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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 15

108 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 15

A fair question, seeing as Kyle’s only exit is blocked by a huge, magical gateway…

(Man, I just love the expressions on The Annihilator’s face when Kyle isn’t looking. How can anyone who gazes into those soft, gentle eyes in Panel One not trust this man with all their heart?)

We have some new, very pretty Fan Art from Prince of Cats creator, Kori Michele. It’s a sweet, tender moment between Kyle and The Annihilator that was created with brush pen and watercolors direct on sketch. You must check it out.

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In other news, I’ve been enjoying the updates to The Young Protectors TV Tropes page (although I don’t believe there is any character in this comic known as “Hot Spot”… 😉 ) It’s very cool to see reader reaction to what’s going on in this comic through that filter. Y’all should take a look and get lost for hours in TV Tropes as I often do.

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So! Is The Platinum Priestess a deal-breaker for Kyle? Does he “still” want to have dinner with The Annihilator? And does he actually have a choice? Tune in next Saturday this Wednesday to find out! 🙂

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  • DoktorNauk

    I wonder why the next button isn’t showing on page 13? Kyle is right to be feeling ganged up on. Now I’m really curious as to why Spook’s in particular knows about her.

    • All magic users know eachother. Just don’t say that around them, it’s offensive for some reason.

      •  Why would it be offensive if it’s the truth. Though I guess to them ‘knowing’ someone must mean that you’re friends with them or something…

        •  I guess there’s only so many people out there on the ~astral plane~ for you to bump into. 

      • First rule of Magic Club: Don’t talk about Magic Club…

    • Most browsers use caching so sometimes you have to force-refresh a a page (Cntl-R on Windows, Cmd-R on Macs) to get a page to update. That’s what I have to do anyway. 🙂

  • Syreen

    Oh my, I love this woman! 😀

  • Kyle’s acting a little childish, I think.  You know the guy’s a villain, and you get in a tizzy when he associates with villains?  Bright.  Not.

    •  I agree, but I’m wondering if it’s the fact she’s a villain, or the fact he’s brought in an “outsider” who has to obviously know of Kyle’s orientation? 

      •  I think it’s both. He’s young, full of righteous integrity, AND aware that this is one more person (another “baddie”) who knows his secret.  Oh, The Teenage Angst. I can’t wait to see his world view shift (and probably shift again and again….).

        • Kit the Coyote

          True but on the other paw, if he has any sense of self preservation the probably a little voice somewhere in his subconscious pointing out he is now out numbered by the bad guys about to swept off to who knows where. 

          • He knew he was “outnumbered” when it was just Annihilator!  lol!

      • I didn’t think of that.  I look forward to seeing if that question gets answered.

  • Hee hee hee, I love Priestess even more, although the front of the costume kinda kills my remarks on the last page.  Double sided sticky tape again!  Still, I like the outfit.  “All good things, I trust” indeed.  lol.  I assumed Spooks would know of her, since both seem to have magic-based powers.  And even though Kyle seems to literally be backed into a corner, I still think Anni would let him leave.  I still think the only real villainous plan he has for Kyle is to eventually sleep with him, and really, that’s not too villainous for a gay man.   Besides, he just gave away her real name…is that standard fare these days? I’m also wondering if Kyle is slowly picking up on the fact that Anni is also trying to get him to see the world isn’t as black and white as he seems to think it is…the folly of youth? lol.

  • AlexandraSwiss

    Kyle’s reaction to the Priestess reminds me of Mr. Green in Clue the Movie when Evette asks if anyone will go with her in the dark.
    P. Plum: I will!
    G. Custard: I WILL!
    M. Green: No, thank you. 

  • Monica

    Alex, I have no idea what you are talking about! I mean that old slick man is just so handsome and everything you can ask for!  Those eyes just tells you that he can give you some intense  tension in the bed, and that he probably is awesome bedroom role-player! 8D

  • Burn the witch!
    She turned me into a pig!

    I got better…
    (Monty Python plus a Circe reference? Circe~Sircea? Enchantress that turned people into pigs? No one? Aww, ok.)

    • Travis

      I got it and literally laughed out loud thus scaring my cat to stick herclaws in me and run

    • ithilloke

      Um, I think it’s newt, actually…;-)

      • It IS a newt in Monty Python, but the Classical mythological reference points toward Circe, the witch who turned people into pigs.

