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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 3

103 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 3

Spooky Jones, Ladies and Gentlemen.

We have new Fan Art by Fifi. Something a little different this time—it’s Kyle re-imagined as a woman. Thanks, Fifi!



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So, what do you think is next for The Young Protectors? More magic lessons? More flying? More father/daughter synchronized diving? Tune in this Saturday to find out!

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  • Ahhh!  He’s a mage!  Mages tend to almost make other powers redundant.  It should be interesting to see what limitations he’s got on what his magic can do.

    •  I have to admit: magic was TOTALLY unexpected.  😀  And that dragon; he’s beautiful. 

      • Yukiness

        don’t you love how he’s modeled after the little toy finger cuffs? So cute

      • b3nc0

        Yeah, he’s beautiful ♥
        & the dragon too ;°)

    • I’m glad you’re looking forward to that, because I agree with you that limitations for magic powers are essential to avoid deus ex machina and other issues with story-telling.

      I remember watching the early episodes of Charmed (a serious guilty pleasure of mine) and wondering why the writers chose to limit their powers so much. They were witches after all—shouldn’t it be like Bewitched?! It was only as I developed as a writer myself that I realized how smart that choice was, particularly for a series that was intended to last many seasons.

      • Very well said!  I like mage characters, especially when they are handled right!  🙂

  • Larne

    Wow Spooks is amazing! I wonder what else he can do.
    Great page as always.
    I wish tomorrow would be Saturday >.< 

  • I love the dragon!

  • Also, that dragon looks like a mama cat handling a naughty kitten.
    “You stay here, derpdad. [shakes scruff and sets down firmly.]”

    • Hehe. Yes! I’ve always loved the expressions Adam created for the dragon on this page and that’s a great description!

  • Mcky Piansay

    Woah. Dragon power! Spooks looks awesome! The whole comic is awesome. AWESOME! :))

  • Aikka

    Seems you forgot to post that new fanart ^-^”
    At least i can’t see it there…

    Anyway, have to admit, i like this comic more with every page XDD

    • Glad to hear you’re enjoying the comic more and more, Aikka. 

      (And sorry about the delay with the fan art—I was stuck at work until 2:00 A.M. and while I could trigger the update of the page, I didn’t have access to my laptop with the fan art. It’s up now, though!)

  • krissdevalnor

    Oh I really like Spooks 😀 

    • krissdevalnor

      – and the idea of the nature of magic

  • I really love this page, especially the colours used. The only thing that I don’t quite like about the art is on the third pannel where Spook’s leg/coat is cut off by where the boundary of the pannel would be.

  • Yukiness

    HOLY-! That’s awesome! Someone is my new favorite just like that.

    I love how everyone appears to be their general ethnicity. He looks Asian (or possibly asian american). Same goes for Fluke, who actually looks African American as opposed to very dark asian. Stuff like that in Yaoi bothers me to high hell. Also love how Flyboy is escorting the baby to the proper medical authorities instead of just holding it in his arms and citing cliche hero lines.

  • xLizardx

    OK, with that final statement, that dude has just cemented my opinion of him as flat out awesome 😀 His styling reminds me a bit of the characters in Tough as well. I bet next week’s fan art will be all about Spooky Jones 😀

    • I can only hope. Spooky is a favorite of mine too… 🙂

  • uh huh.

    is it thanksgiving?

    i think someone’s serving up some corn and ham..


  • I love Spooky Jones.  Just sayin’. 

  • Spooky Jones is the man! I can say I love him already. Also – the dragon was fabulous!

  • acattvens

    He’s so cute in panel one.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Oooh, a bonus page! And here I thought I was only going to get caught up on last week’s page–now I have two to enjoy! the artwork is fantastic; love the burning building on the last page and the beautiful dragon on this one! And I agree with Yukiness in that I appreciate (as a person of color who does not see myself represented NEARLY enough in this genre) that the ethnic characters are drawn to look like their ethnicity instead of different shades of white people. Well done Adam and Veronica!

