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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 26

134 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 26

Why are they looking at each other like that? It’s making me feel… funny. What does it mean?! O_O

Oh, and hey


The seventh bonus page in a row! Incredible!

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So… I wonder what these two are both so curious about… Maybe we’ll find out with this Saturday’s update. Hope to see you there! 😀


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  • Om nom nom nom!

  • Jen

    That look the Silverfox is giving him~ That just screams caution~ God I love this comic.

  • This page… Made me melt. ouo I love Duncan so much as a character!!

  • As far as things to be curious about, he could do worse… A LOT worse.

  • Is this reminding anyone else of the Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood?  Duncan looks to be licking his chops over Red’s “basket of goodies.”

  • It went from uncomfortable in the last page to downright adorable in just a few panels.

    You can bet I’ll be camping on Saturday. ^^

  • samae

    IT’S A TRAP.  srsly. 

  • ‘Ware your balls, Red. Just, seriously… follow your heart, but cover your nuts.

    • Soitgoesgirl

      “Follow your heart but cover your nuts.”

  • Erica

    oh man, i have mixed feelings with this one…. Like… Duncan sounds down right sweet in the first few panels… but then the look in his face in the last panel… kinda makes it look like he’s thinkin “Got the cat in the bag.” D:
    hmmm, I’m curious TOO you guys!

  • I smell deception O.O

  • CommodoreZelda

    And then Duncanni will pounce on Kyle and they’ll make out in the middle of the fancy restaurant… *sigh* If only. I seriously need some action between them again. SO MUCH TENSION.

    Kyle looks really adorable on this page. Like, way more than usual. Kudos to the artists. 🙂

    • I’m with you on the needing more action.  Since this comic doesn’t have a ‘latest page’ page, I’ve bookmarked page 18 of the prologue just so I gets me some action every time I come look for a new page <3

  • OMFG, Kyle is so cuuuuuuuute!  I even know that motion he’s doing in the last panel!  That embarrassed head-ducking thing you do when you’re overwhelmed by glee and you can’t quite believe it and omg so happy, and he’s just so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!

    • Yep. That’s the motion. 🙂 (Coupled with a few other emotions…)

  • JM

    Ah, man. The Annihilator is so eloquent and charismatic. He is truly a manipulator, but in a way I like! Grrr…Now I actually think something good might happen between them…but we know the Annihilator has something sneaky up his sleeve! I feel like we, as well as Kyle, are going to get the rug pulled out from under us

    • It may be quite literally up his sleeve at this point, since we haven’t seen his left hand since it went into the pocket…

  • Anni’s smile in the last panel.. it’s like a cat who just found a bowl of creme – or actually, if I’m to keep the  cat metaphores..

    It’s like a cat playing with a mouse and he’s ready to pounce 😉

    Tricksy he is. Sceming and ready to have a little fun since the opportunity is there.

  • kungfunurse

    I’ve got nothing new to say here that others haven’t already mentioned. Oh, how I WANT to believe that Duncan’s more invested in Kyle than just using him as a pawn, but that last panel…

    On another note, I’ve been searching for webcomics to fill the time between Alex’s posts, and while there’s some nice stuff out there I haven’t found anything as gorgeously drawn and compellingly written as this. I don’t know why YP isn’t #1 on everyone’s list.

    •  Off the top of my head, Teahouse (of course), Starfighter, Bright Stars, La Macchina Bellica, and Enthrall. 

      • kungfunurse

         Sola, you da best, babe. 🙂 Sorry I’m so late to reply – just woke up from my Turkey coma.  LOL! Thanks for the recs!

    • Like Sola below I’ll say Teahouse and Starfighter (SF starts out a little roughly drawn but art gets so much better fast) and then I’ll add comics like Purpurea Noxa, 5th & Main, TEN, TJ & Amal .. and if you don’t mind something that’s not completely BL then Khaos Komix (GLBTQ) and The Fox Sister (m/f) have a good story and are really well drawn.
      Just to mention a few.

      • kungfunurse

         Hiya DW! Thanks for the recs! It’s been a busy week and I feel bad that it took me so long to reply. I’m planning on checking these out this weekend! Yay for time off!

    • Sanbai

      Don’t forget O Human Star! Or for silly, adorable fun, try Cucumber Quest – it updates like 4 times a week!

