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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 2

100 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 2

That is one calm baby. With a father like that, I suppose she knows she’s the one who’s going to have to hold it together…

And oo! Some pretty art on this page! I have to say that I love what Adam and Vero did with this scene. I just keep coming back to look at the pages and I’ve seen them like a million times. I really am amazingly lucky to be able to work with such gifted artists. 😀

And speaking of lucky, look at that! We’re now well over halfway to the next bonus page. Less than $160 to go! Woot!

Special thanks go out to long-time supporters Olga W. (who makes their 2nd generous donation to The Young Protectors!), Kara S. (who makes their 3rd generous donation to The Young Protectors!) and Vanessa B. (who makes their 6th generous donation to The Young Protectors!) and a warm welcome and grateful bow go out to new supporters chloe P. & Robert F. for their generous donations over the last week!

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And finally, ZOMG, very, very humbled and deeply, deeply grateful hugs go out to new superfriend Alexandra Z. for their astonishing $100 donation! O_O Thank you so much, Alexandra!

Thank you ALL so, so much! 😀

All right! There were LOTS of reactions in the comments to the introduction of the other Young Protectors. About all kinds of stuff! For example, some folks think “Spooky Jones” is the coolest superhero name ever; other think it’s the lamest ever. (I’m not going to take sides on that one, other than to say that those who think the name “Spooky Jones” is cool are totally right.) Some folks love Kyle’s costume; others think he needs an intervention from the fashion police. And many folks expressed a wish that there were more women on the team! (A reaction I am actually glad to hear, especially in response to what ostensibly is a “yaoi” comic. There are of course reasons Commander chose to form a team composed exclusively of guys—and it’s something I look forward to exploring—but if I were a reader, gender parity would be something I would ask for too, so it makes me feel close to y’all. 🙂 )

Anyhoo, keep the reactions coming. We’re going to see a lot more of the team in action. And tune in next page to see more thrilling experiments with gravity!

EDIT 8/5/12 3:27 PM: DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! Thanks to your amazing generosity, the donation bar has just hit its target. That mean that in addition to the regular page update on Saturday (Page 4!), there will be a bonus update this Wednesday, August 8th (Page 3!)! You all ROCK! Hope to see you there! 😀


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  • melinda stumpf

    not a smart dad

  • mikakitten

    Oh my god!! Hahah that man!!! Could he get any worse?! I love Fly tho!! What a cutie! <3 How are they gonna rescue this guy? Hehehe I like how just because he saw The young protectors, he starts doing all this crazy stuff!!! Hillarious! I guess Kyle can't do much in a situation like this, as his powers would probably make things worse. Looking forwards to the next page…

    ps. Spookey Jones is a cool name 🙂

  • Ah!  The building IS burning.  I thought so.

    Is Kyle able to snuff flames as well as create them?  Or is he able to draw them away from burnable materials and direct them at non-flammable things so they run out of fuel?  If not, his power isn’t going to be much help here.

    • Actually, it is possible to fight fire with fire. Fire needs oxygen to sustain itself and one way to deprive a fire of that oxygen is by creating a larger (but controllable) fire right next to it, that eats up all of the local oxygen, causing the (uncontrolled) fire to burn itself out. Oil well fires, for example, are sometimes extinguished by setting of an explosive charge next to it.

      I’m not sure Kyle actually has the ability or the opportunity to do something like that in this setting though.

  • Larne

    Wow the 1st panel is breathtaking.  *-* I´m at a loss of words to describe it.
    And I just though, that everything is gonna be fine and then the Dad jumpes too.  I Hope one of the other heros can fix things…

  • CK

    Ah, one of those days.

  • The first panel really is amazing.  I mean, we kind of knew it was on fire, but wow.  Drama.  

    Quick!  Aqua-Hulk! Save Derpy-Dad! 

    • Hyperminimalism

      I second this.  I wasn’t expecting to see such a huge panel illustrating this devastating scene of chaos.  I felt like I was watching a superhero action movie, except in comic form. xD  Very much a lovely spread there.

