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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 17

201 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 17

Hello, Stranger. Almost forgot about you… 🙂

Finally, Spooky gets his own Fan Art in “Spooks” by Symphonicpyro. You should definitely check it out.

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So, looks like The Platinum Priestess isn’t content to just sit on the sidelines and let the boys have all the fun. Will this sorceress break the spell The Annihilator has worked so hard to cast? Tune in next Saturday this Wednesday to find out!

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  • Awww, Lady Sexy-with-Shiny-Boobs, you’re so lovely! I think I’m already in love with your boob- I mean, with you. And your shiny boobs.

    PS: Oh, yeah, Duncan. I like it. I think Duncan/Kyle seems a really nice name for a pair. Dunle. Or Kycan. Or Dunky. Or Canle!
    Ok, Imma gonna stop here.

    •  …. Dunky.  What are they, coffee and doughnuts now? 

      • Sequinn


      • Well, why not! Coffee and donuts are delicious – and so are they (ok that was sooo cheesy! XD)

        • That was pretty cheesy, but i forgive you. xD Also there is a cruller joke in there that i am trying desperately to avoid.

          • “Also there is a cruller joke in there that i am trying desperately to avoid.”
            Yes! I know right!? XD Let’s just pretend that we haven’t thought about this joke. Nope. Not at all. 

  • Duncan… Actually yes. Anni does look like a Duncan. But he’ll always be Anni to me <3

  • Haha and the mood ruining award goes to…

  • Laurenihilation

    Duncan. It is so fitting!
    And this page is so great, especially that last bit. 😀

  • So…. I like Platinum. She knows where it’s at!! And look at Anni! He’s all like “Don’t ruin it!” XD I cannot wait for next week!!

  • I was initially guessing David as his name, but I got the first letter right!!!

  • DemureDesire

    I am so glad that I had neither a chocolate chip cookie nor a drink of Diet Pepsi in my mouth when I read that last panel…

    • Heh. 🙂

    • Yukiness

      Rule one of reading Alex Woolfson comics: One cannot be eating/drinking anything while reading. Disreguard for this rule may result in damaged monitors, keyboards, clothing, nostrils, etc.

      I continue to learn this rule the hard way

  • I wasn’t expecting the name but I like it. Any particular reason you chose it?

    I cracked up when Platinum Priestess gave her two cents.

    • Thank you for letting me know you found the last line funny. That always makes me happy to know a line of AlexHumor dialogue has gotten a laugh. 🙂

      As for where “Duncan” came from, well, like pretty much all my name choices, it just felt right. When writing a script, I often experiment with a number of names for each character and eventually one just seems to fit. For me, the overall sound and associations I have with the name “Duncan” just clicked.

      Based on the comments here comparing The Annihilator to Sean Connery, I was actually tempted to change The Annihilator’s home town to one in Scotland, but again, knowing him as I do, it just didn’t feel right. He was born and spent his early childhood in England and that’s just the way it is. 🙂

  • Mink Dream

    Duncan! Like Duncan Idaho, my favourite Dune character and also my no 1 favourite character, well, generally 🙂
    Platinum Priestess is such a lovely lady! Can’t wait to see more of her witty remarks :)))
    && love third panel… wow! Just wow!

  • *keels over and kicks with laughter*  Platinum Priestess.  Best wingwoman EVER.

    •  If by “best,” you mean “ruining all possible smooth comebacks within a 30-mile radius,” then yes, we could call her that.  Best for *us,* maybe.  xD

  • Lady Mania

    Second and third panel have to be my favs. The faces Kyle makes. The last is a close second. The Platinum Priestess is just great.

  • Colin bell

    “Duncan and Kyle sitting in a tree F U C-” “SIRCIA SHUT THE FUCK UP! DON’T FREAK HIM OUT OR I WONT GET LAID!”
    That is my take on what the two villains might be saying if Kyle wasn’t in ear shot I love it <3

  • I love Duncan’s expression in the last panel. I also love the look Kyle has on panel 3.

  • I love how Kyle’s looking at Annihilator’s hand like it’s about to detach and strangle him at any moment.

    And I get the feeling PP chimed in at least partially because she didn’t appreciate that everyone seemed to have forgotten she existed. 😛
    Anni’s expression in that panel is clearly saying: What the FUC*! Now? REALLY?

    Also, major props to Kyle for being smart for once and not giving out too much information about himself.

    • I believe you have a good sense of The Platinum Priestess’s motives. As you said, at least in part. 🙂


    Also, I have friends like Sircea.  If A-tea…excuse me, Duncan…is anything like me, he’s contemplating crawling under a table and blushing.

  • Hmm, Duncan? Niiiice, Alex, very nice 🙂  Btw, Brighton as in England? Oh no, he’s not just blue-eyed fox in a tuxedo, he’s a blue-eyed fox in a tuxedo with a British accent? Oh boy, I’ve got a terrible weakness for British accents! Hope Kyle can resist!
    *mumbles “darn you, PBS and Dr. Who!”*  
    I’m also really enjoying Platinum, myself! She rocks, lol….but, by the look on Duncan’s face in that last panel, she might want to back off a little.

    •  He is going to beat her ass in their poker game this weekend as revenge. 

      • Willard Little II

        Though PP would respond that the only poker game where he would beat someone’s ass is the one with Kyle and Duncan gets to poke her ;-p

  • I just finished reading up to here and I am surprisingly enjoying this. When I saw the little snippet of them kissing I thought “Oh great this is gonna lead straight to getting into each others pants” But so far I have been proven wrong and it looks like there is some real potential here for character development.

    • I’m glad to surprise you, Kevin. 🙂

      I’m writing for adults and so I enjoy the freedom that gives me to have erotic scenes, but overall what matters most to me is telling a good story. And character development is the meat and drink of that.

  • Erica

    OMG, lol Ms. Platinum, you is a naughty one. kekeke… the mind of a yaoi-fan indeed 
    > w>
    Duncan. Duncan Wells. lol Shoulda been Well Hung Horse. MWAHAHAHAHAHAH

  • Sircea, you are absolutely my very favorite magical girl. 