    I like Spooky and his way of thinking a lot! I have a feeling he says a lot of what I will now call “Spookyisms”–I’m looking forward to hearing more. 🙂 Thank you Alex for getting my  hump day off to a great start!

    • Not just that, but they also didn’t swing hard the other way by making the ethnic characters overly ethnic. I know some writers/artists who would have clad Spooky in a costume based upon Yoroi armor, or Changshan, or something else of that order and would have given him an appropriately traditional hairstyle to boot, even though of course, almost nobody actually still wears these things. At least, not on a daily basis.

      Adam and Veronica instead simply made Spooky your average contemporary Asian/Asian-American kid, who just happens to have some totally wicked powers.

      And yes, as my picture probably suggests, I’m as white as fresh snow on a lily leaf, so maybe I don’t really have as much right to comment on such things, but I’m still going to, since I think Adam and Veronica did an awesome job with these characters.

      • And getting that balance was also important—both in terms of being respectful but also because (and I don’t think I’m overstepping by speaking for Adam & Vero as well here) because it’s what’s real from our own lives. As Spooky points out, we all can play and work with the stereotypes society places on us, but in the end part of telling a good story is making sure the characters feel real and not just 2D cutouts/”straight from central casting” types. And to that end, I have to agree that Adam and Vero did an awesome job here! 😀

    • Yay! Glad you liked the new page, fujoshifanatic!

      (And also glad you’re liking the depiction of folks with different ethnicities here—that was important for us to get right.)

  • mikakitten

    AMAZING page!! 😀 So colourful!! I think I like Spooks! He’s quite clever in a way :3 love the page! <3

    I love Spooks! And I totally agree with him. Sometimes, you just gotta embrace how stereotypical some things end up.

  • KiannaLeigh

    Spooks is offically my favorite. Who fights crime in street clothes? The very awesome! No costue needed!

    • Agreed!

    •  My only question: hoodie -and- a trenchcoat?  Bro must get cold pretty easily. 

      [is trampled by rush of people offering to warm Jones up.] 

      • KiannaLeigh

        *peeks at the you shaped hole in the ground* … but … trenchcoats are bamfy. … you okay?

  • I hate to make my first comment on this wonderful comic a complaint so I’ll start out with WOO!  Chinese Dragon!

    And the colors on this page pop!

    That said, what is UP with the T&A pose in panel 2?

    • Looking at that panel, I can say that while a T&A pose was not intentional there, that what you’re saying feels to me like a fair critique. Don’t expect to see many of those from Commander in the future.

      Glad you liked the other elements of this page. 🙂

      • Hm, tried to reply before, but my comment didn’t get posted. Anyway.

        I’m sorry, I’m a little confused with the ongoing discussion re T&A, can someone explain? What’s the big deal? If she wants to stand/run in a sexy pose, WHO CARES? Just because she’s a commander, does it mean she can’t be sexy? Does being sexy imply she’s shallow/powerless? If we start critisising the comic for depicting a female character in a sexy way, aren’t we actually endorsing that very stereotype? Not to mention that for all we know, she may be doing this on purpose, ironic-like ;p I for one totally would if I got to strut the streets in an outfit like that, hehehe

        All the male characters are sexy, too (except for the falling daddy perhaps, but then to each their own). The guys are just sexy in a different way. No one’s objecting to that – so why the fuss here?

        Though to be fair, it does seem ot me the size of her bust changes from panel to panel a bit, but that’s different issue.

  • Jones is so totally straight

    • b3nc0

      I don’t know, with a rather-dull-colored super-outfit, he might have totally flaming civil clothes.

  • Phoenix_xxx

    I want that power, if it works the way I think it does.

    • b3nc0

      A bit like a Green Lantern power?

      • Phoenix_xxx

        That’s what I was hoping for x3 I was born for the Lantern corp.

