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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 21

136 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 21

Um, well, I kinda want a flying car. But feeling young is cool too…

GO VOTE ON TUESDAY! (Or, even better, go vote early this weekend.) The bad guys are counting on you to think your vote won’t matter. It really, really does. Especially in this election. Voting is fun, it’s your right and it’s the right thing to do. GO VOTE! (And then tell us about your experience in the comments!)

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All righty! The Platinum Priestess sends us off with those gorgeous puppy-dog eyes of hers, so that means next Saturday this Wednesday we’ll be in Hong Kong with Kyle and The Annihilator! Hope to see you there!

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  • Oh. So he’s going to steal his body? 

    • Looks that way, but I hope i’m wrong.

    • KiannaLeigh

      J.H. Christopher of the Judean Mountains, Body Snatchers? O_O I’m terrified now.

      • C H

         ME TOO -_-

  • I have this feeling a youth stealing spell is coming our way….

  • it seems so much trouble to do that when Duncan is clearly a better fighter and in great shape.

  • OMGosh, the suspense is killing me! Just /WHAT/ are these two up too! A youth stealing potion/spell or something similar? Argh! Why! Why can’t I know now?!

    This comic is so fun and addictive I’m totally loving it~ Not knowing what will happen next or how things will pan out…. it’s all so exciting!

    • Raymundo Salces Cárcoba

      Yeah, I’m sensing that sort of shennanigans too! That last panel was just so much evil brewing!!

  • 2015. That’s my flying car deadline before I start putting on my pouting face.

  • Erica

    MOAR!! I WANNA SEE SEXY TIMEEE lololololololol 
    and this is purely my opinionated statement. Romney sucks and he needs to shut up and sit down. 😐 I feel like we’re screwed if Romney wins, especially the minorities of many categories[race, sexuality, disabled/challenged, sex, etc.]. Obama’s hasn’t exactly… been the best choice, but he’s done what he said he’d get done even if they had some negative repercussions…. but i still feel he’s the better choice out of the two. the lesser of two evils, right? UGH. n e way enough of that nonsense. OMG, i need to do fan art of ms. platinum priestess. >:U but iunno what… I did a gender bent Kyle and i really like it. i need to scan and edit it then upload it, cuz i really like it haha


    hopefully sexay time soon, XP

  • KiannaLeigh

    We have got to be the most spoiled web-comic readers ever to walk the earth. Or the ones with the deepest pockets because these dude donate like crazy-pants.

    Anywho My Planti-baby was completely awesome in this page. I’m sad to see her go but I’m sure Hong Kong is going to be awesome.

    BTW did you know Hong Kong means Fragrant Harbor? I wonder what is smells like there. I hope its orange blossoms, for some reason.

    • ♥ ♥

      “kawaii,” kianna-san!

      (and thanks for that bit of trivia!)

    • Given that “Harbor” is in the name…I would guess seagull crap, dead fish and stagnant water.

      • KiannaLeigh

        Huuaaaaaaa! [T_T]

        :illusion of a beautiful orange blossom smelling harbor ruined, in soul crushed shock:

  • CommodoreZelda


  • Suhndog

    OK, maybe I’m just thinking weird [what fun?!], but what if Duncan’s present body has reached some sort of limit, and he’s going to ‘posses’  Kyles?  Or…?
    I love the cool twists in your stories, Alex!

    • I think ‘possessing’ Kyle is definitely on the cards…

      fner fner fner

    • Thank you, Suhndog! 🙂

  • Oooooh the intrigue.

    Is Kyle’s youth key to prolonging Anni and the Priestess’s lives or do they just appreciate younger lovers? Were the clothing tentacles taking readings and scanning Kyle’s body at a cellular level? So many questions…


  • Shibarya, channeling Dr. Maven in panel 5.

    shall we be seeing the return of the Red speech-balloon Outline, al?

  • Yay!  A bonus page as a reward for voting!  RIGHT?  I want to see a lot of “I Voted” stickers in the comments that day, too.  Just sayin’. 

    Her Holiness definitely, definitely has her own sexy agenda in this.  Hmmmmm. Now – if Anni is getting something out of Kyle – what is she getting out of Anni? 