    Or broad.  Or magical cougar.  Whatever. 

    •  “Magical Cougar” is an incredible title and I want to make it part of my vocabulary in the future…

    • KiannaLeigh

      Magical Cougar!

      [Falls over from being hit with ray of sheer awesome.]

    • “Magical cougar.” Yes, that does indeed win all the Internets. I now want that to be its own genre. 😀

      • I think a 40- or 50+year-old woman could get up to a HELL OF A LOT MORE INTERESTING SHENANIGANS with magical powers and a ~mysterious fate~ than your average 16-year-old girl manages.  xD

  • hey, duncan, wait till the third date you…actually you guys already made out SKIP STEPS ONE AND TWO 😉

  • My philosophy is “Quid Pro Quo”. Can’t get somthing without giving somthing. But yeah…first dinner. Kyle can’t really act coy since he let Duncan (R.I.P. Parkourman) stick his tongue down his throat and cop a feel in an alley. At lest settle for a “Rusty Venture” and call it a night.

  • SakuraHana

    OMG!!! I laughed out loud!!! Not just chuckled, or giggled… this caught me so off guard I laughed! Whoo-Hoo!!! LOVE Anni-err, Duncan Wells’ face in the last panel!!! Priestess has been around the block a time or two! Wow!

    • SakuraHana

       OH and I wonder if Alex will allow Anni and Kyle to go further than, well where they are now, because remember….Kyle is only SEVENTEEN… at least wait until his birthday! Wouldn’t that be promoting an illegal act? Well, not everyone is in the USA or the laws here soooo…..Hmm. #thinkingoutloud

      • TheWarriorQueen

        Where I live, it’s sixteen. And it all depends on which state you’re in, over the sea in USA… Also remembering that it’s fiction, I don’t see age being much of a factor, but more progression of the story being the primary factor. It depends what plot twists crop up, I think.

        • Niggle

          I believe it’s not about where you are, but where the young person in question is from. Taking a young person over a border to a state with a younger age of consent, to make it “legal”, would in fact be illegal.

          I’m hoping Kyle has already hit 18. How much time has passed between the prologue and now?

          • TheWarriorQueen

            Not sure about the passage of time. But also, this is already mildy Alternate Universe. (Only mildly. All the superpowers seem a a tiny bit AU to me. 😛 Maybe I just live in a boring neighbourhood.) So the laws might be different for super-heroes or something? And correct me if I’m wrong, but we don’t know where Kyle is from yet, do we?

          • Niggle

            No, I don’t think we know. We might not ever know, it could be like other comics, setting it in a fictional large city rather than use a real one. I was thinking 18 to make it a bit less creepy and more likely to be legal wherever they are. XD

          • TheWarriorQueen

            Maybe the romance will bloom and then he gets an extra special 18th birthday present? ~giggles~

          • It’s been a couple weeks and Kyle is still 17.

          • Niggle

            Thank you, Alex. I had a feeling it hadn’t been too long. Good old Anni/Duncan wouldn’t have the patience to wait very long. ;D

            Loving the comic, of course. I just don’t comment much. But I’m happy every time I see The Young Protectors in my RSS reader. 😀

          • Well, thank you, Niggle. I’m really glad to hear you are enjoying it! 🙂

      • In the UK, age of consent for gay and straight sex is sixteen – so if Duncan ever obeys any laws, that’s possibly the one he’ll be thinking of.

      • Would Alex allow two characters to go further than kissing if one of them was underage?

        Here’s the answer: if there was serious literary merit in doing that—meaning, does it make for a significantly better story instead of, y’know, doing it for porn?—yes, I would. In real life, many human beings have sex before they turn 18. Many, many high-quality stories have heterosexual characters under the age of 18 relate sexually. So, if it made for a good story and if it made sense for the character, then yes, I would “allow” that. And then I would attempt to make the consequences of that choice as realistic as possible.

        Would Alex commission art that showed an underage character engaging in explicit sex? No. I mean, my comics don’t push beyond “hard-R” territory anyway, so I don’t really show explicit sex even with adults, but I’d be especially careful with underage characters. There’s lots of reasons for that (including my own squick factor) but if you want a story-telling reason, it’s because I think showing explicit content involving someone under 18 would be a tremendous distraction. Even just showing making out in the Prologue generated A LOT of hullabaloo. While it also generated interesting discussion and while I think it was the right choice (and certainly well within the bounds of quality story-telling) to show what I did there, as the creator, I ultimately want the focus on story and character and overall “message”, not how provocative the content is.

        In terms of what I will show visually: within my own limits of what I feel comfortable with, I look to the work of other creators I respect. If you can see it on HBO, it’s probably something you might see here. More than that, you won’t. This includes whether I’d be willing to show sex before your 18th birthday as something that can sometimes be a good, positive choice. Sometimes, for some people, it can be—and I’m certainly much more comfortable showing that happy case than violence against a young person. And sometimes, of course, it’s the wrong choice and I’d be willing to show that too.

        I personally believe that pretty much any sane person, and yes this includes a young person, has the ability to separate fantasy from reality so I don’t worry much about “promoting illegal acts” in my comics—be they sexual or violent or selfish. What does matter to me is the overall message of the story and how it might impact my readers. In particular, I want to create gay heroes we all can cheer for. That doesn’t mean they’ll always make good choices. But it does mean that in the end, they are true heroes, the ones I craved seeing as a kid growing up.

        Anyway, that’s a long explanation. In terms of the laws, the relevant one that applies to creators and readers in the United States is the PROTECT Act of 2003. While I personally believe the provision in this law regarding “drawings and cartoons” is an insane, hysterical, unconstitutional over-reaction on the part of Congress (and one that should it ever be tested in a Court would, I believe, be struck down), by committing to quality story-telling I’m already complying with it, so none of us need to sweat it in regards to my comics.

