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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 29

80 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 29

Ruh roh!

So! Right now I have my own little booth over at BENT-CON 2012 in beautiful Burbank, CA. This is my second time having a table at a Con and it’s so much fun to be able to meet our readers in person. And I’ll be at my table both Saturday and Sunday. If you happen to be in the area, please stop by and say hi!

We have new Fan Art by KiannaLeigh, a fun riff on something a commenter said and it’s entitled “Silver Fox Fire.” Do check it out. 🙂 (And we also have some nice new chibi Fan Art for Artifice by ~ElyssaJM. You should check that out too!)

More fun news!

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Well! It looks like we might have a couple party crashers entering the scene. I wonder what their deal is… And what’s that The Annihilator’s got in his hand? And what does he intend to do with it?

So many questions! Tune in this Wednesday to find out the answers! 😀

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  • Are they villains that are on bad terms with Duncan or heroes trying to take him in? Although good heroes wouldn’t start a fight around so many civilians if it could be helped.

    •  ORRRR Anni’s accomplices in his plan to trick/trap/tie up Kyle?

      •  That would be totally-dastardly and villain-worthy

  • Is that a superpower suppression field?  

    • kungfunurse

      Oooooooh, you’re smart. What if that’s what that is? AND it comes equipped with it’s own force field – it doesn’t even need to be orbiting a Sanctuary Moon around Endor! Somehow I suspect that Anni’s got back-up plans for whatever it is. Can’t wait!

      •  I’m kind of thinking that that’s what the pouch is about; you might be able to suppress powers, but not necessarily magic.  Which brings us back around to the question: how did he know to be prepared, and for what?  This suggests at least some foreknowledge…

  • kungfunurse

    Alright! Now we’re cooking. Whatever’s in that mystic little pouch is finally gonna be brought into play.  If Anni is going to use it against the incoming aggressors, is he planning to get a refill for his dastardly plan against Kyle?

    Someone in an earlier comment mentioned that Kyle might be forced to choose between standing with heroes attacking Anni, or standing with a known bad-guy against them. Seems like that Sophie’s choice was right on the nose! (I’m assuming these are overzealous hero types) I can’t wait to hear how his team will react when he gets back from his date! He’s been so worried about them finding out he’s gay – what a way to come out!

    ETA: Hey, I just had a thought. What if that little baggie is full of some kind of flash powder? Knocks everyone unconscious or something so Anni can make a quick get-away?

    • Sanbai

      I hope he takes Kyle! Otherwise it would be kinda hard for him to get back to the US!

      • kungfunurse

         LOL! You know, I completely forgot about that point. I just keep assuming that Anni is going to dash mysteriously away after all this. But that would put Kyle in a bind, wouldn’t it? He’d either have to somehow hope the PP will bail him out (yeesh!) or call home for help. Hello awkward…

  • amanda damron

    duncan looks like he could be in a james bond movie with that stance. lol!!! i love this comic!!

    • kungfunurse

       He does look quite 007 here, doesn’t he? And I love seeing Kyle’s face in silhouette here. As always the art in this comic makes me do a happy dance. 🙂

  • Interpolation

    Won’t it be bad if whoever these folks with the shiny projectile objects are find Kyle with Anni?
    Hero or villan, I think it would not be good if it got out.  Well, Duncan may not care, but Kyle would be ruined.

  • But why would heros attack a villain with a crowded of citzens they could have hurt some one.
    Oh and I guess Anni plan with that small bag has to wait. He he he he 🙂

    • Heroes care VERY little about collateral damage.

  • Aw… what a way to muck up a date…

  • Damn it all to hell! I need to find an artist before people start to think I am ripping Alex off. >_< *Deletes THAT plot line from my scripts*

    OOO how will the grown up heroes react to Kyle being there? Will they think he is a hostage? Will they think he is corrupted? Will they "rescue" him and give him a scolding?!

  • iTVXQ

    Oh my god. Is that… Is that Loki?! O:

    • Sanbai

      XD Nah, Loki would work alone or with minions (if at all). Also, love your name! I’m a Changminnie all the way!

      • iTVXQ

        Lmao, true that. 
        Yay, fellow cassie! Hi~ :3

  • Hmmm. Who are they and what do they want?! Are they superheros or villain’s? Are they truly attacking the Silver Fox or are they hired by him to make him look good in front of Kyle?! Ugh I must know! Wednesday just cannot come quick enough!

  • CJ

    Hm, regular heroes wouldn’t attack a civilian crowded restaurant to attack a villain, so the new arrival might be villains themselves, or vigilante who value justice over morality.

  • What if the bag is actually some kind of short term mind control magic and Anni’s plan is to get Kyle to defend him against some unknown heroes. Thus outing him and turning his team mates against him all at one time. This would definitely put Kyle in a situation where his only friend would be Anni. Just a thought, but an interesting one.

  • whaddaya know?

    alex did model The Titanium Titillator after a certain ‘James Bond’ actor, after all.

    (i didn’t know you had a crush on him, dude!