  • Spooks rocks! 😀 

  • iTVXQ

    I like Spooks. He’s asian, can make dragons, and is really cute. Is he single? 😀

    • If he is, I’d fight you for him. Assuming of course he isn’t completely, utterly and entirely straight. If he is (which is unfortunately distinctly possible, since Alex isn’t ridiculous enough to make all his male characters gay or at least bi-sexual, even if this is ostensibly a yaoi comic); DANG! If he isn’t; better bring your boxing gloves.

      •  I hear there’s a Spooky Jones slapfight brewing over here.  [brings popcorn.]

    • Spooky is not currently in a serious relationship. Although, out of all The Young Protectors, he is by far the most successful romantically. 🙂

  • What kind of name is Spooky Jones if he doesn’t have ghost powers?  So his power is magic?

    • What makes you think his magic isn’t connected to ghost powers? 🙂

      •  All magic is connected to the supernatural and ghosts in some way.  But the one that connects the most with ghosts is Necromancy.  So are you trying to say that Spooky Jones is a necromancer?  Cause I was kinda hoping for something more like Danny Phantom….

        • That is assuming a ‘traditional’ western view on magic and its subdivision, as you might find it in books, movies and fantasy games. An assumption that may very well prove incorrect, since I don’t get the impression  Alex is very concerned with ‘traditional’.  

  • ManicThrifts

    (Kyle’s face. Do I sense a crush?)

  • milo

    ok much better. I am sure the prolog was a necessary part to the story but it was moving so slow. Already on page 3 and way more action. Yeahh

  • mikakitten

    LOVE how Kyle is just peaking in there! <3 his costume is so sexy! V.super hero! Can't wait to see Anni pulling him aside and kissing him in their outfits! :3 … but coming back to reality for a second (Oh…but my fantasys are so much more fun) I don't think Kyle really could have done anything in this situation…but made it worse! Darn having fire powers when the problem is fire…heehee it's still nice to see him tho…in his costume… CUTE!!! x3 wish Anni could see him! <3

    • b3nc0

      Kyle had to peak somehow, saturday was the first Kyle-free page, my, the angst D’=
      Did you notice that his look toward Spooks in the last panel, exudes more fondness than amazement ¬¸¬

      • mikakitten

        Yes, yes I did…and I think the current page kind of confirms it…as he’s awkwardly asking if Spooks did it for the girls…awww…heart break…. </3 I kinda like Flyboy tho 🙂 can't wait to find out more about him too! <3

  • Oki, he might not have the coolest outfit since it’s rather ‘daily clothes wear’ but Spooky Jones and his powers just became the most awesome for me.

    Conjuring a dragon from nothing. Now THAT’s impressing 😀

    .. not that flying or powers with fire, water and such isn’t empressing XD
    But come on – it’s a DRAGON *lol*

  • b3nc0

    I’ve liked Spooks since the first page ^¸^ but… but now…
    But now I’m in love with him ♥ Magic is the most awesomest power of all (^^) and closer shots show his B-U-T-ful-ness ♥_♥
    OMG-he-let-a-bang-of-hair-through-his-cap-just-like-I-do-so-we-re-cap-bros u.u
    The last panel shows that he has more control over his cockiness than Kyle & Flyboy!?

    • Cap bros, huh? Perhaps we’ll get to see a pic of Spooky cosplay in the future? 🙂

      And as for Spooky’s “control-over-his-cockiness”, well, he is older than both Kyle and Flyboy. But I’ll let you continue to form your own opinion over the next few pages…

  • Roseland

    So… there is only one woman on the team, she is Exceptional, she does not seem to have any special talents while the others clearly do (I might be wrong in this?), and here she is in the classic Tits and Ass pose on panel 2 while another team member gets to be powerful and kickass. 

    On T&A:

    And Jim Hines:

    *sigh* I really loved the comic up to this moment, but I may have to stop reading now.