        But there was yet another case of someone being bullied into pleading guilty to this law that I read about just this morning, so I think that’s part of the reason for the TL;DR reply you got here. We don’t have all the facts yet and this guy might be bad news for other reasons, but jailed for three years without parole for having nothing more than cartoon images on his computer?  I might not want to share a beer with this guy, but I don’t think our government should be locking people up in prison just for looking at icky drawings. I really don’t.

        Yet another reason to support the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

        • SakuraHana

          I think I love you. 🙂

          LOL Seriously, though…I thank you for the explanation. I’m only about 5 years old to the comic/anime/video game world, so there are some lines that are blurry to me. I truly WAS thinking out loud, as Deejay Mumin shows, legality limits are different everywhere, and as you have pointed out, there are a completely different set of standards that you follow as a artist.

          I truly am enjoying the comic and the commentary 🙂

          And my two cents worth says that Platinum and Anni are best friends…. They were good friends as kids, she fell hard for him, he didn’t know that she liked him, then she found out he was gay, and realized that she valued his friendship too much to leave.  🙂

    • Hehe. Always glad to hear when I get a real laugh from a reader. 😀

  • Kitkat822

    The bad guys are always British, what are you trying to say about us!? 😛

    • TheWarriorQueen

      It’s only because the British make the sexiest bad guys. And invented cricket. Cricket is… definitely bad. At least from the perspective of me, who always gets hit by a cricket ball if anyone nearby is playing. Concussion is no fun.

      • Sanbai

        When I was little, I thought that was the POINT of cricket. My sister and I were basically playing Calvin Ball until my mother told the rules.

        We promptly stopped playing.

        • TheWarriorQueen

          That would be fine, if it were the rules. I’d just stay a safe distance away. What is not fine is said cricket ball ruining my chances with my own Duncan when it whacked me in the forehead, knocked me out, and when I came around, I mumbled “Bloody useless cricket sport.” He was his school’s cricket captain. And hovering worriedly over me at the time. Damn.

          • Kitkat822

             If it makes you feel any better, I’m terrible at cricket! I’ll stick to the sterotypical tea drinking.

          • TheWarriorQueen

            Tea drinking is awesome. I drink tea as well. So “Jolly good, mate!” and I’ll dedicate my next Earl Grey (I have an addiction to bergamot) to you.

          • TEA!  I love tea!

        • Yukiness

          Your reference to Calvin Ball makes me grin.

  • The Priestess read my mind.

  • is anyone else totally in love with Kyle’s little quirk of his eyebrows when he’s looking all vulnerable? ADORABLE.

  • amanda damron

    OMG!!! LOL!!! I LOVE THIS!!! im i them only one who thanks that Platinum acted kinda sisterly? Either she is related to him somehow or has know him for a long time and is not only a friend but one of those friends that you love and yet want to kill at the same time LOL! cause it seemed to me that she was teasing them like one would. LOL Duncan’s face is just priceless LOL!!! this is amazing!!!

  • ** suddenly teleporting ⓟⓡⓘⓔⓢⓣⓔⓢⓢ suddenly teleports. **

    Sparky is mortified.

    Silver DILFer™ is ENRAGED!!

    + 12 AGI

    – 4 INT

    – 9 LOV

    + 18 SKL

    + 5  MAG

    + 574 EXP gained


    + 3,666 gald! (where did that come from??)

    + 81 COOTIES (darn you, vile wench!)

    + 4 CONDOMS


    Duncan (from Brighton) exclaims “Hands off the boy!
    “This is a snatch-free encounter!
    “And the flame|thrower is my pre—I mean date!”

    • (Sylvia Lorrie Huntington retorts “the next time you omit me for a whole page I’ll be sticking my magick staff up your back alley,  mate.
      ” :menacing face: ”

      {Duncan [from Brighton] reconsiders, and relents.})

  • Mihael Keehl

    panel 3

  • Travis

    Oh Priestess! So saucy!

  • Love the last panel. Kyle’s expression is totally WTF and Anni is all “Bitch get your hands off my man.”

    I like Duncan, it’s a very fitting name for Anni. Also, Sussex is exactly how I was picturing his accent before now, so him being from Brighton is amazing!

    Also how come Anni is up front enough to give us his full name but Kyle will only say Kyle? What is Kyle’s last name? Also, how cute does Kyle Wells sound. It’s got a GREAT ring to it, in my opinion.

    Panel 3 is great too, the way Kyle is looking out it’s almost as though he’s looking for a cue from the audience. As though he’s asking US what he should do. Sadly we are all Fangirls and boys so we are going to give him HORRIBLE advice?! 😉

    Ooo I hope $98 gets donated before Wednesday so we get a bonus page this coming week!

    • TheWarriorQueen

      We have nearly enough. I’m going to keep hoping about Wednesday…

      I didn’t notice that Kyle never gave his last name, but I agree with you that Kyle Wells sounds very good. Mmm… Excuse me whilst I go write cheesy fanfics about this idea. XD

      • Just remember to take a break from your cheesy fanfic writing long enough to see the Bonus update tomorrow. ^_^

  • TheWarriorQueen

    I melted. Someone help, I melted from sheer awesome-rays… XD Here are my reactions, panel by panel. (Because I suffer from the delusion that people actually care what I think. XD)

    Panel 1 – Ah, ye goats, those eyebrows… Hang on, Duncan? I had a crush on a Duncan once!

    Panel 2 – Ooh, I can officially keep the Sean Connery voice in my head now, it’s close enough! But dear Annihilator, you being British is actually very scary, because we all know that you people invented cricket. Um, Kyle, no need to stare like that. It’s a hand. You shake it. It’s common during proper introductions, you know.

    Panel 3 – D’awwww… Dem eyebrows… Kyle looks like a lost puppy being offered some doggie treats. But there’s a nice little quirk to his mouth that says he’s mostly won over. 😀

    Panel 4 – Hey, Kyle figured out the handshake thing! Man, I’d forgotten the height difference… And that particular pose is epically (epicly? whatever) perfect.

    Panel 5 – Ky-lllle, you know better than to trust his promises, hon! And now’s a fine time to have second thoughts, we’re all rooting for this date to happen!

