the attack even if he didn’t orchestrate it. Though he’s obviously puzzled about his sudden inability to handle Hunter. So Kyle’s ID is safe but that won’t make much difference if Duncan can’t serve these two a few courses of kick ass.

  •  GI Schmoe?! Lol, that’s even better than Captain Douchebag!

  • Ryn

    Ayup, guilty by association. These nitwits didn’t even stop to think that maybe his companion wasn’t a law-breaker. These guys remind me of  of a couple of hot head jocks than heroes.

  • Juliana Hall

    OMG! It was that metal ball they flung! It zaps Duncan!

  • Becky

    Oh no! No powers??!

  • Slowly I am asking myself what super-powers the Annihilator actually has… We’ve seen some gymnastics in the pre-kissing scene, but else…

  • Well, I guess this could result in the heroes-if-you-can-call-them-that reporting back that the Annihilator has some new invisible sidekick with fire powers. Pretty interesting that the invisibility powder was what Duncan brought with him. I still have no idea where this is going, but I look forward to finding out.

  • This comic is really helping my convalescence after getting my car totaled and having my right arm rendered temporarily useless (severe inflammation, but nothing’s broken).  It helps to read this stuff while on the painkillers…

  • dkesa

    TweedleDum and TweedleDee… you really like Disneys, don’t you ? Anyway, that actually just makes this GREAT comic a SUPER(hero) comic

  • demoncat_4

    ok i was wrong about the powder being something bad . glad for ducan and kyle romance was just getting started. and love the tweedle dum and dee joke.