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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 30

112 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 30

Well, I know nothing makes me feel safe like a guy throwing some random bag of dust in my face…

I had a simply AWESOME time at BENT-CON 2012 this weekend. It was such an amazing pleasure to meet some of you in person and get a chance to shake your hands. We really do have the coolest readers in the world. And we also managed to sell out of the 40 special advance copies of Artifice I brought with me by mid-Saturday. So exciting! I’m very much looking forward to my attending Ahn!Con with Winona Nelson the weekend of January 11-13 in Kansas City. Not only should I have a few more advance copies of Artifice on hand but Winona’s painted some special Artifice art for the badges! Hope to see you there!

Oh, and that’s right


The ninth bonus page in a row! And there’s already $10 on the donation bar below towards the next bonus page!

Special thanks, a warm welcome and grateful bow go out to new supporter Michael M. for their generous donation on Sunday! Thank you, Michael!

So! The contents of the bag have been now been revealed and it seems a couple new heroes have leapt upon the stage. What are the effects of that dust on Kyle? What order will these the heroes execute their stated plans? And are they truly sorry to interrupt what has been a simply lovely brunch date?

Tune in this Saturday to find out!

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  • GiovanniBoss

    Looks like they’re skating. xD

  • Duncan looks so sincere… It’s hard to think that he was actually using Kyle for something… D: But I hope he kicks these’s losers’ butts! How dare they interrupt their date. >n<

  • Laurenihilation

    I love this page! That little moment between Kyle and Duncan – “You’ll always be safe with me.” agdyusahgfuifgwqie The fact that Duncan has some nefarious motive behind this date thing causes conflicting emotions. ><
    Oh the feels. 
    Talkative "heros," aren't they? XD

  • Now I’m all Annihilator the evil dude as the next skeptic .. but there is a tiny wee part of me hoping he means it and the bag of crud wasn’t a TOTALLY nefarious plot… kinda… sorta…. ::grin::

  • Makes sense that as a supervillain, he was kinda expecting the date to get interrupted.  I wonder if he’ll use Kyle as a “hostage.”

  • “You’ll always be safe with me” … his hand … gah! *wanders off to her happy place*

  • stars0326

    I just found this comic and I am in love with it!! I cant wait for Saturday 🙂

  • Erica

    … I really like how Duncanni grabbed Kyle’s face and promised that he’ll always be safe with him… it actually made me have butterflies in my tummy [#’_’#] weird… >-> or maybe it’s cuz i just got done watching Brokeback Mountain for the first time today. lol DUNCANNI! YOU MUST PROTECT HIM, IF ONLY ENNIS COULD HAVE FOR JACK TWIST!! ; ^ ; WAHHHHHHHHHHHH! *dies on floor* :ccc 

    is Duncanni gunna pretend like he had Kyle in some kinda daze or that he’s got him hostage or something?! omg! STOP COCKBLOCKING YOU ASSHOLE NOT SO HEROES! >:U

    • Yes! I’m all about the romantic face-grabbing.  Is that a picture sub-genre? It should be! There’s just something so deeply intimate about face touching at all.  

      And Brokeback Mountain – I saw it once and it just got me so hard in the feels I couldn’t bear to watch it again.  Then Heath died and the feels got even worse 🙁

  • nebi_lan

    omg i love the expression in the third panel y so serious and so sexy that i almost forgot he’s the bad guy. <3 , love the old man , love the old maaaan ~ (8) * and keep singing waiting for the next page*

  • amnesia dust, you sprinkle a little bit in their face and they forget the whole thing -sprinkles dust in face- that’s how it works. -confused amnesia victim- that’s how what works? amnesia dust, you sprinkle a little bit in their face and they forget the whole thing -sprinkles dust in face- that’s how it works. -confused amnesia victim- that’s how what works? amnesia dust, you sprinkle a little bit in their face and they forget the whole thing -sprinkles dust in face- that’s how it works. -confused amnesia victim- that’s how what works? amnesia dust, you sprinkle a little bit in their face and they forget the whole thing -sprinkles dust in face- that’s how it works. -confused amnesia victim- that’s how what works? never gets old xD