    Panel 6 – Yeah, definitely some history between Duncan and Plats here. I’m betting sister or cousin. And the glare from Duncan… PRICELESS! Oh dear, Kyle, she infecting you with the awful thing called girl cooties? Wow, I really like that outfit, it’s SHINY. Maybe Halloween this year, with silvery bodysuit underneath of course, or I’ll never be let out the house, since I’m still living with the parents… Yeah, I think I can sew that, I have the time if I work nights… Puts paid to dressing up as Anne Boleyn though… Hm, maybe I’ll stick with the part-complete Anne Boleyn outfit. Save Plats for when I know more about her.

    Hm… Plats, I think I’ll call her that until we learn her real identity. ~looks up~ Wow, I typed a lot. Oh well. Great comic, as usual. I’m still melted from the awesome-rays.

    • Niggle

      Well, people might not care what you think, but I certainly enjoyed reading your panel by panel reactions, very funny. XD

      • TheWarriorQueen

        Glad I gave you a bit of humour. I love your screen name. It simultaneously has me reciting the definition of “niggle”, thinking of the old storybook character Biggles, and humming my self-composed “Song of the Grammar Nazi”. Because that’s what your name makes me think of. XD

        • Niggle

          Glad my name amuses you! It’s a nickname of a nickname, actually. My nickname has so many variants it’s silly. XD

          I want to hear this “Song of the Grammar Nazi.” hehe

          • TheWarriorQueen

            Nickname of a nickname? Whoa, and I thought my going by a username and a fake first name on the net was a weird thing. And the “Song of the Grammar Nazi” is set to kind of a marching tune, with elements of electric guitar in the background, and a waltz-y interlude after verse eight. The first verse goes like so:

            “Look at you! You silly clods,
            Who forget your commas.
            I’ll now peruse your entire post
            To find other such errors.
            (Electric guitar strum)
            Behold, you lost a hyphen there!
            Affect or effect? You beware!”

            Then the chorus goes:

            “I am a Grammar Nazi,
            Heil Syntax!
            I am a Grammar Nazi!
            Facebook’s bane!
            I am a Grammar Nazi!
            Now begins my reign!”

            … yeah, I write weird songs like that. I have a fear of Grammar Nazis, as an ex-Syntaxian myself, living in terror of my defection being noticed. XD

          • Niggle

            That song is hilarious! Love it. XD And be careful. You never know when the Syntaxians may be on the prowl for defectors. ~runs around flailing~ Wow, that sounds like a silly old sci-fi alien race or something. XD

          • TheWarriorQueen

            Thanks. And the Syntaxians are relentless. I have burned all paper records of my identity, changed my name, and now hide behind TheWarriorQueen to taunt them by being nearly exact with my spelling, grammar, and style. It is a risky game, and I know not how long I may survive before they track me down, and flame all my fanfiction to ashes. XD And yep, I think they do sound a bit like an alien race. In my webcomic I’m planning (nothing near as good as this one, of course) I’m going to write them in.

          • Niggle

            XD You totally should do that, I’d read it! I need another webcomic to read like I need another hole in my head, but who cares?! Of course, if the Syntaxians find out they’re being portrayed in a webcomic we might never hear from you again.

    • KiannaLeigh

      LOL You’re reactions are funny. I can see moving from panel to panel, reaction changing as you read. Haha.

      My Planti-baby certainly must be Duncan sister or something. No other woman besides a wife can piss a guy off that much with one sentence.

      • TheWarriorQueen

        Very glad you laughed.

        Hm, Plats could be Duncan’s sister, cousin, best friend from childhood, or maybe even ex-wife. I hope it’s not the last one though. Because that would range into levels of soap opera that truly terrify me. (I define soap opera levels by the voice ranges of real opera. So the ex-wife scenario is soprano. When something hits falsetto, I’m either hitting my head against the wall, no longer reading, or passed out from laughter.)

    • Bianca Simone

      This cracked me up!  You are like that friend who talks through the whole movie with side commentary because they can.  (I am that friend most times LOL!!!)

      • TheWarriorQueen

        I am that friend! Yes! Except I have no real life friends, so I do that to my family. My sister eventually sticks duct-tape over my mouth. Seeing as I didn’t get any “You’re posting utterly nebulous comments, stop it!” replies so far, I think I’ll commentate each of the new pages with my reactions from now on. 😀

        • Bianca Simone

          Let’s be real life friends! *nerdy high five*

          • TheWarriorQueen

            If only it worked that way. But I’m happy to add you to my list of net-friends. ~nerdy high-five~ Now, if that high-five was nerdy, does that make you a nerd like me? Or a “cool” person who happens to high-five in a nerdy way?

          • Bianca Simone

            Oh I’m 100% nerd, but the other nerds thought I was the “cool nerd” because I hung out with the “cool kids” sometimes… I have no idea how that happened. LOL

          • TheWarriorQueen

            Nerds are the real power in the world, eh? And I was always the “Okay, you’re freaking me out now” nerd. It was fun to see people’s reactions when they watched me read at high-speed, or when I reeled off statements entirely incomprehensible to them. 😀

    • I love this. It’s always so much fun for me to hear panel-by-panel reactions from y’all. 🙂

      (And if you ever do decide to create a The Platinum Priestess costume, I want pictures!)

      • TheWarriorQueen

        I’m going with Anne Boleyn this year (hopefully. I’m still battling with the waistline stitches, because I do everything by hand, but I have ten days to get it right), but next year I will almost certainly do Platinum Priestess, and I’ll send in the pictures to fan art. Sewing is art, in a way…

        • Sewing is definitely art. And I’ll look forward to seeing what you come up with! 🙂

  • Deb Baverstock

    Love this page! Kyle’s expression in the last panel is priceless.  I love how this story is developing also….humm…maybe Duncan started the fire to get Kyle’s attention?  He is an anarchist afterall. It will all come out eventually.

  • grimsister21

    Ignore Kyle, her holy godess of sex, and pay attention to me! 