  • VanQuinn

    That eye contact between Flyboy and the dad did it in for me. I think I laughed more for this page than any other.

    • Hehe. Glad you liked the AlexHumor. Adam just totally nailed the expressions here…

  • Lolz.

  • CrispyChicks

    The father’s face in the last panel is just brilliant! That “Oh crap.” with a tinge of “Uhm, a little help here?”.

  • Why r ppl falling off of buildings just because theres a hero near by
    The fire is amazing its bright too, it completly blew me away
    Flyboy said Rock “Rock a by baby” that is

    • YersiniaP

      Nobody’s falling. The father panicked and threw his kid off the roof, then jumped himself to get away from the fire.
      ‘Cause, you know, that’s what people do in a panic when the house is on fire.

      • ErykaSoleil

        It’s not just panic–a jump followed by immediate splattering on the sidewalk is (so we’re told) significantly less unpleasant than catching fire and burning to death over several minutes.

  • StarrySkyDancer

    You know Alex, I was reading your comment about people saying there weren’t enough women on the team and I actually had to go back to the previous page before I could go all ‘gosh, there ARE mostly guys on the team’ XD haha  I never even noticed:P I’m looking forward to finding out the reason though 😉 Cause if you mentioned it like this it’s probably kind of important 😀
    I love the comic up till now, I just wished I’d discovered this comic when it was almost finished instead of right now XD It’s aggravating to (mostly) have wait an entire week for a new page 🙁 But it also means you guys are doing an amazing job ^^ I’m very much looking forward to seeing the annihilator again 😀 I mean you didn’t introduce him just to have him never showing up again 😉 so I guess we will see him again in a while…..I hope XD

    • Glad you’re enjoying the comic, StarrySkyDancer. And I hear you about wanting to read it when it’s almost finished. That’s one of the things about webcomics that kept me away for so long—I mean I don’t even read floppy comics; I always wait for the trade paperbacks!

      But for myself, I’ve discovered the real pleasure of following a webcomic page-by-page is the community of awesome folks like yourself that form around it. Reading interesting comments about a story I like is good geeky fun. And I guess I also like the “event” nature of it, like “Oh, it’s Sunday! New OGLAF page! Woot!” 🙂

      As for The Annihilator? Yes, I think it’s a safe bet you might see him again. How soon? Well, we’ll just have to see…

  • i’m thinking tsunami’s going to be the most appropriate person to come in and save the second part of “the day.”

    as it were.

  • Shasarazade

    I’m going to be honest; I don’t know why people are making a big deal out of there being fewer women on this team than men. Every superhero comic I’ve read with a superhero group–Justice League, Watchmen, Avengers, the Authority and Stormwatch, Young Avengers–the men outnumber the women. The only exception I’ve really seen of this is the Runaways and bits of Generation-X. So I really don’t see what the big deal is.

    P.S. – GOD this dude is stupid!! First throwing his baby off then throwing himself off without warning?! Why not just jump off with the baby?! So, either this guy is a massive moron or some villain is mind-controlling him for shits and giggles to piss the Young Protectors off. At this point I’m starting to think more the former, lol.

    • That is EXACTLY why people keep asking for more female superheros: because the men always outnumber the women.  Also, if this guy wanted to die, then he is stupid like a FOX, because what superhero wouldn’t save a baby?

      • Shasarazade

        I think this also follows the general reader demographic because comics have always been traditionally read by male readers. It’s only in the past couple of decades that this has really changed.

        • Sanbai

          As the comics have changed, so too have their readership. Comics are changing more and more now, and are opening to a broader audience (read: MONEY), so the ladies have every right to expect a little more parity in our “modern times” lol. Else we fall glaringly back to the “Smurfette Principle”, something I think we’d all like to avoid without a proper reason (which Alex has promised to reveal, so I’m satisfied…for now…) 

          • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

             And because of the changes I think it only fair we can expect more female superheros involved. Not necessarily here, since it is a Yaoi comic, but in general. But, I’m not truly upset by there only being one….(Highlander?) and will wait anxiously for the reveal about her story.  Meanwhile in other news…what the heck is that father-type person doing?!