  • nebi_lan

    Hahaha after redaing again and again i think i’ll keep laughing with kyle’s face on the second panel, oh yeah ~ love the old maaan ~(8)

  • CommodoreZelda

    *SQUEEEE* Oh, Anni, as if you didn’t already make me melt, that third panel… *dies*

    I know he has ulterior motives behind this, but… he’s just so cute!!!

  • I’m just a wee touch worried about Kyle being knocked out on the floor there right afterwards.  What’s happening to him?  Is it Magical Disguise Dust? 

    And is it just me, or is Kyle being a little bit self-centered here? The man whom you just speculated about being in a relationship with is under attack (and so are you, bright boy), and your first thought is “OH GOD WHAT IF THEY SEE ME I’M OUTED?”

    Priorities, young son. Priorities. xD

    • pinglederry

      I think Kyle’s also worried about being seen out associating with a known super-villain by heroes, which seems like a bigger worry.

      •  This is very true; i didn’t include that, though i thought it.  I guess he could make up some tale about the old double-cross and capture, though he seems too naive to think of it on the spot. Heh. 

        • Thing is, would date-buster super heroes believe double-cross and kidnap from the kid in the expensive tux eating a very nice dim sum?

          • Perhaps the tux magic will wear off by the time they notice him?

            Though, speaking of tux magic, I still wonder if it will be his original clothes or if he’ll end up just some degree of naked.

    • He’s a teenager. It’s a stressful situation. His brain isn’t developed enough at this age not to be self-centered and emotional.

      He might just be in shock too. When my older brother’s car was hit by a deer these were my questions in order. “Is the deer okay?” “is the deer dead?” “How bad is the car?” *long pause* “OH MY GOD! ARE YOU HURT?!”

      Seriously, some times the first question you should ask is the last one you think of. Maybe he would have asked had he knocked be knocked out with fairy dust.

      • You’re absolutely right; people say strange things when they’re in shock, but it’s still pretty funny. xD

  • Becky

    That dust is very sparkly.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Oh this is some nefarious ish going on here…you have me rooting for the “bad” guy (“you’ll always be safe with me,” *swoon*), mad at the good guy (really Kyle? Anni is trying to PROTECT YOUR ASS and all you care about is being outed to your friends? *face palm*), and even booing the super heroes! Your machinations in narrative and reader manipulation border on skullduggery, and I like it!

    I don’t even know who to root for any more, which leaves me feening for the next page just to see where the roller coaster will go next! I’m so glad I get to enjoy this wild ride; can’t wait to see what kind of loop-the-loops Saturday will bring!

  • Oh Duncan, that has to be the most romantic thing to say! Definitely goosebump worthy, but then you throw sparkly Platinum Priestess Dust* in Kyle’s face!  I’m thinking and hoping it’s just a glamour/illusion spell, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    *patent pending 

    • Everyone seems to think it’s an illusion spell. Personally, I’m going for straight up knock out dust!

      •  When you just don’t have the time to rufie his drink, just throw your load in his face

  • These guys seem kinda… douchey

    • David H

      Just like Rob Liefeld.

      • Sanbai

        Except with, ya know, artistic talent.

    • The Annihilator would likely agree with you. 😉

  • CJ

    These two are just jealous that Kyle and Anni were having a better date than them.

    • nolisa tenbrit

       that seem so true looking at those two ^_^

  • Wow! What an update! NEEEEEEEEEEED more!

  • Shasarazade

    I don’t know what kind of heros these dudes think they are, but throwing a metal ball into a restaurant full of civilians and picking a fight with another dude, with the civilians STILL AROUND, doesn’t seem very heroic. At least The Authority tries to stop villains without hurting civilians…though for them the collateral damage is still high, lol.