      •  Oh my god, i just read like the first 20 pages of this and it is amazing.  It weirdly reminds me of Katamari, as well. 

      • kungfunurse

         Thank you so much for the rec! I’m sorry it took me so long to reply – the holiday week had me running. thanks again!

    • Thank you, kungfunurse. ::blush:: I’m really glad you’re enjoying the comic! 🙂

  • KNT609

    evil face alert!!


    • In a world of Superhero and villians with magic, alien technology, etc; I wouldn’t be surprised if it was actually possible. O_o

      •  Maybe that’s what the magic powder does.  lol!

        •  Lol, omg that would be awesome! 

          •  And it would be juuuust like Her Holiness to switch Anni’s Folger’s Crystals with mpreg powder.  Just like her.

          • 😉

  • I do not know what to make of that last panel. It’s sorta freaking me out here. Kyle has this incredibly innocent shy little smile and Duncan over there is just like… grinning. I don’t know if it’s actually evil but it kinda looks like it. And after all that happy shpeal, I don’t know… I guess I just kinda don’t trust him still. He is only the world’s greatest supervillain, after all. 

    And on another totally unrelated note! Last panel, I was struck by Kyle’s stunningly smooth skin. It’s like… baby face. Yeah. In a good way. This was a lot of ranting, I’m gonna leave now XD

    • I was also struck by the contrast between Kyle’s amazingly young-looking skin and all the details in Anni’s face and expression.  It really captures their dynamic thus far; love that panel. 

      It’s really the light that seems to have its radiation point directly between them that does the job.

  • Kyle: “I’m going to pretend you’re totally not making a I’m thisclose to completing my evil plan face at me right now.”

    Duncan: “Oh, darn.. ..Was I making that expression again??
    “Please pardon me — I was only thinking about how delicious ginger tastes.
    “(I cannot help myself.)”

    Kyle: “You’re not planning on devouring me later, are you?”

    Duncan: “Actually, yes — yes I am planning on this.”

    Kyle: “Well.. ..Make sure you start at the root, then.
    “:: eviller grin ::
    “Treat me like I’m one of the Last Twinkies Standing™, thus savouring my strawberry-cream filling.”

    Duncan: “:: startled ::”

    Kyle: “?
    “I can throw a mean glare m’self.”

    Duncan: “:: feigns puppy-dog eyes ::
    “(:: prepares heart pills, just in case ::)”

    Kyle: “This is a wise decision, old man.”

    that’s an alternate scenario i have made up in my head.
    i wonder if it needs work..

    • Yukiness

      *stands and proudly appualds you*

    • As impressive as your tale was, I disapprove of the idea of Duncan needing heart meds. He’s obviously in PEAK condition.

      …he doesn’t need blue pills either, in case someone was going to suggest that.

    • KiannaLeigh

      No. No work needed.

      *fanning self. so hot*

      • maybe i should write up my own comic.


        but i have to commission someone to do the art, since i’m not very good at that myself…

        • KiannaLeigh

          I’d offer but I think I’m not that good either. T_T So will we never see the goodness of that scene played out?

  • All I could think was “NOW KISS”.

    Ahem.But I must say… I’m quite curious to what’ll happen. I really want Duncan and Kyle to (make~~ XD) work out but he’s a villain and well… On the other hand exactly for him being a he’s a villain it could be wrong to think badly of him just because (or not. I don’t know what I’m saying XD). And Kyle… Kyle is so young and inexperienced that it gets me wondering how far their future-relationship can go or if it’s even all that possible. Not because there’s a age gap but because he may want to fool around  a lil’ (and before anyone beats me with a stick saying that being young doesn’t mean he needs to fool around blah – I know that. But there’s nothing essentially wrong with doing it either).

    Ok, ok, it’s too late (early…? Like… 4am) for me to coordinate English properly. I couldn’t even coordinate Portuguese properly right now… I really should stop stalking for new pages -not

  • Interpolation

    Anni, you just dodged the question.  And you smiled in a sinister way.  Bad boy.

    Kyle, you are being unusually eloquent.  You are doing much better than your last encounter so far.  Good boy.

    Speaking of that last encounter… Are they going to do more than look at each other across the table?  That last encounter was very physical and this one seems to have a different sort of tension.