    • I am impressed by your references.

  • All this for dinner. Wow!

  • Yukiness

    Anni’s face in panel one is just too much. I do love how Plantinum Prietstess is only half animated in panel two as her legs are smoke. Things like that make my fangirl dial spin out of control. Another thing that has me drawnn to it like a hopeless moth is the texture of the bricks in the background. I have not seen more artistically rendered brick wall like that in a very long time. Hats off to you Adam and Veronica.

    • Yes, the bricks! Both Adam and I were over the moon when Vero sent us this page. I’m glad you like them too!

  • ithilloke

    Hmmmmmmmm, seems like Kyle’s hanging out with a bunch of friends who are a tad narrow-minded. These two seem like they’d be quite handy to know!

    •  I know, right?  With friends like these, who needs… anything really.  Not even a bus pass.  xD

  • First panel = Kyle’s looking really handsome! I never really saw him as handsome until this page. Third panel = Sircea’s adorable look of annoyance.

    Of course you have a choice Kyle! I really don’t think Anni will try to kidnap you, I’m pretty sure he wants you all eager and willing…but you know you’re gonna say yes anyway. Your curiosity is gonna be your downfall! Or a really wonderful gateway into finally having awesome man-sex lol!

  • Kyle is becoming more and more like a pouting child and I do hope that he gets over that soon.

    Love the Priestess ‘Darlek Bumps’  – they certainly do look to be very very firm!!!

    (10 points for anyone picking up THAT reference)

    • Thomas Hamilton

      yay i get 10 points….too bad there isn’t a fez or a blue box lying around somewhere LOL 

    • Kit the Coyote

       Dalek bumps, style and low rise platinum under/outerwear who could ask for anything more. 🙂

    • Gasp!  Not The Curse of Fatal Death!  lol!

    • Soitgoesgirl

      It is YOU who deserves points for that reference!

  • Thomas Hamilton

    i can’t wait for the next page ^_^

  • Kit the Coyote

    I do so love villains with style and class.   The think is at this point if I was Kyle I would begin to suspect that this is an attempt to seduce….ahhhh errm recruit me to the ‘dark side’ hehe.

  • Erica

    oh god, when TPP was all “All good things…” i was like… uh…. did they do it? XD But then Kyle said no. So i was like PHEW ok…. Unless Spooky’s just hiding something!! D: D: AH! that’ll be scary…. >_O lol N e way, seeing how TPP isn’t hindering this relationship….. then GO HER. >:U lol Go to the dinner Kyle! Anni’s legs btw… ermergerd, they look amazing in those slacks. lol  I woulda laughed if his junk was visible lmao, not as an erection mind you. >w> hehehe… Anni, by Kyle some clothes for goodness sake. XDD

  • Kit the Coyote

    Sircea  does seem a bit miffed that Kyle didn’t kiss her hand hehe.

  • SomeoneK

    Are The Big guy and the stunning lady reated or something? Both so cool, epic and well, something about the colour scheme is pretty similar :’D

  • Lady Mania

    LOL that look on Sircea’s face when Kyle doesn’t kiss her hand. The expressions in all the panels, 1 and 5 especially, I just love. Anni is a very expressive man when you aren’t looking.

  • I love how Kyle says “Do I actually have a choice?” Oh he has a choice… He just wants to go on that date with Anni! ;D

  • Madisuzy

    LOL!  Soft, gentle eyes indeed!  You have to love a deviant super-villian!  I loved the art in the last panel.  The 3D effect of it really caught my eye.  Then again, the art is always spectacular in this comic.  I’m loving the storyline so far too and getting a lot of giggles.

  • Hey hey Kyle! Be courteous to the lady, okay? She may be a super villain, but she’s class and style. Be nice!
    (nomnom reading this page while eating maria-mole¹. that’s true bliss *–*)

  • Now, HR, Be nice to the sexy lady. 
    She knows both your secret identety and the fact that you’re gay. Don’t make her wanna spill the beans. 
    Also, she’s pretty hot. 😛

  • fujoshifanatic

    So stoked! Reading this awesome page on my layover to YaoiCon (found a way to go after all! :-D) Might even make it in time for your second panel today, Alex! 