  • Zana Starzia

    I love the third panel. 🙂

  • Sanbai

    Ya know, after such a touching comment, and then the sleep-dust, I would have expected Duncan to romantically catch Kyle and gently settle him to the floor – but with the quickness of the panels, I can’t help but to think he just let the teenager clump backwards in a heap ;D

  • Welp. That’s it. If I ever had any hesitation about liking our Silver Fox, that is all gone now. The man is a romance NINJA.

    Team Annihilator all the way.

    • Romance ninja is like my new favorite nick for Anni.

      • Duncan Annihalator Silver Fox Romance Ninja Wells. He’s what villain fantasies are made of.

        • KiannaLeigh

          I give you so many sparkly thumbs up hugs right now.

  • Ooh, loving the samurai dude lol.

    I know I should probably hate these guys, but they have awesome designs and I’m excited to see what’s gonna go down. Come on, Anni! (I don’t doubt him for a second!)

  • AHAHAHAH You know, they ruined the date, but damn aren’t they funny.

    Also love the sword guy design, quite cool!

    Aaaand… I reaaaally want to see Anni fighting <3

  • Is is just me or does it look like Anni is trying to respond to the two Heros in the last two panels but he can’t get a word in edgewise?

    Amazing as always Alex. That was an amazing line that Anni delivered. Way to get us all on his side before the climatic (anti climatic?) battle!

    I am beyond excited for the update on Saturday. I’m curious how Anni will deal with the heroes, what the dust actually did (I’m assuming just knocked Kyle out), and so many other questions. What will happen next?! 

    • Thank you very much, Holly! Glad you liked that line… 🙂 

  • auburncrow

    That third panel… Alex and Co., you know just how to reach into my heart and tug on all the strings! 🙂

    And I have no idea what’s coming next but I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

  • I think maybe Kyle isn’t as worried of being outed as gay here as being worried about being seen on a date with the worlds baddest super villain I mean..that’s kinda something for destroying your budding super hero career or is that just me?
    That aside yeah Kyle should be a bit more worried about..Annie or..dying or stuff like that..but hey all super heroes basically think of themselves as immortal..and Bad anni throwing dust at Kyle’s face..even if it is sparkly!

    • Becky

      Well, so far all they’ve done us blow out a window and cause Kyle and Duncan to fall over a little bit, which in the realm of super hero action is probably roughly equivalent to ringing the doorbell. So I can see why Kyle is primarily worried about his heroing reputation at the moment, and not yet concerned that any serious harm will come to him or his villainous date.

  • C H

    Superhero brutality. 🙁 It’s like police brutality, but it involves cooler uniforms and super powers!

    I hope Kyle isn’t cool with them saying they’d like to smack Anni down even if this smack down would take place after they have him restrained, in custody!

  • I know I always feel saver when someone throws strange glitter dust in my face that makes me pass out.

  • ithilloke

    Ah, now we get to see Anni in action! *rubs hands together*

  • DarkFeanix21

    The conspiracy theorist in me has to wonder if these guys are really villains and all this is a ruse so that Duncan could throw that powder stuff in Kyle’s face. The shipper in me wants to punch those two knuckleheads into next week for interrupting Kyle and Duncan’s date.

    Funny how the line between good guys and bad guys gets a little blurry when one of the main characters in the story is a supervillain.

  • bibliophile41

    Dun dun dunnnn…
    It changed his face!

  • b3nc0

    Hey, hey, heeey there Alex, cut the irony will you… It ain’t no “random bag of dust”, it’s “random bag of /GLIMMERY/ dust” ¬_¬

  • b3nc0

    & I’m sooo rejoiced by the news that 40 people & their friends have the opportunity to read their very own physical copy of Artifice before us, faithfull KS supporters b^^d

    • I agree that it’s not ideal. :/ Kickstarter backers have pre-ordered 850 copies of Artifice and the printer only sent me the 40 advance copies which I could sell. And many KS backers rewards include Winona’s signature and she won’t be flying into San Francisco to sign the books until January once I receive the bulk copies from the printer.