  • Also, while i do not doubt that she has both rhythm /and/ music, if the Priestess bursts into song, i just might shrivel up and die of both horror and giggles.   

    • Feverfew_M

      Ha! I was just about to say something about ‘rhythm’ and ‘music’. 😀
      Glad I’m not the only one whose inner soundtrack switched to Gershwin while reading this! Singing PP would really be something. Can’t wait for ‘Young Protectors – The Musical’ to come out! 😀

    • Ha! It actually took me a bit to get this. And I actually have listened to Madonna sing “More!” more times than I can count. 🙂

      • You mean that wasn’t deliberate? Oh, Alex: the memes have gotten to your brainmeats! xD

  • DemureDesire

    Why do I not trust her? Why do I have the feeling that she has reverted Anni to a younger self?  (How long until Wednesday?)

    • Caffienated

      I think she did that too, and with a the tap of her scepter too. I’m still wondering what is the stuff in the blue bag in the last comic.

  • HermeticallySealed

    Yeah, think I share the feeling that they aren’t going to dinner, but perhaps switching bodies.  Maybe not now, but perhaps soon.

  • YangYueLan

    I already voted, and Tuesday is my Dad’s b-day! 

    • Good for you! (And happy birthday, Dad!)

      • YangYueLan

         I should probably find out how old my dad is….

  • Melodic

    omg I love you Platinum Priestess  !

  • For the first time, I’m scarred about the Platinum Priestess, after looking that face on pannel 4. Now they actually look evil… ;:I

  • … … All other thoughts apart, I LOVE Duncan’s side face! <3

  • Trish O’Donnell

    Hey Alex, Just got to say I love your comic! You and your artist do a fantastic job and I only hope I can get up to your level of awesomeness in my own comic some day!!!

    • Thank you, Trish! It’s always wonderful to get props from another creator. I’m sending all my best “good luck” vibes your way! 😀

  • She’s gonna suck out his life force while Anni is sucking out something else, boy howdy.

    • Sanbai

      EwwwwwahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! <—-*laughs like a kindergartener at a fart joke*

    • No sweet, that’s HOW you suck out the life force. That’s why people get sleepy after. 😉

      • KiannaLeigh

        0_0 … :mouth hanging open:

      • You are filthy and I like you very much.

        • Hooray! I love the way your mind works too!

  • Feverfew_M

    Anni doesn’t strike me as one who wouldn’t carry his age with dignity. In fact, if he really was after some ‘fountain of youth’ thing using Kyle, he would lose quite a bit of my respect. But whatever he’s after, it isn’t just dim sum with a nice young man for a date. Watch out, Kyle!

    And what were you listening to when you wrote this dialogue? “RED HOT And Rhapsody”  or Mike Oldfield’s “PLATINUM”? :DDD

  • Elizabeth

    omfg why are you doing this to me I don’t want to wait for the next update I wanna see what happens now D8

  • DarkFeanix21

    The look on PP’s face in that last panel is absolutely *terrifying*. That is not a face with good intentions. Of course, she’s a supervillain, one can’t exactly expect good intentions from her, but I think this is the first time she’s entered “scary” territory, at least for me.

  • Is he gonna steal his youth.. his powers.. his body?

    It sure sounds like Kyle better hold on to more than his clothes and (very possible) virtue on that date. It might go more beyond 3rd base than he imagined 😉

  • This does not seem to bode well for Kyle. I wonder if Annihilator is a red hearing love interest. Maybe after getting Kyle in a trap one of his team-mates ends up helping him out and they fall for each other. I think this would be considered Wild Mass Guessing on my part.

    • KiannaLeigh

      I like your Wild Mass Guessing. Also that would be so … just ahhh. I would scream at my screen if that happened. It would be crazy.

  • Awww..the plot thickens and the suspense becomes close to unbearable.  
    Thank you for the get out the vote message. I am taking my daughter to the polls with me on election day (she is three and we cannot afford daycare, so I would be home with her anyway).