          • ErykaSoleil

            Maybe super powers are like color blindness and “male pattern” baldness, which -can- occur in women, but is significantly more frequent in males. Those sorts of things tend to be linked to the “X” and “Y” chromosomes.

          • Sanbai

            Pfft. Yeah, right…

          • seekmore

            Well, actually, the most common type of male baldness is passed on via the X chromosome. Women don’t often exhibit this kind of baldness because they have 2 X sex chromosomes. meaning they have two genes for hair. They’ll only exhibit baldness if BOTH chromosomes contain the baldness gene. When they get older, their hair may thin a lot, but they won’t go bald. Men exhibit baldness far more often because they only have the one hair gene(or genes…not exactly sure whether it’s a particular gene, or set of genes, or what).

            Of course, few things in genetics are that cut and dried. You could have partial presentation of a gene, or random mutation, or all kinds of other things. And of course you have to add in the possibilities for other genes to interfere with presentation and inheritance. And many traits aren’t determined by one gene, but multiple. Sometimes different genes on different chromosomes.

            So, in your scenario, more women than men would have superpowers, they’d just be weaker, because of the simultaneous expression of the “normal” gene and the “superpower” gene.

            But that, of course, is assuming that everyone comes by their powers the same way, which we don’t actually know. I mean, many of the original superheroes got their powers in accidents with radiation(Spider-Man), or from space(Fantastic Four, who actually count for both- it was “cosmic radiation”). Or they came from other sources like alien technology(Green Lantern) or were divine gifts(Wonder Woman) or magic(Captain Marvel). The original Flash and Captain America both got their powers via “scientific formulas.”(Long aside: It’s actually really interesting. In comics, superpowers tend to come from whatever the hot button issue of the times is.  In the forties and fifties, everyone was freakin’ out about nuclear power and radiation. That’s also when the space programs started kicking off. Then the Comics Code Authority came along and the industry died down for awhile. Comics became popular again when our knowledge of genetics and DNA and so on really started taking off. New heroes nowadays are more likely to be “mutants” or be genetically engineered, because now we know that human+radiation=dead) ANYWAY,  it could just be that the team has a rotating roster, and today happened to be a real sausage-fest.

            It’s really too early in the story to make any assumptions.

            (Also, is it a little obvious that I read a lot about comics?)

  • “Oh, crap,” said with feeling and intent.  Best line EVER.

  • Loving Flyboy’s grin in the second panel. Nice contrast with his ho crap face in the third.


  • KiannaLeigh

    Prepare for Itemized commentary:
    1) Spooky Jones is a cool name
    2) That father makes me want to slap him
    4) …. There ARE mostly guys. Weird I thought I remembered another girl. Okay I mistook one of them for a girl. >_> Sorry
    5) Alex. I like reading your post-page blogs and your comments almost as much as I like reading the pages. You seem like a really cool dude.

    • 1) Spooky and I are glad you think so!
      2) Yes.
      3) Agreed! Adam and Vero just totally hit that panel out of the park!
      4) Yep, so far, just one woman on the team.
      5) Thank you!  I always try to put some extra thought into what I’m going to write under the comic page and it makes me happy to hear it’s well-received. 🙂

  • Syreen

    I know I shouldn’t but I laughed so hard at the last panel…

    And I can understand Commander: in her place I would make a team with men too… sooo many muscled arms *-*

    • I think it’s totally OK to laugh. You know. AlexHumor.

  • b3nc0

    -“Erm, Mr? You got diapers or something? Coz’ CRAP here…” orz

    No, but, seriously, who, in his righteous mind, would jump from a roof while /the/ flying member of the super-rescue-team has his arms full of a guzi-guzi-precious-lil’-darling-you? (trying to amend for the pink-meat-thingie of last post oTL)

    • ErykaSoleil

      With the fire up on the roof already, his choices might have been,  “jump now and have a chance of being caught or landing on something that will save me” or, “hold my ground and hope that Flyboy comes back before I become crispy”.