  • Wow, Foxypants is just getting more and more @#$%$…sorry for the fangirl speak, lol.  Kyle is just too adorable. Both of them just seem to be radiating cuteness and charisma like friggin kryptonite! 

    • Red Kryptonite! The kind that strips away all your inhibitions and makes you totally amoral. That kind of cuteness!

  • It feels like Anni is just spewing out all the best flattering phrases he can come up with at the same time.. It seems to work! Good for him!

  • Yukiness

    Dat contrast is sexy as hell. I even love that the backgrounds behind their profiles future accentuate what’s (possibly) on their minds.

    And I see that Anni’s tounge is just as sharp and quick as his legs.

  • BEST LAST PANEL EVER! My hat is off to Adam and Veronica. And I don’t mean, best last panel of this story. I do mean EVER!

     Just the excellent dichotomy between the innocent ducked head of Kyle with his tentative smile and Anni with…with THAT. What the hell is that look? It radiates darkness and corruption, but I can’t tell if it’s just the “rip the clothes off of the 17 year old” kind of corruption, or something more sinister. I can’t tell

    And we still don’t know why Anni was reaching into his pocket, or what the potion does?

    Alex your dialogue is beautiful and this scene is a wonderful way to build character, but there are far too many damn questions in the air for me not to want to shake you silly every time my questions aren’t answered. The anticipation is KILLING ME! The climax had better be Exceptional.

    <__>  That what she said. >_>  <_<

    I like that Anni is impressed by Kyle's honesty, I hope he isn't lying about that. I also enjoy that Anni's line about how the deceit of others lead him to certain choices. It's just so vague! ^_^ Does he mean he was tricked, or that he lost his faith in others so he that is why he took his path? A little of both?
    I also enjoy how you can SEE Kyle turning to putty in his hands. Excellent! Just excellent!Now I can't wait until Saturday!Honestly, I think I will be much happier about all the character development you've established here later, when I am not on the edge of my seat with questions. SO MANY QUESTIONS! -_-''

    •  Kyle totally kills me because he’s so vulnerable and so, so easy.  Even if Anni ha gone into this without a thought of manipulating him, at least a little, it would be awfully, awfully hard to resist at this point. 

    • Hehe. Thank you for the kind words, Holly—and there will be questions and as those get answered more questions and so on and so on until the very end… 😉

  • Monica

    Oh the thick necks and broad shoulders…. a dream in heaven! <3

  • Topkat82

    Oh, Kyle… You’ll be eaten raw… XD

  • Ayella

    Hmmm. Is Kyle really that innocent? Is he the one falling for Anni’s wiles or does he have something up his sleeve as well? It just seems so easy for Anni to haul him in. I mean – however much of a young, naive, virgin hero you are – you must be a complete DUNCE to expect a man called Annihilator to turn into a sweet loving and caring boyfriend, no?

    Having said that, I myself ALWAYS fell for the bad guys when I was Kyle’s age. I guess I’d just like to think that our young protectors have made their own plans to counteract the evil ones of the villains they are fighting.
    Bah, I’m so stereotype 😀

    Yes, I’m entirely in love with your storyline so far, Alex, it’s wonderfully suggestive. And Adam and Veronica’s art truly succeeds bringing it to life.

    • jupiter143

       Everyone likes the bad boys, amirite? 😉 I don’t think he’s necessarily a dunce, but he IS in the closet, and it’s possible Duncan is the only one who knows he’s gay. That right there is probably worth him giving the guy a shot. Also, I tend to think that Kyle is interested because before he met Duncan he was pretty black and white about the whole good and evil thing. But he’s interested to see who Duncan really is since he wasn’t what he expected on their first meeting. Also, totally handsome older man! <3

      All in all, his curiosity is likely overriding his Captain America ideals right now.

      • Ayella

        Yes uwarite 😀
        Also: I like your reasoning, all of it. I do like the image of the in the closet/out of the box Duncan you paint, and it does fit his behaviour.

        Yet, still, I hope Kyle is a little more shrewd than he seems. Mainly because I’m seeing a whole lot of awfulness coming his way and I’d like him to be in controll a little at least, when it hits him.

    • Thank you, Ayella! I’m really glad to hear that you are enjoying The Young Protectors! 🙂

  • My God Duncan looks positively evil in panel four. Than again Kyle gives one of those sly looks in the last panel so it all good.