    • Good for you for getting out there to vote with your daughter! That’s awesome. 🙂

  • ForeverForking

    Is he plotting a body switch? I DUNNO, WHAT’S HIS PLANNNnnnnn… *overthinking*

    • C H

       A body switch would be so effing interesting.

      •  How would he do the switch?  Would he literally get IN Kyle and switcheroo that way? >;-}

        • C H

           We can only hope…

  • Ayella

    Puppy dog eyes? I’m scared!

  • Yukiness

    What’s with all these mature ladies and their domineering faces Alex. I’m beginning to think that you have written someone unfavorable to you subconsciously in to your comics. Still can’t decide whether Sicera or Maven is more terrifying.

    • ithilloke

      Maven, beyond a doubt!!

  • Meghalodon

    So, PP is Maven after she was resurrected by the devil after getting neck chopped by an android? I like this. Lololololol

  •  I have been reading here since not long after Artifice started. I even donated and am getting a print copy of Artifice. I wasn’t sure how I was going to like this comic. I am okay with superheroes, but not that into them. However I find myself absolutely HOOKED to this comic. I haven’t had a chance to donate yet, but when I can, I certainly will. I am addicted to your comics, looks like it’s not going to get better for me anytime soon, and I can live with that :D. Please continue the wonderful work, I love it so! <3

    (and I heart Maven and PP! LOLOL)

    • Thank you for all the kind words, Darkflame! I’m really glad that you’re enjoying The Young Protectors.Thank you also for the encouragement! 🙂

      (And Maven & The Platinum Priestess heart you back. Word of God. 😉 )

  • fujoshifanatic

    Yay! We get more bonus page awesomeness on Wednesday! And whatever the outcome, we will certainly need it after this election season! Hopefully, everyone gets the message on how important this is, and goes out to vote if they can. 🙂

    I don’t think Duncan is looking to steal Kyle’s youth. That plan wouldn’t fit with the conversation they had on the previous page. It would seem that if someone had the ability to steal someone’s youth, they should be able (just from a logical and adaptive standpoint) to steal it from a “regular” person, as there are more of them around than mutants, aliens or users of conventional magic, and so the conversation that they had on the previous would have made no sense.

    At any rate, we don’t have long to find out what’s with that bag, or at least get to see Duncan’s and Kyle’s sexy date go down! 😛 Bye Sircea; you’ll be missed! Hopefully we’ll get to see you again soon!

  • kungfunurse

    I’m on the edge of my seat wondering where this will go! I begin to wonder if the PP doesn’t have some agenda of her own that’s only tangentially connected to the game Duncan is playing…

    And while I agree with the poster that talked about Duncan being a villain in name only (so far) it seems fairly clear that Spooky has every right to be wary of Sircea.

  • toli Bera

    Now I’m wondering who’s the badder bitch? Maven or PP? (I use the B-word in only the most affectionate means.) 

  • ironbanana

    Okay now I’m truly intrigued by these two and their doings. It’s true villainy has only been implied so far but… Solomon? Spacetime shenanigans? Ageless sorcerers? Not to mention expensive dinner ooo lala… I’m also loving their Patrick Nagel-like creepy smiles! MUHAHAHAHA

  • Midwestmutt

    This could go in a multiverse of directions. Body snatching, lifeforce theft, vampiric-style posession and draining, or simple date rape are all options here. I can’t even guess but I suspect we should expect the unexpected.

  • VanQuinn

    I’m hoping for a “Treasure Planet” kind of storyline where Duncan starts off with a diabolical plan that involves gaining Kyle’s trust and affection, but by the end Duncan falls for his own trap and realizes loves Kyle.

  • …and suddenly things get much more sinister. One has to wonder if Duncan was fully through the portal when Sircea said that, or if he was just going through. It changes everything if PP was saying it to herself, and not to Duncan.

    Oh I hope we get to see Kyle and Anni together on Wednesday! And i love that people keep donating to this awesome comic so that we all get two updates a week. I wonder how long the streak will last?

    • I have a strong feeling that she said it to herself, which was why I was wondering what /her/ motives are. Surely she wouldn’t go through allthis fuss just for a little boy-watching.