    ♥ ♥)

    lookie at who’s flying in all casual-like, as if he didn’t just completely ruin Sean Annorhi’s opportunity of making a “Big Dick” Reference to someone who would be jail bait, if this was still taking place in their hometown of chicago, illinois!
    sircea’s younger, anti-yaoi, cock-blocking son, all decked out in his own platinum duds!
    (notice that he is her polar opposite in terms of costume coverage!!)


    actually, i’m going to speculate that these two characters happen to be bounty-hunters (with some hella super powers, in their own right) — which is why they were able to track Duncan so fast!

    • actually..

      ..wasn’t anhi “waiting” for kyle for two hours, out in the open, back in chicago?

      why didn’t they go and attack him then, as opposed to right now?

      ´cuz, if these aggressors already know anhi’s abilities, then they should have also assumed that they had as much of a chance of landing a “successful” strike on him at a city street as they’d have in an urban restaurant.

      it wouldn’t make much sense for any hero, worth their salt, to go causing property damage and (unnecessary) civilian panic, if there is in fact a better way to go about things.

      but, there is still much unknown about this universe which mister woolfson has created.

      so.. this anhi’s opportunity to give kyle’s essence a taste test?
      ´funny that he’s reach for and take out his sack, so quickly, right?

      • Nightshadengale

        See, I was just figuring that they lived in China. XD

        •  the lady might live in china.
          but the dude seems.. ..not a china-native.

          • Nightshadengale

            The lady being the one in green? They both look like men to me–the one in green is leaner, but still has a masculine torso shape.

  • Suhndog

    OK:  The ‘intruders’ have forced Anni’s hand.. He’s going to do something with that small sack with Kyle..  Maybe that hummmm-ing thing-y is a teleport device to teleport Anni somewhere.. and will Kyle be going also?  ..  or – the humming device is a bomb? – or ?  Anni will protect Kyle.. and what conflagration will ensue?  Stay tuned… LOL 

    • kungfunurse

       Oh, a teleportation device. That’s a good thought, too. Can you imagine what Kyle’s reaction might be if Anni were suddenly abducted? I’m suddenly having a fanfic moment where Kyle goes back to his team and tries to enlist their help finding him. 🙂

      • Sanbai

        My fangirl heart is RACING after reading that! That would be EPIC!

  • Caffienated

    What if that silver humming thing is a power neautralizer meant for Anni? He would be in trouble…and then Kyle could save him :3

    • b3nc0

       I thought that too, but he came prepared ==> the pouch!
      Either to defeat the heroes, no super villains, forget it, opponents or neutrelize Kyle’s powers for WE reasons (from keeping him incognito to letting the villains capture him, via being THE man of the day…)?!

  • Suhndog

     Wait!!!  Look at panel 4 – in the back behind the patron with the yellow shirt…  ‘Someone’ is ‘silhouetted’ in red…  is that someone somehow involved? – are they glowing for a reason? Shouldn’t a normal ‘shadow’ be grey/black?  Hmmm ..

    • kungfunurse

      That IS interesting. Makes me wonder how many super-powered beings have just had their Dim Sum interrupted…

  • snowclrops

    I think the orb is a camera with its own force field. They want to record the fight. I wonder who they are.

  • Yukiness

    Oh Alex and gang, how did you know I had a thing for sihouettes? And this moment reminds me of the Incredables somehow.

    • Midwestmutt

      If you like The Incredibles then check out the latest The Whiteboard webcomic.

      • Yukiness

        Thanks man; I’ll be sure to check it out after finals

  • TwoWayStar

    These are most likely superheroes out to catch Anni! :0 the real question is: what will they do when they find a “junior hero” in an expensive restaurant with said super villain?! xD

  • Razmos

    “So here’s the thing.. If you want to date me, you MAY have to defeat my seven evil ex’s.”
    What i’m getting from this situation.

    • xLizardx

      I want to like this comment so many times. Once is insufficient to convey it’s sheer awesomeness. XD

      • Ayella

        Well, you could log out of Disqus and like it again as a gueast. ^.^

  • What’s he putting in his shirt? 

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    Aaaand there’s that little pouch again….I wonder what is in that pouch? Could it be that Anni will threaten to use it on Kyle if they don’t back down? Me thinks that would be too easy too logical….but then I am not the one writing this……The one writing this is the one we all love because he is so good at this:-)

  • KiannaLeigh

    Thing one: Awww! Alex we love you too.

    Thing two: It’s the pouch again!!!!
    Also this what happens when you date a super villain! Jeez!

  • Hope we get to find out what’s in the bag next page 😀

  • Okay well at least I feel like maybe Duncan isn’t behind this. Hopefully. I’m feeling like this is probably a legitimate attack, though it’s a wonder as to how they knew he was in China at that particular moment… Okay I still don’t trust him =_=

  • Call me crazy but i just feel like this is so staged. A show for Kyle. :/

  • Zachery Cooper

    Okay I can see how they can be superheros but I wonder if they are supervillians! Because we all know not every supervillian helps each other out. Omg how would kyle deal with this. AND what is that pouch anni has!?

  • Frin

    I still can’t shake the feeling that Duncan is either behind this or knew it would happen if he went out in public. Of course that could be me assuming that since he’s a villain he’s never entirely innocent in anything that happens. Who knows, maybe they’ll surprise me!