  • jupiter143

    The feels generated by this page include, but are not limited to, warm fuzzies. I love the first date atmosphere.

  • hapax

    Right side of the panel:  “I’m curious about GOOD.”
    Left side of the panel: “I’m curious about EVIL.”
    Helpful waiter:  “Welcome to the Bi-Curious Table!”

    • Bad_Guy_Lover

       best laugh I’ve had all week. thank you!

    •  +5 points for you.  xD

    • KiannaLeigh

      Glitter awesome point to you to the maximum of infinity! LOL

  • auburncrow

    Love those expressions in the last panel!

    Kyle: “… so, teach me maybe?”

    Duncan: “Oh, little boy, I am going to ROCK YOUR WORLD.”


  • Chris Woodworth

    There’s something I really like about the last panel, but I’m not sure it’s intentional.  See, Kyle’s eyes here don’t actually match up with Duncan’s.  If you draw a line, he’s more looking at Duncan’s chin.  This, more than anything else, lends a feel of general submissiveness to his expression.  

    • auburncrow

      His pupils, however, ARE aligned with Duncan’s eyes. 🙂 I interpret his expression as one of those coy through-the-eyelashes upward glances, but that’s just me.

      ETA: I do agree that the lowered chin does convey a “submission” message, and very nicely too. *fans self* 😀

  • Lillexe

    Kyle, baby, he is LEADING YOU ON!!! OAO Why can’t you see that?! ((because you’re young, have no experience, and the dude know juuuuuust how to work you)). And I’m craving moar story!!! So good, I always look forward to updates 🙂

  • Bad_Guy_Lover

    *takes sharpie marker and writes ‘cute & stupid’ on Kyle’s forehead* Anni is going to eat you alive, child. And all us readings are going to LOVE every, last, lingering, moment of it. Gods I love evil.

  • Avengelyne

    Does it make me naive to believe Anni really means what he’s telling Kyle? =>.<=

    •  Oh, he might mean it; in fact, i’m pretty sure he does.  You can genuinely admire someone and still not have only the purest of intentions. xD

  • Alex, can we switch to “Duncan vision”? He’s undressing Kyle with his eyes and I wanna see Kyle naked!

  • I can’t put my finger on what’s going down here. Every time i think i have it i lose it. Love that though in a story. ^^

    The Young Protectors keeps putting a huge smile on my face!

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    If only I could have found someone like this when I was younger….things would be very different today.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    One more thought  just occured to me….they only have until “midnight” unless maybe Kyle ends up naked before then.

    • Selim Nagisokrov

      With those looks, I wouldn’t be surprise if they end up horizontal at a nice hotel. No need for clothes that disappear there. 😉

      • auburncrow

        You think Anni doesn’t have a lair here? 🙂 One of the perks of being an international supervillain is having posh pads EVERYWHERE, baby!

        • Selim Nagisokrov

          Hm. Too true.

          …Smooth move Anni.

    • Did we ever figure out just whose midnight she meant? Horizontal limbo or not, us going to be pretty awkward if Kyle ends up starkers at the local three in the afternoon. Heh.

  • older_gentlemen

    So far… through the whole story….it’s the little SHEEP falling and WANTING  the BIG, MANIPULATING, bad WOLF ;-D

  • DoktorNauk

    Oh, the feels brought on by the last panel! Anni just looks like “I bet you’re curious”  ’cause he’s so suggestive  and kinda evil and Kyle looks so trusting!

  • DarkFeanix21

    For some reason, I feel like if a supervillain tells you that you’re a good man and that he’s curious about that, you should turn around and run in the other direction. On the other hand, the Annihilator is very charming, so I can see why that may be a bit difficult for Kyle.

    •  At least Anni’s not much like Doctor Octopus in this regard.  Hopefully.  “What is it that makes you… good?  I will extract organs and analyze them until we find out.”

  • Said the spider to the fly~

    That silver fox has quite a rape face, lol

    Ya know, if this comic ever got animated(or voiced over), I think the Annihilator should be voiced by Clancy Brown

  • Epistasthai

    Yowza! I know I ought to be screaming, “Run Kyle, run!!!” Because Anni is just so smooth. Yet inside I’m screaming, “stay, Kyle, stay! We wanna see what’s possible!!”