    • So good to finally meet you, fujoshifanatic. Glad you could make it! 😀

      (And I very much enjoyed the truffles. Thank you! :D)

  • Eimile

    Sircea’s hair is just gorgeous. <3  And I love how elegant she is, even in such a revealing outfit.  Much love!

  • Of course you have a choice dear… it’s just that we all know you’ll go anyway, even if every fiber of your soul tells you its a bad idea. :3 Hehehehe.

  • Thinking out loud, but isn’t it a bad thing that he’s easily recognized?

    • I’m sure Annihilator told Platinum Priestess that he was picking up Red Hot for a date. It’s not like she knows his name.

      Thing is, now two “villains” have seen his face without his mask.  Worrying…

  • Chester

    I am curious to know what Kyle is like in school. That is, assuming he’s still in school. Might there be a scene in the future of him in his classes/with classmates?

    • I won’t rule anything out, but there aren’t any plans for such a scene right now. 🙂

      • Chester

        Okay, then. Thank you for replying, Alex!

  • Good lord, Plat-Pre is TALL.  She’s so pretty!  Also, i have no idea how her top is staying on, and it’s hilariously awesome.  Also, Kyle, for God’s sakes, show some manners.  Your folks should hopefully have taught you how to act in the presence of distinguished individuals.

    Also…maybe it’s not such a good thing you’re easily recognized?  Your hair is indeed lovely; I really am a sucker for redheads.  However, that might not be such a good thing if you’re trying to maintain a secret identity.  I don’t even know why I’m saying this, since you certainly put more effort into your “mundane” disguise than Clark Kent did, but yeah…

    • Her top is magic.  😉

      • Leigh Nelson

        I wish I had magic clothes! Maybe then I could have breasts like Preistess, I bet THAT’S her trick! AHAH!

    •  I suspect her top has shoulder straps, judging by the way the cape is attached. 

      Red’s about as difficult to spot as a kangaroo in a daycare. 

      • Red’s about as difficult to spot as a kangaroo in a daycare.


  • Do you have a choice?
    I say nay.

  • ShelbySora

    omgosh The Annihilator’s face in the first panel, it is too beautiful! <3

  • Kyle’s such a cute snob!

  • KiannaLeigh

    Oh Kyle. You’re finally wising up. ^_^ I’m proud of you.

  • CommodoreZelda

    I am totally a fan of the Priestess. She’s just so glamorous. All her body language. She’s just awesome.

    Oh, Kyle, don’t chicken out now. Be a man. <3

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    Lol. Her expression when Kyle did not kiss her hand. Snubbed. Kyles all like…only men will I kiss.

  • Oh, Kyle.  You are offered an opportunity to be smooth,  and you completely fail it.  Or is it that you prefer to be the one being treated like a lay-dee? xD 

    A good thing, ‘cos YOU GON’ GET WINED AND DINED~

  • xxkentuskixx

    You didn’t know, Red Hot? Platinum Priestess’s super power is credit card and you get reward travel points!

    • Yukiness

      This comment wins all the free internets

    • Antenn0


  • Dee Dee

    Kyle, so quick to be judgemental, are we? “You’re evil because my friend said so.” “Anyone who associates with Annihilator is evil.” 

    And also, you DO have a choice, Kyle! Just say no firmly and walk away. You’re behaving like they’re gonna blow your head off just for a simple refusal. Yet, I do think Anni’s gonna take advantage of his indecision. =D

    • Soitgoesgirl

      It’s funny, right?
      He’s ‘associating’ more and more with Anni each page yet he still insists on being the pure hero. But come on, he knows Spooky better than he does the PLATINUM PRIESTESS. Would you believe the half-naked chick with smoke for legs who is friends with the super villain who kinda-sorta made you make out with him, or your own magical Asian friend?
      …He’s still just a boy.
      Of course Anni will take advantage of that.
      Smoothly and sexily.

  • QuantumKid

    GASP! A woman!! D: 

  • sSparrowW

    Sircea… Am I the only one who adores the name? Even though we’ve known her for two pages, I feel like it fits the Platinum Priestess perfectly. Not to mention she’s totally gorgeous, hehe. While man-on-man wins easily, a good looking woman is always appreciated 😉

    • I’m glad you like the name… and a good looking woman. 😉

  • This whole page screams “Kyles doesn’t like boobs. The presence of boobs distracts him from gushing over Anni. Ucky Boob=Rational Thought time.”