      I mean: we might, but I think Her Holiness is more complicated than that. xD

  • Hmm, I’ve been reading the comments and true this dialogue gives lots of hints about body, youth, or whatever snatching…but when has our dear Alex EVER done the expected or even the hinted at?  I’m thinking this and laughing maniacally while eating white chocolate candy corn m&ms! Anyway,  I’m gonna sit back, pop a handful of sinfully delicious candy and let Alex tell us another fabulous story. 🙂  

    • KiannaLeigh

      First thought: You have a point. He likes to surprise us. We expect some fire bending he gives us awesome fire absorption powers. We expect a plane, he pulls out a super-hot magic-wielding woman with a warp gate.

      Second thought: you are going to have one HELL of a sugar rush.

      •  Yeah, I did get quite a sugary rush there. But it was so worth it! Glad someone else agrees with me on Alex’s tendency to go off on wonderful tangents that keep us on our toes!

    •  Sad that thing that sticks in my mind is that there such thing as chocolate candy corn M&M’s!  Where do I find such a concoction?

      •  I found them at Homeland grocery store. They were half price too, since it was the day after Halloween! They were sooo good, I should have bought more.

    • SakuraHana

       I’m in complete agreement with you! AND……
      I’m in begging status with Lynda…. WHERE on this blessed earth did you find white chocolate candy corn M&M’s??????

  • I got rhythm,

    I got music,

    I got my man —

    Who could ask for anything more?
    — “I Got Rhythm”, Ira Gershwin

    •  You get an award for possibly the gayest thing said in the comments, but I take it away for getting that song stuck in my head.

  • Frin

    Ok that is one scary face there Sircea you bad girl. Lord knows what’s in store but Kyle is in it waaaaaay past his neck I’m thinking

  • sincostax

    Change my mind completely. He’s gonna steal Kyle’s youth… Somehow… xD

  • …..I suddenly sense a very sinister ‘retain my youth forever’ plot that will sacrifice thousands of young people…watch out Kyle! D:

  • samae

    So, Kyle may or may not be something special according to the last page, and now there are youth snatching hints in this one, SOOO is he like some kind youth fountain or do they need something special to perform a ritual?

  • QuantumKid

    Kid, you are sharkbait.

    •  Spicy habereno sharkbait, even.

      • KiannaLeigh

        Mmm. Sounds delicious!

  • Katana_X

    I am having a Dr. Strangelove moment here: Precious bodily fluids. Deny him your essence, Kyle, or he’ll steal your youth!

  • Platty in the last panel is delightfully evil.  Reminds me of my mother.

  • Myrtu

    For some reason, I felt like that expression in that last panel is really sinister, and somewhat malicious toward The Anni. It’s scary! Like someone else said, that expression can mean different things depending on whether she’s talking to herself or the Anni. I can’t wait to find out what’s next! You weave such amazing stories, Alex. You are awesome!

    Voting: that was great. Since my home is in California, but I’m attending school in Arizona, I did the absentee voting thing, and I already sent back my ballot. It’s nice having a voice and a choice, after 18 years of following orders.

    • KiannaLeigh

      LOL I know. You’d think more younger people would vote just for that reason alone. I know I did.

      • No kidding: the year I turned eighteen, I was all but doing the pee-pee dance in the voting line.

      • Myrtu

        I know! It’s kinda shocking how not serious young people are about it. Well, this election is getting young people angry and voting, it seems.

    • Thank you for the props, Myrtu! And thank you very much for voting! Good for you for voting early! (I also do the absentee voting thing.)

      So was this your first time?

      • Myrtu

        Yes, first time voting~ I turned 18 earlier this year. And I’m happy to know that my friends are also voting!

  • This comic just keeps getting more and more addicting, I swear.  Duncan is a hottie.  It’ll be well worth Kyle’s heartbroken face when the time comes.

    Also I voted today.  2 hour wait.  Hour and a half of having to pee.  CRAMMED SHOULDER-TO-SHOULDER WITH SMELLY STRANGERS!  But it was worth it.  You’re welcome, America. 

    • Thank you so much for persevering with getting your vote in, kitwrites. You rock!