  • My guess on what Anni thinks is “Damn it, wait at least until Hongkong to tell him it is a threesome-date”.

  • KiannaLeigh

    Final panel:
    Anni/Duncan – Damn you woman, I was so close! Why!?!?! Why go and point that out. I can handle this without your input.

    But I get the feeling My Planti-baby is trying to help in her own way or at least I wanna believe that.Oh Planti, why must you make me think you’re evil!? T_T

  • fujoshifanatic

     Duncan. Yes, I like it! And of course Mr. Sexy Silver Fox would have a British accent! Oh Kyle honey, you’re doomed, and I can’t wait to see your romantic demise! 😛 And Sircea! You are the Platinum Priestess of Snark, and I love you — although Duncan might not agree with me at the moment, LOL! You are the most awesomest Magical Cougar ever! I can’t wait to see Duncan’s retort to your, er, observation on (hopefully?) Wednesday! 😀

  • Bianca Simone

    Duncan’s face in the last panel is like SHUT UP OH MY GOD MY FRIENDS ARE SO EMBARRASING!!!!!  Lord knows my friends have made that face at me before!!! LOL!

    • Leigh Nelson

      Yeah, me too. I can never keep my mouth shut when I know there’s something truly comedic going on in my head. It would be such a shame to waste that genius!

  • Bad_Guy_Lover

    that… is the most harmless name ever! … he almost has me convinced that he’s harmless himself… almost…

  • Yay, we get another bonus page!! 😀  Btw, I’m loving all the comments on this page!  Oh and thanks for answering my question about Kyle’s dating history or lack thereof!

    • My pleasure. 🙂

      And I’m also loving reading through the comments!

  • Melanie mcsc2008

    OMG. Between posting and me waking up, donations have jumped from almost $150 to over $400.  

    Woo hoo!!  New bonus page already!  Thanks to everyone who jumped us up there!

  • Leigh Nelson

    HaHAH! I like her. And yay! Bonus page! /dances around happily

    Oh O.O Duncan? I like it for his name, but wasn’t expecting he’d give a name. That was just…uncalled for. I was expecting this long winded explanation on why that would spoil the fun, or something like that lol but I LIKE it!

  • Monica

    Oh Kyle you’re pussy!! Just say yes, you know you want to! 

  • Hm, according to Google, there are a number of towns/suburbs in the US called Brighton.  If he’s from Brighton, UK I bet he sounds like Tony Jay! (though he was born in London)  😀

    • The Annihilator was born and spent his early childhood in the UK. But he’s moved around quite a bit since his early teens, so while there is a bit of an accent there, it’s not strong.

    • London and Brighton accents aren’t too similar. They’re not hugely different – but London is a melting pot of people from all over so its hard to say what a ‘London’ accent is now-a-days. Same goes for where I’m from, really. xD But yeah, Brighton’s accent is very charming and nice. It’s nothing like you’d hear from the usual ‘British movie’ type accent though. So no “Tea and crumpets”  accent I’m afraid. xD

  • Madisuzy

    LOL!  Beautifully funny last line.  I needed a giggle.

  • Aryn Reid


  • Brighton, England? UK, REPRESEEEENT

  • hapax

    While I share all the PP and Brit-accent love, I just have to pause and goggle at the art here.

    Look at that last panel.  Just LOOK at it. All blacks and whites and shades of grey, except for the flesh tones, the shock of Kyle’s hair, and the shock effect (g) of yellow.

    And yet you don’t notice that until you think about it.  Because it’s all warm and cold and soft and hard where it needs to be, and full of life.

    That’s just … stylin’, that’s what I’m saying.

    • I agree. And feel tremendously lucky to be able to work with Adam and Vero on this comic. 🙂

  • Duncan Wells is such an appropriate name, honestly.
    Duncan Wells…dunk in wells…*cue pervy giggles*

    Kyle, are you paying attention, hun? This should be a pretty big red flag considering Anni’s intentions for your imminent future. Well, that is if the silver cougar doesn’t ruin another sexy moment. <3

  • Now I need to imagine him with an accent from the UK. What does a Brighton accent sound like?

    • It’s not a very strong accent but it is a very nice, charming accent. 🙂 I’ve friends from Brighton and I love, love, LOVE their voices. xD Though England alone has many different accents so it’s hard to explain how it sounds like. xD If in doubt, youtube it! 😀

  • Kit the Coyote

    Oh Princess, my thoughts exactly.  I like her more and more.

  • Joanne Edison-Brown

    I just gotta post up and say.. really digging this comic. Possibly more than I liked Artifice. Got some neat interactions and lives going on here! 

    • Very glad to hear you’re liking it, Joanne! 🙂

  • Soitgoesgirl

    Bad touch, bad touch!

  • SomeoneK

     From Brighton? Omg he has the accent <3__<3

  • Bahahahaha!  Looks like someone forgot who was lurking behind him watching the sweet love scene bargaining~ ;p  It’s so cool that Anni’s told his real name to Kyle!  And that he accepted! 😀  A real date! <3 <3 <3

  • Ariana Chini

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  • Yukiness

    Sweet mother of all that is yaoi…his name is Duncan! I’m spazzing out too much to comment properly

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    So his name is Duncan….sweet….and in answer to the lady in the last frame…I heard the kid say “Promise not to screw WITH me”….NOT “promise not to SCREW me” BIG difference.

  • I have friends from Brighton so I can perfectly hear Anni’s voice in my head~ I love my friends accents, they’re not hugely strong ‘English’ accents but it’s charming and lovely to listen too. :3
    I’m always a bit iffy when people create British characters because of people always lumping the whole of the UK under the “One Country = One England = One Accent.” Thing they always do… like we’re all “Tea and crumpets” posh English speaking snobs when we’re not. (Then again, call a Welsh person English and you’re going to get a weird look anyways lol).
    That’s the biggest pet-peeve of mine. England alone has several different accents, getting stronger the further north you are. And that’s not even mentioning the different accents Scotland and Ireland has.
    Of course the best accents are the Welsh (biased opinion muwahaha). We have our own language too, which is soooo pretty (but frickin’ hard to speak/learn).
    Anyway… I’ve derailed my post long enough! XD
    I think Anni will be fine as an English man despite my fear of other readers not knowing about accents and the fact that the UK doesn’t mean just England.
    He’s just utterly charming and lovable.