    Especially the final panel, the expression on Kyle’s face says it all. It didn’t care about having a choice before, but he’s all uppity NOW! Because boobs are ucky!

    Panel two= UGH, IT TOUCHED ME!

    XD Can’t wait for the new page next week.

  • the best thing about this comic’s tv trope’s page is, there almost certainly can be no spoilers (for me) in it; so i’ll be reading that in a little while.

    the anticipation is killing me.. much material do you already have writ, alex?

    i wouldn’t be shocked if kyle himself “joins the dark side,” although obviously you can’t tell us that.
    (kyle’s already doing his best “george dubya `wah on terrah´” face in panel 1 so it’s not too far a stretch.)

    • saxonbrenton

      Actually, as a variation on that I wouldn’t be surprised if Anni were trying to ‘seduce’ him over to the Dark Side (“as my sidekick, Dark Red…”) and it was Kyle’s insistance that he wouldn’t betray his teammates that we saw back in the Prolog that kept him on the (relatively) staright-and-narrow among all his hormonal confusion. And as an aside, it would also be nice if Kyle were simultaneously trying to seduce Anni over to the Light Side – but honestly, I don’t think Kyle currently has the sophistication to tactics to be even thinking up a plan like that, let alone carrying it out…

      • that’s what makes this all so intriguing.


        kyle’s obviously not the brightest of the bunch, so that’s gonna be playing a factor in the story.

        it’s not even guaranteed anhi and sparky will consummate anything..
        ..the “focus” could suddenly shift to some other character, at the whim of the author.

        (maybe Tsunami will “get some action.”)

        • When I read you comment, I couldn’t help thinking of this. 🙂

          • you know i had to find the extended version of this scene: i just got these new headphones, see — and they do a reasonable job of delivering a richer bass for my ears’ enjoyment.

            i happened to be wearing them when i had followed the link you’d supplied..
            ..thus the “boss music” which was playing at the end of the scene had sounded that much more awesome.

            (i’m charmed by the meshing of “proper brits” and “contemporary music.”)

            so, you’re akin to moriarty, kind sir?

      • :-).

        part of the biggest selling point of this story is for us to witness “how a force of evil (currently in name only) and a Doer of Good shall coëxist, while maintaining and upholding their respective roles.”

        it should be way waaaayyy into the story if either Flames or DILFer converts to “the other side.”
        i’m talking, “january 2014” way waaaayyy.

    • The whole 5 chapter story is completely outlined out and I’ve written scripts through the end of Chapter 3. Hope to finish up writing the last two chapters before the end of the year. 🙂

  • I just found this Webcomic from an Ad and love it. Also can’t wait for more.

  • Lynn Autumn

    When is the time period for this comic? I have to tell you, I read all of artifice while it was still being uploaded and I’ve been with this from the beginning, i really love your comics. But this one has just made me a little curious as to the setting : )

    • Different universe but based on present day North America (at least in terms of tech and society).

      Very glad to hear you’ve been enjoying my comics. Thank you for letting me know! 🙂

  • Interpolation

    I’m really curious what sort of stuff he has heard about these two.

  • TheWarriorQueen

    My power went out, and I only just got to see this, and now I’m looking at that LOOK in the first panel, and humming the yaoi-fan version of “Where have all the flowers gone.” (composed by me and a friend) Yep, this is awesome. And I love the Platinum Priestess’ outfit. It’s simultaneously fluid and angular, which uniquely complements her body shape. And that would only really make sense if you’ve done both poetry and art classes, but anyway… XD I’ve really gotten into webcomics lately, but this particular webcomic is one of the best. Wow. I keep scrolling up again to see our dear Annihilator’s final pose. “If you’re still interested…” Oh, come on Kyle, say yes!

    • So glad that you are enjoying what you’re seeing here, TheWarriorQueen!

      (And with a name like that, is it possible that you have worked with The Platinum Priestess before?)