    Those sure are some lines they’re saying to each other.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Alex! And thank you for bringing this to us – I find myself thinking about them during the week, and wondering what’s next.

    • I’m so glad that you’re enjoying the story, Epistasthai! Very cool to hear you’ve been thinking about it during the week. 

      And I had a great Thanksgiving, thank you—I hope you did too! 🙂

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    …*fangirl mode, activated* SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  • I am in LOVE with the artwork. Especially the facial expressions! I think their faces tell a story in of themselves and works so wonderfully with the dialog. Well done. 🙂

  • Maybe it’s just me, but do I sense a bit of something more…intimate in kyle’s future? x3

  • Awwww. Kyle is so adorable. Duncan/Anni, I sure hope your intentions here really are at least mostly honorable. You can be a supervillain and a bit of a scoundrel but still not be the kind of guy who’d go around kicking puppies if he could possibly avoid it, surely.

    • I get the distinct feeling Anni is a supervillain on the basis of a view that the world as a whole is filled with greed, corruption and evil, and he’s come to the conclusion that the only way to fix that is to take a route viewed as ‘evil’ to get things done faster. Similar to the Superman villain Lex Luthor, who views Superman not as a goody two-shoes to be wiped out so he can go kick puppies, but a crutch that humanity is relying on that must be removed – in most of the alternate timelines where Lex has been triumphant, the earth of the future is a utopian paradise under his (admittedly somewhat dictatorial) rule.
      Hence, as well, why someone like Kyle, who is genuinely a good and kind person, intrigues him so deeply.

      • auburncrow

        That’s my interpretation as well. Classical anarchy, IIRC, has a built-in assumption (at least in some branches of the philosophy) that while humanity is capable of great and enduring goodness, fundamental change in our present socio-political system will only be brought about by acts of violence that shatter the foundations of that system; through destruction, the ground will be cleared for the creation of a better world order. The Annihilator might be an anarchist for whom “the propaganda of the deed” (that is, bombings, assassinations, etc) is considered an essential tool in the remaking of society.

        (ETA: I should also note that there are many branches of anarchy in which pacifism is a central tenet, but given Anni’s name… well, I’m guessing he’s probably not one of them, at least most of the time.)

        •  It doesn’t appear that Annihilator has done anything murderous either or Kyle wouldn’t have anything to do with him no matter how charming.  Having been responsible for the death of people is rather a cold shower no matter how much charm.

        • And he’s already straight-up said that he has no qualms about putting people in danger in the service of a higher goal.  I can’t really argue with his position as posited here; a ideally just world does, in fact, need men willing to do dark deeds, no matter how much we might wish it otherwise.

      • Huh. I’m honestly not familiar with the Superman comics canon, but that sounds interesting. So, for Lex Luthor, Superman is a kind of…opiate of the masses? That sounds like something I could agree with.

  • Frin

    Oh man that last panel. Anyone else feel the temperature kick up a few degrees?

  • CommodoreZelda

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I’m thankful for this awesome comic!! Thank you Alex, Adam, and Veronica! You guys do great work!

    • You’re very welcome, CommodoreZelda! Thank you for reading and for the kind words!

  • KiannaLeigh

    OH EM GEE. Sexy!

    This year I’m thankful for Slash&Yaoi! And this comic and Alex. Alex-baby i love you and your team!


    can’t you just imagine what christmas is going to be like?

    •  Christmas doodle…?  Oh, i hope so! 

    • Love back, KiannaLeigh! I’m thankful that we have so many awesome readers like you! 🙂

  • Happy Thanksgiving, Alex and all the lovely, intelligent readers/commenters! I’m thankful for Alex letting us read all of his wonderful stories! I’m also thankful that his Kickstarter was successful and that soon I’ll have the fabulosity that is Artifice in my happy little fangirl hands!

    • Thank you, Jamie, for all your amazing support! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving too! 😀

  • HE’S PLANNING SOMETHING >:U btw happy thanksgiving everyone

  • Juliana Hall

    So many bonus pages! Wish I had money to give!

  • *fans self* My word! That last panel set my loins on fire!!! On the next page I expect nothing less then both of them flinging themselves at each other in a fusion of smoldering passion! XD

    • auburncrow

      Maybe we can get a discount if we buy fire extinguishers in bulk…? 😀

      *fans loins* Oh my YES!