      Selling those 40 copies meant I didn’t have to go into debt to attend this Con, but the last thing I would want is for those who supported the printing of this book to feel disrespected in any way. I had actually debated long and hard about not selling any of the advance copies just for this reason. But ultimately  I made the choice that I made. I’ll certainly understand if you feel I made the wrong choice and I’m very sorry if doing this made you feel in any way that I don’t value your amazing generosity. 

      You and the other Kickstarter backers literally made my dreams come true and I feel deeply, deeply grateful to all of you. That is really how I feel. And once I receive the bulk copies, I promise to do everything in my power to get you your copy as fast as possible.

      • auburncrow

        For whatever it’s worth, Alex, as a comic pro I fully agree with your decision vis a vis the advance copies.

        Making comics takes money. Attending conventions to publicize your work takes even more money. None of this grows on trees: it comes from selling what product we have on hand in order to raise the capital to keep going. 

        Also, since you only had forty advance copies, who among the KS subscribers SHOULD have gotten those copies? To try parcelling them out to the KS supporters would only, in my opinion, involve favouritism that would be far worse than the decision to sell the advance copies at a convention in order to raise money to keep your current projects going.

        If I’m making wrong assumptions here please feel free to correct me (of course), but having those forty copies sitting around would only inhibit your ability to invest in current properties, and parcelling them out to some of the KS folks and not others would have been unfair. Selling them at con seems perfectly fine, at least to me. 🙂

        (Also, there’s the issue of the signatures on the KS copies, which in my opinion just makes the forty advance copies even LESS eligible to be handed out as a KS premium.)

      •  As a Kickstarter supporter I agree with your decision to sell! You need the $, plus, how would you have decided which of your many supporters got copies, then?

        Don’t let self-entitled idiots bring you down b^_^d  Thumbs up to you!

      • Sanbai

        *points at Alex while holding a megaphone* “Behold! The world’s first man made entirely out of sugar cubes! He’s just too damn sweet!”

      •  I don’t mind that you sold those copies, Alex. You do what ya gotta do!  Besides those copies weren’t singed by you and Winona so I don’t count them as KS rewards.

  • Interpolation

    The heroes are not truly sorry that they interrupted the date.  They will be though.

  • KiannaLeigh

    OMG! Starfighter, Teahouse and YP updated all in one day! Yes! It’s like Christmas, my birthday, and Halloween all rolled into one! Squee!!!

    1)I love slooty Abel!(◕‿◕✿)
    2)I no longer like Axis because he’d mean to Rory!(>д<)
    3)And Duncanni loves Kyle! Yay.ヽ(^。^)丿

    And such is my evening. Praise Yaoi!

    ⊙▂⊙ I forgot! Purpurea Noxa updated as well Eeeee. And therefore:
    4)Dylan and Falko be hothothothot-hot-hothothot! Yae!! (´∀`)♡

    • I know!! It’s like .. a trifecta of awesome! Especially since SF and Teahouse (of late) aren’t really regular

      1) I have my suspicions there, but damn if i don’t love me some Praxis any way I can get him!
      2) Agreed! Poor Rory!
      3) Teehee hee yes yes!

      • Whoelsetherealone

         1) I don’t like the way Praxis do it. It’s… missing something. It might be less brutal than with Cain, he is still acting a bit like a cromagnon… Seriously where is the 5-pages forplay… you supposed to be the gentleman here!
        2) Right now even if Axis is one of my favorite character: want to punch him in the face and draw with blood his missing tatoos!*
        3)Youhou too… but I keep wondering: if the two super mercenaires didn’t show, what was the original purpose of that sleeping powder Annie was carring ?