      • TheWarriorQueen

        I’d love to say that I have. Trouble is, she looks old enough to be my mother. And it’s unspoken teen-to-twenties mastermind law that we don’t work with anyone who could possibly know our parents. They might rat us out, and then we either get grounded, or if we’ve left home, we get phone-calls telling us that plotting to create force-fields that drive all mimes out the city is morally reprehensible, and mum will be along shortly to be sure we eat our vegetables, as that is the cure for all misdemeanours. (Yep, I put way too much thought into that statement. I may have to write a webcomic based off that premise…)

  • Gabriel Maia

    Amazing story, realy, realy loving it!
    A silly question tough…is there any reason why all the villains have silver hair?

    • Yep. They have both reached an age that their hair has become silver.

      Glad you are enjoying the story! 🙂

      • CrispyChicks

         Woah, Platinum Priestess is good looking for her age. Same goes for the Annihilator. Attractive babies… <3

  • Colin bell

    Platinum Priestess’s face in panels 3 and 4 just scream “Well…fuck you too kid.”
    I love it <3 Though I have to say I love the Annihilator more. Come on Kyle give him a chance! He's attractive(I don't know if I like him in a suit better or in his costume…), nice(ish….I mean he IS taking you out to dinner in China.) to you , and your first kiss. So he is a bit older then you, your 17 meaning you will be 18 soon so there wont be much of an argument against it later anyways and besides you are a superhero, who knows when you might die, do you really have time to be picky about age? (plus older buff guys are HOT!)

  • Ayesha Agha

    why oh why does she have to be wearing that ridiculous highly sexual outfit? i’m not loving the message…

    • vyloran

       I guess I don’t understand why a woman can’t dress sexy if she wants to.  And yes I’m a woman and I guess I’m a bit of a feminist, but I don’t really have a problem with it.  Any woman who has the self esteem and confidence to put herself out there is a hero to me.

      • Shinashi

        Plus, she’s portrayed as sort of a villain (for now). Hot villains don’t go around trying to look practical or do practical things, or try their best not to be manipulating at every possible angle. 

        Where was the fuss for Anni’s outfit? 

        • I think we may all have been too busy staring at his impressive bulge to say anything bad about his skin-tight tease of an outfit.

          In all seriousness, though, what a person chooses to wear does not define the person.  So sayeth “Three-Quarter Sleeve Woman.”

          • Colin bell

             Agreed! Though I’m not sure which of Anni’s outfits I like more….suits are hot as fuck.

            And as for PP’s costume I’d have to say that personally I don’t see the issue. Much like vyloran I think that women should be able to wear what they like and saying, not that any of us actually have said so, that something a person is wearing, whether male or female, is wrong or morally degrading to the gender in its self is degrading to the gender because each person is allowed to make their own choices. Whether they would like to abide by the sociological norm of what types of clothing is acceptable  to wear or not. And if someone chooses to dress promiscuously or not then that is their decision.

    • Feverfew_M

      That’s what I like about Alex’ work: he takes a cliché and turns it upside down. PP is probably way past 50 and still has not only a body worth showing off, but also the guts to do it. Says a lot about her personality, just as Commander’s more sensible outfit shows some of hers.

  • Ayesha Agha 
    try this for some better inspiration 

  • CommodoreZelda

    Camping!! Can’t wait to see Anni’s hurt/shocked response to Kyle’s question. And then Kyle will be guilted into going with the smexy bad guy. <3

  • First time in ages; CAMPING!  I am totally excited!  I wanna see the stargate in action!

    • The new page will be up in just a few minutes. 🙂

  • DarkFeanix21

    I actually scrolled back up to the top of the page to see these so-called “soft, gentle eyes” and then I cracked up. I really enjoy your post-comic quips.

  • SolrSurfr3

    My God, she is GORGEOUS!! I mean, I came here for the guys, but I think I just got a lady-crush on Platinum Priestess. 0_o

  • Ree

    “Man, I just love the expressions on The Annihilator’s face when Kyle isn’t looking” – EXACTLY WHAT I ALWAYS THING. He’s so devilish. He cracks me up.

  • SuckerForCheesyRomance

    I want to put a voice to her but i can’t think of anyone good… any ideas?

    Anni still has the voice of Sean Connery to me.

    • John

      Cruella DeVille?