      • Hmm. Maybe it’s best if we set up cooling stations in advance, no? [starts plugging in the air conditioners and the ice machine.]

  • Sal

    I actually am really hoping right now that Anni’s intentions are honorable. He might be seriously interested in Kyle, and wanting to form a relationship even if they are on other sides of the fight, evil vs. good. I think the concept of two people, superheroes being on other sides of the fight, either because of their actions or their morals, geniunely interested in each other. Not because they want to be closer to their enemies or trick them with seduction to destroy them from the inside, but because they are 1. attracted to each other, 2. enjoy their company and their personality, and are able to ignore the fact that they are supposed to be on two respective sides of a coin. I want to know the social impact one would imagine of seeing a hero and a villain in a loving, lustful, respectful relationship, while still having to go against each other on a global scale do to the actions of their alter-egos, or their ‘jobs’.

  • Suhndog

    Innocence [?] vrs. Experience?  Hmm.. Do we really know what Duncan did/does that’s so nefarious? What if Duncan runs an intergalactic sex toy/accessories chain, and that ‘mysterious’ little package that he was given is some sort of Super-Aphrodisiac that only Super Heroes/Villians can handle? Hmm..  Maybe that’s why there was a bit of ‘debate’ about it’s effects?  or..   So many ‘or’s…’ Duncan is being supportive and encouraging, yet to what ultimate ends??  Only the Alex-Meister knows for sure!!  Stay tuned!  I’m loving this comic..  =3

  • Suhndog

    Also… it almost seems from Duncan’s comments that maybe he’s encountered so many goody-two-shoes hypocrites, that Kyle is his first experience with someone truly worthy of the title ‘Good’, and Duncan is considering switching sides – Or …??  Maybe he’s just super-good and being super-devious.. Look out, Kyle!!  

  • Becky

    This page reminds me of a certain android’s use of the word “curious”… and his adorable adorable Deacon blush. <3

    Now I wanna go cuddle up with Artifice… but it is difficult to cuddle with a PDF. Can hardly wait for the hard copy!! Soooooooon, yes? 🙂

  • Bealtaine

    I love the last panel but I really want to whisk Kyle away from Anni. He is going to hurt him for sure!

  • ironbanana

    oooh ANNI GOTS EVIL EYEBROWS AGAIN…. i like it i like it…yes i do

    • ironbanana

      I still think these compliments in Panel 1 are straight-up B.S. though! I haven’t seen enough of Kyle’s personality to see what would draw a cultured man’s interest, soooo….  but that’s the fun and the art of seduction: not just convincing the other person how interesting they are, but convincing YOURSELF 😛

  • he’s giving in a little too quickly…i said this earlier, but compared to all the…protracted interchanges between the pair in the interlude…this just seems rushed…

  • SolrSurfr3

    Mmm, I don’t like where this is going. 
    Or maybe I do.
    GOD, I’m so conflicted!!

  • I don’t see Duncan’s compliments as sincere. Someone who’s suppossed to be a superhero and then starts talking about having a super-villain as a boyfriend – does that really ring of honesty and goodness? What does Duncan know of Kyle to appraise him as “truly good” anyway?

  • Deroi Davis

    I love the last frame. It shows a little innocence even in Duncan! I think you are good at both style of comics, pectoral and dialog based. You have a gift, and you most certainly use it well! Continue the great works! I wish I could contribute, one day soon I promise because I want you to continue your great work!


  • QuantumKid

    17….58  nope, nope! Forget it. I’m not even going to pull out the calculator lol Age is just a number….just a number…..

  • Jillthefish

    I  love the last panel here.  They are both so handsome, but in such different ways.

  • kyle looks hopeful, duncan just looks like he wants to evicirate him. i am concerned.

  • Ree


  • D. Garrett

    love how cute kyle looks in panel five.

  • kat-homestucknerd-666

    I love how kyle’s in soft warm colors lighting his face and duncan’s all dark and grey in panel five. as well as kyle’s just too kawii!!!!!!

  • Sarah Lebowicz

    Duncan! You plotting evil SOB! If you hurt Kyle, even make him sad….. I will enter your dimension and kill you!