  • toli Bera

    This is the first time anyone’s been CoBlock’d by a superhero attack… 

  • lol. so if these are superheroes, i’m wondering why they just destroyed part of the restaurant…also it will be kind of funny if Kyle ends up fighting against them…

  • Shinashi

    Someone pointed out the pouch. Well, now I’m totally convinced this is all staged by Duncan and Friends. 

    Heehee, awesome.

  • Ryn

    wondering in the supposed “superheros” are less noble than they would have the populous believe, as i doubt normal heros would willfully destroy property. archvillian rivals perhaps?

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    Get ’em Anni! Kick their asses!

  • b3nc0

    Do I smell some smexiness a-flying?
    ♪ It’s raining men… ♫

    •  OMG, lol, I did not even think of that and my brain usually tries to add musical accompaniment to whatever it reads!  Dang now that song is gonna be stuck in my head all day….not that it’s a bad thing though 🙂

  • Amanda Smith

    Oooh, and he pulls out the bag of mysterious stuff from before! Do we figure out what it is finally?

  • SWEET.  ACTION SCENE.  I loves me some fightin’ scenes!

    I’m totally excited!

  • DarkFeanix21

    On the one hand, that humming could indicate something benign, like maybe some kind of homing device or something. Of course, on the other hand, it could be on the verge of exploding. I’m sure there are third and fourth hands as well, but I’m a little too concerned about the exploding possibility to think of those.

    On an art related note, I really like the silhouette of Kyle’s head in the bottom panel. 

    •  I don’t know; if it were about to asplode, would our two mystery men be so eager to close in?

  • OnyxLight

    Now this will be a date to remember… LOL

    Damn fine work as always and I can’t wait for the next page!  ^_^

  • Chris Woodworth

    Haha, Kirby Dots! 😀

    • auburncrow

      But only LITTLE Kirby Dots, so I’m guessing the situation isn’t THAT dire yet. 🙂 

      (It’s an unspoken rule in comics, isn’t it? The more and bigger the dots, the bigger the “OH SHIT!” factor…)

  • Selim Nagisokrov

    Who’s “Hunter” and “Killer”? That doesn’t feel like very heroic names.

    Supervillians! It -is- a trick or Anni pissed off some of his own league.

    • “Deadliest Gamer” and “Murderifier”? No still aweful. Ooooh! “Butt Stallion” and…”Bottom Lad”? Bah. Well, I’ll keep working on it.

      • Selim Nagisokrov

        No, no, those are names listed at the bottom of the comic rant

        Featuring Hunter, Killer, Kyle, The Annihilator

  • Just because Duncanni decided to sit out the crisis of trans world identities (or whatever if was) that doesn’t necessarily mean that it decided to sit him out, does it? I mean, it’s either that, or this is staged as many people are suggesting.  And Duncanni would never, ever do something like that!


    Denial! T’ain’t just a river in Egypt, folks!

  • QuantumKid

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEAAAAASE let that person in the green suit and ponytail be a hot samurai man

    • Your request made me laugh.

  • Midwestmutt

    I must confess that I have no idea what will happen next or which side that  Maskless Iron Man and Spider-Ninja belong to.

  • auburncrow

    Slightly different theory: the Platinum Priestess’s little bag o’ tricks is a teleport spell to get Kyle the hell out of Dodge if exactly this sort of thing (attack by a powerful enemy force) were to go down… and in about five seconds Kyle’s going to find himself back home again, alone (unless you count the “OMG DUNCAN!!!” panic attack as company, that is).

  • Antenn0

    I have a theory.
    These are neither heroes nor supervillains. They are “Justice-Assassins”.
    They don’t care about their comrades and doing damage – since they justify it by saying things like “we’re probably saving more people than we’re hurtin” to themselves – and just want to get the job done.

    • Ryn

       ooh, i like that. 😀

      Could make Kyle guilty by association.

  • My theory: They are Annihilator’s exes here to fight Kyle for the right to date him. No? Too Scott Pilgrim vs the World? And the bag of mojo? That I have no clue. Maybe it’ll summon Cthulu dressed as Lady Gaga and sing “My Milkshake Brings All Boys to the Yard”? Then while the enemy is distracted (Best distraction ever? I know it would stop me!), Annhilator will do what he does best-parkour their faces off! And that will be your WTF moment of the week!

  • nayia

    Hunter and Killer, huh?

  • Phoebe Solis

    The potion is totally an age potion, he mentioned earlier there was a big difference in between their ages! And what could be sexier than a 25 year old Red Hot? At least thats my vote 😉

  • Please don’t explode and turn Kyle or Duncan into the Phantom of the Opera, little humming ball-dealy. They’re both too handsome to take that kind of abuse.

  • Thank goodness for small favors. This “romance” is just…awful. I realize this is posted on a Yaoi site but a little more superhero-ness would go a long way. You do such great art that I’m willing to give it a chance but hte story is just awful.

  • SolrSurfr3

    Hey, isn’t there a rule against attacking super villains when they’re not in costume? ‘Cause if not, there should be.