  • Sanbai

    Love Alex’s comment about the baby!

  • I get that the father is panicked, but the dude’s name is Flyboy not Octopus…

    • True dat.

    • ErykaSoleil

      Like your comment, but maybe Dad already accepted his fate when he decided to throw the baby.

  • Ron

    Well this can end well

  • Now I understand what’s happening, and despite the circumstances it’s quite funny.  🙂

  • At least the guy had the common sense to throw the baby first…..unlike the guy who points a gun at his own head then turns to the person next to him and says “Don’t laugh…you’re next!”

  • xLizardx

    And many folks expressed a wish that there were more women on the team! (A reaction I am actually glad to hear, especially in response to what ostensibly is a “yaoi” comic. There are of course reasons Commander chose to form a team composed exclusively of guys—and it’s something I look forward to exploring—but if I were a reader, gender parity would be something I would ask for too, so it makes me feel close to y’all.  )”
    I thought Commander was a girl, from the illustrations on the previous page… Hmmm. “More women on the team” doesn’t mean she isn’t… And if that is the case [and Commander is not simply a very pretty/ androgynous guy] then I think it’s kind of cool that the team’s leader is female. Sure, there could be more girls on the team, but I don’t think it’s going to detract from the story that there aren’t. I know that Alex will create interesting, well-rounded characters in any case, so it doesn’t especially matter what gender they are. 🙂

    • Yep, Commander is a woman. And I hope y’all will find the Young Protectors team interesting and well-rounded!

  • xLizardx

    Also, if Commander is in charge, female, and heterosexual, at the risk of perpetuating preconceptions… it’s rather obvious why she might choose to have a team full to bursting with young, hot guys [many of which in skintight lycra costumes]… 😀

    • seekmore

       Wouldn’t that mean that every superhero team lead by a man would be full of women in skin-tight clothes?

      Funny how that’s not the case.

      • ErykaSoleil

        Well, that’s because you can’t trust silly women to properly handle things like saving the world. Don’t be ridiculous, Sir/Madam! 😉

      • xLizardx

        No, but whenever superhero women DO feature, it’s the rare example who doesn’t look like she’s stepped out of a porno movie. Granted the men do wear skin-tight costumes too, so I don’t really take exception to ridiculous-girl costumes unless they are A. actually more of a hinderance than a help to their intended purpose or B. just.. really unnattractive. Like seriously, hideous to the point of implausibility that anyone would actually go out dressed in them. A prime example of such tastelessness and inpracticality is Wonder Woman’s Star Sapphire costume. It looks horrible, and it was so stupidly designed that they had to retrospectively add in her W logo over her chest just to hold her cleavage together. Mind you… On the other hand, at least it DOES actually provide some support – something WW’s classic costume is sadly lacking. Seriously, would it have killed DC to add in just a couple of bra straps? No one with boobs above an A cup would ever consider doing any kind of strenuous activity whilst wearing a strapless bra, or a corset. (Unless their breasts are fake, and thus far more stationary. I seriously doubt breast implants were a common procedure back in the 1940s when WW first appeared, however.

        So, in short… Sexy, yes, unsupportive, no. Also, no heels. If I was desinging female characters, they’d all wear some varient on totally awesome, but totally flat, biker boots. They’d probably end up looking like a much more kick-ass version of Black Canary. 😀

        • seekmore

           I was challenging the logic that “woman in command=team of hot boys,” by giving the inverse, “man in command=team of hot women.”

          • xLizardx

            Ah, but it wasn’t meant to be logical, because it was a joke… perhaps a joke of a sexually presumptuous nature, but then, being Yaoi, this IS a comic [at least in a significant part, one would expect] about relationships and sex. 