        *did you realize that Axis rimes with Praxis… 

        • 1) Considering how quickly his partner is going, I think Praxis is slowing it down – also I will admit to liking it a bit rough so I’m a bit biased there.  (There’s a reason my bookmarked page for YP is the one where Duncanni has Kyle pinned to the wall!)
          2) Gildar is my favorite, hands down, followed by Reed of all people but Axis is generally likeable ‘cept for this.  *No I didn’t, now I either want Axis in an eye patch or Praxis in some ink …

          3) Are we sure it’s sleeping powder? That would leave Kyle *deeply* vulnerable if something *should* happen to Duncanni.  My guess is it’s a glamour, so Kyle is still mobile/able to escape if things go south, but he won’t be “outed” as being on a date or any kind of non-fight-encounter with ‘the enemy’

          • KiannaLeigh

            Axis with an eye patch or Praxis with ink. Why not both! (^_-)

          • I like the way you think!

          • Whoelsetherealone

            1) I like it rought too you know, so I join you in here.  And I didn’t say softer… I just say less quick… less hum conventional is more what I have in head. I don’t know, I enjoy the whole thing, don’t get me wrong. It’s just, it misses something. Some I don’t know what that makes this scene different from the other, that makes this situation quite disturbing. And not because it’s Praxis with Abel. No it’s really something that I can’t really definite yet, like the way he present his dick to Abel in a “There come” way. 
            I know that Abel is rushing and act like a cat in heat, and that disturbs the whole thing. But when I so him just show his tool like that with no less manners, no less “show” or I dare to say sensuality, it’s like I’m watching a porn in fact. It’s pure sex with no thrill and that’s all. But it’s only the third page so may be that gonna be a bit different after. So I just camp and wait to see the next episode.

            2)Actually my real favorite characters if we are talking about thrill and craziness stay Rhys, Reed and Sacha,. But I do like Gildard a lot. He is nice and honest in his though. Maybe a bit to nature and simple headed and that is why I also fear him and his reaction when he gonna learn Lineus has been sold. 

            However if really I have to pick the character that I love above all me, would choose Claret… and Mercucio. They are the only characters in that story that aren’t selfish. 

            3)I’m absolutely not sure about what is the powder. I say sleeping powder like I could have say the flying roll spring. I don’t know what is exactly. It would definitely be too easy if it was only a sleeping powder. After all, it was said is that the powder was hard to find since Annie needed it to work on Kyle, or I will dare to say, on Kyle’s power. And the fact that his fire aren’t magical or due to a mutation, it seemed to give some hard time to Sircea to find something feting to him. Whatever “it” and “its purpose” are. But it style knocked out Kyle since we saw his foot lying down on the 5th panel. And it doesn’t seem that Kyle is just sit down. 

            However I am more into something that annihilate Kyle’s power as you said too… and that won’t be so suprising according to the supervilain name of Duncan “Annihilator”. But I like the idea of the glamour too. Let’s wait and see. No need to rush to find the mystery. It will only spoil our mood 🙂 

        • KiannaLeigh

          1) I agree! Praxis seems so similar to Cain but not as honest about it so it bothers me. He’s hot thou…
          2) Axis might be my favorite but it’s probably Rory, Claret or  my web-comic mistress Argent. (Platinum Priestess is my web-comic wife)
          3) Maybe it’s a plan B sort of thing. You know, just in case.

          And Axis does ryhme with Praxis but Axis is more like Cain. In fact there’s a short web-comic with them interacting. I don’t remember where it is thou.

          • Whoelsetherealone

            It’s in the extra of Starfighter. It has been drawn by master Hamlet Machine herself.


          • Whoelsetherealone

            Sorry Mr Woolfson, this isn’t some promotion for your rival/colleague. Hope that won’t bother you. 