    • Hehe. The Annihilator appreciates your vote of support!

      (And as someone who listens to Dylan Thomas reading “A Child’s Christmas in Wales” every Christmas eve, I appreciate your love of the Welsh accent. 😉 )

      • Ah glad to hear you enjoy our accent (or one of many haha). My accent isn’t too strong since I live so close to the Capital – but whenever I visit England they always know right away that I’m Welsh. It’s funny in a way since I always say I don’t have an accent.
        I listen to a fair few songs in Welsh – though sadly I was stupid in school and never took on Welsh as one of the lessons… I took German instead. A shame really as it’s only now do I really cherish our language. The invaders tried to strip us of our language and slaughtered so many of us because we wouldn’t ‘convert’ and yet we’re still going strong! XD

        • The Welsh accent sounds like singing when talking; it’s utterly amazing!  I watched Torchwood for a while, and I couldn’t get over the way it sounds!  Of course, it’s great that there are several accents.  I am a US citizen, and there are tons of different accents here in the States, so why would Britain be different?

          It’s awesome!

          • I love my friends accent from Ohio I think he lived… or was that my other friend… anyway I couldn’t always understand him because it was so strong – so I’d tease him. It was an adorable accent though, so the teasing was the good kind (which made him blush haha). Sadly we no longer talk to one another but yeah. I have heard a few different accents from the US.

            And yeah, our accent is kinda like that. Apart from the Vally accent. That’s more… it’s hard to explain but even I have trouble understanding them at times. xD Though I can mimic them a little haha.

            I need to watch more Torchwood and Dr Who since they filmed mostly in Cardiff – which is about five mins drive from me. xD Or ten; depending on traffic.

            You should hear some of our language/music… it’s so beautiful. I really regret not taking Welsh during school now and doing German. I do love the German language as well, of course – but there’s nothing like having pride for where you live. xD

            Here’s one of my favorite songs in Welsh. (Translation is in the show more part just under the vid. It’s really such a sad yet beautiful song.


    • xLizardx

      Yes, in American films “British” always seems to translate as extremely well-spoken [Hugh Grant] or some sort of cockney gangster [Ray Winstone]. It’s rare you’ll hear an accent even as Northern as Birmingham or Sheffield say. That said, they do seem to like their Scottish and Irish people… I agree with you though: the Welsh are extremely under-represented. 

      I suppose to be fair though I can’t really tell the difference between different American accents [aside from sweeping generalisations of “Southern” and “Northern”].

      • I love Scottish and Irish accents too. Just something about them makes me just shiver with joy. xD But yeah. Us Welshies are under-represented. DX I’ve spoken to people who have no idea where Wales even is! Then again they didn’t even think the UK had more than just England so…. says a lot about their schooling of Geography. O_o; One of my friends from Canada was adamant that I was wrong and that Wales was not part of Britain and that I was crazy because his ‘friends’ from England would know better…. I just had to laugh and tried to tell him either his ‘friends’ were lying and wasn’t from England – or that they were pulling his leg because Welsh and English always have a rival thing going on. xD

        I have heard a few American accents due to having a fair few people over that way in which I talk too online. I don’t mind them not realizing England has more than one ‘accent’ it’s more the fact that they think there is /only/ England in all of the UK that bothers me. xD Ireland, Scotland and Wales deserve love too! XD

        •  I find that the different regional accents can also simply be hard to distinguish for Americans.  It took me a fair bit and a few concerted listens to distinguish the London accent from other non-Northern ones.

          • Oh some can be hard to split up from others, even I can’t always tell if they’re from one part or the other. Though some accents you can’t mistake for anyone else either. xD Especially in Wales. You can’t mistake our regional accents even if you tried. xD But as I mentioned, we have our own language so the further north you go – the less likely you’re going to find people who sound … plain? Normal? XD I dunno.

          •  Yeah, i actually had no idea that people commonly mixed up Welsh accents with the general UK population.  It seems completely impossible. xD  Then again, i guess people outside of the US fail to tell the difference between the Southern, Yankee and West Coast accents all the time.  (Midwest is the Generic Neutral American, so it’s hard to fault anyone for that.)

          • Yeah I can’t fathom anyone mistaking a Welsh accent for English. I guess it’s possible – just very, very weird! XD Luckily I don’t get offended too much if I’m mistaken for an English person; I just end up educating them in a long ….rant? XD Or just laughing and cracking a joke that I’m way better than an English person. *bats eyelids* Of course they wouldn’t quite get the joke I’m making unless they were Welsh or English… but oh well. Inside jokes are more fun sometimes. *grin*

          • CommodoreZelda

            I’m American, and all my knowledge of UK accents comes from watching Doctor Who… Anyway, I love them all, even though I’m horrible at telling who’s from where.

          • Ah the New Dr Who was filmed in Cardiff Wales (for the most part) which is where I’m from. XP I should actually watch that show but… so many shows to watch, so little time! XD

  • LOL anni’s face in the last panel is like, SHUT UP, YOU’LL GIVE ME AWAY!

  • Dracon Ra

    Finally time to comment. (My English sucks, so it takes forever to write a comment)
    Fangirl squeal for Anni being British. And I really love the name.
    But, there’s one thing that came across my mind,
    Alex, admit it, when you first talked to Adam about Duncan’s looks, you said something like:
    “Remember Highlander 1? I am thinking Sean Connery’s face on the body of the bad guy… “ 😉

    And I love PP’s comment, exactly the same thought crossed my mind.

    Oh, and Duncan get’s the next first time? Dangerous little hero, very dangerous 😉

    • Actually, I didn’t mention Sean Connery at all—but I don’t think The Annihilator’s vibe is all that different, especially in terms of charisma, so I’m totally cool with y’all seeing a little Connery in Duncan. 🙂

      (And glad to hear you liked The Platinum Priestess’s quip!)