            The comment wasn’t meant any more seriously than [for e.g.] a person walking out of a movie theatre after watching Avengers and saying “I wouldn’t mind Scarlett Johansson on MY team!”. Is that offensive? I don’t think so. It’s a joke. Not necessarily a brilliant one by any stretch of the imagination, but certainly nothing to get all worked up about. My point was, basically, Alex, Adam, and Veronica have come up with some attractive character designs. I’m sorry if you don’t like the way I presented it.

    • ErykaSoleil

      -Sighs.- I knew somebody would say it eventually. -Headdesk.-

      • xLizardx

        Haha, well, I extremely doubt it’s the most accurate explanation – just a comical one. And yes, I figured someone would say it eventually, so it might as well have been me. Yes, it’s not pleasant to objectify people, but then, these are fictional characters, and I was only being flippant. No offence intended 🙂

  • chikao

    Again, if you’d flown sooner you could’ve grabbed the baby and calmly told the man to wait two seconds so you could pass the kid over to the commander lady and then go back to get him. You must be new to the team…..

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    Um…..did he….uh, expect Flyboy to catch him along with the baby? Because….yeah. I don’t see that working very well. I think he shoulda thought that one through a little better…

  • Dex X.

    Definitely was not expecting that xD

  • Bealtaine

    Hahahaha…flyboy’s face!

  • Phoenix_xxx

    *cannot stop laughing*

  • …Darwin award winner, right there. 

    • David H

      If the baby survived, then by definition, he is not a Darwin award winner.

      •  ….obviously not the baby.

        • vertincture

          I think what David H meant was that if the man’s offspring survived, it would forfeit the man’s nomination of the award. Since…earning the Darwin award means you and furthermore your baby you threw off the building aren’t genetically fit for survival. … Wow that sounded horrible

  • Yukiness

    Ah, so it is on fire. This makes a whole lot more sense now. Also, the contrast and sense of urgency between the pages is so vast it’s almost funny. There seemed to be no sense of alarm despite the fact that some guy was tossing his giganto baby off a roof. Now that we are introduced to more scenery, this situation feels very different for me.

    Flyboy’s whole, “I just saved a life; I’m the-HOLY SHIT!” moment is a cute introduction to his character.

    And Spooky Jones is a cool ass name. I wish i knew someone named Spooky Jones. However, i do know someone named Magic…and Nacho…and Darkness:The Natural Born Ninja…and Musashi Miyamoto so I guess that’s fine.

  • (: SO I was right about the place being on fire. That glow on the skye in the previous page gave a very good clue to that.

    Really like how the scene is drawn in that first big panel. Also have to say that despite this being a serious scene, with the place on fire and saving people, the two last panels just made me laugh so bad. Facial expressions are just awesome.

    That dad is gonna be harder to catch. Flyboy might rock for catching the kid but dad FALLS like a rock.

  • So it kinda took a second to notice and sink in, but I have to say…I like the addition of build-in goggles on Flyboy’s suit. You never really think twice about it, but all these flying superheros who go insane speeds, most are still human and you really SHOULD wonder how their eyes would react, and how difficult, if you think about it, flying would actually be without any eye protection, yet Flyboy’s design took that into account. So I have to say…awesome!

    • Glad you like that. There are similar reasons behind his decision to wear the leather jacket over his spandex. It gets cold up there!

    • seekmore

      Yeah, TV Tropes has nicknamed them ‘Required Secondary Powers.’ They are abilities required for your typical abilities to work with normal physics.

      Superspeed requires that you be immune to friction, otherwise you’d set your clothes on fire, rub your inner thighs into (cooked) hamburger and grind all your joints to nothing. You also have to have some special gravity, because the force of each step would normally propel you into the air. As well as the ability to think at the speed required to move your body while using the power(several hundred times normal human thought). You need something to protect your body, because at this speed there is no such thing as “soft.” Grass would cut like knives. Dust in the air would be miniature bullets. You also need to be able to breath at hundreds(if not thousands or millions) of miles per hour. You’d also have to have a very special metabolism. If normal people are tired and hungry after running a mile, how much do you think someone with superspeed would need to eat?