          • KiannaLeigh

            Eeeeeeeeee! I remember that now! *flies off to read* 

            On a another note, geez this became a multi-dimensional yaoi web-comic discussion. Only on the YP comment thread. ^_^

          • Whoelsetherealone

            Well it was said on the previous page: it’s the cross over intergalatic universe whatsit indentity crisis… So no need to worried about. Very soon, all the yaoi universe will become one!!!!

          • KiannaLeigh

            Oh my God. It happened. That moment that comes along every few pages. A comment so epic that the only response is a PIECE OF FAN-ART!

            I’m off! *whooshing sound*

            But I’ll be back. with art!

          • Whoelsetherealone

            Hey! Wait for me… I’ll bring my Super Wacom Tablet !!!!


            Damned, she is already gone. So fast! 

            Teleportation. Jeez! Really… Genetical Super Power: It’s underhand cheating! 

            No wonder, so much badass super villain appear each time a new “natural super hero” shows up. They just can’t stand it.

            Ok, I… guess I just have to go to borrow batman Jet. Again…

            Rah. I hate wasting my time.

            (walk* walk* walk* away and disappear)

  • That third panel <3

    Not gonna lie, I think I swooned just a little bit at that dialog.

    • Jillthefish

      I know, right?! I’ve come back, like, four times just to read that over again.

  • I just noticed in the *counts* Fith panel, Duncanni has a kind of Rubber Heroine Spine ™ thing going on.  Were he a female, we’d be getting both rear and frontal cleavage. Not as extreme as some but it still amused me.

  • KYLE: “But–”

    ANI: “Sorry, no butts… yet.”

    • Whoelsetherealone

      good one

  • Feverfew_M

    Panel 3: I’m probably completely out of my mind but…somehow I believe him.
    And I think there’s more to the mysterious sparkly powder than just knocking people out.  You could have that a lot easier. Can’t wait to find out what it did.
    And what is Anni’s history with heroes? Whenever it comes to them he seems to be almost…disenchanted or something.

  • Okay, I’ve just decided, just right now, to ACTUALLY trust Duncan a little, because if I were a super villain being attacked by a bunch of so-called heroes while on a date with a still very innocent Kyle, I’d probably dumb some sleeping powder in his face, too. Assuming that’s just sleeping powder. I’m really hoping that’s just some kind of sleeping powder. I swear, if he just goes “Oops, grabbed the wrong bag, that one was poison,” I’m going to flip ALL the tables =_=

  • Young Protectors, Teahouse, and Purpurea Noxa ALL updating?  I’m in Yaoi Heaven!

    These “heroes” realize they are are endangering innocents and willfully destroying a business just to get to one villain?

    The spring rolls seem like a distant memory.  RIP.

    • KiannaLeigh

      Oh yea! I forgot PpN update on the same day too! ^_^ Teehee. yesterday was a good day!

  • David H

    Oh, boy.  Rob Liefeld wannabes.

  • auburncrow

    Hmmm, is it a bad sign that I have a “Young Protectors” fanmix playlist on my iPhone?

    Probably, but I’m having too much fun to worry about it inordinately! 😀

    • Now I’m curious. What’s in the fanmix? 🙂

      • auburncrow

        In order:

        “This Is War” (30 Seconds to Mars)
        “Fame” (Edit Show by DanMorais) (Suzanne Palmer)
        “History Repeating” (Propellerheads)
        “Lemon Crush” (Prince)
        “Sinful Wishes” (96 Euro Mix) (Outta Control)
        “Temptation Waits” (Garbage)
        “Burn” (Sister Machine Gun)
        “Drumming Song” (Florence & The Machine)
        “Circle of Light” (Ani diFranco)
        “E.T.” (Katy Perry)
        “As Time Goes By” (Andy Williams)
        “Enjoy the Silence” (Son of Rust)
        “Everything I Do” (Bryan Adams)
        “Hall om Mig” (Nanne Gonvall)
        “Heaven’s On Fire” (KISS)
        “Hella Good” (No Doubt)
        “I Surrender” (Celine Dion)
        “Kiss From A Rose” (Seal)
        “If That’s What It Takes” (Celine Dion)
        “Naturally” (Original Edit) (Selena Gomez & The Scene)
        “Night And Day” (U2)
        “When Tomorrow Comes” (The Eurythmics)
        “A World To Believe In” (Celine Dion)
        “Anywhere” (Evanescence)

        What can I say? I enjoy my guilty pleasures music (and a mix that’s good to work to). 🙂

        •  You, i like, and i’m stuffing most of this into my running playlist now. 