      (And I’m glad you’re enjoying The Young Protectors too! 🙂 )

  • Yet another small detail I’ve noticed and enjoyed over the last two pages.  If you skip back 3-4 pages and then flip forward looking only at the art, see anything different?

    The shading and colouring have shifted subtly.  In the page before this one, the only illumination seems to be coming from the portal — where Kyle just disappeared.  It’s clear these two are up to something, but the creepy shading (look at the wonderfully spooky cross-hatching behind Sircea in the last panel) and the subtly muted and undersaturated colours accompany the darkened theme as well as any sinister music.

    Just like to share, and let the artists know someone out there appreciates all the hard work put into this stuff 🙂

    (minor edit for clarity)

    • That is a great observation. I went back and looked because of your comment, and you’re right: totally creepy and very subtly done.

  • I appreciate the fact that older-ish characters are being used.  One does get tired of the hard young bodies, with the empty heads when they are paraded endless across pages.  I like the seasoned characters who have the experience, knowledge and drive….even if they are evil…okay especially if they are evil.  Keep up the good work!

  • Why do I want to add a “BONK!” sound effect when she waves her staff at his forehead?  lol!  Panel 3- Sircea: “Bonked you on your bonce!” *giggle!*

    • VanQuinn

       I think it’s Duncan’s unsuspecting face. *Bonk*

    • And now I also picture hey taking a huge swing with that thing to thwap someone on the ass. “Here’s the windup – And the pitch!” xD

  • Colin bell

    Why do I get the feeling there is an evil youth stealing plot….Duncan is going to suck out Kyle’s youth!…wait…hehehehehe, well I don’t think Kyle would be upset if he did THAT.

    • I was thinking something just like that!  It seems possible.

    • Interpolation

      If all Duncan wants to do is steal youth, there are easier targets than superheroes.  Not that Kyle hasn’t been fairly pliant so far, but theoretically he would be more challenging than the average co-sensual guy off the street or wherever Duncan usually gets his dates.
      I think that there’s either something more or something else.

      • Maybe they could somehow steal youth and power…one can never get enough of either.

  • How deliciously evil.

  • I think Anni’s planning on showing Kyle how he looked when he was younger. 
    After all, Alex isn’t thet predictable

    •  This is really not a bad idea at all, and it would serve as an excellent disguise – that, and it would explain the headbonk, when clearly all Kyle needed to get through the portal was a shove.  Hmmm!

  • *cues the Dun dun dun!*

  • I was re-reading this page for like the 6th time and I realized I didn’t give props to Veronica for the crazy good colors on the Platinum Priestess!  Amazing layer work to give it that metallic sheen and the lighting is fabulous as well! Fantastic job, V!

  • CrispyChicks

    Sircea’s smile in the last panel. It’s so beautiful…

  • Damien_C

    I might be strange, but for me the villains really make the superheroes. That’s why, while I am a Marvel fan, I LOVE Batman. He has the best villains around. I mean, you can’t have a good hero without a good villain. Just think about it, right? Would we really wanna pay attention to Batman if his only villain was Polka-Dot Man? Or Egghead? Probably not, right? The fact that the villains of this series have been portrayed as important, fleshed-out characters with personalities who matter and play a leading role in the series is a big part of why I really started to appreciate this. I mean, from the first I saw Kyle and was like well, this could go really well or really poorly. We saw the Annihilator and I immediately thought well- that is very good character design. I like that he is older. But when I saw Platinum Priestess, I really fell in love. She has all the earmarks of an epic super villain. She’s got the wit, the brains, the powers, the outfit- I mean, come on. She has the whole Emma Frost thing going on, and she is fantastic. But I think what I like about her the most is her age. I like that she’s not in her twenties or thirties. I like that she’s a bit older, she has that air of sophistication around her I’ve only ever seen in characters like Ms. Frost, or Magneto. I think what it all comes down to, Alex, is thank you for respecting your villains. Thank you for putting as much effort into them as you do into the heroes- thank you for not simply saying “Look, they are bad guys! Right? Who do bad things. Bad guys.” It would be pretty easy to make them fairly anonymous and just evil, which is part of the reason I didn’t much like Maven as a villain. For me it’s not about exploring why they’re evil. It’s just explaining that, while they are villains, they are people- dynamic, life changing human beings who are important to the storyline. So thank you. As a huge fan of bad guys, my hat goes off to you.