      Flight requires you to be able to breathe at high altitudes, where there is little oxygen. There is also less air pressure high up, which can have very negative effects on your lungs and body. Temperature is a problem as well(as Alex mentions). Also, the high speeds of flight would cause tons of skin damage due to the high speed impact of dust particles and air molecules. Also, some kind of superstrength/ability to defy physics. The amount of energy required to achieve flight while carrying something(say, another person) from standstill would be astronomical… And the release of all that energy at once would qualify as a natural disaster(we’re talking a meteor impact).

      And that’s just if you have air-powers/some sort of magic or telekinetic ability. Don’t get me started on if you’ve got wings.

      But that’s why we have suspension of disbelief. 🙂

      •  So true, its kinda the reason the Flash and his Flash ‘group’ are seen constantly eating. Their ability is more their ability to shift/vibrate their own molecules at a different rate etc as some are able to move through walls if they reaaaaally want.

        All depends on the writer xD But yes, their metabolisms are touched on in some comics (that’s all I really wanted to say xD)

        And Woo TROPES! xD

      • BrookRat

        Jumping in, here, but I’m so happy to have stumbled across this comment. It happens to bring up some directly relevant facts for a story I’m trying to write, and the imagery and the way you put it in context is a big help for getting started on these aspects of the world-building. I didn’t know where to begin and this provided some great starting points. So even though I wasn’t the intended recipient, I had to thank you. 🙂

      • ErykaSoleil

        Very nice post. 🙂

        To be fair, I have seen some comics mention semi-regularly how various superheroes use their other powers to help them fight physics–Mitani already mentioned how the “Flash” group is always eating; the X-Men have mentioned that Storm uses her wind powers to help give her the lift she needs to fly/hover; The Fantastic Four have touched on how Ben Grimm’s body, which is stone-like, also chips and cracks away like normal stone when it is struck (in a fight with the Hulk, for example). And, of course, some comics make it clear that they are set in other realities, where physics may or may not function the same way. But everything else, there is definitely that good ol’ Supension of Disbelief. 🙂

  • Flyboy’s arrogance makes him strangely adorable.

  • DoktorNauk

    If he was gonna jump as well, why throw the baby? Why not just jump with the baby in his arms?

    • One thing shared in common by most people in a panic; stupidity. And this dad doesn’t seem like the sharpest tool in the shed to begin with.

      • VanQuinn

         Also, it’s funnier this way.

      • ErykaSoleil

        It looks like the fire might have already reached his part of the roof–he may have had the options of “jump” or “hope I don’t die a horrible, crispy death while waiting for Flyboy to get back up to me”.

        • ErykaSoleil

          . . . That was totally supposed to be a comment to b3nc0, down below . . . I’m not exactly sure how it got placed here . . .

    • ErykaSoleil

      I thought of that too, but then I thought, “Well, maybe Dad was thinking those young, skinny superheroes would have an easier time saving the small, lightweight baby, than they would saving the baby -and- her much heavier father . . . ” Flyboy can definitely fly, but he may or may not have any sort of superior strength. I can easily catch something the size of a baby, but there’s no way I could safely stop something that’s my size or bigger.

      I’m mostly amazed that Flyboy managed to catch the baby without snapping her little neck. Good job, superhero!

  • hahahaha XD he’s like fuck what do I do now?

  • BrookRat

    This might get tricky. XD

    I really like the take on “superheroes” so far  🙂 Also count me with the people who like the Spooky Jones name!
    (I followed Artifice, too, btw, just not much of a commenter.)

  • Erica

    I was thinking of doing a female Flyboy… so technically Flygirl and i was thinking of it all… prior to going to bed. so i was just sitting in bed like yeah that’d be an awesoem idea… yeah… but where would i get this and that and blah blah blah. XD I’m excited to do it, but it requires having long black hair with big waves/curls. Maybe I should draw it out :O But I was thinking of more… old fashion pilot goggles… likeee… THESE. I thought they’d be cool. @///@ *flail*

  • vertincture

    +1 for Spooky Jones best superhero name ever. Totally reminds me of the Fabulous Killjoys: “Party Poison”, “Jet Star”, “Fun Ghoul”, and “Kobra Kid” from My Chemical Romance. 