  • Whoelsetherealone

    Annie is an anarchist but also a man of words…. I’m sure he will glady respect the promise of not screwing “with” Kyle…

    Young protector, you should have a better choice of words… or maybe you let this door open on purpose :p

  • Whoelsetherealone

    I would barely said that there is a difference between “screwing with someone” and “screwing someone”… And no need to precise that kyle’s exact words were “promise to not screw *with* me”…

    Just a tiny word but so much options behind.

  • Sequinn

    Duncan: I believe I ordered a non-speaking magical priestess taxi

    • Heh. The Platinum Priestess might be many things but a silent, obedient tool? Not bloody likely. 🙂

  • xLizardx

    Duncan! Such a Scottish name! Brighton in right down on the south coast of England though, so unless his parents are Scottish, I’ll just have to picture him with a London-ish accent [Brighton is full of Londoners].

  • Sequinn

    Poor Kyle, the red meat in a silver sandwich.

    • QuantumKid

      But oh, is it the best kind of meat. 🙂

    •  If he doesn’t learn to like it tout de suite, we’ll have to pull him aside and have a little talk.  Or just pull him aside to make room so a more appreciative slice of deli meat can slide in there.  Heh.

  • QuantumKid

    Duncan Wells??? That’s got FAKE written all over it. He probably got the name off someone’s mail box. Careful, young Kyle! 

    • Yeah, I have to admit my first reaction (after a squee of glee) was that he gave up his name *far* too easily.  I just hope this exchange of ‘real’ names doesn’t put an end to ‘little hero’.

      • Maybe, but I could easily believe that, like many villains, his “secret identity” might not exactly be a secret. It could be that if Kyle had had any time to gather information on Annihilator, his “real” name would have popped up right away, as Anni has already stated that part of his Anarchist credo is a belief in freedom of information. Could go either way.

    •  As much as i suspect Anni of the double-cross, tripe-cross, and end-run seven-layer backflip, i really do think he’s being sincere on this one. 

      Maybe only because he sees Kyle is finally getting cagey, and there’s nothing like a bit of truth to build trust on and bridge the way for an army of lies. xD

  • CommodoreZelda

    So cute!! I’m not sure it’s his real name, though… eh, we’ll see. So excited for the bonus page!!!

  • *giggles* go platinum, love that line at teh end there!

  • … And suddenly The Annihilator’s voice took on a Sean Connery accent. X3

  • Damien_C

    I love her with all my heart.

  • From Brighton 😀 that’s where I come from….although you’d have thought in Brighton you wouldn’t need to become a supervillain to feel comfortable being Gay. It is after all the LGB capital of the UK.

    Or are we talking Brighton in America here, I dunno what that’s like.

    •  Well, Duncan (xD xD) is of an older generation, so was it like that 30-40 years ago? Or maybe the supervillian/superhero community is not as accepting as we’d like to think, in general, what with their public images to keep up. 

    • yeah, there are a few “brighton”s that duncan could have been referring to; i didn’t get a british vibe from him, but anything is possible.

      EDIT: alex had done some word of godding for us a little while ago.

  • “Kyle, from…not that far away from here…” does this line suggest that Kyle is a runaway. I mean he’s giving no last name and no hometown. Sounds like he may be running, would also explain the reason why he’s the only one on his team with his face covered. Just thinking out loud.

    • Or maybe he just doesn’t want Anni to be able to track him down. At least that’s what I thought. 🙂

  • Platty just won me!

    Almost forgot about her, but she was probably just back there, rolling her eyes and muttering “just shag already…”


  • Becky

    I… wait… the hot older man with superpowers and currently wearing a tux is also BRITISH?  *brain explodes*

    Poor Kyle.  That just isn’t fair at all.

    • observingdetail

      You know you’re a New Yorker when your first thought when you hear “Brighton” is “Brighton Beach” and you think, “Headcanon confirmed, this one’s one of us.” The thing is though, while I have no idea what the original Brighton looks like in the UK, I can totally see The Young Avengers being set in New York City. Then again, I’m biased, as I said before.

      • I’ve just been thinking of it as “Gotham,” but of /course/ Gotham is just New York in a domino mask, so. heh. And Kyle is sooo “i grew up on the back 40 of Lawn Guy Land and I don’t have a single clue, but I ain’t dumb.”

        • observingdetail

          I just saw this, I know it’s been forever, but your comment just made me crack up so hard I fell of my chair.

    • observingdetail

      You know you’re a New Yorker when your first thought when you hear “Brighton” is “Brighton Beach” and therefore your next thought is: “Headcanon confirmed, TYP is definitely in New York City, and /of course/ Anni’s a Brooklyn boy at heart!”

      Until you realize that there’s a /reason/ Brighton, Brooklyn is called Brighton… After that place just across the ocean… That once overtook New York and gave it its present name… Right. I’m gonna go have a bagel now…

  • kyle / last panel: “AHHH!!  




    duncan / last panel (in a refined, sean annorhi accent of course): “´DA FUCK OUTTA HERE HO!!

    sylvia / last panel: “**rubs cooter against kyle’s rear end**

    “**makes Pædo•Bear face**

    “Welcome: I am tonight’s Cockblocker.

    “Pleased to meet you!

    “(^_^ )”

    • Dana Ishiyama

      The funniest shit I’ve read in ages ty

      • thank you, dana.


        ⓟⓛⓐⓣⓘⓝⓤⓜ ⓟⓡⓘⓔⓢⓣⓔⓢⓢ


        ⓣⓘⓣⓐⓝⓘⓤⓜ ⓣⓘⓣⓘⓛⓛⓐⓣⓞⓡ

        simply bring the best from out of me, y’know?)

  • CrispyChicks

    Duncan Wells, gosh, even his name sounds classy. Also, British accent headcanon confirmed.
    My day has been made. <3

  • When I first saw him saying Duncan I got all excited, thinking that all this time imagining the Annihilator with a Scottish accent hadn’t been in vain! Then I saw he was from Brighton and I was sad for all of five seconds.