    •  I love you for making this comment.  I’d said it before and will say it again: there’s nothing to make a character grow like a dedicated, brilliant, and fully-fleshed adversary.  The world’s a poorer place without its villains. 

    • Well, thank you for the very kind words, Damien. We’re definitely on the same page about portraying “villains” as full human beings.

      And frankly, they’re just a hell of a lot of fun to write. 😉

  • Fryt07 Ha

    Wow this story get’s better with every update but it just makes waiting more unbeareble!!! Awesome comic and characters!!
    What bothers me is the word “possibilities” when I read it I couldn’t help but think that The Annihilator being gay is a ruse…

  • Voted today! No weird, smelly people thankfully. Now then, I’ve got a few things left to do, but I will be back for the camping! 
    *sets up a folding chair with a reserved sign on it*
    Back later, TYP fans 🙂

  • Well, i have a paper to write and am Completely Avoiding the hysterical newscasts until at least midnight, so consider me a camper, too!

    Voting was totally painless in my part of NYC; there were plenty of people, but no lines.  Efficiency!

    Though i did kind of feel like a jerk because i forgot to take off my LGBT For Obama pin before going in; i don’t think anyone noticed, though.  Phew.

    • IMHO, I don’t think any harm was done by you wearing that pin. It actually makes me smile to think of you wearing it. 🙂

  • CommodoreZelda

    Camping while doing Latin homework and occasionally checking election results. I voted for the first time today!!

    •  Congrats!  Welcome to the democracy.  😀

    • Yay! Congrats, CommodoreZelda! Good for you! 🙂

    •  I’m more interested in hearing about your Latin homework, heh. ;w;

  • Superjenny

    Ahh!  That rape face!  D8

  • SolrSurfr3

    OH MY GOD!! Is this like some kind of sick, twisted Fountain of Youth scenario!? Duncan, you bastard!!

  • Ree


  • Even thought I’m straight (and she’s not real)
    I have a huge, HUGE crush on her… 😐

  • Matthew Lane

    Okay, this comic book is just exceptionally creepy. The kids 17, Duncan is…. significantly older than 17… It just comes off as way WAY to creepy.

    I’m not sure what my take away from this story is meant to be so far? That the gay scene is full of dirty old men trying to fuck 17 year olds? Pretty sure, that might be illegal in the united states, but don’t quote me on it.

    Is the rest of the comic book this creepy?

    • Talea Fraemohs-Mitchell

      I don’t know if you kept reading or not (I’m starting over, that’s why I’m here) but in case your question never got answered let me:
      Later on in the comic, Kyle DOES learn the dangers of flirting with older men. It turns out Duncan needed him for some kind of magic ritual, and seduced him to get his trust. It was never meant to be a true romance, only Duncan taking advantage of a lost kid who didn’t know who to turn to. The team all reacts differently, but in the end, he does find support, and finds out another member of the team was closeted as well, and was glad he wasn’t alone. I didn’t read far enough to find out whether it became a real romance or not, but I do know it turned out far, FAR less creepy. How’s that?

      As for dirty old men trying to fuck 17 year olds? Well, I won’t say it’s pleasant, but… I was seventeen once. Life’s a bitch, especially when you’re in the closet.

      • Matthew Lane

        “It was never meant to be a true romance,”

        There is no such thing as a TRUE romance, as soon as you attempt to romance someone you are romancing that person. Doesn’t matter if your end goal is to fuck them, to marry them, or to sacrifice them to Cuthulu in exchange for unearthly power.

        The point stands: Older men predating teenage boys is creepy. It’s as creepy as 40 year old guys predating 16 year old girls.
        The obvious power differential is what makes it so very creepy.

        • Talea Fraemohs-Mitchell

          And my point is that it was intended to be that way. You aske if the rest of the comic was this way and I answered. You knew what I meant – that “true” romance implies it was intended to be romantic and loving, and it’s not. The relationship ended the way they do in real life.