    • fawn adkins

      While I can understand where you’re coming from, I think you’re jumping the gun just a little. We’ve only seen her in a coupe of panels so far, and to be honest, to me the pose in that second panel seems less like a classic T&A pose and more like the artist just fumbled a little in the dynamism he was going for. A lot of times in comics, you have to exaggerate things to get that feeling of movement, and it can be a fine line, you know? Sometimes things just don’t come out quite the way you want. I’m happy to give the artist a bit more time to show how he’ll handle drawing a female character. 

      • Roseland

        A lot of times in comics, you have to exaggerate things to get that feeling of movement

        Yes, but male characters are exaggerated to look more powerful, while female characters are exaggerated to look sexier. I understand that it is not a problem for many people, but it is for me.

        •  Not that i’m disagreeing with your feelings, but i am agreeing with the idea that you may be shutting this down a bit too fast.  TBH this is not the first slightly awkward anatomy moment we’ve had, and i attributed it to that, rather than to deliberate T&A.  Another thing that artists sometimes do when they’re unsure is default to previous examples, and unfortunately, in comics, a lot of previous examples are exactly what you find objectionable.  Considering the tone of the rest of the comic so far, i personally feel that this can be forgiven.

          As for her powers: we have a six-man team, of whom we have seen three so far in action.  Who knows what she’s got up her sleeves? 

    •  You are jumping out really too soon. For one, this isn’t exactly a T&A pose–look again–her chest is the only thing shown, her butt is in profile. Two, she is the leader. She is calling out all the shots in her team. She wants her mates to work together and is dressed to show that she’s in command, hence her codename. Third, we don’t know anything else about her. Give her chance, man. Everyone is gonna get their time in the limelight.

      I understand your feelings towards female objectification (i hate it with power of a thousand suns), but–like people have said before–you’re letting that little drawing get in the way of finding out who she is.

    • Don’t know, to me it feels this is all in line with the super-hero format. Chicks always get to look more seductive, and as a stiletto feminist, I personally think that’s pretty awesome, hehe. I’d much rather see her like this than having a nondesript figure and standing in a hunched pose… Not that guys don’t get objectified in this story or elsewhere, what with the groin bulges, figure gripping latex costumes, etc.

      And the fact that she’s a leader over a bunch of hunky guys, to me is an indication that she’s not just butt and tits – otherwise how would she hold the authority over them.
      Moreover, read somewhere that in the adventure scifi/fantasy genre, when there’s a group of diversely talented ocmpanions, it’s kind of a classic trope if the leader doesn’t have any “special” abilities, because leadership is their special ability.

  • woohoo! I guessed right!!!!! I love Spooks already! Liked him first page, now I love him!! Please give him enough screen time, he’s so worth it :,D
    Can’t wait for new pages *u*

  • Someone knock open a hydrant so Tsunami can do some serious water-bending!  😉

  • Myrtu

    A Chinese dragon that big, flashy, and colorful probably wasn’t necessary. But it sure is pretty. And impressive. And I was not expecting it!

  • Love this page! The colors and action are great! Btw, the way Spooky’s powers are depicted give me a sense of ectoplasm.  Maybe it’s just me.  So are we gonna find out more about Commander? As a Native American woman myself, I’m wondering what tribe is she from and what are her powers?  But, lol, I bet this is the part where you tell me to keep reading right? 

    • Funny you should mention ectoplasm… 🙂

      And yes, we will definitely find out a lot more about Commander, including her tribe, powers, history, etc. But, like with the other Young Protectors, it might take a bit more time. “Engaging The Enemy” is primarily Kyle’s arc, so we’re mostly going to learn about his background in these pages.

      That said, I love these characters and there’s a lot I want to say about all the Young Protectors and I’ve been thinking of ways in addition to the webcomic pages to share that with you all. Stay tuned…

      And yes, please keep reading! 😀

      • Feverfew_M

        I like the way you say “Kyle’s arc”. Makes me think of more to come…

  • Ysabel Sanchez

    Spooks is so deep. I can feel the fangirl crush forming as we speak.

  • Ron

    chinese finger trap?