    Then I shook my head and shouted: Sod Scottish pride, it doesn’t matter if he’s English because he’s still the Annihilator. Meaning he is made of win. 

    Even my dog was looking at me funny afterwards. 

    On a side note I love the way Kyle’s character is subtly developing and growing the longer he spends in Duncan’s presence. He might be a villain and a bad influence but that don’t mean every side effect is a bad one!

  • When I first saw him saying Duncan I got all excited, thinking that all this time imagining the Annihilator with a Scottish accent hadn’t been in vain! Then I saw he was from Brighton and I was sad for all of five seconds.
    Then I shook my head and shouted: Sod Scottish pride, it doesn’t matter if he’s English because he’s still the Annihilator. Meaning he is made of win. 
    Even my dog was looking at me funny afterwards. 
    On a side note I love the way Kyle’s character is subtly developing and growing the longer he spends in Duncan’s presence. He might be a villain and a bad influence but that don’t mean every side effect is a bad one!

  • This might sound a little weird, but I just noticed that Kyle’s eyebrows have dramatically thinned since the first pages. The characters are maturing in the plot, but the artists are also maturing how they’re depicting the characters, I think. It’s not just the eyebrows. I haven’t been following the webcomic as often as I used to because I’ve been more busy, so I guess that the subtle changes are a bit more noticeable to me now that I’m reading several pages at a time rather than one at a time. It’s interesting, seeing the styles improve and the characters shape and grow so early on in the story. (:

    (…Then again, I’m probably completely wrong and seeing things that aren’t actually there. If I am, sorry for ranting about something which doesn’t exist. :S )

    •  That comment compelled me to go back and re-read the comic.  Again. 

      Thank you for that.

  • KNT609


  • Anni isn’t pleased.

  • Meghalodon

    Love. Platinum Priestess. SO hot ><

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    *laughing* Yes…because dates are for screwing….Anni looks annoyed in that last panel, but I guess PP didn’t like being ignored. And Duncan…I wonder if that is his real name??

  • Jill Wilson

    I’m out in left field, but PP has to be related to Anni. Who, other than your bratty little sister, would dare to freak your date before the date even starts? I’m just saying.

  • Interpolation

    Evidently Kyle has decided that Duncan’s hand won’t bite.  He totally seems to be having this concern in the second panel.

    For some reason Anni just doesn’t look like a Duncan to me.  Eh, oh well.

    •  I was a bit surprised that he was so wary of Duncan’s hand, considering how friendly the two of them (Duncan’s hand and Kyle’s ass) had been in the past.

      And Duncan? Right. Not unless his last name is MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod.

  • Tai

    When i read that anni is from brighton i was like … NO FUCKING WAY * Me is living in Brighton* I am about 80% prouder now to live here! 

  • Expected him to say Duncan…Hines.  “So moist, so delicious, so much more…”

  • DarkFeanix21

    The Platinum Priestess obviously doesn’t know the meaning of personal space. That amuses me more than it probably should. On an unrelated note, I really like the obvious conflict on Kyle’s face in the third panel.

    I can’t believe I’m all caught up. I’ve had such a great time reading these comics, I don’t want it to end. Oh well, I guess I’l have to wait for it to update now. I look forward to it.


  • Kakeyo

    Was there a reason or was it just a coincidence that Duncan and Deacon both have names that start with “D”, end in an “N”, are six letters, and have a “C” as the fourth letter? Do you just like those types of names?  

    • Superjenny

      You noticed that too, huh?

  • Oh wait. There’s no more!! Dag nabbit. I guess I’m just going to have to donate money to start supporting this new habit I’ve developed LITERALLY in the past 2 hours…

    And just a thought here as I’m coming down from the rush of ingesting ALL of Artifice and Young Protectors at once. I’m looking at the title “Engaging the Enemy”. Who is the enemy? Who is the one doing the engaging? Is Anni engaging the enemy? Is Kyle? Has the enemy been introduced? Or is it a innuendo for Kyle and Anni “engaging” each other?

  • Anyone else picturing Platty with a Dame Judy Dench kind of voice, or more of a Mae West?

  • Gaz Hawkins

    well….. he did say ‘screw with me” not “screw me” – there is a difference 🙂
    I just hope at least one of them is a hairy fucker!!! – be great if they both were!!!

  • Hm. I’m quite fond of the name Duncan…Kyle just reminds me of South Park…red hair and all. Sorry for the comparison, lol!

  • SolrSurfr3

    Duncan, huh? I actually really like that name for him. 🙂
    XD Okay, I’m DEFINITELY liking Sircea more and more.

  • Duncan Baird

    I was calmly reading this lovely work of art when i turned to this page i burst out laughing and my roommate stared at me for a good 5 minutes. For my name is… Duncan.
    I love this comic as well as artifice both are very well written and drawn.

  • Ree

    Zoot, now that he’s revealed he’s from the UK I can only hear Iain Glen as Richard Carlisle’s voice whenever he speaks XD

  • Duncan’s English? Or is there a Brighton in America?
    (Though I gotta admit, he suits a British accent)

    • Dolaklatael Hatuzaanlem

      3 years late lol, but in case anyone was wondering….

      There’s a Brighton in New York, Colorado, Michigan, Alabama, Tennessee, Illinois, and Iowa (and maybe more). 🙂

  • SofiaT

    Hi Ichigo! Welcome to The Young Protectors and the comments’ section!!

    Alex is doing a fantastic job with this comic and we have a great readers’ community too, so I hope you’ll enjoy your time here! 🙂

    Btw, I noticed that you’ve posted a few comments and they all have ended up in moderation queue. The reason for that is because you most likely haven’t verified your email with Disqus. Would you like to maybe do that so you don’t have to await for a moderator to approve your comments every time before they’re posted? 🙂

    As for this page… Duncan does seem a bit vexed here, doesn’t he? Hehe.