    And +1 <3 for Kyle's costume. How can you dislike a classic? It also reminds me of Hawk, as in Hawk and Dove from DC Comics. It's actually the non-tights/armor that the others are wearing that get to me. It just screams…early 90s. (sorry! D8)

    As for the gender ratio, psh. That's 6 superheroes out of how many in this city? I'm drawn to believe there could be a more evenly distributed gender ratio of superheroes in the entire presented universe, but Mr. Woolfson may have chosen not to focus on an evenly distributed selection. These 6. I get more "eye-rolly" when a story does the whole "Power Rangers" thing with three men/boys and two women/girls. Or on a smaller scale, two guys and one chick.

    • Myrtu

      I read an article about the drawbacks of classic superhero costumes. Most ofy the drawbacks: the outfits are too constricting to do anything, or they’re too delicate. So! These outfits actually make sense if you’re fighting crime! Which, they are. And we don’t know how many superheroes there are in the city. Maybe it’s just this group. And if there are more, I’m assuming this is the main group. And wouldn’t be nice to have 2 girls out of 6 people be in the main group? I’m sure you don’t mean it this way, but it almost sounds like it’s a bad thing to have an almost equal number of guys and girls in a group. I’m okay with one girl in the team, I won’t whine about it. But I won’t whine if more girls are introduced later on either.

    • Myrtu

       But you’re right, their costumes totally scream early 90s. XD

  • ErykaSoleil

    I think it’s intriguing that everyone seems to think the dad is an idiot for throwing his baby separately. I looked at it from the viewpoint of knowing it would be easier for Flyboy to catch something the size of a baby than it would be for him to catch the weight of a baby -and- a full-grown adult male (who looks like he’s probably heavier than Flyboy). Given the scenario, I was thinking the logic was more like:

    1) Must go up because I can’t go down.

    2) Fire is so bad we have to get off the roof or die.

    3) Flyboy looks buff, but still smaller than me. He could definitely save the baby, but might not be able to catch my weight (and I might drop the baby).


    5) Stay here waiting for Flyboy and become crispy, or take my chances and jump to either safety or an instant, splattery death.

    6) Jump and take my chances.

    Of course, I could be totally wrong, and Dad just panicked. In that case, it’s not so much stupidity as simply not knowing anything else to do.

  • ErykaSoleil

    Also: Adam and Veronica, you have done positively beautiful work here. Good jobs. 🙂

  • Why is he so freaked out? The other half of the house isn’t even on fire. Is there a villain involved?

    • vertincture

      I sure hope so. ;)c

  • ManicThrifts

    Camping! 😀

  • Camping!  Have I also mentioned how damn hilarious it is to toss your baby, THEN jump yourself?  Sheesh.  Chivalry may really be dead.

    • Candice Meiners

      Camping as well!
      And not so, clearly he is abiding by the ladies first rule of chivalry.

      • ManicThrifts

        Wait I’m lost
        what rule

      • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

        Not so much the ladies first as the ‘women and children first’ rule of a sinking ship….burning house, same thing.

  • He’s pretty fly for a white guy. (Sorry. Had to. Even though someone else probably already did.)

    7/10. Would smack dat ass.

  • AC♥Bear

    Why don’t you just jump WITH the baby 

  • Oh crap. Is it bad that I started laughing when I saw the dad threw himself down after the baby? This was gorgeously drawn, hilarious and kinda dark all at once. Very very nice.

  • Emiko

    Hahahah, that was hilarious!

  • Demie Duken


  • Someone important

    Yea he does just with more hair

  • camolot the creator

    Aw, man; now he’s never going to be able to fill out our “rescued civilian satisfaction query”!