          • auburncrow


  • Midwestmutt

    Three thing to say: #1 I’m betting the powder is to disguise not knock out. Annie would be smart enough to see the need as this attack points out so well. As an anonymous boy-toy Kyle would be beneath notice. #2  For some reason silver-suit makes me think of Sgt Rock #3 The 40 copies of Artifice were yours to use as needed, but the promised video answers to our questions would be a nice consolation.

    • 1) You won’t have to wait long to find out.
      2) Interesting.
      3) I agree. Managing my mother’s sudden illness has taken up a lot more time than I could have anticipated, but I finally was able to transition her from the nursing home to an Assisted Living Facility this week, so I’m hopeful that things will stabilize a bit. I’ve already shot all the answers, so hopefully I can get to editing those videos in the next couple weeks. I appreciate your patience on that. 🙂

      •  Hey Alex, I’m glad your mom is doing so much better!

      • ironbanana

        Oh man, that stuff is a challenge! Happy holidays to your fam!

      • Midwestmutt

        Sorry to hear of your troubles. My mother spent her last five years wheelchair-bound in a nursing home. I know how wearying it can be.The move to assisted living sounds like welcome improvement on the situation.

  • Oh gosh! I really like where this story is going! I was worried for a bit… *sweat, sweat*

  • They’re too showy!  These guys need to stop this bantering.

  • ironbanana

    Have you ever heard a song by ‘Dreamboat Buddies’ Aaron Bergunder, called “Man of Steel”? I recommend listening to this song while gazing at the facetuch…..

  • coyoteconscious

    And now he’s going to kick their asses in that fine suit.

  • What he said in panel 3 made me feel like he has known Kyle b4 “Engaging the Enemy” and fell in love with him at first site and has decide to protect and be with him.

  • Annihilator, “I’ll never let any harm come to you!”
    *throws mojo powder in Kyle’s face
    *Kyle falls back and immediately hits his head on the table and lands face down in a bowl of soup
    Annihilator, “Oh!…Shit-balls…”

    And new names based on their dialogue. I’m thinking somthing along the lines of Ninjerk and Sgt. D-Bag or Captain D-Bag.

  • azurefiction

    … is this a universe where there are no secret identities? Or is it that some villians / heroes make the choice to not have one?

  • ForeverForking

    Oh! Is it… AMNESIA DUST? Mayhaps Kyle will only remember that last bit there. We shall see!

    •  Can’t be amnesia dust; it would be weird, but hilarious, to intensely tell someone to remember something, then slap them with the ol’ oblivate charm.

      • Duncanni’s not above a little manipulation.  “You’ll always be safe with me, remember that.” *kiss* *amnesia dust* “You’ll always be safe with me,” *Kiss* *amnesia dust* and repeat … Yes, I’m awre there was no kissing in the actual Panel of Lurve but … so? lol

  • Mary Klemzak

    Third panel love. 😀 

    OHH the dust! I hope the dust is for invisibility.. Didn’t even know there was an update. DOH! And there will be another one tomorrow. right?!? 😀 *hopefully looks at Alex with big puppy eyes*

  • Ree

    Wow, what wonderful designs for these new “heroes!” And I’m also constantly loving the architecture, flying eggrolls, etc etc 🙂

  • SolrSurfr3

    Aaaaaw, Duncan’s so sweeeet! >w< You sure know now to pick 'em, Kyle! 😀