  • I want Spooky Jones’ power! Just saying, If I could summon a Chinese Dragon I would sell my car. Can you imagine?
    I am hanging with my crew heading to downtown Chicago. “Alright guys, Hop on my Dragon! We will hit Chinatown along the way! ”

    Ahhh, the joy that would give me. =)

  • To embrace a stereotype is to control it – I’m sure Anni would approve of that line.

    • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

      He would indeed……hmmmm. Makes for interesting thoughts.

  • I think Jones and Anni would get along pretty well; they’d totally be
    lunchtime bros at the local diner if it weren’t for that whole
    hero/villain thing.  ;D

    Also this was supposed to be a reply to December, but Disqus hates me today, so i give up before i make a mess. Heh.

    • KiannaLeigh

      LOL. Yes! They both have the puffed up with pride, I don’t give a damn what anybody thinks look about them. Puffed up in a good way. Maybe Jones will be cool with whatever happens between Anni and Kyle when it happens. XD

  • ToryKasper

    Spooks is officially awesome! I enjoy this page, and I love the diversity of the group! That’s so refreshing! Thank you for a wonderful page. If it weren’t three int he morning I’d give you a more indepth comment on my feelings of this page, but for now I’ll leave it at this and comment more when I am alive! 

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    Ok, AWESOME page. Beautiful. Spooky Jones is like, my favorite now.

  • Wow, I love the dialogue on this page! <3

  • Hrilmitzh

    Red hot in the last panel there makes me think “Canada Lad”, know if I saw the black I wouldn’t think it,  but it does make me lol.

    Also the baby makes me think of Sunny from the books “A Series of Unfortunate Events” from when I was younger.

    Gods this comic rocks.

  • Plum Soda

    Wow, it has only been a few pages and I am already a huge fan of Spooks. 

    Wow, glancing down the comments I can feel a Spooky Jones Fanclub form… and I like that 🙂
    But don’t worry, Ky-…errr… Red Hot, we know you hid in the last panel two and we didn’t forget you (or Anni, for that matter…).

    I can’t wait to see the story develop further, it’s been a prologue and 3 pages and it’s already way too awesome to not be promising.
    Keep up the good work, you just made my week 😀

  • WHAT?!? YES!!! Oh my god; Spooky Jones is a Badass and I hope he gets twelve kinds of laid!

  • Can the girl be gay too????Pretty please!!!!!!!!!!

    • geek_and_nolife

       Aww YES!

  • espoirepourmesreves

    I’m not sure where you live; so this may or may not be a stupid question.

    Are you attending FanExpo in Toronto in a few weeks?

    • Not at all a stupid question. I should really put up a list of the conventions I’ll be attending. Gotta get on that…

      But anyway, I won’t be going to FanExpo. But I am planning to attend TCAF, so hopefully you get a chance to attend that as well. 🙂

      • espoirepourmesreves

        Oh okay! Are you at one of the exhibits or just visiting?

        • I’ve applied to exhibit there. We’ll see! 🙂

  • ManicThrifts

    Time for an early start to camping.

  • I’m sorry, don’t get all the tumult with the T&A. Can someone explain? Why do people take offense with a woman standing in a nice-looking pose? Why is it read as implying she is shallow, not powerful, etc.? If you’re a powerful female commander, does it mean you are not allowed this form of look? I think that’s very limiting – in a way, it’s just as objectifying, really, because it’s all predicated on the assumption that stereotupical female sexuality somehow excludes internal content. Why?

  • ironbanana

    Oh, I LIKE THIS message. (Spook’s dialogue) Thank you.

  • I like this guy.

  • Derkins

    Re-reading the archives. Spoooky! <3 <3

  • Goddess Of Applesauce


  • camolot the creator


  • bureche15

    nice one Spooks.

  • Curt Clark

    Given that at the time of this comment, Spooks has been in a bad place for approximately a month and a half now, it’s nice to remember his first appearance in the comic was both hilarious and awesome.